Picture of a 15 yard dumpster

WTF? At a garage sale?!

2014.05.05 15:17 reptomin WTF? At a garage sale?!

Saw some weird, bizarre, crazy, creepy, or downright disgusting thing for sale at a garage sale, yard sale, Craigslist, or thrift shop? If it makes you go WTF, this is the place for it!

2013.01.03 20:35 cbrandolino Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past.

Do you still cringingly remember "Fuck drugs and government", the hardcore hit of your 15 year self? Have you just found your old myspace picture, xXxLadyDarkness85xXx? Come and share your dusty treasure for the world - and you - to laugh and regret - *Together.* So come and tell us what the old you was up to!

2009.01.21 20:01 Sneakerheads Unite!

A subreddit for sneaker lovers.

2023.05.29 03:12 Kentuckywindage01 [WTS/WTT] Send it Sunday, Timbuk2

Good evening, gents. Since it’s Sunday, and this bag no longer brings me joy, I thought I’d let it go for something else.
This is a medium (I believe), Timbuk2 messenger bag. Don’t let the name of the size deceive you, it’s plenty big for all the shit I have to tote around for work.
Pretty darn good shape, but not perfect. There’s a little salt on the inside, I tried to take a picture of. Still has a lifetime of use left in it.
What am I after, you ask. I could use another darn good messenger bag with plenty of room, or gun accessories, of course.
Cash is also accepted, whether it be straight muny or partial trades plus cash. Gave over $100 for this, but I’d take $65 shipped.
Here’s a general idea of what I’d like:
• Other messenger bags, or edc items. Patagonia, Timbuk2, Vertx, you get the idea.
• Inexpensive, but not shitty, low power scope for my .22lr
• P226 mags, 9mm
• G43 OWB holster
• Or, feel free to make an offer of something g that’s not on the list.
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2023.05.29 03:12 killermankay Shit hasn't gone to well in my run, but this ship seems able to bully alien ships of higher strength, any insight in how to improve it?

Shit hasn't gone to well in my run, but this ship seems able to bully alien ships of higher strength, any insight in how to improve it? submitted by killermankay to TerraInvicta [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:11 onyrCS [USA-CO][H] 5600x, New RX 580, B450M DS3H, DDR4 RAM, AK400 cooler, EVGA 600w PSU, Corsair 110r Case, Cheap mice + controller, Cheap SSD [W] Local cash

Everything comes in the original packaging with all accessories (as far as I'm aware) unless otherwise noted. Most of the hardware was also purchased new from microcenter in Feb 2020 unless noted otherwise. One free item per purchased item. If you need any more info or pictures please let me know.
If you don't like a price please feel free to make an offer, also willing to discount for larger bundles.
Zip is 80504 in Longmont but often near BouldeNiwot and Aurora. Willing to deliver within reason.

Ryzen 5 5600x with stock cooler (purchased October 2022, stock cooler used for like 2 days): $120
Gigabyte B450m DS3H (great mobo, missing the screws to put the plastic bracket things on the side of the cpu slot): $50
Aisurix RX 580 (Purchased last week locally. Brand new, still in sealed bag. Was going to build a cheap PC for a buddy with this but didn't work out): $60?
32GB Kingston Renegade DDR4, 3600 16x2 (Purchased early April this year, it is dual rank): $65
16GB Micron/Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3200 8x2 (works great, never overclocked but apparently this is a good die to do so with?): $25
Deepcool AK400 (purchased October 2022): $25
EVGA 600W BQ PSU Bronze (works great with all original accessories): $35?
Corsair 110r Mid Tower Case (Chips on one corner of glass as shown, scratch on side panel, dents in magnetic grill. Please note it only has one fan): $35?
Samsung 250Gb SSD (extra one I had lying around, no longer needed): $5 or free with any purchase
Abko Hacker A660 (Bought new, used for 2 minutes, g305 shape): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Logitech G100s (Just the mouse, bought locally years ago, probably needs new skates): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Coolermaster mm711 (Won in a youtube contest, not much else to say, missing paperwork/cardboard in the box): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Razer Deathadder Mini (Bought used from mousemarket, missing cardboard holder thing in the box): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Random Logitech Controller (Just the controller, bought on amazon as a temporary use thing when my old controller broke years ago): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
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2023.05.29 03:11 Buff_Banana2 Selling Albion Squire Line the bastard sword

Selling Albion Squire Line the bastard sword
It’s in perfect condition, never used it for cutting anything. I have had it for about a year, barely even taken out of the box it came in. Still in box it came in. Im selling it because I need to buy my first car if it wasn’t for that I would for sure keep it.
Selling for $700 dm me if your interested or need more pictures.
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2023.05.29 03:11 Zetectic Moving Recommendations Needed (NY to GA)

