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2023.05.30 00:37 mellabarbarella Super interesting read

I cried relief tears reading this particular part because I hadn’t felt so seen before:
"If you're a girl, if you're a person of color, if you're gender nonconforming," Price says, "you're more likely to be seen as a problem to be contained."
Struggling to mask for me right now, after being diagnosed a few months ago in my 30s, has me considering quitting my job with incredible benefits and other things because I know my body and mind can’t go through more masking trauma to enjoy the slightly above average (note: not exceptional) quality of life my job affords.
Reading this was so validating. I’ll listen to the whole show at some point, but I’d love to hear thoughts from anyone who has read Devon Prince’s books or even just your thoughts on the article.
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2023.05.30 00:36 TheKawaiiFairyLake Very odd protocol at the place I will get laser hair removal at

Very weird protocol for the place I’m getting laser hair removal at
I’m 18 and planning on getting my first session of Laser Hair Removal in 5 days. My chest and belly area, legs, and arms (and hands to some extent)
However, I’ve been informed that the beauty center that I will get the laser hair removal at requires for me to NOT shave prior to the session. Apparently, they want me to come to the session with my hair untouched so they can see how hairy the body parts are, and then they will shave it themselves and start the laser operation right after?!
I must ask…why? I’ve researched online and everywhere I check I get told that you must shave before your first session, prior to going. This seems to be the common protocol and I haven’t seen anywhere that asks differently.
Is this normal? Also, my arms and most of my legs are untouched, but I’ve been shaving my chest and belly for years and they’re currently clean shaven as body hair gives me so much dysphoria. Am I doomed for the appointment when they check my body and notice that my chest and belly is clean shaven so they can’t measure the hair and see what it looks like?
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2023.05.30 00:36 Few-Rooster8651 MBTI bible for self-improvement and self-awareness

https://mbti-notes.tumblr.com/ Hey there! INTP buddy here. I found this blog some months ago and it was enlightening for me, it's THE APPROACH to MBTI/Jungian type theory. It goes really depth on how to use your cognitive stack to gain more self-awareness and solve by yourself your personality flaws (for serious problems please consult a mental health professional). It contains a bit of everything, from developing your functions to how to overcome egocentrism, aka the enemy number 1 to your personal growth.
I've suffered from Ti-Si loop for a long time, which is very similar to the Fi-Si loop of INFPs (which I find even scarier, as you may find yourself brooding over unpleasant emotions. I'm very sorry for that)
Happy reading to everyone! Hope this can be helpful. Have a nice day!
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2023.05.30 00:36 Zenshur_ VERY Active War and Donation Clan Seeks 20 More Members. [5000] ELITE ROYALS #2JGGQQ99

Current Members: 47 Clan Trophies: 64,983 War Trophies: 2305 War League: Gold II Clan Established: 2018
Are you in a clan where you feel like you are pulling most of the weight? Or maybe frustrated in a clan that started strong but now has a bunch of inactive members with no accountability (leadership is not booting people). Or you donate but don't get much back for your efforts?
We are a VERY active war / donations clan. Everybody contributes their required share and we all win in many ways. We have a really cool, chill respectful group with active chat. We win River Wars / Colosseum consistently, taking either 1st or 2nd the last 4 months. Check our stats at Royaleapi website.
Clan Requirements: 1. Use all four war decks every battle day (Thurs / Fri / Sat / Sun) in PvP clan wars. 2. Donate 200 cards a week.
I follow up and track our numbers every week. Players that don't complete their battles for us are made aware, then kicked if they don't bring performance up.
You can rejoin the clan one more time after being kicked.
Our goals for every clan member: 1. To put a war chest with a legendary into your deck every week. 2. To get you the donations you need 3. To provide a supportive chill environment in the clan chat where you can ask questions, share your matches (victories AND losses), and get tips / support if there's an aspect of the game you are having trouble with. We are also on Discord as well!
Earning Elder promotion is open to anyone and we can go over the requirements once you join.We are set to invite only right now. If you think we are a good fit, type in our clan ID ##2JGGQQ99 in the 'advanced search' in the game and you'll find us very easily. Send us a join request!
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2023.05.30 00:36 Natural_Cow_2468 PSA: If you love the game and want it to grow, only use positive emotes

