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2023.06.10 19:16 ChaoticIndifferent Advice for hybridizing armored, unarmored for a build.

For context I use Galsiah's Character Developement, though the question remains pretty adjacent to vanilla, albeit with strength based HTH damage on.
I recently raised a hand to hand/ unarmored type monk char, and although he can drop Golden Saints without being of any real danger while doing so, it is a click fest. HTH is perfectly viable, but One Punch Man you are not. Im not made of mouses (mice?) here.
I am weighing the options of getting heavy armor and armorer in the mix to really amp that strength and by extension the stopping power of his fists. But I dont want to go through some of the more tedious aspects of heavy armor and armorer (weight/inventory management issues) unless there is an appreciable boost to the very important STR and END stats that traditional monks are typically lacking in, and lose interest in another character after I have spent 20 hours getting their main skills up there just to be underwhelmed by the result.
The desired end result would be to do the heavy armoarmorer early and often to boost that strength and combat squishiness, but graduate to unarmored for the speed boost.
I am aware there are magickal options like Absorb/Damage Fatigue/Paralyze and such, but it is (perhaps) my vain hope to punch all these jive suckas down in a more efficient manner, and not magickally paralyzing them and whaling on their inert forms which feels sadistic and dishonorable.
I know they are dead but I like to pretend that they are really unconscious from an a** whuppin' and not murdered in hot blood or manslaughtered in self-defense so as to preserve the "heroic" image of my avatar. He is a good guy and a friend of the people, but if you threaten him and his and can't be reasoned with, you will get your a** handed to you. Non-lethally.
Anyone have experience of tailoring a character with these sort of parameters and being happy where they are at level 30? Or am I just fixin' to do me a big disappoint?
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2023.06.10 19:15 halfhumanhalfgoddess Story time!

This story is about when I went to school picnic as a teacher for the first time. I woke up at 4 am got ready. I drank a glass of Bournvita and went to school. I reached the school at 5 am. I boarded the bus at 5:30. As soon as I boarded the bus. I started feeling dizzy. I felt nauseated. All the windows of the bus were closed as it was too cold and dark outside. Slowly most of the kids and teachers started feeling nauseated. One of the students offered me a toffee saying it'll make me feel better. Another student of mine asked me keep my head on their lap and rest. I felt so weak, I couldn't even stand on my two feet. I let my hair down as my hair was wet. I put my head on the lap of that student and curled up in one of the seats. But I couldn't even rest in one place because the bus kept moving and I kept feeling dizzy and nauseated. The driver told, to open up all the windows. It had been half an hour but I hadn't thrown up until I saw a teacher throwing up. I felt like throwing up. I put my head outside the window. It was too windy outside. I threw up and the whole glass of Bournvita I had drank earlier was in my hair. I can't even describe how many emotions I felt at that moment. I washed my hair there itself with the bottle of water. I felt better whenever I got off the bus but I felt dizzy when I got on the bus. I felt shitty the whole day. The only thing nice was my students taking care of me which was the opposite of what was supposed to happen. The only places I remember visiting is the cave in porbandar where Krishna and some bear-man maybe fought each other and Gandhiji's home.
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2023.06.10 19:15 Snoo_61062 We are looking for an Assistant Coach.

We are looking for an Assistant Coach. We are a passionate and driven team looking to improve and work on our consistency and fundamentals.
Team info:
- Ranks : Immortal+
- Region: Europe
- Committed to a long term project and willing to improve as individuals and as a part of the team.
- Mature and sensible team who also has a very good synergy. Team has been together for 6 months now.
- Open to feedback and criticism (this is quite important to the players and teams development).
- English speaking (org is UK based)
- Looking to enter leagues in the very near future.
- Team management is already in place, all we need is a coach to help players improve.
What we would like in an Assistant Coach:
- Experience is not 100% necessary, open to new coaches looking for a learning opportunity.
- Committed to a long term project and willing to improve the Players and the Team as a whole.
- Mature, sensible and open minded. while the teams have only been formed in the last 6 weeks, they are eager to get a talented coach to push them and help them develop, some players lack competitive experience at a high level so will need a supportive coach.
- Open minded regarding tactics and doesn't force their idea's/specific playstyle onto the teams.
- English speaking (org is UK based)
- Salary will be available ONCE the team start achieving consistent positive results. We are a self sustainable org and each team and staff attached must appreciate a salary is earned not just given away.
The teams goals are to spend the next 6+ months developing their skills and learning in smaller tournaments/leagues, before pushing for bigger tournaments and then LAN events beginning next year.
If you think you have what it takes drop me a DM and we can talk more :)
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2023.06.10 19:15 Librarian_of_flowers How a certain bird's song effects souls

