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2023.06.10 06:36 uniqr Told me he's embarrassed of me and it's not the first time - is this over?

I'm so sorry this is a novel, kudos to anyone who reads it. Venting.
I (29f) have been with my med SO (39m) for 4 years. Given the age gap, he is significantly further on in his career than I am. In saying that, he's only been fully qualified (consultant/attending) for the last 6 months. At my age he was graduating med school without a dime to his name.
I'm an allied health clinician of 8 years. I have specialist postgrad qualifications in my field of practice, and I am in my final year of a PhD. I am doing my PhD "full time" on stipend, but realistically I work about 30 hours extra/week in a mix of clinical, other paid research work and teaching work. So I earn a little less than I would if I was a full time clinician of my level, but still earn a decent wage (above the median). I have around 50k in savings. Financially we split everything 50/50. For context he earns x3 as much as me, and has around 180k in savings.
It's been a repeat issue (especially since he finished training) where I feel like he discredits my career and my earnings. Sometimes he makes rude comments about me being 'just a student', and he often severely overstates his financial role in our relationship. We split rent, bills, holidays etc. I am very good at tracking expenses and am very careful to pay my way. He is not so much. I do most of the cooking/cleaning/shopping, organise bills etc, so it's not uncommon I'll pay bills or buy groceries multiple times a week for both of us and he won't follow it up to pay me back. He buys groceries? I transfer him half immediately. It seems like since he's finished training he's surrounded himself with consultants earning huge cash and suddenly he is extremely attentive to his own money. Because he earns more, in his head he seems to think he supports me. Which is absolutely ridiculous, as I am so meticulous about ensuring I pay my way. He seems to conveniently forget all of the out of sight things I pay for, and take credit for the things he'll pay for when we're physically together. It actually annoys me because despite how much less I earn I am still far more generous. I have also made significant career sacrifices to support him - including two interstate and one international move in that last 4 years. These moves caused significant delays to my PhD and completely flipped my career on its head, so multiple times I've had to battle to make a career work around his work.
He's studying for an additional exam and it's caused tension between us because I am at the pointy end of my PhD and very time stretched. I'm still working a lot of hours. My mum died 6 weeks ago and I took a few weeks off work, which was costly with funeral costs etc and time off my casual work. As such I feel pressured to work more hours. I also feel pressure from him that I'm never earning enough, so work more than I'm comfortable with both from a workload perspective and a grief perspective.
We got in a fight today over the use of the stupid study. We actually have two study spaces, but one has two monitors set up that I use as my WFH desk. He doesn't use additional monitors, just his laptop. I'm spending my Saturday working on PhD deadlines because I picked up extra shifts this week. I'm 3 hours in, he comes home from shopping and demands to use the desk. I reasonably asked if he could use the other one, given I'm set up, in a zone and using the monitors. Concentrating the last few weeks has been an absolute bitch and I am really struggling to work through my grief. Something as small as maintaining a 'safe' work space is really important to me. Nope. Absolutely not. He has an exam in two weeks. He needs to study. It must be this desk etc etc. I cave and pack up all my stuff to move to the next room. As I'm doing this he starts making comments about how I have no idea how much stress he's under and how important this exam is etc etc. I say I wish he was more supportive of my PhD and that I am also working very hard right now. We have a dumb consultant dinner thing this weekend and I childishly say I'm not going anymore, and he says "Good, you're an embarrassment anyways, I don't want you there".
I feel like that statement sums up all of these issues around money and my career that bubble under the surface. He doesn't respect where I am in my career - he thinks I'm just a student and my career is insignificant. I get it, I do know how important his job is. Sure, in comparison my job isn't that important. But realistically I would support him to do whatever he wanted - barista, mechanic, gardener. Toilet cleaner. I would never discredit his career, irrespective of what it was. I value my career and that's what matters to me. I get great feedback from my students. I get to help people learn to walk again. My research is all about improving patient care. I am genuinely passionate about what I do. I know I'm small fish, but I also am the first in my family to go to university. I'm proud that I finished university at all, let alone now about to finish a PhD. I recognise my privilege, and am very grateful I am so educated.
Despite this, I feel like my career will never compare to his. I feel like he will always think and believe my career is worthless and he is more important. I do feel he is embarrassed of me and my career because I'm 'just a student' to him.
Our relationship is not all bad, but these key issues around my career and finances feel monumental. Both of my parents are dead now. I feel like I really need a partner who is in my corner and cheering me on, not someone who tells me I'm not enough. My fourth paper was published recently - one that took 3 years. I cried and cried because although it was really nice the support I got from work colleagues, I felt like I had no one to actually celebrate with. It's a soft spot I guess adjusting to not having parents to call and share this kind of stuff with. When I told him he sent me a text saying congrats and we never spoke of it again.
Is this a phase where his head is big on the back of finally finishing training? Is this unsurpassable? Have you experienced something similar with your med SO?
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2023.06.10 06:35 Michael_Scarn47 Wouldn’t it be wild if it was really him tho…

