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All things smash pass e.g. folding pass, or the B.J. Penn pass

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Would you do? Post pictures of borderline attractive people to get a consensus of fuckablity

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Smash Or Pass Avatars

2023.05.29 04:41 Fun_Button_2514 Sweet Christ, This Is Cringy and Disgusting

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2023.05.29 04:40 Justacancersign Is the tiredness worth it?

I'm about 5 weeks or so into taking lexapro. I'm exhausted. I just want to sleep all the time.
My anxiety is a bit less, but the lethargy I'm feeling day to day makes me sad. It feels like I'm pushing through tiredness and I can't fully enjoy anything. Or I nap for hours and hate how much time has passed - and I'm still tired after.
I know Wellburtin seems to help a lot of you- but I really don't know if I want to be on another medication.
Can anyone relate? (Or has anyone related to this before?)
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2023.05.29 04:39 nohemi_trevino The Cage

That day, the room was bright. The blue square was opened. Mother opened the blue square once a week to give us something called vitamin D. It was always very bright, the square. Most times, there would be a white wispy substance infecting the blue.
Lily Pad and Billy Joe were standing in their own cages as we all waited for Mother to come back. Every time she opened the blue square, she would have to ascend these dark stairs. Where they would go was unknown. I called it the Above.
Mother's footsteps were heard after a while, and she came towards the cages with bags. I left forward to the bars, holding one with my left hand and holding out my right one in anticipation. She came by each cage and gave us our food. A piece of meat surrounded by two slices of bread. A popping drink in a flimsy cup. Sometimes, Mother would give us a hard cup, filled with the clear, cold drink. She said they all had names, but she had never taught them to us.
I bit down on the meal. It was filling. The drink was less poppy than usual, but that was alright. The cage was quiet, and Mother was too. Time passed until we all finished. Mother took my trash, and Lily Pad's and Billy Joe's. Back to the Above, and then back to us, and in between, I noticed the blue square close again.
Mother looked strange when she arrived. Her face made me worried. "Children, we need to leave. Come with me," she said. I heard loud noises from the Above, but Mother rushed me out and I had no choice. I could barely see, but I had to move.
Wherever she was taking us is unknown because the noises got closer. They took me and Lily Pad and Billy Joe. Mother's screams hurt my ears, but soon they had stopped. The noises were other people. I had never seen another person before, other than the ones I grew up with.
I was taken to many places. Billy Joe and Lily Pad never spoke, so neither did I. I didn't have much to say at that point anyway.
People called doctors looked at us, and people called officers asked us questions. I did not know how to answer, but I did what I could.
I was 23 years old. My name was George McCleary. Mother had always called me Georgie Porgie. I was stolen from my mother and father when I was just a baby by her. "But Mother is my mother," I told an officer.
"No, 'Mother' is the woman who kidnapped you and raised you to believe she really loved you," he said to me.
"What is loved?" I asked him.
"Something that woman never provided for you," he said.
I was taught how to read. I was taught that the popping drink was actually called soda or pop. I was taught that outside of the cage, I needed to have a job. I needed money. Money was confusing. I could have it in my hand or in a screen. Screens were confusing as well.
Time came in the form of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years . . . but you could say morning, or noon, or afternoon, or night, or midnight, or all these other words. But after five months, I was given a life. I had a job as a "janitor" in a little place, a coffee shop. I had my own place to live, an apartment. I lived in the same building as Lily Pad and Billy Joe. Their new names were Lillian and Joseph. It did not seem right.
But I interacted. I talked more and more. I became, as my therapist said, social. And I loved being social. People, they were so . . . different. All of them, so unique and beautiful. What a privilege it was to be able to speak with them, even if it was just for a second, a sorry if I bumped into one, and thank you to whoever handed me my daily coffee. I loved each person I met.
After a year, I got a job at a grocery store. It was morning, around 8:00 AM. A woman came in, wearing a cotton t-shirt and shorts. I waited until she came to check out her items. As I scanned the contents of her overflowed cart, I said to her, "Your eyes are really pretty." They were, and I wasn't afraid to tell her. I always told people what I liked about them, so much that sometimes they asked if I was mocking them. But I wasn't, I just couldn't help myself.
