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2016.04.03 20:28 omri100 News regarding the Panama and Paradise Papers Scandal

Panama Papers and Paradise Papers

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2023.06.08 18:04 russellandrews [For Sale] Haroumi Hosono, Kacey Musgraves, Mariah Carey, Patsy Cline, Rihanna, Taylor Swift

Just reposting with new prices and a couple more adds.Continental US only, Media Mail $5 shipping per order, PayPal Goods & Services only. I’ll ship in corner-protecting mailers and protective inneouter poly sleeves if records are unsealed.Happy to send photos, just comment and DM me.
$8 • Halo Maud, Je Suis Une Île (2018, White) • M/M • Sealed.
$25 • Haroumi Hosono, Hosono House (2022, Translucent Pink Glass) • M/M • Sealed.
$30 • Kacey Musgraves, Same Trailer Different Park (2023, Cactus Green VMP edition) • M /M • Sealed.
$35 • Mariah Carey, #1's (RSD 2022, Black) • NM/NM • Opened and cleaned, never played, no damage. Hyper stick included.
$40 • Mariah Carey, Butterfly (2020, Gold/Clear ripple effect, Urban Outfitters MC30 version) • M/M • Sealed.
$15 • Mariah Carey, Emotions (2020, Black) • NM/NM • Opened, played once, no damage.
$35 • Patsy Cline, Sweet Dreams: The Complete Decca Studio Masters 1960-1963 (2019, Black) • VG+ record / NM sleeve • Opened, played once, no damage, sounds great. I only put VG+ because there are light scuffs/marring on the LPs from the paper sleeves, but they came that way and don't affect the sound.
$8 • Prince, Prince (2022, Black) • G record / NM sleeve • Opened, scratch on side 2 that pops throughout the last song.
$18 • Rihanna, Anti (2023, Black) • NM/NM • Opened, never played, no damage, LITHOGRAPH PHOTOS NOT INCLUDED.
$30 • Taylor Swift, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions (2023, Black) • VG record / NM sleeve • Opened, played 2x. There are no scratches or damages, but this was one of the copies that just lightly crackles throughout the whole thing. I wet-cleaned it a bunch of times, but I think some copies just came out worse. I got another copy that sounds better.
$30 • Various Artists, Pacific Breeze Vol 3 (2023, Blue Ocean Wave, Turntable Lab edition) • NM record / NM outer jacket / VG inner sleeve • Opened, place 2x. Sounds great, no flaws. No damage to record or jacket, but one of the inner sleeves has a seam split. Will ship in poly inners.
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2023.06.08 18:03 mmrwp This might be a dumb question, but is there actually a noticeable difference between the 7/7.5 inch and 8 inch squishmallows?

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2023.06.08 18:02 Altruistus30400 I just wanted to show you the difference between America's top 0.1% and the top 0.1% in other countries : this is how insane it currently is.

I just wanted to show you the difference between America's top 0.1% and the top 0.1% in other countries : this is how insane it currently is. submitted by Altruistus30400 to LateStageCapitalism [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 18:02 SpecificBasil7850 Difference between "uita" (forget") and "uite" (look)?

Or are they the same verb?
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2023.06.08 18:01 Accomplished_Bat6576 Has anyone's instant regret ever gone away/turned around?

Hi all, I got a tattoo on Monday that I've been spiralling about ever since (there's a pic in my post history). It's not so much the design that I hate (although there are several things I don't love about it), but the placement. I have two other tattoos on my arm, including one that's right next to the new tattoo, and it just looks so off. Like those two tattoos just don't belong next to each other. Before this tattoo I had wanted to build up a patchwork nature sleeve (flowers/insects/birds and the like), but now I'm suddenly rethinking whether I even want any tattoos at all. And the frustrating thing is that if the tattoo were just on the other arm, I would feel totally different!!
The thing is, when I originally got the second tattoo on my arm, I was also regretting the placement (but nowhere near as intensely as this, I definitely not considering laser for it), but since that tattoo healed, those thoughts have completely gone away! Probably because there's no longer the contrast between the fresh sharp saturated tattoo and the healed tattoo.
I will definitely wait until the new tat is fully healed before I make a decision about removal, though I have a laser consultation next Monday for a different tattoo (on my leg) and I'm probably going to ask him about a quote for the new tattoo as well. But in the mean time, has anyone else ever initially regretted a tattoo they later came to tolerate/like/love?
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2023.06.08 18:01 BaseballBot [Serious] Division Discussion Thread - The Centrals