I lived in NY for over 14 years.. but my new job is going to be in GA, 2 hours away from Atlanta..
I'll start that job in August.. Not much is set in stone just yet. I'm just a bit lost on what to do as for moving and settling in. My family will be here in NY.
I have PC, Monitors, Electronics, Clothes, idk what else. Maybe some legal documents.. Expecting probably 10-15 of 11x11 inch boxes w/ 20-40 lbs?
I plan to visit Home Depot and get sturdier boxes or if anyone knows a good sturdy box sellers. Please recommend it to me.
Should I use Uhaul and drive down to Atlanta? Or is it better to just fly down and ask my parents to ship it via UPS? What'd be the general cost for both of these options respectively?
I just need more clear idea.. because if I settle and like the new job, my family plans to move down there as well. But taking a trip down to GA and back to NY in Uhaul sounds like a hard thing to do... Idk if Uhaul allows the vehicle to be dropped off at Atlanta location and if they can fly back, that'd make much more sense though.
People who have moved to a far different state, please share your thoughts and experiences.
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2023.05.29 03:11 Spin_Drifted Beach Carry

Beach Carry
Dalwhinnie 15 Tabak Dolce Zippo with butane insert Civivi Elementum
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2023.05.29 03:11 TheDamperGhost This is getting out of hand...

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2023.05.29 03:10 mo-par Klobrille’s xbox showcase predictions, seem like a safe bet to me. Only thing missing is of course gamepass games coming

Klobrille’s xbox showcase predictions, seem like a safe bet to me. Only thing missing is of course gamepass games coming submitted by mo-par to xboxone [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:10 Azuma_ Blurry Picture of a Cat

Blurry Picture of a Cat submitted by Azuma_ to blurrypicturesofcats [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:10 Draconiondevil The Goddess of Doom: Saint Vitus

This is a new bi-weekly feature we will be running on the sub to highlight each of the bands mentioned in the song The Goddess of Doom by Reverend Bizarre. These threads will serve for those new to true doom to learn about its most important bands and for seasoned listeners to worship at the altar of true doom.
This week's band is the legendary Saint Vitus, and while this post originally started off as a place to worship this great band, in light of original bassist Mark Adams' passing this post will also be the subreddit's tribute to him.
Hailing from Los Angeles California, USA, Saint Vitus are pioneers of doom metal. Originally formed in 1978 under the name Tyrant with Scott Reagers on vocals, Dave Chandler on guitars, Mark Adams (RIP) on bass and Armando Acosta (RIP) on drums, they would go on to change their name to Saint Vitus (after the Black Sabbath song, St. Vitus Dance from Vol. IV) in 1981.
Unlike their contemporaries and bands who followed them, Saint Vitus had a punk influence and were friends with local punk bands, particularly Black Flag. This led to them making a name for themselves touring with and opening for Black Flag and leading to their signing to SST Records, which was better known as a punk label. In 1984 they released their first, self-titled, album on SST Records.
After their second album, Hallow's Victim (1985), singer Scott Reagers left the band and was replaced by Scott "Wino" Weinrich, at the suggestion of Reagers. This lineup would go on to make the band's highly lauded Born Too Late (1986). The Wino, Chandler, Adams and Acosta lineup did two more albums, 1988's Mournful Cries and 1990's V before Wino would leave the group to reform his old band, The Obsessed (more on them another time).
At this point, Saint Vitus were looking for another new singer. While Messiah Marcolin of Candlemass fame and Chritus Linderson of Count Raven were both available and initially interested, the former having recently left Candlemass and the latter about to leave Count Raven in order to join Penance, it was Linderson who ultimately ended up replacing Wino on vocals. The resulting album, 1992's C.O.D. (Children of Doom), is the most different album in the Vitus catalogue. While all of Saint Vitus's previous albums had been under 40 minutes, with several of them even under 35, C.O.D. was over an hour long and contained 12 tracks. After the album and its subsequent tour, Linderson would go on to leave the group. He is now well known for being the singer in Kimi Kärki's post-Reverend Bizarre band, Lord Vicar.
With Linderson gone, the band broke up. However, the split didn't last long and original singer Scott Reagers was once again at the helm. The album that followed, Die Healing (1995), was to be the final Saint Vitus album and it was for over 15 years. The band ceased all activity in 1995 and, besides some reunion shows in 2003, remained dormant until 2008 when they reformed, again with Wino on vocals and Henry Vazquez on drums, replacing original drummer Armando Acosta. Acosta would sadly pass away at the age of 58 in 2010. The album that followed, 2012's Lillie: F-65, apparently a reference to a drug that Dave Chandler used to do back in the day, featured 7 new tracks of classic Vitus-style doom. After touring on the album and riding the wave of reunion hype, Wino left once again to focus on The Obsessed (again, more on them soon enough) and original bassist Mark Adams left the band as he was suffering from Parkinson's, being replaced by Pat Bruders (Down, ex-Crowbar, ex-Goatwhore).
Who better to replace Wino for the second time but Scott Reagers, now in his third stint in Saint Vitus. The most recent Saint Vitus album as of the writing of this post is simply titled Saint Vitus (yes, another self-titled record) out in 2019 on Season of Mist records. The album features more classic-sounding Vitus tracks like 12 Years in the Tomb, more upbeat numbers like Bloodshed and even a hardcore punk (!) tune, Useless, showing that Saint Vitus are as strong as ever.
  1. Saint Vitus - 1984
  2. Hallow's Victim - 1985
  3. Born Too Late - 1986
  4. Mournful Cries - 1988
  5. V - 1990
  6. C.O.D. - 1992
  7. Die Healing - 1995
  8. Lillie: F-65 - 2012
  9. Saint Vitus - 2019
Feel free to share your thoughts on Saint Vitus below.
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2023.05.29 03:10 The_lurking_nopon My husband criticised DS lunchbox I make.

