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2023.03.21 03:27 SpencerMeow Don’t play ARK with your girlfriend

Don't play Ark with your girlfriend.
I know probably common sense but anyone out there thinking this would be a cute idea just don't.
We both learned how the game worked at the same time but I originally took the leading role crafting our first thatch house and making us tools to survive and I actually quite enjoyed it. I kept her safe and put a roof over her head while she picked berries and eventually started gathering wood and thatch.
Good times.
Then I decided we needed to tame our first dinosaur and it had to be the Parasaur, I grew up with horses and it seems the most horse like so I put a few tranq darts into one and hurray our first ever dino! So I put the saddle on there thinking I'll call him Malcolm after our old Gypsy Vanner horse and as I turn around after getting some berries for the road she's on him... and his name is "piggaliscious".
What the fuck is a piggaliscious and why are you on MY Parasaur?!
Anyways I let it go and tame a Moschops called Bert and things are fine.. other than me watching her ride Malc-sorry-"piggaliscious" into the sunset as Bert's chunky legs can't keep up bless him.
Fast forward and we make a start on the Crystal Isles map. She's the host this time and decided to make a log cabin in the burnt forest. She turns into a bossy little bastard and makes me do the hard work while she sits at home playing with her new pride and joy (That I tamed).. a Dire bear. So I decide "screw you!" and I make my own stone two floor house with even an accessible roof for Steven Seagull (my Pelagornis) so I'm finally free... right until Stalin decides that my house is her house and now I frequently have a damn BEAR in my living room stinking up the place. She at least keeps it clean if the bear shits as she storms towards it like Dobbie on crack to put his baked goods on her plants.
The absolute final straw however... and I've not since recovered from it. We decided to go hunt some artifacts (I was actually hoping she'd get eaten on the way to be honest) and some of them are under water. So I decide to tame a frog as I've never had one before and both frog and Steve Seagull actually make a very good team, she demands I risk my life to tame her a Sarco because of course she does and we get ready to go artifact hunting the next night.
The next night I come online and I'm hit by "I played a bit before you came on and I took Steven and the frog for an adventure... they're gone, bear is here though!". My Pelagornis that actually had okay stamina after training it and my amazing frog are gone... not dead, just she left them somewhere and can't find them (I also lost Barbara the Baryonyx because of the little tyrant).
So she's going to be finished I think, how can I raise kids with someone in the future when she'd probably take them to the park and lose them? It may sound harsh but a lot of it I can stomach, getting between me and my frog though was fucking inexcusable especially when I see her and the damn bear waving at me with its shit eating grin.
Anyways... don't make my mistake.
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2023.03.19 07:42 Affectionate_Net497 Am I missing any creatures?

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2023.03.17 04:22 Zealousideal-Cut5763 Karen the baryonyx is here to recruit every ark mobile form this sub reddit to r/arkmobile only reply to this post if your an arkmobile player

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2023.03.14 03:33 Neonz_nb Spinosaurus logically sucks...

Now hear me out, the Spino isn't all bad...
It has great stats, a hydration buff, a high tier predator (Most smaller aggressors will not attack a mounted Spino)
So then why am i nitpicking such a great dino? Well because its not as strong as it should be. For the largest carnivore ever designed by evolution it pains me to see wildcard make the carcha and Giga not only stronger but bigger then the behemoth that Spinosaurus actually was. The poor thing is dwarfed by them, which leads me to think wildcard dealt a bad hand to the great river monster.
Now onto a solution.
Make it bigger! for the largest carnivore ever, its ashame to see them in their current pip-squeak form. They should be highly aggressive and territorial. To further this idea why not make it so they need a river to breed (Hydration buff), If you would attempt to breed them in incorrect circumstances they would dehydrate rage and kill everything in their paths till they arrive to the nearest water source (Ai would get them to it and would have a "Give-up timer" if they could not reach said water source in a given time frame) It would have a basic bite move, and then a grab move, using the switch button could turn the grab move into its standing up position.
Now the flaws in this idea
Welp most ark maps rivers are high activity and essential to the players well being and survival, issue 2 is that other dinos need fixes, buffs, and reworks much more then Spinosaurus, such as the Rex, the baryonyx, the pteradon, the tapajara... All amazing creatures that have potential to be so much cooler or need fixes.
To end this, i do think it would be cool to have a realistic Spinosaurus, but there are more important issues to be fixed, just nitpicking Arks puny tyrant.
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2023.03.10 17:47 yorton00 My friend’s and mine first journey together on Ark: Chapter 6

