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2023.06.08 18:09 arseholierthanthou Crazy difference in reaction damage, Aggravate/Spread vs Hyperbloom

I've been slowly building an Aggravate/Spread team for the last month, taking all four characters from level 1. They're now on the cusp of level 70. Keqing, Collei, Kuki Shinobu and Sucrose.
Last week I mentioned here how frustrating it was using them against stone shield mitachurls, and someone pointed out that basically the whole team isn't doing much damage. Suggested I try Hyperbloom instead.
And, wow, that was transformative. Swapped out Keqing for Xingqiu from my Freeze team and just devastated. I originally went for Aggravate/Spread as I figured it'd be the simplest to control the reactions of, as introducing three elements for Hyperbloom or Burgeon looked confusing, and I couldn't get enemies to hold still long enough for cores to hit them using just Bloom. So I've spent a week smashing things with bright colours and big numbers using Hyperbloom.
Tried the Aggravate/Spread lineup again today. I thought the characters were doing more damage now as they'd been levelled more, and had weapons and talents upgraded. Figured that, yes, Hyperbloom did more damage, but still, they'd do ok on Aggravate/Spread now they're more built.
Nope. Staggering how little damage it does in comparison. Fights take 3x longer. I know Kuki Shinobu is the perfect character for Hyperbloom and Fischl is much better suited to Aggravate, but still. Hard to believe that even with Fischl instead of Kuki the Aggravate damage would be competitive.
Hyperbloom is crazy-powerful. Never looking back!
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2023.06.08 18:09 space_cakes777 Is he trying to emotionally manipulate me?

Hello everyone, long time scroller.. first time poster. I don't normally like doing this but I'm really confused and concerned about my primary's behavior. I'm concerned that he's trying to emotionally and/or mentally manipulate me. Or has in some way succeeded. I'm just trying to gain a little insight from unbiased sources.
Situation: I am involved with a couple, and he is only involved with me. He's been having a hard time connecting with people recently so I've been trying really hard to be there for him and support him emotionally while also making time for myself so I'm not overwhelmed.
I struggle with my libido, I am not a very sexually driven person and my primary partner is. He knows my libido fluctuates, and lately I've had an increase in sexual desire. I wanted to see him Monday, but he was sick and I couldn't because he's contagious. Tuesday the male half of the couple I'm seeing spent the night. He and his wife want to see me again this weekend, which is out of our usual weekly norm and I don't see them together very often. Primary asked if I wanted to, I told him I'm not sure, I kind of do but I also kind of want to just stay home and come see him Saturday. He then asked if I decided to go if sex would be an option, I told him it's not my plan but it's not completely off the table. If it happens, it happens. Out of nowhere he asked if it'd be easier if he just "removed himself from the equation". Meaning I just not see him at all this weekend, it's unlike him to say things like this. I told him no, I think I'll be fine, I would just adjust my schedule accordingly, spend time with them a few hours Friday evening, him Saturday and about half of Sunday and take the rest of Sunday for myself. When I said this, I got a very long winded message about his feelings are hurt because I changed plans and cut his time short. He made passive aggressive comments about how "its cool if that's what you want", bringing up my flirtatious behavior then a complete shift in my attitude (because at this point we'd been talking about this literally all day and I was mentally exhausted but still the conversation kept going) and making more seemingly passive aggressive comments like "honestly, I don't expect to have sex with you, but you said you still wanted to have sex but you're putting them (the couple) back 'in rotation' before me". I told him that just because I'm on the fence with having sex with them doesn't mean I don't want to have sex with him.
Sure, I could see feeling a little slighted but if he were feeling slighted, why not just say that when I bring it up? Why wait until after I say "I kind of want to see them because it's been a while since I've seen them both, but sex isn't completely on my mind. I just want to spend time with them."? Why say, it's not about sex or you don't expect it, but say things like "you're so in the air with your libido, I'll take what I can get" And when I told him that I'm just mentally tired because we've had this conversation all day all I get in response is "Fine. We'll stop".
These types of conversations aren't uncommon. The conversations that leave me feeling emotionally raw, like I did something wrong. It seems like almost every time I spend time with the couple, be it one or both of them, it becomes an all day thing of questions, passive aggressive comments, bringing up past miscommunications, and leaving me feeling guilty because I have other partners and want to spend time with them. Maybe it's just me, but this whole thing just feels off.
I'm not looking for sympathy or pity, I just want to know if these red flags I'm getting are red flags or if am I the asshole.
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2023.06.08 18:08 SKTurferz Hiring Process?

How long after "You are active in our system but no action is needed from you at this time" email, did it take to get a follow up?
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2023.06.08 18:08 MasterpieceNew6549 Can the relationship last if gf(21) and I(24) have opposing views on religion

