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2023.06.10 23:44 Cy_broski Spider Man Comic List

Spider Man Comic List
For a while I’ve been wanting to get into the Spider-Man comics and with there being so many issues and different variations and the issue numbers being so intimidating I didn’t know where to start. So, I made a list and wanted to know if this would be a good starting point or if I should take some away or add some more.
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2023.06.10 23:43 Searching4LifeAdvice How can I leave my current job assignment quietly? Ideally, only telling my agency that I'm quitting and my superiors/management not knowing until after my final day?

TLDR: How can I leave my current job assignment quietly? Ideally, only telling my agency that I'm quitting and my superiors/management (of the company I work at) not knowing until after my final day?
I posted this on careerguidance, however, the post didn't receive any response after 14 hours, Thus, I'm posting a shorten (and less ranty) version here. I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this here.
Quick context: (24, Male) I am employed through a temp agency. Currently in Ontario, Canada. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting in June 2021. Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a career or job relating to the field. I'm still searching a job relating to accounting and currently enrolled in CPA PEP (currently in Capstone 1, taking the Common Final Exam in September). Still living with my family.
In November, 2021, I accepted a warehouse associate position from a temp agency (Night Shift). I been working the same job assignment. The job is repetitive, but doable. It paid my bills and help contribute to paying rent for my family. Thanks to some overtime, and just not going out because of sleeping during the day and just not doing much in my life, I have an okay amount of savings (Currently about $12,000 CAD). However, the hours are based on business needs. Thus, I could be working 40+ hours in one week, and 10 hours or less the next week. It fluctuates, but the low end of hours tend to occur during my study time for CPA PEP.
I plan on leaving this job on before July 31, 2023. While it may not be smart, I'm mainly leaving to take the final CPA PEP module and study for the Common Final Exam in September (Big 3 day exam, 4 hours day 1 and 3, 5 hours day 2). I plan on continuing to find a job in accounting during this time.
I am thinking about of my exit strategy for my current job. Currently, no one knows that I am leaving or I intent on leaving. My agency asks for a 5 day notice. I intent to fulfil that obligation, however, I don't want the management (nor anyone in the company) to know that I am leaving the job until after my final day. I know this sounds dumb and probably unrealistic, but I don't want my colleagues to try to persuade me to stay or say that "they will miss me". I just want to leave while making the most amount of money as I can while leaving quietly on good terms with the agency and the organization. No goodbyes, just end my shift on my last day of work and leave that job like I never worked there.
Any help and advice is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading.
All the best everyone!
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2023.06.10 23:43 TemporaryFilm4111 Where do I find someone to do a gig? I need to hire someone for $17 per hour for 10-11 hours per day, for around 6 days

I need to hire someone to do something for me. $17 per hour + 10-11 hours per day + for around 6 days or more.
It will be from 9am to 10pm.
I need someone with a car. Ideally someone between the ages of 18 - 40, a car which has tainted windows.
Job Description. I love my best friend and he just started dating this girl and has already spent thousand of dollars on her in few months. But this girl he is dating is hanging out with other dude when she is supposed to be at "work"! I found out through some other sources. I just want you to go near her place and park your car on the same street and sit in the car and just see if she hangs out with other dudes and just record it and send it to me. Not only she is just dating other dudes but she has also contracted some STD! But my best friend just believes her blindly and won't believe that she is cheating on him but he'll belief on video proof ! That's what I need your help with. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:43 lonelyotherwoman Grief

It’s always there. But some days it’s just so heavy. Takes up so much space. It consumes me. Today it consumes me. I hate having met him so young. While he’s so old. Because he took on so many nurturing roles & now that he’s gone I feel so abandoned. Because he has a whole life built whereas I barely have it figured it out. I’m still young, I know. But he has kids and a spouse of 30+ years to go back to. I sit here in my grief. Telling myself no matter what I do, I can’t reply… I’m mourning so much. I depended on him emotionally. He promised to always be here. To always help me. Now he’s just gone. I wish I knew what I know now. It just hurts extra today. Going through the difficulties of life that he promised to be there for. It just sucks.
I’m in my 20s. I’d love to hear from women mid 30s +. About how I won’t even remember this in 10 years. I need to know that because I’m in so much pain.
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2023.06.10 23:42 AdrianDaFunky I can't stand my clumsiness anymore

Clumsiest person ever?
I don't even know how to start, I just know I've been like this ever since I was born:
I am that person who will trip in the same place, the same way, every single day. Finding random bruises that I cannot explain why in my body is just normal. I hit the chairs in my house every single day, just like I hit my room's door.
I will bite my cheeks at least once a month.
I will spill my food on the table when eating, and when Im serving my plate, I WILL SPILL IT ON THE STOVE, EVERY SINGLE TIME.
I will spill juice or whatever Im drinking on my shirt SPECIALLY IF ITS WHITE, at least 4x a week.
At least twice a year I will hit a random pillar with my car out of plain uncoordination/imprudence
I'm at med school and is just plain normal for me to do some random dumb shit like TRYING TO ANESTHETIZE a patient with a SUCTION NEEDLE
If im trying to explain something med related to a med friend, I will say something really wrong out of simply dumbness/clumsiness and gotta re explain cause I explained it wrong
Some days I just can't properly function, its like I went r********, specially if I experienced something awkward or someone made fun of me, my thoughts wont work, they go random, and I cant talk like a normal person
Finally, my diction is shit, Im not a stutter, but I gotta redo my phrases at least 2 out of 10 times cause my diction went 2yo
I stop myself from talking much cause the more I talk, the less sense I make. My thoughts won't make sense, just as my phrases and my diction will go even more bananas
I really wanted to be a surgeon, but I gave up cause I'm a coordination idiot.
Inb4: I workout 5x a day (1.73, 80kg, 12%BF), I sleep from 9Pm to 5am, Ive never flunked school nor got a bad grade in med school (4.45 GPA), but still.
Im good at working out, but sometimes I will drop the weights or BREAK MY PHONE. Just as I was a good soccer player, but I would FALL OVER NOTHING, JUST PLAIN TRIP ALONE AND FALL LIKE AN IDIOT
I'm not even going to mention my aim.......
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2023.06.10 23:42 beelobo Locator 69 expedited timeline

