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Subreddit for HBO's Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon”.

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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

2023.06.10 07:27 ShriekingLegiana Constant shaking and nausea especially after meals

I'm 20, AFAB. around 60kg, 163cm
I started doing sports a lot since I was struggling with my mental health and wanted to improve myself physically, and all was well until a bit over two weeks ago. I'd start feeling a hint of nausea after my workout sessions, so I took more breaks, but I didn't think anything of it.
Then suddenly on my rest day I felt terribly nauseous and shakey, I threw up and I couldn't really get up from the floor anymore, so I was taken to the hospital.
They checked my blood and my stomach, all seemed well, and they injected nausea medication, sending me home after.
So the past two weeks have been miserable. I haven't thrown up again, but my heart rate persistently goes up, and with it the nausea, and with that, comes the shakes. I feel jittery and my hands feel vaguely numb and sweaty. Obviously I'm stressed. My stomach feels very acidic.
This is especially bad after eating, I've started eating smaller meals to combat it, but it hasn't really done anything for me.
I used to have this before (as I said, my health wasn't stellar) but it went away when I started having breakfast and implemented more healthy habits. Now it's back.
What do I do? Is this something to be concerned about?
I have an appointment with a cardiologist already because of my high heart rate and the jumps.
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2023.06.10 07:27 Southern_Ocelot_3292 My girlfriend started working out of town and I don’t know what to do

So me 23(M) is not comfortable with my girlfriend 22(F) working of town. So my girlfriend works for a big corporation and she recently took a position where she goes out of town and trains new hires on how to perform their job, This requires her to be away for about a month and a half at a time. When we first started dating about a little over a year ago I knew this is the position she wanted for work and I expressed how I felt about her going away and told her I don’t think I’d be able to make that work for me because my love language is physical touch, it’s important for me to have someone here I can be with and grow with. As things moved along I ended up falling in love with her and she ended up getting offered this position. Now obviously I fell in love with her and knew she really wanted to do this so I went along with it still expressing how I think I’m going to end up feeling about it but I did not want to give her an ultimatum or break up with her over this so I decided to hang one out and see how I feel. I ended up feeling exactly how I thought I would, just constant anxiety and stress over her being away and I feel left behind. I also feel like we’re growing apart as she’s been going on many adventures with her coworkers and friends while she’s been away. I want to say I express no ill will towards her having fun I’m not jealous or anything like that I’m actually happy she’s enjoying herself if anything that makes me feel a little better, but regardless I still feel off about the whole thing like I’m missing something important ya know. Anyways she’s nearly done with the location she’s at now and will be home soon, we have been talking about possibly getting a place together when our leases get over and I felt really good about it before but now I’m not so sure, because she’s been talking to me about how she’s going to go out of town again in another month or so. She was telling me about how some of her coworkers who also travel are away from home for almost 85-95% of the year. She seems really hell bent on doing this and I don’t feel like it’s my right to interfere. I haven’t told her how I feel about this recently just because I don’t want to influence her decision, I want her to be here with me because she wants to be. And before anyone asks this isn’t a money thing it’s strictly just to travel she just wants that and I don’t see why we couldn’t just do that together I don’t understand why she has to go away alone for months at a time. As soon as she told me she may be going out of town again the blood from my face drained and I think she picked up on it (we were FTing). She started talking about how it won’t be so bad and we’ll still be able to see each other but to me FTing is not nearly the same thing as real connection is. I don’t want to give her an ultimatum because I know she loves both me and her job and I’d hate to make her choose but I don’t want to break up with her either because I love her. But the way I feel now is slowly going to drive me insane and I can’t even imagine her going out of town again for another month and a half is going to make me feel any better. I feel like I’m being selfish and I’m not trying to be but I’ve already told her before how I feel about her going away. I was also hoping that maybe she’d go this one time and get it all out of her system but that seems to not be the case I just don’t know what I should do or say if anything at all.
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2023.06.10 07:26 AutoModerator Here's Where To WATCH The Evil of Dracula Online Reddit

A professor takes up a new post at an all-girls school only to discover the school's principle conceals a dark secret and the pupils are in grave danger.
~✺➤►🔴��⭕Watch The Evil of Dracula Free Online Reddit

Looking to feast your eyes on The Evil of Dracula' in the comfort of your own home? Searching for a streaming service to buy, rent, download, or watch the Lee Cronin-directed movie via subscription can be tricky, so we here at Moviefone want to take the pressure off.

Read on for a listing of streaming and cable services - including rental, purchase, and subscription choices - along with the availability of 'The Evil of Dracula' on each platform when they are available. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can watch 'The Evil of Dracula' right now, here are some details about the New Line Cinema, Renaissance Pictures, Ghost House Pictures, Pacific Renaissance Pictures, Wild Atlantic Pictures horror flick.

Released jun 20, 2023, 'The Evil of Dracula stars Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Nell Fisher The R movie has a runtime of about 2 hr, and received a user score of (out of 100) on TMDb, which put together reviews from well-known users.

Want to know what the movie's about? Dracula, was shipwrecked in the 1600s in Japan, when Christianity was illegal. He was forced to spit on the cross and wander alone in the desert. Upon finding himself bleeding, he was so thirsty he drank the blood and acquired a taste for it, attacking local teenager Keiko. In present day, Professor Shiraki arrives at a girl's school where he was to be teaching, but now the principal, whose wife died in a car accident, wants Shiraki to take over for him. The principal is keeping his wife in the cellar for a week, supposedly according to local custom, to see if she might return to life. Immediately suspicious, Shiraki investigates and becomes entrenched in horror of the vampires. Three girls are caught up too, as one has already been bitten, and her roomates stay to care for her.

Currently you are able to watch "Evil of Dracula" streaming on Screambox, MUBI, MUBI Amazon Channel, Screambox Amazon Channel, ARROW or for free with ads on Tubi TV, Darkmatter TV, AsianCrush. It is also possible to rent "Evil of Dracula" on Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV, Alamo on Demand online and to download it on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Alamo on Demand.
Ellen Wing: Lucy Harker
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About the The Evil of Dracula
Dracula, was shipwrecked in the 1600s in Japan, when Christianity was illegal. He was forced to spit on the cross and wander alone in the desert. Upon finding himself bleeding, he was so thirsty he drank the blood and acquired a taste for it, attacking local teenager Keiko. In present day, Professor Shiraki arrives at a girl's school where he was to be teaching, but now the principal, whose wife died in a car accident, wants Shiraki to take over for him. The principal is keeping his wife in the cellar for a week, supposedly according to local custom, to see if she might return to life. Immediately suspicious, Shiraki investigates and becomes entrenched in horror of the vampires. Three girls are caught up too, as one has already been bitten, and her roomates stay to care for her.
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2023.06.10 07:26 spicyitallian I DID IT. Beat Malenia! Zero summons, zero cheese.

After over 50 attempts, I finally beat Malenia. About 10 times I got close but ran out of flasks or got greedy, but not this time.
In addition to that, I got caught up close during her waterfowl dance TWICE. But I managed to roll and evade my way out of it.
Morgott's cursed sword ash of war Cursed-Blood Slice is the real deal, even after they nerfed the poise damage in PvE.
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2023.06.10 07:25 WeakTruth5299 Advice on how to proceed, Q's on expected side effects

TLDR; have 510 ng/dl total and 102.6 pg/ml free. 34 yrs old. Doc recommended enclomiphene, but after researching it, I prefer test-C. Already had the vasectomy.
Ok, just got out of the Army after 10 yrs (what a waste of my life) and am trying to get back heavy into strength training. But Ive been feeling shitty for like, two years and last year been having ED problems and general libido stuff. Gaining fat super easily, all normal low- T symptoms. Actually, it was a doctor who prescribed me tadalifil (yellow boner pills) that told me to check my T as that may be it.
This Dr Ive only spoken to over the phone seems to thinks enclomiphene will be better since Im still young and may want more kids. I didnt really pursue the argument with him since my test results werent back yet.
So Im gonna insist test-C from him or get someone else. I took a steroid cycle when I was 18 for about 3 months because I was a meat head and had the opportunity, but only remember getting strong... so so strong and muscley...
But remember no side effects. Cant remember dosages, as it was all oral. I dont recall mood swings, either, but it was a different drug.
Should I expect extra hair growth/loss? Im banking on saying good bye to my huevos, not like anyone sees them anyways.
All my other blood work came back pretty much all on the ideal side of normal.
Thx in advance.
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2023.06.10 07:21 condensed_trickle Just want to be taken.