I've been trying to work this out with my gf, but I would love to hear the perspective of others who have been in similar situations. We have been together for almost 2 years. Every aspect of our relationship is virtually perfect as far as how we feel about each other. We have common values, goals, and see the world in a similar way. The only massive discrepancy is our differing views on religion. We were raised in extremely different households. She comes from a rather traditional, conservative, christian family. My parents are quite the opposite. I was never forced to practice any religion or follow a certain way of thinking. They let me think for myself and formulate my own views on such topics. It was quite clear when we first started talking that she was greatly influenced by her parents. She let me know that she practices religion and that god is a big part of her life. This is typically a red flag for me since I am agnostic and know that I do not want religion to be a part of my life, and I will also not force religion onto my children. However, I decided to continue on with the relationship since like I said, every other aspect of it was perfect. Throughout our relationship, it started to seem as though she grew more and more distant from her religion. I would attribute that to her learning to think more for herself and to not be so easily influenced by others. I have expressed to her how I feel regarding the topic, but never once told her that she needs to agree with me. She has expressed to me that she is still confused about how she feels and still needs to explore that aspect of herself. I am afraid this is her way of saying that she doesn't want to upset me by telling me how she actually feels. She has also very recently said that she feels god in her life, so I guess that I am worried it might become a larger part of her life which I think may affect the relationship long term. Am I wrong for being so worried about this? Like I said besides this every aspect of the relationship is amazing. What sort of questions should I be asking her to see if it can work in the future or not? I have heard people say religion is something that needs to be 100% agreed on, and others have said it does not matter as much.

tl;dr Gf and I have opposing views on religion. Can the relationship work long term?
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2023.06.08 18:08 yayapfool $9.99 is the same as $10.00

Apparently this pricing method of simply removing one or two cents from the actual effective price is some kind of method to subconsciously trick people into thinking it costs significantly less than the even number.
I cannot emphasize enough how fucking stupid this is.
For me at least. I mean maybe it works on some people, but I just cannot imagine this influencing any human being.
inb4 "it's your SUBconscious! It's like bias- you don't know it affects you, but it does!"
My consciousness is the one taking in information and deciding on a purchase- whatever biases you magically applied to me, they are mootified by logic (of course this only applies to objective factors like price; I'm aware subjective factors like what you think is "cool" can't work like this).
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2023.06.08 18:08 Tyler3137 Could I get the safest cycle help for Enclomiphene?

Hey peeps! I'm 28 years old. For the past year and a half, I slipped into a depression, had lower than par energy and motivation, and have had such a hard time putting muscle on. I decided to have my blood work done and I have the test levels of a 70 year old man. I just found out about Enclomiphene. I'm a noobie when it comes to this kind of stuff. Could you all help me out with a recommended cycle, how much to take, what to ask for from the doctor, post cycles, and everything in between? Forgive me for the ignorance. I appreciate any guidance experienced people could give.
I am not a low energy person who has ever been depressed. I hate this experience and I need to change it. I also want to maintain my testes and still be able to produce test naturally. I also want to keep all my hair for as long as life lets me. I also want to have kids with no minimal risk to them.
I think you all will ask for my current levels so here are the ones have heard are relevant: Current testosterone at 256 Free test-5.45 LH- 1.85 SFH-2.25 Prolactin- 6.19
Thank you for any advice and for reading this
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2023.06.08 18:08 Braqsus Virpil EU wait time and delivery

Thought folks might be interested in how long backorder took and shipping time.
Backorder of an Alpha and WarBRD D was just under 3 weeks and it delivered via DHL in 1 day to Spain (which was astonishing).
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2023.06.08 18:08 bcg85 Does it ever get easier? (Extremely long)