She looked at me with those eyes and smiled. "Oh, thanks. You have nice cheekbones."
I held my hand to my face. "Cheekbones. The bones in my cheeks?" I asked.
"Yeah," she shrugged. "They give your face a nice shape." Her face became pink, so I looked away from her. But it was hard.
Before I could stop myself, I talked again. "So, what's up?"
She tilted her head and smiled again. The only word I could thing of was: cute. "The sky, I guess. No, um, I'm stocking up for a party tonight."
"A party?" I echoed. "For who?"
"Just a party. The type with alcohol, not cone-shaped hates and goodie bags,"
"Oh," I nodded. Next thing I knew, I was there at the party. People were there too, and I loved people. I also found a liking to this alcohol. I never thought to try it before. Some tasted disgusting, but I still tried them all.
I realized I liked these parties. I went to all the ones the woman threw. Her name was Jenna, and she lived alone. She had a big house just to party. I loved that about her, and at some point, I loved her. She let me date her, and she let me move in with her as well. She even let me marry her.
Another year went by. I made myself a life. I had friends. I had a job. I still had therapy, and sometimes I had dark dreams about the cage, but I had a wife. I was a newer person, and I could deal with these things.
One day, Jenna came home from work. I was making dinner for her, and she offered to help. She made the sauce for the spaghetti even though she doesn't like it.
Once it was all put together, we sat down to eat. We put the noodles on our plates, and I poured the red sauce on mine. She hadn't said too much, and I was a little concerned, but I didn't want to say anything. I wasn't too good at confronting.
Jenna just stayed silent until I took a bite of my food. Then she sighed. I looked up at her, and she looked relieved. "What?" I asked her after swallowing.
She smiled, but it was weird. It was off. "It's done."
"What's done?" I smiled before taking another bite.
"This," she said, then stood up. "All of this!" She gestured as if she was talking about the house. What was she talking about? "I've been doing this for so long, George. So long."
"Doing what?" I demanded. I was confused. She never acted like this. I didn't even understand what "this" was, but it wasn't her.
"Two years ago, my mom was put in jail. You wanna know why? Because she had a few people in her basement. George, she was my rock. I loved her l. She loved me. But she also loved the people in her basement. And she pushed me away. I hadn't seen her for a decade, but I did see her on television. In handcuffs."
"George, my mother was your kidnapper. And you and those two other people ruined her." I put my fork down and stood up as well. "This is your fault."
"Jenna," I whispered. And nothing more. What could be said about that? My wife, the woman I married, was fake. A lie that I believed.
"You're gonna get a little sleepy. Then you'll pass out. Don't make this difficult."
She was right. She had drugged the sauce. She also took my phone, and I couldn't call 911. I spent my last free moments trying to escape the house, but the doors were locked from the outside, the windows glued shut. I tried to break the glass, but my energy seeped out from every step I took. I don't know when, but soon it all faded to darkness.
I woke up in darkness too.
In a cage.
It came back to me, the memories of the cage. Lily Pad and Billy Joe. Lillian and Joseph, I told myself.
I couldn't breathe. I couldn't think. I couldn't rationalize my thoughts, all I could think about was two years ago.
I stood up in the cage and held the bars for support. There had to be a light. There had to be someone to help.
Footsteps. I felt them in my mind, in my heart. I could never forget them. Jenna.
Mother's face was seen through the darkness. But no body. Just her decapitated head on ground. I backed away and gasped. "Did I mention I hate her?"
"I thought she was in jail!" I yelled. "Jenna, you killed your mother!"
"She was Mother to you, wasn't she?" Jenna said with a head tilt. "Mother. Do you remember all the days you spent in your cage, and the only faces you'd see were those two other people's and my mom's? Of course, you do. How could you forget?"
"Jenna, let me go! Please!" I started to sob. The betrayal, the head, the memories, it was all to much.
"You're lucky I'm not making you suffer. I made the other two suffer. But you, I'll finish you off nice and quick. You always were Mother's favorite. You deserve a death as horrible as her's." She pulled out a gun. "Goodbye, Georgie Porgie."
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2023.05.29 04:38 Nhein9101 Are land raiders worth?

