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Jeep it and Creep it

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All stuff Jeep related: tech articles, pics, and advice

2013.12.05 08:50 LobotomyTH Anything to do with the good 'ol days of the Jeep. Jeeps can do anything!

In this subreddit, we discuss all things within the realm of the OG Jeeps. No Four Door Wranglers. No squinty-eyed Grand Cherokees. No Jeep Treos. We draw the line at early Chrysler, because everything was better back in the day when it was tough, utilitarian, and dangerous! And we liked it!

2012.03.28 06:25 TK44 For the Grandest Jeeps


2023.04.01 09:33 Sachin13a13 How is this build for machine learning or android game development(unity / unreal)

[PCPriceTracker Build](

**Processor** [Intel Core i5-12400F 12th Gen Alder Lake 6-Core 2.5 GHz LGA 1700 Desktop Processor BX8071512400F]( MDComputers 15000
**Motherboard** [Asus Prime B660M-A D4 Motherboard (Intel Socket 1700/12th Generation Core Series CPU/Max 128 GB DDR4 5333MHz Memory)]( MDComputers 12750
**Power Supply** [Ant Esports FP750B 80+ 750W Bronze Force Series Power Supply]( Vedant Computers 4540
**Cabinet** [Ant Esports 220 Air ARGB (ATX) Mid Tower Cabinet With Tempered Glass Side Panel (Black)]( The ITDepot 3310
**Memory** [Adata XPG Spectrix D50 16GB (8GBx2) 3200MHZ White DDR4 RGB Ram (AX4U32008G16A-DW50)]( PrimeABGB 4381
**Additional Memory**
**Hard drive**
**SSD drive** [Adata Legend 840 1TB M.2 NVMe Gen4 Internal SSD]( Vedant Computers 6865
**Additional Monitor**
**CPU Cooler** [Deepcool Gamerstorm CASTLE 240EX ARGB CPU Cooler]( Compify 7199
**Grand Total** **INR 90745**
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2023.04.01 08:45 AutoModerator Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Updated)

Chat +44 759 388 0762 on Telegram/WhatsApp to get Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course.
I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (MBT) Course.
Casey Zander's Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 course is one of the best programs available that will improve your relationships with women, as well as your personal lifestyle and masculine mindset.
Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander will show you how to:
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Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.04.01 08:44 autotldr Two Swiss trains derail in strong winds, several injured

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 59%. (I'm a bot)
Two regional trains derailed almost simultaneously at separate locations in canton Bern late Friday afternoon in stormy winds, leaving several people injured, according to cantonal police.
A train belonging to the RBS company derailed shortly before 5pm near the station of Büren zum Hof.
The RBS company said the accident was probably caused by gusts of wind.
A part of the train overturned and other trains on the section had to be stopped.
At almost the same time, a train operated by the Aare Seeland mobil company derailed at Lüscherz, on the southern shore of Lake Biel.
The rear part of the train derailed, and the carriages involved fell on their sides.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: train#1 derailed#2 company#3 wind#4 section#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.04.01 08:43 Teknix_Elevators Maximizing Space With a Small 4 Passenger Lift Size

