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2023.06.08 21:02 magicalbricks24 [H] Most Disney 100 Figures, Series 23 Figures [W] Disney 100, Series 23, Random CMF (US to WW)

I have:
Series 23–
1x Knight
1x Dragon Suit
Disney 100-
1x Robin Hood
1x Tiana
1x Dr. Facilier
1x Aurora
1x Queen of Hearts
1x Sorcerer Mickey
2x Oswald
1x King John
1x Ernesto De La Cruz
1x Mulan
Disney 100–
1x Jiminy Cricket
1x Pocahontas
1x Stitch
1x Baymax
Series 23–
1x Snowman
1x Elf w./ snow globe
1x Cruise Ship Captain
If you have other Disney or random licensed figures please reach out
I am willing to trade 1:1 for US traders with shipping but request international traders to throw in an additional figure or two as international shipping is expensive in the US.
-Nicholas u/magicalbricks24
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2023.06.08 20:55 TristramXen Are these Star Wars novels worth reading again?

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2023.06.08 20:51 Jack_Sandwich Even the NY Post is beginning to play these word games. News reporting used to be about conveying factual information in text. Now everything is in code language.

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2023.06.08 20:32 sugarhighlife Real doctor?

Real doctor?
Real doctor? she seems extremely un-professional when snapping at random people on tiktok .. seems very biased about stuff. There was one thing shared about a boppy pillow being banned and that a baby had suffocated from it.. and she went off on people that the product was at fault and was VERY snappy/rude and completely disregarded how it’s user error. Like no, you mean to tell me a parent was sitting beside their infant watching them suffocate and there was nothing they could do? No infants should not be left alone to sleep in it … anyways there are LOTS of posts she comments on being un-professional.
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2023.06.08 20:32 King_Dee1 Saw a post earlier and decoded to check, there IS a phantom Ikea on Dana

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2023.06.08 20:13 Kahzgul [Near As I Can Tell...] Priorities, People! (A Youngling's Illustrated Primer)

My name is Kahzgul. You may know me from my shockingly above average conquest guide, the incredible seething hatred I hold for the Inquisitorus faction, or that one time I opened up photoshop just to shit on CG's art team underpaid and overworked intern.
But I'm not here to talk to you about that today.
No, I'm here to speak to all of the young men, women, and bith of the SWGoH community, and to help you help yourself when it comes to determining what to farm, when to farm it, and whether blue or green milk tastes better (it's green; I'll explain why later).
You see, every day, a little boy or girl posts something that asks the question, "should I farm this (endgame content)?" And I have been moved by their plight. There is no greater good than that of a good soldier following orders, and second to that, love of the empire, but third - a distant third - is raising the younglings to become powerful sand people, in their prime, ready to take on the OH GOD IT'S ANAKIN AND WHAT IS HE DOI---
I'm sorry about that. The previous writer has been sacked. Or, rather, diced into tiny barbecue squares by a bloodthirsty jedi master, who - despite his great acumen - was not granted a seat on the council. Quite unfair. If something like that were to happen to me, well, I'm quite sure I'd team up with the wrinkliest old fart I could find and straight murder everyone in one of those school lightsaberings you read about in the news. Can you believe we're up to nearly 2 lightsaberings per day? It's absurd. This entire republic is rotten to the core and you can just feel the need for a strong leader to step in, impose a military dictatorship, and start blowing up entire planets. Did you know my sister lives on Alderaan? I think that's where we should st---
Sorry about that. That writer has also been sacked. And the person responsible for the first sacking was also sacked. What we were trying to do was to answer the question: Should i farm this very expensive shiny new endgame content with my brand new account that doesn't even have CLS unlocked yet?
The answer to this question is, as you probably expect, a long winded parable about some nonsense or other that has nothing to do with anything and serves no purpose at all excepting to remind you that the author has recently been watching an awful lot of Monty Python and that this is, in fact, an ex-parrot.
Actually, the answer is another question:
Should you, who earns only $36,000 per year, buy your 15 year old with their learner's permit a ferrari as their first car?
Of course you should! N't. You shouldn't.
That joke works better if you say it out loud. Like that joke where the guy goes to the doctor and says he's got a penis stuck in his throat and the doctor says how do you know and the guy says well look and then you rub through adam's apple a bunch and spit on your friend to whom you're telling the joke. Text just doesn't do it justice.
So, and now we've finally arrived at the helpful guide portion of this ramble, how is one to determine for themselves whether or not they should farm something? The self-determination part is really important. I like to live by this age-old adage: If you give a man a fire, he's warm for a night, but if you set him on fire he's warm for the rest of his life.
The answer is that, much like an elderly politician of your choosing's undergarments, it depends.
CG has, over the years, released three type of shiny and new things:
- One is what I'll call the "Jedi Knight Revan" style of new thing. 5 brand new characters come out who are required to get a 6th brand new and powerful character. Darth Revan, Starkiller, Dr. Aphra, and the soon-to-be-arriving Jedi Cal Kestis are all good examples of this sort of release. You can go after these right away if you like. There's no real barrier to entry and you can get something shiny and new out of the investment.
- The second is the "The Solo Movie" style of thing. Sometimes CG just adds some shit and it sucks ass for a really long time. Rogue One (okay now thanks to AdRad but that was several years later), Young Han Solo and friends (nest was cool), the Inks when they first came out and really even still if you're not at the point where you can get GI or Reva... stuff like that.
- And the third is the "Jedi Master Luke" style of thing. MOST of the shiny and new things CG adds build off of other things that were, at one time, shiny and new all on their own. These things are pretty easy for older players to go after because they already have all of the earlier requirements completed, but new players are going to find that earning this sort of thing is nigh impossible. I mean you need JKL which means you need the Wampa... Sometimes the chains of requirements are quite long.
For example, Leviathan needs you to have the Fury-Class Interceptor, which needs Malgus to pilot it, both of which need you to have been near max-crating conquest for a long time, which means you're well over 4M GP and don't need this guide anyway (but if you read this far, please know that I appreciate you more than padme appreciated Keira Knightley).
So what I'm saying is, the journey guide isn't particularly good at telling you whether a farm is reasonable or not. Some farms require r8 and r9 characters, and those are hard to get for people who are in 300M GP guilds, let alone people who aren't sure if a 20M GP guild will take them (sorry, egnards; we're really looking for someone with a 7 star lobot for DS Hoth platoons).
This game is a game about patience, first and foremost. It's also a game about space lasers and butchering amazing music by changing the song every time a button is pressed (which de facto makes it a game about turning off the sound of the game entirely). And it's a game about investment.
Where do you get the best return on investment for your limited resources?
Almost never farm new and shiny things. I don't care how candy-like the red button looks, Ren and Stimpy absolutely will not - oh. He pressed it. Well, if you have the impulse control of an anthropomorphic cartoon cat drawn by an army of lunatics balls deep in LSD, you should call 1-800-GAMBLER and seek help. I've heard 1 in 10 people who calls that number wins a prize! Also I can sing the entire "Log™" song from memory, which probably tells you a lot about the sort of person I am.
Your best return is going to be going for things that were new and shiny about a year ago, and it will remain your best return right up until you start running out of things to farm that fit that description (several years from now). Now, even that description leaves a w i d e array of things you could be going after. So which to choose? Well, with an eye towards the distant future, I recommend going after characters and ships first, and gear second. A roster with every character at 7 stars and G1 is better in my mind than one with five characters at r9 and no one else unlocked (although if you had everyone at G1 and 7 stars you're certainly cheating so... grain of salt). Characters who unlock other characters should be prioritized over ones who just sit there looking stupid (or, in CUP's case, being a badass meme guy).
If you're slightly farther along, I'd say it's time to start thinking about how you catch up to the power curve of the game. Think of the curve as a wave you're trying to surf. You gotta paddle a bit to catch it, but once you do... you're golden. So you have to know where the wave is going to form, right? You can't just start surfing when you're still on the beach. That's lame. So you're going to want to get characters who get you more characters so you can hopefully get even more characters in the future.
There are two places to do that more than any other: Fleet Arena, where you earn daily crystals, which let you do more energy refreshes so you can earn more characters, and Conquest, where you earn new and shiny characters loooong before they're available to people who aren't maxing conquest every time. And the good news is that there's some overlap there - the fleet arena for newer players can be well handled by Executor, which needs Piett to pilot, and Piett is a key part of the Imp Trooper conquest team (Veers / Piett / Starck / Gideon / Range) which is all supports and runs a nasty turn meter train (and also can be used to complete not one but two Assault Battle events that reward relic mats and shards and stuff).
You'll need to buy one set of relic 8 materials with crystals, probably. So save up a few!
If you've got executor, then I recommend going after JML and Wat next. That combo (along with the reqs for JML) enables a LOT of cheese strategies in conquest. All of this will also help your GAC success.
If you've hit these benchmarks, then you've probably done enough that you have a sense of where your roster could benefit more. Remember to keep in mind "how does this help me get more characters" and you'll find you're doing very well.
TL;DR: Plan on being a year or more behind the release schedule of new characters, and you'll be able to stay astride of your fleet shard while climbing GAC ranks and prepping to dominate conquest when you get to 4M GP. Don't buy CG's marketing hype; take a "wait and see" approach to new characters and let the whales figure out who is good and who isn't before you spend time and energy on them.
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2023.06.08 20:12 silentninjaa2 conflicted morally

i (F18) have been talking to a muslim man (M20) for about 8 months. the relationship began as friends/academic, as we were teaching each other language for our own hobby. from the first time we met we both knew there was a connection there, but since we are both muslim, we had tried to keep those feelings on the low. fast forward things progressed and a couple months ago our dynamic slowly changed to more of a relationship type thing. we really loved each other but we never said it as we are so young and there’s so many layers to us having a relationship w us being muslim. we ended up confessing our love to each other, and our intentions of marriage. yes we do want to marry, but firstly i don’t think at this moment i can tell my parents abt him ( part of it is anxiety… they are less religious than me and would be ok w me having a bf if he is serious abt marrying) , so he is not going to talk to them till September. i am reassured that he is serious about me as he is willing to speak to my dad even right now. i am going to talk to his mother today which will also be an eye opener. finally, we are both finishing university and decided we don’t wanna marry at least until then… it’s just very reasonable, but i know we will do physical things that is not permitted before marriage until then which worries me a bit. we have both talked about how we can’t control ourselves when we are together, and i am a little worried that i will be taken advantage of ( as in we have sex but then he isn’t true to his word of marrying me) ( btw we are both virgins if that matters). one part of me does not really care as i am not that religious and probably will have sex before marriage anyways, but another part of me is worried abt his commitment, esp bc he is more religious than me but seems more relaxed in doing these physical things before marriage w me than i was. he said that it’s different when u have sex love someone rather than when ppl do it with a random every other day. he also told me how he was so muslim, and knowing his wife is muslim brought him closer to islam, but at the same time he rly likes me physically which will lead us to sin. in conclusion, i am just extremely confused especially because i do not have muslim friends to get advice from and don’t think i can tell my parents abt this situation at the moment, but i am thinking about telling my aunt as she gives good advice and won’t tell them. i am going to be calling his mother today, but before that i want to have a serious convo w him abt our future and what exactly his intents are in the next 5 yrs to lead us to marriage. how do i go abt this ? any help is appreciated
tl;dr: i (f18) have been talking to a muslim man (m20) for abt 8 months and we ended up getting into a relationship. i know his intentions are pure and i prayed istikharah abt it, but we cannot get married right at this moment as we are so young, and we want to finish uni first, so i am conflicted morally on what to do. i am not that religious but i just want some advice on where to go from here. TL;DR
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2023.06.08 20:00 Western-Ad-9811 my husband said “you’re using your planner to plan out another planner?” yes. Yes I am.

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2023.06.08 19:48 Fisherman-Correct You're talking shit, explain yourself!!!

