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2023.04.02 07:38 theatreshegoes I thought it was a superhero movie but now I’m not sure. They are walking ahead in somewhat slow motion while people around them are running away, presumably in a panic. The woman on the right has longish blonde hair. TIA!

I thought it was a superhero movie but now I’m not sure. They are walking ahead in somewhat slow motion while people around them are running away, presumably in a panic. The woman on the right has longish blonde hair. TIA! submitted by theatreshegoes to whatisthatmovie [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 07:37 Still_Needleworker11 Your Tomboy Girlfriend Comforts you after a Horrible Nightmare [F4M] [Wholesome] [Comfort] [Reassurance] [Hugging] [Kissing]

Context: You have a sleepover with your Tomboy Girlfriend, the next morning you wake up in a cold sweat and she comforts you and calms you down.
Tags:[F4M] [Wholesome] [Comfort] [Reassurance] [Hugging] [Kissing]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script.
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! YouTube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
[Scene opens up very early in the morning]
[SFX: Shuffling bed covers]
"Uh...hey, what's wrong?"
[She notice that you were crying]
"Hey buddy. Are you ok?"
[You franticly wipe off the tears and respond that you were fine]
"Well, clearly you're not fine. Come on, we go way back. This isn't like you. So, what's up?"
[You mention that you had a nightmare]
"Another Nightmare huh? What's that make; 3, 4..."
[You say seven]
"Seven Nightmares?"
[You say in a row]
"In a row?! I...I'm sorry dude. Did...did you want to talk about it?"
[You shake your head as she gets closer]
"Okay, look. Coming from me, it may seem misplaced...but I think that you should talk about it. At least to get it out there."
[Pause as she wraps her arms gently around you]
"I can't say from your perspective, but whenever I have a rough nightmare, especially as bad as where I'm crying at the end-"
[You try to interrupt her by saying you were not but she continues hushing you gently]
"Hey, it's ok. Believe it or not, I have nightmare's like that all the time."
[You ask really?]
"Why of course silly. Most of us have nightmares like that once in a while. So come on. Out with it, what was your nightmare about?"
[You explain the nightmare as she listens to you]
"I...I see. You had a nightmare that I didn't want to be your girlfriend anymore?"
[You nod]
"And that I would spread vicious rumors about you?"
[You nod]
"That...does seem like a rough nightmare."
"Tell you what, why don't you come closer."
"Come on, I promise this won't be bad. Just come here."
[You move closer to her]
"I meant a little closer."
"You really know what, I'll meet you half-way."
[She moves closer to you and holds you tight]
"Now that's more like it."
"I want you to listen to what I have to say, and more importantly just relax. Okay?"
[You nod]
"Good. Now these dreams that we have, even thought they feel so real are just that; dreams. No matter how real they may seem, they can't hurt us. It's not like Nightmare on elm street, and Freddy Kruger is going to get us in our sleep."
[You mention the times in the world that there was acceptation]
"Okay, so there may have been some times in the world that people have suffered issues in their sleep. You however don't have any of those. You want to know why?"
[You ask why?]
"Because I know you too well. If you did have these issues, I would of known it by now."
[She gently rubs your back]
"I know that this dream feels so real, so tell you what. I'll stay here, right next to you until you calm down. Okay?"
[You nod]
[SFX: Kissing followed by giggling]
[You ask what was that for?]
"Well, You looked like you were still very tense. I know that my kisses helps you "De-stress" a little. Especially after a nightmare like that."
"That and a nice comforting hug always seems to get your back to normal."
[SFX: Back rubbing]
"Now look, I normally don't ask of this from you but is there anything you need?"
[You ask if she could continue holding you]
"*Snicker* Is that really all? Just for me to continue holding you?"
[You nod]
"Okay, if that's what you want."
[She pulls you in closer]
"There now. Feel better?"
[You nod]
"You know if your parent's walk in, there has to be some sort of explanation that I have to give."
[You could say that she's doing her duties of a girlfriend]
"*Snicker* Doing my duties as your girlfriend? You really think that will work?"
[You look at her]
"Well, if you think it will work; I'll trust you."
[She gently cuddles you]
"Now just relax. Let me help you out."
[She laughs a little]
"Although, if this ever happened to me; You know you got to do this for me too. Right?"
[You nod gently]
"That's my brave-"
[You interrupt there for a second]
"Huh? What's wrong?"
[You say that your not brave]
"Oh, come on. You are so brave. Remember the time we watched all of the horror movies? You didn't flinch even once."
[You mention how often you watch it]
"Okay, true. If you know the jump scare is coming, it's not really that scary is it?"
[You nod]
"Yeah, even with the scary games you kind of laugh at them. Kind of like that Idol you use to watch, you know, the lioness?"
[You mention the idol's name]
"That's the one. Anyways, how does that not scare you but the dream does?"
[You ask why?]
"Well, just curious is all."
[You say why]
"So, if I get this straight; you are afraid of something that would more likely happen than not happen?"
[You nod]
"I mean when you put it like that. I guess you make a point."
[SFX: Kissing]
"*Giggle* Just so you know, this will be just between us. I can only imagine what your parents would say if they saw us like this. It was hard enough to just have us sleepover."
[You agree]
"Okay, so just rest here for now. If you want to go back to sleep, I'll let you. Just take it easy ok?"
[You nod]
"There we go. Just relax~"
[She gently hushes you continuously as you fall asleep]
"*Inner monologue* He shouldn't have to worry that I would do something like that. I would never harm him like that."
[She continues hushing to him as it fades to black]
[The end]
Note: Decided to do a one off, and since Tomboys can be fun to write I figure; why not? Hope you enjoyed reading this and have a lovely day/night.
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2023.04.02 07:36 ronsolocup [Spoilers] DnD movie Magic Item