I've got this nagging question I can't find a clear answer on...
So, the meteia used dynamis to fuel their Song of Oblivion, which caused the first Final Days. During the first one, it's stated the Ancient's souls were too dense to be effected themselves, hence the creation magick problems.
Meanwhile, modern souls themselves are effected, which seems, based on what Y'Shtola said, and other claims, means the souls themselves are ripped apart/utterly destroyed (the aether 'rots'), with the words the blasphemies yell being the lingering memories of the original. There is nothing left to save, the soul, body, and memories are just gone, nothing to be reborn, either, hence the greater threat/panic/tragedy.
This even lines up with a more basic version via Venat (she uses up her soul to help get the Scions to the edge of the universe), except, theoretically, that's just an incredible dissapation, rather than a literal rot.
This seems to make sense with everything else as well - when Meteion says she collected the souls of the dammed, it seemed to mean she collected the souls of the non-sundered (Ancients, the various alien species, who, presumably, had aether-dense souls due to being unsundered).
The souls of the sudnered were just a 'happy' accident that both made it possible to literally destroyed the souls, but also meant Meteion could be fought against using dynamis.
This all seems to make sense: Meteion collects the souls of the unsundered, preventing rebirth and growing the collected despair stronger, as well as being able to speed up the universe's heat death. For the one place with weaker souls, she can skip the other steps and just destroy them.
Yet, with Fardola's questline, it ends with the blasphemy dispersing, and her swing a vision of the dude walking awake with her friends.
How does this fit in? Is this to imply that the souls that were supposedly destroyed were just.... Collected by meteion as well, in such a way that everyone that could see aether thought it was destroyed, when she just pulled a 'yoink?'
Is it her just seeing a vision stemming from the lingering memories, a pretty lie that doesn't actually represent the literal destruction of his being?
Is it an inconsistency?
What do you think?
View Poll
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2023.06.10 19:14 Badri_313_190 How Can I Overcome Disappointment and Accelerate my Software Engineering Journey?

This is my first time posting on this Reddit, and to be honest, I'm feeling a mix of emotions as I share my story. Currently, I'm a Software Engineering student, halfway through my third year with just one more year to go before I graduate. I had high hopes for this stage of my journey, but it's been exciting and also tough so far.
I've applied to numerous internships, but unfortunately, I haven't received a single response. It's disheartening to think that others, who may be more experienced than me, have snagged those opportunities. I can't help but wonder what they have that I don't. It's been weighing heavily on my mind, and I'm starting to question myself.
Lately, I've been focusing on learning Full Stack development and then to Web 3 and Metaverse stuff for about five months. However, I must admit that I've had my fair share of distractions along the way. Gaming and social media have often taken my attention, hindering my progress. It's become clear to me that I need to make some significant changes. I want to approach my learning with dedication and a renewed sense of purpose.
That's why I'm reaching out to the experienced individuals here, seeking guidance on how to improve my skills and speed up my progress. I want to become a fluent coder who can tackle programming challenges without relying heavily on online resources. Right now, I feel frustrated and disheartened by my limitations.
If any of you have walked this path before and have wisdom to share, I would be incredibly grateful for your guidance. I'm feeling lost and in need of some reassurance. Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.06.10 19:14 PossessedByCake I love the relationship I have with my partner’s family