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2023.06.08 19:11 lifebluezovablues 14/F Strep A positive - respiratory

14 Female 115 LBS No preexisting conditions Duration of complaint is 4 days Current medications are: amoxicillin 500 MG, brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine-DM 30-2-10 MG, methylPREDNISolone 4 MG
4 days ago my daughter complained of body aches and feeling unwell. She spiked a low grade fever 99.9. I treated her with DayQuil/NyQuil under the assumption it was the flu.
Yesterday she developed a nasty cough that resembles croup. A very deep chest congestion that she can’t seem to break up and cough up. After that I took her to urgent care who tested her for Flu/Covid/Strep. She was only positive for strep.
This perplexed me because her sore throat was very minor. The dr advised her and her colleagues were just discussing that morning about the strep cases with presenting respiratory symptoms as it was very abnormal.
She had a full dose of medicine last night and a morning dose today.
She is very lethargic today, won’t eat (had half a smoothie) and her cough it very bad. When can I expect this to get better for her and what should I wAtch for in the event I need to bring her back?
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2023.06.08 18:30 lo-tan-a The idea of a defunct God and how to argue for one.

I want to promote the idea of a defunct or perished God so that it is further explored and elaborated in the philosophy of religion because what I have found so far in textbooks and treatises is rather meagre. It's about expanding the conceptual landscape in the service of truth.
My point is not one of proof, but one of possible line of reasoning.
Here's what I found in the literature:
“Even if valid, the first-cause argument is capable only of demonstrating the existence of a mysterious first cause in the distant past. It does not establish the present existence of the first cause. On the basis of this argument, there is no reason to assume that the first cause still exists — which cuts the ground from any attempt to demonstrate the truth of theism by this approach.” (George H. Smith – Atheism. The Case Against God)
“Indeed, why should God not be the originator and now no longer exist? After all, a mother causes a child but then dies.” (Peter Cole – Philosophy of Religion)
“This world […] is the production of old age and dotage in some superannuated deity; and ever since his death has run on at adventures, from the first impulse and active force which it received from him….” (David Hume – Dialogues concerning Natural Religion Part V)
“What about the necessary existence of God? I have already suggested that what is metaphysically necessary is God’s initial existence. I see no reason to hold that God necessarily continues to exist. That is, I hold God had the power to bring a universe into being and then cease to exist, while the universe went on.” (Peter Forrest – Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded Love)“
[T]he reasons given for believing that there is a necessary and simple being are only reasons for holding that, necessarily, at some time, there exists such a being. There is nothing incoherent in the idea that there was a first moment of Time, and that everything that was the case then was necessarily the case, including the existence of a simple being. That leaves open the possibility that this being might change or even cease to exist, contrary to classical theism.” (Peter Forrest – Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded Love)
This depends on a certain conception of time:
“Here is a brief history of God. There is a first moment of Time, at which God exists but nothing else […]. God has the power never to act. If God had never acted, that one moment would have been, as it were, the whole of Time. In that case, strictly speaking, there would have been no Time. […] For Time, I take it, is characterized by the before/after relation between its parts. As it is, there is a succession of other moments. Brian Leftow has pointed out that if you are the only person at the counter, you are not a queue, and that Time is like a queue in that respect. But as soon as someone else comes along, there is a queue, and you are at the head of it (Leftow 2002). Likewise, if there are no other moments because God chooses to do nothing, then that moment is timeless. Yet if God acts, there is then at least one other moment, and so there is Time.” (Peter Forrest – Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded Love)
So, many cosmological arguments (Kalam, Contingency) only lead to God as a starting point, but not to a still present God.
Now people will say that there is evidence to suggest that God must constantly sustain the world in the here and now, that the world would disappear if divine sustenance ceased.
David Bentley Hart first asks the legitimate question:
“Why is this so? Why must a thing be dependent on any continuously real source of being in order to persist? Why can it not, once it has been caused to exist by something else, just continue on from its physical origin with a kind of existential inertia until it exhausts itself, without any need for some eternal “absolute” to certify it in its contingent existence?” (David Bentley Hart from THE EXPERIENCE OF GOD BEING, CONSCIOUSNESS, BLISS.)
In the end, he denies the slightest possibility of existential inertia. I would rather not dwell on this topic because it is too complex, although it is crucial.
But I recommend the following blog entry, which makes a forceful and convincing case for the idea of existential inertia:
I will now present one way in which God can disappear; many explanations will be added.
A 1. The universe began to exist a finite time ago.
A 2. The absolute beginning of the universe could only have been initiated by an act of God.
B 1. A literal creation from nothing is impossible.
B 2. However, the transformation of a transcendent substance into mundane things is possible.
C 1. God is absolutely simple (simplicitas). Otherwise, He would not be the first and most original principle.
C 2. Accordingly, He has no parts to offer for transformation. Rather, He would have to give Himself completely for this purpose. In fact, in His simplicity, He is “so much of one piece” (as if flawlessly and seamlessly made from one piece) that He would be entirely the power that would serve to transform. This means: Everything that is in God is God. There is nothing inherent in God that is different from Him. He is, so to speak, an extra-worldly, undifferentiated, and structureless “blob” overfilled with primordial Being. His “blobness” is completely rounded or absolutely homogeneous. If “you” “take” a “little” of it, “you” inevitably “take” “all” of it, figuratively speaking.
D Therefore, God has completely transformed Himself into the universe. In other words: The “infinite” existence has subjected itself to total finiteness. Or: God's absolute existence has been completely limited by Himself to the existence of individual things.
The only way to avoid this conclusion is to play the MYSTERY CARD or to make an APPEAL TO MYSTERY. As long as we want to argue conceptually clear and distinct (clare et distincte), that is, philosophically, we should in any case favor those theories that give us a rational explanation, and not those that can only point to a mystery.
And if anyone wants to avoid admitting a mystery by saying that it does not follow from the idea of simplicity that God cannot create out of Himself without becoming other than Himself, you must answer: 'From simplicity it follows very well what has been said here. You seem to be tacitly or unspokenly assuming a literal creatio ex nihilo, or still a mystery.'
The appeal to mystery should be a very last resort, to be considered only in specific cases where rational clarification is impossible.
It is important to note the following: The Aristotelian concept of change cannot be applied to God's complete transformation or transmutation. This transformation is thus not to be understood as change in the traditional sense. For:
“Aristotle insists that in every change (whether movement in space or alteration in quality or size) something remains the same, the man, for example, or the gold. This is taken to be a necessary truth: it is part of the very concept of change that something or other undergoes it.” (J. L. Ackrill - Aristotle the Philosopher)
God is definitely not an unchanging subject, just with a new state after His transformation. There is nothing that remains the same. Since this fact is very significant, here is the whole thing again in other words (and then even a third time):
“Aristotle holds, then, that there are three principles involved in the analysis of any change -- the underlying subject of change, its (prechange) lack of a character, its (post-change) character.“ (J. L. Ackrill - Aristotle the Philosopher)
God cannot undergo any change by gaining or losing states or properties, if only for the reason that He is a simple unity, excluding any even potential and attributive inner multiplicity. Nor is His “change” one in which He could be said to be simultaneously present. The transition from transcendence to immanence is a perfect one. At the moment of transition, God has disappeared and in his place there is suddenly something mundane. And God was the very other compared to the world (God and creatures are entirely diverse realities with no real commonality.), which can then at best be understood as an imperfect, fragmented “echo” or “reverberation” of His defunct transcendence.
Theoretically, one could also attribute immutability to God. Indeed, in the way described below, God cannot change:
“Divine immutability also follows from divine simplicity. When a thing undergoes a real change (as opposed to a merely Cambridge change), it changes in some particular respect while remaining the same in other respects. For example, a substance loses one of its attributes while remaining the same substance and while retaining its other attributes. But that presupposes that the changing thing is composed of parts, some of which remain while another or others are lost. Since God is simple or noncomposite, then, he cannot change.” (Edward Feser - Five Proofs of the Existence of God)
But God can disappear completely if He wants to.
Here are three quotes to help explain B 1:
(1) “The Supreme does not create out of nothing. Ex nihilo nihil fit—out of nothing nothing comes. He produces from His Own eternal nature and eternal wisdom, wherein all things dwell in a latent condition, all contrasts exist in a hidden or non-manifest state.” (W. P. SWAINSON – JACOB BOEHME. THE TEUTONIC PHILOSOPHER)
(2) “Classical theists hold that God created the world ex nihilo, out of nothing. This phrase carries a privative, not a positive, sense: it means not out of something as opposed to out of something called ‘nothing.’ This much is crystal clear. Less clear is how creation ex nihilo (CEN), comports, if it does comport, with the following hallowed principle:
ENN: Ex nihilo nihit fit. Nothing comes from nothing.
My present problem is this: If (ENN) is true, how can (CEN) be true? How can God create out of nothing if nothing can come from nothing? It would seem that our two principles form an inconsistent dyad. How solve it?
It would be unavailing to say that God, being omnipotent, can do anything, including making something come out of nothing. For omnipotence, rightly understood, does not imply that God can do anything, but that God can do anything that it is possible to do.
God does not create out of pre-given matter, essences, or mere possibilia. But if God creates out of nothing distinct from himself, this formulation allows that, in some sense, God creates ex Deo, out of himself. Creating the world out of himself, God creates the world out of nothing distinct from himself. In this way, (CEN) and (ENN) are rendered compatible.” (Maverick Philosopher – Creation ex nihilo or ex deo)
(3) “If the world (as effect) emerges neither from sheer nothingness [...] nor from any pre-existent some-thing, it seems that the world must emerge ex deo – i.e. from God[.] [...] [Thomas] Aquinas seems to reject this conclusion when, for example, he castigates David of Dinant for teaching the ‘absurd thesis’ that God is prime matter. [...] As long as we are careful, however, not to assume that a material cause has to be some kind of physical ‘stuff’, there seems to be no reason why we cannot speak of God being the ‘material cause’ of the world: i.e., the innermost Cause that provides the whole substantial reality of the creature.” (Daniel Soars - Creation in Aquinas: ex nihilo or ex deo?)
Plotinus, for example, is very concerned to ensure that the One remains undiminished as it gives rise to the world of multiplicity. The idea that the first metaphysical principle could perish or disappear was an impossible thought for the ancient Greeks. Their way of thinking confronted this possibility with a great, dogmatic (insurmountable) mental barrier. There is a German saying for this kind of mentality, taken from a poem by Christian Morgenstern: Weil … nicht sein kann, was darf nicht sein. For … that which must not, cannot be. [transl. by Max Knight] That's what you say when you don't want to acknowledge a fact because it goes against your interests.
The Plotinus expert Eyjólfur K. Emilsson states: “[S]omehow, everything is in the One but there it is totally indistinct and undifferentiated[.]” (Eyjólfur K. Emilsson – Plotinus) Wouldn't it be plausible to think that everything indistinct and undifferentiated in the One must be made distinct and differentiated if a real world of multiplicity is to come about, and that such making distinct and differentiating can only take place within the One? Shouldn't it then be that the One loses everything of itself because it is absolute simplicity?
God's Existence “portions” Itself by self-determination, self-limitation, and in a single stroke the created things come into being. However, the idea of dividing or limiting the Infinite (Non-Finite) in order to describe the creation of things inevitably leads to God limiting Himself without residue, so that He completely annihilates Himself. Why is this so? Because God is not only infinite (not finite) but also absolutely simple.
Let us take John Damascene's conception of God as an aid, quoted by Aquinas in ST. I. 13. 11:
“…for comprehending all in itself, [God] contains existence itself as an infinite and indeterminate sea of substance[.]”
From this sea, you can scoop up the things of the world, but you have to understand this sea as spaceless so that there can only be one instance of scooping up, so to speak. So concrete things or individuals are to be understood as finitizations of an infinite realm. But this infinite realm, because of its simplicity, cannot limit or finitize itself partially, but only totally, in its entirety.
This is a rational and (by philosophical standards) comprehensible explanation of the transformation of God into the world of multiplicity.
I would now like to comment briefly on a few passages by David Bentley Hart from THE EXPERIENCE OF GOD BEING, CONSCIOUSNESS, BLISS. First the passages:
According to Bentley Hart, one can say in accordance with the philosophical tradition, “that created things exist by subtraction: that is, they are finite and somewhat diffuse expressions of an infinite and indivisible reality, and their individual essences are simply special limits graciously set to the boundless power of being that flows from God, special definite modes in which God condescends to share his infinitely expressive plenitude. Or—one more very venerable metaphor—God is the infinite “ocean of being” while creatures are finite vessels containing existence only in limited measure.”
The word subtraction comes from the Latin subtrahere and means as much as: carry off, take away. So, to carry off or take away from God, I guess. There is no other way to make sense. The boundless power of being and God should be identical, shouldn't they? Hart also uses the word condescend regarding God. What does the dictionary say: (1) to descend to a less formal or dignified level: UNBEND; (2) to waive the privileges of rank. Then it should read: God gives of his simplicity (which is his being) in sharing “to waive the privileges of rank”. Hart should not do things by halves with his metaphors, unless he is using them as window dressing. If we take the metaphors more seriously, on the verge of becoming literal, we come closer to what I want to argue.
The infinite “ocean of being” is in itself spaceless. The spatial vessels contain water from this ocean, which should be drained by now.
Schopenhauer clarifies the actual meaning of infinite and finite:
“Finite and infinite are concepts that have significance only in relation to space and time, in that both are infinite, i.e., endless, as well as infinitely divisible. If one still were to apply these two concepts to other objects, then the latter must be such as fill space and time and partake of their qualities. From this we are able to measure how great is the abuse perpetrated with these concepts by philosophasters and windbags in this century.” (Parerga and Paralipomena, Volume 2, Chapter 13, On philosophy and its method. §20 Annotations)
Now another section from Bentley Hart:
“And if [God's “particular spiritual intentions (acts of will and knowledge, that is) toward finite things”] somehow “determine” anything about who God is, it certainly could not be a passive determination in any sense, but an eternal act of self-determination or self-expression. More important, they would certainly add nothing new in the order of real being to God, since the “subtracted” reality of finite things is always already embraced within the infinitely fuller reality of divine being.”
“[T]he One is […] neither determinate nor manifold[.]” (Dominic J. O'Meara – Plotinus: An Introduction to the Enneads)
“[T]he One is […] without form or determination[.]” (Dominic J. O'Meara – Plotinus: An Introduction to the Enneads)
A divine act of self-determination logically leads to self-abolition.
Hart again:
“In the end, the crucial question is whether any of the relations that finite contingencies have to God’s infinite absolute being require alterations in God himself; and the traditional assumption is that God is not like some finite bounded substance that undergoes change as a result of external forces but is the transcendent source of the actuality of all substances and forces, and so he does not receive anything from “outside” himself, for everything is always in him and already realized in his own essence in an immeasurably more eminent way.”
My argument most plausibly assumes a total alteration. And it is rationally stronger than Bentley Hart's.
His last paragraph:
“[W]e can observe the divine simplicity’s plural expressions and effects in contingent things, and from those abstract toward the reality of their unconditioned source. But, in the end, how that simplicity might be “modulated” within itself is strictly unimaginable for us. At that uncrossable intellectual threshold, religions fall back upon inscrutable doctrines, philosophers upon inadequate concepts, and mystics upon silence. “Si comprehendis, non est deus,” as Augustine says: If you comprehend it, it is not God.”
I have the impression that Hart left the question of an alteration in God somehow ambivalent. He has, of course, the clear tendency or conviction towards God's complete untouchability and perpetual intactness, but he is apparently aware of the more or less justified theoretical problems raised by the critics. But if God allows even the slightest touch on Him, the slightest modulation, then the game is over for God. Hart can only play the Mystery Card and may become angry and pushy when confronted.
The following quote mentions a theological problem in case one wants to assume that God is not absolutely simple and has parts:
“There’s an objection—I’ll call it the ‘Injury Problem’—that I think poses a larger problem for the claim that God creates out of His proper parts. The objection is this: if the x’s are proper parts of God and God creates the universe out of the x’s, then God loses whatever functions or features the x’s conferred on God. And this would make God worse off or lessened. For instance, if Michelangelo created the statue of David not out of a block of marble but out of the flesh and bone in his right foot, Michelangelo would no longer be able to walk as he once did. It would seem that something just as injurious to God would take place if He were to create out of Himself. Perhaps we could reply that God creates out of parts that don’t really contribute to God’s properties or functions. But this response seems unappealing and ad hoc, for why did God have those parts in the first place and in what sense are they really parts of Him if they don’t really serve any function? A different response is to say that God could heal Himself—replace those parts from which He created the universe with new parts. But the problem (and the injury) would just be pushed back to where those parts were taken from.” (Michael Tze-Sung Longenecker - A Theory of Creation Ex Deo)
“wouldn’t creating out of those parts lessen or destroy God?” (Michael Tze-Sung Longenecker - A Theory of Creation Ex Deo)
So, wouldn't creating from His parts diminish or weaken Him and ultimately destroy Him anyway? Because every part contributes to the whole. If even the smallest part is missing, the whole perishes.
If something that is not God comes out of God, then in order for the creatio ex deo to really make sense, something must happen to God in the coming out of that which is not God.
Whether He is partless or has parts, creation entails the end of God.
The scholars or experts in philosophy of religion: Daniel Soars, Michael Tze-Sung Longenecker, Bill Vallacella (Maverick Philosopher) whom I quote in the OP all advocate panentheism instead of theism to avoid the problems mentioned. The same goes for the mystic Jakob Böhme.
Panentheists would directly say creatio ex deo instead of ex nihilo, which the Catholic Church would never do. And in panentheism, unlike theism, creatures are not absolutely distinct from God. Rather, there is a kind of continuum from the world to God (we exist in His “mind”).
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2023.06.08 18:21 Lucithefilmlover My (21F) boyfriend (21M) ask me for time and don’t know how to cope.