Date of travel: end of June. Not ticketed at application time ( traveling with large group & all the attendant time conflicts).
4/25 Renewal expedited application sent in. No mailing upgrades
5/2 in progress
5/21 our group (excepting us) buys tickets with DOT 6/21. Feeling pretty confident because Passports believes in location 69
Monitor ticket prices obsessively and on 6/2 finally buy the tickets because everyone here is so bullish on location 69s efficiency
One week of bitter bitter buyers remorse and why oh why didn’t I know the importance of a travel date on my application?
6/8 contact SC Senator Tim Scott’s office. Fast reply from aide and requisite documents are sent. Aide reports my case has been sent up and I’ll hear back.
6/10 passport shipped (5 weeks and 4 days in process, which seems about average for expedited for stars of Loc 69)
No idea if the Senators office made any difference
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2023.06.10 23:42 Cy_broski Spider Man Comic List

Spider Man Comic List
For a while I’ve been wanting to get into the Spider-Man comics and with there being so many issues and different variations and the issue numbers being so intimidating I didn’t know where to start. So, I made a list and wanted to know if this would be a good starting point or if I should take some away or add some more.
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2023.06.10 23:41 tezzy92 I’m so happy 😁

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2023.06.10 23:41 bay30three I got ROASTED for posting this on a general sub

(Looooooong post alert)
Hi all.
I only joined Reddit a couple weeks ago after years of occasional lurking, and I posted this on a general sub, and got roasted to the point I had to delete the post to prevent going into negative post karma (I went from 90 post karma down to about 10 over a few hours).
At the risk of seeing a repetition of a barrage of abuse (I was called an idiot/ loser, and my replies got downvoted into being hidden), I re-post it here, just curious if the FIRE crowd has a different perspective.
For the record, I AM NOT doing what I'm doing to scrimp and penny-pinch. I genuinely enjoy my healthy packed lunches over unhealthy bought lunches that takes up 1/2 my lunch break while waiting in queue. I buy tech that suits my needs instead of paying extra for features I don't need. The things I enjoy in life most (running, walking, snap photography on my phone, family movie nights at home) happen to be free or cheap. As for heating in winter, I grew up in South Island of NZ without heating in winter, and my winter school uniform was shorts and I used to ride my bicycle to school through frosted grass, so I'm not about to start heating up the house for the mild Sydney winters. My kids aren't cold, and they keep taking layers off.
So here's the post. Fire away folks!

I am a 40M suburban dad in Sydney. Dual income, 2 children under 6.
I work in a professional capacity, and while I don't want to reveal my annual income, I'll drop a hint and say I paid over 100K in personal income tax last year (wife paid a bit less but not a lot less).
With that sort of income, many will say that just about everything is affordable to me. I am aware there is a cost of living crisis out there, and don't wish to come across as insensitive. However I would l like to share some of my tips on how to live on the cheap.

1) My groceries are cheap
I don't eat meat/fish/eggs/dairy. Yep, full plant based diet since early 2021, for my health/animals and the environment (I've heard all the arguments against veganism so let's not get into it here).
I live on beans/ rice/ vegetables/ fruit/ nuts and seeds. I go through two bags of the 'McKenzie's 12 blend soup mix' per week, at a cost of $4.60 per week. Brown rice I eat costs $19 for 5kg (I usually stock up when they are half price, at $9.50). I consume 200g of rice per day, which is about $2.66 per week when bought on special.
My other staples are steamed/sauteed broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, zucchinis, sweet corn, sweet potato, eggplant, kale, and fresh cherry tomatoes, red capsicum, cucumber, lettuce, as well as chia seeds, hemp seeds, roasted cashews and almonds. These aren't expensive items either.
I don't eat vegan sausages/burger patties or cheese. I eat a whole foods plant based diet.
My snacks are fruit. Usually apples, bananas, kiwifruit, grapes are staples, with occasional berries when they are cheap.
Also I don't buy any processed food. No potato crisps (they were $3-4 per bag when I stopped buying them, but I've recently seen them selling for $6.50 a bag), no biscuits, no chocolate, no lollies, no cakes or cookies or anything with refined sugar.

2) I don't buy lunch when I'm at work
I pack my own lunch the previous night, while I'm cooking dinner. Lunch is basically a 2/3 serving of the vegetables/beans/rice I had the night before. as I find bought lunches are unhealthy, and aren't substantial enough to fill me up. My packed lunch probably costs me $3-4 in ingredients.
I used to buy lunch every day, at a cost of $10-12 daily, which meant around $2500 per year on lunch alone. Now it probably costs around $840.

3) I don't drink alcohol
I went through a craft beewine/cheese/cured meat phase for about 10 years, but gave these up not long after I gave up eating meat or other animal products. I've spent 0 cents on these foods in the past 2 years.
When I was a regular drinker, beers at the pub used to be $7.50 for Tooheys/Resches/Carlton Draught and $9.50 for the likes of Balter, Pirate Life, Feral, but I believe they cost up to $12.50. No thanks.