Every player counts, and there’s no need to ruin a random new player’s day. Even if you’re in a stack and are having fun with your friends, remember that the enemy team are people too.
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2023.05.30 00:36 vilebubbles Nothing entertains my toddler

Looking for play suggestions. My almost 3 year old is non verbal asd, developmentally (besides speech) at about a 2 year old level. Nothing I do entertains them. They are bored and whining all day and I’m going nuts.
They go to an aba clinic and play with other kids 3-4 hours a day every day. We go to the park 3-4x a week, we go on a walk and play out back and in the kiddie pool 2-3 times a day. But they still spend almost every moment whining and tearing up the house out of boredom while I’m sitting there trying to engage them and play with kinetic sand, water guns, a fort, puppets, coloring, painting, sensory toys, books, a swing, mini trampoline, a ball popper, kid rock climbing wall, throw them on the crash pad, puzzles, stack blocks, stickers. They’ll look at what I’m doing for 3 seconds then back to whining and trying to escape out front or break into the kitchen (even though I give them plenty of snacks and foods to eat whenever they want).
I’ve even tried a dozen or so of those activities you see on Pinterest or TikTok (cottonball drop, ice toys, etc).
I’m tired of just getting frustrated and turning the tv on.
I don’t know what else to try. I’m kind of going crazy with the whining and escape attempts. I would love any ideas of activities and toys that your toddler actually enjoys.
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2023.05.30 00:35 redchris96 Between a rock and a hard place

Hello, I'm having quite a struggle with my mental health, I feel like there's something heavy above my head and I can't really tell it to anyone. Apologies if this post will be too long or boring but I just need to get this out of myself atleast somehow. So here I go.
I (26M) and my girlfriend (23F) have been dating for a couple years now. Our relationship started on a very positive, pleasant and fulfilling notes, to me personally she felt and still feels like winning a jackpot. Have you ever thought how many times in your life you've wished or encountered a thought, to have some specific quality, attribute, or basically anything that you'd think to yourself and go "that's what I want my partner to be like"? And it doesn't have to go into very important or deep qualities, it can be also some little details that you ever wanted.
Well, she is that person to me. Or at least it seemed like until some time ago. The thing is, we moved in together relatively early on in a relationship, and at the time we had incredible struggles with work, adapting to all changes, depression, etc. Fights were unavoidable, sometimes lasting for hours or days, but each time we managed to somehow self reflect, come to some conclusions and solutions how to deal with the problem. One of these problems on the table happened to be the topic of sex. I perceive myself as a person with higher sex drive and even tho she is as well, the exhaustion affected her much more than me. I was communicating with her about this problem, taking into consideration her issues and energy and everything as well, but to me it didn't really seem like it changed much. Or, if the change in our relationship happened, it would usually not last for too long and soon we would be back on the old tracks. This was happening similarly like that with other issues I brought in the table. And who knows, maybe she feels the same way, I don't know.
Overtime I started feeling like the pressure is building up and affecting me very negatively. I started enjoying spending time with her less and less, I was anxious around her, waiting when and where will another problem emerge, what did I do wrong again etc. This made me feel progressively more and more feeling like this relationship will not last, even tho my initial thoughts were that there is no way I am ever dating anyone else (still was present 1 year in relationship or so). I started disrespecting her more, thinking if she can raise her voice why can't I, if she can be bothered by this completely random bs and blame it on me because of her mood swings, why can't I.
Whene these problems and our bed issues connected, I snapped and fucked up. First I started watching porn and jerking off by myself, whether she's home or not. Privately of course as that would result in a fight. But I feel like I'm either a completely egoistic fucked up human being, or something just broke me. I decided to download snapchat and try to get someone to send me nudes.
I probably don't have to go far for yall to understand this started to be a "habit" of mine. I'd spend hours and hours on the app trying to find someone with specific requests, looking for ppl online, trying and failing. Then deleting the app, deleting the account, erasing everything, and in a few weeks rinse and repeat. I don't want to know in how many chats I have ended up in, even tho I must say I never bought anything, never paid for anything and most of the accounts were just bots (not an excuse, I know).
Right now I am sitting and processing a way out of this situation. My head and heart are confused, I feel like even with this post all I'm trying to do is to excuse my shitty and filthy behavior. I'm stuck in a loop of doing it, feeling regretful and stupid, knowing such person as she is does not ever deserve something like that, then thinking that one way or another we will break up because I'm so emotionally and mentally drained, and the circle closes. I don't know if I still love her due to our issues, I feel like they really affected me on a deep level, but did they really? Is my mind not just cloudy from all the negativity that was present in the recent times?
To anyone making it all the way here, thank you. I appreciate any kind words or words of advice, even tho I don't really feel like I deserve any of that.
And I know my description of her in this post is very mundane. She is not like that. She is a very cheerful, kind hearted person with good intentions, she is extremely self reflective and aware of her own behavior. She didn't deserve any of this.
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2023.05.30 00:35 rayw_reddit North America eSIM AT&T AND T-Mobile, AND Rogers 5G/LTE 4 GB for $8 that lasts 365+ days (or forever if you refill $3/year) - KeepGo Referral