So my (21F) boyfriend (21M) met in college and started dating. He is incredibly cool, nice and charismatic. We are both into movies and music and we both hyperfixate w our passions. I’m very picky when it comes to dating so he was/is (?) my first relationship and never felt this infatuated w someone.
The good: - he would always make time for me even when he was tired. He would move fire and air to see me and be with me. - he was very straightforward since the beginning - he would remember details about me - I told him I like mustaches so he left his and would take in consideration stuff I would tell him - Every-time we would encounter each other (We would coincidentally frequent the same places) he would get excited and sit next to me or join me and my friends -He would make efforts to see me - He would listen to me and wouldn’t judge me -We would spend a lot of time together - He told me about his past since the beginning - he would take me to places I told him I wanted to go. - He would walk to my apartment at 12am (no for sex just to be with me) - We would spend days without talking or seeing each other and we were okay -He was not jealous and there was not toxicity in our brief relationship
The bad: - Early in our relationship he complained that we didn’t have the same sense of humor (which we actually kinda do but alas), and that he was not use to someone not getting him like his twin brother -Told me he looked at me as a companion but that he didn’t feel passionate young love -would rarely compliment me -Told me that he felt that young love in his last relationship (and first) which ended bad and was a bit toxic -Is from a place far from college so we were gonna be three months apart during the summer semester -Didn’t look joyful when he was with me as opposed w his friends - would never laugh at my jokes - told me that he didn’t wanna make promises that we would get back in the fall but that he was almost certain that we would - would sometimes dominate convos - Unconsciously seemed to compare me to his twin and ex and would look dissatisfied w me and the expectations he had. - Would tell me he was scared of getting in a relationship - I kinda asked him to ask me to be his girlfriend - I had a lot of anxiety because I couldn’t figure him out - The ugly: - I texted him explaining how I felt and he then called me saying that I was right that he didn’t feel love for me. He then explained how he felt emotionally numb and that he didn’t think that it was going to change in the near future. Then asked me for time, because he didn’t want to drag me into that, told me he was going to reach out back. Three weeks have passed and I’m devastated. What should I do and how to move on?
Tl;dr: my boyfriend told me he didn’t feel love. That he felt emotionally numb and that he needed time to think things through. I am devastated and don’t know how to cope.
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2023.06.08 18:20 Larryisreal123 Noo wtf I died in surgery!

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2023.06.08 18:10 TwinsGameday GAME THREAD: Twins (31-31) @ Rays (45-19) - June 8, 2023

Twins (31-31) @ Rays (45-19)

First Pitch: 12:10 PM at Tropicana Field
Team Starter TV Radio
Twins Bailey Ober (3-2, 2.33 ERA) BSNO TIBN
Rays Yonny Chirinos (2-1, 2.79 ERA) BSSUN WDAE, WQBN (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Baseball Savant Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
MIN 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 6 1 4
TB 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 0 4 4 0 1

Box Score

RF Lowe, J 4 0 2 0 0 0 .295
SS Franco 4 1 0 0 0 0 .303
LF Arozarena 1 1 0 0 2 0 .289
1B Raley, L 3 1 1 1 0 2 .257
DH Ramírez, H 3 1 1 2 0 2 .295
3B Paredes 3 0 0 0 0 1 .259
2B Walls 3 0 0 0 0 2 .208
C Bethancourt 3 0 0 0 0 2 .237
CF Margot 3 0 0 0 0 1 .240
Chirinos, Y 5.2 5 1 1 0 4 65-45 2.60
Diekman 1.1 0 0 0 0 2 18-12 6.10
Poche 1.0 1 1 1 0 0 12-10 2.28
Adam 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 13-10 2.96
RF Castro, W 4 0 1 0 0 0 .256
1B Kirilloff 4 0 2 0 0 0 .307
DH Polanco 1 0 0 0 0 0 .250
DH Solano 3 0 0 0 0 0 .268
SS Correa 4 1 2 1 0 0 .210
LF Larnach 2 0 0 0 0 1 .203
2B Farmer, K 2 0 0 0 0 1 .270
3B Lewis 4 0 0 0 0 2 .182
RF Kepler 2 0 0 0 0 1 .189
LF Garlick 1 0 0 0 0 1 .192
C Vázquez 3 0 0 0 0 0 .236
CF Taylor, M 3 1 1 1 0 1 .228
Ober 5.1 3 4 3 2 7 88-52 2.61
Jax 0.2 0 0 0 0 2 10-7 4.15
De León, J 2.0 1 0 0 0 1 26-17 2.31

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T4 Carlos Correa homers (7) on a fly ball to left field. 0-1
B4 Luke Raley triples (2) on a sharp line drive to right fielder Max Kepler. Randy Arozarena scores. 1-1
B4 Harold Ramirez homers (9) on a fly ball to center field. Luke Raley scores. 3-1
B6 Luke Raley strikes out swinging. 4-1
T8 Michael A. Taylor homers (8) on a fly ball to left center field. 4-2


Description Length Video
Bullpen availability for Minnesota, June 8 vs Rays 0:07 Video
Bullpen availability for Tampa Bay, June 8 vs Twins 0:07 Video
Fielding alignment for Minnesota, June 8 vs Rays 0:11 Video
Starting lineups for Twins at Rays - June 8, 2023 0:09 Video
Breaking down Carlos Correa's home run 0:12 Video
Harold Ramírez: Home Run Statcast Analysis 0:14 Video
Breaking down Yonny Chirinos's pitches 0:08 Video
Yonny Chirinos's outing against the Twins 0:22 Video
Breaking down Bailey Ober's pitches 0:08 Video
Bailey Ober's outing against the Rays 0:22 Video
The distance behind Michael A. Taylor's home run 0:11 Video
Jorge Polanco leaves the game after a force out 0:29 Video
Isaac Paredes lays out to make an incredible play 0:11 Video
Carlos Correa hammers a solo home run to left field 0:26 Video
Luke Raley rips an RBI triple to right field 0:29 Video
Harold Ramirez crushes a two-run home run to center 0:29 Video
Yonny Chirinos strikes out four through 5 2/3 innings 0:55 Video
Griffin Jax Foul Tip to Luke Raley 0:09 Video
Bailey Ober strikes out seven through 5 1/3 innings 1:16 Video
Wander Franco scores on a throwing error in the 6th 0:30 Video
Michael A. Taylor clubs a solo home run to left field 0:25 Video


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Chirinos, Y (3-1, 2.60 ERA) Ober (3-3, 2.61 ERA) Adam (10 SV, 2.96 ERA)
Game ended at 2:19 PM.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.06.08 17:59 Mist0fCapricorn OOP is an unidentified amnesiac with no memories, and the country's only "invisible person" without a SSN.