4) I don't buy coffee or eat in cafes.
I went through a trendy cafe phase in my 20s and 30s, and thought nothing of paying $24 for a cafe breakfast and $4.50 for a large flat white. Now I make my own coffee at home. I buy green beans at a cost for $12 per kg and roast them myself (I bought a coffee roaster for $950 four years ago which has paid for itself many times over), and use 10g of coffee per cup, which works out to be 12 cents per cup. My soy milk costs $2 per litre, and I use around 150mL per cup of coffee, at a cost of 30c per cup. So my coffee costs around 42 cents to make.
I haven't eaten in a cafe for about 5 years now.

5) I almost never order in, or get takeaway
Not that there are many good plant based meal delivery/takeaway options out there anyway, and I find ordering in/takeaway meals to be expensive, unsatisfying, lacking in substance and not worth the cost. I avoid refined sugar and there is far too much in most takeaway meals for my liking. I eat them begrudgingly, occasionally (when my wife orders them).
The cost of a meal is the cost of material, labour, business insurance, electricity/gas, rent, advertising, accounting + the profits.
The cost of my own meals are the cost of the materials + gas/electricity. Huge difference.
I honestly enjoy my own meals more.

6) My fitness routine is free
I don't go to the gym. I do 100 pushups, 20 pull-ups, and 50 sit-ups every day (without fail). I also run a total of 15-20km weekly, and enter 2 marathons a year at a cost of around $100-140 per event. My running shoes cost me around $120-140 every 18-24 months.

7) My entertainment costs very little
I pay $120 per year for a Disney+ subscription, mainly for my children. It has more content than I could watch in my lifetime. We do a Family Movie Night once a week, usually Disney/Pixar animation films.
I also watch stuff on Youtube, and don't pay anything to skip ads or anything.
I have been to the cinema twice in the last 7 years, to see the latest James Bond and Top Gun 2. I stopped going to the movies regularly when the cost of a movie ticket hit $20, also around the time streaming services became available for $10 a month.

8) I don't use heating in winter or cooling in summer.
I am rugged in up 4 layers at the moment. I wear a thermal top, a knitted top, a polar fleece jacket and then an Oodie on top.
In summer I don't use the air con. It's singlets and shorts in summer, and when it gets too hot to sleep, it's a fan on timer to switch off after 1 hour, and it works every time.
I live in a townhouse and pay around $200 per quarter for electricity (for a family of 4). My next door neighbour pays $800 per quarter, as he heats/cools his home all the time.

9) I don't spend much money on clothes or shoes
My favourite clothing brand is yd, my socks are from Target and my shoes are $120 Adidas sneakers.
I have clothes and shoes for every weather and every occasion, and don't buy new clothes or shoes unless I'm replacing old ones to be thrown out.

10) I don't spend much money on the latest tech.
My hp laptop cost me $1200 in 2017. Still runs like new, and unlikely to need an upgrade for another 5 years. My phone is a Samsung S20 FE, which I bought 2.5 years ago for $750.
My Galaxy tablet cost me $280 earlier this year. I buy a new one every 5 years on average.
I can't fathom paying $3000 for a 14 inch Macbook, $1500 for an iPad, or $1400 for an iPhone.
My mobile plan is through a cheap provider at $25 per month.

So there you have it, the reasons why I believe I spend less than 90% of people while earning in the top 1%.

I'm not penny pinching or forcing myself to live like a pauper to save money while denying myself the pleasures I want. We go on overseas holidays 2-3 weeks every year, live in a nice spot in Sydney, own two luxury European cars, and own some pretty nice things.
My hobbies are reading, blogging, going out (which means exploring my favourite parts of Sydney, and taking snaps), posting on various internet forums, watching movies at home.
I grew up in a middle income household and being thrifty was instilled in me from a young age. When I was a student I lived liked a student, and when I started earning I didn't really change my spending habits.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.10 23:41 arh2011 Spotting and pain 3 weeks after missed period (not pregnant)

Spotting and pain 3 weeks after missed period (not pregnant)
34 year old female/ former smoke160lbs. No diagnoses medical conditions.
I have never missed a period, and have never been more than 2-3 days late. I have a regular 28 day cycle. I have unexplained secondary infertility (and no longer even ttc after 8 years) My last period was April 25th. No noticeable changes to my cycles before now. I don’t have PCOS. I have tested for pregnancy a few times and by now I’d have a positive. All negative. Im not on any new medications/stress/ or have any health changes that I am aware of. I called into my OB thinking they’d tell me “no big deal” but they want me to come in on Thursday to be checked out. I started having what I can only describe as ovulation pains but a little more intense (I’d rate it a 5 out of 10)nothing like menstrual cramps and am spotting very lightly. I’ve never had a period like this but not ruling out that it could just be a weird late period, that’s tbd I guess. Because my OB wanted me in, what could be going on? Menopause? A health condition? Ectopic? I spoke with my OB before the pain and spotting began and they didn’t give me any possibilities so I’m not sure what I should look out for, should I need medical attention over the weekend or if I am just overthinking.
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2023.06.10 23:41 TemporaryFilm4111 I need to hire someone for $17 per hour for 10-11 hours per day, for around 6 days

