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There are many different types of law enforcement vehicles from around the world. Got some cool pictures of them? Post 'em here!

2023.06.03 15:07 StillaCentristin2021 When Everything You Touch Turns to Crime

When Everything You Touch Turns to Crime
Picking Donald Trump’s worst week is a mug’s game—there are so many from which to choose, and compelling arguments for several—but simply because they encompass so many parts of the Trump experience, the last few days are emblematic.
On Saturday, the former president called for the United States Constitution to be “terminate[d]” in response to his own fake claims of election fraud in 2020. On Monday, he lied about what he’d said and blamed the media. On Tuesday, his handpicked candidate for U.S. Senate in the once reliably ruby state of Georgia lost to the Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, concluding a midterm cycle in which Democrats defied precedent, thanks in large part to the president’s presence and primary meddling. And then there are Trump’s problems with the law.
Together, these two news items show the sweep of Trump’s lawlessness, from the mundane to the unique. The business crimes are a classic small-time offense. The only remarkable thing about that case is that it happens to involve the former president’s company. Meanwhile, in the case of classified documents, the evidence suggests he committed a crime that nearly no person other than a former president could commit.
More at the link at the top of this post, including the omitted paragraphs...
And more and more crimes will be added to this alright unprecedented police blotter...
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2023.06.01 06:23 Mtsteel67 Wow I must be psychic having posted this 7 months ago

Told you then and now look at what is happening with HB6667, so yes they are coming for our firearms.
So if your a firearm owner and a democrat how is this working out for you now?
Regretting voting for that two faced lying oathbreaker lamont yet?
Regretting voting for democrats yet because they are the majority that is pushing this gun control and the turncoat republicans who are even worse who voted yes on this bill.
I think we should change the nickname of CT from the Constitution state to the Communist state.
So obey your masters in Hartford and do what they say even if it strips you of your rights and liberties.
So they are not coming after our firearms or are they?
I keep hearing from people who are liberals and democrats saying "they are not coming for our firearms"
Wonder what they think of this: https://archive.ph/WfSFL
Here is the whole thing while it is still available online. I can see it getting buried.
NEW MILFORD — Gov. Ned Lamont said this week that he wants to go after thousands of firearms legally kept in Connecticut under several “grandfather” provisions in the state’s decades-old assault weapons ban, but clarified Thursday that he has not yet discussed specifics with lawmakers.
The governor first made those comments in response to questions following Tuesday night’s gubernatorial debate, when he tussled with Republican opponent Bob Stefanowski over the issues of crime and gun control.
“He won't touch guns,” Lamont said of his rival on the stage. Connecticut has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, including a ban on assault weapons that was first passed by lawmakers in 1993 and later expanded following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School by a gunman wielding an AR-15 style rifle and two handguns. Despite the ban, the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has issued 81,849 certificates of possession for assault weapons to gun owners who legally possessed their weapons prior to the expanded prohibition taking effect in 2013. Officials estimate that the actual number of legal assault weapons in the state is much higher due to a number of other exemptions in the law, including those for active duty military and police officers.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “I think those assault-style weapons that are grandfathered should not be grandfathered,” Lamont told reporters during a media session following the debate at Mohegan Sun. “They should not be allowed in the state of Connecticut. I think they’re killers.” When asked whether he was prepared to introduce a bill during the next legislative session to remove the grandfather clause, Lamont said he was but then provided few details when asked how his administration would go about the task of collecting or removing the those weapons that are currently legal to keep. “Start by making them illegal,” Lamont said. “I think that would be a big difference. That is what you start with.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If the governor does pursue an expansion of the state’s assault weapons ban, he is likely to meet fierce resistance from Republican lawmakers and gun rights activists, who have already filed a lawsuit seeking to have the present ban ruled unconstitutional. “I’m sure it’s a great talking point for the governor in Connecticut,” said Mark Oliva, a spokesman for the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation. “It’s no surprise that the governor continues to boogie man law-abiding gun owners.”
Connecticut’s assault-weapons ban actually includes two separate provisions grandfathering in different categories of weapons. The first applies to assault weapons manufactured before the law went into effect in September, 1994 and allows those older weapons to be transferred and sold in Connecticut without additional registration requirements. The second applies to newer weapons that were legally kept in Connecticut between 1994 and 2013 — when the ban was expanded to include at least 100 additional models — and allowed owners to register those guns with the state, but not to sell or transfer them to anyone except for a licensed gun dealer or family member.
Lamont did not say Tuesday whether he hoped to strip one or both grandfather provisions from the law, though he has previously proposed requiring the registration of pre-1994 assault weapons in a similar manner to the gun owners who had to register their weapons after 2013. That proposal, part of the governor's 2022 anti-crime legislation, was ultimately stripped from the bill along with nearly all other measures pertaining to gun control.
When asked to clarify his remarks following an event in New Milford on Thursday, Lamont said he had yet to work out the specifics of a bill with lawmakers, adding that he planned to have those discussions if he is successful in next week’s election against Stefanowski. “I’ll work on that with the legislature, I’d like to get things done not just have a political talking point,” Lamont said. “I think the world would be a lot safer place, Connecticut would be a lot safer, and our cops would be safer if there weren’t so many of these assault weapons out there on the street.” Supporters of such a ban said this week that enforcement could be similar to that of a 2018 law banning bump stocks in Connecticut, which gave owners several months to remove the illegal devices from the state, transfer them to a federally licensed firearms dealer or turn them into State Police before criminal penalties were enforced.
“It certainly wouldn’t happen overnight, you would need to give folks a period of time to properly dispose of it,” said Judiciary Committee Co-Chair Steve Stafstrom, D- Bridgeport, adding a bill to remove one or more of the grandfather clauses from the state’s assault weapons ban is likely to be considered in 2023.
Opponents of the governor’s gun policies, however, said that going after the tens of thousands of legally-owned weapons would be a much more complex and sensitive task. “If you remove a grandfather provision… I guess the government is proposing confiscation,” said state Rep. Craig Fishbein, R- Wallingford, who is also an attorney for the plaintiffs challenging Connecticut’s existing ban.
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2023.06.01 04:20 itsgreater9000 Is it possible to see what a search warrant is for?