I am NOT OP. Original post by u/Benjaman1 in IAmA
trigger warnings: mention of assault

ORIGINAL POST- 26th November 2012
I woke up beaten with no memories outside of a burger king in 2004. Any identification was stolen as well. The Amnesia was presumed to have been caused by an injury that knocked me unconscious. The United States government still doesn't have a clue as to who I was. My internet connection is spotty, so I'll be on as long as I can. Here is proof, and here is more - a copy of the only ID card I have with the address covered.
There's a short documentary that explains my predicament on findingbenjaman.com, or vimeo link After the documentary, I got a special state ID, and a job in a kitchen, where i still am to this day.
Please sign the petition to get me a new social security number.
I have to go, but I will try to get back when I have a good connection and the time.
UPDATE: To the websleuths page claiming that this is fake, read - Guardian UK article.
UPDATE 11/26: If you are serious about arranging travel, [please email here](mailto:[email protected]), [and here](mailto:[email protected])
Also, Please be aware that I do want to fix this but I also have a full time job in which people depend on me. I cannot take the time to go find a WI-Fi and respond to everything that is posted.

ANOTHER AMA BY OOP- 20th December 2012
BORU OP Note - Contents of the post are more or less the same. I have only included the additional information here.
The US Government Doesn't know who I am, and without a social security number, I can't get a job, find a place to live, or functionally exist in the eyes of the government.
My story and petition has received national attention, but Reddit has been the only source that has made a significant dent in the petition, which is the only real shot I've got at a normal life. Reddit, you're the best hope I have, please please sign it.
I woke up beaten with no memories outside of a burger king in 2004. Any identification I had was stolen as well. The Amnesia was presumed to have been caused by an injury that knocked me unconscious. The United States government still doesn't have a clue as to who I am. Even after eight years, they still don't know, and I have not been given a number, nor been able to live a normal life.
Update from previous AMA - As to the Waffle House leads from the last AMA, we're in touch with someone who works at the corporate level at WH, and they're helping us look at employee records. The two Reddit users who posted about having thought they saw me still have not responded to our messages and emails. Thank you for all the missing people links, but unfortunately, none of them are me. We've looked into all of them.
Additional Info from Comments -
The Burger King was on the interstate. We think that I was just passing through
No drugs in my system. Blood work came back as "surprisingly normal".
I remeber the ER staff making jokes about what to call me. If it had been a McD's they probably would have called me Ronald.
No dental database and not in the criminal.
I am in the 23andMe plus Family Tree DNA and I am soon to be entered into AncestryDNA.
IRS told me that if I would claim to be an illegal alien they could give me a Taxpayer Identification Number.
I have thought about just making one up [SSN], but with the FBI involved I would be soon found out. It IS against the law.

UPDATE - Summary from news/wikipedia
On August 31, 2004, at 5:00 a.m., a Burger King employee in Richmond Hill, Georgia, found Kyle unconscious, naked, and sunburned behind a dumpster of the restaurant. He had three depressions in his skull that appeared to have been caused by blunt force trauma and he also had red ant bites on his body.
He had no identity document and was recorded in hospital records as "Burger King Doe". After the incident, no criminal investigation was opened by Richmond Hill police until a friend inquired with the department in 2007. There were no reports of stolen vehicles in the area and local restaurants and hotels did not encounter any individuals matching Kyle's description.
He eventually said that he remembered his name was Benjaman, spelled with two 'a's, but said he could not recall his last name. He came up with the surname "Kyle" from his police and hospital placeholder name. Benjaman Kyle. BK. Burger King.
He had cataracts in both eyes, and had corrective surgery nine months after he was found, when a charity raised enough money to pay for the operation. Upon seeing himself in the mirror for the first time, Kyle realized he was around 20 years older than he thought he was.
Kyle believed he was passing through Richmond Hill, either on U.S. Route 17 or Interstate 95 in late August 2004. He may also have been on the road because of Hurricane Charley, which had hit earlier that month.
After being released from the hospital, Kyle spent several years between shelters and hospitals. In 2007, he met a nurse who first inquired about his past. The nurse helped support Kyle financially while he earned about $100 a month mostly doing yard work. While driving his truck in a yard, Kyle discovered that he still remembered how to drive a car. He was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia in 2007, that dates from August 31, 2004.
For many years after his amnesia Kyle was homeless and had been unable to obtain employment as he was unable to remember his full Social Security number. Several online petitions were created asking lawmakers to grant Kyle a new Social Security number. In 2012, an online petition failed as its deadline expired on December 25, it had received only two-thirds of the number of signatures required to receive an official response.
Kyle remembered that he was born 10 years before Michael Jackson and on the same day, giving him a possible birth date of August 29, 1948. Genetic testing suggested that he may have had the surname Powell or Davidson or have relatives with these names.
Kyle appeared on the Dr. Phil show on the October 16, 2008, episode "Who am I". Dr. Phil McGraw paid for Kyle to seek a professional hypnotist in an effort to help him recover lost memories. Through hypnosis, he recalled a partial Social Security number 3X5-44-XXXX and few blurred, fragmented memories of Denver and Indianapolis.
Kyle had nearly no memory of his life after the 1980s, including how he ended up in Georgia. One event he does remember is reading about the September 11 attacks. When asked by doctors to recall the Presidents of the United States, he was able to recall only those from the 20th century. Many of his memories he cannot describe in words and are at the tip of his tongue.
In February 2015, a forensic genealogist reported that Kyle had cut off all contact with her just as she felt she was nearing a breakthrough. A DNA test revealed that Kyle shared significant amount of DNA with members of a family named Powell in the western Carolinas – descendants of a 19th-century man named Abraham Lovely Powell.
On September 16, 2015, Kyle announced that his real identity had been found, including identifying his name and close family members.
In November 21, 2016, Kyle's true identity was revealed to be William Burgess Powell. He was born on August 29, 1948, in Lafayette, Indiana, and was raised there. In 1976, he had cut ties with his family and abandoned his possessions, including his car and the trailer where he had been living. His family filed a missing persons report at the time, and police found he had moved to Boulder, Colorado, where he had moved on a whim with a coworker. His birth date turned out to be one of the details about his previous life he had been able to remember correctly. A reporter was able to find some Social Security records of him working in various jobs until 1983, after which no records could be found for the remaining period of more than 20 years before his discovery in 2004.