For context I live in my husband country, he "only" work and I do 100% of chores and children.
My special need DS (currently looking what's wrong) speech delayed started kindergarten. In my husband country there are no school lunches and parents must make a lunchbox for their child. I followed kindergarten guideline for his lunchbox (easy to eat and food child likes, no sweets) my son is very picky he eats rice, noodles, cheese, yogurt, milk, no meat beside ham, sausages and only vegetables he likes are raw cucumber and carrots. That's what I put inside his lunch, I got no complaint from kindergarten and my son eat all of his lunch.
Yesterday my husband said that my lunchbox for our are poor and bad that I should put food he hates to teach him to be less picky. He showed me pictures of "real" lunchbox that was mainly kyaraben (lunch shaped into anime characters like Pikachu) I already tried to make him eat new food he was aggressive will throw chairs and food and shouts like crazy then he would take food from fridge instead (we have child lock but he knows how to unlock it) I don't want my son to behave like that at kindergarten and I prefer to make lunch that he likes.
When I told him that his comment about lunch I made hurt me and explained why I make that lunch that way he refused to listen he got angry saying I was whitesplaining his culture that he knew better than me. Kindergarten told me that to not change his lunch because that's what DS likes eventually I can put a little portion of food he hates but that's it, they wanted to phone to my husband to explain to him but I told them not to because I know he will just get angry at me for portraying him as a bad guy.
What should I do ? Should I just pretend to agree with my husband and not change anything ?
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2023.05.29 03:09 potato-goose- Baby doesn’t sleep unless held

Help! FTM to a 6 week old who won’t sleep unless held. My husband and I take shifts all night to hold her. We continue to practice putting her down to sleep but she either wakes up immediately, or the longest stretch we’ve gone is 30 mins. Typically IF we get her down she wakes after 15 mins. She’s a good sleeper, but only if she’s held. There’s a lot of advice out there, but none of it seems to work for us. We’ve tried a lot if different approaches. I hear a lot of the same advice over and over and it’s getting to me. I feel like a total failure, like there MUST be something we’re doing wrong if we can’t get anything to work? Has anyone had this situation? What did you do? Does it magically get better one day?
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2023.05.29 03:09 LumiForge Electronic Instruments Limited pH Transmitter 2836 and electrode

Hello, I got this item from my dad's friend who passed away last year, and haven't been able to figure out what to do with it. It's a pH transmitter which was used for measuring pH levels in water and such. I know that it has been in storage for a while now (possibly more than a decade), and was inside a locked box. I wouldn't know if it still works correctly or not. It was purchased in the 1970s, and retailed back then for $479 AU. This information came from letter of enquiry inside an old catalogue that addressed to my dad's friend. It would be nice to know if this pH Transmitter and its accompanying electrode have any value now and what could be done with them.
Here are several pictures: https://imgur.com/a/t9bSFdD
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2023.05.29 03:09 EmergencyPause9491 "Lilia *finally* chops off ALL HER HAIR! (almost 13 yrs old) 🥺 SHOCKING EXTREME HAIRCUT"