$17 per hour + 10-11 hours per day + for around 6 days or more.
It will be from 9am to 10pm.
I need someone with a car. Ideally someone between the ages of 18 - 40, a car which has tainted windows.
Job Description. I love my best friend and he just started dating this girl and has already spent thousand of dollars on her in few months. But this girl he is dating is hanging out with other dude when she is supposed to be at "work"! I found out through some other sources. I just want you to go near her place and park your car on the same street and sit in the car and just see if she hangs out with other dudes and just record it and send it to me. Not only she is just dating other dudes but she has also contracted some STD! But my best friend just believes her blindly and won't believe that she is cheating on him but he'll belief on video proof ! That's what I need your help with. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:41 TemporaryFilm4111 I need to hire someone for $17 per hour for 10-11 hours per day, for around 6 days

$17 per hour + 10-11 hours per day + for around 6 days or more.
It will be from 9am to 10pm.
I need someone with a car. Ideally someone between the ages of 18 - 40, a car which has tainted windows.
Job Description. I love my best friend and he just started dating this girl and has already spent thousand of dollars on her in few months. But this girl he is dating is hanging out with other dude when she is supposed to be at "work"! I found out through some other sources. I just want you to go near her place and park your car on the same street and sit in the car and just see if she hangs out with other dudes and just record it and send it to me. Not only she is just dating other dudes but she has also contracted some STD! But my best friend just believes her blindly and won't believe that she is cheating on him but he'll belief on video proof ! That's what I need your help with. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:41 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Travis Ventrella – Market BLDRS + Millionaire Bootcamp ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Travis Ventrella – Market BLDRS + Millionaire Bootcamp ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Travis Ventrella – Market BLDRS + Millionaire Bootcamp ✔️ Full Course Download
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2023.06.10 23:40 LH_Suzuki VR Settings Help (Quest 2)

VR Settings Help (Quest 2)
I have an i7-7700k and an RX6600, 32 GB of RAM - I know I should be getting good enough performance in iRacing VR, and the sim runs smoothly at 90 Hz with 1.7x on the quest software (I've tried to keep a lot of settings low for now to get it how I want before I bump anything up).
I've used the iRacing VR guides extensively, countless youtube videos etc. but the one thing I CANNOT get rid of is the "heat haze" effect that seems to exist on the fences/grass banks/horizon/the upcoming corner at the end of the straight.
I'm using openXR and most guides I see seem to emphasize sharpness so I've got that at 100% with the resolution in openXR to 50%. I also saw a guide say that the sharpening clamp being too far can make the horizon jagged so I reduced that but no difference. I'm really not sure what is causing it. I'd be grateful if anyone can help - I can provide more info. as required but have also put in my .ini settings and my oculus debugger settings. I am also unsure on my AMD software settings but I can't really post those.