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Columbiana (Unr) HD/MA $4
Come & Find Me HD/VU $4
Commuter 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Company of Heroes HD/MA $4
Contraband HD/IT $3
Cooties HD/VU $4
Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End) 4K/MA $15
Counselor HD/MA $4
Courier 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Crank 4K/VU $5.5
Crawl HD/VU $3
Crimson Peak HD/IT $3.5
Croods HD/VU $3.5
Cruella HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
D Train 4K/IT $4
Daddy's Home 2 HD/IT $3
Daddy's Home HD/VU $3
Dark Tower HD/MA $3.5
Darkest Hour (2017) 4K/MA $5.5
Darkest Minds HD/MA $4
Darkness HD/IT $3
Dawn of Planet of Apes HD/MA $3.5
Daybreakers 4K/VU $5.5
Deadpool 2 (w/Super Duper Cut) HD/MA $4
Deadpool HD/MA $2.5
Dear White People HD/VU $3.5
Deepwater Horizon 4K/IT $3
Dementia 13 (Dir Cut) HD/VU $4
Despicable Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Despicable Me 3 4K/MA or IT $5
Despicable Me 4K/IT $5
Detroit HD/MA $3.5
Devil's Due HD/MA $3.5
Dilemma HD/VU $3.5
Dirty Dancing 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Disney Animated Short Films Collection HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Divergent HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Divergent Allegiant HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Divergent Insurgent HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Django Unchained HD/VU $3
Do Right Thing 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Doctor Strange HD/GP $2.5
Dom Hemingway HD/MA $3.5
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot HD/VU $4
Doom (Unr) 4K/MA $5.5
Doorman HD/VU $3.5
Doors 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Dora & Lost City of Gold HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Downton Abbey Movie HD/MA $3.5
Dracula Untold HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Draft Day HD/VU $3.5
Dragged Across Concrete HD/VU $3.5
Dreamkatcher HD/VU $4
Dredd 4K/VU or IT $4 or HD/VU $2.5
Duel (2016) HD/VU $3.5
Duff SD/VU $1.5
Dumbo (2019) HD/GP $3
Dune 4K/MA $5.5
Dying of Light HD/VU $2.5
E.T. Extra Terrestrial 4K/VU or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Edge of Seventeen HD/VU or IT $3
Edge of Tomorrow 4K/MA $5
Edward Scissorhands HD/MA $3.5
El Chicano HD/MA $4
Emoji Movie HD/MA $3
Encanto 4K/MA $4 or 4K/GP $3.5
Ender's Game HD/VU $2.5
Enemy at Gates HD/VU $4
Enough Said HD/MA $3.5
Epic HD/MA $3
Escape Plan HD/VU $2
Eternals HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Everest 4K/MA or IT $4.5
Ex Machina HD/VU $3
Exodus Gods & Kings HD/MA $3.5
Expendables 2 HD/VU or IT $1
Expendables 3 (Thea) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Extreme Prejudice (1987) HD/VU $4
Fast & Furious (2009) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Fast & Furious 6 (Ext) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Fast & Furious 6-film Collection HD/VU $12.5
Fast & Furious 7-film Collection HD/VU $14
Fast & Furious 8-film Collection (9 Films) HD/MA $17.5
Fast & Furious 9-film Collection (11 Films) HD/MA $20
Fast & Furious HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Fast Color 4K/VU $5.5
Fast Five (Ext) HD/IT $2.5
Fatale (2020) 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Fate of Furious (Ext) HD/VU $2
Fate of Furious (Thea) HD/VU or IT $1.5
Fault in Our Stars HD/MA $3.5
Fences HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Ferdinand HD/MA $3.5
Fifty Shades Darker (Unr) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Fifty Shades Freed HD/MA $4
Fifty Shades of Grey (Unr) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Fighting with my Family HD/IT $4
Finding Dory HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Finding Nemo HD/GP $3.5
Finest Hours HD/GP $3
First Blood 4K/VU $5
First Man HD/MA $4
Flight HD/VU or IT $3
Florence Foster Jenkins HD/VU or IT $3
Footloose (2011) HD/IT $3
Forever My Girl HD/IT $3
Fortress HD/VU $4
Four Kids & It HD/VU $3.5
Fox & Hound 2 HD/MA $4
Frank & Lola HD/VU or IT $3
Frankenstein (1931) HD/VU $3.5
Free Guy HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
French Dispatch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Friday 13th Pt 3 HD/VU $3.5
Frozen (Sing-Along Edition) HD/MA $2 or HD/GP $1.5
Frozen 2 4K/MA $4 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Frozen Ground (2013) HD/VU $3.5
Frozen HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Furious 7 (Ext) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Fury HD/MA $3.5
G.I. Joe Retaliation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Gambit (2012) HD/MA $4
Gambler HD/VU or IT $3
Gemini Man 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Gentlemen 4K/IT $4.5
Get Out HD/MA $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Ghost in Shell (2017) 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Ghost Team One HD/VU or IT $3.5
Ghostbusters (1984) HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters 2 HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters Afterlife HD/MA $4
Girl on Train HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Girl With All Gifts HD/VU $4
Girls Trip HD/VU or IT $2
Glass Castle 4K/VU $5.5
God's Not Dead 2 HD/MA or IT $2.5
God's Not Dead A Light in Darkness HD/MA $3
Gods of Egypt HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Gold (2016) HD/VU or IT $2.5
Gone Girl HD/MA $4
Good Dinosaur HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Good Kill HD/VU or IT $3.5
Grace Unplugged HD/VU $2
Greatest Showman HD/MA $3.5
Green Mile 4K/MA $5.5
Grey HD/VU or IT $3
Guardians of Galaxy Vol 1 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Guest House (2020) 4K/VU $5
Guilt Trip HD/IT $3
Gunman HD/MA $3
Hacksaw Ridge HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Hail, Caesar! HD/IT $3
Halloween (2018) HD/MA $3
Hammer of Gods HD/VU $2
Hands of Stone HD/VU $3.5
Hannibal Season 1 HD/VU $5
Hard Target 2 HD/IT $1.5
Hardcore Henry HD/VU or IT $3.5
Hate U Give HD/MA $4
Hateful Eight HD/VU $3.5
Heat HD/MA $3
Heaven is for Real SD/MA $1.5
Hell Fest 4K/VU $5
Hell or High Water HD/VU $2.5
Hellboy (2019) 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Hercules (1997) HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Hercules (2014) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Here Comes Boom HD/MA $3.5
Hidden Figures HD/MA $3
Hillsong Let Hope Rise HD/IT $2
Hitman (Uncut) & Hitman 47 Bundle HD/MA $7
Hitman's Bodyguard HD/VU $3.5
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Hocus Pocus HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Home Again HD/MA $3
Home Alone 2 HD/MA $3.5
Home Alone HD/MA $3.5
Homesman HD/VU $3
Honey 2 HD/VU $3
Hop HD/MA or IT $3
Hope Springs HD/MA $2.5 or SD/MA $1
Hostiles 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Hot Fuzz HD/VU $4
Hotel Mumbai HD/MA $4
Hotel Transylvania HD/MA $3.5
Hours (2013) HD/VU $4
How Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 4K/IT $4
How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD/MA $2.5
How to Train Your Dragon HD/VU $3.5
How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy HD/MA $9
Hugo HD/VU or IT $3
Hunger Games 4-Film Collection HD/VU $8
Hunger Games Catching Fire HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Hunger Games HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3 or SD/VU $1
Hunter Killer 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Huntsman Winter's War (Ext) HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
I Can Only Imagine HD/VU $4
I Feel Pretty HD/IT $2
I Frankenstein HD/VU or IT $2.5
Ice Age Collision Course HD/MA $3
Incredibles 2 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Incredibles HD/GP $3.5
Independence Day Resurgence HD/MA $2.5
Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom 4K/VU $5.5
Indignation HD/VU $4
Initiation 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Inside Out HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Instant Family 4K/IT $3.5
Interstellar HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Into Woods HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Invisible Man (1933) HD/MA $3.5
Invisible Man (2020) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Iron Man HD/GP $3.5 or HD/GP $2
Iron Mask (2019) HD/VU $4.5
It Follows HD/VU $3.5
It's a Wonderful Life 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Jack Reacher HD/VU $3
Jack Reacher Never Go Back HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Jacob's Ladder HD/VU $4
Jarhead 3 Siege (Unr) HD/IT $2.5
Jason Bourne HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Jason Statham 4-Film (War, Crank 1 & 2, Transporter 3) HD/VU $10
Jaws 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Jeff Who Lives at Home HD/VU $4
Jersey Boys HD/MA $2.5
Jesus Music HD/VU $3.5
Jigsaw 4K/VU $4.5
Joe HD/VU $3.5
John Wick 1 & 2 Bundle HD/VU $4
John Wick 3 Parabellum 4K/VU $4.5
John Wick Chapter 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
John Wick HD/VU $2
John Wick Trilogy (Parabellum 4K) HD/VU $9
Jonah Hex HD/MA $4.5
Joy HD/MA $3
Judy 4K/VU $5
Jungle Book (2016) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Jungle Cruise HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Jurassic Park 3 HD/VU $3.5
Jurassic Park 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Jurassic World 5-Film Collection HD/MA $14
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3
Jurassic World HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Justice (2017) HD/VU or IT $3
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain HD/VU or IT $3
Kick-Ass 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Kid Who Would Be King 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Kidnap HD/VU or IT $2.5
Killer Elite HD/IT $3
Killerman HD/VU $4
Kin (2018) 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
King Kong (2005) 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Kingsman Golden Circle 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3
Kingsman Secret Service 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Knick Season 1 HD/IT $3.5
Knick Season 2 HD/IT $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Kung Fu Panda 3 HD/MA $3
La La Land HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Labor Day HD/VU or IT $3
Lady & Tramp HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Lady Macbeth HD/VU $4.5
Last Christmas HD/MA $4
Last Exorcism HD/VU $4
Last Knights HD/VU $3.5 or SD/VU $1.5
Last Man (2019) HD/VU $4
Last Stand HD/IT $2
Last Vegas HD/MA $3.5
Last Witch Hunter HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Leatherface HD/VU $4
Legend of Hercules 4K/IT $3
Leprechaun 7-Film Collection HD/VU $12
Les Miserables (2012) HD/VU or IT $2
Let Me Explain HD/IT $2.5
Let's be Cops HD/MA $3.5
Life (2017) HD/MA $3.5
Life of Crime HD/VU $3.5
Life of Pi 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA or IT $3.5
Light of My Life HD/IT $3.5
Like a Boss HD/VU $3.5
Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch Has a Glitch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lilo & Stitch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lincoln Lawyer 4K/VU $6.5 or HD/VU $4
Lion King (1994) HD/GP $3
Lion King (2019) 4K/MA $4 or HD/GP $2
Logan HD/MA $3
Logan Lucky 4K/MA or IT $4.5
Lone Ranger HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Lone Survivor HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Long Shot HD/VU $3.5
Longest Ride HD/MA $3
Longest Week HD/VU $3.5
Looper HD/MA $3.5
Lorax (1972) HD/MA $5
Lorax HD/VU $3
Lords of Salem HD/VU $4
Lost World Jurassic Park HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Love & Monsters HD/VU $4
Love Coopers HD/VU or IT $4
Love, Simon HD/MA $3.5
Loving HD/VU or IT $3.5
Luca HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Lucy HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Mad Max 2 Road Warrior 4K/VU $5.5
Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted HD/VU or IT $3
Magnificent Seven (2016) HD/VU $3
Maleficent 4K/MA $4 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Maleficent Mistress of Evil HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Mama HD/IT $3
Man Who Shot Liberty Vance 4K/VU $5.5
Mandela Long Walk to Freedom HD/VU $4
Martian HD/MA $3.5
Mary Poppins (1964) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Mary Poppins Returns HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Max Steel HD/IT $3
Maze Runner HD/MA $3.5
Maze Runner Death Cure HD/MA $3.5
McKenna Shoots for Stars HD/IT $2
Mechanic Resurrection HD/VU $2.5
Megan Leavey HD/IT $3
Midnight Sun HD/MA $3.5
Midway 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Mile 22 HD/IT $3
Million Dollar Arm HD/GP $2.5
MindGamers HD/MA or IT $3.5
Minions 4K/MA or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Misconduct HD/VU $2.5
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HD/MA $3
Missing Link HD/MA $4
Mission Impossible 3 4K/VU $4.5
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol HD/VU $2
Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Mission Impossible 6 Fallout 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Mission Impossible 6-film Set 4K/VU $23 or HD/VU $17
Moana HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Moneyball HD/MA $3
Monkey Kingdom HD/MA $3
Monster High Electrified HD/VU or IT $2.5
Monsters University HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Monuments Men HD/MA $3.5
Mortal Engines 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Mortal HD/VU $4
Mortal Instruments City of Bones HD/MA $3 or SD/MA $1.5
Mother! HD/VU $2.5
Mother's Day HD/IT $2.5
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) HD/VU $4
Mud HD/VU $2.5
Mulan (2020) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Mummy (1999) HD/VU $4
Mummy (2017) 4K/MA or IT $4.5
Muppets Most Wanted HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Murder on Orient Express HD/MA $3.5
My All American HD/MA or IT $3.5
My Fair Lady 4K/VU $5.5
Nebraska HD/VU $3
Nerve HD/IT $3.5
New Mutants HD/GP $3
News of World 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Night at Museum Secret of Tomb HD/MA $3
Nightmare Alley 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/GP $3.5
Nightmare Before Christmas HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
No Escape (2015) HD/VU $3
No Strings Attached HD/VU or IT $3.5
No Time to Die 4K/IT $4.5
Noah HD/VU or IT $2.5
Nobody's Fool HD/IT $2.5
Non-Stop HD/VU or IT $3
Norm of North HD/VU $2.5
Nostalgia (2018) HD/MA $3.5
Now You See Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Now You See Me HD/VU or IT $2.5 or SD/VU $1
Nutcracker & Four Realms HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Oblivion 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Occupation (2018) HD/VU $3.5
Occupation Rainfall HD/VU $4
Office Christmas Party HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Olaf's Frozen Adventure HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
One Direction This is Us SD/MA $1.5
Ong Bak 2 HD/VU $3
Onward 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Other Woman HD/MA $3
Ouija HD/IT $3.5
Ouija Origin of Evil HD/VU or IT $3.5
Outlander Season 1 Vol 1 HD/VU $5.5
Overdrive HD/IT $2.5
Overlord 4K/IT $3.5
Oz Great & Powerful HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Paddington HD/VU $3.5
Pain & Gain HD/VU or IT $3.5
Paranormal Activity 3 (Ext) HD/VU or IT $3
Paranormal Activity 4 (Unr) HD/VU or IT $2.5
Paranormal Activity HD/VU $4
Paranormal Activity Marked Ones HD/VU or IT $3.5
Passengers HD/MA $3
Patriot Games 4K/VU $5
Patriot's Day HD/VU $3
Peanuts Movie HD/MA $3
Penguins of Madagascar HD/MA $3.5
Perks of Being a Wallflower SD/VU or IT $1
Pet Sematary (2019) 4K/IT $3.5
Peter Pan (1953) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Peter Rabbit HD/MA $3.5
Pete's Dragon (2016) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Philomena HD/VU $2.5
Pinocchio (1940) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Pirates of Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Pitch Black (Unr) HD/MA or IT $4
Pitch Perfect 2 4K/MA $4 or HD/VU $2.5
Pitch Perfect HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Planes HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Planes Fire & Rescue HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Playing with Fire HD/IT $2.5
Pocahontas 2 Journey to a New World HD/GP $3.5
Pocahontas HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Point Break (2015) 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Poison Rose 4K/VU $4.5
Pompeii HD/MA $3.5
Possession HD/VU or IT $2.5
Power Rangers (2017) 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Precious HD/VU $4.5
Predator (2018) HD/MA $3
Predator 4-Film Collection HD/MA $11
Premium Rush HD/MA $3.5
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
Primal HD/VU $3.5
Prodigy HD/VU $4
Project Almanac HD/IT $3.5
Protector 2 SD/VU $1.5
Protege HD/VU $4
Punisher 4K/VU $5.5
Punisher War Zone 4K/VU $5.5
Purge HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Purge Anarchy HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Purge Election Year 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Quarry 4K/VU $5
Queen & Slim HD/MA $4
Queen of Katwe HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Ralph Breaks Internet HD/GP $2
Rambo (2008) 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 3 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 5-Film Collection 4K/VU $23 or HD/VU $17
Rambo First Blood Pt 2 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo Last Blood 4K/VU $4.5
Rango HD/VU $3.5
Raya & Last Dragon HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Rear Window HD/MA $3.5
Reclaim HD/VU $3.5
RED 2 HD/VU $2
Red Dawn (2012) HD/VU or IT $3
Red Sparrow HD/MA $3.5
Replicant (2001) HD/VU $3.5
Replicas HD/VU $3.5
Requiem for a Dream (Dir Cut) 4K/VU $5.5
Resident Evil Retribution 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Resurrection of Gavin Stone HD/VU or IT $2.5
Revenant HD/MA $3.5
Riddick (Unr) HD/VU or IT $3
Ride Along HD/VU or IT $2.5
Ride Like a Girl HD/VU $4
Ring HD/VU $4.5
Rings HD/VU or IT $2.5
Rio 2 HD/MA $3
Riot HD/VU or IT $3
Risen HD/MA $3
Robin Hood (1973) HD/MA $3.5
Robin Hood (2018) HD/VU $3
Robocop (2014) HD/VU $2.5
Rocketman (2019) 4K/IT $4
Rogue One A Star Wars Story HD/GP $2
Ron's Gone Wrong HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Rough Night 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Runner Runner HD/MA $3.5
Rush HD/VU or IT $3
Safe HD/VU or IT $2.5
Saige Paints Sky HD/IT $3
Same Kind of Different As Me HD/IT or IT $3
Samson HD/MA $3.5
Santa Clause 2 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Santa Clause 3 HD/MA $3
Santa Clause HD/MA $3.5
Santa Clause Trilogy HD/MA $9.5 or HD/GP $8
Saving Mr. Banks HD/GP $3
Saw 7-Film Collection (Unr) HD/VU $18
Saw 8-Film Collection HD/VU $20
Saw HD/VU $3
Scarface 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Scary Movie 5 HD/VU $4.5
Scary Stories to Tell in Dark 4K/VU $4.5
Schindler's List 4K/MA $5.5
Scouts Guide to Zombie Apocalypse HD/IT $3
Scream (1996) HD/VU $4
Scrooged HD/IT $4
Secret Life of Pets HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Secret Life of Walter Mitty HD/MA $3
Selma HD/VU or IT $2.5
Sex Tape HD/MA $3.5
Shack HD/VU or IT $2.5
Shallows HD/MA $3.5
Shang-Chi Legend of Ten Rings HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Shape of Water HD/MA $3.5
Sharp Objects HD/GP $2
Shaun of Dead HD/MA $4 or 4K/IT $4.5
Shaun Sheep Movie HD/VU $3
Sherlock Gnomes HD/VU or IT $2.5
She's Having a Baby HD/VU $3.5
Shivers HD/VU $4
Show Dogs HD/MA $3.5
Siberia (2018) HD/VU $3
Siberia (2020) HD/VU $4
Sicario HD/VU $2.5
Side Effects HD/IT $3.5
Sing (2016) 4K/IT $4
Singing in Rain 4K/MA $5.5
Sinister HD/IT $2.5
Sisters (Unr) HD/MA or IT $2.5
Sixteen Candles HD/MA $4
Skyfall HD/VU $2.5
Skyscraper HD/MA $3.5
Sleeping Beauty (1959) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Sleepless HD/IT $2
Smokey & Bandit HD/MA $3.5
Smurfs Lost Village HD/MA $3.5
Snatched HD/MA $2
Snitch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3 or SD/VU or IT $1
Snow White & Huntsman (Ext Edition) 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Snow White & Seven Dwarfs (1937) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Solo A Star Wars Story HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Some Kind of Wonderful HD/VU $3.5
Songbird 4K/IT $4.5
Sonic Hedgehog 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Soul HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Southpaw HD/VU $3
Southside With You HD/VU $4.5
Spider-Man 4-Cut Set (Spider-Man 2 w/ Thea & Ext) HD/MA $11.5
Spider-Man Far From Home HD/MA $3.5
Spider-Man Homecoming HD/MA $3
Spider-Man Homecoming/Far From Home Bundle HD/MA $6
Spies in Disguise 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Spiral 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Split 4K/MA or IT $5
Split HD/MA $3.5
Spongebob Sponge out of Water HD/IT $2.5
Spy Who Dumped Me 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
St. Vincent HD/VU $3
Stand Up Guys HD/VU $3.5
Star SD/MA $1.5
Star Trek (2009) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Star Trek 1-4 (Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, Voyage Home) 4K/VU $18
Star Trek Beyond HD/VU $3
Star Trek Into Darkness HD/VU $2.5
Star Wars Force Awakens HD/GP $1.5
Star Wars Last Jedi 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Star Wars Rise of Skywalker 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Step Up Revolution HD/IT $3
Sting 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Straight Outta Compton (Unr) HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Strangers Prey at Night HD/MA $3
Suburbicon HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Sudden Death HD/IT $4
Suits Season 2 HD/IT $3.5
Sum of All Fears 4K/VU $5.5
Sundown Vampire in Retreat HD/VU $3.5
Super 8 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Super Buddies HD/GP $2
Sword in Stone HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Taxi Driver HD/MA $4
Ted (Unr) HD/IT $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) HD/VU $2.5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of Shadows HD/VU $3.5
Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Ext) HD/VU $4.5
Terminator 2 Judgment Day HD/VU $3.5
Terminator Dark Fate 4K/VU or IT $4 or HD/VU $2.5
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Thanks for Sharing HD/VU $4
That Awkward Moment SD/MA $1.5
This is 40 HD/MA or IT $3.5
This is End HD/MA $3.5
Thor Dark World HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Thor HD/GP $3.5
Thor Ragnarok HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri HD/MA $3.5
To Kill a Mockingbird 4K/IT $4
Top Gun (1986) 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Total Recall (1990) HD/VU $3.5
Toy Story 4 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
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Transformers 4K/VU or IT $5
Transformers Last Knight HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
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Tremors A Cold Day In Hell HD/MA $2.5
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Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas SD/VU $1.5
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Unbreakable HD/GP $3.5
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Vanishing (2018) HD/VU $4
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Werewolf Beast Among Us (Unr) HD/IT $3.5
West Side Story 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
What Men Want HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
When Game Stands Tall HD/MA $3 or SD/MA $1.5
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Wolf of Wall Street HD/VU or IT $3.5
Wolverine (Unr) (w/Thea) HD/MA $4
Wonder HD/VU $3
Wonder Park 4K/IT $2.5
Wonder Woman 1984 4K/MA $5.5
Woodlawn HD/MA or IT $3.5
World War Z HD/VU or IT $2.5
Wraith HD/VU $4
X-Men Apocalypse HD/MA $3
X-Men Days of Future Past HD/MA $3
X-Men First Class & Days of Future Past HD/MA $6.5
XXX Return of Xander Cage HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
You Were Never Really Here HD/VU $4
You're Next HD/VU $3.5
Z for Zachariah HD/VU $4
Zero Dark Thirty HD/MA $3.5
Zeros & Ones HD/VU $4.5
Zootopia HD/GP $2.5
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2023.06.08 17:47 hodsct59 Belmont Friday June 9 Choices

