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2023.06.09 17:52 madisoncase Partner (M21) switched up on me (F20) out of nowhere.

WARNING: Long post
hey everyone. so i am going through a weird time with my partner and hoping to get some unbiased advice. for reference i (F20) and my partner (M21) have been together for a little over 4 months. everything has been going great up until recently. he was slowly moving things in with me as i have my own apartment. he is also in the navy for reference. we would talk about future plans, and have genuine good conversations. he spends every night with me and we split everything evenly. we almost never really argue, and if we do it’s a calm and collected conversation about feelings.
so it all started yesterday. he left for work like he normally does and was fine. we texted and around 1pm i saw a sudden switch in his tone through the texts. i am a bit of an over thinker so i asked him if everything was okay. he said yeah. i saw he went home, and he wasn’t responding. he then told me he was taking the dog out. i was driving home from work around 5 and haven’t heard from him since 3:30ish. i got home, and he took everything that was his out. even erased the stuff off from the calendar that related to him. this sent me in a panic like what is going on. i called him and he didn’t pick up until around 5:50. i asked what happened and he said he was done and needed a break. i asked if he could come talk about it with me, and he agreed.
around 9pm he came over to talk. i am his first relationship and first everything, so he hasn’t had experiences like this before. i believe in fully communicating everything before walking out (unless it’s toxic, etc). we sat and talked and he said he got overwhelmed with everything and just panicked. he then started crying and it was a lot. we ended up working things out and i told him he can’t run from his problems. everything is fixable as long as you communicate. he then said i shouldn’t be with a liar, and that his coworkers bullied him for dating someone so he told them he broke up with me about two months ago. after we talked and worked things out, he apologized profusely and said he loves me and he will never do that again.
so i clearly am a little overwhelmed with everything. i know i love him, but now i have anxiety and am worried he will run again. does anyone have any advice for this situation? it was just sudden and random that this happened. he claims that he was already having a stressful day, and that he just started stressing about everything.
thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.09 17:52 XXCVXF3333 Something in the ceiling

Around a week ago I heard something move in my apartments ceiling I had no idea what was but it sounds big.
I heard it move when the sun begins to set despite how big it sounded I there wasn’t any other evidence, perhaps I’m was just going crazy but no matter what I can’t convince myself there wasn’t anything up there. It’s usually just noise like something stirring up there in the walls. Each time It sounds more impatient, more agitated. Yesterday it sounded like it was pissed.
Today after staying out rather long twilight was in full swing as I made my way up the stairs to my apartment. As I got closer I felt increasingly nervous like there might be something waiting for me in the dark I tried my best to push the fear away as I stood in front of my door.
After some moments of just standing there I worked up the courage to enter the apartment. I pushed the door open revealing a living room shrouded in the twilights darkness, from what I could see nothing was there. I surveyed the apartment, nothing was there.
I felt both triumphant and stupid because I was so afraid of some creature that didn’t even exist.
I made my way to my bedroom head strong and swung the door open.
Standing in the darkness it turned its head toward me, it was a sickening fat grub with pasty skin six long insect legs grew out of its body and its face was like a baby’s face a massive knot grew on the left side of its swollen face, two small pinchers? Tusks? Grew out of its mouth.
I slammed the door closed and ran down the stairs when i made it out the complex I called a cab to my friends house.
I lived with one of my friends for a few weeks.
After overstaying my welcome I reluctantly returned to my apartment. I tried to convince myself it was just a hallucination, I tried to, I fucking tried.
But as I made my way to my bedroom and opened the door I saw a massive hole in the ceiling and a pile of dust and debris beneath.
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2023.06.09 17:52 LSDrush Help with calculations app

So I have this app in mind that takes a zip code, and the number of bedrooms and it outputs a number
The number is then subtracted by the values assigned to the utilities
So rent worth
3000 - 150 for utilities = 2850
And then you get the final number after putting in all the information
How should I go about doing this?
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2023.06.09 17:51 swinnyjr14 Collecting Keys at the Start of a Tenancy when there is a Retainer Period