(Sorry if formatting is weird, made this on mobile)
My relationship with my immediate family is pretty rocky to say the least. I dropped out of college after covid, and my parents never let me forget that “mistake.” My older brother has severe PTSD due to being in the army, and his traumas cause him to be very aggressive. It’s not his fault, but it’s not mine either; I couldn’t take the aggression, so him and I are pretty low contact. The only one I’m very close to is my twin.
I truly feel like my partner’s family is unintentionally filling that space left by my own.
His mom is one of the sweetest and strongest people I’ve ever met. She’s been through so much, beat everything against all odds, and has become an even better person in the end. She inspires me a lot, their whole family does.
Even though there is a language barrier, she has never not shown me love and support. She said if I ever move to Tunisia (where they are from and where she currently lives now), she will love me and take care of me as she would her own daughter; “I’ll forget all about [bf], you and I can go do things together!” (Joking of course). She even asked if I would like to try on one of their traditional dresses. I feel so honored and grateful for her.
His oldest sister is so funny. She’s always inviting me to Qatar (where her and her husband live). I have two brothers, so she feels like the big sister I never had. We’re always sending each other jokes and memes on social media. She’s given me good advice and resources.
She’s really hard on herself when it comes to her weight. Every time I see her doing this, I let her know that everything about her is beautiful and amazing. I hope she knows I truly mean it.
Recently I had some medical things come up. Thankfully nothing crazy or uncommon, but it did cause me the be in the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I told my family, and aside from my twin and sometimes my mom, the rest didn’t really care.
His family messaged me every day to check in. They wanted to make sure I was ok, and they encouraged my partner to take me to the hospital when it got worse. He did, and I was able to get on medication to help my condition. Even now that I’ve healed, they have still checked in to make sure I’m doing alright.
I feel so much love and support from them, including my partner. I’m so thankful all of them are in my life.
I hope others have this kind of connection with their in laws/partner’s family as well. Family truly doesn’t have to be blood related. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 19:14 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 9 of 28

