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5 of the Weirdest Cars You Never Knew Existed

2023.06.07 23:30 khoafraelich789 5 of the Weirdest Cars You Never Knew Existed

5 of the Weirdest Cars You Never Knew Existed

We think we know cars and for the most part, we do, but that doesn’t prevent us from being surprised by some of the weirdest cars to ever hit the roads. Many of these cars never made it to production, or if they did, it wasn’t for very long. These automotive oddities were often created to fill a specific need, which they did rather well. Unfortunately, filling this need was to the detriment of the rest of what many drivers wanted in a car. Here are five of the weirdest cars you probably have never heard of before now.

1933 Dymaxion

Dymaxion was more than just a car; it was a way of life. Buckminster Fuller coined the word and invented several Dymaxion items. These included a house, a map, and a sleep schedule with four naps per day. While some might feel they need those four naps, the 1933 Dymaxion was an interesting car. This was one of the weirdest cars ever made, riding on three wheels with a rearward tilt. The rear-mounted Ford V8 was a great feature, but otherwise, this car was seriously strange. MotorTrend tells us only three of these cars were ever made. One was wrecked, another scrapped, and the third became a chicken coop before it was restored.

2013 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6×6

What happens when you take a G-Wagen to the next level? You get one of the weirdest cars ever made. While extremely useful, the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6×6 was not a practical option for many drivers. This monstrous G-Wagen turned pickup truck rides on six big stonkin’ wheels and uses an incredible 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that pumps out 536 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque. The added hardware makes this off-road brute extremely heavy, but that doesn’t stop it from hitting 60 mph in only 7.8 seconds. Why is this a weird car? This monster is great on an open desert but impractical on most public roads.

1962 Peel P50

The Peel P50 serves one purpose in its life; it was the Guinness World Record holder as the smallest production car. This tiny machine weighed only 123 pounds and used three wheels. This setup and small weight make it a front-runner for the strangest car ever made. The Peel P50 didn’t come with a reverse gear, but at this light weight, some owners could lift it up and turn it around to go forward. Stranger still than this tiny and light car is that someone paid $176,000 for the P50 at a Sotheby’s auction. The Peel P50 is still in production, but modern versions come with a reverse gear and other items that come with a modern car.

1947 Norman Timbs Special

The Norman Timbs Special might be one of the weirdest cars ever made, but the sleek style makes it a car many would love to drive. This low-slung topless sports car includes a front-mounted cockpit with curves that lead to a long rear end, giving this car an elongated raindrop shape. Timbs was an Indy racking engineer and made this car with a Buick Straight 8 engine in the rear of the car. That makes this car pretty cool. Can a weird car be a cool car? The 1947 Norman Timbs Special answers in the affirmative.

1921 Leyat Helica

What do you design when you think cars are too heavy and lack aerodynamics? You build a lightweight car that can cut through the are like a hot knife through butter. Marcel Leyat created a propeller-driving car that could have taken flight had it included wings. This was one of the strangest cars ever made, but 30 models were built, and 23 of those were sold. This car featured a lightweight, streamlined plywood boy that tipped the scales at 550 pounds. The Leyat Helica recorded a speed of 106 mph in 1927, which is pretty good from an 18-horsepower Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine.

What do you think of these weird cars?

Next, check out the top five Aston Martin cars of all time, or see more of the weirdest cars ever made in this video below:

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The Macho Man it was a normal weekday for me. i woke up and had my glass of sulfuric acid and rusty nails. without any milk. as expected, i got tetnis. of course, it didn't stay around for long, because i intimidated it away with my sheer masculinity. my wimpy wife was back at it again, nagging me about how much space my muscles took up. i left the house in my 10 inch rays, 42 inch tire, ford f-550 harley-davidson edition. after driving over several cars, and giving the beta males the droven road rage, i arrive at the gym. when i walk in, everyone bows to me. i use the second and third toughest guys in the gym as my bench press weights, about 800 pounds of pure muscle. after intimidating the mayor, i got my private police escort to my job at the supplement store. when i arrive, my boss is furious that i'm an hour late. i sneeze and he faints. the store doesn't get any repeat customers, with me calling everyone who walks in a pussy and all. i think they're just jealous of me. after my private dinner with the president at the salty spittoon, toughest place around, i trot on over to the city's military base to borrow one of their jets to fly home. when i get home, my wife is asleep. after watching ufc and laughing at the little girls who are fighting, i decide it's time to hit the sack. i walk in my room, grab my wife, and throw her off the bed. as she hits the wall at lightning speed, i hear a loud "thud" sound, and to my surprise, she doesn't wake up. ok. so maybe she died. but that's why i have backup wives in backup houses. "that's just the price of being married to the man", i think to myself. as i doze off, zeus himself invades my dream at the playboy mansion, and for the fifth night in a row, i knock him out cold in one punch. "puny god", i mutter. the next morning i wake up, and the day repeats.
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What would cause a belt tensioner to rattle and the belt to squeal. Here is the background... I tried 3 different tensioners. Two were aftermarket and I purchased one directly from ford. All had the same response of bouncing like crazy. I also tried 3 different belts. Still has a squeal. I purchased a continental elite belt (like a gatorback) and it no longer makes noise. But the tensioner still jumps on occasion. I tried different idler pulleys too (all three have been replaced 1 ribbed and 2 smooth). All the pulleys appear to spin easily (water pump, power steering, alternator and ac) . Happens with and without the ac being on. Since the continental belt, the tensioner only bounces when under load like a stern acceleration or a turn while not moving. Anything I should check? (2002 ford f150 4.2).
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2023.05.27 20:26 SillyAd9410 A Semi-Collaborative Pop Culture TL #10