Hi, this is in England.
Myself and my flatmates had signed a tenancy agreement with the landlord that states the start date as the 1st of July. As we are students, the landlord has discounted July and August as he assumed we would live at home with our parents. (We're paying this as one full month in August.)
Most of us are but myself and another are older and both have jobs in our student city. We asked the landlord about collecting the keys on the 1st when we move our stuff over to the new place but he seemed surprised that we would want them. He told me over the phone that the discounted months were a retainer period that he would use to perform maintainance and services to the house. Bills are also included in rent.
We don't really care about living around workmen doing bits or even paying our fair share for the bills but we are concerned about our other housemates having to pay extra when they aren't there.
The actual agreement (Assured shorthold Tenancy under Part 1 of the Housing Act 1988, amended in Part III, Chapter II of the Housing Act 1996) states:
Term: A term certain of 12 months from 1st July 2023.
Rent: £XXXX per calendar month (subject nevertheless as hereinafter provided). [price written out in letters, added in pen.] Rent includes charges for gas, electricity, water, internet and one Tv Licence fee. [Also in pen]
Payable: In advance by equal monthly payments on the 1st of every month.
First payment to be made on the 1st day of August next.
Half rent July & August full rent thereafter [in pen] - July and August months cue retainer period.
The Landlord or his Agent lets and the Tenant takes the Property for the Term at the Rent payable as above.
What are our rights here? Do we have a leg to stand on re. getting our keys in July? Our Landlord has been very accomodating so far and we don't want to sour the relationship at the start of the year but we'd really like to get into our place as soon as possible for as little extra as we can.
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2023.06.09 17:51 chacampb Reckless driving

Need to vent here. Indianapolis has some of the worst drivers, I swear. White sedan kept speeding up so couldn’t pass then slowing down when traveling next to vehicles. A few miles later, I moved to the other lane which was going faster at that point. While I am next to them they turn on their blinker to get over and straight up tried to hit me. I assume they were just not paying attention but some of these people are crazy fr so you never know - maybe they imagined not being able to cut me off was some kind of affront. I didn’t ride their tail or anything because I know how irate some people can get so unsure why they were being ridiculous. Not worth it in my opinion. Indiana license plate is 599 CKU so watch out for them. I really think they should teach meditation in schools because some people are just straight up reckless with everyone. Y’all be careful out there. #recklessdriving
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2023.06.09 17:51 byebyejimmyint Why is there so much dislike for rabbits as pets in American culture?

I own a pet rabbit and I notice that when I tell my European and Asian friends about it, the perception is usually good. I have had a number of my European friends say good things about my pet and even say that it is a better fit for an apartment than a large dog.
Meanwhile, whenever I have told my American friends that I own a pet rabbit, there has been an active disdain. Almost all have said that rabbits are rodents, poop too much, stink, and found it weird that someone would own one as a pet.
I was curious, why is there so much active disdain towards rabbits as pets in American culture?
For what its worth, my friend group is mainly Gen Z and Millennials.
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2023.06.09 17:50 thejazzymac Rental Inspection

How do I contest charges from my damage deposit after moving out? The condo is trying to charge me a cleaning fee but I spent 3 days cleaning absolutely everything before I moved out. I have a video of the condition of the apartment before I moved out. In the apartment, I go through every room and outline the marks on the walls that I couldn’t fix, or damages, even very minute ones. Some of the charges are ridiculous. Ex. $48.00 for 6 lights bulbs. In my video I turned on every light in the house when I went into the rooms. There were none that didn’t work. That’s clear in the video. If I have proof, what do I do next.
Also, is a move out inspection the same at an itemized damage list? He just listed the price for each damage at the bottom of the inspection form, in his own handwriting. Is there a way I can verify the damage costs? How do I know he’s not just coming up with prices/costs on his own? I hope that makes sense.
I’m thinking of going to the address and speaking with the new tenants. I was introduced to them once already. They moved in the very next day. I finished cleaning at 11pm on May 31st. I know they moved in the very next day because my cousin lives in the same building and saw them moving their belongings. Some of the charges include carpet cleaning, a cleaning fee, six bulbs, a pair of keys and the damage of the door but I’m not contesting the damage of the door or the keys. Just the other ones.
How long does the process take?
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2023.06.09 17:48 snapsigma Alpilean Reviews: Discover the Shocking Truth and Unveil the Controversy

Are you struggling with weight gain and looking for an effective solution? Alpilean, a groundbreaking dietary supplement, claims to target internal body temperature and aid in weight management. In this critical alert update, we will delve into the customer controversies surrounding Alpilean and help you determine if it's the right choice for you.