A reminder that these threads are for more serious discussions.
How this works: each Thursday we will discuss a different pair of divisions, rotating between the Easts, Centrals, and Wests. This is your chance to catch up on what is going on in each division and discuss them with other fans.
This week we are discussing the AL and NL Centrals.
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2023.06.08 18:00 jbug5j Kindergarten Fears

My son is 5 and a half. At the moment he cant go to the bathroom without being distracted. Pooping is a nightmare because he just sings/talks to himself and plays with whatever he can touch. 75% of the time toilet paper ends up rolling around the floor. He is unable to focus long enough to poop and be done. I am so scared that he will end up getting in trouble every bathroom break. Especially if he goes by himself. His school is a small private school, one class per grade, but still. Every step of the process means another instance where he will get distracted. I have no idea how to help him just focus on gong to the bathroom alone.
I hate to admit that I end up yelling every time he's pooping to just please focus. It doesn't help that "I dont want to see my poop" and "EEEWWW" happens when he needs to wipe. Please tell me im not alone!!!! Does anyone have any tips to help make bathroom trips less stressful????
EDIT TO ADD: Washing hands is also a whole thing bc water is fun to splash in and yeah...
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2023.06.08 18:00 YesLeeSir Editorial Vectors

Hello, does anyone know what counts as an "editorial vector" and what is the difference between a commercial vector and an editorial one.
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2023.06.08 18:00 AutoModerator Skincare Thread June 09, 2023

Need help with skincare? What's the difference between a toner and emulsion and an oil? Do you want to share your skincare tips and tricks? You've found the right place!
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2023.06.08 18:00 Nearby_Marsupial3739 How can I hack my partner's phone without touching it? HOW TO SPY ON SOMEONE PHONE.

Allhackgecko.com How to Spy on Cell Phone Without physically Installing Software on Target Phone
If you do not have physical access to the device, kindly click Easy way to spy on a cell phone without touching it. As a husband you may have wondered ‘how can I spy on my wife’s phone?’ and that is not a bad thing. Even though your interest may have been piqued by an event, you did not go through with it. Primarily because you wrongly assumed that it would be hard doing this. Is it really that difficult? Not really. I can tell you without mincing words that there are lots of Average Joes out there keeping a close watch on what goes on in their partner’s lives. The difference between you and them? Not much; just that they use specific tools to help them do this. Allhackgecko.com
Spy on Spouse Cell Phone without having it
You must be thinking that these tools are some nameless and high-tiered service that is only accessible to select people with deep pockets. Well, that is where you are wrong again. These tools are called cell phone monitoring solutions or spy apps for ease of use and they don’t take much to get started. Allhackgecko.com
How to Spy on someone’s Phone without Touching It
Everyone knows how difficult it is for someone to hand over their phone to someone else for safe-keeping. Our society today is obsessed with privacy due to the criminal activities many hackers use data to commit. Cases abound of innocents being jailed for crimes they know nothing about all because their phones were breached and their data used to commit crimes. So I do understand the hurdle you have to face if you have to spy on your spouse. But as difficult as it seems, there is a way out if only you will address this issue with a resolute heart. Spy apps have made group awareness of our welfare and movement easier and seamless. So, you can be in Ohio, and know where your wife is on her road-trip to Massachusetts even if she tries hiding that information from you. Allhackgecko.com
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2023.06.08 17:58 Sugarloaf101 My M29 partner F34. Broke up just over a month ago, I need advice on how to be a better person and understand what happened

