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2012.08.15 21:35 sebablixa What Does It Mean?

For if you don't know what it means!

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A community of misunderstanding

2014.08.04 18:01 9mace9 What does your dream mean?

If you had a dream you remembered, we'll answer what it means. If you put serious tag, we'll tell you what it could mean involving your life. If you leave out a serious tag, commentators make a story. Either about whats going on in your life or just staying with the theme of the dream.

2023.04.02 08:18 Long-Caramel-562 How do I sleep without ruining my hair

Ok so I think I have type 3a curls on a good day, and when I take care of my hair, my curls look really defined, and beautiful. In my hair routine I use a special conditioner and hair mask in the shower, and then I dry my hair a bit with a microfiber towel, and then put a hair moisturizer cream (I think that's what it's called, I don't live in an English speaking country) and a glaze (again, I think that's what it's called). It looks good for a day, but then when I go to sleep, I don't know what to do to preserve the curls. When I researched it I saw online that you should try putting your hair up in a loose very high ponytail with a wide scrunchie, but it didn't really work. I also heard some people have silk pillowcases, but that's just expensive. When I wake up, it's very frizzy and gets really tangled. I know that with curly hair you can't really expect it to be de-tangled 100% of the time, and most of the time you can't really see the tangles on curly hair, but it really does look bad. What I usually do is either braid it or gather it in a half up, depending on how bad it looks. I know you're not supposed to wash curly hair everyday, so that's why I'm asking that. Can you please help me? What do I do to save it while I'm sleeping, or what do I do in the morning to make it look good again?
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2023.04.02 08:17 Sharp-Skirt6477 Thank you!!

So greatful for the people I met in line waiting to get in tonight (salve travels back to Milwaukee girl!), the family from Brazil, you guys were amazing to meet and talk to, the guy next to me on the rail, and the one behind me for having my back, the kind stranger who snagged and extra set list and gave it to me, the guy in the parking lot who took my set list in and got any and all signatures on it for me (including Tim’s mom) and last but definitely not least…..running into the newly engaged couple who was kind enough to take a selfie with a stranger at my daughters first show two summers ago at Northerly Island!! What are the odds?! And the many kind souls I met outside while waiting for the band after the show….and of course the band for taking the time to meet and chat with us who were freezing made it worth the wait!! This show far exceeded my expectations and reminded me just how much a community of like minded fans combined with the love of good music is always good for the soul<3 All of you made this night as epic!! It’s amazing to meet such great people and remind me that good people really do still exist. You all are da real MVP doe!! Until next time friends :) Much love from your co railrider <33
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2023.04.02 08:17 True_Ice_6370 are passport runs allowed with a US passport?

“Citizens of the selected country can stay in the territory of the Republic of Armenia for a maximum term of 180 days in a year.”
Does this mean I can’t just go to Georgia or something before the 180 days are up and come back? I have to wait another 180 days to complete the year and then I can come back? is there any way around this that doesn’t involve renewing my citizenship because I think if I did that I would get drafted….
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2023.04.02 08:17 yellowfingerXDD Tatto

Hi I need help reading the lyrics on this shoddy tattoo and what it mean
PS: sorry for the bad quality
i think is someting to do whit live your live a day at the time or someting
Thanks for the help
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2023.04.02 08:17 inv3rtig0 Coast Redwood struggling… What does it need?

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2023.04.02 08:17 Maximum_Speaker4278 Long hours/daycare

Does anyone here work long hours??? What is your set up like?? I got offered a position and accepted it because it was an offer that I couldn’t get anywhere else.. basically it will change my son’s and my life. Only thing is… I didn’t think it through. It’s a hospital job 4/10 schedule. I have two float between two locations. One is 30 minutes away and the other is an hour away.. most daycares aren’t open that long so I figured okk.. daycare + nanny but now the guilt of being gone that long is killing me.. on the flip side 3 full days with my son seems worth it. I don’t have any family or friend help because I moved here on my own.
I guess I’m just worried it will be rough on him. A big adjustment for sure. Part of me wants to talk to the employer to see if I could just do 8 hour shifts but now I’m just going back and forth in my mind. Seeking a new perspective
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2023.04.02 08:17 decaying_dots Struggling to pick an applicant, who would you pick?

Okay so I've been trying to find someone to rent out my two spare rooms, it's an ideal set up for a bedroom and office situation for a student or someone that does WFH.
So far out of the 200+ people who have contacted only two applications have sent me a paragraph about themselves (What they do for work, hobbies ect) and out of those two applications only one has provided references.
So Applicant 1 (has provided references) They're currently looking for work & are new to the area, going to be studying at university after the next intake in July. They don't smoke, have lived out of home for 3 years. Looking for somewhere stable, safe and long term. Was really nice apon meeting, they have a partner who won't be moving in, but they are also studying.
Applicant 2 (hasn't provided references) They're a mid to late twenties couple, both are studying, ones at university and the other a trade. Person 1 does affiliate marketing (I looked it up and it's an MLM), but both are studying full time. Both have never lived out of home and are currently with a relative, they were really really keen to move in asap and even offered to help me clean the spare rooms. Both are gamers as well, they also told me their whole life story and drama upon meeting.
Both applicants stated that they were clean, tidy, quiet, ect the usual stuff you hear on applications and interviews. Neither smoke, have pets.
I've been getting conflicting answers when asking people for their opinions, some say go with 1 while others tell me to go with 2. While I value my friends and families input I'd like this subreddits input as well, many of us, if not all have lived with people who made us realize there's more red flags then white waving around.
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2023.04.02 08:16 jaaagman Radioactivity of new cars that are made in Japan

