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SFW subreddit for girls with all shades of green hair color

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A place to discuss ideas and development for 50 shades of green

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This is a sub for OC Green Text Stories only. No images, no copypasta. You greentext by inputting \> Your message here. ex. \> be 16 years old Becomes: >be 16 years old Message the mods if you want your actual username to appear.

2023.06.05 06:39 probably_a_taco Lynxclan's dark forest wives

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2023.06.05 06:38 MonsutaReipu Melee druid doesn't feel viable

I've completed my capstone T4 70+ dungeon solo with my druid and have done a bunch of T4 dungeons now and I'm only level 62. I completed the capstone at 60. This was with a trampleslide build. I have also played the pulverize build before, but not in live.
All of the viable druid builds right now are ranged builds. Pulverize is basically a bear caster, Storm Wolf is a wolf caster, and Trampleslide is a human caster. All 3 play from range, and all 3 are the most viable builds.
I think there are two problems for this, the first being that there just aren't enough legendary aspects at the moment that it's obvious which builds are meant to be builds, like Earth Pulverize. Some aspects pair together in a way that might as well make them a set without being green. Some abilities or playstyles simply don't have this support right now.
The melee builds that have support are storm crit druid which is extremely underwhelming and requires a unique 2h staff to really even start playing. Poison shred of any true melee build has the most support, but it's overall an underwhelming build even still.
The other problem is that melee is simply too squishy. Unlikely ranged builds, melee have to dedicate a bunch of their gear slots to become tankier. In general, it's much more effective to not get hit via. kiting and range than it is to try to tank through damage. Melee abilities really need more tacked on utility in the form of damage reduction, evasion ability cooldown, dodge, etc.
IE: every time claw or shred deals damage, reduce the cooldown of your evasion ability by .5 seconds.
IE: every time claw or shred deals damage, gain 1% dodge for 5 seconds.
IE: everytime maul or pulverize deals damage, gain a 5% damage reduction for 3 seconds and 2% fortify.
Right now, these melee builds just don't have that support built in. Claw is shit and does pretty much nothing but damage, maul is shit and also does pretty much nothing but damage. Both shapeshifting melee generators are very bad. Then there's stormstrike, which gives 25% damage resist, chains in an AoE, and has a 50% chance to make enemies vulnerable. The imbalance between the functionality and power of these melee generator abilities is comical.
Barb got a flat 10% damage reduction during beta, and I think that was a clunky solution to what is a melee problem. Druid, if it was shapeshifting only, probably would have also gotten that 10% damage reduction boost. However, because druid can also be ranged it doesn't make sense to apply that buff to the whole class. Because druid can be shapeshifted and still be a ranged class, it also can't be applied to just being in forms.
Maul and Claw both need to be rehauled entirely. Generator and Core melee skills all need to be improved for druid to improve durability in some way.
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2023.06.05 06:37 -mattybatty- This is my hunk of green citrine (with banana). I think it's citrine

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2023.06.05 06:37 Sudden-Season5773 Why Should You Add Color Lashes To Your Business?

Why Should You Add Color Lashes To Your Business?
color eyelash extensions
In the beauty industry, customers always demand trendy eyelash extensions from lash businesses. Color lashes are a hot new beauty trend, which many celebrities prefer using instead of classical styles. Therefore, color lashes with a party vibe will attract your customers because they can create dramatic eyes. Here are 3 reasons why you should offer color eyelash extension:
💖 It's trendy!!!
Many celebrities wear colored lashes that make their eyes incredibly luscious. Moreover, colored eyelashes are the best choice to match an outfit and make you look more fashionable. Color lashes are very suitable for every special occasion or costume party, which can help you shine like a famous star. Many customers have looked for a spa providing this service; therefore, having this service in the first place can bring a lot of advantages to your business
💖 It can enhance the natural color of eyes
Bright and ombre hues mixed with individual lashes can help your natural eyes be more prominent and impressive. For instance, the purple color matches green eyes or brown eyes will make your eyes look bigger.
💖 Few spas are having this service
Having services other places do not have means that you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. In particular, having this service at your spa can help you attract more clients and increase the value and quality of your spa's services.
At Kami Lashy, color lashes are from $32,99 to $40,69, 8mm-20mm in length. Visit now to see our color lashes we have for you!
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2023.06.05 06:37 Unfair_Top_8510 AI is crazy man holy shit " my favorite girls are that of whom are on the clock as I type this post, please help me find the mysterious death of Dante's hat, to restore my faith in reddit.''