I want someone take me by the hand and walk me briskly to either the dressing room or some other secluded place. Then make me rub my hands on your groin feeling your cock getting harder and harder
Once it too hard to keep in your pant ill take it and get on my knees
And ill be a little hesistant to take it in my mouth.
But you hold my head and push your cock in. Oh my gawd i can feel it feeling my mouth all the way to my throat
I gag a little as i wasnt readyfor my now im slurping on it how youlike
I grab al the base and suck the rest in and out of my mouth
My tongue is sliding along the bottom of your shaft. I can feel the blood pulsating in the veins on your dick. Hmm its so nice and warm. You let go of my head happy i wont stop. I put fingers in my pussy while I continue to slurp your cock
I put my hand on your ass and push your cock deep in. This time im ready and i dont even blink while looking at you while my lips press against the base of you dick. I want you to cum baby.
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2023.06.10 07:21 OkLet716 Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter
Anyone found a treasure Hunter in the demo? Also can you enter the hotel without lying?
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2023.06.10 07:20 Sharingline Dancie no more pt.1 (by: u/Sharingline)

Hey there! I asked a few days ago which one yall wanted to see first and this one won by a landslide! So, here we go!!!
We start our story with a young woman in her 30's, named, Susie. She doesn't have a stressful life but it's enought to where she decided to get a fluffy foal. It's a light blue Pegasus colt, and she got it when it was a day old. It's now 2 weeks old and it was fun for the first week she had it, but now it's nothing but a chore. And Susie is already tired of its antics.
"Nu!! Babbeh sowwy fo make bad poopies!! Wook!! Babbeh be dancie babbeh fo mummah! Mummah no be anqwy at babbeh?" Cried the little foal, sitting on its ass and wiggling its front 2 hooves. Which is what it calls 'dancing'. Susie stood above the foal, sorry stick Jr in hand, her eyes glowing with rage at the fact that it shit on the floor AGAIN! And it was right next to the box too! Susie stared at its pathetic attempts at trying to quell her rage, leaned down, pet the foal, hiding her true intentions, "Awww how could I stay mad at such a cutie like you!" Susie said, lying through her teeth, "YAAAY!! Squiwt knew bestes dancies gubernatorial mummah bestes heart happies!" It cried, celebrating its evasion of punishment (or so he thought). In an instant squirt felt a pain shoot through him, coming from his poopie place! "OWWIES! POOPIE PWACE HAB OWIES! MUMMAH HEWP!!" It squeeled, realising it did not infact, escape punishment. "Yeah, I know your ass hurts, I swatted it with Mr. Sorry stick! This is what you get for not using your litter box! And because I have to do it for you, I might as well help you!" And with almost lighting speed she put squirt over the litter box and began to squeeze his stomach, forcing the excrement out of his ass, "Nuu! Squiwt nu wike deese huggies!! Pwease mummah nu mowe!" "There will be more if you don't use the litter box! And because you decided to talk back, here's another swat!" pap! Susie swats the foal on the nose, making squirt to put his hooves over it and begin crying, "EEEEE! WHY MUMMAH HUWT BABBEH! Am gud babbeh! Pee! peep! peep! Peep! Am dancie babbeh fo mummah! Peep peep!" UGH, It won't stop talking about dancing this fucking thing, if I see it try to dance its way out of trouble one more time, I'm taking drastic measures Susie thought.
Tossing the foal onto its bed, unable to shit, having its bowels emptied it flies throught the air farting until it hits its soft bed, "EEEEEEEEEEE! OWIE! Huuuu huuuu.. squiwt be dancie babbeh fo mummh, am bad dancie babbeh? Huuu huuuu, peep peep peep." The miserable blue ball cried to itself, holding its nose all the while. Susie cleans up the shit and the stain it left behind and left the safe room, slamming the door on her way out, squirt giving a CHEEP and a loud fart as a goodbye. "Uuugggghhhh for the love of god, I am sick of his shit! Both literally and metaphorically!" Susie sighed, slumping into her couch, not even out of her work uniform as she got home not even 10 minutes ago. "He was never this difficult when I first got him, so good that he wouldn't shit unless I said he could, (she would hold him over a sink and slowly rub his stomach up and down to encourage him to do so) and this whole 'dancie' thing needs to end, it stopped being cute after the 30th time." Susie's mind began to wander, what could she do to make this stop? She likes squirt, he's cute at times and a real moral booster when she's been feeling down the past 2 weeks, but the annoyance is starting to out grow the relaxing moments with him around. She could get him to shit and piss in the litter box all the time, that part wouldn't be hard, it's the fact that he ALWAYS tries to dance his way out of trouble. He did dance quite a bit when he was still really small, he would chirp and dance when he heard the door open when Susie got home, as that meant mommy was home! And Susie loved it, it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. She even recorded it at one point and sent it to Sarah, her close friend (and the muscle mommy from foal in the wall) which, despite her dislike of fluffies she found it quite cute. GAH!! what to do?
Cutting his legs off is to severe, then squirt would just be a nuisance, boring, and do nothing but bitch and moan about his missing 'weggies' and how he couldn't dance anymore. Getting rid of him would hurt Susie too much, as she spent a total of 100 dollars on all the safe room supplies and just tossing squirt out after 2 weeks would be a waste of money, and again, she likes squirt. But whatever, it's getting late and she is still in her work uniform. She'll think about it later, right now she needed to shower, eat, and just relax and watch squirt do his thing before going to bed.
30 minutes later and Susie is preparing dinner in her pajamas, getting ready to watch squirt be, well squirt. Grabbing her meal and a chair,l head back to the saferl room and opens the door. Squirt is doing his thing, playing with the toys she got him, stuffed animals, balls and blocks. On top of that when squirt announces he needs to use the bathroom he uses the litter box, no doubt due to the fact that she's watching. Finishing up her meal she steps into the safe room and plays with squirt, picking up, kissing him, petting him and letting him sit in her lap. "Coooooo... squiwt wub mummah, does mummah wub squiwt?" The foal asked, completely forgetting what transpired not even an hour ago "Yes sweetie, mommy loves squirt, but mommy really doesn't like it when squirt doesn't use the litter box" part one of Susie's plan, making sure he uses the litter box 110% of the time, "why Dat mummah?" "When squirt doesn't use the litter box, it gives mommy the BIGGEST heart owies, and mommy has more heart owies when having to give owies to squirt, because mommy loves squirt and doesn't want to hurt squirt" fake sniffle fake sniffle almost got him... "gasp! squiwt sowwy fo gib mummah heart owwies!! Squiwt promise to nebah ebah make bad poopies! Squiwt wiw aways make good poopies fwom now on!" Bam, hook, line and sinker. "R-really? You'd do that for mommy squirt?" "Ues mummah! Squiwt promise! Squiwt do squiwts promise dance!" And just like that squirt jumps out of Susie's lap, sits on his ass and starts wiggling hiss hooves from side to side while peeping.
This is one of the good times that squirt dances, making Susie genuinely smile. After more playing and dancing, Susie checks her watch, 10:30 pm. "OK squirt, time for bed ok? Mommy doesn't want to be late for work!" Susie called out, tired from todays kerfuffle "Otay mummah! Can squiwt make one mowe gud poopies befow sweepie time?" With Sarah giving squirt the nod of approval, squirt goes to the litter box, does his business and head to his bed. Susie tucks him in, kisses his head and heads to bed herself. Forgetting to check if her alarm was set.
Waking up, Susie checks her phone, "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! Ih forgot to set my alarm! Shitshitshit!" Susie huridly gets ready and quickly opens the saferoom door, squirts already awake, but is standing at the door waiting for Susie. whoosh! SLAM! "Heysquirtimsorrysweetiebutiwokeuplateandineedtorushoutthedoorillbebacksoonsweetieok?okbye!" And Susie is out the door.
"OWIE!!!!! WHY safwoom doow gib squiwt owies? Dis wostest owies ebah! Huuuuhuuuu peep peep.... whew mummah? Peep peep?" Squirt mumbled, holding his nose tightly with his hooves, blood leaking from it. The door had hurt him! Why? Squirt never did anything to the door! But, wait, the door is... opening? It's never open for very long... maybe the door is trying to tell squirt that mummah needs help! "DOWNT WOWWY MUMMAH! Squiwt wiw Sav ou!!" With that, squirt rushes out the room, determined to find his mommy and give her the bestest dancies she has ever seen! To give her the biggest heart happies!
Little did little squirt know, that this would be a big mistake....
Hey there! That is the end of part one! I know it's not very 'abuse box' but every good story needs a setup! And don't worry, squirt will get what's coming to him, soon......
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2023.06.10 07:18 LoveMangaBuddy Read Martial Arts Alone - Chapter 30 - MangaPuma

A place where you casually use blood or ma in your name, I lived in Murim for 7 years. I was miserable, and I did a lot of dirty things. But I had to do anything to survive. That's 'Nangin' Finally, I crossed the line and experienced death in a desire to become stronger. But when I opened my eyes, it was modern. The world has changed and we are connected to the fantasy world of Pangea?! And as a r ... Read Martial Arts Alone - Chapter 30 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/martial-arts-alone/chapter-30
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2023.06.10 07:17 starrydomi Broken tooth in dog with IMT

Hello. We just noticed our border collie badly broke a tooth, the big molar, we can see pink underneath. It must’ve just happened in the last few days, we regularly check her gums and teeth for bleeding and spots because she has IMT and low platelets. We take blood super serious. She is acting normal, she was running around playing fetch when we noticed it. She’s on a soft raw food and we’ll stop any chew activities for now. She already has a checkup booked for this Wednesday for a UTI she’s being treated for thanks to steroids and incontinence. Just wanted to see how big of an emergency this is or if there was anything we could do in the meantime to help. We’ll take her to the emergency vet but given her extensive history with IMT, we’d rather her normal vet see her if we can wait and call in on Monday.
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2023.06.10 07:17 SmokeAndSkate The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Wing