Use the link to generate your code - copy it, and sign up for a KeepGo account using the "Shop" button.
Buy a "Sagittarius" eSIM of at least 1 GB ($8).
Afterwards go to your added lines and click More details and Redeem bonus data. Paste your generated code from earlier.
You'll now see the full 4 GB balance on your line with 365 day expiry.
You can roll over all of the data for another 365 days with the smallest refill amount on the 364th day.
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2023.05.30 00:35 Mongar95 Maybe I am in the wrong. But I’m done. Too much sickness and selfishness going around.

I’ve been sick with long Covid for 11 months now. I’m slowly improving but it’s been a very tough battle. I might have some scars left that will never heal. I lost my engineering job and my spot to go to the Air Force Reserves. I was completely destroyed since my siblings and I grew up in an abusive household and I didn’t even think I would make it this far in life. My accomplishments in life are all I have. My family is all I have. My mother has an autoimmune disease and needs all the help she can get when she gets super sick or lands in the hospital. It was super tough to see her fighting for her life twice in the hospital while I was fighting long Covid myself and was very limited to what I could do to help her. My brother and sister live with my mom in a house I was able to put in a down payment on and get the loan. At 578 a month it was the cheapest I could get for a 3 bedroom. My brother is 23 but refuses to work because working makes him “anxious and depressed”. Wow… literally all of us. I told him if he couldn’t work to provide for himself then he needed to leave. He still lives there doing nothing all day. My sister is in college and this summer she wants to have an internship an hour away even though she has no car and has no experience driving on a busy highway where there are way too many accidents to count. So I told her to scrap it for this summer and try getting a summer internship closer to home or try for another summer getting that same internship when things weren’t so crazy. She got upset and agreed. However, she later turned around and applied to the internship anyway and told me about it. Of course I got upset with her and told her why. 1.) she needs to practice more to drive in a highway like that before she commits. 2.) she should focus on trying to get the car she needs in the first place 3.) the timing with everything going on is terrible and it adds more stress to the situation. Mom needing more help around the house since I can’t help her like I used to. She didn’t care and said she would do it no matter what happened even if she got in an accident. Of course, we had our falling out and haven’t talked since. Over the years I have bent over backwards for her to get her what she wants but in doing so she has learned to not take a no as an answer even if it harms someone else. I have also noticed that little things I get compliments for (my long wavy “mermaid” hair) she tries to copy and if someone else has something she likes she goes out of her way to buy something similar. When someone suggested a certain hair product to me, she went to buy it for herself. At first it didn’t bother me, but with the years she kept doing things like that and it got annoying. Long story short, I now see her as selfish and a low key jealous individual. My brother just wants every excuse to be lazy and then blame it on every one else. Yes, I have my faults but I no longer want to associate with them. My sister tried to patch things up and I refused. I told her “you made your choice so I’m Making mine.” Call me childish but with long Covid and my mom being this sick my priority is family and this just broke me. I no longer want a relationship with them and will only do things for my mom from now on.
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2023.05.30 00:35 rayw_reddit North America eSIM AT&T AND T-Mobile, AND Rogers 5G/LTE 4 GB for $8 that lasts 365+ days (or forever if you refill $3/year) - KeepGo Referral