Hello everybody! I have been making summaries of every video because not everyone watches their channel but still likes to know what’s going on. I have released a bunch already. If you want to read them, you can go to my profile and check them out.
Recap time: This one is looong
"Lilia *finally* chops off ALL HER HAIR! (almost 13 yrs old) 🥺 SHOCKING EXTREME HAIRCUT"
Today is the day. Next month is Lilia’s 13th birthday, she has been wanting to cut her hair short for years. She has also donated her hair multiple times for cancer patients. She is cutting it short. She had a lot of time to process this and think it through. Jesss over the years has convinced her not to cut it too short. Since Lilia made the decision to finally do it, she had to wait until the dance season was over because they signed a contract saying that you can’t change your hair before the season is over.
Jesss’s friend that has been taking care of the girls’ hair is coming to her house to do it. She is also moving up Jesss’s extensions.
Montage of Lilia’s hair journey throughout the years (you can tell she really is happy every time the hair is cut, you can also tell she wanted it short even then).They show inspirational photos of what she wants. They film the before of her hair then drink boba and eat.
The hairdresser talks to Lilia about what she wants and what kind of care she’ll have to do on her hair. (OMG Jesss this is not about you, just shut up. Let Lilia have her moment). They weigh the hair that Lilia cut off, it’s 6 ounces (for the rest of the world that’s about 170 grams), there’s some on the floor still so they say about 8-10 ounces (about 226 to almost 300 grams).
After, they are outside. Mimi, Chris and the kids are seeing her for the first time. Addie says “I have a feeling I’m not gonna like it”. Jesss says “that’s okay, it’s for her, right?” (I think for once Jesss said the right thing, the only one that needs to like it is Lilia herself). Kaden stands next to her, their hair kinda look similar.
Days later…
Lilia and Jesss are in the car. They are going to go buy some new clothes. Lilia says that kids at school asked her what pronouns and what name she wanted to go by. She doesn’t care what pronouns are used; she goes by Lilia.
They choose a few stores that they want to go to. They get some things, eat dinner, take pictures. Jesss says that both Lilia and Gabe are obsessed with wearing glasses even though they don’t need it.
End of Video.
Time for my opinion (skip this if you want): I love that Lilia is starting to feel more like herself. I know that to some people it might not feel like a big deal, but hair and clothes are very important to a lot of people NO MATTER THE SEXUALITY. Obviously, we know that Lilia came out as being part of LGBTQ+ community in a vlog a few months ago, so clearly this is very important to her because it shows who she is.
It doesn’t matter if you like it, it doesn't matter if others don’t like it. She does, that’s it. I do too, though.
We are not here to make fun of or criticize the kids, we are here to snark on the adults, like is there a need for “SHOCKING EXTREME” in the title? This video shouldn’t exist at all, you could have just done it and not vlogged it. Jesss is doing everything to capitalize on Lilia’s journey.
Thank you for listening to my TED Talk 😜
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2023.05.29 03:08 IT_Bruce Ribs and corn day.

Ribs and corn day.
What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon then smoking a rack of ribs and some corn. Preferred by the obligatory bacon. Ribs were done 1 hour at 200, 2 hours at 250, then sauced every 15 minutes for the next hour. Some of the best ribs I've ever had.
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2023.05.29 03:08 xyz555abc Program for cutting

All numbers metric.
Have just run a novice linear progression for last 6 months or so (first 3 months kinda bullshit dumbell work getting back into swing and last 3 months serious barbell training). Very happy with progress Squat (115 x 5), bench (85 x 6), Deadlift (135 x 5), OHP (62.5 x 5). Original numbers piddly. But am now stalling. Have been doing so on a maingaining type diet as I wanted to 'fall in love' with the process of lifting and didn't want the additional diet pressure. I am now committed to the project, so to speak, and ready to begin a cut. Weight is 113kg at 30% bodyfat (Inbody reading), height 179cm (almost 6 foot club....). Necessity of a cut is obvious, I think. As is the reason why I didn't eat in a calorie surplus last few months. Was a total couch potato 6 months ago (Covid lockdowns) although I did used to train a bit of crossfit and running (2hr half Mara time, so just avg Joe stuff) but that was 4 years ago now.
Looking for suggestions as to programs which are centred around maintaining as much strength and size as possible whilst in caloric deficit. Current program has been centred around major compound lifts at 4-6 rep range, development lift for alternate movement pattern at 6-8 rep range (eg. Bench, seated dumbell press (OHP Dev lift); or Squat, Romanian Deadlift (DL Dev lift) etc.), followed by accessories at 10-15 rep range - similar to the way Bromley runs bullmastiff from an exercise selection POV.
Theres a tonne of advice online around this stuff, but so much that it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. RP says training for size and strength at same time is silly, and to focus on strength hypertrophy when in a cut. Nippard has many programs that seem to focus on strength and size at same time but can't see one specifically for cutting. Bromley literally yells in one video STOP RUNNING MY PROGRAMS ON A CUT which is funny but unhelpful...
Curious if also, I should just keep doing what I am doing but realign goals. If so, what are decent goals to have strength wise while cutting? Simply maintain pre-cut numbers, is that reasonable or oveunder expectations? Ultimate goal is to get to 140 bench, 180 squat, 220 Deadlift (which overrides any MAJOR physique goals), but realise I need to train in a surplus to get there, however bulking at 30% bodyfat is just ridiculous and loses sight of the primary reason I began this all which is health. Plan is to drop down into healthy bf range to have the 'room' to bulk up when the time is right without becoming a moon faced bloat lord.
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2023.05.29 03:08 Lolasglasses To help with the Sunday Scaries, Marcus Pike sexy A-Z. I wrote this during quarantine in NYC. Please feel free to judge me.

