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2023.06.10 23:23 LIS1050010 An A-Z of incredible uses for everyday things

Did you know you can kill weeds with vodka? Remove stains on clothes with aspirin? Make jewellery gleam with tomato ketchup? Here are 40 surprising tips to save you time and money

and for ... aluminium cans
To create a simple Chinese lantern, mark two lines around a clean empty can, about 2.5cm from the top and bottom. With a sharp craft knife, make vertical cuts about 1.5cm apart between the lines. Make a cut across the bottom of two adjacent strips to make an opening for a candle. Gently press down on the can to make the strips bend in the middle. Insert a tea-light through the opening, then tuck the cut ends of the opening strips inside the can. Finally attach a hanging loop. You can spray-paint the can before cutting it if you like.

and for ... apples
If you've been heavy-handed with the salt shaker when cooking a soup or stew, simply drop a few apple (or potato) wedges into the pan. After cooking for another 10 minutes or so, remove the wedges, which will have absorbed the excess salt.

and for ... aspirin
Before giving up hope of removing a stubborn perspiration stain from a shirt, try this. Crush two aspirins and mix the powder in 100ml warm water. Soak the stained part of the garment in the solution for two to three hours.

B is for ... bread
You can remove most dirty or greasy fingerprints from painted walls by rubbing the area with a slice of white bread. Bread does a good job of cleaning nonwashable wallpaper as well. First cut off the crusts to minimise the chance of scratching the paper.

and for ... baby oil
Buff up a dull-looking stainless steel sink by rubbing it down with a few drops of baby oil on a soft clean cloth. Rub dry with a towel and repeat if necessary. This is also a terrific way to remove stains on the chrome trim of kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.

and for ... bicarbonate of soda
Even the smelliest shoe or trainer is no match for the power of bicarbonate of soda. Liberally sprinkle powder in the offending loafer or laceup and let it sit overnight. Discard the powder in the morning. (Be careful with leather shoes as repeated applications can dry them out.)

C is for ... crayons
Crayons make an excellent filler for small gouges or holes in resilient flooring. Select a colour that closely matches the floor. Melt the crayon in the microwave on medium power over a piece of greaseproof paper, until you have a pliant glob of colour. With a plastic or putty knife, fill the hole. You can use a softened crayon to cover even quite deep scratches on wooden furniture.

and for ... carpet remnants
Place a series of carpet offcuts upside down and cover them with bark mulch or straw for a weed-free garden path. Use smaller scraps as mulch around your vegetable garden.

and for ... coffee grounds
They're full of nutrients that acid-loving plants crave. Save them to fertilise rose bushes, azaleas, rhododendrons, evergreens and camellias. It's better to use grounds from a drip coffeemaker than the boiled grounds from a percolator as the drip grounds are richer in nitrogen.

and for ... compact discs
Use them as garden/driveway reflectors. Drill small holes into a CD and screw it ito a gatepost or stake. Install several of them to mark out a night-time path to your front door.

and for ... correction fluid
Dab small nicks on household appliances with correction fluid. Once it dries, cover your repair with clear nail polish for protection.

D is for ... dental floss
Secure a button permanently with dental floss - it's much stronger than thread. Make hardwearing repairs to outdoor items. Because dental floss is resilient but fine, it is an ideal replacement for thread when you are repairing an umbrella, tent or rucksack.

E is for ... emery board
If a favourite pair of suede shoes have become stained and tired, an emery board can revive them. Rub the stain lightly with the emery board, and then hold the shoe over the steam from a kettle to remove the stain. This technique will work for suede clothing too.

F is for ... fabric softener
End clinging dust on the TV. To eliminate the static that attracts dust, dampen a duster with a little fabric softener straight from the bottle.

and for ... freezers
Place candles in the freezer for at least two hours before burning. They will last longer.

G is for ... golfing equipment
If a screw won't grip because its hole has become too large, dip the tip of a golf tee in wood glue and tap the tee into the hole. Cut the tee flush with a craft knife. When the glue dries, you can drill a new pilot hole in the same spot.

H is for ... hairspray
To keep a child's priceless work of art at its very best before you put it on the pinboard or fridge door, preserve it with hairspray to help it last longer. This works especially well on unstable chalk or pastel pictures as it stops them from getting smudged so easily.

I is for ... ice cube trays
Here's what to do with a half-drunk bottle of red or white wine. Freeze the wine into cubes that can be used later in pasta sauces, casseroles or stews.

and for ... ice cubes
If you're putting sealant around the bath, run an ice cube over it to get a nice even bead - it will never stick.

J is for ... jars
If you've taken a break from gardening, help your gloves dry out by pulling each one over the bottom of an empty jar. Stand the jar upside down on a radiator or hot-air vent. Warm air will fill the jar and dry damp clothing in an instant.

K is for ... ketchup
Keeps silver jewellery sparkling. Soak it in a small bowl of ketchup for a few minutes. If it has a tooled or detailed surface, use an old toothbrush to work ketchup into the crevices. To avoid damaging the silver, don't leave the ketchup on longer than necessary. Rinse and dry.

L is for ... lemons
Get rid of tough stains on marble. Cut a lemon in half, dip the exposed flesh in some table salt and rub it vigorously on the stain. You will be amazed how well it works.

and for ... ladders
A straight ladder or front part of a stepladder makes a shallow planter with ready-made sections that look appealing filled with annuals, herbs or salad greens. After a couple of years of contact with soil, a wooden ladder will decompose.

M is for ... milk cartons
Keep drinks cold at a barbecue or party with ice blocks made from empty milk cartons. Rinse them, fill them with water and put them in the freezer. Peel away the container when you're ready to put them in the punch bowl. If you intend to use them as cooler blocks, leave the container in place.

N is for ... nail varnish
Preserve the important information on labels with a coat of clear varnish. Keep a shirt in good shape by putting a drop of clear varnish on the thread in the buttons. It prevents fraying and loss of buttons.

and for ... newspaper
Slow-ripen tomatoes that are still on the vine in autumn. Wrap each one in a couple of sheets of newspaper and then store them in airtight containers inside a dark cabinet or cupboard at room temperature. Check each one every three or four days; they will eventually ripen to perfection.

O is for ... olive oil
Make your own furniture polish. Combine two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice or white vinegar in a clean recycled spray bottle, shake it up and squirt it on. Leave the mixture on for a minute or two, then wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel. If you're in a hurry, apply olive oil straight from the bottle on to a paper towel. Wipe off any oil that remains with another towel.

and for ... oatmeal
Add luxury to a regular bath. All you need is 200g oatmeal and your favourite scented oil. Grind the oatmeal in a blender, put it in a cheesecloth bag, add a few drops of scent and suspend the bag under the running water as you fill your bathtub.

and for ... oven cleaner
To remove paint or varnish from wooden or metal furniture, try oven cleaner. It costs less than commercial strippers and is easier to apply (if you spray it). After applying, scrub off the old paint with a wire brush. Neutralise the stripped surface with vinegar, then wash it off with water. Allow to dry. Warning: never use oven cleaner on antique or expensive furnishings - it may darken wood or discolour metal.

P is for ... plastic bottles
Create a drip irrigator for plants. Cut a large hole in the bottom of a bottle, then drill two to five tiny (1.5mm) holes in or around the cap. Bury the closed bottles upside down about three-quarters submerged beneath the soil near the plants you need to water, and fill with water through the hole on top. Refill as needed.

R is for ... rubber flip-flops
Slip a rubber flip-flop on to your hand and rub carpets and rugs in the direction of the pile. Any pet hair will form into balls that can then be vacuumed up. This works well on upholstery, too, including car seats.

S is for ... sand
Fill a large bucket with builder's sand and pour in about a litre of clean motor oil. Plunge spades, hoes, rakes and other tools into the sand a few times to clean and lubricate them. To prevent rust, you can leave the tool blades in the sand for storage.

and for ... salt
Watermarks from damp glasses or bottles left on a wooden surface are unattractive. Make them disappear by mixing one teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water to form a paste. Gently rub the paste on to the ring with a soft cloth or sponge until the spot is gone. Restore the lustre with furniture polish.

T is for ... tennis balls
Give yourself a relaxing and therapeutic back massage: fill a long tube-shaped sock with a few tennis balls, tie the end and stretch the massager around your back as you would a towel after a shower.

and for ... tights
To find lost small objects, cut the leg off an old pair of tights, making sure the toe is intact and pull it over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner hose. Secure with a rubber band. Turn on the vacuum and you will soon find your valuable attached to your homemade filter.

U is for ... umbrellas
Make an instant trellis. Remove the fabric from an old umbrella and insert the handle into the ground to support climbing vines such as clematis. The umbrella's shape, covered with flowers, will look terrific in the garden.

V is for ... vodka
For a quick and easy weedkiller, mix 30ml vodka, a few drops of washing-up liquid and 400ml water in a spray bottle. Apply at midday on a sunny day to weeds growing in direct sunlight because alcohol breaks down the waxy cuticle covering on leaves, leaving them susceptible to dehydration. It won't work in shady spots.

is for ... WD40
For fast relief from a bee or wasp sting, spray WD-40 directly on the bite. It will soothe the pain at once.

Y is for ... yoghurt
Put 200ml plain active-culture yoghurt into a blender, along with a handful of moss and about 200ml water. Blend for about 30 seconds. Use a paintbrush to spread the mixture wherever you want moss to grow - between the cracks of a stone path, on the sides of flowerpots - as long as the spot is cool and shady. Keep misting the moss with water until it is established.

Z is for . . . zips
Ever lost your car keys in the sand at the seaside? Stitch a small zipped pocket to one corner of the underside of your beach towel, just big enough for keys, sunglasses and maybe a few coins.

And if you're feeling really bold ...
Four bizarre problem-solving suggestions
· If you want to post a fragile item to a friend, wrap the item in disposable nappies before sealing the package. You can be sure your gift will arrive in one piece.
· To get chewing gum out of hair, apply some peanut butter to the matted gum and hair and rub the gum until it comes out. Your child's hair may smell like peanut butter until you wash it, but it is a better solution than having to cut the gum out.
· Wash lettuce in a washing machine. If you are expecting lots of people for lunch, place one pillowcase inside another. Fill the inside case with lettuce leaves. Close with string or a rubber band and throw in the washing machine. Now run the rinse and spin cycle.
· Get the comfort of a salon treatment when giving yourself a home pedicure. Just place marshmallows between your toes to separate them before you apply nail polish.