[Drive Screen] UIOffsetBottomPct=0 ; Shift bottom of UI up by specified percent VirtualMirrorSize=1 ; Size of virtual mirror, 0-large, 1-med, 2-small, 3-X-small, 4-XX-small [User Options] DriveUIFullScreen=0 ; Let triple headed driving UI expand to fill full display DriveUIMaxAspectRatio=1.800 ; Adjust driving UI maximum aspect ratio up or down DriveUITransparency=1.000 ; Adjust driving UI transparency up or down forceCrowdVisible=0 ; Force the crowd in the grandstand to show up on practice/qualify sessions ForceVisibleWhenMove=0 ; Force all movable controls to become visible when moving UI elements hideCarNum=0 ; Hide car numbers/decals in test sessions, so you can paint your own versions KeepUIHiddenOnFocus=0 ; If set to 1 then the UI can only be enabled with the space bar maxParticleThreads=6 ; #workers (0 to 6) NotifyOfDirtRequirements=1 ; Should the Session screen notify about too-low graphics settings? particleThreadPriorityAdjust=0 ; belowNormal=-1 normal=0 aboveNormal=1 reduceFramerate_WhenFocusLost=0 ; Set this to 0 to hold full framerate when another program has keyboard focus SessionUIFullScreen=0 ; Let triple headed session UI expand to fill full display SessionUIMaxAspectRatio=1.800 ; Adjust session UI maximum aspect ratio up or down SessionUITransparency=1.000 ; Adjust session UI transparency up or down [Display] border=1 ; window border? deviceIdx=0 ; which adapter displayRotateMode=1 ; 0-auto, 1-landscale, 2-landscape inv, 3-portrait, 4-portrait inv fullScreen=0 ; fullscreen? fullScreenDepth=32 ; Color depth fullScreenHeight=720 ; full screen Window's height fullScreenWidth=1024 ; full screen Window's width HDRFormat=0 ; 0=8 bit color (SDR) 1=HDR10 or HDR16F (depends on fullScreenDepth 32/64 bit) ModeScaling=0 ; 0=unspecified 1=centered 2=stretched pixelRatio=1.000 ; Full screen mode - Adjust for displays with non-square pixels pixelRatioWindowed=1.000 ; Windowed mode - Adjust for displays with non-square pixels RefreshRate=0.000 ; Refresh Rate windowedAlignment=0 ; windowed mode alignment: 0 - none, 1 - center, 2 - top left windowedHeight=720 ; windowed mode height windowedMaximized=0 ; Window is maximized in windowed mode windowedWidth=1024 ; windowed mode width windowedXPos=106 ; Window top left corner in windowed mode windowedYPos=99 ; Window top left corner in windowed mode [AutoCfg] AutoCfgCompleted=1 ; 0=need to run 3D autocfg at startup Version=1 ; Version of this file [Graphics Options] AllowTSOSelfShadows=1 ; 0=off, 1=more self-shadowing objects when shadow mapping DNSMFilter=2 ; 0= none 1= Fetch4 2= PCF4 3= PCF4P 4= PCF8P 5= PCF16P DNSMShadowFadeTime=25 ; 0 to # = time to fade in night shadows in 100ths of a sec (5 default) DNSMNumLights=1 ; 0 to 128 = Max number of shadow mapped lights at night DNSMWallsCastShadows=0 ; 0= off 1=track walls cast shadows DNSMTSOsCastShadows=0 ; 0= off 1=track objects cast shadows DNSMDownsampleFirst=0 ; 0=per-AA-sample shadows 1=per-pixel shadow DNSMEnable=0 ; 0=off 1=dynamic night shadow maps AutoExposure=1 ; 0=off, 1=on (only functions when HDR is also enabled) Reflections=0 ; 0=off, 1=render higher quality reflections TwoPassTrees=0 ; 0=off, 1=render trees with higher quality in two passes NumFixedCubemaps=0 ; number of fixed cubemaps to render per frame(100 = 1/frame) NumDynamicCubemaps=0 ; number of dynamic cubemaps to render per frame(100 = 1/frame) ReplayRenderModes=0 ; 0=off, 1=Replay Render Modes enabled Distortion=0 ; 0=off, 1=Distortion enabled SharpeningClamp=9 ; sharpening clamp (0=min, 10=default, 100=max) SharpeningAmount=125 ; sharpening strength (10=min, 125=default, 300=max) SMAA=0 ; 0=off, 1=Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing enabled FXAAQualityEdgeThreshold=166 ; 333=too little(fast),250=lowqual,166=default,125=highqual,63=overkill(slow) FXAAQualitySubPix=75 ; aliasing amt (100=soft,75=default,50=sharp,25=low,0=0ff) FXAA=0 ; 0=off, 1=FXAA enabled Sharpening=1 ; 0=off, 1=sharpening enabled SSAO=0 ; 0=off, 1=screen space ambient occlusion enabled MotionBlurBroadcastCams=1 ; 0=disabled, 1=enabled MotionBlurDrivingCams=1 ; 0=disabled, 1=enabled MotionBlurStrength=0 ; motion blur strength: 0=off, 1=low, 2=med, 3=high, 4=ultra HeatHaze=0 ; 0=off, 1=heat haze enabled DepthOfField=0 ; 0=off, 1=depth of field blurs enabled ShadowMapType=0 ; map onto: 0=off, 1=on (Turn on on for clouds/overcast to work best) DynamicShadowMaps=0 ; 0=off 1=dynamic shadow maps for cars, etc. (Day only!) ShadowDetail=0 ; 0=fewer shadows, 1=maximum shadows VirtualMirrors=1 ; 0=off, 1=virtual mirrors enabled MaxCockpitMirrors=0 ; Maximum number of cockpit mirrors to enable (0 to 4) MirrorDetail=0 ; 0=low detail, 1=high detail in mirrors ParticlesSoft=0 ; soft particles: 0=off, 1=on ParticlesFullRes=1 ; full resolution particles: 0=off, 1=on ParticleDetail=2 ; particle detail: 0=low, 1=med, 2=high WeekendDetail=0 ; event detail: 0=low, 1=med, 2=high FoliageDetail=0 ; foliage density 0=off, 1=low, 2=med, 3=high ObjectDetail=0 ; object population 0=low, 1=med, 2=high GrandstandDetail=0 ; 0=low, 1=med, 2=high CrowdDetail=0 ; 0=off, 1=low, 2=med, 3=high PitObjectDetail=2 ; 0=off, 1=low, 2=med, 3=high CarDetail=0 ; 0=low, 1=med, 2=high SkyRefreshRate=0 ; 0=low update rate, 1=med update rate, 2=high update rate Trilinear=1 ; 0=off, 1=improved texture quality LODPctDynoMirrorsMax=500 ; above 100% increases FPS and decreases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctDynoMirrorsMin=100 ; below 100% decreases FPS and increases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctDynoMax=400 ; above 