A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex) Marcus is content to stay inside you after you both orgasm, but when he finally slips out of you, he grabs a warm washcloth to sweetly clean you up so you don’t have to do the awkward walk to the bathroom. When you do get up to pee, he’ll find your panties for you in the sheets at the bottom of the bed, just in case you want to wear them while you sleep. If he’s planning a special evening, he’ll fill up the bath with steaming hot water in advance, and lead you to the tub afterwards for soothing warmth and soft kisses and caresses. He knows he’s big, so he’s always concerned about whether you’re in discomfort after sex, and he’ll offer extra cuddles and soft strokes over your entrance if you’re feeling sore. If you’re at his house, he keeps an extra blanket in his bedroom to throw over you before you fall asleep, because he sleeps warm but knows you get chilly. And of course, he sleep-cuddles with you all night long, making you feel safe and secure.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) First, your hands. He loves holding your hand, playing with it, feeling that connection with you. He is fascinated with how tiny your hands are compared to his, and you love how he holds your hand during mundane everyday moments, like walking to dinner, riding the metro, or simply sitting together on the couch while you read or watch TV. He loves your skin in general, how soft you are, how good you smell. He softly rubs his fingers over you when you cuddle together on his couch, like you are his source of comfort. But he is also a boob man, and nothing gets him going like seeing a glimpse of your cleavage or a taut nipple through thin fabric. The first time he took your bra off, he couldn’t stop holding you in his big hands, thumbing your nipples, suckling your soft skin. If you are going on a special date, you’ll purposefully wear a shirt or dress that shows off your chest, then tease him when he flushes stealing glances at you.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically) Marcus is all about intimacy, so he loves finishing inside you. At first you used condoms, but after getting tested, you both agreed to go without, and the first time he was able to cum in you without any barrier, he was so turned on by the feeling of filling you with his cum, he got hard again before even pulling out. You love giving him an intimate lingam massage, and at the last moment, when you see him start to pulse, take him into your mouth and swallow as he cums down your throat. He almost passed out the first time he experienced this with you, and now it’s your favorite way to make him feel special. But, for everyday intimacy, he still loves finishing in you and staying inside to savor your tight warmth, gently stroking and kissing all the soft parts of you he can reach.
D = Drunk (what they’re like when they’ve been drinking) Believe it or not, Marcus gets even MORE affectionate when he’s been drinking. If you’re home, he’s pulling you onto his lap and whispering sweet adorations in your ear while his hands stroke your arms and legs and ass. If you’re in public, his hand is running up your leg under the table, and in the backseat of the taxi, he’s slowly making his way up your thigh and teasing you over your panties until you are holding back whimpers, gripping his wrists and closing your eyes in pleasure. He never gets so sloppy drunk he needs help, but he’ll have a few extra drinks if he knows he gets to take you home and make sweet, tipsy love to you for the rest of the night.
E = Emergency Situations (what they’re like in an emergency) I mean, he’s an FBI agent. You’ve never felt safer than when you’re sleeping in his arms. He hates having to bring his gun on dates, but you assure him you understand, and you secretly feel a little better knowing he’s prepared if anything goes south. And he looks hot wearing it. The first time he came to your apartment, he checked your locks and alarms (with your permission) to make sure you were safe. He has some quirks, like never sitting with his back to a doorway, or silently checking out every person who walks in the room, but you understand it’s a part of his training. You feel safe walking with him through the streets of D.C. at night, and you often suggest walking back to either your or his apartment instead of taking the metro or a taxi. You both love these moments together walking hand in hand through the city, sometimes in silence, just enjoying each others’ presence.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying) This man loves missionary because it allows him to be close to your sweet face, but there is nothing boring about it. He thinks like both an artist and a cop, so he's going to pay close attention to your moans of pleasure and how your body responds to his touches. He'll take his time stroking and building your desire with his hands and mouth, and then when you are absolutely aching for him, he’ll cage you in his strong biceps and slowly, sweetly, inch by inch, fill you completely, your hands gripping his muscular arms and back as he stretches you. And when he finally starts moving, his big hands stroking your hair and face, he’ll use his tongue to do to your mouth what his cock is doing to you elsewhere, until you lose yourself in pleasure in his arms.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.) Marcus is definitely more sweet than goofy, but he does like tickling you out of nowhere on the couch or in bed in the mornings, because he knows it leads to more touching and soft kisses and sex. During sex, he is usually too worried about making sure you feel good and safe to joke around too much, but he can laugh when things go wrong, like accidentally leaning on your hair or an awkward position change. Or that time you got a little excited and spilled the red wine sitting on the side table all over the bed. (Oops!)