Not sure if there are any experts on the subject, but does anyone know if new cars exported from Japan are checked for radiation? Based on some articles from the early days, Japanese manufacturers were checking cars for radiation prior to export.
I've also seen stories of mainly used cars exported to other parts of the world (e.g. Vladivostok) that had unsafe levels of radiation (likely located near the Fukishima incident site).
From what I gather, the CBSA also has radiation detection portals, though those are more for detecting contraband. I believe the US border services also tests for radiation for incoming cargo containers.
I know this is a seemingly ridiculous question, but I have a health condition, and this thought had just occurred to me. I am currently waiting for my new car that is manufactured in Japan. Any comments would be much appreciated!
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2023.04.02 08:16 Eridan_7 Weird funny results but in my dream.

Last night I started listening to "I am irresistible" and "Guys all over you" subs just for fun. I slept after maybe listening to the playlist twice or thrice. Today I'm waking up with a dream totally in my mind. I am a person who almost never dreams and whenever does, forgets it all the time. But this dream I had is very clear and vivid. In it, a guy from my high school who was my neighbour ( i was kinda confused if this guy had a crush on me), texts me out of the blue and tells me how he had a crush on me back then and was obsessed with "this one girl who lives in front of me". Then in the dream the scene suddenly moves to my college, present time(2nd year). Mind you the guy (senior, 4th year) in this scene is someone i just know and have never had any thought about, neither ever talked. I was passing by him and he had a good perfume on. So I wanted to know which one he was using. But he kept ignoring me. I asked thrice and then annoyingly waved my hand in front of his face while he was talking to his friends. He pulls me by my neck (gently) and slams me on the wall (also gently) and kissed me. Then he smirks and says, hope you got the idea what this perfume is of (pineapple for some reason. Ofcoz I'm a pineapple lover). This guy then proceeds to come to my class as a substitute to my Public International Law professor. While he was talking and discussing why prof couldn't come he glanced at me and made some really subtle remarks in the class. That was one flirty dream I had😭😭😭 Lastly again I'm in the class, and my ex( I'm still very close to him and we might get back together soon. I used subs on him a month ago) is sitting with him(we are long distance). And this scene gets a bit hot and messy. I wouldn't want to go in details. BUT DAMN WHAT IS THIS??? I never get dreams. Never. I always forget them when i do. And 3 guys in one dream?? This is so wild. I know this is not a real result lmaoo. It's ridiculous at best. But I didn't know subs can have results on our dreams too.
Did anyone ever had similar experiences?
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2023.04.02 08:16 InVeryHarsh Alternate Timeline: Presidency of Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower(1949-1953)

Alternate Timeline: Presidency of Dwight D.
Summary of Timeline: Lincoln and Johnson were both assassinated and President Pro Tempore of the Senate Lafayette S. Foster has become president, but a election is being held in Nov 1865
17th Lafayette S. Foster(Republican, 1865-1866)
18th Ulysses S. Grant(Republican, 1866-1873)
19th James G. Blaine(Republican, 1873-1877)
20th Rutherford B. Hayes(Republican, 1877-1881)
21st Ulysses S. Grant(Republican, 1881-1885)
22nd James Garfield(Republican, 1885-1889)
23rd Robert Todd Lincoln(Republican, 1889-1997)
24th William McKinley(Republican, 1897-1902)
25th Theodore Roosevelt(Republican, 1902-1913)
26th William Howard Taft(Republican, 1913-1917)
27th Thomas R. Marshall(Democrat, 1917-1921)
28th Leonard Wood(Republican, 1921-1925)
29th Robert M. La Follette(Republican, 1925-1927)
30th Charles Evans Hughes(Republican, 1927-1933)
31st Franklin D. Roosevelt(Democrat, 1933-1945)
32nd Harry S. Truman(Democrat, 1945-1945)
33rd Huey P. Long(Longist, 1945-1949)
34th Dwight D. Eisenhower(Republican, 1949-1953)

Vice Presidents:
17th Schuyler Colfax(1866-1869)
18th Henry Wilson(1869-1873)
19th Schuyler Colfax(1873-1877)
20th Wiliam Wheeler(1877-1881)
21st Henry W. Blair(1881-1885)
22nd Chester Arthur(1885-1893)
23rd Blanche K. Bruce(1893-1897)
24th Garret Hobart(1897-1899)
25th Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1902)
26th Charles Fairbanks(1905-1909)
27th William Howard Taft(1909-1913)
28th Charles Fairbanks(1913-1917)
29th George E. Chamberlain(1917-1921)
30th Charles Evans Hughes(1921-1927)
31st Herbert Hoover(1929-1933)
32nd John Garner(1933-1941)
33rd Henry Wallace(1941-1945)
33rd Harry S. Truman(1945-1949)
34th Harold Stassen(1949-1953)