Dnd Beyond put out stat information for all the magic items used in the movie, but there’s one in particular that I was interested in from the get go when it was mentioned. The Red Wizard Blade.
I’m not sure if Im allowed to paste the stats in here since its so new (though it was free to redeem) but for those who have seen it, what are your thoughts?
Essentially it is a dagger that does an extra 3d12 necrotic damage and creatures it kills cannot be revived except for by the use of a specific magic item that casts True Resurrection.
The movie makes it seem like the magic item is necessary, though I would consider the casting of the True Resurrection spell to be suffice, or through the obvious casting of Wish.
Anyway, I really like this weapon. The movie makes it seem fairly common in the Thayan wizard group, but I don’t think it could realistically be. Especially since the rarity is Legendary
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2023.04.02 07:36 KKKopsAreEvil Ernest Goes to Camp laserdisc screen captures

Ernest Goes to Camp laserdisc screen captures
Player: Pioneer CLD-99 through s-video's 3d comb filter. Probably won't see benefit unless anyone out there is still using crt monitors. I just capture through s-video for the hell of it. You can see some of the clv smearing in some of the screen captures. Ernest wearing the life guard is an example of clv smearing on this player. Looks to be above his upper lip where a long smear goes across. Pioneer CLD-99, CLD-703, CLD-704, and I believe the CLD-79 all suffer from noticeable clv smearing. This could be because they are producing such a high quality on the movies that it exposes some defects with clv format. If that's not what causes CLV smearing feel free to let us know what is causing it. I know my CLD-3080, CLD-53, and LX-900 do not have noticeable smearing like this.
Capture device: Hauppauge PVR
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2023.04.02 07:34 Big_Original9347 Am I overthinking this?

I met this guy on grnder in early february, we hooked up once, then a few more times, Id spend longer each time. A few times then we went to get a drink near his place or watch a movie. Did some other things as a 'date' I guess.,Then I started spending the night and did that a few times. Everything's been nice but very casual, intentions of a relationship was never brought up and he gives me mixed signals. For example, he rarely texts me unless I do first. We don't really chit chat a lot outside of when we're hanging out and he doesn't seem to make a lot of effort with texting. We're both also still on grinder,
and then last night, we went to see a movie and after we left he said his mom and her boyfriend were having drinks and asked if I wanted to go join them.. so I met his mom. It was light and fun, very causal, they talked about family things sometimes and I felt included. But now Im very confused on his intentions... he seems to keep it very casual but then introduces me to his mom who he always said he was pretty close to. Is that normal and I'm just overthinking about everything? Is 2 months too soon to meet his parents? I want to just relax and don't worry about labels but the mixed signals are hammering in my head
thanks for outside perspectives, appreciated
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2023.04.02 07:33 8158555 33 [M4F] #Chicago - Is there a sane mature age gap out there?