This is gonna be a long and probably confusing post, trying to get my thoughts on paper or write them out just seems impossible at this point
My ex gf(34) and I M(29) broke up just under 5 weeks ago. We were in a LDR for 8 months and I fell hard in love with her
She was married and I was single, I never pursued her because of this. Until one night we were hanging out on a discord call with friends and she messaged me telling me how attractive she thinks I am, I at first thought she was messing around and thought nothing of it until a few more messages, then she came on very hard sexually. So I decided to say fuck it and go along with it cause i always found her attractive and we vibed. (I regret it everyday, at the time I didn't care about her marriage and I know how shitty I am for it, karma has well and truly done what it needed to do to me) this continued for a couple weeks, it was highly sexual, the messages, voice notes, videos, pictures and calls. This goes on for a couple weeks and then she started to talk about how she was feeling towards me, she would call me her twin flame, say things like she's never connected with anyone the way she does me etc. I always rejected the talk of feelings because I didn't want to go there. I didn't want to catch feelings as this was purely sexual to me. Fast forward a couple more weeks and at this point we have been talking a fuck ton, about very personal things, our childhoods, our life, bonded over music, games and whatnot. She continued to push her feelings for me and I continued to keep my guard up because I didn't want to end up in this position I am now in. She told me she was going to divorce her husband, I never commented or gave advice on it because lt was not my place to do so. I did tell her to heal from her divorce, take time for herself and find herself again. She agreed and wanted to do so, so she could be fully available to me. I know at this point we had already cheated and destroyed another man but I atleast respected her for wanting to heal. She filed for divorce and we continued to talk but then the subject of love came up. I told her I will not go there until me and her are in person and know how it really feels, she agreed but then one week goes by and she tells me she is in love with me. I was falling for her and knew how I felt but wanted us to do so in person. We then became a couple... I know how fucked up it is, I really do.
She would tell me weird things like men always hitting on her, always trying to get with her, send me screenshot of guys non stop bothering her. I never asked for these things, so It made me feel weird but I never communicated it, which I know is my fault and something I've learnt. At this point we were dating and she would complain of this one guy non stop bothering her and she can't get rid of him. I told her just tell the dude you're with your bf and he will probably back off, I was not happy with her over this because it felt like she was hiding me. She apologised and we moved forward with it, then she started lying about being in other guys streams. I called her out on her lies and she would always proceed to call me jealous and insecure, the thing that hurt the most was after our blowup she would go back into that guys stream and give him money. Felt like a kick in the gut. Was there jealousy there? Yes? I sat with it for a while to understand why I was being jealous and all I could think about was the amount of times she would tell me about different men trying to get with her and the little lies she would come up with, i could never prove she was lying and i know it made me sounds crqzy and possesive but i know what i saw and i know what my gut was telling me. I'm normally not a jealous man. This would happen a few times and it hurt me but I bottled it up and it came out in the wrong way. That's on me... another example is when she mentioned this man messaging her just after her divorce, wanting to take her out etc. She would shit talk this guy to me, call him creepy and whatnot. One day we were laying down and I look over to her, I glanced at her phone and here is the same guy she is calling a creep messaging her. I was furious, instead of confronting her I gave the silent treatment, immature of me I know but I just didn't know how to deal with what my gut was telling me, I rejected it all and refused to believe that this person I'm in love with is lying to me and God knows what else.
She also told me about a time her best friends husband tried to kiss her. Again, I dont know why she told me this but hey ho. She also told me how they both cheated on one another many times. She brought me to that house, I remember the four of us chilling in their garage having a drink, laughs and a smoke. Her friend showed me photos of a lake they all go to in the summer. As we left to head back home my gf goes on to tell me how she isn't happy with her friend, she didn't like the way she leaned over me to show photos. Then went on to say how I am her friends type and all this bullshit. I told her to take that up with her friend and leave me the fuck out of this cause I did nothing nore even notice something like that. We had a massive argument over it. Wasn't the first time she got jealous over another woman. I dont mind jealousy, i think its a normal reaction to have but as long as it doesnt become unhealthy and controlling, the other ones were minor but questions were asked about certain women liking photos on my Instagram. One I went on a date with once and the other who I worked with. That's it, I was happy to say who these people were and what they meant to me. I had nothing to hide. Time goes on and she flew over to me (London) for my birthday. We argued that night too and she threatened to leave me, I told her if she ever threatens to do so again, I will leave her as I found it cruel to put that one someone. Writing this out I realise how toxic this all was. Which hits me hard because I felt like I was in love and we connected so well. I wish I communicated how I felt better, I wish I didn't do what I did and I wish I was given a fair chance to be in love. I am also at fault for this I'm fully aware.
Fast forward to few weeks ago we have a massive row again because I called her out on her lies, she called me a psycho and too possessive. I tried to explain its not that you are in another man's stream, it's the fact that you lie about it and I don't know why, she then goes on to tell me im only ever comfortable when she goes to a her other best friends house, i said yes because she seemed level headed and honest, the reason i felt uncomfortable with her going to her other friends house was because of them doing cocaine in there, which she had told me about but it was all made out to be like i was jealous because the husband tried to kiss her. It had fuck all to do with that, its drugs and she knew how i felt about drugs. But I was starting to feel like I may genuinely be highly jealous and insecure. I dont know if that's because she has made me feel that way or I am like that. I've worked hard these last 2 months to make sure that's not the case. Anyway she forgave me and we moved forward, until 3 weeks later she said this isn't working. I begged, I pleaded and I didn't understand why I was given this chance and then had it snatched from me when I was doing everything I can to work on myself
She went on to say she wants to heal because she had just gotten out of an 11 year relationship, and be by herself. I found it hard to believe considering that's what she should've done 8 months ago, like we said. Then she proceeds to tell me its because of the hurt I caused her that night a few weeks ago when we argued. I accused her of lying, which she was.i didn't verbally assault or call her names I just asked her to tell me what is going on. We were intoxicated and I just had enough of the little lies. I know that is for me to work on and put right, I will accept anything and everything I've done wrong these last 8 months. I realise I'm a shitty person and whatever came from this relationship I deserved. But I feel like I was never given a chance considering how we started. I know I never should've got with a person that was married. The trust was not there because of it but still i pushed how i felt aside and rejected my gut feelings. I tried everything to make sure we didn't do that but words and time spent together. I fell in love
Not even two weeks went by and I found out she is already dating. I knew this would happen cause she done it to her husband, who the fuck am I right? I aint special. But I'm hurting so much, my confidence is shattered and I'm lost. She said she wanted space but keeps reaching out to me, told me she will always love me and how a piece of her heart will always belong to me. Its been 5 weeks and she still reaches out, not as frequent but will send me a message saying I really do want you yo be happy, I ignored her cause seeing her face just brings me to tears, she brought up how i am ignoring her messages and i told her if she wants to talk then let me know. She then messaged me saying she hopes I'm alright, I replied saying I'm alright thanks, yourself? My heart tells me to let her go, remove her from my socials and really start to heal but I can't let go and it's killing me
I know I deserve to feel how her husband felt when she moved on straight away. I get that but I don't think I deserved the emotional abuse here, I think its emotional abuse. I'm just so confused and trying to figure it out so I can learn from this
There will be things I have forgotten or not put in because the post is long enough but if there are any questions I will answer them. I dont want this to come across as me shitting on her and blaming her for everything. I know I had my part in this and I fucked up in so many ways but I cant escape the feeling of being emotionally abused here
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2023.06.08 17:57 Rababaja What are the biggest differences between Battlesector and the tabletop game?