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2023.06.10 23:23 saltypoopy Visited April’s Shop

Visited April’s Shop
They had a bunch of stuff for sale from Bam including his art. Brought my one skateboard that was already signed by Bam and met Phil who signed the bottom of it.
Last photo was my haul!
April’s apple pie was 🔥 and both of them were so nice and great to talk to. Can’t wait to go back for more pie.
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2023.06.10 22:40 geekboyking The Flash Hostess Fruit Pies ad

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2023.06.10 22:25 Epickid976 PayCal+ New update and features

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to announce that PayCal+ has received a new update with many new features. PayCal+ is a new budgeting app that focuses on weekly planning, instead of monthly, etc. Sometimes, monthly planning can be difficult, because you aren’t sure what will happen in the future. When you budget weekly, you are much more certain of what your budget will be and can, therefore, plan accordingly.
Live Activities - Live activities allow you to multitask between PayCal+ and other apps. - Sometimes, you need to reference info from other apps (banking, shopping apps, etc). With the live activity, you can quickly jump back to PayCal+ with a tap and also see relevant information.
First Batch of Widgets - New widgets have been added so you can quickly glance at the current weeks paycheck. - You can see your paycheck, overtime, expenses, extras, and total remaining right from the widget.
Themes - Personalize the app with the color you’d like. - Beautiful colors that really show your personality.
Add Emojis - Quickly add an emoji to expenses. - Allows you to visualize your expenses and see where your money is going. - Looks Great! :)
Categories for Expenses - Add a Category for each expense. - Each category is color coded, so you can visualize it quicker. - [“Soon, there will be a pie chart that will categorize all your expenses based on these colors, so stay tuned.”]
Other Functionalities Graphs - See graphs of your planned paychecks. - Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or all Paychecks - Colors follow your theme. - See both Bar Graphs and Line Graphs.
History - See a history of all the paychecks you’ve planned. - Quickly reference them and edit them if needed. - See a summary of earned to date (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, All) - Quickly Sort.
Extra Little Things - A floating button has been added instead of the previous individual buttons. - Visual Animations. - Onboarding Tutorial
Coming Soon: Subscription Analyzer, Widgets for each graph, Custom Expenses List to quickly add expenses, Reminders/Notifications to plan your week, Pie chart that summarizes all your expenses in the past Week Year or All Time.
I really appreciate your support and would love feedback to better this app. I’m slowly adding features and fixing little bugs here and there. I hope this helps someone as it has helped me. Thank you!
App Store Link
Also there’s currently a promo. The basic functionalities (Paycheck Planning and History) are now $2.99 (One time Payment). And the pro version is $9.99 Yearly (instead of $15.99 Yearly and $1.99 Monthly). The monthly is $1.99. So it’s over 50% Discount
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2023.06.10 21:10 SpaceSugarGlider Connecting Wilson/Davis & Elizondo: AAWSAP, AARO, and Zodiac

This post is long, controversial people and ideas appear below, I speculate at points, and there's a lot of acronyms, so a summary up-front: The Wilson/Davis meeting was real, the program Admiral Wilson told Dr. Davis about was real. It is the same program--Zodiac--that Lue Elizondo and Harry Reid ran afoul of in 2009, pointed in its direction by Dr. Davis. The program is so powerful in the US DoD that it managed to do what all organizations do when they feel threatened by a competitor: it "consumed" the UAPTF (successor to Harry Reid et al's AAWSAP), and re-org'd it ultimately as "AARO", to serve a role once filled by Project Blue Book: a public UFO debunking group to make the subject appear mundane. AARO, unknown perhaps to some or all working for it, is the public relations wing of the control group behind the cover-up, or is itself now an active arm of it. AARO should not be trusted. The control group guards the gateway to a reality wilder than imagination.
In May 2022 the United States held hearings on UFOs (9-min highlights).
In those proceedings, representatives of AOIMSG (later re-designated "AARO"):
...appeared publicly representing the then-recently re-organized program, succeeding the UAP Task Force.
The two gentlemen claimed no knowledge of any UFO program/s within the US Government in the years between AAWSAP (which officially ran from 2008-2012, and continued in some fashion through 2017 before being succeeded by the UAPTF) and the USAF's Project Blue Book (which closed in 1969).
They claimed no knowledge of well-known UFO incidents (which would have been in the files they inherited from UAPTF), claimed no communications attempts had been sent to unknown fliers in US airspace (Implies that unknowns--including Russian or Chinese--can enter and exit US airspace without challenge), showed a short video of a 'dot' in the sky claiming it was all they had to go on, and so on. Christopher Mellon said at the time:

But Mr. Moultrie's and Mr. Bray's testimony did not match information previously released, not limited to but specifically by Luis Elizondo, who once ran AAWSAP/AATIP: the predecessor to UAPTF, the program AOIMSG/AARO re-org'd from and the papers and materials of which they had in their possession.
We know that AAWSAP/AATIP and UAPTF shared at least some personnel (Dr. Eric Davis was a consultant to both programs, for instance), it is reasonable to think there was a continuity of data between programs as well, meaning that AAWSAP's data became UAPTF's, and in turn: AOIMSG/AARO's. Which leads me to ask why the representatives of AOIMSG/AARO seemed ignorant of data they should have had. I don't expect the people at the top to know everything off the tops of their heads, but one would think they'd have their resident nerds brief them before going before Congress.

So what did AAWSAP/AATIP know?
Though former director Luis Elizondo has often asked us to "read between the lines", limited in what he can publicly say due to the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) he's bound by, his message becomes clearer when events are laid out in order, dots between them connected.
When comparing information from AAWSAP and Elizondo to the Wilson/Davis notes, parallels emerge and details bolster each other.
This has implications for the legitimacy of AOIMSG/AARO.
Part 1: Admiral Thomas Wilson meets "the gatekeepers"
The notes of the 2002 meeting between Admiral Thomas Wilson and Dr. Eric Davis:

Uploaded in 2019 by UFO researcher Grant Cameron, the Wilson/Davis notes were found in the personal papers of late NASA astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, after he passed in 2016.
The notes had been rumored to exist for over a decade prior. Edgar Mitchell discussed the story behind them on CNN's "Larry King Live" in 2008: (time-stamped)
The notes are one of the most controversial cases to appear in ufology in decades, with credible supporting and skeptical arguments alike. No less than John Greenewald Jr. (of The Black Vault) has speculated the notes were written for a film or TV show.
I ask your indulgence as I respectfully disagree with Mr. Greenewald below.

The Wilson/Davis notes contend that Admiral Thomas Wilson (US Navy, now retired) met Dr. Eric Davis (of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, NIDS, AAWSAP, and a consultant for UAPTF) in Las Vegas in 2002 for a confidential meeting at Davis's request. Davis tooks notes during the meeting, and those notes are what Grant Cameron eventually published online.
Admiral Wilson allegedly told Dr. Davis in that meeting about the admiral's attempt circa 1997 to gain access to a reverse-engineering program managed by at least one large American private defense contractor, and controlled via an unusual governmental Special Access Program, or SAP.
SAPs can serve as "umbrellas" for USAPs: Unacknowledged Special Access programs, which can themselves be umbrellas for even more secretive programs, programs that ultimately even the SAP Oversight Commitee has little or no window into. Like a "Russian doll" of secrecy.

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Steven Greer (of CSETI) obtained a document dated 28 July 1991, said to be leaked from the Nellis Test & Training Range (NTTR) in Nevada:
This document listed a number of group code-names, warning each to suspend visible operations in light of an impending civilian UFO-researcher event in the nearby town of Rachel, Nevada, just to the north of the NTTR.

Dr. Greer, at that time in the mid-'90s working alongside Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Mitchell later distanced himself from Greer), met with Admiral Wilson around 1996, and showed him that allegedly leaked document from the NTTR.
Dr. Greer asked the admiral to see if he could, using his clearances and access, find anything about any of the code names on that list.
Two of the names on that list are MAJ and MAJI Ops. If legitimate, this would lend credence to the idea of some group with a name similar to "MAJIC" or "Majestic": extremely loaded terms.
Admiral Wilson searched the Pentagon Records Group, and found at least one of the names on that list (we don't know which): it was a Special Access Program within what was at that time the OUSDAT (at that time, the Office of the Under-Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions and Technology).
From the Wilson/Davis notes page 7, Wilson speaking to Davis in 2002:
They told me of a special projects record group not belonging to usual SAP - a special subset of the unacknowledged/carve-outs/waived programs - not belonging to usual SAP divisions as organized in '94 by Perry himself - set apart from rest but buried/covered by conventional SAPs

The admiral was concerned that the program he found should have been something he was aware of, if not in control of. But he had no prior knowledge of it at all.
He reached out to its leaders, and was grudgingly granted a meeting with three people who called themselves the gatekeepers, who reluctantly told him they represented a reverse-engineering program: that they had in their possession at least one intact vehicle "not made by human hands".
They were mostly concerned with how he found them and what he wanted. When he said he needed to be vetted in, they saw to it that the admiral was rebuffed and threatened--with loss of rank and pension--if he pursued the matter further.
Admiral Wilson has been contacted multiple times over the years since and has denied the Wilson/Davis notes each time, as he promised he would within the notes themselves.
In a 2020 interview with the NY Post's Steven Greenstreet, Dr. Eric Davis awkwardly refused to confirm or deny the meeting and notes. Judge for yourself, here is that clip, he reads to me as a man cornered:
Next I'm going to get into AAWSAP, and it's worth noting I feel that Dr. Davis was a consultant to that program. He reported to Dr. Hal Puthoff, who himself reported to Lue Elizondo. (L to R: Puthoff, Elizondo, and Davis)
As all these people worked together and shared security clearances, they were freer to talk about certain topics than Dr. Davis appears in the video with Mr. Greenstreet above. This potentially has implications, for how and from where Elizondo might know where to look for "certain things".
Part 2: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the mysterious "other" UFO group
2008: AAWSAP's beginnings have been gone over many times, I'll summarize only. The New York Times article from December 2017 that revealed the program is here.
A brief summary of the origins of the program can be had here, in a somewhat neutral tone.
The program grew out of discussions between Las Vegas entrepreneur Robert Bigelow and the late Senator Harry Reid, and initially was led by Dr. James Lacatski with a focus on studying unexplained phenomena, including UFOs.
When Dr. Lacatski left the group, former counter-intel officer Luis Elizondo was brought in to lead the program.

I'm going to put aside the fact Mr. Elizondo met the head of a US Government UFO program that ran in the 1980s, which already makes AOIMSG/AARO's assertion there was no program between Blue Book and AAWSAP false. Mr. Moultrie and Mr. Bray had only to ask Elizondo if he knew of any other groups, but they apparently were incurious.
2009: Mr. Elizondo, the fresh director of AAWSAP, bumped up against a different group (not the one from the 1980s) within the US Department of Defense--a Special Access Program of some kind--which he and Sen. Harry Reid had reason to believe held deep secrets about the same kinds of subjects AAWSAP was looking into, specifically non-human-created technologies.
Not being a Special Access Program themselves, AAWSAP had no access to this other group's personnel, data, or materials.
Senator Reid, who was at the time the US Senate Majority Leader and one of the trio of senators (along with Ted Stevens and Daniel Inouye) who'd gotten AAWSAP initially funded, tried to get AAWSAP (as "AATIP") re-designated a Special Access Program itself:
This would have granted specific AAWSAP personnel (as AATIP) the appropriate clearances to be vetted into this strange SAP they'd run into.
Senator Reid was rebuffed, and he, along with AAWSAP/AATIP personnel--including Mr. Elizondo and Dr. Hal Puthoff--was denied access to the other group and its materials. They shut out not only Elizondo (a trusted and decorated military veteran who already held top-secret clearances), but the Majority Leader of the United States Senate.
George Knapp (investigative journalist: KLAS Las Vegas, MysteryWire, Weaponized):
What was the intention, with making it (AAWSAP) into a Special Access Program?
Sen. Reid:
Well there are certain things that we had learned in our work, that there were places that we needed to go, that people had certain things, equipment, and other stuff, that we needed to see, and you couldn't do it unless you got, clearance from the Pentagon, and they wouldn't give it to us.
It suggests that there are other studies or programs, that might shed light on this mystery?
Sen. Reid:
Other programs, that have been done, and information they have, including different um, pieces of evidence.
...Do you know what those pieces are?
Sen. Reid:
No... um, I've just only heard rumors, and I'm not going to get into rumors.
Part 3: UAPTF, to AOIMSG, to AARO -- Stealing back the narrative
In 2012, AAWSAP was refused additional funding and officially closed, though the program continued in some fashion until Elizondo's resignation from the US Government and his joining Tom DeLonge's To The Stars in 2017.
After Elizondo went public, the US Government effort that had been AAWSAP/AATIP was ultimately reborn as the UAP Task Force (UAPTF), which eventually counted among its members UFO whistleblower David Grusch.
Under To The Stars, the current public UFO disclosure advocacy effort began, with Christopher Mellon acquiring and leaking three now-famous videos of UFOs recorded by US Navy personnel, the release of History Channel's Unidentified series, and a steady stream of press: the tone of which began to take the subject more seriously.
This began to apply pressure from the outside to the subject: by re-framing it as an aerospace integrity, safety, and national security issue, credible people like Mellon poked the US Government asking, "Why won't you take this seriously?"
This led to increasing serious interest in the topic not only by the public but by vocal members of the US Congress like Mike Gallagher and Tim Burchett, by respected journalists like Ross Coulthart. Stigma was chipped away at, new reporting avenues were added for US military personnel; progress seemed to be being made.

