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2023.06.10 22:40 dronkles Which nose is better?

Which nose is better?
So I have been thinking about diy'ing myself a tip lift - I don't like how downturned my nose is and how flat it makes my face. I just purchased those little plastic thingys that you can put inside your nose to lift it manually. Now I'm not sure which looks better, can you guys weigh in please? First photo is without them in and second is with. I can't decide if it actually looks better or not and want to decide before I go in with filler.
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2023.06.10 22:39 imnotaratiswear Should I apologize to my ex or continue the distance?

Context: My ex and I were greatly toxic to each other, we both dealt a hand in our downfall and were terrible for and to each other. We broke up in mid March, tried to be friends but it didn't work out and fully cut it off more towards April if it wasn't already April by then. It was a dumpster fire and we were also together in October before getting back together in January.
I've had a hard time coming to term with that we both were bad to each other. I've only been able to put blame or see the faults of one of us at a time. He's done plenty things to hurt me too, ut since I can't control him, I need to focus on my problems to move forward. I wasn't a good person, especially when we were together in October. My mental health was the lowest its ever been although that isn't an excuse and after we broke up I was so obsessed with the hatred against him. I know that my poor mental health and actions affected him and damaged him and when we got back together it was the same but tied up in a pretty looking disguise.
Current problem: Last night I read all my old journal entries from when after we broke up in October where I hated him and while we were together again, my attempts to manipulate each other in a desperate attempt to stay together so I could say someone loved me even after the point I realized it wasn't true. I've always been disgusted and ashamed of my actions but seeing it again, I can't just say I hate my old self. I really need to work past it. I've started journaling again and I ripped up the old entries. I plan to write in the format of a letter to him talking about how I feel but I don't know if I should say that to him.
I've since moved, it would have to be a text. If I do it, he could very reasonably have me blocked and I may feel empty with a failed attempt, or I could feel better knowing it's possible he read it or just that I got it out there. He could respond and tell me that I'm full of shit and that I have ulterior motives although we haven't talked in two months which would be damaging to me. We could work this out and leave us both feeling better. He may not want or need to talk to me to move on with it, he could be doing better than I am. He might not need to hear me say I'm sorry. And with that possible, it could be selfish of me if I try to do that to make me feel better.
I don't know if it's better if I keep it to myself or say something to him. I want what's best for us both. Deep down I still care about his wellbeing because he was a good person before I came along and now that's becoming not so deep down. I have to this right because this can't end up being more hurtful to him, whatever I do.
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2023.06.10 22:38 GanjaMan4Twenty PepeKing!!! 🐸👑

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2023.06.10 22:35 SabrinaJadeV How to Fill Your Sketchbook When You Don't Have Time Sketchbook Tour & Timelapse

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2023.06.10 22:31 Jpoolman25 Constantly feeling anxious and worried, it feels like I’m not putting my 100% effort into anything ?

Do you ever feel lost in some wander land or feel like you have butterflies in stomach, feel like your not feeling present in the moment. Like your mind just drifts elsewhere ?
I’ve noticed in myself that for the past 2 years, I’m just not putting my 100% effort, interest, time and energy into anything I’m doing. I just don’t feel that level of importance and mental focus. I’m feeling this way because I’m so worried and anxious about outcome that I just have no idea what will happen next. It kinda makes me lose hope and feeling helpless. It certainly has affected my confidence and inner belief in myself. This is all because I’m in college and haven’t figured out what career path to choose. I’m doing pre reqs for radiography program as I wanted to become Ct/Mri tech. But not knowing the outcome of acceptance rate is giving making my mind worried like what am I doing with life? Will I get accepted in this program? What if I don’t then what will happen? I’m still not there where I’m supposed to be for my age. Meanwhile people have graduated and now working great jobs and pay. I’m still behind and now feeling stuck. Feeling clueless with life. I want to look into tech field becuase it’s growing in demand field yet idk how to research, what my options are and what skills could I learn on my own from online resources to get opportunities for jobs.
Not having figured out what I want to do with life is indeed giving me anxiety and affecting on how I view life. Life is not easy. But it’s easy to those who have figured out who they are and what they want out of life.
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2023.06.10 22:27 BlackCatOliver Family Event Questions

Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone has any tips for navigating family events? I am getting married soon and my fiancée’s family is quite spontaneous. They often develop plans less than 24 hrs in advance for birthday parties, grandparent visits, etc. This gives me extreme anxiety. Do you guys go to your partner’s family events? How do you handle spontaneous plans?
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2023.06.10 22:26 RealityIsAKnife [M4A Playing F] “I’m gonna drive Herculon back to whatever galaxy it is he came from. And that’s a PROMISE”

Doubling encouraged but not required.
I am looking for someone to play a female wrestler for my OC wrestler, now your irl gender doesn't matter to me as long as you can write for a female, now basically it's a slice of life rp. But, everything that happens in the ring and on the shows spills over into real life, below will be all the details(ienjoyham)there isn't much to the story yet. Below will also be a list of female wrestlers I would like someone to write across from, again, my male OC.(Bold indicates higher interest)
Female Wrestlers that I am looking for: Lita, AJ Lee, Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus
What I am looking for:
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2023.06.10 22:22 Mike01Hawk Just get a PS5 Mike01Hawk, it'll be cheaper than building a PC Master Race you said, $4k later! Work in progress.

Just get a PS5 Mike01Hawk, it'll be cheaper than building a PC Master Race you said, $4k later! Work in progress.
TL;DR: Went all ham and head first into VR racing.
Going thru a divorce so I'm enjoying some "Retail Therapy". Grew up in the Atari days, played GT extensively on the PS1/2 in College. Turned into a PC snob in the 2000s.
Current PC was long in the tooth, 980ti, so figured I'd see what they hype was around the PS5. Got one a month ago and started hearing all they hype around the PSVR2, so f it, YOLO and dropped the extra $$$.
Oh my, GT7 in VR is nucking futs! I wanted MOAR! So of course I went down the rabbit hole and ended up ordering an ASR4 rig with the Logitech Pro.
As for why I have a racing stand. The Logitech was on back order till July, so I thought I had some time to decide on an 8020 rig. Nope, got a notification last week that the wheel would be here Friday. I knew I'd be chomping at the bit to use it so I just punted and got the racing stand for the interim.
Holy crap this is intense!
I have several hours under my belt with just the controller on GT7. It's a completely different animal with the wheel. The sensation of speed is thru the roof! I could seriously feel my car rotating under me. It was a crazy feeling. Like my brain knows I'm stationary, but the feedback thru my hands paired with the VR seriously tripped up my brain and I felt like I was physically moving.
I know the DualSense controller has pressure buttons but I never liked the digital on/off feeling of the controller with my play style. I always felt darty and chunky, like I only knew on/off movements. With the analog input with the wheel and pedals, completely different game easing onto the brake and gas turning into and out of a corner. I also dabbled with using a manual transmission in the game now that I have flappy paddles that make it easier to control the trans. That's gonna be a whole new learning curve to now use the engine braking for corner entrances.
After each race finished I was physically tense and "on". Felt draining. Kinda like when you get finished with a rollercoaster and you come to your senses at the end when they slow you down before you have to get off.
As for the temp rig, yeah, total wobbly piece. Can't wait to get the rock solid tank of an 8020 rig and have a proper bucket seat and race posture and position.
Oh and yeah, my race car driving skills SUCK! I have sooooo much room for improvement. Can't wait to get more seat time and develope my skills!
I started to really think of the logistics of having a sim rig in my bedroom. Like just how the f is that gonna look and work. I guess just get long ass usb cables to go from the TV stand to the other side of the room for where the rig will be and just us VR. But that's a total ghetto ass solution. Probably just gonna say f it and have the rig in the living room and buy a dedicated 2nd PS5 just for the rig
It's also gonna be tempting to also have triples and a dedicated racing rig PC.
Now to go put my credit card in a block of ice so I won't be tempted to order the D-Box motion actuators. Yes, I know D-Box would require going to a PC solution :\
Damn it all to hell!
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2023.06.10 22:19 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Lana Sova – Launch Sequence Secrets ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 22:18 Dragonproof_Castle M4F: Valkyrie Down: A 40k plot