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Buy a "Sagittarius" eSIM of at least 1 GB ($8).
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You'll now see the full 4 GB balance on your line with 365 day expiry.
You can roll over all of the data for another 365 days with the smallest refill amount on the 364th day.
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2023.05.30 00:35 rayw_reddit North America eSIM AT&T AND T-Mobile, AND Rogers 5G/LTE 4 GB for $8 that lasts 365+ days (or forever if you refill $3/year) - KeepGo Referral

Use the link to generate your code - copy it, and sign up for a KeepGo account using the "Shop" button.
Buy a "Sagittarius" eSIM of at least 1 GB ($8).
Afterwards go to your added lines and click More details and Redeem bonus data. Paste your generated code from earlier.
You'll now see the full 4 GB balance on your line with 365 day expiry.
You can roll over all of the data for another 365 days with the smallest refill amount on the 364th day.
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2023.05.30 00:35 kjcarrot Right Person Never the Right Time

You're no longer my biggest what if because I have come to accept that we'll never get that right timing.
After all those missed opportunities, push and pulls, despite already knowing that we had once felt the same about each other...I have come to accept that we can't be anything more than friends.
And that's fine.
It's enough for me seeing you grow, knowing you're doing good, knowing you're happy even though it's not because of me but it's always a bonus to my day if I get to make you smile or laugh.
Kinda miss our morning walks tho but I'll be going back home soon and I hope we can do that again every once in a while.
I know we still talk almost everyday but these are things I know are better left unsaid between us. I still feel a bit of longing every once in a while but not enough to want to chase after you.
I'll just stand by the sidelines now but I'll always be around to support you.
I hope you get to reach your dreams in this lifetime. 🤍
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2023.05.30 00:35 Ok-Moment3660 Am I (38F) wasting time waiting for him (39M) to work on his issues?