TWBS Previous Next First
---Simone’s perspective---
---Thursday, 4th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
---Southern England---
“So… let me get this straight…” I say, frowning at the pair before me “…Within an hour of landin’, you…” I point at the tall, dark haired boy “…were bitten by a king brown snake and were laid up for the next two days, unable to contribute more than advice to Reid while she did all the heavy liftin’… You weren’t able to call an evac because, between the two of you, you’d managed to leave the beacon you should have had here in Graffham… and you think I should pass you for that, do you Privates?”
“Yes, Ma’am!” answers the redhead.
Why should I pass you for that, Reid?”
“We fulfilled the terms of the assignment: We survived the full five days in the environment we were dropped in using only the allowed equipment and without calling for an emergency evac, Ma’am.” answers the Scot, straight faced, somehow.
“You admit that you would have called an evac if you could have, Private?”
“Yes, Ma’am… but we couldn’t so we didnt.”
“You admit that it was your own shared stupidity that meant that you didn’t have a beacon with you when you went, Privates?” I ask, drily.
“I… don’t believe lack of stupidity was a requirement of the test, Ma’am.” answers Reid, cheekily.
“Guess again, Private! Lack of stupidity is always a requirement in the Military! Stupid Soldiers are dead Soldiers!” I correct, sternly.
“My mistake, Ma’am.” apologises Reid, hastily.
My anger subsides as I say “Buuut… as you say… you did make it out alive… you didnt call an evac, even if only as a result of bein’ stranded by stupidity… and…” I take a sniff and then chuckle “…it certainly smells like you two are gettin’ along better than you were when you left…(!)”
“I’m… not sure what…?” starts Reid but I cut her off.
“Don’t play dumb, Private!… You’ve tried to wash it off but Im half Tshwane… you cant fool this nose!”
The pair shift uncomfortably before I reassure them “Relax! You’re not breakin’ any rules… So long as this relationship doesn’t negatively affect either of your performances, we have no issue… I also trust this means you two wont be at eachother’s throats so much… At least, in public… don’t really much care what you’re into doin’ in the privacy of a bedroom… or a cave, as the case may be(!)”
“I think it’s safe to say our rivalry is a thing of the past, Ma’am.” provides Taylor.
Or shifted onto much friendlier terms, at least…” smirks Reid.
“Good…” I turn to Taylor “…Taylor, now you’ve reached the age of majority, you’re eligible to be moved to a bunk in a shared room…”
His face falls, clearly having hoped I’d forget about that.
“…but…” I continue, causing him to perk back up “…I’m a busy woman and assignin’ you one is able to remain low on my list of priorities… so long as you (or Reid) aren’t givin’ me the impression that you might benefit from more rest, that is!… Do we understand eachother, Taylor?”
The boy gives me a rare smile and answers “We understand eachother perfectly, Ma’am.”
“Good!… You are dismissed, Privates.”
The two of them turn to go.
“Oh, and, Privates?”
They both turn to look at me, expectantly.
“Happy New Year…”
---Esme’s perspective---
---Friday, 5th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
“I can’t believe you’ve been sleeping in a conjugal room this whole time!” I grin at the handsome man, currently acting as my mattress in the broomcupboard sized space.
Technically, it wasn’t a conjugal room… it was designated as a private room for me, since I was a minor…” he smiles without opening his eyes.
“Oh, aye(!) Let’s protect the wee baby boy from any indecency by putting him in the rooms where he’ll be able to hear all the sex through the paper thin walls, every night(!) I see no issue here(!)”
He shakes his head “It wasn’t that bad…”
“Oh it wasnt, was it(?)… You nasty little perv(!)” I smirk, mischievously.
“Most of the time… people are some combination of embarrassed and considerate enough to keep the noise down… It’s rare that I would have out and out screamers next door… That’s all I meant…”
Attention all:…” comes Sands’ voice, making the morning wake up call over the PA “…It is now 0630hrsTime to wake up!… After breakfast, you are to assemble in the yard. Father Christmas came by last night to drop off some late presents for all of you(!)”
---Oskar’s perspective---
I find the crate that has my name on, shaped (ghoulishly) somewhat like one of the wooden boxes that Christians bury their dead in.
I pick it up and carry it aside… it’s heavy!
Looking around for someone who’s done using one of the crowbars that are being passed around, I make eyecontact with Milligan.
He raises the length of metal he holds, proffering it to me.
I take it, appreciatively, and thrust the claw end between the box and its lid.
What is inside does nothing to dispel the ghoulishness of the container’s outward appearance…
The box contains a humanoid figure, almost my exact height and build, rendered in jet black metal with a rippling, wootz pattern.
Fresh off the forges of Ivaldason and SonsDurasteel Foundry, Iceland…” announces Sands, strolling through the throngs of people opening their respective crates “…Between 20 and 30kg each, dependinon your proportionsWearinthis armour, you become nearly as close to indestructible as it is possible to get without enterinthe realm of divinity!… These suits are bulletproof and bombproof!… They do have some limitationstheyll not, for instance, protect you from a long drop and a sudden stop! Your organs will still be rendered into slurry in that caseNeitherll they protect you from bein cut in half with a plasmasword!… From now on, youll wear these from dawn to dusk! Classes may be taken with your helmets offDurinPT, however, you WILL wear them in their entirety!… Itll be hard to begin with but, after less time than you think, your bodiesll have acclimatised to the extra weightand youll find movinin these almost as easy as movinout ofem!… This mornins workshopll be an instructional on how to properly don, remove and maintain your armour!… Do please give it all your attention!"
---Esme’s perspective---
---Tuesday, 9th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
This is HELL!
The armour is perfectly fitting and nicely padded… but it’s so fucking heavy to wear that I can’t think about much more than how sweaty I am and how much my muscles ache from the days I’ve already been wearing it!
Sands said we’d get used to it sooner than we thought but, so far, I feel like exhaustion is making me worse, day on day!
I had to go and sleep in my dormroom last night because I was just too exhausted to engage in any… extracurricular exercise with Oskar(!)
He was quite understanding about it… A little too understanding… I wish he’d seemed at least a touch disappointed!
Back in the present moment, the black metal giant (boosted to over 2m by the height he gains from the boots and helmet) rams the tip of his training sword into my solar plexus… the one upside is that I’ll probably get less bruises wearing this armour!
“You’re dead, Esme…” is the only answer that comes from that expressionless helmet.
“You not feel like going a little easier on me now, Oskar?!… I am your girlfriend!!!”
“Caring more about you makes me wish to see you better able to protect yourself… So, no… I’m not going to coddle you…”
Perfectly logical…(!)” I mock in a flat, midAtlantic accent, holding up my right palm, the ring and little finger splayed from the middle and index.
Change partner!” shouts Sands.
Not too long ago, my heart would have leapt at that instruction and I would have utterly squashed any feeling of disappointment… Now, however, it causes my already flagging morale to vaporise!
Of course… it makes sense… If you only ever fight with one partner, you only ever learn to fight one way…
I shuffle along while Oskar stays where he is.
The next partner I’m up against is Kilroy… I might have a chance of holding my own against him at least!
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
TWBS Previous Next First
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2023.06.10 19:14 wendingus Update on the Amazon Paperback