Recently picked up a RG land raider redeemer (dual flamers) on troll trader for $70. Figured it was too good of a deal to pass up given they are expensive and sold out everywhere lol.
Did I get a steal? Or mess up lol
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2023.05.29 04:38 Seb_1999 How to I tell my pops not to come to me with his martial problems?

I honestly don’t know how to go about this. I’m 23(m) and have always been the person my dad comes to when he and my mom get into an argument. I have a brother but he never bothers him with this it’s just always been me. It makes me super uncomfortable and I hate having to hear about my parents martial problems. I’m sorry but I just don’t think your son is suppose to be the person you go to. My parents don’t fight often but when they do it’s big and always ends up with my dad calling me the next day or asking me to stop by without telling me why. I thought moving out would stop this but he still comes to me. I feel like he’s trying to make me pick sides when he asks me questions if he messed up and if I say he’s wrong he gets mad and just ignores me until his anger passes him. Just today he and my mom fought and I had to hear my dad complain about my mom for an hour. That’s my mom why are you telling me how much of a pain she can be sometimes. I do not need to hear these things. I’m tired of it and I don’t want to hear anymore how do I go about telling him to please stop. Am I being unreasonable, is it wrong for me to want to think my parents are always happy in their relationship.
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2023.05.29 04:37 forgottenlilypads i can't move on from being assaulted on several different occasions throughout my life

i'm new to reddit/this subreddit so i apologize if i'm not posting this correctly but here's my story.
i don't remember the first time it happened but i was in kindergarten so somewhere between the ages of 4-6, it was by one of my close friends' older brother. he did it many times including on the school bus, the woods behind the neighborhood playground and his house when i would come over to have a playdate with his sister. he did it to both myself and my best friend (not his sister), neither of us understood what was happening, we were just kids, he said it was a secret game. years later my best friend and i would talk, even joke about it because we didn't realize it was sexual assault. it wasn't until my sophomore year of high school (i would have been 14/15) when i broke down crying during lunch after making a joke about it to my friends. i still didn't realize it was assault until i told my mom about it later that night and she broke down sobbing, apologizing for not knowing and not keeping me safe.
the next time was the summer before going to college, a guy i graduated with offered to buy me and my coworker alcohol, we agreed, so myself, my coworker, the guy and one of his friends came to my house. we drank, talked, watched a movie and he kept giving me drinks to the point where i was so drunk i had to him walk me to my bed because i couldn't stand up without the room spinning and wanting to vomit. he started kissing me, then he took my clothes off so i was just in my bra and underwear, i eventually blacked out and woke up to him throwing a tshirt and my underwear at me so i could say bye to the other two, i don't remember getting naked or getting the bruises and hickeys around my neck, chest and breasts. i don't want to remember.
two months later, some friends and i go to my house for the weekend. our college canceled classes monday so we had an extra day, i was in a situationship with one of the guys, all we had done until that point was steamy makeout sessions, but that first night we're in my room, we're both slightly drunk and making out suddenly i can't breathe, it's not the guy i've been seeing from college with me it's the guy from high school, from the night i don't want to remember. he's taking my shirt off and i have a panic attack, he gets the two girls of the group to help calm me down and leaves the room, he apologizes and is so kind and sweet to me for the rest of the weekend (except for the next night when he drunkenly yells at me telling me he doesn't care about any of my interests or anything i talk about and just wants to "fuck me already"). once we're back at school i ask him if we can take a break from anything sexual, he breaks up with me and says that's all he wants from me and if i can't give him that then what was i good for. him and i go back and forth, on again off again for the rest of the semester because i truly liked him and if he wanted sex from me, no matter how uncomfortable i was or how much i didn't want to, i would do it. i just wanted him to like me, to want me.
ten months later, it's the summer, a year since the night i don't want to remember and a few months since the last time i was with the guy from college. i tried to have sex, not from being forced, pressured, coerced or unconscious. it's with my friend, he got me away from the guy and the night i don't want to remember, i trust him but right before i panic, i can't do it, i wanted to, but i just couldn't. he wasn't upset, he didn't make me feel bad or tell me that's all i'm good for. he said it's okay not to be ready and i shouldn't force myself to do something just because someone else wants it.
less than a year later, i went to two of my friend's joint birthday parties. i know some people, i meet the rest i don't, i think i made a new friend, him and i joked all throughout the night, i was so excited to make some new friends. the party is coming to an end, i was kinda drunk so my friend said i could sleep on the couch, there are three people already passed out so i grab a pillow and lay on the floor. he lays down next to me, i'm tired, i'm drunk, i just want to go to sleep. he pulls me over to cuddle, i don't mind, i like physical affection with my friends. he asks if i'm awake, i don't answer, i just want to sleep, he starts kissing me, i freeze i don't want this i want to sleep, i just wanted to make a friend. he goes further, i can't move i want him to stop but i can't move. people walk into the room he pushes off me and pretends to sleep just like i had been, i still can't move i'm so scared and hurt, i don't want to know how far he would have gone if they didn't walk in. they leave, a few moments after he leaves, i still can't move, eventually i drive home, i throw away the shirt i bought for the party, i lay in bed but i can't sleep now.
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2023.05.29 04:37 Cismet How do you guys recommend to follow golf? Choose a player to root for? Watch a few specific tournaments?

