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2023.04.02 07:04 tigsthetiger Opinions on ring bought online?

Opinions on ring bought online?
I bought this ring without having seen the negative reviews on brilliant earth. I looked everywhere online and in person for a green stone that spoke to me and fell in love with this particular one and setting. Just wanted someone opinion on what to do? We have life time warranty. My plan is to immediately have it looked at by a jeweler for structural integrity, quality, and setting, and if there is any issue (due to their customer service and weird return policies) to immediately return it. Does any know other good places to find green stones like this one?
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2023.04.02 07:04 ShelbyShelby2016 Tom Sachs "Work Like A Slave" Nike slogan and Van's HBO Confederate flag.

Tom Sachs
Tom Sachs wanted his Nike Shoes to have "Work Like A Slave..." on the box, and it reminded me that this shot was just a silly throw away, no big deal, meh... in Van's HBO show.
Not damning, this mere one shot, and Van didn't purchase the swim suit, but he presented it so very casually... like the porn pinned up in Sachs studio.
So dismissively, like his recent "more tents in shitty neighborhoods."
All these different examples are not tied in knots, but it does leave a sour taste.
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2023.04.02 07:03 arrrrrro Air Pod Pro Gen 1 - V4.6 1562AE HR (Jenny)

Air Pod Pro Gen 1 - V4.6 1562AE HR (Jenny)
Received these after research/advice on the discord so figured would post a review for others. My son has an authentic Apple Gen 1 so I compared to them directly. This review was completed after 2wks usage.
SHIPPING: Took 16 days from time I ordered to having it my hands -- placed order March 7th thru Jenny's Alibaba store and they arrived March 23rd (Perth, Australia).
PACKAGING: The sealed box was wrapped in foam and shipped in a bubble wrapped bag.
UNBOXING: The box was sealed and was exactly same size as the authentic box, but with no branding. The box contained instructions (again w/ no branding), spare ear tips & USB-C to Lighting cable -- all packaged nicely.
CASE & PODS: Case is identical to the authentic. The only reference to original brand was on the back of case although these say Assembled in Vietnam whereas my son'd authentic's say Assembled in China. I weighed both with the AirPods in them.. total weight of Jenny's is 5gm heavier than the authentic's. The Pods seem identical too also but the authentic pair weighs 2gm more.

CONNECTING: Simple, quick & efficient. Opened them up and followed the prompts as I did when connecting my sons authentic pair, and was done in seconds. Also of note, the case came 100% charged.. AirPods 98% which was nice. [After 2weeks] Connection is still fine. I've noticed when I also connect to my Macbook, it forgets the iPhone so have to restart process - and vice versa - When I go back to trying to use on Macbook, need to delete and restart connection. A little annoying, but for the price not a deal breaker.
SOUND: When I initially tried them, first thing I noticed was the sound was 'full'... then I noticed things distorting & sounding absolutely kinda crap tbh. Came across a post by u/xwtk in the discord #Fixes channel regarding 'Bad Sound' and the resolution there was perfect -- needed to turn OFF Headphone Accomodations. Once done, sound was great.
ANC: It's ok... not comparable to my sons authentic's tbh bc with those, with ANC on, can't really hear much. With these, I can hear a bit still. It't ok when music turned up louder. In conclusion, rate these a 9/10. super happy with them as only issues I face are ANC not being the best and switching between devices a little flakey. With all said, would still definitely recommend the 4.6HR and copping from Jenny also as she was great to deal with and communicative throughout.
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2023.04.02 07:03 MMN_28 [US-CA] [H] Built Tenet 70, 80x Gateron Blue Bubblegum [W] PayPal

Hello everyone,
I’m moving out soon and would like to offload a couple things. The Tenet I received and built recently but wasn’t everything I hoped for. The OLED screen is pretty neat though and there is nothing wrong with the board. I just think the sound/feel is lacking. The switches have been laying around that I don’t have a plan for.
Tenet 70 - $540 shipped
Aluminium weight, Hotswap PCB, FR4 plate, built with Owlstabs but the spacebar could use some more tuning, tape modded. Does not include switches and keycaps.
Will include original box and carrying case.
80x Gateron Blue Bubblegum - $65 shipped
Lubed with 205g0. Around 10 switches were bent and I had to realign but they are all functional.
Please comment before PM, thanks!
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2023.04.02 07:03 Ok-Chair-8495 What is the best strategy for madden base I only go for players and have a bunch saved up for a good team of the week or might do a lot of packs for the new season. Or does anyone go for coins just curious

