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2023.05.29 04:36 ControversialBanana0 Building my first gaming PC for 1440p gaming!

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
* I'll be gaming at 1440p 170hz. Primarily AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077, Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield, etc.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
* I'd like to keep the PC as cheap as possible while still giving me a good experience at 1440p with a good framerate, but not skimping out on it to the point where it. Basically just a good value PC that will last me a while and will be easy to upgrade 3 to 4 years down the line. I'd like to keep the PC itself not including any other peripherals $1200 or under, but the current build I have is a little over $1300 (I could remedy that by getting a use GPU).
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
* I'm planning on building my PC about a month from now, and I'll try to update the initial build at that point if needed.
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
* The PC only.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
* The United States. I'm lucky enough to have two microcenters within a half hour drive of me, and I've included a cpu, mobo, and ram bundle within my current build.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
* None.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
* I'm not too heavily interested in overclocking but definitely wouldn't mind it.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
* I'd like to have a 2tb nvme. I'd also like to run a Minecraft server off of my PC to play on with a couple of friends, but I'm not sure what sort of hardware that would entail.
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
* I'd like to keep everything ATX. I definitely want an ATX case but don't mind a microATX mobo. I don't want to waste unnecessary money on rgb but don't mind having it either.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
* No, I'm fine with using the free version of windows.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
I'll be gaming on a 1440p 170hz monitor and would like to play at a consistent 90+ fps on high to ultra settings. I want this PC to last me a solid 3 to 4 years before any major upgrades but will probably upgrade the graphics card sooner. I included a 6800 xt in my current build as that seems to be the sweetspot for high refresh rate 1440p gaming right now without breaking the bank. However, I've found an insanely good deal on a used 6700 xt for $200 and I'm not sure if spending $300 more on a 6800 xt is worth it right now.

I'm pretty much set on getting the 4000d airflow. I've had my eye on it for a while because it's an amazing looking case with great thermals and because I'll have my PC on my desk I want something nice to look at. I've been debating whether or not to get the lancool 216 though, because it's similarly priced, comes with two 160mm fans at the front (can move larger amounts of air at lower speeds so should be quieter), and has better thermals from what I've seen so I'd appreciate any input on that. I just like the aesthetics of the 4000d airflow more.

Also I've decided on getting the Gigabyte M27q Pro for $300. It's not at that price right now as stock has been quite low but the price should hopefully come down soon. I'd appreciate any 1440p monitor suggestions from you guys as well!

This is the build I came up with:
(I'd like to go ryzen 7000 btw so that I can upgrade to a better cpu down the line ~maybe 3 to 4 years~, without having to replace my entire motherboard.)
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 04:36 mrsmjparker I Negotiated and the Company Rescinded Their Offer

For the past month and a half I’ve been going through the process of applying and interviewing for a position. It started with a recruiter reaching out to me on LinkedIn and I have a boundary for myself that I won’t even make a phone call with a recruiter unless I know that the position is within my desired salary range and has the same amount of WFH days that I have in my current position, if not more. I am open to being fully in office as long as it pays more. So I always ask from the beginning what’s in budget for the salary and if the job is remote/hybrid/in person. In this case I was told the salary, that they are flexible about the amount, and that the role is hybrid with two days in office. Since this role has the same amount of WFH days as I currently have and pays more I proceeded with the process.
I went through multiple phone calls, multiple interviews, an employment verification, and a credit check and they extended the job offer to me. I’ve been working with a professional career coach this entire process and she helped me with my response and helped me initiate negotiation.
The offer letter didn’t include if the job was hybrid so I asked about that (even though we did discuss hybrid in my interview). They told me that training is 100% in person and after I’m done I would be ELIGIBLE for the hybrid schedule that MOST the office is on. I also found a job posting on indeed that says the position is in person. I got the feeling that they would keep me 100% in office the entire time I work for them. It’s also an hour drive each way so an extra three days a week makes a huge difference and for the salary they were offering I would be losing money. However, I did not call them out on this in my negotiation.
I handled the negotiation properly. In my interview I made sure to ask what important skills they are looking for and cited that I have those skills in my negotiation, plus years of industry experience. I also cited various websites with the average pay for this position and used that to provide a number to negotiate with. Their offer was below even the low end of the salaries I saw. I stated that I would be okay with an alternative such as a starting bonus, additional PTO days, or another incentive. And I reiterated that I was excited about the job opportunity and phrased it as a request and not a demand. This was not an entry level role. I didn’t throw out a ridiculous number. I never mentioned a number before it came time to negotiate. I was told they were flexible. I was professional and enthusiastic. I didn’t mention any personal reasons about how I need the increase in salary. I swear I handled this the proper way. (And before anyone comes for me, no, it is not greedy to negotiate. Companies do not provide sufficient raises to retain their talent so the time to get the salary you want is in the beginning when you’re negotiating for a new job. This is part of advocating for your value.)
They responded and let me know they not only couldn’t meet my negotiation, but that they were also withdrawing the original offer.
“After much consideration for your proposed changes to the terms in the original offer letter, we are unable to meet your salary requirement of XX nor any of the additional proposals for starting bonus, additional vacation days or other incentives. Therefore, it is with great disappointment that I inform you we must regretfully withdraw your job offer for the position at Company. This email serves as formal communication to let you know that our job offer is no longer available with our company. Company is under no obligation to give you compensation or employment moving forward. Our initial job offer did not serve as a binding contract, as this job offer was at-will. We wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope you can find a role that serves your interests.”
I understand there is a risk to negotiating but this came off so petty! Usually companies are willing to participate in some sort of negotiation or at least say that their original offer was the best they could provide. My career coach thinks this company wanted a yes man and freaked out when I came back to them with research and to advocate for my value. I had a weird gut feeling about this company ever since my interview with the hiring manager so I most likely dodged a bullet with this one. But I am pissed off that they lied about hybrid and wasted hours of my time on interviews, paperwork, etc. I really want to blast them on Glassdoor. And honestly I feel so discouraged with my job hunt now. I was told companies rarely ever rescind offers like that but is this the new norm? Has anyone been through this?
Tl;dr: I received a job offer and negotiated properly. The company also lied about the role being hybrid and didn’t tell me until I had a job offer. After I initiated negotiation the company immediately rescinded their offer.
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2023.05.29 04:34 Anonnnnnn1265 She (F26) Said She Needs More Time To Recover From Breakup Before Continuing to Date Me (M25), But We’re Getting Brunch a Few Days Later With Mutual Friends