I played a few games of Warhammer 40k many many years ago. Now I'm really loving Battlesector. I recall, that I could hide infantry behind tanks in the tabletop game to get cover. In Battlesector, my units can just freely shoot through my own tanks and the enemy can also just shoot my infantry behind my tanks.
What other major differences are there between the two games?
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2023.06.08 17:57 felafilm Can someone enlighten me what's going on with all the R cameras?

Im looking to upgrade from my gh5 (love the camera but I really want a fullframe videocam) so I looked up the current Canon mirrorless lineup and for the first few mins, I didnt know wtf I was looking at.
Apparently theres R cameras in general, ranging from a r3 to r10, although the r3 is an apsc cam, the r4 doesnt exist (they skipped that one?), then suddenly the r5 is a top of the line fullframe 8k camera and the r6 is like the crippled brother of the r5? After that the r7 for some reason is an apsc camera again but the r8 a fullframe. The r9 ,again, doesnt even exist BUT the r10 is another apsc camera?
And wheres the big difference between lets say the r3, r7 and r10?
Kinda confusing, or am I the only one?
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2023.06.08 17:56 Apprehensive-Bad-651 Since my mother doesnt grant me the freedom all my friends get,and confines me to the four walls of our home and classroom,I've decided that if I ever get freedom, I'll live in a place far away from my parents, maintaining minimal but respectful connections so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest

A little background
(TLDR provided in the bottom)
Even though I'm 17, my mother doesn't let me hang out with friends. Basha theke ber e hote deyna, I feel frustrated that I'm the only one without this freedom
Ever since this ^ post, few things happened. My classmate's grandfather invited me over, my mother as usual, refused me to go. Her overprotectiveness is getting ridiculous at this point. She told me "I heard this story once where a friend went to his classmate's house and that family trafficked him to a different country. What if something like this happens to you as well?" Like bruh.
She doesn't allow me to go to restaurants, citing "we are too young to handle all of this, also, what if the restaurants catches fire?''. Bruh
In the vibrant tapestry of teenage life, my friends revel in the freedom of youthful exuberance, relishing the simple pleasures of hanging out, exploring new restaurants, and or taking strolls in parks. Their lives are painted with an array of hues, bursting with laughter, spontaneity, and boundless adventures. Meanwhile, I find myself confined within the suffocating boundaries of home and classroom, watching their colorful world unfold from the shadows of my own existence. It is a melancholic reality, as if my life exists in a perpetual state of black and white, devoid of the vibrant shades that dance in the lives of others.
My mother doesn't even allow me to use a phone independently,even at the age of 17. My grandmother has a smartphone, I use hers. My mother fsr has given me unrestricted access to a laptop though. I thought I'd get a phone once i turn 18, but no, my mother said she'll give me a phone once I enter university, or even if I get a phone earlier, I won't get a sim card. Like whats the point of this??? Is she signalling her virtue of being a tough parents? What in the bullshit crap is this? Excuse my language please, I'm just venting the accumulated pain of my teenage years.
When I was 12, my uncles got me a ps4. I was very very disciplined with the ps4, never played more than 1 hour, surrendered it during tests and NEVER demanded to buy me a game cuz I didn't want to put financial burden on my parents to pursue a lavish form of entertainment. What is the result of maintaining this discipline? Eto discipline maintain kore ki labh holo janen? On a weekend, after finishing studies, I played for a little longer, and this made my mother furious , she snatched the controller from me, and I was going back to my room, I told her "ami toh pora shesh korei game khelte boschilam" My mother said angrily "ABAR KOTHA KOS?" and then she broke my ps4. I tried for many days,not because she broke my ps4, but because that even after maintaining discipline to the dot, I still had to lose my ps4, I didn't get any reward for following discipline, that too, voluntarily.
Now that her anger issue is being discussed, I think we should talk about this a little more. My mother and father fights a lot, and they don't fight in public, they fight in front of the entire neighborhood, tarnishing our reputation. Me and my sister has been watching their fights since our childhood, and the very first sentence my younger sister spoke was that our parents fight. This has very detrimental effects in our mental health. Now, fighting with my dad is my mother's kinda daily routine, and after every time they fight, my mother vents her anger on me. Bola nai,kowa nai, baaper sathe ragaragi kore eshe amake bokbe ar onek baje baje kotha bolbe. She berates me a point where it makes me feel like my life is meaningless. Ar bhallagena. She berates me as if I am her enemy.
I thought I'll be able to break the rods of this cage when I am in A Levels, as a lot of my female classmates will get freedom when they are in A Levels (all my male classmates have freedom, most females do, some don't, being overprotective with girls is understandable in a society like Bangladesh, but for boys, to the extent of my mother, ekdomi na) but no, my mother said that she will grant me freedom AFTER A LEVELS, o babago. (I am skeptical about this as well).
I thought of studying abroad after a levels to escape this shitty household, but my mother said to do half my uni studies in bd and the other half in USA( she thinks i am too young ,even at age 20, to move abroad, but based on some research, transferring to USA with scholarship is very hard, close to impossible, so this dream is also shattered.
Now my final plans are, we are planned to move to USA in 2032 ish. So if we move to the USA, I'll live in a state faraway from where she lives,maintaining minimal but respectful connections so that I can enjoy my life to the fullest. If I earn money, I'll financially support them, but I wont live under the same roof as them.
I yearn to break free from the shackles that confine me, to taste the sweetness of liberation and rediscover the joys that have remained elusive. The weight of this melancholy bears heavily on my heart, as I yearn to step beyond the boundaries and immerse myself in the technicolor symphony of life.
The thought of growing up and looking back at my classmates fills me with an indescribable dread, for I know that I will be haunted by the stark contrast between their vibrant and cherished teenage memories and my own harrowing journey. The mental trauma I endure as I envision their carefree laughter, exciting adventures, and meaningful connections amplifies the sense of isolation and despair that has defined my teenage years. The dullness that permeated my existence, the dearth of joyful experiences, and the lingering trauma I carry within me create an unbridgeable chasm between their reminiscences of joy and my own tale of anguish. It is a burden that weighs heavily upon my soul, a relentless reminder of the vibrant hues I was denied in the tapestry of my youth. The melancholy realization that my teenage years were robbed of the vitality and happiness that others embraced is a haunting specter that shadows my every step into adulthood, etching its mark upon my psyche and leaving an indelible scar.
TLDR- Despite being 17, my mother restricts my freedom to hang out with friends, resulting in frustration and a sense of isolation. Her overprotectiveness reaches absurd levels, citing unlikely scenarios as reasons to deny me social experiences. Additionally, she controls my phone usage and shattered my disciplined efforts by breaking my PS4. My parents' constant fights have negatively impacted my mental health, and my mother often directs her anger towards me. The hope of gaining freedom in A Levels and studying abroad has been dashed by my mother's resistance. However, I plan to eventually move to the USA, maintaining minimal contact with my family while seeking liberation and embracing the vibrant experiences I have missed. The weight of this melancholy lingers, as I fear the future comparison with classmates who enjoyed memorable teenage years while mine were dull and traumatizing.
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2023.06.08 17:56 Mr7Sir Planning to buy a large portable HDD