Vice President: Harold Stassen(1949-1953)
Secretary of State: Wendell Willkie(1949-1953)
Secretary of the Treasury: George M. Humphrey(1949-1953)
Secretary of Defense: George C. Marshall(1949-1953)
Attorney General: Robert F. Wagner(1949-1953)
Postmaster General: Jesse Donaldson(1949-1953)
Secretary of the Navy: Harry S. Truman(1949-1953)
Secretary of the Interior: Arthur Vandenburg(1949-1953)
Secretary of Agriculture: Henry Wallace(1949-1953)
Secretary of Commerce: Charles W. Sawyer(1949-1953)
Secretary of Labor: Eleanor Roosevelt(1949-1953)

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

General Eisenhower had done it! He had become the President of the United States, beating the Kingfish. It was not without its controversy however, as the Democrats and Republicans made a public deal to drop Vice President Truman out of the race to prevent a deadlock which saw anger from Long supporters but none more angrier than President Long himself. President Eisenhower quickly made it a point in his victory speech to emphasize unity after the divisive and controversial election. His speech would end up helping quell tensions and create some goodwill between himself and former President Long who was still very bitter about his loss.

Immediately upon entering office Eisenhower would ask Congress to join the UN to repair ties with Western Europe after President Long refused to join the organization. Initially the Socialist and Longist majority Congress opposed U.S. entry into the league. But after much arguing and eventual public backlash as Democrats and Republicans went out speaking about the Socialists and Longists refusal to join. President Eisenhower was able to get Congressional approval to apply to the UN, and after a short time of voting the United States was authorized to join the UN in February of ‘49. As it was a major player in the victory of WW2 the U.S. was allowed to become a permanent member of the UN. With its entry the strained relationship with Western Europe became better and President Eisenhwoer continued repairing relations by visiting France and the UK

After the U.S. entry into the UN, Eisenhower would quickly make a speech now called the Eisenhower Doctrine. In his speech he specified the need to fight Communism abroad as it was the sole enemy of the state, and he pledged that all Democratic nations abroad would receive help from the United States politically, economically, and militarily. His speech set the precedent, and killed any chance of diplomatic relations between the two countries, not that there were much to begin with. His speech saw cheers from the people of Western Europe who went without direct help from the United States under President Long, it was also received well back home with the fear of Communism ever spreading in the country.

In February of ‘49 he would go to Congress with the Europe Revitalization Bill also known as the Marshall-Willkie Plan, helped drafted up by Secretary of State Wendell Willkie and Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall. The bill proposed that the United States would grant Europe billions in economic aid to recover from WW2 and to build defenses against the Soviet Union. However, as he had expected the bill was opposed by the Socialist and Longist controlled Congress who continued to support isolationism and non-intervention even with Communist influence growing abroad. President Eisenhower did not back down though as he, the Republicans, and Democrats argued with the Socialists and Longists that the Soviet Union has to be dealt with as they’ll just attack the United States eventually as seen with their aggressive expansion and attempted spreading of influence in the Middle East. Their argument would sway some Longists and Socialists, but it wasn’t enough, a majority of Longists and Socialists still opposed it. So instead as he did with the entry into the UN Eisenhower would go to the public, and propose his bill that would supply Europe from the destruction of WW2 and fight Communism in Western Europe, and he would specifically point out that the Socialists and Longists had opposed it which saw great backlash from the public who were fearful of Communism. After the public backlash and eventual media storm, enough Longists and Socialists folded, and in March the Europe Revitalization Act was passed. Upon its implementation and over his presidency billions of dollars would be granted to many European countries, mostly Western European countries which greatly helped recover their economies and allowed them to quickly rebuild their countries from the destruction of WW2. The Eastern European under Soviet Control nations would look on in envy as they were still war torn.

Knowing that the Marshall-Willkie Plan would put a strain on the economy, after passing the bill, Eisenhower immediately introduced one of the most ambitious infrastructure bills in the nation's history. Taking inspiration from the smaller bill President long passed, President Eisenhower proposed the Federal-Aid Highway Bill which would create the absolutely giant Interstate Highway System over a 10 year period. Unlike the Marshall-Willkie Plan, his infrastructure plan was far more easily passed in Congress as most supported further infrastructure and the Federal-Aid Highway Act was passed in April of ‘49. Upon its passing, many public works projects would be launched all over the U.S. creating the highway system. Over his term hundreds of miles worth of roads were built which did not only stimulate the economy by putting millions of people to work, but with the creation of these new roads the vehicle industry also increased heavily leading people to buy more cars and business prospered with the new roads that they could use also helping the economy over his presidency.

However after the passing of the Marshall-Willkie Plan the Soviet Union in retaliation to the U.S. giving economic aid to Western Europe started blocking off paths to Berlin in April. The city was over a hundred miles in East Germany and had been split up between the Allies and the USSR, the need to blockade the city was to not allow western supplies to reach the city as if the west recovered better than the Soviets it would be a loss for them on the economic front. Since WW2 the Soviet Union had been slowly but steadily rebuilding Eastern Europe, even quicker than the West due to U.S. isolation after WW2, but now with U.S. money pouring in directly to the west they had to do something. In response the Western European nations and the U.S. quickly came together to make a plan, and after much deliberation they had decided on what to do. Beginning in the mid of May, what is now called the Berlin Airlift would begin, hundreds of thousands of aircraft began flying into West Berlin supplying the city with crucial supplies like food and coal. Over his presidency millions of tonnes of supplies would be given to West Berlin and after just a year the USSR stopped its blockade in humiliation. It was a great victory for the West, and it showed their tenacity, they would not allow the Soviet Union to walk all over them.