Residential elevators have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and accessibility. They are a valuable addition to any home and can increase the property value as well. However, it is important to properly maintain residential elevators to ensure they operate safely and efficiently. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to maintain residential elevators, including the use of Teknix Elevators in Hyderabad, the appropriate size for a 4 passenger lift size, and the best elevator companies in Bangalore and India.
Firstly, it is important to have regular inspections and maintenance checks performed by a professional. Teknix Elevators is a reputable best elevator companies in india that offers installation, maintenance, and repair services for residential elevators. They have a team of experienced technicians who are well-versed in the latest industry standards and regulations. Regular inspections can help identify any potential issues before they become major problems and can ensure that the elevator is running safely and smoothly.
Secondly, it is important to use the elevator appropriately and follow all safety guidelines. This includes ensuring that the elevator is not overloaded and that passengers do not exceed the recommended weight limit. For a 4 passenger lift, the appropriate size can vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of the home. It is best to consult with a professional elevator company, such as one of the residential elevators in hyderabad, to determine the appropriate size for a specific residential elevator.
Thirdly, it is important to keep the elevator clean and well-maintained. This includes regularly cleaning the elevator car and ensuring that all components, such as the doors and buttons, are working properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent the buildup of dust and debris that can affect the elevator's performance and also prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
Fourthly, it is important to educate all users on the proper use of the elevator and the importance of following safety guidelines. This includes informing them of the weight limit and ensuring that they do not lean on or obstruct the doors. It is also important to ensure that children are supervised when using the elevator and that they do not play or jump inside the elevator car.
Lastly, it is important to choose a reliable and trustworthy elevator company for the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential elevators. There are many Passenger Lift Manufacturers In Bangalore, but it is important to do research and choose one that has a good reputation and offers high-quality services. Some of the best elevator companies in Bangalore include Teknix Elevators.
Investing in a residential elevator can provide many benefits, but it is important to properly maintain the elevator to ensure its longevity and safety. This includes regular inspections, appropriate use and cleaning, educating users on safety guidelines, and choosing a reputable elevator company for installation and maintenance services. By following these tips, residential elevator owners can maintain their elevators like a pro and enjoy the convenience and accessibility they provide.
Website Information -
Site Address - Teknix Elevators Pvt Ltd.
#125 Gala Square, 4th floor, R V Road, V V Puram, Near Lalbagh West Gate Bangalore-560004.
EMAIL: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.04.01 07:24 bigblackfaucet JollyCake 3 Days Old 10% Cake Houly Doxxed Ama $4000 Mc

🎂 Get ready to join the JollyCake revolution on March 29th at 01:00:00 UTC, exclusively on Pancakeswap! JollyCake is the latest yield-generating contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that offers holders CAKE instead of tokens.
JollyCake's unique token contract uses a static rewards system, where 13% of every transaction is distributed among the community. 10% of CAKE tokens are redistributed to holders, 2% is used to fuel liquidity pool exchange growth, and 1% is allocated to the buyback/marketing wallet.
With our advanced auto-claim feature, you can sit back and watch as CAKE tokens are automatically deposited into your wallet every 60 minutes. To receive CAKE distributions, the minimum token balance required is 20,000 JCAKE tokens.
JollyCake offers a secure and transparent investment opportunity, with locked liquidity for 1 year, ownership renounced, and the team doxxed. Moreover, we've ordered an audit from Techrate to further reassure the community.
Join the JollyCake community today and enjoy a generous 10% hourly CAKE reward that's automatically distributed to your wallet. Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in the future of yield-generating contracts.
10% CAKE Rewards
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Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO): 720,000,000 (74%)
Marketing: 40,000,000 (4%)
Team: 20,000,000 (2%)
Visit our website for more information:
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2023.04.01 07:22 KhaasIT SECUIRTY SOLUTION

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2023.04.01 07:15 Unhappy-Transition39 Top 4 Best iptv Services To Buy Online