Metal screeched into the sky, followed by thick gouts of smoke and sparks as the engine died, spluttering out with its turbines. The Valkyrie transport seemed to slump, dipping it’s nose before the pilot yanked back on the stick. Panicked, his partner twisted in his seat to check on the cargo, even as shells from Ork Autocannons slammed into the hold. Below, the toxic ash wastes beckoned, promising radioactivity and death. All this, just for a damned box!

Miles away from the Valkyrie and it’s plight, an enormous lander ship set itself down upon a hive city’s landing pads ungracefully. Grotesque servitors and tech priests scurried around the huge, boxy ship like ants as steam hissed from the unfurling ramps, allowing daylight to flood into the ship. The massive object within stood patiently like a coiled spring, waiting for clearance to move out even as a welcoming party assembled to watch the spectacle.

For the stricken Valkyrie, there was no welcoming committee. There was only industrial waste leaning up from the radioactive fog, cranes and beams reaching up toward the craft as it’s altitude got lower and lower. With.the wastes eager to claim their prize, the co pilot began frantically lobbing things out of the side doors. Food, ammunition, even seat cushions crossed the short distance to the toxic, fog shrouded sands below . For a brief moment, he considered throwing the box out too, before he remembered who had given them their mission. It was imperative that the cargo stayed. Not like a box that small would affect the weight.

The hive’s pads and strurs trembled as shockwaves rolled through them,, heralding the arrival of the lander’s occupant: the Phoenix Imperator. The collosal, twelve metre tall Imperial Knight stepped out onto the pads, pistons and servos powering huge feet that crashed onto the worn metal of the pad. It was hard to believe that all the power the war machine held was controlled by a single man, encased in Adamantium and Ion shields, with a Thunderstrike Gauntlet and heavy stubber to protect it. The true power of the Imperial Knight however was in it’s Thermal Cannon, capable of reducing tanks to a pool of molten metal in an instant, or vaporising bunkers in the blink of an eye.

Out amongst the Ash Wastes, no amount of adamantium could protect the pilots of the Valkyrie from it’s fate. Leering up from the toxic smog, the Valkyrie’s pilots didn’t spot a piece of rubble until it was far, far too late. The Valkyrie blundered into it’s doom as steel ripped apart the remaining engine. An explosion bloomed like a flower, beautiful and deadly before shrapnel eagerly tore through the pilot’s helmet. The aircraft span out of control wildly, ploughing into the radioactive soil and scraping out a long trench before it came to a rest on it’s side, it’s cargo strung out all over the terrain.