I realize this post is enormous. But I just need to get it all out. I thank you for taking the time to read it and view the pictures in the album link below.
Photo album here.
I'm absolutely lost right now. I know people who have lost close family and friends and I've heard them talk about the grief and sadness, but I've only ever been close with a small handful of people, all of whom are still alive. I have never had any sort of significant loss before, and this past week has been the absolute worst week of my life and I am struggling so much.
10 years ago I adopted a dog from our local shelter. I always said I didn't pick him, he picked me. We were literally made for each other. I named him Remington, but literally always just called him Remi. He was my best friend and I would literally take him everywhere with me unless I absolutely couldn't. He was listed as a husky/shepherd mix, but I think he had some lab or border collie mixed in there too. They said he was about a year old, I'd say he was probably between one and two. But he was such a unique dog, and didn't have an ounce of hate or aggression in him. He wouldn't really bark, he would just sorta howl/chortle. He loved to run, loved to chase things, loved to sunbathe and loved to lay with me and give "head licks"...he would literally just sit there and lick the top of my head. When I first got him, I was in the process of moving out of my parents' house and buying my own. So when moving day came, Remi and I suddenly had this house and yard all to ourselves. It was our bachelor pad, and we had the absolute best times there. I'd come home from work and he'd greet me, anxious to go outside, but he was so excited to see me and give me plenty of kisses beforehand.
The next year I met the woman who would end up becoming my wife. She and her daughter, who was 2, ended up moving in with Remi and I and he loved it. My stepdaughter would sit on his back and they would watch TV together. She was his little friend and would let her do anything she wanted to him. We had several other dogs come into our lives over the next few years, and we eventually ended up moving out to the country about 4 years ago.
Fast forward to 2 years ago, we had a baby. At that time, Remi was probably around 9 or 10. He was starting to get old and grey, starting to slow down more and more, but was still am extremely active dog when he would go outside, or if the other dogs were playing he would jump in. But Remi was usually found just laying on the couch or against a wall somewhere. He liked his rest, but he also loved our new baby girl. She would do the same thing as my stepdaughter used to do...she would lay on him and play with his ears and tail, and he would just lay there and give her kisses. But we began noticing him getting up abruptly sometimes or a low growl periodically, so we would kinda monitor them and not let the baby bother him too much. You could tell Remi loved her, he just needed space sometimes and we tried to make sure we accommodated that. Remi also kinda started getting a little snippy with the other dogs from time to time.
This past Sunday, I had all the dogs (Remi and our 3 year old GSD, along with our 9 year old GSD and her son, a 5 year old GSD) outside for their morning play session before breakfast. The 3 year old is super high strung and I think she accidentally stepped on Remi when she was running by him, as he was just laying by the back door sunning himself. That's literally the moment my life changed forever.
Remi attacked the youngest dog and it wasn't a normal pecking order dog fight, it was a side of him I've never seen in 10 years. He ended up doing some major damage to the younger dog's face which required stitches and staples. The worst part though, was he wouldn't let go. I had to fight him off of her and he bared his teeth at me.
We ended up trying to separate Remi from the rest of the dogs while we did makeshift first aid on the little one (nearest emergency vet is a couple hours away). The worst part about all this is, Remi didn't seem to realize he had done anything wrong. He tore down a baby gate and almost clawd through a door to get back to where the rest of the family was. Like....he just wanted to be with us. It killed me. So I asked my parents if they could keep him overnight until we could get everyone to the vet the next day. Remi loved going to their house and we called it "camp". That's where he would go if we went out of town or something. They would always give him ice cream and take him for drives and he just loved it, so I knew that would be a good temporary solution, but realistically we were weighing our options.
With how suddenly this all happened, I hated to say it but I didn't trust Remi being in the house with the baby. And it was almost impossible to keep him separate at the house because he just flipped out from separation anxiety. We talked to several people we know in the dog community and the general consensus was Remi was in pain...something was going on with him...some sort of underlying reason for him to act this way.
While waiting for my parents to come get him to go to "camp", my wife and I were outside brushing him and noticed a lump on his abdomen we had never noticed before. I would guess that's right in the area the youngest dog stepped as well, right before the fight. Remi was 11, possibly 12 years old, and as soon as I felt that lump...I realized I was likely going to have a decision to make about Remi's life. I held him, I laid on the ground with him and just held him and cried because I knew, realistically, what the next day might hold. My parents came to pick him up and he was so happy....he knew he was going for a ride. He knew he was going to get ice cream.
The next day, my wife took the kids over to see him while I was at work. He had an appointment with the vet that afternoon, so in the meantime they went and spent some time with him. They took a bunch of pictures and videos and sent them all to me. And they got a paint canvas and did Remi's paw prints on it. He looked so happy, but looking back at those pictures...I can see the tiredness in his eyes.
I went home from work and my parents met me at the vet with Remi. We took some pictures and I took him on a little walk outside while we were waiting...but then it was time to go in. I knew...I just knew he wasn't coming back with me. I knew it. My baby girl was there with my parents and I made sure she got to pet him and tell him bye bye before we walked in. She had no idea what was going on but I needed to know she and Remi had that moment.
While talking to the vet we discussed the recent issues. And while examining him, she said Remi definitely was showing some signs of arthritis, but he did act pretty lively for his age...
...but the lump was a "significant" cancerous tumor, about the size of a baseball.
Remi also had occasional seizures, which only started a couple years ago. Maybe one or two a year, if that. It was never anything really concerning because it would only last not even 30 seconds, if that, and he would just kinda be tired for a bit afterward but then back to his normal self. I just chalked it up to old age. But the vet said this all fell in line with a brain tumor. The behavior changes over the last year or so especially, the panting...I just thought he was getting old.
I sat there with Remi and the vet for probably a half hour discussing it. She said Remi was obviously tough, he was very tough...and he was fighting through a lot of pain to not show it to us. I never would have guessed he really had anything wrong. He did it for us. He wanted to stay with us and be a part of our family. He didn't want us to know.
The vet said medical interventions could buy him some time, but ultimately, things were never going to get better. We had reached that point where we were on a downhill slide. I know in my mind it wasn't fair to try to keep him around just for my own comfort.
I cried. I literally held him and just cried. They brought a blanket in and I laid on the floor beside him and just held him and cried. I told him I loved him and how much he meant to thankful I was that I got to enjoy 10 years of my life with him. How much I was going to miss him and that I would never ever forget him. I had to kick the vet out of the room a couple times before I'd let them start the process, because I just needed to be with him, and in that moment I needed him to be with me.
I let them give him the sedative and I just continued to hold him. It was at that moment I realized he knew something was going on, and he was scared. It broke my heart and I'm literally crying just typing this because I could see it in his eyes. He let out a slow whine and I just held him against me and kept telling him I loved him. They vet said it normally took 10 or 15 minutes before they were fairly sedated before the final injection, and gave us that time alone. We laid there for over a half hour before I finally let them give it to him because I just couldn't say goodbye. He was my best friend and I couldn't. I can't. I still can't. It hurts so much every single day. When the vet came in again, I told her we needed to just do it because otherwise I was going to stay there all night with him. He was still somewhat reactive and she said she'd never seen a dog fight it that much. I honestly think Remi knew this was goodbye and he didn't want to let go and it kills me. I held him tight while she gave him the shot and told him I loved him and I was sorry, and I hoped he forgave me.
And then he was gone.
I laid on the floor and held him for another half hour. I covered him up and laid there and just kissed him and cried over him and held him. I smelled him. I held his paws. I did everything I could think of to try to etch a memory of everything about him.
I had him cremated and I got his ashes back yesterday. That made things just slightly better, because he's back home now. But it's still just so hard. Every single day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. I've barely eaten, barely slept. I cry more than I don't. I didn't know the human body could produce this many tears. My eyes burn from it constantly. I keep expecting him to come walking around the corner. Or when we let the dogs inside, I stand there and wait for him because he was always the last one in, and often had to corralled back in because he loved being outside. Feeding time is so hard...I used to have a little song I would sing every single time when I was putting the food dishes out about whose bowl was next. And now I can't, because Remi's bowl was basically what the whole thing revolved around. I look at the couch and he's not there. I miss his howl.
How long does this last? Does it ever end? My chest hurts so bad every second of every day. I will be doing fine and then just break down and start crying out of nowhere because a memory creeps in. I have found myself accidentally calling our other male dog "Remi". He was such a huge part of my life and he's gone. And it hurts worse than I could have ever imagined. I have zero interest in literally anything right now. Projects, hobbies, etc...nope. All I want to do is look at his pictures and watch videos of him over and over. Functioning is so difficult.
"He's just a dog..."
No he wasn't. He was my friend. He was like a brother. I used to call him Uncle Remi with the baby. He was my closest friend.
And I'm lost without him.
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2023.06.08 18:07 Lower_House7890 psychs may give you the frightening realization that most people out there just do what they're told