After years recovering from my last breakup, I found someone that made me feel things I didn't think I would again. A few days ago, she told me she is not ready to continue dating. I will see her again tomorrow for brunch with our mutual friends, and I need advice/thoughts on how to interact with her and how to process what she said. Sorry this is a long post, but I wanted to give context because I really liked her and thought it would work out.
About two weeks ago, I ran into J (F26) who I knew as a freshman in college. We have not talked in years, but we have tons of mutual friends and we instantly connected. I got her phone number, invited her to brunch a few weeks later with our mutual friends, and we went on a date about a week later. It was wonderful - we talked for over four hours, flirted (biting her lip, "accidentally" bumping into each other, laughing at my bad jokes, etc.), and generally enjoyed our time together. At the end of the night, she gave me a hard hug and said that she was around all weekend if I wanted to see her again. So, a few days later we to a farmer's market nearby for a few hours and again had a good time and flirted. I then invited her to my apartment later that night to watch an NBA game, and she said it sounded like fun but would need to go home to finish up her work (she works remotely) so that she would have enough time that night. About an hour before the game, she texted me that she was finished working and was just too tired from working and, it being a Sunday with a game at 8:30 p.m., it was too late and wanted to reschedule. So, she suggested getting dinner the following week, which she made reservations for that night and I agreed to without any issue.
A few days ago we went on our third date at the restaurant. Again, we had a lovely conversation for about an hour. At the end of the dinner when I asked about doing an activity together after brunch, she told me that after talking with her therapist, she realized that she was not ready for a relationship. About a month or so ago after returning from grad school abroad, her then-boyfriend who lives in the area broke up with her. Apparently, she took it pretty hard but when I asked her out she thought that she was ready to move on but was wrong. She said there were many "peaks and valleys" since then and it was not fair to me. She also said that it was genuinely her, not me, that was the issue because she has really enjoyed hanging out and talking with me. And because she did not know when she would be ready to date again, she did not want to hold me back when she couldn't be there 100%. Holding back a tear, I told her that I appreciated her honesty and communication, that I enjoyed our time together, that I thought she was special, and I would respect her boundaries. I walked her back to her apartment and changed the topic, dropped off our leftovers at her apartment, and she asked if I wanted to walk and talk with her some more. So we did, and I returned to her apartment about 2.5 hours later. Again, great conversation and we talked about deep topics (religion, politics, etc.), which I should note we were compatible on. She also disclosed that she has a mental illness (but did not specify and I did not ask) that she gets treatment for (presumably, from her therapist but I did not ask).
At the end of the night in her apartment, she apologized about not being ready for a relationship, but was looking forward to brunch a few days later. I told her that if/when she recovers, I would be happy to pick up where we left off and she knows how to reach me. Her response was that she just didn't know when that would be and to not wait for her if I find someone else.
Assuming J comes to brunch with me and our mutual friends, how should I interact with her? Just friendly and ignore what she said? Or just pretend she's not there? Also, is there anything I should say about how she's feeling? I was thinking of asking her if she had any feelings for me, because if she did not then this is all moot and there's no point or hope in waiting.
I note that a female I am close with said to just be her friend, check in every once in a while, and eventually she would find her way back to me. And this is exactly what happened with her and her husband who both are a few years older than me, so I have a little bit of hope right now. If you made it to the end of this post, I greatly appreciate it!
TLDR: Girl I was friends with in college moved back to my city, and we went on three great dates. On the third date, she disclosed a breakup about a month ago and realized after talking with her therapist she is not ready for a relationship. She still wants to go to brunch with me and our mutual friends in a few days.
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2023.05.29 04:32 lighta_fire_orfish Working up the nerve to go NC

I confronted my (adoptive) dad about sexual abuse he inflicted on me from (approximately ages 12-15). We had 2 actual phone conversations about this, once when I was 25/26 and once when I was 28/29. In the second conversation, he said, "I just assumed it hadn't hurt you this much, that you'd gotten over it or something. I didn't realize you were still in pain." Then he followed that up with "I pulled the pin on this grenade and handed it to you as a child. Now I'm asking you to please walk forward with me, and hold this grenade for me so my life doesn't explode."
I'm now 32 and I have written a letter to tell him that I'm cutting off contact. It's pasted into the text message box, ready to send, and I can't send it. I sacrificed SO MUCH to help keep my family together over the years. And I'm about to drop the grenade. And it's so godamn terrifying. I find myself wondering, is it worth it? But I don't want to keep the charade up in front of my mom anymore, i love her so much and our relationship has been blossoming for the last few years. I finally worked up the courage to ask my sister if anything ever happened to her and confessed my own abuse, and she supports me setting boundaries and going NC. But it's still the most terrifying thing I've ever done. Setting boundaries by cutting off contact. Using the rules he set us as kids (don't lie, own up to your mistakes, make amends and accept consequences) it's only just. But still terrifying. Once it's out in the world, I will lose all control over how others behave, I lose all influence, and as small as that may be, it's really sobering to contemplate losing what I do have....and potentially upending my parent's lives, especially with my mom being so close to retirement from a job she hates. Just terrifying.
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2023.05.29 04:32 Mindless_Trip220 (23f) feel stuck in terrible relationship with husband (25m) and I'm not sure how to keep dealing with it

