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Fasting: willingly abstaining for a period of time

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Whatever form of water fasting you practice, from IF to extended fasting and everything in between, and whether you're fasting for health, weight loss, self-discipline, longevity, or any of the other myriad benefits of fasting, you've come to the right place—a community of like-minded individuals sharing our knowledge and experiences.

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A safe and open space for Redditors to post their questions and thoughts about fitness training.

2016.02.16 12:12 Dryfasting

No food and no water. The dry fasting discord link:

2023.06.08 16:44 Prism_JTN [WTS][US-PR] [H] Kinera Nanna 2.0 [W] $580

[WTS][US-PR] [H] Kinera Nanna 2.0 [W] $580
I'm listing my Kinera Nanna 2.0 in order to cover a potential new GPU purchase for my PC since my current one is bricked.
I'm asking $580 F&F and I can ship Priority CONUS through USPS. Item will be shipped Saturday 10th or Monday 12th. I have trades on this sub, on mechmarket, I also have ratings on Facebook Marketplace and I have an Ebay store. Feel free to ask any questions.
Note: I only used the small foam tips, I am the second owner, all of the wear on the box was made by the first owner and all of the wear on the IEM case was done by me while traveling with my DAP. The IEMs have no marks or scuffs on the shell. I include the original cable. I can also add a Liquid Links Conti full copper litz cable for $50 extra if you want.
Please comment on this post first and then send a PM. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 16:43 Lyrica13 Buying advise and opinions wanted

I have just got divorced and need to buy a new car. We have traditionally drove corsas at my partners insistence but they are boring to drive and I'm looking to treat myself to something new.
My salary is £65k and I have £50k in savings. As I don't know what my future holds yet I was interested in a 2 year lease, no long term commitment, plus after a decade of old grand dad corsas I can drive something new and fun with a bit of umpf.
I have been looking at audi a3s, focus', pumas, Golf's and Cupras, all top trim. I have have worked out the running costs for all ( lease, insurance, 50 quid a month petrol) . An audi comes out near 600 a month which is more then my mortgage, a focus about 530, and a puma about 470.
Any and all opinions welcome. Tbh this is a total extravagance and while I'm treating myself I don't want to go Iver board. I'd like something with a bit of zip but to me that's anything faster then an old corsa. I'd rather have a fully specked cheap brand then a bottom spec expensive, and a sound system would be nice but not a deal breaker. I don't drive a lot, shops and local area, maybe a motor way trip every month or two, so in reality I'd do maybe 2k miles a year.
Any advise and insight welcome and valued. Thank you
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2023.06.08 16:43 mastermiller46 Autistic Adult: how to navigate the world without knowing all the facts

Hi there, I'm an autistic adult in my late twenties living on my own. I've just recently escaped my abusive family, and I'm finally free to be my own person for the first time in my life. I've been going through a very interesting situation where I am experiencing a lot of new things for the first time, like having a solid friend group and developing a crush on somebody for the first time in my life. With that has come a lot of challenges, and due to these things happening later in life, this challenge that I am facing is new, and while I like to confront things immediately, this one has left me stumped and I think I need help. This is more general, but definitely the crush is where I am struggling the most with this problem.
When it comes to navigating relationships and friendships and such, I know many autistic people like myself can be fact-seeking to a fault. We need to know all the facts before pursuing with something, but as with life, in most situations, we have to operate without all the facts like everybody else. When it comes to situations when the ball is in someone else's court, as autistic people, how do you operate without knowing all the facts? How do you deal with that anxiety, and that tendency to beat yourself up if you don't know everything before trying to do something?
Unfortunately, my one other friend who I reached out to for advice definitely is also wrestling with the same thing, and, in her own words, worse than I am, meaning that I really don't have anybody else to reach out to. Anything helps, thank you very much.
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2023.06.08 16:43 mdfasoline Strategy for first 10 mi?

First ultra next month (Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mi). Goal is to finish by the cut off in 20 hrs. Had a setback during training so I’ll feel slightly undertrained for it but still confident I can finish. I’ll be staying at elevation 4 days before, hoping I can acclimate a bit.
Starting to develop a pacing strategy and curious how you’d approach the first 10 mi? It’s about 4.3k ft straight up over 9 mi: starting at 4.8k ft and topping out at 9k ft. my thought is to use poles and just hike as fast as possible, try to not burn out by running uphill.
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2023.06.08 16:43 smallmoneybigdreams Interdimensional or Paranormal Experience? Both?

A few years ago, my parents moved from NY to Georgia (USA) for a job and a change of weather. I was living in CA, but after their move I wanted to see what it was like there so I decided my boyfriend and I would go and try living with them for a few months. Pretty much immediately upon arrival, things were weird.
I flew out 2 weeks before my boyfriend to be with my mom while my dad was on a business trip. The day that I got there, severe thunderstorms had made my travel miserable and that first night the thunder shook my bedroom. I woke up in the night feeling really scared, so I went down to my mom’s room and slept with her in her bed. That first night I chalked it up to being in a new place with loud severe storms, but this would be the first of many times I would wake in the night in a sense of panic and terror.
Throughout my time there, I would wake up in the middle of the night from deep sleep and feel terrified. Like, absolutely scared to death to the point of shaking and crying, and for “no reason”, I couldn’t remember any bad dreams or anything from the day that would trigger these emotions. I felt like something was watching me, I was so scared I would wake my boyfriend up just to hold me and comfort me until I would calm down. I pretty much was waking up in a panic attack, something very out of the ordinary for me as I do not have these issues normally. This happened about 5 separate times, only at this house in Georgia. Never has happened again.
Here’s where it gets weirder. One morning, I woke up to my shoes placed in a circular formation, toe to heel, with white shoes around the outside and a pair of black shoes in the middle. I thought my family was playing a joke on me, so I confronted them, and no one knew anything about it. Another night after everyone was asleep, out of nowhere a commercial had randomly started playing on a speaker sounding like voices coming from my living room. I am the “brave one” of my family, though you wouldn’t know it in this story, so I went downstairs and turned it off. It was pretty weird, I felt watched the entire time.
You can see how I figured this stuff was more “ghosty” paranormal at the time, but a year after these occurrences I had two UFO sightings that really altered my view of the unknown and consciousness. After all of the weirdness in my recent life, I talked with a family friend about what this stuff could be. She mentioned to me that her first impression of everything was “Interdimensional beings”, and that really resonated with me. She didn’t explain much further, other than that she had her own experience which made her believe in these entities.
Do any of you know more about this idea of Interdimensional beings? Can you relate to my story at all? Do you think that experiences of the paranormal could tie into the phenomenon somehow?
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2023.06.08 16:42 drimqws I got peer pressured