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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

MA = Movies Anywhere
GP = Googleplay
[?] = unknown definition
title = pending trade
If a title is no longer listed = It has been traded
TV Series Marked
Vudu Only
ITUNES Only MOVIES - No Port - Marked
CANADIAN CODES: GOOGLE PLAY / ITUNES MARKED I do not know any of these port
Titles I am looking for
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2023.06.10 06:33 Michael_Scarn47 Wouldn’t it be wild if it was really him tho…

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2023.06.10 06:28 Affectionate-Yak2113 Glad that both royals have wonderful personalities💔

Glad that both royals have wonderful personalities💔
Married an unflattering prince to have a sore loser heir to the throne 😭🫶 love them tho
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2023.06.10 06:25 obkix Prize Drop Chances

I spent more money than I’d like to admit trying to get the new Constitution III class ship, but no luck. It made me wonder— what’s the actual mathematical probability of getting a T6 prize drop in one of those R&D packs?
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2023.06.10 06:24 SkySchemer Ball Hauler of the Day #36: Orange and white, short cab, V-wings, long tail, T3 Gek econ, Euclid

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2023.06.10 06:24 Graymatter_13 DNA connections beyond 5th Great Grandparents

ThruLines for Ancestry DNA aggregates matches back to 5th Great Grandparents. Unfortunately, I am stuck researching my family line at my 6th Great Grandfather. DNA was very helpful to supplement my research on a few ancestors up to this point. Is there any way to use Ancestry DNA search functions to help make connections for someone this far back in the off chance a descendant of my 6th great grandfather and I share enough DNA to register to show a match? The only way I can think of is to find people with a similar family tree and click their profile to see if we share DNA, which is a bit labor intensive. Maybe it’s pointless given that reliability becomes a bit questionable this far back, but thought I’d ask.
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2023.06.10 06:22 Banned4lies I want to get started but money is tight and entry seems steep

This is going to be abit of a rant and the beginning will tie into aquascaping i promise.... So my neighbor died... she was a nice old woman that had lost her husband five years prior. Her husband kept his yard in a style that I would describe as american bonsai. The bushes were amazing... my wife looked after her and we knew her families history.. the history of the house.. the trees. Well the house was sold to someone turning it into a rental property, and we watched them cut all of her trees down. These trees were 60 years old and styled. The house had character. It was devastating to both me and my wife... honestly its odd to look out the window and get emotional about someone elses trees but here we are crying over a bunch of wood in a yard. That night at around 2am I was smoking a bowl on my patio and just shaking my head about a yard filled with dead trees and it occured to me that some of the wood from those trees would make for good hardscape. Ironically I had learned about hardscape by accident while watching a video about aquascaping a few days before. So I ran across the street and grabbed the wood that I could find and brought it into my yard for safekeeping. I watched another youtube video... then another... iwagumi style.. dutch style... water parameters.... CO2 injection ( are you fucking sereous?!), substrate... low tech.. high tech... I'm swimming in alot of ideas and knowledge and my ADHD is sifting through it all as best it can but now its time to make some decisions. I'm thinking I want to do a 14 gallon tank link is below. I like the idea of filterless but know it might be steep to go that route right away. I have maybe 300 dollars to get a tank and some plants.... i dont think fish will be until a month or two because of "cycling?". I dont want to kill a bunch of fish I buy right away... and plants for that matter. I figured the 14 gallon was a good place to start. maybe 5 neon tetras and a betta? if thats reasonable. Bettas are territorial bastards from what Ive read.. so maybe the tetras alone or a betta alone. If someone could give me some links for recommendations to fill out my buying list. As far as plants I would want to go with something that is hearty, and I like the idea of my aquascape looking very mossy. Other than that I have way to many ideas of what I could do but sometimes thats the biggest problem. Anyways thanks for reading.
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2023.06.10 06:18 Suisei_exe Considering a move to Japan in several years, how feasible is it for a family?