not only do they do what they are told.
They think what they believe they are supposed to think
Doing what you're told is fine, because if it isn't the right thing, if your ethics are sound, you will figure out how to act better than how you're told.
The problem is most people out there not only do what they're told. They think how they believe they are supposed to think.
What this creates is a void. The void is the social class that are those who write the scripts that we follow, and manifest the narratives that explain our behavior and actions, and ultimately decide whether more or less "people like us" exist in the world.
This social class of course doesn't exist and probably shouldn't exist. But as long as people don't take psychs, and live out their childhood into adulthood just doing as they're told and being taught to believe that they're thinking only what they're allowed to think ... this will ultimately create that social class as some people out there have to do the real work in programming the rest of the population that is slowly becoming mindless and asleep.
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2023.06.08 18:07 throwaway_123936 My (26M) girlfriend (25F) of 6+ years is constantly threatening breakups, hardly helping around the house, arguing with me and wants to be put on my mortgage or it's over

I (26M) have been with my girlfriend (25F) for just over 6 years. The first two years were absolutely amazing, we constantly went on dates, spent quality time together, went on holidays, had sex multiple times per week, and went out of our way to spend time together, genuinely it just felt like how a strong healthy relationship should be. We used to joke about how easy our relationship was because we never argued and mainly agreed on everything.
Fast forward to us moving in together after 2 years of dating, we moved into a rented house and started arguing from the start, things such as me not pulling my weight, not helping enough, me being useless at everything, so over about 4-5 months I fixed that by taking on my fair share of jobs, helping more, being more engaged in conversations and learning to cook more than 2 meals. I also learnt how to be more open with my feelings and share them.
Another main point of contention was on two separate nights out drinking within one month of us moving in together, I was in a foul mood with everyone but somewhat took it out on her. She was rightfully upset and hurt, I apologised no end and told her it would never happen again, it hasn’t since. She kept bringing this up for at least the next 3 years though asking why I did it, and every time I would feel upset again and apologise.
She was majorly depressed and I “didn’t do enough to help and support her” - her words. At this point I was working fully remote (due to lockdown), and she was unemployed after university and wouldn’t get out of bed till past lunchtime and just sit on the sofa all day and gained a lot of weight (not an issue to me but she was very lazy). I tried to encourage her to go for walks but she wouldn't. She did help with some charity work I do though.
We got a cat who was quite entertaining through lockdown but she didn’t connect too well to him to start because of her depression, I was the only one feeding and cleaning the cat's litter tray.
I had some savings/inheritance so I bought a house for us to move into just over 2 years ago, we moved in, things were still a little on edge because “I didn’t make the home feel like hers” etc., but they were not as bad as they had been previously.
She was unemployed for 18 months in total, with me footing 80% of the bills (her dad paid her roughly £300 per month), she wouldn’t even look for a job because she didn’t know what she wanted to do, I felt that due to me not supporting her emotionally the least I could do was keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.
She has broken up with me multiple times, mainly because I “don’t support her enough” and “I’m not X Y or Z”. Every time she does this I panic, I worry a lot about being alone and being rejected/broken up with is the most awful feeling, so I would raise the case for how I’m going to change, how I will be better, how I know we can work things out, and every time she would agree, normally after some grovelling from me and we would move past it - just for her a few months later to break up with me again, and it go full circle. It feels like I’m always walking on eggshells to not annoy or upset her, sometimes she would break up with me multiple times a month and I would still ask for her to not break up with me. Often I would not fix everything wrong after one of these arguments/breakups but I have been incrementally getting better. She has been doing this ever since we moved in together.
She got a remote job just over a year ago and is paid reasonably well, things have somewhat improved, we have had big discussions around what we both want out of the relationship, kids, marriage etc. and we agree on almost all of it. She keeps pressuring me to add her to the mortgage and said it was an ultimatum, if I don’t then she will break up with me for the final time, I’m unsure I want to based on everything I have written in this post, I am just hoping it gets better so I feel like I can add her without any questions/doubts… We both contribute 50/50 towards my house as it is cheaper than her paying rent, when we moved in together I promised her I would add her to the mortgage after 2 years.
The house is in such a state because I have been the one cooking and making us food for the past year since she got a job (when she was unemployed she cooked most meals but I sorted the rest of the chores), I wash all the pots and pans, I still clean the cat's litter tray and feed them both, hoover, sort any routine jobs in the garden like mowing, do the washing/folding clothes, any other job around the house and food shop. She doesn’t even put her own pots in the kitchen so I have to pick them up from around the house otherwise they’ll go mouldy. She still gets mad at me that the house is a mess, we both work fully remote full time. I also go out to play sports 3 evenings a week - she doesn't do anything without me outside of work/the house, most of her evenings are spent watching YouTube. She also does not have a driver's licence, even though I have told her multiple times over the past 5 years I would teach her and her dad said he would pay for her lessons too.
She enjoys planning the garden and we do spend a lot of nice times in the garden, but if I get anything wrong she will get extremely angry and shout at me whilst I try to calm her down so the neighbours don’t hear.
Things get better for a short while, I get super hopeful for us, it may just be that she cooked dinner a few times per week or isn’t arguing with me, but then as soon as it comes it goes again and I’m back to “not doing enough”.
Occasionally she will have a really productive week where she will help around the house, cook more, be nicer to me, talk about our future and goals we want to achieve etc. I have spoken to her about helping around the house more and she always says she does “more that I realise” or she “aches/is in too much pain”.
I wish breaking up was as easy as it sounds, I really do see a lot of potential in her and I know that we can be good together but I have been over every scenario in my head 1000 times.
I’m just not sure what to do at this point, I love her so much, and I know that we can be good together, she is the sweetest most caring person I know and she calms me down by talking things through if I ever get stressed over anything, she also helps by meticulously planning things. And sometimes I feel like her criticisms are valid, and do help me improve. Her friends and family like me a lot, as my friends and family like her too.
She also lets me know that she is trying to improve things, and I can notice that, a lot less arguments than before, more intimacy and some more help around the house, but I'm not sure if the damage has already been done.
I am in no way perfect, I have flaws and I am trying to improve by being more open, calm, helpful and understanding, but I am not perfect.
Where do I go from here? I cannot stop thinking about the past and am struggling to move forward. Any help/advice/stories would be appreciated. Posting this on a throwaway for obvious reasons.
TL;DR: My girlfriend doesn’t help with much around the house and breaks up with me frequently and gets mad if I get anything wrong, but I cannot shake the feeling this relationship is very important. She wants me to add her to the mortgage which I am reluctant to do based on everything I've said in the post. I am unsure what to do, where do I go from here?
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2023.06.08 18:07 daisyquail I can’t see myself having a successful future.