I was awoken a few days ago by a no-knock raid with what looked like a SWAT team raiding some other unit in my apartment building. I was totally freaked out and basically pissed myself when I heard the battering ram break open my neighbor's door (I was operating on low sleep - apparently early morning is the best time to do this type of raid?). Anyway, it's been a few days and now I'm really curious about what it was for. I had the windows open in my apartment so I could hear the police and some of the people in tactical gear talking about having two(?) search warrants for the place.
I'd ask the people who live there, but I don't speak their language (and their English is unfortunately not very good), and also it's probably a weird thing to ask lol. But is there anyway to see what it was for? I can see it in my town's police blotter that a search warrant was executed, but nothing more than that.
Also, sorry if this is a weird question. I've never seen anything like it and now I'm wicked curious about what it was all about.
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2023.05.31 22:41 Moonbat-lives Obtaining arrest record and filed police report

My friend was recently attacked and severely injured while vacationing in Nassau. A police report and arrests were made. Because he had to be medi-vac’ed back to states we are unable to obtain information and documents we need in person. How can we go about getting copies of those documents from abroad? Is there a police blotter page or an online portal someone can walk me through for the reports?
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2023.05.27 18:25 MugShots Nevada County Police Blotter 14 year old stabbed with scissors at ...

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2023.05.27 00:56 AuroraItsNotTheTime Why do conservatives care about the death of Christopher Michael Wright?