Understanding Alpilean: The Revolutionary Weight Loss Supplement

Launched in October 2022, Alpilean has quickly gained popularity in the weight loss supplement market. Its creators market it as a unique product that stands apart from others currently available. This supplement is formulated using a combination of six potent Alpine nutrients and plants designed to optimize low internal body temperatures through an unconventional ice hack. Alpilean aims to awaken the body's metabolism, supporting efficient fat-burning and raising inner core temperatures and energy levels.
Recent studies have identified a common characteristic between overweight individuals and those with average weight: low internal body temperature. Alpilean addresses this issue by targeting internal body temperature and aiding in weight management. However, it's important to note that new customer controversies have arisen, involving negative complaints and potential side effects. To provide an unbiased overview, we will explore these controversies, examine the health claims, and supplement facts presented on the official Alpilean website.

The Science Behind Alpilean: How It Works

Weight gain is often attributed to slow metabolism, which may be caused by low internal body temperature. Contrary to popular belief, the temperature of our internal organs and cells, rather than the skin's, determines our internal body temperature. A sluggish metabolism leads to slower bodily processes, resulting in fatigue, weight gain, shallow breathing, memory loss, disorientation, and decreased energy levels.
Scientifically, the ideal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. Maintaining this temperature is crucial, as even a slight drop can slow body metabolism by at least thirteen percent. Recent research suggests that slow metabolism significantly contributes to increased weight and obesity. Consequently, speeding up the body's metabolism is considered a practical approach to addressing weight gain.
Digestive enzymes play a vital role in the body's metabolism, particularly in the breakdown of food into nutrients. These enzymes work optimally at an internal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. When the temperature drops below this range, the enzymes become less efficient, leading to reduced breakdown of food and nutrient absorption. This, in turn, can contribute to weight gain. Alpilean aims to raise core body temperature, enhancing weight loss potential.

Benefits of Alpilean: What Sets It Apart

Besides its weight loss properties, Alpilean boasts several benefits and advantages as advertised by its manufacturer. These include:
  1. Natural Formula: Alpilean is a dietary supplement composed solely of natural compounds. Its formula excludes synthesized substances that may cause adverse side effects.
  2. Plant-based Ingredients: Alpilean's formula relies solely on plant ingredients, making it suitable for everyone, including vegans.
  3. Non-GMO: The manufacturer ensures that the ingredients used in Alpilean are sourced naturally and are non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian-friendly. Third-party inspections are conducted to guarantee high purity and potency.
  4. Easy to Swallow: Alpilean is designed in capsule form for easy use. Unlike powders or other formulations, these capsules are effortless to swallow.
  5. Non-Stimulants: Unlike many weight loss supplements on the market that rely on stimulant ingredients, Alpilean's formula is non-stimulating.
  6. Non-Habit Forming: Alpilean's ingredients are not addictive, reducing the risk of dependency. User reviews have also reported no addiction-related concerns.
In conclusion, Alpilean is a revolutionary weight loss supplement targeting low internal body temperature. While it has garnered positive reviews, being aware of customer controversies and potential side effects is crucial. As with any dietary supplement, consulting a healthcare professional before use is recommended, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are prone to adverse reactions. Stay informed, make an educated decision, and take charge of your weight management journey.
Read More For Complete Information
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2023.06.09 17:48 ExiledFromEden Looking to rent a room! I'm quiet and polite, I keep to myself, I clean up after myself, and I'm always on time with rent! No drinking/smoking/drugs, no kids, no pets. I'm 28 years old and I've been renting rooms for 10 years now.

Hey! My name is Asher, and I'm looking to rent a room in the area.
I'm a polite but quiet and low-maintenance roommate, and I spend most of my time in my room, keeping to myself. I don't smoke or drink or do drugs or party or anything like that, nor does anyone in my circle. Once or twice a month, I might have some friends over for pizza and a game of Dungeons and Dragons, if you're okay with that. But that's the wildest it gets.
I always clean up after myself & my guests, and do my best to leave common areas a little better than I found them. I take care of my own food & dishes & trash. I never touch other people's food or cookware or anything.
I don't have any pets of my own, but I'd be happy to cohabitate with cats/dogs/critters if you have any!
I'm disabled and living on a fixed income from SSI, which means that my income is incredibly consistent and reliable! You'll never have to worry about me falling ill or losing my job or anything-- my share of rent and utilities will be automatically deposited into your account at the same time each month no matter what.
If you're interested or have questions, feel free to send me a message!
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2023.06.09 17:48 TiniMay SCC, Geoff Moore, Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk got shredded

