Harbor freight security cameras

Floodlight Pro not compatible with Home Monitoring

2023.06.10 23:45 zd26 Floodlight Pro not compatible with Home Monitoring

Just picked up 2 Floodlight Pros to replace existing floodlights. Install went fine and the cameras have been working great.
The only issue is apparently the Wyze floodlights are not compatible with Wyze Home Monitoring, which is pretty wild.
For those who don’t have Home Monitoring, basically you can select up to 5 cameras to be used as security cameras. You can view them live simultaneously and set up rules for the security system - it’s pretty nice. However, according to Wyze support, only indoor cameras can be used as security cameras.
I would love to have the ability to set up a security alert for whenever AI detects a person in my backyard to set off an alarm when the system is armed. Now I have to wait until they break in and are picked up on my kids nanny cams. Really silly
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2023.06.10 23:37 sonnyboy1628 Going thru airport security with camera gear

On a recent flight going through airport security I had a camera rucksack containing a camera and 4 lenses. I left everything in the rucksack to go through the scanner as I thought it doesn't count as large electronic items so no need to take out. The rucksack then failed security and had to be hand checked. The security officer then began to take the camera and each lens out and placing onto another tray to be scanned again by this time the lenses were rolling about and knocking into each other even tho I had told them this was expensive equipment! Luckily no damage done this time but its not something I want to experience again. What do you all do when taking stuff abroad?
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2023.06.10 23:31 Ashworth5433 Harbor freight winchs, Apex vs XZR , what's the difference?

12,000lb Apex and ZXR have a $200 price difference
What's the EXACT details on how their different?
Edit: ZXR not XZR
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2023.06.10 23:27 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 709

