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Music Optimized for Abandoned Malls

2012.07.07 04:46 RXkings Music Optimized for Abandoned Malls

Global capitalism is nearly there. At the end of the world there will only be liquid advertisement and gaseous desire. Sublimated from our bodies, our untethered senses will endlessly ride escalators through pristine artificial environments, more and less than human, drugged-up and drugged down, catalyzed, consuming and consumed by a relentlessly rich economy of sensory information, valued by the pixel. The Virtual Plaza welcomes you, and you will welcome it too.

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2023.05.24 05:41 Ultim8_Lifeform Respect Mecha Shark! (Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark)

Mecha Shark

After several appearances of the last megalodon on Earth (which the public dubbed "Mega Shark" for the simpler folks in the audience) and the rampages that followed, the U.N. decided that they needed a way to combat the beast and protect anyone in close proximity to the ocean. This desire eventually took the form of Mecha Shark, a massive submarine with the appearance of the beast it was meant to battle. Lo and behold, Mega Shark eventually returned, and two members of the U.S. navy/scientists/??? were tasked with piloting the Mecha Shark and killing the beast. Unfortunately, after several encounters with the Mega Shark, a glitch occurs in its system that causes it to go on its own rampage. Luckily for the citizens of Sydney, Australia, the two sharks eventually took each other out before too much damage was caused. The world could rest easy knowing that the oceans were once again safe... for now.



Weapons/Other Gadgets

Eel Skin
Shocks anything that makes contact with the Mecha Shark (though it needs to be manually activated), overlaying the entire vessal
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2023.05.19 14:50 Saugalyfe905 Female Hip-Hop Drop Watch: May 19th

LightSkinKeisha - Thought I Was Done?
Summer Walker - CLEAR 2: Soft Life EP
Connie Diiamond - Underdog Szn

Rella Gz x Jay5ive - Risktakers
Lia Kloud - Bloody Tears
Selah Sue - When It All Falls Down
Ms Banks - MONEY TALKS 2 (Freestyle)
Kesha - Only Love Can Save Us Now
Maeve - Make Me Yours
Joi Giovanni - Speak Up
Katy Nichole - "Hold On"
CARR - Sick Bro
Chxrry22 - Worlds Away
5ive Mics, Macy Gray, Lil Mama, Fat Joe & The Late Great DMX - RAP STAR REMIX
Mischa - Like Me Now
M E L I S S A - Oh No!
Alemeda - UR SO FULL OF IT
DeVita (드비타) - 'Ride For Me (Feat. DAWN)'
Mrs. Finesse - Massacre
Aryeè The Gem - To It
Amanda PLZ - Rack$
Kali - Area Codes feat. Luh Tyler (850 Remix)
Keke Palmer - FR FR
Kenzo B - "On The Radar" Freestyle (Part 2: Dreams and Nightmares Intro)
Bliteindian - I'm Really That Girl
Maiya the Don - Keep It Cute
LightSkinKeisha - A$$ On Me
(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 퀸카(Queencard)
ICHILLIN’(아이칠린) - ‘Siren’ Performance Video
MIJOO(미주) - Movie Star
Sy'rai - On My Own
Coco Jones - Fallin (Live Performance)
KeMarilyn Chanel - Fly Mode (KeStyle )
Joey Cool - "Sweet" ft. Lex Bratcher
Steph T- Bounce It Back
So Vicious Ft CryssyCola "HOLLA AT ME REMIX"
Wawa 2 Sneaky - She Wanna Play
Dej RoseGold - 4 Fine
Jhonni Blaze Ft Neyo " Dont Fall Out Of Love "
Summer Walker - Pull Up
LightSkinKeisha - Gimme Head
Rita Ora - Praising You (feat. @FatboySlim) (Glockenbach Remix)
Malaynah - Material Things
Jennaske - Pressure
Cyn Santana - La Santana
LION BABE - Thinkin Bout You - Extended Mix
Summer Walker - Pull Up
Queen Naija - Words of Affirmation
H.E.R. - The Journey
Rainy Angel - UFO
SHIRIN DAVID - Lächel Doch Mal
DajshaDoll - Pink Skechers
Looney Divine - (H.O.E )
Scar Lip - This Is Cali FT Snoop Dog
Lolo Zouaï - VHS
Cookz25 - Poppin it
Connie Diiamond, KenTheMan - Move
Journey Montana - 212
Jonaye - 24/7
LA Chat - Letter 2 Lola (Gangsta Boo) (feat. Derez De'Shon)
Sexyy Red - Pound Town (Bass Boosted)
LION BABE - Thinkin Bout You - Dub Mix
Miah Kenzo, Mr.Chicken - Summer 23
Joe khid - Rush (Curated version) Feat. Ayra Starr
Samantha Barrón - Cómo Las Aves
Litty Vuitton - Sticky
Marcy Chin - READY
Kenzo B - "On The Radar" Freestyles Part 1 VS Part 2
Pap Chanel - "On The Radar" Freestyles Part 1 VS Part 2
YouKnowGabbi - Block List 2.0
Brooklyn Queen - “Trust” Freestyle
Alicia Goku ft Chevy Woods - Tap In
Key London - E.W.F freestyle
Neisha Neshae - Demon Time
Hennessy Ising Smith - Clear Da Smoke
Poison Ivi- Hello
ChrisV - 4,000 miles
Pap Chanel - "Pap Stories" & "Checkmate" SXSW Performance
Jessy Taylor - Crying in Calabasas
Anaya Lovenote - He Say
Ms Banks - MONEY TALKS 2 (Freestyle)
Zepkins - Juiced Up
Shady Blu - Hold Up
Jucee Froot - T.O.E.
Diamond Dondada -“WAKE UP CALL” (freestyle)
Bktherula - CRAZY GIRL
Blasian Doll- VV’s
Twotimeberettaa - Poison
Big Mali - Borderline Freestyle
LION BABE - Thinkin Bout You
Ms Evelyn -"Me Vs Me"
Ebony Riley - I Could Feel It
Awkwafina, Daveed Diggs, Disney - The Scuttlebutt
TSADE - Dance with Me
Poohgang - sneaky link
Swizz Beatz - "Take 'Em Out" feat. Jadakiss, Benny The Butcher & Scar Lip
lil keyu - "Blueprint"
LaChat x Derez De’Shon- Letter2Lola(GangstaBoo)
Qveen Herby - Barbie Girl
Kiki Rowe - Issues
Simone Kelly - Hit It Off
GloRilla - Lick Or Sum
Stormi Baby - Introduction (WhoRunItNYC Performance)
Connie Diiamond - What They Do
Aiza - Majimbo
Ms.Toi feat. Mr. Tan - High Up
Rainy Angel - Freak on a Leash REMIX
Kali - Area Codes feat. Mello Buckzz (773 Remix)
Comment on what songs I missed and I will add them
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2023.05.16 23:41 super-mom_09 Splits and take homes revoked due to false positive.

Im so upset. I received a call yesterday morning (woke me up!) From my counselor saying i tested positive for fentanyl. I know this is a false positive. I have been clean from all drugs since I started the clinic which is over 10 years (2/23/2012). I have jumped through every hoop to earn and maintain my take homes. I receive the clinic max of 6 take homes (13 bottles because of my split).
I started split dosing on my own after the dr recommended it back in 2017. They say I started getting my split bottles from them in July 2020. (I thought it was earlier than this.) One of the nurses would tell me every so often to make sure they get the approval from the state so I don't lose my split take homes when the relaxed guidelines due to covid ending. I even spoke with the director about a year ago asking her to submit the paperwork and she said she had a list of the ppl with split take homes and she would take care of it but it didn't need to be done right away because of covid. 
I believe that something nefarious is happening here because I had my drug test last Tuesday, I also had a counseling appt. During that appointment I asked her to make sure my split dosing got approved, the counselor didn't know anything about this so she was going to talk to someone higher up.
During my appt with the physician assistant and clinical director today I found out that even if I didn't test positive that I would have lost my splits today. (May 11th was the end of covid exceptions) I regret asking my counselor about getting my splits approved. (I didn't know covid exceptions were ending.) I feel like I may have been able to fly under the radar if I didn't mention it. I feel as if they either messed with my urine or edited the results from the lab cause it just seems way to coincidental.
I have filed an appeal with the take home committee, though I'm not sure if it will do anything, I've been told their hands are tied with state regulations. I also have a paper that I can file a grievance but I'm worried if I file a grievance I will never get my splits back since the grievance will mostly be against the clinic director. I've been told in order to get my splits back that I need to do another peak and trough. Which my original did not show I was a rapid metabolizer but they said they can still submit the paperwork to the state saying that they believe splits dosing would benefit me.
Also I was told if the test comes back positive I will have to wait 60 days to get my take homes back but I will have to earn them back 1 by 1 again last time it took 3 yrs to get to 6 takes homes. I'm so upset, I have vacations planned one I know the closest place to guest dose is 1.5hrs away.
I had to take my full dose at the window today, within 2 hours I couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept for 4 hours and feel fine now. (I can't sleep all day every day) I know I will start feeling mild withdrawals tonight. This is really messing with my mental health.
I was wondering if anyone has reached out to their state to try to get things changed in the way things around done regarding methadone. If so have you had any luck?
There's a number of things I would like to see changed. I.e. the number of take homes aloud, mandatory counseling/groups for ppl who have been stable in recovery for years, split dosing. I also feel as if split dosing should be given to everyone, I know this would mean they would need to have the clinic open at night for those without takehomes but I feel like this would benefit many ppl. I know alot of ppl who have gotten clean off fentanyl are needing higher doses of methadone to make it through the day. This is causing many to be extremely sedated shortly after dosing.
BTW I'm located in NH
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2023.05.11 16:54 Saugalyfe905 Female Hip-Hop Drop Watch: May 12th

Sampa The Great - As Above, So Below
Pap Chanel - Paptivities
Njomza - Stages
Keke Palmer - Big Boss
Romy Dya – Transformation
Maandy - Flavour
So Vicious -1227
Reign, Mama Kali and She'Tara - Handle This
LightSkinKeisha - Thought I Was Done?

LightSkinKeisha - "A$$ On Me"
Omerettà The Great- All Love (Freestyle)
Bktherula - CRAZY GIRL
DajshaDoll - Selena
ChieRuby - Find Me
MariahLynn - Treesh
Baby Tate & Saweetie - Hey, Mickey!
YellowBunny - 1969 ft Mamarudegyal MTHC
Tash Sultana - New York
IVE 아이브 'WAVE'
aespa 에스파 'Spicy'
(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Allergy'
Vex Grant x Asian Doll x Beretta x Kloudy - Hit Em with Precision
Raja Kumari - BORN TO WIN
Chyna Streetz - "On The Radar" Freestyle
7xveTheGenius - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Jenn Carter x 2Rare - Reverse
Kunoichimulan - Gang Bang Me Out
Miss Stiff 609 - Nobody's Rebound
IDK - Pinot Noir (feat. Saucy Santana & Jucee Froot)
Victoria Monét - Party Girls feat. Buju Banton
BreezyLYN - Bad Bitches (Remix feat. Lola Brooke & Kali)
Bizzy B - AH HA
Apryll Aileen - Wicked Ways
Tu Banks - Say My Name
Wynne - Jaw Morant
Erica Banks - Lose Control ( Freestyle )
Vina Love - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Anitta - VAI VENDO [feat. Mc Ryan SP]
Tori - L.O.V.E
NICOLE - Selfish
あいみょん – 愛の花
S.Kape - Pareshan
Kali - Area Codes feat. Sexyy Red (314 Remix)
K’moni - Be Here (Motivation)
bigkunoichi - Ratchet For A Reason
Coco Jones - ICU (Live Performance)
Pap Chanel, Fredo Bang - Summertime
Janelle Monáe - Lipstick Lover
Jonni & Bubba Sparxxx - Juug & Finesse
Lovey The Don- Intuition
Jorja Smith - Little Things
Pamputtae - Whine N Win
Sampa The Great - As Above, So Below (Live From Lusaka)
Vanessa Tha Finessa - "Top Notch"
Maiya the Don - Keep It Cute
LION BABE - Thinkin Bout You
Lyrica Anderson - Tuff Love
Ava Max - Ghost (Merk & Kremont Remix)
Monaleo - A** Kickin'
Wande, DOE - Wild & Free
Ivy Queen - Toma
Sarah Proctor - "Never Mine To Lose (Slowed Down)"
JNR CHOI, Asian Doll - ZOOM
JVNA & CHYL feat. Demie - Demon Time
Ness Heads - No Love In Chicago
Natalie La Rose - Mood
Big Chinx - Do What I Want
Lady Crazy - Jill
Kesha - Eat The Acid
DeVita (드비타) - 'Ride For Me (Feat. DAWN)'
트리플에스(tripleS KRE) 'Cherry Talk' (Krystal Ver.)
Tyla, Ayra Starr - Girl Next Door
LaTocha - Afraid
(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Allergy'
Valkyrae - is stuck in her habits
Layton Greene - Spin Again
Lady Shocker - Know Who It Is (Intro)
Niyah Denae - "Been Dat"
TGM Purrfiick - F.W.M
Kiana Ledé - Deeper
Slimeroni - Pocket Rocket
Ivy Queen - Toma
Kodie Shane - Spicy Tuna Yellow Tail Freestyle
Karlaaa - Why You Trippin
PB Non$halant ft Qwono Ft JayFoe I GET FRIED
Jonaye - Use To Be Broke
Flau'Jae - Clickbait (FlauMix)
Layton Greene - Spin Again
BreezyLYN - Bad B*tches (Remix feat. Lola Brooke & Kali)
Monaleo - A** Kickin'
miss lafamilia - without you
Malaynah - Material Things
Chung x Cotola - Sweet Dreams
Kenzo B - LightWork Freestyle
Karen Fialho · Shamilla · FELL - Mais Ninguém
Briante - Tomorrow 2 [Freestyle]
BuggoutB - Second Freestyle
Queen Key x Omeretta The Great x Rubi Rose - "Nope Shemix (feat. So Supa)"
Dee Koala - Anazinto (feat. LeoPr3ttyAugust)
TeeCee Rou'Lette & The ATG - Work
Dopein - Fallen Angels(공범)
Dela Wesst - Snookie
ENISA - Blame It On Me
Victoria Anthony - New Disaster
Kidd Lee - Head Not The Tail
Alpita Punjabi Parry G Manuni - Te-Amo
Rican Da Menace - No Problems
TINI, Becky G, Anitta - La Loto
Lotta Hound - Disrespectfully
Blasian Doll - Missy Elliott
Ladii Rose - "Dip Party Mix" *Sped Up*
Ladii Rose - "Dip Party Mix"
Ladii Rose Ft. Kiddo Marv and Zoey Brinxx - "Dip Remix" *Sped Up*
Ladii Rose Ft. Zoey Brinxx - "Dip" *Sped Up*
Ladii Rose - "Lets Dance" *Sped Up*
Rudy raw feat Layla red cakes - Witcho Broke A**
Kmoney Brat - Blow
Yannii - Freestyle RiteOrWrong KVH Cypher
Velle Da Villain - Red Ruby Da Sleeze Remix
Jabee x Che Noir x John Gives - Blessings
Nicki Minaj - Red Ruby Da Sleeze
Whitney Peyton and Reverie - Mother's Day Song - Get It From My Mom
Diamond pink - Diamondsworld
Pee Supreme - DONT DO THAT Peemix Freestyle
LightSkinKeisha - A$$ On Me
Nyxx - hearse
Poison Ivi- Everlasting
Angela Rose “One Mic” (Live Performance)
KEE$H - Block Out
Jewel Chang - Bad To Better
Pap Chanel - "Left Right" Performance On The Radar Radio
Alex Vaughn and Summer Walker - So Be It Remix
Rella Gz x Jay5ive - Risktakers
Lia Kloud - Bloody Tears
Selah Sue - When It All Falls Down
Ms Banks - MONEY TALKS 2 (Freestyle)
Kesha - Only Love Can Save Us Now
Maeve - Make Me Yours
Joi Giovanni - Speak Up
Katy Nichole - "Hold On"
CARR - Sick Bro
Chxrry22 - Worlds Away
5ive Mics, Macy Gray, Lil Mama, Fat Joe & The Late Great DMX - RAP STAR REMIX
Mischa - Like Me Now
M E L I S S A - Oh No!
Alemeda - UR SO FULL OF IT
DeVita (드비타) - 'Ride For Me (Feat. DAWN)'
Mrs. Finesse - Massacre
Aryeè The Gem - To It
Amanda PLZ - Rack$
Kali - Area Codes feat. Luh Tyler (850 Remix)
Comment on what songs I missed and I will add them
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2023.05.08 13:16 TELMxWILSON NEW MUSIC! Kasra, Zero T, Dimension, REAPER, Nu:Logic, Kanine and more.. In review some fresh madness from Mobtactics and Dancefloor from Korsakov! [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 19)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Youtube Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass YT Music
Apple Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Apple Music
Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/134kbm9
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Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Mob Tactics - Beyond The Circus EP, Pt. 3 [RAM Records]