I (38F) am really hung up on this dude(39M). We knew each other for years and finally dated. He'd just ended long term toxic relationship and we both knew better than to get involved but we did it anyway. Our connection was/is incredible. We shared values and very specific life goals. He struggled with his mental health throughout our year and a half of dating, and the longer we were together the less he shared with me, until he reached a point where he said he needed to end things. He left the relationship to work on himself. He's doing the work (or is at least in weekly therapy). He's told me not to wait for him. That he doesn't know if or when he'll be able to have the relationship that he wants to have with me. But at the same time he says he loves me and that there isn't anyone else he wants to be with, he just can't be with anyone, including me right now. Anytime I give him the option of not talking to me he says he doesn't want that. An acquaintance told me that it was manipulative of him to say what he said when we broke up, that he needed to figure out how to live for himself, because there were many days where he felt like he was only staying alive for me and my kid. That he did very much want the future we'd imagined together, but that he was scared that we'd start working on it, achieve things, then one day he'd wake up ten years from now and none of it would be enough, he'd take his own life. And he didn't want to do that to us. That he needed to figure out if he was able to get beyond that feeling.... It's been over 6 months and we still talk, things were progressing conversation-wise, but he's retreated again. I'm in therapy too but I'm really struggling to figure out what to do. My therapist met him and agrees with his declaration that he is avoidant. Therapist says that the continued contact could be him avoiding the confrontation of letting me go, or could be a genuine desire to keep me in his life.
Looking back on our relationship, there was a lot of "one day"ing going on... In believing that things would be better one day.... And parts of me still feels that. But when I step back and look at things from an outsiders standpoint, I'd kindly tell a friend in this situation that no amount of hope and love can fix someone else. Even if they want to be fixed.... You can't do it for them. You can't carry a relationship on your own. Parts of me believes that it's possible that he'll figure his shit out and we can have a future together. I wasn't dating when I met him. No one had piqued my interest in the least. I'm okay with being on my own. But I also want him. He's not available to me. My own mind is struggling to decipher if I was just projecting my wishes upon what we had. While the constructs of the relationship was flawed, the feelings were genuine. He loved(loves) me and my kid and my dog in a way that I hadn't felt before. And I love/loved him fiercely. But love isn't enough. I feel like I'm deluding myself into thinking that our feelings for one another make up for all the things that were lacking. My needs were often unmet, and for some reason I seem to be okay with that. Even knowing that I deserve and want more. I don't particularly believe there is one person for each of us, but being with him just felt right. It was quieter with him. All the shitty stuff in the world was a little more tolerable. The noise inside my own head was less so. We could just be together. Even when he was pulling away and I was struggling with that, it was still a struggle I was willing to endure in order to be there for the good at the end of it. I wish he'd sought therapy while we were together and I think that's part of my issue, is that I don't understand why he can't be in a relationship with me and still work on himself. Even if I understand it clinically (he said he had bounced from relationship to relationship for 20+ years and didn't know who he was on his own), my heart doesn't understand why you'd let go of someone who you claim to love in such a way... I've never really been in a relationship that didn't have some sort of turmoil going on. I don't know what I would do with someone who wasn't a mess. Maybe I seek out people who are a wreck so that I won't be the one who is the messy one. I want him to get better and the idea of us having a life together is a happy one. But I don't think he will. I think the possibility of being that happy is too much and too daunting and he's afraid that he won't succeed, so he can't fully try. He'd rather live the dead end life that he's had for 30 years, and drink himself to death, than to put in the work and have a beautiful life full of people who love him. Because it's easier to not try than it is to try and disappoint his loved ones. Maybe? I don't know. I feel shitty for even saying that because I want to believe that it's not true. But he's shut me out and won't tell me what's going on. Yet again, when I ask if he wants me to leave him alone, he doesn't want that. Am I being foolish? Or more foolish than I already think I am? Am I torturing myself or am I being true to my heart by continuing to love this person through this difficult time? Every time I step back and say "that's enough" something happens to make me stay in this, he'll give me just enough to get the hope back again. I don't think he's doing it in a ill intended way, and likely not intentionally. But I just don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.05.30 00:35 purplechinacat Enjoying a Seal Your Face DIPA this Memorial Day evening

Enjoying a Seal Your Face DIPA this Memorial Day evening submitted by purplechinacat to gratefuldead [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:35 BanaanSausMan My first try at the Battle Frontier! (with dry battery and without one time tm’s)