The crash meant nothing to most of the figures circling the Phoenix Imperator as it strode across the pad, almost shrouded in incense. As the vibrations from the Knight’s footsteps passed through the teeming mass of spectators, it unknowingly entered a second battlefield, far more destructive than the teeming hordes of Orks beyond the hive’s walls. A battlefield where it was prey.
Even as the knight's scion moved his war machine past her podium, the governess of the world remained scowling. Not only had her court techpriest ordered one her own Valkyries on an unsanctioned mission, she'd chosen to do so using two of her best pilots. Privately, she hoped it crashed. That way, it'd sabotage the Techpriest's schemes and allow her to send out a search party to steal whatever it was she wanted, right from under her nose. She already had the party lined up, including a promising girl from her own retinue of bodyguards. Besides, she could lure the Knight scion in with promises of power and wealth. If only that damned inquisitor would keep her nose out...
Arethia Jyre. That, as far as the governess was concerned, was the name of the inquisitor. An alter ego, but she didn't care what some bratty little governess thought. The inquisitor was here on the business of her ordo, especially where the Adeptus Mechanicus was concerned. She knew one of them had sent out a Valkyrie- even put a tracker on it. What she didn't know was what the cargo was. Still, she could always send out a party of inquisitorial agents to seize it, or recover the cargo should it crash. It would be a good test for a particularly enterprising young woman in her retinue. She'd be able to report back on this knight as well. If he was any good, he'd be a valuable addition to an inquisitorial retinue...
Of course, the governess and the inquisitor would want the Valkyrie and it's cargo. But, as far as the Adepta Sororitas Abbess was concerned, the relic contained within should be hers. After all, the ecclesiarchy dealt with faith and relics. Her sisters in the Orders Famulous knew what roughly the cargo would be, after all. Still, a rapid response unit of Sisters was prepared for anything, especially if the Valkyrie should fail to arrive. She'd ensured one of her own protégés was amongst the force. It would be a good test, if nothing else. Perhaps she'd even convince the Knight scion to save his soul and align with her convent...
The techpriest had given the now-wrecked Valkyrie it’s mission, after all. She'd damned the pilots of the gunship to slow deaths, be it through the blood that left the pilot’s body or the onslaught of radiation that now ensnared his partner. She had plans and grand designs for the cargo they had been ordered to carry at any cost, and would stop at nothing to see those plans come to fruition...
Hey there! Here I go again, posting a 40k prompt for the upteenth time! You'd have thought I'd learn my lesson by now but no, here my persistent ass is!
You may have also guessed by now that I’m a huge 40k fan! Also a fan of big stompy robots and forbidden romances, so it’s fairly natural that I’d make a knight focused plot. To set things in stone:

We’re on a hive world being visited by the local Ork Waaaagh! and you know what that means.
Meanwhile, there’s a 4 way political cold war between the governess of this planet, the sisters of battle, the admech and the Inquisition. To help turn the tide against the greenskins, I’ve just arrived in my Imperial Knight, completely unaware of the mess I’ve wandered into! Of course, this being the Imperium, everyone wants an Imperial Knight for an ally. Depending on how the dice rolls, we could be fighting orks, tyrannids, the Imperium or chaos.
AS FOR YOUR CHARACTER You’ll notice I’ve left your character pretty much open ended. That’s intentional! Ideally, you'll play a character within the retinue of either the Inquisitor, governess, techpriestess and the abbess, where you'll be sent with me on a mission that then kicks off the plot and its many consequences.

Obviously, there's a lot to read here, and a lot of lore backing it up. With that being said, Don't be too concerned or intimidated if you don't know too much about 40k. I don't bite much and the great part about being a 40k nerd is sharing the knowledge, so I'm happy to help out! I mainly RP on discord, but I’m happy to do PMs!
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2023.06.10 22:15 PaleontologistNo3267 [22M] Concerned about girlfriend's [23F] past relationship patterns and portrayal of exes

