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A subreddit for my dear Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

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2023.06.09 17:22 plantboompje M27 - netherlands - It's weekend! what are your weekend plans?

Hello everyone! I spend a lot of time on the internet because of work, so I thought hey, why not try a subreddit like this one! I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I'm a very chill down to earth guy. Everything in life interests me, that's not so good for my focus, but it is nice because that means that there's surely atleast something that we have in common that we can talk about! I love getting to know new people, online and irl. When I'm not behind the computer I'm usually hiking through the woods, or being a couch potato binging the latest show on netflix.
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2023.06.09 17:22 Ostachh94 Blocking WT3 and 4 behind campaign completion just harms the story imo

Let me start by saying Im not really a Diablo or aRPG player - I played Diablo 2 as a kid, completed Diablo 3 when covid hit while couch coop with a buddy and had a good time but we finish campaign, moved on and never looked back. By that, I want to say that I dont really relate to some of the discussions here revolving endgame content or some of the gameplay mechanics missing - I dont have enough expierence with the genre to compare and I have no expectations about playing the game „for years to come” because I just never do that in general - I enjoy my time with a game and move on. I totally respect wanting something diffrent but its just not for me. That being said, I absolutely in love with Diablo 4 as it seems much, much, much more open for the players that dont really play that kind of games; its much more cinematic, visuals and music are top notch, gameplay require some movement and agility, player progression feels fantastic (to a point, and I will speak about that in a second) and story, while not being a masterpiece, is bloody entertaining. You can also feel that they care a lot about world building - if you took time to speak with everyone you met you can get a good sense of the factions, diffrent regions and just every little places that appear in game while it never becomes overwhelming - its not a game about dialogue and making story decisions and no one really expect it to be and thats great. While playing it I really took my time with it, exploring, talking to npcs, doing A LOT of side content, enjoying constant character progression and dont really thinking what the future will bring. I could sense that the game actually want me to do it as it was design to be somewhat more of an immersive expierence than just pure grind, at least in comparisment to the other Diablo games - and it worked for me and I loved it. The point is, that while I was playing it, on WT2, ENJOYING the story content that devs crafted, I reached level 50 almost exactly when I reached Act IV, discovering only half of the map and the game suddenly said to me to basically fuck myself and my slow appreciative approach - progression stops almost completely. Leveling up past lvl 50 on wt2 is a drag and I stopped getting ANY equipment thats worth trying. I still can do side content but the game appear to suddenly encourage me to stop bothering with it and just rush the story to the end in order for a character progression to come back. I really enjoyed the way I played the game, doing some main quest, pause, do some exploring and side content, as it seemed organic to the campaign, back to the main story etc but all of a sudden Im basically being told yeah yeah whatever just screw it and run to the end, you will do all of that later if you still want. And I honestly dont know why, its just one big design flaw. There is still so much of a world left to explore. Why is it important for me to complete the story in order to unlock higher difficulty? Reaching level 50 alone I would understand completely but this? Its just sabotage of the way of play they created and encouraged me to play and I cant see any point of it. Is there some reason for that which Im missing? What would be the problem to just let me unlock higher world tier when my character is ready to do so? Why my knolwedge of the game ending is so crucial in order to do this because honestly thats all that is going to change when I will finish the campaign as I already could handle the higher difficulty and stronger items. Imo no one really benefits from the way it is done right now. Hiding world bosses and dungeons behind campaign - ok, fine, still could argue I dont see a point but I can bare with it, but just ruining the really well done mix of campaign and side content midway through is beyond me
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2023.06.09 17:22 Crystics Didn’t know this was possible

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2023.06.09 17:22 KashifLatif786 Dhgate first time buyer (UK)

Hi, as the title says, I paid for a watch on 21st and apparently the seller despatched it on the 23rd may. I have the royal mail tracking number but it still says on its way. I have messaged the seller (Timezone watch) he only replied once which was a couple of days ago. I have messaged him back but haven't heard since. Is the timeframe normal? I know some people's watches get delivered far quicker
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2023.06.09 17:22 GuitarMan251 Learn to improvise better with etudes - #1 Autumn leaves

Learn to improvise better with etudes - #1 Autumn leaves
I've been writing etudes on standards for my students for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge and put this stuff out there on YouTube. I'm super new to video making so be gentle haha. Any feedback or love you can give the video is super appreciated! I'll be releasing one of these a month for the time being. I've got a ton of these written and I'll be putting them out in ascending difficulty. Enjoy!
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2023.06.09 17:22 Ok_Juggernaut_5293 WoW Ascension Private Server: The Cheat Box