So after I finished my Nuzlocke on my old Emerald cartridge I decided I had to play the “best post-game in all of Pokémon” and try my hand at the battle frontier.
However because of the dry battery of my cartridge and my use of the tm’s for shadow ball, earthquake, bulk up and calm mind during the Nuzlocke, I was pretty limited in my choices for mons and moves to use. I also don’t own another gameboy game, so trading is also not an option. I decided to only try the silver symbols and maybe at a later date try for the gold ones if I’d liked it enough. I actually managed to get all silver symbols pretty quickly!
Every team I see concurring the battle frontier has a Latios, so I also decided to use it, however I didn’t know it’s nature and IV’s were locked once you choose it after beating the champion. So I ended up with this Latios set, baring in mind I couldn’t use Calm Mind and Dragon Claw and my Lum berries were gone for some reason. (I did scoop up both Ice Beam and Thunderbolt from the game corner by buying some coins):
Latios (Naughty) Cheri Berry
IV’s: 17/11/20/24/7/28 EV’: 252 SATK/252 SPD/4 HP 1) Psychic 2) Surf 3) Thunderbolt 4) Ice Beam
Another Pokémon that was really popular in most teams, was Metagross. So i soft resetted for a Beldum with an attack boosting nature and decent IV’s. Seeing as I already had used my tm for Earthquake, I had to grind up a Linoone to lv. 91 in order to be able to get one through pickup. After some time I did and I also managed to get some Leftovers. Fortunately I did still have the tm for Brick Break.
Because I started with the Battle Factory I already had some BP, but not enough to get a Choice Band. So I went and did the Battle Pyramid second, because you can’t use held items. When I had enough BP I got the Choice Band and by that point I already got both the Factory and Pyramid medals. The Metagross set:
Metagross (Naughty) Choice Band
IV’s: 16/31/25/19/11/29 EV’s: 160 HP/ 252 ATK/ 96 SPD
1) Meteor Mash 2) Brick Break 3) Earthquake 4) Explosion (later replaced by Rock Slide)
So my last mon had to be bulky and I saw a lot people say Milotic was a good shout. So I went looking for Feebas, by having a fainted Sticky Hold Gulpin in the front of my party and fishing on every tile on route 119 with the Old Rod. After a while I managed to get a Feebas.
Ignorantly I went looking for a good natured one, not realising I couldn’t give it Hypnosis or Toxic. I ended up breeding my Torkoal with Toxic with a Psyduck, which offspring I would breed with a Calm Feebas, to get a Calm Feebas with Toxic.
Because of the dry battery of the game, I couldn’t plant any berries, so I scraped every beauty berry I could find and maxed out Feebas’s beauty. Then because the game doesn’t put your mons automatically to lv. 50, I grinded Milotic and Metagross to the same level as my Latios which was 61. After scooping up another Ice Beam, my Milotic set looked like this:
Milotic (Calm) Leftovers
IV’s: 9/1/31/21/22/10 EV’s: 252 HP/ 252 DEF/ 4 SATK
1) Surf 2) Ice Beam 3) Recover 4) Toxic
When the team was finally complete, I challenged the different facilities and managed to get most silver symbols on the first try!
I really enjoyed my experience actually team building with these old mechanics and although it tested my patience, I think it really is the best Pokémon has to offer post-game wise.
I hope maybe this post may help people with dry batteries and limited options enjoy the Battle Frontier, cause it is really fun!
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2023.05.30 00:35 Santhigramwellness Ayurveda Tips to Manage Acidity.

Acidity is a common problem that can cause discomfort and disrupt your daily routine. Here are some Ayurvedic tips to manage acidity:
  1. Drink lukewarm cumin water. Cumin is known for its digestive properties and can help alleviate acidity. Boil a teaspoon of cumin seeds in water and drink it lukewarm to reduce acidity and improve digestion.
  2. Walk after meals. Going for a short walk after meals can help improve digestion and reduce acidity. It also helps to prevent bloating and gas.
  3. Stay active and engage in any exercise. Regular exercise can help regulate digestion and prevent acidity. Choose any physical activity you enjoy, like yoga, jogging, or dancing, to keep your body active and healthy.
  4. Avoid eating citrus fruits. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are acidic and can aggravate acidity. Limit your intake of these fruits or avoid them altogether if you are prone to acidity.
  5. Limit your alcohol and coffee intake. Alcohol and coffee can irritate the stomach lining and increase acidity. Limit your intake of these beverages or avoid them if possible.

By following these Ayurvedic tips, you can manage acidity and prevent discomfort. Remember to practice mindful eating, chew your food properly, and eat smaller, frequent meals to regulate digestion and prevent acidity.
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2023.05.30 00:35 38special4you Do you want to see me create an 1811 stories subreddit?