Recommended if you like: S9, SyRan, Andy C
What a week for dancefloor this has been! Two chart-breaking heavyweights remixing the likes of Calvin Harris and MK, cheesy wonderfulness on Lost In Dreams and Liquicity and bouncy bangers on UKF and High Tea. While I would love to talk about any of these, today I actually want to start by taking a look at the (r)amazingly heavy, breakbeat-laden stormer kind of Dancefloor tunes that the executioner Andy C himself would regularly rinse all over the planet. The likes that Mob Tactics are known for.
If you have somehow lived your life under the biggest (Dinosaur) rock in the whole wide world of DnB and don't know how to react to that name, allow me to give you a brief history lesson. Actually brief this time, I promise! No rambling, just RAM bling. Anyway. Behind the intimidating name Mob Tactics are two actually lovely people who just concatenated two cool sounding words: Mark Sims, who started out doing some serious solo damage as The Funktion around 2009 on the likes of Proximity Recordings and RUN DNB, the latter of which he was actually managing at the time, and Luke Bugden alias Poison, whose earliest outputs can be traced back to at least 2001, assuming no one else was running around with the DJ name before him. Either way, Luke wasn't just churning out Luke-warm sizzlers, he was firing off some seriously Luke-burning-hot heat left and right. Mark, in his Funktion as label manager, reached out for some fire to sign and didn't just receive what he was asking for, he also gained a friend. Eventually, Luke asked him out to a studio date, which ended with the two of them banging out one tune after the other and a couple months later, Mob Tactics was born.
After their debut on Traffic in 2010, they went on to pursue a self-made career at the beginning, by releasing their tunes via their very own label Tactical Recordings. In 2012, they also started sharing their gems with a couple underground labels like Anodyne Audio and The Zoooo (four o's), which quickly lead to more and more exciting names like BTK's Dutty Audio, Prolix's Trendkill and DJ Hype's Playaz! Just a little while later, Mob Tactics became part of the extended curriculum at MTA, C4C and RAM! Just the fact that their tune Wolf Trap received the honour of becoming a part of the sixth edition of Andy C's infamous Nightlife series was already indeed more than a lot, but things only kept escalating. 2015 saw them joining the Viper family, where they showed off most of their illegally good tactical nuke bangers, with only a few remixes on Eatbrain and Disciple in between the onslaught. Until 2018, that is! First with a solo release on Jade's legendary neurofunk label, then with their long-awaited return to the label of their dreams, RAM!
Now blasting out their Dancefloor destroyers from the safe haven of Andy C's impossibly imposing imprint, they basically became the label's figurehead, the ambassadors of what the label stood for. The RAMbassadors. Of course, they still occasionally ventured out to other labels like Bassrush, Eatbrain and Charge, with remixes for Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh, Dub Elements & Levela, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and State Of Mind. Way to break the ampersand pattern, you twisted Kiwis. However, after having thoroughly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, they took a bit of a hiatus during the latter two thirds of the pandemic. Don't fret though, they have kept themselves busy writing the next series of bangers, which they have begun to unleash at the beginning of the year, one EP at a time. Not only did we already get the return to Eatbrain with the Grave Digger EP, we also got even more wonderful weapons of mass destruction in the form of remixes for long-time friends Prolix and Volatile Cycle, but what has really placed them firmly at the top of this year's most prolific yet most consistently awesome producers list is their Beyond The Circus EP series.
After two already quite ridiculous editions, we have now reached the end of this particular saga, with the third and final edition. Let's talk some more about that, shall we?
What would a great EP be without an over-the-top ridiculously long intro? Exactly what I and our main tacticians were thinking! For this, they sharpened up one of their 2019 razor-sharp originals into an even more off-the-walls rave smasher than it already was, resulting in the EP opener, LDN Bass VIP. How, you ask? Well, for starters, the previously "standard" ~1 minute buildup was reworked to instead be a two minutes and 30 seconds insanely hype-inducing, incredibly effective hands-in-the-air sequence of events. Not only do we get slowly looping bleepy bloopy melodies continuously accelerating to a point of absurdity, over time the virtual crowd starts clapping along to the ever-increasing speed too and the boys even start teasing the titular LDN bass a little bit. After building up this tremendous amount of hype, it's surely almost impossible to actually deliver on these promises, but thanks to the original drop's sheer massiveness, they only needed to tweak the basses to be a little bit more over-the-top and everything to just be that tiny bit more ravey to keep me happy. What a tune!
Did you know that Luke has been living in Seattle for these past few years, moving in with his wife and talented vocalist Joanna Syze? Why am I bringing this up? Well, even though Seattle isn't really known for its tornados, it wouldn't surprise me if Luke brought some sampling inspiration from his new-found coastal home across the Atlantic to the next tune, the alternative to the foghorn craze, the literal tornado siren blaring Twister! On top of an extra punchy, steppy beat, the sirens continuously rev up and down over and over again, with a rather phat distorted bass mirroring its every move. To say it with the perfectly fitting vocal sample's words: Ridiculous. From one end of the energy spectrum to the other, we continue on with the hydrogen bomb level vibe that is We Dream In Ultraviolet. Lovely strings, lovely pianos and lovely vocals all take a part in building up that special nostalgic oldschool vibe that make me think back to the olden days (okay I'm not that old but you get me) and to top it all off, we even drop into the finest early 2010s kind of gentle wobble action, with quickly-firing breaks on top to keep it all flowing together. Did I already say how lovely this all is?
Last but absolutely not least, we've got the energy-wise relatively minimal but deepness-wise quite maximal EP closer Checkmate. With a bunch of acoustic-sounding drum loops layered up to form a proper stomper of a rhythm, a bassline that menacingly grumbles at you and all sorts of fun sound effects keeping us in check, this quickly proves itself worthy to be newest entry in the long list of rave smashers that these two have put out.
Four completely different, yet equally banging and equally rave-y, Dancefloor smashers. What better way to cap off this stunning return to form for Luke and Mark?
Other heavy stuff from this week: - MK, Dom Dolla - Rhyme Dust (Dimension Remix) - Lexurus - The Funk - Kanine - Escape - Natty Lou, Nes Mburu - Mi Nawe - REAPER - CALL MY NAME

2. C:rcle, Gid Sedgwick - Oscillate [Korsakov Music]

Recommended if you like: Lexurus, Changing Faces, METHOD
These past few years have seen a steady supply of wonderful new Dancefloor talent cropping up on the scene. Inspired by the big hitters like Dimension and labels like Liquicity and fueled by a steady increase in international shows and a new wealth of online resources, this particular wave of newcomers can't even be pinpointed to just one place. Of course New Zealand and Australia are popping off like crazy these past few years, but even places you would often associate more with Neurofunk than Dancefloor are starting to grow their local talents into future headliners. One of the best examples of that is Slovakia-based C:rcle.
Patrícia Bujňáková isn't just a name I would 99% absolutely butcher if I did these reviews in audio format, it's also the name behind Korsakov's newest exciting signing C:rcle. With her classically trained father playing the double bass in an orchestra and her family home just generally being filled with music at all times of the day, it doesn't really come to a surprise that Patrícia ended up pursuing music as well. While Hold Your Colour by you-know-who was the initial spark that ignited the burning passion for DnB, it was the 2016 edition of the one and only Let It Roll that really got the ball rolling on her own active participation in the genre. Dreaming of one day playing at this now-favourite festival of hers, she eventually asked Neorge, co-founder of the Mäsokombinát collective, to become her DJing sensei, which he of course accepted. Would have been quite the plot twist if he refused! Anyway. Up to 3 times a week you could see her swing over to the Mäsokombinát studio, quickly building up her DJing muscles and just around a year later, she was already booked for her very first gig, going b2b with her mate Braň aka Y.Then!
Over the next couple of years, her newly-acquired skills and wonderful tune selection would lead to her graduating from student to master as both a core part of the Mäsokombinát crew and the all-female DJ label Mousãi, with her smashing up the dance in clubs in Prague, Ostrava and Budapest. 2019, just three years after starting this journey, she hit another huge milestone and a proper full-c:rcle moment: she played at Let It Roll for the first time! Circles are probably the best shape for being let roll, so it makes a lot of sense. My attempts at humour aside, this was just the beginning of an ever-expanding catalogue of W's Patrícia has been collecting over the past few years, with the biggest one probably being her warming up for Dimension at his live show in 2021. While she was already living quite the dream of hers, she wanted to take things even further and decided to use the spare time during the pandemic to pursue music production too. With none other than Liquicity shooting star Lexurus as her mentor and artistic guidance from the Korsakov people, she was basically destined for greatness from the get-go and in late 2022, it was finally time for her very first hit to hit the Korsakovian shelves: Love Survives!
Around half a year of having to ignore frankly way too many stupid YouTube comments later, she keeps the ball rolling with another certified anthem: Oscillate, with electronic rock star and Korsakov regular Gid Sedgwick on vocal duty! We begin by smoothly gliding into the vastly vibey space of the intro, with beautiful synths pinging on our intergalactic radars, where Gid guides us on our emotional journey of the day. Soon enough, a rather catchy synth melody with a bass-y guitar strumming along underneath it all slowly makes its way into our field of hearing, eventually overtaking everything else and taking our spaceship on a proper Dancefloor joyride. I've read in an interview that she's quite the perfectionist, especially in production, and this track is a great example of that. Not only is every single sound in there executed in an incredibly precise manner, each additional melody and each extra element works together so well that you sometimes barely notice just how many layers are at play. She even switches it all up in the second half, first replacing the buildup synth droplets with a whole other, equally lovely looping melody, and then even giving the lead melody the rearrangement treatment in the drop.
Oscillate? More like Osci-great! Really Osci-rating this one! An Osci-straight-up banger! Going to show this to all my Osci-mates! I hope we don't have to Osci-wait too long for her next tune! But even if we do, you know what they say. Better Osci-late than never.
Other upbeat stuff from this week: - Mazare - Dreams Only Last For A Night EP (<33) - Jon Void - Closer To Close / Your Love - Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding - Miracle (Wilkinson Remix) - Nighthawk - Never Cared 💎 - Fitch, Emile Battour - Sweet Disposition

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed

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2023.05.05 06:05 Saugalyfe905 Female Hip-Hop Drop Watch: May 5th

Witch Prophet - Gateway Experience
NyNy - No Boys Allowed
Babs - Verdwaald
Salaza Theresa - Ornament

SheSoVegann - Strawberry
Mila Envy Ft. JRDN - Never Change
Loure - Princess Diana (Cover)
Kali - Area Codes feat. Lil Kayla (415 Remix)
Haley Smalls - Leave Your Heart
Tha Ryl ft DejMoney- Off The Drugs
DeJ Loaf - 100 Million
Sexyy Red - Pound Town (Sped Up)
Sexyy Red - Pound Town (Slowed Down)
Ashlee Bankz -This S*** Personal
iCandy - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Akbar V - Challenge
Coco Jones - Double Back
Alaina Castillo - éxtasis
Mrs. Finesse - Cahootz
Dread Green X Pretty Kokain- ACT UP
Stunna Girl - Pretty Face Shotta
Tatiana Manaois - That's What Life Feels Like
Jodi Couture - G B
Jhené Aiko - alive & well (gratitude mantra)
Lalah Hathaway - The Energy
Janelle Monáe - Float (DJ Tag x Xavier BLK Jersey Club Remix)
Various Artists - En La Disco
Jucee Froot - Talk To Me
Arlissa - Hard To Be - Jay Dixie Remix
Savannah Dexter x @BraboGator - Good Girl Cry
Go-Hard Da Great - Til Da Beat Drop!!!
Ma-Beyn, Kamikazem & Lil Abad - OPTION
Mozzie - Iris
Lala Yello Theshht - Play Time
Luisa, Chico Beatz - Psifiakos Kosmos
Gabi Saiury, Love Funk, Melody - Galopada Violenta
Penny feat. K Shiday - Drop It Low
Murda B - Heartless
Conway the Machine & 7xvethegenius - WON'T HE DO IT
Slimeroni - Pocket Rocket
Darian Taylor - Put It on Me
Jucee Froot - Talk To Me
Zyanna - Still In Love
The Gigi - Out The Mud
Haley Smalls - Leave Your Heart
Coco Jones - Double Back
Fid Q Feat Rosa Ree - BIGMAN
Starz & Deeza x Standard Procedure - Back Chat
Tence Mena - Commando
Nonô - ATM ft. Baby Tate
Dovey Magnum - Zelle
Amaarae - Co-Star
aespa 에스파 - 'Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)'
Maymay Entrata - AUTODEADMA feat. WOOSEOK (of PENTAGON)
Queen Neet - Feel My Heart
Atmosphere - After Tears (feat. Sa-Roc)
Conway the Machine, Goosebytheway, Jozzy & Dave East - Water To Wine
Olivia Amupala - Brand New Me
Yasmin Desirée - Shady
Janelle Monáe - Float (DJ MoMa Amapiano Remix)
HENAO - Tentación
Adaora - Lies
Tyjhier - Better Off
aespa 에스파 - 'Thirsty'
aespa 에스파 - 'I'm Unhappy'
Krystal - Road Running
Baby Stone Gorillas, J'Ree & Money Mantha - Risky
Sirine Miled feat @SILEMHAF - All Night
Tommi x Kristy - Bodycount
LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) 'UNFORGIVEN (feat. Nile Rodgers)
Lay Bankz - Na Na Na (Song of the Summer
Ka Lia Universe - Lig Dhau Lawm (It's Too Late) (feat. ShaShee Yang)
Noah Freeman - Pretty Girls Cry (Then Get Over It)
Charli Fletcher - Every Ting Nice
Aisha Vibes & Nura - Eww
Gifted Gab - Real Assist ft. Swisher Sleep
Dread Green X Pretty Kokain - ACT UP
B Chanel - She’s Back Freestyle (Playball Performance)
Pretty Yann - Get Wit Me .
Killumantii - Gin & Juice (Freestyle)
Official Sweetie - I Need a Hot Girl Remix
Ashandgas - Swingin'
AK47 - "Romans' Revenge"
Kandè - What a Lovely View
Nanu - Queridos Haters - Live Session
Aleksa Safiya - Nobody Knows
Quana Bandz - Cloudy Freestyle
Alayia Rainn - Lost And Found
Spyda- Big Dreams
Journey Montana - 212
Nikita Nagraj - Demons
MJ - Free Your Mind
Cocanina - If They Were Dead
LaLa Yellow - SXSW Performance
Michael J Foxx Ft. Sydney Sexton & Sheena Bailie - Beautiful Spirit
Sevyn Streeter - It's A Man's World
Maeta - You Lie
Maeta - You Lie (Sped Up)
Maeta - You Lie (Slowed Down)
Keyona Lashawn - ICU
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You (Orchestral)
La Shana Latrice - My Everything
aespa 에스파 'Salty & Sweet'
Lily Rayne - UP
TATI - Soft Girl Era
Ka Lia Universe - Lig Dhau Lawm (It's Too Late) (feat. ShaShee Yang)
Sherehe - Shanty Bobo Ft. Odi Wa Murang'a
FlipTop - Pistolero / Luxuria vs MastaFeat / Hearty Surprise Freestyle Battle
S3nsi Molly - Hold This
Miss Faithee - OVER & OVER
Miyaa V - LightWork Freestyle
Mballa ft FBomb - F*ck Love
Jamour - Shot O'Clock
Alexia Jayy - "Over and Done"
LightSkinKeisha - "A$$ On Me"
Omerettà The Great- All Love (Freestyle)
Bktherula - CRAZY GIRL
DajshaDoll - Selena
ChieRuby - Find Me
MariahLynn - Treesh
Baby Tate & Saweetie - Hey, Mickey!
YellowBunny - 1969 ft Mamarudegyal MTHC
Tash Sultana - New York
IVE 아이브 'WAVE'
aespa 에스파 'Spicy'
(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Allergy'
Vex Grant x Asian Doll x Beretta x Kloudy - Hit Em with Precision
Raja Kumari - BORN TO WIN
Chyna Streetz - "On The Radar" Freestyle
7xveTheGenius - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Jenn Carter x 2Rare - Reverse
Kunoichimulan - Gang Bang Me Out
Miss Stiff 609 - Nobody's Rebound
IDK - Pinot Noir (feat. Saucy Santana & Jucee Froot)
Victoria Monét - Party Girls feat. Buju Banton
BreezyLYN - Bad Bitches (Remix feat. Lola Brooke & Kali)
Bizzy B - AH HA
Apryll Aileen - Wicked Ways
Tu Banks - Say My Name
Wynne - Jaw Morant
Erica Banks - Lose Control ( Freestyle )
Vina Love - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Anitta - VAI VENDO [feat. Mc Ryan SP]
Tori - L.O.V.E
NICOLE - Selfish
あいみょん – 愛の花
S.Kape - Pareshan
Kali - Area Codes feat. Sexyy Red (314 Remix)