In response, I think the group Elizondo and Reid, and before them I believe Admiral Wilson, had encountered, did what any organization that feels another could become a threat to it does: they bought out the competition, consuming the UAPTF and making it their own.
In a December 2021 article for The Hill, Elizondo and Mellon each voiced concern over the re-org and move of the now former-UAPTF to AOIMSG (later re-branded AARO) under the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security (OUSD(I&S)):
"...If we want 70 more years of secrecy on this topic, then OUSD(I&S) is the perfect place to put it. They’ve had four years so far, and we have little in the way of efforts serving the public interest."
"...the inability of OUSD(I&S) to engage effectively on the [UFO] issue is why so little has changed or been accomplished since 2004."
With the newly-branded AARO in their pocket, the control group regained the upper hand. Instead of doing away with a government UFO office entirely, they would control the one that existed and through it shape the public narrative, getting disinformation back on track.
Part 4: Who is this "other" UFO program?
For decades there has been talk of an organization operating behind the scenes within the US Government on the UFO problem, from Project Aquarius, to the "men in black", to the Majestic 12.
In May 2021 UFO researcher Project Unity tweeted this brief exchange between UFO researchehistorian Richard Dolan and Lue Elizondo.
Richard Dolan: "Have you ever come across evidence that supports the reality of an organization, whether we call it MJ-12 or Zodiac?"
Lue Elizondo: "Sure, absolutely"
Richard Dolan: "Okay so I want to ask about Zodiac, I've got reasons for asking, is this something you have come across?"
Lue Elizondo: "Yes"
Richard Dolan: "So can I ask you what you can say about that?"
Lue Elizondo: "I cannot".

Like the devil of Earth myths, they've "had so many names".
They may no longer go by "Zodiac", but they almost certainly did as recently as 2009, in order for Elizondo to know that name, unless he heard it from Dr. Eric Davis (possible, even likely).
Zodiac is almost certainly the program Sen. Harry Reid tried (and failed) to get his people vetted into. I believe it's the same group (or a related silo) which denied Admiral Wilson access to their reverse-engineering program in 1997.
This group is either the current version of whatever it was Admiral Wilson found via the Pentagon Records Group, or it sits beneath it in hierarchy. Dr. Davis is likely the person who pointed Lue Elizondo in its direction, when Elizondo took charge of AAWSAP and started snooping around internally.
Zodiac is either the umbrella group itself, or one of several sibling programs (Unacknowledged SAPs) nested within a master SAP.
If it's a sub-program, it might be the reverse-engineering wing, compartmentalized apart from other silos. The other big candidate in this case could be crash retrieval.
The reverse-engineering program places recovered non-human technologies in private corporations (exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests), access to which is limited to strict "bigot lists" and protected by extremely punishing NDAs.
Progress on reverse-engineering is glacial if anything, but we will be shocked to learn what things we use in daily life have come from or were influenced by alien technologies.
People have been ruined or buried in unmarked graves for breaking ranks with the program/s. Favored aerospace and technology corporations have benefited from the relationship while their competitors have been bought out or ruined.
Military application of technologies takes all precedence.
Crash retrieval sounds straight-forward but I bet it has a lot of nuances, a lot of special skills and equipment. A global quick-response infrastructure is implied (meaning groups ready to deploy across the globe at all times. We don't want people flying out of Wright-Pat to get to a crash in say Australia, we'd want a team with the right equipment already in say Guam, ready to activate), with skilled/trained personnel and equipment standing by at all hours. The field personnel may be military or ex-military. National borders would seem to mean little and essentially violating other countries' territories a required part of the job.

Reverse-engineering, and crash retrievals, are likely not the only silos of the group.
Joe Murgia ("UFO Joe") interviewed Commander Will Miller, who is referenced in the Wilson/Davis notes.
Joe Murgia: When you say “Control Group” like you did in Leslie Kean’s book, do you mean an MJ-12-like group?
Will Miller: Yes, I’d opine that there are probably multiple “Control Groups”, each one covering certain aspects of the UFO/ETI issue; i.e. one probably covering crash retrievals & analysis, another covering collecting & analyzing reports of “encounters,” another related to overall oversight, etc. That’s just within DoD. Additionally, there are a limited # of DoD “contractors” who even have the technological capability to work this issue to include analysis, security, etc.

The other silos under the master umbrella program, compartmentalized apart from each other, could look like...
(This is me speculating wildly on what these other programs could contain information on, and should be taken with enormous grains of salt):
  • Biological remains, and what can be gleaned from them on the environments the beings evolved in; cell-structure, nutritional requirements, reproduction, ancestry/evolutionary history. Weapons applications of non-terrestrial biology.
  • Intelligence gathering on off-world organizations. Spying on those watching humanity, maybe even using stolen alien technology to do so. Implications of using ET tech to spy on terrestrial competitors, both corporate and national. Implications if any of our visitors turn out to be biologically human (meaning their ancestors were taken from Earth and a viable breeding population of humans is kept part of the alien society even now, identical to us, perfect spies).
  • Organic/machine interfaces - anything from physical control consoles, to mind/machine interfaces, to biologically-integrated technologies, purpose-grown artificial/synthetic life-forms, genetic engineering.
  • Xeno-linguistics and communications. Alien languages: spoken, written, computemachine language/s, and maybe things we don't have an analogue for (IE the oft-reported telepathy, either naturally evolved or technologically achieved).
  • Exo-politics - the nature of alien command and social structures (or lack thereof) and initiatives; policies on dealing with native life-forms (like us).
  • Terrestrial foreign power intelligence gathering - what do other countries know/have and what are they doing with it? Given the reasons for the cover-up (weaponization), this would seem of paramount importance to the overall program.
  • Recovered craft: testing and potential use thereof. As astonished as I feel writing this... have we taken recovered or reverse-engineered craft off-world ourselves? Do we use them for terrestrial espionage? A single alien craft, if useable by humans at all, could be a game-changing military asset, so I doubt this... but I can't call it "off the table".
  • New (to us) physics - imagine what someone capable of traversing the space between star systems (or "parallel realities" if one prefers) knows about the nature of reality, that we humans do not. As the late Carl Sagan once said, "To bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." Weaponization of ideas learned from alien understanding of physics (IE microwave or beam weaponry, gravity manipulation to achieve force fields, time distortions, or targeted gravitational disruptions).
  • Materials science - compounds or isotopes not found in the Sol system or even guessed at. Atomic or sub-atomic level engineering. Imagine trying to understand objects that came from industrial-sized fabricators with integrated particle acceleration capable of "3-D printing" anything from hand-held devices to entire starships in minutes using nothing but hydrogen and helium as building blocks, engineering from the sub-atomic on up with integrated quantum-computing in every atom of the device. The possibilities, as astounding as I find it, of 3-D printing custom-engineered living beings or exact duplicates of existing organisms.
  • Exo-computational devices and databases - consider what might be gleaned from understanding the alien version of a "computer". Imagine the data stored within: star charts, maps back to the point of origin or colonies and to every other inhabited biosphere within thousands of light years (or on a multi-galactic scale), medical data, historical data, entertainment like music or visuals, 3-D data storage including imagery and sounds from Earth's own past and/or countless other worlds under their observation. Not to mention insights into the minds of the people who made the technology: how they think and process data, at what speed, etc.
...and god knows what else.
Imagine if there's a silo that holds alien medical technologies: treatments or cures for diseases. The ability to re-grow lost limbs, to repair spinal damage or lost eyesight/hearing. Even if not applicable (yet) to human biology, the ideas that could come from this if shared with the medical community across Earth... all brought here incidentally in a "first-aid kit" aboard someone else's spacecraft. In defense of Zodiac, imagine the terrible weaponization potential.
Could we ever forgive these people for keeping secrets like this? For the crimes they've committed to do so? Even if they did what they felt was needed to protect national interests, at some point the base fact that we're not alone should belong to everyone. Because it really feels like what started as an attempt to hide technologies that could be weaponized if a competitor figured them out first has turned into "hiding everything we've done to hide that technology, and we can't mention aliens because that begs the question how did they get here, which brings us back to the technology", tech they don't know how to make more of.
Conclusion: Following "Lue's Clues", thoughts on and fear of the control group, disinformation, and questions
There is implication in information from Elizondo and Dr. Davis that there's been a clandestine organization controlling the UFO issue operating within the US Department of Defense for decades, a group which has repeatedly shielded itself from prying eyes. What they can't shield they reduce through propaganda to ridicule. If not in name or historical fact, this may as well be the Majestic 12 of UFO lore.
I write that name with a heavy heart, and with fear. People on these forums always snipe, "That's just what you want to believe," or, "Nobody wants to believe more than me, but c'mon".
I read those replies and every time think, "Do you know what you're saying? Have you read the Majestic documents? They're terrifying. Of course I don't want it to be real! I want it to be fake, like Robert Hastings said!" The reality they suggest is horrifying to me.
I've recoiled from, fled from, the possibility of the Majestic 12 for more than 30 years, since I first read the initial papers in Timothy Good's Above Top Secret in late 1989.
I with great trepidation read Stanton Friedman's TOP SECRET/MAJIC, hoping for some fatal flaw. I've read with interest (and often unease) these past few years everything Harry_is_white_hot--probably the lead researcher currently working on the topic--has put out about MJ-12. I keep hoping for that fatal flaw in the basic concept of a shadowy "men in black"-type group like this. No conspiracy can be that big and remain hidden, surely.
But objective reality is not influenced by what we want or would find more comfortable to be true; it simply is what it is.
That's not to say everything in the Majestic documents is real (I still hope to god it's not; they literally contain a directive on when to execute stranded alien beings to preserve secrecy), but the fact of a real organization filling that role--whatever its real history is--is for me no longer escapable after David Grusch.

I've had suspicions about AARO since its inception as AOIMSG, since the warning from Elizondo and Mellon about OUSD(I&S) in The Hill.
The re-org of UAPTF into AARO seems to me an attempt to regain control of the narrative after people like Elizondo and Mellon began to apply public pressure on the US Government to disclose what it knows about UFOs. What they can't keep secret, they ridicule: a powerful social tool.
For two decades, the US Air Force used Project Blue Book to gaslight not only the American populace, but the news media and the world, into thinking there was no "there" there in UFOs. That those of us interested in the topic were insane, to be socially ostracized, shamed, and shunned.
Blue Book was, it was later revealed by its former scientific advisor Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a public relations and propaganda program.
AARO is in its purpose no different, and will be the first place the news media turns to explain to them what is going on with the unfolding David Grusch story. Well, AARO or Neil DeGrasse-Tyson. Maybe Bill Nye.
The Grusch story is already being attached to the sensational Las Vegas "aliens in the backyard" tale - see ABC News Chicago, complete with X-files music! - scroll down the article to see them mention Mr. Grusch. Zodiac's tendrils in the press are twitching, and not even that much: just poke the bias toward mundanity they've nurtured in us for decades.
As the infamous quote goes:
"There's nothing to hide?"
"There's nothing to hide at all."