I'm planning to buy a portable HDD with large memory.
Whats the difference between STGX5000400 and STKM5000400? Will the 5TB size cause performance issues??
Are there any better options available?
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2023.06.08 17:56 pacificinjurylawfirm The Surprising Link Between Dog Breeds and Bite Injuries

🐶🤔 The Surprising Link Between Dog Breeds and Bite Injuries: What You Need to Know! 🚑⚖️
Hey Reddit, I'm an attorney at Pacific Injury Law Firm in Portland, Oregon, and we've recently delved into some fascinating research on dog breeds and bite injuries. 📊 We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic!
The general belief is that certain dog breeds are more aggressive than others. However, a comprehensive study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association tells a different story. 📚 Some "aggressive" breeds like Pit Bulls or Rottweilers were responsible for fewer bites than expected given their population size.
Meanwhile, mixed-breed dogs accounted for nearly half (47%) of reported bites in Oregon during this time frame - far more than any other single breed! 😮 This suggests that focusing solely on specific breeds as inherently dangerous may be misguided.
There's no simple answer when it comes to breed & aggression - owner education, training & environmental factors all play crucial roles in shaping a dog's temperament. 🌳🏡
So what can you do to ensure you bring home a safe pet? Here are some tips: 1️⃣ Research behavioral traits of potential breeds 2️⃣ Invest time in proper training 3️⃣ Socialize your pet early on 4️⃣ Supervise interactions between children & dogs
And if you or someone close has been bitten by someone else's dog in Oregon, know your legal rights! 💼 As a Personal Injury attorney at #PacificInjuryLawFirm, I have experience handling these cases & can provide guidance through the legal process.
Read our full blog post for even more insight: https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com/blog/surprising-link-between-dog-breeds-bite-injuries 📖
Let's have a thoughtful discussion about this surprising link between dog breeds and bite injuries! Share your experiences, opinions, or questions below. 👇💬
📞(971) 277-3811 🌐 https://pacificinjurylawfirm.com
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2023.06.08 17:55 absurd_logic589 Morgan Stanley ROIC and the Investment Process

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2023.06.08 17:55 vishasv At least Rebecca has a reason for hating the team

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2023.06.08 17:55 SlipCommon7229 What is the difference between polyandry and cheating?