SCC, Geoff Moore, Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk got shredded
CCM hasn't been a part of my life for almost 2 decades. Somehow these cds got to live rent free in boxes in all my different closets all this time. Time to go.
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2023.06.09 17:47 BT325 I can’t tell if I’m poly or just a bad bf, but I’m in love with multiple women…

Look… I (24m) know how it sounds. “He’s infatuated with more than one girl, dude is just horny and a pig.” But this isn’t just something that has developed recently, this has been an on going situation for several years now and it’s just tearing me apart.
First, I am in a committed relationship and have been for 18 months now. I am absolutely head over heels in love with this woman (24f, let’s call her M) and see myself spending the rest of my life with her. We get each other on so many levels, we make each other laugh and feel good and she genuinely makes me happy. I have never been so supported in a relationship and I can not imagine not being with her. M is hands down the best thing to ever happen to me and I love her so much.
That being said, there are two women who I have known for longer than I’ve known M that I’ve had feelings for since the beginning of our respective friends. We’ll call one L(25f) and one F(24f).
I met L first in HS, she was actually a gf of a close friend of mine, but they broke up after they went to college. Her and I have maintained a long distance and spotty friendship since HS, she went to a university not too far from me, but far enough to not be able to see her very regularly, but when we did hang out it was just so magical. Even when she had a bf and we hung out we just have this chemistry and I swoon at the thought of her. She’s incredibly kind and intelligent and has always been a safe space for me. We have never crossed the platonic line, we’ve always just been friends, the most intimate thing we’ve done is I’ve taken to giving her a kiss in her forehead when we say bye to each other knowing we won’t see each other for a while. We also always say “I love you” when we say bye. I have always just had such admiration for this woman and think the absolute world of her.
As for F, we met in college and were always taking the same classes. Again, at the time we met she was dating a friend of mine, but he cheated on her multiple times and am no longer friends with him. Similar to L, she’s supremely kind and has done some of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. Contrary to L, though, we went through a talking phase a few years ago, but she was going through a really rough patch and she honestly handled it very poorly and she led me on and lowkey fucked me up… We didn’t talk too much for a while, but reconnected maybe a year later and we’ve been completely platonic since. We’re extremely close, I’d say she’s one of my best friends, again we say we love each other and at times we have held hands to comfort one another, but nothing more. She’s another person who I just have a ton of respect for.
All three women are totally different, both in personality and looks.
I have to admit, there isn’t really much I can do anyway when it comes to either L or F, L lives in another state and F I’m 100% sure isn’t interested anymore. That being said, that doesn’t stop the butterflies in my stomach when I think of them and see them. And that makes me feel like an absolute piece of shit because I feel as if I’m being a bad bf to M. I cannot emphasize this at all, I would not leave M for F or for L, and my feelings for them do not take anything away from my feelings for her. I want to marry M, and the thought of that makes me so happy, but at the same time I know that if she knew I have other women on my mind she’d be heartbroken. M and F are friends now and that doesn’t help me feel any better, if I’m being honest I really, truly hate myself for this. I don’t know what to do, I can’t confess to L or F cuz that could ruin our friendships and I need their friendship, I also can’t tell M because she won’t believe me when I say that I love her if I love other girls. It’s just something I have to live with a bury down but it’s killing me.
Disclaimer: obviously I find all of these women attractive, otherwise I wouldn’t be attracted to them, but sex has never been my priority, in fact I’ve wondered if I might be asexual, but I’m not sure. Still figuring things out with that…
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2023.06.09 17:47 Upset-Wish3552 CHARGE OFF FROM CFNA/FIRESTONE