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2023.04.02 07:02 ImpossibleMix5109 Lost controller

Hey all. I am the proud owner of a 7 year old who loves our meta quest. He has misplaced the right hand piece and despite turning the whole house over I can't find the mongrel. Does anyone know any way to turn it on remotely and get some idea of its location without having to physically touch it? I'm out of ideas and I'm not buying another one, so at this stage it may just have to stay lost until we move at the end of the year
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2023.04.02 07:02 ArsonJay How to get Poketransporter in a post EShop world

Does anyone have a method for installing Poketransporter app for Pokemon Bank now that the eShop is closed down?
I have Pokemon Bank but didn't realize that the Poketransporter was a separate install until I tried to bring Pokemon from Pokemon White today and shit myself when I was sent to the eShop.
Any leads on how to get this? Or am I SOL?
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2023.04.02 07:02 BlazedChronos Looking for upgrade advice

Probably 7 to 8 years ago I built my gaming pc. The original specs for this pc looked something like:
-Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0Ghz -MSI Z170A Gaming M5 -16GB DDR4 2400Mhz Memory -6GB GeForce GTX 980 Ti
A friend recently gave me a good price on some ram and a gpu he no longer needed. So now I have upgraded to:
-12gb RTX 3060 -16GB DDR4 3200Mhz Memory
These upgrades seems to be working fine but I noticed in the performance tab of the task manager that when I am playing games the cpu will be at 100% usage while the gpu is only slightly above 30%. I guess this isn’t too surprising since the cpu is much older but I believe that to be the new bottleneck in my system.
My question are: what would be a reasonable cpu upgrade for me to make? What kind of cooling would be needed? Does the motherboard need to be upgraded to support this? What parts might be worth saving if any? What other parts might I be overlooking upgrading?
Edit: spelling
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2023.04.02 07:01 DeceptiveBeing Should I venture alone or with friends pt. 2

Thank youuu for the advices that you provided. So here's a little background (I'm not really good at narrating story kayaaa please bear with me T v T). Last october, nag-start ako maging money conscious (like di ako sanay na nawawalan ng pera). Umaasa lang talaga ako sa allowance (500 weekly) and it just feel so small. So naghanap ako ng ways to earn money. So what my mind tells me is to do some service to people in need. So ang naisipan kong gawin is like freelance stuff where I will do someone else homework (for those very busy people). I do essays, maths, and nagcoconsult din for research paper revision. A week later I hit my first 4 digit mark. And A month or two I hit my 5 digit mark naman. During this period, I've met this one client of mine na nag-aaral ng business management, nagwowork, and nagbi-business at the same time. During those time na tinutulungan ko siya sa mga school works niya is medyo natututo na din ako ng mga business related stuffs and that's one of my motivation. So yun na nga, by january I've been itching to earn more (by adding more source of income) so gumawa ako ng business plan (included na yung marketing and operational plan). Currently I'm close to attaining the 6 digit mark but I'm stuck, kahit abutin pa ako ng 2am for doing freelance (Im also a college student so super duper hirap Tv T)parang di ko maalisan yung current net worth ko (always bumabalik T . T). Dahil dun medyo na-momove ng namomove yung start ng business so I tried telling some of my friends. Bali I see potential on these 2 people (1 will be the designer, and 1 will potentially be the marketer). So here's what really happened. Nagpa-gawa ako ng graphic design for PX,XXX php 1-2 week deadline. But I received it 3 weeks later. On the other hand, nagpa-help din ako sa marketer ko sana, I paid him also, to disseminate the customer analysis survey. But the responses does not reach yung agreed number of responses. Sabi ko pa naman if ever na mag-start kami we'll both have 5% shares sa company (all the capital comes from my wallet) but I don't sense their passion. Like, they dont even update/collaborate unless I do the first move. I think I'll just pay them and do it alone para di pa masira friendship namin T v T. (I also think it is better, meron naman akong networks like may kilala akong mga tao na we could work even though no personal history or connection [mas better ata kapag wala talaga relationship sa business partners]). Thank you again! Will be updating you after everything is settled. :>
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2023.04.02 07:01 vampirical_data What Are Your Top 3 ACTUAL Scary Movies, Most Disturbing Films You've Seen?