the grand redditor helps dante find a fedora to replace one he lost
Is there anything worse than wearing a green hat? Maybe a gold hat? Well, dante might not feel too lonely now if he were to know that one redditor has lost his special fedora. That redditor is redditor extraordinarius, who was introduced to Dante by the devil may cry 6, the redditor who did not even give the sparda anything to change into his special devil may cry 6 fedora.
After seeing Dante was missing one of his hats, and seeing his pictures, grandpa told the devil may cry 6 that if he does not do anything to help him, then he would be looking at him and that he. vergil is trying to become the supreme redditor on redditspards to save dante from the dark demons.
Here are some more pictures of dante wearing his old black fedora
sparda told me that if I wanted to save Dante from the evil tortures, then I
"may be able to find a precious fedora on redditspards and change it to the special one"
"Once I changed into my special fedora, I would be able to fight and defeat all the evil demons and save dante from their tortures forever. After I saved dante, then I would be able to become the ultimate redditor and save countless redditors from being tortured as well. I would be able to wear that exact fedora then i get time with lady sparda."
One redditor, sparda, was so touched by the pleas of dante to please help him with his hat that he created a post, called "The Mysterious Death of Dante's Hat" and he offered to help. This is where he asked for the redditors help, since he is only one person.
"Please help me find a beloved fedora to replace my special one. Please help me find a grand devil may cry 6 fedora to replace my fedora, my favorite girls are that of whom are on the clock as I type this post, please help me find the mysterious death of Dante's hat, to restore my faith in reddit. I do not know if the devil may cry 6 knew the death of dante's hat, but I do know that he made sure that a special hat was made, just like he did with all the other things that helped him become a supreme redditor. He lost his hat after I was summoned into hell, and left me to look for it. I will not lose faith in reddit now, I know that he is searching and searching for me and all of my loved ones to let them return. All I ask now, that I get my hat back."
He went on to explain that women are better then birds of a feather . But it might have been a slut dragon, since he told his followers to wear a dappa, meaning a hat. He also told them to wear hats, which one, we are unsure if that was the sparda or what, but it was some other redditor.
"I had the honor of meeting sparda on Wednesday, and on Thursday, the redditor fedora vergil contacted me to tell me that he was having problems with a hat. This hat was a purple, devil may cry 6 fedora.
I contacted grand devil may cry, to see if I could get a devil may cry 6 fedora back. After he told me that a devil may cry 6 fedora would not be available
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2023.06.05 06:36 JellyfishOne6432 a bunch of small green seeds with burrs have hooked onto my clothes / skin. they're a little larger than grains of rice. i live in japan and found it *near* some hydrangeas but i don't think that's who this turns into (sorry for bad photo)

a bunch of small green seeds with burrs have hooked onto my clothes / skin. they're a little larger than grains of rice. i live in japan and found it *near* some hydrangeas but i don't think that's who this turns into (sorry for bad photo) submitted by JellyfishOne6432 to whatsthisplant [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 06:36 The_Nikkelz 28 [M4F] Toronto + Online ; Looking to make new friends