Sorry for the depressing post. I’m 23 and have PTSD and numerous past concussions that adds to my stunted social development. I just graduated college with a useless liberal arts degree.
I’m so burnt out and anxious all the time. I used to be called a gifted kid and genuinely believed I was a genius because I was ahead of kids in class lol.
The last few months, no amount of coffee or stimulants (ADHD meds) has made me productive whatsoever.
I have all these things I wish I could do that I don’t even know where to start. Things like taking bio/chem classes (I can’t do anything with my current degree), learning carpentry and flipping furniture, or even the most basic hobbies… I can’t motivate myself to even start.
I’ve succumb to an endless cycle of working at my part time job, coming home and scrolling all day long or watching shows, and going to sleep.
I just… can’t see a future where I’m successful.
Masters programs require multiple recommendation letters that I don’t have, because I’m socially incompetent and didn’t talk during any undergrad classes.
I have no real “skills” and feel like I’ll never have more than a bunch of temporary, low paying jobs that I quit/get fired from when they start hating me bc how socially incompetent I am.
I was told as a kid I could be anything I wanted to, which could not be farther from the truth. Even in positions I am qualified for, I’m still never chosen bc I seem too stupid.
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2023.06.08 18:07 loan24 (SELLING) Large list of misc movies (rEQUEST) PayPal FF, Venmo, CashApp

I BOLDED the movies I've added this last week. Most of my movies get delivered on Friday or Saturday so I'm often adding more movies over the weekend if you want to check back.
If there is someone that lives in the UK and uses Disney Movie Rewards there, let me know. I may have a code for you but it won't work for people that don't have an active account.
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2023.06.08 18:07 julksterrr Rejected by best friend