Weve been together about 6 years, married for 1.5. So my husband plays video games with his friends online basically everyday from like 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sometimes it can vary with his work schedule but basically he always spends most of his free time playing games. We hadn't spent any time together the past couple days because of an argument, I finally decided to just get over it (I was the one that was upset at him) and hang out together on friday, which he had off. We watched a show together for maybe like 4-5 hours at most then at about 7 p.m. he just takes off without saying anything to go play games and ignores me the rest of the night until 2-3 a.m. Obviously I'm not happy, especially because he was getting onto me for not wanting to hang out those days we were fighting. Any time I get mad about something and just want to be left alone for a while, he says I'm being mean and rude, and pushing him away (because I want space). Which in turn just pushes me away further and causes the conflict to last longer. Anyway so it's like here we go again, I'm mad because we can't even spend a day together, even after not spending ANY time together for days, all the while he was complaining that we weren't hanging out, but then ditches me to spend 8+ hours with his friends that he's already spent days hanging out with. Like huh? I'm all for individual alone time but he spends all his time playing with his friends. And because I moved to this town for him in the middle of nowhere, I have no family here to talk to, and I don't even have any friends to play online with. Like I'm all alone here, and I get really lonely and sad spending all my time alone while he laughs his ass off in the next room with his buddies. So I was pissed today, I reluctantly went into town with him around 1 p.m. to eat, came home and did some stuff in the backyard, and we were hanging out a little bit. He was also telling me all morning saying he just wants to hang with me and misses me, that I should stop being mad and blah blah blah. Then at around 5 p.m. he goes into his room to play games. Like wtf. And he is definitely gonna play all night and ignore me. So I went in and said, "Hey do you wanna hang out?" He says "Uh, in a minute." Obviously annoyed. So I say, "Oh, so you don't want to hang out?". And then he says, "You're really pissing me off, get out." And I'm like okay but don't try to say I didn't try. Sorry if this is confusing, but basically its like he only wants to hang out with me on his own time, when he feels like it, or when I'm upset with him and want space. And the evening is strictly reserved for him gaming. I think its bs and he's just trying to come off like he wants to spend time but really its just a facade for him to use to make it seem like he cares and wants to hang out with me.
He's really a terrible partner to me in many ways, constantly being mean to me and putting me down, and disrespecting my boundaries 100% of the time. Like I'll ask him to not touch me, (especially when I'm upset) and he will continue doing so, then when I push him off or slap his hands away he instantly turns into the victim, even though he's putting his hands on me in the first place. I always have to ask repeatedly for him to stop, and he won't so then i have no other choice but to push him off. He is much bigger and stronger than me. Like I literally weigh 98lbs, and him probably 190lbs. Not that it makes it okay, but its kinda like a mosquito slapping a brick. Its not like hes hitting me or anything when he puts his hands on me, but regardless if I say to stop touching me, in any way, then he needs to stop. But he never does. And he tries to say "that's abuse!" And I'm so horrible cause he's just trying to be sweet. -.- Like dude you are putting your hands on ME first, and won't stop even after asking multiple times. So if I want him off me and he won't listen I just have to deal with it? Like no I'm gonna get you off me. He will also pick, and damn near break the lock on my door when I try to get some space from him in my room. The fact that i can lock my door infuriates him, and he'll bang on the door and try to do everything to pick the lock, until he eventually gets in. He also does the same with my bathroom door. He also says stuff under his breath and like pretends like he's gonna hit me behind my back if I say something he doesn't like. I know he wouldn't actually hit me or anything but that's still fucked up to pretend to cause you're frustrated. I'm definitely not perfect either, especially when it comes to name calling cause I feel like I get antagonized and pushed to a breaking point where I just can't deal with it. I've done toxic things, and stuff im not proud of, but its hard when someone just wears you down and treats you like garbage, and you just have to take it. I can't afford to leave rn, and I probably won't for a while. I just feel so stuck, and sad, and depressed all the time. He constantly holds the fact that he's the provider over my head, always bringing up money and how that makes him such a good caring partner because he buys stuff. I'm absolutely sick of it, I'm in somewhat of an unpaid internship atm which is why I've been financially dependent on him. He is constantly blaming me for all money problems and holds everything over my head, even though he intially said he was 100% supportive and not to worry about it. We also dont share a bank account or anything, so how he spends his money is all his own choice.
Hopefully I should start to make some income in the next few months so I can save up to get out, but it seems so far away. I think I'll get a part time job on top of that, just so I can have money sooner though. I definitely don't see this relationship lasting much longer at all, guess I just wanted to rant and get some others perspectives. Thanks.
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2023.05.29 04:31 Resident-Clue1290 AITA for slapping a girl in my class after she said “ At least you have a dad. “

It’s been a few days since this incident, but I’ve started to feel bad about it. I (17 F) was in group with my class a few days ago. My school is for kids who struggle mentally, so we have a group therapy thing every few days. In this particular group, we were talking about boundaries and manipulation, and I started talking about my father. He did unspeakable things to me as a child, along with hurting my mother. This other girl who I’ll call Regina (16 F) has always been an attention seeker, trying to make everything about herself, trying to one up others pain, etc.
I was talking about what my father did, and how the court system never listened to me or my mother. I was already getting a little emotional about it, and then Regina said: “ Well at least you have a dad. And you don’t need to see him anymore. “ Before she could keep going, I got up from my seat and slapped her so hard she fell out of her chair. Teacher grabbed me and pulled me back, and obviously, I got in trouble for it. I didn’t feel bad at the time, but now I do feel bad because, as implied, Regina didn’t have a father, but I don’t know if what she said was warranted.
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2023.05.29 04:30 coquinhaaa Forced to quit (amicably ended contract legally). Have an interview this week, do I need to tell them I'm unemployed?