Hey there everyone!
My name's Anthony! Just moved into my own place in Toronto and looking to make some new friends
28, 5'11, Blonde, Green Eyes, Fit Dad bod type
What do I like to do?
Video Games! Mostly playing these right now: World of Warcraft, Diablo 4, Cities: Skyline, but have a pretty vast variety of games so down to connect!
Sports! Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs (sadly), Formula 1 (oh, yes I wake up at 4am to watch a race)
Movies and TV Shows; Sci-Fi / Drama / Fantasyl ; So many to name, ask me about what I watch! I love to dive in and go deep.
Outdoors! I've been a canoe and kayak instructor for 10 years now, so hand me a paddle.
Mostly looking to see what kind of connections I can make, happy to play games, chat on discord, watch party for some movies and see where things go!
Picture of me
My voice:
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2023.06.05 06:36 __Twisted__ Need Advice on buying used bike (red flags)

So essentially I am in the market for buying another used bike. I was able to come across one on cragislist. Here it is:
It's a 2021 Trek Emonda SL5 with DT Swiss r470's and some s works turbo tires as well.
The thing is, the bike is only listed at 2k, when it's probably worth a fair bit more than that. So I end up emailing the seller and we've been going back and forth on text for a day or two and he seems pretty normal. Now when I ask for more pictures, he's completely okay with it and gives several more, but when I ask for a picture of the serial number and the sticker that are just below the bottom bracket, he says he isn't comfortable doing that while saying this "...I believe that's how the bike is registered", even though I assured him it's completely safe. He also first told me that this bike was a relative's that's gone overseas. Seems to also have a couple other nice bikes listed on craigslist.
For me, the red flags are saying it was a relative's, not sending a photo of the serial number, and having other nice bikes listed that are varying in size. While some green flags are that the bike is on an actual bike stand, and then the pedals are taken off of both which shows maybe he just swaps the pedals around as he swaps bikes?
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.05 06:35 GeorgeYDesign Greens call for boycott of far-right Israeli leaders

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2023.06.05 06:34 DoremusJessup The European Commission has now given the green light to the cabinet’s plans to buy out highly polluting farms in environmentally-sensitive locations. The aim of the buyout scheme is to slash nitrogen emissions so that nature can recover, in line with EU targets

The European Commission has now given the green light to the cabinet’s plans to buy out highly polluting farms in environmentally-sensitive locations. The aim of the buyout scheme is to slash nitrogen emissions so that nature can recover, in line with EU targets submitted by DoremusJessup to environment [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 06:34 StrivingJarl Sonic Marker Drawings (Part 3)

Sonic Marker Drawings (Part 3)

I really like how I did the spin attack for Tails Doll here.
I have trouble drawing Metal Knuckles...
Honestly...Scourge is one of my favorite characters from the Archie Sonic comics. Yeah, he's just an evil Sonic colored green, but he's such a fun character.
His Super form is also really cool. Also decided to add some Anarchy Beryl.
This one is another favorite. Made this around the 31st Anniversary. Also gave him the blue eyes from Hyper Sonic's appearance in Sonic RPG. I think it works REALLY well with this form compared to the green and red eyes.
While the original Apex Seelkadoom design isn't bad or anything, I decided to make changes to it here. I made the spines look like Fleetway Super Sonic, and I also gave him glowing purple eyes with purple eye veins. To show that he's VERY energized and pissed off. Plus, I made his shoes and gloves torn from battle damage.
This transformation comes from this fan-made Sonic game concept called Sonic Beyond. While Sonic gets his Super form with the Chaos Emeralds, Tails gets this Solar form with the Sol Emeralds, which I think is really cool and unique! I gave the Sol Emeralds tails in order to add on to a sort of \"Nine tails\" thing.
Also in the Sonic Beyond fan concept is a Knuckles transformation with the Master Emerald called Master Knuckles. But I decided to call it Chaos Knuckles, like in the Archie Sonic comics. Also added glowing shards of the Master Emerald here, like Knuckles absorbed so much power from the gemstone that it broke apart and all the energy transferred into him.
I based this off the Sonic 4 Episode 1 design, since I actually really like the Modern Death Egg Robot design. I wish we got to see more of that in the games compared to the standard classic design from Generations.
This is the last drawing I did in this sketchbook before moving on to separate pieces of paper (Also, RIP Wrath Of Nazo. Yeah, we're still getting the full story and everything, but it won't be fully animated, which is sad, but at least we'll see how it was all supposed to go).
Just got a couple more left...
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2023.06.05 06:33 DoremusJessup The European Commission has now given the green light to the cabinet’s plans to buy out highly polluting farms in environmentally-sensitive locations. The aim of the buyout scheme is to slash nitrogen emissions so that nature can recover, in line with EU targets