I'll be honest, I'm open to this going a lot of different directions: Relationship, fling, friend, FWB, one-nighter, open to all possibilities. Let's get to know each other see where things go before deciding. I don't like the idea of saying "well I'm only looking for sex" or "I only want a relationship" in advance. That's just so closed minded and unrealistic and doesn't let real chemistry develop like it would if we had met in person.
I am seeking someone intelligent, fun, curious and cool to spend time with and see where it goes. This can be for staying in and watching movies and ordering in, going out and trying new restaurants/bars, going on a fun weekend road trip together, or ditching work together one day and getting into trouble. Or who knows, maybe we just straight into the bedroom or shower and get crazy. No pressure either way.
Age gaps are fun and excitng. While its not an absolute requirement, I'm just sort of bored by women the same age as me. I can meet plenty of those IRL. What would be way more interesting is finding an 18-20F and be your older guy. But I'd also be open to finding someone older (45+) if you are cute and the chemistry is right.
Some requirements:
  1. You must be 18+ (if you are exactly 18, move to the front of the line)
  2. You must be in Chicago or nearby. I'm on the North Side. I'd prefer if you were too. But if you're close or in the near suburbs and mobile, maybe we can make it work
  3. Be intelligent. Type in full sentences. Understand basic geography. Don't be a republican. Have interests other than just dogs and Taylor Swift. Nerdy/ambitious girls are cute to me. Also very into athletic or skinny girls.
  4. Be willing to tell me your age and location in your first message. If you can't tell me those basics, I'm going to assume you aren't serious about meeting.
  5. No dudes. Period. Don't ask.
  6. Not really into large black women. I'm sure you are ovely people but I'm not attracted to that. Sorry, just my preference.
Look, I'm realistic and I understand women have 5 billion options online. We're all sick of dating apps, we're all lonely, and we're all craving a real connection. I know I won't get a ton of responses and half of them will suck. But I promise if you put some effort into this and give it a chance, I'll put in the same amount of effort..
Let's have some fun.
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2023.04.02 07:33 HailCreolepatra Rye Lane on Hulu

I just watched this new black rom com called Rye Lane on Hulu and it is everything! Very quirky and modern and it’s rated 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think everyone should watch it so we can get more black love movies without the trauma.
Oh and both of the leads are dark skinned, cheers! 🥂
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2023.04.02 07:32 CriticalCare4U 35 [M4F] NorCal Up Late and Looking to Have some Good Conversation

35 [M4F] Nor Cal up late and adventurous
Hi! It’s a quiet Saturday night, staying and watching movies. Have to work tomorrow.
Looking to talk and get to know some one who is open minded and adventurous. Someone who likes to color outside the lines and is creative and fun. Let’s have some fun and get to know each other. Hobbies include photography, hiking, skiing, anything fun really that gets you up and moving. Always up for a great movie, as long as it has depth and meaning or just down right funny.
I am stable, financially responsible, honest and respectful of all. It is important to approach every situation with an open mind and free of bias. My line of work requires this as well. Bonus points if you are healthcare savvy!
Come say hello and let’s talk! Adventure starts with a simple hello!!
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2023.04.02 07:32 Lucky-Telephone7880 ChatGPT knows what’s up. 😏

ChatGPT knows what’s up. 😏
Short thesis: invalid❌
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2023.04.02 07:31 brybrybryguy 25 [m4a] thanks for hitting my line

please choose carefully from the following menu options as they have recently changed.
If you are calling for a fire music recommendation Press 1
If you are calling for a fire movie recommendation Press 2
If you would like to exchange deep dark secrets Press 3
If you would like to simply have a conversation Press 4
If you want to have a deep conversation Press 5
If you need to get something off your chest Press 6
If you would like to play imessage games Press 7
To repeat this menu Press 0
cheers, B :)
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2023.04.02 07:29 brybrybryguy 25 [m4f] thanks for hitting my line

please choose carefully from the following menu options as they have recently changed.
If you are calling for a fire music recommendation Press 1
If you are calling for a fire movie recommendation Press 2
If you would like to exchange deep dark secrets Press 3
If you would like to simply have a conversation Press 4
If you want to have a deep conversation Press 5
If you need to get something off your chest Press 6
If you would like to play imessage games Press 7
To repeat this menu Press 0
cheers, B :)
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2023.04.02 07:27 curioushustler420 New movies and tv shows are not showing up in Kodi