Hello everyone,
you guys are all so helpful so I figured I'd throw my situation into the mix and see what comments there are.
So made some mistakes in the past when it comes to my credit, previously had like a 730, and after some hardships, my CFNA (Credit First Tires plus ) card ended up being charged off. It's Amount left is $616
its been charged off since DEC 2022
Outside of that, I also had a citi bank credit card I've had for like 4 years, it was my longest card, end up being closed by the company recently. IT did have a balance of $400, but I've paid that off, even though its currently closed.
Outside of this, I have started adding Tradelines like Kikoff, Cred Ai, Ava App, Grain, Stellar Fi as a nice mix of credit.
I finally got out of my Tech Support Supervisor role making like $13 an hour, to a Project Coordinator position making $83K last month, so I'm definently thankful to be in a better position.
So currently my scores are, as I've last checked : Transunion : 516, Equifax 479, Experian 497
I just want to get back to my credit being in the 690-700's and beyond.
Because we always want to get better.
One of my goals this year is to be able to actually qualify rent wise for an apartment without credit being an issue.
ANy tips or advice, grateful for.
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2023.06.09 17:47 sccortezz Credit Card Suggestion

Delete if not allowed. I didn't get much luck over in creditcards (no one responded) so seeing suggestions here! I used the template over there to discuss our situation, looking for opinion on replacement card.
Our average credit card spend is $3,000/mo, paid off fully at the end of each month. Only recurring bills come out of the normal bank account, all other spend on the credit card.
MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)
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2023.06.09 17:47 throwaway329000 How to know when to/if I should walk away from this

TL;DR: I (23M) am currently on leave from medical school. I left during M1 due to mental health issues, and almost unaliving myself. It’s been a rough year, and quite the learning experience, but I’m doing better.
I’m now struggling with the idea of going back though…but also…not going back too. I only have a few weeks to decide. I don’t want to make a mistake either way, but I fear potential regret from either choice.
I’m not sure what I’m looking for by posting this, or if it’s just a vent, but thank you for reading if you do. You are all amazing.
Hey friends,
I posted a few months ago about how I took a leave from medical school during my first year.
Long story short I had a lot of mental health issues (and no meds), a drug/alcohol problem, and at my lowest had an unaliving letter written to my loved ones and was actively planning my way out. My entire family dropped everything to fly across the country to pull me out of school because despite my struggles, I couldn’t give it up on my own.
After leaving I spent some time in a facility, and got some nice grippy socks. I was eventually cleared though (woo-hoo 🥳), and have been trying by best to stay healthy ever since.
I started proper medication, quit drinking, kicked my addictions, got pretty fit actually, traveled some, etc. Things have gotten better…but the scars of the past are still there. I’d be lying if I said I was 100% okay. I still meet with multiple mental health professionals on a regular basis, and am now pretty reliant on (properly prescribed) meds to get me through the day.
Fast forward to these last few weeks and (re)entrance tasks have picked up. Paperwork, zooms, emails, loans, cross-country apartment hunting, etc. have all triggered me to say the least. I can feel the anxiety building.
I’m scared of losing myself again. Or even worse, racking up $100k of debt per year and then losing it at some point down the road when I’m in too deep. I already have ~$100k debt from undergrad + last year with a pretty useless chemistry degree to show for it. However, I’m also scared to let this all go.
People from the outside make it seem like it’s so easy to just walk away. It’s not. Like many of you, I put everything into this. This was my dream, and the only career I ever really considered. Getting here consumed so many years of my life. I’m not the brightest person, so I worked pretty hard in undergrad for good grades. I made no friends. I didn’t go out. The MCAT took forever to study for. Meanwhile, I couldn’t work, do internships, or build a real-world resume because I was so focused on checking boxes to get in. And that’s just my part. My parents also supported me in many ways financially throughout this entire process.
As dumb as it may sound, I hate that I feel so stuck on a path that I’ve barely even started. I got a near 4.0 from a decent undergrad, I got a 52X on my MCAT, I got into a top medical school, I spent years getting here. I worked so hard…..all potentially for nothing?
I hate that I only have a few weeks to decide if I want to try this out again, or fully drop out. I already got denied extending my leave another year.
I hate that if I do drop out, there’s no going back. I’ll likely never be accepted again, even if I were to reapply several years down the line. I’m scared I’ll regret it.
I hate that if I do drop, I’ll be doing so without an actual taste of what real medicine is like. Just a really small sample of preclinical, which is nothing like clinical medicine.
I hate that leaving means I’ll probably have to go back to undergrad, and potentially work towards a backup career that might not turn out the way I’m hoping again. A career that will always be something I did less out of interest, and moreso because medicine just didn’t happen for me. There is nothing I’d want to do with a chemistry degree.
I think most of all though, I hate thinking that there is a chance, even if it’s a very small one, that I could go back to med school and figure it all out. I could get through it all and love being a doctor like I always thought I would. I could maybe finish and look back on this one day & be so happy that I stuck it out. But, there’s no guarantee.
Obviously this is a personal decision…it’s my life after all. I just wish it didn’t have to be this difficult.
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2023.06.09 17:46 i-fart-butterflies I’m killing myself