Hey Reddit,
I'm a 22-year-old male and have been dating my 23-year-old girlfriend for about 6 months now. Recently, I've been wrestling with some concerns regarding her past relationships and the way she talks about her exes. I could really use your perspective and advice.
When we met, we got close quickly but it was only after we grew close that she revealed she was currently in a relationship. We spent a lot of time together, often with her expressing discontent about her then boyfriend, even portraying him in a negative light, hinting towards abusive behaviour. Meanwhile, she and I crossed a boundary and kissed. She was also often out partying and I suspect she may have spent a night with another guy. Two weeks after we met, she ended her relationship and soon after invited me over to their shared apartment, which resulted in us getting caught and thrown out by her ex. From my understanding, he had allowed her to stay rent-free with the single condition of not bringing another guy home until she moved out post-breakup.
In her previous relationship (the one before her most recent ex), she and her then-partner decided to open up their relationship after they stopped being intimate. They had certain agreed-upon rules, including a veto rule, which she broke by sleeping with her most recent ex for a few months and presenting him officially to her friends and family before officially leaving her then-partner. Here too, she often spoke of her ex in negative terms.
Her pattern of overlapping relationships, breaking established boundaries, and the way she talks about her exes have been causing me concern. It's worth mentioning that her exes, from what I've been able to glean, seemed like pretty regular guys and not abusive as she has suggested. Currently, we're in a long-distance relationship as she's away on an internship, and these past patterns and concerns have been intensifying my anxiety.
I genuinely care for her but I'm unsure how to navigate this situation. I'm struggling to understand if my worries are just unfounded fears or if there's a real possibility of these patterns repeating. I'm seeking advice on how to approach this conversation with her, how to interpret her negative portrayal of her exes, and how to handle my own anxiety about the situation. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. How do you think I should approach this situation?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts, everyone.
TL;DR: My girlfriend's past relationship patterns of overlaps and broken boundaries, along with her negative portrayal of her exes, are causing me anxiety. We're currently long-distance due to her internship. Looking for advice on how to address these issues and manage my concerns.
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2023.06.10 22:13 thooky Transfering from Android to iOS

Hello everyone, I've got quite a problem here. I would like to transfer my acc from android (I was linked to Google Play) to iOS but there is a catch I performed "Restore to fabric default" on android. After installing Ensekai again, even though I logged into my google play acc with the original mail I used, somehow game treats me like a new player, refusing to load my old profile. Does anyone know how to return my old data, or where should I ask for help (player support, gamedevs, etc.)?
Thanks for your time.
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2023.06.10 22:12 Outrunfire0290 Anyone else had bad experiences asking permission for private ponds?

Earlier today knocked on this guys door immediately stuck my hand out for a hand shake and said “sorry if I’m intruding but I wanted to know if I could fish your pond a little” the guy got all pissed off immediately and said I was “overstepping my boundaries” and said that I think just because I’m young I can get anything I want. I just don’t get how I can try so hard to be nice and just get shit on. I will never be mad at someone for saying no but geez
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2023.06.10 22:09 ShortySwiper Kill Cams

Why hasn’t apex implemented a kill cam after your squad has been completely killed to see how you actually died? I’m sure it would cut down on cheating and Cronus users because you’d actually be able to tell if someone is cheating and report them appropriately.
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2023.06.10 22:06 notarealgrrl 36 [T4M] Colorado - May I stay with you?

I kinda got shunned for being trans, but now I'm struggling to get back on my feet.
I'm a sys admin and have been doing web work to stay afloat.
But I need some help with a stable home and sooner hugs.
I'll get a job quickly so I'll be out of your hair in no time.
I'm Ashley and here are some of my pics:
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2023.06.10 22:01 theoneguyonreddits Think about this asshole on your off days from reddit

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2023.06.10 22:01 Erutious Stragview Stories: Midnight Visitation