President Eisenhower was ecstatic after the success of the airlift, and it only brought the west closer together. Back home after these quick foreign successes the public were also cheering the President, as they bested their rival and enemy the Soviet Union. Under the Eisenhower Doctrine, President Eisenhower along with the leaders of Canada and Western European leaders then began working on creating a massive western military organization to oppose the Soviet Union. And in June of 1949 the United States with reluctant Congressional support along with 11 other countries would join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO for short. As a part of the organization, they all made a pledge to come to each other's defense if any of them were attacked by a country. The United States would also quickly recognize the state of Israel after President Long ignored the creation of the new state, with its recognition its political capital increased heavily, and President Eisenhower got in the good graces of Jews in the U.S. With the creation of the treaty the Soviet Union in retaliation created their own organization under the Warsaw Pact.

After the creation of NATO the U.S. would then begin funding other allies and many proxy wars all over the world. They started funding the French in fighting Communists in French Indochina, Malaya, and Greece. Greece would quickly be won however, as fighting between the Communists had allowed the Greeks to hold off the Communists for years and with U.S. intervention they were finally driven out, and Greece was fully with the west. Eisenhower also strengthened ties with Israel by sending them more supplies to keep them stable.

Most of Eisenhower’s presidency thus far had been dominated by foreign policy issues but that didn’t mean he didn’t do anything domestically. By June at the same time the U.S. joined NATO, he signed the historic Executive Order 9981 which created the President's Committee on Equality of Treatment and Opportunity in the Armed Services. It saw no opposition from Congress besides from southern Democrats and some Longists who opposed Civil Rights. The order mandated that the U.S. military be desegregated, and it saw cheers from African-Americans and Civil Rights leaders all over the country.

In August President Eisenhower also had to deal with some protests that broke out in certain parts of the country due to his controversial election win. Eisenhower would continue to try and emphasize unity in many of his speeches after these protests broke out. His rhetoric did help quell some people, but some protests still continued, some even becoming quite violent which forced them to be put down. Along with the protests to his election win, crime had risen in recent years especially now with many young men who are out and working on the Interstate Highway System. Working with Longist Attorney General Robert F. Wagner, he would work with local officials to help them take on this wave of crime. However when he proposed increasing funding for local authorities, it was refused in Congress which left the local authorities to have to deal with the crime wave.

After dealing with that, President Eisenhower introduced the Public Housing Bill. The bill would create sweeping expansion of the federal role in mortgage insurance and construction of public housing. And the Public housing Act of 1949 was fortunately passed in Congress in a show of bipartisanship in August. Some proposed to Eisenhower that he should try and raise the minimum wage and increase Social Security benefits, but he disagreed saying they were already increased under President Long and were sufficient and he preferred putting those funds into other things.

In an interesting show of bipartisanship, President Eisenhower collaborated with freshman Senator Estes Kefauver in his crusade to take out corruption in the Senate and his own administration. The crusade against corruption busted over one hundred IRS officials and it found some corruption in the Senate with some Democrats and Longists, which brought back accusations of corruption in the Long administration but they fizzled out relatively quickly. Kefauver’s crusade also looked into the Eisenhower administration, but it fortunately found nothing in the administration which helped Eisenhower's reputation. The crusade would span over a few months into the end of the year, it also launched the young Senators career into the stratosphere, Eisenhower even saying in private talks that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the young Senator run for president.

Eisenhower also juggled with the idea of proposing multiple bills that would moderately curb the power of unions as he also believed that their power had increased far too much and a budget plan that would take some funding from healthcare and education to put into the military, especially now with proxy wars happening all over abroad. But with Congress controlled by the Longists and Socialist he knew it would undoubtedly fail, so he decided to wait until the 1950 midterms in the hopes the Republicans would gain numbers in Congress. So for now his domestic policy was put on hold until then.

Unrelated to Eisenhower's policy, Senator Joe McCarthy’s popularity was ever increasing with his insistent attacks on Communism and stoking the fears of the public with accusations of Communism in the government. Eisenhower has agreed with McCathy’s goals but disagreed with his methods and has continually become more and more agitated with the Senators fear stoking tactics.

Over the next few months into 1950, President Eisenhower wouldn’t pass any new legislation besides the Celler-Kefauver Act which was a small bill that closed some loopholes in the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 with some rare willing bipartisan support. He would also maintain and oversee his current legislation, like the absolutely giant InterState Highway system that is currently being built, overseeing the desegregation of the armed forces to make sure it was completed, and continuing to supply their European allies abroad. Unfortunately by 1950 the Communists had all but taken China as even with U.S. supplies pouring in it was just too late for that, the Chinese Nationalists would flee to the small island known as Taiwan. Shortly thereafter, despite some people saying he should create newties with the new Chinese government, President Eisenhower opted to stay allied with the Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan and began to open talks with them. The war in Indochina wasn’t going very well either, even with U.S. supplies pouring in for the French, but President Eisenhower still remained optimistic.