If you scroll through the top posts of conservative this week, there are the usual suspects. Brittney Griner is there. The NYC college professor with a machete is there. Ben Crump is there. Biden of course is there. It’s a real whose who of conservative boogeymen.
The subreddit does not appear to be a police blotter, where every murder in the country is reported.
But there’s some random murder in Maryland that is the subject of at least two posts.
I think I know why it was on the conservative subreddit, but I want to give conservatives the benefit of the doubt and go straight to the horse’s mouth.
Why do you think it was posted twice and upvoted over a thousand times?
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2023.05.26 21:39 Any-Citron-9394 Bl00d is NOT always thicker than water

Pabuga lang nitong matagal nang nabubulok na sama ng loob dito sa kalooban ko.
Naglayas ako sa amin noong March 2020, days before the lockdown. Nagkaroon ng komosyon sa bahay gawa ng tiyuhin kong kupal (side story: hiwalay mama at papa ko, nakatira ako noon sa lola ko kasama tiyuhin kong kupal at anak niyang feeling señorito/ayaw mautusan sa gawaing bahay) kauuwi ko lang noon sa bahay galing sa trabaho ko sa isang law office sa QC. 2 jeepney at 1 bus ride ang sinusuong ko every rush hour papunta at pauwi. Pagkauwi ko ng bahay, iniunat ko ang likod ko dahil sobrang sakit (ilang oras kong sukbit ang backpack ko at clinically diagnosed ako with scoliosis nung college). Humiga ako para ipahinga ang sumasakit kong likod. Inutusan ako ni kups na punuan ko raw ng tubig yung mga empty water bottles at pitsel na nasa ref. Sabi ko ay sandali lang dahil dinadaing ko yung sakit ng likod ko. Tangina, maghapon ni hindi man lang sumagi sa isip niya na utusan yung anak niyang junior high school kid na gawin yun at hinintay pa talaga ako na gabi nang umuuwi para lang may magrefill ng malamig na tubig nilang iinumin. Ilang beses niya akong sinigawan para lagyan ng tubig yung mga bote pero nakiusap pa ako ng ilang sandali pa kasi sobrang sakit talaga ng likod ko. Naubos agad ang pasensya ni kups kaya pinasok niya ako sa kwarto kung saan ako nakahiga, tapos tinadyakan yung electric fan na malapit sa ulunan ko. Pinagmumura niya ako. Di ko na rin nasikmura kaya gumanti na rin ako ng mura sa kanya. Binastos ang pakiramdam ko noon kaya nasaid ang respeto ko sa kanya. Dahil sa mga nasabi ko ay pinagbantaan niyang papatayin ako. Nung didiretso na ako ng police station para mag-file ng blotter, hinaharang ako ng lola ko. Siya na lang daw yung ipakulong ko at huwag si tiyong kupal. Tangina, papatayin na nga ako tapos dapat protektado pa rin ang hayop.
Tinuloy ko pa rin yung blotter. Nung gabing yun pinuntahan ng mga pulis si gago pero di siya sumama sa police station, sumakit daw dibdib niya (baka sexbomb). Noong gabing iyon ay wala akong ibang makausap kundi si jowa ko na nasa di-kalayuang probinsya at mga kaibigan ko. Nakitulog muna ako sa mga kaibigan ko at ayaw kong umuwi muna sa lecheng bahay na yun. Kalat na sa news noon na may possibility na mag-lockdown ang NCR kaya after shift ko sa office ay naghanap ako ng dorm na medyo malapit sa office. Tuwing uuwi ako sa bahay ay unti-unti ko nang ini-empake ang mga damit ko sa backpack at ecobag, dala ko papasok ng office tapos iuuwi sa dorm. Naglockdown ng March 15, 2020. Nag-iisa lang ako sa buhay. Para sa akin, yun ang tamang desisyon kasi baka tuluyan na akong mawala at mamatay dahil nagkaroon ako ng anxiety at depression dahil sa kanila. Kamuntik na akong hindi magtuloy sa pag-aaral nung college habang nagti-thesis ako kasi na-depress talaga ako at nawalan ng gana sa buhay. Napagod ako noon dahil ako lang pati yung scholarship ko lang ang tumutulong sa akin na mairaos bawat semester ko sa university. Pero pinilit ko pa ring makatapos ng college para sa sarili ko. Yung nanay ko naman ay busy na sa bago niyang pamilya. May 5 anak sa una yung partner ng mama ko plus yung dalawang bago kong kapatid kay mama at masyadong maliit ang bahay ng stepdad ko para makisiksik sa kanila. Hanggang sa lumipat ako kina jowa sa probinsya nung 2021, hindi na nila ako nakita. Until now, wala akong balak na magpakita sa kanila. (Continued sa comment/s yung story)
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2023.05.18 23:41 MugShots Assault conspiracy robbery among 287 arrests added to our police blotter

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2023.05.12 03:57 Babettesgnomes All the best rich people names.