100% increases FPS and decreases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctDynoMin=100 ; below 100% decreases FPS and increases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctMirrorsMax=500 ; above 100% increases FPS and decreases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctMirrorsMin=100 ; below 100% decreases FPS and increases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctMax=400 ; above 100% increases FPS and decreases LOD (25 to 500) LODPctMin=100 ; below 100% decreases FPS and increases LOD (25 to 500) LODMinFPSTarget=60 ; Reduce LODs (see LODPct* settings) when FPS is below target. MaxPitObjsToDrawInMirrors=6 ; 0 to 192: Max number of pit objs to render per mirror camera MaxPitObjsToDraw=40 ; 0 to 192: Max number of pit objs to render per camera MaxCarsToDrawInMirrors=20 ; 4 to 64: Max number of cars to render per mirror camera MaxCarsToDraw=40 ; 10 to 64: Max number of cars to render per camera MaxAniso=16 ; 1=off, or 2, 4, 8, 16 - improved edge-on textures FarTerrain=1 ; 0=no far terrain, 1=far terrain in separate pass HideCockpitObstructions=0 ; 0=hide nothing, 1=hide halo, 2=hide a-pillarockcage, 3=hide everything DriverHands=1 ; Show driver hands? 0=no, 1=yes SteeringWheel=1 ; Show steering wheel? 0=no, 1=yes, 2=fixed, 3=show only if has display EnableSPS=0 ; 0=off 1=Use Single Pass Stereo VR (nvidia Pascal/Turing) EnableTireMarks=1 ; 0=Disable Tire marks 1=Enable tire marks DynamicCubemapType=0 ; 0=RGB8, 1=RGBE, 2=RGB16 EnableHDR=0 ; 0=LDR rendering, 1=HDR rendering ResolutionScaling=0 ; Render to lower resolution and upscale (0=off, 1+ on) NvReflexMode=0 ; Low Sim to Render Latency Mode (0=off, 1=on, 2=on+boost) ContrastAdj=0 ; Adjusts scene contrast: -6 to +6 BrightnessAdj=0 ; Adjusts scene intensity: -6 to +6 GammaAdj=0 ; Adjusts gamma encoding: -6 to +6 ToneMapping=0 ; 0=off, 1=on ZBuffer32Bits=1 ; 0=off, 1=on LowQualityTrees=1 ; 0=off, 1=on EnableSwayTrees=0 ; 0=normal trees, 1=trees sway with wind TrackDisplacementEnable=1 ; 0=render without displacement, 1=render using track displacement shaders DNSMMaxLightsPerPass=3 ; 0- 6 = Shadowing lights per-fullscreen pass StaticShadowNumber=3 ; Maximum number of high quality static shadowmaps (3-8) StaticShadowRes=2 ; (For 3 or more maps) 0 = 512x512 1 = 1024x1024 2 = 2048x2048 3 = 4096x4096 4 = 8192x8192 DynamicShadowRes=1 ; (For 3 maps! So, x3) 0 = 512x512 1 = 1024x1024 2 = 2048x2048 3 = 4096x4096 4 = 8192x8192 DynamicTireRendering=0 ; 0=render without dynamic tires, 1=render with dynamic tires DynamicTrackTextureUpdateRate=2 ; 0=min, 1=low, 2=med, 3=high frequency of dynamic track texture updates DynamicTrackDataRendering=1 ; 0=render without dynamic track data, 1=render with Dynamic Track Data ShaderQuality=3 ; 0=low, 1=med, 2=high, 3=max HeadlightLevel=2 ; 0=low quality, 1=medium, 2=high quality. *** -1=disabled *** ParallelSorting=1 ; 0=disabled 1=multithreaded scene sort MonochromeHeadlights=0 ; 0=color headlights 1=all white (less blotches/banding) HeadlightsInMirrors=0 ; 0=off 1= headlights illuminate track surface in mirrors LoadTexturesWhenDriving=1 ; 0=only load when out of car NumMultiGPUs=1 ; Number of GPUs in Crossfire/SLI (1=off to 4). Set low as works. CompressTexturesSuits=1 ; 0=uncompressed 1=block compress (recommended) CompressTexturesHelmets=1 ; 0=uncompressed 1=block compress (recommended) CompressTexturesCars=1 ; 0=uncompressed (warning! no!!) 1=block compress (highly recommended) CompressedVertices=1 ; 0=off 1=Use compressed vertices ReduceCockpitFlicker=1 ; 0=off 1=enabled CarPaint2048x2048=1 ; 0=1024x1024 car textures res, 1=2048x2048 car texture res (max) CacheSwap3HighResCars=1 ; 0=shrink to fit 1=cache swap higher res for nearest cars WorldNearPlaneDistance=10 ; In 1/10 meters, min=1(0.1m) max=30(3m), helps z-fighting but may clip track. VisibilityFrameDelay=5 ; Number of frames to wait before re-testing object visibility. 0 = no delay AAQuality=0 ; 0=low - 16=max (GPU & AASamples specific) AASamples=8 ; 1=off, 2, or 4 - num samples MipLODBias=0 ; % bias texture lookup 100 is a mip level, positive is blurry, negative sharp OcclusionCull=1 ; 0=disable occlusion culling, 1=enabled (usually best) LimitFrameRate=1 ; 0=no limit, 1=use DesiredFPSLimit DesiredFPSLimit=84 ; Enabled when LimitFrameRate=1 and on ext. power MaxPreRenderedFrames=1 ; 1=normal 0=disabled/multi-gpu VerticalSync=0 ; 0=allow tearing, 1=lock FPS to refresh rate TwoBackBuffers=0 ; 0=1 back buffer, 1=try to create 2 back buffers MaxWorkingSetMB_64Bit=26992 ; (64-bit) 1024 to 32768 MB - Lower to reduce page faults! VidMemMB=6326 ; Maximum GPU video memory to consume (MB) UIScalePct=99 ; User Interface Size [Laser Scan] PointSizeMM=80 ; desired physical point size width (mm): 1 to 120 PointSizeMin=1 ; min point size in screen pixels (1 to 256) PointSizeMax=1 ; max point size in screen pixels (1 to 256) MaxLaserScanVidMem=192 ; Max scan density to load into vidmem 128-768 (MB) [OpenXR] UIScreenWidthCM=130 ; The width (cm) of the user interface screens in 3D world space UIScreenDistCM=70 ; The depth (cm) where the user interface screens are rendered in 3D OpenXREnabled=1 ; Enable OpenXR Support TwoStageAA=1 ; Repeat AA after the UI draws (note: consumes more vid mem) MirrorViewVerticalShiftPct=0 ; -30 to +30 percent - shifts the mirror image up/down (if clipped) AutoSelect=1 ; Use OpenXR without prompting AutoCenter=0 ; Re-center the HMD pose when health/safety warning disappears 
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2023.06.10 23:40 Mohitm9 PPC for a PR Agency