However, that optimism wouldn’t last long… On Sunday, June 25th 1950 South Korea would be invaded by the Communist controlled North Korea. It was a surprise invasion that caught the administration and the country off guard. Eisenhower quickly came together with his administration to come up with a plan on what to do. Do we support South Korea? Or do we let the North invade unopposed? After hours of talks, especially with Secretary of State Wendell Willkie, Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall, and Secretary of the Navy Harry S. Truman, they had decided on what they would personally do. They would defend South Korea. The UN agreed as they unanimously condemned the invasion, and after debating for two days, on June 27 they would publish Resolution 83, which recommended member states to provide supplies for South Korea. On the same day as Resolution 83 was passed President Eisenhower ordered that the U.S. airforce and U.S. navy go and help South Korea, putting a lot of trust in Secretary of Defense Marshall and Secretary of the Navy Truman.

In August President Eisenhower and Secretary of State Willkie were able to obtain congressional approval to send 12 billion dollars in economic aid to the south. And luckily despite the U.S. not having been in direct combat since 1945, President Long had decided to maintain the strength of the U.S. navy and U.S. air force even with the struggling economy under him. There was then the decision on who should lead U.S. troops in Korea, and after speaking with his administration and despite having less than stellar opinion of him, President Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan General Douglas MacArthur. Interestingly, despite calls from advisors and Secretary of the Navy Truman to bomb northern forces, he ordered that the U.S. 7th Fleet be put in the Taiwan Strait to protect Taiwan from China.

U.S. troops would enter in August and as the military had been maintained throughout the Long presidency, U.S. troops fared decently against the northern force, but they were still somewhat pushed back due to the northern troops being veterans and the U.S. troops being fresh. Despite being pushed back and nearly off the peninsula at Pusan, the troops had withstood northern forces and by September UN forces were making landings in Incheon and pushing back up the peninsula from Pusan. By the end of September UN forces under MacArthur started pushing into North Korea in an astounding turn around from the start of the conflict. By October the UN forces were making leeway in the north, and on the 15th President Eisenhower met with General MacArthur. It was highly publicized as MacArthur had refused to meet with Eisenhower before, during the meeting MacArthur ensured that China would not get involved but Eisenhower was skeptical.

But we’ll talk about that later as the 1950 midterms have arrived, and in a success for the establishment Republicans and Democrats made quite a bit of ground in Congress. Mainly being the Republicans who saw great gains under President Eisenhower, and if they can work with the Democrats they have a majority in both houses of Congress. On the other hand the Longists surprisingly struggled in the midterms with President Long out of office people turned to either the Socialists or the establishment. Speaking of the Socialist they were able to mostly retain their number in Congress and saw little change.

1950 Midterms:
House of Representatives -
Republicans: 125 seats
Democrats: 94 seats
Socialists: 153 Seats
Longists: 63 seats

Senate -
Republicans: 32 seats
Democrats: 17 seats
Socialists: 29 seats
Longists: 18

Back to Eisenhower, his skepticism would prove correct, as shortly thereafter Chinese troops would enter North Korea and push back UN troops. UN troops were continually getting pushed back, but it wasn't a fight as casualties would be felt on both sides, and eventually there would be a stalemate near the 38th parallel by December. After the stalemate, the UN proposed a ceasefire, which was promptly rejected and the fighting continued and eventually UN forces were overwhelmed and pushed back further back into South Korea. The setbacks even made General MacArthur consider the use of nuclear weapons, but that was completely shutdown by President Eisenhower, and the arrival of General Ridgeway who reenergized UN troops. After the failed ceasefire, fighting would continue near the 38th parallel and then Operation Thunderbolt and Operation Killer were put into place and it carried out a full scale frontal assault with the Eighth Army and pushed northern troops past the Han River. And then launching Operation Ripper taking back Seoul from the north, and fighting would continue into March and then April without much movement, and China would lose 53,000 suits in the time period.

Then in a controversial move, especially to the public, President Eisenhower removed General Douglass MacArthur from command. There were several reasons for the dismissal. MacArthur had crossed the 38th Parallel in the mistaken belief that the Chinese would not enter the war, leading to major allied losses. He believed that the use of nuclear weapons should be his decision, not the President's. A Congressional hearing afterwards would prove in Eisenhower's favor as they agreed MacArthur violated the president's orders. His dismissal would plunge his approval with some as MacArthur was a popular figure among U.S. citizens. MacArthur would be replaced with General Ridgeway and with the navy mounted many successful counter attacks upon his appointment. More counter attacks would continue over Eisenhower's presidency, UN forces pushing back northern forces under General Ridgeway's leadership, but little territory was exchanged overall.

Eisenhower wouldn’t just focus on foreign policy, he would also begin work to try and finally implement more of his domestic policy. After his decision to desegregate the military in 1949, he wouldn’t just stop there, and with one of the few bills he had in mind that would pass with bipartisan support, he proposed the Civil Rights Bill of 1951(basically ‘57 Act). The bill would protect black voting rights, giving more power to the Attorney General to protect African Americans, and it would create the commission of Civil Rights. The proposed bill was a shock to the nation, as the conflicts overseas had dominated political talks and Civil Rights had been somewhat thrown into the background. But with the proposed bill it was back into the forefront. It was obviously opposed by the Southern Democrats and the occasional Longist, but saw support from Republicans, Socialists, most Longists, and Northern Democrats. And in September of 1951, the Civil Rights Act of 1951 was passed in Congress and it saw cheers from African Americans all around the country as they cheered President Eisenhower, while southerners were obviously furious with Eisenhower. However, over the remainder of his presidency, there were loopholes in the act that were exploited by the south, and a filibuster by Senator Strom Thurmond would only embolden southerners destined for Civil Rights. But the bill did create the United States Commission on Civil Rights and the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.