Comment on what songs I missed and I will add them
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2023.05.02 15:57 zero_cool_protege RFK Jr. Set to Beat Biden in New Hampshire's First-in-Nation Primary

Krystal hops on the Kennedy train with her latest Radar.
In addition to RFK Jr. trending significantly high in latest polls (over 20%), it is becoming increasingly obvious that he is a shoe in for winning the first NH primary.
While it is still early, RFK Jr. is beating out Williamson for the top challenger position which will likely have a snowball effect as voting get closer.
As Krystal went over in her Radar, Biden has a very low chance of beating Kennedy in the NH primary, a state that Biden has struggled in for his entire career.
This fact is getting reported on as the media tries to get ahead of this to prevent a push in momentum.
Ex. A
Ex. B
Local Ex. C
If you remember back in 2020, Bernie had tremendous momentum coming off of winning NH and NV. And that was including the DNC rigging the Iowa primary for Pete who falsely claimed victory (funny how nobody ever talks about that anymore).
Bernie winning the early states was so significant that is spooked the DNC into getting Obama to make some phone calls, forcing those who pulled support from Biden to drop out and those who pulled support from Bernie (warren the snake) to stay in.
The only problem is, the DNC already has interest rates at 0, so to speak. There are no legitimate moves for the DNC to pull, so I am betting this will look at lot more like 2016 than 2020. Overt corruption.
Thats all these people have left. Shutting down conversation by yelling "anti-vaxx" over everyone, and shutting down primary elections with brazen corruption.
While I notice close to 50% of this sub seems to hate RFJ Jr.- it seems we can expect Big K to be in his corner over the next few months.
The RFK Jr. campaign is growing stronger by the day!
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2023.04.21 03:28 Ordinary-Quarter-384 Terrified for my Vietnam Air War Game

Terrified for my Vietnam Air War Game
I’m doing a Vietnam air war game set during Rolling Thunder. The first dogfight of the war occurred above the Dong Phong Thoung bridges. I need to create AAA sites and the Dong Phong Thoung bridges as a pilot’s eye view.
Med AAA top left with Firecan radar. You can see the shadow the bridge casts. The woods will darken down when the glue dries.
I’m running “Silver Swallows” using Check Your 6! Jet Age at Mayhem in NH this weekend.
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2023.04.05 19:58 Admiral_Cloudberg On the 22nd of October 2005, a Boeing 737 fell from the sky and crashed after takeoff from Lagos, Nigeria, killing all 117 people on board. Despite an official investigation, the cause of the crash remains unknown to this day. What brought down Bellview Airlines flight 210?

The Last Flight of 5N-BFN

Nigeria is a vast and diverse country, home to over 100 million people belonging to many different faiths, ethnicities, and cultures. But it is not a wealthy country, nor a particularly well-managed one. Poor infrastructure makes getting around challenging, and the preferred method of travel once was, and often still is, to pack onto an overcrowded bus and ride for hours or days along rutted, unmaintained roads under constant threat of armed attack. But in the early 2000s, as the purchasing power of the average Nigerian began to increase, a huge number of people started turning to air travel instead. The resulting airline boom saw countless companies come and go, many of them operated on shoestring budgets using decades-old airplanes of questionable airworthiness. Their pilots were poorly trained, their support systems were non-existent, and their management was usually either incompetent or corrupt. But the overall result was that it became easier to travel in Nigeria, and passengers flocked to the new airlines all the same.
One of those companies was Bellview Airlines. Named for the location of its headquarters on Bellview Plaza in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, the company got started as a travel agency before it decided to experiment with vertical integration by launching an airline in 1992. The company started out with a single Soviet-made Yakovlev Yak-42, before expanding to second-hand jets retired by airlines in the West. One of these was an early model Boeing 737-200 built in the United States in 1981 and delivered to Danish cargo and charter carrier Maersk Air. It had since been leased to a number of small airlines around the world before it finally came into Bellview’s possession in March 2003.
Registered in Nigeria as 5N-BFN, it was this plane which was assigned to complete Bellview Airlines flight 210 from Lagos to Abuja, the capital, on the night of October 24th, 2005. On board were 111 passengers and six crew, including the two pilots, 48-year-old Captain Lambert Imasuen, who was from Nigeria, and 41-year-old First Officer Ernest Eshun, a Ghanaian national. Among the passengers was Eshun’s wife Sarah, along with several high-profile individuals, including a Malian general, a close aide to Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, and the Postmaster General of Nigeria. Such company was not particularly unusual on the Lagos-Abuja route, which was popular with government officials.
Photograph of the airplane, 5N-BFN
The weather that night was poor, with thunderstorms building throughout the region, especially to the northeast of Lagos’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Visibility over the ground was greater than 10 kilometers, but lightning could be seen in the near distance. The pilots were well aware of the danger, and sometime after engine start, they informed air traffic control that they would need to make a right turn after takeoff to avoid the storms. Permission was granted, and air traffic control records show that flight 210 was airborne at approximately 20:35 local time.
As the plane departed, the controller watched it climb away, flying straight at first, before it started a right turn after 30 seconds. The 737 then entered clouds and disappeared from view. At that point the controller asked the pilots to report passing through 13,000 feet on the ascent, but he had to ask twice before receiving a reply. In their eventual transmission, the pilots acknowledged the clearance and promised to report reaching the specified altitude. But after that, no one ever heard from flight 210 again.
By 20:46, nine minutes after takeoff, the controller became concerned that the flight had not yet reported reaching 13,000 feet, so he asked it to report its position. There was no response.
Minutes later, Bellview flight 210 was declared missing, and search and rescue operations were initiated. But despite the fact that the 737 must have gone down somewhere near Lagos, a city of over 10 million, there were no immediate reports of a crash. Outside of urban areas, communication in Nigeria was extremely spotty, and even if locals had seen the plane come down, they would not necessarily be able to tell anyone in a position of authority. And with night having fallen, an initial aerial search proved fruitless—they would simply have to wait for word to trickle out from the nearest village.
In the meantime, the rumor mill started to churn. Someone told the press that a police helicopter had seen the wreckage in neighboring Oyo state, and a spokesperson for the governor there claimed that several dozen people had survived the crash. This news was then repeated as fact in the local press before spreading to international publications, including China Daily. To this day it is unknown where these rumors came from and why local officials amplified them.
The crash site was in fact discovered by Nigerian authorities the following morning in Ogun state, about 50 kilometers from Lagos and nowhere near the position reported the previous night. The scene was downright apocalyptic: the 737 had slammed into the ground at enormous speed, tearing open a crater 57 feet wide and 30 feet deep, while tiny pieces of burning debris were strewn across an adjacent cocoa and kola nut plantation. Virtually nothing remained of the airplane, save for random unrecognizable lumps of metal, as well as a small piece of badly mangled fuselage skin still bearing the registration number, 5N-GFN. Of the occupants, there was almost no trace—all 117 passengers and crew had been essentially vaporized on impact, leaving behind thousands of tiny fragments of flesh and bone, mixed in with the dirt and aircraft debris. The smell of jet fuel was overpowering.

The Investigation

As police secured the site and tried to shoo away looters looking for scrap metal, a team of experts with Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Bureau hastily assembled in Lagos and made their way to the scene. Their mission, under international law, was not to assign blame, but only to find out what happened and issue recommendations that would improve safety.
Once again, however, confusion reigned. Locals had found the site the previous night and had begun looting the wreckage for scrap metal (as insensitive as it may be, you might do it too if you lived on a dollar a day), and police were slow to cordon it off. The police chief also told the media that the black box flight recorders had been found, but when AIB investigators arrived at the scene, they discovered that no one had actually seen the boxes, and the police subsequently recanted their statements.
With assistance from the United States National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, whose participation was obliged due to the involvement of a US-manufactured aircraft, investigators set to work as swiftly as possible. Their first mission, regardless of whether they had any black boxes, was to examine the wreckage itself for clues.
The shape of the impact crater and the damage to nearby trees showed that the plane struck the ground on a heading of 54˚ magnetic, almost the heading to Abuja, but at a steep pitch angle with the right wing down. These details were suggestive of a loss of control in a right turn before the crash. Following impact, much of the wreckage burned both above and below ground, and some of it was still burning in inaccessible locations as the investigators worked. Heavy equipment had to be brought in to extract the shattered debris, some of which had penetrated as deep as 30 feet underground. A search of the nearby area also confirmed that no debris had fallen far from the crash site, indicating that the plane was most likely in one piece when it hit the ground. The farthest piece was the aforementioned section of fuselage skin with the registration number, which came to rest about 100 feet from the crater but was heavily crumpled, indicating that it was probably thrown to its final position during the impact, not before.
By the time the excavation was complete, investigators had not learned much of value. No sign of the black boxes had been found. Furthermore, even after gathering everything they could find, the team could only account for about 45 to 55% of the airplane by weight (the final report rather optimistically put this figure at 60%, but the wreckage examination subgroup report offered a lower percentage.) Most of this wreckage was from the back of the aircraft; in fact, so great were the impact forces that only 3% of the structure forward of the wings could be found. Nor could such a large amount of material have landed somewhere else without being noticed—chances are it was simply atomized.
As for why the black boxes were not located, nobody could say for sure. Since the recorders are located in the tail, which was the least damaged section (albeit still completely destroyed), it was somewhat odd that no trace of them was found, but investigators declined to rule out the possibility that they were destroyed in the impact. However, because other crashes with similar or even greater impact forces have usually failed to destroy the crash-protected black boxes, it seems more likely that the airline was lying about having installed any, or looters stole them before police could arrive. This lattermost scenario has happened before, and in the past the recorders were recovered by posting a bounty, but the final report makes no mention of any officials having offered a reward for the return of stolen debris.
To make matters worse, not only did investigators have limited wreckage, no survivors, and no black box data, it turned out that they didn’t have radar data either. Although Murtala Muhammad International Airport was equipped with radar, at the time of the crash it was switched off for maintenance, so there was no way to know exactly what path the plane took to the crash site from the last point where the controller saw it. The time of impact, however, was established from a wristwatch which had stopped at approximately 20:40, indicating that the plane crashed five minutes after takeoff and four minutes after its last transmission to ATC. But this information provided no clues as to why the plane went down in the first place. In answering that question, the investigators soon found themselves pulled in several competing directions.


Shortly after the crash, a terrorist group calling itself the Coalition for Militant Action in the Niger Delta claimed responsibility for bringing down the plane. Alliance Leader Alaye Temi issued a press release which stated that the group would “continue to target those who oppress the region,” referring to the delta of the Niger River, a restive corner of Nigeria which also contains much of its oil reserves. However, the group provided no evidence for its claim, and appeared to spend most of the statement attempting to sway inhabitants of the delta to its cause, rather than talking about the plane crash. Furthermore, although several government officials were on board, this was not uncommon, and physical evidence left investigators skeptical that a bomb could have been responsible. When a bomb explodes on board an airplane, it typically results in the breakup of the aircraft, scattering debris over a wide area, but the AIB had already established that 5N-BFN was intact when it hit the ground.
The only suspicious item was the piece of fuselage skin, found 100 feet from the crater, which contained some burn marks that looked odd at first glance. Furthermore, a small piece of a circuit board was found between the folds in the metal, a finding which had led to the identification of the bomb in several famous aircraft bombings, including Lockerbie. This wreckage was quickly preserved and sent to experts at the FBI in the United States for analysis. However, the analysis found no explosive residue, micro-pitting, hot gas washing, or other signs of a high explosive having detonated near either the fuselage skin section or the fragment of circuit board. Furthermore, the burn marks appeared to follow the folds of the metal, suggesting that they were placed there after impact rather than during an in-flight fire. Despite these findings, Bellview Airlines strongly argued that the plane was brought down by an explosion, an assertion which the AIB rejected. In their view, the crash was almost certainly an accident. But what could have caused it? The answer, it seemed, was—well, almost anything.


One of the first things the AIB looked at was the weather. There were heavy thunderstorms in the area, which can be dangerous to aircraft, and without knowing the exact track of flight 210, it was not possible to exclude the possibility that the plane flew into one. However, an analysis by meteorological experts concluded that the thunderstorms were nowhere near strong enough to have brought down the plane. Although the bad weather could have increased pilot workload and restricted visibility, it was not likely to have been the sole cause of the crash.

Mechanical Failure?

However, as the investigators pored over the plane’s technical and maintenance logs, it started to become clear that 5N-BFN was not exactly in sound mechanical condition. Hours before the accident flight, during a scheduled stopover in Ghana, the pilot had reported that the brake accumulator was faulty, resulting in low brake pressure; however, while the defect was reported in the technical log, mechanics had not fixed it. Low brake pressure almost certainly had nothing to do with the accident, but it was hardly the only thing which hadn’t been fixed. More troubling were several log entries from the days before the accident, which indicated that the No. 1 engine thrust reverser “unlocked” light had twice illuminated during flight, and the No. 2 light had illuminated once.
The thrust reversers on a jet engine are designed to redirect thrust forward to assist in slowing the aircraft on landing. They are not designed to be used in the air, and in fact special locks prevent hydraulic fluid from being supplied to the reverser actuators unless the plane is on the ground, ensuring that even an erroneous “deploy” command will not result in an in-flight deployment. Depending on the exact design, either two or three layers of redundancy may need to be compromised for such a deployment to occur, but if it does happen, the effect can be catastrophic—at least two major crashes of passenger jets have been linked to uncommanded thrust reverser deployments, including the infamous 1991 crash of Lauda Air flight 004 in Thailand. In that case, the pilots also observed a “thrust reverser unlock” light shortly after takeoff, which was followed later by an actual deployment of the thrust reverser.
The purpose of the “unlock” light is to indicate that hydraulic pressure is present in the actuator, and does not in itself indicate that a reverser deployment is imminent or likely. It does however mean that a critical layer of redundancy is missing, and that as little as one additional failure may lead to an in-flight deployment. The fact that these lights had been coming on during multiple flights indicated that this reduced safety margin may have existed for some time.
Digging further, the AIB investigators discovered that all four thrust reverser actuators from the plane’s two engines were among the items recovered from the crash site. Each engine featured both an inboard and outboard hydraulic actuator to move the bucket doors, which cover the engine exhaust to deflect the thrust forward. Each of the four was examined in detail, whereupon it was noted that two actuators were in the “stowed” position, one actuator was half way between the “stowed” and “deployed” positions, and another was in the fully “deployed” position.
However, if the thrust reverser on one engine had deployed, leading to a loss of control, it would be expected that the two actuators that were found deployed or partially deployed would come from the same side—but they didn’t. Instead, each “deployed” actuator was paired with a “stowed” actuator, a condition which occurred symmetrically on both engines. This suggested that both inboard or both outboard actuators were driven toward the “deployed” position when the plane struck the ground, and not before. On the basis of this finding, the investigators were inclined to rule out a thrust reverser failure as the cause of the crash, although without a more complete understanding of why the “unlock” lights were coming on in flight and what the pre-flight technical condition of the reverser systems was, it may be impossible to completely exclude it.
Another line of inquiry concerned the plane’s rudder power control unit, or PCU. The PCU, which translates pilot inputs into hydraulic movement of the rudder, had been implicated in at least two fatal crashes involving the Boeing 737 in the United States in the early 1990s, in which it was found that under certain conditions, a key valve could reverse direction and drive the rudder opposite to the commanded input. After these accidents, a fix was implemented which should have made it impossible for the valve to reverse. Just in case, however, investigators examined the device in detail for signs that it may have malfunctioned, or that the fix had not been implemented correctly. But the fix was there, as it should have been, and there was nothing else to indicate that the valve or any other component was in an unusual position when the plane struck the ground. Due to an absence of evidence, this theory was ruled out.
Still, there were plenty of other mechanical problems with the plane which might not have caused the crash by themselves, but which could have contributed in some way. Many of these glitches were indicative of negligent maintenance by Bellview Airlines. For instance, the No. 2 engine fuel flow indicator was written up as inoperative numerous times over a five month period, and mechanics simply wrote “noted” in the technical log every time it was reported. According to the minimum equipment list, or MEL, which describes which systems may be inoperative on dispatch and for how long, this was a failure which the airline was required to fix within ten days. Instead, they let it persist for months, until the No. 1 fuel flow indicator failed as well. According to the MEL, it is illegal to dispatch the plane with no working fuel flow indicators, and yet it was sent out in this condition anyway on October 14th, eight days before the accident.
Additionally, on October 5th, the No. 2 engine experienced a compressor stall, similar to a backfire. This event could have damaged the engine, and the plane should have been grounded for an inspection, but there was no evidence that mechanics even checked to the condition of the engine before returning the plane to service.
And on top of all of this, in September and October 2005, two different crews reported that the controls were too stiff and heavy in the pitch axis with the autopilot engaged. According to the MEL, this problem had to be fixed within 10 days, but it was not. Instead, mechanics wrote that the time required to troubleshoot the problem was too great, and that they would have to wait until the plane was grounded for scheduled inspections. But on October 17th, the plane went in for a scheduled checkup, and mechanics still did not fix the issue. The plane was released from the inspection later that day, presumably with the fault still present, which rendered it legally unairworthy. Investigators believed it was still unairworthy at the time of the crash.
If the pilots were aware of this fact, there would have been little they could do—according to people who knew him, Captain Imasuen had previously been threatened with suspension for refusing to fly an unairworthy aircraft. Other pilots for Bellview Airlines confidentially confirmed that the airline knew its planes were in poor condition, but forced pilots to fly them anyway. In the end, however, without hard data, it was impossible to link any of these problems directly to the crash. It was entirely possible that one of the faults mentioned above, or some other fault not known to investigators, contributed to the loss of control—but how could they prove it?