What are your favorite absurd rich people names featured on GG?
I'm blanking on a lot of them, but one of mine is Petal Huffington, who according to Emily, is addicted to reading the police blotter like heroin.
Honorable mention goes to Kick and Mickey (the twins that cornered Rory at her first Yale party).
Edit: Forgot one. Constance Betterton from the DAR, whose husband sold used cars.
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2023.05.11 03:02 21wintermelon Nascam kami ng mga kaibigan ko ng prev workmate ko.

Meron ako kaworkmate way back in 2019, same company and same team kami. This year lang ulit kami nagka communicate, unang approach nya saakin is may fashion show daw na mangyayari sa Worldtrade this May 15 and naghahanap sila ng mga magsusuot ng gown. Sabi nya naman na may talent fee kami at libre na lahat pati foods. Ako naman si Tanga, Syempre kakilala ko sya, nag GO ako, at Syempre may talent fee rin. FF... Tumawag sya sakin inexplain lahat lahat ng mangyayari, tapos sabi nya na may babayaran daw kami since magpapagawa ng crown at rent ng heels, wag daw kami mag alala kasi lahat naman ng gastos namin ay marereimburse samin.
FF... Te si bakla, sabi nya need padaw ng ibang sasali kasi kulang pa sila and may mga nagback out. Ang ginawa ko tinanong ko mga kaibigan ko kung G ba sila sumali, ayun nag OO rin sila.
FF... Seven kaming participants na under nya, 4 dun kaibigan ko, yung isa BF ko then isa is mama ko.
FF... Nanghingi na sya ng pera sa mga kaibigan ko para daw sa gastos.
Overall kung pagsasamahin mga binigay namin nasa total ng 18k+.
Kagabi kolang nalaman na scammer pala sya, di na sya nag update ng mga gagawin, dina sya nagrereply sakin. Nakausap kona rin mga nascam nya before na kaworkmate lang din namin. Supervisor nya, mga kateam at security guard nascam nya, mama ng kaibigan nya na pinatuloy sya noonng pandemic, tita ng kabigan nya at kung sino sino pa. SOBRANG DAMI NYANG NASCAM, WALANG NAG TAKE ACTION KASI DI NILA MAHANAP KUNG NASAAN NA SYA.
NOTE: Diko alam na scammer pala sya and ganun strategy nya kasi nauna ako umalis sa company namin dati before pandemic pa, kaya hindi ko alam.
QUESTION: Balak namin mag file ng report sa police or ipa-blotter sya. Alam namin kung nasaaan sya ngayon, and exact address nya. MAY TUTULONG KAYA SAMIN IF NAG PA BLOTTER KAMI? KAHIT MALIIT LANG NAWALA SAMIN, PERO KASI ANG DAMI NA NYANG NALOKO. TSAKA 18K DIN YUN, MAHIRAP HUMANAP NG PERA NGAYON.
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2023.05.10 15:59 Seahawkanon Police Investigate After Male Killed Downtown - SPD Blotter

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2023.05.07 22:59 CIAHerpes I heard the voice of God. It tells me who will die.