Hi! I’m currently a 23 y/o guy living in Florida with my 22 y/o girlfriend. I’ve always been intensely fascinated with Japan, namely the culture, geography, food, language, etc.
I realize that Japan isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be, but it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to move there one day. I have a bachelor’s of science in interdisciplinary social sciences, and plan to get several years of experience in medical sales / research & development here in the states. Many of the companies available to work for here also have positions available in Japan, so I’m now realizing that my dream could be feasible after 5+ years working here. My starting salary would likely be around 60-80k before commission, and has a lot of room to grow over the years. My gf also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, but may not need to work if my salary could allow us to live comfortably.
I’m currently a beginner with learning the language, but plan to stick with it daily & hope to reach N1 / N0 within the decade (conservatively). My girlfriend is not learning it yet, but has a knack for language and would likely pick it up quickly if she’d like to learn.
We plan to eventually have kids (or adopt), though likely not for several more years.
My main question is - what would life be like for us, assuming I’d support us with a decent salary working for a western company in Japan? It might be a short-term or long-term move, depending on how we like it when we can begin making trips there.
I’m mainly interested in: how housing is for renting / buying in either Tokyo or Osaka, lower & upper schooling system for children, general cost of living for a couple / family, and overall quality of life for two white Americans living in a major Japanese city.
This is my dream, but I’d want to make sure my gf (future wife) would be happy & comfortable as well. I’m unfamiliar with how foreigners are treated, how our social lives could grow, etc.
I would greatly appreciate any tips or info, not exactly looking for specifics on moving but rather the feasibility of living there for an extended period of time. I’ve done quite a bit of research but would like to hear realistic scenarios.
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2023.06.10 06:16 EverySheepherder5170 Is it possible my neighbors have a meth lab and can it secondhand affect me?

Hello hi !!!! __^ no stupid questions right? Please be kind I’m kinda uneducated on this subject..
Recently me and my husband got a new home. The area is very nice and so is the house, only thing sketchy is the house across from ours.. we have a decent sized yard so we’re not superrrr close. We just assumed respectfully it was a poorer family, not judging. Well since we’ve moved in .. these neighbors have been quite odd. They have a very loud car, they leave their house and come back 20+ times day, have a steal barricade around their house, have recently put barbed wire around their entire yard. Will do donuts in their yard with the door open and screaming?? Every time we are in our yard it is like that intently watch us until we go inside. Also Since moving in our other kind neighbors told us horror stories they’ve had with those people. Once the guy followed one neighbor in his truck for several blocks, wide eyed and flipping him off.. my Hispanic neighbor said they had an altercation and they’ll hear them firing guns at 3 AM. Another neighbor told me that a black gentleman lived here before us and was having a housewarming party and the neighbor pulled up calling them all a bunch of … hardR.. and the police got involved.
Now here’s why I suspect meth, I do know for a fact they’re cooking something. Every night or two there is so much smoke from their yard at midnight and it’s like they’re lighting a fire to cover up another smell. It smells like burning rubber and burnt electrical tape. Its fucking horrendous. at night I don’t even want to sit outside. My father in law stayed over one night and said the smell reminded him of one of his buddies who’d cook back in the day.
Now my question, does this seem like they’re cooking ? If so can you get secondhand high from it?
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2023.06.10 06:15 sadpanda57 When were the friends NOT the best of friends?