Human Error?

The possibility of human error was always going to be a major consideration for the investigation, given that mistakes by the flight crew are involved in the vast majority of plane crashes. In such cases, the root cause might lie in the company’s operating culture, its hiring practices, or other areas which affect human performance. These systemic issues can then clash with the particular individuals involved, giving rise to errors. For that reason, the AIB looked into the history of Captain Lambert Imasuen and his First Officer, Ernest Eshun. What they found was at once shocking and baffling, and raised almost as many questions as it answered.
Captain Lambert Imasuen was 48 years old and first started working as a commercial pilot in 1986, when he received his Air Transport Pilot’s License, or ATPL. For the next several years he flew BAC 1-11 passenger jets on behalf of various airlines, until, according to his records, he abruptly resigned in 1992. At least one source claims that he quit flying after a “near mishap,” but no details were provided.
After leaving aviation, Imasuen got a job as a logistics controller for a Lagos-based beverage company called Fan Milk, where he remained for 10 years. Then in 2002, he moved jobs again, becoming the managing director of another beverage company called Ultimate Drink Nigeria, Ltd.
In 2003, while working at Ultimate Drink Nigeria, Imasuen informed police that he believed he was being threatened by unspecified “enemies,” and a police sergeant was assigned to guard him at all times. His fears turned out to be correct, because in January 2004 armed robbers attacked his home, killing the police bodyguard and shooting Imasuen in the face. Although seriously wounded, he managed to escape and reach a hospital, where he underwent reconstructive surgery.
Imasuen’s brush with death apparently convinced him that it was time for another change in lifestyle, because almost as soon as he had recovered from his wounds, he decided to take up flying again. On June 3rd, 2004, he reported his pilot’s license stolen—it is unclear when or how it was taken. In any case, his ratings had expired in the 12 years since he last flew, and in order for his “stolen” ATPL to be reissued, he needed to retake some of his training. He therefore traveled to the United States that summer to undergo a Boeing 737 type rating course at a company called Aero Services in Miami, Florida. Notably, Miami has long been home to shady companies which provide questionable services to scrappy airlines from Latin America and Africa, but during research for this post it was impossible to verify any details about Aero Services in particular due to its extremely generic name. In Florida, Imasuen underwent 80 hours of ground school, followed by 25 hours in a Boeing 737 simulator. In August, he successfully passed his check ride and was issued a new copy of his ATPL, which authorized him to work as a Captain on any aircraft provided he had completed the prerequisite type rating and pilot-in-command courses. On September 17th, after his return to Nigeria, he applied to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to add the Boeing 737 type rating to his ATPL, allowing him to act as a Boeing 737 Captain, and his application was granted.
Here investigators noticed the first of several glaring discrepancies. In his application to the NCAA, Imasuen claimed to have 80 flight hours on the Boeing 737, but this was impossible, because the training at Aero Services was not conducted on an actual 737, and he had yet to be hired by any airline. This discrepancy should have been caught during quality control at the NCAA, but for unspecified reasons (one might assume bribery) his application went straight to the approval desk without passing through the review process, and was stamped off immediately. Shortly thereafter, on October 4th, Imasuen was hired by Bellview Airlines to fly the Boeing 737. He was immediately sent to line training, where he flew a real 737 under supervision for one month. Then, after accruing 47 hours of 737 experience, he was promoted to B737 Captain and released for unsupervised flights as pilot in command. Not only did this violate Bellview’s own procedures, which stated that a pilot must have 500 hours on the aircraft type before being promoted to Captain, it also defied good sense. Surely more than 47 flight hours are needed to assume command of a passenger jet after not flying an airplane for 12 years.
As for First Officer Ernest Eshun, he was even less experienced. He had only 726 total flying hours across all aircraft types, and was still new to aviation in general. The history of his license was not unusual or dramatic, but investigators did note other discrepancies. For instance, Eshun and Imasuen had traveled together every few months to undergo recurrent training at a flight school in Denver, Colorado, culminating in an examination. However, the examination results retained by the flight school were not the same as the results which were submitted to the NCAA after the pilots returned to Nigeria, indicating that both men had falsely inflated their test scores. This practice was apparently widespread at Bellview and at other airlines.
Then, in an intriguing twist, the AIB came into possession of a letter written by First Officer Eshun shortly before the crash in which he complained that he was not being paid on time and that his assigned schedule was in gross violation of flight duty time limit laws. In his letter, he stated that over the previous 19 days, he had flown for 118 hours, even though duty time regulations limited him to 100 flying hours in every 30-day period, meaning that he was flying roughly twice as much as was allowed by law. Both pilots’ records confirmed this: for instance, according to the documents submitted to the NCAA for his latest license renewal, Captain Imasuen had flown 1,864 hours during the 10 months before the crash, even though the limit was 1,000 hours per calendar year. Furthermore, in April 2005 he indicated that he had flown 1,568 hours just in the preceding 6 months, which works out to over 8.6 flying hours (not duty hours—8.6 hours IN THE PLANE) every single day on average, even before accounting for days off!
When confronted, Bellview airlines denied the charges, stating that Imasuen had only flown 1,053 hours during his entire period of employment with the company. On the other hand, information obtained by Wikileaks showed that First Officer Eshun had intended to leave Bellview Airlines the following month for Ghana International Airlines (GIA) due to Bellview’s poor working conditions. According to the documents, Eshun confided to GIA that Bellview forced its pilots to alter their flight logs to obscure the fact that they were flying 180 to 190 hours a month. Two other Bellview pilots who interviewed for positions at GIA gave similar stories.
It should be noted that this kind of overwork, while extremely dangerous, was common in Nigeria. Captain Imasuen’s records from his first stint as a pilot in the 1980s showed that he was flying an average of 9.6 hours per day at that time, without accounting for days off. Furthermore, there was evidence that his logs had been altered, because at one point during the 1980s Imasuen’s total flight time mysteriously went down by 400 hours.
These findings strongly suggested that at the time of the accident, the pilots were almost certainly exhausted, suffering from severe fatigue and burnout. In the AIB’s view, the chances that this contributed to the crash were very high, perhaps even near-certain, but again, without the black box data, they couldn’t say how.

The Final Report

In February 2009, more than three years after the accident, the AIB published its final report, in which investigators wrote that they were unable to determine the cause of the crash. Between the absence of the black boxes and the sheer destruction wrought upon the aircraft, there was simply too little evidence about what happened as flight 210 climbed through the clouds over Lagos, cocooned in its own little world without living witnesses.
Instead, the AIB put forth a different argument: that it almost didn’t matter what caused the crash, because it was clear that that airline, that flight, that plane, and those pilots were already “ripe for an accident.” The plane had several outstanding mechanical problems and was legally unairworthy. Both pilots were inexperienced, poorly trained, and suffering from fatigue. It was nighttime and there were storms in the area. Considering all of these factors, Bellview Airlines flight 210 was simply a disaster waiting to happen from the moment it took off.
In the aftermath of the crash, Nigeria’s president vowed to make safety improvements, and officials promised a number of dubious half-measures. One prominent government promise was to ban all aircraft over 30 years old, but it was hard to take them at their word. After a previous crash in 2002, the government had vowed to ban planes over 22 years old, but 5N-BFN, the plane involved in the crash of flight 210, was 24 years old. So much for the ban, then! In fact, someone with good sense probably talked them out of it, because banning older planes does little to improve safety if the government can’t enforce proper maintenance. A poorly maintained plane can crash due to a mechanical problem at any age. But apparently that was all the bureaucrats could come up with.

Secrets of the Dead

As for the specifics of what befell flight 210, unless someone reveals that they possessed the black boxes all along, we will probably never know. The aviation industry does not like not knowing why a passenger jet crashed, but all available leads were exhausted. There is probably much information that has not come to light, but it will be information which contributes to the overall cloud of “ripeness for disaster” which already surrounds the flight, and not the smoking gun which reveals what happened in the cockpit as the pilots lost control of their Boeing 737.
Nevertheless, in my opinion, there is a basic sequence of events which I think is reasonably probable, based on my years of experience studying air crashes. Basically, this crash has all the hallmarks of spatial disorientation in instrument meteorological conditions. When a plane is in clouds, the pilots must keep careful watch over their instruments in order to ensure that the plane is flying straight, and sensory cues about the aircraft’s orientation in space can be dangerously misleading. Countless airplanes, including some full size airliners, have crashed because the pilots did not detect that it was rolling or pitching off course while in clouds until it was already too late. One particularly relevant example is the crash of Kenya Airways flight 507 near Douala, Cameroon in 2007. That crash also involved a Boeing 737, crewed by below average pilots, taking off from a poorly equipped African airport at night during a thunderstorm. Like the Bellview pilots, the crew of flight 507 requested a right turn to avoid the storm, then disappeared without a trace. The remains of the plane were found several days later in a swamp a few miles from the airport. A large crater testified to the immense force of the impact, which totally destroyed the 737 and killed all 114 people on board.
In that case, the black boxes were found, and investigators concluded that the plane began to roll to the right by itself due to minor asymmetries in the aging aircraft’s wings and control surfaces. Initially, this was fine, because they wanted to turn to the right anyway. The captain eventually ordered the first officer to engage the autopilot to stop the roll and level off on their assigned heading, but due to a miscommunication he never did so, and the plane kept rolling by itself until an automatic “BANK ANGLE” warning sounded. Startled by the warning, the captain inadvertently steered further into the roll, causing the plane to nosedive into the ground.
One can easily imagine a similar sequence of events playing out aboard Bellview Airlines flight 210. Perhaps the pilots didn’t want to use the autopilot because of the longstanding problems with the system, or for some reason they failed to engage it properly. Perhaps some other mechanical problem occurred which diverted their attention, or they were distracted trying to find the best route through the bad weather. And as they worked through the problem, bleary-eyed and yawning, the right turn around the storm just kept getting steeper, and steeper, and steeper…
But as I said—we will never know. All we know is that five minutes later, 117 people were dead, their terrifying final moments lost forever to the land of the living.
What do you think happened to flight 210? What parts of the story catch your eye? What happened to the black boxes? Discussion is appreciated!
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2023.04.05 12:14 SwannSwanchez Datamine -> ->
New vehicles : ->
Current Dev version :
Current Live version :
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2023.04.01 03:08 Saugalyfe905 Female Hip-Hop Drop Watch: March 31st

Chlöe - In Pieces
Mychelle - IT'S not YOU, it's me
Ashlee Bankz - Misery Loves Company

Chlöe - In Pieces
Jaz Elise - Rice & Peas
Savannah Dexter X @BraboGator - Til Death Do Us Part
Jean Deaux - Zodiac Killa
Mellow Buckzz - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Lakeyah - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Female Rapper ~ Nut Quick GMIX
Juicy J - "No Rapper" feat Aleza x Slimeroni x K Carbon
Grey Skye Evans - The Beat
IVE 아이브 'Kitsch'
Krissy Kross - Stand On It
Kemberlee - Nasty luv
YP Leaa - Famous Animal Tv
Charis- P.M.L
Queen Cole - On Go
Ty Statz - Run it ft. Mantha
Dominique Fils-Aimé - Cheers To New Beginnings
Brooklyn Queen - Receipts ft. Yanni Monett
Coi Leray ft. Tokischa - Players (Tokischa Remix)
The Real Gabbana - Pop It
38 Spesh Ft. Che Noir - Chris & Snoop
Bebe Rexha - Call on Me
Tierra Whack - Millions (Jumbo Mix)
phem - slippery slope
rum•gold - Forget Me ft. Kiah Victoria
Malaynah - 'PROBLEM'
Whitney Peyton - Into The Fire
Temia - Different
Neisha Neshae - One of a Kind
Rita Ora - You Only Love Me (feat. @NafeSmallz) (ZdotRemix)
CBO Cedi - Talk About It Mic Check Performance
Sara Savage - Christopher Columbus Lied
Murda B - Click Click (ft. B-Lovee)
Mimi Mercedez, Speed Radio Balkans - Kleopatra (Sped Up)
So Vicious Ft Black C - "TO THE BAG"
KenTheMan - Mean B*tch
Nilla Allin - Bill It To The Room
Djena Della - Soeurcière
Golde London & SwiftOnDemand - Irregular
Bebe Nyima - These B******
Lauren Jauregui - Trust Issues
Lady Insane - All in Yo Head
Kings Daughter - “Not The Same"
STARR - So What
YellowBunny x Diego Flores - Lotti Love
Shani Boni - Poppin Shi*
Xarina - Locks Change
Becky G, Peso Pluma - Chanel
Temia - Different
Beanz - Frank Sinatra
Ms Banks - MONEY TALKS 1
Alyssa Marie - Seven Nation Army
Big klit - Miss Klit
Shortiie Raw - Peace
Niyah Denae - "Vibez"
Mrs. Finesse - WAR
T-Kay Barbie - Monica & Quincy
YellowTapee x Paper Ris - PRINCESS DIANA (MIX)
Poison Ivi- Crazy
Ladii Rose ft. Flippa da flippa & Diego - "BOUNCE
Stormi Baby x Baby Man - Cold Days
J. Irja - Mom's Spaghetti
MY COUSINS - What They Didn’t Tell You
INDAHKUS - 'It's You' (feat. PB GLAS)
The Amanda Nicole - Pretty and Petty
Tanikala, MICZ - Dyamante
NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Zero'
Katja Korošec - TI SI TA
Kimi x Khay Be - Ti Thes
Aaliyah Milan - OnlyF***
Jasanna Quantae - Hypnotize
Ksenia - Tiny D%ck Guy
Elly Paris - Sabi
Chriseanrock - Time
OG MarlynMonROLLUP - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Journey Montana - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Lakeyah - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Mello Buckzz - "On The Radar" Freestyle
Mura Masa - Whenever I Want
phem - slippery slope
Kiana Ledé & Ella Mai - Jealous
Klyrae - Wifey X
Nini Venus - Trophy
Kaiyomi - Pretty Girls
CherryMoon222 - "Chat to My Back"
Miss Valentine - Rock With Me
Pretty Hustle - Making Moves
Only1Brielle Ft. Lil Darri - HAWK HER DOWN
Ana Elle, Moneymits, Trndsetta - 10/10
Sweetie ItsPanda - Rap Freaks
Dog Lady - Aderral
OG PINKY - Intermania Flow
Kayzi - Real Life
Queen JaZee - L.L.D.
Queen Ka$h - Ka$h Said So
Thee Goddess Run to the Bank ( DA SPOT )
Kaybree - Charge It to the Game
Iron Lunggs - In A Year
Tonhi - Cocky
Za.Seven & Rocsann - Toxic Cycle
Big K x Tee Da P - Talkin Like a N****
Big Mil - Demon Mode Freestyle
ITS LUX - Big Mama
TAYY DIOR - Element
Tink - Gangsta's Paradise
CB Ft Guttalane Low - Maisons
Jucee Froot - Bad Nerve
Lil Kayla - Naughty Girl Freestyle
Yuna - Menanti
Chinese Kitty - Boy Ain’t Mine From The Block Performance
Leeky Jackson Feat. Asian Doll - Dat Knocka
Mahalia - Terms and Conditions
Kali - Area Codes
Shenseea - Locked Up Freestyle
Rainy Angel - Imagination Ft Fashotime
Ashlee Bankz - Get So Lucky
Yannii, Jay Stark, Jaydot Geek, Leeky Jackson, Dee Billz (FT: Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, Tata - CYPHER
Kash Doll, DJ Drama, Payroll Giovanni - LEGIT
Shygirl - Playboy / Positions
Scar Lip - This Is New York
JISOO All Eyes On Me Lyrics
GrG - Indika Badu Ft Vini
Feid, Young Miko - Classy 101
Coach Joey x Jas Milan - Late Night
SaraBlueberry - TEĎ
NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Zero'
Eva Grace - always be a fan
Kyle Richh x Jenn Carter x TaTa (41) - On Gang
Apink 에이핑크 'D N D'
Faith Callender - Honestly
Kimani - A Time
Steph T- Got That
Bonnie Lin, Ymo G - Bang Fi Real
Michaela Paladio - MAD WOMAN
Kali Uchis - In The Lobby ["Isolation" BONUS TRACK]
Mellii G - Schemin
Becky G, Peso Pluma - Chanel
Ash B - Love Story
Bigg Sugg - Live Learn Come Up
YellowTapee x Paper Ris - PRINCESS DIANA (MIX)

Compilation of Top Female Hip-Hop Music Videos This Week
Comment on what songs I missed and I will add them
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2023.03.15 18:06 WilsonTeresa223 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in remote Hiring Now!