Last summer, I was helping a close friend named Luke set up a music festival in his backyard. It was generally a raucous affair, with hundreds of people showing up and bands going throughout the whole night. He would buy many kegs of beer and put them in the back corner. Unlimited alcohol always drew crowds. But I was never much of a drinker; I usually went for the psychedelics.
In preparation for the party, I had made a jar of green dragon- taking a small jar of pure grain alcohol and putting a handful of hashish into it. After letting it sit for a few days, the entire concoction turned dark green. It was hard to see through it with so much cannabis being dissolved in it.
The night of the party, I arrived early. An old hippy friend of Luke’s I had met on multiple occasions before had parked his huge old van in the yard. I went up to him, smiling and saying hello.
“You know where to get any acid, bud?” I asked. Of course I already knew he did. He smiled back, pulling out sheets of blotter from his van, still wrapped tightly in tinfoil.
“Be careful,” he said as he handed some to me and I gave him the money. “That shit is strong. White fluff from the Rainbow Family.”
“Haha, yeah, OK,” I said, shoving seven hits into my mouth as I walked away. There are some people who, when getting psychedelics, like to try out small doses and see how strong they are before moving to more heroic doses. I was never one of those people. I was more of the Hunter S. Thompson mindset- eating a handful of blotter and asking crazily, “How long do I have?!
Then I took the green dragon and started mixing a drink with the ingredients I had brought. I loved pina coladas and blue Hawaiis and other tropical drinks. I decided on a blue Hawaii, except with green dragon replacing the usual rum.
I mixed the blue curacao, pineapple juice and sour mix together, putting some ice in it. Then I took a few shots of the green dragon and poured it on top, stirring it all together. I sipped it. It definitely tasted like pure weed still, but the combination of flavors made it much better.
By then, the acid had started to kick in too. And the old hippy was right- it was strong. Soon I was wandering in circles, walking around the party with my spiked blue Hawaii. I was tripping so hard by this point that it was nearly impossible to carry on a conversation with anyone. It was hard to even remember what I was trying to do or where I was going.
A massive sense of déjà vu overtook me. The hills in my friend’s backyard were going up and down, like they were dancing in time with the music. Everything seemed to have happened already before. It was like I was trapped, reliving moments that had occurred exactly the same in the past, at a time I couldn’t remember. Everything seemed so familiar.
This wasn’t my first acid trip, so I knew I could calm myself down with sheer willpower. I focused on my breathing, letting thoughts come and go, watching them slipping away into the void. I felt a presence watching me in the moving hills, a presence that seemed to be one with the dancing of the hills- like a Hindu god who destroys the universe in his dance. The trees moved towards me and back away, and white light shimmered around the people at the party. Huge auras surrounded all living beings there, and trails of translucent light followed anything that moved in my vision. I moved my hand in front of my eyes, and saw a trail of pure energy stretching behind it for a couple feet.
I walked towards the forest on the edge of his party, where a couple of guys I had met at other parties had massive earth gongs set up. The gongs looked about three to four feet high, suspended by black cords to a rectangular metal casing. They saw me with my huge pupils and wide grin and started laughing, asking me if I wanted to try out the gongs, and if I wanted to buy any chocolate magic mushroom hearts.
“What do you mean, try them out?” I asked, referring to the gongs. “And no thanks on the mushrooms, I already got some family blotter.” They pointed to the reclining chair between the gongs.
“You sit back in that chair, blindfolded,” one said, “and we give you some crystals to hold-” he pointed at two huge crystals that looked like quartz and amethyst- “and then we start the gongs.” I didn’t even have to think about it.
“OK!” I said cheerfully. I had never gotten “gonged” before, especially tripping as hard as I was. I had a feeling it would be a memorable experience.
They sat me down in the chair, and I put the blindfold around my eyes. The plunge into darkness changed the visuals into morphing colors and shapes. Every sound around me gave me a visual cue in my blindfolded state. I could see sounds- sharp, quick sounds giving spiky bright shapes, while deep, lower ones gave more rounded and darker ones. One of the guys put a crystal in each of my hands, and then the gongs started.