Hi everyone.
After 5 years in a corporate company I was forced to quit. In my contract it says we amicably ended the contract.
I have an interview with my dream company this week. Do I need to tell them I am no longer working there? When I applied i was still legally employed but dream company took 2 weeks to get back to me about an interview.
What should I say? I feel i will just pretend I'm still employed. Or should I say I'm no longer employed? The reason why I was asked to end contract was because my team bullied me for a year and my relationship with them got worse and worse with me setting boundaries and not doing the extra work they were used to getting from me.
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2023.05.29 04:29 Awakening_Light Capitalism Conflicts With Democracy

  1. Capitalism is based on the private ownership of resources and the pursuit of profit. In a capitalist system, wealth tends to concentrate in the hands of a few individuals or corporations, leading to significant wealth and power inequality. This concentration of economic power undermines the democratic principle of political equality, as those with greater wealth have more influence over the political process, such as through campaign contributions or lobbying efforts. This unequal distribution of economic power can result in the wealthy exerting disproportionate influence over public policy, undermining the will and interests of the majority.
  2. Democracy relies on the principle of political participation, ensuring that citizens have the ability to engage in the political process and influence decision-making. However, capitalism can limit political participation by prioritizing economic power over political power. In a society where access to resources and opportunities is heavily influenced by wealth, those with fewer economic means may face barriers to participating fully in the democratic process. This can lead to a situation where the interests and concerns of marginalized or economically disadvantaged groups are not adequately represented in the political sphere.
  3. Capitalism emphasizes the market-driven allocation of goods and services based on supply and demand. This approach can lead to the commodification of certain public goods that are essential for democratic societies. For example, education, healthcare, and access to basic utilities are crucial for the well-being and equal opportunity of citizens. However, in a purely capitalist system, these goods may be treated as commodities rather than rights, potentially leading to unequal access based on an individual's ability to pay. This undermines the democratic principle of equal opportunity and limits social mobility.
  4. Capitalism often prioritizes short-term profits and shareholder value. While this focus can drive economic growth, it leads to decisions that prioritize immediate gains over long-term societal and environmental considerations. This can create negative externalities, such as environmental degradation or labor exploitation, which may conflict with democratic values and the broader interests of society. In a democratic system, there is a need to balance the interests of various stakeholders, including workers, consumers, and the environment, which may require regulations and safeguards that go beyond profit maximization. Why should the interests of shareholders be weighed against the will of the people? Much less valued equally.
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2023.05.29 04:28 werat22 I'm So Broken

I feel the empty in my chest now. The hollow hole that's so beyond shattered, no person could fit there again, including you. No amount of duct tape or glue can fix the shattered remains inside me.
I still love you but I don't trust a relationship with another living soul again. You knew my childhood and the abuse I lived through. You knew what happened to me after I got kicked out right before I was 18. You knew the years of abuse I suffered and indured and fought my way out of.
You came along.
You said, trust me. I'll never hurt you. I'll never betray you. I'll never abused you.
You lied. You lied and lied and lied and lied and lied. Still, I cried just stop hurting me and we can fix this. I trust you enough to fix this because you said you love me. But you said no. Cleaning up my own mess is way too hard and you ran away. You told me to go rebuild trust for you alone. You spent hours lecturing my kids on broken trust. You know it takes time to rebuild trust. You understand trust isnt rebuilt alone. You're just lazy and I'm calling you for what you are. You couldn't have been bothered.
Lazy and heartless because at the end of the day, you cared more about yourself than you ever did anyone else with your view of the world being a pyramid and your at the top alone. Sorry, hun... The world doesn't revolve around you. It never did and it never will.
One day, you'll realize how lonely that view is. Hopefully you won't be too late. I won't be around but don't think you'll have a full room at your death bed at the end of your life if you don't change that view of yours. You'll lay there with a bed full of regrets, your fear come true, and no one to cry to. So shape the fuck up and grow up. You're not a child anymore. You're a grown ass adult. Start wiping your own ass so to speak. Start actually being one and stop being so fucking lazy and dishonest.
I hope you're happy that you took someone who lived the life I lived and made it worse. I met you just as I was climbing up the mountain and I was halfway there. You fucked up. You took your shit out on me and pushed me down and tore away all I worked for.
Don't think I didn't notice. You couldn't look me in the eyes last time you were there. I see your shame you're running away from. It will always catch up and it will always burn everything around you to the ground until you decide to grow up, stop being lazy, and stop taking your shit out on others. I pity you. I worry for you. You gave false help like it meant it something but even I could hear how hollow it was. How hollow you spoke to me. How you forced your lies out to be the reality you so desperately want to believe. The one you run away from by getting high all the time. I've always seen you. That's why you run. Because you can't bare to look at yourself and you know I see you. I never had to speak a word. I never did. I never had to. Now, I won't shut up because I'm tired of being quiet.
You loved me because you could be you with me but then you feared me because you were you with me. I didn't and never deserved what you dumped on me and did to me. You could have reached out and embraced me as I cried over the pain you caused. You could have to told it would be okay. You could have told me it was okay to cry. You could have answered the same question 30 times until I finally believed you were being honest and telling the truth. I'm sorry but liar don't get trust. They have to earn it but that takes work. I guess you're above that. God forbid you do any work to fix something you messed up. No, everyone had to cater you and God forbid anyone made a mistake. It was okay for you to be human but no one else.
I feel the empty in my chest now. The hollow hole that's so beyond shattered, no person could fit there again, including you. No amount of duct tape or glue can fix the shattered remains inside me.
I hope you're happy though.
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2023.05.29 04:28 blackcherry71411 Talking to Kids About Money Australia I Familosophy