I’ll create it and let an 1811 take it over. I’m not so much interested in the application process as i am your cases and how you structure your day to day lives.
If created the sub wouldn’t be an “1811 application” based sub. It would be a 1811 stories/thoughts/political opinions/ and career stories sub.
In other words, it would be more like the foreignservice subreddit.
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2023.05.30 00:34 RealisticTension5185 Tips on losing thigh fat?

Hi all! I’m a 21F my height is 5’2 (157cm) and my weight is 60kgs. My weight usually fluctuates between 55-57kg but recently my weight has increased due to studying all day because of exams. When I put on weight it’s most visible in my thighs. I have always struggled with confidence because of my body image issues. I can’t get myself to have sex as well with my partner only because of how having thick thighs affects how negatively I perceive my body. I would appreciate if anyone who has successfully lost thigh fat to help me out as well. It would really mean a lot if you could share your journey :) thank in advance
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2023.05.30 00:34 Short-Sundae-5755 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
Hello 👋 my name is Lanette I created this community just for the simple fact us moms need a place to escape and just do us rejuvenate exfoliate and just get our cool back we are always so tired run down in appreciated and just over worked all in all and I don't think anyone understands how us mother's really feel so I did this so when u are feeling some kind of way and we reach out to anyone to vent and just get some appreciated love and concern feedback I got you . Because ik what is like everyday I am a mother of three smallest being 4 and oldest being 10 constant fighting constant needs and cont everything not to mention the husband who just doesn't seem to really know what it feels like being a 24 hr 7days a week mom with no break time or pause button no sick days or vacation days literally none so it's nice to meet everyone and I hope all or anyone finds this place a place you can run and escape too so I am going to just do like a daily diary blog and just feel free anyone to join me and say what's in your mind and you diaries remember this is a SafeZone for all 24 hr mom's or 24 hr dad's please no judgement or negative vibes here if that's the case don't even bother coming here we want total piece and good vibes here 🥰
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2023.05.30 00:33 JustAGuywithTeeth Questions about Brushing, Sutures, and Bad Breath after about 7-ish days

It has been seven days since my extraction (5/23) of all four wisdom teeth. At this point in time, I feel fine. The pain is practically nonexistent, the swelling has gone down, and I'm back to getting mostly normal sleep.
However, I do have some questions as my surgeon only provided a little bit of information about recovery and they are currently closed for a few days.
- When can I begin to brush normally? I rinse with salt water after every meal and I started brushing most of my teeth a few days ago, but in fear of dry socket, I have been avoiding the back couple of teeth entirely. My breath smells pretty rank and I want to make sure I am not unnecessarily sacrificing the hygiene of the rest of my teeth because of dry socket.
- Should my sutures/stitches have dissolved by now? I've read that it varies somewhat from person to person (as does everything, it seems). My sutures look a particularly gnarly shade of green and have "appendages" stemming from the main trunk, kinda' looking like broccoli. I've eaten nothing of the sort, and I describe them in such detail because I worry that those suckers aren't in the condition they should be.
- At what point can activities such as spitting, sleeping on my side, eating normal food, etc. resume? I've read so many posts and articles at this point that the information is so jumbled in my brain, so it'd be handy to have some of those answers organized here for me. I've tried my best to care for my mouth and I'm worried that I might have either missed something or something else has sprung up that I am not knowledgeable enough to diagnose/understand. I want to return to a normal cleaning regiment as soon as possible, along with sleeping and eating, while ensuring that I am still caring for the extraction site.
Sorry for the rant and blasting of information. It may sound rather daft, but this almost feels more complex than other medical procedures sometimes. Knee replacement? Just lay around and get help from people to maintain a pseudo-normal life. Broke your arm? Very few issues, just wrap a plastic bag around it while showering. Slight exaggeration there, but you get the point. Having a disruption in such crucial areas of life like eating and cleaning is rough. Hope to make it out of this alive!
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2023.05.30 00:32 BrokeDumbOrphan Recent snaps

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