Best IPTV Service Providers of 2023

Get the list of best IPTV services based on extensive research, features, pricing, region supports, and more. Find out which one is best for you to stream your favorite channels.
Live TV service in High Streaming Quality
You’ll also discover some recommendations for enjoying IPTV GEAR material in this article.
IPTV GEAR is more than just a collection of live television stations. This provider’s IPTV service allows you to view a lot more content for a lot less money…
The features and reviews available on each IPTV GEAR plan are as follows:
· Over 6,000 live HD and FHD television channels.
· Options for National and International sports channels.
· Television News channels.
· Dedicated channels for Entertainment.
· Pay-per-view channels.
· Compatible with any smartphone.
· No restrictions on IP address location.
· Compatible with VPN without a hitch.
· M3U link support for usage with video players and an EPG.
· Enhanced support with all major IPTV players.
Now I am sure, you’ll understand why IPTV GEAR has become increasingly popular in recent years..
You may access all of these channels across the world with a wide range of devices using the service. Despite its high-cost plans, it’s still worthwhile.
Speaking about some of its cons, reports indicate several bugs have come across, though. When you utilize a VPN, streaming it becomes a lot more enjoyable.
Eminent IPTV Provider With Subscription Service
IPTV RESALE is a high-end entertainment video streaming platform that lets you watch and enjoy a wide range of HD on-demand movies, pay-per-view events, TV shows, live TV channels, and other comparable content.
Many consumers enjoy this service because it has gradually come to outperform traditional IPTV services in terms of features. IPTV RESALE will, without a doubt, keeps you engaged for hours together.
The features and reviews available on each IPTV RESALE plan are as follows:
· VOD options are available.
· Over 1,000 channels in HD quality.
· The free trial is currently on hold.
· The conventional layout has five connections.
· All Major Sports Packages are available.
· International broadcasting channels.
· VPN compatibility (when using service).
· Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
· Compatible with well-known IPTV players.
· The IP address is not locked.
Endless Choices of Channels in Different Languages
One of the most trusted IPTV streaming services is IPTV GREAT which is currently popular in the market. Many channels are available in Full HD and 60 frames per second. This IPTV service will provide you with live TV streaming as well as VOD movies and episodes.
And, in addition to that, it provides EPG (Electronic Program Guide) or TV Guide access to the TV schedule. For available channels, a catch-up TV option is also incorporated.
The features and reviews available on each IPTVGREAT plan are as follows:
· It works well with popular devices like Apple TV, Firesticks, etc.
· Playlist customization to keep only the favorite ones.
· Multi-supported formats like M3U files, Xtream API codes, and more.
· Sports, Kids, and other family-oriented channels are available.
· A powerful IPTV server for premium streams.
· Smart server backup systems.
· Android devices are supported.
· Catch-up.
· External player assistance.
· VPN friendly.
Economical IPTV Service With Blazing-Fast Support
Having 4+ years as a global IPTV business provider, IPTVUNLOCK showcases a proven track-record of streaming 15000 International channels adding to 60,000 VODs & providing an enjoyable experience for its viewers. With trusted 14000+ clients all over the world IPTV UNLOCK solution gives access to 10000+ channels to have unlimited entertainment experience.
It aims to uncover an ecstatic broadcasting experience by providing the most advanced features suitable according to users. They also strive to make it personalized with vivid favorite shows, sports events, creating freezing feature for free..
The features and reviews available on each IPTV UNLOCK plan are as follows:
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· Over 10,000 live channels.
· Image resolution: HD and FHD.
· Transparent pricing.
· VPN compatibility.
· Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
· Wide range of channels.
· M3U URL..
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2023.04.01 06:52 StudentParticular424 Best Lead Generation For Realtors

Realtors need lead generation for several reasons, including:
  1. Finding new clients: Realtors need a steady stream of new clients to grow their business and earn commissions. Lead generation helps Realtors find potential clients who are interested in buying or selling properties.
  2. Building relationships: Realtors need to build relationships with potential clients to gain their trust and establish a long-term business relationship. Lead generation helps Realtors establish relationships with potential clients and provide value by offering information about properties, neighborhoods, and other relevant information.
  3. Improving targeting: Lead generation helps Realtors target potential clients based on their interests, demographics, and behavior. This helps Realtors focus their marketing efforts on potential clients who are most likely to convert.
  4. Increasing revenue: Lead generation ultimately leads to more closed deals and increased revenue for Realtors. By generating leads, Realtors can increase their chances of closing deals and earning commissions.
  5. Staying competitive: In today's market, Realtors need to stay competitive to succeed. Lead generation helps Realtors stay ahead of the competition by finding new clients and providing value to potential clients.