Talking to Kids About Money Australia I Familosophy
Family is (hopefully) for life. If the family business starts to interfere negatively with the relationships in the family, then there is imbalance. Family businesses are challenging because of the overlapping of family, business and ownership (known as the “three circle model”). Researchers from Harvard have extended this into four “rooms” by adding in the board room.
Because family members wear multiple hats, are in multiple circles, or sit in multiple rooms, they need an awareness of how those roles influence the decisions they need to make. Father or boss? Director or cousin? Manager or owner?
It’s most important to be able to have open and trusting conversations about needs of the business and expectations of the family. Those are underpinned by the core values and the common values across both personal and professional life. Each successive generation should ask why they are in the business. Successful family businesses foster a sense of stewardship among all members of the family (no matter what their specific roles).
Making multiple roles work requires setting boundaries between work time and family space. Conflict will happen, so rather than “fake harmony” (see previous article), the ability to communicate, deal with issues, and have “constructive conflict” is essential.
Some kind of a conscious separation of ownership and management is very helpful. Avoid having “too many chefs in the kitchen”. Family members who work in the business should be recruited and evaluated with the same criteria as anyone else. And “don’t hire whom you can’t fire”.
Consider This: Do family members involved in your family business understand the different hats they wear? Have you ever had to performance manage a family member employee? Do you have the governance structures to deal with conflict?
Are you looking for advice on how to make your family business in Australia ( operate better? David Werdiger is the number one choice when it comes to Australia family owned business protocol ( help. Mr. Werdiger is helping hundreds of family owned businesses pass the torch using his famous Australia Familosophy techniques (
His market in Australia is two-fold:
Scenario #1: The older generation wants to work with the younger generation, bring them into the company, teach them how to run things, and then retire from the office, but not the income.
Scenario #2: The younger generation wanting to jump into the family business, but to be able to contribute and be heard, and not having to “wait their turn” before they can begin to help run the business.
Visit David’s Website at: or his GMB site at:
Purchase the Familosophy book at
Learn more about Familosophy at
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2023.05.29 04:28 Yikaft Works on LDS Epistemology?

Are there any works that properly address LDS epistemology? I've read a few works related to it but none that directly systematize it. And I don’t purely mean doctrine, but that and something more general, like the LDS approach to truth and knowledge. I've included below a few items I've looked into. ~ ~ ~
There was a response to a characterization of Mormon historiography as postmodern, which Joseph Spencer, who has a PhD in philosophy and works in the religion dept at BYU, had repudiated. He describes the church as antifoundationalist but still foundational in not embracing the nihilism of postmodernity and in its attempt at an alternative ‘Enlightement’ or ‘modernity’. On that premise I'm wondering if there is a work of epistemology systematizing the LDS approach.
Joseph also went on to describe the viability of phenomenology as a model, adding the following: “Among the philosophical projects that can be called attempts to forge a second modernity, one might perhaps class phenomenology. Certainly, a number of very interesting LDS thinkers whose thought is reducible neither to modernism nor to postmodernism have taken the insights of phenomenology very seriously, something James Faulconer—chief among these LDS thinkers—points out. See James E. Faulconer, “Response to Professor Tracy,” in Donald W. Musser and David L. Paulsen, Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies
“At any rate, phenomenology certainly presents itself as an alternative to the modernist/postmodernist divide. And not only have phenomenological studies been available in English for decades, they were cited often during the antipositivist debates of the 1980s.” ~ ~ ~
I was initially impressed with This Is My Doctrine by Charles Harrell, but found his use of historic sources too esoteric to give an effective overview of how those in the past had interpreted scripture, as Matthew Bowman noted in his review. ~ ~ ~
Britney Hartley, author of Mormon Philosophy Simplified, claims that the church doesn't do epistemology. She described the approach to knowledge as fundamentally existentialist and the individual's experience of the phenomenal world, with spiritual faculties as ways of generating phenomenal experiences of what Kant calls the noumenal world. She adds that the LDS approach is more about seeking light which increases our capacity for knowledge instead of seeking knowledge itself. ~ ~ ~
I listened to a few episodes of a podcast by Dan Wotherspoon who has a PhD in philosophy, notably one titled “More on ‘What is truth?’” He discusses 3 definitions of truth in relation to the church, and a listener came on and presented alternative ways to interpret the phrase "the church is true" beyond 3 definitions of epistemic truth, like true to its members (he specifically said, I might not believe my wife will get out of bed when she says she will, but I think she is still ‘true’ to me), and then there is being true to its mission of salvation and exaltation. ~ ~ ~
There was also an article by Michael Goodman describing models of doctrine members had made. One statement the author makes is, “These scriptures and comments highlight the relational nature of truth in Latter-day Saint thought. “Truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come” (D&C 93:24), but only God knows this truth perfectly, and hence he is the only sure source of truth. Accordingly, it is only in compliance with and in relationship to God that man can come to know all truth. A philosopher who is a Latter-day Saint explained that “among the main original senses of ‘truth’ was ‘troth’—a pledge or covenant of faithfulness made uprightly and without deceit. . . . It is in the spirit of these ancient etymologies that Latter-day Saints believe that to walk in truth is to keep one’s commitments to follow Christ’s way uprightly.” To know truth according to these statements is to know God. For this reason, Church members often believe the surest source of truth comes by way of direct communication (revelation) from God.”
I recall reading that phenomenology characterizes truth as relational, a sort of emergent property of experience. Is there something to this? ~ ~ ~
These are some sources I might look into, but are you aware of any others? Any thoughts on the legitimacy of the above views?
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2023.05.29 04:27 cyclebreaker12 My dad is dying and suddenly my family had amnesia to all of the abuse?