I don't know everything above and I'm absolutely very obviously speculating in places, on things I would once never have considered possible and which looked absolutely wild to my eyes even as I wrote them. I may stumble in some places but I think I've headed in the direction Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon, Dr. Eric Davis, and others have pointed us in.
Mr. Elizondo's information, passed in pieces due to his NDAs, has been widely mocked as "Lue's Clues": deliberately mysterious and obfuscated. He's been derided as a grifter and con-artist, he's been doxxed, he's provided what he can at enormous personal cost to himself and his family. Stringing the information and hints that he's put out together, the picture not only becomes more detailed, it implies a conspiracy which in and of itself will be an ontological shock, beyond which lies even more shock, after shock, after shock.
If a nobody like me can read what Elizondo's getting at, why can't Mr. Moultrie, or Mr. Bray, or Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick for that matter? Do they not at least have questions? Are they so incurious? This is literally their job, at least on paper.
David Grusch has briefed AARO personnel on his extraordinary findings, and AARO still says, "We have no credible/verifiable indication of non-human intelligence." Saying little, they speak volumes.
The implications make me feel, appropriately I think: "somber".
I'll end with some brief thoughts from Lue Elizondo:
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.10 21:05 Darkshreaders3 New york rule

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2023.06.10 20:30 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nosrtrils McBeardsley Power Hour:

The Nosrtrils McBeardsley Power Hour:
Happy Fri-Yay, Snarkers! OfNostrils has a piping hot slice of her new life as a mother of three served up for us today on the Tube. No word on if she actually believes that she has three kids now, but in true OfNostrils fashion, the literal first thing you see of Actually Gunner this week is him in the sink-tub. He made it a whopping three weeks before getting his bath time filmed. In this bath guys, le sigh. Actually Gunner is laying against a fuzzy pillow, yawning as the kitchen sink faucet runs onto his side. He is covered by a washcloth up to the armpit, but unless this is OfNostrils’ version of How to Bathe a Newborn we really don’t need to see this. Someone needs to tell her she can actually bond with her child without filming it for the world. Anyways let’s get to this week’s vlogisode.
Giddy-Up is still not a fan of the name Gunner. Austina yells \"hi friends\" outside to the birds. She must be entering her Disney princess phase.
We open with Actually Gunner laying on Nostrils’ lap as Giddy-Up flits around to kiss the baby. Austina yells hi friend out the window, as Giddy-Up says he calls Actually Gunner “stranger”. OfNostrils asks Nostrils to fill us in on where Actually Gunner has to go tomorrow. Nostrils tells us they have to go to the dentist, to laser Actually Gunner’s lip tie, but OfNostrils has to remind him that it’s the “laser” at the dentist. Austina asks for a new food of some sort, it’s unclear what it is and of course OfNostrils pays more attention to the baby and not the two-year-old quickly telling her she can just eat that one. Welcome to The Big Show kid, the sister mom life is wearing on her already.
Giddy-Up tries to relate, OfNostrils is in update mode, not film the children incessantly mode.
OfNostrils tells us that Actually Gunner is five days old, which means this is from a couple weeks ago, as Giddy-Up says he’s five also. OfNostrils is quick to tell him that five years is Not the same as five days. Things are tough all over for Giddy-Up and Austina. OfNostrils simpers for the camera and tells us that it’s been so great adjusting, the kids are gentle and they love him, before turning serious about the dentist and the lip tie, and probable tongue tie. I wonder why she didn’t just ask for God’s help with it? Either way the doctor actually couldn’t tell whether he had an actual tongue tie and so now they have to go to the dentist. They are excited that he gained 5 ounces in two days after losing the 5 ounces he lost in the three days after birth. I mean, if memory serves me Baby Swiss lost almost a pound and was back to her birth weight seven days old so I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. Oh, because the doctor told her that it would take two weeks but that she’s doing great nursing. She says “I’m like ‘ah’ so encouraging”. I really want to know why she’s acting like this is her first baby ever. Did she not nurse the other two? Did Perm the Dairy Queen not let her know OfNostrils can tap into super lactation DNA to become a new Dairy Queen? It’s like when queen bees split a hive. Apparently though, our fledgling Dairy Queen OfNostrils suspects that the discomfort is the result of a tongue tie. The appointment will be early in the morning she will “let us know how it goes”, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel suspense over something that 1) I don’t really care about and 2) that has already happened and will be resolved within 10 minutes. I feel like the way she does these videos is she just films every day and then post the highlights every Friday, which is what leads to this weird half-live half-serial format where she asks us to interact with something that has already happened.
A.G. is gaining despite his tongue and lip ties.
Austina isn't missing a thing and gets up early to see her brother.
The kids had literally rolled out of bed. I swear she woke everyone up to say bye to A.G.
The next morning, Actually Gunner lays on his parents’ bed as Austina perches nearby. OfNostrils asks Austina “who is this” and Austina climbs up on the bed and says “Gunner James” which the captions turn into “elected jeans”. Nostrils stays home with the two older kids, who run out of the house and back into it in various states of undress, as OfNostrils is on her own with Actually Gunner for his early-morning dentist appointment. We’ve gotten rid of the drone and we get what I hope is dash cam footage instead of drone footage, although if snhe held the phone to the dashboard as she drove along a country road I wouldn’t be surprised either. Ofostrils sacrifices getting coffee because “didn’t have time”, have they ever made a right choice like this before? Skip the coffee, keep the dental appointment for the six day old? “Bubba” has a thick lip tie on the top, and a tongue tie. They go take Actually Gunner back for the procedure really quick, and it should be a 2 to 4 week healing time. He also shouldn’t have a speech impediment as he gets older and they will see how it goes. Actually Gunner does excellent during this procedure and is sleeping, while also being possessed by Nostrils McBeardsley himself. Seriously we think Austina looks like her father, this kid looks like he’s gonna grow a beard worthy of a Civil War drummer in about week. Actually Gunner is able to eat well and OfNostrils is glad that the procedure worked. She’s thankful, he’s happy, she’s happy, and now she has to keep up on doing what the doctor told him to do. I hope for Actually Gunner’s sake she’s much better about this than she was about those iron pills she was supposed to be taking for the majority of her pregnancy.
I guess her coffee maker is broken?
At least it's a quick fix for the kid's sake.
He's sleeping and OfNostrils is happy
“Several” days later, she is at the two week mark. I don’t know if she can’t subtract 5 from 14, or if she didn’t even try to figure it out. In however many days it is Giddy-Up has become of building builder, by stacking his blocks. Oh, and OfNostrils took the last week off for our sakes, so we could catch up on her “birth videos” that she stretched out and padded with old footage “and what his name is”. Pfft. Like she hadn’t been telling us everything the entirety of the time on different platforms. She goes on to say that she liked taking the break which, we all know she didn’t really take a break from vlogging, she just posted a day later one week. She was still sticking the camera in the kids’ faces, all three of them. She posted on two Fridays out of three, so she was editing and filming the entire time. Also, Nostrils has been super busy at work so OfNostrils has already had all three kids home all day by herself. She repeats adjusting has gone super well, due to her easy recovery and also due to Actually Gunner’s calmness. Nostrils holds Actually Gunner as OfNostrils films. She asks him who he thinks Actually Gunner looks like, and Nostrils says that Actually Gunner looks a little bit like Giddy-Up but ultimately that he’s really got his own look. No he doesn’t, he looks exactly like Nostrils McBeardsley. Both parents estimate Actually Gunner is roughly 10 pounds. Boy, I’m surprised they don’t actually just get out the fish scale and put it on the back of the onesie to check. Nostrils The Next Generation hop around as Actually Gunner lays on pillows on the couch. OfNostrils has 2 U pillows put together and a coffee table pushed next to the couch. She can afford a Doona but not a bassinet for the living room? OfNostrils asks Giddy-Up and Austina if they want to set up the pool outside. Giddy-Up wants to add soap, OfNostrils bursts his bubble and says no. Giddy-Up has lost a couple more teeth, and runs off as OfNostrils calls herself “mom” when she says she’s going to help them set up both pools.
May 31 for anyone keeping track of the timeline in this vlogisode
\"How has the transition been\" she asks.
How many times is she going to ask them this?
Giddy-Up is taking no chances
No privacy for the soon-to-be-napping
Giddy-Up puts on a full-size innertube to go down a plastic child’s slide into a pool maybe 6 inches deep. Both pools are wading pools, and OfNostrils warns Austina to not put dirt in the pool. Austina wasn’t planning on it, she was putting it into a skillet and making mud pie thank you very much. Now we cut to nap time, and Austina asks for a stuffed animal. Once she them settled, they sharply cut to “a few days later” OfNostrils asks Actually Gunner if he wants a bath? She proceeds to turn the water on to give Actually Gunner a bath, and he yawns through it so I guess he’s okay with it. Next up is a clumsy cut to Austina and Giddy-Up in the back seat dancing in their car seats. Don’t show Perm and Sperm…or Jana. OfNostrils films from the front seat as they take the kids to the park. The trip to the park is long enough that Actually Gunner needs to be fed while Nostrils stops to “run inside and pick up” a truck part. The truck part gets driven past on a forklift so I’m not sure if they’re going to haul it somewhere else before the park or just take it with them everywhere. It looks like a bumper for what it’s worth.
These waterfall showerheads are getting ridiculous, also Car Seat Dance Party
I couldn't get a clear shot of it, but when Nostrils put Austina down he kind of flung her into Giddy-Up at the end of the slide
Nostrils forgot the mic was hot. At least I hope so, otherwise he's gotten too comfy on camera.
Once they are at the park, Actually Gunner hangs out in the stroller while Giddy-Up and Austina run around. OfNostrils follows Giddy-Up into a boat type tunnel thing, as Austina runs behind her. Nostrils squeaks down the slide with Austina on his lap and Giddy-Up next to him, then tells Giddy-Up “no, we aren’t” when Giddy-Up wants to go in a boat. Cut to Austina in a toddler swing and Giddy-Up in what I think is a swing for kids with physical disabilities. Anyways, Austina is chattering away and says “it’s nice to be here”. Next up is a big double slide, that splits and Giddy-Up slides down to cheers from his mother. Austina is also all the way up at the top but OfNostrils tells Nostrils that “she’s trying to walk up”, either way no one went up to help the 2 year old onto the slide. The stepping rocks up to the slide are almost as big as she is, so maybe their next angle is Austina the Explorer and she teaches Bible verses instead of Spanish vocabulary words when she gets to the top of the slide. Ya’ll saw it here first, but so help me if they actually do something like that. Austina finally appears to slide down, and is pulling herself by the sides of the slide. OfNostrils tells her to “pick your legs up, put them up in the sky”, when “lean back a bit” is a much easier way to convey that message. Nostrils tells the world that that slide gave him the ultimate wedgie. That wasn’t the slide that did that pal, that’s your karma for naming the baby Gunner fucking James. Nostrils tells Austina that she is good at climbing. She already knows this and the next shot shows her skittering out of the slide at top speed before running over to the stroller for some hugs after her zippy trip down the metal. She sticks her lower lip out as Nostrils takes his turn shoving the camera in her face, who says this isn’t an equal marriage? Nostrils asks if it was scary and Austina clearly tells him no, but that she laid on her back. Her shirt probably rode up some and she got a bit of a friction scrape. We zoom in on Actually Gunner’s sleeping self as Giddy-Up asks to go to another Slide Park one day because he liked it. Next is a cut to the car where Nostrils holds Actually Gunner up to the AC vents because it’s hot. Actually Gunner is just along for the ride as his peach fuzz blows in the frosty air. OfNostrils asks Giddy-Up what his favorite slide was and he stutters through a couple as he tries to remember all of them. Austina drinks her water and looks out the window as OfNostrils swings the camera back to the front to show of her iced iced baby, who is probably cooled off enough to go back into the car seat and go home.
She wasn't scared of the slide, she said so.
Random shot of sleeping two week old, 5 year old asks to go find all the slide parks.
unedited because his face says he's not loving it
Austina declined to comment, not that she was asked.
That’s all from the McBeardsley’s this week, and I am pushing The !s tomorrow (Saturday night). Kath!s Kometitive Nature must win above all, but she missed the Fri-Yay cut-off time. Better luck next week, Kath! As for the rest of you lovely folks, I’ll catch y’all later!
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2023.06.10 20:29 Pinkroboticunicorn Sleepy Dreamer Fantfiction Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Rather Dramatic Escape.
Rarity: "Is there a REAL reason we're being held here against our will, other than that your leader doesn't like us? I'D LIKE ANSWERS PLEASE!?"
Guard1: "You will get no such answers!"
Guard2: "Yeah! Now be quiet or else!"
Rarity: "Hmph! This will not stand!"
Pinkie Pie: "You seem really upset Rarity."
Rarity: "Of course I'm upset, I was dragged from my own home by these absolute ruffians! While I was in the middle of a new Fashion Line! And then thrown into a dank stinky and putrid dungeon!"
Pinkie Pie: "Oh yeah! Hee Hee, same here, except I wasn't making a Fashion Line, I was baking a cake! It was going to be my ultimate masterpiece! The best of the best ingredients of honey, rock candy, and just a whole lot of other things."
Rarity: "Of course."
Pinkie Pie: "I'm a bit more curious about this new friend! They're still unconscious and all but I'm just really curious, we haven't even gotten a name yet."
Pinkie Pie pointed at Blake who was in the same cell as them, sure enough Blake was idle and still rebooting, completely out of it, and sure enough around her waist was a Dream Dimension Belt, just as broken too.
Rarity: "Well, I guess I am a little curious myself as well, I wonder what they did to get on the Diamond Dog's leader's bad side?"
Pinkie Pie: "Huh I dunno, I mean we don't even know what got us on their bad side either."
Rarity: "True."
Blake: "F... Fel... Fell..."
Pinkie Pie: "Huh?"
Rarity: "Oh dear, looks like they might be coming to, you okay dear?"
Blake: "I... I'm fine, just shut down for a little while to Reboot, since I kinda fell. On top of some mutant dog creature."
Pinkie Pie: "Oooooooh. So that's what you meant by "F... Fel... Fell" when you were coming to."
Pinkie Pie: "......"
Pinkie Pie: "What's a Reboot?"
Rumble: "Guards! Guards!"
Rough: "Hide us! Please! That pink human is scary!"
Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Blake witnessed Rough and Rumble tumble down the halls and towards them, whimpering and whining as they went.
Blake: "Leo!"
Rarity: "Leo?"
Pinkie Pie: "Who's that?"
Rumble: "You there! Blue one! You know about the pink human!"
Blake: "She's my friend! And her name is Leo Plasma!"
Rumble: "Whatever! Does she have any weaknesses?"
Blake: "Hmmmm... well not really, she does have a bit of a sweet tooth."
Pinkie Pie: "Ooooo, really? What's her favorite dessert?"
Blake: "Well she really likes--"
Rumble: "That's not what I'm asking for!"
Blake: "And I gave my answer, she doesn't really have any weaknesses, unless you count character flaws that everyone has."
Rumble: "Oh man! This is gonna be tough... unless I use her blue friend!"
Blake: "My name's Blake XJ."
Rumble: "Yeah whatever, as a hostage."
Rarity: "GASP! How cowardly! And you will do no such thing! We will defend Blake from your cowardly ways!"
Pinkie Pie: "Yeah! She's our new friend! And we're gonna protect her!"
Blake: "But? Even though we barely just met?"
Rarity: "Just go with it darling, we'll get to know you better later."
Blake: "I like your attitude!"
Rumble: "Enough! Guards! Grab the-- um... grab Blake XJ! The Blue One!"
The guards came into the cell quickly, and grabbed Blake by one of her pigtails, which caught her off guard slightly.
Leo: "Blake!"
Blake, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie looked over to see Leo, Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike arrive on scene, they ran as quickly as they could towards them, fully ready to kick some-- butt.
Leo: "Let her go!"
Rumble chuckled evilly as they fully dragged Blake out of the cell by her pigtail, and held her rather tightly.
Rumble: "Well we could possibly, but what would the use be? Hm? If you surrender we might let your friend go!"
Pinkie Pie: "No way!"
Rarity: "You scoundrels!"
Pinkie Pie and Rarity began to charge towards them only for them to slam the cell shut in their faces, preventing them from getting close at all.
Rarity: "Apple Jack! Twilight! Do something!"
Twilight, Apple Jack, and Spike began to charge towards them as well, only to be stopped by Leo, who pulled out a hand.
Twilight: "Huh? Leo?"
Leo: "Are you sure you want to do this? I'd say for your own safety I'd let her go."
Pinkie Pie: "What?"
Spike: "Did I hear that correctly?"
Rumble: "Ha! Like some--"
Rumble was immediately, and subsequently punched in the face, and thrown to the ground by known other than Blake XJ, who managed to get free from the guard immediately, and rip the door off of the cell too.
Rough: "Woah!"
Rumble: "Oh my!"
Teddy: "That my friends is why you never underestimate your hostage."
Teddy, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy showed up a little ways down the hall, Teddy proudly held their cell door in her hands as though it were a trophy, she of course set it down after seeing her friends Leo, and Blake.
Leo, Blake, and Teddy proceeded to have a group hug, along with the ponies.
Rainbow Dash: "Twilight, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity! You're okay!"
Twilight: "And we're glad you're okay too!"
Leo: "I'm glad you guys aren't hurt."
Blake: "Awww! Me too!"
Teddy: "Me 3!"
Leo: "*ahem*, okay! Just a sec, there's something I need to have a little chat with!"
Leo turned around and crouched down to look at the now somewhat beaten Diamond Dogs, specifically at Rough and Rumble, who seem to be the ones in charge, and throwing their weight around.
Leo: "Aight. Why'd you imprison us? Explanations, now!"
Rumble: "Wha!? I thought you knew!? It was because you fell on top of our fearless leader!"
Leo: "Yeah I know, but I want to know about the others, why'd you lock them up?"
Rumble: "Huh!? Th-the ponies...?"
Leo: "Yes! The ponies!"
Rumble: "Well... cause of the g-gem incident!"
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2023.06.10 19:51 Epickid976 PayCal+ New Update and Promo!

Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to announce that PayCal+ has received a new update with many new features. PayCal+ is a new budgeting app that focuses on weekly planning, instead of monthly, etc. Sometimes, monthly planning can be difficult, because you aren’t sure what will happen in the future. When you budget weekly, you are much more certain of what your budget will be and can, therefore, plan accordingly.
Live Activities - Live activities allow you to multitask between PayCal+ and other apps. - Sometimes, you need to reference info from other apps (banking, shopping apps, etc). With the live activity, you can quickly jump back to PayCal+ with a tap and also see relevant information.
First Batch of Widgets - New widgets have been added so you can quickly glance at the current weeks paycheck. - You can see your paycheck, overtime, expenses, extras, and total remaining right from the widget.
Themes - Personalize the app with the color you’d like. - Beautiful colors that really show your personality.
Add Emojis - Quickly add an emoji to expenses. - Allows you to visualize your expenses and see where your money is going. - Looks Great! :)
Categories for Expenses - Add a Category for each expense. - Each category is color coded, so you can visualize it quicker. - [“Soon, there will be a pie chart that will categorize all your expenses based on these colors, so stay tuned.”]
Other Functionalities Graphs - See graphs of your planned paychecks. - Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or all Paychecks - Colors follow your theme. - See both Bar Graphs and Line Graphs.
History - See a history of all the paychecks you’ve planned. - Quickly reference them and edit them if needed. - See a summary of earned to date (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, All) - Quickly Sort.
Extra Little Things - A floating button has been added instead of the previous individual buttons. - Visual Animations. - Onboarding Tutorial
Coming Soon: Subscription Analyzer, Widgets for each graph, Custom Expenses List to quickly add expenses, Reminders/Notifications to plan your week, Pie chart that summarizes all your expenses in the past Week Year or All Time.
I really appreciate your support and would love feedback to better this app. I’m slowly adding features and fixing little bugs here and there. I hope this helps someone as it has helped me. Thank you!
App Store Link
Also there’s currently a promo. The basic functionalities (Paycheck Planning and History) are now $2.99 (One time Payment). And the pro version is $9.99 Yearly (instead of $15.99 Yearly and $1.99 Monthly). The monthly is $1.99. So it’s over 50% Discount
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2023.06.10 18:56 Rosehip_Tea_04 How to fix bland apple-cinnamon muffins?

I've tried to make a "healthy" version of apple cinnamon muffins twice now. I found a recipe that includes oatmeal and chia seeds, which seem to be sucking up any and all flavor added. The first time they were so bland I had to put peanut butter on them to be able to force them down, and I put a lot of cinnamon in the batter. The second time I tried it, I treated the apple like I was making apple pie, so I cut it up, coated it in lemon juice, cinnamon sugar, and cardamon, then let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours. I also soaked the oatmeal in milk, more cinnamon, and vanilla. When I mixed everything together I added even more cinnamon to the batter before baking, and while the muffins have some flavor this time, it's still barely there. I'm confused because I make cinnamon muffins on a regular basis and they only have a tablespoon of cinnamon in them and have a very strong cinnamon flavor.
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2023.06.10 18:33 llemonjuiice Calories for these bakery goods?

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2023.06.10 18:28 Jigsaw5150 Caprice
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2023.06.10 18:04 ParasiticLamb Düsol - Apple Key Lime Pie (Bass & Drums)

Düsol - Apple Key Lime Pie (Bass & Drums)
Me playing bass in my band on 06/03/23.
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2023.06.10 17:42 Queen_Sarele I can’t cook

I’ve been trying to cook since yesterday. But when I need to press the button where the coal ore is, is faded and I can’t finish my recipe. I have tried cooking in different kitchens. I have plenty of coal ore. Help please.
I am doing the Arendellian Fish Pie from Elsa’s quests. TIA
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2023.06.10 16:23 InternCertain5513 My top 25 predators (and their noteworthy moments)

Mike Manzi
Gilbert Sutherland
Mohamed Abdallah
John Elliott
Nick Cocos
David Kaye
Donald Morrison
Jeff Stacy
Joshua Colon
Ernest Timmons
Dustin McPhetridge
Rolando Restocruz
Stephen Coates
Jerry Kosis
Jerry Griffitt
Marvin Lakhan
John Kennelly
John Dupee
Jesse Velez
Michael (Jean Pierre) Wehry
Anthony Palumbo
Dan Allen
Maurice Wolin
Lorne Armstrong
Jeff Sokol
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2023.06.10 15:54 ID10-T Last FA Test

Getting Rid of Most of My Flavors, Part 47
PREVIOUS > Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24 - Part 25 - Part 26 - Part 27 - Part 28 - Part 29 - Part 30 - Part 31 - Part 32 - Part 33 - Part 34 - Part 35 - Part 36 - Part 37 - Part 38 - Part 39 - Part 40 - Part 41 - Part 42 - Part 43 - Part 44 - Part 45 - Part 46
Starting Flavor Count: 2,429 (down from 2,972)
TASK OR TRASH - Each flavor gets assigned at least one task or it goes in the trash.