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2023.06.10 07:16 mach_reddit Knock knock, first door to door visit in many years

sorry, I just need to share this door knock experience I had today.
I just had the Jehovah's Witnesses call. One of them knew my deceased mother and myself though I can't recall his name but I was surprised they called. I've been waiting for this but still my heart was beating fast. After my pimi father passed away my elderly pimi mother lived here with me until her death a couple years ago due to not accepting a blood transfusion. When I heard the knock on the door I was surprised since I had been through the angry phase of grief and leaving a cult so the local JW’s knew my feelings. I’ve since calmed down and am now probably more in the activism phase having spent time recently talking to the JW’s on the carts, usually until they left the area, or until I got bored and left. I was still surprised one of them would venture back to my place. Anyway we caught up about mum initially then started talking about the bible. I tried to ask what evidence there was for the bible being a true document from God and they talked about the resurrection being evidence, so I asked for proof but they just pointed to the bible so I said that the bible makes lots of claims but how do you know they’re true, it says that God created plants before the sun and bee's...thousands of years apart, despite it saying “an evening and a morning a new day” after each creative day so why would they not be 24 hours days. Even your creation video online says it was written from a human perspective but they're not 24 hour days? They kept talking about water above and waters below and that they cleared to reveal the sun. I showed them the flat earth model on my phone and said read it again looking at that picture and you'll see it's talking about a flat earth model.
They disagreed but couldn't defend it so kept saying the same thing. I had my bible by this time and my "was life created" brochure and tablet with the references from the brochure. I tried to argue the bible's account of creation was flawed and not scientific. The creative order is wrong and doesn't work creating plants before the sun and bee's. They kept trying to say that there were waters above that filtered the sun despite me showing them verse 16 where it says God made the sun and moon…on day 4, not made it visible. They said that it was just a summary of the previous day so I pointed out that day 3 ends at vs 13 and day 4 ends at vs 19 so wouldn't everything between be what happened on day 4? They wouldn’t agree and I forgot to ask them about why the creation order is different in Chapter 2 from vs 4 but if they come back I’ll be able to save that one.
Anyway I then showed then the “Was life created” brochure and asked why the Watchtower misquotes scientists and showed them the quote of Wolf-Ekkehard Lonnig in the paper “mutation breeding, evolution and the law of recurrent variation” where they add a capital “M” and mine quote a section to say that “Mutations…” do not create new species when the paper actually says that it is not viable…not that it’s not possible.
I tried to ask them what the Watchtower had done to show them that God supports them. What evidence has the WT supplied? The men that say they represent God but have to lie to provide evidence of his existence like in the brochure I showed them. They tried to say that they supported people in natural disasters so I had two questions, 1, show that they helped anyone that wasn’t a JW and 2. Show exactly in their financial records which disasters they gave to and how much? I said that other organizations did a lot more at natural disasters so does that mean that God is behind those groups instead or as well? Again I came back to what evidence has the WT provided to support their claim that God supports them?
They then said that obviously I didn’t like them to which I quickly replied, “no, you’re wrong” I have no animosity to Jehovah's Witnesses, I feel sorry for them allowing the WT organization to continue to tell them lies that they won't fact check. I’m disappointed that they won’t research anything without using WT material and that you’re allowing the WT corporation to fleece you. I wanted to say like lambs to the slaughter but wanted to keep it light. I don’t understand why anyone would think being told to be sheeplike is a good thing. I continued, the WT buy and sell properties and make the Jehovah's Witnesses pay for them. They don’t provide any social services or aged care facilities. To which he agreed and said “No, they don’t”, I continued that they don’t care for the elderly in their homes, they provided nothing for my mother who was a lifelong member, I had to provide her a safe home in her golden years because the WT had taken every bit of spare money from my parents over their life and told my parents “don’t worry, the end of the world is coming soon”. They’re building a big new video studio in Australia but the end is so close, the last of the last days. To which he quickly added that it will be used after Armageddon so I said, Oh is God going to protect them, is that in the bible? Do you have a scripture to back that statement up? He didn’t so I continued, they’ve sold all those properties in NY and even the local KH making my elderly mother have to travel 10 times further to a local hall. Expect to be told that you need to buy them a new KH here to replace the one they sold, sometime soon and if the organization is growing why did they sell off the local KH?
He evaded that question by asking if I had ever brought up these views with my mother when she was alive and I said no. She was safe here in her golden years but I knew that you are told that if anyone says anything bad about the WT or questions it that you have to flee. If I had said anything to her I knew she would have tried to leave this safe environment. I returned to, what is it that proves to you that God supports the Watchtower? He tried to say that he follows Jesus but I said so without the WT you could still follow Jesus? But he didn’t reply to this and was starting to leave at this point. I said I really urge you to do some research outside the WT material. I looked him in the eye and said calmly, “you’re not going to do that are you?”. To which he admitted he wouldn’t, I nodded and said “I know” it’s a pity that you’ll continue to allow the WT to lie to you and the brochure “was life created” has many examples of how they twist things to say what they want it to say…but’s it just lie’s. I’m really sorry you won’t do any real research but you’re welcome to come back and talk some more about it, I really enjoyed our talk. Then I looked him in the eyes again and calmly said “you’re not going to come back, are you?”, to which he replied no as I expected.
If you’re the person that came to my door today and are reading this, please come back when you’re ready to talk some more. We don’t dislike Jehovah's Witnesses, we dislike that you’re being lied to by the Watchtower Organisation.
Stay safe friends.
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2023.06.10 07:16 WaitUuseRedditYorSad My mother abused me for years. I went from Incel to Tate fan and I am now neither. I came to share my story and to self-refect on why I fell in to the traps.