Today I was watching TOW The Cake, and it annoyed me how complain-y Monica and Chandler were about needing to leave Emma’s 1st birthday party to get to Vermont. If my bestest friends on Earth (that were basically family) had planned something at the same time as my baby’s first birthday, I’d be upset, sure. But then to come to the party and complain about it the entire time. So rude.
Ok, so what other times were our dear friends not the best of friends to each other?
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2023.06.10 06:11 Key_Fan106 IPhone 12 Pro screen water damage

IPhone 12 Pro screen water damage
The screen cracked and water got in. The phone still works, vibrates and makes noise even when not displaying anything. I can only get it to show anything for only 2min before restarting or going back to not showing anything even then it is still glitchy and unusable. Years worth of pictures, progress, messages, and passwords can be lost because it never updated to cloud. Can this be fixed? Any tips? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 06:07 wolfden2016 What even is this category

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2023.06.10 06:05 TaurusSunflower My ex-boyfriend (M, 29) hid his 7-year old child from me (F, 26), even though he got me pregnant in December.

TW: emotional abuse, SA
I met my ex at work, he was my manager. Glaring red flag #1. I wasn’t exactly interested in dating him but was flirting with him and pursuing him in a light-hearted manner because it wasn’t a serious job (we worked at a gym and everyone kind of would hook up with/date each other… for example I wouldn’t do that in a corporate or career setting). He was initially kind to me and sweet so I fell into it a bit, but over the time I was with him I seemingly uncovered a horror story.
It was one thing after another. He was a gambling addict and often scammed people for money to cover his debts. The scams were sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate— like disney vouchers, or custom sweatshirts for his employees. He once told me he’d take me on a ski trip before we were together, and asked for my share of the money, only for me to put two and two together later as I observed his behavior that he scammed me. He was a pathological liar, and addicted to validation, and probably porn too, unable to abstain from following instagram models and girls on OF even when I asked him not to, or removing ex flings. I was never physically abused but every other abuse that could occur, did. He was constantly finding reasons to take money from me. He punched a wall once when he was angry because he found out I went on a date while we were broken up. He would berate me when I held him accountable to anything, he would have full mental breakdowns every time I tried to dump him only to treat me like shit when I forlornly returned to his side out of fear. I once simply gave him an attitude about how he never prioritizes me sexually, and he proceeded to f*nger me aggressively and with resentment in a way that didn’t feel good until I had to tell him to stop.
Even though I dumped him for the 3rd and last time in August of 2022 after 6 GRUELING months, I relapsed in November of that year and fell pregnant in December. Aside from everything mentioned prior as enough to choose to terminate, it was his reaction when I told him that sealed the deal. It was like a “gotcha”. It was almost funny to him. He had previously made jokes about putting a baby in me/baby-trapping me. They chilled me to my core and still, I was stuck in the abuse cycle.
Abortion was one of the worst, most heart-breaking things I have ever endured. I know I put myself there, and I kind of deserved it, but I would have done anything to keep my baby.
This weekend I discovered that he has a child with a girl in Seattle that he knocked up while he was stationed there during his Army service. He had a whole child already and was ready to make me baby mama #2 without telling me a damn thing about this child’s existence.
As one would expect, he played it off like he was “sensitive” about it and “no one knew besides his family”.
I have been disgusted by him many times, but this really drove home just how much I have been violated in this relationship. I’m so happy I left, but it has been difficult reliving all of this all over again.
Where do you put it all?
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2023.06.10 06:05 throworiginalaway My obese brother makes me uncomfortable