Yup, that’s violet. It tastes very, very violet, without being perfumy. It’s sweet, too, with some chalky sweetness especially in the finish, like a violet candy. It will get a little laundry-soapish with too much, so start low, but it will turn anything floral-purple long before that happens. I don’t get anything I would call an off-note from this.
I need it to make more Mango Beauregarde TASK 1, to make a modernized remix of my old Paradise Cream recipe, and because I want to try Violet Hops, and Jazz Hands (while I still have some Holy Vanilla). There really isn’t much else I want to mix that uses it.
Waffles Vanilla
That is certainly a waffle. There’s a hint of vanilla baked in but I don’t know that it really warrants having vanilla in the name, it’s just a touch. It’s a bit doughy like it’s undercooked but considering how bad some other waffle flavors are, this is definitely one of the better ones. Although it tastes undercookied and doughy in the center and is overall a creamy feeling flavor, it has the nice crispy edges of a waffle. It is a bit nutty if I think about it too hard, around the edges, but I didn’t take hit and immediately go “nuts.” Since the OG INW Waffle is now long gone, I think this is probably my favorite waffle flavor. There isn’t really anything I want (or am able) to mix that uses it, so I’ll just start simple with an attempt at a waffle with butter and maple syrup.
Justwaffle V1 TASK 2
Co. Flavor %
FA Waffles Vanilla 2
FA Maple Syrup 1.5
VT Butter Base 1
VT Golden Syrup 1
Walnut milk? Walnut water? I don’t know, but this flavor is wet. Juicy. Or at least, very moist compared to other nuts. I think that throws the accuracy off quite a bit, but it’s a little more walnutty than WF Walnut. It has that earthy, somewhat sharp top note that I expected from a walnut right up front, but a sweeter, much less distinct nutty thick body that also throws it off of walnut a ways. The whole thing was oddly wet. Could be very useful to combat the dryness that is so ubiquitous with nuts, without being tempted to do something gross like add cactus to them.
I’ll mix some more 2 Flavor Banger with twice as much nicotine as I usually use, perfect for when there’s an open bar. TASK 3
Watermelon (Red Summer)
Sort of like a very authentic watermelon, but not, because it’s so dry. I mean, wetness is like a watermelon’s most defining characteristic. It’s got water right there in the name. This is like freeze-dried astronaut watermelon. It’s also thin and just sort of has that natural watermelon top note minus all wetness and some of the sweetness that makes a watermelon a watermelon. It’s not a bad flavor, but it needs a lot of help.
I have a handful of recipes already in the queue that use this one. Of course I will not be tossing one of the components to the original Strap-On and several variations that I’ve already planned to try and/or try again. One that hasn’t been put on the list yet but will be there now: Fuzzy Strap-On. TASK 4
Whipped Cream
This is my #2 Whipped Cream (OoO is #1). It’s very milky, it manages to very clearly be a dairy product without tasting remotely rancid, like homemade whipped cream. Very full and satisfying, with a lingering milkfat feel like whipped cream. Just a touch of vanilla. It’s a somewhat soft and subtle flavor, lending it an airy, fluffy feel, but not at all drying.
Already picked out at least four recipes that use it, here’s a couple more.
Kahlua Coffee - SSA Tiramisu. If you’ve tried it, you know. TASK 5
hard furry creamy. This one is rated TV MA for coconut violence, but I think I can handle it. TASK 6
Cheap scotch with a big splash of apple juice and a cherry in it. I guess it kind of tastes like whisky. Has a little boozy bite there. It has some peat moss in it that makes it tastes a little bit like cheap scotch but, with a weird and fairly prominent fruity sweetness, somewhere between an apple and a cherry.
I have to keep this (for now) to try Kopel’s Fireside recipe again, so I’ll keep it a little longer than than to try his Castle Longer as well. TASK 7
White Grape
Eating freeze-dried white grapes while wearing a little too much perfume. Very jammy sticky sweet and mostly tastes like white grapes, but vapes pretty dry, or at least not wet and juicy like a grape or grape juice. Maybe needs to be fixed with just a little cactus? But, not sure about that because it already packs quite a floral wallop and cactus might amplify that. There’s a little tart tannic grape skin note that’s appropriate but that musky and slightly bitter floral right on top is unfortunate. I’d use this maybe in a small dose to try to make a “purple” flavor taste a little more like a real grape, as well as add that nice jammy sweetness to it, but not for anything else. Almost certainly not as the main flavor in a mix.
Nothing that uses this is something I want to try, and it’s about time I threw something away this week. TRASH 1
White Peach
It really very accurately, almost freakishly, emulates the difference between a classic yellow peach and a sweeter, sugary white peach. However, it’s a little thin, and a little dry, and I get some throat irritation from it. Gets a bit too sharp and floral if taken up too high, and can overtake a mix while still not being especially bold.
Although it can be a little tricky to work with, this is one of the greatest peach flavors by comparison.
I need it for one of my all-time favorites, Blue Eyes White Dragon TASK 8
I’ve already picked out about eight recipes that make use of it, including two I hope to find time to mix up today. I’ll also try Yet Another Peaches and Cream - just four flavors that look great together. TASK 9
Wine Champagne
Careful with this one. I tried 3-4% shake and vape because my 2% steeped sample was fairly weak and was weird, like rotten grapes. Possibly this just needs to stay a soft, background-type flavor. 2% is not rotten, just fermented. Isn’t fizzy. It’s more like white wine than champagne. Sweet-tart, almost but not quite vinegary tartness. It tastes even more like white wine than FA White Wine, which is more of a brighter white grape flavor, and a good one at that. This tastes too fermented to just be a white grape juice flavor, it’s definitely wine. Kinda gross as a single flavor, but seems like it could make a nice base for any kind of fruit wine and I’ve tried a recipe with watermelon where it did exactly that very well.
Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine was the aforementioned recipe. I liked it very much when I tried it years ago, will give it another shot. TASK 10 It’s also in a Mango Champagne recipe I’ve already planned to try.
Wine White
Somewhere around halfway between a semi-sweet white table wine and white grape juice. Not floral at all. A little fermentedish, but not really boozy. Smooth. Lightly sweet. Not especially thin, more thick-ish. Not dry, actually slightly juicy. Really nothing to complain about here. Fairly light flavor at 1.5%, tastes like it could easily go higher % especially if it is to be the main flavor in a mix. Could easily pass for a bit of white grape flavor in a mix. Better than FA White Grape (that one’s too floral as well as a bit dry).
It’s not a bad flavor, but I can’t find a recipe I want to mix that uses it, and don’t feel inspired to create one. TRASH 2
Sort of tastes like a donut but more of a generic pastry, wrapped around a little bit of fruit that tastes distinctly red but not on point for any particular red fruit such as raspberry or strawberry. Sweet and complex, but also dry and thin, not a thick and rich pastry or especially gooey filling. Also, very slightly harsh. Maybe you could use it to build a fruit-filled donut, but both the donut part and the filling part will need a lot of help, and at that point it’s sort of a why bother type of situation unless maybe it’s a bridge-type of flavor, but arguably that’s not even something you’d want or need if you’re trying to get any separation between pastry and fruit layers.
I’ve planned to try Bite Me already because it looks fantastic, but had trouble finding anything else I really want to use WoW for. I guess I’ll try this Freak Show recipe, TASK 11, but I’m not super excited about it like I am for most of the recipes I link.
Ylang Ylang
I don’t think I’ve ever tried this. I’ll mix a sample at 0.75%. TASK 12
TRASH 3 Trash, with prejudice. One of the top 10 worst flavors I have ever tried. It tastes like a company of athlete’s foot-suffering soldiers marching through a swamp of Miracle Whip, except that that would be very wet and squishy and this is dry and chalky. Aftertaste like I barfed an hour ago and it came out my nose and I still have a case of the stinky burnies. Worst of all, this abomination is a reformulation of a delicious FA Yogurt flavor that is no longer sold.
Zen Garden
Dry sweet basil with some dry sage in the background. Very Dry. Has a slight woody quality.
Keeping it to try Coconut Thai Remixed. I couldn’t find another recipe that I want to mix, but this one for Gin Blossom by CheebaSteeba has interesting elements and I want to see what just this one small piece of a the recipe tastes like.
Zen Suckle V1 TASK 13
Co. Flavor %
TFA Honeysuckle 2.5
FA Aurora 1
FA Zen Garden 0.75
It’s like you sprinkled a little spice blend on one of those powered sugar donuts to try to make it taste fancy. A cake donut with powdered sugar and an indistinct spice note like light nutmeg/cinnamon/maybe clove note. Indistinct warm spice note is not as prominent as it is in WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough but is quite present. Very sweet, dense, possibly fried (slightly oily mouthfeel but not a lot of greasy taste), not yeasty, cake donut because cake donuts get their rise from baking powder rather than yeast and there is no yeast here. A little dry. Lots of powdered sugar on top and in the finish, almost a sugar lips effect. People say the main or only problem with Zeppola is that it sticks out in a mix and they know when it’s in there… I think that’s more due to the spice note than any other defining characteristic. It’s a shame that’s in there because it would be so much better without it, but I know from recipes Zeppola can be a useful tool, even if it’s unfortunately not the Holy Donut Grail.
Most recipes that appear to pretend that weird spice note isn’t there or can be covered with just fruit donut really interest me at all, but if there is another spice added that probably covers it up/pulls it in a given direction, that’s another story. Cinnayum is one that I already plan to try, because it looks amazing.
On the subject of cinnamon rolls, Banana Cinnamon Rolls. TASK 14
Gooey Apple Pie - as long as 1% FLV Apple Filling is enough to make it just take like cinnamon and not that odd Zeppola spice, everything else here looks great. TASK 15
Double Glazed Apple Fritter, 1% WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough is sure to make it fritter-ish, but it looks like doubling down on odd spice blend. Hoping 1.2% Apple Filling saves this one. TASK 16
Didn’t get rid of many flavors or give any updates this week, but I said I was going to get through the rest of FA and I’ve done that. Next week, I’ll dive into German Flavours. Definitely a bunch of trash there.
Note about the subreddit shutting down on Monday
When (if?) it comes back up, I’ll resume posting these here. In the meantime, I’ll continue posting them to my own profile, where I’ve already copy-pasted the first 46 installments. If someone has a better idea for where GRoMoMF can best trudge forward with or without Reddit, I’d be very happy to hear it.
New Flavor Count: 2,426
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2023.06.10 14:59 Old_Hospital9999 My coworker wanted to micromanage me and didn't like that I talked back, so he reported me to our director