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2023.06.05 06:31 tengu077 Eridani Light Horse Bushwacker

Eridani Light Horse Bushwacker
First attempt at painting the Eridani Light Horse and also my first usage of decals. I love the Bushwacker model ever since Mechwarrior 3.
All paints mentioned are Citadel. Model was primed in rattle can Grey Seer. Base of Castellan Green was then applied and then washed with Nuln Oil. Then all the armor panels were individually gone over again in Castellan Green so that only the panel lines filled with Nuln Oil provided the contrast lining.
Weapon barrels and metal parts were gone over with Leadbelcher then washed with Agrax Earthshade. Missile tips were touched with Mephiston Red.
Cockpit glass was based in Stormhost Silver then a layer of technical Spiritstone Red applied over it. Weapon barrels in the center torso have Soulstone Blue and Waystone Green applied. I found the technical “stone” line is a nice alternative to traditional jeweling effects at tabletop distances.
Base was my first attempt at Agrellan Earth with an Agrax Earthshade wash and Zamesi Desert dry brush.
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2023.06.05 06:31 OleBoyMerlin48 [H] Fully painted Necrons Army, Arbites, Space Marines, Marvel Crisis Protocol [W] $$$, other 40k mini offers. [Loc] VA, USA

Necrons: Not splitting/entertaining offers. Considering selling my Completely Painted Necron Army in a sandstone scheme: Void Dragon, Silent King, Ghost Ark, Command Barge, Psychomancer, Chronomancer, 18 Scarabs, 30 Warriors, 15 Flayed Ones, 5 Immortals, 3 Plasmacytes, 9 Skirpekh Destroyers, 3 Wraiths.
Space Marines: I’ve got an assembled and primed 3 Inceptors, Chaplain, 5 Intercessors
Arbites: 15 Arbites, these are the mini of the month with bits from the kill team box. Primed and based in Grey Knights Steel
MCP: And I have a completely painted MCP Core Set along with these minis: Painted daredevil, and old hulk (not very well painted).
Primed black panther, killmonger, okoye, shuri, bullseye, miles morales, ghost spider, venom, hela, loki, thor, valkyrie, black dwarf, ebony maw, thanos, green goblin, enchantress, deadpool, bob.
NIB Amazing spiderman, black cat, and dormammu with tournament kit.
Interested mainly in cash, will entertain all offers. Possibly interested in Custodes, Thousand Sons, or Knights, but again, hearing all offers.
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2023.06.05 06:31 Lord_Aarsh Please help me get rid of green algae.

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2023.06.05 06:30 Flat_Newspaper4466 How does inflation affect the tourism industry?

Although the Covid pandemic has passed, the tourism industry is still struggling to achieve the same results as before 2019. According to the Statista report, the war in Ukraine, the subsequent disruption to the supply chain and the price of raw materials. Increasing crude has cast a shadow over the recovery. The impact of inflation on tourism can be disruptive and that is perhaps an understatement.
For tour organizers and activity providers, being aware of current market dynamics is the best way to stay profitable amid falling confidence and consumer spending. Understanding the economic impact of inflation and its impact on our industry will help businesses make informed decisions to survive these difficult times. In the next part of the article, VietISO will give you all you need to know on the topic and suggest some proven strategies to increase tour bookings despite the gloomy economic situation. .