For context me and this girl (we'll call her Ella) were crushing on each other the year before and dated for a few weeks. We were super awkward around each other. We broke up in the summer right before school started again.
I had lost my crush on Ella, but things were still kinda awkward around here. Like we couldn't start a conversation alone. This made my friends think we still liked each other. They eventually dropped though and I didn't think about Ella for a couple months. Fast forward to February, I was in a face time call with a new friend (lets say Ava) and Ella. (Ava and I knew of each other but weren't close until a few weeks prior) I was doing my turn of karaoke when Ella was sending "Will you marry me?" questions in a picture with a picture of this character on one knee and a ring. I was trying to ignore it and just keep going. Then Ava got my attention and was like "You guys have some chemistry," while giggling afterwards. I was like "Uh no," but then she cut me off and told me to check the gc. While i did so, Ava was like "Come on you should say yes by the way" "You guys look so good together" "If you don't say yes omg" I was really feeling pressured to say no so I just said yes because you never know, I may start liking them. I didn't. I broke up with her after a few months and told her how I felt peer pressured. Turns out we both felt pressured and we broke up on good terms.
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2023.06.08 16:42 BillReel The Evidence Laid Out That Joseph Smith was the Founder of Polygamy

Last night on Mormonism Live ( ) we laid out all the strong evidence that ties Joseph Smith not only to being the author and perpetuator of polygamy but also took away the narrative that the Deniers of Joseph's polygamy push in order to redeem his character.


1.) Clayton Journal Entries can be shown to be reliable
2.) D&C 132 is shown to be reliable as the text of the revelation that Smith received
3.) There is substantial Evidence that imposes that Smith originated and perpetuated Polygamy
4.) Hyrum Smith read the revelation in a High Council Meeting and Joseph and Hyrum tried to excuse the revelation away in the Nauvoo City Council but not a the way that allows Polygamy deniers to impose a narrative of "Eternity Only Sealings" or "Dynastic Sealings". Hence they must confront why Hyrum and Joseph don't respond using the narrative they have created.
5.) That any attempt to explain Joseph's practice as "eternal only" and not time is irrational in light of Hyrum and Joseph's attempt to walk back the doctrine/revelation of plural marriage by explaining it was in regards to former times and had nothing to do with the present. In other words Dynastic Sealings or relationships in the hereafter that are not binding or sexual in this life is not going to strike fear and anger and rebelliousness in Emma, along with pushback and resentment in Marks, Cowles, and Soby and can be explained without embarrassment. But when Joseph and Hyrum tip their hand by making the excuse that this revelation is about former times and not the present, we can rationally conclude this wasn't eternal only or dynastic relationships that lacked sex or marriage in this life. (While we didn't show it, Orange Wight's autobiography also imposes that Smith had Flora Woodworth as a wife and he was notified that because of such, she was taken. Hence this wasn't a eternity only relationship.
I don't want to format all of these again and create a new post so I will simply share where it is posted elsewhere on reddit if you want to see the documents and the notes about what these documents show. Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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2023.06.08 16:41 mariusthepunkfather REMAKE: Providing some characters’ ideal real names in My Hero Academia whose real names are currently unknown and are only referred by their aliases.