What I experienced during those few minutes is nearly impossible to describe- as if any mystical experience could be described in words. But I felt the presence of something eternal. It was as if a face of pure white light, a face bigger than the stars and outside of all time and space, appeared in my mind. Such a presence was terrifying. His gaze felt almost reptilian, alien. It felt cold, as cold as the endless space between galaxies.
And I know that this eternal mind, this God, spoke to me. I heard His voice.
It wasn’t in English, or, in fact, in any human language. It was a voice that sounded like rushing water, like a massive waterfall going over an eternal precipice. There was no stopping. The words were understood on an instinctual level, and they merged one into the next, never breathing or taking a break. I began to move my arms and head around to make sure I was still alive and in the real world.
What He said to me was simple, even though it hadn’t been said in actual words: “You’re going to die one day. Your lips and fingernails will turn blue and your heart will stop and you will die. And I see you. I see you.
“I see everything you have ever done, and everything you ever will do, and when you die, you’ll hear my voice again. For I am the eternal, the source of all life, and you are nothing. You are a grain of sand in an eternal desert. Your body will be a shell, left to rot, and in the end, my son, it will return to only you and me. You and me. You and me, forever and ever…”
And then it stopped. Someone took the crystals out of my hands, and I took off the blindfold.
“Holy shit,” I said. “What just happened?” The two looked at me, smiling. “Did something just happen? Seriously, did it?” They shrugged.
“Lots of people have weird experiences with the gongs,” the taller of the two said. “If you ever are interested in the future, we sell time slots for gonging, sensory deprivation tanks…” They went on. I pretended to be interested, smiling the whole time, but on the inside, I was horrified and scared. The presence had been far too much for my mind to comprehend. They clearly had not felt anything strange.
I stood up and got out of there, thanking them for their time and for bringing the gongs. They told me to call them. But it was hard to talk; the echoes of that voice still rang out in my head. Everything was still moving and morphing too fast. I needed to get away.
I chugged the rest of my cannabis drink, which turned out to be a bad idea. It moved the visuals up another notch, and soon all I could see was colors and patterns everywhere.
I went up to the kegs, thinking maybe I could drink a few beers and calm down. I started drinking, chugging one beer after another, but they simply had no effect. I couldn’t get drunk, or even buzzed. The acid simply overpowered the alcohol at every turn. Eventually, I gave up, went towards the fire, sat down, and stared.
Endless hours seemed to pass as I watched that fire. People came and went all around me as I thought of that voice, that horrible, grating, alien voice, and as soon as I thought of it, the face made of light came back into my mind.
“That man in front of you will die tonight,” it said. “In a car accident. Two others will die with him. One of his friends will be crippled for life and wish he was dead. He will be brain damaged and infantile.” I looked, and a man in a black T-shirt stood in front of the fire, totally wasted, moving from side to side. Unlike the other people and even dogs at the party, I did not see an aura of shimmering white light around him.
His aura was cold and black. It seemed to have tiny skulls in it that flitted back and forth rapidly, surrounding him in a cloud like gnats. Just looking at that aura sent chills down my spine.
He left soon after. I kept staring into the fire. Half an hour later, LifeStar helicopters passed directly overhead, going to the scene of the car accident- the place where, I knew, the man with the black aura had died.
I started to sober up after a while. The endless hours had, in fact, probably been only a few hours. People had come and gone the entire time in a blur. The sun started to come up, and my vision slowly began to turn to normal. The kaleidoscopic patterns and morphing, dancing glow of the firelight started to subside. But that voice stayed with me. That voice has spoken to me intermittently ever since, telling me who will die and how. Eventually I came down enough to hold full conversations and think normally again. At the time, I tried to pass the entire thing off as a hallucination.
A few of us were still around the fire, stoking it and adding wood, sitting and talking as daylight warmed us and the shadows of night dissipated. An old friend of mine, Rob the Sound Guy, who was in charge of the sound systems at these parties, was sitting in a lawn chair next to me. He had a tendency to eat way too many psychedelics during the parties and, if the sound system went down, would be furiously trying to untangle wires as if he were fighting a den of snakes while tripping balls and getting confused and frustrated the whole time. He usually got the music back up- eventually.