Capes and Conundrums
“Alright, watch and learn kiddo.” Deadshot says as he brings his gun into position. “Most people think that a rifle is a point and click answer to their problems. Point, pull the trigger and problem solved. Those people are idiots.”
“Oh?” The Merc beside him says. Since Deadshot was categorically a solo act and maybe on occasion has some mooks to do the heavy lifting having someone hang around close would be an issue. So the excuse was he was training another sniper. Franchising as it were.
“Okay, really quick out of character.” Silicon says.
“Yeah?” Pavel asks.
“How the hell are you going to cause half of that construction to come apart with a bullet? I understand it’s not massively up to code, but at the same time. A bullet is small. It has only so much kinetic energy it can carry and if you bring Axiom into this you’re setting up a flare.”
“Architecture and physics.” Pavel says as he adjusts the gun and then leans away from it. “Look down the scope. It should start to make sense.”
“That’s one of the main cables of that sign. But there’s at least one more and it only needs one to stay upright.”
“Look at the angle, also remember I’ve got a reinforced bullet for this one. It’s designed to stay intact and ricochet.” Pavel says and Silicon rises up to look at the back of the sign again and mentally trace where the bullet will go.
“You’re going to shatter one support and weaken the other.”
“That is an absurd level of accuracy.”
“When the Undaunted claim to be better than the best of the best, it’s not idle boasting.” Pavel states as he takes a full shooting position again.
“So what’s the event in question?”
“We’re going to move along five positions and they have to find our ‘safe house’ in the point between them all. For that we’re going to need to leave some clues at each one. This first position to let people know they need to look is going to have the bullet casing, the bipod and of course the imprints we’re leaving on the roof gravel. For the next one we’re butting a type of polish on our boots that will get easily rubbed off so they get that, the casing and the imprint.”
“Are we leaving three clues at each place?”
“Yes. Some more obvious than others. Which reminds me.” Pavel says before digging out and tossing a wrapped bar at Silicon. “Eat that. It’s the third clue for the third location. Each one gets a bullet casing and the imprint of us hanging around.”
“What’s the fourth clue then?”
“A novelty sticker from a nearby business. It’ll let all the girls on the case know that Deadshot is staying nearby and has at least a hotel room, if not a full on base of operations.”
“And the last one?”
“Hardest one of all. Only two clues. The imprint and the casing.”
“And the ultimate place is in the middle of all of it...”
“Not exactly middle, but a place where you can reach all five locations without being spotted on a camera. Which is why we’re going there and then back out to relocate each time. So I hope you’re ready to take the stairs, because we got cardio in our future.”
“Oh joy.” Silicon says before a small timer goes off and Pavel grins.
“Show time.” He says as he double checks the wind, tastes the air and then slowly squeezes the trigger on his rifle.
The rifle is silenced and therefore the first sound that the danger makes is the calamitous clang as the grip of the frist cable is shattered and the still very active bullet goes careening downwards and slams into the base that holds the second cable. Cracking it ever so slightly.
Even from their position on the building, both men can hear the screaming groan as the metal slowly gives before the sign suddenly collapses forward and slams into the ‘civilians’ that Deadshot was hired to kill.
“Time to go.” Pavel says rising up as he disengages the bipod mount.
“Really? We’re just going down the stairs?” Silicon asks.
“The elevators have cameras, and the stairwells only have camera’s above the doors. However, the five buildings we’re using are in the middle of a maintenance upgrade that was massively overbooked as about fifteen different buildings decided they wanted the upgrades all at the same time. So these five are at the end of the list.” Pavel explains as he walks down.
“But the older security networks...” Silicon says.
“Pardon, I should have been more clear. The removal of the old equipment is already done for these five buildings, the actual replacement parts are not currently available.”
“And since the stairs are rarely used the security cameras in here are the last of the last priority.” Silicon says and Pavel nods.
“That’s right. Now we need to be able to get to our next location in a hurry. So time to skip some stairs.” Pavel says as he jumps down one flight and then flings himself down the next.
Silicon teleports down to the bottom but only has a few moments before Pavel arrives. He then waves for Silicon to follow him and then leads him through the building in a very strange, roundabout manner.
“We’re avoiding all the cameras they have left aren’t we?” Silicon asks and Pavel nods as he casually exits the building. He also points up and Silicon sees many Sonir in the air, a lot of them in Batman outfits of some kind and clearly scanning the upper areas and completely missing the two men casually walking around dressed like Deadshot with one of them lugging around a gun roughly as big as he is.
“Hey! Hey hey hey! You’re one of the actors right? Playing a bad guy?” A young Sonir girl asks flapping up to them. She’s tiny, dressed in all pink and clearly has gotten into at least a small amount of glitter lately.
“That’s right. Is there something you want?” Pavel asks in amusement.
“Can I take a picture?” She asks holding up her communicator.
“Sure thing little lady.” Pavel answers and she all but throws herself at him and turns in midair.
“Say boogers!” She exclaims.
“Boogers?!” Pavel demands before he hears the little camera go off a few times and she slides down with a giggle to examine her new selfie with the supervillain.
“Thank you mister badguy! Have fun!” She says rushing off with a laugh.
“Well that was adorable. Let’s keep moving.” Pavel states before they cross the street and make it into an a mall. A mall where he immediately leads Silicon into a side passage that’s lacking any kind of signs whatsoever.
“Where are we?”
“The building layout had some design fails. There are unregistered rooms back here. Well... not so much rooms as unused space, gaps between the stores. No security, no cameras, not even on the registration.”
“So is this tresspassing?’
“Even if we hadn’t informed the owners and legally rented the space? No. The place isn’t technically on the building plans so even if we squatted here it wouldn’t be a crime. But since we’re renting it, as is, we’re not only allowed in here, but are the only ones allowed.” Pavel explains as he opens a semi-hidden doorway to reveal.
“A sniper’s lair.” Silicon notes.
“That’s right.”
“This is an almost unfair test. They have to figure out that you weren’t spotted because you avoided the cameras, then look at a building’s blueprints and find out that there’s one place with none whatsoever.”
“That’s right. This is what level four puzzle challenge is about. If they catch us, it’s a win. But catching us is the hard part.” Pavel says and Silicon considers.
“I mean... this seems a little... I don’t know? Unfair?”
“It’s a riddle. Not every problem is solved by shooting things or using brute force.” Pavel replies as he fetches his replacement bipod. “Alright. Time to go. After I fire my shot the girls will all be given a warning about the second crime scene. They can then trace the bullet trajectory to our new location.”
“I still say it’s asking a bit much of people.”
“It’s far more data than Batman in the comic gets.”
“I don’t think comparing people to a person who’s superpower seems to be hyper-intelligence and a hefty dose of denial is fair either.” Silicon notes before Pavel leads him out.
“Probably not.” He admits and they’re shortly out of the mall and climbing up the stairs of another high rise.
She rushes to the scene of the next crime. It’s just like the last one. Massive collateral damage, one shot. A single attack, a single actioan and dozens of lives are done. It’s meticulous, it’s brilliant, it can only be Deadshot with that kind of aim and...
“Hey we got one too deep here!” Someone calls out and she’s pulled out of her head.
“What? That... I what?” She asks and looks around. The mannequins in a state of placement. The ‘explosion’ caused by the perfect unleashing of a gas valve that was sheered by a bullet. It blew out the front of a restaurant and left it a mess with all the mannequins in pieces.
“You were brooding girl! I could tell! You were forgetting to pull yourself out!” The other Sonir says and she holds her head.
“I was, wasn’t I?” Damn that’s not good.
“You alright there Batman?” The Undaunted playing the part of Jim Gordon asks.
“Fine, I’m... fine...” She says examining the area again. She lets out tiny pulses of sound and hears the place. The tiny hole where the bullet went through. The scalpel precise sheering of the pipe. No actual restaurants here used gas stoves, so it HAD to be part of the entire event. But still...
She lets out a little click and then imagines a straight line going backwards. Directly from the hole. She turns and sees the top of a large building nearby lines up nearly perfectly with it. “Up there!”
That said she takes off and gains altitude fast. Climbing upwards on the ash flecked wind until she crests over top. Empty already. She lets out a supersonic pulse and there’s a shape far different from the rest among the gravel atop the roof. A little cylinder. One that still stinks ever so slightly as she leans in close.
She steps around the slight indents suggesting where Deadshot laid and sees a slight smudging of some substance on the gravel as well. She doesn’t know what it is but...
“This... what is the puzzle?” She asks herself out loud. “There has to be some kind of answer to this.”
“There’s something up with you isn’t there?” Another Sonir asks as she alights on the landing. She looks back to where more are joining. “If you want it to stay private, keep it in your head. We all have good hearing sister.”
“I...” She begins before swallowing it.
“If you’re not up for these challenges then you’re not up for them and that’s that, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. These are for fun. No one’s lives actually depend on them. There’s no one getting hurt if you don’t do them.”
“Except maybe her ego!” One of the other Sonir calls out and there’s laughter from a friend that lands beside her.
There’s another indicator of the next part of the scene in just a few minutes and they all get the address. A police dispatch stating that a vehicle has had it’s tire shredded and gone wildly out of control.
She stays behind a bit as she thinks. Before sighing and deciding to fly away. Not really feeling her best today. Although completely unsure as to why. Something’s up, but she can’t figure out what.
She sends a message that she’s bowing out of the rest of the little context and will not be taking part of any more for the rest of the day. There’s a brief moment where she smirks as she confirms that no, it’s not something The Undaunted have done, she’s just not at her best.
She swoops downwards and lands at street level in a few moments.
“Excuse me miss.” Pavel says as he moves around the freshly landed Sonir woman and she outright stares at both him and Silicon as they move towards the next sniping positin. “Something wrong?”
“I bow out of the competition and I stumble on you moving?”
“Life’s funny isn’t it? Sorry, but I have to go.” Pavel says before rushign away with Silicon in tow.