NOTE: This is a remake of the list I made way back in 2022, and it can be found here:
Keep in mind that some entries on the list have their names changed over time because of, well, reasons. Check the old list for comparison.
Providing some characters’ ideal real names in My Hero Academia whose real names are currently unknown and are only referred by their aliases. This time, with new entries on the list!
Have you ever wondered what the real names of some characters in My Hero Academia may be? There are some who are only refered by their aliases and not their real names. For example, we know that Cementoss’ real name is Ken Ishiyama (石山堅), but Ectoplasm’s real name is unknown. So I thought I would compile a list of characters, whether heroes, villains, or neutral, whose real names are not revealed in any form of media, whether they are anime, manga, game, or light novels. Keep in mind that I made up all of the ideal real names by myself (with my limited knowledge of the Japanese language). We’ll wait if Kohei Horikoshi decided on some of the names to be designated as official real names, so there could be a possibility that if a real name is already revealed and is different from mine.
Crimson Riot: Masayoshi Shinkuyama (真紅山正義, しんくやま まさよし)
Shin (真) means true, Ku (紅) means crimson or deep red, Yama (山) means mountain, Masa (正) means correct or justice, and Yoshi (義) means righteousness. The surname Shinkuyama means deep crimson mountain, which explains his hero name. The given name Masayoshi means justice, since Masayoshi is an alternate reading of Seigi, which also means justice. His sense of justice, and to an extent, chivalry, is what motivated the life of Eijiro Kirishima on his path of training to be a pro hero.
Lunch Rush: Godan Ransei (蘭生五旦, らんせい ごだん)
Ran (蘭) means orchid, Sei (生) means raw or genuine, Go (五) means 5, and Dan (旦) means daybreak. His name is a play on British chef celebrity Gordon Ramsay, only if you mention the name in western order, since Japanese names use the surname-first, given-name order, making his name Ransei Godan instead. The Go in Godan likely refers to the 5 tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, while Dan refers to breakfast, which is ironic considering that his hero name is Lunch Rush. The Sei in Ransei also likely refers to his signature insult.
Snipe: Hokori Toki (東木埃, とうき ほこり)
To or Higashi or Azuma (東) means east, Ki (木) means tree or wood, and Hokori (埃) means dust. The surname Toki roughly means “east wood”, a reference to American actor Clint Eastwood, who is known for starring in old west and spaghetti western films. The surname is also homophonous with time in Japanese, Toki (時), probably as in the phrase “the good old times” or “the good old days”. The given name might be a reference to the “Dust Bowl”, the name given to the drought-stricken Southern Plains region of the United States in the 1930’s, or the Kansas song Dust in the Wind.
Ectoplasm: Kazuhiro Masumi (増見数博, ますみ かずひろ)
Masu (増) means multiply or increase, Mi (見) means to see, Kazu (数) means number, and Hiro (博) means command or esteem or win acclaim. The surname Masumi alludes to his quirk, noting that he can multiply or clone his own self, while seeing multiple directions at once through his clones. The given name Kazuhiro is a reference to his profession, a math teacher in UA.
Backdraft: Kansho Kadome (火止看消, かどめ かんしょう)
Ka or Hi (火) means fire, Dome or Tome (止) means to stop or halt, Kan (看) means to watch or observe, and Sho (消) means to erase or extinguish, the same kanji character in Shota Aizawa’s name (相澤消太). In other words, Kadome means stopping fire, while Kansho means observe while extinguishing.
Uwabami: Mamiko Hebita (蛇田真美子, へびた まみこ)
Hebi (蛇) means snake, Ta or Da (田) means rice field, Ma or Shin (真) means true, Mi or Bi (美) means beauty, and Ko (子) means child. Hebi in Hebita refers to her appearance and quirk, alluding to the Greek mythological figure Medusa. Her given name means true beautiful child.
Gunhead: Kenshiro Tsutsuto (銃頭拳志郎, つつとう けんしろう)
Tsutsu (銃) means gun, To or Atama (頭) means head, Ken (拳) means fist, Shi (志) means will or intention, and Ro (郎) means male. The surname Tsutsuto literally means Gunhead, his hero name. Tsutsu in Tsutsuto is the same reading in Lady Nagant’s real name, Kaina Tsutsumi (筒美火伊那). Although written in a different kanji (筒), which means gun barrel, a reference to her quirk, it has the same connotation as the other one. The given name Kenshiro may be alluded to the main protagonist of Fist of the North Star of the same name, although written in katakana, noting that he is a pro hero whose agency specializes in armed combat and martial arts. Also the Ken in Kenshiro is the same kanji character in Itsuka Kendo’s name (拳藤一佳).
The Fly: Kisuke Koba (小羽黄助, こば きすけ)
Ko (小) means small, Ba or Bane or Hane (羽) means wing or feather, Ki or Ko (黄) means yellow, and Suke (助) means help or assistance. The surname Koba literally means small wings, referring to his appearance and quirk. The Ki in Kisuke means yellow, referring to his blonde hair.
Slugger: Sango Sakagami (阪神三吾, さかがみ さんご)
Saka or Han (阪) means heights or slope, Kami or Gami or Shin (神) means god, San (三) means 3, and Go (吾) means I or my. The surname Sakagami is an alternate reading of Hanshin (阪神), a reference to a popular Japanese pro baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers (阪神タイガース). In the west, the baseball team is primarily (and infamously) remembered for being associated with the curse called “The Curse of the Colonel”, a 1985 Japanese urban legend regarding a reputed curse placed on the baseball team by the ghost of the deceased Kentucky Fried Chicken founder and mascot Colonel Harland Sanders, who passed away 5 years prior at the age of 90. The given name Sango is a play on ’35, the year the Hanshin Tigers were founded, 1935; although the next year, they would be officially formed and have their first season as the “Osaka Tigers”. In 1940, amid anti-foreign sentiment, the Tigers changed the name to "Hanshin" and in 1947 changed the name back to "Osaka Tigers". The current team name was assumed in 1961.
Native: Teppei Nishiriku (西陸哲平, にしりく てっぺい)
Nishi (西) means west, Riku (陸) means land, Tetsu (哲) means philosophy, and Pei or Hei or Hira (平) means flat. The surname Nishiriku means western land, most likely referring to America. The given name Teppei is a play on the word tepee or tipi, a conical tent made by Native Americans.
Selkie: Yasuhiro Hirezaki (鰭崎安洋, ひれざき やすひろ)
Hire (鰭) means fin or flipper (body part), Saki (崎) means cape or peninsula, Yasu (安) means peaceful, and Hiro (洋) means ocean. The Hire in Hirezaki means fin or flipper, referring to his seal physique. It may also be a reference to the Japanese word Kikyakurui (鰭脚類), meaning pinniped. They are a widely distributed and diverse monophyletic group of carnivorous, fin-footed, semi aquatic, mostly marine mammals. They are also commonly referred as seals. In fact, the name "pinniped" derives from the Latin words pinna, meaning fin and pes or pedis, meaning foot, thus giving the literal meaning of fin footed.
Sirius: Miya Otomaru (音丸美弥, おとまる みや)
Oto (音) means sound, Maru (丸) means round, Mi or Bi (美) means beauty, and Ya (弥) means all the more or increasingly. The surname Otomaru means sound around, a reference to her quirk, which allows the user to hear high frequencies around her that humans normally cannot. She uses it to communicate with Selkie when they are far apart. She can also use it to detect the number of people nearby. The given name Miya can be also read as Mimi (耳), which means ear in Japanese, also a reference to her quirk and appearance.
Mr. Brave: Yuichi Kamige (上毛勇一, かみげ ゆういち)
Kami or Ue (上) means up or above or raise, Ge or Mo (毛) means hair, and Isamu (勇) means brave. The surname Kamige literally means raising hair, a reference to his quirk. The given name Yuichi means brave one, a reference to his hero name.
Death Arms: Atsuto Aratake (荒武篤人, あらたけ あつと)
Ara (荒) means rough or wild, Take (武) means military, Atsu (篤) means fervent or serious, and To or Hito (人) means person. The Ara in Aratake and Atsu in Atsuto refer to his serious and rough behavior.
Crust: Mutsuo Tatezaki (盾崎六雄, たてざき むつお)
Tate (盾) means shield (type of personal armor), Zaki or Saki (崎) means cape or edge, Mutsu or Roku (六) means 6, and O (雄) means masculine or male. The Tate in Tatezaki refers to his quirk, shield, which allows him to manifest stone-like, hexagonal shields from their body that could be utilized both defensively and offensively. His given name Mutsuo is a reference to his hexagonal shields.
Yoroi Musha: Takeyoshi Furumoto (古本武義, ふるもと たけよし)
Furu (古) means old or ancient, Moto or Hon (本) means origin or book, Take (武) means military, and Yoshi (義) means righteousness. All of the kanji characters are associated with him. The surname Furumoto can be also read as Furuhon, which means ancient book, possibly referring to old records, text, or illustrations regarding Japanese history and society. The Take in Takeyoshi refers to his hero costume, resembling a samurai, while Yoshi refers to his personality, which is ironic after what happened during the war.
Kesagiri Man: Kenjuro Kuroi (黒井剣寿郎, くろい けんじゅろう)
Kuro (黒) means black, I (井) means water well, Ken (剣) means sword, Ju (寿) means longevity, and Ro (郎) means male. The Kuro in Kuroi refers to the color of his hero outfit, while the Ken in Kenjuro refers to the literal meaning of his hero name - slashing someone with a sword diagonally from the shoulder, Kesagiri (袈裟切り).