“Jesus fucking Christ, I was tripping hard last night,” he said to me, pulling out a Marlboro from a pack and handing the pack to me. I took out a cigarette, lit it and then handed the pack back over. I looked up as what he had said registered in my brain, laughing hysterically, my grin widening.
“Me too, buddy. I think I literally spoke to God,” I said. “Or, I guess, He spoke to me. I mean, I think He actually talked to me.” Rob looked up at me with huge, dilated pupils, grinning back, a trickle of sweat pouring down his forehead.
“Don’t we all contact God in the end?” he asked rhetorically, staring up at the clear blue sky and the bright sun as it appeared over the trees. “Don’t we all? Hey, by the way, did you see all those LifeStar helicopters? Apparently three people died just down the road from here…”
The next week, I was at work. An old friend of mine, Jeremiah, worked next to me. We were at the restaurant, preparing meals for people- the same crappy job I had worked through most of college. Then I felt that voice come into my mind as I looked over.
“He will try to kill his girlfriend tonight when he finds her cheating,” it said in its strange deep language, the sounds melding one into the next. I felt the color drain from my face as I thought about it. What if I could stop what the voice said? What if it told me so I could save people? It was an idea I honestly hadn’t considered. I turned to Jeremiah, smiling.
“Hey, you wanna hang out after work tonight?” I asked. “Smoke some weed or something? Maybe play some videogames?”
“Sure, buddy,” he said. “You can come over for a while.” We ended up getting out earlier than usual due to the place being empty. And so I ended up walking him out after work and following him to his place in my car. We pulled up to his apartment and saw all the lights were on.
Jeremiah pulled his key out of his pocket, sliding it hesitantly in the lock. He opened the door slowly, as if he knew deep down that something was wrong.
There, in the living room, was his girlfriend, naked with another man. Jeremiah froze in place, his mouth dropping open in surprise. Then he roared in anger, pulling out a box cutter from his pocket and flicking it open. I tried to grab his hand, but he had gone totally feral and insane. He sliced me across the arm and punched me in the stomach, then turned and ran towards his girlfriend with the box cutter. Time seemed to pass in slow motion as he flicked it across her throat, putting all of his considerable body weight into the cut, and a waterfall of blood came pouring out onto her body and the white couch below.
He turned to the naked man, who was getting up and putting his hands up, trying to sputter some excuse or apology. Jeremiah slit the box cutter across his belly. The man shrieked, using his hands to try to hold his guts in. I could see the man’s intestines from the gaping hole as Jeremiah raised the boxcutter and slit the naked man’s throat as well. There was blood everywhere, and more was pouring out of the two naked bodies as they quickly bled to death. They began to seize and spasm on the couch, inhaling large quantities of their own blood and coughing it back out. It frothed and dripped across their lips as they took their last breaths.
I turned around and ran, my arm bleeding and dripping on the ground behind me the entire time. Every time I closed my eyes, all I saw was those white walls and that white couch, covered in so much blood. I heard police and ambulance sirens fly by soon after, going to the murder scene. I ended up having to drive myself to the hospital to get my arm stitched up.
But it wasn’t the last time I tried to change the horrible fates the voice warned me about. Every time I try, something happens to counteract me. I even tried bringing a pistol one time to save a random man from the city who the voice told me would die in an armed robbery, but my gun misfired. The robber killed him and got away, and I ended up being just a witness to another horrific death. I was lucky not to be shot myself. It is like it is fate, written and set in stone, and I cannot change it..
But this afternoon, something new finally happened. The voice talked about me. I was sitting on the porch, reading, trying to take my mind off of the gruesome deaths I had witnessed, and then it came. Like grating metal, it broke into my mind. Its tone seemed especially insectile, reptilian and mocking this time. It rushed through my consciousness, deep and low, continuous, the white light of the eternal face that appeared blinding my third eye, the echoes of the voice drifting off eternally into the deep recesses of my mind.
“You will die tonight. You will run into a serial killer who will torture and kill you. Your death will be truly horrible. He will leave you bleeding and in agony, and you will die alone.”
Hopefully, I can change the prophecy of the voice just this one time. Because the sun is setting, and I still don’t have a plan.
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2023.05.05 04:19 iwasyoursea Fear of missing out because of my paranoid and strict parents