We finally figured out that using dinos to gather materials = more materials gathered, who knew? Using our newfound knowledge of dinos, we used Crunk to gather a metric fuck-ton of berries, especially Narcoberries. We made a whole lotta narcotics, and used said narcotics to make a whole lotta tranq darts. Meat finished the houseboat while Smitty started to build a seaside bar. While they were doing that, I set off on Frontal Lobe to tame the Spino that killed me. Conk is Conk, and we never really know what he’s up to. He just does his own thing most of the time.
On the way to where the Spino was, I tamed a female Sarco named Darcy. I went up the wrong river thinking that this is where the Spino was, but instead I found a Beaver dam. The Boys decided they wanted to investigate the Beaver dam, so they loaded up on the house boat and headed towards me. When they got to the beach I was on, Smitty spotted an Otter so we tamed him and named him Gerald. This is also where they met Darcy. After The Boys investigated the Beaver dam, they joined me on my quest to tame the Spino that has been harassing us ever since we moved to our new location. They didn’t want to help me tame it though, they just wanted to watch me fail and die a horrific death, so they all stayed on the house boat like cowards while I flew up onto a cliff with Frontal Lobe so I could fire down on the Spino with my tranq darts. It took 4 darts to make the Spined sumbitch fall asleep, and I tamed that sucker and named him Murder Machine. I also tamed two raptors and named them Alpha and Beta.
While we were in the area, we went back to the cave for more metal and crystals. It was a successful spelunking trip. Near the end of our cave exploring we tamed a scorpion and named it Pointy. Not even 5 seconds later, Conk accidentally killed Pointy. After we left the cave, we loaded everyone except for Frontal Lobe and Murder Machine up the house boat and headed home (I rode FL home and had MM following me). Darcy proved how capable a fighter she was when she fell off the boat and fucked up a Megalodon. She then started fighting a jellyfish because Conk whistled her aggressive on accident. She sadly lost that battle.
We got home and I made saddles for everyone that we could make saddles for. I then decided I wanted to build a Fuck Shack so our dinos could start making babies. While I was doing that and Smitty was finishing up his bar, Conk decided to go on a solo adventure. I don’t know what he was doing or where he went but he died a bunch and Europa got killed. Meat decided he ALSO wanted to go on a solo adventure, separate from Conk’s adventure. I don’t know what HE was doing either but Phrob II somehow got put to sleep underwater and drowned.
After we lost Phrob II, I decided I was going to go out and help Meat recover his things and get some more tames. Meat and I were trying to tame another Sarco. We tamed the Sarco but she didn’t live long enough to get a name, because she was killed by a Baryonyx right after she finished taming. We decided to tame that Baryonyx, and we named him Barry. I was standing on a rock killing some Titanboas and something that was incredibly fast with a naked man on it flew out of the sky, landed in front of me, looked at me, spit some fire, and I instantly died. It was a Zombie Fire Wyvern and it is level 1077. We all freaked out and we looked it up, why tf is this thing on the Island? As far as we know they only spawn in events that ended in 2021 and they’re not even supposed to spawn on The Island. This was when we discovered that Ark was cross-platform, and other people can find and join non-dedicated sessions. We decided on the explanation that someone on PC joined our world, spawned in that Wyvern somehow, and tried to grief us but couldn’t locate our base, so opted for killing me and quitting out instead. Going forward, I will be privatizing and password protecting our sessions. But that leaves the problem of a level 1077 Zombie Fire Wyvern in our world, and we don’t know how to get rid of it.
After the whole Wyvern ordeal, Meat and Conk tamed another male Sarco named Dundee while I tamed another male Otter which we named Jerry Seinfeld. Conk also tamed his very first dino by himself! He tamed a giant frog named Phorg, he was laughing like a giddy schoolgirl while making a saddle for it, and we all erupted into laughter as this man rode his frog away. If only you guys can see what we’ve made our characters look like, you’ll understand why seeing Conk fly around on this frog is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen.
Here is our adventure so far, I hope you guys have been enjoying reading our very first journey, we’re definitely having fun with it and I am enjoying writing these stories for you. We have plans to fight the 3 bosses, and then transfer our dudes to another Ark. Which Ark should we move too after we finish our adventure on The Island?
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2023.03.07 22:45 Neonz_nb Why are rexes on the island so dang illusive?