WoW Ascension Private Server: The Cheat Box
World of Warcraft's private server: Ascension, just may be the largest private server currently in existence, after the closing of Nostalrius. It features a classless system in the Burning Crusade era that allows for some innovative class construction. It mixes the talents of all available wow classes of that time period, allowing for players to come up with some interesting designs.
For PvE it seems to work out well and player's enjoy the experience, however in PvP things seem to take a drastic turn for the worse.
Player's in PvP will mix the talents of the other classes and choose a legendary enchant that sort of replaces the classes. Legendary Enchants like Dark Ranger and Dragon Warrior decide which abilities a player will choose to define their playstyle.
Sounds Cool right?
But alas no, because the balance of these legendary enchants seems to shift drastically, sometimes multiple times a week. Which means the Dev's are clearly getting first hand regular feedback on PvP, enough to make almost daily alterations to builds.
While on the surface this sounds like a dream scenario, as the Dev's must be very focused on the PvP. And yes they do seem to be very focused, but for all the wrong reasons.
Certain builds are protected and buffed endlessly, perhaps the ones favored by the dev's? While others are nerfed into oblivion. Meanwhile, a group of 5-10 player's runs around blatantly using cheats to amplify their dmg, with absolutely no regard for getting caught.
And it's always the same 10 players who seem to have some way to boost their PvP dmg by over 100%. You can report them as much as you like, but nothing is ever done about it.
And when I say blatantly I mean blatantly...

Here you can see a player hit for 2400 dmg, which is close to max dmg for anyone not staff or cheating in PvP on project ascension. My 14k PvE nukes are often reduced to a measly 1.8k crit. Below you can see his standard PvE dmg.
Here you can see his PvE dmg with no boosters for around 8k, which is good dmg for a single nuke. But suddenly his PvP dmg will shoot up out of nowhere...

And now you can see his dmg boosted to insanity, even with his 20% dmg increase from BG boost and Arcane Power, this is impossible damage for a normal player to attain. 6300 is 3x his normal pvp dmg and less than 20% of his pve dmg. While every normal player suffers around a 80% decrease in dmg for PvP, this band of merry jokers are running around with a 20% decrease, 2 shoting people.
Below is another one...

Here, you can see his normal dmg just as he is coming off the hidden dmg booster. His crits are a mere 2.4k. But if you look closely you can see his normal shot for 2.4k, the same as his crits. This is a record of his dmg while he was on the booster.
Below you can see his dmg on the booster...

Here his damage just boosted up, no BG boost or Avenging Wrath to amplify his dmg, just out of nowhere starts dealing 100% more dmg for a small window of time. Dealing 3.8k crits and 2.4k normal shots. Below you can see his PvE dmg with Avenging Wrath.

He hit for 12k boosted in PvE, while great dmg for one nuke, it wouldn't translate to 3.8k in pvp dmg for anyone else. I tried testing the damage to make sure it wasn't something legal I had missed. I was able to attain more PvE dmg that very same day with the same spell, as you can see below.

Doing more dmg in PvE I wasn't able to come close to that dmg even with the very same spell. Even boosted in PvP I never dealt anyone over 2.6k. There is just no ability or item in the game that would allow you to do more PvP dmg than someone who is doing more PvE dmg than you. Which confirms this is without a doubt an illegal dmg boost. You can see below another example of them using it...

Every time it is the same, a huge surge in dmg, 2-4x what other players can attain with the same abilities, regardless of gear, build or booster.
I find it hard to believe that cheating could be happening this wide-spread on a regular basis without the staff being aware. On top of the fact that I submitted these shots without any interest from the GM's whatsoever. Which leads me to believe that these cheaters might also be your PvP staff testers?
Which if true, makes any form of PvP on this server an absolute farce as a group of: "cheaters" (staff or not) ruin any chance of a fair competition. It is pointless to PvP on a server where 10 or so players have such an extreme advantage over everyone else. And what else could they be using? Especially If they are willing to use cheats like this so obviously without any regard for being caught.
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2023.06.09 17:22 _nc_sketchy I know my selected answer is incorrect, but I can't agree with the logic used for the answer. This assumes that each breach will cost 5Mil, and the value of the customer database will return to 10Mil for the next breach. Am I wrong in my thought process?

I know my selected answer is incorrect, but I can't agree with the logic used for the answer. This assumes that each breach will cost 5Mil, and the value of the customer database will return to 10Mil for the next breach. Am I wrong in my thought process? submitted by _nc_sketchy to cissp [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 17:22 daymon85mason Are the jump tickets going to be the same for part 2? Wondering if I should save them or spend on gold chests.

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2023.06.09 17:22 mattscazza What Balls do you play with?