He’s only 23 (turning 24 in a couple months) and he is obese.
It started in high school when he joined the football team. He’s 6’2 so of course the couch was all over him. The couch encouraged him to bulk up which led to him eating tons and tons of food. It was okay I’m high school because he was active obviously and he looked like an average offensive line player: broad shoulders, big arms and legs, a bit of a gut. It was fine
But after high school it all went to hell.
He stopped working out completely but eats like he’s still a football player (probably even more now actually) He eats thousands of dollars worth of fast food a month, and that’s not an exaggeration. If he’s not eating fast food he’s eating entire large oven pizzas in one sitting or an entire pot of ramen noodles.
Every time he walks he sounds like he’s out of breath even if it’s just from his room to the kitchen. He still wear clothes from high school so the bottom of his gut hangs out the bottom of his shirts and his pants only covers half of his ass. He had a knee injury in high school and his weight is making it worse. We’re don’t have a lot of money and out house is small so he easily can take up the entire kitchen when he sits at the table and takes up two seats on the couch.
I get he’s an adult and can make his own decisions but I just wish my mom would do more. Don’t get me wrong, she’s tried. She used to always cook him healthy meals (he would complain and go get fast food), she would encourage him to go work out with her (he would complain and go to bed even though he’s already been sleeping for hours). She’s encouraged him to go to therapy (he went to a couple sessions and stopped going). I don’t know what else she can do but I wish she could figure something out or kick him out.
He’s angry. He’s lazy. He makes stupid decisions.
Bottom line is that he’s severely mentally ill but refuses to get help for it. Instead he’s just eating himself to death and at this point I’d rather him just do it somewhere else.
I’m tired of watching him refuse to let anyone help him but complain about not getting help. I’m tired of trying to encourage him just for him to scream at us.
Maybe I just don’t have a lot of patience for him because of the horrible things I’ve heard him say to me and my mom. Maybe it’s because I went through severe depression and was able to seek help even though it was hard. I know everyone goes through mental health crisis differently but I just have such a hard time feeling sympathetic for him. Like I said, I think it’s because my family has been a victim of his outbursts for years.
Idk I just really needed to get this off my chest because my mom doesn’t really like to talk about it. But when he walks into a room you can feel all the fun and joy be sucked out of the room. Watching him eat freaks me out and I just wanna yell at him.
I just witnessed him eating a pint of ice cream while waiting for his pizza to cook (which was a large one btw) and then he ate THE WHOLE THING.
I just wanted to watch TV in the living room with our other brother but I can’t without seeing him stuffing his face in the kitchen.
Also this part is a little gross so warning for that…
He spends HOURS in the bathroom because of his eating habits. It’ll be 3 AM and I get up to pee but lo and behold…he’s in the bathroom. I’ll knock in the door and tell him to hurry up and what does he do? HE GETS IN THE SHOWER. Like wtf you can’t wait for me to piss real quick? No because he’s selfish af. He also just walks around the house belching loud af all day for obvious reasons.
He’s just disgusting and I’m tired of living in the same house with him. I had to move back to save money for grad school but part of me wants to bite the bullet and just waste money on a cheap apartment. It’s just not fair that my mom lets the whole house revolve around him.
This was a lot longer than I expected. I just really needed to get this out. If you got all the way to the end sorry you had to read that and thanks for listening.
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2023.06.10 06:05 SumptuousSuckler Struggling with existential crisis; should I stay in school or take a break?

Soon I’ll (20M) be graduating with a general transfer degree from my community college, and I’m trying to decide if I should take a short break from school after I graduate, or if I should transfer into a university and persevere until I get my B.S. in Accounting.
I’m currently going through somewhat of an existential crisis and I feel burnt out from school. Most of my life I’ve done what others want for me and I’ve just gone with the flow, so taking a break from school (6-9 months) would be my way of exploring myself and assessing my values. I would also use that time to improve myself and develop new skills. Not to mention I currently have zero work experience, so I would likely get a full time job and save/invest some cash on the side while gaining valuable work experience. Overall, it would be very valuable.
On the contrary, I also feel like finishing my degree and getting a stable career ASAP would allow me to move out sooner (I live with family right now). Moving out, living on my own, and becoming independent would help a lot with developing a sense of self and exploring my own personal freedom. Having my own income would be the first step towards living my life for myself and it would feel like I’m finally free. In other-words, the sooner I finish my degree the better.
Does anyone have any advice on what might be the better decision? I’d need to decide soon because my decision will affect my registration for next term. Thanks a bunch.
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2023.06.10 06:04 BlairDaniels 23andme says I have a second mother.