Ive been looking for a high level rex on the island for around 3 days (3-6 hour play sessions), and cannot for the life of me find one. The highest one i saw was a 130 and it got murdered by a gang of dimorphidons right when i was trying to KO it. any ideas that don't involve serious cheating? i do use the gamma and destroywilddinos commands when needed.
( Edit: Reposting this from another one f my comments)
I'm doing an ascension run, the rules are i can only change the rules 3 times and i already did once, i cannot cheat unless its the cryopod glitch or an OB glitch and i have to replace my dino (Happened to my baryonyx, and now argy), DestroyWildDinos (when necessary), and Gamma, i cannot go to Arks with story ark dinos that i have not gotten to yet (I cant go to rag until i get to scorched earth), and i have to do Gamma beta and alpha to bring story dinos to story arks (Complete scorched to bring wyverns to abb, ext, genesis, and the island) and i can then bring any dinos i want to completed arks, if i have not completed a story ark i can only bring 3 dinos of choice (Probably wont bring anything good just meaning full dinos like a shoulder pet. So should i just go to the center with it being an island dino only ark? My rules are for a fun challenge and to spice up the game so I'm not chilling with a level 300 velona on the island.
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2023.02.07 19:23 Soggy_Shoe2159 One more fear worked out

One more fear worked out
Edited as I am not sure why the screenshot didn't attach when I asked it to.
I'm not a typical gamer, being a 50 yr old woman :) But I like goofing around in survival games. I've been playing Ark solo on and off for a year and I am unreasonably scared to do certain things that will progress me. I did manage to complete the center and south caves with my Baryonyx, and I conquered my fear of Rexes months ago. Now they are one of the first things I tame. Hard not to feel OP riding a rex. My latest fear has been Yuty's and I just managed to trap and tame one last night. Then I went around a killed a few wild ones to test it out. Next I guess will be underwater, and the last time I tried that it didn't go well. Right now I am searching for higher level Megatheriums to breed and maybe, maybe try gamma broodmother. It is odd I think that my favourite games are scary ones, like Subnautica and Ark. Good escape from life I guess. Hard to think about work stuff when you are being killed by Purlovia.
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2023.01.22 22:27 KitsuneGato So yesterday Ark took a Dino but gave me a Unicorn

Yesterday while doing a fish run to feed all my Baryonyxs, Ark crashed, twice. I was on Valguero trying a new run by the green Ob.
At the second crash, I was riding one of my bred Baryonyxs and one of my first set of twins. When I got back in the game, my Baryonyx named Twin George was gone. I no cliped into the ground and all around. He even had a transponder on. No death message no transponder node. Just gone. Data deleted.
Then a Unicorn walked right in front of me.
I think I am going to call her Georgette.
I now have two Unicorns.
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2023.01.21 04:42 CompetitiveDark8625 So I’m new to ARK I just tamed a Baryonyx can I send it out to collect fish meat for me

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2023.01.09 10:01 yonameisunavailable teleport issues in genesis

So I had a level 180 female Baryonyx and I was in the ocean biome. For the record, I never had any teleport issues on any other biome. So when I went to teleport back to the bog biome, I teleported with my bary, and when we got there, she wasn't there. No problem because I have a dino leash there and whenever I teleport, they would disappear and reappear inside the circle it provides to keep them where they are. I went to go find her because she had a lot of fish meat due to me raising more Baryonyx and I couldn't find her. I was worrying because my baby dinos were running low on fish meat and I panicked because she wasn't there. I teleported back to the ocean and she wasn't in the spot where I teleported from. My dino got arked and I'm really upset cuz I need to get more fish meat fast.
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2022.12.28 16:48 KitsuneGato One of my dinos keeps breaking my game

So earlier this month I pisted about Barney my female Baryonyx here:
I caught her in the swamp at The Island. Weirdly she is the same level tamed as when she was wild and I cannot prove this because I didn't think this would be an issue.
Well I switched maps to Valguero. I like it a whole lot more because there are deep pools of water with no bad fish or harrassing jellies. I also don't die to the sky gods like I do often at The Island because I can see the barrier.
Well I packed up Barney and family to port her over to Valguero.
This is what happened:
Then after I unplug console, replug, get back into Ark and put away Barney's cryopod into the cryofridge in Valguero then Save to Menu, she gets more angry then this happens:
She is now out of her cryopod is os the matron of my Barneyonyx line that I am slowly prepping for caving and exploring.
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2022.11.08 05:32 Hikari-Nogami Do we Mobile Survivor get to have Carcharodontosaurus or is this just a mistake on Dododex?