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) Judging by his well-groomed head and facial hair, you guessed he would also be well-groomed below, and you were right. Not bare, but closely trimmed. It made his dick look even bigger. As if he needed it.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect) Marcus believes intimacy starts long before sex. He’ll cook for you, give you massages, and tell you all the things he loves about your body as he notices them. At first, it’s a little hard for you to accept, because you’re not used to hearing what someone loves about you, but you soon realize he wears his heart on his sleeve, and you learn to appreciate how openly he adores you. You give him compliments, soft touches, head scritches, and splurge on his favorite bakery treats as a way to make him feel loved, too. And by the time you are in bed, the world-shattering orgasms you share are the natural progression of your intimacy.
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon) Marcus would prefer to cum in you, not kleenex, so he doesn’t jack-off very often any more. If its been a while since he’s been able to see you, he’ll gladly engage in mutual Facetime sex with you. It’s especially hot if you’re both in hotel rooms. Oh, and that one time you texted him that picture, and he had to shut his office door and quickly stroke himself to completion so he didn’t walk into his next meeting with an erection.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks) You suggested once that Marcus stay in his suit, complete with badge and gun, and slowly undress you, until you were fully nude. You sat on his lap, and being able to hold you naked against him while he remained fully clothed uncovered a slight domination kink he never knew he had. It was still important to him he didn’t hurt you, but you encouraged him to touch and explore you, and by the time he finally took out his cock, you were both on the verge of cumming as soon as he slid into you. He also loves cockwarming, because it satisfies his need for intimacy and closeness. He’ll cuddle in behind you in bed and slide himself inside you, and you love feeling full and warm and safe. Or, sometimes he’ll stay on his back while you sleep on his body, chest to chest, and he’ll put his arms around you while you sleep with his cock buried deep inside you. You especially love when you wake up in the middle of the night to his sleepy moans and the feel of him growing hard inside you.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do) Definitely his bedroom. He takes pride in having created a bed worth fucking in: high thread count sheets, down pillows, soft, gray-toned bedding, flattering lighting, candles, and a very sturdy headboard. He loves seducing you on the sofa or in the kitchen, then leading you by the hand to his bedroom, and falling into the luxurious bed with you. His side table always has lube, and other sweet, sensual enhancements. And of course, his master bathroom is elegant and warm, with a tray for washcloths next to the sink, and thick, fluffy towels outside the bathtub and glass shower. It’s his favorite place to spend hours and hours with you, and some Sundays, he only gets up to answer the food delivery driver at the front door, or to grab more wine.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going) Marcus is motivated by love and how much he adores you. He expresses himself through touch and sex, so just spending time with you puts him in the mood. He loves your hair, your eyes, the way you lean into his soft caresses and use his belly or biceps as a warm pillow. When you lovingly scratch his back and stroke his scalp? Forget about it. Instant erection. And whether you are dressed for comfort or for going out, he loves your style and is turned on by the thought of being lucky enough to be with the most beautiful woman in the room. But, don’t even get him started on lingerie. His first erection was seeing a Victoria’s Secret catalog on the kitchen table as a boy, and he’s never gotten over the titillating thrill of lace, satin, and shyly exposed curves. He has a degree in Art History, and definitely has an eye for beauty and sensual experiences. He buys you panties and chemises to keep at his place, and on special occasions, spends all evening fantasizing about what you’re wearing underneath, and just how you’ll disrobe for him later. (You love surprising him with a merry widow, garters, and thigh highs in his favorite color.) In fact, given the chance, he’ll try to convince you to let him undress you before you even have a chance to go out for the night, and just stay in.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Degradation is off the table, as well as anything that hurts you. He’s nervous to leave a mark. And you’ve asked him to explore light choking, but he’s just not there yet.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) Marcus is a pleaser, and his love language is ‘touch’, so he prefers to give, and his oral game is off the charts. He starts by kissing and caressing your whole body, so you’re completely warmed up and tingling before he even reaches your center. He loves focusing on you and hearing your moans and sighs of pleasure, and the way you say his name over and over, like a prayer, when you’re close to cumming. You’ve felt like you nearly passed out a few times, just from the intensity of the orgasms he gives you. (And as a bonus, it’s a little easier for his large member to slide in afterwards.) As far as receiving, you’ve finally convinced him you also get turned on when he finishes in your mouth, but what he really loves is the attention you pay to his body: the feel of your hands on his thick thighs, kissing your way down his neck and chest and belly trail, using your hands and mouth together to massage and suck his cock and sensitive head. And if he does come in your mouth, he enjoys the intimacy of you swallowing, if you’re up for it. He especially loves when you slide your thumb firmly up his cock after he finishes, emptying the last bits of cum from him, licking the head to get every last drop. And then gently cleaning him with a washcloth in the warm candlelight. He looks at you with such love in his eyes, and reaches for you, pulling you tightly against him.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.) In the dictionary next to ‘slow and sensuous’, there is a picture of Marcus. His preference is to spend hours and hours in bed with you, incorporating soft music, candles, wine, oils, and adoration of your body, bringing you to the edge with his tongue and hands, then plunging you over the edge when he thrusts into you. In fact, sometimes you just want it hard and fast, but it’s foreign to him. Why take 20 minutes when you can take 2 hours? You know to keep your Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings open for Marcus and his love of sensuality.