Lost my boyfriend and my job in the same fucking week and I’m getting evicted. My cat is dying and it all happened right before my fucking birthday!
I swear to God, I’m gonna come back as a ghost and torment you for the rest of your life. Yes, I hated that place. Yes, it was a terrible neighborhood. Yes, it’s true. I didn’t have any fucking friends. Yeah, I lived in a shitty mood. Yes I lived in a shitty apartment that was making me sick and full of roaches and mold But I had a stable fucking job you asshole, and I gave that up to move because I thought you were all in. Because you told me you were all in. I thought that I was going to get a job over here because they said they could just transfer me to another store. But the transfer process fell through and now I’m unemployed because of YOU and your bullshit indecision. Typical worthless commitment-phobic dishonest lazy millennial piece of trash! I swear to God, I’m the only person in my generation with any fucking values Who actually gives a shit about how my decisions impact other people.
You do not get to initiate a long distance, relationship with someone who knows what they want, who wants somebody who actually wants to build a life with someone, tell them that you are in love with them and you want to be with them and convince them to move over to be closer to you when all you wanted was So when you could casually sleep with with no actual relationship because you’re not over your stupid fucking ex.
You made me think you were serious about me. When all you wanted was a fucking booty call. Telling me you loved me, spending all this time with me, telling me that you wanted this to be a serious relationship and build a life with me, and saw yourself being with me years into the future. Go fuck yourself. If I somehow managed to survive a gunshot wound to the head, the next person who tells me they love me and want to be with me forever is getting punched in the throat for lying.
I don’t think you realized how much your indecision has screwed me over. It’s impossible to find a job here. I lived in the ghetto, so getting into a retail position with no problem Even though I had an associates degree because even though I was uneducated, at least I wasn’t a convict with a criminal record and gang activity. Basically cream of the crop in an area like that. But no, up here in the big city like this they don’t even want someone applying to be a sales associate in the store that pays $10 an hour unless they have a fucking doctorate!
I am finished with you. I am finished with this life. If I don’t kill myself now, I’m just going to die a slow, painful death on the streets. At this point, it’s a mercy kill because I would rather shoot myself in the head while I’m still living in a nice clean air conditioned apartment and have the money to do so then die of heat exhaustion and starvation on the streets BECAUSE OF WHAT I GAVE UP TO BE WITH A STUPID MAN WITH COMMITMENT ISSUES WHO IS ONE HELL OF A FUCKING LIAR. I really thought I’d be able to find a job here. Don’t you dare fucking cry when I die you life ruining son of a bitch. Don’t cry and grovel when I tell you I’m done with you. It’s you who said you weren’t over your ex g so WHY WOULD I WASTEVMY TIME?
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2023.06.09 17:46 OldConsequence4276

Hey there, fellow manhwa enthusiasts!
I stumbled upon an incredible manhwa website that I couldn't wait to share with you all. Allow me to introduce MangaSiamese (, a treasure trove of captivating manhwa titles that will leave you craving for more.
MangaSiamese has quickly become my go-to destination for indulging in the mesmerizing world of manhwa. The website boasts an extensive collection of diverse genres, ranging from action-packed adventures to heartwarming romances and everything in between. With a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation, finding your next favorite series is an absolute breeze.
One aspect that sets MangaSiamese apart is their commitment to showcasing both renowned and up-and-coming artists. It's refreshing to discover hidden gems and support talented creators who pour their hearts into their work. The platform truly fosters a sense of community and appreciation for the artistry behind each manhwa.
Whether you're a seasoned manhwa reader or just dipping your toes into this captivating medium, MangaSiamese has something to offer everyone. The website is regularly updated with new releases, ensuring that you're always up to date with the latest chapters and series.
So, grab your preferred device, curl up with a warm beverage, and immerse yourself in the enthralling narratives and stunning artwork that MangaSiamese has to offer. Don't forget to bookmark the website and share it with your fellow manhwa enthusiasts, because great discoveries are meant to be shared!
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2023.06.09 17:46 Cothrowarr Has anyone used Obligo to avoid having a rental deposit? What are your thoughts?