Understanding the impact of inflation on tourism

Before we delve into the impact of inflation on the tourism industry, it is important to clarify the basic definition of the term. The Cambridge Dictionary describes inflation as "the rate of increase in prices, or the rise in prices." More specifically, we talk about inflation when there is an overall increase in the prices of goods and services, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of customers over time. When inflation rises, currencies depreciate, which means you can buy less for the same amount today than you did yesterday. It is important to note that inflation and recession - although often go hand in hand - are not synonyms.
A recession is "a period, usually at least six months, in which economic activity declines, when investments lose value, businesses fail, and unemployment rises." In addition, recessions are often characterized by a decrease in domestic product (GDP) - a monetary indicator that measures the size of a country's overall economic activity over a particular period of time. Remember that we can only talk about a recession when the economic downturn is widespread in many industries at once, prolonged and substantial.
Obviously inflation and recession are different concepts, but what is the relationship between them? They are closely linked and can co-exist. In other words, one is the cause of the other. For example, inflation can lead to a slowdown in the economy (recession) due to increased costs of raw materials and labor. It may also be the case that governments take measures to slow down the economy in an attempt to counter inflation, which can lead to a recession or, in extreme cases, deflation.
With inflation rising, tourism is said to be one of the hardest hit industries as customers tend to cut discretionary spending as purchasing power declines. In a survey conducted by Regiondo 99% of the more than 140 industry professionals who responded to the survey believe that inflation will cause tourists to change their holiday plans, causing a significant increase in included in short-term bookings. 85% of them also fear that the economic situation will have a significant negative impact on their business.
Statista, one of the leading online platforms dedicated to market data, says that one in three US travelers decided to choose a cheaper destination in 2023 than in previous years.