I posted this to my Facebook as I posted Tate-related content there and upset but also pleased a few people so I wanted to make my mindset adjustment public. I'm gonna copy and paste it here with some extra stuff that I didn't want to say on my Facebook because it would shit-stirr my family but I truly want to get it off my chest a day spread my message.
After taking plenty of time to think about it. I've decided that I am no longer a supporter of Tate. When you're just another one of the many young man outcasted by society, having your masculinity blamed for everything wrong in your life, bullied by the popular kids in school, never having a girlfriend and being blamed for all of those things, it's easy to see why I fell for his trap.
Having already left Incels and decided I want to try to improve instead of just giving up, I saw a man who told you it's okay to be masculine, it's okay to want the hot chicks, it's okay to want to drive sports cars, it's okay to want to be rich, it's okay to want submissive wives, it's okay to want to fight, it's okay to be a man! It's very hard not to be drawn to it in a world that tells you these things are toxic and will keep you celibate, that this is the reason women aren't attracted to you. Tate comes along with his 4 wives, videos of him with women in bikinis, his big muscular physique, his hundreds of millions of dollars and his 4 world kick-boxing champion belts to prove that notion wrong.
"If I'm such a misogynist then how come I'm fuckin' and you're not fuckin'? If I'm such a misogynist then how come women are coming to me?"
"All I talk about is how men are better than women and I'm still fuckin' more pussy than you are."
It's hard to argue with that point. The answer is because being a misogynist doesn't stop you from being attractive.
But, that doesn't excuse it. Tate knows with his money, status, physique, influence, accolades and confidence that he can still have a plethora of shallow women at his disposal and still get away with spewing his sexist vitriol.
"Women should not be allowed to drive"
"Women have been trading sexual favours in exchange for career advancements for decades, it doesn't make it sexual assault just because of the metoo movement"- Response to Harvey Weinstein's scandal
"When women end up in senior management it's nothing but a shit-show and a bitch-fest"
"I'm a realist and when you're a realist, you're sexist. There's no way you can be rooted in reality and not be sexist"
"When a woman marries a man, she belongs to that man"
"I was getting on a plane and I could see through the cockpit that a female was the pilot and I took a picture and I said, ‘most women I know can’t even park a car, why is a woman flying my plane?"
"A woman cheating isn't even on the same level as a man cheating"
"Female promiscuity is disgusting and it has been looked down upon in every era of human history to the point where a female could be executed for it." "As they should be"- Another man on the podcast "Get the rocks"- Replied Tate
Men, there's nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself! You can work out, figure out how to make money outside of employment, learn how to increase your testosterone, do NoFap, quit porn, jaw-maxing, eating clean, learning how to pick up women(and let's be honest, accepting that their advice on how to do so sucks 😅) learn a combat sport, have submissive women, be polygamous(as long as it's not deceptive). This is not cringe, it is called AMBITION! But here's the news flash:
Some people will call you cringe for doing this. Because they want to keep you on their level. Most women will say that you need to be a feminist or you will stay single and that self-improvement is cringe. But just laught it off, it doesn't matter. And no you don't have to be a feminist either. You can just be a respectful person who doesn't want to divert women's rights they are entitled to in the modern day.
The reason us sexless, emasculated, envious, unloved men felt compelled to him is because he offered a way out. A way out of the deception that you have to be feminine, emotional and deceived by fourth wave feminism to be accepted in society and have women attracted to you. This is a lie. When these young men fall for this lie, it becomes hard not to be angry and resentful when women do not act the way our parents, the education system and the media tells us they do. That they don't like the assholes, the bullies, the jocks, and yes... the MISOGYNISTS. We were told just being a nice guy who respects women is enough.
When this lie unravels, many unfortunately go one of 2 routes:
The red pill- Aiming for self-improvement and maximisation in every metric of your value(nothing wrong with that). But unfortunately then using this to control the women in your life and preach oppression to make things the way they used to be.
The black pill- Where men convince each other that they will never be able to obtain sex/relationships no matter what and their situation is inescapable, to just give up. Some of which tell others to rape women; some of which do. Some of which tell others to commit mass shootings; Some of which do.
Many men have now left the black pill because of Tate which is great and it is better they idolise him than murderers like Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian or content creators like EggWhite and WheatWaffles. Some never were black-pilled but admire Tate for preaching masculinity and stoicism in a world that demonizes it. I will reiterate to those men- YOU CAN DO SO WITHOUT DEMEANING WOMEN
So why does Tate do this? 2 reasons:
  1. He is a misogynist and wants women to be oppressed because he is threatened by their freedom and wants to enjoy the pleasure of seeing them controlled, at his service, being dependant on men, not being allowed to lead in any corporate or industrial organisations because he believes they are incompetent in doing so. He doesn't listen to his own rule here. But just because you want that and it is feels better to live that way as a man, doesn't necessarily mean you should do it.
  2. He doesn't care about you. He really doesn't, he just wants to profit off you. He knew that targeting lost young men, a group that is hated, lonely and angry could be easily radicalised. Same as Hitler did with the Nazis by telling them it's okay to be German and then pointing the finger at Jews to blame them for all the injustice dealt toward them. It's a classic trick that is yet to fail.
Tate's mindsets are helpful in many ways:
"Do what needs to be done regardless of how you feel"
Beat Tate at his own game! Self-improve, do the hard work even if you don't feel like it! But draw the line with the misogyny because wven thought it FEELS tempting, comforting and easy to do so, doesn't mean you should. Having that said, it is painful for me to acknowledge I was wrong and deceived by this evil genius. It's also very satisfying to know that a certain someone was seeing me support ideologies I knew would never be approved of and that the brainwashing, abuse and manipulation I was subjected to wasn't working. I wanted to stick it to you and show you how wrong you were for trying to strip me of my masculinity. I hate that you will be releived I am moving on and respecting women and that you will feel justified in the way you treated me. But:
"The most important part of being a man is not doing what you want to do but doing what you have to do. Your feelings don't matter as a man!" -Tate
Thanks for reading 💚
The "certain someone" was my mother. She made me sleep with her until I was 14, walked around naked in front of me and encouraged me to do the same. She would tell me my penis was big when it is in fact under-average. She used to constantly make small-penis jokes, say misogynists, show-offs and even rapists were projecting their small dick insecurity. She also told me my bullies had small dicks. This hurt when I realised I had one myself but she wouldn't listen and insisted me it was above average for my age and I'm still growing. My father on the other hand would open the door on me in the shower, wave his finger at me with a stupid smile and tell me I will never impress any girls with a small one. I of course didn't wanna say this on my Facebook with my real identity and my sister thinks my Mum is some kind of saint who can do no wrong and nags me for a justification for ghosting her and I obviously don't want to provide the details because a; I have to admit I have a small penis in order to do so and b; I know I will probably be accused of lying or just gaslight me and say it's all in my head.
The worst thing she ever did was when I told her this 13 year old disabled girl had a crush ok me and I was being bullied for it so she told me "I don't think I can trust you to not have sex with her. You have high testosterone and are treating girls like sex-objects." This is difficult to say but I remember never loving my mother again after she accused me of being a paedophile who would take advantage of a disabled THIRTEEN year old girl.
We suspect she has Munchausen Syndrome and she told me I was sick my whole life with things I wasn't. Every morning I had to wake up and drink celery juice with no breakfast be cause she was convinced I was poisoned with toxins I was given at the hospital as a baby after I got bitten by our cat.
She told me I was gluten and dairy intolerant, I have since eaten these things and am fine.
I had developmental echolalia throughout my adolescence(if you don't know, similar to Tourette's syndrome, causes involuntry ticks and is common in autistic pubsescents). Both my parents and my sister told me I was doing it for attention and I could control it. I would get bullied in school for it and they would continue to tell me I could control it or to just "cover my mouth" when I do it.
She told me that my sexual urges were unnatural and for a "boy like me", I should not be "Seeing women as sex objects": This was her reaction to me telling her I would get erections and sometimes ejaculate when I saw sexy women in skimpy clothing and I tried to refuse going to the beach because of the women in bikinis but she would still force me to. I would usually rub one out before leaving if I had time or try to go in the water until the boner went down.
She also assured me before high-school that because I'm so handsome and "wasn't like the other boys"(respectful gentleman she apparently raised me to be) that I would be very popular with all the girls. When this didn't happen, she said it was because I must street them like sex objects.
She told me I was "addicted to masturbating": Apparently 4-5 times a day was addiction which in reality is just normal all teenaged boy stuff.
I explained that I was attracted to the hot women and not the nerdy ones like she told me to be and asked why this was. She told me it was because I had entitlement problems and it was due to my high testosterone. She said to avoid the hot ones because they are "too much drama" and that no matter what my girlfriend looks like, I will enjoy sex with her just as much because the emotattraction is what counts and hit girls will only manipulate me and take me away from her.
Because of this she would cry and hug me, telling me I was going to grow up to be a suicidal sex addict. She then went to the adult store and bought me a fleshlight as per my father and his friend's suggestion. She told me it would satisfy my urges and stop the spontaneous ejaculatiobs in public. I told her it wasn't do she threw it out and kept buying different variants, tryto find tge one that would work. None of course did.
She would tell me I needed to be saved to prevent myself from taking advantage of all the women with bad fathers who would want to sleep with me and I couldn't resist it because my testosterone was too high. She told me I needed treatment for my "hypersexuality". I told her I was hesitant and she would say "I don't know why you want to be a sex-addict. Why do you want to live like this? Why do you want to be a misogynist who abuses women? I could never deal with losing my boy, so please get the help you need.
She then took me to accupunctural therapists to give me treatment for hypersexuals that constricts blood vessels to the genitals and would convince him to administer it by telling him the same bullshit she told me.
I now look at my small penis and hate her knowing that it could've been even just a little bit bigger if it weren't for her "treatment" and I will never forgive her for the physical and emotional damage she caused me. There is so much more I could get in to about how she and my father too abused me but it's gonna be too long.
I always get worried when I see mothers who say they want their son to be "different".
"I don't want him to rape, be a patriarch, stalk women who reject him, embrace his emotional side, be attracted to strong and independent women" etc.
To those mothers. I am warning you, allow your son to embrace his masculinity, teach him to be stoic, if he has a father figure, let him influence him as an adolescent, let him be attracted to who he is attracted to. Don't be like my mother or he will resent you, he will he scarred for what you do.
Thank you if you read this far. Feel free to follow me for more and comment your thoughts.
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2023.06.10 07:15 c351xe JWs: Millions of children now living should be dead. That's pure worship!

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2023.06.10 07:15 inzayn_ali Jus needed some opinion. Difference between two reports Dec 2019 and Jun 2023

Dec 2019 T3- 83 (ref range 60-200 ng/dl) T4-7.4 (ref range 3.5-12 μq/dl) TSH-3.26 (0.3-5.5 μIU/ml)
Jun 2023 T3- 72(58-159) T4-5.64(4.87-11.72) TSH-1.481(.35-4.94)
I have been having sleep issues for the last three years. Mostly due to stress and life circumstances..many boits of insomnia and delayed onset sleep syndrome. But finally I've managed to get in under control for the last few weeks. Would my thyroid be back to normal hormon production? Is my thyroid underfunctioning ? Kinda worried. Should I consult an endo? Any chance of optimising it naturally by sorting my sleep hygiene? My other blood works are optimal except cholesterol which I can bring it down.
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2023.06.10 07:14 FrostyFrost47 First Meeting Tomorrow

Good day,
I will be going to my first AA meeting tomorrow. What can I expect?
I am not a total drunk I've been sober for over a month on several occasions just completely on my own and with the help of the Lord. I do not drink everyday but I do go on like two week binges at times than I try and take a break. I am at a point where I want to quit drinking and focus on fitness (Rowing). I went to the gym a few days ago and I am so out of shape that I did not even last 3 min on the rowing machine. I was completely out of breath and I think my smoking has contributed to this. I just threw away my cigarettes and now chewing nicotine gum to combat the cravings. I want to get extremely fit, I will start by rowing to loose weight first and than I want to get into body building. Obviously I can not do that if I am drinking. I am not sure what to expect from the AA meetings and I am not the kind of person that likes to open up to random strangers. So I don't know how productive that meeting will go.
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2023.06.10 07:14 2muchpethair Was I sexually abused by their mother? Has anyone else experienced it?