YOU decide what events should change in the world of pop culture, be it real or ASB (future movie gets shown in the past, an actor does/doesn't die, alternate casting choices, unmade media possibly getting made, media is rewritten, a change in the box office or something new entirely)!
I document what happens in a current timeline of Earth!
We all have fun!
1818: Mary Shelley's The Modern Prometheus, a novel in which scientist Henry Frankenstein creates a sapient creature named Prometheus is made. Prometheus becomes a stalwart of the monster genre.
1907-1908: A young comedian named Charlie Chaplin refuses to accept the offer of Fred Karno to come to the U.S. He becomes a famous comedian, often incorporating a character he named The Tramp in his stand-up routines.
1912: The Olympic ship crashes upon hitting an iceberg, becoming a memorable event. James Cameron's Olympic (1997) would be the first film to gross $1B, even entering the National Film Registry.
1931: Frankenstein and his Prometheus, an adaptation of The Modern Prometheus starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff as Henry and Prometheus is a box-office smash. It would enter the National Film Registry in 1991.
1941: Fleischer Studios' Mr. Bug Goes to Town is a box office success, saving the studio. Today it is one of Disney's biggest competitors, along with Warner Bros.
1951: Fawcett Comics wins a lawsuit over National Comics for the rights to the characters of Captain Marvel and Superman. While National Comics would die in obscurity, Fawcett Comics would be Marvel's biggest competitor.
1962: Marilyn Monroe doesn't die. She goes into hiding in Las Vegas doing revue shows. Discovered by higher ups at NBC, she signs on to The Marilyn Monroe Show, a sketch comedy show that runs until her death in 1999.
1966: Warner Bros.' Twister comes out, becoming the highest grossing film of the year. It would spawn "Tornado-mania", a series of tornado movies made to copy its success. It would enter the National Film Registry in 1996.
1969: Nixon resigns his presidency the become a talk show host. The Dick Nixon show airs until 1983.
Make America Great Again - written and directed by Mel Brooks - is released. The film stars Ronald Reagan as himself as he decides to run for President after becoming a washed up movie star - promising to “Make America Great Again”. Wacky shenanigans ensue, including President Reagan trying to build a massive wall on the Southern border to stop Soviet influence, claiming that “both sides have very fine people” in regards to the Civil Rights Movement, and him accidentally starting a cult about how hippies are secretly stooges of a global satanic cult run by the elites.
The film is a critical and commercial success and becomes one of the greatest and funniest comedies of all time. It enters the National Film Registry in 1999.
The Dick Cavett Show airs on ABC, becoming the main competitor to NBC's Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. It would end in 1996 to make way for its new replacement The Jon Stewart Show.
Creedence Clearwater Revival release a song about the Civil Rights Movement called Fortunate Son. It becomes their signature song. It enters the National Recording Registry in 2013.
1974: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, a revival of the original 60s series, airs in syndication until 1981.
1974-1979: Michael John Kricfalusi becomes an anti-Rhodesian mercenary during the Rhodesian Bush War. He becomes a POW by forces from Apartheid South Africa. As a result, he is physically and mentally scarred.
1979: Ozzy Osbourne goes into rehab and continues to play for Black Sabbath, leading to them getting a Beatles-like Renaissance in the 80s, making Heavy Metal one of the 80s most notable music genres.
1980-1981: From February 1980 to August 1981, John Kricfalusi would heal his mental wounds at a mental institution.
1982: John Kricfalusi founds Spümcø, an animation studio that was founded due to John's perceived views on how Hanna-Barbera and Rankin/Bass, two studios he worked at, failed to make good cartoons.
1983: E.T. for the Atari proves to be a very good game, making millions for Atari. This would inspire them to improve their games on their future consoles such as the 5200 and 7800, leading them to become a fierce competitior in the gaming market. The last Atari console came out in the early 2000s.
You Nutzy Rascals!, a short made by John K., is the first to feature prototype designs of Ren and Stimpy.
1985: The War of the Worlds, a film made in collaboration with Disney and Jeff Wayne, based on his musical album adapting the H.G. Wells story, hits theaters. It is a critical and commercial success, cited for starting the Disney Renaissance. Disney and Jeff Wayne would collaborate two more times, making animated adaptations of The Modern Prometheus (1988) and The Time Machine (1992). It would enter the National Film Registry in 2022.
Warner Communications buys Warner Amex-Satellite Entertainment to make Warner MTV Networks.
1986: Ravel's Bolero becomes the theme to The Legend of Zelda. It would later serve to be the theme for the Zelda games in Japan, with a different theme for NTSC releases.
Cliff Burton survives a car crash and continues to play bass for Metallica, helping put thrash metal on the mainstream map.
1987: Morrissey and Johnny Marr become frenemies. The Smiths continue into the 1990s.
1988: During production of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Harrison Ford is shot and killed by a loaded prop gun. This would lead to it being hastily recut in time for 1989. It would lead to a heavy burden on Lucasfilm. The documentary Ford - Spielberg's Right Hand Man would be released in 2008 to great success.
1989: Doctor Who is saved from cancellation by BBC. It remains one of the longest running TV shows.
Sergio Leone dies of old age. He is remembered for his westerns as well as Don Quixote, The Phantom, and Leningrad: The 900 Days.
1990: John K. creates Big House Blues, the pilot for The Ren & Stimpy Show, which is picked up by Nickelodeon.
1991: Eddie Vedder dies in a car crash before the first Pearl Jam album is released. They find a new lead in Chris Cornell, who also sings for Soundgarden until their demise in 1997.
Ren & Stimpy airs on Nickelodeon, along with Doug, Rugrats, Tiny Toon Adventures, Taz-Mania (both this show and TTA would later air in syndication) and Big Beast Quintet (cancelled in 1993). It is currently the longest running American animated series, beating out Matt Groening's The Simpsons, who cancelled the show in 1998 in favor of working on the long-running Futurama which still airs today.
Tim Burton is attached to direct an adaptation of The Addams Family TV show as a movie. It would later spawn three sequels, with Tim leaving after the second movie. The latter two would be critically panned.
1992: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace comes out, becoming the highest grossing film of the year. Episodes II and III would later come out in 1995 and 1998 respectively.
J.R.R. Tolkien dies at 100, finishing The New Shadow and The Silmarillion. He was also known for being war minister of the UK from 1940 to 1945.
Stephen Hillenburg is invited to work on Ren & Stimpy after showing his short film Wormholes at the TIFF.
Cartoon Network begins after Ted Turner merges with Viacom in 1986 and buys the Hanna-Barbera library in 1991.
1993: Spielberg quits directing after doing Schindler's List. This not only cancels plans for a Jurassic Park sequel, but also an adaptation of Supertoys Last All Summer Long.
1994: During filming of The Crow, Brandon Lee survives a shot from a prop gun. He would propel into superstardom. He is now known for playing Neo in The Matrix franchise and Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat (1995).
Kurt Cobain announces the breakup of Nirvana as he goes into rehab. In 2002, the band reunited for You Know You're Right, an album that became a top seller. They still perform to this day.
1995: YouTube, a video sharing site, is released. It would not gain much popularity until 2001, where an influx of YouTubers would bring it to stardom.
Toy Story, a stop motion film, gains critical acclaim due to its incredible scale, becoming the 2nd highest grossing film of the year.
Sarah Michelle Gellar dies in a kayaking incident days before the release of her only film Clueless. This would cause Clueless to become the highest grossing film of the year and become known as one of the best teen films. It enters the National Film Registry in 2005. Bad Boys, a film released the same day as Clueless, would become the 6th highest grossing film of the year despite mixed reviews.
Spotify, a humble music downloading site, releases. In 1997, it would change into a music streaming site, and would often show ads for the latest in music.
Selena Quintalla survives being shot. Jennifer Lopez wanes in popularity.
1996: The Nintendo 64DD comes out in a partnership with Phillips, revolutionising the console industry by introducing CD memory, rising it above the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. One of the top best selling games would be Super Mario 64 2, the sequel to Super Mario 64. The 64DD would serve as motivation for Sega to complete Sonic X-Treme by 1997, which becomes a huge hit. This would give Sega the boost it needed to continue making consoles. Other Mario games made for the 64DD include Mario Takes America and Super Mario's Wacky Worlds.