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2022.11.02 03:15 Villainayie How am I doing for my second day on ARK Mobile?

It is currently my 2nd day on Ark Mobile and currently I am level 31, and have 2 Spinos, 2 Baryonyxs and a Bronto Tamed, am I doing well?
Update: I have knocked out another spino so it will be 3 spinos in about 10 minutes
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2022.10.30 23:08 anon0852 How does max torpidity work for tamed dinos?

I'm fairly new to ark so I'm sorry if this question is a bit stupid. I recently lost a lvl 170 Baryonyx to what I like to call the "goddam cave wall ate my goddam bag with my goddam Baryonyx inside a goddam crypod" Incident. So I've been breeding for a new one. When the previous one was at lvl 146 his torpidity was 2224.5 and the new one is level 34 and has way way way less than that. Since you can't increase torpidity like the other stats I'm wondering if this is a level up thing, do you need to do something specific or if I should keep breeding for another one with better max torpidity. Thank you!
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2022.10.27 09:42 thenashone Need some advice regarding Dino levels and seek them out

Hello, I started Ark a couple of months ago and totally addicted.
I am in need of some advice as I am really puzzled about what I should do. I'm currently seeking out two dinos, Baryonyx and a Thylacoleo and for the life of me, I can't seem to find any high levels.
I'm playing on The Island and on difficulty 1 with max dinos at 150. yesterday I cleared every Thylacoleo from within the red woods and today went for a search and the highest is level 55.
This is even worse for a Baryonyx I sought out as many as possible from the marsh and other waterways all over the map and the highest I have found is level 30. I have killed all spino's and crocs as I think I have read they will be in the same spawn group.
this is not a new issue I have been actively seeking for a couple of weeks I have even tried a dino wipe (now most dinos are red with the active event lol)
What options do I have? or do you have any advice?
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2022.10.24 21:56 Opposite_Complaint51 black pearls

So I just beat the broodmother on the island and I need black pearls for tek stuff. I don't know where to find them so I ask for the location/way of getting them.
P.S. I don't have any aquatic creatures but I am looking for a baryonyx to tame. Also if it's relevant I have about 460 hours in ark.
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2022.10.04 01:27 Quaoar_ Server Crashing upon Initialisation

Server Crashing upon Initialisation
Hey y'all, I've trying to set up a server so that I can play with mods without so much lag. I've used a video guide to get through the initial setup of Ark Server Manager and have done everything except the port-forwarding as its not needed. I've made sure all mods are validated/updated and checked load orders etc but cannot get past this error. Any idea's what's going on? Please see attached pics with PC specs and mods below. Thanks for your time!