Howdy pardners,
So, I am aware that the Amazon paperback version is still listed as 'unavailable' in the US and 'temporarily unavailable' in the UK. I've already emailed Amazon author services to see if they can give me an ETA on when it will show up, but from the sounds of it, the metadata might just be traveling slowly is all. For now, the B&N paperback is the only one out there as far as I'm aware.
Hopefully, it shows up soon! I'll update as soon as I know more. Also, international folks - let me know if you can't get your hands on the ebook and I can always sell you a copy directly. Same goes for paperback once they show up.
Thanks for being patient <3
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2023.06.10 19:14 Turbulent-Buy8237 Plan backfired (could be)

Here Am I having second thoughts on what I did. Maybe kelangan ko lang marinig opinyon ng ilan. Let's start.
I am working as supervisor sa isang bpo before. The company is not organized as my pay is still the same pay nung agent pa ko. There is no even written contract about it. I was not happy and thinking to leave. Then I received a notice that I may loan sa bank for a huge sum.
That gave me an idea to buy a laptop and do WFH. So my plan is not to spend it all but let it pay my loan while looking for client.
I did buy one and say that I am leaving the company though its a hard fought one. The HR were alarmed about it and I voiced out my reasons why. I really felt free. But here is the thing. I never finished my rendering period. I was assigned to lots for agents (around 30) and I gave up.
Now. The remaining funds are good until July. It means, if I don't start by july. August will be hell for me. It didn't help that I didn't finish my rendering period.
I am looking for a job right now so desperately. It became so bad now thoughts are ringing in my head like "you can't collect payment from the dead".
I feel so cornered. Its ironic that I was helping everyone back then now. No help is there for me. I needed 30k in a month to cover all. I just hope the next few days will be better.
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2023.06.10 19:14 cocacolea794 Question about fire fighter courses

So, I have a friend who is wanting to go into fire. We've already ruled out Calgary fire as a possible training program. We are trying to decide between Brandon MB Fire Program or the program on training division dot com. It's the program that cumulates with a couple of weeks in Texas. Does anyone in the Winnipeg reddit-sphere have any knowledge, opinions or thoughts? Any experience with either program? Also, it's worth mentioning that the Brandon program has changed in recent years and now takes 2 years and roughly 20 grand to complete. TIA!
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2023.06.10 19:14 Cozysweetpea Self-trust as an antidote to trauma

Self-trust as an antidote to trauma
This article really helped me just now and I think it might help some of you as I feel like trusting self after trauma is the main thing that makes us feel better. I woke up feeling like unsure of everything, myself and others and life. And journaled and realised I need to trust in something, probably in myself. So I googled it and this article just hit the nail on the head. It says that it’s important to understand where the inner critic is coming from and what it’s job is and how it got it’s job, what it’s afraid of happening if it doesn’t do it job kind of thing… And to stand up to it sometimes. It also says that being in the present moment is the best place for self trust and there is no fear there. Those expectations you put on yourself and the danger you think you’re in if you don’t live up to them, or do something for someone else etc are all null and void in the present moment. So that’s where there’s less fear and more trust and that’s an antidote to always feeling self doubt. So practicing meditation and staying mindful throughout the day helps with that… just some food for thought.
Here’s the quote that really helped me:
“When we are in the present moment, it is the ultimate protection. The paradox is that it seems like dropping the protection that worry provides is dangerous and puts us at risk. But the vulnerability of pure presence is the ultimate sanctuary. When we are fully present, there is no fear. Often the fearful mind kicks in saying, “While you are not paying attention to all those things you should be concerned about, all kinds of dangers are looming. All kinds of problems need to be solved. All kinds of people are waiting for you to take care of them”
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2023.06.10 19:14 AutoModerator Man City vs Inter Milan Live stream Reddit

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who report that the 28-year-old could drop to the bench in favour of Riyad Mahrez on the Cityzens’ right flank against the Nerazzurri in Istanbul.