I’m very new to golf (PGA Championship was my first time watching), but I just watched the Charles Schwab Challenge and was rooting for Hall since he seemed cool. At the end it said Grillo qualified for the masters & PGA championship off that win. It made me curious to see who else has qualified for things, like what has Harry Hall qualified for, can I expect to see him at one of the 4 majors? I was wondering if you guys recommend following specific players or tournaments, and when it comes to tournaments it seems confusing to me to find the ones that will be considered competitive versus the ones that are filler.
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2023.05.29 04:37 Low_Storage_767 What are some easier classes for Senior Year?

I'm a psych student going into my senior year. I want to maintain my GPA but I have completed all required courses for my psych BA, and now I just need to fill up my schedule with whatever classes I want. I want easy-to-pass courses or some that don't require attendance. Any recommendations?
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2023.05.29 04:36 Livid-Ad-8982 What happened to the Snake River Expedition?

I watched YouTube videos about it and it had live actors on some of the sets and it had way more effects, and when I was on it today the pre-show didn’t have an actor in it, our captain talked monotone and the effects didn’t trigger until after our boat passed, and there was no live actors on any of the sets. That and the story was completely changed so it’s a house hunting tour instead of something cool. Was today just an off day or does it normally not be good?
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2023.05.29 04:36 DrNomblecronch Question; What the hell happened to Yud while I wasn't paying attention?

15 years ago, he was a Singularitarian, and not only that but actually working in some halfway decent AI dev research sometimes (albiet one who still encouraged Roko's general blithering). Now he is the face of an AIpocalypse cult.
Is there a... specific promoting event for his collapse into despair? Or did he just become so saturated in his belief in the absolute primacy of the Rational Human Mind that he assumed that any superintelligence would have to pass through a stage where it thought exactly like he did and got scared of what he would do if he could make his brain superhuge?
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2023.05.29 04:36 Entire-Yak9731 AITA For Cancelling My Sister’s Gym Membership?

Back in January I (f17) decided to sign up for a gym because I was trying to improve my life. I mainly wanted to loose weight and feel bettemore confident about myself. I talked to my mother about this and she told me that since I have my own job, she would sign our local gyms wavier but I would have to make the payments from my card. I agreed.
Well my sister Stacie (16f) overheard this conversation and asked if she could join me and told me that there was a membership deal which would allow me to bring her. I looked into it and it was only like 30$ more down and another 10$ a month. I agreed on the condition that she would come with me after work.
Well months have passed and recently Stacie has stopped coming. I have been going to the gym every weekday for an hour or two for the last five months but Stacie has started making excuses. She says that she’s sick, she is tired, she is sore. I keep pushing her to come with me and when she makes comments about the weight I’ve lost and how she wished she was making that progress I invite her.
Well Thursday night (three nights ago) we got into a massive fight. I got home from work and was getting ready, asking if she was coming because she canceled on Wednesday, agreeing to come the next day. She told me no and that she was going to spend the night in her room watching a show. I said she could bring her phone (the gym has wifi) and she refused. I told her that if she doesn’t come then I’m canceling the membership and downgrading to the membership that’s cheaper and works better for me. She didn’t take me seriously so I went ahead and I went to the gym, I changed the plan.
On Friday I come home again and when I got changed she was surprisingly ready. I told her that I changed the plan and that she was not going to come with me. She immediately freaked out at me and went to our mom, calling me all sorts of names.
She thinks I’m an AH for actually canceling the plan but my mom said I’m not and Stacie should’ve actually committed to going to the gym with me. So I’m wondering if I’m the AH?
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2023.05.29 04:34 CraniumStupidus How to pass time before entering college