The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which had been under a state similar to the Atari 2600, releases its last two games: Super Mario Legends, a game similar in style to the Mario Land games released by Nintendo R&D1, which becomes a minor hit and Animaniacs, a port of Konami's Game Boy game which got mixed reviews.
Tupac survives being shot while having a drive in Las Vegas. He still has a rap career.
Ren & Stimpy Go To Hollywood, a film released by Warner Bros., becomes the highest grossing animated film of the year, making over $600M. It has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This film would also have one of Ronald Reagan's last acting roles.
NDR Filmes' Cassiopeia gets fame for being the first completely computer-animated film. It gets an English dub for a worldwide release. It enters the National Film Registry in 2006.
After his work on Ren & Stimpy, Stephen Hillenburg pitches his own show to Nickelodeon about a sea sponge.
Rapper and music producer Andre "Dr. Dre" Young is shot and killed by a vengefully spiteful Suge Knight in a drive-by shooting, since Young left Death Row Records after accusing Knight of corruption the month prior. His death leads to tributes from fans and colleagues alike, and his first album The Chronic is praised for being influential. Tupac Shakur, in addition to being a rapper, assumes Dr. Dre's role as a music producer out of respect for his newly deceased friend. After Suge Knight is arrested and imprisoned for life due to murdering Young, Shakur takes over Death Row Records. The Chronic enters the National Recording Registry in 2019.
1996-2000: A teen-oriented sitcom, Still Clueless: The Story of Tai and Dionne, runs on ABC from September 20, 1996 to May 19, 2000 for a total of four seasons. A spinoff and continuation to the 1995 film "Clueless", starring the late Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cher Horowitz, and breakouts Regina Hall as Dionne Davenport and Brittany Murphy as Tai Frasier, the series follows protagonists and best friends Tai Frasier and Dionne Davenport as they navigate through life in college without their late friend Cher Horowitz who tragically overdosed to death at a party but hilarious scenarios ensue for the two friends as they mature together in college. Created by Amy Heckerling, Brittany Murphy and Regina Hall reprise their respective roles as Tai Frasier and Dionne Davenport from the 1995 film, and also stars Alan Rickman as the main antagonist, the corrupt and unfairly strict college dean William Davidson. The series becomes very beloved, successful, and memorable, just like its 1995 predecessor. The first season has 23 episodes, the second and third seasons have 22 episodes each, while the fourth and final season has 25 episodes, totalling up to 92 episodes. New episodes always would premiere at 8:30PM on Friday nights, with either a TV-PG or TV-14 rating. The show had a direct competitor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another teen-oriented series, which would on Fox for only one season consisting of only eighteen episodes from September 20, 1996 to May 9, 1997. Created by Joss Whedon and based loosely on the 1992 film of the same name, the series stars teen sensation Alicia Silverstone as Buffy Anne Summers, a teenage girl who fights evil vampirical creatures. The show would have a more darker and serious tone unlike it's more lighthearted and comedic competitor "Still Clueless: The Story of Tai and Dionne" on ABC, and new episodes would premiere at 8:30PM on Friday nights, all having a TV-14 rating. Of the two shows, "Buffy" would be less successful as the show would have a lukewarm reception and audiences would more than likely watch the more successful "Still Clueless", which would have an otherwise more welcoming reception (like it's 1995 predecessor). The show's lead actress Alicia Silverstone would still have a briefly successful career in Hollywood; unfortunately, her career would be cut short as she would die from a serious chest infection on February 11, 2002, at the age of only 25.
1997: Reddit, a news and discussion board, is released. It becomes very, very popular.
The Notorious B.I.G. survives a shooting like his friend and collaborator Tupac, and he continues to make music.
Aspiring rapper Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs is killed in a gang shootout in Los Angeles, California; however, right-wing news network Fox News reports the shootout as having happened in New York City, New York (which is untrue). This leads to rapper Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace recording a single dedicated to Combs called "I'll Be Missing You" (which heavily samples "Every Breath You Take" by The Police) which was included as a bonus track on No Way Out, Combs' first and only debut album released posthumously on July 22, 1997. The album became influential in the years since Combs' death, proving that, even in death, one can still have a rap career and be influential. No Way Out would enter the National Recording Registry in 2007.
1998: Neon Genesis Evangelion is unknowingly localized by 4Kids, leading to a HEAVILY censored English dub that makes the show popular during the late 90s-early 00s.
Chris Farley wakes from a coma due to a drug overdose. After deciding to give the role of Shrek to Mike Myers his friend, he gets the role of Doug Heffernan on The King of Queens.
Phil Hartman‘s wife goes cold turkey, leading to Phil getting the roles of Zapp Brannigan in Futurama, minor roles in South Park, Avery Bullock in American Dad!, minor roles in Adam Ruins Everything, Alex from Madagascar, and the Magic Mirror in Shrek.
1999: Stephen Hillenburg's SpongeBob SquarePants airs on Nickelodeon. Although it is a hit at first, work complications, problems outsourcing animation to the studio Gainax, and the banned episode Wrasslin' Maniacs where SpongeBob and Patrick beat up Squidward, Hillenburg is fired from the show in 2002.
Tommy Boy's Return, the sequel to Tommy Boy, releases in theaters. It is considered a cult classic today.
2000: Battlefield Earth is released in theaters to be a huge success, ending up the 8th highest grossing film of the year. This would cause an interest in works by L. Ron Hubbard, making the Church of Scientology a rising religion. Battlefield Earth 2 would later release in 2003 to similar acclaim.
4Kids is bought by Warner Communications. As a result, more anime airs on Kids WB.
The Atari Cougar, Atari's final console before being bought by Jakks Pacific in 2002, is released. It is a cult classic console.
Tim Burton's Wizard of Oz gains mixed to positive reviews, and makes the top 10 list of highest grossing films of the year.
2001: Grand Theft Auto III, the third entry in the GTA series is cancelled following 9/11. The game would later redevelop into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which was released in 2004.
Spy Kids, Quentin Tarantino's first kids' film is released in theaters to mixed reviews, but becomes a cult classic. Two more sequels were released in the two years after it, all would get the same fate.
During 9/11, Kevin James dies after being squished by falling debris from the North Tower.
2002: Netflix, the world's first ever online streaming service for film and TV, launches. They release their first Netflix Original - an epic drama gangster film called American Gangster starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe and directed by Ridley Scott - five years later on November 2, 2007, after buying the distribution rights from Universal Pictures (who were set to be the original proprietors). All of their films and series are also given DVD and/or Blu-ray releases, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, who owns the home media rights to Netflix Original films/series etc.
2003: Call of Duty, a war shooter game, sells 200,000 copies, making for poor sales. No sequels are planned. The Battlefield series gains from this.
Star Trek: The Original Generation, a Star Trek prequel series, airs for two seasons on Fox before cancellation.
Sony launches the American feed of 24-hour anime channel Animax, which overtakes Adult Swim's Toonami in popularity.
Sylvester Stallone becomes Governor of California until 2011.
TIME names Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as Person of the Year due to being "One of the great dictators of the modern age".
2004: Fallout 3 releases on Windows to high ratings, saving Interplay from bankruptcy. They would later release 2 console games, Fallout 4 and Fallout 5. Many spinoff games would be made.
Hillenburg's company United Plankton Pictures makes the Newgrounds webseries The Motherfucking Patchy the Pirate Show, focusing on the misadventures of Patchy the Pirate.
2005: Minecraft, a web browser game is released by Mojang with the help of a team that planned a game known as Terraria, where it would be very successful until 2009, when a 3D version for Java was released. It is currently owned by Microsoft, who still makes updates for it.
SpongeBob SquarePants is quietly cancelled due to declining ratings.
FOX airs The Office, an American adaptation of the British mockumentary series of the same name, airing until 2013 for nine seasons. It becomes one of the most memorable sitcoms of all time, winning several Emmys. Mr. Blue Sky becomes the theme song.