Best Lead Generation : LeadFoxy

LeadFoxy is the best lead generation tool. LeadFoxy provides the best services. The key features of LeadFoxy is given below :

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2023.04.01 06:26 GloomyInvestment7325 Butcher Block Desktop Plans

Hi I’m new to woodworking but I bought a butcher block and I intend to make a PC desktop with it and want to ensure my plan is sound.
Supplies: 8’x25” Acacia Ebony Stained Butcher Block
Bosch Random Orbital Sander 220 Grit Sand Paper 320 Grot Sand Paper
Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Clear Semi-gloss Oil-based Polyurethane
2" Purdy 144152320 XL Glide Angled Sash Paint Brush, Tynex Orel
IKEA Alex Drawers
Plan is to: 1) Sand with 220 2) Wipe clean 3) Poly first coat 4) Sand 320 5) Wipe clean 6) Poly second coat 7) Rinse and repeat steps 4-6 until 3-4 coats
I don’t intend to have a leg in the middle. Should I add a leg to reduce sagging?
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2023.04.01 05:41 Purple_Jellyfish_694 What could be causing this? Fear of sick?

So I (23F) used to have a fear of people being sick when I was younger and as I've gotten older it's subsided. I still don't like or feel comfortable around people being sick but I can handle it.
My boyfriend (25M) was out with work colleagues tonight and came back absolutely hammered and I knew he'd end up being sick.
For some reason my anxiety is through the roof and I'm wide awake, my heart is pounding and my hands are trembling. Every time I hear him get up to go to the bathroom to be sick I'm freaking out thinking he's going to burst into the room and I cover my ears. He's sleeping in the other room because he knows I don't like it.
What's causing this?? I've now been awake for nearly 24 hours and I cannot shut my brain off at all and every time I hear a sound from the other room he's in my heart jumps and my heart starts racing again!
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2023.04.01 05:01 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The LinkedIn Playbook – From 0 to 80k+ Followers

Get the course here: [Get] Justin Welsh – The LinkedIn Playbook – From 0 to 80k+ Followers📷 Instant Delivery – Download full Course Learn how I grew my LinkedIn presence from 2,500 followers to nearly 30,000 followers, and created a LinkedIn newsletter with 40,000+ subscribers in just 12 months! What you’ll get:
Bonus:Advanced LinkedIn Experimentation, aggregation, articles, hashtags, video, and more.
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2023.04.01 04:58 BerryTube BerryTube Drinking Game #601 starting when this post has been up for an hour!

What is it?

BerryTube is an internet bar with synchronized video sharing that hosts a drinking game every weekend. We play the episodes and brony music, you guys bring your own drink of choice (alcohol optional), and somehow magic happens.

When does it start?

Friday games officially start at midnight US Eastern time, but you can use this page to figure out what that is in your time zone.
We also host an Early drinking game that starts at 3:00PM US Eastern for those of you across the pond, or people who would prefer going to sleep early. You can use this other page to figure out what time that for you.
Finally, if you can't do Friday at any time, we host a Bonus Saturday Game at 11:00PM Eastern, or your local equivalent.

Sounds good! How do I join?

Point your browser at and type in a temporary nickname or go ahead and register it if you want to use it permanently. If it's your first time here, you might want to read our aptly-named First-time Visitor's Guide

Anything else?

Yup! Just a few extra things:
If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to post them here in the comments, we make an effort to check it constantly right before the drinking games are set to start.
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2023.04.01 04:46 r627gafy The Beach Bob’s Resort! [PC Server/STEAM][PVE][7+ Map Cluster][QoL Mods][Plugins][Beginner Friendly][EU-Based]

The Beach Bob Resort is a PVE cluster focused around beginners! The cluster features a lot of both beginners and more advanced players who are all friendly and very helpful when it comes to learning more about the game. The servers feature multiple custom implemented plugins/mods to enrich the vanilla gameplay and make it more easygoing without losing the challenge that Ark provides. Next to that, the Discord itself contains several systems that help you in playing the game, from a complete information-hub forum containing all kinds of useful information/tips on the clustegame all the way to tribe chat synchronization to Discord and much much more! More experienced players are welcome as well, we could always use more people! =D

Please use this discord link to join!