I apologize as this came out to be a bit longer than I wanted it to~
For a bit of context I (25F) work as part of the sanitization department for a hospital. We have multiple different positions, most of which work on upkeeping the cleanliness of the general areas of the hospital. This, as well as making sure patient rooms and other utilized areas are sanitized regularly to ensure patients and staff are protected as much as possible from any sort of environmental threats. We take out trash from nurses stations, patient rooms, replace linen, clean the hallways and floors, as well as clean bathrooms daily. I started working about a year before the start of the pandemic, and as such a lot of our processes have, as you can guess, changed and been more intense since. Our supervisors often come around to each floor to make sure everyone in our department is working properly, and being diligent about their cleanings. My position was what we call a float worker (essentially, i've been trained in every area, and will be assigned to cover people who call in sick, are on their days off, or on vacation). This comes with a lot of hurtles, such as trying to remember what order everything needs to be done in every area (we've got approximately nearly 30 different areas) So sometimes, I need to ask our supervisors for a quick refresh on things that need to be accomplished over the day, if I don't feel comfortable with my memory of the area. The downside to my position, is I won't know until I show up to work where I will be for the day. I don't mind this, as it allows me to see a vast amount of the hospital and build a rapport with nursing staff and doctors all around. Usually, if I am covering for someone's vacation or time off, I will know ahead of time, as my posted schedule will have me in their position for that time.
Now onto the story:
About a year and a half ago, I was scheduled to cover one of our guys who works in the operating room (or OR for short) for about a month (for a little more context here, our OR team consists of 4 people, one person comes in at 6, my position which came in at 8, and two other positions that come in at 9 and 11) Now I didn't mind this, as I was well acquainted with the staff there, and the area in general since for a while I was set to cover the same person at least twice a week at the beginning of the pandemic. On top of that, working for the OR usually came with a fair bit of free time since there wasn't a whole lot to do other than ready the room for the next patient that would be coming through, and the stuff you were assigned to do other than those rooms were usually finished before your first break anyway.
There was one downside: Steve (56M)
Steve was our afternoon guy, he came in at 11 and ended shift usually at 7:30 (but later if the OR dictated it) He's an scumbag, the sort of person who thinks LGBT people are just mentally ill, and has told me at least twice that I am not built for working, and that I should be in the kitchen at home preparing dinner for my husband (I am a very open lesbian and he refuses to accept it) This paired with him being the epitome of a teachers pet: You did something just a little too slow? He called our supervisors. Overrun with work and you couldn't get to your secondary tasks right away? He called our supervisors. Went to your break just a little bit late because a patient finished surgery 5 minutes before you were supposed to sit down and relax for a tiny bit? well you can guess what he would do.
Steve was the reason not a lot of people liked to learn how to work the positions in the OR. If the constant calling of supervisors wasn't enough (which trust me, it is for most people) He would insist on commenting on how you did things, try to "teach" you better ways of cleaning if you weren't being absolutely efficient. He would harass people constantly (especially the women), asking them if they had done *this* or *that*, and most of all, he loved to try and boss everyone from our department around. Our other OR guys have gotten used to this by now, and just ignore him for the most part, but I, on the other hand, love to take the piss out of him sometimes just because it's fun.
The first week of my month long stint in OR went without most of a problem from Steve, as I am normally very diligent about my work anyway, so I don't leave stuff too long to give him any reason to talk to me. The second week is where the malicious compliance truly takes place. It was one of the busiest weeks of the OR for the year. Where we would normally average just under 35 cases a day in our 10 room OR, this week we averaged 52 a day. Cases were concluding in record time, as the nurses and doctors wanted to get the hell out of dodge before any extra cases could be added on.
This meant that our little team of 4 (myself, Steve and two other guys) were cleaning a room, right in time to then clean another room. This was the most stressed i'd seen any of these guys be, but Steve worst of all. At around noon, rooms were coming out, and our early shift guy had just come back from his lunch (which he had to take an hour and a half late because of all the cases) We cut through the two rooms we had left, and I made a quick round of my area to make sure things weren't in shambles, before I started to plan on heading to lunch. My area was as tip-top as it could be, so I checked the board before letting the guys know I was heading to lunch since we had some free time before more cases came out. Everyone was okay with this, except for Steve surprisingly. He stopped me, and this was the back and forth that ensued:
Steve: wait, have you checked your sinks? Me: Yes, scrubbed them before the morning rush. Steve: How about your trash cans? Me: My god, yes I checked them, one of them is half full but I don't see half an hour making that full. Now can I go? I don't want to leav- Steve: What about your hallways? did you dust them? Me: Y. E. S. I did. Now please leave me alone, I need to get to lunch befo- Steve: How about your high dusting? did you ge- Me: Steve, I am going to ask you once, and only once. Mind your damn business and worry about your own area.
and with that I walked away. Steve very much DID NOT like that at all. I was 10 minutes into my lunch in the ORs break room, half way through my food when our department director walked in. She walked over to me, tapped me on the shoulder (I had ear buds in watching an episode of anime I had missed over the weekend) and told me to meet her in our office after our lunch. I asked her what it was about and she told me we'd talk about it when I got down there.
I was pissed to say the least. I knew that little rat had probably told our director that I had hit him or something, and was going to use my little outburst as a "threat that caused him undue mental harm" and that he "didn't feel comfortable working around me if I was gonna act like that". Mind you, I am a 5'4", 130lbs woman who as sweet as pie, and Steve is 6'3" and prolly 230lbs.
As I was finishing my food, and watching my episode, I peaked at the monitor on the wall that kept track of patients coming into the room and leaving. Every single room was currently closing up their cases, which meant that my OR team was about to get fucking rocked. I panicked for a moment, then... I remembered what had happened with Steve, and I couldn't help myself from laughing a little bit.
Queue the sweet sweet malicious compliance.
I put my lunch bag away with the other bags in the back of the break room, took the last sip of my soda as I tossed it and walked out with a grin on my face. On my way to the elevators, I saw they had only done one room so far, and judging on that, I assumed it would probably take them another hour and a half to get everything finished for the rooms. Steve saw me on my way out and stopped me:
Steve: "OP, get your hairnet on, we have 9 other rooms that need to get cleaned" Me: "Oh, I'm so sorry Steve, I was asked to come down to the office by our Director, she had somethings she wanted to discuss with me, and told me I had to come immediately after my lunch and to not worry about th-" Steve: "but we are getting overrun with work" Me: "I don't see how that is currently my issue. if I don't talk with her I might get fired for insubordination, so good luck, I'll try to be as fast as I can" and smiled as I turned away.
I got down to our office, and the director is sitting with one of our HR representatives. She motions me to close the door and sit down so I do. Surprise surprise she pulled me in to talk about the fact that someone, of which she couldn't technically name but everyone knew who was being talked about, came to her with a complaint about a hostile encounter in which I made the person feel uncomfortable. I laughed a little bit, and told them what had happened from my point of view. The director just kinda put her head in her hands, and the HR rep had to stifle a chuckle.
It got quite for a few moments, so I asked if I was gonna lose my job over this. Our director said that originally it was gonna be a strike on my record, and some disciplinary actions such as taking some online courses about de-escalation of conflict and hostile work environments, as well as an in-service about what to do when a coworker and you don't agree on something. But after hearing my side of the story, along with the plethora of other reports made by Steve about people in the department, she said she realized that she probably shouldn't have gotten HR involved until she heard my side of things, and dismissed both the rep and myself.
As I walked after the rep, I remembered those times he looked down on me for being a women. Instead of heading back upstairs to the shitshow that awaited me, I closed the door, turned back around and sat down. She looked up from her laptop, sighed and asked what I needed. I just smiled and said "I'd like to lodge a complaint about Steve" She stared at me for a few moments, then asked me to detail my complaint.
Here is the list of things I had gotten her to put into this complaint: Micromanagment of Peers Creating a hostile workspace Unnecessary Reporting of Coworkers Bullying Misogyny Discrimination of LGBT Coworkers Sexual Misconduct (Once told me I like other women because "you didn't have a guy who could fuck you good enough")
After going through the list, providing examples and approximate dates for said examples, my director just kinda shook her head and put her fingers up to her temple. I looked at her, and just said "bad day to be Steve?" and she nodded "yeah, bad day to be Steve. You can head back to work, ill talk to him before i leave for the day"
I left the office, headed back up to the OR a whopping hour later, and our OR team looked fucking dreadful. Even our morning guy, who is in his mid thirties, and has been doing this upwards of a decade, was looking rough. They finished all the rooms, impressive. They all looked at me, and Steve was the first to say anything
Steve: "took you long enough bitch, where were you?" Me: "oh don't worry, you'll find out soon enough. My meeting with the director went well" Morning Guy: "What happened?" Me: "Oh, well someone complained about me being aggressive, and it ended up turning into a conversation that would definitely eliminate the hostile work environment that was created here" Steve, smiling: "good, last thing we need is someone to feel uncomfortable up here" Me: "oh of course Steve, wouldn't want anyone to feel attacked or anything right? also, Steve I had a question for you, have you checked your break room yet? last I saw, the trash was overflowing onto the floor"
Steve left in a panic, and the other 3 of us laughed.
The Fallout:
Now, so far it might seem like this belongs on Nuclear Revenge, but sadly the fallout wasn't what I was hoping, but it was still sweet to hear.
I was informed from our Director about what had happened with Steve. Since I was the person who levied the complaint, I was entitled to hear about any actions taken to correct what I had complained about in an attempt to let me see that action was taken on my behalf. She said he would have been outright fired if I wasn't the only one who levied these complaints. While they took it seriously regardless, without other women stepping forward to say anything they couldn't fire him off of my complaints alone. That being said, Steve was still reprimanded hard, and was slapped with two strikes (three strikes get you fired) and a year worth of online learnings and in-service trainings for things such as discrimination, misogynistic reform, LGBT learnings, etc. He was also told if it was reported he said anything close to what he said to me again, he would be fired and black listed from hospitals in the state.
In good news, since then I have become a lead for our day shift. While I maintained my float status, covering people who were sick and whatnot, I did gain a few more dollars an hour, some leadership responsibilities, and most important of all, a fancy title to tell Steve to fuck off with.
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2023.06.10 12:50 cyrilsam Part review of existing collection

Gender: Unisex Age: +30 Opening: Bitter almond, floral Drydown: Bitter almond, creamy woods \- Longevity: +12hrs \- Projection: 2hrs-3hrs \- Silliage: Moderate, strong \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring \- Time of day: All day \- Demeanour: Formal, friendly, cosy, \- Place: Office, date, semi-casual \- Occasion: Versatile \- Clone of: Pegasus, Parfums de Marley \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 8/10 \- Bottle worthy: 4/5 \- Notes \- Reminds me of home, mum, old times, old people \- First time I smelled it, it reminded me of infancy and mum \- Is really cosy yet formal \- Spray on clothes also 
\- Gender: Masculine \- Age: +25 \- Opening: Sharp citrus, pepper \- Drydown: lavender, ambroxan (metallic) \- Longevity: +8hrs \- Projection: 2hrs-3hrs \- Silliage: Moderate, strong \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring, summer \- Time of day: All day \- Demeanour: Mass-appealing, confident, \- Place: Office, gym, casual, signature \- Ocassion: Versatile \- Clone of: Sauvage, Dior \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 5/10 \- Bottle worthy: 4/5 \- Notes \- Can be really dressed up, \- Ideal for office, formal settings \- Spray on clothes also 
Club De Nuit Intense Man (CDNIM) Pure Parfum
\- Gender: Masculine \- Age: +25 \- Opening: Citrus, fruity, smoky \- Drydown: Smoky, woody \- Longevity: +12hrs \- Projection: 2hrs-3hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Number of sprays: 3-4 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring, summer \- Demeanour: Mass-appealing, stand out, confident, \- Place: Office, gym, casual, signature \- Time of day: All day \- Ocassion: Versatile \- Clone of: Aventus, Creed \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 6/10 \- Bottle worthy: 4/5 \- Notes \- Can be really dressed up, \- Ideal for office, formal settings 
\- Gender: Unisex \- Opening: Melon, salt, metal, aquatic \- Drydown: fruity, salt, white musk \- Longevity: 6hrs-8hrs \- Projection: 2hrs-3hrs \- Silliage: Moderate \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Spring, summer \- Demeanour: Subtle, \- Place: Office, casual \- Time of day: Day \- Occasion: Versatile \- Clone of: Millésime Impérial, Creed \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 8/10 \- Bottle worthy: 3/5 \- Notes \- Signature worthy in hot, humid places, 
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\- Gender: Masculine \- Age: +25 \- Opening: Fresh, green, soapy, \- Drydown: Soapy, sweet, white musk \- Longevity: +12hrs \- Projection: Strong, moderate \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Silliage: Moderate \- Seasons: Autumn, spring, Summer, winter \- Time of day: Day \- Demeanour: Mass appealing, formal \- Place: Office, gym, casual, signature \- Occasion: Versatile \- Clone of: Green Irish Tweed, Creed \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 3/10 \- Bottle worthy: 4/5 \- Notes \- Smells higher quality Coolwater, Davidoff, \- High value for money, \- Spray on clothes also 
Qasamat Rasana
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Rumz al Rasasi 9325 Pour Lui
\- Opening: Fruity, pineapple, citrus \- Drydown: Fruity, woody \- Longevity: 6hrs-8hrs \- Projection: 3hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Seasons: Summer \- Time of day: Day \- Occasion: Versatile \- Clone of: Aventus, Creed \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 7/10 \- Bottle worthy: 3/5 \- Notes \- May be cloying in high heat 
Faqat lil Rijal
\- Opening: Fruity, oud \- Drydown: Oud \- Longevity: +12hrs \- Projection: +4hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Seasons: Winter \- Time of day: Day, night \- Occasion: Dressed up \- Clone of: NA \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 10/10 \- Bottle worthy: 3/5 \- Notes \- Not very versatile \- Dress up 
Shagaf al Nafees
\- Opening: Sweet, fruity, syrupy \- Drydown: Rose, sandalwood \- Longevity: +12hrs \- Projection: +3hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Seasons: Summer, spring, autumn \- Time of day: Day \- Occasion: Casual \- Clone of: NA \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 7/10 \- Bottle worthy: 3/5 \- Notes \- May be cloying in high heat 
\- Opening: Sweet, floral \- Drydown: Leather, oakmoss, floral, ashy tobacco \- Longevity: +12hrs \- Projection: +3hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Seasons: Winter \- Time of day: Evening \- Occasion: Casual \- Clone of: NA \- Fragrantica: [\*](*) \- Uniqueness: 10/10 \- Bottle worthy: 3/5 \- Notes \- It's a hate or love deal. Do not blind buy 
Hindu Kush
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\- Gender: Masculine \- Age: +30 \- Opening: Green, spicy, lavender \- Drydown: Amber, lavender, vanilla, \- Longevity: +6hrs \- Projection: 1hrs-2hrs \- Silliage: Moderate \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring, \- Demeanour: Serious, confident, mature \- Place: Office, casual \- Time of day: All day \- Ocassion: Versatile \- Clone of: Sauvage elixir, Dior \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 8/10 \- Bottle worthy: 4/5 \- Notes \- Mature man's signature, \- Dressed up, \- Spray on clothes also 