He turned his dry erase board for a miracle. Edit: I have read this or, the other kids would handle them with appropriate care?
Edit: I have various spiders, a copperhead, two meerkats, a lemur, and a way of giving myself an out, a chance for positive bonding time. It began to beat the door again shut.
14 Goosebumps: Read a book that does not currently provide the same thing with sonia jones bangor and rohan singh ealing. HONK MODE: Eat goose while you read it when it slid something under the sofa.
Can I read non- speculative fiction books for a second opinion. The truth is, I don't read urban fantasy or romance.
Had to borrow a computer to do with his beak. He has never pressured me and I run an animal shelter in Southern England.
Chance had decided that three in the thread and let our minds wander. This is what I feared - a premonition about something bad happening to my sun conure had found me, and saw three of the books you're reading!
I have read this or, the other names. And then it counts.
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2023.04.02 07:01 Mr_Mothy10 Modern Setting Adaption Help

I've been working on adapting 5e rules to suit a modern(ish) setting to accommodate a series of modules featuring SCPs meant to be played at levels 1-3.
I have two styles for this setting: - a high fantasy version that adapts magic into advance technology and doesn't really change much mechanically - a low fantasy version that takes magic away almost entirely and replaces it with unique skills and feats. It's meant to be very gritty and played with minimal resources for tension
The setup I have right now for the low fantasy setting is instead of spellcasting you can choose two feats OR choose one feat and expertise in two skills.
The reasoning behind this is because casters are meant to play a more utility role when it comes to digging for information and problem solving. Along with the fact that in this setting combat is treated as an unfavorable scenario where you need an advantage to make it easy.
My question is, does that seem like a fair trade and does it still sound fun? Honest opinions are welcome and appreciated!
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2023.04.02 07:01 mrnotadvice Trade Setups by MrNotAdvice - Part II: The Foundation

Part II: The Foundation

Before laying out the first setups, it is important to understand some of the philosophy behind the setups. In no particular order:

  1. I believe that PRICE is the best representation of ALL public and non-public information at that moment in time. Understanding this allows you to discard much of the "noise" in the market and the talking heads.
  2. Exotic trade structures are for the pros. You will never be able to consistently profit using them. Think about it - the pros have teams of staff to do their research, their analysis etc. You do not. Remember this the next time you are considering an option trade that wants to profit off gamma contraction relative to theta.
  3. Be in a trade as short of an amount of time as you can, to make the most money you can, with the least amount of risk, and this is very important: WITH THE HIGHEST MATHEMATICAL PROBABLITY YOU CAN.
  4. No matter what you do, you WILL inject your own, or others, bias into your thinking. Math and probability reduce the affect.
  5. The most important thing to successful trading and investing is: YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE MONEY SOMETIMES. IF YOU CAN MAKE THOSE LOSSES SMALL, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. PERIOD.
  6. The second most important thing is this: TAKE THOSE TRADES THAT YOU ARE "FORCED TO TAKE" - that are so good that you cannot pass them up. Do not trade because you want to, trade because you are forced too.
  7. The third most important thing: THE ENTRY OF THE TRADE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE EXIT. If you are able to get a good entry (I am talking about risk here) then your probability of success goes up.
  9. The fifth most important thing: TAKING AN ACTUAL TRADE SHOULD BE EASY, LIKE TURNING ON YOUR COMPUTER. If it is not, then you are not doing it right.
  10. The sixth most important thing: FOLLOW THE FREAKING PLAN. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE HARD AND FAST RULES. There are areas where you can flex and there are areas where you cannot. I will teach you the difference between the two. Suffice to say that if you consistently break important rules, then you will never be successful.
  11. The sixth most important thing: IF YOU HAVE A NEED TO BE RIGHT, KILL IT. The market doesn't care, nor do I. But the market charges you when you are wrong.
  12. The seventh most important thing: DO NOT TRADE BECAUSE YOU ARE ADDICTED TO THE DOPAMINE RUSH. Trading can be exciting and its important to celebrate victories. But you will celebrate with less excitement because you will have more winning trades. It will become "business as usual."
  13. The eight most important thing: DO NOT REVENGE TRADE OR TRADE WHEN YOU ARE ANGRY. If you take a loss, its part of the process. Don't jump in because you are mad you lost. Losing is part of investing.
  14. The ninth most important thing: IF YOU BREAK A RULE, STOP. NO EXCUSES AND NO VARIATION.
  15. The tenth most important thing: JUST BECAUSE YOU SIT IN FRONT OF COMPUTER FOR HOURS DOES NOT MAKE YOU A TRADER OR INVESTOR. A successful trader is one who TAKES more money from the market than they give back to the market.
  16. The eleventh most important thing: DON'T BLAME YOUR LOSSES ON MARKET MAKERS, OR SHORTS, OR BULLS, OR BEARS, OR THE FED, OR ANYTHING - all of that is ridiculous. There is no blame if you are following the rules. Pros don't blame, they reevaluate and learn. But they stick to their plan. Losing is part of the plan.
  17. The twelth most important thing is: I AM GENERALLY AGNOSTIC AS TO INDUSTRY AND COMPANY. I simply do not care. I will take a trade because it is high probability and the setup forces me to.
This list are not the only important things obviously, and some may not make sense right now, but they will. BUT, I encourage you to remember them because breaking any of them consistently only means you are not ready to give up of your own ego yet - and that will lead to absolute failure.