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Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in . Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in . Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.11 22:03 The_Biggest_Wheel (Chapter 1077 Spoilers) Who Shot Johnny JoeStella - A One Piece Mystery

If you are confused by the title, the post is about “the traitor” on the Egghead Island who keeps shooting Vegapunk. I’m just trying to avoid putting spoilers in the title.
Technically, calling them “traitor” is incorrect. “Perpetrator” would be more accurate, or, you know, “Murderer”. Oda usually structures his arcs based on one of the popular Literary genre; like Thriller Bark being Horror, Skypiea being Action-Adventure and Whole Cake Island being… a mish-mash of Disney movie and Super Sentai; and Egghead is clearly inspired by the old-school “Murder Mysteries” (Crime Friction) akin to Agatha Christie’s series of books about the Detective Hercule Poirot. A classic “Whodunit” premise.
Murder Mysteries have certain tropes that are a staple of the genre and which most of them follow. Now, there are A LOT of them for me to list them all but I will mention the most relevant ones and hopefully, by the time we are done we will have a better understanding of this whole situation.

· Misjudged death

While not all mysteries are “murder” mysteries, most do start with a death. In this case, it’s not as much as death as different people wanting to kill someone; that someone being Vegapunk. His disappearance is what kicks off the mystery. We think he just got lost after Bonney chased him away but we later learn he was kidnapped.

· Incompetent police

Related to the misjudged death trope, police are often drawing the wrong conclusions in mysteries. Even if the main sleuth is on the force, they're surrounded by incompetent (and often antagonistic) co-workers. CP0 might not be there to figure out who has done the murder but they are presented as rather incompetent and a foil to Straw Hats.

· Red Herring

Usually, there is a character that is the primary suspect for the murder and the story makes it quite obvious that they did it. However, this is purposefully done to mislead the audience from the actual murderer. It’s a “misdirect”. I believe that in this case, it’s Stussy that is meant to be a Red herring.
We are introduced to the idea that there is a double agent on Egghead and it’s then revealed that it was Stussy. However, the troubles surrounding Vegapunk still haven’t stopped meaning the real perpetrator is still out there.
Admittedly, this one is a bit shaky but I do think there might be something befitting more of this trope. More on this later.

· Unsuspecting Suspect

There is always that one character that no one suspects to be the murderer, which makes them the most likely to BE the murderer. They hide in plain sight, unassuming, maybe they have a disability that makes them impossible to even consider. Or maybe they spend their entire day just eating and shitting.

· Villainous victim

The only person who seems to consider Vegapunk as a villain is Bonney but that still doesn’t mean he can’t fit this criteria. A lot of people still want to kill Vegapunk for different reasons: Bonney, the World Government and the mystery figure.

· Everybody done it

Is the murderer Person A, Person B, or Person C? There's no rule against making it all of the above (or two of the above). In fact, the multiple murderer trope can help the "early suspect" get off the radar. They can be working together or working independently (without knowledge of each other's nefarious deeds). Whether it's one or many doing it, don't ignore the possibility of...

· Second Murder

First murder kicks off the story (Vegapunk disappearing); the second one complicates it. Usually, it helps exonerate the “Red Herring”. Of course, with Vegapunk it’s a bit different since he has 6 other bodies.

· Stuck together

Another way to drive up the tension and stakes is to have your characters stuck together, whether it's a roomy home, a train, or an island. Throw in dangerous weather conditions that conspire to capture everyone together, and it's time to hurry up and find that murderer before another body turns up. Sounds familiar?

· Nosy character with a vital information gets it

These nosy characters sometimes turn into the actual sleuth. Or they become a help (or hindrance) to the actual sleuth. Maybe the person was a witness or a co-conspirator. Or perhaps they know about a former relationship, past career, or maybe that person finds Vegapunk tied in the basement. The point is that this person has vital information they're ready to deliver, but end up with a bullet to their brain.

· Detective team up

Not as much as a “detective team up” as a team up between two groups that are enemies. This trope usually has two detectives that don’t like each other and often but heads, teaming up together to achieve a common goal. In this case, Lucci and Kaku want to team up with Luffy and Zoro to fight the Seraphims.

· Detective suspect

Who is a more "unassuming suspect" than the detective? The answer is nobody. However, we don’t really have a detective, for now, but we do have the Straw Hats and the Satellites. Just because the Satellites are Vegapunk it doesn’t mean they don’t want to kill him.
Remember, everyone done it.

· Criminal consultants

The theory is "to catch a killer, you have to think like a killer." So who better to consult in a murder case than someone who committed murders? Who better to find the double agent and Vegapunk than the Miss. Double Agent herself?

· History returns

This trope can go a few different directions. The first one involves the detective. Since we don’t have a detective lets ignore this one. Second, another character (a possible suspect and/or victim) has to face something from their past. We already had a number of reminders of Ohara and Vegapunk’s involvement with it, not to mention his past with Kuma.
However, I think whoever is “the murderer” is targeting Vegapunk for another reason. The World Government wants him gone because his knowledge of Poneglyphs (and Ohara) and Bonney wants him dead because of his involvement with Kuma, so I think this mystery person wants him gone because of something else. Something we might see in the current Cover Story.

· Lights Off

The trope usually involves the reversal of fortune for the protagonist (detective in most cases) and it doesn’t always involve quite literally turning the lights off. Sometimes, it’s turning the Seraphims on.

· Absent Murderer

Keeping the eventual murderer absent from the main action is a useful trope in keeping the readers from guessing too early who they are. The murderer in Egghead’s case is likely someone who we have seen but they haven’t had a big role to play so far or haven’t been the main focus. It’s also possible that we didn’t see the murderer at all but that would make for a rather unsatisfying reveal.

· In Plain Sight

Part of what people love about murder mysteries is trying to solve the mystery themselves. Some of the best stories in the genre help viewers do this by hiding clues and revelations in plain sight that, on a reread makes you go “You should’ve figured it out sooner!

· Amnesia

The opposite of being a person with vital information is a person who can't remember any of the vital information because of amnesia. However, this person may not be safe, because they may remember something with enough time. I don’t know if this really fits into this category but Kuma’s memory do play a big role in this arc. Whatever comes out of this will be monumental for the reveal.

· Light bulb moment

This is the moment when all the puzzle pieces (or all but one) come together in One Piece and the mystery is figured out. It's obvious they've narrowed the field down to one (or two) suspects, and they call everyone together for...

· Big Reveal

Whoever the murderer is, it would be impossible for us to correctly guess… right now. The mystery is slowly building until the “Big Reveal” which is a point in the story where everything gets resolved in swift succession, or in this case, a single Chapter that will tie every hint into a single reveal. As we still don’t have every hint, this is not a possibility.


Taking all of this into consideration, I want to try to make an educated guess as to who the perpetrator is.
The Egghead Island Arc is an arc all about Vegapunk and Vegapunk was part of the scientific group by the name of M.A.D.S. Another member of the MADS is also part of the arc, that being Stussy which prior to her reveal appeared in the Cover Story also focusing on MADS and featuring Queen, Caesar and Judge. It’s evident that the current Cover Story is much more intertwined than the previous Cover Stories as it directly tie in with what is happening in the current arc.
Another trope of a Murder Mystery is what I call “Time Dilation”. It’s a trope where you are lead to believe that the events you are witnessing are set during one period in time while it is later revealed it was set during a totally different period in time. The Cover Story of Chapter 1077, the Chapter named “You should’ve Figured It out Sooner” features Judge and Caesar in “present day” conspiring to get rid of Vegapunk. What if these events aren’t happening currently but rather occurred shortly before the start of the Egghead Island Arc and the name of the Chapter is literally telling us, the readers, that we should’ve figured out the two of them are responsible?
Caesar worked with Vegapunk until recently, and he worked with him on Punk Hazard where King was experimented on, so it’s very plausible he is quite familiar with how the system at Egghead works. After all, Stussy was familiar with the working of the Island; and she is also currently missing from the action when Sanji kicked Jim-brat. Judge is known for his clone Germa 66 army and genetically enhancing his kids. Judge gave his kids abilities similar to Devil Fruits and Vegapunk managed to quite literally copy the Devil Fruit abilities.
The biggest thorn in this theory is that this whole thing dates back 2 months, and there is no way the ending of Whole Cake Island happened that far back. It’s possible that Caesar or more likely Judge had a spy on Egghead, a clone that Vegapunk made that they secretly engineered to be their "inside guy". Doflamingo is seen with a gun so a Seraphim Doflamingo could be that guy. However, a more likely case is that the Cover Story of Judge and Caesar discussing getting rid of Vegapunk is nothing more than the aforementioned “Red Herring” - It’s the misdirect. They are the obvious pick for the perpetrator but they have a good Alibi as to why it can’t be them.
It is possible that it will be revealed Judged planned on getting rid of Vegapunk even before the whole Whole Cake Island ordeal so I wouldn’t be counting this possibility out. I still think that whoever kidnapped Vegapunk and is trying to kill his Satellites is connected to MADS, be it Caesar and Judge or not.


A lot in this post was taken from 21 Popular Mystery Tropes for Writers written by Lee Brewer, a Senior Editor of Writer's Digest. I couldn't have made the post without it and I take no ownership over the Mystery Tropes mentioned in here.
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2023.03.10 15:35 RafterRattlerVT Torklift Ecohitch Installers - Northeast US

I was all set to order a Torklift Ecohith for my new '23 LTD....until I watched an install video. Holy crap...what a job. I think if I do it, I'm going to have someone else install it. Given that it involves removing several panels, lights, and replacing the rear bumper, in my mind there's just too much that can go wrong if I do it myself (lights, radar sensors, broken clips/rattles, etc.). Does anyone have any experience with Ecohitch installers in the lower NH, ME or upper MA areas? Torklift lists a few certified installers, but online reviews seem to be mixed. Given how new the car is, I really want someone who is going to take the time and care to do it right. Any thoughts?
Thanks for any feedback...
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2023.03.04 21:50 oliver912 North America but my weather app glitched

North America but my weather app glitched submitted by oliver912 to mapporncirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.02.27 13:18 TELMxWILSON New Music! The Sauce, Bou, Azifm, Keeno, Delta Heavy, Zero T, Monrroe and more.. As well as 2 fresh Hidden Gems in this weeks reviews [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 09)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Youtube Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass YT Music
Apple Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Apple Music
Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/117532t
Follow us on Instagram TELMxWILSON, lefuniname, voynich

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

Grüß Gott, griaß die, servus! Sure, everyone knows that Austria can bring forth some insane talents, we are all aware of the powerhouses Camo & Krooked and Mefjus, dancefloor connoisseurs Fourward and Disaszt, personal favourites Phonetic and Moekel, Neuro brain scramblers Screamarts and TR Tactics, or deep and dark maestros like Wingz and En:vy (not anymore, but you get me) after all. However, the Kaninchenbau goes much, much deeper than that. Allow me to demonstrate what I mean, by taking a look at two new talents from two corners of the country, Puzzle and Dub Ten.

1. Puzzle - Orchid / Hyacinth 💎 [Deep Within Recordings]

Recommended if you like: Misanthrop, Halogenix, Workforce
Wait, Puzzle, that name rings a bell, doesn't it? If you've been reading these for a while, and you've got an impeccable memory, it most certainly will.
For those like me with the less functional memories: Way back in early 2021, I was already puzzled about how insane his debut EP is! Since that, mister Jonas Feurle has truly lived up to his last name, firing off one incredible tune after the other, from non-dnb experimentations on his wonderful Diaries Of A Daydreamer EP to ridiculous DnB bangers like the colourful Yellow on In The Lab, which deservedly earned him his first free download chart numero uno, the versatile Venus EP on Stellar Audio, collaborative craziness with Sign, DANEY and Vortex, and an historic entry to the gallery of Sound Museum. Looking at this list, one could say that Puzzle has certainly already made an impact on the scene, but we are still far from removing the "underrated" label from his name in my opinion. I could've written something about any of these releases listed above, literally all of them are delightful, but since it was still too close to the previous review, I decided against it. Not only has enough time passed for me to re-up my strong recommendation once more, this new double single is also just so damn good that I can't help it, I just have to feature it. Emphasis on the gem part of the Hidden Gem Of The Week™️ title.
For this, Jonas has worked together with deep and dark veteran Division's very own label, Austria-based Deep Within Recordings! Yep, even the labels are Austrian today. As is basically tradition with these newcomer label introductions, Deep Within was founded in early 2020, showcasing their talented roster with a series of free downloads, before later also stepping into the world of paid releases. Not only did they quickly manage to attract a lot of talent in the dark and steppy corners of the genre, like Teej, Hexa, Mofes, Kidsonic and Sudley, they also delved deeper and deeper into the more vibey sounds, with stunning releases by En:vy, Wingz, Offline, DOt., Gestalt and VISLA. In addition to the incredible music, the label also sports an art direction for their covers that's honestly so perfectly moody and beautiful I kind of want to buy and put up some of these artworks as posters at home. No wonder they got nominated for Best Newcomer Label in 2022!
As much as they deserve this and any future nominations, it has to be said that our protagonist for this release, Puzzle, absolutely deserves one too. On the A-side, Orchid, Jonas once again only picks out the prettiest sounds to curate his incredibly colourful sonic bouquet for us. Like the olfactory sensation of the real-life equivalent of this analogy, the hand-picked synths majestically travel throughout the auditory space, drawing all attention and satisfying the senses. While the synths are absolutely the focus and main star here, Puzzle also rounds the selection off with some heartwarming bass, extra shaky (in a good way) drums and an atmosphere to die for.
That isn't the only fantastic floral arrangement Puzzle has got in his flower store for us though, we've still got the less commonly known counterpart, Hyacinth, to talk about! We enter this particular multi-layered experience with some more sublime synth melodies gently strumming along, while a vulnerable vocal airs its grievances in little bursts. Right when the deliciously dynamic drums announce that we're now diving into the drop, we're stopped in our tracks, before a burst of soft stabs restarts the engine and we're thrown on a river of deeply rumbling bass. All throughout the various stops and starts of the drop, the honestly excellent, detailed drums continously push you forward in a way that you never quite know what's gonna happen next, while still feeling natural, creating this really interesting flow.
Doesn't matter whether Puzzle embarks on an interstellar journey, or if he just wants to show us his favourite flowers, the end result is always stunning. Check this and all of his previous and future releases out, you won't regret it.

2. Dub Ten - LND / Ghetto 💎 [Empathy Audio]

Recommended if you like: Halogenix, En:vy, Visages
After taking a look at someone I've had on my radar for quite some time now, let's talk about someone I and probably most of you haven't even heard of before: Dub Ten! While I would definitely put the emphasis l on the hidden part of the Hidden Gem Of The Week™️ title this time around, this one absolutely deserves the gem part too.
So, who is this dubplate number 10 then? Based in Wörgl, Gabriel Kirchebner has been part of the local DnB community for ages. Perhaps most famously, he won the raffle for a ticket to the DC Breaks album tour in 2017. Okay, I'm sorry for this extremely random and entirely too specific detail, but that's literally all I could find out about the guy. I mean, yeah, he's also been around as a DJ, but there's really not a whole lot to tell you here. This is his very first release too!
Alright, okay (alright, okay), let's talk about the platform putting out his release then: Empathy Audio! From the western side of the country, Innsbruck, to be specific, Nico "Apollo" Hassler and George "Decaz" Haselwanter have recently started working together to bring great soulful and forward-thinking techy DnB to the masses. Since being founded in 2022, so less than a year into the operation, they have already put on various Empathy Audio label nights, showcased the likes of Resslek, Drum Dad & Bass Boy, Azura on their Empathy Sessions guest mix series, and put out releases by moab, Vortex and label founder Apollo himself. Pretty good for such a short timespan I'd say!
Wanna know what's somehow even better for an even shorter timespan? This Dub Ten debut one-two punch! In the public eye, at least. I'm pretty sure he's worked on these two beasts for quite some time before letting them out of their cage. For instance, the opener LND, with its frankly unfairly gorgeous synths, incredibly vibey vocal sample and smoothly rolling drums, is so damn lovely, I almost refuse to accept it's coming from such a new name! Seriously, the first time I experienced these sultry summertime synths seducing my ear canals, I had to immediately stop what I was doing and redirect all my energy to increasing my laptop's volume as high as possible. I can't stress enough just how satisfying they are.
As if that wasn't enough for a debut release, Gabriel threw in another Dub of his to complete the picture: Ghetto! As the name already kind of implies, this one is way grottier than its predecessor, showcasing the darker sides of his production. While I would love to just have twenty LND type vibes on here, it is also equally interesting to hear what he brings to the table in a completely different setting. Let me rephrase that. It's not "just" an interesting tune, it's a full-on no-prisoners-taking steppy banger of a tune! Groovy drums continously skipping along, well-designed bass womps with their own rhythmic agenda, all woven together so perfectly that you can't help but skank along. Or at least nod your head a little.
Two sides of the deep DnB coin, both infused with Dub Ten's personal style, resulting in two incredible vibes of their own. Not just insanely good for a debut release, this is outstanding in general.