So I got approved for a new apartment (really really excited) and they have a service that I’ve never heard of before called Obligo which is advertised as a deposit free move in option; they had this explanation: “essentially Obligo will pay the deposit for you so you do not have to front the cost of the deposit when you move in. When you move out, if there are any move-out charges, you would then pay Obligo back either the full amount or payments if needed. “ this seems like a fairly new system and I was wondering if anyone else had any experiences using it in the past, I wouldn’t mind keeping the money. I have saved for a deposit as an emergency fund, and I plan on staying in this unit for a few years at least I’m just trying to better understand the pros and cons.
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2023.06.09 17:46 Wan_Haole_Faka Do I have unhealthy expectations relating to used car maintenance records?

Hi all,
Basically, I have about $15 K that I could spend on a used Tacoma, but I can't decide if I should do that or get a used motorcycle for 4-6K.
I have an '05 Toyota Solara in the shop now with 248,000 miles on it. I'm getting the ignition switch and power steering pump replaced and just had the front struts done.
Basically, I'm wanting to move to a new city for other job opportunities and I want something more reliable that won't cause me to miss work and that I can also use for side jobs (I work in plumbing).
My concern with spending $15K on a Tacoma is how do I know it's been well-cared for? I have all the oil change records for my car and it might last another 100K, I just don't want to risk missing work at a new job because of it.
I currently have a company van, but was given it arguably too early. When I switch companies, I likely won't have my own work van for 3-12 months or thereabouts.
I couldn't do side jobs with a motorcycle, but it would be a more economical way to have a backup for getting to work if there were a problem with my Solara.
Whatever I do, I'll be paying cash because I don't want any more hard inquiries on my credit, thus the reason for not financing a newer truck. I may need to pass a credit check for an apartment rental and have two hard inquiries fall off in December. If I got a motorcycle, I would end up buying a newer Tacoma once my Solara is beyond repair or Toyota stops making parts for it.
However, is there a way to buy used trucks/cars with a verified service record? Is that what "certified preowned" means? I've never bought a used car before, so I appreciate any and all insights.
Thank you and have a great weekend!
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2023.06.09 17:45 pevap3 Why did she call multiple times after asking for space?

She (26f) broke up with me (31m) a few weeks ago over just not feeling as loved as she wanted (has some codependcy issues). The relationship was 4 years. Most of which living in my home together.
I spent about a week trying to convince her we were worth working on. To great extent. Yesterday she asked me to please leave her to heal. Then literally today called twice, a couple hours apart with no text follow up.
I assume if it was important, I'd know, but it being multiple times feels like bizarre one day after asking me to not contact for "a while".
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2023.06.09 17:45 HEADLINE_FAQs Launching XBallot: A New Era of On-Chain Governance on Algorand

Launching XBallot: A New Era of On-Chain Governance on Algorand
In our pursuit of transforming the decentralized governance landscape, we are thrilled to introduce XBallot — the first-ever Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) management platform entirely on the Algorand blockchain. Unparalleled in its capabilities and vision, XBallot is a testament to the technological advancement of Algorand, bridging the gap between the Web 2 and Web 3 worlds.

XBallot: Shattering the Off-Chain Governance Paradigm

Unlike many governance solutions prevalent today, XBallot is entirely on-chain, providing an unmatched level of transparency, security, and efficiency. Our commitment to complete on-chain operations is not only a distinguishing feature but also a firm step toward fulfilling the promise of decentralization.
Processing img s1ey606si05b1...

Account Registrar: The On-Chain Identity Forge

One of the key features setting XBallot apart is our in-house, on-chain Account Registrar. As an integral part of our platform, it allows users to create unique profiles and DAO spaces. This in-built domain registrar is a rarity in the industry and signifies our steadfast commitment to providing an all-encompassing, self-contained platform for our users. This feature allows you to manage and navigate your DAO environment seamlessly without the need to leave the XBallot ecosystem.
Processing img pvx27vewi05b1...