I will try to not make this post drawn out, but I'm feeling so incredibly down and I thought maybe someone would have something to say to help me through what I'm feeling. So me (18F) and my best friend (18F) have known eachother for 7 years and after some years of not being too close after she moved schools, we started talking again and got close again about two years ago. When we reconnected, I thought that I may have caught feelings for her, but didn't fully come to terms with this until late 2022.
In March this year, my sister found out about my feelings towards my best friend and made enough jokes to my best friend (suggesting that we should go on a date etc.) that eventually I just couldn't take it and had to tell her how I felt. Her reaction seemed initially hesitant (maybe shocked) but positive. She was down to try and see what happens, but expressed to me that she wasn't 100% sure and needed time to think. At the end of April after talking and hanging out a bit (the dynamic had changed I feel to more flirtatious), she said to me that she couldn't do it and apologised. That already hurt, and I honestly cried like a little baby, but totally respected her feelings.
However in mid-May she told me that she changed her feelings and believed she was self-sabotaging by not allowing herself to be with me, but that I was right for her and she wanted to try (this time telling me that she did have feelings for me and had had them for a while but hid them from me). Though she did clarify that she had a lot on her mind that may complicate the relationship and it's progression if it did happen (I understood and made sure that she didn't feel any pressure and didn't feel rushed). The last few weeks bought me so much joy; we saw eachother a few times, did some cute romantic things and definitely flirted. It felt great, though it didn't go beyond that and we didn't kiss or hold hands (mostly because I didn't know where her boundaries were, and this is also my first time doing anything romantic with anyone).
But to my absolute heartbreak and despair, she told me yesterday that she likes me and has for a while but her own personal struggles (I won't disclose those but it's a lot of things sort of together), aren't allowing her for us to be a thing, because they'll catch up to her in the long-term. I know that she's been crying because of this, so have I. It hurts so fucking much because she is my favourite person in the world, she is my person and I have never known anyone to bring so much joy into my life as her. She's got an absolutely beautiful soul, and she has always been my biggest support. She was there for me through my toughest time, I was there when she was struggling, and I've gotten to know her so much closer in the last year. Not only that she is the most painstakingly beautiful and radiant girl I have ever laid my eyes on. Everything felt so right and I was so happy, and now that has been torn away from me twice, and I can't bare to talk to her, but talking to her has always been one of the only things to bring any meaning to my day.
I just need help with my feelings. Did I fall in love with someone I shouldn't have had feelings for? Why does it hurt so much? And why does a part of me wish that maybe, someday in the future we will try this again and it will work out? Am I wrong for feeling what I'm feeling? God it just hurts so much and I don't know what to do to pick myself up from this and recover :(
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2023.06.08 18:07 orwelliansarcasm Sleep, stress, and the job

Hi all,

I've been on response for a few years now and recently have been struggling with sleep on rest days due to thinking about work, stress, and it becomes a vicious circle of lack of sleep making me more stressed. I think over my 4 rest days I got about 12 hours total.

I see regular posts up here about help with stress on the job, and it's lovely seeing such a supportive community with some good advice. However, I was thinking about going to see my GP about it, as a lack of sleep is affecting me during the day (obviously), and making it extremely difficult to concentrate at work, get myself motivated to do anything etc. It has meant that my 4 rest days, which I usually use for recovering from the 6 days non-stop on response, have felt staggered, and tired, and useless, and I'm coming into work more stressed and anxious than I was when I finished my last night shift.

I know its bad, and possibly detrimental to ask, but if I see my GP, does that get passed onto OH at all, and at what point does OH get involved and tell you you have to take time off? It sounds weird but I still like my job, I don't want to have to go through the rigmarole of having time off due to stress and waiting on OH to confirm I can come back? How does that all work, has anyone ever done it?
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2023.06.08 18:06 palmspringscpa How long did it take until you realized that just because a manager reviews your work it doesn’t mean your work is correct?

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2023.06.08 18:06 ConsequencePutrid249 AA f2f vs United f2f

So, I just finished up my f2f with American and I left feeling so confused. I felt like I did all of the things. Showed up early, dressed the part, smiled nonstop, engaged in conversation, was actively listening, stayed a team player, and answered my group panel questions confidently. Sadly no CJO. They actually sent home everyone from our group. Without having any constructive criticism, I feel like I’m going to go into my United f2f all wrong. Does anyone have any insight on what makes the two different? Is one “better” than the other. How can I stand out for United? Do you have the opportunity to answer more interview questions? The whole AA process I was technically only asked 4 questions before it was a no. This is my first time applying to be an FA and I understand it can take years, but I’m trying to learn as much as possible so I can really nail it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 18:05 pagets Feeling lost lately because of impingement

Maybe i just wanted somewhere to vent out.
I have been constantly working out for a few years now. I workout because 1) it makes me feel good mentally 2) I don't really have a weight it mind i just wanted to lose and keep off the fat but i really mainly workout because of point 1.
Last year i trued switching up from a regular gym over to F45. I found it fun and engaging ai really loved it. It a tually didn't help me to shed off some fat because I didn't lose weight doing it, but nevermind i do it because I'm happy. THEN, 3 months ago my shoulder has been bothering me especially when doing upright and any rotator cuff movements. At first i thought its just sore from all the f45 workout so i slowed down for a week, and did pilates. it got better for a while but when I got back to hiit and weightlifting. i wince, the pain is so sharp it hurts. Last month i cannot take it anymore since it even impedes my sleep.
Long story short, my physical therapist told me to stop f45 (which my PT abhors) and stop working out my upper body for now, shoulders mostly. UPPER BODY workout is my favourite thing in my workout life, i never really enjoyed running.
Everytime I go to the gym, I don't know what to do because i didnt realize how much shoulders are needed for every movement, i cant do RDLS, DLs, rows, pullups, presses, pushups, pullups, pulldowns,.. all things i love (really have a goal of toned back and abs)
i've been doing bodyweight squats , adductors and leg presses things I dont particularly enjoy. I never felt so lost in the gym as much as I want to pickup barbells i can't sabotage my healing process. I lost 1kg of muscles already which isnt that huge for some but for me who really sheds fat slower than a sloth crossing the street, I feel so down and demotivated.
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2023.06.08 18:05 Butt_Fucking_Smurfs TRIVIA TIME (6-8-2023) S01E05 - The Vulture - Post your results, honor system

Jake say he works best alone even during what?