This summer, I decided to get my DNA sequenced by 23andme. I wanted to know my ancestry, as well as find out if I'm a carrier for any genetic disorders, since my husband and I want to try and get pregnant soon.
When the results came back, everything was what I expected. I was Romanian and German. I had the sun-sneeze reflex. Etc. The surprise came when I clicked on the "Relatives" tab. At the top of the list, it showed my parents.
Except, there weren't two parents.
There were three.
John T.
Father, 50.0% DNA shared
Agnes T.
Mother, 50.0% DNA shared
Mother, 50.0% DNA shared
I stared at the last one. Uh… what? I scrolled up and down the list, but the rest looked normal. One of my brothers came up, along with an aunt and some cousins.
Curious, I clicked on G's profile. But there wasn't any other information. To see details, like her ancestry or shared relatives, I'd need to 'connect' with her.
Probably just a glitch or something. Or maybe my mom made two accounts by accident. I closed my laptop and tried to forget about it.
But for the rest of the day, it bothered me. Like a little itch in the back of my brain. Maybe it isn't a duplicate account or a total glitch. Maybe she's some secret aunt or something, and 23andme just overestimated the shared DNA. I'd read the horror stories, of 23andme uncovering family secrets like that.
So that evening, I decided to hit "Connect." I didn't really expect her to accept.
But just a few days later, she did.
I went over to the 23andme website, my heart pounding. When I scrolled down, I saw my ancestry composition and G’s, side-by-side. Her ancestry looked like my mom’s—almost 100% Romanian. But… it was slightly different.
My heart pounded faster. I opened three tabs: my mom’s ancestry, my dad’s, G’s, and mine. My eyes darted between them, comparing them. Studying them. And after several minutes, I realized it.
I was 1% Scandinavian. But neither my mother nor my father had any Scandinavian ancestry.
Only “G” did.
A chill went down my spine. I stared at G’s profile. At her empty profile picture.
Who is she?
I told my husband all about it. He thought I was overreacting. “It’s just some glitch,” he said, as he flipped the chicken on the stove. “23andme must’ve sequenced the DNA wrong, or mixed up the samples, or something.”
“It’s creepy though, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess.” He opened the cabinet, rummaging around for plates. “But there’s just so much room for error with that DNA stuff.”
I tried not to think about it. But my night was plagued with nightmares of G—a faceless woman, calling from the forest. Who had my long dark hair and tall stature. A second mother who, somehow, had given me her DNA.
When I woke up, though, I realized something. If I shared 50% of my DNA with my father, and my mother, and G—well, 50% + 50% + 50% did not equal 100%.
One of my parents had to share DNA with G.
I called my mom on the way to work. “Did you see anyone listed in your DNA relatives named ‘G’?” I asked, as I pulled onto the highway.
“G?” she repeated.
“Yeah. There’s just… a person named G who keeps popping up on my DNA relatives.”
“I don’t think so,” she replied. “But I don’t know. The website is kind of hard to use. Brandon was helping me with it.”
“Could you ask—”
“Yeah, sure. Gotta go now, though.”
With that being a dead end, I decided to bite the bullet and send G a message. Most likely, it’d be some big misunderstanding. G was probably some stranger living on the other end of the country with no connection to me whatsoever.
Hey, I noticed 23andme listed you as a relative. Do you have any family members with the last name T--- or K---, especially in the northwest US? Are you related to my mother, Agnes T---?
The response came less than an hour later. And when I read it, a slow chill ran down my spine.
you will find out soon enough.
That was the whole thing. The whole response. Those cryptic six words. I quickly shot a message back: Are you related to me? Or my mom?
No answer.
I stared at the screen, my heart pounding. Then, in one swift motion, I moved my cursor up and removed her as a connection. Just a troll. A scammer. Something weird like that.
A few days later, I checked 23andme again—to find that G had removed her account. Or, possibly, that the glitch had been fixed. Because G was no longer listed as my mother, or a relative at all.
Weeks went by and I forgot about the whole thing. Work got busy, gardening season was in full swing, and my hours were spent either working late in the office or slaving over my plant babies. I didn’t even give G a second thought—
Until, one morning, it all came crashing down.
Two pink lines. My husband and I spent the morning crying, hugging each other, overjoyed about this little person we would bring into the world.
Until I went to the mailbox.
Inside was a folded piece of pink paper, tied off with black ribbon. No stamp—it must’ve been hand delivered. My throat went dry as I flipped it open and read the words on the page.
meet me at d--- park at midnight tonight.
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2023.06.10 06:02 raspberrymoonrover True story: How my Catholic youth group experience led to me digging up human remains