Community Forums: The On-Chain Agora

XBallot is proud to introduce on-chain Community Forums, another groundbreaking feature that makes decentralized governance more dynamic and interactive. These forums can be activated by any space within a DAO and are token-gated, giving DAO managers the ability to set their community parameters.
The Community Forums are designed to foster robust discussions and engagement, facilitating both long-form posts and shorter tweet-style blasts, mimicking the familiar functionalities of traditional social platforms. Community content can be liked, shared, and engaged with, further enriching the DAO’s ecosystem.
What makes this feature even more impressive is that every interaction on these forums is entirely on-chain. This guarantees an unprecedented level of transparency and integrity, reinforcing the ethos of decentralization that underpins XBallot.

Processing img p50dxz40j05b1...

XBallot Partnerships: Driving Innovation and Efficiency

A journey toward innovation in decentralized governance like the one we’ve embarked on at XBallot requires strategic collaboration. Our partnerships with leading industry experts reinforce our capabilities and amplify the unique solutions we bring to the table. We are proud to spotlight these alliances that help drive our mission forward.
Infura is an integral part of our technology stack, enhancing our IPFS integration. With Infura, we can provide gateways, APIs, and pin content, thus enriching the functionality of our on-chain community forums and profile registrars.
Our partner, QuickNode, ensures we maintain consistent and fast connectivity to blockchain networks. Their dependable infrastructure services help us maintain the much-needed uptime and speed for efficient DAO management.
SubQuery plays a crucial role in our data management strategy. As a leading decentralized data provider, SubQuery assists in indexing blockchain data, ensuring our users have access to reliable and relevant information.
Our back-end operations run smoothly, thanks to MongoDB. Their industry-leading database technology is pivotal in managing our extensive on-chain data and delivering seamless services to our users.
And finally, AWS Activate boosts our infrastructure with its scalable cloud service, allowing us to efficiently manage our operations while ensuring top-tier performance and reliability.
These collaborative partnerships add value to our commitment to delivering superior on-chain DAO management. We’re excited about this journey and look forward to exploring the potential these collaborations bring.
Processing img ewhogsegj05b1...

Power to the People, Power to the Chain

The launch of XBallot marks a defining moment in decentralized governance. By offering comprehensive on-chain solutions, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the DAO environment. Our platform is a testament to the power of Algorand, and how its technological advancement paves the way for a future where governance is transparent, efficient, and genuinely decentralized.
XBallot is not just a tool, it’s a catalyst for change. It’s a call to action for all who believe in the power of community, transparency, and technology. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey where the decentralized world isn’t just a vision, but a reality we can actively shape.
Join us as we chart a course toward a new horizon of decentralized governance. Discover the power of on-chain with XBallot.
Visit XBallot to explore our platform. Follow our progress and connect on Twitter.
Processing img xersjunjj05b1...

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2023.06.09 17:45 Massive-Pea4946 Struggling with when to break up. Is it better sooner whilst we are both in debt with no support, or do I drag it out so he has a cushion of money supporting him but may be more heartbroken? (F28, m26)

Me (28f) and bf (26) have been together 18months. In short, I have come to the hard decision that this relationship isn’t good for either of us and I need to end it. Now I’ve only done that once before, this is my second relationship, but I feel prepared in what to say and how to handle it, however I am torn up as to when I should to this.
So, we live together, and we live with my family in my childhood home (money and health reasons). He doesn’t have family in this area, he is from a town about a 3 hour drive away. He has driven us both into rather bad debt, and he has finally landed a job but hasn’t started yet. I am torn whether I should break it off before he starts this so he can give notice and start making arrangements to go back to his home town, or if I should wait 2 or 3 months so that he has a bit of money underneath him so he can support himself when we break up.
I’m really torn, I care a lot for him however strongly believe we would be better apart, but the idea of this transition period is stressing me out. What would you prefer in his shoes?
TLDR: do I hit the breakup button before his new job starts whilst we are in debt and with little support, or prolong it until he has a small cushion of money underneath him to support himself?
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2023.06.09 17:45 rumbadoesjumba Where can I rent a motorcycle for M course and test?

I am looking to take the M course and test with RTI but they do not provide a motorcycle. Looking for a place in Kitchener or the region where I can rent a motorcycle.
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