🔴✅Live Stream: Man City vs Inter Milan Live stream

🔴✅▶ Man City vs Inter Milan Live

Like Inter’s Simone Inzaghi, City coach Pep Guardiola has less than a week in which to make his final decision regarding the starting eleven in Istanbul.
Both Inzaghi and Guardiola have developed fairly settled starting elevens throughout their sides’ strong respective finishes to the season.
However, according to the Corriere, Guardiola could make a few changes to the team for the final against Inter.
The newspaper report that, compared to the team that beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final, Guardiola is thinking of three changes.
Man City Star Bernardo Silva Could Be Dropped For Inter Showdown Perhaps the most eye-catching change that Guardiola could make would be on the right flank.
Former Monaco midfielder and Portguese star Bernardo Silva has been a key player for City over the last few seasons. The 28-year-old certainly underlined this with his decisive brace against Real Madrid in a semifinal second leg.
Bernardo also started for City in the FA Cup final against their city rivals United.
According to the Corriere, however, Guardiola is seriously considering dropping Bernardo to the bench against Inter.
The newspaper reports that former Leicester City man Riyad Mahrez could take his place in the starting eleven.
Meanwhile, the newspaper report that goalkeeper Ederson will regain his starting place. Stefan Ortega had been the man to start in the FA Cup final against United.
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2023.06.10 19:14 Tom_Bunting Props to the entire team

I've been relatively down on Nu Giant Bomb between the layoffs and departures, but I do want to give Jeff Grubb, Jan, and the entire crew tremendous props for last night's stream. Much better produced than I expected (Jan is an absolute hero), Grubb was a terrific host, a good mix of guests, and a tremendous choice to have the Friday Night Forkin guy do the breaks. It all sounded good, the set looked great, and the guest lineup was diverse and interesting.
I have been watching since the early Ryan days, and I really thought after Gerstmann left that they would not be able to recapture the magic. E3 Giant Bomb has always been my favorite Giant Bomb.
They basically did last night, and it gave me more faith in Giant Bomb than I've had in a while. As someone who basically grew up on Giant Bomb, that means a lot to me. I am honestly kinda stunned by how great it was, and I can't wait for tonight and Sunday.
Thanks everyone.
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2023.06.10 19:14 Oxydentallyawesome The guys from American Pain were done dirty

I just watched this documentary, and even as someone who has struggled with opioids and part of the reason was the access I had in 2017, I don't blame those pain clinics. Had I just now discovered opioids there's no way I would have gotten hooked because you just can't find oxy on a regular basis anymore. Even though I really didn't understand dependency it was still my choice to keep using.
On the other hand, Purdue Pharma really did manipulate doctors with false marketing and false studies and as the manufacturer of the pill, I think you can reasonably blame them for the epidemic .
But, these two brothers - that were the epitome of Bro lifestyle - Ran a pain clinic 100% by the book. It was obviously a front to sell drugs, but the law allowed them to do it. They would pass every inspection from the DEA and even when they went undercover, they didn't find anything suspicious. This DUMB ass DEA agent went undercover, and the doctor asked him how much he drinks. He basically said he wanted to blend in so he said he drank every day and the doctor REFUSED to prescribe him. They even brought in one of the brothers that ran the clinic, and he also told him that they cannot prescribe him.
Morally you can certainly say that what they were doing was wrong but I don't think you can blame someone that was just taking advantage of what the law allowed .
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2023.06.10 19:14 MashedAsh Anyone else actually incredibly sad that reddit is nearly about to collapse?