Water Hose father: Namihiro Izumi (出水波弘, いずみ なみひろ)
Water Hose mother: Kishiko Izumi (出水岸子, いずみ きしこ)
Knowing that the Water Hose Duo is Kota Izumi’s (出水洸汰) parents, we can obviously assume that they are also named Izumi. Izu (出) means outside, and Mi or Mizu (水) means water. Combined together means flood, Izumi (出水). The surname is also homophonous with fountain in Japanese, Izumi (泉).
For the father: Nami (波) means wave or billow, and Hiro (弘) means vast or wide.
For the mother: Kishi (岸) means beach or shore, and Ko (子) means child.
Nezu: Hideyuki Nezu (根津秀幸, ねず ひでゆき)
Assuming that Nezu is his surname, I would give him his given name only. Ne (根) means root, Zu or Tsu (津) means harbor, Hide (秀) means excellence, and Yuki (幸) means happiness or fortune. His surname is meant to be a play on rat in Japanese, Nezumi (鼠), and his given name is a common Japanese male name, which fits his personality.
Kido: Ryota Kido (貴堂良太, きどう りょうた)
Ki (貴) means noble, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Ryo (良) means good, and Ta (太) means plump or thick. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (キドウ) and his respective quirk traject in Japanese, Kido (軌道).
Onima: Junji Onima (鬼馬淳次, おにま じゅんじ)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, Ma (馬) means horse, Jun (淳) means pure, and Ji (次) means next. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (オニマー).
X-Less: Mitsuyuki Hoshimoto (星本光行, ほしもと みつゆき)
Hoshi (星) means star, Moto or Hon (本) means origin or book, Mitsu (光) means light, and Yuki (行) means line. His name is a reference to his quirk laser, where he fires energy beams from his right eye.
Shishido: Daisho Shishido (獅子戸大昌, ししど だいしょう)
Shishi (獅子) means lion, Do (戸) means door, Dai or O (大) means big, and Sho (昌) means prosperous or clear. His surname is homophonous to that of his hero name (シシド) and the fact that the first two syllables of his surname fits with him being called the lion hero. Shishido is also an actual surname, but written as宍戸 instead, with the initial kanji character meaning muscles or meat.
Airjet: Hayato Kamizora (上空早人, かみぞら はやと)
Kami or Ue (上) means up or above or raise, Zora or Sora (空) means sky, Haya (早) means early or fast, and To or Hito (人) means person. His surname is a reference to the fact that he can shoot blasts of air above the ground as high as he wants.
Fourth Kind: Shugo Shinomiya (四宮修悟, しのみや しゅうご)
Shi (四) means 4, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Shu or Osamu (修) means discipline, and Go or Satoru (悟) means enlightenment. The Shi in Shinomiya refers to the fact that he has 4 arms in his appearance. Not a Kaguya reference.
Takeshita: Yoshiyuki Takeshita (竹下吉幸, たけした よしゆき)
This character in the manga and anime is named that way, which is an actual surname, which means I would give him his given name only. Take (竹) means bamboo, Shita (下) means below or under, Yoshi (吉) means good luck or joy, and Yuki (幸) means happiness or fortune. The Take in Takeshita is likely a reference to his unnamed bamboo quirk.
Eel Boy: Teruki Unagi (宇凪輝樹, うなぎ てるき)
U (宇) means roof, Nagi (凪) means calm, Teru (輝) means shine or illuminate, and Ki (樹) means tree. His surname is homophonous with eel in Japanese, Unagi (鰻), referring to his unnamed eel quirk. Interestingly, in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, there is a character with a similar sounding name, Teruo Unagisawa (鰻沢照生), unrelated to the character above. I made that name up without realization, so I must say it’s almost a coincidence.
Briareos: Gosaku Tezawa (手澤郷作, てざわ ごうさく)
Gyges: Gosuke Tezawa (手澤郷輔, てざわ ごうすけ)
Knowing that the two guards present during the Assault on Tartarus are brothers, we can assume that they share the same surname. Te (手) means hand or arm, and Zawa or Sawa (澤) means swamp, referring to their appearance.
For Briareos: Go (郷) means village or hometown, and Saku (作) means make or prepare.
For Gyges: Go (郷) means village or hometown, and Suke (輔) means help or assistance.
Public Safety Commission President: Yasuko Hoki (保喜安子, ほき やすこ)
Ho (保) means protection or guarantee, Ki (喜) means delight or rejoice, Yasu (安) means peaceful, and Ko (子) means child. Combining both the initial kanji characters of both her surname and given name would mean security in Japanese, Hoan (保安), referring to her position in the Hero Public Safety Commission.
2nd user: Hayao Nikaido (二階堂速雄, にかいどう はやお)
Ni (二) means 2, Kai (階) means story, stair or floor, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Haya (速) means quick or fast, and O (雄) means male. For the given name Hayao, the Haya in Hayao is the same one in his quirk "Gearshift" in Japanese, Hensoku (変速). The surname Nikaido has the kanji character for 2, Ni (二), referencing the fact that he is the 2nd user of OFA. Something I would like to share - the first time I encountered the surname Nikaido came from a staff member whose name was credited with that surname in most of Mob Psycho 100's episodes in the end credits. As soon as I saw the name 二階堂 in the end credits, that gave me an idea to use that surname as a what-if name for the 2nd user, so that's how I arrived with that surname. I never intended to name him after an anime staff member whatsoever.
3rd user: Sanjiro Undo (運道三治郎, うんどう さんじろう)
Un (運) means luck or fortune, Do (道) means road or path, San (三) means 3, Ji (治) means reign or cure, and Ro (郎) means male. The surname is read as "oondo" and not in the English word as it appears to be in romanized form. Also, the aforementioned surname is homophonous with movement in Japanese, Undo (運動), as his quirk Fa Jin is used for to build up kinetic energy by repeating regular motions and store it for later use. Kinetic energy in Japanese is Undo Enerugii (運動エネルギー). The given name Sanjiro has the kanji character for 3, San (三), referencing the fact that he is the 3rd user of OFA.
6th user: Enzo Rokuhara (六原煙造, ろくはら えんぞう)
Roku (六) means 6, Hara (原) means field, En or Kemuri (煙) means smoke, and Zo (造) means create or make. The surname Rokuhara has the kanji character for 6, Roku (六), referencing the fact that he is the 6th user of OFA. The given name Enzo is a reference to his quirk Smokescreen, which would give the character's nickname as En. The surname is also the name of a Japanese railway station in Kanegasaki, Iwate. Interestingly enough, two other characters in the series, whom both of them are villains, are also named after real world Japanese railway stations. The villains in question are Twice and Re-Destro. Twice's real surname is Bubaigawara (分倍河原), named after a railway station operated jointly by the East Japan Railway Company and the private railway operator Keio Corporation located in Fuchu, Tokyo of the same name, while Re-Destro's real surname is Yotsubashi (四ツ橋), named after a railway station in Nishi-ku, Osaka of the same name.
Wolfram: Shigeki Kinzoku (金続重樹, きんぞく しげき)
Kin (金) means metal, Zoku (続) means to continue, Shige (重) means heavy, and Ki (樹) means tree or wood. The surname Kinzoku is homophonous to Kinzoku (金属), in which the latter kanji character, Zoku (属), means genus. However, the Zoku in Kinzoku (金続) means to continue, referring to how he manipulates and creates metal continuously in combat. The Shige in Shigeki refers to how generally heavy metal is. Not to mention that his villain name is named after tungsten, whose symbol W means wolfram, and it is one of the heaviest naturally stable elements you can carry or hold (but factually speaking, uranium IS the heaviest element in terms of natural stability).
Nine: Kisho Terunaga (照永起昇), てるなが きしょう)
Teru (照) means shine or illuminate, Naga or Ei (永) means eternity, Ki (起) means rouse or get up, and Sho (昇) means rise up. The Teru in Terunaga likely refers to his intimidating appearance, akin to a god, while Naga likely refers to the fact that he would be invincible like any other villain if he has a great amount of quirks, considering that he is one of the few characters to do so. The given name Kisho is homophonous with weather, Kisho (気象), a reference to his original quirk before amalgamating to All for One, weather manipulation, or Kisho Sosa in Japanese (気象操作).
All for One: Majin Shigaraki (死柄木摩甚, しがらき まじん)
According to All for One himself in a flashback, Shigaraki is his real surname; however, his given name is unknown. Shi (死) means death, Gara (柄) means grip or handle, Ki (木) means tree or wood, Ma (摩) means to scrape or grind, and Jin (甚) means extreme or intense. The given name Majin is homophonous with devil in Japanese, Majin (魔神).
Mustard: Shoki Kitai (北井祥基, きたい しょうき)
Kita (北) means north, I (井) means water well, Sho (祥) means auspicious or good omen, and Ki (基) means fundamentals or basis. The surname Kitai is homophonous with gas in Japanese, Kitai (気体), a reference to his quirk. The given name Shoki is homophonous with miasma in Japanese, Shoki (瘴気), a highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor, fitting with the properties of his quirk.
Innsmouth: Yakishi Takonuma (蛸沼焼司, たこぬま やきし)
Tako (蛸) means octopus, Numa (沼) means marsh, Yaki (焼) means burnt, and Shi (司) means administer or boss. The Tako in Takonuma is a reference to his appearance, resembling an octopus.
Moonfish: Takanari Habashi (歯橋高成, はばし たかなり)