Ways to deal with the impact of inflation on tourism

Tour organizers and travel activity providers have faced many challenges over the years, and the recent spike in prices has only added to them. To mitigate the impact of inflation on the tourism industry, we can rely on a number of proven methods. This includes adopting cost-effective strategies, investing in marketing and advertising campaigns, exploring alternative revenue streams, continuously adapting to changes in consumer behavior, and improving operations. innovation and investment.
  1. Cost saving strategy
1.1. Applying green policies
Reducing unnecessary spending is paramount to maintaining your profit margins in times of economic uncertainty. Identifying business areas where you can effectively cut costs will take time and effort, but there are some simple steps you can start taking now to find them. suitable balance. We suggest that one arrow hits two targets by adopting some eco-friendly policies which can also save some money. For beginners:
1.2. Automate tasks with the Booking Engine system
The Booking Engine system allows you to digitally manage your bookings, sell tickets online and connect with major OTAs. In Vietnam, isoCMS is a rare online travel business platform that integrates the Booking Engine system. It can be said that this is an effective tool to digitize your business and say goodbye to paperwork. Not only that, it can also help you further reduce costs by automating small tasks and administrative work. Automation can be a real lifesaver if you are short on staff and have trouble hiring new employees. Here are a few examples of some neat processes you can set up with a modern reservation system:
Please also note that the all-in-one booking system already includes all the tools needed to run a tour business and operate efficiently – from channel manager to POS – so you can save money on third party tools.
1.3. Zero-Based Budgeting
A more advanced money-saving strategy is to apply the principle of zero-based budgeting. The idea behind this approach is to start from scratch and allocate each expense based on current needs and priorities rather than using previously spent amounts as a benchmark. As a result, income minus expenses will be zero at the end of a particular financial period. Furthermore, any expense must be justified with consideration of its impact on the company's net profit; This helps the organization determine what costs are needed and what costs can be reduced or eliminated. In other words, the principle of budgeting from scratch is to ensure that each investment is aligned with the organization's goals and that resources are allocated efficiently.
2. Marketing and advertising campaigns to limit the impact of inflation on tourism
Tour operators and activity providers know well that leveraging digital marketing is key to any successful business. What they may be wondering – considering the devastating impact of inflation on the travel industry – is what strategies they must adopt to reach new audiences in times of crisis. Here are some of our tips:
2.1. Focus on the hidden benefits of traveling
Throughout the years, numerous studies have demonstrated that going on vacation can reduce stress levels, improve mental and physical development, and enhance overall quality of life. Furthermore, travel offers an opportunity to connect with family, which has become increasingly important in recent years. With the potential for a recession in 2023, it is vitally important to emphasize these benefits in marketing and advertising campaigns for tour organizers and activity providers.
2.2. Emphasize the added value of your offers
During the Covid pandemic, tour organizers and activity providers have realized that flexibility is the rule of life. This remains true during economic downturns, when customers may experience feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. As a precaution against any doubts that may arise during the booking process, it is beneficial for both of you if you can offer your customers simple cancellations, easy refunds, and extended customer support . We recommend highlighting these benefits both in the description of your offers and in your ad copy, as they can determine whether or not visitors will book your experience.
3. Looking for a new source of income
One way to mitigate the impact of inflation on the tourism industry is to diversify revenue streams by exploring alternative sources of revenue. This may include offering new products or services, expanding into new markets, or forming partnerships with other companies in the industry.
Is it quite surprising that the assets of high-income customers are growing faster than inflation? Therefore, tour organizers and activity providers should not be afraid to charge high prices for services and tour packages that cater to this audience, such as offering the ability to book transfers from guests' hotels. goods to the experience location and charge higher fees for such services. At the same time, you can also attract a large number of "thrifty" travelers by offering more basic versions of tours or allowing them to book using Buy Now, Pay Later.
4. Adapting to changes
As you can imagine, it is important to stay up-to-date with the changing behavior, desires and travel patterns of the target market. This means being open to new ideas, experimenting with different methods, and staying on top of industry trends. As suggested above, companies can offer more flexible booking and cancellation policies, accept sustainable travel, and offer virtual or hybrid travel experiences to appeal to a customer base. Changing. Remember that the impact of an economic downturn on customer choice can be so great that it can change the entire audience interested in the benefit you propose.
By being proactive and flexible, tour organizers and activity providers can weather the economic headwinds and emerge stronger from the recession.
5. Don't be afraid to innovate
As well explained in this article, finding ways to save money is a top priority during an economic downturn. However, you need to strike the right balance between cutting costs and pursuing innovations that can help you generate more revenue. In our survey on trends for 2023, we asked interviewees about their plans to compete. 67% responded that, despite the economic situation, they plan to invest in improving their online presence.
Fortunately, you don't need a big budget to achieve this goal. For example, you can use VietISO's isoCMS platform. isoCMS is the ultimate travel website design solution, providing the best user experience on all device platforms and screen resolutions. With the help of isoCMS, travel websites are able to provide customers with an easy and convenient navigation experience. isoCMS is also an optimal support tool for businesses in promoting their brands and products. With the ability to design websites with SEO standards, UX / UI standards and a variety of languages, isoCMS helps businesses attract a larger number of customers and enhance their business efficiency. With a team of experienced programmers with expertise in tourism software design, we ensure that isoCMS is suitable for deployment for all tourism businesses when there is a need for website design in any location. any size: Travel company - travel agency, company providing travel related transportation and other services serving in the tourism industry.
More detail
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2023.06.05 06:30 nohemi_trevino The Frog