First Last
PS: I really need to figure out what's killing my motivation. My mind keeps wandering and I just can't focus. I don't want to start guzzling caffeine again... but this is getting out of hand.
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2023.06.10 23:24 Wilma_DikfitNu Can you be at fault if your garbage cans cause an accident?

My neighbors never take there trash cans up from the street. They just side on the shoulder of a pretty busy road. Last night a bicyclist was going by and was forced closer to the white line of the road. A car was passing by at the same time and the gust of wind and probably surprise of the car made the bicyclist lose control and fall. All was caught on my security camera. I am positive this accident wouldn’t have happened if the side of the road was clear. Can my neighbor be held responsible?
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2023.06.10 23:16 Key-Indication-8085 Not 1 day into a work trip

I (39M) had to leave the country for a work trip and literally not 5 hours into checking into the hotel, wife (39F) calls, roughly 6 AM here, and splits on me. She's devaluing me and dumping all these accusations on me and how I've given her this trauma. No idea I had this coming and unfortunately couldn't set the record function on phone.
Basically she goes off on how I supposedly mistreat her our whole relationship and she wonders why I haven't left them yet. Claiming I never initiated any phone calls to her while on work trips in the past, which isn't true. I try to defend and explain how that isn't true but she isn't hearing any of it. Says I mistreated her while she stayed home alone with no-one to talk to. She goes on about how ever since my stepmother came over one day and asked her if she was schizophrenic that I've been treating her differently and keeping our daughter (4F) away from her, not true as she's the one avoiding us. How I've slept on the couch and created drama, which she made me do ironically when she would split heavy on me and start call me every name in the book in front of our daughter.
She continues to claim I was on dating sites and talking to someone on the playstation too. That one is always funny to me as I never talked to anyone on playstation and she has access to the history on it. She's also the one who hopped on dating sites after our relationship to try and date women, when she wanted to open up the relationship because she had so much love to give and crap. Only thing I did do was not delete my old dating app when we started dating. After she made it an issue one night, I immediately deleted it and never looked back at any sites. But she vehemently claims I've been on several since. Just can't win this argument at all.
She claims she remembers all our conversations perfectly and knows I'll just deny or say I forgot. Well, I do forget conversations, I know my memory is crappy in the regard but I also know she forgets things I tell her constantly. She brings up past conversations where she read too much into them and holds them against me. One was where she suspected and asked me if I was gay and if I'd ever turn gay in the future. I had told her no, I was not gay but I can't claim to know about the future. I explained to her that asking me if I'll turn gay in the future is like asking me if there'll be a tornado or not next year, I have no way of knowing so I won't say yes or no to such a question. Well, she moves on seeing she can't argue with me on that one again.
Another situation she brings up is about how she suspected something happened to our child in child care one time and brought it up to my attention. She claims I just told her our kid is ok and then turned back to play a game. I don't recall this interaction at all but she uses it to justify how I don't listen to her or how I'm supposedly ignoring the well being of our child. Mind you, I've been the one handling our child's healthcare, school, therapy, meals, mornings, bedtime, and playing with her. Shoot, I checked our indoor security camera the day after this call, which she made me install in the house due to some paranoia about people following her home, and she's upstairs watching tv or something while our daughters been downstairs all day watching cartoons. Her grandmother offered to take her to the zoo or someplace today but my wife is choosing to ignore it.
She goes on and tells me about how she thinks I'm a conniving liar and even my family is out to get her. This upsets me and I tell her I don't like being treated like I'm some bastard or something. This triggers her and she responds that I shouldn't put words in her mouth and called me a narcissist. Try to tell her that is not what I said and that I feel like I'm being treated one, but no winning that one either.
Well, she gets upset about my trying to respond to her many claims and says that's not the point at all. It's about how I've made her felt during the whole relationship and I need to stop responding to individual claims and respond to the whole point. That confused me as I'm thinking I should respond to each claim and show how it's false instead of admitting to it and saying I'm sorry to claims I never did. As if she wants me to admit fault to things I never did just because of how she feels. She talks about how her physical health has been hurting due to all the things she held onto, the trauma and supposed abuse. How she won't be some stupid person who'll kill herself for some man. She has her daughter to live for and take care of, funny because I'm the one taking care of both of them. But the suicide remark does trigger a concern, even if she doesn't claim she will the thought itself has me wondering about her mental health while she watches our child alone.
Eventually she tells me to get off the phone because she's driving as she's telling me all this and she missed her turn because of the call. So I hang up after telling our daughter goodbye, as she's in the car with her mother during all this too. I really dislike how she tends to have these splits and go off on me in front of our daughter. All I can do after this is journal the interaction and prepare to get a few more consultations after I get home in a few weeks. I wonder if the this episode is due to her being responsible for taking care of our kid while I'm gone now and she's not handling how attention seeking our kid can be. This'll be another interaction to go over with my therapist too when I get back.
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2023.06.10 23:07 godofpumpkins Stripped bolt trying to upgrade harbor freight dust collector impeller

I’m trying to do the usual harbor freight dust collector upgrade. I took it apart and am trying to remove the bolt holding in the old impeller. What I neglected was that it’s probably threaded backwards, so I tried and tried to remove it thinking it was stuck in and ended up stripping the bolt head.
Now I’ve realized that it’s threaded backwards, my usual bolt/screw extractors aren’t going to help me and I’m trying to figure out how to remove it. I’ll also need to buy a replacement for it when I put in the new impeller. Anyone have suggestions on how to get it out? The blades on the old impeller make it hard to get many types of tools around the bolt head.
Here’s a photo of the stripped bolt https://imgur.com/a/LpyV6kV
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2023.06.10 23:05 Malthouse Theorizing making hauling more interesting.