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed

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2023.02.27 04:40 Hyrikul Make France Great Again !

Make France Great Again !
Hello there !
I would like to take advantage of an insomnia to present you with some my biggest dreams of what could happen on War Thunder for France. I hope I can make you want to play this country (if it's not the case !) that has so much to offer to the game !
A small part of this Christmas list is way ahead of the current meta, but let me dream !
Nb: I am not a military expert, if there are some loadout/name mistakes, don't blame me (too much) I'm creating this topic to, hopefully, make you discover some beautiful beasts ! :)

Starting with Ground :

VBL family, similar to a wiesel family but with wheels. Autocanon variant, AA variant, ATGM (3 variants)...
LOHR VPX 5000 (HOT HCT) (French wiesel, but with 5hp more (35hp ! ), and 4 atgm ready to fire)
VBCI (IFV 25mm autocannon)
VBCI 2 (40mm+ atgms)
Vextra 105 (French Centauro)
Vextra 120 (French Centauro buffed)
Leclercs protos (3 available for a 10.0 lineup, could be some sort of leo2a4)
Leclerc Terminateur (140mm.. And always with the autoloader ! )
EBRC Jaguar (40mm + atgm too much op for today in WT but...)
Amx AuF1 (Bonk!)
Amx 13 DCA (French Falcon, with/without radar if we want 2 of them on diff br)
Lot of others DCA, we are in big need there ! Nothing between 4.3 and 8.3 for a long time, and in the meantime Germany and the USA benefit from a French radar on their Roland, while we have been fighting for years for the French Roland to be debrided on his limited aiming height, and that it finally has its own homemade tracking radar that other enjoy.

Reinforcing the ELC line for the meme/fun with :
ELC Even (90mm)
ELC 120 (French ontos, 4x120mm recoiless gun, on a smole tank !)
ELC Even 30 ( 2x 30mm)

For Heli :
Tigre HAC (Tiger UHT under French color)
-Some utility copter armed (some of the last coming Chinese Heli are/comes from French heli, so i want them for France too)

For ships, since they are coming (Hurra !), i would stay with one choice (or this topic never gonna end...) and choose the Jean Bart : fast BB with all its main armament at the front in 2 turrets of 4 guns, like some other French BB of the time. Can charge the enemy and fire with all its power without presenting its flank !

For planes:
Mirage 4000 ( Some sort of F-15 sized Mirage with 2 engine, 8 magics 2 or 4xmagic 2 + 4x530F, i want it now ! Could totally join the game without breaking it, even with it's massive engine power (more than 1:1))
Mirage IV (On the right vs Mirage 3 :p, nuclear bomber but could still take enough conventionnal stuff to flatten a good corner of the play area! Gimme his boosters! )
Mirage 2000-5 family (Game not ready for MICA missiles (80km range, 50G, thrust vectoriel etc etc...) but at least, mirages with more than 4 missiles !)
Rafale. I know the game is not ready, but for me the most beautiful and capable plane !
Look at what this little boy can take !

I'm forcing myself to stop here, but I could name DOZENS of other vehicles that could really strengthen France in WT, and on top of that I stayed on vehicles for quite high BR, without really getting down to the low BR of the tree.
France is the 3rd largest weapons exporter in the world after US and Russia, and Gaijin still treats it as a sub-nation when it could (should..) be more capable than Germany for example, on Cold War and modern era !

This nation deserves more love from Gaijin, and that will only happen with your help. If more people play, then more vehicles will be added, and the repair prices will be reduced over time.

I hope to have given you a good time with some nice little pictures ! By the way, sorry for using links. I spent more than an hour struggling to put images directly, without success...

Have a good evening/day !
submitted by Hyrikul to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2023.02.23 15:35 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Republican Culture Bores by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (02/22/23)

"Those are the keywords. Find me 11 or 12,000 votes. Find has two pssible interpretations..." - Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz really grasping at straws trying to defend Trump's infamous phone call in 2020.

Special Election Place In Heaven

Things have been touch-and-go for Democrats since the annus horribilis of 2016, but recent signs have been encouraging.
Federal elections certainly garner the most attention, but as we’ve seen time and again, down-ballot races are often even more consequential.
So what does this mean? Well, it looks like the Republican decision to go all-in on the culture wars they created (because they have nothing else to offer the American people) isn’t working. Democrats continue to win, even as the incumbent party. Voters continue to reject Dobbs and insurrection. And a new Marist poll shows that Joe Biden has a positive approval rating among registered voters for the first time in forever, perhaps because of his strong State of the Union performance, dwindling inflation, and/or because he’s delivered better substantive policy than most people (us included!) ever thought he would. Hopefully, Democrats will continue this strategy of taking no seat for granted, and fighting like hell at every opportunity.

Under The Radar

One of the earliest indications that President Biden would govern in a more populist or progressive manner than his critics assumed came when he appointed Lina Khan to chair the Federal Trade Commission. Khan gained notoriety early in her legal career by creating a framework for applying antitrust law to the so-called platform monopolies of Big Tech. But that optimism ran headlong into the federal courts, which have picked off almost all of the Biden administration’s lawsuits trying to block or dismantle corporate monopolies. The corporate giant to end all corporate giants Amazon announced today that it has completed its $3.5 billion takeover of the primary-care provider One Medical after the FTC announced yesterday that it would not challenge the deal, either assuming that they would lose, or perhaps planning to challenge the merger at a later date. The Department of Justice, however, is still moving ahead with an antitrust lawsuit against Google related to the company’s dominant position in maps and location information. In wide-ranging cases, conservative-leaning federal courts have sided with Big Tech time and again. Having a deep bench at the FTC and DOJ is great, but it’s not enough to actually prevent and dismantle corporate monopolies when stacked against 40 years of right-wing jurisprudence and four years of corrupt Trump judges added to the federal courts.

What Else?

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have been subpoenaed in the January 6 special counsel investigation, the latest sign that no high-level witness is off limits.
Newly released documents show that Arizona’s former Republican attorney general intentionally concealed records which showed that virtually all claims of errors or malfeasance in the 2020 election were unfounded. You don’t say!
Alaska’s House of Representatives voted to censure Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman after he asked during a committee hearing whether there could be economic benefits from deaths of abused children.
An “historic” blizzard in the U.S. heartland has caused the cancellation of over 1,200 flights. At least 75 million Americans are under winter storm weather advisories.
Conservative venture capitalist Vivek Ramaswamy, author of the book “Woke, Inc.” (gag) announced on Tucker Carlson that he’s running for president.
NPR announced that the network is laying off 10 percent of its workforce, citing erosion of advertising revenue.
A federal judge in Texas rejected a request by social-media giant Meta to throw out a $175 million jury patent verdict that ruled the company’s walkie-talkie app infringed on two patents related to video streaming and messaging.
President Biden responded to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to suspend the Russian-American nuclear arms-control treaty, calling the move a “big mistake.” Very Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman."

Be Smarter

The toxic train derailment in East Palestine, OH, continues to garner public scrutiny, as it should, but the way national news outlets have been reporting on it leaves something to be desired, if we’re honest!! Donald Trump visited the town today, accompanied by the Mayor of East Palestine, Trent Conway, who had previously called Biden’s trip to Ukraine “a slap in the face.” The fact that the Trump administration eliminated many rail-safety rules and regulations, including one explicitly intended to prevent oil tankers from exploding near communities by requiring new brakes to reduce the risk of derailments and also downsized the EPA? No mention of it! Of course, that’s not to give current Transportation Secretary Buttigieg, a pass. He r another senior cabinet official should have been on the first flight to Ohio when the derailment happened (reports indicate that he will travel there tomorrow), and the Biden administration does seem to be fumbling the bag with this entire disaster, but Republicans are using it to create a false narrative that Joe Biden and Democrats don’t care about the rural White working class, and news outlets should be more discerning about how they report Republican talking points.

What A Sponsor

Springtime is just around the corner. As we transition out of the winter season, we’re welcomed with warmer days to get outside and spend our time doing what we love most. When it comes to days spent on your feet, CARIUMA’s got you covered with unmatched comfort, premium quality, and peace of mind knowing they’re made solely with sustainably sourced materials.
Everyone needs a staple pair of sneakers to carry them through the season and beyond, and OCAs may just be the shoes your wardrobe has been waiting for. With over 33,000 five-star reviewers, OCA has all the makings of a cult-favorite. Classic canvas and a low-rise silhouette, even your favorite celebrities love this versatile and crazy-comfortable style.
OCA is CARIUMA’s new-school take on a timeless sneaker style. Take your pick of durable organic cotton canvas or ultra-soft, responsibly sourced suede.
Whether you’re looking for an everyday neutral or a statement print, CARIUMA has a pair for every personality, and some of these fan-favorite colors are finally back in stock after clearing a 77k waitlist, making it the perfect time to pick up a pair. They even have limited edition collaborations with brands like Avatar, The Peanuts, and Pantone, so make sure you check them out.
CARIUMA has a dedicated reforestation program based in the Brazilian rainforest. Their co-founders, David and Fernando, both grew up in Brazil, so this project is especially close to home. For every pair of sneakers sold, CARIUMA plants two trees, and they’ve already planted over 2 million trees to date.
CARIUMA ships all their sneakers free & fast in the USA and offers worldwide shipping & 60 day FREE returns. They deliver right to your front door, using single-box, recycled packaging.
AND - for a limited time, WAD readers can get an exclusive 15% off your pair of Cariuma sneakers with code WAD.

Light At The End Of The Email

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) announced he will run again in 2024, a much-needed decision for Democrats facing a tough Senate map next year.
Minnesota is poised to restore voting rights to tens of thousands of residents after the state legislature adopted a bill yesterday to narrow felony disenfranchisement.
The Biden administration announced the first-ever U.S. offshore wind-energy lease sale today in the Gulf of Mexico, an area dominated by oil and gas production.


Jorts (and Jean) on Twitter: "Who are you talking to? Let me talk to them, I want to say hi
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2023.02.13 13:25 TELMxWILSON Fresh new music! Pola & Bryson, Serum, Calibre, Hugh Hardie, Skeptical, Goldie, Zero T... bangers all around. Same applies to this weeks reviews with new RAM and a neuro hidden Gem[+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 07)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Youtube Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass YT Music
Apple Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Apple Music
Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/10v4y78
Follow us on Instagram TELMxWILSON, lefuniname, voynich

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Ekwols - Nervous / Mindless Silence 💎 [Evolution Chamber]

Recommended if you like: Magnetude, Mewone!, Joe Ford
While I like my neuro in all its various shapes and forms, I would say one of my absolute favourite type has got to be the more melodic kind, championed by the likes of Magnetude, Memtrix and Joe Ford. The only thing is, there really aren't that many artists pursuing that specific area of sound and those that do aren't exactly releasing very often or stopped producing altogether. So when I stumbled upon a newcomer doing exactly what I'm looking for a couple years back, I was of course delighted. Since then, I've been waiting for him to return so I could finally share this discovery on here too. Turns out, he was working hard to polish his already phat sound even further all this time, together with none other than the Neurofunk grandmasters over at the fantastic Evolution Chamber. Now, the time has finally come to unveil his fruits of labour. Let's talk about this week's Hidden Gem Of The Week ™️, Ekwols.
Behind the name that always reminds me of those fuzzy little bastards in that one sci-fi movie with the lasers and swords is Kenny Dargan, from a place I feature rather rarely on here: Scotland! Or more specifically, Edinburgh. While you might not be familiar with him just yet, the self-proclaimed Bass Punk / Neuro Goth / Post Neuro / Crust Funk / Eco Bass enthusiast has been creating music for quite some time. Back in the late 2000s, early 2010s, he was already going down the rabbit hole of DnB with his Dread Kenedy project, but soon enough, he'd start pursuing other musical avenues, with his Dubstep/DnB/Hadouken-esque band Riotstep, probably better known as From The Cradle To The Rave. Then there were also a couple tunes under the INFKTD alias, but he probably had the most success with his longest running project, the Reggae-Ska-Hiphop-inspired duo Capitol 1212, with which he even managed to land in the UK vinyl charts! The list of projects doesn't even stop there though, he has also been doing a whole lot of mastering work with Svbsect Audio and had a hand in the Edinburgh-based DIY bass music collective Svb Hvman Social Clvb.
In the middle of all of this, i.e. around 2012-2014, when he had already mostly abandoned the DJing side of things in favour of his various other projects, he stumbled upon tunes by the likes of Rusty K, Task Horizon, Joe Ford and Receptor, and suddenly, a fire inside of him was ignited. This was the music he wanted to pursue. The first fruits of this laborious endeavour came in 2015, when he introduced Ekwols to the world with his debut Chapter on Genome Records. Each year he dropped another one or two gems, first with Temporal on You So Fat, then with his debut Insect EP back on Genome, but from 2017 on it got quiet on the Scottish front. He wasn't just taking a break all this time though, he kept fine-tuning his sound and in 2020 he returned stronger than ever, with a one-two-three punch on Shellshock. Since it worked so well the first time, he dipped from the spotlight for a couple years again, now returning with two brand new absolute stunning works of carnage, plus an incredible self-designed artwork, on Evolution Chamber! Or should I say, Ekwolution Chamber?
With mysteriously mumbling vocals, amazing atmospheric work and bass outbursts that will make shivers run down your spine, Ekwols really does make me Nervous, in a good way. Let me tell you, this first minute or so is so damn effective at creating a sense of unease that you just know there's something huge coming. And boy, does he ever deliver on that promise. While some of the forward-driving drums keep the flow steady in the background, it's pure chaos in the foreground, with everything jumping from the vocal-driven fast-paced continuous expulsion of energy to a straight-up ridiculous-sounding burst fire of terrifying synths, on top of some more focused, steppy drum action. When Magnetude dropped this one at Let It Roll London last friday (no of course I'm not writing this at the airport, that would be ridiculous), me and basically the whole crowd were whipped into an actual frenzy, letting out the biggest screams I've heard all night. In true Evolution Chamber fashion, the tune isn't happy with just one winning formula either, it's always on the never-ending quest for even more sick rhythms, call and responses and strange noises to throw at us, and somehow, it's hitting the ball out the park at every single turn. Especially those bass growls in the second half are just outstanding.
On the flipside, we've got Mindless Silence continuing the trend of hauntingly beautiful vocals luring us into a nightmare-causing horror scene, this time seemingly set in a Depeche Mode themed 80's diner, at least from the vibes the synths give off. Of course, it doesn't take too long for things to go awry. After announcing its arrival with a creepily growling alarm, we are launched into this absolute assault on our ears, in which this massive bass keeps rearing its disgusting head, while the once again devastating drums go through all kinds of variations. If this doesn't make you feel like you are being chased through the darkness of night by some sort of ungodly beast, then I don't know what will. It is most definitely worth it to stick around for the second half too, when the beast unleashes an even higher level of rage, resulting in all sorts of bass faces on my end.
I'm so glad Ekwols got picked up by Evolution Chamber. As evidenced by these unholy monstrosities, it really is the perfect fit for him and vice-versa. While his previous work was already quite great, working together with his early inspirations seemed to have pushed him to a whole 'nother level of greatness. He isn't just ekwolly as good as established neuro artists, he now even surpasses some of them effortlessly.
Other neuro from this week: - Prolix - Murder Mile Remixed - Mob Tactics - Grave Digger - A.way - Energy - Shadow Sect - Drums Of War EP - Traced - Into The Abyss