This happened recently, all my other shows and movies are accessible but for some reason it wont register any of my new tv shows and movies. I have to go to file manager and locate them there, but i shouldn't have to they should pop up in my recently added tv shows and movies. Has anyone else experienced this?
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2023.04.02 07:26 Comfortable_Front370 Sigh. Autistic Adults - Abandoned, Forgotten, Invisible

During the course of my regular working years, I rarely encountered autistic folks. From what I saw online and in the movies, an autistic person was an awkward white man who could recite Pi to 100 or more numbers, but was unable to cross the street without assistance.
It wasn't until I delved deeper into the subject of Asperger's that I realized a spectrum existed containing people that, incidentally, my behaviours resembled.
But I don't blame myself for being ignorant of this. A large majority of the books, films, websites, and medical journals on autism focus on kids up to age 18 as if - poof! - these kids disappear into thin air once they're old enough to join the army.
It wasn't until my last long 7-year homeless stretch that I discovered my people. Yep. From my experience, I estimated 1/4 to 1/3 of homeless people are on the spectrum. I know, that's a huge assumption since my "polling group" was just people I met in and around Seattle, but it does beg the question - If a lot of autistic adults did suddenly go poof! and disappear, was it to the street?
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2023.04.02 07:26 tar_xann8 29 [M4F] Romania/Europe - Do you want to be my penguin?

Just looking for someone I could chat to tonight or even daily if we click well! I am mostly looking for people from my country, but I am happy to talk to anyone and if you are from Bucharest maybe we go out for tea and a walk . I work in IT, as Technician, currently learning to become a good java developer. I studied CS and if you like programing to, maybe we make some projects toghether. I like watching movies and once a week I go to the cinema as well as long walks (I don't have a car :))) )
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2023.04.02 07:25 driku12 Cosmic Beings