Sooooo I've always felt some kind of way about it but it wasnt something that kept me up at night.. I've gotten through all my trauma but now that I'm a young adult who wants to be more sexually involved past abuse is surfacing. I can't explain everything as I only remember small portions of my childhood but I'll do my best.
Basically the earliest I remember is my neighbor who was a girl and slightly older than me was the one who introduced me to sex. Basically both our parents were shit and never around which is how this happened in the first place... but to keep it short and somewhat PG she made me perform sexual acts on her. One day my brother walked in on us and told my mom. Well later that day she beat me with a belt for it and that was that.
Skip to some random time later that I don't remember... but the sexual acts had continued with the neighbor and she had me watch porn and draw out what I saw because she wanted me to give my drawings to her. My mom found the drawings and again I got beat for it... although this time she asked me where I got the idea from and I told her who. She believed the answer, that it was my neighbor, but she preferred a different one. So she beat me again until I gave her a different name. This went on and off idk how many times but basically she beat me multiple times in a row until I told her my grandma's name (her mother) because she hated her and always wanted a reason to start stuff.
That's the main memory... but following the years after that my mother continued to make me sleep in the same bed as her despite us having a 4bedroom house I never had my own. She would sleep next to me naked in "our" queen sized bed... not very big obviously..and walk around the house naked.
I was going though puberty and started growing public hair. I would get ingrown often and she never taught me how to fit it myself... she enjoyed making me pull my pants down so she could pluck the hairs herself. Eventually I stopped telling her I was getting them and so she resorted to taking my pants off and doing this and lord knows what else while I was sleep. I never caught her doing it but she admitted this to me.
Skip to teenage years when I started having a highschool boyfriend she started talking about how I needed to date "a strong man who could control me" and that if I decided to have sex I would need to get her approval on the person first. She said that she wanted to get a lock and key jewelry set so that I would have the lock and she could give the key portion to the person I'll have sex with. Mind you were not religious at all... never have been. She was just super controlling over me and obsessed with me having sex. When I broke up with my boyfriend her response was literally "what happened? Did he rape you?" Also because we were dumb kids, my friends would sometimes send me dumb sexually themed memes and I would get yelled at for having them on my phone. It was totally uncalled for because even now I still see memes like that and they're not serious at all. If I had a kid who saw them I would just be like "bruh really" not yell at them.
There was also a few times where she would kiss my neck, and she would often grab my butt and breast. I was very verbal about my discomfort but she didn't care. She would literally say "you came from me so this(body part)is mine" or "incest is best" while stroking my arm.
I did have more to say but now my brain is saying that's enough for today cuz I can't remember anything else even though I know there's more😭 I lowkey feel like my mom was a pedophile but idk like I'm at a stage where I know what happened to me and I realize the effects... but my brain still has no feeling towards it. For some reason I also get this feeling that something worse happened to me but I just don't remember what happened? Idk if that makes sense. Because I have this fear of men overall, but especially a specific race of men that is totally uncalled for due to having no bad experiences with them that I can recall. Ya know? It's just this odd gut feeling that I get but can't explain.
But basically to summarize... now that I'm older I have had sex but each time I dissociated send froze so don't even know what really happened. I hate being touched or kissed, I don't want to hear about sex and even watching people kiss in movies gives me anxiety so I turn it off. I've tried experimenting with myself sexually to try to rewire my brain, but everything just ends up painful from myself tensing up so much.
So yeahhhhh that's it for now.
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2023.06.10 07:13 grimwhirl The casting of Butler in Artemis Fowl movie

Alright. To start this is one of those strawman "Ryan Gosling as Malcolm X" type rants. I seriously think the casting of Butler in this movie is one of the most tone-deaf things Disney has ever done.
Of all the characters to cast a black actor for (Mulch, Holly, Commander Root; I actually think someone like Idris Elba or Ving Rhames would've played Commander Root better than Judy Dench) they picked the character whose name is "Butler" who works as a Butler for a white rich boy.
Good Lord they may as well have renamed the character to "Slave."
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2023.06.10 07:13 Smile1228 WHAT IS HAPPENING??

Hi all, I’m sorry for my frantic title but I genuinely don’t understand what’s happening this month. I typically have really heavy periods with insane cramps. This past month my period was late, and when it did “start” it was merely spotting and a trickle here and there, it stopped after a few days and I figured that was it. Fast forward a week and a half and suddenly I feel a gush come out of nowhere while sitting in my office at work. I immediately rush to the bathroom only to find that I’m bleeding an insane amount with no indication whatsoever. For reference, I can usually tell when my period is on its way based on mood and my ability to tolerate the slew of angry residents I speak with on a consistent basis. I have not had a single cramp, or mood swing, so I had no way of knowing it was coming.
Now, I’m going on day four of bleeding and am filling up nighttime pads in three hours max. It’s a constant rush, there’s A LOT of clotting which I do experience regularly but not to this extent. Furthermore, there don’t seem to be any signs that this will stop. For the last few days it’s consistently been nothing but BLOOD, and I haven’t dealt with it to this extremity. The odd thing is, I’m not having any cramps whatsoever. I already have an issue with my iron dropping due to the amount of blood I lose during my cycle, and I just know this is only going to make it worse. If anyone has any advice, that would be greatly appreciated. I do have an appointment scheduled with my Gyno but she was booked out a few weeks so I won’t be seeing her until the end of the month.
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2023.06.10 07:13 Eyteeeyt Rupture needs to do more

As it sits its basically purely a utlility skill at higher levels. You get a meager "blood explosion" that does negligable damage and then a choice of attack speed or heal. You dont get any extra damage, it just consumes the damage you already are doing AND it has a massive cast point leaving you vulnerable to many types of CC while youre casting it. Its nice to execute elites but you might as well just use it as a 1 point and forget it skill. I find myself rarely using it against bosses unless im using the attack speed portion because why bother?
Im currently trying to figure out if the "×% hit damage dealt as bleed while berserking" works when rupturing and then rolling over the rupture damage as a fat bleed stack but havent been able to figure out if it works yet.
Potential solution
1.) (Probably too strong) Rupture damage explodes in a AOE. As it is bleed barbs have almost no AOE. Rend is miniscule. I watch bear druids basically slamming and jamming entire rooms meanwhile im relegated to having to group enemies and perfectly position stop attack the perfect angles to clear.
2.) (More balanced) Rupture x% multiplies the damage of the bleed damage stack on the enemy.
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2023.06.10 07:13 KnoobLord Scrapped a minion build for Explosive Mist. NO tooltip about nerfs...

Scrapped my entire minion build to make a corpse explosion blood mist build after finding the legendary aspect. Thought I came across a cool new build.

I had NO idea that the aspect was nerfed into uselessness recently, and there is absolutely nothing noting the forced cooldown of the explosions triggered by the mist. Went from having a build that could run helltide dungeons, to one that can't even clear basic content. Fuck you Blizz.
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2023.06.10 07:13 Laz_Zack Knight: Overview and Job combos

Knight is one of the hardest hitters in the game, with a focus on high damage with Swords and use of White Magicks for support, a relatively straightforward class that is already really powerful on it's own. Working on adding the "Available Licenses" section again, since I've been having a hard time posting new posts due to the character limit on Reddit.


Other Jobs:


Knight is an interesting job in that it starts using a one-handed swords and shields before switching to Greatswords as their primary weapon class (though one-handed swords like the Simha, Durandal and Karkata are still great if you want to use shields), in a way it starts more defensively like Foebreaker then it shifts to a more offensive approach like Uhlan, both kinds of Swords only use Strength, so you don't have to worry about a secondary stat like other weapons, Knights have good HP (higher than Uhlan's but lower than Foebreaker), a decent amount of Battle Lores, access to both physical damage augments (Focus and Adrenaline) and Last Stand, all 3 Shield Block augments to improve their evasion while wearing a shield, making them a decent Tank though Foebreaker and Shikari are arguably better at that role (Both have better HP, Foebreaker has a bigger focus on one-handed weapons with shields and Shikari has the Main Gauche, together with a good shield and the Jade Collar they are nigh unhittable unless the enemy ignores evasion.), some powerful foes ignore evasion late game, but Shields are still pretty good since some of them are able to decrease the damage or absorb certain elements and also give permanent Shell to fights that use a lot of status attacks (specially useful for fights that spam instant-death attacks as there is no way to make your characters completely immune to them), they are a pretty slow job with only one Swiftness that is also really far away from the start of their board, and while one-handed swords have fast CT speed (the same one as Hammers being only a little behing Axes), Greatswords are on the slower end, they have pretty decent utility if you unlock their White Magicks and a also have a few situational but useful Technicks though I will discuss these more in the "Utility" and "Espers" section.

The class may initially seem similar to Foebreaker but while Hammers & Axes have high attack power they have an element of Luck to them and also need a secondary stat, one-handed Swords have less attack power but hit for more consistent damage and have a variety of elemental (Flamentongue, Icebrand and Excalibur gives them Fire, Ice and Holy) and status weapons (Ancient Sword, Deathbringer, Blood Sword, Karkata and Ragnarok gives them Petrify, Instant-death, Sap, Confuse and Immobilize), so it is a bit of trade-off, Karkata is the highlight of one-handed swords being able to stun lock enemies that aren't immune to confuse really easily while also having really high ATK, Greatswords have amazing single-target damage, being one the most powerful weapons in the game, both kinds of swords don't combo too often though weapons like Simha, Excalibur and the Tournesol have a pretty decent combo rate (a lot lower than high-level Katanas, Ninja Swords, Poles and even Hammers) so they can benefit from staying on low HP (it increases combo rate) and having the Genji Gloves equipped, there aren't that many amazing swords you can get really early (ignoring Karkata from Trial Mode) outside the Defender and the Durandal which can be grinded for a really low chance from some strong mobs, the Bastard Sword and Deathbringer can also be acquired quite early if you go out of your way to hunt them, but they aren't as strong as the other swords I mentioned (though Deathbringer does have an instant-death effect tied to it), the highlight of Knight's kit is definitely the Excalibur, a holy-elemental Greatsword that is already a really strong weapon by itself but a lot of enemies late-game are either undead or weak to Holy which really elevates the weapon to one of the best in the game, beating even the Knight's ultimate weapon, the Tournesol against holy-weak enemies (it doesn't help that the Tournesol is a hassle to get, easily one of the most, if not the most, grindy Bazzar weapon).