2006: Warner Communications contacts Hillenburg for an adult-only SpongeBob reboot.
Night at the Museum is released to mixed reviews as it becomes a box-office bomb. With plans for a sequel dead in the water, Fox sells the rights to Sony in 2007 who plans to reboot the series, but also keep the distribution rights for the original film.
Blockbuster buys Netflix, moving the website to Blockbuster.com, and naming it Blockbuster Online. After all of its stores were closed, it becomes Blockbuster+.
2007: Kanye West dies in a car crash before his album Graduation releases, causing him to be mourned. This would lead to many people buying the album, creating a short-lived rap revival that would temporarily mark the end of gangsta rap until 2010.
Owen Wilson commits suicide. In discussions about the "Frat Pack", he is replaced by Steve Carell and Paul Rudd. Drillbit Taylor and Tropic Thunder are both dedicated to his memory. Plans for a sequel to Cars are cancelled by Pixar and Disney.
NBC’s Heroes is cancelled after one season due to both low ratings and behind the scenes controversy. It remains a cult classic show much like Firefly or Buffy.
2007-2011: Identically similar to events in our world, screenwriter Simon Monjack and actress and "Clueless" sensation Brittany Murphy (who still starred in this alternate reality's version of the 1995 film "Clueless", but here she instead co-stars with rising co-stars Sarah Michelle Gellar playing Cher, and Regina Hall playing Dionne) are about to marry back in May 2007, but Murphy calls the marriage to Monjack off at the exact same wedding. This causes a scandal that briefly kills her good reputation, and gets her blacklisted in Hollywood (for a while). In this alternate history, Simon Monjack is put in prison for attempting murder on Brittany Murphy, but here, is killed by a crazed cellmate whilst serving time (said crazed cellmate also happens to be a fan of Brittany Murphy). Brittany Murphy then moves to an apartment complex in New York in 2008, ditching Hollywood for good and starting a musical career.
Natalie Portman, a fairly successful but struggling rising young TV actress, is having a hard time finding work in Hollywood due to the failure of the Star Trek prequel television series Star Trek: The Original Generation. She co-starred in the series alongside Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, and Samuel L. Jackson. While the then 56-57 year old Jackson at least got to have a successful career in Hollywood (due to being a Christopher Nolan regular), Christensen and McGregor were rejected by the industry; Christensen started an indie rock band while McGregor then went on to become a successful UFC fighter, but would then become very scandalous as he suffers from numerous arrests and an intense drug addiction. McGregor would then unfortunately die young from a drug overdose on December 7, 2008. Going back to Portman, she would become an indie darling in independent cinema, however her career would be cut short when she would die in a car crash on July 19, 2009, just one month and ten days after her 28th birthday. She was last seen in a DTV thriller called "Abandoned", which released in March 2010. Her death leads to tributes from co-stars and fans alike.
In December 2009, Brittany Murphy is then offered the lead role in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming psychological horror film "Black Swan", about a troubled ballerina. The film would co-star Melanie Lynskey as the troubled ballerina's rival, and like in our world, Winona Ryder, Barbara Hershey, and Vincent Cassel. The film released in December 2010 (like in our world), to rave reviews, with critics calling it Brittany Murphy's finest appearance yet. Murphy would then take home the Best Actress Oscar as well as the Best Dramatic Performance in a Movie Golden Globe for her performance in the film in 2011. Murphy would then continue her acting career following a big career boost, as well as her singing/musical career at the same time. In fact, she releases a fairly successful debut album in March 2011 simply called "Brittany", to positive reviews. It would then become the best selling musical album of the year, even winning her a Grammy in 2012.
2008: Bulletman, the highest grossing film of the year, marks the beginning of the successful Fawcett Cinematic Universe (FCU). It would enter the National Film Registry in 2020.
During the premiere of Tropic Thunder, Tom Cruise announces his retirement from entertainment and Scientology. He spends the rest of his life quietly as a Buddhist in England. As Dwayne Johnson takes Tom's place, Paramount announces plans to reboot the Mission: Impossible franchise (though nothing comes from it).
SpongeBob XXX, an adult SpongeBob reboot, airs on AMC alongside Breaking Bad. SpongeBob XXX would be universally panned, airing only 3 episodes out of a made 6 (all were later put on DVD). It is known for being one of the worst animated series of all time.
Iron Age, a film fully funded by UNESCO, is made as the first film of an IRL cinematic universe. It gets nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, like every film in the IRLCU after it.
2009: Adventure Time, a cartoon by Pendleton Ward, airs on Nickelodeon. It becomes one of Nickelodeon's highest-rated cartoons, airing until 2016. Many people would call it an animation trailblazer, leading to Nick approving more "lore-based" shows.
Half-Life 3 comes out, and continues the high ratings of the Half-Life franchise, making games well until 2017 (counting spinoffs).
Some people would compare it to Regular Show, who they saw as Cartoon Network's equivalent to Adventure Time.
Discord, a discussion site, is released, becoming popular with gamers.
Liam Gallagher has a near-fatal drug overdose after the breakup of Oasis. Finding peace with his brother, Oasis reunites in 2012, releasing a new album in 2015. They still perform.
Amy Winhouse retires after a heavy intervention. She still occasionally produces for Adele.
2011: Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games is released to the public. It becomes extremely popular, and is still played today.
2012: Pixar's Newt, a film that came due to the cancellation of Wreck-It Ralph (some claim due to the problems of getting permission from game companies) is released and barely breaks even. It would start a dark age for Pixar, which would continue with Brave and Cars 2.
It would also play a key part in George Lucas refusing to give away Lucasfilm, due to Disney's perceived slump.
After Hillenburg's company dissolves, he becomes the cartoon reviewer Stevey Shark for Channel Awesome.
Jim Carrey dies of a heart attack.
2013: Doug Walker leaves Channel Awesome, leaving Stevey Shark to be the new star. Markiplier, MrEnter, and MatPat would later join Channel Awesome among others.
The Freedom Tower is made to replace the original North Tower destroyed in the attack. Memes would arise from the comparison between the towers.
2014: A Day With Patchy the Pirate, a half-hour short made by Hillenburg, airs on YouTube as Channel Awesome's first foray into animation. It has a troubled production due to being funded online, and would be panned upon release.
Robin Williams survives a suicide attempt, and launches his own suicide prevention program. He would then star in the 2016 drama Uncut Gems by Christopher Nolan, playing crime lord Howard Ratner, giving him a Best Actor Oscar.
2015: Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force Awakens, featuring Darth Maul and Darth Talon as antagonists, is released, becoming the highest grossing film of the year. Two more sequels were made in 2017 and 2019.
2016: John K. dies from multiple scolerosis. Bob Camp takes over as showrunner of Ren and Stimpy.
2017: Growing Around, a new YouTube webseries made by Stephen Hillenburg & Johnathan Rozanski, about a world where grown-ups switch with kids, is released. Despite gaining positive reviews, both the downfall of Channel Awesome and Hillenburg & Rozanski's heinous acts would result in Markiplier buying the license, airing it on his webseries Unus Annus for one last season, ending in 2020.
Chester Bennington survives his suicide attempt. Linkin Park would make its newest album in December of 2020.
2018: Donald Trump starts The Trump Experience, a very popular podcast.
2019: Season 3 of Gravity Falls comes out to near-universal acclaim.
2020: Chadwick Boseman recovers from his cancer.
2022: Jordan Peele's Nope becomes the highest grossing film of the year. It enters the National Film Registry in 2033.
Presidents of the USA since 1977:
Jimmy Carter (1977-1985)
Walter Mondale (1985-1989)
George H.W. Bush (1989-1993)
Mario Cuomo (1993-2001)
John F. Kennedy Jr. (2001-2005)
John McCain (2005-2013)
Barack Obama (2013-2021)
Jeb Bush (2021-today)
Governors of California since 1947:
James Roosevelt (1947-1953) Resigned) Democrat
Pat Brown (1953-1963) Democrat
Richard Nixon (1963-1969) Republican
Edwin Reineck (1969-1974) Resigned) Republican
John L Harner (1974-1975) Republican
Tom Hayden (1975-1983) Democrat
Tom Bradley (1983-1991) Democrat
Clint Eastwood (1991-2003) Independent
Sylvester Stallone (2003-2011) Republican
Conan O'Brien (2011-2019) Democrat
Gavin Newsom (2019-Today) Democrat
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2023.05.27 17:53 Jigsaw45345 Help. 2002 Harley Davidson xlh 883 fell over need help finding this little silver piece that is on the peg that attaches it to the bike.