I 17F recently graduated high school. I've gotten admitted into a college and will be going in a few months. A week ago I went through a breakup as my 17M boyfriend, let's call him T, wanted to concentrate on college and has a lot of stress. He was also my bestfriend and I used to talk to him everyday to vent or just chat normally. We ended on good terms as he doesn't want to talk to anyone anymore and concentrate solely on college, but he talks to me whenever I want to talk to him. Even though we do talk, he doesn't feel like the same person as he is mentally drained and has a lot of stress, this makes talking to him extremely dry and it always feels like I'm talking to a person whose not interested in talking to me, which was so different before. Not only this but none of my friends are talking to me as much as much and a group chat of mine got dissolved so I feel extremely lonely. I still can talk to my friends but some of them are still doing entrance tests and interviews for colleges. I've felt so bored the whole week as I didn't have anyone to talk to, I'm an introvert but I love texting my friends. But I don't really know what to talk about with them as I'm used to texting T and not really good at starting conversations. T was a great person to talk to, he understood what I was going through and how hard it is, he knew what to say to change my mood and cheer me up. But due to his wanting for isolation I feel like I'm disturbing him when I'm talking to him as his whole texting pattern changed. I'm not blaming him whatsoever but it hurts so much when you want to talk to a person so badly and they don't show the same energy. I used to tell him everything and now I don't have anyone to talk to properly and the one person who I do want to talk to makes it seem like I shouldn't of ever bothered. It feels like I lost my bestfriend even though he's technically still there. He says that when he's in the mood to talk to me he will text me on his own and that he wants to improve on himself for some time. I would like some advice on what I should do to pass the time, whether I should talk to my other friends more, whether I should discuss this with T so I can understand his point of view. Really anything is appreciated. In a few months I'll be concentrating on college and making new friends there too; so I want to know what I can do these past months before then, whether it's do my hobbies,read books, see movies or shows(please recommend regardless of genre), talk more with my own friends, create new friends(if so where), about anything which is fun and can maybe even create new friends. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 04:34 HouseSoft3655 Kitten sneezing/coughing

Hi! 11 days ago I took in a kitten from a feral momma. He’s approx. 8-9 weeks old now. So far the vet said he seems very healthy based on initial exam, got dewormed, tested negative on fecal test, and got 1st vaccine for distemper. He has his 12 week appointment in late June for more vaccines + FeLV/FIV testing.
He’s FULL of energy, eats all his food, very hydrated and overall healthy based on what I can see. However, since I got him 11 days ago, I’ve noticed him sneezing maybe 5 times a day. Sometimes it’s less of a sneeze and more of a quieter expelling sound. Yesterday and today I’ve noticed him coughing a bit. Yesterday he coughed 3 times in a row, then today he coughed 4 times in a row. Those are the only times I’ve noticed it so far, and both times have been while he’s playing. The vet asked me if he’s been sneezing at his appt. 4 days ago, and when I said he did a few times a day, she didn’t seem concerned. He has very minor brownish dried eye discharge here and there, no nasal discharge. No breathing problems. Cough isn’t wet. He’s a good weight, he was 1.9lbs at the vet 4 days ago.
The question is whether this situation warrants stress and if I need to take him to the vet soon. I know outdoor kittens are susceptible to URIs, I just don’t know if it’s something a vet would even bother treating since he seems otherwise fine. And a side note: My older cat has asthma and had coughing fits before he was medicated, so this little guy coughing obviously freaks me out (they’re separated of course—I just know coughing is pretty abnormal in cats). Should I be worried? Do I need to take him to the vet right away to be safe or wait to see if it passes? If I should wait, how long? Could it be something besides a URI? I don’t want to stress myself out on google. (Located in Nevada)
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2023.05.29 04:31 jodobrowo Finally dropped one boys!