Utility: A lot of Knight's utility are tied to Esper unlocks, which makes their ability to do party support entirely reliant on your Esper choices, in this section I'll focus on what they have by default, and I'll speak more about their other skills in the "Espers" section, I already covered their elemental and status effects coverage, so I will focus on their Technicks, Souleater is situational but can do good damage with high ATK weapons, and it is also useful for fights that seal the Attack command, First Aid is only useful in the very early game since it heals a pittance, and it falls off really quickly, Infuse is great for getting a character to low HP to increase combos or activate low HP augments like Adrenaline, Revive is situational, but it can potentially be a lifesaver if you need your healer to be revived on a healthy state ASAP, it is a bit of a crutch ability that is more useful when playing blind but loses its value on replays, Sight Unseeing can be a decent way to get enemies to low HP, so you can Poach them for loot, Knight lacks Item Lores and Magicks without Espers, and they also can't hit flyers outside of throwing items or using innate weapons and magicks from certain characters.

Espers: Compared to other classes Knight has a lot of decent unlocks, with only a few duds here and there, confusingly enough they can't unlock Magic Lores of any kind while other physical classes with much more limited magical options tend to have unlockable Magic Lores or have a few of them on their board, which means they can't power up their magic outside the innate low-level Mystic Armor of a certain character, Magick Gloves, Leather Gorget, accessories that raise a little bit of magic or Faith from Hashmal, Potion Lore 1 from Belias is basically free since the Esper's only other notable unlock is Libra from Bushi and other classes (and a certain character) have Libra innately, Mateus gives Knight White Magicks 6 & 7, giving them Curaga, which is a potent single-target heal that can also be used to damage Undead enemies, it allows Knight to self-heal or heal other party members in a pinch though they lack the magic to make the spell super powerful it is still ok, Regen cures Sap and can also be used to keep your character topped off for full HP augments like Focus, Cleanse cures Disease one of the most dangerous statuses in the game, Esuna cures most statuses effects except Slow, Stop, Oil, Disease, Doom, KO, X-Zone and Stone (though it cures Petrify the "countdown" to Stone status), Mateus is an Esper that is acquired pretty early in the game, so you have a lot of time to put those skills to use, Potion Lore 2 from Shemhazai is not bad, but the Esper is really competed, a single Battle Lore from Cúchulainn is pretty meaningless and the Esper is probably one of the most competed in the whole game, +350 HP from Exodus isn't super necessary as the Esper has more interesting unlocks elsewhere and Knight doesn't really struggle for HP since Heavy Armor has great physical defense, Chaos and Zodiark are odd since it just leads you to the same unlocks as the ones that Knight gets from one of their Quickenings, I suppose it is there in case you got the earlier Quickenings and didn't wait to unlock the one that appears later in their board, both are more useful elsewhere though, Telekinesis from Ultima is decent (the extra Battle Lore here is more of a bonus) it gives them a way to hit flyers and also deal with fights that seal the Attack command though Ultima is gotten quite late, and it is also a pretty competed Esper, lastly Hashmal gives them White Magicks 8 & 9, Faith is a magic damage and healing buff, allowing them to make better use of their own healing magicks or increase the damage and healing of the dedicated casters of the party, Bravery buffs their already great physical damage and also lets them buff other physical damage dealers in the party, Curaja is the best healing spell in the game, even without great magic it heals for a decent amount, is AoE and can also be used to damage Undead enemies, Confuse is more of a bonus though as Karkata is better than both it and Charm, confuse is better as an on-hit effect, the problem is that Hashmal comes in so late that you don't have much content left to use all of these abilities on.

What it needs and what it can offer: Knight is already pretty complete by itself, the most obvious drawback is how slow they are compared to other classes, while the difference between two and three swiftness is pretty minimal, that isn't the case with only one swiftness, it doesn't help that their only swiftness is really far away from the start of the board, so they will be noticeably slower for a while even when compared to Red Battlemage that also has only one swiftness but can get it easier than Knight, the other thing they really need is magic to make use of it's White Magicks secondaries, they have access to Excalibur a holy-elemental weapon, so they have good synergy with classes that have access to Mystic Armor due to the White Robes boosting the damage of the Holy element, better item support and unobtrusive utility also never hurts, lastly another sore spot is that they lack a way to hit flyers or good options to deal with physical pailings.

Knight provides similar things to Foebreaker, access to Heavy Armor (which includes the Genji Set for the Genji Gloves), a good amount of HP and Battle Lores, augments like Adrenaline, Focus and Last Stand, all Shields, Shield Block augments, White Magicks and Potion Lores for extra support options if you unlock them and a few situational Technicks.

The combos:

Archer: A pretty straightforward upgrade for both parties, Archer gets marginally better HP but more importantly the early Heavy Armor, Battle Lores and Adrenaline it wants, while also getting 1000 Needles for free since Knight has Infuse, extra White Magicks from Knight (if you unlock them) expands their already good support kit, but their item healing will probably overshadow your magic options until you get to Hashmal (See "Esper" section) specially since you'll lack the Magic Lores to make the most out of Archer and Knight's Magicks (Faith helps though Hashmal comes in really late), lastly Archer gets a few extra Technicks which includes Sight Unseeing for easy Poaching (see "Utility" section).
Knight gets all three swiftness, all Item Lores (except Ether Lores) for amazing item support and also the ability to inflict all status effects with a Remedy with the Nihopalaoa accessory (or boost the efficacy of items further with a Pheasant Netsuke), Bows are good weapons to hit flyers or stay at range and also come with a variety of different elemental and status arrows for more coverage, Cura and Raise expands Knight's White Magick tool-kit further, they also get access to all of Archer's Technicks which includes Shades of Black for a way to hit flyers without equipment switching (1000 Needles and Gil Toss can also hit flyers), do AoE damage or deal with physical pailings, Gil Toss does a lot of damage if you have the money to spare, is non-elemental and is AoE, Steal is pretty good on tanks to attract the attention of enemies (for other Archer Technicks see the "Utility" section in the Archer post), lastly they gain access to Light Armor, it is a bit of a lackluster armor type as it only really excels in increasing HP at the cost of your other offensive stats, there are some useful ones like the Brave Suit that is good for any melee attacker, and the ones that reduce elemental damage can also be quite useful, with the right shield or accessory you can become completely immune to certain elements, overall a pretty good upgrade for both parties.

Black Mage: One of the few combos where it feels like Black Mage coexists with the other party relatively well, there are some interesting synergies here though if you want your Black Mage to be a pure caster this is probably not the best combo for that, Black Mage gets a lot of extra HP, access to Last Stand and Shields for better survivability, some extra Technicks from Knight (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), potentially some Potion Lores for better item support and two good weapon-types if they need to be physical for whatever reason, Knight gets All Black Magicks and Green Magicks, the former gives them a way to hit flyers, deal with pailings (non-elemental spells are great for pailings specially), do AoE damage, and great elemental and status coverage, Green Magicks gives Knight a lot of extra utility and a way to self-cast Decoy, Bubble and Reverse for tanking (high magic also means Decoy and Reverse stick more often), the obvious benefit from the combo is that the Magic Lores, Mystic Armor and Magic Augments from Black Mage do wonders to power up Knight's White Magicks if you unlock them, making Curaga and Curaja specially really powerful for both healing and damaging undead enemies (Curaja is also AoE), Hashmal allows for self-casting Faith for better spell damage though that comes in late in the game (for more detail on the White Magicks see the "Esper" section), you get Hand-bombs 3 and Makara from Mateus and Hashmal respectively as a bonus, giving you another way to hit flyers and access to all the status and elemental ammo from hand-bombs for even more coverage (Foebreaker post has more info on Hand-Bombs since it is one of their main weapons), the White Robes from Black Mage gives Knight a way to boost Excalibur damage to ridiculous levels though very few bosses can Tank a boosted Excalibur, so it feels like overkill (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), you get a few extra Technicks from Black Mage (see "Utility" and "Esper" section on the Black Mage post), if you give the combo to a character with innate Steal you get Poach for free which can be useful due to Knight having Sight Unseeing (see "Utility" section), lastly Knight gets three Ether Lores and two Remedy Lores for better item support.
The obvious disadvantage from this combo is that you put two really powerful classes on the same character which can take away the focus from either Black Mage or Knight depending on how you run the combo, Black Mage also doesn't really need the Genji Set though there is only one class that really misses the set and there are other options for that.