"After school, I used to sit on the toilet and use my phone. No, I wasn't pooping, I just put the cover down and sat there. It was a way to sort of escape for a little bit. A break from other people.
"One day, I decided to sit on the floor. There was a storm outside, and the thunder shook the walls as I scrolled through videos and posts on my phone. Through a window punched into the wall of the shower, I saw a flash and felt a rumble. Things were getting really bad out there.
"As the rain hit heavier, I saw ants starting to crawl in from the crack between the wall and the shower floor. Great. Then the shower head started to squeak, and after that, drip. The sink faucet did the same. Weird.
"I looked back down to my phone when I saw something move in the corner of my eye. The toilet cover was lifting from it's down position, and I saw something coming out of it. Fingers made their way out of the bowl and gripped as well as they could onto the shiny outer surface of the toilet. I stood up and had my hand over the call numbers on my phone, thumb ready to punch in 911.
"The cover lifted all the way and revealed a little creature. It looked up at me with wide eyes, slightly covered with stringy, black hair. It cooked it's head at me, then smiled. "Hello," it croaked.
"'Uh,' I replied, wondering if I could fend myself off with a pair of hair-cutting scissors. It began to lift itself out of the toilet bowl, and I felt like I couldn't move. It seemed to grow when it stood up, only a couple inches shorter than me. It's face was green; in fact, the entire body was green. It's face resembled a snake, or more specifically, a frog. Yes, a frog.
"'My sewers are flooded today,' it informed me, 'Can I stay here?'
"'What are you?' I muttered, backing away into the corner of the bathroom. 'How can you talk, are you human? Is this a cosplay outfit of some sort?'
"'I'm half-human and half-frog,' it answered. 'Well, my mother was, at least. Then she mated with a frog. So, I guess I'm more frog than hu . . .' It trailed off and looked at something in the room. I realized it was a fly. Before I knew it, a long tongue came out of the human-frog hybrids mouth and ate it. 'I'm a little peckish.'
"'No,' I shook my head. 'This is freaky. I must be high or something. Did I take drugs? Did I?'
Suddenly, it's slimy hand found it's way to my arm, and I found that it's touch was somewhat . . delightful. 'Please. I can't return home with this weather.' My eyes were drawn to the creature's eyes, and suddenly, I found myself nodding. The frog transformed into something beautiful. 'Thank you,' it croaked and stuck out it's tongue and licked my lips. 'I'll make sure I won't be a burden.'
"And that, kids, is how I met your mother."
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2023.06.05 06:30 TheGreatHugeWeenie Review #5 Ardbeg Wee Beastie

Review #5 Ardbeg Wee Beastie
My wife and I went out for an incredibly rare date night this evening. The scotch menu at this lovely restaurant was fairly standard fare (Glenfiddich 12, dalwinnie 15, Balvennie Double wood) and right at the end of the menu was the Ardbeg Wee Beastie. This bottle has always caught my attention and I've been curious how a 5 year old Ardbeg would fare. I've got a 9 year old IB by Hepburn's choice that I love so would this be similar?
I have to admit I have a bit of a bias against the Diageo Conglomerate. I generally try to avoid their products in my lacklustre attempt to fight against the man.
ABV 47.4% NCF and no colour added Colour: light straw
Nose: pear and green apple, huge smoke, campfire, salt, rubber,
Palate: medicinal as in a slight bit of cherry flavoured cough syrup, peat, peat and more peat, hickory salt, ridiculously smooth with a full mouth feel. I wouldn't call myself the biggest peat head in the world but this is just great stuff.
Finish: peat smoke over and over. Vanilla, burnt sugar, fresh cut grass and then smoke. Absolutely gorgeous in the delivery of its finish. There is pepper and just a hint of its sherry cask finish.
Notes: I can't get over the mix of how smokey and pleasant this was. My wife makes whiskey faces at everything zI get her to try and this was the first one I've seen where she took a couple sips and chatted to me about how nice it was. I don't know if it was the date atmosphere but we finally connected on Scotch!
For $60 CAD this is a steal. I went home and ordered myself a bottle. It's not an every day Scotch, because it's a lot of peat. However, when I'm in the mood for it, it'll be hard to beat.
Rating 8.5/10
Plus an additional half point for the value.
Great whisky
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2023.06.05 06:29 ebubibo Looking for bio feedback!