These are the horses and races that I will use while seeking my next decent score at Belmont Park on Friday. if the races are not cancelled. As I have mentioned many times, horse racing is a hard game to master but usually because no strategy is developed regarding what tends to repeat itself often, just with different horses from time-to-time and a money management system that helps one save money until they find a race, they are able to take advantage of. My strategy concerning betting has always been "bet a little to win a lot" but refers to taking risks most will not even think of trying. Good Luck to all.
Race 2: Allowance --- Purse $95,000 --- 3 YOs & Up N/W 1x Or N/W 2 Lifetime --- 6 Furlong Turf:
1)Bold Journey (6-5) won 3rd start back against state bred & O/C foes, so eligibility to race here is still intact. Next out he was overmatched against G1 foes and last start, in this class and condition, he finished 2nd as he and the winner produced their best run together as they were last two away from gate. Now moves from outside post to an inside one and has two decent and useful works since that start.4x4 to Alydar, 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Raise A Native. He will as a coupled interest to 2) Sousa Summer and will be listed in program as 1 and 1A.
8)Fredo (8-1) broke his maiden 4 starts back while gate to wire at one mile on grass. Connections have been using the right running style but a mile on any surface is probably a little further than his best distance. 7 of his 12 lifetime starts have come at a mile or further on grass or the AWT and he has the race record to prove he struggles going that far. His sprint races have all been lightning fast early and he has been able to get a clear early lead but finds a spot that looks a little lite on early speed. Broodmare sire, Gone West, sired 2 unbeaten champion fillies in France that never raced past 7 furlongs and 2 U.S. champion colts (Came Home & Speightstown) in his career that had front running speed to burn. 5x3 to Storm Bird & Mr. Prospector.
6)Giant's Fire (15-1) broke her maiden 3 starts back while laying close but off the early pace and managed to get up late. Next two starts, jockeys tried to send him early and could not even get close to the early pace and faded to finish last in both. He cuts back to a sprint in here and jockey need to let him settle early and then pick it up as they go around the turn, which is exactly what his dam line and broodmare sire is suggesting he will be better doing. Broodmare sire, Street Cry, sired two of the world's top fillies in Zenyatta & Winx and both were master late runners. 4th dam, Aptostar, is a multiple graded stakes winning filly that blew by several top fields. 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Fappiano. Simply waiting to be ridden correctly and will blow up the exacta when jockey lets him run his race.
9)Carpe's Dream (15-1) is making his first start of the year. Trainer has put 8 works in him in the last two months, the first six were more or less canters around the track but last two works indicates those works was beneficial to him. Likely not ready to beat a few of these but looks like he will have a pace to run at late. 4x4 to Storm Bird.
My Risks $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-8-9, $.30 Super Box 1-6-8-9, $.50 Super Key 8 with 1-6-9 with 1-6-9 with 1-6-9. Total Risk $26.20.
Race 3: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $75,000 --- 3 YOs & Up New York Bred --- One Mile:
3) Woodside Warrior (30-1) has started twice and has yet to pick up his feet. However, this is a weak field on NY bred maidens, and he is likely wanting to get to the early lead and has the bloodlines to do so. Trainer is adding blinkers and he has three good works since his last start, most likely all three while wearing the hood (but does not have to be reported as equipment change until race day). He should be fast enough to get the early lead due to his grandsire, Speightstown, and his broodmare sire, Freud, an unraced full brother to Giant's Causeway, progeny also got much braver when they were able to obtain the early lead. 4(C)x5(C)x3(F) to Storm Cat, 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5x4 to Seattle Slew, 5x5 to Secretariat.
7) Battleoflexington (6-1) has started twice this year, the first start where he was trailing at the first call and then grind his way to a 4th place finish beaten less than 4 lengths for the win but had received his training in Florida, then shipped to Aqueduct and then asked to run within a 6-day period, a tough task for a seasoned runner much less a maiden. In his second start, he returned in 16 days after his first start with another work, the addition of lasix, and put back on grass, where he did not pick up his feet. Now gets a month to recuperate and adds three more works, two of them useful and is not getting the kitchen sink thrown at him for the first time this year. Will likely respond to the lesser confusion that he has been presented with. 5x4 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Halo.
2) Refuah (3-1) broke his maiden two back but was disqualified and placed second for interference. He now has 11 placings in 14 lifetime starts and just does not seem like he was a will to win. He will likely eventually win but it is a waste of time and money trying to predict when. Therefore, I will use him underneath only. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Halo.
My Risks: $8 Ex Straight 3-7, $3 Tri Straight 3-7 with 3-7 with 2. Total Risk $14.00.
Race 5: Starter Allowance $50K --- Purse $65,000 --- 3 YOs & Up Which has started for $50K or less and N/W 1x --- One Mile:
5) Ice Road (6-1) has started once this year on the speed favoring dirt track, ran a even race and then change trainers after that start. New trainer gave him two more months off, then put 5 more works in him over a month period in Florida and shipped him to NY where he has not recorded a work in three weeks. Each trainer has his own method of how to get a horse ready and since he wins at 18%, I believe he might have this one better prepared than it appears. He has only two lifetime starts on dirt, a third in the mud in the 2nd leg of Canadian TC and his last start which is decent considering the track he ran on and the brief layoff. Outcross in his first 5 generations.
1)Arrebato (8-1) broke his maiden three starts back in the second start of his career by tracking the early pace, then sent for the lead nearing six furlongs and drawing away in the stretch. Tried the same tactics in his next start on a sloppy track but one that was using same tactics as him got a big jump on him when the front runner stopped and won for fun while this one could not make up any ground and lost second at the wire to the deep closer in the race. Next out, he was tried against 3 YOs stakes company but they proved to be much too tough for him at this point of his career as he finished last. Back to the company where he fits best so far with 4 stamina building works since his last start and a change to a better jockey should help. His sire, Goldencents, won 2 editions of the G1 BC Dirt Mile. Broodmare sire, Badge Of Silver, won his first three lifetime start but was knocked off the derby trail in 2003 when he came out of the La Derby with a leg injury in his first loss but returned to finish 2nd In the Cigar Mile twice & 3rd in the BC Turf Mile. 5x5 to Mr. Prospector.
3) Long Term (5-2) has started three times this year, breaking his maiden in his second start by taking the lead nearing the half mile, then open a clear led into the stretch, then managed to hold 2 late runners safe in the stretch. Next out, he attempted the same strategy, but another beat him to the punch, and he flattened out in the stretch run to finish a well beaten third. Three useful works since his last start and he should be sitting on his best race in his fourth start of the year after a 10-month break. 5x5 to Northern Dancer & Sir Ivor.
7) Thunderian (6-1) was purchased out of a sale in Feb. for $28K by current connections, was gelded and has five starts for him with one win and three thirds. His last start was his only non-placing this year, he drops a level and returns in 9 days. Likely trying to entice someone to claim the horse before he tails off his best form. 4x5 to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-5, $1 Tri Box 1-3-5, $.30 Super Box 1-3-5-7, $.50 Super Key 1 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7. Total Risk: $26.20.
Race 6: Allowance O/C $62.5K ---- Purse $100,000 --- 3 YOs & Up N/w $18K 2x or N/W 3 Lifetime or Claiming $62,500 --- 6 Furlongs:
11) High Connection (8-1) is making his first start of the year and his first start for new trainer Pletcher after being removed from Baffert's barn for the 2nd time late last year, likely because owners were expecting much more from a horse with his bloodlines and purchase price. Trainer has put a dozen works in him since he re-entered the work tab with one missed work while preparing others for derby week races and works (likely was missed on chart for due work date). However, trainer moved his next three works to 6-day intervals that should got him back on track. 4x3 to Deputy Minister.
4) High Oak (20-1) looked like he was going to develop into a nice runner but took a hard fall in last year's FOY stakes and is obviously having a hard time (or flashbacks) getting over his tragic fall. But he is showing signs of putting that behind him but needs some help from a jockey to let him run his race and not force him to get too close to the lead early, which was his style before the fall. Believes he gets that help with John V. He has three useful works since his last start and moves back to the surface where both sides of his family have the most success. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat. 4th dam, Leix, is 1/2 sister to Shenanigans and developed her own important line.
1)Cadazero(8-1) was purchased out of an April sale for $60K and makes his first start for new connections. Trainer is known for putting slow works into his trainees preferring to let them go much further than recorded work and follows his usual pattern with this one. However, he has 2 graded stakes wins and has to use the tag because of them but is the class of this field. 4x5 to Mr Prospector & Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Raise A Native.
2)Rotknee (3-1) has started three times this year including winning his last race in a good time, 6 days after registering a bullet work that suggested he was reaching his peak fitness. He has one work since that effort, an easy four furlongs that should set him up for another top effort and personally much prefer to see this type of work than another fast/bullet work which rarely help a horse to maintain his form and can do more harm than good. Only problem with him is he is facing a pretty salty field here and does not show facing a field this tough. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-11, $1 Tri Box 1-4-11, $.30 Super Box 1-2-4-11, $1 Super 11 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4 with 1-2-4. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 7: Allowance --- Purse $80,000 --- 3 YOs & Up NY Bred N/W $18K 1x or N/W 2 Races Lifetime --- 7 Furlongs Turf:
8) Athenry (12-1) has one start this year which he sat mid-pack early but was out moved by eventual winner into the stretch and chased that one through the stretch while just holding onto second at the wire. He has two works since that effort, a useful work followed by a 3 furlongs blowout work 4 days before next start, likely to try to get him closer to the early pace. 4x5 to Raise A Native, 5x4 to Mr. Prospector. Also has a Secretariat crossing thru two daughters and plenty of Princequillo crossings thru his daughter, Somethingroyal, dam of Secretariat & his son Prince John (3 crosses in dam line alone).
4) Be Of Courage (8-1) has started twice this year which in first start, he did not pick up his feet to finish last and then in next start when stretched out to a mile, set the early pace until collared at the top of the stretch but continued to show good heart by battling back before being outrun to finish 3rd. Castellano, abroad for his only win to date, retakes the mount as he cuts back to 7 furlongs. One bullet 4 furlongs work since that last effort. 4x5 to Danzig, 4(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Mr. Prospector & Blushing Groom.
1)War Terminator (20-1) has one start this year, back in January, which he did not pick up his feet in an open bred O/C race he was probably overmatched in to begin with. Change of trainers since that effort and a move back up North to face NY bred should help. He finished 3rd in his last effort before leaving the area late last year in same class and conditions as this race and a repeat of that effort puts him in the thick of the outcome of this race. Has 5 works for this effort, the first two were leg stretching type works, followed by two good works and an easy work on grass and around the dogs should have him primed and ready. 4(C(x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x4 to Fappiano.
7) Dr. Settle's Dream (12-1) will be making his first start of the year. he has eight works to prepare from this start, but last two are typical of works trainer usually gives trainees when he thinks they are ready and rarely tips his hand to indicate how fit they are. But he goes back to Alvarado, who has been his main jockey he uses for the last 5-6 years when he believes they are their fittest. He broke his maiden at first asking, then took on open bred stakes runner and finished last after setting the pace for a half mile at one mile on grass. Will likely appreciate the move back to stater bred and gets lasix for the first time. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 4-8, $1 Tri Box 1-4-8, $.30 Super Box 1-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 4 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 8: New York Stakes(G1) --- Purse $600,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 1 1/4 Mile Turf:
5) Virginia Joy (15-1) has started twice this year, the first effort where she sat far off the pace but put in a good late kick to finish 4th. Next start, she was 3rd for most of the way in a four-horse field but managed to get up for second in an extremely slow-paced race. However, her best races have come when she gets up close to the early pace and makes her best move before others have a chance to and she gets a jockey who will give her that opportunity in here. 3x3 to Sadler's Wells, 4x4 to Kris, 5x5 to Nijinsky II & Mill Reef.
8) With The Moonlight (9-2) has started four times this year, winning her first two starts in grade 2 stakes in the U.A.E, then shipping to the U.S. and finishing 2nd in a G1 stakes and then onto England to run one of the dullest races of her career in a G2. Now back to the U.S. but with a work on grass around the dogs since arriving. Trainer is no stranger to big races and have to believe this one will fire her best effort. 5x5 to Mr. Prospector.
7) War Like Goddess (6-5) has started once this year and beat a G3 field fairly easy but these will be much tougher and cuts back to a distance she has never won at, except her maiden win against non-winners. Still, she is the one to beat but regardless, I will take that chance on beating her at her likely off odds because there are simply too many things that can go wrong, regardless of how good one is. Bet her and you will not make any money that is worth the risk. Bet against her and you will likely lose but there is a possibility to make good money by taking a small risk. 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
1)Flirting Bridge (20-1) has started once this year and won her second condition allowance race. She is bred to at least want a 1/4-mile distance, but this will be only her second start at the distance and in her first start narrowly missed becoming a G1 stakes winner. She has five more works since her first start and they should all be helpful in moving her forward. 4x3 to Danehill, 4x4 to Mr. Prospector, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risk: $5 Ex Box 5-8, $1 Tri Box 5-7-8, $.30 Super Box 1-5-7-8, $.50 Super Key 5 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8 with 1-7-8. Total Risks $26.20.
Race 9: Acorn Stakes(G1) --- Purse $500,000 --- 3 YO Fillies ---- 1 1/16 Mile:
1)Dorth Vader (10-1) has started 4 times with 1 win in her 2nd start of the year as her only board finish. In her last, she was sent to pressure the early pace and it set the race up for several late runners to make a major impact. But in her third start back which was her only win, she proved her would rather rate behind the early speed and then make her move after they tire each other considerably. Believe she again gets that opportunity as there are at least two in here that looks like they want the early lead at all costs. She has changed trainers since the Ky. Oaks and he decided to give Velasquez a try to relax her as most jockey tried thus far has burnt her out. 5x5 to Storm Bird, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector.
8)Accede (8-1) has started twice in her career, breaking her maiden at first asking then in her last start, raced near the rear early and tried to grind her way into contention but it proved futile was front running speed was holding well that day. Trainer has put three more good works in her since that last race and she looks as ready as any in here. Complete outcross in her first 5 generations but is loaded with Teddy & Commando bloodlines.
7)Goodgirl Badhabits (10-1) has started twice and ran away from the competition in both starts but now gets an acid test to see if she is for real. Personally, I think she will pass that test but lose this battle though not likely to fade too bad if she gets over her bad gate habits. She has three good works since her last start which is not really surprising since she has plenty of early speed. The question with her is how well she will handle the pressure she will receive in here. Both her sire, Mastery and broodmare sire, Vindication, were unbeaten in 4 lifetime starts each but both were injured and retired during their 2 YO careers (I let you figure out who trained both). However, this one's 4th dam, Imagining, is also dam of multiple year champion filly, Serena's Song, who also was an excellent producer of solid foals. 5x3 to Seattle Slew, 5x4 to Storm Bird & Weekend Surprise.
4) Occult (12-1) has started twice this year, winning a listed stake race in her first start at 9 furlongs while staying on the favorable part of track that was listed as good and then faltering in her next start on a fast track, also at 9 furlongs. A filly she faced in both these races came back and ran a fast closing second in the Ky Oaks, so you will need to take her speed figures and toss them. She is much faster than those figures suggest but now gets a chance to prove it. Actually, believe she would prefer sitting off the early pace and then making her move turning into the stretch. She has 7 works since her last start with most of them good moves which likely means she is still on the improve. 4x4 to Storm Cat, 5x5 to Halo.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-7-8, $.30 Super Box 1-4-7-8, $1 Super Key 1 with 4-7-8 with 4-7-8 with 4-7-8. Total Risk $29.20.
Race 10: Belmont Gold Cup S(G2) --- Purse $250,000 --- 4 YOs & Up --- 2 Miles Turf:
Race 11: Intercontinental Stakes(G3) --- Purse $200,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 6 Furlongs Turf:
3) Clitheroe (15-1) has started once this year and won a first level condition allowance. She takes a big step up in class, but connections likely thought highly of her to drop north of $800K as a 2 YO purchase. She has two works since her U.S. debut win, a good work at 6 furlongs and a good work at 4 furlongs. She gets to race at the same track for 2 races in a row after switching tracks every start through her first 9 tries. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Nureyev, 5(C)x4(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
2) Sarah Harper (6-1) has started 3 times this year and has finished 3rd in two of those starts. However, her current form cycle started back in August of last year and she now has seven starts without a win but a second and 4 thirds. Her last start was her 2nd lifetime start on grass and she ran into a filly named Caravel both times. Caravel upset the boys in the BC Turf Sprint last year at 40-1 in gate to wire fashion. In Sarah Harper's first six starts of her career, she set quarter fractions of 21 4/5 seconds or faster, but those have been missing since she has returned. Why? It seems to me her trainer has been trying to get her to rate and it is not working as plan. Now it's time to go back to the catch me if you can type game. One good work since her last start. Can wire this field with a good break. 4x5 to Danzig.
7) Bubble Rock (5-2) has started twice this year which she finished 2nd in her first start in a first condition allowance, then return in a listed stakes race that is often the springboard race for sprint grass fillies to bigger and better races and won. Has 2 good works on grass around the dogs since that effort and a repeat performance would not be a surprise. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
1)Poppy Flower (9-2) has started twice this year with her first start being against O/C foes where she finished 3rd in a five-horse field that was nothing more than an out to help her get fitter, then a listed stakes where she finished second to the likely favorite in here. She has three works since her last start, the first work was a maintenance breeze followed by 2 good works that likely has her ready to give a top effort again. 5(C)x5(C)x 5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-3, $1 Tri Box 2-3-7, $.30 Super Box 1-2-3-7, $1 Super Key 2 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7 with 1-3-7. Total Risk $29.20.
7th Race Late P5: 1,4 with 5,8 with 1,8 with 2,11 with 1,2. Total Risk $16.00. Total Risk All Bets: $225.40.
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2023.06.08 17:41 AegisPlays314 Michael Harris is better at everything than last year - except pulling the ball