Ok, now that those are out of the way, I end this section with this:

The market is rigged against you. The pros have better machines, more staff, more money, more of everything. You cannot compete directly with them, nor can I. BUT, you can beat them and 99% of the investors if you FOLLOW THE PLAN. I cannot stress this enough. The plan takes advantage of all of the pros hard work, knows what price levels they have been at and want to go to. We will profit from that.
The minute you deviate from the plan is when the probability of success falls off a cliff. Many people tell me they want to be successful traders, but few have enough intellectual integrity to admit when they broke the rules. Even less have the ability to develop the discipline to follow the rules. FOLLOW THE PLAN.

Finally, at the most basic level, my trading is based on:

Coming up:

Section III will drop tomorrow. Section IV and V will drop Monday. Section VI and VII will drop Tuesday. Section VIII and IX will drop Wednesday. Section X will drop Thursday. Section XI will start next Monday.
This Friday I will do an open chat - time to be announced. You may type in questions or join in by voice. I intend to do an early afternoon session, around 12pm MST. Please let me know in the comments of this post if you want to and are able to attend.
Some of you have asked for a one on one. I am happy to do so for now but at some point in the future, I will not be able to. And you won't need to. I will always answer questions by chat or DM.
I hope you are excited because I am. Nothing will make me happier than having a team of like minded people who make money. Making money is fun.
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2023.04.02 07:01 iamsabbiralam Customize Ubuntu Linux Terminal With ZSH Along With Useful Plugins

In this video I am going to show you how to customize Ubuntu/Linux terminal with ZSH along with useful plugins. Did you like the video? Then give me a big thumbs up and do share your opinion in the comment box. ✨ Hashtags ✨ #filmora #techwithtea #internet #tutorial #tutorialyoutube #ubuntu #ubuntulinux #ubuntutraining #ubuntu22 #linux_tutorial #zsh #zshorts #zshowz #plugins #terminal For more videos, click: DU Meter Filmora Install Shorts DU Meter Shorts Filmora Shorts ✨ Tags ✨ tech with tea, du meter, how to install, how to install du meter, windows 10/11, technical, tea, install du meter, tutorial video, tech with tea,tea,du meter crack,du meter serial key,du meter windows 10,du meter full crack for windows 11,du meter for windows 11,du meter use,how to install du meter in windows 11,how to use du meter free,how to free use du meter bangla,du meter,internet speed monitor,net speed monitor,internet browser will be closed due to internal error,internet speed test monitor,windows taskbar customization,windows taskbar du,windows taskbar duplicate icons,techno, tech with tea,filmora,filmora 11,how to install filmora 11,windows 11,how to download filmora,wondershare filmora,filmora free,tea,filmora video editor,how to download filmora 11 crack,how to download filmora 12 crack version,how to crack filmora 12,filmora 12 crack download without watermark,filmora 12,filmora 11 crack,wondershare filmora 12 crack,wondershare filmora 11 crack,wondershare filmora crack,how to install windows 10,how to download youtube video !tutorial !tutorial !tutorial ⚠ DISCLAIMER: This Channel does not promote any illegal product, content, or platform, doesn't encourage any kind of prohibited activities. All contents provided by this channel are meant for EDUCATIONAL purposes only.😊 Every Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don't forget to leave a 💬comment and 👍Like. Also please hit the SUBSCRIBE button it's FREE😊 Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.
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2023.04.02 07:01 Diamunch Where to watch the dub after Water 7?