I've set up many campaigns before but never faced something like this.
I'm looking for guidance to improve my adwords campaigns.
I'm currently running 2 campaigns for 2 digital PR related services. I've assigned $90/day each. However, one campaign is barely spending $10/day! This is even after I changed the big strategy from maximizing impression share to maximizing clicks. The campaign is on getting paid PR placements in top tier media.
Any help is appreciated
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2023.06.10 23:40 unkaputtbar_ Beating Harvest Temple Challenge Mode with Warriors only

Hey fellow redditors,
we present our latest Harvest Temple Challenge Mode class-stacking challenge. This time with 10 Warriors (just in time before they get reworked with the next patch) where we also made use of every single spec, including Core Warrior (only the Arms trait line was not used by any player)!
Similar to the Necromancer run, we also did not yet have a source for Alacrity on Warrior, so we just played without it. We still managed just fine and did not have any problems with dps overall thanks to the decent amount of power creep. Warrior in general has many tools to deal with the different mechanics in HT CM, but two of the most notable things were missing Invisibility and also lacking Protection. The latter was noticeable in some phases with high incoming damage.
The strategy with more details and some Trivia information about the wipes per phase for this run (and previous class-stacking runs in HT CM) are listed below.
Log: https://dps.report/oRBg-20230609-212438_void
Squad (PoVs)
Role Player
Power Berserker Asterius
Power Bladesworn Airen
Power Bladesworn Blast
Power Bladesworn Noisi
Power Bladesworn Pentalux
Power Bladesworn Rickz
Power Bladesworn Silver
Power Spellbreaker Minas
Heal Quickness Bladesworn Bear
Heal Quickness Warrior Lottie (death compilation)
Big thanks to Fita and Kartky for helping out during progress!
We wanted to bring every specialization for this run, even a core Warrior. The best slot for the latter was the kite role, since it is only slightly inferior to Bladesworn as Heal Quickness Kiter and using core on a dps spot would cost more. Spellbreaker is the only Warrior spec with built-in Boonstrip, so it was a natural choice to use anyways. Initially we went with 2 Spellbreakers for more flexible Boonstrip, but on the evening where we killed it, we had only one available. Berserker got recently buffed and is doing really decent dps now and since we had one playing it, it was a no-brainer to include as well. All of the other slots were filled with everyone's favourite Speedrun-class since EoD launched: Bladesworn. The added mobility and range on Gunsaber made it better than the default SpellbreakeBerserker dps builds and since also so much damage is backed into Dragon Trigger (DT), it loses less dps if you can deal with mechanics during the cooldown of DT. A scary part in this run was the relatively little access to Stability and Protection, which can makes some phases spicy.
In Harvest Temple CM there are multiple important mechanics that have to be dealt with.
The wipes per phases for the class-stack runs so far were as follows. Primordius is still the biggest Nemesis, but relatively speaking: Orb 2 and Soo-Won 2 (or specifically the Champions) were the hardest parts for this run.
Phase Warrior Wipes Necro Wipes Guardian Wipes Revenant Wipes Mesmer Wipes Engineer Wipes
Total 78 72 150 315 320 48
Orb 1 14 4 17 43 44 5
Jormag 7 8 22 40 67 6
Primordius 24 20 50 97 98 14
Kralkatorrik 3 4 9 17 7 0
Orb 2 17 11 9 27 17 5
Mordremoth 2 8 5 11 16 1
Zhaitan 3 10 24 53 39 10
Orb 3 0 3 6 2 6 2
Soo-Won 1 1 1 2 10 17 1
Orb 4 0 0 0 1 1 0
Soo-Won 2 7 3 6 14 7 4
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2023.06.10 23:39 throwawaybutsad4 I emotionally manipulated someone on the internet for 4 months

I made a ton of different accounts pretending to be a friend group, I would message from all of them and made different names and personalities for all of them. I would message the person indivually and have vastly different conversations, bring up emotional problems in my fake accounts lives, created beef and drama with eatchother.
I had one acc pretend to be this person's boyfriend essentially, and had my other fake accs mention it or even get jealous because of it, I sent them fake nudes, I said how much I loved them and messaged them every day from different accounts there was about 10 accs in total and they thought these were different human beings.
I lied to this person and made them think they had friends from another state because I thought it was funny, I felt like I had power over another human being when they would talk to me about another person who I knew was just myself.
One day I got bored and stopped messaging them sending them to spiral.
Now I've told them the truth, I told them everything and now they keep rationalizing my behavior, telling me they love me and telling me never to leave them
I keep saying I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I don't know why I did this to another person if someone told me they did this to me I'd kill myself and this human being that I tricked is now obsessed with me.
Everything I tell them I'm sorry and what can I do to make it better they tell "I just want you to stay with me" or "I love you, I want you to promise you'll never leave me. I want you to be dedicated to me." after being horribly angry and confused.
They told me they want me to be with them 'forever' and that they wanted my mind and other demented shit like that and I don't know what to do I used to manipulate people alot but it never was this bad, and now they think they're in love with me and I don't know how to fix this
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2023.06.10 23:38 blink4life182 The Urethra Chronicles Part 2

Was feeling nostalgic and watched the Urethra Chronicles…does anyone remember the last 10 minutes in Part 2 where the three of them each talk about each other and their friendship? It hit so differently hearing it now. Mark and Tom saying things like they can’t go a day without talking to each other, Travis saying he knows they’ll be friends forever, Tom saying they’ll be one of those bands that’s just around forever making music.
Hearing that when the band was broken up must have been so depressing but hearing it now gave me all the feels. I wonder if they ever rewatch it lol
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2023.06.10 23:38 Whole_Juggernaut Stupid question #1…..