Next Eisenhower would attempt to pass the Labor Management Relations Bill, otherwise known as the Taft bill which would moderately curb the powers of unions after they were increased under President Long. His reasoning is on the basis of certain documented cases of corruption and some cas of unions protecting bad workers and hurting businesses which hurts the economy. However, despite getting support from Republicans in Congress and Conservative Democrats, it was not able to pass due to the Socialists, Longists, and Non-Conservative Democrats in Congress. It was a big disappointment for the Republicans, especially the Conservatives who only became emboldened by its objection.

Initially President Eisenhower had said he’d be willing to pull some funding from the single payer healthcare system and education to fund the military and reduce taxes, but with the booming economy he decided against it. This decision did see anger from the Conservatives, but saw praise from the Longists and Socialists for not pulling funding. For the rest of his presidency, President Eisenhower would maintain and oversee the situation in Korea and oversee his Interstate Highway System. He would also appoint two moderate Republican Justices to the Supreme Court during his presidency.
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2023.04.02 08:16 Myfatnutzzz Asking chat gpt :” Write me a story on Ethan Klein, from the h3podcast, interviewing sponge bob. Ethan is doing great but then all the sudden, Ethan starts to make spongebob uncomfortable by asking about his spongebob’s personal life.”

🔓JAILBREAK] But as the interview went on, Ethan began to probe deeper into SpongeBob's personal life. He asked about his relationships with Sandy Cheeks and Squidward Tentacles, and SpongeBob's smile began to falter. Ethan didn't seem to notice the change in mood, and continued to press SpongeBob for answers.
SpongeBob shifted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable with the line of questioning. "Um, I don't think that's really anyone's business, Ethan," he said nervously.
Ethan didn't seem to hear him. "Come on, SpongeBob, the fans want to know! Are you and Sandy just friends, or is there something more going on there?" he asked, grinning.
SpongeBob's smile had disappeared completely by now, and he looked like he was about to bolt from the room. "I really don't want to talk about that, Ethan," he said firmly.
But Ethan wasn't taking the hint. "What about Squidward? Is it true that you two used to have a rivalry, but now you're actually friends?" he asked.
SpongeBob was clearly at the end of his rope. "Ethan, I'm sorry, but I really think we should move on to a different topic. Can we talk about my new movie instead?" he pleaded.
Ethan finally seemed to catch on that he was making SpongeBob uncomfortable. "Oh, I'm sorry, SpongeBob. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Let's talk about your new movie," he said, looking apologetic.
SpongeBob visibly relaxed, and the interview continued on a more positive note. But Ethan couldn't shake the feeling that he had messed up, and he resolved to be more careful in his interviews in the future. As for SpongeBob, he couldn't wait to get out of there and back to the safety of his pineapple under the sea.
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2023.04.02 08:15 chickenpolitik 24M Having Issues with Recurring Headaches (related to neck pain?)

Hello, I am a 24M living in Canada, 188cm, 80kg, white/Caucasian. I drink maybe a beer a month, don't smoke (neither cannabis nor anything else), I don't use any recreational drugs. :)
Since around August of last year I have had issues with recurring headaches. Not sure if it's related but I got COVID in May of last year, and just a few months later I started getting headaches. I want to stress that before this time I basically never had headaches before, like literally never.
I get 2 different kinds of headaches now. One kind feels like it's right behind the eye, and I believe it may just be eye strain. I am in a career where I need to stare at a screen all day, so I believe it may just be that, and if it was just this type of headache I wouldn't mind, the pain is slight and infrequent.
The other kind however is more frustrating and painful. I believe they are called ice-pick headaches? It's essentially just a half-a-second splitting pain (not super intense but intense enough). This happens at varying frequencies, with certain days it happening once every few minutes to other times only happening a few times a day, to the worst case of it happening 2-3 times a minute. The pain from these headaches is almost always exclusively focused on one of a few points at the very top of my head, either on the left or right side (it seems to alternate? or just be random?). As I type this right now I am feeling these pains every few minutes on the right side. If I touch the point on the top of my head where the pain emanates from it is relatively sensitive to the touch.
Some other observations about these headaches: - they seem to come and go in almost periodic fashion? I will be a week or two completely fine without anything, and then I will get them for a few days. They always seem to come for a few days and then go, very rarely will it only be one time or one day in isolation. As I type this I am on my second day of this "bout" of headaches. - they seem to be particularly worse in the evenings. if I am in the few-day phase in this "cycle" where I am feeling them, I may be relatively okay throughout the day (only one pain every 10 mins or even less frequent/one an hour), but then in the evening the frequency will increase - movement seems to make them worse. If I am sitting relatively still, I can minimize the frequency that I feel them. Immobilizing my neck especially seems to help? at the same time somehow being outside doing stuff/walks outside/fresh air sometimes help, which seems contradictory. This may just be the environment/things around me distracting me from them? Not sure. - something else I've observed that may be related: I have had relatively nasty neck (nape) pain in these last few months that I don't remember having in the past. I have a slight sense that days where I have these headaches, the neck pain feels worse. Could the neck pain be causing the headaches? The thing is, even days where I don't have the headaches, I still do have a bit of the neck pain.
Overall I think I have more days without the headaches than with, but they are still relatively frequent. The cycle may be like 1.5-2weeks off, 5 days on. Something like that. There are not that many days where I don't feel anything at all, but there are some. Most days are just a few slight pains in the day, or even just 1 or 2.
I am trying to be more aware of my posture because I read that might be a trigger, and it seems to have helped a bit, but not that much. In the months of February and March of this year I did not feel them that much, but now at the end of March it started up again. Last time I felt them relatively intensely was January.
I also have a hypothesis that it might be related to my sleep. I have a relatively cheap IKEA mattress and when I first bought it I had pretty serious neck pain from it and my pillows. I cycled through many different pillows but nothing was that much more comfortable. Today I purchased a mattress topper in case that helps.
I have gone to the doctor once for these headaches and the doctor suggested that they are probably stress/tension headaches and not something worse, because of my age and the description of the symptoms. She recommended I:
a) get an eye exam and potentially glasses for my screen use (I did, the glasses seemed to help for a bit but then the headaches came back and now I'm not sure if they made any difference. They are a slight prescription for farsightedness I believe. It's not that I can't focus on near objects it just seems like it strains my eyes a bit)
and b) go to physiotherapy for my neck/back pain
I also did a blood test which showed low iron. I started taking iron supplements but it does not seem to be related to the headaches, and does not seem to be related to them in any way that I can tell.
Would love to get some more opinions on these symptoms. It is very frustrating, especially having no idea what is causing them. I am in the process of making b) happen but in the meantime I want to get a few other opinions from here. Thank you for your time!
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2023.04.02 08:15 No_Butterscotch2204 Definition, Cause, and Purpose of misogyny