How many bad shootings was Terry in?

What was the murder weapon?

The Vulture say the last two percent is the hardest. That's why what?

How many shots does Terry take at the range? BONUS- How many does he need?

Why did Rosa sit next to Charles on the bus?

When the squad roleplays what does Charles always have to play?

Where was the corkscrew found and by whom?

What does the Vulture always do to jake?

What does Jake send to the Vulture in the end?


That's why they leave it in the milk
Terry takes 7 shots but needs 8
Because Hitchcock farts non stop
The Victim
Trash Chute
Slaps his big white ass
A plaster cast of his big white ass
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2023.06.08 18:05 hopp596 Do you have self-love and compassion for yourself? Do you have your own back?

I recently thought about how often, when I encounter an issue I don’t measure up in, even though I should according to societal norms at least, I’m always the first to bash myself over it. Example: jobs or relationships/family life (struggling severely in both, yay my eggs are about to turn to dust and i can’t even keep a roof over my head without help!). It’s like I’m my worst enemy and I just lose myself in blame and shame and talking down to myself. I might try to take action to remedy it, look into how I can be more "like them", like "the norm" if you will. But always in a punishing way, always reminding myself how I don’t and likely never will fit in or catch up anyway.
I can go on like this for days until I maybe finally arrive at a bit of self-compassion and the realization that I’ll likely never be like them and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s through no fault of my own. I’m not a loser, I’m battling a mental health disorder, trauma, etc…
But the first order on the line is always to go in on myself, beat myself up, insult myself, side with my (former tormentors) they were all right after all, torture myself, and then maybe give myself a little bit of grace. If my brain actually gets to that mind space, usually it doesn’t even do that. And even when it does, I feel like I’m just making excuses for myself and being too soft on myself.
How is it for you? Love yourself or no, how full is your self-love barometer? I think I’m between 30% and 50%. Closer to 30% though.
View Poll
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2023.06.08 18:05 Efficiency_Master Career Pilots - What has been your experience taking "breaks" from flying?

So for those individuals who work for airlines, or other flying frequent roles, how have you felt after taking 2 weeks off from flying? Did you not feel confident in somethings? Did you forget how to do X? How long did it take to gain back confidence, if lost any?
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2023.06.08 18:05 Tasty_Amoeba2373 ITT: We post our untoppable DMZ moments

A thread dedicated to chasing the dragon, if you will.
So we're about to start our first attempt of Exfil Tracking, and we're discussing our potential courses of action for getting the mission done. There are no delusions about us getting this done on the first attempt; we're just figuring out how to take our first stab at the gig intelligently. We elect to drop in and put our intentions to cheese the mission with another squad out in chat straight off the rip with the understanding that we will be broadcasting our intentions to the lobby.
We get in and drop a message in chat while we're headed to the gas station outside of Hydroelectric to retrieve our hardware, and a team replies that they are attempting to do the mission as well, but they are pinned down in Taraq by a squad that has the cell tower on the hill southeast of town. We head that way in defilade, threading ourselves through the palm grove west of Rohan and keeping ourselves relatively concealed by driving through the oil derricks west of Taraq. We arrive, and tracer fire confirms the enemy squad's presence and that there is a fight with someone in the town ruins. I stay on the spotter scope and communicate with the team through chat as my two squadmates third party at least four operators in that area. As soon as they mention the situation has settled down for them, I elect to move into town alone to find them. Mind you; we are on edge the entire time as all the chat traffic is making us a huge target of opportunity.
I stow my weapon in my free bag slot so I can step out unarmed and head into town while my squadmates take up covered positions to observe from; after a bit of talking in proximity chat, I encounter the squad and talk them down a bit as they are understandably jumpy about the situation. They walked into that firefight more or less immediately after the match started, so they needed more time to collect the hardware. I tell them that we will have to refrain from assimilating for this cheese to work and that we'll have to commit the names in proximity chat to memory so we know at least who's who in this tenuous alliance we've come to. We procure vehicles and take lead so that they can follow us to the gas station, and their squad collects their transmitters. I then direct them to meet us at an exfil in the northern part of Al-Safwa Quarry so that we can commence with the cheese.
We arrive first, and as soon as we see their vehicle on the minimap, we call for exfil, and I instruct them to plant their transmitter and clear the area as soon as it's planted. Our squad quickly loads and unloads from the chopper to cut the timer down, and we take turns doing this for our requisite three enemy choppers each. While this is happening, squads are showing up and almost immediately fucking off once they see what appears to be a 6-man. A few of us get downed by the occasional cocky squad, and we manage to revive ourselves after the couple of fights we had with no "friendly" fire to speak of.
During all this, we've been burning a lot of time, and the zone has begun growing. At this point, it's down to one last tracker for my squad, I realize there's no need to stay separated, so we assimilate into a proper 6-man squad, and I figure we'll have to wing it and catch one last squad en route to the final exfil. We catch our third and final chopper touching down just north of the Sa'id Mall parking complex, spam smokes at the LZ, and one of us slips through the smoke to plant the transmitter; all the while, we announce to whoever was there to hear that we didn't want to fight and that we'd leave once our transmitter was planted, which we did.
Finally, we make it to the final exfil, and it would appear that besides the army of Tier 3 bots, we have the exfil to ourselves, and we collectively take a breath of relief, that is until a turreted LTV turns the corner and opens up on us. A firefight ensues, and after disabling their vehicle and delaying their push by downing two of their squadmates, I myself am downed and eliminated. One of our new members jumps out with less than a minute left and pulls the long revive on me while under fire from bots and manages to get me up, I make it onto the chopper with a sliver of health, but he is downed himself, with no time for any of us to revive him, and he tells us to go without him.
Mission completed in one go. Been chasing that kind of experience ever since.
Edit: spelling.
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2023.06.08 18:04 Orphandestroyer99 Handle with Care 30