The unrest over an additional danger to Jump Freighters is really highlighting how simple and lifeless that game loop is. Would players prefer if all structures had teleporters that could teleport goods to and from Jita without undocking?
But if Hauling is to be left in, what are some ways to make it more interesting and less of a chore?
. . .
Eurotruck Simulator has a following and who's to say Eve couldn't interest that playerbase? Adding things like gear-shifting, ship maintenance, or cargo mini games could be fun to some players and get some Big Rigs out in space.
With structures being added to jump gates, maybe whole space-towns could be built. Haulers could grind reputation to use an Express Lane that offers military protection from gate camps.
Rather than click-dragging items to and from a hangar, maybe you could do some tetris-like organizing. If you don't secure things in place they could become damaged or damage the ship.
. . .
We all just Jump Freight and it is what it is. But for those with a passion for the idea of hauling, what are some things you think would be fun?
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2023.06.10 23:02 tobobonobo Air[Trauma]: Inaccurate listing and customer support from hell

I recently had to use AirCover for a monthly rental that was inaccurately described in the following ways:
In addition to the those inaccuracies:
Around 2pm after the first night, and after calling AirBnB about these issues after being unable to accept the hosts' inadequate redress, we heard two 8ish round gun clips being emptied within 100 yards of the house in chilling succession. We don’t know for sure if it was the host but that didn't stop us from becoming deathly afraid and fleeing in a panicked rush - the news is full of awful shootings these days and we didn't want to risk dying.
I spent about 4 hours on the phone with support that evening waiting for AirCover to help us. Suddenly, and after previously confirming we were covered under AirCover, support started stonewalling us and we ate dinner that night in a parking lot. They wouldn't advise us on how we should proceed; whether we should get a hotel for the night or if AirCover cover us somehow. Instead, they just repeated "we'll call you back very soon" and then never did. We waited for hours for them to call back. Finally, after receiving no word from support before nightfall, despite us calling multiple times, we booked ourselves into a hotel at around 9pm.
About a week later, and after days of persistent attempts to get "rebooking assistance" and living out of a hotel, they sent a list of options - none of which had the features we needed and originally booked. We found a place without their help (more expensive of course - booking on such short notice), and still haven't received a discount for our new stay.
They gave us a partial refund for the original stay, but then charged us for 2 extra nights (3 total) and didn't explain why.
Now the email I'm getting is:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Upholding the policies and standards that protect our community is very important to us. We’ve given your case and its details careful consideration, and we determined that you have not received yet the 20% Coupon for your rebooking assistance in your last reservation [xxxxxx] with your Host, Robert. As per checking on you last case, you have been promised to received 20% coupon not a discount to your next reservation. We understand that this might not be what you’d hoped for, but we came to this outcome because this is the policy and guidlines[sic] that we need to follow. Our review is complete now, and we won’t be able to offer additional support on this case at this time. If you’d like to provide feedback on Airbnb’s policies or your experience, you can do so any time at: airbnb.com/feedback Best regards, Edriel
They gave me a 20% discount on the three nights they charged me (where I only stayed one).
Do I have any options here - legal or otherwise?
This feels so wrong.
Update: They just decided to refund me for the nights that I didn't stay there, but said that they can't do anything more to help.
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2023.06.10 23:01 Loaded_Lotus Here's an idea. I don't have the know how or expertise to make it. Would like to see it become a reality though. If your interested I'll show you the application I designed.

The BodyGuard is a discreet camera with audio capabilities. It can be worn as a necklace or clipped onto a part of your clothing. It can also be adapted to be worn on the ear or hung discreetly around the house when home. This camera is connected to a box that can be hidden in the sleeve of your hand or attached to a belt loop. When home it can be placed on your nightstand.
On the box is a safety switch with three different colored buttons. -Red for the fire department. -Blue for the police department. -Green for the Paramedics. Once the safety switch is flicked and one of the buttons is pressed audio and video is activated. This media is then sent to our application. In the application we ask for personal information. Such as a personal description, health and emergency contacts. This information along with your location and the video media is sent live to 911 dispatch and your local first responders. This allows first responders a literal complete picture as they arrive on scene. Not only will this help first responders get to you quickly and address the situation properly. It'll protect you from and or in court should the need for evidence arise.
In the application we also have you create a public account. You make a username and a bio. We also have you create an avatar or you can select a profile photo. All 911 videos go to our national feed. Along with videos from content creators interested in personal security, national security and geopolitical security. This makes the national feed similar to tic toc.
On the local feed. You can create content. The create option is available from the national feed, but unless permission is granted your post will go to the local feed. The local feed and its content changes based on the city and state you select. This allows you to view, create and interact with content from other communities. It also keeps things interesting. You can take polls, post media and or discuss different topics. You can also share from our national feed to a community of your choice. This connects individuals in your community and connects communities with each other. It also empowers the individual to spark change and innovation.
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2023.06.10 22:16 itssickitpiss 2015 NINJA 650 front paddock stand pin size solved !! cycle gear trackside from stand and Harbor freight rear stand on PUIG bobbins.

2015 NINJA 650 front paddock stand pin size solved !! cycle gear trackside from stand and Harbor freight rear stand on PUIG bobbins. submitted by itssickitpiss to Kawasaki [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:16 DocterDimond 3D Joke

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2023.06.10 22:01 Monkeyplaybaseball [TOMT][Movie] 60's or 70's espionage film, Man is X-ray scanned before being allowed to look at sensitive documents but has a camera in a false eye.

Some more details, a spy of someone sort likely working for the villas are only allowed to view documents in secure facility before he is allowed entry his body is scanned, stopping at the neck. Nothing is found so he is allowed in, once inside a vault or viewing room starts looking through the top secret documents, as he does he places one or two finger to the side of his head right next to his eye. We come to understand each time he gently taps on his face he is taking a picture with a camera that has been hidden in a prosthetic eye. Literally all I recall, I believe this is the only scene I saw.
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2023.06.10 21:48 emvic1 Thinking of getting the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery to monitor animal activity in my backyard, need advice

I’m thinking of getting the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery to mount on the back of my house so that I can see videos of animal activity in my backyard, especially at night. I don’t need it for security purposes or to get alerts. I’d just like to be able to view events after the fact. Does anyone else use one for this purpose? If you do, does the camera do a good job of recognizing animal activity and what is the video quality like? I already have a Ring video doorbell and a Ring Spotlight Cam on the front of my house, but don’t want to spend that much for the back.
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2023.06.10 21:15 nimpo83 [NO SPOILERS] A short essay of Max Caulfield, such an inspiring character!