i've been using reddit for quite awhile now, lurking mostly for nearly 10 years(i cant believe it that its been that long either), and i think i've opened up reddit nearly every single day. i never had twitter, tumblr, facebook or any other 'forum'-based site that worked as well as reddit did. there's so many memories in this place that when i browse the top all time of subreddits like bestof or museumofreddit, i just think to myself 'yea i remember reading this it was such a good story' or 'wow i cant believe ive never seen this before its great.'
i can't imagine myself ever using or finding another website like reddit that simply has a big enough community that can come together and post stupid, informative, funny or amazing stuff that are literally at my fingertips. its the reason why everyone always adds in 'reddit' at the end of their google searches right??
killing third party apps would likely mean i'd have to stop using reddit cause i've been on sync for reddit for as long as i can remember and i sure as hell am not gonna use the official app. losing reddit sucks, a lot, because its honestly one of the first things i open up in the morning to catch up to speed on memes, news and niche communties and i still cant really believe that reddit is going to shit. where am i going to find cute pics of specifically straightnedfeetsies ? or amazing crafts over at gunpla ? how about when i need help to buildapc ? maybe when i want to find a new gambling addiction at gachagaming ? the community coming together to give incredibly witty responses at askouija ??? latest episode discussions of top-tier anime ??? perfectlycutscreams ? todayilearned ? moviedetails ? crazyfuckingvideos ??
i kind of went too long at the end there but you get my point, i'm holding onto a slim hope that the dev team at reddit finally wakes up and everything is fine again. sorry if my points were all around the place. i'll miss this place when third party apps and most of the community are gone with it. thank you to all moderators for your hardwork and being unsung heroes. thank you to the reddit community for being legends and apart of history o7
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2023.06.10 19:13 oldepharte Just a suggestion if Reddit doesn't give an inch

Mods: This is really just FYI so if you don't think it is appropriate for group discussion please feel free to delete it.
I just found about about an alternative to Reddit called Squabbles ( that seems similar to Reddit, and right now anyone can create an account, you don't need an invitation. There is another alternative called Tildes but you need to have an invitation to create an account there and right now they seem to be rationing them out. And, I briefly looked at something called Lemmy which is part of the "Fediverse" like Mastodon, but I saw enough negative comments about it to make me think twice. Most of the negative comments I saw were on Mastodon so if they don't like Lemmy much I think I'd be hesitant to commit to it if other alternatives are available. Some have commented that is a better alternative to Lenny and it is also part of the "Fediverse" but I have no experience with it so can't say much about it. There may well be other good alternatives besides those that I'm not aware of but you could always check RedditAlternatives to see what else is posted there. But beware that some of the top sites have a decidedly political bent that would be anathema to many if not most Reddit users, also some sites may have registration requirements that would drive users away (such as requiring a phone number to register). Also that sub's list in the "pinned" post may be a bit dated?
Hopefully the execs at Reddit will get some sense and abandon this stupid money-grubbing path they are on but I am not holding my breath. But if they don't budge and you do decide to move elsewhere, please make it someplace where you can read posts without logging in, as is possible on Reddit, and please leave one final post saying where you went!
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2023.06.10 19:13 nineliveswoodworks Getting started

I’ve been lurking on this sub for a while now, trying to prepare myself for the hot mess of applying for disability benefits. I feel overwhelmed and frankly, stupid, for not having the determination to do it sooner. I was honorably discharged in 2015, and my life has been physically and mentally a mess since. I had such a traumatic discharge (long story) that I wanted to just get on with my life and push it down.
But even as long as it’s been, I’m in constant pain, have nightmares about events during service, haven’t held down steady work or kept up with relationships…it just sucks.
What’s even more daunting, is that to even apply, I have to wait on the review board to make a decision on my name and gender marker change (which I’ve done before, and after six months my application just…dropped)
I’m trying to be optimistic and have reached out to my local veteran care coordinator, but I feel so overwhelmed.
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2023.06.10 19:13 AutoModerator Manchester City vs Inter Milan Live ReddiT

his according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews, who report that the 28-year-old could drop to the bench in favour of Riyad Mahrez on the Cityzens’ right flank against the Nerazzurri in Istanbul.