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2023.06.08 17:54 aurorajanettson A housemate takes trouble in my way of organizing my kitchenware and always helps me organize my stuff without my consent. What should I do?

TL;DR: I only have one small cabinet to put my kitchenware but I need to let my bowls dry before putting them away. My housemate doesn't allow me to let the bowls dry on the counter or on the dining table. She always reorganizes my kitchenware without my consent. What should I do?
I recently moved into a house. There are 5 of us living in there currently, but the house has 10 tenants (5 of them are out of town because it's summer vacation).
I cook and bake a lot, so I have some kitchenware (3 mixing bowls, one cookie tray, one cookie drying rack, three containers, a bottle of olive oil & vegetable oil, one plate, one bowl, one knife, a hand mixer, and a food processor. Those are all I have). Because I was the last one to move in, all of the cabinets are taken, and I only get one cabinet to put my stuff in. I think the things that take up the most space are my three mixing bowls of different sizes.
I usually don't use the dishwasher. I clean as I go and I always handwash my kitchenware, but I need to let it dry before I organize them. I tried wiping the bowls dry with paper towels or kitchen rags, but I think it wastes a lot of paper towels and I really don't like to wipe my bowls with rags.
We have spacious counters, so I thought I'd put my kitchenware on the counters. However, one of my housemates (I'll call her BB) always takes trouble with my way of organizing my stuff. I've checked with my three other housemates and they're all OK with me leaving my bowls on the counter, but BB is not. One day when I was on campus, she transferred all of my stuff to the dining table. So after that, every time I wash my bowls, I leave them to dry on the dining table. FYI: it's a huge dining table and I'm just taking up a small space. At most two people eat at the table at the same time. It's not like after I put my bowls on the table no one could use it.
But then she takes trouble with me leaving my bowls on the table. She asked me to put my bowls in the cabinet. I told her I need them to dry out before organizing them. Plus the bowls are too big for the cabinets.
Today I'm on campus. She just texted me that she reorganized all of my bowls and stuffed them in the little cabinet. I just used my bowls this morning and they aren't dry yet. I really don't like her moving and organizing my stuff without my consent. I know that she's very organized but it's not like I never clean my stuff. I clean as I go and I'm just letting my bowls dry out. I don't know how to tell her without hurting our relationship.
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2023.06.08 17:54 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 velma dead velma (creepypasta)

hi there i will tell you something remember the mgm show velma one of the best shows when getting expelled from the school and sent it to the principal's office
but i have it i found the mysterious DVD it was 1 12 in the afternoon i passed to the big w maybe like some DVDs how people do love DVD openings on YouTube so i went to DVDs at the store i passed the mgm DVDs there was something it was the DVD called Velma: Dead Velma (MA15+) the DVD was written with a paper there was mysterious DVD i found it it was a missing episode so i bought the DVD and ran back home with other DVDs i put DVD in the Xbox one the episode started with DVD menu only 2 options was Play All and Bonus Features then click the play button and theme song started however theme song was different it got to the scene Fred unclogs the bathroom sink velma ran to the hallway and a bus right next to the stairs velma fell down the stairs he had the bleeding arm the theme song ended the title of the episode called Dead Velma the episode started with outside he was at the house in almost every episode
it faded to the bathroom the screen showed Velma and Fred plays the slender man that when he saw it then message on the screen said 3 days later velma was goes to the school the screen showed picture house at the night she left at the room
the episode faded to black for 12 seconds the episode came back a cybertruck kills velma scooby gang were sobbing after watching the footage scooby gang went to the funeral
then screen switched to static for 3 seconds Fred was on the stage it said
velma would always a smart person we don't like him she is help us but i can't say it for without him goodbye velma we will miss you
in the second to final scene it showed house with a not for sale sign
then the episode ended with a shot corpse of a velma
i smashed the DVD into bits later i had goes to mental hospital for 4 weeks rest of the winter
if you find the copy of the episode don't watch it
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2023.06.08 17:53 accomplished_nugget what’s the difference between instacart and normal online delivery?

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