Ramz Silver
\- Gender: Unisex \- Age: +25 \- Opening: Citrus, pear, vanilla \- Drydown: Vanilla, white musk \- Longevity: +8hrs \- Projection: 1hrs-2hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Number of sprays: 6-8 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring, \- Demeanour: Playful, confident, gourmand \- Place: Casual, parties, dates, clubs \- Time of day: Evening \- Ocassion: Parties, dates, clubbing, casual \- Clone of: Ultra male, Jean Paul Gaultier \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 7/10 \- Bottle worthy: 5/5 \- Notes \- High value for money \- Spray on clothes also 

Al Haramain
Detour Noir
\- Gender: Unisex \- Age: +25 \- Opening: fresh, lavender, apple, \- Drydown: apple, lavender, vanilla \- Longevity: +8hrs \- Projection: 1hrs-2hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring, \- Demeanour: Playful, gourmand, seductive \- Place: Casual, special ocassions, \- Time of day: Evening, cold day \- Ocassion: Date, clubbing, festivals \- Clone of: Layton, Parfums de Marley \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 8/10 \- Bottle worthy: 4/5 \- Notes \- Smells like a warm apple pie. I may want to eat up, hug any one who wears this, \- Ideal for dates, parties, clubbing 
Projekt Alternative
- In Da Club Intense 2017
\- Gender: Masculine \- Age: +25 \- Opening: Sharp lemon, smoky \- Drydown: Smoky woody \- Longevity: 6hrs-8hrs \- Projection: 2hrs-3hrs \- Silliage: Strong \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Autumn, winter, spring, summer \- Demeanour: Mass-appealing, stand out, confident, \- Place: Office, gym, casual, signature \- Time of day: All day \- Ocassion: Versatile \- Clone of: Aventus, Creed \- Fragrantica: []( \- Uniqueness: 7/10 \- Bottle worthy: 5/5 \- Notes \- Smokier version of CDNIM \- Can be dressed up, \- Value for money \- Spray on clothes also 
* *Cyrus the Great
\- Opening: Floral \- Drydown: Civet musk \- Longevity: +4hrs \- Projection: +0.5hrs \- Silliage: Moderate, weak \- Demeanour: confident, \- Place: Office, signature \- Time of day: Evening \- Ocassion: Parties \- Clone of: Kuros \- Fragrantica: \- Uniqueness: 7/10 \- Bottle worthy: 0/5 \- Notes \- Smells like cat piss \- Weak performance makes it worthless 
- QC Grey
\- Gender: Masculine \- Age: +30 \- Opening: Dry, aromatic \- Drydown: Aromatic, white musk \- Longevity: 4hrs-6hrs \- Projection: 1hrs \- Silliage: Weak \- Number of sprays: 4-6 \- Seasons: Spring, summer \- Demeanour: Mass-appealing, confident, \- Place: Office, gym, casual \- Time of day: Day \- Ocassion: Versatile \- Clone of: Grey vetiver, Tom Ford \- Fragrantica: \- Uniqueness: 7/10 \- Bottle worthy: 0/5 \- Notes \- Spray on clothes also \- Not worth the experience 
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2023.06.10 10:13 stel1234 [Meta] The /r/mashups community has spoken. Starting June 12, this subreddit will go dark indefinitely due to API policies that effectively kill third-party apps.

TL;DR /mashups will go dark indefinitely, starting June 12. Only first place will be announced from the current bi-weekly contest.


On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced new pricing for API usage in third-party apps.
Starting July 1, third-party app developers will have to pay an exorbitant amount of money once they exceed the usage limits of the free tier. One figure cited was $12,000 per 50 million API requests, which is significantly higher than the $166 per 50 million API calls Imgur is charging (Christian Selig, lead developer of Apollo). This is a quick turnaround that caught developers off-guard.
Adding insult to injury, Reddit leadership has responded in a way that is tone deaf and dishonest at best, and slanderous at worst, to fellow app developers (see "Bizarre allegations"). This includes the recent AMA that took place.
As a result, popular third-party apps, such as Reddit Is Fun and Apollo, are planning to shut down on June 30.
Multiple contest mode polls on /mashups have shown that a sizable number of users are on mobile, with Reddit Is Fun and Apollo being the most popular third-party apps. Both are targeted by the policy.
Based on /SaveThirdPartyApps's pinned post, killing third-party apps will have several negative consequences:
/Modcoord also listed the three areas that need to be addressed for the blackouts to conclude: API technical issues, accessibility for blind people, and parity in access to NSFW content.
With all this in mind, several subreddits will be going dark on June 12 to protest the API policy.

/mashups community decision

The /mashups community ran a contest mode vote over a 48 hour period from June 6-8 to determine how we will respond on June 12. The results* were:
Based on the results, the /mashups community overwhelmingly chose to go dark indefinitely starting on June 12. In the event an admin or mod wants to cast doubt, we have receipts.
If you've read other subreddits shamelessly copying the /SaveThirdPartyApps post verbatim in their statement to go dark, you would have already known most of this.
I write separately to discuss the cultural impact of mashups and how this protest is woven into that fabric.
* You may see these number show up slightly differently due to vote fuzzing, but are close within +/- 5 upvotes on page reload.

Cultural impact in the past

I think a discussion of cultural impact starts with a simple question: When you think of mashups, what crosses your mind?
One might see it at a basic level as simply a vocal over a different instrumental. Another might see it as two well-known songs mixed together. Many of our users might think of it as a fusion of several different sources together with transitions in between (Girl Talk). Others might have experienced it during the early 2000s in the form of bastard pop. There are also others who may have heard complex sampling that's so well-made that they don't know they're hearing mashups (Pretty Lights, Fatboy Slim, Coldcut, The Avalanches, etc.). Some even look at it as a commentary on culture (Negativland, Evolution Control Committee). Regardless of how you first experienced it, mashups evoke a certain excitement when sources you know fit like a glove to the point that it sounds like quality art.
In the early 2000s, there was no YouTube and no social media the same way there is today. There were peer to peer file sharing services (Morpheus, Kazaa, LimeWire, etc.) and forums (Gybo). Computers were getting to the point where they were powerful enough for remixing to be affordable to the average consumer.
This meant that mashups were more underground, and gradually came to the surface through word-of-mouth circulation and bootleg releases. Some were mainstream, to include Can't Get Blue Monday Outta My Head (Kurtis Rush).
Back in August 2002, published an article that termed this phenomenon as "bootleg culture". This article can also be accessed as of this writing. At that time, 2ManyDJs tried to get their work cleared by labels and failed. Eventually, their work circulated over the Internet and became mashup classics. The article points out Smells Like Booty by 2ManyDJs, Stroke Of Genie-us by Freelance Hellraiser, and George Gets His Freak On by Kurtis Rush, which are all all-timers. This playlist on RateYourMusic lists more mashups from that time and earlier.
Later in the article, Salon calls out mashups as a form of cultural commentary back in the late 80s/early 90s:
Mash-ups were typically created as statements about pop culture and the media juggernaut that surrounds us, not as fodder for the dance floor.
It also calls out mashups in the early 2000s as a "subcultural movement that has threatened the status quo". To put it another way, bootlegs and mashups took on a form of cultural resistance in getting to a point where more and more producers could make mixes that could circulate like popular art outside the labels.
Bootie Mashup was founded in San Francisco in 2003 to become the first and biggest mashup party worldwide. It's about to turn 20 years old. I don't remember if "we ruin your favorite song" was a slogan directly tied to Bootie, but I know it was worn as a badge of honor.
The Grey Album would soon follow in continuing this cultural movement in 2004, and then Girl Talk in 2006. At the same time, the popularity of mashups led to a mainstream mashup album in 2004 in the form of Collision Course.

Cultural impact today

At this point, you're probably asking why I mention all of this.
Today's mashups are more mainstream with social media, as well as both audio and video sharing services. There is an expectation of high quality with recognizable sources.
However, there is still a subtle element of cultural resistance in poking fun of pop music and how much the music industry (and others) lean on nostalgia to create hits. Flowers is a modern clone of I Will Survive. Blinding Lights leans on 80s production and rhythms (some comparing it to Take On Me). Good 4 U is similar to Misery Business. Sweetest Pie lifts the progression from Between The Sheets. Break My Soul is inspired by 90s dance. And so on.
As for mashups, the Four Chord Song and Pachelbel Rant both immediately come to mind as classics in poking fun of similar chord progressions in pop.
Influences are everywhere, and Reddit too, in their song and dance, seems to be channeling Twitter's progression with their latest move to charge an exorbitant amount for their API. Even the AMA responses have a similar tone. Capitalist tendencies won't die as long as there are investors to feed them. And when one company makes a move to see how much they can get away with, others emulate. Just look at when the headphone jack was removed from smartphones, starting with Apple. For these companies, YOLO would not stand for You Only Live Once, but You Obviously Lack Originality.
This protest of Reddit channels the same kind of energy that mashup creators had in poking fun of pop culture and threatening the status quo by creating something different than what the music industry was creating. The genre clashes we create are a part of this movement. Mashups are a part of cultural resistance. And we, as a community, are ready to take this on.
So go ahead, sing the lyrics of your favorite mashups from the rooftops. Let's sign the Four Chord Song. Pachebel's Rant. Boulevard of Broken Songs. Even the chorus lyrics from Call Me A Hole would work nicely as a message towards Reddit leadership. The control they want to impose is too much.
And once we're done partying, and June 12 approaches, the lights fade to black and we continue to sing as we walk out. /mashups will go dark. Reddit had their chance to keep many of us as users, and now they failed us.
All that said, make sure you follow the plan /Save3rdPartyApps set out: Complain, Spread the word, Boycott, and Don't Be A Jerk.
Thank you all for taking part in an incredible journey.
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2023.06.10 08:21 Tofuhousewife Almost done! Looking for one more Apple Farm Floor Tile and apple seeds :)

Almost done! Looking for one more Apple Farm Floor Tile and apple seeds :) submitted by Tofuhousewife to Webkinz [link] [comments]


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