Jasper frowned as he read over the letter, the summons looking like no other mail he’d ever received.
On Saturday, you are summoned to attend Midnight Visitation as part of your rehabilitation. Attendance is non-negotiable, and refusal will result in forced attendance followed by time spent in solitary. Be ready by no later than eleven. The Warden
“Whoa, that's pretty cool,” said Gavin, reading over his shoulder, “Who do you know that would come all the way down here at midnight to see you?”
Jasper didn’t know, and he told him as much. He was in here for killing the last person who had given a crap about him, and he couldn’t think of anyone who would make the trip in the daytime, let alone at night. His parents had disowned him after he’d killed her, and most of his family refused to have anything to do with him. Some of his cousins would still accept his letters, but few of them would bother to write back. Jasper was perplexed by the invitation, but, by the sound of it, it wasn’t much of an invitation anyway. Attendance seemed to be mandatory, and he was pretty sure most of the guards on the compound would enjoy dragging him there in chains.
The letter had come with their mail, and it was one of the few times the guard had called his name. The last year and a half had been difficult for Jasper, but he was getting used to making it on his own. He’d done it all his life, hadn’t he? His mom and dad had been too busy with their own thing to care about their middle child. Barbara was the smart one, Reggy was the athletic people person, and Jasper…well, Jasper was the screw up. His grades had never been too good, his achievements few and far between, and when Grace had come into the picture, his parents figured it was the best Jasper could do.
Jasper had agreed with them. Grace had been his everything from the moment she agreed to go steady with him. Grace was motivated, a natural saleswoman who had strived for something more than middle management. She had a successful business by the time she graduated college, and Jasper was happy to stay at home and keep the house. Jasper provided her with stability, someone to come home to who lacked the means to do any better, but he couldn’t give her the one thing she wanted.
That's why she had left him, and that's why he had killed her.
He couldn’t stand to be apart from her, couldn’t stand for her to be with someone else, and now he was stuck in Stragview for his lapse in judgment.
That's what made the note so cryptic, and the longer he thought about it, the shorter the list of people who would come all the way out here at night became.
He did a little more than wait, he supposed. Jasper had asked around about this Midnight Visitation, but no one seemed to know much about it. The younger guys all shook their heads, and the older guys clammed up when he asked them. It was like a magic spell had been cast over the whole thing, and when you asked some of these guys, it seemed to sap the life out of them before your eyes. Garth, one of the more gregarious murderers on Jasper’s block, had looked downright scared when he’d asked him about the visitation.
“I can’t say nothin,” Garth had said, “and neither will you once you go. It’s a secret that you keep after that. It’s something that changes you, or you keep going back till it does.”
“What changes you?” Jasper had asked, but Garth wouldn’t say anymore.
“Get away from me. Get away, before he thinks I told you.”
He’d left in a hurry then, their chess game only four moves in, and Jasper found he had more questions than before.
He supposed that all would be answered on Saturday, and as the days passed, he found himself a little excited by the whole idea of the thing.
When Saturday night finally arrived, Officer Gauge found him on his bunk, his best uniform still looking ragged, as he waited for whatever might come. Gauge held out a pair of cuffs, telling Jasper that he’d have to cuff him before they left. Jasper nodded, putting his hands behind his back, but Gauge told him that in the front would be fine. Jasper shrugged, it was his show, and let him cuff him in the front. Some of the guys who were still awake made suggestive noises as he left, some of them telling him to enjoy his “night visit”, but a lot of the older guys were noticeably quiet.
Gauge led him to the visitation area, the little spot behind the staff check-in area, and when Jasper shook his cuffs at him, Gauge told him to sit down and put his hands on the eye hook on the table. There were a few guys in here, some of them Jasper knew, but most he didn't, and they all seemed to be cuffed to the protruding hook in the center of the table. Jasper started to buck, but realized it wouldn’t do any good. Whatever this was, they would have him one way or another. He set his hands down on the table, and Gauge pulled a lock out of his pocket. He secured Jasper to the spot before leaving in an all fired hurry.
Whatever was about to happen, Gauge clearly didn’t want any part of it.
Jasper glanced around the room, taking in the men who sat around him. There were about twelve in all, all of them shackled to the table, and they were all spaced so that at least three chairs separated them from another inmate. Most of them looked confused or unsure, but a couple of them looked like they knew what was coming; knew and weren’t looking forward to it. One of them, a big bald bruiser named Dennis, had his head against the table as he cried nakedly between his elbows. Another who Jasper didn’t know was praying in fast spanish. A third, Jasper thought his name might be Conroy, was thrashing around as he pulled at his bonds. His eyes were roving around like a scared horse, and he kept pulling at his cuffs until he heard a lock click near the back of the room.
Then he went still and Jasper thought he saw him listening for something.
A pair of double metal doors at the back of the room burst open then, and Jasper saw a small group walk in unattended by guards. Two of them were children, a pair of twins who looked ghostly under the dim fluorescents. One was a dark haired woman who sat down in front of the man as he prayed. The last was a tall, homely woman who took the seat across from a younger inmate that Jasper couldn’t put a name to. The young man stiffened as she sat down, and the pair was close enough that Jasper could suddenly see that the problem wasn’t the womans face, but rather what was on it. She had a crop of mold growing from ear to ear and as it wove around her eyes, it made her look like she was wearing glasses.