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2023.05.29 04:30 swong76 Turkish Blunderbuss?

Turkish Blunderbuss?
My aunt passed away and I’m going through her house we found this Turkish blunderbuss. Not sure if it’s a replica or antique. My aunt traveled as a military teacher to Turkey, Italy, France and Germany in the 70’s and 80’s and brought back all sorts of things. Wondering if it’s real, about how old, and if it has value. We are in California, USA
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2023.05.29 04:29 demonine9 Untitled

Back creek caught us
Painting my blouse
Tying me a river
Twin cats crouched
Watching the flu
Can't burn while cold
You do what you can do
But no warmth in the glow
You didn't seem to notice
Which street you were going down
You've got sidewalk eyes
Though the signs are all around
The storm might have passed
These willful boots talk
You asked me what I saw
Just books in a box
I thought you meant ideas
Hanging free on a post
But you need something solid
Too much already lost
O'er pea-green sea
And under (where we're one)
Your letters are truth for me
I carry the tone
Reminders I've been waiting
But forgot and felt alive
There's something wrong if I'm not crying
The dream or me must die
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2023.05.29 04:28 NotSoSnarky Harry interacts with multiple students not just Ron and Hermione

I'd like for Harry to befriend Neville earlier if possible. Him getting to know other students in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and even Slytherin would be a bonus.
I still want him to be friends with Ron and Hermione, though they could be arguing and that's why Harry's currently not hanging out with them. But eventually I want them to become friends again if that's the case.
Am fine with het/slash/femslash or no pairings.
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2023.05.29 04:28 anon_throwaway65 My mom thinks everything is a result of spirits and “spiritual warfare”

Honestly, I’m not looking for advice on how to convert her because that’s not gonna happen but what do I do? I’m 20
Over the last two years my previously normal mom(early 40s) has become extremely religious (Christian) and after her fiancé passed away, she has seriously went off her rocker. He cheated on her shortly before, or attempted to and blamed it all on demons and she believed it so they became very religious and spiritual.
We have been having issues in our garage in the summer, it seems like possibly rodents or maybe birds, but there is always really loud noises in the garage, but she won’t look into it and believes she is under spiritual attack. There is a video on camera with a bucket casting a shadow, but she believes it’s a shadowy figure. Her and her sister both feed into each others delusions.
Yesterday though, we left to grab some food after work around 11:30pm, when we got home at 12:30am or so the RV gate was opened completely the bricks were moved, not to mention I put my bike in front of the gate so you’d have to move it to open it. We called 911 to check it out and clear the house because there was a male voice picked up on the camera and nobody was home.
Someone broke in a while back to steal the bar battery in one of the cars in the backyard (an old classic car) I feel like I’m going insane these people are delusional, someone AN ACTUAL PERSON literally broke into our backyard and her and the rest of my family believe it’s a ghost!!
I’m just really annoyed because my mom is all I have but she is legitimately crazy. It’s affecting our relationship, Her and my family get into these really weird prayer circles and start chanting in tongues, my mom has installed cameras all over the house and our every move is watched, because she is trying to catch ghosts (orbs of dust) on camera. The other day my relative has said people stalk her and follow her but they’re demons, she said her husband gets possessed AND THEY ALL BELIEVE IT. My younger sibling has some behavioral issues after his dad passed away, but they just pray. He is in therapy as well, so I don’t think it’s so bad, but every time he throws a tantrum or cusses at her and calls her names they pray over him really crazy and cast out demons and that CANNOT be good for him?? Like I’m the only sane one around here and idk what to do anymore.
We were in a drive through and I jokingly was whispering her name from the backseat and she freaked out and said to stop because she has been hearing whispering at home.
When she gets mad at me, she tells me I have demons following me and I’m an atheist in no kind words (I am lol)
What would you do? I’m scared there’s an actual threat to our safety but she doesn’t believe it’s a real person
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2023.05.29 04:28 blackcherry71411 Talking to Kids About Money Australia I Familosophy