Stupid question #1…..
….. out of I’m sure many. So I got my little buddy a little over a week ago. It is my first ferret and it’s solo for now in my house. I’ve tried to learn as much as I can and I release her from the cage prison every day when I get home from work and put her up for the night about 930 - 10 that night. I’ve read that they need at least 3 hours a day of play to be healthy but all she wants to do so far is sniff, dig in the carpet and pretty much just explore the big open upstairs room I have for her. She will hop around and try to attack my feet at times but she just seems much more interested in exploring for now. She has plenty of toys. Is the necessary playing time apply in this situation? Hopefully my ramblings make some sort of sense. Thanks all.
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2023.06.10 23:37 skymarimo r/UCF will black out on June 12.

You've probably heard of Reddit's plan to effectively kill third-party apps, forcing users to use Reddit's official apps. As a university-centered subreddit, we strive for creativity and accessibility. Reddit's new changes will kill those ideals in the pursuit of profit. Those with disabilities and/or impairments will effectively be shut out from Reddit entirely. Their tactics of slandering third-party app developers (claiming they're threatening to hold apps ransom) is unacceptable. Reddit does not care about its users.
Reddit relies on unpaid volunteer moderators to curate content and keep the site in compliance with laws and regulations. We as moderators processed 10,000+ actions on content in this subreddit in the past twelve months alone, most of which are using third-party apps. Reddit's native moderation tools are abysmal. There is no way to keep up with the hundreds of tutoring spam bots, hazing posts, involuntary pornography, and ban evaders without third-party apps. In addition, third-party apps make it infinitely easier for us to work with law enforcement when necessary, as the native Reddit website and app is unusable.

We are joining thousands of other subreddits in locking the subreddit beginning on June 12th. The duration is currently set for two days.

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2023.06.10 23:37 Professional_Sea3996 (PLEASE HELP) Chance upcoming senior (2024) for Stanford, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Georgetown, and UW comp sci (theme: intersection of policy and computer science)

Demographics: Asian Female, Large Public High School, Queer, lower middle class
Intended major(s): Public Policy and Computer Science (specifically Data Science)
Academics: SAT: 1560 Class rank: school only does unweighted GPA so I am unfortunately 48 UW/W GPA: 3.99 UW / 4.48 W Coursework: AP world, AP calc AB, AP comp sci, AP English, AP us history, AP physics, AP calc BC (next year planning on taking: AP statistics, AP gov/psych, self study AP politics, AP english)
1). won international app pitch comp (worked with software engineers to develop application centered around the intersection of public policy and app development)
2). Microsoft rising CS award in my State
3). NCWIT awardee x2
4). Regional voted best singles tennis player 3x
5). Won scholarship for activism work
6). national Yale essay competition #1 winner
7). awarded embolden scholarship for entrepreneurship
8). Top 16 in state for tennis and 2nd in district
9). Outstanding Woman Award in School District
10). Pi day top 100 women in STEM
1). Founded Student Led Computer Science Organization that is Policy Driven - created 15+ code.org approved curricula for middle school students, consistently works with 5 schools across state, led and organized a group of student lobbyists to advocate for CS education, wrote bill that is being sponsored by state rep to get CS into every school in state. started district wide program for a week of code
2). Winner of international app pitch contest, pitched a public policy / public health app and ran a large social media campaign reaching over 5M people. Led college students to develop the app. Collaborated with Software Engineers from SAP and Kode with Klossy and coded and self published app on app store. Blue Ocean Competition top 100 w/ Transparent.
3). School Board Rep - position on multiple committees, led the first ever AI/Mechanical Engineering equity policy in district, organized focus groups, led student organized survey collection process, founded and run two subcommittees on district (equity council and youth advisory board). started peementorship process, created a credit for future student reps to make a meaningful impact, created the policies for long lasting student impact
4). City Council Student Advisory Board Founder - co founded first student advisory board in city, work with city council to draft policy, lead the policy development of council, hired consultants and lead training sessions with prospective advisory board members, run board instagram account
5). Climate Action Club President (participation all four years of high school) - organized and lead club meetings, organize projects such as state wide climate conference, waste reduction policy in school that reduced hundreds of plastic in upcoming years, led fundraising efforts (1000+), partnered with local community college to start scholarship program
6). Varsity Tennis Captain (2 years): #1 on team since freshman year, qualified for state every year, top 3 in districts every year, lead fundraising, organize bonding, design team clothing, lead team trainings and conditioning
7). National Youth Activism (MLK principles) Advisor - was a scholar for two years learning non violence activism, eventually was hired to be a mentor to teach scholars around the world on activism projects, attended National Activism projects, spoke at and organized webinars
8). International Non Profit Instructor Assistant: paid data science instructor for young girls around the world, led 2 week sessions, organized scholars, taught curricula, facilitated projects, handled communications
9). Lobbyist - student lobbyist for lobbying group in state, lobbied multiple times for Education, Transportation, Special Education, Free Lunches, organized Lobby days with multiple lobby companies across the state
10). Internship at Capitol in DC - recommended by state senator to intern with U.S. Senator, basically carried around papers for a week, got to meet VP, speaker, learned about National Gov Process

Schools: (by priority)
TOP CHOICE: stanford
going to apply to all ivies except for dartmouth, georgetown, UW CS, NYU, northwestern, JHU (legacy), MIT, Wellesley, duke, USC
Question/Comment: I've seen a lot of posts online saying that regular decision is easier than early. Should I apply early for stanford or early for yale and regular stanford?
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2023.06.10 23:36 gorgoguy As title

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