Error Message


PC Specs:
  • 32GB DDR4 Ram
  • Nvidia Titan Xp
  • i7-7820X
  • Server running off of M.2
Mods (in load order):
Jack & Jill Full Character Replacement (2185399633)
MarniiMods: Hairstyles (2357644511)
Kanga Core Library (2853798291)
Kanga Husbandry (Beta) (2221108402)
CDM RP Wardrobe (2205950442)
Cliffans Weapons: Base (CW) (2856914628)
Metal Cages Mod v2.0 (519546805)
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2 (520879363)
Mini Industrial Forge (590046776)
Simple Food Recipes & Fishing Trap (604784090)
eco Trees (670764308)
eco In Wonderland (702828089)
Platforms Plus (Open Source) (719928795)
eco's RP Decor (741203089)
Medieval Props (742077869)
Medieval Structures 2 (771393043)
Elevator Plus (779245247)
Platforms Anywhere (Open Source) (779897534)
Titanosaur Mod -Permanent -leveling -Breeding -Harvestable (787522023)
Raft Elevators (801105161)
Vanilla Armor Skins (811782248)
AllSkins - Chest (813463849)
Upgrade Station v1.8i (821530042)
Dino Stat Reset Potion (835065275)
eco's Garden Decor (880871931)
eco's Terrariums (880887081)
Wooden Hanging Bridge (893834064)
eco's Shoppe Decor (902548451)
eco's Camping Decor (926567353)
Unlock Haircuts and Emotes (942185438)
Roleplay Additional Items (1785880078)
eco's Stable Structures and Decor (1091147617)
Kanga Blacksmith (Beta) (2512749286)
Immersive Taming (1251632107)
Saddle Emporium (1208371689)
Creature Finder Deluxe (1591643730)
Rare Sightings (1300713111)
Additional Lighting (1380777369)
Auto Engrams! (1428596566)
All Dinos Allow Guns (1440414363)
RP Visual Storage (1445181373)
Kraken's Better Dinos (1565015734)
Dino Storage v2 (1609138312)
Explorer Note Tracker - Universal (1631378184)
Sleep able bed (1650069767)
Immersive Flight Reborn (1672859647)
No Untameables (1675895024)
eco's Primordial Saddles (1741916864)
Platform Freedom (1743220330)
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered (1814953878)
Royal Phoenix Remastered (1850728241)
Best Eggs! (1931415003)
Super Structures (1999447172)
Shiny! Dinos (2016338122)
Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction (2121156303)
eco's Empires - Vikings (2147192126)
Extra QoL Items (2180932313)
Handsome Wardrobe (2196816343)
Crafting Skill Potion (2307661303)
eco's Organic Saddles - Equus (2314097347)
eco's Organic Saddles - Parasaur (2320808535)
eco's Organic Saddles - Raptor (2324616824)
eco's Organic Saddles - Baryonyx (2327492096)
eco's Organic Saddles - Trike (2328435359)
Safe Waters 2 (2368767748)
eco's Organic Saddles - Rex (2383990946)
eco's Chibi Displays (2391265200)
GG Ocular Implant (2442087696)
RP Cooking & More (2456786561)
Pathways and Stuff (2459220683)
RR-StarAnimals (2522913386)
Wyvern armor (2588082586)
MOD ID: 2597341089 HG Dino Color V1.6 [Open Source] (2597341089)
eco's ARRRRP Decor (2632699523)
Medicines v3 (2637993032)
Size variation (2729155083)
eco's Highland Homes (2795947433)
Viking Wardrobe (2819739970)
RR-MedievalRoleplayDeco! (2840651426)
Accessories Plus - Open Source (1357417063)
Cute Hair (806480270)
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2022.09.10 15:07 Atcera95 Would you like an updated version of what can be picked up by an Argentavis?

Yeah found out I couldn't pick up Kapros and baryonyx anymore no matter how hard I tried, came back to Ark a few weeks ago after years of not playing. There could be people in a similar situation and we could potentially avoid lots of the same posts asking the same questions.
View Poll
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2022.08.09 15:22 Siann12 New player dinos getting stuck everywhere

Can it be prevented, are we playing wrong, please help. We started a PvE game 3 friends together last Friday. First time playing Ark. We now have some tame dinos. We went on a crystal gathering expedition last night and I was riding a baryonyx and had 1 kapro and 1 sarco following me. The crocs were getting stuck on every friking rock and trees. I'm afraid to loose them. Will they spawn next to you of you go to far or are they lost? Any tips will be appreciated.
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2022.08.06 05:03 RemarkableRooster184 Trying to catch a Bary, any advice?

So I’m a relatively casual player who has ARK Mobile. At the moment I’m trying to start my “cave exploring” phase and I would feel much more comfortable on something larger like a Baryonyx for the non-lava caves. Any advice on how to catch one without getting it killed by other wild Dinos or having it run away from me and my tame?
I’m thinking of trying the “Stone Walls + Ramp trap” I’ve seen on DodoDex, because at this point I’m out of patience and have died a stupid number of times, or gotten my chosen Bary killed.
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2022.07.28 02:43 nutsplitter What's the biggest fright you've ever had while playing Ark?

Ark can be a scary game at times! I'm keen to hear stories about the biggest fright the game has ever given you.
Mine was during my first 50 hours, I went down to my local watering hole at night time to fill the water skin. As I turn around to head back to camp I see the face of a baryonyx illuminated by my torch right as it launches in to bite me!
This was my first ever encounter with a baryonyx and I've been afraid of them ever since.
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2022.07.27 15:55 flare_the_goat What are your go-to caving creatures?

I've been playing Ark since the very beginning of early access - but I've done so little of the pve portion of the game. With so many caves on Fjordur, I've decided to finally see what caving is all about. I know baryonyx, sabers, and desmodus are good caving creatures, but what others should I try to breed up to be an effective caver? Thanks!
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