I don’t know if anyone has the same situation as I am but I’m beyond frustrated. I’m 24 and since the pandemic happened I was never allowed to go outside unless I’m with my parents. During pre pandemic I was still able to go anywhere I wanted to given that I have to work at an office. Right now, I feel so trapped where in I feel like I’m out of options or idk what is the best thing to do with my situation.
Background: I’m 24 and my parents are like in their 70s. Basically, I’m a pre-menopausal baby. What’s even worse is that I’m an only child. And what’s even worse than an only child? A daughter as an only child. The thing is, I truly understand the reason why they are not allowing me to go out with my friends. They told me that they might easily catch a disease or sickness given their age to the point that I might infect them with any form of sickness.
If I move out, I may not get my inheritance or they might donate it to other people or even worse they might go as far as reporting a police blotter that I moved out if the house because at one point they locked me inside of my room when I tried to sneak out. If I stay home, it’s like waiting for them to die before I am truly able to live my life or to decide on my own. It’s so frustrating when I’m trying to argue with them and all I hear is that: “You are still young and you have a lot of time to explore”. I feel like when I reach my 30s everyone’s too busy doing their shit and I’m what? Catching up with my teenage years? It feels so unfair tho tbf, mom is more lenient than my dad. They always tell me to become independent and yet their actions are the other way around. They don’t allow me to use public transportation, commute or get an uber. If I need to do work errands or do taxes, they have to be the one who will escort me via my dad driving or ask the family driver to drive for me. I acknowledge that they will do all means for me to be safe but I never asked for it. When they wanted me to be safe by doing all those things, they will use it against me saying “You are interrupting everyone and we are doing everything for you and yet you are ungrateful.” And the list goes on…
I’m very very sad because I’m in my mid 20s where in you should explore, do things, have fun. But I feel like I’ll be missing the fun. My mom then nags me that I should have a partner before I turn 30. Like how am I supposed to find a partner within the four corners of our home especially it’s so hard to online date and it’s never really ideal for me to online date and when I do ofc how am I going to open up to my parents that I’ll be seeing someone? I don’t want to tell all of my private businesses to my parents. It’s so hard.
All of my friends invited me to go outside or go somewhere and I had to turn them all down because of my parents. I don’t know but a part of me is thinking that they only have little time in the world given their age and I’ll just accept the fact that I won’t be able to do or decide my own until they die. But how about me tho… I feel like I don’t have enough gratitude towards them for the things they have done for me if I think about myself and be selfish.
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2023.05.01 23:08 BoiseBound2023 Police Presence By Julia Davis Park - Police Cruiser On Greenbelt

Does anyone know what happened? Also is there a police dispatch/blotter that people use / follow?
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2023.05.01 19:20 RBIcaraccident Weird car accident situation

On April 14, I was driving in Westchester County, NY. I was one of the first to come across a car that was absolutely decimated, we’re talking entire engine block on the street, exhaust system nowhere near the car, the car was in the worst shape I’ve ever seen. As I was one of the first there, I stopped and helped with a few other good samaritans. I gave a short statement to the police and went on my way. I heard through various sources that the driver died on the way to the hospital.
Now to the strange part. None of the local papers, news websites, police blotter, anything, picked it up. It happened around 5:30pm on Friday, April 14 and the accident investigation unit didn’t reopen the road until midnight. North Castle PD and Armonk Fire and EMS showed up and either there’s nothing about it on the internet or my google fu fails me. This would be big news in Westchester, NY
Beyond that, the police department has asked me to come in and give a formal statement. Not sure why that’s necessary if it was a one-car accident and the driver died.
Any thoughts on this one?
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2023.05.01 07:35 mercbluefonzie Batgirl I-Barbara Gordon Unmasked 1-Batgirl v2 #7

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