Ha (歯) means tooth, Hashi (橋) means bridge, Taki (高) means tall or high, Nari (成) means grow or reach. The surname Habashi is a reference to his quirk blade-tooth in Japanese, Shijin (歯刃).
Ending: Shingoki Kurodo (黒道伸剛輝, くろどう しんごうき)
Kuro (黒) means black, Do or Michi (道) means road or path, Shin (伸) means to expand or stretch, Go (剛) means sturdy or strength, and Ki or Teru (輝) means shine, or gleam. The surname Kurodo means black road, referring to how he activates his quirk through a road or highway. The given name Shingoki is homophonous with traffic lights in Japanese, Shingoki (信号機).
Starservant: Noriharu Hoshimiya (星宮典治, ほしみや のりはる)
Hoshi (星) means star, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Nori or Ten (典) means law or rule, and Haru or Chi or Ji (治) means reign or subdue. The surname Hoshimiya means star temple or star palace, referring to his villain name. The given name Noriharu can be alternatively read as Tenchi (天地), which means above and below, top and bottom, or more symbolically, heaven and earth. The third meaning could possibly be referring to the phrase “Heaven and Earth are about to collide”, one of the taglines to the 1998 asteroid disaster film Deep Impact, since the villain himself is a preacher who ensures the society that the end of the world is nigh.
Dictator: Reiji Shiki (志紀令司, しき れいじ)
Shi (志) means will or intention, Ki (紀) means chronicle or history, Rei (令) means orders or command, and Shi (司) means administer or boss. The surname Shiki is homophonous with command, direction, or supervision in Japanese, Shiki (指揮), while the given name Reiji is reverse for command or control in Japanese, Shirei (司令), both referencing his quirk despot.
Kunieda: Ikunobu Kunieda (國枝育伸, くにえだ いくのぶ)
Kuni (國) means country, Eda (枝) means bough or branch, Iku (育) means grow or raise, and Nobu (伸) means to expand or stretch. The villain name Kunieda, which is written in katakana, is an actual surname in Japan, so I had to use the kanji version of that name. The given name Ikunobu means growing and expanding, both of which are referring to his quirk that has the ability to sprout and grow gigantic flowers, spores, and fungus-like plants from the ground.
Gigantomachia: Goro Onikigawa (鬼木川吾郎, おにきがわ ごろう)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, Ki (木) means tree, Kawa or Gawa (川) means river, Go (吾) means I or my, and Ro (郎) means male. The Oni in Onikigawa refers to his demonic appearance, while his given name Goro is a play on the Japanese onomatopoeia Goro Goro (ゴロゴロ), which describes the sound of thunder, earthquake, or other disasters incoming, fitting with his personality during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.
Iceman: Geten Koriyama (氷山外典, こおりやま げてん)
Kori (氷) means ice, Yama (山) means mountain, Ge or Soto (外) means outside, and Ten or Nori (典) means law. The surname Koriyama is an alternate reading of Hyozan, which means iceberg, fitting with his quirk. The given name Geten means apocrypha, which is a story of unknown author or origin. While Geten is the real name of Iceman, it is unknown if it’s his given name or surname, so randomly assuming that this is his given name, his surname would be unknown, and that explains the surname’s existence. (NOTE: With the recent release of Chapter 387 on May 8, 2023, it was revealed that Geten happened to be from Rei's side, which means that his surname is Himura, and this made him a relative to the Todoroki family members, so his full name is Geten Himura. It was not explicitly stated how Rei (and the Todoroki family) and Geten were specifically related and just listed their relation as simply "relative". With this revelation, his full name written in Japanese would be 氷叢外典, or in hiragana, ひむら げてん. As of this writing, this is the only entry on the list with a character's officially confirmed full name in the original source, so I would discard my ideal surname in favor of the original source instead.)
Unnamed Cider House leader: Gyokoten Samukawa (寒川凝古天, さむかわ ぎょうこてん)
Samu (寒) means cold, Kawa (川) means river, Gyo (凝) means stiff, Ko or Furu (古) means old or ancient, and Ten (天) means heaven. The surname Samukawa means cold river. The given name Gyokoten is homophonous with freezing point in Japanese - Gyokoten (凝固点). The first kanji of the word Gyo (凝) is the same as in the given name. His alias or villain name was never revealed as well, so Yeti (イエティ) would be a good choice, named after the ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain range in Asia of the same name.
Keigo's Father: Keiichi Takami (鷹見啓一, たかみ けいいち)
This character in the manga and anime is named that way, which means I would give him his given name only. Taka (鷹) means hawk, Mi (見) means to see, Kei (啓) means disclose, open, or say, and Ichi (一) means 1. The Kei in Keiichi is the same as his son Keigo (啓悟).
Habit Headgear: Takehiko Kito (鬼頭武彦, きとう たけひこ)
Oni or Ki (鬼) means demon, To or Atama (頭) means head, Take (武) means military, and Hiko (彦) means lad or boy. His surname is a reference to his unnerving appearance. Not a Demon Slayer reference.
Giant Villain: Kiichi Otomo (大友毅一, おおとも きいち)
O or Dai (大) means big, Tomo (友) means friend, Ki or Tsuyo (毅) means strong, and Ichi (一) means 1. His name is a reference to his appearance and personality. Ironic that he is the first villain to appear in the series, yet has a character that means friend.
Sludge Villain: Sohei Dorokawa (泥川創平, どろかわ そうへい)
Doro (泥) means mud, Kawa or Gawa (川) means river, So or Hajime (創) means begin or start, and Hei or Pei or Hira (平) means flat. His surname is a reference to his dirty mud-like appearance.
Swordkil: Takeshi Mekajiki (目梶木丈士, めかじき たけし)
Me (目) means eye, Kaji (梶) means sculling oar, Ki (木) means tree or wood, Take (丈) means height or stature, and Shi (士) means samurai. His surname is homophonous with swordfish in Japanese, Mekajiki (眼梶木), which is a reference to his unnamed sword quirk, as well as his villain name, though close.
Daigo: Daigo Saruno (猿野大悟, さるの だいご)
Saru (猿) means monkey, No (野) means field, Dai or O (大) means big, and Go or Satoru (悟) means enlightenment. His surname is a reference to his beast-like appearance, while his given name is the same as that of Daigo Yamamoto (山本大悟), the character’s voice actor, also simply known (and credited) by his given name, Daigo. He is part of the Japanese comedy duo Chidori (千鳥), who made a cameo appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as two of Wolfram’s minions.
Nobu: Nobuyuki Katai (片井信行, かたい のぶゆき)
Kata (片) means part or fragment, I (井) means water well, Nobu (信) means faith or truth, and Yuki (行) means line. His surname is can be also read as Heni, which is homophonous with displacement (physics) in Japanese, Heni (変位), a reference to his unnamed displacement quirk, while his given name is the same as that of Nobuyuki Hayakawa (早川信行), the character’s voice actor, also simply known (and credited) by his nickname, Nobu (ノブ). Like the previous entry on the list, he is also part of the Japanese comedy duo Chidori (千鳥), who made a cameo appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as two of Wolfram’s minions.
Glutton God: Shigeo Shokuzawa (食澤茂雄, しょくざわ しげお)
Shoku (食) means food, Zawa or Sawa (澤) means swamp, Shige (茂) means overgrown or grow thick, and O (雄) means masculine or male. His surname is a reference to his appearance, as well as his villain name in Japanese, Kuishin (食神).
Sanctum: Seizo Jiyumiya (自由宮聖造, じゆうみや せいぞう)
Ji (自) means oneself, Yu (由) means wherefore, Miya (宮) means temple or palace, Sei (聖) means holy, and Zo (造) means create or make. His surname means freedom temple, and Seizo means holy structure, referring to his villain name.
The Mother of Quirks: Seiko Yotsubashi (四ツ橋聖子, よつばし せいこ)
Knowing the Mother of Quirks is the mother of Chikara Yotsubashi (四ツ橋主税), I would give her given name only. Yotsu (四ツ) means 4, Hashi (橋) means bridge, Sei (聖) means holy, and Ko (子) means child. I chose Seiko as her given name for a reason, because her name, when Romanized, is an anagram for quirk in Japanese, Kosei (個性), since she was the first person to use the word "quirk" to describe meta abilities.
Shie Hassaikai boss: Takahito Saijo (斎条崇人, さいじょう たかひと)
Sai (斎) means purification, Jo (条) means article, Taka (崇) means respect or revere, and To or Hito (人) means person. The Sai in Saijo is the same character in Shie Hassaikai (死穢八斎會), while his given name fits given with his position during the time he founded the organization years before Kai Chisaki succeeded him.
Hood: Tsuyoshi Aida (会田強士, さいじょう たかひと)
Ai or Kai (会) means meeting or association, Ta or Da (田) means rice field, Tsuyo (強) means strong, and Shi (士) means samurai. His name fits since he used to be a street punk who made a living as a fierce underground fighter before being turned into a Nomu by the Doctor.
Gunga Mountain Villa Paranormal Liberation Front Commander: Kairo Dendo (傳堂会呂, でんどう かいろ)
Den (傳) means propagate or transmit, Do (堂) means temple or hall, Kai or Ai (会) means meeting or association, and Ro (呂) means spine or backbone. His surname is homophonous with electric or conduction in Japanese, Dendo (電動) or Dendo (伝導) respectively, while his given name is homophonous with circuit in Japanese, Kairo (回路), both referring to his quirk amplivolt, which can conduct and amplify electricity within their body, being able to release it afterwards. Ironic that he was never given a name, yet his quirk, as well as his ultimate move, is named in the manga and anime.