Memory transcript subject: Chris, human student Date: [standardized human time] November, 3rd, 2136
Me and Vila got into the house. Today was a long day at school apparently Nolan was going to our school tomorrow so that was gonna cause something.
“Hello you two how was school?” Lani was making something for a meal while Marlik I think was at work.
“Pretty good Aioni’s coming over today to hangout so we’ll be in my room” Lani gave me a happy flick of the tail and I headed to my room. I got into some comfortable clothes and waited for Aioni to arrive.
Soon enough I heard knocking on the door and went to go open it.
“Hey Chris you ready?” I nodded and I led her to my room. I turned on my tv and put on an episode of my show.
“Chris what show is this?” I looked over at Aioni as we got on the bed to watch the show. I took a sip of my Pepsi.
“It’s Steven Universe. It’s one of my favorite shows I just had to show you” this was my fifth rewatch of the series and I was on season 2.
“What’s it about?” I looked at Aioni with excitement. I was ecstatic to talk about this wonderful show.
“It’s about this Human named Steven and the Crystal gems who protect Earth from threats. There’s Pearl who is precise and agile and likes to keep stuff neat. There’s Amethyst who is very messy and carefree. And then there’s Garnet who is very calm and collected” Aioni was very focused on me talking. It made me so happy that I could talk to someone about this.
“So Chris what is this episode about?” I looked back at the screen it was the episode where Peridot and Steven go to the prime kindergarten after the rainstorm.
“Oh so that green gem is Peridot and she comes from the gems homeworld” I then took a bit of time to explain she listened with great interest and after I was done I was done I unpaused the show and we got back to watching.
With each episode Aioni seemed more enticed. I could tell she was loving it.
We spent a while that I lost track of time. We went through the episodes and got to season three when I decided to pause the show.
“Chris why did you pause it!? Can we please watch more?” Aioni grabbed my shoulders and shook me begging to watch more of the show.
“Aioni we will let’s just take a break alright?” I calmed her down and we headed out of my room towards the kitchen.
“Oh hey you two what are you up two?” I looked over at Vila who was grabbing something to eat.
“Oh me and my girlfriend are just watching Steven Universe” we all stood there for a moment before I realized what I just said. I started to blush and Aioni was chuckling a bit while wagging her ears.
“I’m sorry Aioni it just-“ Aioni stopped my mouth with her hand. I looked over at her and she seemed happy.
“Chris if you want us to be something more you could’ve just asked” I couldn’t say anything. I was just so flustered my face was red.
“S-sure that would be nice” Aioni gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and grabbed some food. She then headed back to my room while I stood there with Vila.
“You’re a lucky guy Chris now go on you don’t want to keep the lady waiting” I nodded and headed back to my room where I saw Aioni sitting on my bed waiting for me to unpause the show.
“Let’s do this!” We spent two hours watching Steven Universe Aioni’s reaction to each one made me more excited. Soon we stopped watching and decided to draw some of the characters from the show.
“Chris look!” Aioni showed me a drawing of us next to the Crystal Gems. I felt so excited and proud of her that I gave her a nice hug. We then went back on the bed and decided to play some Xbox for a bit.
“To your left watch out there’s a guy. One hit he’s down he’s dog water” Aioni and I were the second duo left in this match. We had our mics on and it was an open channel so the teams could hear us and we could hear them.
“GOT HIM!” Aioni lit up one of the enemies. The guy raged like crazy on the mic it was hilarious.
“Alright he’s over there I’m rushing hit him once. DOWNED HIS ASS GET FUCKED BITCH CRY ABOUT IT!” We won the match and gave each other a hug. We got back into the menu when Lani called out to us.
“Chris, Aioni meals ready come on!” We took off our mics and headed out towards the dinner table.
I sat down and on my plate was a variety of vegetables and fruit. I took a bite of one of the vegetable and it was delicious and ripe.
“So what have you two been up to?” I looked up from my food at Lani.
“Oh we’ve just been playing some games and watching tv” Aioni seemed to be enjoying the food nicely. Vila perked up and looked up at Lani.
“Hey mom did you hear? Chris and Aioni are now a couple” I blushed and Aioni’s ears wagged as Lani processed what she had heard.
“OH THAT IS WONDERFUL!” Lani got up and whistled for us while wagging her tail.
“Have you two gone on a date yet?” We both looked at Lani nervously and shook our heads. Aioni went ahead to speak.
“No not yet although I would love to sometime” I got all flustered by Aioni.
We spent the rest of the meal eating and laughing. Apparently some wedding is gonna happen in a couple weeks between Lani and Marlik so I can’t wait.
“See you tomorrow Aioni!” Before Aioni left she gave me a kiss on the lips leaving me and shock and red cheeks.
I can’t wait for tomorrow.
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