2. Raiser, Zeal, Coppa - Pipe Bomb [RAM Records]

Recommended if you like: Teddy Killerz, Tobax, A.M.C
From someone you might not have heard of to someone you will probably already know, even if you don't recognize this particular alias: let's talk about the long-awaited, long-hyped, long-yearned-for return of Raiser!
When I say long-awaited (and all these synonyms) I'm not talking about a couple of months or something harmless like that, no no, this particular tune has been making the rounds for like, what, 4 years now? I had honestly lost hope for this one and thought it would never come out! Okay, but first, let's introduce our artists: who are Raiser and his collaborative partner Zeal?
Laurie Carroll has been a pretty anonymous figure for the first couple years of the Raiser project, further stoking the flames of speculation by only presenting himself half-masked or in the shadows, and pulling stunts like hijacking label websites. However, in the past couple years it became clear he had another DnB project before this one: Mind Vortex! Way back in school, Stefan Anfield, who you nowadays might know as Junk Mail, was so impressed by the sound of Laurie's clarinet playing coming from another room that he knew he just had to go and talk to whoever is responsible for it and, lo and behold, they hit it off immediately. They already played together in a Jazz band during their school years, but it took until 2009 until their first electronic collaboration saw the light of day: That Good Feelin' / Silent Dream on Plush Recordings.
Instead of continuously pushing out new tunes, they decided to sit down and polish their skills until they had something special on their hands. By 2011, they had reached a level they were satisfied with and sent the tunes out to Andy C. He was immediately so enamored by their sound that he didn't just play out the tunes during his countless capital C crazy sets, he also signed most of them to his label, RAM Records! After their debut Generator on RAM 100, they started releasing one anthem after the other, quickly becoming an integral part of the legendary label. Anthems like Catapult, Future Fold, Gravity and Stand High gave them so much hype in the scene that they ended up on remix duty for the likes of Don Diablo, Wilkinson, Camo & Krooked(twice!), Black Sun Empire and The Prototypes, eventually even collaborating with Adam F for Music Is My Life. Not to mention them being sick DJs, who rightfully got to play all over the globe!
Around 2018, however, they decided to part ways and instead focus on their respective solo projects, with Raiser launching the projects with the rave-destroying The Weapon (to quote him: "What's a Dead Limit?"), followed by another couple of genre-bending bangers like Game Over, Back Off, Lonely Day and the Teddy Killerz collab Dinosaur Bass. While things were rolling smoothly once again, the pandemic marked the start of a year-long hiatus, during which the Teddies single-handedly kept the hype for a return going by smashing out one of his dubs whenever they had the chance. As you might realise, I'm talking about Pipebomb here. And as you might also realise, there's still one more artist backstory to cover before we can delve into my hype for this new collaborative effort. I swear I'll get around to Neurofunk MC legend Coppa too at some point. But for now, let's talk about Zeal!
Hailing from Edmonton in Canada, Jason Salomon, aka Zeal, might not have been on the average quite Europe-centric DnB listener's radar yet, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been around for a while already. While a lot of his early musical output and experience stemmed from his time as part of the electronic duo Thrasher (not the artist that's still currently signed to PRSPCT, this one got disbanded in 2014), his work under Zeal also spans way back to 2011, when he debuted his early Neurofunk creations on labels like Close 2 Death and Disturbed. He didn't really want to stick to that particularly style, however, and so the following years saw him experiment not only with other styles of DnB, like on his Drumstep winning entry to Ill.Gates & KJ Sawka's Unsung Heroes remix competition with Sanktum, but also whole other genres like Dubstep and other uplifting vibes that I can't quite place on a genre spectrum. From 2017 on, his love for DnB came rushing back in full force. After debuting this new era of releases on Reid Speed's Play Me Too Records, he kept on widening his label portfolio, which now consists of the likes of ProgRAM, YANA, Viper, Technique, MAD ZOO and even Anjunadeep!
Now, or rather back 2019, these two newcomer-veterans (a term my sleep-deprived brain just made up) come together to combine their strengths into an anthem that's not only matching the sonic diversity present in each other's back catalogue, but also just absolutely banging: Pipebomb. Everything starts off with this catchy and just simply lovely vocal on top of a bouncy piano-synth fusion of a beat, full of poppy little details like the classic clock ticking at the beginning, with a singular violent audio glitch being the only indication that something is afoot. And maybe the track title, but it's not like the cheery vocal is singing about pipebombs. However, once the first batch of cheery vocals are through, the duo switches gears into hype mode by smoothly transitioning the beautiful airy synths higher and higher and higher while some distant bass stabs suddenly start to come right at us, at top speed. More like Hype Bomb, am I right? Anyway, to further move along this shift in tone, we've suddenly got the deepest of the deep baritones of none other than MC Coppa delivering the titular line, confidently announcing that what follows will make the crowd, well, explode like a pipe bomb. And man, were they ever spot on with that prediction. Said bass stabs are now out in full capacity, barraging all of your senses in all the best ways, while some properly violent drums punch you into dancing like a maniac. Well, me at least.
If anyone wants to start a fundraiser to finance more of Raiser's fun style and genre combinations, I'm in. And not just because of the pun. Him, Zeal and Coppa really crafted a banger for the ages here and the fact that it's now actually released and not lost to time just makes me happy.

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed

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2023.02.12 19:34 hannahstohelit [Fandom, Radio] "Like Beatlemania": or how the debut of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch's ascent to stardom, and a deluge of teenage female fans gave a niche radio show a Fandom that broke a BBC record

The BBC Radio 4 sitcom Cabin Pressure, created by and costarring John Finnemore, is one of my favorite things of all time. I always want to write and talk about it. But in and of itself, I wouldn't say that there had been much drama per se. It's generally a friendly fandom, there haven't been any scandals or poorly conceived reboots that destroyed people's regard for the original or fandom members starting bitter fights (at least, to my knowledge)... so what's there to write about?
The answer, it turned out, came in reimagining the premise of the question. Because I had to remember that I was PART of the fandom's main drama: the development of its fandom in the overly-online, shippy, conventiony sense. It didn't happen organically, as it does with many forms of media- even when a precipitating factor escalates a show's popularity, it doesn't necessarily affect the nature of that fandom so much as the size.
With Cabin Pressure, though, everything changed when the Cumberb****s attacked.
But let's rewind first.

Cabin Pressure takes off
In 2008, John Finnemore, who cut his comedy-writing teeth on other people's TV and radio shows like That Mitchell and Webb Sound/Look and Dead Ringers, launched his first solo gig- a half hour radio sitcom called Cabin Pressure, a workplace comedy set in a small charter airline business called MJN Air with only one small plane nicknamed GERTI after its call sign (though, as is noted, that really makes it an "airdot") with a cast of four main characters.
When the show starts, Carolyn is the somewhat grumpy and stubborn owner of MJN Air after getting a plane off her husband in their divorce (though as she only owns the one plane, she notes that it should be called an airdot), and she's brought her early-30s son Arthur, who is known more for a big heart than a big brain, alongside her as assistant steward. She has two pilots: Douglas is middle-aged with years of experience at a major airline (and the pride to match it) but is now, for sketchy reasons, stuck working at a dinky little airdot and decides to make things as interesting as possible, and Martin's a dorky, recently qualified pilot who is obsessed with planes and flying but isn't very good at it- and loves flexing his power as the captain over Douglas. (Why is the newbie the captain? Listen and find out!) Each episode is a different destination, wacky situation, and game to dispel the boredom- but all of the characters together, over the course of the show's four seasons and 27 episodes, also undergo a surprising amount of character development, forming what fandom likes to call a "found family." (Or, if you're a fandom slide show person, read this, it's very good.)
When Finnemore cast the show, he cast himself as Arthur and was very intimidated by the cast he had assembled for the other three roles, who, he noted, were “a list of actors that wouldn’t be out of place in a play at The National." He had two veterans and a young up and comer. Stephanie Cole, who played Carolyn, had been a mainstay of British TV for several decades, and Roger Allam, who played Douglas, was in the midst of his own thriving career- the coolest aspect of which, to me, being that he originated the role of Javert in the English-language Les Mis. The third actor, for the role of Martin, was Benedict Cumberbatch.
A few things to bear in mind about Benedict Cumberbatch in 2007 or so when he was cast in Cabin Pressure:
First, he wasn't typecast yet. While the role that initially broke him out was that of Stephen Hawking in a TV biopic, he had also recently been in a very different role in Atonement and a completely different role to that in Starter for 10, which is the role that made Finnemore want to cast him. Just look at this!
Second, while Cumberbatch WAS still relatively new on the scene, his star was ascending pretty quickly (that breakthrough role in Hawking had only been in 2004). To quote Finnemore, "Cumberbatch was clearly going places at that point, though he hadn’t gone there yet." Cabin Pressure was a sidenote for him, as it was for Cole and Allam- in which they had only to show up for a few Saturdays or Sundays to perform from a script in front of an audience. He was seen as a good get who was on his way to bigger things. (He was also junior enough that he was asked to read the shows' start/end credits, which he was puzzled by but undertook manfully and, later, with startling enthusiasm.)
So Series 1 came (and was great), and was well received and well reviewed, with one reviewer calling its first episode flawless. And then Series 2 came (and was somehow even better), and started being nominated for awards. But it was still mostly known by those who were already Radio 4 listeners- which, to be fair, is a quite large number of people. But it was a pretty self-contained group and on the older side, and while the show was receiving excellent word of mouth, it was still a relatively low-funded, somewhat precarious radio show (Finnemore has mentioned not knowing, after the first series, if a second would be commissioned). The success of the second season put it on more steady footing- but already, events had started to be put into motion that would change everything.

Cabin Pressure gains altitude- rapidly
A year or two earlier, while recording a Big Finish Doctor Who radio show, Benedict Cumberbatch had finally started going places- he'd gone on his lunch hour to an audition for a show about Sherlock Holmes. And as it happens, after getting the part and filming the pilot, he'd shown up to record Series 2 of Cabin Pressure and realized that one of the guest stars for the episode Ipswich was Phil Davis, who of course played the cabbie in the first episode of Sherlock. They chatted and moaned a bit about how, after having filmed the Sherlock pilot, they were now being called back in to film it another time, and couldn't really figure out what the point was. (That second go round ended up being the episode that debuted, A Study In Pink.) Later on after the recording, David Tyler, Cabin Pressure's producer, says that he was chatting with Cumberbatch and, to quote him, "I said, 'What have you been up to?' and he said, 'I’ve just done this show called Sherlock - it was a modern-day Sherlock Holmes,' and I went, 'Oh, yeah, that sounds dead good. Who are you in it?' And he went, 'Oh, er, er, Sherlock.'"
So the rumblings were there, but nobody was thinking about any explosion.
The second series of Cabin Pressure aired in July 2009. In July 2010, the first episode of Sherlock aired- and immediately made a huge splash. Benedict Cumberbatch, as the lead, became an overnight star and the focus of a tremendous amount of attention. And in the age of the internet, when an actor becomes the focus of large amounts of attention by a devoted fanbase, particularly when the thing that made the actor famous only has three episodes of content for fans to enjoy and obsess over, the next thing people do is look up other things that the actor is in.
In this case, at the beginning of August 2010, a whole legion of fans, newly primed on Sherlock, tuned their radios just in time to listen to the Radio 4 replay of Series 2 of Cabin Pressure. And they loved it.
The BBC took immediate advantage of the serendipitous timing- including changing the show photo (see comment 1) from one of the full cast to one of Cumberbatch alone. They knew what people wanted to see. And so did Finnemore, whose blog, which had started off as one of those random-musings-and-occasional-self-promotion blogs in which he was being himself as he interacted with friends and randos, still had the random musings (and occasional creative, mildly creepy vegetable sculpture) but would soon contain MUCH more Cabin Pressure content and force him to adopt more of an "omniscient creator" role.
Finnemore has said that there was always a consideration that they may need to recast any of the show's roles if someone left- it's not at all uncommon for radio. I haven't seen anyone from the show discuss whether Cumberbatch leaving the role following his rocketing to stardom was ever an active question, but in the end he stayed on through the end of the show in 2014 (with the exception of one S3 episode which he had to skip due to illness and for which he was replaced by Tom Goodman-Hill). His and his costars' busy schedules meant that there had to be big breaks between series, with an agonizing two year break between the cliffhanger penultimate episode and the two part finale. As far as I can tell, he stayed because he genuinely enjoyed it, as he said in this 2017 interview- it was relaxed, minimal time commitment, great scripts, a good group of people, and a fun audience.
That said, the nature of that audience RAPIDLY changed when Sherlock debuted.
Just for a quick primer on how this kind of thing usually works- BBC radio shows with a live audience are usually recorded in a theater or studio, with free tickets awarded by lottery or first come first serve. The BBC advertises this, but it's also down to the show's creator to create interest if they'd like a nice big audience reaction to all the jokes. In order to account for noshows, more than the required number of tickets is released.
This system worked great for Cabin Pressure at first. The first series got decent crowds, and the second series, after the excellent word of mouth, got even better ones, with tickets going quickly. But for the recording of one-off Christmas special, Molokai, tickets were booked within only three days, based solely on the BBC's and Finnemore's initial announcements, extremely unusual for a radio show.
But that still didn't prepare Finnemore, or any of the members of the Cabin Pressure team, for what awaited them outside the theater. The line started early in the morning and, to quote Finnemore, "the demographic had completely changed from the normal Radio 4 comedy audience." That is to say, the average age had gone down about twenty years and skewed almost completely female. And as we've said, the BBC overbooks live studio recordings to allow for no-shows- but there were few if any no-shows for Molokai, and a large number of people who had lined up, whether with reservations or in the hopes of there being available seats, were turned away. It was no secret that they were there for Cumberbatch, with fans eagerly posting about their experiences at the recording, and by all accounts he was swarmed by fans when he entered the theater, as he would be at every other recording which he attended.
Some Cabin Pressure fans say that you can detect a difference in the live audience reactions between the pre-Sherlock episodes and the post-Sherlock ones. They say that in the earlier seasons, the crowd is lively and responsive, but not nearly as loud and enthusiastic as in the later seasons, when the laughter supposedly also got a lot higher pitched. What's absolutely certain is that the popularity of the show recordings skyrocketed and it became nearly impossible to get a ticket. Everyone involved in the show was fully aware why, which meant that when Cumberbatch was ill for the recording of two Series 3 episodes, Finnemore actually went through the line of eager ticket-holders, giving out baked goods and letting them know that Cumberbatch wouldn't be there, just so they wouldn't be disappointed. (And nobody left!)
Finnemore candidly admitted later that when he first saw the shift in audience, "I was a bit worried that they had just come to see Benedict. I thought, is it going to fall flat because they're not really interested in the story or the comedy?" He was also concerned that "they just wanted to be in the same room as Benedict and that this would throw things off." But he was thrilled to realize that he'd been totally wrong. "I'd completely underestimated them. They laugh in all the right places and are intelligent and lovely. It was me making lazy assumptions." He mused, "I suppose the sort of teenager who decides Sherlock Holmes is their idol is the sort of teenager who’s going to enjoy Cabin Pressure."
And, as we'll see, he came to both embrace and continue to be bemused by the fandom that developed- with one of the first big changes in his relationship with the fans being that he started posting more meta content about the episodes, which was EXTRAORDINARILY well received as Word of God. In addition to sharing more info about where he got his ideas and occasionally some deleted scenes/headcanon, he would engage with fans' questions and comments, in one notable instance apparently confirming fanon that Martin is autistic, even if he wasn't written with that in mind. (See about halfway through the comments.)
I've seen varying opinions on whether Finnemore changed anything about the show itself in reaction to Cumberbatch's new superstardom. There's one clearly intentional reference- the episode Paris has a whodunnit plot, which according to Finnemore he'd always wanted to do. But now he had an actor famous for playing a classic detective in his cast... He didn't directly namedrop Sherlock Holmes- instead he made a gag of it, with the references instead being to Miss Marple (Finnemore said later that "I definitely got a fairly hard stare from Benedict when he first had to deliver the line, 'I wanted to be Miss Marple'!").
But though Finnemore does not say so, I think it possible that the very direction of the show changed, because Molokai, that first post-Sherlock episode, marks the point when Finnemore decided a) when he wanted the show to eventually end and b) how. And, as it happens, Martin is an extremely central character in this arc, to a pronounced degree that is not as evident in S1-2. But then again, it may be coincidence and he's never admitted it if so.
And momentously, whether knowingly or not, Finnemore added fuel to the fandom fire in the first episode of the third series, Qikiqtarjuaq (look it up, it's in Canada), the first new episode of a full series of Cabin Pressure released after the debut of Sherlock and thus eagerly awaited by fans. Without going into spoilery territory, I'll just say that he added some biographical information about Benedict Cumberbatch's character, Martin, that made a lot of fans feel very sorry for him. Now, Finnemore had done this is S1-2 as well, but there he'd gotten the reaction he was aiming for- there is a major revelation in the episode Gdansk which has disturbing ramifications for Martin but is also gutbustingly hilarious.
For some reason, though, after the revelation in Qikiqtarjuaq (alongside an extremely funny performance by Cumberbatch in a terrible French accent) the new fans actually started just straight up felt BAD for Martin. Previously, the concept of the character was that he was well-meaning and nebbishy but also stuck up, pedantic, and irritating- basically balancing out. And that didn't exactly change canonically, or rather it mellowed in the way that all the characters mellowed out. But suddenly, outside of canon, Martin was the fandom woobie, and nobody would let us forget it.
But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Cabin Pressure is flying at 34,000 feet
So how much of an impact did the new influx of Cumberfans actually have on the Cabin Pressure fanbase? After all, as already mentioned, radio dramas have their own fanbase and plenty of listeners. What did these new people bring that wasn't there already besides numbers?
The answer is, essentially, fandom, a very different thing than a mere fanbase. Wanna guess how many works of Cabin Pressure fanfiction I was able to find on AO3 from before August 2010? That's right, zero. But, you may say, AO3 only went into open beta in 2009, that's not a good sample! Well, guess how many there are on fanfiction.net from before August 2010? You've got it again- zero. And while I can't go through every single person's account to survey their fics, the Livejournal/Dreamwidth prompt meme started in September 2010. In fact, after a targeted Google search, and a general trawl through the internet which left me skimming past MANY fics in which Cabin Pressure crew members get into BDSM, I can tell you that I didn't find a SINGLE fic written pre-August 2010. None. If one exists, please direct me to it, I'm dying to know what a fic written in this pre-Sherlock era would be like.
Because the Sherlock fandom, and the Benedict Cumberbatch fandom in and of itself, seriously affected the Cabin Pressure fandom's development.
Lots of these kinds of things might have happened Sherlock or no Sherlock, but the way that they happened doesn't seem coincidental. For example- the first idea for a Cabin Pressure fandom convention, AirdotCon, was planned for the US. The idea that a British show would have an American fan convention before a British one is pretty funny, and in fact it never happened as far as I'm aware- but the convention that DID happen (twice!), EuroAirdotCon, was a spinoff of the American version, had John Finnemore as an enthusiastic if bemused guest of honor. In hindsight, it makes a LOT of sense that a Europe-based convention for fans of a relatively small-time show made in Europe would be the way to go, but the fact that the initial idea and groundswell of support was for an American convention says something about the nature of Cabin Pressure fandom at that point, as the Anglophilia trend was still newish, making US-based Cabin Pressure fandom without Sherlock vanishingly rare.
And yes, another thing that could have happened with or without Sherlock is the development of fanworks, but even here, and even if the works were not Sherlock crossovers (which as we'll see was a BIG if), it's clear that certain elements of the Sherlock fandom ethos came into play. Martin of all the characters became both the fandom woobie and the fandom bicycle, often at the same time, and was usually the main character of whatever fic he was in. On the show, Martin is never explicitly stated to be anything but heterosexual (and also, canonically, has only had three girlfriends ever by Series 4, making his bicycle status puzzling), and he ends up with a woman at the end, but oh man, the same people who were writing Johnlock were VERY eager to pair Martin with other men- Martin/Douglas, often called Marlas, was most popular, though Martin/Arthur had its shippers too.
It didn't stop there- in addition to the usual creative smut one would expect, Martin whump was almost omnipresent in fic. If a story didn't have him being assaulted, developing an eating disorder, being abused by his family, or being diagnosed with a terminal disease (all plots from fics I have read organically, not for this writeup), then it was a story wasted, and of course the stories ended with the MJN Air crew, especially Douglas, banding together to save the day, and often with Martin and Douglas getting together at the end.
Not all of this can be explicitly traced back to the influence of Sherlock itself, though I'd argue that the character of Martin, being more approachable, hard on his luck, and obviously vulnerable than that of Sherlock, gave Sherlock fic writers a chance to exercise new creative writing muscles. (Though of course I really shouldn't underestimate the versatility of Sherlock fic...) And of course, M/M shipping of canonically straight characters is a cornerstone of fandom since long before either Sherlock or Cabin Pressure, but it's hard to describe how absolutely central Martin in particular became to the online fandom. To be clear- Cabin Pressure fandom was absolutely a thing in its own right, and from a canonical perspective all the characters were beloved, but when it came to non-canonical fandom, Martin was the focal point. It would be much rarer, for example, to see a non-canonical pairing for any of the other characters that didn't also include Martin- these things just weren't in fans' minds if Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't playing the character. (Not that Roger Allam didn't have a fandom of his own, as we'll see later- but it was, shall we say, of a somewhat different nature...)
What their minds WERE in, though, was Sherlock crossover fic. Or, as it came to be called, Cabinlock, because of course it was. If you were writing Cabin Pressure fic in the early 2010s, it was likely that you'd written at least one Cabinlock fic at some point. This became so central to so many people's fic writing that subgenres were developed especially for it, one of the most common being that Martin was a secret Holmes brother. This became even more popular when the idea of a secret Holmes sibling was actually introduced to Sherlock's canon (and let's be real, the Cabinlock way was FAR better than that Eurus nonsense). Another popularish one, basically the only non-canonical F/M ship that achieved any level of sustained popularity (besides the obvious Martin/OFC), was Martolly, in which Martin got together with Molly Hooper, Sherlock's one-sided love interest. But in fic you could find all different kinds of Cabinlock crossover, from the relatively staid "these two groups of characters happen to be in the same place" ones to the "Martin/Watson or Lestrade or Henry from The Hounds of Baskerville" ones.
(There were also, to be sure, other non-Sherlock crossovers- for example, a few dedicated fic writers got very into Martin/Tony Stark. At first I thought maybe it started after Cumberbatch was cast as Doctor Strange, but NO- this started in 2011! There are over 200,00 words of Martin/Tony Stark fic on AO3 now.)
This isn't at all surprising given how much Cabin Pressure fandom was happening in Sherlock spaces, which is how most of these new fans first found out about it (as they started getting into all of Benedict Cumberbatch's back catalog). For nearly all Tumblr and LJ blogs I have seen from this era, any Cabin Pressure blog was almost by default a Sherlock blog as well, and often there was a sizeable Doctor Who element as well. This meant a lot of canon crossover in which there was reverse osmosis as well- Cabin Pressure snuck its way into a surprising amount of Sherlock fandom, so that some people first heard of Cabin Pressure because its characters became kind of extracanonical side characters in otherwise unremarkable Sherlock fic.
And for a while, some of the main places to discuss and learn more about Cabin Pressure were in Cumberbatch fan spaces- one of my first exposures to Reddit when I was a teen was reading people's conversations about Cabin Pressure in Cumberbitches, for example. Memes and references and jokes combining both fandoms (and others!) were very common and became key in the development of Cabin Pressure's fandom identity even as it was developing a distinctive one with its own memes and jokes.
And one particular meme caused serious ripple effects, like with this MandelaEffect post from 2019. In it, someone asks why, when they rewatch the drugged-coffee scene from The Hounds of Baskerville, the dialogue from this now-famous meme is nowhere to be seen, even though they could SWEAR they remember watching it! This person comes into the post knowing that ACTUALLY, the dialogue is between Martin and Arthur in the Cabin Pressure episode St Petersburg, and yet is still befuddled by a feeling that they remember it from Sherlock- and that's because the dialogue became so popular among people who to this day have no idea what Cabin Pressure is that it seems to have entered public consciousness that way and not to have left. In fact, if you're fandomy, you may have seen those lines used in memes from OTHER fandoms since then. I don't know exactly who created the meme originally- this is the first use of the meme I've found online (from eleven years ago), but it's clearly a repost because literally nobody in the comments as far as I've scrolled has actually noted that the line never actually occurred in The Hounds of Baskerville. As recently as February 2021, someone has posted the meme to Sherlock assuming the quote actually did come from the show rather than from Cabin Pressure.
At the same time, though, I don't want to leave anyone with the impression that Cabin Pressure fandom was ONLY seen through the lens of Sherlock. It had had fans since Sherlock was a twinkle in Mofftiss's eye, and these OG fans definitely contributed to the online fandom once it started. (The aforementioned Roger Allam fans came too, and I'm sure Stephanie Cole fans also, though if so they've always been much farther under the radar.) The Cabin Pressure fandom appreciated the show as its own thing and loved it for that. That said, most of the original fans hadn't been particularly online. I don't recall any particular clashes between the Radio 4 fans and the Sherlock fans, though of course I WAS a Sherlock fan and could have easily been looking at it all through rose-colored glasses. Certainly there were lots of pros, though a few cons, as was proven when Cabin Pressure started winding itself down.