Talking to Kids About Money Australia I Familosophy
Family is (hopefully) for life. If the family business starts to interfere negatively with the relationships in the family, then there is imbalance. Family businesses are challenging because of the overlapping of family, business and ownership (known as the “three circle model”). Researchers from Harvard have extended this into four “rooms” by adding in the board room.
Because family members wear multiple hats, are in multiple circles, or sit in multiple rooms, they need an awareness of how those roles influence the decisions they need to make. Father or boss? Director or cousin? Manager or owner?
It’s most important to be able to have open and trusting conversations about needs of the business and expectations of the family. Those are underpinned by the core values and the common values across both personal and professional life. Each successive generation should ask why they are in the business. Successful family businesses foster a sense of stewardship among all members of the family (no matter what their specific roles).
Making multiple roles work requires setting boundaries between work time and family space. Conflict will happen, so rather than “fake harmony” (see previous article), the ability to communicate, deal with issues, and have “constructive conflict” is essential.
Some kind of a conscious separation of ownership and management is very helpful. Avoid having “too many chefs in the kitchen”. Family members who work in the business should be recruited and evaluated with the same criteria as anyone else. And “don’t hire whom you can’t fire”.
Consider This: Do family members involved in your family business understand the different hats they wear? Have you ever had to performance manage a family member employee? Do you have the governance structures to deal with conflict?
Are you looking for advice on how to make your family business in Australia ( operate better? David Werdiger is the number one choice when it comes to Australia family owned business protocol ( help. Mr. Werdiger is helping hundreds of family owned businesses pass the torch using his famous Australia Familosophy techniques (
His market in Australia is two-fold:
Scenario #1: The older generation wants to work with the younger generation, bring them into the company, teach them how to run things, and then retire from the office, but not the income.
Scenario #2: The younger generation wanting to jump into the family business, but to be able to contribute and be heard, and not having to “wait their turn” before they can begin to help run the business.
Visit David’s Website at: or his GMB site at:
Purchase the Familosophy book at
Learn more about Familosophy at
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2023.05.29 04:27 Geese_fly_together All-Season Dining for a Week? Pairing Gold and Summer?

My family and I (2 adults and 3 kids - 8, 6, 2) are visiting the park in early June for a week. We already purchased Gold passes and now we're considering if it's worth it to add season dining passes or try and pack lunches. Any advice?
Also, was viewing the different options and I'm not sure I understand why I can't put a summer dining pass on a gold card? I understand the timing limitations between a summer and gold park pass (we only bought gold for cedar point shores access). So why can't the two be paired and the dining pass just turn off for halloweekends. We're only going to be there the one week anyway and $40 is a pretty big difference per dining pass. Anyone experienced the same issues? Any suggestions?
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2023.05.29 04:27 lalala850 Names like Ash/Asher/Ashton

My mother Ashlie passed recently before getting to meet her first grandchild, and my husband and I are heavily contemplating naming our baby boy after her.
I personally really like Asher, but my husband isn't sold on it, and that's fair. Can anyone think of any male/unisex names like Ash, Asher, or Ashton? I'm having trouble finding any besides those.
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2023.05.29 04:27 ActiveTime9821 My take on Speedin’ bullet 2 heaven

This is a album that really has been as polarizing to me as it has the fan base, and it’s really been the first I’ve had such a 360 opinion on. When I first heard it years ago I passed it off and never really gave it a chance, but months ago when I was in the biggest depression slump of my life… God it was like listening to the best thing ever. I had never listened to music that I felt so therapeutic too, music that I felt aligned with. I’m aware this is because I was relating to sad music with a sad life, but it didn’t change that it was amazing to me. Fast forward to now and I decided to listen to it for the first time since I got mental help and… It just was bad to me. Other then 2-3 tracks that I liked before I started loving it I just couldn’t get into it anymore. I also have realized that it’s almost impossible for me to rank such a album as at any point I could feel sad again and feel amazing about it.
I find the album to be great or horrible depending on my mood
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