I got a dozen balls as a Christmas present as I was just starting to get into golf and after 6 rounds I've only got 1 left. So time has come to buy some new ones. The balls I was using was the Callaway CXR Power which as you can tell by the name is a distance ball. The main thing I'm noticing with my game is I'm losing a lot of shots around the greens and I'm thinking getting a softer ball with more spin and control will help with that. Especially as the course I mainly play gets very dry and greens get super fast.
The thing is, my club speed is up at 100mph and average distance off the tee is 250-260. (220 carry). So the traditional super soft balls for lower swing speeds aren't meant for me?
Can anyone recommend any good all round balls that won't spin too much off the tee so I can keep my distance and consistency there, but will also have a good soft feel and control around the greens as I'm losing a lot of shots to that.
Price is important too, I'm still a beginner and inconsistent, so I'm still losing 1 or 2 a round! Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:22 Simply_Patches Any tips for the boss?

I am utterly unable yo beat this guy. Died more than 15 times already, and I can't even hit him more than once or twice once he gets to second phase. Anybody have any tips for me? I tried leveling up (currently level 17), using electricity and "parrying" (or more accurately "dying pathetically while trying to parry").
For info, I've platinumed most FromSoft games, yet never managed to parry anything in any game (so no, I never finished Sekiro haha!).
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2023.06.09 17:21 Sudden-Soup-2553 Parenting a child with ASD - bullying and ADHD medication

My son who is 7 years old and he has ASD and clearly exhibits the signs of ADHD. I talked to a specialist at the University hospital and they mentioned putting my son on medication to help him focus. I don't know why, but it makes me feel incredibly sad. For starters, I don't like the idea of having him take medication to change who he is to accommodate other people, but they told me that it will help him. I was on Ritalin as a child and it made me feel sick all day and did nothing to help me stay focused.
I know he has anxiety and that was another option and I am open to it, but only if he receives therapy to also help manage his anxiety.
Also, I am not opposed to medication, but wanted my son to come to me and tell me that he wants medication. The specialist said that almost never happens unless they're a teen. Maybe I'm weird for thinking that my son would be able to express that to me. I was thinking middle school might be a better time to take medication.
Am I weird to feel this way about the medication? Why are other people so happy to get their kids on medication?
I also have a family history of drug abuse, so I'm worried about my son having addictions in the future.
Also, my son is starting to experience bullying. At this point it's just kids telling him to go away in a very mean way. I saw it first hand. My visceral reaction was to get angry and say something to the kid, but I couldn't because it was during a school event. I don't want to exacerbate the situation, but I can't help but to feel angry that kids are being mean to him. Because it's so hard for him to defend himself... I really just want to lash out at the kids which is insane. How did your parents handle this?
I feel like getting angry is not going to help my child at all. If anything it will give him anxiety.
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2023.06.09 17:21 Etsypakistansho Timing Tablets in Multan 03000596116

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2023.06.09 17:21 Altruistic-Web7225 tips for getting villagers to leave?

hi! does anyone have any tips to make unwanted villagers leave? I’ve had Celia for a LONG time (she even gave me her portrait) but I am so sick of her she doesn’t fit the vibe of my island and I want her gone! recently, Shari left my island and her plot was available so Flo moved in without me even doing anything and I don’t like Flo either so I want her to leave too! any tips? I have tried ignoring them, fencing them in, hitting them (harsh, i know lol) and they literally never want to leave it’s so annoying! any help would be appreciated :)
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2023.06.09 17:21 kidshitstuff Possible new GTA VR or Bioshock VR spoiled by copy on Apple Vision Pro page

Possible new GTA VR or Bioshock VR spoiled by copy on Apple Vision Pro page
Still there at the bottom of the Apple vision pro page! Someone messed up and jumped the gun, what game do you guys think it will be?!
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2023.06.09 17:21 m0useg1rl need help figuring out what to do with my hair…

need help figuring out what to do with my hair…
i am 32f. i really like my hair long and have only dyed it once in high school (to a dark cherry so you could only see the colour in the sun) - black hair is my preferred colour. but because i have long and very black/dark hair, i feel the a blunt cut makes the shape of my profile look bulky and undefined. you can see this in the one back shot and second profile shot.
i usually get my hair cut every 5 months because i live in arctic canada where i can only get out a few times a year and there are no professionals/salons here.
i have attached photos of what i think i want for my next hair cut in a couple weeks. what do you think? especially about the bangs… i want to try something new but im a pretty plain person who like my hair on the more basic side. im looking for any feedback to take to my salon!
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2023.06.09 17:21 throwaway_coin_4_car Bored of my Honda Civic

Hey y'all,

I'm getting bored of my 2016 Honda Civic after 7 years of ownership, and I'm looking to trade it off. It's been great on gas and very reliable, but it's a small coupe and frankly not interesting to drive anymore.