That is all I can present. If you know a character whose real name is unknown, comment down below and formulate his or her real name based on the character's qualities. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 16:41 Visible_Leadership82 Blocked In

Yesterday I was delivering in a rural subdivision. The house had a long drive way and as I was making my u turn, I noticed a white truck on the street with an old man on the phone creeping up to the end of the drive way... as I got closer to the street, he inched the truck into position to block my exit of the drive way... I had my window down and he called out, "Can I help you?" I told him " No, I just dropped off a package. Amazon Delivery." While I can respect the whole neighborhood watch get down, it can be very unnerving to know that people are willing to trap you because they suspect ur up to no good. While my experience wasnt as bad as I've heard others go through, I'm honestly thinking about getting those magnets for my car. I hear a lot of people making fun of those magnets on here but I'm a 35 yo woman and I usually have my 10month old son with me and the majority of my route is in rural areas. I feel like it's just a safety thing at this point.
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2023.06.08 16:41 bowlderholder First time on SSRI and the stigma of "you'll be fine, just have one drink!" Is getting to me. Am I overreacting?

So I (30F) just started taking escitalopram oxalate 10mg, just finished the low dose of 5mg for 2 weeks and now on the 10. My doctor prescribed it to me because I tested high for anxiety, depression, and ADHD but because of the shortage of adhd meds I have to see a specialist before I can be prescribed any. I have an appointment for it end of July. I went to my doctor specifically for ADHD, and so this medication seems kinda like a "can't help you really, but try this to hold you over for now??" That was my takeaway from our appointment, anyway.
My friend group likes to go out on weekends, there's always alcohol where ever we go. Alcohol is like a staple of my entire city lol. I've never had a drinking problem, as I only really have one or two when we go out so I can still function and have a good time. I've been very open with everyone about the fact that I've started a new medication that I can't drink on. They have all asked some form of, what medication are you taking where you can't drink?! Or, like, well if you took it this morning then you're fine now. (Is that even accurate or true?) Some of them also take an SSRI of some sort and said they're fine (but are they really? Or is their body just used to it now or something?)
It's not exactly a peer pressure thing... because I'm just straight up with them and order a water and move on. A lot of them are fully understanding and dont push me on it. But I can't help but have this gut feeling that I'm being judged for not drinking with the gang, and I've already gotten the "hey, we're all going out to [favorite local bar].... but since you're not drinking anyway, you don't really wanna go, do you?" And I sense I'm going to soon become everyone's DD which... kinda sucks lol. Even my boyfriend over this passed weekend had plans to go out with the boys, but didn't tell me until after that some of them brought their girlfriends and assumed I didn't wanna go because I can't drink. (He didn't mean harm by it, and we talked about it, he just didn't want me to feel more bad than I already do about this whole thing, especially because it's a new medication and I'm not used to it and yada yada. He knows now that wasn't okay and he still should've invited me regardless)
I know I have to figure out how to navigate this new lifestyle because I've always been someone who has a drink or two when going out, I genuinely enjoy the taste of alcohol and trying new beers and ciders and wines, all of that. It's a fun activity for me, and now I feel like I have to become someone else now and I'm not sure how to adjust to this.
Has anyone been through this before? How did you overcome these feelings, and have these conversations with your friends/loved ones? Is one drink actually okay or is everyone just lying and peer pressuring me?
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2023.06.08 16:41 GenuinePocket Omega Male Grindset