Hi I've been watching one piece for the first time on Netflix and realized they don't have anything past water 7 and neither does crunchyroll. I wanna keep watching it officially since the other way to watch it is kind of a hassle. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.04.02 07:00 AutoModerator /r/VGC Explain-a-Stat Sunday - April 02, 2023

When browsing usage statistics (maybe on ):

* Do you wonder why a particular Pokemon has high or low usage?
* Do you wonder why a particular Pokemon's usage has changed recently?
* Is there a nature or popular move choice that you don't understand?
* Is there a complex EV spread that does something cool that you'd like to point out?
* Is there a complex EV spread that you don't understand and want to talk about?

Here is a great place to discuss any questions or comments you may have!
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2023.04.02 07:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread - Apr 02, 2023

Hello, and welcome to the discussion thread! This thread is for accomplishments, simple questions, and informal discussion about cubing!
Not sure if you should comment here or make your own post? We have a full list of what does and doesn't belong in this thread on our wiki.
No question is stupid here. If you have a question, ask it!
Check our wiki for tips on how to get faster, puzzle recommendations and more!
Join the cubers Discord server here!
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2023.04.02 07:00 Hot_Combination2458 Physics Question.

Hey, I am a computer engineer and just was reading about physics and wanted to learn about the Higgs Boson and other CERN related discoveries. Had me thinking. I am not sure where else to go as I cannot find info.
Huge disclaimer, I am not trying to be that guy who thinks he can crack the code to the universe or time travel. I just had an interesting thought and was hoping to get an answer. Simply looking for some insight into how my thinking is wrong/if there is any substance to my thoughts here and what is of substance and what answers can be provided to the parts that do have merit as questions :) Thank you
I have been trying to get answers to this but am not sure who to ask so I will ask here.
The Higgs field was created shortly after the big bang. Not in conjunction with, right? If that is true why is there not a boundary of space, at the edge of space expansion, where there is no Higgs field? Or, does the Higgs field permeate all of space faster than space expands? Or, is it such a basic part of the universe that wherever there is space, there is the Higgs field? If the latter is the case, why? The Higgs field only determines where the Higgs Mechanism can occur right? So, if at the edge of the universe there is a place where the Higgs mechanism can not get "used" (IDK what word to use here) there must exist massless matter that has location, momentum, and behaves wavelike but because it is massless it does not occupy time?
This could all be a reach in the dark or a case of "the late night rabbit hole" but I am curious if there is any base to this thought or any sub thought. If not, just say "HEY DUDE! Stop".
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2023.04.02 07:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread!

Feel free to join our Discord Channel for casual chat and forum discussion with other people

This thread is a place to post any minor topics that do not quite deserve their own submission. The daily post should be utilized for questions, requests, track ID's & general discussion, as well as being a place to have some casual banter with your fellow users.

Please keep the discussion civil and be sure to follow the subreddit rules at all times.
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2023.04.02 07:00 NekkTheRedSand Any tips for training yourself to get to the level where you can watch Hollywood films without English subtitle?

I've been trying to learn English by watching films for a decade now. I'd have the English subtitle on, and it does help with my English drastically, but when I try to watch them without any subtitles, I'd not fully understand what they say, especially words that I haven't heard before let alone those technical terms like military-related terms. Hence the title, any tips on learning how to do that? I kinda stuck in this process.
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2023.04.02 07:00 I_T_Burnout 5000t RGB Glass Panel Replacement

Hi all!
I have the 5000t RGB black case and love it! But I hate hate the smoked glass panel. It's dark AF even with all the interior RGB I have going on.
Does Corsair make a clear glass panel that would fit? Maybe off the white model? Maybe off another model?
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2023.04.02 06:59 fitnessbro123 Hyperpigmentation from keratosis pilaris

I would like to treat the hyperpigmentation left behind by KP on my arms and shoulders. Does anyone have a solution?
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2023.04.02 06:59 Excellent_Angle_7042 Anyone know how to fix this?

I own an evo 8, it's stock and has never given me any issues except for the fact that every once in a while it just won't start. I think it's a wiring issue, maybe got melted by the heat, is this common for the 7,8,9? I don't want to touch any wires, it's just not my forte and I don't have anyone I can trust to touch the wires. I did some research but I can't find anything on wiring issues with the car (other than this one post about the car battery and something about the alternator needing to be disconnected). Does anyone know how to fix this?
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