I've seen a lot of posts/lists on here for individual heroes, but I decided it would be neat to see one for a general area of the universe such as cosmic beings (Gods, concepts, etc.) so here we go. There will be some repeats of ones known to exist in Amalgam already, but characters are reused in creative ways and new combinations just like Amalgam proper. I personally will be coming up with these as if they could be fit into the already existing Amalgam canon and interact with the established Amalgam characters, but they could also be applied to a theoretical new continuity. Please comment any neat ideas you may have, either for alternate takes on these characters or new ones in the same wheelhouse!
Thanoseid - Darkseid + Thanos (This one is just too perfect)
Galactiac - Brainiac + Galactus
Oa the Living Planet - Oa + Ego the Living Planet
Night Specter - Nightmare + Specter
The Living Phantom - The Living Tribunal + The Phantom Stranger
The Klyntarians - The Klyntar (symbiotes) + Kryptonians (Basically the Klyntar but their home planet was destroyed like Krypton, scattering them about the galaxy. Bizarnage would be one of these.)
The Anti-Force - The Phoenix Force + Galactus + The Anti-Monitor (A condensation of all of the negative energy from Oa the Living Planet, which Oa separated from itself, turned into pure psychic energy, and sent back to the creation of the universe to die. It survived only by forming a symbiotic bond with the first lifeform, and using said host's physical body to devour the psychic energy of others. It travels from host to host, granting them extreme power in return for satiating its hunger by devouring the psychic energy of whole planets at a time. One day it hopes to grow strong enough to do this to whole universes, and maybe grow strong enough through doing so to manifest a permanent physical form again.)
Death the Blackness - Death (Marvel) + Death the Endless (DC) + Black Racer
Mr. Mexystptlk - Mephisto + Mr. Mxyzptlk (A demonic imp from the fifth dimension who has an unhealthy obsession with Super Soldier and those related to him, including Spider-Boy.)
Eternigon - Trigon + Eternity (Brother of Infinirath, an abstract aspect of all of the evil and ambition in the universe.)
Infinirath - Azar + Azarath + Infinity (Sister of Eternigon, an abstract aspect of all of the goodness and peace in the universe.)
Heimtron the Watcher - Heimdall + Metron + The Watcher (Heimtron is a New Asgod of knowledge, and once sought to share this knowledge with lesser life forms to uplift them. When this backfired disasterously and resulted in the self-destruction of the races he "helped", Heimtron vowed to never again leave his chair or share his knowledge with those who are unworthy. His chair in which he sits is able to summon the Mobius Bridge, which allows passage to and from New Asgard and lets Heimtron observe the whole universe at once.)
The Source Above All - The Source Wall + The One Above All (The creation point/creator of the universe, it is the beginning of all things.)
The Source Below All - Barbados + The Source Wall + The One Below All (The until recently unknown opposite of the Source Above All. It channels its influence through gamma-irradiated zombies in an attempt to open portals to the Dark Universe--the dimension where it resides that is a culmination of all of the fears of the people in the "normal" universe. It particularly torments Skulk and Darkclaw, and pits them against each other for its own ends. It is the end of all things.)
Raother - Rao + The Other (Raother is the Kryptonian god of the sun and 'snarebeasts'--animals they had which were similar to Earth spiders. Spider-Boy talked to this entity after getting his arm ripped off by Morlun and being mortally wounded. Raother told him that he was the lead deity of the planet where Spider-Boy and Super Soldier's powers originated--Krypton--and that he had chosen Spider-Boy as his vessel, which was how the latter even survived being woken up out of his cloning process early. Raother did this so that Peter would be able to carry on the legacy of the dead world in a way that Super Soldier, as a naturally born Earthling who heavily prescribes to Earthling ideals, never could. Peter, however, had rejected Raother subconsciously because his mind was not yet mature enough to comprehend the depths of his own power. Raother said that if Spider-Boy accepted him, he would live, but his human side would die and his Kryptonian side would live on. Spider-Boy accepted and was reborn, fully healed, with new abilities including organic webs that shoot from the tops of his hands and even further enhanced strength.)
The Thani'ar - Thanagarians + The Shi'ar (Bird aliens, man. But they have wings on their backs AND cool triangle hair lol)
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2023.04.02 07:25 bomberman0210 A Heartbreaking School Dance.