Or you can alternatively use the code yourself: arkbbr

Here is an overview of the main features of the Beach Bob's Resort!

Map list:
Server config:
Plugin system:

Hope to see you wash up on our shores!

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2023.04.01 04:34 JamieMackenzie Serious Question: Is what constitutes a superhero over the hero, the fact that the superhero in the climax fights 2 fights to the villains 1 fight, where as a heros climax is a 1-1 fight with the villain?

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2023.04.01 04:25 AutoModerator [Get] Manny Khoshbin – Real Estate Starter Program

[Get] Manny Khoshbin – Real Estate Starter Program
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Creative Financing Overview to fund any deal (even with zero out of pocket)
Due Diligence Checklist to diminish your risk & accelerate your learning curve
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BONUS #1: Financial Starter Kit to track your income and set clear goals
BONUS #2: Top resources, contracts, and forms you will need throughout your real estate journey
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2023.04.01 03:53 alireza-confidential As a guy, is starting non-serious relationship from a frequent environment possible? good idea even? and if so, what is the best way to accomplish that?

Hello friends,
I'm a guy around 30 years old. I currently do not have a decent game to be able to attract girls outside of social circles. The places include friend circles, work place, or frequent places (e.g., coffeeshop in my neighbourhood) In the meanwhile at the moment I do not like to start a serious relationship with the girls that I'm currently attracting (at least to start with) where I need to spend too much time with them because I have more important issues to spend my time on.
Now I am already familiar with that starting a relationship at serious places such as close friend circles or work place is not a good idea and I have stayed away even though I was interested in the girls that I met at those environments. However, as it has gone too long I am wondering wether there is a way to make such relationships (or at least a bit lighter ones) work without it back firing at me.
For instance, recently I have noticed that a worker at the neighbourhood coffeeshop (that I usually get coffee/breakfast) is interested in me. I would be interested to hangout with her a few hours per week starting a non-serious relationship, however I am not sure wether that would be a good idea and if so how to actually go about setting it up.
Based on this, I have some specific questions:
  1. What would be the worst-case scenarios of having relationships starting in such environments?
  2. Would girls be open to relationships such that if I needed to breakup it would not be awkward seeing her at the place? If so, what is the best way to set that up?
  3. If a guy and girl in a social circle decide to date, is the guy in more risk than the girl in case of breakup? is this just a natural double-standard?
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 03:34 FounderAW What are the best beach towns in California for a summer vacation?