I enjoy road trips, driving down trails, and offering rides to my friends. It's kind of embarrassing asking them to climb way down into the backseat. The Civic definitely prefers smooth, well-leveled, pothole-free roads... a rarity in Oklahoma. It would be great to drive something more rugged and capable for passengers (4 doors please!) and rough roads. Still, you will also see sedans and hatchbacks on my list because I think they are a good value. I make longer road trips occasionally: my family lives 700 miles away, and there are trips to Dallas about 3 hr away. Although they are great all-rounders, I dislike nearly all unibody SUV's made today. They all look and feel the exact same to me.

I'm aware that the car market and most dealers are still horrible, and it may really not be a good time for me to trade away the Civic. However, I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all so I can narrow my search! :-)

Current car:
2016 Honda Civic Coupe LX-P, ~78,000 miles. Paid off.

$34,000 on hand including the expected value of the Civic. Prefer not to finance or lease; don't want to pay interest.

A shortlist of the cars that I'm most interested in, in no particular order:
* Jeep Wrangler w/ the 3.6L (2015+)
* Toyota Tacoma w/ V6 (2016+)
* Toyota RAV4
* Toyota Corolla Cross
* Honda Accord LX (2023)
* Honda Civic Hatch EX-L (2021+)
* Subaru Crosstrek w/ the 2.5L (2021+)
* Subaru Outback w/ the 3.6L

About me:
25 M, single, no prospects, no kids. Apartment. Graduated college and moved out to Oklahoma a year ago. No debts. 10-mile daily commute.

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2023.06.09 17:21 syracusegall adhd and time pacing during FLs

I have ADHD and I tend to zone out and hyper-fixate on certain questions at times during FLs. I wondered if anyone is in the same situation as me where they hyper-fixate on specific questions in the passage and then end up not having enough time toward the end of the section. I end up flying through time without any acknowledgment of it actually passing lol. Any tips? I'm testing 6/29 so I don't want this to happen during the actual exam.
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2023.06.09 17:21 12eightyseven Anybody else have a hard time getting any kind of home services?

We've been in Asheville for a few years now and have had the hardest time getting home service folks to come out. I'm talking arborists, grading contractors, engineers, flooring folks, painters, anybody. I follow a pretty standard procedure, I look up providers, I email a provider that is physically close to me and has good reviews, they say 'yes' they can help, then it falls apart during scheduling.
Me: I saw that you offer x service Them: yes we do. We can come out next week and look at that for you. Me: "great, thanks, I can meet any day after 2:00 or any time on Thursday or Friday. " Them:
Is it that they find better bigger gigs faster? If that's the case why do they say yes? Am I crazy for having some times I am not available?
This isn't a request for recommendations of any kind, more of a "is it just me" kind of query.
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2023.06.09 17:20 Designer_Ad_2327 Got this question as part of UChicago DSI interview

Got this question as part of UChicago DSI interview
Got this take home assignment as part of the UChicago DSI swe interview:

They said this should not take more than evening to complete. That might be true if you are cramming out code without thinking of design and don't have any question. The first inconsistency is where they ask you to imagine that the processes will be running on two separate machines, but want you to write code such that both processes are running on a single machine. I have a feeling they are going to come back to me and say that we wanted to have your code run on a distributed setting, but it did not, so you're rejected.
The second inconsistency IMO is in their definition of "robust". I am not sure if they mean that if a worker process fails in the middle of processing a file we want the living process to take up processing that file. If your assumption is just that the second process failing should not affect the first process, and they half processed file should be ignored, then they will come back to you and say that we wanted the living process to take over the processing of the failed file by the first process. This is impossible without adding another hierarchy to the process structure, but the way they are running the code does not allow for that to happen. And if I am to "imagine" that these processes are started independently on separate machines, I need the two processes to communicate periodically.
I am not sure if I am overthinking the assignment, but overall when I asked the engineer who designed this assignment questions, he seemed irritated.
I am looking for some thoughts or opinions on this. There is no need to worry about giving away answers as I have already submitted the assignment and did not sign an NDA.
Here is my solution if you are interested:
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2023.06.09 17:20 Scottishfello69 HAAAAEEE YEAEAEAE

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2023.06.09 17:20 broodkiller [WTS/WTT] Merkur Progress

The razor is in great condition, I only used it 5 times and it just didn't agree with me, so I am looking to sell or trade it. I'm asking $45 (with shipping), PayPal, CONUS only, and I can toss in some freebie blades if desired.
In terms of trades, I am quite open, so just PM me. Ideally I'm looking for something in similar price range, the razors on top of my "I want to try" list are Muhle R41, any of the Razorock Superslant L3/+/++ base plates (I already have the L2), Lupo 95, Rockwell 6c.
See here for pictures.
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2023.06.09 17:20 DudeBaalak 2meirl4meirl

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