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2023.05.26 04:38 No-Farm8054 Breaking: Ford switching to Tesla plug in 2025, charge at Superchargers in 2024 with adapter. An F150 lightning with Tesla charging infrastructure is more interesting now.

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2023.05.26 03:12 Odd__Detective Breaking: Ford switching to Tesla plug in 2025, charge at Superchargers in 2024 with adapter. An F150 lightning with Tesla charging infrastructure is more interesting now.

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2023.05.26 01:24 TurtleTimeline Ford EV customers to gain access to Tesla Superchargers


Ford Motor Company partners with Tesla Motors to provide unprecedented access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers for Ford EV customers.

Starting next year, Ford EV customers will enjoy enhanced access to fast-charging options with the integration of over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across the United States and Canada. Ford will add North American Charging Standard port to future EVs.
This collaboration between Ford and Tesla expands the existing BlueOval Charge Network, which already boasts more than 10,000 DC fast-chargers. The inclusion of Tesla Superchargers will offer Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit owners the ability to charge their vehicles quickly and conveniently, while streamlining the payment process through FordPass or Ford Pro Intelligence.

Benefits of Ford-Tesla partnership

With the integration of Tesla Superchargers, Ford EV customers gain unparalleled access to a vast network of fast-chargers, reducing range anxiety and increasing convenience.

Tesla’s established charging corridors

The Tesla Supercharger network has already established reliable charging corridors across the United States and Canada, ensuring efficient long-distance travel for Ford EV owners.

Seamless integration via adapters and software

Through an adapter and software integration, Ford’s F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, and E-Transit vehicles equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS) port can access Tesla’s V3 Superchargers, expanding charging options for Ford EV customers.

Future EVs with North American Charging Standard

By 2025, Ford plans to equip its next-generation electric vehicles with the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector built-in, eliminating the need for an adapter to access Tesla Superchargers.

Ford’s commitment to charging infrastructure

Ford is actively expanding its BlueOval Charge Network, adding approximately 1,800 public-facing fast-chargers to their dealerships by early 2024. This expansion aims to provide customers with even more accessible and convenient charging options.
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2023.05.22 23:03 KrazeCynx Ford help

Ford help
I have a 2002 ford f150 4 wheel drive, whenever I go above 30mph my truck violently shakes, I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with it. Would tie rod ends have something to do with it. It shakes the entire cab plus truck bed, I've searched everywhere and no one else has this issue. A couple of my bushing seem worn or shot but apparently they have nothing to do with the shaking.
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2023.05.21 01:49 InkyStinkyOopyPoopy Will this be OK for my power steering fluid?

Will this be OK for my power steering fluid?
Says it's recommended for mercon5 AND mercon, so this should work for my power steering correct? I'm pretty sure but need a 2nd opinion
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2023.05.21 01:20 Drovsy 2013 F150 FX4 3.5L Ecoboost

2013 F150 FX4 3.5L Ecoboost
Any experienced Ford techs out there with any insight on these codes? I'm a heavy equipment tech at a CAT dealer and have zero experience with automotive stuff besides any typical tinkering but am mechanically inclined, truck still runs fine with no issues, the CEL popped out of nowhere one day
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2023.05.18 22:19 BlueNacho316 Motorcycle Nostalgia

Currently travelling in London and I’ve been seeing motorcycles everywhere. I think I’m having some withdrawals because I can’t wait to get back home & ride.
Below is a little list of all the bikes I’ve had (29M). I’m wondering what your list is and which one is/was your favourite?
  1. 2002 Honda XR50R - dirt bike when I was a kid. Gift from my old man
  2. 1984 Suzuki GS400E - first motorcycle when I got my license at 18. Absolute blast to ride. Chopped of exhaust and put slip on. Fun little cafe racer) bought it for 800$ best investment.
  3. 2017 Honda CBR300 - Bought new for 3K. Used it to commute. Fun to have a slower bike that you can go full pin everywhere you go.
  4. 2004 Suzuki Intruder VS1400 - bought for 2K. champ of a cruiser with dope styling IMHO. Had a blast with it. Gifted it to my Old Man as he was having a rough time. He turned it into a bobber and still riding it.
  5. 2007 V-Star 1100 - bought to replace the VS1400. Nothing inspiring for me.
  6. 2007 Kawasaki ZZR600 - bought for 1.5k. first super sport. That power was addicting. Felt like it was overheating all the time. Was surprisingly very comfortable to do trips with
  7. 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400 (current) - bought new for 5k. Lots of fun to ride and very light. I love using all the gears and giving her a good run
  8. 2021 Harley Davidson FLSL (current) - bought for too much money plus added stage 2. Having a hard time explaining how she makes me feel, but I love my Harley.
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2023.05.17 16:25 Bidmayo We Can Do Anything Scott Ave Showroom Auction End Tonight!