OP NOTE: This was supposed to come out way sooner, but the ban lift on canon characters hasn't lifted yet and this got removed so I'm posting this here. Anyway, This is probably one of my longest EVER birthday stories I've made, but I decided to go all out for the pickle gremlin! :D
Monaca: Today is the day....finally, I get to go to the school dance!!! I can't wait!!! Monaca thought. She was getting herself tidied up and ready to go. She waited for this moment for so long. She was the happiest she could ever be in her life.
Monaca: Eeeeeek, I'm so excited!
Today couldn't be any better. Today was not only her 16th birthday, but it was also the day of the most popular Hope's Peak dance. She managed to score a date that could meet her at the dance area. His name was Nagisa Shingetsu, the smartest book nerd she knew. They ended up getting close enough to finally get his number! It couldn't get better!
She was mostly adjusted, with her sparkly blue dress on her and fingernails polished to match.
Monaca: Alright, it's 4 P.M! I gotta put on my shoes and tidy my hair!
Monaca moved quickly to her closet and pulled out a golden and pristine box of shoes. Opening it up, she saw the azure short heels that would perfectly fit her feet.
Monaca: Ooh, perfect! They're still clean!!!
Monaca slowly and carefully pulled the shoes out of the box and sat down. Slipping out her own shoes that she lounged in, she put on the beautifully blue heels.
???: Monaca! Come on, it's time to go! The dance is starting at 5, we gotta hit the streets!
Monaca knew that voice. It was her brother.
Monaca: Ah! Coming, Haiji!
Monaca made her way out of her room, clicking and clacking against the floor. She managed to dash past Haiji and asked him something.
Monaca: Hey, big bro! How do I look? Do you think I need some makeup?
Haiji:...Fine. Doing makeup will just feel like you're doing too much. Did you wash your face?
Monaca: Yes!
Haiji: Alright. And do you have everything?
Monaca: Yes, I do! I have my ticket in my pocket!
Haiji: Good. Let's go, we gotta hurry! You look good enough already, we can't waste any more time.
Monaca: Alrighty! Thank you so much, big bro!
With a happy smile, Monaca followed her brother outside so they both could head to the school. While Monaca was being driven, she tried to text him.
Hello, Nagisa! You there yet?
10 minutes
No answer. It was weird for a bit, but she tried to ignore it. He had to be already there.
30 minutes
Haiji was slowing the vehicle down...Monaca still didn't see any response from him.
35 minutes
Haiji: Alright, Monaca. We're here.
Haiji: Hey, Monaca! Come on, can't have you sleeping on me!
Monaca: Oh! Sorry, Haiji!
Monaca exited the car and walked up to Haiji's window.
Haiji: Make sure to be safe, alright?
Monaca: A-Alright! I'll see you at 8!
Haiji: See ya!
Haiji seemed to be a bit cheered up as he left. Monaca hurried inside and tried to look for him....She passed people and constantly looked for his blue hair, and nothing.
Monaca: Why?! N-Nagisaaaaaaa?!!! Where are youuuuuu?!!!
She kept running quickly through. At least 40 minutes passed with no sight of him anywhere. He still wasn't answering his texts.
She tried her best to stay calm and happy, but she couldn't find him. Her heart was beating quickly with fear that she got abandoned, and she suddenly bumped into someone.
Monaca: A-Ah!
She nearly slipped on her own feet when the guy spoke up.
???: Sheeesh, no date? What, is he late?! Niiishsishishiiii!
Monaca: S-Shut up!
Monaca quickly turned and ran..She didn't care where, she just wanted to escape. Away from people....away from everything....Nagisa wasn't there. She felt betrayed. She felt hurt. She leaned against a wall in the girl's restroom and began to cry.
*10 minutes later*
Monaca heard someone come in.
Monaca: *Sniff* W-Who's there???
A pink haired girl with the same matching eyes walked up to her.
???: H-Hello? Are you....okay???
Monaca just shriveled into her hold even tighter, sniffling.
???: H-Hey, I don't know what could have happened to you, but you seem very upset.
Monaca: H-He abandoned me....I-I thought he would be here....but he wasn't! N-Now I'm all alone, and I don't have anyone to dance with....I'm just going to be mocked forever....because I was s-stupid....
The teen walked up to her, slowly kneeling down.
???: I with you....if you'd like.
Monaca: *Sniff* W-Wah???
Monaca looked up. The girl slolwy smiled as she tried to make out another response.
???: If it helps you feel better, I can dance with you! I'll make sure you have a fun time, I promise! Here, I can help you up!
The next thing the girl did made Monaca's tears slowly stop. She took a bit of paper towel in one hand and held out her other one, requesting to help her off of the ground.
Kotoko: My name is Kotoko Utsugi. What's yours?
Monaca: M-M-My Monaca T-Towa. You're really....going to help me?
Kotoko: Of course. I can't just let you cry in here all alone. I hate seeing people so upset when I can help them, ya know?
Monaca: I-I don't know what to say....
Monaca lifted her hand and accepted Kotoko's, thanking her with a light smile as she was pulled to her feet.
Monaca: T-Thank you, Kotoko. Thank you so much...
Kotoko: No problem, Monaca! It sucks that your person didn't get here....hopefully I can cheer you up while they eventually, and hopefully DO show up.
Monaca:'re right...
Kotoko: Well! Dry those tears up and get whatever you have to do out of the way. I'll be outside, right outside the door.
Monaca: O-Okay.
Kotoko waved before stepping outside, letting Monaca's mood improve. Kotoko was there for her like no other, and she knew not to waste this chance.
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2023.04.02 07:25 Spare-Spite-4450 COME JOIN THE Daltonjtsa Official Content Server!

Hii I’m Dalton. A Content creator that is very interactive with my viewers on Youtube,Twitch and Discord.