This was almost 15 years ago and no therapist has been able to help me resolve this within my nervous system lol.
In high school I was hugely involved in my parish youth group. Most of our mission trips were normal, age-appropriate volunteer opportunities. However when I was 16 we went on a mission trip to New Orleans to do Katrina clean up. My parents signed some paperwork and were told we wouldn’t know exactly the work we’d be doing until we arrived.
Operation Nehemiah, for those curious, was the group that facilitated our trip. When we arrived, I soon learned that because I was deemed too small or feminine or weak or all of the above, that I wouldn’t be using power tools on a demo site with my friends.
Instead I was sent to a cemetery for the week.
Google the historic Holt Cemetery in New Orleans, you’re in for a treat lol.
New Orleans has a problem with soil erosion, as parts of it are at or below sea level. This means no one is typically buried in the ground when they die, because the bodies sort of….come up to the surface. So they are buried in mausoleums above ground. However the Holt Cemetery predates this change in procedure and is known as a potters field or poor man’s cemetery. People there are buried in the ground.
So what happens? It’s such a poor area they cannot afford to hire regular maintenance and rely on volunteers (aka a bunch of naive teenagers from Boston, apparently) to do it.
I spent a week in the Louisiana heat, relatively unsupervised, digging up human remains with my own hands at 16 years old.
I remember being briefly taught how to tell a rock from a bone. We were instructed to bag up, and rebury the remains before saying a prayer for their soul to rest again.
Jesus fucking Christ.
I found a jaw bone with teeth in it and just remember staring blankly with it IN MY HAND, while imagining the person whose teeth these were and the favorite foods they ate and the life they lived. I found skull fragments over children’s graves. I remember being told this was what was needed of me in order to honor god and serve others. But then I started to panic inside a little. I remember the sudden waves of guilt that washed over me. Why the fuck am I holding this? Who the fuck do I think I am? I hope to fucking god my jaw bone never ends up in the hands of some random nervous teenager.
The Holt Cemetery is an absolute mess in every way. Each plot is owned and therefore maintained by families of the deceased in exchange for cheap burial services. So as you can imagine none of it is particularly well-manicured. In fact, even the layout of the plots is a mess. The plots are not laid out in neat rows like cemeteries we are used to. You can hardly tell where one starts and another ends.
So here’s me, a kid, with a human bone in each hand, just freaking out inside that I was going to bury the wrong remains with the wrong plot and somehow disrupt these poor fucking people’s opportunity for eternal rest. Me. Feeling quite literally responsible for that and feeling that I’d failed. The guilt and trauma from this is still being held in my body and I feel my stomach twisting just typing this. I remember kind of whispering to myself “I’m so sorry” each time I buried a new bag of bones on a plot just in case it was the wrong person and I had botched their chance somehow at eternal life.
Sounds dumber now that I’m an adult and no longer religious. But the fear and Catholic guilt in me that week during that experience was so strong and so powerful that I still have a recurring nightmare about it. Only in the nightmare, I’m on a dive and rescue team and I’m being instructed to retrieve bodies from a lake, frantically pulling bloated, gray dead people out only to discover they are all people I know. Fucked. Just fucked. Like I’m almost 30 and I’m still dealing with this.
There were chaperones on this trip. When you’re a minor, you expect the adults you look up to to keep you safe. But somehow with Catholics, many lines are crossed under the guise of humility and a call to service. I know adults who would want no part in this experience. We were kids, man. The Catholic Church damaged me so badly. I could make 50 posts like this one about all the damage I didn’t realize was being done due to my age.
Curious for discussion - Have any of you ever experienced something you knew was wrong but did it because you were told it’s what God wanted?
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2023.06.10 06:00 throwawayaccbeth Still a secret to my friends and family