Max is a shy yet captivating aspiring photographer. Her character manifests in an intriguing blend of curiosity, sensitivity, creativity, and introspection. Often, she finds comfort in her own thoughts, observing and analyzing the world around her with acute perception. Photography acts as a gateway for Max, where she feels secure for contemplation and expression. She perceives the world through the lens of her analog camera.
The starting point of Life is Strange is her return to her hometown, Arcadia Bay, after years of being away. Max struggles to fit in at Blackwell Academy, a prestigious private school. Her reserved nature, retro feeling and passion for analog photography leave her somewhat isolated and disconnected from others. However, it is also through this unique perspective that Max uncovers a deep understanding of the complex dynamics and hidden stories of those around her, revealing her brighter side: remarkable empathy and compassion for others.
Deep within Max Caulfield's heart lies a profound regret for leaving behind her childhood friend, Chloe. When Max reunites with Chloe after a long absence, she is overwhelmed by a powerful mix of guilt, nostalgia, and a burning need to repair their fractured bond. Max's sincere desire to redeem herself and rebuild their friendship becomes a driving force throughout the narrative of Life is Strange. She is determined to correct past mistakes, heal the wounds of abandonment, and reignite the close connection she once shared with Chloe. This yearning for reconciliation propels Max into uncomfortable territories, fueling her actions and guiding her on an emotional journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and redemption.
As if that wasn't enough, Max Caulfield's life takes an unexpected turn. She gains an extraordinary life changing power, the ability to rewind time. Max discovers she can alter her decisions and influence her life and those around her. As she uses this ability, Max becomes aware of the immeasurable weight of choices and the cascading effects they have on people and the world.
The growing emotional burden of tampering with time and actions, combined with the determination to protect those around her, especially Chloe, become the driving force for Max's transformation and growth as a character. The narrative of Life is Strange follows Max's fascinating and frenetic journey over the course of a week, bringing forth her resilience and courage. She becomes a person capable of embracing the heavy burden of her choices and finding strength amidst the chaos.
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2023.06.10 21:12 carbs_please Hitch Bike Rack and Backup Camera

Hitch Bike Rack and Backup Camera
Sharing what my back up camera view looks like now that I have a hitch bike rack. One of my main concerns when I was originally in the market for a bike rack was if it would completely obstruct the back up camera and also if my safety sensors would constantly go off. Now that I have the experience, I wanted to share my experience for those who may also be in the market for a hitch mounted bike rack cause sharing is caring. I have the 2020 CX - 30 Preferred model, for reference.
First off, I got my hitch installed at uhaul. I’ve seen other posts in this subreddit explaining it’s easy to install hitches in your own. I’m sure that may be the case, but I’m not handy and don’t have the proper tools, so uhaul was the simpler route for me. I had the first appointment on a Sunday and it wasn’t busy at all, so they were able to install in about 45 minutes. I got the 2 inch Rec - Hidden Cross Tube. In total that ran me $321, which includes parts, labor, and tax.
I bought the Kuat Sherpa 2.0 bike rack, after also seeing many posts recommending this one in the subreddit. I really like it and would recommend. After taking a 10 hour, 610 mile long-haul drive with my bike on the rack, I’m 100% confident about the safety and security of both my bike and my car. I bought the rack brand new, and it set me back another $566, so expensive for sure but at least worth every dime.
Finally, the backup camera and safety features! As you can see from the pictures, the view is obstructed but not completely. Note: I am parked on an incline, so the perception is slightly skewed. What I’m most happy about: the safety sensors work as normal. I was worried they would go off improperly as I was driving or backing up with the hitch and bike rack on, but I’m happy to report that’s not the case and they function like they normally would.
Anyway, hope this may help anyone in the market to get a bike rack!
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2023.06.10 21:12 mantecc I don't know which mechanic tool set to buy and the amount of pieces.

These are the tools I have so far:
1/4 DeWalt impact driver
1/2 DeWalt impact gun 921
Set of 1/2 metric deep impact socket HF
Spark plugs extension with socket
Oil filter removal
3/4 Craftsman ratchet
1/2 in to 3/8 adapter
3/8 torque wrench
3/8 Torx bit set
And what I believe to be a set of standard and metric socket set that I don't know if they are complete and are unorganized.
I want something that organizes all the standard socket and deep sockets, something with any wrench I could need.
The sockets and wrenches don't have to be together.
Should I get all the sockets in 3/8 and 1/2 in or get the ones I need in 1/2 inch ?
My think is that the impact is going to used for lug nuts, axle nuts, any suspension bolts.
Things I plan to do are: Brakes, pads, rotor, calipers Oil changes Alternators Starters Belt tensioner, idler Water pumps
I bought chrome sockets from harbor freight and it rounded somewhat the nut.
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2023.06.10 21:09 Grand-Earth2594 what artificial intelligence can i use?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been described as the future of technology. It is a branch of computer science that involves the creation of machines that can work and think like humans. As AI technology advances, it is becoming more accessible to businesses and individuals alike. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular AI applications available today and how they can be used.
  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are AI programs that can interact with humans through text or voice. They are widely used in customer service to provide quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries. They can also be used in sales, marketing, and even healthcare. Chatbots can be programmed to answer common questions, provide product recommendations, and even diagnose illnesses based on symptoms.
  2. Image Recognition: Image recognition is an AI technology that allows machines to recognize and classify images. It has numerous applications, including security, healthcare, and marketing. For example, image recognition can be used to identify suspicious behavior in security cameras, diagnose medical conditions from X-rays and MRIs, and analyze customer behavior in retail stores.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP is a branch of AI that focuses on the interaction between computers and human language. NLP is used in various applications, including speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and language translation. For example, NLP can be used to transcribe voice recordings, analyze social media sentiment, and translate content from one language to another.
  4. Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics is an AI technology that uses data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes. It is used in various applications, including marketing, finance, and healthcare. For example, predictive analytics can be used to identify potential customers for a product, forecast financial trends, and predict patient outcomes based on medical data.
In conclusion, AI technology is transforming many industries and changing the way we live and work. From chatbots and image recognition to natural language processing and predictive analytics, there are numerous AI applications available that can help businesses and individuals alike. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative applications in the future.
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2023.06.10 21:07 Joadzilla Ted Kaczynski, ‘Unabomber’ Who Attacked Modern Life, Dies at 81