Tw: overdose, abuse, death.
Both of my parents are addicts and were abusive my entire life including into adulthood. My younger brother lived with me when I finally got out. It escalated so badly police had to be involved due to their criminal activity against me. When my brother graduated high school he moved across the country for school and never came back. I moved as well changed my phone number.
We were both no contact for 10 years with them. I broke it twice for health scares. But after the last time I broke no contact the abuse was worse then ever before.
In March my mom died she had cancer refused all help/treatment abused nurses when they tried to help her and drank herself to death.
I’m not sure this matters to mention but my brother broke no contact with my parents to do their will. Which they left everything to him. He didn’t tell me either of them had cancer and were dying. Or about the will. Until he told me my mom died.
This caused me to be very upset with my brother to hide all of this from me. To which we’ve tried to move past because my dad changed the Will to be 50/50 saying it was just only mom who wanted that and she refused to sign. Which was another reason my family said to forgive give him a chance. That my mom was the problem.
My dad returned that chance by overdosing in front of my brother and I the first time I saw him in years. He had a feeding tube and crushed up his pills and stuffed them in it. He did survive we called 911 in time. I went back to no contact but my brother didn’t.
I put up strong boundaries not to contact me with info I was done because I had complete mental breakdown . The toll it took on my mental health put me back years of recovery I had done in therapy. Suddenly I was a kid again back into the abuse.
My family didn’t respect these boundaries. They keep making excuses for my dad. Telling me I need to be more positive it’s all in the past. He’s dying now he’s sorry for what he did, he asked about me alot and loves me. My dad claims he doesn’t remember any of the abuse. He is unable to drink anymore because he has a feeding tube. So him or drinking was not his choice. He’s still has a pill addiction and addiction problems .
They told me his overdose was an accident. That he got nervous to see me for first time in years and messed up his meds. Which made me feel responsible. They said 1000% this is what happened.
I let this guilt and pain sit on me and when he was transferred to hospice I decided for my sake to go and get closure say goodbye. The visit went ok. He was in bed on very high dose of meds and loopy but he did say he was sorry and that he loved me. I told him I loved him and I forgave him (even though I really don’t know if I do or not) I wanted him to have peace. I brought him a picture of my brother and I tried to make the visit nice. I tried so hard. That was my goodbye.
Now the part with my brother and family. They have literally forgotten all abuse and it’s a complete taboo subject for me to even speak about the overdose or anything negative against my dad or mom. I understand he’s dying but not even my brother we talk about what we went through recently.
It’s like they have amnesia. Suddenly I’m the bad one if I bring it up. If I say I can’t go back again to see him. It’s guilt that I didn’t come back immediately .
Nothing I do is right or enough. I don’t think I can handle seeing him again. But everyone I speak to in my family is painting my dad to be this saint? Suddenly I’m in the wrong for not letting the past go. I’ve been lectured I’ve had the positivity talk so many times.
Because of all of these things I’m having a really hard time with my brother and family. My family says I can’t be upset with my brother for not telling me or with them as they all did the best they could and they all made a decision it was best for me to not know.
This is all too much to handle and I’m really trying to balance their needs but I can’t keep putting myself into harm as this is really putting me in a dark place.
I don’t know how to navigate these relationships. I feel like I’m drowning. I don’t want to hurt anyone in my family so I just agree with them. I shut up push it all down.
TLDR: my dad is dying and my family has amnesia to all of this abuse. I broke NC because of this for him to overdose in front of me. I keep being told me positive forget the past don’t bring things up. I’m lost depressed and hopeless.
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2023.05.29 04:27 Nick7083 Cutting off family to help with sobriety?

My girlfriend has relapsed a handful of times since I’ve known her. It almost always seems to be triggered by toxic family members. They have this habit of putting her down, apologizing and baiting her back in, and then putting her down again. They are a bunch of bullies and narcissists.
Most recently, they all called her to gang up on and criticize her for not visiting them for a few months. She went to visit them that same weekend and the first words out of their mouth to her were “You look like shit”. She also found out they threw away all of her books and keepsakes from when she was a kid. She relapsed the day after this.
It’s her family and I will support whatever she decides, but I’ve been more and more vocal that it may be best for her sobriety to limit her interaction with her family. I fully realize that that’s not easy to choice to make or carry out.
Has anyone here healthily detached and/or set boundaries with their family in order to maintain their sobriety? How did it go for you?
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2023.05.29 04:26 lucipaw can cats have sexual/birth trauma?

i hope this isnt a stupid question- one of my cats, junie, is a little over a year old. when the shelter i adopted her from received her at ~7months, she was heavily pregnant. she gave birth to 8 kittens and sadly none of them made it. luckily she took another kitten in the shelter under her wing (i adopted them together!) and is doing very well and is happy and healthy, but i cant help but notice she has some very strict boundaries about where she is touched. she lovesssss head/nose scratches but is very defensive of being touched anywhere else 90% of the time. i am just curious if maybe she is still traumatized from being such a young mama and losing her babies, or if she is just snippy. would love to know if theres anything that would help her cope!
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2023.05.29 04:25 jmankyll Does the Basic Ticket at Camp Nou include being INSIDE the stadium?

Online it doesn’t specify that the tour includes being inside the stadium. I really have no interest in the museum or anything else beyond being inside the stadium and so I want to be sure that it would include a stop sitting in seats at some level. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 04:21 Intel81994 Am I overreacting? Got 'scammed' by a fake mental health coach for ~7k