Bushi: A well-known combo, and an effective one, both classes complement each other really well and the big disadvantages of the combo is that you still don't have a way to hit flyers or deal with pailings that doesn't involve RNG and that you are putting a bunch of really great weapons on the same character (Simha, Karkata, Excalibur, Tournesol, Masamune and Khumba all on the same place) which can be seen as a detriment specially on a 12-job setting, they also both have access to the Genji Set and Blood Sword\Karkata, Knight gets pretty much most of the things it wants, they get more HP from Bushi but more importantly all three swiftness, two Remedy Lores for better item support, they get all the Magic Lores, Magic Augments and Mystic Armor they need to make the most out of their White Magicks, making Curaga and Curaja really powerful for healing and damaging undead, Bravery and Faith are also useful for Bushi to improve Katana and Shades of Black damage though Hashmal comes in quite late (for more detail on the White Magicks see "Esper" section), access to the White Robes means Excalibur does absurd amounts of damage, though there aren't that many enemies that can tank enough hits from a boosted Excalibur for it to not feel like complete overkill (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), Blood Sword is near the beginning of Knights board, so if you unlock it you can get Karkata quite early due to Bushi also having access to those swords via an Esper, Knight also gets a decent amount of extra Technicks, you get Potion Lore 1 and Libra with Belias which is neat (you'll already have Libra if you give the combo to a character with innate Libra though), Libra is useful for seeing traps and enemy stats, other ones includes Shades of Black for hitting flyers (1000 Needles and Gil Toss can also hit flyers), do AoE damage and deal with pailings, Gil Toss is good non-elemental AoE damage and for fights that block the Attack command (for other Bushi Technicks, see the "Utility" and "Esper" section of the Bushi post).
Bushi gets a lot of things out of the combo too, Magicks to actually use their high magic on (if you unlock them), early Heavy Armor, so they don't have to rely on innate licenses, wait until Genji or Zodiark, extra Battle Lores, Adrenaline, Focus, and potentially some Potion Lores for better item support, all Shields and Shield Block augments to use with Khumba while also getting Blood Sword and Karkata without the use of an Esper, Souleater for free for fights that block the Attack command or to use with high ATK weapons, potentially Telekinesis and an extra Battle Lore with Ultima for another way to hit flyers (or deal with Attack command block) which also gives you Stamp as a bonus though the Esper is pretty competed and also comes in late (for other Technicks see "Utility" and "Esper" section).

Foebreaker: The three melee Heavy Armor jobs don't really pair all that well with each other, too much overlap, both parties don't really get meaningfully improved, and they feel awful on 12-job setting where other classes will really miss the benefits that the melee jobs could give, Knight gets a bit more HP and some extra Battle Lores, but they have to wait until Ultima and Hashmal for better speed, you get double benefit from both Espers due to Knight also having unlocks on these Espers (Swiftness and White Magicks with Hashaml, Battle Lore, Telekinesis and Swiftness with Ultima), but both Espers come in quite late and Ultima in particular is pretty competed, Belias does give both Horology and Potion Lore 1 which is kind of neat I guess, Knight potentially gets extra Magic Lores from Foebreaker to slightly improve their White Magicks if you unlock them, but they are behind rather competed Espers and one of them only unlocks one Magic Lore, similar situation with Shades of Black from Foebreaker which is behind Cúchulainn, another really competed Esper, so no way to hit flyers without changing equipment, do AoE damage or deal with pailings, though they get to hit flyers with Hand-Bombs which also gives them some elemental and status coverage with their ammunition (spoke more about Hand-Bombs in the Foebreaker post), Breaks are situational but gives them extra utility and Expose does improve Sword damage and can be gotten quite early, no Mystic Armor (outside innate licenses) for improving their White Magicks or using the White Robes with Excalibur, no Light Armor for permanent buffs or elemental mitigation.
Foebreaker potentially gets some White Magicks and Potion Lores for extra utility and few extra Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), but not much more, there is a bit of a dynamic here between Swords and Hammers & Axes, one is more consistent and has better status and elemental coverage, and one hits harder but has an element of luck and also needs a secondary stat, so it is a bit interesting, but it is better to have those weapons on different combos than on the same character, there is way too much overlap here, same Heavy Armor licenses (which includes overlap in the Genji Set for Genji gloves), similar HP and Battle Lores, same Shield and Shield Block augments, same augments (Last Stand, Adrenaline and Focus) which wouldn't be as big of a deal if they actually benefited each other in some other way (per example Archer and Shikari also have some overlap in augments, but they also benefit\get benefited from Knight and Foebreaker in more meaningful ways), once Greatswords kick-in Foebreaker doesn't improve them outside of Expose, the benefits from the combo are very minimal, niche or come-in really late, it can be fine if you are into reference builds since it reminiscent of FFI Warrior, but not great if you want something more practical.

Machinist: Similar to ArcheKnight it is a pretty straightforward upgrade to both parties, Guns don't use stats so all you really need to make the most out of them is Focus and Adrenaline, while Machinist doesn't benefit from Heavy Armor (or Genji and Battle Lore) but they can still use the Maximilian for a marginal increase in CT speed, they also get slightly more HP from Knight, access to their Technicks which includes Sight Unseeing to be used with Machinists Poach (See "Utility" and "Esper" section for more info on Knight's Technicks) and Infuse to get to low HP for Adrenaline, White Magicks from Knight to expand their support options though they lack a lot of Magic to make good use of them, being able to self-cast Bravery and Faith is good for Gun damage and if you unlock Green and Time Magicks from Machinist though Hashmal spells come in late and a lot of the Time Magicks don't need magic, only thing missing is Black Robes for Dark Shot though there are few combos that can have both Dark Shot and Adrenaline+Focus, so it is a compromise you have to make when doing combos with Machinist, lastly with all the Shields and Shield Block augments you can evasion Tank with Measures (Measures have high evasion) and even self-cast Decoy with Exodus, though since they lack offensive Magicks you won't be able to do damage unless you want to use Gil Toss, and since Measures have buffs tied to them if you attack with them, you can end up buffing the boss.
Knight gets all three swiftness, some odd Magic Lores for a minimal improvement to their Magicks if you unlock them, Measures for some extra buffing potential, amazing item support with all Item Lores except two Phoenix Lores and two Ether Lores (which allows you to inflict all status effects with a Remedy with the Nihopalaoa accessory or boost the efficacy of items further with a Pheasant Netsuke), Guns are a great option for hitting flyers or staying at range (specially since they ignore stats and defense) and also have a good variety of elemental and status ammunition for more coverage, with Exodus they get a bit of extra HP together with Green Magicks (allows to self-cast Decoy for tanking or improve wyrmfire shot and Flametongue damage with Oil, though both of these spells will have a hard time sticking without the Indingo Pendant due to the lack of Magic Lores and Flametongue also probably fell off already by the time you get to Exodus), with Famfrit you get access to Time Magicks for self-casting Haste and extra status and buff coverage, but the Esper comes in really late, for how Light Armor benefits Knight see the Archer section, lastly they get access to all of Machinist's Technicks, which includes Gil Toss for another way to hit flyers that doesn't require switching equipment, and also a good option for AoE and damage if you have the money to spare, Libra for seeing traps and enemy stats, Steal to attract the attention of enemies if you plan to tank with this character, and Traveler, a powerful Technick if you know how to use it, only thing the combo lacks is a way to deal with pailings, White Robes for Excalibur and Magic for Knight's White Magicks and Machinist's Green Magicks\Time Magicks.

Monk: An interesting combo, the amount of White Magicks you can potentially get is absurd, almost all the White Magicks spells, though the Esper investment is heavy if you want to get all of them, and also you won't really have the magic to make the healing spells in particular super powerful though a good portion of the spells here don't rely on magic (For Knight's spells see the "Esper" section), Monk gets the Heavy Armor it wants which includes the Genji Gloves to increase the already high combo rate of Poles (Infuse from Knight also lets them get to low HP for better combos and activate Adrenaline easier), Poles cover some elements Swords don't, can hit flyer and also hit for magick resist, so you can switch your weapons depending on which kind of defense the enemy has more, they get Souleater and Sight Unseeing for free from Knight and also some extra Technicks (see "Utility" for more info), Curaja and Bravery overlap but that means you get to use those spells much earlier since Monk only needs a quickening for them, the overlap also means you get the Hashmal spells much earlier which means you get access to Faith (which helps with the lack of Magic from the pairing) and Confuse a lot easier, so you get to put these spells to more use instead of having to wait until the endgame, all the Battle Lores from Monk also gives you Telekinesis from Ultima for free due to bypassing Esper locks for another way to hit flyers or deal with fights that block the attack command.
Knight gets all the Battle Lores and HP from Monk which really ups their damage as Monk has a lot more HP and Battle Lores than other jobs, their two Potion Lores easier (three with Shemhazai though that is a competed Esper) and two Phoenix Lores for better item support, potentially most of the White Magicks spells depending on your Esper investments which includes extra support spells for Utility (Protectga and Shellga, AoE Protect and Shell), a powerful revive via Arise, Dispelga to dispel buffs from enemies and certain debuffs from allies which is also AoE, Esunaga for AoE Esuna, Renew for a full heal though Curaja with Faith is probably enough and Renew can risk giving the boss a full heal if they have a mechanic where they cast reflect on your party, Holy is a lackluster spell so consider it more of bonus, and Cura and Raise from Hashmal is not worth by the time you get to the Esper unless you really don't have better unlocks, all of Monks Technicks which includes Expose for better Sword and Pole damage, Shades of Black for a way to hit flyers that doesn't require equipment switching, deal with pailings and do AoE damage, Libra to see traps and enemy stats and Traveler, a powerful Technick if you know how to use and also a few others, for how Light Armor benefits Knight see the Archer section, the obvious drawback is that in a 12-job setting not only can other jobs can miss out on what Monk and Knight provides, you also put a bunch of powerful weapons on the same character, you also have to wait until Ultima for the last two swiftness, so the character will be slow until you can unlock the Esper, no White Robes for Excalibur though that isn't a huge deal.