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2023.06.08 16:41 simbasix MBA - Business Consulting in Singapore

I'm writing on behalf of my student team who's looking for a consulting opportunity in Singapore. We're currently enrolled in the Executive MBA program at Queen's University in Canada. Our school has a long-standing partnership with the National University of Singapore and we will be traveling there this October for a week as part of our exchange program.
As a part of our curriculum, we're required to consult for a business anywhere in the world, but my team is set on finding a business based in Singapore, as most of us have never been there and are interested in learning more about the Asian market.
As a team of seven, we collectively have close to 100 years of experience in areas such as engineering, project management, marketing, and financial services. While we are flexible to work in any industry, it would be ideal if we can find a company that is related to those fields.
We will be providing up to 500 hours of consultation. Since we are a student team, this service will be free of charge. If you are part of a company that's interested in learning more, please DM me and I can send you our team brochure with more details.
Alternatively, if anyone can recommend a source where we can find more opportunities, that would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.08 16:40 HillHappG Is Exercise The New Prozac For Certain People?

Recent research suggests that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and exercise, in general, may be proving to be more effective than some antidepressant medications in managing symptoms of depression. According to a systematic review and meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, HIIT interventions are associated with reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and improved overall mood. This rigorous form of exercise, characterized by short bursts of intense activity followed by periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise, appears to trigger physiological and psychological responses that contribute to these positive mental health outcomes.
At the end of the day, most health & fitness-conscious individuals know that their body needs to be happy for their brain to be happy. With studies such as these starting to gain more attention - could it lead to positive lifestyle changes? The more people understand themselves and how the body & mind work in conjunction, the better chance we have of helping people overcome mental struggles.
Harvard has coined the term "the exercise effect", where they explain to readers that exercising kickstarts a variety of processes in your body that lead to positive physiological changes. These include protecting against diabetes, and heart disease, improved sleep, and even lowered blood pressure. All of which are some of the leading causes of disease in Americans.
Exercise also increases the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein that supports the growth and survival of neurons. These positive effects on brain chemistry and structure can contribute to long-term improvements in mood and overall well-being. While further research is still needed, the emerging evidence strongly suggests that incorporating HIIT and exercise into one's routine can have significant benefits for mental health, potentially surpassing the efficacy of certain antidepressant medications.
What are your thoughts on this research, and how do you think it could evolve into practical solutions in the future?
  1. Harvard Health Publishing - "Exercise is an all-natural treatment to fight depression" (
  2. British Journal of Sports Medicine - "Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training on Mental Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis" (
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2023.06.08 16:39 WhyAreMyBallsSquare MCU Iron Man (Mk 85) vs MCU Mighty Thor (Jane Foster

I saw a huge debate of this matchup a little while ago, curious what you guys think. Both are in character, but not holding back and resort to fighting immediately. Winner can be determined by knockout or death.
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2023.06.08 16:39 1234passworddoor Feelings You Might Relate To

Maybe you resonate with some of these. I was journaling and wanted to share today's entry. Let's be here together right now. I know it is my subjective lens, but maybe it is validating.
  1. LOVE. There was an intense level of intermittent reinforcement / classical conditioning surrounding love, affection, sex, and happiness. Think about a slot machine in a casino. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. You remember the one time you got the big jackpot though, right? You know it is possible to get it again, you just need to keep feeding the machine with money. You cannot get the jackpot consistently, but it feels euphoric when you do get it. You might end up broke in the end.
  2. MEMORIES. The super significant moments you cannot stop and think about lest you cry and break down wanting to contact them. This hits differently from any other breakup or sexual encounter you had in the past. Why can you let ex-partner A and ex-partner B go? You can recall that time you had a sweet moment, and it does not hurt or stop you from putting your pants on. That is because of point 1. A and B were not BPD. They did not feel like a Jackpot, but they also did not feel like walking out of the casino with nothing left to your name and dignity. So these memories can rest, be with you, and they are tolerable. (Please add to this point.)
  3. FEAR. The fear you have about retaliation, blackmail, stalking, being murdered, abused, threatened, etc. (maybe not all apply to you). THE FEAR. Fear lives in our (brain) amygdala and is an emotion felt due to literal chemicals firing at abnormal levels when in a relationship with a pwBPD. That changes you. You can wish it away, pray it away, and talk endlessly about it. You went through a trauma. Not a small trauma either. You cannot be the person you used to be. This fear you were subjected to really happened, and now you have to build around the pain, anger, and suffering of that.
  4. GUILT. Let's acknowledge this one. You left, or you were discarded. If you left, they did not make it easy. You took care of them and were borderline (hah) their parent figure. You feel a mix of relief and worry (fear). But this time, not about yourself, but about them. You might ask, "How sick of me, this person took every ounce of my dignity away, but I want them to be OK. I hope they are. I worry they aren't." Well, that is a testament to your good. What if you acted like someone you don't recognize? You lashed out, and reacted to their abuse? That is more evidence that this is not your person- this was trauma. You do not go from stable, sane, and level-headed, to vengeful...without causality. On the same theme of guilt: maybe you still have sexual thoughts of this person. Ready for my insight on this? So what? You can have thoughts on thoughts. Your thoughts are harmless, even if you cry after, or feel bad about it. Stop worrying that your last moment alone to pleasure yourself involved them. Let's face it, you aren't getting off to reality, so why not get an orgasm? Feel free to add to this in the comments.
  5. TEMPTATION. You maybe feel like you have tried to stay away. Maybe you tried and didn't stick with NC a billion times. While certainly discouraging and defeating, I believe that we learn something new each and every time we try. You have demonstrated evidence of intense strength to step away. You are only human. The fabrication of love is an intense emotion, even with all the cluster B "facts".
  6. SADNESS. You are slow-moving, you are dark. You are someone you do not recognize. You fear that you will never be YOU, ever again. Do not run from your darkness. Let yourself be dark, sad, moody, and slow. Take your time. You were abused. Block out what anyone tells you. Get what you need to get done, done...and if you can do the bare minimum, you are a goddamn superhero. I mean it. You might feel hopeless that this does not ever go away. I believe that it isn't about making it go away. It is about taking every moment and being authentic. Choosing the best for yourself is not always easy.
  7. CHILDHOOD. Something about this person brought you back to this innocent place. I am labeling it as childhood. Maybe that isn't fitting, but it feels right. This person felt like "home" and that is because there might be truth to that. It is highly likely that their behavior replicated a situation, relationship, or memory you have had from an early age. Was mom unstable? Did Dad drink? Were you the middle child? Scapegoat? Were you parentified? Something about this relationship brought you back to a delicate spot that your unconscious may be trying to replicate.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. Hope some of you feel less alone. Thank god Reddit is anonymous. Add your feelings to it if you want. <3
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2023.06.08 16:39 AmbitiousDisaster409 I'm completely clueless on what I can eat... What is your trigger food?