🔴✅Live Stream: Man City vs Inter Milan Live stream

🔴✅▶ Man City vs Inter Milan Live

Like Inter’s Simone Inzaghi, City coach Pep Guardiola has less than a week in which to make his final decision regarding the starting eleven in Istanbul.
Both Inzaghi and Guardiola have developed fairly settled starting elevens throughout their sides’ strong respective finishes to the season.
However, according to the Corriere, Guardiola could make a few changes to the team for the final against Inter.
The newspaper report that, compared to the team that beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final, Guardiola is thinking of three changes.
Man City Star Bernardo Silva Could Be Dropped For Inter Showdown Perhaps the most eye-catching change that Guardiola could make would be on the right flank.
Former Monaco midfielder and Portguese star Bernardo Silva has been a key player for City over the last few seasons. The 28-year-old certainly underlined this with his decisive brace against Real Madrid in a semifinal second leg.
Bernardo also started for City in the FA Cup final against their city rivals United.
According to the Corriere, however, Guardiola is seriously considering dropping Bernardo to the bench against Inter.
The newspaper reports that former Leicester City man Riyad Mahrez could take his place in the starting eleven.
Meanwhile, the newspaper report that goalkeeper Ederson will regain his starting place. Stefan Ortega had been the man to start in the FA Cup final against United.
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2023.06.10 19:13 _ASG_ Is it worth giving Open for Business another shot?

I love Sims 2, but OfB was the one expansion pack that never clicked with me. Aside from Servos and a few of the other items/outfits/clothes/hair options, I never had fun with this one, and not for lack of trying.
I think it boils down to the tedious time consumption. With regular jobs, you either focus on other sims or you fast forward time. You can't do that as easily in Business. Maybe that gets easier in time, but if you're doing this at a community lot, time doesn’t pass, greatly slowing your game progression down. I can't imagine how tedious it is to get the 5 perfect businesses lifetime aspiration.
I think running a business at home might work better because at least time is still passing when you spend X number of Sim hours playing. I recently downloaded a house with a bar as it's first floor, so I thought this might work out for my style of play. But all those poor families in the business district are doomed to not be played as :/
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2023.06.10 19:13 SirSupine Help with .bat file in setting up SD locally

Help with .bat file in setting up SD locally
I'm a beginner in setting up SD to my local PC and I was following a YT vid from Matt Wofle. Before installing python, I accidentally clicked on the .bat file and this happened. But I can't figure a way out to rerun or cancel this whole process out.
Edit: I did installed python now, but same issue still.
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2023.06.10 19:13 _pidgy Tom chose Rachel bc she was easy to use (gross) not bc she was special.

I genuinely don’t think Tom loved Rachel like he claimed and it seems like after the affair he barely tried to keep up or try for a relationship with someone he supposedly fell in love with and risked it all for.
I think he wanted someone who could give him regular fun sex without blabbing, someone he could manipulate and someone he knew would lie for him. Like James said, she always had a thing for him. He saw Rachel at her lowest, knew she wanted the validation, and gave it to her. That’s where the “we’re in an open relationship” thing came from. He dropped the seeds and she followed it without a doubt.
Ariana would be okay with her always being around and being close because she was Ariana’s bestie and he could use her to help fight his battles on the show. He likes having groupies and Rachel gave that to him easily, but it could’ve been anyone, and if not her it would’ve been another girl like Billie.
Now that the fun is over he threw her to the wolves and is already out flying to Texas for a girl, that’s why she’s coming out on her PR tour, even though she definitely tried to keep it going past it’s expiration date.
Alright that’s all I’ve got left in me, I think I’m done and it’s done and my brain hurts every-time i think about it all too long
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2023.06.10 19:13 Mean-Photograph3896 Just realized

I just realized that letting getting the courage to let things go and move on, from past regrets and mistake felt changed my life for the better. My friends, family or people I ask always said to let go and move on from the past, it was so difficult to do even after a few years its still there repeating in my head so it won't happen again. I was fearful I might hurt or disappoint people I care about. I feel so bad and I kinda hated myself I can't forgive myself til I be forgiven or resolved, so as years past it just stack up guilt, regrets and my head just get noisier or if I'm forgetting I remind myself about it.
Then I grown tired of living I just want to rest, just hoping someday this negative feeling someone go away. Try to just sleep it off, but I need to continue my current life the people around me even though even though sometimes they push me to do sometimes I haven't done before or I used to do. I rediscover there's alot more things to do and achieve in this life. And I won't be always alone, gave me the courage to resolve some of my guilt and regrets about my past mistake and things went well, though I need to let go alot of stuff and some people for things to move things felt alot lighter after that though somethings that happened are sad but it's alright.
I just want to be better than who I'am right now and before, also have alot of fun achieving things I wanted and be happy with myself and the people around me. Sounds abut cliché but it's alright, I'm really happy to share my story though I summarised it abit.
Hope everyone have a good day!
(Sorry for my bad english)
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