This is your lucky day! This auction has anything that you can think of selling at your price. All vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more are selling to you regardless of price in this online estate auction. Browse bid and win over 500 lots in this Belton Missouri auction. Everything must sell including a 2017 Ford Explorer, street signs, peddle cars, furniture, Adam's Dairy press plates, playground equipment, Cabbage Patch Kida, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Harley Davidson, IGA cookie jars, vintage flatware, corning ware, LP 45s, comic books, vintage toys, shop stools, vintage aluminum coolers, marbles, cast iron doorstops, canopy tents, architectural salvage, fire department equipment, police department equipment, and much more. Nationwide shipping is available.
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2023.05.16 23:46 Even_Newspaper_9577 Ford f150 2002

Ford f150 2002
V8 4.6
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2023.05.13 13:49 dopefish2k3 Ich🐎iel

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2023.05.12 04:14 snackskiii12 Last one for tonight

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2023.05.09 22:54 PsychoKuros [US-CA][H] Games for PS1-PS4, Xbox/360, SMS/Genesis/32x/Saturn/DC, NES/GCN/Wii/WiiU/Switch, DS/3DS, Atari 2600 game and system lot, game systems and more. [W] Paypal/Cash

I'm always adding more items as I go, so please check back. Or feel free to ask if I have something in particular, I might have it but haven't gotten to it yet.

Newly added: Switch v1 unpatched system and some more switch games.

Holds: Items can only be held for 24 hours max and it's first come first served.
Payment: Paypal preferred.
Shipping: Shipping will be done through USPS or UPS. Prices don't include shipping.
Other Notes: If you're local to the San Diego area, I accept pick up and cash as an option.
Pics for anything else can be provided upon request.
Game Lists:
NOTE: Games are complete unless noted next to the game. Games that have a strikethrough have been sold.
PS4:(Note: codes that come with games are assumed to be used)
Xbox 360:
Nintendo Entertainment System
Wii U:
* Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (loose) $40
* Super Mario Odyssey $30
Sega Master System:
Genesis/Mega Drive:
Game Gear:
Atari 2600 Lot:
New: If you purchase this lot, I'll add in the 5200, Colecovision and Intellivision games.
I have an Atari 2600 Light Sixer with hookups, adapter to coax, controller, paddle controllers and 76 games! Many games have label issues, they are described in the list below. Pricing has been reflected based on condition. All games are loose
Price: $350 + S&H Paypal for the whole lot
If you are local to San Diego, I can arrange a pickup instead.
Game List
Atari 5200: All are loose
Or $25 for all.
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2023.05.08 22:08 coolcrushkilla Where do I order new 2002 Ford F150 key with the antitheft chip?

Some kids thought it'd be funny to steal the key out of my truck. Looking for recommendations on where to order a new lock cylinder and key?
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2023.05.03 17:58 PsychoKuros [US-CA][H] Games for PS1-PS4, Xbox/360, SMS/Genesis/32x/Saturn/DC, NES/GCN/Wii/WiiU/Switch, DS/3DS, Atari 2600 game and system lot, game systems and more. [W] Paypal/Cash

I'm always adding more items as I go, so please check back. Or feel free to ask if I have something in particular, I might have it but haven't gotten to it yet.

Newly added: Sega Saturn games, NES system and games.

Holds: Items can only be held for 24 hours max and it's first come first served.
Payment: Paypal preferred.
Shipping: Shipping will be done through USPS or UPS. Prices don't include shipping.
Other Notes: If you're local to the San Diego area, I accept pick up and cash as an option.
Pics for anything else can be provided upon request.
Game Lists:
NOTE: Games are complete unless noted next to the game. Games that have a strikethrough have been sold.
PS4:(Note: codes that come with games are assumed to be used)
Xbox 360:
Nintendo Entertainment System
Wii U:
Sega Master System:
Genesis/Mega Drive:
Game Gear:
Atari 2600 Lot:
New: If you purchase this lot, I'll add in the 5200, Colecovision and Intellivision games.
I have an Atari 2600 Light Sixer with hookups, adapter to coax, controller, paddle controllers and 76 games! Many games have label issues, they are described in the list below. Pricing has been reflected based on condition. All games are loose
Price: $350 + S&H Paypal for the whole lot
If you are local to San Diego, I can arrange a pickup instead.
Game List
Atari 5200: All are loose
Or $25 for all.
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2023.05.01 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 1st