Cabin Pressure makes a successful landing
The year was 2013, the month was February. Series 4 of Cabin Pressure had just aired, and Sherlock fans got some deja vu- Cabin Pressure, too, had just ended on a cliffhanger with no indication of when it would return.
It was agony for the fans, which Finnemore noticed and was confused by, as he thought that it was an overall positive episode that implied that it would all be wrapped up soon (and indeed it was in November 2013 that he officially announced the commissioning of the finale, a two parter called Zurich). I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was the Sherlock contingent who reacted especially badly, reeling as they were from the Sherlock Series 2 cliffhanger- especially since in the post-Sherlock S2 gap in 2012, even MORE Sherlock fans, eager for another Cumberbatch fix, had come running to the Cabin Pressure fandom. So basically, everything that I wrote about above was intensifying.
Cabin Pressure and Finnemore himself were benefitting from the surge in popularity, and therefore publicity. In 2011, Finnemore had left Mitchell and Webb to start his own radio sketch show, John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, and while as far as I'm aware it was in the planning stages before Sherlock aired, there is no way that Cabin Pressure's explosion in popularity and Finnemore's subsequent increased recognition didn't contribute to its success, though the fact that reviews were as excellent as the show was certainly made an impact. At the same time, Cabin Pressure itself was gaining an unusual degree of notice and recognition among British reviewers and awards shows- and, just as importantly, listeners, who ensured that Cabin Pressure's remaining series were nominated for, and won, numerous Comedy.co.uk awards (which are voted on by audiences), including Series 4 receiving the Comedy of the Year Award- across radio and TV. It was the first time a radio show had ever achieved this.
The thing is, as mentioned, it wasn't just Sherlock fans piling onto something that had their fave in it and cannibalizing it, or turning it into something it wasn't. Though the online fandom was Sherlock-style, they stuck around because they really loved Cabin Pressure, which I believe is one of the main reasons why there weren't big dust ups between the older and the newer fans. As Finnemore had noted, the new listeners (whether in the studio or at home) respected the show, engaged with it, and found a place for it in their hearts on its own terms, whether or not they were writing Cabinlock or Marlas smut on the side. It took no time til fans made Cabin Pressure references every time they saw an otter, a lemon, a Toblerone, or Talisker whiskey, and of course they'd only play Yellow Car by Arthur's rules. Even more so, they grew to love Carolyn, Douglas and Arthur just as much as they loved Martin- they rooted for Carolyn's begrudging romance with Herc (played by Anthony Head), relied on Douglas to save the day, and had their hearts warmed by Arthur's whole-souled belief in people.
As it turned out, a big part of what people came to love about the show was its heart, character development, and growth, and listeners knew that that mostly came down to Finnemore's writing. (As one fan said- "I usually say that most people came to Cabin Pressure because of Benedict Cumberbatch. But they stayed because of John Finnemore.") An underlying theme of positivity and mutual support developed over Cabin Pressure's 4 series; even as characters mocked and undermined each other in entertaining yet temporary ways (as sitcom characters are wont to do), as the show goes on we see that these characters care about and rely on each other and the lengths to which each will go for the others' sake.
It turned the show into more than just a fun sitcom- it turned it into comfort listening. People fell asleep to it, listened to it to boost their mood, used it to boost their mental health and help them through stressful situations (including, for some reason, flying). It became important to people in a way that went beyond just enjoyment, a meaningful way.
All of this melded into the perfect storm of events when on February 3 2014 Finnemore announced the recording date of the final episodes (3 weeks later) and, as usual, gave instructions on how to access tickets. There would be a several-day application window, and once it would close, a lottery would choose those who would receive tickets.
As it turned out, by the end of the application window, 22,000 applications had come in for tickets, more than the BBC had previously received for any Radio 4 comedy recording. Ever.
It wouldn't have been at all surprising if at this point the pre-Sherlock fans started to get annoyed- a show that had at first had small enough crowds that at least one person on Tumblr reports having attended recordings for ALL SIX Series 1 episodes was now nearly impossible to access. But everyone was in the same boat, by then, the Cabin Pressure fandom in itself (if you didn't get TOO online about it...) had already made the case for its warmth.
Between S3 and S4, a Cabin Pressure fan by way of Roger Allam had decided to make a thank you presentation at the final recording of S4 to John Finnemore in which he'd receive Lemons and Landmarks, in which, in keeping with a running gag on the show, fans sent photos from all over the world holding a lemon and saying what the show meant to them. Click the link- it has a video of Kayleigh presenting the book to a visibly moved Finnemore and a fun response/thank you video by Finnemore of him bringing a lemon with him on a trip through Europe. More importantly, it also reveals that the campaign raised FIFTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS for Medecins Sans Frontieres, Finnemore's charity of choice.
Turned out that in 2014, the Zurich recording would have a similar project- another fan made a thank you compilation gift for Finnemore and presented it at the recording to him and other cast members, though not on stage this time. They also raised twenty five hundred pounds for the Literacy Trust in a matter of only a few weeks, which greatly impressed Finnemore's mother, who was at the recording that day.
The airing of Zurich was hotly awaited, with many fans doing an "advent calendar" as a countdown to the Christmas airdate, listening to, and creating fan material of, an episode of Cabin Pressure every day. This could range from art to linguistics to, from Finnemore himself, a daily(ish) rundown that he called Farewell Bear Facts in which he posted added info and deleted scenes about each episode. In addition to the publicity and discussion in the world of Cabin Pressure itself, the Benedict Cumberbatch fan community was also spreading the news, because Cabin Pressure was an important part of the Benny C fandom by that point.
And, after Zurich aired, the fans (no matter where they had come from) loved the ending. I have literally never heard anyone say anything bad about it- I know that I for one stayed up til midnight to listen to it live both nights and if I could I'd wipe my memory so I could do it all again.
The finale may have been great, but now Cabin Pressure was over (though I still encounter people in the wild occasionally who refuse to listen to Zurich because they don't want it to end). What next?

Taxiing to a complete stop
Cabin Pressure, the radio show, was done. Since then, Finnemore, Allam, Cole, and Cumberbatch have never reunited for additional material (which isn't surprising, as one of the reasons why the show ended in the first place was how difficult it was to get such in demand people in the room at the same time).
Every so often Cumberbatch is still asked about being on Cabin Pressure, and he apparently tends to be a bit surprised by this, that people are still fans and know him specifically from that. He's said he'd do it again if asked, and whenever this comes up Finnemore repeatedly says that the show is over. I have no idea to what extent the cast are in touch, except insofar as Stephanie Cole replies to John Finnemore's tweets every so often with good wishes, and Finnemore continued on to other projects like Souvenir Programme (where he took the piss out of Sherlock fans, just a little bit) and Double Acts (an excellent series of two-hander radio plays), and went back to work on other people's projects, like Armando Iannucci's Avenue 5 and the upcoming Good Omens S2.
And yet... he never quite let go of Cabin Pressure. Already that first Zurich-airing Christmas, he was posting a Cabin Pressure joke on Twitter which he has been repeating every year since, with probably his best one during COVID in the form of a video. In a live show he did with the Souvenir Programme cast, John Finnemore's Flying Visit, he included a sketch in which he once again played Arthur updating the audience on the whereabouts of the crew of MJN Air. And then he made a biweekly (shifting to weekly) webseries during early COVID lockdown in character as Arthur, who was in lockdown with us and making up games and puzzles to keep us all entertained. I was in isolation with COVID at the same time as Arthur was (so to speak) and lost a relative at around the same time, and to say that looking forward to the next video kept me going is an understatement.
So Finnemore still seems into it even if the show itself is definitely over- what about the Sherlock-derived fandom?
Well, as with all properties that end, a certain amount of fandom melted away, or shifted to other things. It's the circle of life. But most of them turn up out of the woodwork to gush about how much they love, or loved if it's been a while, Cabin Pressure. And some of the rest of us (the smart ones, I like to say)? We just transitioned right over to John Finnemore fandom, which is still very active if a whole lot smaller (and more specifically British). Cabin Pressure fandom is an important part of that, and thanks to the start that the Sherlock fandom gave it, it's still going strong to this day (the most recent Cabin Pressure fic was posted to AO3 last week).
The people who came into it from Sherlock... they can have interesting relationships with that fact. There are just as many people who still see their Sherlock/Benny C/Cabin Pressure fandoms as intrinsically connected (the most recent Cabinlock fic was published on AO3 on January 29, 2023, in Russian) as there are people who are embarrassed to remembeadmit that they ever liked Sherlock or Cumberbatch in the first place. Every so often I look up Cabin Pressure on Tumblr and most of the boosting posts I see are something along the lines of "you can tell how good Cabin Pressure is by the fact that I'm recommending it even though THAT EVIL MAN from THAT AWFUL SHOW is in it," which is always a source of bemusement to me.
For me, it's the best of fandom- how you take what you can out of the things you like, whether they're ephemeral or long-lasting, and use it to make your life, and others' lives, better. Sherlock didn't last more than a couple of embarrassing years for me- but Cabin Pressure has kept me sane for a decade. How can I regret anything from that time now?
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