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) Marcus likes to make a fuss, so quickies go against everything in his heart. He’ll do it to please you, such as if you only have a little while before dinner, or if you are feeling stressed or in pain and need a release. But he doesn’t really initiate them.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.) Listen. Marcus is all about risk. It’s why he became an FBI Agent, and why he enjoys the cat-and-mouse game that comes with chasing art thieves. He has never had an idea he didn’t act on, no matter how inappropriate or impetuous. So when it comes to sex, he’s more than willing to introduce some risk, as long as you are not going to be hurt. Sex in the evidence room? Fuck yeah. He’ll teach you about the art while he fingers you next to a priceless statue. Role playing FBI Agent and sexy art thief? Oh yeah, he’s down for that, and knows exactly what to do with you once he catches you. You plan to give him fur-lined handcuffs for his birthday, just so he feels more secure about not hurting you. And you can’t wait.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?) The great thing about Marcus Pike is he knows sex is more than just penetration. He usually is good for two rounds before he needs time to recover, but that doesn’t mean you are only going to experience a round or two. When it comes to giving you pleasure and making you feel adored, his stamina is endless. He’s always ready to caress and kiss and stroke you, massage you, feed you sensuous bites of the special meal he’s made for you, and stay awake until you are satiated.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?) His side drawer has a few little goodies you never expected, like nipple tingle cream (he loves applying it!), oils for massaging your back, thighs, and ass when you have stressful days, and a heavy feather pillow to put under your hips, raising you into the perfect position to take him as deeply as possible. You recently stashed a silk scarf in the drawer, and he’s open to you trying it on him, this time. Perfect for heightening the lingam massage experience. He’s not opposed to battery toys, but he’ll wait for you to suggest it, because he’s not sure what you’d like, and he wants you to enjoy it.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) Marcus wears his heart on his sleeve a little too openly to be a tease, but the exception is when he incorporates his love for art into foreplay by painting your semi-nude portrait. You’ll never forget the first time he showed you his home studio; you had no idea he was an artist, but his talent inspired his art history degree and career, and he softly asks you, while stroking your bare arm with the back of his fingers, if you’d be willing to pose for him. You nod in agreement, swallowing nervously. He chooses what you’re (barely) wearing, and keeps you warm with a heater while he sketches and paints. Every now and then, he’ll stop to just admire you, and when you self-consciously ask him, “What??” he smiles and says, “Just making some decisions, sweetheart.” Or, “Just admiring the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen.” But he won’t let you see the painting until he’s finished, and it takes several sessions. No matter what, he won’t budge. You didn’t know he had it in him to say “No” to you! But when he finally unveils your portrait, it was worth the wait.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) Marcus isn’t very loud, but what he lacks in volume, he makes up for with expressive words of adoration and sensuality. He’s usually whispering to you, rather than loudly moaning, but you love his voice in your ear, urging you to orgasm with his words, tongue, and cock. And when he stops talking and uses his mouth to kiss and lick your ear? Instant cum button.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character) Marcus has been married 3 times. No kids, though.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) He stays in shape running, and is proud of his muscular legs. As he’s gotten older, he has a soft little tummy you love, and both his belly and his broad shoulders are perfect for your head when you’re cuddling on the couch. As far as his cock, he’s above average in both length and girth, so he takes extra care to make sure you are wet and soft before sliding inside you. In fact, after the first time you had sex with him multiple times in one night, you were bleeding a little bit the next morning, just due to how stretched you were inside by his huge erect cock. He felt terrible, but you assured him it didn’t hurt, due to not having many nerve endings up there. But, he is now mindful to ask if you’re okay before starting another round, and you have to assure him it’s always worth it.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?) High. Sky high. International Space Station high. He can’t get enough of you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a fancy gown, comfy yoga pants and t-shirt, or sexy lingerie: he wants you.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Marcus never falls asleep first, if he can help it. Sometimes when you’ve given him a lingam massage and warm washcloth cleanup, he struggles, and you are quick to whisper in his ear it’s okay to fall asleep, his arms around you, using your breasts he loves so much as his favorite pillow. But usually he stays awake to make sure you’re not shivering from cold or uncomfortable in any way, and only falls asleep when he hears your breathing soften and slow down, and your body relax into his cuddling embrace. Usually the last thing you remember is his soft kiss against your temple. But first to wake up? Always you. Sometimes you wake him up by stroking his hardening cock, sometimes with gentle kisses on his face, and sometimes with soft fingers stroking the fair away from his peacefully sleeping face. He’ll gladly stay awake after you if it means he gets to wake up to your gentle ministrations.
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2023.05.29 03:08 kiwi-cheese Hearing voices in earphones