One of my biggest pet peeves in baseball media is the prion that infects every talking head's brain and makes them demand that hitters "go oppo more". It's been carved in the stone tablets of baseball that every hitter should be striving to poke the ball the other way from time to time to maximize their effectiveness at the plate. I don't know why. Ted Williams said it was bullshit, I say it's bullshit, that makes two of us. Here's some numbers:
xwOBA considers only vertical launch angle and exit velocity, not horizontal launch angle. Here's the xwOBA of each batted ball type over the last 7 seasons:
Pull: .410
Straightaway: .383
Oppo: .296
So pull is exceptional, straightaway is pretty close, oppo is frankly horrible. But the plot thickens a bit when you look at the wOBA that actually resulted from these types of contact:
Pull: .444
Straightaway: .323
Oppo: .333
Why is this? Because of the dimensions of baseball diamonds. Pull and Oppo hits sneak over short porches for homers whereas hammered balls get run down in the depths of center field. It's the same principle as corner 3's being best in basketball, really.
So now we see that in terms of actual results, pulling the ball is far, far, far better than either hitting it straightaway or hitting it to the opposite field, because you have the most power there and they put the fence real close. Why not...hit it that way all the time? Teams aren't even allowed to shift over there too much anymore, so any argument against spamming pull-side contact feels basically dead at this point.
Now, on to Harris:
He's striking out a bit more this year, 25% vs. 24%. That's basically negligible. His walk rate has increased from 4% to 7%, which is nearly double. He's hitting the ball harder on average, a higher percentage of his batted balls are hit hard, his launch angle has improved tremendously (higher is better, straight up). So what gives? He's poking the ball to the opposite field far more than he was:
2022: Pull%: 34.7%, Center%: 40.6%, Oppo%: 24.7%
2023: Pull: 37%, Center: 29.3%, Oppo: 33.7%
Even though he's pulling it slightly more, his Oppo% has launched through the roof, and I'm not sure it's a coincidence considering the team's comments about Chipper teaching him to go the other way.
Going the other way is just worse. It shouldn't be encouraged. Hitters shouldn't try to do it. I don't get it at all.
Now, one more pointless detail that I find kinda neat:
Hitting a ball oppo is actually worse than pulling the ball for one more reason: they put different spin on the ball. If Olson and Ronald each hit a ball at the exact same exit velocity and launch angle towards the chophouse, Olson's would have a higher chance of reaching it than Ronald's, because pulled balls don't have sidespin and oppo hits do. That sidespin drags the ball towards the foul line and downwards, losing some of its potential to reach the fence as a fair ball. The result is that pulled balls overperform their xwOBA by a greater margin than oppo balls do, despite common sense seeming to suggest it's identical. Kind of a fun tidbit.
TL;DR: Everyone should pull the ball as much as possible, it's really very good.
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2023.06.08 17:20 mblaser CX410 ColorX Review (with side-by-side comparison to 1224A)