Am I crazy here for thinking this is very manipulative, predatory, and what this coach is doing is way out of line?
I needed help me with mental health and PTSD I have been having (later realized he is not a therapist and his PhD is unaccredited and from a spiritual school).
I feel scammed by this guy (not doxxing his name here).
Please let me know if I'm over reacting and if not, where I can get help for this to get my money back?
Selling what appears to be some quasi MLM - Realized all of his clients are coaches who also coach other coaches and a friend of his whom I checked with claimed that he was in fact coaching this guy for his mindset because his methods did not work and he needed help...)
My context: I was (and am) a in a very rough mental health place, I was the victim of a cyberhack that led to the theft of ~80K and messed me up beyond just the immense financial stress due to the computer intrusion. PTSD symptoms, flashbacks, etc.
Now unemployed currently, lost both of my jobs in Feb (had to get 2 jobs after the hack, worked like crazy to build some savings back up) and job market is rough right now, having tough time, panic attacks due to the pressure, while trying to apply to grad school.
The field I was working in is super new and now barely exists due to the recession and rates so I'm worried about getting another job in the field miraculously and getting cut again when recession gets worse (can't afford it) or having to pivot fields entirely again now. All of this is driving my mental health really really bad and some days I'm having serious trouble.
Anyway that's beside the point -
I suffered a serious mental health episode during his program (not blaming him for that), and I sought professional emergency help and medication.
This guy sold me 1:1 coaching - 12 sessions for $6800 (!) but I cancelled halfway through after 6 sessions because I became suspicious I had been scammed and clear terms of the contract were not delivered.
For example call recordings and some other resources were not given. Refund clause in his contract is void due to this as well. Contract says Slack access, many other things. He did do the 1 hour calls but that's it. And the quality was subpar.
I just don't think this was worth over $560 per call...
He was on vacation on some calls, I could not hear him. He talked about himself and other clients and talked down upon respected clinical therapies and said he has some method that works better but we never really got to it.. it was all generic stuff he kept hashing.
He was not selling therapy or saying he was a psychologist in his contract (his contract makes clear it's not therapy and only coaching)
BUT he did charge me the money before I signed the contract and that was not mentioned on the "sales call" -
He had me pay over messenger by just sending my card details and I also paid a deposit via the phone call (it was a sales call and he mentioned he needed to hire someone for sales calls instead of him doing it, ugh).
This has been extra shameful and hurtful given the hack now that I'm out several thousands on top of that hack....
My mental health is extremely bad some days and I'm having panic attacks. Job searching is very rough in this market especially in this state.
I let him know all of this via email and he ignored it all.
What’s important here is he didn’t deliver a lot of what was stated and used deceptive marketing to sell something egregiously priced to someone clearly vulnerable and then pretends like this is normal.
The issue here is: I partially thought he was also a licensed therapist... he has a PhD listed prominently on his LinkedIn and he has logos of all the brands he has worked with (I now think he made them up - he lists JNJ, NYU Stern, Nestle...).
I dug deeper and found out that his PhD is from an unaccredited spiritual 5013c university so it's NOT licensed/accredited and he is NOT a psychologist or therapist but only a life coach...
but the PhD is titled to sound scientific (Psychoneurology) and I believe he's doing it to seem more legit than he is.
I have since found a proper therapist who has a legitimate PhD and charges much less, with proper regulation and is MUCH better. I just feel so ashamed I fell for this and got scammed and don't know what to do. Been having serious mental health struggles and I trusted this guy and now really feel scammed.
Even services like Talkspace or Betterhelp are like $100 a session for actual legitimate psychologist and even psychiatrists...
He refunded me half when I cancelled (gave me $3300 back) but I still don't think that's fair - it still comes out ton over $560 per session...
I emailed him several times very politely to ask for an additional $1700-2000 back so that the 6 sessions we did he still gets paid out over $300 per session or $1800 total which IMO is MORE than fair, no?
Entire thing is icky and gross to take advantage of someone struggling with mental health.
Am I being crazy here?
He ignored my emails and proceeded to instead ridicule me on his social media - didn't mention my name but made it very clear it was about me - he told me to "man up", gaslit me into thinking it should be normal to pay 'high ticket' for this sort of experience.
Looking back it's clear he preys on people suffering mentally and who don't have the means to pay $6800
He told me several stories bragging almost about how he got someone scraping by to open a credit card to do his program.
I did a chargeback, he then shared my confidential mental health struggles with Amex in the dispute evidence - a creditor - which I find to be insane, if a regulated therapist did that they would lose their license.
I believe this sort of service he is selling and his behavior could cause harm to vulnerable individuals.
Not sure what to do outside of reviewing him online.
Write to BBB? and FTC? (did both)
Write to the State AG (he is New Jersey)?
Write to Consumer Affairs of his state and Psych board tipping them off that he might be attempting to practice regulated therapy?
His contract has an arbitration clause (more predatory) but I am not going to travel from FL to NJ over $3300 nor is that worth suing over... also I don't think that's fair.
I believe he is doing coaching so he can do it unregulated unlike therapy (since his PhD is fake/unaccredited and he legally cannot call himself a therapist or psychologist but is basically doing that and charging far more than any would).
I don't know if coaches can attempt to treat PTSD and emotional distress, nothing wrong with life coaching, charge whatever the market is willing to pay for you, but don't do predatory marketing or lie about credentials/experience and then not deliver what's in the contract on top of that.
It's fine if some executive mindset coach with an actual client roster of CEOs charges 10k or even more for coaching, but for context I found this guy used to be a fitness trainer just a year back.
He never went to a real college. Not to toot my own horn but I went to a top university.
It's just a different league than the exec coach example. My therapist I have now has a PsyD. And still charges less and is super professional and great at what she does.
His only testimonials are all other coaches that coach other coaches to coach coaches, and I also believe the logos he lists are fake... found a few other of his clients and uncovered that some feel the same way and regret it. Taken advantage of and brainwashed.
Only after digging did I realize it was a fake unaccredited school. The entire thing is just so disgusting, feel taken advantage of, gaslit, gross.
Am I overreacting here or is my thinking correct that this is gone too far?
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2023.05.29 04:19 Good_Strength6258 Dating in SD beyond the apps?

This is my last-ditch-effort to find some decent men to date. IDK about you but the dating apps are horrid and I’m just looking to meet a decent human. Anyone else in this predicament?
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2023.05.29 04:19 alliewishdish Appreciation post!