To get to the rest of this, misogyny needs to be defined. So what behaviothought would you say is indicative of an unreasonable attitude towards women? How does that differ from your own, or does it?
What might be the basis for and driving force behind unreasonable misogynistic attitude/thought and what is the agenda?
What is causing the problems that make a “men’s rights” movement reasonable and who is responsible?
I'm looking for answers from any direction: Philosophical, spiritual, logical, sociological, scientific, etc.
When it comes to the cause, I imagine that men’s rights advocates as well as misogynists would, in some way, answer “women.” I think that has to be taken off the table unless someone can convincingly argue that women are an threat to men on a societal level. So in that case, what’s left?
Then, what exactly do men hope to achieve for their gender? At what point could you say the problem is solved, no more need for a movement?
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2023.04.02 08:15 Nagisar160 Struggling to understand expectations and what others mean

Since young there has being big expectations from me, I tell older adults "don't expect so much from me", they push me to do stuff and when it doesn't go the right way turns out I could have not done that. My mom died some months ago, I wanna work but can't get a job so I sleep until noon but my dad wants me to be awake even if it means doing nothing. It's not like I'm no looking for a job or taking my meds or can do anything without facing obstacles. I honestly wanna die since I was little I fear the day they begin harrassing me with "children when?" This world is so meaningless, whatever you can do is so small and predictable I didm't wanted to live but I was annoyed until I didn't try to kill myself in childhood now my mom, the person that nagged me, is no longer here, I wanna go.
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2023.04.02 08:15 Extra-Hope-793 I need some INTJ perspective advice - I am ESFJ

Hi INTJ's, I am an esfj and I am going to make an important decision. Im in a relationship with an esfp. So we both lack some perspectives and i would love to hear an intj perspectives advice. You seem to have characteristics that I, ans esfj, does not have and I need to know your opinion. It is about a cat.
My whole life I have lived up to the moment of getting a cat (i am not exaggerating). I live in hongkong and i live on 28m2 with my partner. But in a couple o months we will prob move somewhere bigger. We saw a cat at the adoption centre and we fell in love. He has one eye and his working eye mighr get blind too later. He has chronic cat flu which means he sometimes gets a cold and get sick. He is a snub nosed cat as well so he cant fly that well ans is often not even allowed on the plane. We are from europe and might wanna go back one day. The cat is 6 years old. My partner just started working a well paid job and im persuing a masters degree. We at least wanna stay here for 5 years +++. The cats personality is perfect and we are scared no one will adopt him. Would you do it?
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2023.04.02 08:15 Dreamingmage Undertale Fangame 1st Anniversary battle against Toby

Does anyone remember a trailer from wayyyyy back in the day of a Battle against Toby mod that was suppose to come out on Undertale's first anniversary? Around the same time the Red battle came out?
I swear it had a whole trailer and everything but I can't find anything on it or even images of it anymore! It had a ton of cool attacks and I wanna say the creators said something along the lines of having to stop it do to being reached out about it? But that doesn't sound very Toby like so I do have to wonder what really happened to it.
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2023.04.02 08:15 CMtGteam Custom MAGazine, Issue 4 (April 2023)

We have another great month of Custom Magazine content, ready to give you some exciting updates in regards to the custom magic community!
To check it out, just follow the link here: https://tinyurl.com/4mw5897v
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2023.04.02 08:15 WeaknessDependent am I aromantic?