CX410 ColorX Review (with side-by-side comparison to 1224A)


The last few years I’ve been saying that Reolink needs to address their biggest weakness, night vision, and come out with a camera with a large sensor meant for good night vision, similar to Hikvision’s ColorVu line. I know Reolink is a budget brand, but I said even if they had to call it a Pro line and charge $250 for it, they’d sell a lot of them and win over a lot of their critics.
Well, not only did they listen and make a camera that does exactly that, but they did it at only around $100. I couldn’t believe that price when they told me about it back in April. In fact, I’ll admit I was skeptical that at that price it could be as good as it needed to be.
Then they sent me a test unit last month, and my skepticism was proven wrong.
The 1224A in various modes vs the CX410

This new ColorX CX410 camera can do what it does due to its large 1/1.8” image sensor and large F1.0 aperture. That’s what gives you that light gathering ability you see there. For comparison, most of their other cameras have smaller sensors between 1/2.7”-1/3.0” and apertures of F1.6 or F2.0.
CX410 Product Page
CX410 Specs Page

Physically the CX410 re-uses the same exact body that all of their recent bullet cameras use, which I like much better than the older style. Plus they’re continuing the trend of including covers for all of the plugs.


So let’s get into what most of you are here for, what kind of results this camera is capable of.
For testing purposes I’ve mounted this camera right beside my 1224A, so this review will be all about a direct comparison to that camera.
I also include links to the videos on Youtube if you want to see the highest quality.

2 examples of each camera, with and without spotlights. https://youtu.be/wJjejwTFqf0

Big difference here. With the 1224A you can barely even tell it’s a deer until it gets close to the driveway. Meanwhile with the CX410 it’s clear as day. https://youtu.be/r615Q0g6q3g

One major improvement with this is that it will detect objects much earlier than an IR camera will. The CX410 detected the cat about 15ft farther away than the 1224A did. https://youtu.be/N6JXbttlAQM

Another bonus is that you’ll have less false alerts from bugs. In this video here the 1224A detected that bug as a pet. Meanwhile, since the CX410 doesn’t rely on IR the bug was barely visible. Not only that, but with not having to use IR bugs and spiders won’t be attracted to the CX410 in the first place. https://youtu.be/McvWZhKDYXQ

Not only is the CX410 great for night, it actually helps with shadows during the day too. The shadow on the 1224A is much darker and hard to see any details. Compare the body of the deer at the :06 mark of that video. https://youtu.be/DR-_FNCz7OY


Now I know what you’re thinking... “But it’s only 4MP!”
Yes, I was a little disappointed by that too, but that’s what allows for it to have such good night vision. I’m not an expert in this area, but I’ve always read that lower resolution allows for each pixel to be able to capture more light. Don’t ask me to explain the science behind that.
So that got me thinking... Can I actually justify replacing my 1224A with a 4MP camera? What is the true image quality difference? Let’s do some comparisons. Not just for review purposes, but I’m genuinely trying to decide for myself here.
By the way, the CX410 is always on the right in these comparisons.
When just looking at that normal non-zoomed view, not a major noticeable difference.

How about digitally zoomed? That’s when the MP difference should really make a difference...
Definitely a noticeable difference there, but neither one is great.

Just another digital zoom example. Again, the 1224A is better, but by how much?

How about with faces and license plates? I did a comparison at various distances: 10ft, 20ft, 30ft, 45ft, and 60ft.
At 60ft neither are of any use. At 45ft you can start to make out all of the numbers, and some minor facial details. At 30ft you can easily make out both plates, and the 1224A is a bit better with the face. At 20ft and 10ft not much of a difference, other than a bit more pixelation on the CX410.

How about that same thing at night?
Of course the 1224A is useless for license plates due to IR. The CX410 is almost legible at 30ft, and then clearly legible at 20ft. As for faces, the 1224A is pretty useless past 20ft, whereas the CX410 is a little better past that, although not good for much after 30ft.

So is that enough of a difference to stick with the higher resolution camera? I personally don’t think so, but others may come to a different conclusion.


The spotlight on this camera is a bit different than their other cameras. It’s a warm 3000K light as opposed to their usual 6500K spotlight.
It also has some spotlight modes that are new.
The first 3 there are obvious and are what we’re used to. Those bottom two however are new.
Auto Mode - This is for if you want the light to be on at all times, but it will automatically adjust the brightness of it to give you the best night image.
Smart Mode - This is like Auto Mode, except that it will also fully turn the light on when it detects an event.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any examples of these in action because where I have the cam mounted there’s already enough ambient light, so the light doesn’t come on.


I absolutely love this camera, and while I haven’t made up my mind yet, I’m probably going to replace my 1224A with this. I don’t think I’ll replace any of my other cameras with it yet, but only because I want to wait and see if they come out with a CX420 (turret) version or any other variants. Can you imagine a dual lens camera that has their standard 8MP or 12MP lens on one side and this CX410 lens on the other? Or a Duo style camera that has 2 of these lenses in it? Oh, the possibilities lol.
The fact that this camera is only around $100 makes it a no brainer that everyone should give this thing a shot.
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2023.06.08 17:01 AwarenessLarge5126 1 month po w Dr Alan Dulin in Plano TX, di w free nipple grafts and lipo in the pits

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2023.06.08 16:51 Samhain3 How Burntrap was Made

Something a lot of people (and even myself at one point) have theorized is that Glamrock Bonnie's endoskeleton was taken to rebuild Springtrap/Scraptrap/Glitchtrap/Skeletor as Burntrap (true name pending). This might not be wrong, but it's also not that simple. I went through comparing images of Burntrap to the Glamrock endos as well as images of Springtrap's endo model from FNAF 3 before William's corpse and suit were added. I noticed some similarities, and some differences.
First, let's start with the obvious: the remains of William's suit is obviously Springtrap, not the Scraptrap suit from Pizzeria Simulator. Comparing those two suits makes it pretty obvious that they are two different suits in-universe instead of just a redesign, but we don't know why (my personal theory is that William eventually managed to get the Springtrap suit off so that he wouldn't be forced to follow Balloon Boy's audio cues anymore, but wore the Scraptrap suit because he has a theme. Maybe that's how he lost his left arm?) and it's unlikely we'll find out anytime soon. However, the AR game has an email mentioning customers sighting a "vintage Bonnie model" that gives off an odor and doesn't appear on the Fazbear Funtime Service's systems. Pretty sure that's just there to justify Springtrap's presence in the game, but it could explain how Vanny could rebuild Burntrap with the original suit.
As for Burntrap's endo, it's a composite. Burntrap's forearms and lower legs (his shins) appear to be from the Glamrock endos. Not his feet, though. I've never seen an endoskeleton in the games with feet like that, but it could be a redesign of Springtrap's exposed feet from FNAF 3. They look similar enough. As for upper legs and upper arms, some of it was obvious and others were subtle, but they both come from the original Spring Bonnie endo. If you compare the arms, they have these cylinders with small bars running parallel to the arm between them around the circumference of the arm. I'm fairly convinced that these are the springlocks, or at least where the locks were installed on the suit. Both of Burntrap's upper arms have these, and they don't appear on the Glamrock endo, but Springtrap does have them.
His upper legs are a bit more complicated. The Springtrap model has large wire structures around that area, presumably to hold the compressed endo somehow. But, carefully looking underneath those structures shows an animatronic leg piece similar in appearance to what Burntrap has, but less damaged. I won't swear that they come from Springtrap, but upper Glamrock legs don't look like that and endo-01 and endo-02 don't look like that either.
It's a little hard to see Burntrap's torso under his suit, but what I could see didn't look nearly as much like a Glamrock endo as the internet says it does. The first hint is his shoulders. They are too narrow for a Glamrock endo, which are wide and bulky, presumably so the Glamrock's shoulder pads can fit. Of course, the female Glamrocks might have a different endo, but we never see it and I think the implication that one-endo-fits-all makes more sense for the cheapskate Fazbear Entertainment. Burntrap's shoulders are connected to a metal bar that seems to run through to the other arm as well, which Springtrap has as well. The other visible part of the torso, from under the torn edge of the suit, does resemble the Glamrock endo at first glance, but on closer inspection, appears different. Remember, we get a decent look at that area of a Glamrock endo every time we crawl in Freddy's stomach hatch. The Glamrock endo has wires hanging down from the chest area, and the endo's spine has metal bars on either side running parallel to the spine. Now look at Burntrap's design: He doesn't have any visible hanging wires or those parallel bars on his spine. Instead, he has what looks like a thicker structure with two bolts coming off of it at an angle. What other endo has that particular design? You guessed it: Springtrap!
That being said, I do believe that Burntrap does have a Glamrock animatronic pelvis, and that area of his endo that's visible from under the Springtrap suit piece does look more like the Glamrock endo than the Springtrap endo. If I could get a better look without the pelvis piece of the suit, I'd be able to tell better.
Last but not least, we have Burntrap's claws. I'm....at a loss on explaining those. As said before, those were attributed to Glamrock Bonnie, but the claws don't match. We've seen Monty's claws and they don't look like Burntrap's. Not only that, but Burntrap has five fingers, while Glamrock endos have four. I doubt that Bonnie would be an exception to that. At first I thought that the extra finger on each hand were more pieces of William's body, like his skull and pieces of his spine in the endo's spine, but that only applied to his right hand (check closely, his right thumb and middle finger aren't clawed) and his left hand is fully animatronic.
I don't know how to explain the claws, not because they have no match, but because they do. The only other animatronic series that has claws that look like that are the Nightmare animatronics, also the only endos other than the Funtimes to have five fingers, and Funtime endo hands don't look like Burntrap's hands. I even compared Molten Freddy's hands and Scrap Baby's left hand to Burntrap's, to see if they were a match. None of them were. That's why this is so irritating. Everything in the FNAF games we know about the Nightmares suggests that they are illusions, not real. Either Michael Afton literally had nightmares or those science-breaking illusion discs from the books and possibly Sister Location were a thing in FNAF 4, I'm not sure. The only thing that I can say for sure is that Burntrap's hands don't look as big as the hands on the Nightmare endo and a bit less cartoonish as well. But something had to be the source of those claws, and the Nightmare animatronics are the only source I could find. Maybe Ruin will clarify this for us.
Edit: I found the ArtStation profile of one of the people who modeled Burntrap for Security Breach and according to him, Burntrap's base is from parts modeled for Help Wanted.
TL;DR: I explain why the youtube theorists are mostly wrong about Burntrap and what he's really made of.
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