I'm not sure where I should ask this but I'm confused and slightly freaked out. I was looking at pictures of hairstyles when I started to hear a lady commenting on the hairstyles I was looking at through my earphones. She didn't respond and kept talking til I closed every app on my phone. I was on Pinterest but also had TikTok running in the background and her voice got caught off when I closed TikTok. Is my phone hacked or was it some kind of coincidence?
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2023.05.29 03:08 Trick-Dense VC 21453a city of solana beach San Diego county

Father got a notice of traffic violation. In the letter it’s shows pictures of his car driving past a red light, however it wasnt him driving the car. Attached with the letter is another page asking him to identify driver if it wasn’t him. Is he obligated to respond back? It’s been weeks since he’s checked him mail box so now it’s 3 days too late to respond back to the letter. https://imgur.com/a/ntRp48c
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2023.05.29 03:07 barajaj Help with Bird feeders

I work in an elderly building (250 units, 15 floors) and some people love “feeding the birds” only it’s not just birds that they’re attracting. Cameras facing the balconies have been requested but the owners have not approved. Newsletters are sent to every resident that include regulation reminders and when I receive a complaint I send notices to all the units above.
They throw bread, cooked rice and other kinds of food that attract birds, squirrels and recently a possum as well.
Aside from attracting pests, the food thrown is landing on balconies and inconveniencing other residents. I was thinking about getting a bird bath for the property to have a bird watching area but I don’t know if that will encourage the behavior. Has anyone had any luck with dealing with these issues?
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2023.05.29 03:07 paradoxicalstripping Should I be concerned about how much my 10 week old is sleeping?

I have recently started tracking his day in preparation to attempt a nap schedule and I'm concerned we should be past this much sleep by now. Obviously, I'll ask his doctor, but I'm curious whether anyone else has had/is having a similar experience.
We typically do bedtime routine at about 9:45-10. I breastfeed him, sing him a little song and read some of a book, then rock him until he's asleep and put him down in his bassinet in our room. For the past couple nights he has woken up after 20-30 minutes and required some bouncing on our exercise ball to go back to sleep, and then he is down for about 5 hours. He wakes once in the middle of the night for a feeding.
Here is what our day has looked like today so far, and it's very typical of what we've been seeing:
5:30 AM: Wake, eat, right back to sleep
8:45 AM: Wake, eat, right back to sleep
10:15 AM: Wake and play
11:15 AM: Eat
11:30-12:30: Sporadic drowsing interspersed with some relatively low-energy play and tummy time
12:30 PM: Doze in car seat during errands
1:30 PM: Eat
2:00 PM: Doze in car seat
2:10 PM: Arrive home, wake up and play sleepily
2:40: Sleep
4:05 PM: Wake and eat, small amount of tummy time
4:30 PM-6:05 PM: Sleep
It's now 6:05 and he's still asleep, but stirring. If today continues to be typical, in a little bit he will wake up for about an hour and a half, then take another small cat nap, then play energetically until he starts showing signs of tiredness at about 9:30.
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2023.05.29 03:07 jenellnylan Looking for CR recs similar to Stephanie Archer’s Queens Cove series? New reader to Contemporary genre and feeling overwhelmed

I on a whim downloaded Stephanie Archers Queens Cove series a month ago, and these were actually the first contemporary romance books I’ve ever read! I have for no joke, 15 years only ever read historical romance, thinking I’d just not be into contemporaries, but I absolutely looooved this series by Stephanie Archer. The problem now is that I’ve finished them and I’m looking for contemporary books that are similar to fill the void, but contemporary as a genre just seems MASSIVE and I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and literally know nothing about the authors I should or would be into.
I would SO appreciate if you have recommendations for me! I’m listing below what I liked about this series that I’m really looking for:
What I loved:
-Small ish town, but feels modern and is not too “country/western”. I live in a place that seems similar to Queens Cove and love the inter-connecting relationships in the town and coziness.
-Emotional stories and characters with baggage/relatable issues, but not so tragic or traumatic or heavy that it weighs the plot down.
-Longing/pining/sweet heroes that have a dirty mouth - I loooooved Holden as an MMC so much. Dirty talk in these books was amaaaazing 10/10 for me. I also am a sucker for second chance romance.
-Intimacy/sex at 50% or earlier- I can do slow burn but can’t stand when the whole book is drawing it out and you get only one sex scene at 90%, I just lose my patience. Need the spice level to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥!
-Humolight heartedness - again I’m not looking for anything too serious or intense, really loved how nothing was too serious or angsty in these books.
-Modern/complex FMC’s who have sexual experience and are late twenties/30 - I’m around this age and just can’t relate to late teens or early twenties FMC’s any more.
Tropes I tend to stay away from:
-Fake dating
-marriage of convenience
-enemies to lovers
-really young/shy/inexperienced FMC’s
-workplace setting
Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!! 🫶🏼💗
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