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - May 1st
Disclaimer: Some of these events have unknown May dates. They are identified with a '*'
1971 - Maybe Tomorrow, the 5th album by The Jackson 5 enters both the Billboard US Black and Pop Albums charts in the USA. It will reach #1 on the Black Albums chart & #11 on the Pop Chart
1973 - The Jackson 5 play at the Festival Hall in Osaka, Japan
1974 * - Michael and his brothers record background vocals for Stevie Wonder’s song “You Haven’t Done Nothin’” at the Record Plant studios in Hollywood. The politically aware song would reach # 1 on both the pop & soul charts
1981* - Michael goes to East Sussex to stay with Paul & Linda McCartney. He records two songs for Paul’s upcoming solo album : “Say Say Say” & “The Man*
Michael rang up, and said he wanted to work together. I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘I wanna make some hits, you know?’ I said, ‘Sounds good.’ So he came over.
We sat around upstairs in my office in London, I grabbed a guitar and ‘Say, Say, Say’ came out of that. He helped with a lot of the words. It’s not a very wordy song, but it was fun working with him because he’s enthusiastic. But again it’s nothing like working with John. At that stage with Michael, you weren’t even talking about a writer, more just a vocalist and a dancer. But he said, ‘Let’s make a couple of hits’, and that’s exactly what we did.
- Paul McCartney, from *Conversations with McCartney
1984 - Michael is on the cover of Ebony magazine's '100 Most Influential Black Americans' issue
1986 - Michael, Elizabeth Taylor, Lionel Richie & Mikhail Baryshnikov attend the LA Bullet Opening Night party in Los Angeles
1987* - Quincy Jones sets up a meeting between Michael & Prince
Prince turned down the collaboration, following a secret meeting at Jackson's mansion.
“We invited [Prince] out to Michael’s house to sing on Bad, and he was very intelligent about it,” says Jones, 83.
“Prince was always competing with Michael. So I told Michael, ‘you sit there and Prince sits there, so it won’t look like we’re ganging up on him to do the record’.
“It was a beautiful meeting, a funny meeting, and [Prince] said ‘you don’t need me on this, it’s going to be a number one anyway’ – which it was.”
Prince did not leave without handing “a lot of funny presents” for Jackson, cryptically addressed to “Camille”, added Jones.
1989- Michael is seized by armed police after being mistaken for a robber while shopping in disguise with Jimmy Safechuck at Zales jewellers in Simi Valley. Police were called after employees reported a suspicious person
The encounter happened about 5 p.m. in the Sycamore Plaza Mall. Wearing a wig, mustache and fake teeth, Jackson was looking at rings.
Employee Julie Andrews (not the singer), said she became suspicious because he kept adjusting his mustache and looking in a mirror. Another Zales store had recently been robbed by men wearing disguises.
Employees summoned security guard H. N. Edwards, who asked the suspicious character to step outside. Why was he wearing a false mustache? Edwards demanded.
“I have to,” he answered. “I’m in disguise. I’m Michael Jackson.”
“My first thought was this guy had gotten off the elevator between floors,” Edwards said
Jackson said the disguise was necessary to avoid being mobbed.
Edwards asked him to remove the mustache. He did and, sure enough, fans began gathering and asking for autographs(he obliged)
“The officers were convinced he was who he said he was & he went on his way,” Officer Diane Sliester said
"Jackson and a boy he was with visited a gift store and bought several toy figurines and a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses",Sliester said, "Then they drove away in a brown Mercedes-Benz"
1992-The single “Someone Put Your Hand Out” is released in Europe as an exclusive Pepsi promotional single, to promote the upcoming Dangerous World Tour.
1992-Michael is in Washington to accept his 2nd Point Of Light Award from President Bush.
In 1990, the Point of Light Foundation created by President Bush SR, was to encourage American citizens to lend their services to the community in "a call to action."
President Bush presented Michael with an award acknowledging him as a Point of Light Ambassador. The award was in recognition to Jackson's efforts in inviting disadvantage and under privliged kids to his ranch, as well as giving his time to visiting hospitals, orphanages, assisted living homes and hospices.
Jackson spoke briefly at an East Room ceremony in which the president honored 21 winners of the 1992 President's Annual Points of Light Awards, a culmination of National Volunteer Week. In his speech, Michael stated, "I believe each person can make a difference in the life of someone in need. That is what a point of light is"
"I know each person can make a difference in the life of someone in need," Jackson said. "I love you all."
While in Washington , Michael visits a little girl, Raynal Pope, who was mauled very badly by four dogs on March 21 in District Heights, Maryland.
When Jackson first heard about the brutal attack four weeks ago, he immediately placed a call to Children's Hospital to speak with Raynal, who was in intensive care, but her mother, Jackie Pope, didn't believe it was really him. When he called back the next day, Pope believed and put the phone next to Raynal's ear. Jackson blew Raynal a kiss and promised to visit her.
After the Points of Light ceremony, he decided to fulfill his promise to Raynal. Twenty minutes later he was on her doorstep.
Raynal, her 5-year-old sister Myja, and her cousins Tianna, 6, and Vincent, 10, played hide-and-seek with Jackson ("He hid in the closet!" squealed Raynal) and wrestled around and danced during the 45-minute visit.
Jackson posed for pictures. And he signed a red leather "Beat It" jacket that Raynal's father, Michael, bought during the "Thriller" hysteria a decade ago. "We're going to frame it," Jackie Pope said.
Before he left, Jackson gave Raynal a kiss on the cheek. And she got to give him one back. "His face was soooooooft!" she exclaimed.
1993 - Everedde McCrimnon, 33 year old man of Los Angeles, was arrested for repeatedly attempting to scale the front gate of the Hayvenhurst estate. He was twice escorted from the compound by security guards.
He was arrested after a motorist told officers he had seen a man scaling the gate.
McCrimmon, who is free on $250 bail, had to be subdued during his arrest because he refused to obey commands from the officers and shouted obscenities
“Several other people have been prosecuted for attempting to gain entrance to the Jackson property, but this is the first case in the past few years”, said Deputy City Atty. Laura Van Eyk
1994* - Michael starts working on a remake of a musical named The Seven Faces Of Doctor Lao with special effect specialist Stan Winston.
Jackson's spokesman says he is 'in active development' on a musical remake of The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, a fantasy for Turner Pictures Worldwide with Jackson in the title role. The original 1964 film starred Tony Randall as seven characters. Jackson's updated version is about a traveling minstrel 'who brings miracles -- and a little mayhem -- to a distressed urban community,' according to his publicist. 'Michael Jackson has been interested in 'Dr. Lao' for some time, and he is actively involved in all the creative aspects of the development process,' Jackson's manager Sandy Gallin said. 'He's very excited that it is being done.' Jackson has been keeping a low profile since aborting his world tour last November.
“One [project] was to remake 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, which was a Tony Randall film… and the other was to remake Angels with Dirty Faces”, says Rusty Lemorande(Captain Eo producer). “Michael was a huge James Cagney fan. Michael loved both projects. And everything was going great. And then the first scandal hit. Suddenly, nobody wanted to touch him. It was quite sad that it never happened, because it was very important for Michael to be in movies. He used to talk about Elvis Presley’s career and say, ‘If Elvis hadn’t made all those films, he wouldn’t be as remembered as he was.’”
1996* - Debbie Rowe visits Michael on the set of the “Ghosts” short film and announces that she’s pregnant with their baby.
She rode her Harley Davidson motorcycle to meet Michael on the Van Nuys Airport set of his short film “Ghosts” and break the baby news.
The photo of Rowe riding her Harley Davidson with Michael on the back (still in makeup while shooting his “Ghost” video), was taken that day. According to Rowe,she told him that she needed to talk to him alone, without the ubiquitous film crew that followed him