This server is a steady Growing server with amazing people! Which Everybody is welcome here!

Very interactive in all Chats always and VC’s especially when I am streaming!

GIVEAWAYS atleast once a month also/events such as movie nights ETC!

MOD APPLICATIONS Twitch mods, Server mods you name it! More info on server!

What are you waiting for? Come join the server and be apart of the family!
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2023.04.02 07:20 aipoms 31/pst/ LF gaming pals

hi! i'm neuro. ur average gamer. people tend to gravitate towards me but i'm very picky on who i let into my circle, i need people who i vibe with on a deep level. IM A MASSIVE NIGHT OWL. i usually play valorant, and overwatch, but i play lots and lots of other games.
i also wouldnt be opposed to starting some survival games with someone, like grounded or valheim and sons of the forest as well. i have quite a few more games than that, hunt: showdown, gunfire reborn, risk of rain 2, deep rock galactic, vrchat, chivalry 2, warcraft 3, phasmo, stardew and dark and darker when the next playtest comes out. alo got a group of friends that plays party games and stuff together randomly throughout the week. like jackbox, chameleon, random shit like that if you're interested.
📷 about me~ my favorite animals are a ravens, rats and beetles
📷 food: pretty picky i actually have a weird relationship with food. i will open up more about that if we end up talking. one thing i do love is COOKING. its a really big hobby of mine and a giant passion. i wish i went to school for this when i was younger. my favorite drink is dr pepper
📷film, movies and tv: i absolutely am a huge fan boy of really well made movies i love spooky shit too. i always look for subtleties in stuff and trying to find out the significance or meaning. i absolutely love watching them. so if you have any good recommendations or wanna watch some stuff together! love anything star wars related too!
📷anime: kind of a closet weeb, my favorite anime rn are mushoku tensei and steins gate. other i love include death note, vinland saga, aot. theres alot more, just ask me for my anime list if you're interested.
feel free to comment/dm/send a chat if you're interested in gaming with me!
pls be cool
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2023.04.02 07:20 Fake_Pr0file This article are quite interesting if you would like to see or interpret John Wick's movies in another perspective..

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2023.04.02 07:20 StatusStunning8142 Does anyone else like movie Wendy?

Does anyone else like movie Wendy?
I just feel like her criticisms are quite unwarranted as I don’t think she ever shows she stupid or just screams and cries. I think she was a very scared woman trying to protect her child from a merderous phyco path who happened to be her husband. I also feel the criticism of Shelly Duvalls acting is ridiculous as her acting one of the things that make the movie seem more realistic. What do you think?
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2023.04.02 07:18 TeemoFan1337 NA PVP PVE Now Recruiting! New/Returning Players Welcome!

✧︱Hello Adventurer!! - Welcome to HELP!
We are an actively growing community looking for new/returning/veteran players who are willing to progress in the game whether it be in lifeskill, sailing, or combat. We're a chill and active group of gamers so come join the community, we don't bite!
Are you looking for an honest guild that is reliable? A guild that will last through thick and thin? One that is sustainable and won't let you down? A guild that never gives up when the going gets tough? Then you need to join HELP today! This guild welcomes new and returning players as well as the die hard players that haven't seen the sunlight in years. HELP is the guild you are going to want to join.
We Offer :
⊰ - T1 Nodewars (Soon)
⊰ - Chill/Active Community
⊰ - Sea Monster Missions on Command
⊰ - GVGs, Battle Arenas, RBF, and Friendly Tournaments
⊰ - Active Discord Community
⊰ - Weekly Vell Taxis
⊰ - Grind Groups
⊰ - Scroll Groups
⊰ - Movie Nights
Guild Requirements :
⊰ - We require everyone in the guild to join the discord. (Mic not Req.) This is so that you have information on guild events, bosses, missions, and other activities or game rewards.
⊰ - We also ask everyone to be somewhat active however, we understand that real life comes first.
⊰ - We have no gear requirements. (Newbie Friendly)
Notice: We will eventually become a PVP-oriented guild, gear requirements may become required in the future.
Hope to see you soon Adventurer!
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2023.04.02 07:18 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 (The Course)

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