This may be long, and I have NO idea where I'll end up....BUT THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YA'LL!!! This sub has done more for my mental health and the quest to understand myself than all 41 (almost 42) years on this planet. It's been lifechanging and given me such a freedom to FORGIVE MYSELF for years and years and years of struggling to just DO life.
I received a formal diagnosis when I was in the 3rd grade, probably around the late 80's, this was EARLY days ya'll I remember having to go to what felt like an actual Laboratory where I was studied from behind two way mirrors. I can't remember much now except the tests felt endless, some seemed insultingly easy while others had me in knots with frustration. I also remember not REALLY knowing why I was going through all this ( later I'd realize while my mother is extremely caring and loving, effective communication was not her strong suit ). FINALLY the days, yes days, at the lab ended and my life went on as usual until I was told I'd be taking medicine at breakfast, lunch and when I got home from school. My new medication was Ritalin. I had to go to the nurse at lunch and take this pill now, no real explanation as to why. Learning that little pitstop in my day was AWFUL. I'm an only child and absolutely LOVED being around my friends at school, I basically put up with school to have my social life. So we'd all be having fun in the lunch room and then it's time for recess, all my friends and classmates were all happy and excited to get outside for a bit BUT I had to remember to stop off on the way to the nurses office for my medicine. I'd be caught up in the fun and what's gonna happen outside I'd completely forget my pitstop. Sooooo when recess was over and we're all getting settled back in to class a call would come in from the nurses office asking the teacher to send me down for my medication. This meant in a quiet classroom I'd be called up, scolded that I forgot the nurse again and to go on. I know know that most likely to rejection dysphoria, this was THE WORST THING that could happen. I'm embarrassed beyond belief and made to feel like a spotlight was on me as I get up and walk out but ALSO and I have to come back in from my lil trip. The act of being singled out was enough of a NIGHTMARE for me that eventually I made sure I made my pitstop BEFORE play time, and by the 5th grade I was good to go. That is until the middle of 5th when I was told we'd be moving. We were currently in NY and I'd be finishing the 5th grade in CA. I cannot stress enough the 180 degree difference in LIFE in general between NY and CA for me at that stage in my life. In NY I had a short short haircut because that was in style, in CA everyone had LONG LONG LONG hair, I was playing with actual TOYS in NY but in CA I quickly learned my peers were into makeup and boys. I stuck out in every way and 5th grade can be a HARSH time as kids are especially brutal. To make matters worse no one else had to take medicine at lunch, and the nurse at the school for some reason wasn't able to administer my medicine to me so I had to bring it in my lunch box and remember to take it then. NIGHTMARE. Onslaught of questions about WTF I'm doing, to which I cannot answer with any confidence or knowledge due to the fact that I myself was never really told WTF was going on. Taking a pill at lunch just made me a lightning rod for teasing so I begged my mom to let me stop the medicine. I explained what I was going through as best I could and promised I wouldn't let my grades slip,she thankfully listened and that was that. I knew I had ADD ( the old diagnosis ) but I only had the most basic framework of symptoms which basically seemed to only be an issue in the classroom.
Fastforward to around 2020 I got REALLY into Reddit as my social media fix and found a bunch of subs...including this one. I'd read the posts and lurk silently. Each sentence hitting harder than the next, slapping me awake to the realization that everything that I've HATED about myself as a person, as a wife, as a mother (ESPECIALLY) could be dissected from myself and I can absolve myself of SO MUCH BLAME. I feel like I've gone all around the world so to speak in terms of self-help and self-understanding only to end up where I started, myself. My effed up Dopamine uptake, the bouts of rage and frustration, my motto being "day late and a dollar short" because I just felt no matter HOW HARD I try I'd slip up somewhere. You all have explained why I have done the things I've done, thought the things I've thought. Honestly thank you is too small for the gift given.
Take care friends and be gentle with yourselves, it's tough but we're tougher. MUCH LOVE!!
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2023.05.29 04:18 The_Ironhand ToTK doesnt boot after installing 1.1.2

ToTK doesnt boot after installing the update.
the game worked fine with 1.0, i've uninstalled all mods, it works when i roll it back to 1.0, but every time i launch with the update applied it goes straight to an infinite black screen.
should i clear anything else? is there some step beyond installing the update to the NAND?
what might be causing this? unfortunately googling this brings up similar problems but not what im looking for, any help would be appreciated. i can post more information if it will help.
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2023.05.29 04:18 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Prevent Premature Ejaculation (Here)

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2023.05.29 04:15 RuggedTheDragon [COD] Unpopular Opinion: We need something different other than zombies.

I understand the initial reaction is going to be riddled with toxicity and hatred in my direction. Everybody knows that zombies is a staple in the series and everyone is going to defend it tooth and nail. Others who wish to read on (and have the capability of reading) should hear me out.
We've had over eight titles with zombies incorporated with the game itself. It's mostly the typical round-based survival with Easter eggs you couldn't figure out on your own unless you had an internet guide. Even with the knowledge of proceeding with Easter eggs, the storyline itself barely seems to stick. Sure, there are some interesting ideas and unique battlegrounds with cool monsters mixed into chaos.
The first game to ever jump away from the typical zombie survival experience was Call of Duty: Ghosts. In that game, we fought against alien invaders in a survival mode based on progression rather than rounds survived. If you wanted to know what the story was, all you had to do was obtain the skills to complete the clear objectives. No ridiculous Easter egg steps, the story was cohesive, and the gameplay was amazing.
Am I saying that we need aliens again? Yes. I also suggest that if we can't do aliens, at least do something else like Demons from hell. Maybe even a machine uprising with time travel elements (yes, I know some people might think of Terminator right away). However, I think they issue is that if anything is done beyond the tradition of zombies, people will generally try to flow away from what they don't understand. I say take the risks and innovate with some interesting ideas.
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