Alone in a shack in the Montana wilderness, he fashioned homemade bombs and launched a violent one-man campaign to destroy industrial society.
Theodore J. Kaczynski, the so-called Unabomber, who attacked academics, businessmen and random civilians with homemade bombs from 1978 to 1995, killing three people and injuring 23 with the stated goal of bringing about the collapse of the modern social order — a violent spree that ended after what was often described as the longest and most costly manhunt in American history — died on Saturday in a federal prison medical center in Butner, N.C. He was 81.
A spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons said Mr. Kaczynski was found unresponsive in his cell early in the morning. The cause of death was not immediately known.
In December 2021, the Bureau of Prisons announced that Mr. Kaczynski had been transferred to a federal prison medical facility.
Mr. Kaczynski traced a path that was singular in American life: lonely boy genius to Harvard-trained star of pure mathematics to rural recluse to notorious murderer to imprisoned extremist.
In the public eye, he fused a rare mix of styles of violence: the periodic targeting of the demented serial killer and the ideological fanaticism of the terrorist.
After he was captured by about 40 F.B.I. agents, the details of that ideology were less the subject of debate than the question of whether his crimes should be dignified with a rational motive to begin with.
Victims railed against commentators who took seriously a 35,000-word manifesto that Mr. Kaczynski wrote to justify his actions and evangelize the ideas that he claimed inspired them.
Psychologists involved in the trial saw his writing as evidence of schizophrenia. His lawyers tried to mount an insanity defense — and when Mr. Kaczynski rebelled and sought to represent himself in court, risking execution to do so, his lawyers said that was yet further evidence of insanity.
For years before the manifesto was published, Mr. Kaczynski (pronounced kah-ZIN-skee) had no reputation beyond that of a twisted reveler in violence, picking victims seemingly at random, known only by a mysterious-sounding nickname with roots in the F.B.I.’s investigation into him: “the Unabomber.” It became widely publicized that some of his victims lost their fingers while opening a package bomb. Going through the mail, among the unconscious routines of daily life, prompted flickers of nervousness in many Americans.
After his arrest in April 1996, Mr. Kaczynski’s extraordinary biography emerged. He had scored 167 on an I.Q. test as a boy and entered Harvard at 16. In graduate school, at the University of Michigan, he worked in a field of mathematics so esoteric that a member of his dissertation committee estimated that only 10 or 12 people in the country understood it. By 25, he was an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
Then he dropped out — not just from Berkeley, but from civilization. Starting in 1971 and continuing until his arrest, he lived in a shack he built himself in rural Montana. He forsook running water, read by the light of homemade candles, stopped filing federal tax returns and subsisted on rabbits.
Mr. Kaczynski’s manifesto — published, under the threat of continued violence, jointly by The New York Times and The Washington Post in 1995 — argued that damage to the environment and the alienating effects of technology were so heinous that the social and industrial underpinnings of modern life should be destroyed.
The vast majority of Americans determined the moment they heard of the Unabomber that he must be a psychopath, and while he was front-page news his text did not generally find receptive readers outside a tiny fringe of the environmental movement. The term “Unabomber” entered popular discourse as shorthand for the type of brainy misfit who might harbor terrifying impulses.
Yet political change and the passage of time caused some to see Mr. Kaczynski in a new light. His manifesto accorded centrality to a healthy environment without mentioning global warming; it warned about the dangers of people becoming “dependent” on technology while making scant reference to the internet. To young people afflicted by social media anomie and fearful of climate doom, Mr. Kaczynski seemed to wield a predictive power that outstripped the evidence available to him.
In 2017 and 2020, Netflix released new documentaries about Mr. Kaczynski. He maintained postal correspondence with thousands of people — journalists, students and die-hard supporters. In 2018, Wired magazine announced “the Unabomber’s odd and furious online revival,” and New York magazine called him “an unlikely prophet to a new generation of acolytes.”
Becoming ‘the Unabomber’
Mr. Kaczynski’s infamous label came from “UNABOM,” the F.B.I.’s code for university and airline and bombing. That designation was inspired by his first targets, from 1978 to 1980: academics at Northwestern University, the president of United Airlines and the passengers of a flight from Chicago to Washington. The victims suffered cuts, burns and smoke inhalation. Authorities were aided in connecting several early attacks by the fact that the mysterious initials “FC” had been engraved on the bombs or spray-painted near the explosions.
The Unabomber struck one to four times a year for most years until 1987, when he left a bomb at a computer store in Salt Lake City. A woman remembered making eye contact with the man who dropped off the package that later exploded, and soon a sketch was publicized of a mustachioed suspect wearing sunglasses and a hoodie.
Six years passed without an attack. Then, in June 1993, the Unabomber struck twice during the same week.
Packages containing bombs arrived at the home of Charles Epstein, a geneticist at the University of California San Francisco, and at the office of David Gelernter, a computer scientist at Yale University. Each man lost multiple fingers. Mr. Epstein sustained permanent hearing loss; Mr. Gelernter, whose office burst into flames, bled nearly to the point of death and lost much of the vision in his right eye.
The Unabomber was growing in infamy and deadliness even as his motives became harder to parse. His first fatality, in 1985, was Hugh Scrutton, an owner of a Sacramento computer store who was engaged to be married. Between December 1994 and April 1995, he killed two more men, seemingly with no relation to Mr. Scrutton or to each other: a New Jersey advertising executive and a lobbyist for the California forestry industry. The adman, Thomas Mosser, was married with three children. The lobbyist, Gilbert Murray, was married with two children. He was so mutilated in the blast that his family was permitted to see him only from the knees down as a farewell.
It was that April, the same month as Mr. Murray’s killing, when the nameless terrorist unveiled an identity. Writing on behalf of “the terrorist group FC” — which, he explained, stood for “Freedom Club” — the Unabomber sent The New York Times a letter offering a “bargain.” He promised to stop hurting people — though not to stop attacking property — in exchange for getting a long article about his ideas published in a major periodical.
In June, The Times and The Washington Post received a 35,000-word manuscript. Citing a recommendation from the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice, the papers took the Unabomber’s offer. They split the cost of printing the essay, titled “Industrial Society and Its Future,” which The Post distributed online and as an eight-page supplement with the Sept. 19 print paper.
The manifesto claimed that the current organization of society gives “politicians, corporation executives and remote, anonymous technicians and bureaucrats” control over “the life-and-death issues of one’s existence.” That makes modern people depressed, unlike “primitive man,” who gained satisfaction from determining his own “life-and-death issues” and found “a sense of security” in what the Unabomber called “WILD nature.”
The Unabomber justified his murderous campaign on the grounds that it got “our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression.”