I'm getting flares more often recently and I have been extremely cautious with my food intake everyday. Was given colchicine by doctor to stop the inflammation and was told that I have to wait it out before I can start allo because apparently it worsen the situation if you start it during a flare.
In between the waiting stage, that's where I have flares again and again so I resort to diet to see if it can help to stop the attacks. Been eating vegetables, chicken, oats, breads, eggs... rarely had fish (some said it's fine, some said it triggers). No alcohol and red meat, in fact haven't been drinking for the past 2 years. I have coffee and dark chocolate every now and then. I also cut down on processed food and pastries considering that fat, sugar and sodium are big triggers as well. Oh and I drink lots and lots of water, at least 2ltday.
But with all this, I am still having flares... Am I eating/doing something wrong here? I am happy if anybody could share their stories/opinions.
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2023.06.08 16:39 jelszog I know you probably read this a thousand times, I just haven’t found a good answer. How much money should I bring for a week (not including travel and hotel)? Also other questions down below

So I’ll be traveling to Malta for a week next Monday and was wondering how much money I should bring. The hotel and plane ticket is already bought, so I would only be interested in the amount you think is enough for a week for example for eating out, visiting sites, etc. Can I pay with card everywhere or should I bring some cash as well?
Also, I read that the tap water is okay to drink but still not recommended. Would a filter bottle be a good alternative or do you still recommend buying bottled water instead?
Last, do we need a camoped to go around the island? Is it worth renting a car instead of taking the bus? I know you drive on the left side of the road which I’m not familiar with, so I’m a bit hesitant to rent one but will do so if it’s the most convenient.
I apologize if these have been asked before and thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 16:39 Ok-Caramel6009 Season 3 Rewatch Thoughts

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2023.06.08 16:39 Asleep-Opportunity23 Hey everyone, I appreciated everyone wanting to promote the page but i have an announcement to make

hi guys, it’s mari aka u/turbulent_singer5907, the creator of /notcoratilley.
first thing’s first i just wanna say that i love that this page has grown into what it is, i only made it two months ago and i’m glad more people are seeing what i always have.
my main account got suspended but one of the really sweet mods is letting me moderate from her account while i try to get mine back
but i wanted to say please do not go in cora’s comments and promote the reddit i appreciate everyone wanting to get the word out that we have this page, but going onto her page specifically and talking about it, is attracting crazies, 12 year olds have no filter and the things that i have been told in the dm’s is disgusting and i don’t want it here.
as always if you see anything please message us so we can take a look, and if you need to message me specifically, just message this account and i’ll see it when i can.
thank you to everyone and especially my mods Syd and Cami, your work doesn’t go unnoticed, and have a great weekend everyone ❤️
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2023.06.08 16:38 Conrad2781 Curious about the nature of this experience?

Hey there, I'm brand new to this subject and ended up here trying to find out what happened to me this morning. Would love some help figuring out if I'm on the right path and if so can continue doing this.
To start off, all of this was accidental. I am currently a college student and am running on low nights of sleep the past two years. Sleeping is a chore to get through as I struggle to fall asleep every night. I've been waking up tired for months on end now and I've tried to do something about it but have just been too busy for it to go anywhere so I've just been telling myself to power through it till this is over. I don't think I have any serious sleeping conditions, just probably similar to thousands of other people who struggle to sleep every night.
Today was slightly different as I usually wake up late in the morning after staying up in the night but this time i woke up very early like around 3 hours or so to try something different for once. It didn't go very well as I was much more groggy than usual and nothing got me out of it. Unable to concentrate on studying, I just tried to watch something before going to sleep. I was just lying back on the sofa and I slowly drifted back to sleep and oh boy here we go.
Now I don't remember too much about the dream but I still remember being somewhat in control? The details are very fuzzy and I won't get into too much detail cuz of the rules but I was watching some video on sharks and in the dream, I was just floating in the ocean and it was so calm and peaceful. I remember a shark coming up and biting my neck. Now I want to focus on this specific part because holy shit, I can't even put it into words. This bite was the biggest dopamine hit in my life. Prefacing this with I did not drink alcohol, did not consume any drugs and none of this was sexual in nature. That shark biting me just gave me pure euphoria with the nerves in my neck tingling like crazy in the real world. This is where I was sort of aware I was sleeping as I could "feel or see" myself sort of twitching from the bite with a big dumbass smile in the real world (yes I could feel myself smiling). It was sort of a sleep paralysis thing but I did not want to get up or leave.
I'm really sorry if this seems really weird and I swear this isn't some kind of kink or anything, it's just something that happened to me and I really want it to happen again. After getting up, it was only like 20 minutes or so, leaving me completely floored. I also felt so awake, I was on the verge of tears tbh. I have never felt so awake or energetic in my life before, no sleep has ever left me that satisfied. Yearning for this again led me to frantic searching and bringing me here. I have searched a bit on it and apparently it could have been me directly entering rem sleep somehow and waking up, I remember reading about people sleeping for two hours and having enough energy for the day but thought its probably too advanced for me to have done it on a whim leaving this.
I cannot for sure say I remember doing whatever I want in the dream, but the degree of memory of that specific experience and the way I was able to feel myself sleeping leads me to believe I was lucid dreaming. I have tried to read tutorials and such but before that I will try to replicate what I did last time by probably waking up after a few sleep cycles, staying awake and letting myself fall back to sleep. Just curious to know if my mindset around this is right and healthy, and if this is a good enough way of doing this for now.
Thank you for reading through my long post and sticking through the weird stuff. Here's to hoping for a better night of sleep.
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2023.06.08 16:38 WhiskyPeaks 21M lets drink together while we still can.

Hi. Today Im just looking for friends to share drinks together. I have an open evening and you should have one too. Hope you have discord.
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2023.06.08 16:38 Lurkylucy_0 How long does it take for your receptors to return to normal?

I am on day 4 of withdrawal from a 6-8 bottle a day for a year Pegasus Gold habit. I have taken a total of 1 and 3/4 subs the first two days and no more since then. I am currently only taking vitamins, gabapentin and Tylenol. How long does it take for the opioid receptors to return to normal?
On day 4 I am feeling pretty good. Except for a headache, my legs no longer hurt. I still have a bit of sweating, but nothing like the first two days. I can’t believe I’m here. That mental hold that tells you withdrawals are going to be hell is so strong, but I’m glad I was able to quiet my thoughts and just push through. I have ruined my life over this stuff. I did some pretty fucked up things to finance my habit. These are the things that I constantly thought about while going through withdrawal. I have recorded myself as a reminder of what I had to go through to get free from this. You can do it! We do recover!
♥️ Lucy
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