“Hello, Emanuel.” she said, her voice thick but not unhappy to see him, “I see prison had suited you.”
“What the fuck is this?” the inmate said, trying to back away and failing as the chains caught him, “you ain’t real. You look like my ma, but you ain’t my ma.”
“Of course I am, Em. How else would I know about how you drowned me in the bathtub? How else would I know what you did to me before you buried me in the basement? How else would I know how much you cried before you turned yourself in? You felt me watching you from the corner of your room, and it ate at you until you couldn’t take it anymore. The same way,” She leaned in slyly as she grinned, “that you ate at me after I was gone.”
The inmates started making a sound like someone choking on air. He kept pulling away from the woman, but the chains brought him up yet again. Jasper looked away, but he could see similar scenes of horror unfolding around him as more people joined them. The twins sat down in front of the sobbing man, but he wouldn’t lift his head. He wouldn’t look at them, couldn’t look at them, but the longer Jasper looked, the more he could see the bruises around the necks. The deep purple marks looked like individual fingers, and they seemed incable speaking through their bruised throats. They sat menacingly across from him, and every peek he gave them was followed by a hopeless cry of terror.
Others came, men, women, children, mothers, fathers, wives, and everything in between. The inmates' reactions were as varied as the specters. One man could only repeat the phrase “I’m sorry” as a half naked boy of seventeen sat silently across from him. The mother and son he had seen first were now sitting with her hands on his as he rocked and shook his head in negation. What could only be an older man's parents asked if he were proud of what he’d done to them, but he only sat silently and stared right through them.
Jasper wondered when it would be his turn, but he didn’t have long to ponder.
“Sorry I’m late, dear. The commute was dreadful.”
His breath came out as little more than a puff of smoke, and when he turned to look at her, Jasper could tell that it was Grace only by the necklace that she wore. He’d given her that necklace for their third anniversary, and he supposed her parents had left it on her when they buried her. Her face, a face he had loved so much, was gone. She looked like a burn victim, like a used up match stick, and the eyes that looked back at him glowed from empty sockets. Jasper wanted to scream, wanted to pull away as her red and oozing hand came out to touch his, but he couldn’t muster the strength.
She was burnt, her beauty stolen in death, and that too was his fault.
After he’d blind sided her, begging for another chance, she had told him to get lost. She said she couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t give her children, and suggested that he go back to his moms house before her new boyfriend found them together. At the mention of a new boyfriend, he grabbed her by the neck as she turned away and slammed her head against the wall of the stairwell outside her apartment. He had kept right on doing this until she stopped struggling, and even then he did it a few more times. He only stopped when her head began to dribble something besides blood and he realized he had broken her skull. He was scared then, afraid that he would get caught, and when he put her in his car, he wasn’t sure what he intended to do with her.
The police had caught him in his parents backyard, one of her neighbors having seen the whole thing, but by then, Grace had been a charcoal briquette.
He’d heard the funeral had been closed casket, but apparently they hadn’t closed it tight enough.
“Whats wrong dear? Didn’t you tell me you couldn’t live without me? I believe it was a little bit before you smashed my head against the wall. I assumed that, since you’d taken all that time to burn me, that you wanted me to look this way. Well, have a good look, Jasper. See what you’ve done to your Grace!”
Every word she spoke sent flakes of her tongue and lips onto the table, onto his hands, and onto Jasper’s face. She was leaning in closer, bringing her horrible visage closer to him, and Jasper felt his sanity beginning to whimper. As she brought the remains of her blackened lips together, he added his scream to the others. As they pressed against his flesh, he let his eyes roll up to the whites. He tried to stay conscious, but the sheer horror of the situation was eroding his mind. This couldn’t be. Things like this weren’t real. Grace was dead, she couldn’t come back to torment him.
As he regained consciousness, he found that he was still chained to the table and the terrible Grace was still sitting across from him.
“You seem to have gotten a little sleepy, my love. That's okay. The Warden was nice enough to extend invitation for the whole night, and I was more than happy to come and see my best fella.”
Jasper screamed, screamed until his throat broke, and when Gauge opened the door at five o’clock, all those present were as silent as the grave.
Gauge led them away like a flock of lambs, easily correcting them when they tried to stumble out of line. He had been doing this for a while, two or three years at least, and he had learned not to question what went on behind that door. He heard begging, screaming, the mad laughter of the deranged, and at the end of the month, he found an extra five hundred dollars added to his check for every Midnight Visitation he conducted.
His smile curdled when he remembered what the Warden had said to him when he gave him the position.
“I know you’re struggling to feed your appetites, and its only a matter of time before you end up inside these walls for doing something foolish. Why not let me help you feed those urges, and in exchange, I won't tell anyone what sort of debauchery you get up to in your spare time.”
The Warden was a weird one, but Gauge had to admit that he always kept his promises.
Gauge wondered what he put these poor saps through, but quickly put it out of his mind.
The Wardens games were none of his concern, and how he chose to discipline his inmates was his business.
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2023.06.10 21:55 Magalol Something weird i spotted on the Launcher... can you see it?