I (18F) enlisted in the Marines Corps this week. I’m so thrilled and proud of myself to have enlisted.
I’ve been talking to a recruiter for the past year. I made up my mind pretty quickly but was still talking to him about the MOS. I’ve got a combat MOS and just can’t wait to ship out.
I didn’t tell my family about it because I know they wouldn’t be supportive and I don’t really care what they think. I’ll tell my friends soon xD
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2023.06.10 05:58 Theolphoneinthrpool AITA for refusing to pay for nephew’s iPhone after I let him play with it in the pool? His mom assured me it had a water proof case.

See where to begin here.
We are on vacation as a family and staying at an Airbnb with a pool. I am about 15 years younger than my other siblings and thief plan was to go to an outlet mall so I volunteered to stay and watch the kids (6, 6, 5 and 5).
One of the six year olds has a brand new iPhone 14 and I made a quick remark that I’ll make sure he keeps it away from swimming. My sister’s exact quote was “oh it’s ok it has a -brand name- case on it, it can get wet.” I said ok and told them to have a good time. The two six year olds came up with a pool game centered around that clock app trend that goes “oooooohhh weeeee,” basically everyone the heard “ooooohhh weeee” they’d throw the phone up in the air and go dive for it.
Well the case wasn’t apparently that water proof and after about 10 Mins the phone was completely soaked inside the case and phone was dead and the back was so hot it felt like it could burn your finger.
My sister is livid with me and is expecting me to pay for the phone. I keep going back to the fact that she said the case was waterproof. She says I’m a major asshole if i interpreted waterproof for an iPhone being used as a dive toy.
AITA here ?
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2023.06.10 05:58 ThrowRAlongjump_fox I [38M] feel ignored when we hang with my [31F] wife’s family

So I feel weird, and needy about this. And I think honestly I might be a little needy. I’ve been in therapy for a couple of years and was in a very unloving relationship prior to my wife of 16 years, making me pretty sensitive to changes in my relationship. Getting past the honeymoon phase with my current wife, for example, was tough. As we settled in, it was hard to adjust to not being all over each other, hugging and kissing constantly etc. I’ve gotten past that for the most part, though I do still get hurt when I notice I’m initiating all physical contact.
So any way…we are visiting some of her family this week - aunt, uncle, lots of cousins and their wives and kids. We will just be sitting and hanging out, reading or whatever, and she will just disappear. I’ll find her having gone to lay down, or went and got into a swimsuit and got in the pool. Or she will sit down to play a game (they’re BIG on games) and never ask me to join. I’ve actually talked to her before about how when we’re with her family back home, she does the same thing. The very first time I met some of her family, I was just kind of standing around like an idiot and she had disappeared into the back yard. This happened a few times before I mentioned “Hey, so I’ve noticed when we’re hanging with your family, you kind of disappear on me and it can make it weird for me.” She understood and said oh sorry, never meant to do that. But here we are again.
My wife really is a sweet woman and I don’t think she means any harm, but I can’t help but get a little annoyed and perhaps even hurt a little when she goes off and does her own thing and just leaves me sitting there. I might not want to get in the pool or play a game but I’d like to at least be considered.
Is this dumb of me? I spend a lot of time feeling like I’m just a little baby about this stuff, but I also think I was conditioned for many years to not care what I wanted because my ex was a borderline abusive alcoholic who didn’t love or care about me. So maybe I’m normal or maybe I just haven’t healed?
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