Looking for bio feedback!
20f tryna date men or women if that helps 👍 Any feedback is appreciated!
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2023.06.05 06:29 XNegativaX Can I save this native columbine?

Can I save this native columbine?
I bought this once gorgeous native columbine at a local native plants sale in NY. I repotted it and moved it to a spot where it would get direct sun. A week ago I fed all my vegetables and flowering plants a dose of Neptune's Harvest Tomato and Veg as I usually do at the start of the season. This is my first year planting a flowers though. The goal is to have a pollinator garden to help the vegetable garden. This weekend I noticed this plant looks dead, other than the stems. The pot was heavy, so I increased the hole size to improve drainage. Is there a chance the plant will survive? I have 2 other columbines, including one from LIDL that was in awful shape but revived once transplanted. Not sure what to do to help save this plant. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 06:29 Immediate_Ad_9261 F20 looking for some opinion/advice

F20 here. I've been talking with this guy who's my old friend (M21) and he said he has feelings for me and so am I. I thought he would be a good partner since he's kinda smart, and reassuring, and he knows how to communicate his feelings well, but the thing is we will be in an LDR for years because of college. I wouldn't mind being in an LDR because he put in some effort, such as keeping his updates for me, being a good listener, and saying he's been missing me and wanting to get more serious or get to know me.
We're not dating yet, but I guess find him using an anonymous app to talk with other girls, following other alter accounts that post nsfw-ish roleplay and I guess he might be sexting and getting off whenever he feels lonely. I wouldn't want to sext or have sex with him because I only want to do it with someone I'll marry. I've been thinking about giving him the green light, but it seems that no matter how lovely he is, I can't accept that he could've been sexting, following nsfw-ish alter accounts, also it's hard to bring it up with him since it's easy to get off with. Do you think I should accept him if he wants to stop sexting other girls or should I stay away even if he said he only wants to be serious with me? Any replies are appreciated. Thank you
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2023.06.05 06:29 YAOMTC Some rail station platforms are in the middle of freeways. Have any been built with sound barriers?

Here in Chicago, the Blue Line for much of its length follows a freeway. However, the freeway adjacent stations I've seen have their platforms completely exposed to the noise of the freeway.
Freeways often have concrete barriers on either side to reduce the noise to the surrounding area, but never in the middle. These sound barriers could potentially be built between the tracks and the road as well, but with the platforms being right in the middle, you'd basically need the platform to be in a tunnel.
I could only find one article on the topic of noise and freeway-adjacent rail stations: "Too Loud to Hear the Train! Noise Assessment, Implications, and Mitigation Strategies on Light Rail Platforms" from the Journal of Planning Education and Research. (I don't have access to it, but I was able to find it on another site. It might be against reddit's rules to link.) It made some mention of barriers:
In a study conducted shortly after the Green Line was built, Wolf (1996) investigated noise at its stations, located in the median of the I-105 freeway. He also estimated the noise reduction capability of on-platform shelters, sound absorptive materials on the canopies and other overhead structures on the platforms, and sound barriers between the highway and the platform.
An earlier study of noise mitigation at the 37th Street Station, located in the middle of the Harbor Transitway, found that the installation of sound walls on the platform could reduce the amount of noise by as much as 13 dB (ATS 2009). Clear materials such as Plexiglas can be used to build sound walls that do not have the effect of enclosing the station with dark material. One disadvantage of sound walls is their high cost, around $200,000 per station
Another design intervention would be to provide enclosed waiting areas for passengers on platforms. The cost of this option would depend on the materials and size of the enclosed area, but a calculation of these costs is beyond the scope of this study. None of the stations in this study included such waiting areas, and thus we have not been able to measure firsthand the extent to which they mitigate freeway noise.
Plenty of ideas, but no examples of existing rail stations, at least in this 2014 article.
Is this a matter of "this is a North American issue, no one else builds rail stations along freeways"? The rail line was built there for cost saving purposes in the automotive era, so do they all lack noise barriers due to cost as well?
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