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2023.06.10 21:55 kh5418 Wife doesn’t know who dad is

Hey everyone! Wasn’t sure exactly how to word the title, but it’s true. On my wife’s 25th birthday, my mother in law called to tell us that her “dad” may not be her biological dad. 😩 Since then, she’s understandably been going through an “identity crisis” for lack of better words. It makes it even worse that due to her dad’s alcoholism, they’ve been estranged for about 7 years (also her parents divorced when she was a child and do not get along at all). She was always treated differently growing up because she has extremely fair skin and bright blue eyes, and everyone on her dad’s side including her only sibling has strong Lumbee Indian physical characteristics. The brown skin, long dark brown/black hair, dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, etc. Everyone called her the “milk man’s daughter” growing up because she doesn’t look like anyone on her mom or dad’s side either one. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Anyway, her mom has said that the only other person it could be was her “first love” that she was dating right before she got together with her presumed dad. She was 17 and still in high school and my wife doesn’t hold it against her. The man does have a wife and daughter, which would obviously make it a tricky situation to navigate if the results aren’t what we expect. Not to draw conclusions, just merely making observations, my wife admits to sharing many of the same physical characteristics as the other man, and I have to agree. 😬 Her dad doesn’t know any of this, he’s a severe alcoholic and has extreme anger issues and wouldn’t tolerate it well at all, so it’s best he doesn’t know unless results say he isn’t, then she’d tell him.
She’s turning 29 in July. It took her up until recently when we started family planning to work up the courage to want to test. We’re a lesbian couple planning on growing a family and looking into reciprocal IVF, and now obviously it’s even more important for her to know family history as far as health goes.
All that to say, I ordered her a kit today. She doesn’t know yet. We’re relatively new to this, so I’m wondering how much it’ll show as far as her biological dad’s characteristics? Her dad and the other man have very stark differences. Will it help that we know 100% that her “dad” has very strong Native American genes? I’m not sure what all the results show, so any information that we can expect or even just someone she can relate to with a similar experience is appreciated. ❤️ Good luck to everyone else searching, too!
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