What are the best beach towns in California for a summer vacation?
California Dreamin: The Best Beach Towns for Your Summer Vacation
California is known for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and year-round sunshine, making it the perfect destination for a summer vacation. With so many beach towns to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. In this article, we'll take you on a tour of the best beach towns in California for your summer vacation.
  1. Santa Barbara Santa Barbara is a picturesque beach town with a Mediterranean climate, making it the perfect destination for a summer getaway. The city is known for its stunning Spanish colonial architecture, palm-lined streets, and pristine beaches. Take a stroll along the Santa Barbara Pier or visit the Santa Barbara Zoo for a fun day out.
  2. Laguna Beach Laguna Beach is a charming seaside town located in Orange County. The town is known for its artistic community and stunning coves and beaches. Visit the Laguna Art Museum or explore the tide pools at Crystal Cove State Park.
  3. Newport Beach Newport Beach is a quintessential Southern California beach town with miles of pristine beaches, an iconic pier, and a bustling boardwalk. Take a sunset cruise or rent a bike and explore the Newport Beach Back Bay.
  4. Carmel-by-the-Sea Carmel-by-the-Sea is a charming coastal town located in Monterey County. The town is known for its art galleries, boutique shops, and white sandy beaches. Stroll along Ocean Avenue or visit the famous Carmel Beach.
  5. Malibu Malibu is a beach town located in Los Angeles County, known for its iconic surf spots, celebrity homes, and stunning beachfront properties. Visit the famous Surfrider Beach or explore the trails at the Malibu Creek State Park.
  6. Coronado Coronado is a picturesque island located in San Diego County, known for its stunning beaches, iconic Hotel Del Coronado, and charming downtown area. Visit the Coronado Beach or explore the history of the island at the Coronado Historical Association Museum.
  7. Santa Monica Santa Monica is a vibrant beach town located in Los Angeles County, known for its iconic pier, lively boardwalk, and endless activities. Visit the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium or rent a bike and explore the Marvin Braude Bike Trail.
  8. Huntington Beach Huntington Beach is a laid-back beach town located in Orange County, known for its surfing culture, iconic pier, and stunning sunsets. Take a surf lesson or visit the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve for a nature-filled day out.
  9. Pismo Beach Pismo Beach is a charming coastal town located in San Luis Obispo County, known for its beautiful beaches, coastal dunes, and lively downtown area. Visit the Pismo Beach Pier or explore the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area.
  10. La Jolla La Jolla is a beach town located in San Diego County, known for its stunning coastal views, wildlife, and upscale shops and restaurants. Visit the La Jolla Cove or explore the tide pools at the La Jolla Underwater Park.
In conclusion, California has some of the most beautiful beach towns in the world, each offering their unique charm and attractions. Whether you're looking for a laid-back beach vacation or an adventure-filled trip, these beach towns are the perfect summer getaway.
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2023.04.01 03:05 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – The Content Operating System

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2023.04.01 02:45 khurramkhalidiqbal [For Hire] 2D Explainer Video Animator Looking to expand

Hey everyone!
I'm a 2D explainer video animator with around 2 years of experience in the field.
I've worked on multiple projects but now I feel like I'm unable to get new projects.
Willing to work together on reasonable rates if someone has work they wouldn't mind outsourcing.
Can share my portfolio in DM.
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2023.04.01 02:39 Ansible42 Duds???

This was my first crop. Super happy; seemed way easier than the culinary mushrooms I had tried in the past.
I took one, might have felt a bit but nothing like what I had experienced in the past. Took 2 (days later) not much again. Three, nada.

I took 8 I felt lightheaded about 45 minutes later, but that was it.
Any idea besides find new spores?

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2023.04.01 02:34 Leagueboosting [SELLING] Elo Dragon 🐉 CHEAP PRICING WITH WEBSITE 🎉 ALL Servers, ALL Ranks 🎉

Join our Discord Community for Coaching, League Accounts, League Solo/Duo, Valorant, Wild Rift and TFT Boosting on all servers!!
Elo Dragon is a very reliable and honest boosting service with over 100+ Vouches and 3000 orders in a year and a half of being started. Here at Elo Dragon customer service and quality are our top priority! Our owners and admins will do whatever we can for the customer and we try to have someone on 24/7 for any questions/concerns you may have :)
We offer Solo and Duo boosts on All Servers at all ranks and on larger servers (EUW/NA) we guarantee to start a solo boost within 2 hours of ordering, but usually will be picked up and started within 30 minutes! We also offer hand leveled League accounts/hand leveling services and premium ranked accounts from Iron IV - Challenger depending on our stock. Lastly, we offer coaching from 30+ of our boosters who can help you get better and want to see you step up your game!
We are Open to any boosting inquiries including specific Roles and Champions and we offer the option to have FREE VPN and OFFLINE mode with every Solo Boost!
Join our discord group or add us on discord for inquiries Cheesy#8014 + JacobDRice#0001
Discord Group:
Newest Vouch Post:
New Vouch Post:
Old Vouch Post:
Older Vouch Post:
Oldest Vouch Post:
Very Old Vouch Post:
We are now accepting applicants for new boosters on NA, OCE, EUW. Please add Cheesy#8014 + JacobDRice#0001 for more information.
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