Red Battlemage: Both jobs compliment each other well, but Red Battlemage pairs decently with most things due to being a jack-of-all-trades, while Maces only need magic for damage, they still benefit from Focus and Adrenaline from Knight, they cover some elements and statuses that Knight doesn't have for more coverage, Red Battlemages can really struggle for MP with all the spells they cast and lack of easier access to their third Channeling augment, so they appreciated being able to recover more MP via Headsman and Inquisitor, Red Battlemage gets more HP, Last Stand and Shield Blocks augments for better survivability, though their shield licenses overlap and Red Battlemage also doesn't need Genji, they get easier access to their Greatswords due to Knight having them innately though it feels more like Knight overwrites this part them really making their Greatswords better, due to them already having Curaga and Regen they get Esuna and Cleanse for free without an Esper due to bypassing Esper Locks, Knight can also give them Faith for better spell and healing, Bravery for better Mace damage and Curaja to give them the endgame healing spells they lack, though Hashmal comes late in the game, you get Steal as a bonus though it would be more of use earlier, a single extra Battle Lore from Cúchulainn since that Esper normally goes to Red Battlemage, and lastly they potentially get some Potion Lores from Knight for better item support though their healing Magicks will probably overshadow that and all of Knights Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section for that).
Knight gets a good variety spells to use, some healing spells, utility spells (which includes Green Magicks for tanking which I spoke about in the Black Mage section) and a good variety of elemental and status spells, with a Demon shield or Black Mask you can heal your character or other party members with dark spells, all the Magic Lores, Mystic Armor and Magic Augments help improve Curaja from Hashmal, a single Ether Lore for marginally better item support (and one or two extra Technicks), the spells are helpful to hit flyers, for AoE or to deal with pailings (Drain is non-elemental which is good for pailings and can also hit flyers), White Robes means you can boost the damage of Excalibur for absurd levels (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), though that feels like overkill for a lot of the game, the combo is also really slow since both Knight and Red Battlemage only gets one swiftness, it doesn't help that they can't self-cast Haste since Red Battlemage lacks it, still overall it still is a good general improvement for both sides.

Shikari: A decent improvement to both parties, Shikari gets the Heavy Armor, Battle Lores, the Shields and shield block it is missing, though they don't benefit from Genji Gloves since Germinas Boots is better, Daggers and Ninja Swords cover some elements and status effects that Knight doesn't have, so you have some better coverage, you get an extra Battle Lore since Shikari has Telekinesis, and it bypasses Ultima's Esper Lock and you can potentially get Shades of Black from Adrammelech if the Esper is not needed elsewhere, useful for dealing with flyers, doing AoE damage or dealing with pailings, Mateus gives you Gil Toss with the Knight's White Magicks (see the "Esper" section for that), Gil Toss can hit flyers, do good damage, and is also a decent option for AoE and for fights that Block the Attack Command if you have the money to spare, if you unlock guns from Shemhazai you get to use them with Focus and Adrenaline, and they also give access to all the ammo for even more elemental and status coverage, Hashmal gives the Bonecrusher as a Bonus and Bravery and Faith for better Dagger, Ninja Sword and Shades of Black damage though that comes in really late, the odd Magic Lores from Shikari help improve Knight's healing spells though not by a huge margin, and lastly access to all of Knight Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section for that).
Knight gets slightly better HP, three swiftness, great item support with all Potion and Remedy Lores which can be improved with Ultima with two Phoenix Lores (you can inflict all status effects with a Remedy with the Nihopalaoa accessory or boost the efficacy of items further with a Pheasant Netsuke), they get access to Telekinesis easier and can also use Guns for flyers if you unlock them though the Technick and Guns are only available later in the game so unless you unlock Shades of Black they still won't be able to hit flyers easily for a while (you can also use 1000 Needles and Gil Toss for that), they get a few other Technicks and Light Armor (see Archer section for how Light Armor helps Knight), overall a pretty good combo.

Time Battlemage: Pairing two Heavy Armor jobs may seem counterintuitive, but Time Battlemage is a bit of an odd job and has enough differences for it to be a decent utility upgrade for other jobs, while they lack a huge amount of Magic Lores and Mystic Armor their Magic Lores and Magic Augments still help improves Knight's White Magick better than the odd Magic Lore from other classes, it helps that they can get Cura and Raise from Adrammelech to expand Knight's White Magicks kit, Hashmal gives them their last Channeling augment together with the Hashmal spells (See "Espers" section, Faith is useful for healing spells and for sticking status effects) though that comes in late, they get their one-handed Swords for free though similar to Red Battlemages Greatswords it feels more like Knight simply overwrites them, Time Magicks are good but unobtrusive and situational enough that they don't interupt Knight's role a physical damage dealer too often, it is easy to have your character self-cast Haste and Berserk and just watch them go to town when you don't need to use status effects (you'll need the Indigo Pendant to make status effects hit more consistently), though Knight's high HP helps with the damage from the Balance spell, Crossbows are a decent way to deal with flyers and also gives you extra status coverage, though Crossbows miss often compared to other ranged weapons, Drain lets you deal with pailings and also gives you another option to deal with flyers (and the other Green Magicks benefits I discusses in the Black Mage section), Sight Unseeing is useful to use with Poach (see "Utility" section), and if you unlock Shear and Addle you have some extra utility options, you also get a few other Technicks, lastly Knight gets three swiftness and better item support with two Ether Lores (Three with Zalera) and two Remedy Lores.
Time Battlemage gets a more realiable weapon, better HP for more survivability, all of Knight's Technicks and potentially more White Magicks and some Potions Lore for better item support (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), overall a pretty great combo specially if you aren't too focused on getting the White Robes for Excalibur.

Uhlan: A lot of the combos problems are similar to FoebreakeKnight, so I'll focus on the new things, slightly better HP for Uhlan, Uhlan doesn't really benefit from Genji Gloves, they can make Spears combo more often, but Spears have really low combo rates, the few odd Magic Lores from Uhlan kind of help improve Knight's healing spells (if you unlock them), specially since you get a few more with Mateus as a bonus, though it isn't a huge improvement, you can potentially get Breaks, but they are behind some really competed Espers, Bravery and Faith from Hashmal are useful for improving Spear damage and Uhlan spells (specially the Chaos' spells) though Hashmal comes in late, Spears are a good way to deal with flyers and also cover some elements and status effects the Knight doesn't have, they overlap in Holy-elemental weapons though Gugnir is good for fire damage, but it is gotten late, Shades of Black is good for AoE, dealing with flyers without switching equipment and pailings, Uhlan's Black Magicks are a less luck reliant option for that though you are limited by their spell selection (Aeroga is really powerful and Bio is non-elemental something to look forward to if you plan on using Chaos here), Sight Unseeing with Poach and Uhlan gets Knight Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section), Knight gets two swiftness, good item support with two out of three Item Lores of all Item Lores except Ether Lores, this combo can potentially get a decent amount of both White and Black Magicks, so it gives the character some versatility, you also get Telekinesis for free due to bypassing Esper locks giving another option to deal with flyers and deal with fights that block the attack command, it feels better than FoebreakeKnight and Uhlan/Foebreaker but not by a huge margin.

White Mage: Feels fitting for a Paladin build, but there are other things going for it too, White Mage ends up completely overwriting Knight's White Magicks (just as Knight kind of overwrites White Mage's Greatswords), that can be seen as a drawback if you wanted to spread out those abilities, but it can also be seen as a benefit since it means less Esper assignments to worry about, White Mage appreciates Last Stand, the better HP, shields and shield block augments for better survivability as they are a rather squishy job, a great weapon-type with good amount of Battle Lores and physical augments to do damage and regen their MP via Inquisitor and Headsman is also great as they really struggle for MP without a Sage's Ring, potentially some Potion Lores from Knight though their White Magicks overshadow that, they also overlap in hitting the Holy-element with the Holy spells which is gotten late and is also lackluster, and the Holy Rod which is great rod for doing holy-damage, lastly they get access to all of Knight Technicks (see "Utility" and "Esper" section) which gives them Souleater for free to do good damage with high ATK weapons and deal with fights that block the attack command.
Knight gets all White Magick which explains itself for utility, but it gives them earlier and easier access to Bravery for better sword damage and Green Magicks for tanking (see Black Mage section for how Green Magicks help tanking), two swiftness and two Ether Lores for better item support, Rods aren't great outside the Holy Rod, but they can be used to hit flyers, and you can also use Drain for flyers and to deal with pailings, some extra Technicks which includes Libra to see traps and enemy stats, White Robes for boosted Excalibur is accounted for, though there aren't that many enemies that can tank hits from a boosted Excalibur (you can heal yourself or a party member with Excalibur if you have a White Mask or a Sage's Ring since they absorb Holy), the obvious drawback is the overlap in White Magicks if you were more interested in improving Knight's Magicks them completely overwriting them.
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