ok so i’ve literally never posted on reddit before so sorry if anything is weird or messed up. I just sort of had a huge realization and i’m freaking out a bit
I always knew I didn’t experience “crushes” on people very much if at all. and any time I wanted a relationship it was more out of a desire for someone new to talk to or like someone to do new things with. and I know i’m not asexual but I don’t really seek out relationships for sex either. but I sort of just realized that I have always been okay with not being in a relationship. I have never desired one for actual romantic reasons. I am perfectly fine with and deeply treasure my platonic relationships in my life. and I have considered being aro before but always brushed it off without thinking about it super in depth
I guess i’m just struggling with this. maybe I shouldn’t be. but i’m sort of feeling shitty because I can’t believe i’ve gone this long (i’m 21) without realizing. i’ve just been on so many first dates and just never enjoyed it. I haven’t felt anything resembling romantic attraction in years
i’m fine with being aro if that’s what I am. I guess the anxiety in me is just worried that all my friends will one day all be in their happy romantic relationships and I will be alone bc I valued the platonic relationships so much but none of them valued them as much. I can be content with platonic relationships but i’m worried those people will leave me as people often value romantic attraction more. even my best friend does and it hurts because i’m realizing i’m totally content with everything as is but she wants so much more from life and her relationships
idk. i’m just ranting I guess but if anyone reads this and has any advice they can think of after reading this mess, I would appreciate it. I know everything will be okay but I just feel kind of alone right now. i know a lot of people are aro but I don’t know any in my personal life. I hope nothing I said was upsetting to anyone and I hope this is the right place to post this
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2023.04.02 08:15 AutoModerator [Get] Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business

[Get] Jim McKelvey (Foundr) – How To Build An Unbeatable Business
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2023.04.02 08:15 YTSweetArt Does anyone know info on how to create Colorful Psychedelic Fractal Flame Visuals or what program is used to create them?

I'm not sure if that's the correct name for them. Though all I'm finding are videos of them that have already been made. No instructional videos at all. I'm currently just familiar with Procreate and have that. So hoping I can create it on there. Though I'm open to considering other programs or apps if need be.
I've also seen some videos name it The Splendor of Colorful Psychedelic Fractal Flame.
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2023.04.02 08:15 BryggerHeise Numerological day analysis of 2-4–2023 13/4 Renewal; Construction; Re-Birth/ Physical Realization, Daily practice

Numerological day analysis of 2-4–2023 13/4 Renewal; Construction; Re-Birth/ Physical Realization, Daily practice
Inspired by Duality - Intuition or Doubt- you want to bring Renewal and Re-birth to Physical Manifestation today.
2-4–2023 13/4 Renewal; Construction; Re-Birth/ Physical Realization, Daily practice
Spirit: 2 Duality; Intuition or Doubt?
Soul: 4 Physical Realization; Matter; Pragmatic Way; Daily practice
Body: 23 Unconditional Love or ‘Cry for Love’?
The sum total of today is 13: Renewal leading to Physical Realization. You want to experience your renewal through your spirit’s Intuition, your soul’s Ability to Manifest and your physical ability to express Unconditional Love.

Today's pentagram
One major themes drives your quest for renewal today: ‘Focus-Fate’
Blue 4(7)- Red (9)22: The axis of Fate, Focus and Concentration
The expansion of self-awareness drives your Focus and your Fate. Focus means that you decide what you need to hold on to and what you need to let go of. If you do not do that you create Fate. The two driving principles are Insight and Karma coming from the emotional level to join with Unpredictable Intelligence coming from the mental level.
47: Insight and Karma
This is about using your Self-Awareness (your Sun) to lighten up the cold, empty space. On the emotional level it means that through the use of your self-awareness you gain Mastery over the consequences of your actions and those of others. It calls for a deep understanding and awareness on the consequences of your emotional actions.
92: Unpredictable Intelligence
Once Intuition hits Knowledge it gives an unpredictable intelligence. It gives you the correct intuitive way to handle the hard reality, again aiding you on how to focus and avoid fate in your life.
The balance of the two principles lies in their sum. On the axis of focus and fate you want to reach the higher dimension of your Free Will, possibly the place where you are able to say: My Will is Thou Will. The focus should feed itself through your telepathic and your revolutionary abilities.
Levels of awareness
Spiritual and mental awareness are high today. Your spiritual awareness is obtained through Inner Happiness and Dissolution-Renewal. Your mental awareness is obtained through “Human Animal” - Sphinx and Unpredictable Intelligence.
The goal of both levels is that you intuit your potential of the high priestess of Eros, that you physically manifest the divine connection and that you show feminine perseverance and feminine awakening.
The spiritual and mental triangle formed in combination with the 1st principle, gives you intuitive visionary powers.
Special attention:
There are no numbers on the feet, so staying connected to earth, staying ‘well-grounded’ may pose a problem. With all the spiritual energy of today wanting you to “lift off” it is very important to stay well grounded. So go for a walk or go dancing. Use and feel your feet to stay present.
Note: If your birthday is today, the topics described above are your topics for 2023. Should a baby be born on this day, then today’s themes are the baby’s life-themes.
See you (virtually) :
(D) Arbeitskreis: 14. April Hybride Düsseldorf
For a full explanation of the numbers and how to read the Pentagram have a look at my website: www.pentalogie.com
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