The unique circumstances of the manifesto’s distribution — in The New Yorker, the writer William Finnegan called it “the most extraordinary manuscript submission in the history of publishing” — prompted a debate about the ethics of broadcasting a terrorist’s views. The publicity seemed vindicated, however, after news of the Unabomber reached Linda Patrik, an associate philosophy professor vacationing in Paris. At first jokingly, then insistently, she told her husband that the manifesto reminded her of what he had said about his eccentric loner brother.
Ms. Patrik’s husband was David Kaczynski. When he read the manifesto online, his “jaw dropped,” he later told The Times. The language was reminiscent of letters Ted had written to David. He soon reached out to authorities.
Since 1979, an F.B.I. team that grew to more than 150 full-time investigators, analysts and others had gone through tens of thousands of leads without getting close to a real suspect. After hearing from David Kaczynski, authorities zeroed in on a 10-by-12-foot wooden shack in rural Montana. The area was so remote that during an 18-day stakeout, one agent saw a cougar kill a deer.
The home had two windows set on high; they caught light but kept the home hidden. Agents could not see inside. On April 3, 1996, one of them shouted that a forest ranger needed help. A thin, shaggy man emerged from the cabin. He was grabbed from both sides.
Life and Afterlife of a ‘Walking Brain’
Theodore John Kaczynski was born in Chicago on May 22, 1942. His father, Theodore Richard Kaczynski, worked at his family’s business, Kaczynski’s Sausages, a factory on the city’s South Side. His mother, Wanda (Dombek) Kaczynski, was a homemaker. They both descended from Polish immigrant families in the Chicago area, dropped out of high school to work and obtained diplomas at night school. By all accounts, they were gregarious, kind, diligent and thoughtful. Each sent letters to newspapers in support of progressive causes.
From boyhood, Teddy, as he was known, felt his brilliance to be alienating. When his aunt visited, his father asked, “Why don’t you have some conversation with your aunt?” Teddy replied, “Why should I? She wouldn’t understand me anyway.”
In school, he skipped two grades. He later blamed his parents for seeming to prize and cultivate his intellect over his emotions.
“He was never really seen as a person, as an individual personality,” a high school classmate, Loren De Young, told The Times. “He was always regarded as a walking brain.”
At Harvard, Teddy lived in Eliot House, home to the clubbiest and brawniest of the school’s white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, including the varsity crew team. Clad in a tacky plaid sports jacket, Teddy would enter his suite and stride past his roommates wordlessly, then open the door to his room — wafting the odor of rotting food — and slam it shut.
He went straight from college to graduate school in Michigan. His department would learn about new work of his by discovering, without any advance notice, his papers published in respected journals. “It was as if he could write poetry while the rest of us were trying to learn grammar,” Joel Shapiro, a fellow student, later told The Times.
Mr. Kaczynski arrived at Berkeley in 1967. He taught by lecturing from the textbook and did not answer questions. Yet he continued publishing distinguished work and received a promotion in the math department. Two years later he resigned, without explaining the decision to his colleagues.
The Kaczynski brothers split the cost of the property in Montana, then had a falling-out when David got engaged in 1989. After Ted’s arrest, New York Times reporters searched for friends of his in the seven states he was known to have lived in or visited. They found nobody. Some fellow students of his in graduate school said they were amazed to find they did not remember him at all. He was widely reported never to have had a romantic relationship.
During his Montana years, Mr. Kaczynski had the librarian in Lincoln, the town closest to his shack, obtain for him obscure volumes of science and literature, sometimes in the original German or Spanish. In an interview after his arrest with the British publication Green Anarchist, Mr. Kaczynski described inventing gods for himself, including a “Grandfather Rabbit” who was responsible for the existence of the snowshoe rabbits that were his main source of meat in the winter.
In the same interview, Mr. Kaczynski described how he felt goaded to violence. His favorite part of the wilderness had been a two-day hike from his shack — a plateau with steep ravines and a waterfall. In 1983, he found a road paved through it.
“You just can’t imagine how upset I was,” he said. “It was from that point on I decided that, rather than trying to acquire further wilderness skills, I would work on getting back at the system. Revenge.”
That was Mr. Kaczynski’s own narrative. Some details of his life indicated a predisposition to violence and an estrangement from the surrounding world that might also have accounted for his behavior. According to The Atlantic, Mr. Kaczynski had begun to imagine committing murder by the age of 27. In his diary, he described his bombs giving him catharsis. Though he broke ties with his brother, Ted said he would open David’s letters if the stamp was underlined as a sign of emergency. David wrote to say their father was dying and underlined the stamp.
“Ted wrote back, and the response was fairly peculiar,” David told The Times — “basically, that I had done well, that this was something worth communicating.”
At his super-maximum-security prison in Colorado, Mr. Kaczynski struck up friendships with inmates in neighboring cells: Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, and Timothy J. McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber. Mr. Kaczynski shared books and talked politics with them, and he got to know their birthdays, Yahoo News reported in 2016.
Mr. Kaczynski’s brother is his only immediate survivor.
Mr. Kaczynski’s terrorist strategy, and the ideas that he said undergirded it, enjoyed an afterlife few would have predicted in the 1990s.
The Norwegian news media reported that Anders Beivik, who killed dozens of people at government buildings and a youth summer camp in 2011, lifted passages from Mr. Kaczynski’s manifesto in a manifesto of his own. More curious was the way a variety of law-abiding Americans developed an interest in the same line of thought.
In 2017, the deputy editor of the conservative publication First Things, Elliot Milco, credited Mr. Kaczynski with “astute (even prophetic) insights.” In 2021, during an interview with the politician Andrew Yang, Tucker Carlson cited Mr. Kaczynski’s thinking in detail without any prompting.
Online, young people with a variety of partisan allegiances, or none at all, have developed an intricate vocabulary of half-ironic Unabomber support. They proclaim themselves “anti-civ” or #tedpilled; they refer to “Uncle Ted.” Videos on TikTok of Unabomber-related songs, voice-overs and dances have acquired millions of views, according to an article published in 2021 by The Baffler.
Mr. Kaczynski was no longer the mysterious killer who belatedly projected an outlandish justification for violence; now he was the originator of one of many styles of transgression and all-knowing condemnation to adopt online. His crimes lay in a past young people had never known, and he was imprisoned, no longer an active threat to society.
His online support did not indicate the number of newly minted eco-terrorists, but it did measure the prevalence of cynicism, boredom, dissatisfaction with modern life and gloom about its prospects for change.
During his imprisonment, Mr. Kaczynski copied his correspondence by hand and forwarded it to the University of Michigan’s Joseph A. Labadie Collection, an archive devoted to radical protest, which has amassed dozens of boxes of Kaczynskiana.
According to New York magazine, Mr. Kaczynski’s papers became one of the collection’s most popular offerings. In an interview with the magazine, Julie Herrada, the collection’s curator, declined to describe the people so intrigued by Mr. Kaczynski that they visit the library to look through his archive. She said just one thing: “Nobody seems crazy.”
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2023.06.10 21:05 Grand-Earth2594 what artificial intelligence can do?

Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. Over the years, AI has developed to be more useful and more sophisticated, and like every scientific advancement, people are interested in what it can do. This article seeks to explore what AI can do.
Advancements in Healthcare: Artificial intelligence is applied in healthcare to create intelligent devices that can predict and diagnose diseases, prevent disease outbreaks, and improve healthcare delivery. AI can help doctors and researchers to identify patterns in data, develop treatment plans, and analyze medical images. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can also help patients to get medical advice and provide mental health support. Additionally, AI-powered robots can be used to perform surgeries and other medical procedures, which will help reduce the risk of human error.
Enhanced Business Operations: Business owners can use AI to improve their operations in various ways. AI-powered chatbots can help businesses to automate their customer service, thereby enhancing customer experience and reducing labour costs. AI can also be used to predict and control machine downtime, reduce errors in the manufacturing process, and improve the efficiency of logistics management. Furthermore, AI can be used in marketing to automate the process of identifying potential customers and customizing messages to suit their needs.
Improved Public Safety: AI can help improve public safety by increasing the accuracy in surveillance and detection. AI-powered devices such as security cameras can detect suspicious behaviour and alert security personnel in real-time. Additionally, AI can be used to analyse social media posts and identify potential threats, thereby enhancing the ability of law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes. In transportation, AI can be used to predict and prevent accidents, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the efficiency of public transportation.
Conclusion: From healthcare to business operations to public safety, AI has many applications that can benefit humanity. The use and implementation of AI will continue to evolve, and we can expect more applications and advances to come in the future.
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2023.06.10 20:56 PipocotheCat I made a video compilation of my orange (with clips from security cameras). Hope you enjoy his dorkiness! I sure had a ton of fun making this!

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2023.06.10 20:53 coolbutclueless I cannot get my arlo cameras to connect to wifi again

I have several pro 4 cameras on the outside of my house, however recently due to moving the router some of them have been having connection problems so I got a mesh system for my house.
So its bad enough that I basically have to factor reset the device and reset up my whole network to swap over to a different wifi network, but whatever. The first camera Connected fine the mesh system and I got it working. Its back up.
Went to do camera 2 out of 6 (4 outside 2 inside) and the 2nd cam just would not connect I tried everything. So I tried the 3rd cam, same story. They refuse to connect. Fine, whatever I'm 3 hours in at this point and I Just want them working. I'll put them back on the original network. They won't connect to the original network either.
THe insane thing is if I pull up the mesh network app, it clearly shows that these devices are connecting to the network. But they won't finalize, they just sit there for 30+ minutes "searching for camera".
I have no idea what to do. Ive tried changing the passwords/security settings, Ive tried different locations including right next the router. Ive tried turning all the mesh stuff off except for the main node coming straight from the router.
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