Michael was getting ready to do a shoot but she convinced him to hop on back of her Harley so they could find a private spot to talk.
“I said, ‘You’re going to be a dad!’ I'm pregnant,” Rowe recalled. “He was so excited, he ran around the tarmac screaming.”
1999 -Michael Jackson receives a charity award at the Bollywood Awards held at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York. He is dressed in a black Indian suit designed by Manish Malhotra. He accepts a special “Humanitarian Award” from London-based industrialist S.P. Hinduja for his role in promoting the cause of global peace.
2001* - Michael, Frank, Grace & the kids check in the Sheraton Bel Harbour in Miami Beach where Michael completes the recording & mixing of Invincible with Bruce Swedien, Rodney Jerkins & Teddy Riley.
Michael meets Dr Alex Farshchian who becomes his personal physician.
Farshchian treated Michael in 2001- 2003. He said that Michael was having an issue with his ankle prior to the Madison Square Garden shows and that he had to rehearse. The doctor said that; “And he had an ankle issue that was more like a sprained ankle that was not healing and he had to continue to dance on it. He made an appointment like everybody else,” Dr Farshchian said
Jackson and Farshchian met when Michael was being treated for a broken foot after slipping on stairs at his Neverland ranch. Farshchian, according to the Mirror, traveled with Jackson in 2002 and 2003 and was in the room during the infamous baby-dangling incident. The friendship and doctor-patient relationship is said to have fizzled after the Martin Bashir interview and subsequent trial.
2001* - Michael meets comedian Chris Tucker through Gavin Arvizo. Michael & Chris become friends& record a new version of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” for the soundtrack of Rush Hour 2
They actually first briefly met in the early 1990s, when Tucker was starting out as a stand-up comedian
Fast forward to 2001:
"I was in New York for two days waiting to meet MJ," Tucker recalled to GQ. "I took a private jet there. I said, well, I ain't heard from him, I got to go. Took a private jet back to LA and as soon as I landed, I had a message: 'Michael Jackson wants to meet you tomorrow morning.' I was still on the plane. I went up to the captain and said, 'I'll pay you whatever you want to take me back to New York.'"
Tucker told GQ that he and Jackson later became close friends, and Jackson encouraged him to take on more work in Hollywood.
2002* - It was reported that Michael Jackson wanted to direct his first movie. Michael loved the book so much that he wanted to make an adaptation of Jennings Michael Burch's book, They Cage the Animals at Night. Bryan Michael Stoller & Michael Jackson were scheduled to co-direct the motion picture. Mel Gibson hired Stoller to write the screenplay adaptation of Burch's book, with Stoller and Jackson signed to co-direct. Stoller was also mentoring Michael Jackson and his three children on film making
2002 - Celebrate the Magic Foundation's 1st Magic Life Award
Michael is honored for making the world a better place, standing up for children and humanity in NYC.
"It was up to the citizens of the world, especially our children, to confirm who is deserving of this honor. This makes the Magical Life Award truly unique, in that it is an award from the hearts of children, and those adults who still have the heart of a child."
When given the opportunity to vote for the person that inspired them the most, to stay in touch with the Magic of their inner child, thousands of children from around the world, voted for Michael Jackson
2002* - Katherine, Jackie, LaToya, Tito, Janet, Rebbie & Randy stage an intervention at Neverland to help Michael on his prescription-drug dependency.
But after her other children told her they believed he was addicted to prescription drugs despite Michael's denial, she participated in an intervention at his Neverland ranch in 2002.
“I knew he was taking them (pain pills) but I didn’t know he was abusing them,” Katherine told the jury. She said Michael was upset when the family staged the intervention "because when we got there, there was nothing wrong with him.” The intervention, she added, didn't really take place because Michael Jackson was upset and yelled at his family, and Katherine Jackson became embarrassed to be there, she testified
2009* - Conrad Murray ordered Ephedrine for Michael in early May but he told the pharmacy owner that it was for Himself. Did Michael know he was being given Ephedrine? Witnesses state that Michael’s weight dramatically decreased in the last weeks prior to his death. Ephedrine causes rapid weight loss
Prosecutor: During the same conversation in early May, did Dr. Murray inquire about what you might call energy formulations?
Tim Lopez (owner of Applied Pharmacy): Yes, we had a brief conversation about some sort of formulation that would give increased wakefulness or more energy
Prosecutor: Did Dr. Murray indicate to you during the inquiry about the energy formulation that it was HE HIMSELF who was in need of an energy formulation?
Tim Lopez : Yes*
2013 - Jackson v AEG trial day 3
Today's court session was only one hour as one of the alternate jurors had a funeral to attend.
Nobody from the Jackson family was present at court
Det. Martinez's testimony resumed with him discussing documents on Murray's finances he obtained during his investigation
The detective had to explain how he got the documents; authenticate them - so they can be entered into evidence. Some documents were obtained with subpoena, others public record
Attorneys argued about the docs they want to admit as evidence. Defense objected to a bunch of docs, saying they weren't authenticated. AEG attorney objected to admission of several of the documents, saying it wasn't clear whether they were public records. Judge sustained many of the objections. Judge also had testy exchanges with Jacksons attorney Panish with Judge telling him to move along. After several minutes of discussions, Judge said to put the exhibits/evidence issues aside; she wanted better use of jurors' time
Martinez testified about eviction notices for Conrad Murray's medical offices (2007 & 2009) and other liens issued against the doc. The detective also walked jury through Murray's credit reports, which were obtained through a subpoena
Income and Expense Declaration filed with San Diego Court shows Dr. Murray's net month disposable income was negative $2,706.33 in July 2009
Panish asked Martinez about 5 day notice to pay rent or quit -- Dr. Murray owed $7,058.38 in business rent, had an eviction note and tax liens
One 2007 judgment against Murray in Missouri ordered him to pay $135,000. There were also eviction notices for his medical business and liens for being behind on child-support payments
Panish: What's the relevance of Dr. Murray having delinquent taxes?
Martinez: shows more evidence of him being in financial dire straits
Panish listed several other docs showing Dr. Murray's liens & unpaid bills in an effort to show the jury the doctor was in financial distress
Panish: did you check Dr. Murray's credit?
Martinez: yes, by serving grand jury subpoena on experian, equifax and transunion
"If anyone would have run the credit report, they would have got the same information?" Panish asked. "Yes", Martinez said
The credit report shows Dr. Murray was current on some of his accounts. Panish noted Murray was paying some debts but defaulted on his home
Panish is trying to show the jury that a simple background check on Dr. Murray would show AEG that the doc was in deep financial troubles
Jackson attorney, Panish showed the jury documents showing Murray's debts, including those for student loans, homeowner association fees, and bills from medical firms and cellphone companies. His Las Vegas home, on which he owed $1.6 million, was in foreclosure
"Student loans, credit cards, credit medical companies, cell phone companies, funding companies, there were all kinds of debts", Panish said
Orlando obtained docs from state licensing medical boards regarding Dr. Murray to check his status and if he had any disciplinary actions
Martinez told reporters he got Murray's phone records and focused on a 12 hour period between June 24 and June 25, 2009
Martinez: "For criminal liability, that 12 hours of care, from when he arrived at the house until he called 911, was pertinent"
Martinez was asked about the calls Murray made to Nicole Alvarez ( his girlfriend), including one he made in the back of the ambulance on June 25, 2009. The detective said he didn't know what Murray and Alvarez discussed
11:26 am-- received phone call, possibly Michael Amir Williams
1:08 pm -- made call to Nicole Alvarez while in the ambulance
Call was a bit over 2 minutes (133 seconds). Martinez did not know for sure what they were talking about, questioned Alvarez about it
Detective Martinez also testified about a search warrant he served on Alvarez's apartment in August 2009. Martinez said he didn't find any of Murray's belongings. The detective said he only found one slip of paper with Murray's name on it in Alvarez's apartment. He says he found that odd
"He was living there and none of his stuff was there", Martinez said
Panish: "Do you have an opinion as to the substance of that call?"
Martinez: "Yes",explaining that he had interviewed Alvarez and served a search warrant at her house.
Panish: "What was determined?"
Martinez: "I found one piece of paper with Dr. Murray's name & that had fallen behind the door of a cabinet in the entire apartment (where) he'd been staying at (for) at least two months", Martinez replied.
Panish asked whether he found that suspicious.
"Yes", Martinez replied, "He was living there, and none of his stuff was there"
Martinez indicated that Dr. Conrad Murray may have requested help from mistress in covering his tracks
AEG agreed to stipulate Michael Jackson is dead, but need to think about stipulating that Dr. Murray is the cause of his death
Panish: "I'm asking for a stipulation that Michael Jackson died and the cause of death. Are you willing to stipulate that Michael Jackson died?"
Putnam: "Absolutely."
Panish: "Are you willing to stipulate that the cause of his death was Dr. Murray?"
Putnam: "That you've never asked before. Let me look at what that means"
AEG's attorney asked judge to take some witnesses out of order, since they have to travel for work. Jacksons added more witnesses too.
Jackson's lawyers said they believed they could locate Michael's longtime nanny and confidante, Grace Rwaramba, and plan to call her as a witness as the trial proceeds.
"We couldn't find her, no one could find her", lawyer Kevin Boyle said of the last-minute addition, "But we think we're going to be able to find her, hopefully"
Court transcript
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