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2021.05.09 22:30 Gottacatchemallsuccs babyleaves

First baby leaf on your new plant? Show me. Just recovered from near death and putting out new growth? Why aren’t you showing me yet? Suddenly found the most beautiful new baby leaf that ever was? Show. Me.

2014.11.22 04:23 thetimeisnow Locate Vegan Doctors and Dietitians near you.

Locate Vegan Dieticians and Doctors near you.

2014.11.17 00:52 thetimeisnow Vegan Chat, for talking about being vegan , Veganism

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2023.06.10 07:04 CosmicCatPerson Lol. I'm just gonna be me

Rant idk
Social structure is all superficial. It's not gonna matter in the long run. I realized a long time ago that I was never going to fit into what people want me to be, so I'm just gonna be myself. Not this main stream "Be Yourself <3" bullshit. "Be Yourself <3" only really applies to those who wear only newest fashions and brands, only want to date sporty guys and conventionally hot girls, drink water out of a 50 pound water bottle for the look, dress all the same, and that would be ok if they didn't say everyone who doesn't fit that mold was "weird". There are weird things, and there are "weird" things. "Weird" things are things that just don't belong in a close minded person's view of what a person should look like, act like, or be like. Weird things are just stuff that make u unique. This probably doesn't make sense, but bye.
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2023.06.10 07:03 rishiakas massage near me

massage near me
We all deserve time out to connect to our inner selves, The perfect start to your day.
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2023.06.10 07:03 orange_yousad Am I dating a narcissist?

I’ve been in a relationship for maybe two or three years now, hard to say exactly, and it has always felt off, but I always thought that maybe my expectations were just too much and that I was just trying to make him fit into what I wanted. My partner told me some things the other day that snapped me out of that mentality. Things I have noticed: For the entire relationship, I have had this feeling that he doesn’t care about my feelings, what I want/need, and doesn’t love me the way I love him. But he always showed so much care for my success, bettering myself (educationally, career-wise, and appearance-wise), and always gifting me things that I needed whether or not I expressed need for them. I figured his love language is gifting and quality time. He has always tried to control the several aspects of my life, but I chalked that up to be caring for the betterment of myself. He never showed me any affection until I asked for it, and when he does now it does not feel romantic or passionate or loving. He has definitely broken down my self esteem with little comments though I did not think they were intentional since they are usually jokes and part of his goofy side. He often refers to his intelligence and intuition. He is not violent towards me though I have known that he can be and has been violent (non-domestically to my knowledge) in the past. He gets angry over things that I don’t think are a big deal and can go from 0-100 but does not show any intention of hurting me or the surroundings. He does apologize sometimes but it never really feels sincere. He does not get sad over suffering and often places blame on the person going through it. What he told me: I brought up to him that it feels like he brushes off my feelings and doesn’t care. A couple days later he opened up to me that he grew up with zero empathy and had to learn to be like able and have empathy for others through observation. He said that he has does violence and cruel things with no guilt or remorse. He also told me something that scared me into realizing I could be of risk of physical harm someday, but I don’t wish to repeat it. I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt me because I know he would avoid catching a case.
Should I be worried? Writing it all out like this makes me feel silly but I could be overreacting.
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2023.06.10 07:03 AutoModerator [] [Get] ✔️ Adam Bensman – 6-Figure Income Sprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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What’s important for you to have more time for?
For me, it’s time with my wife, our 2 dogs, friends, mountain biking, fitness, cooking, travel, and unplugging in nature. ← All things I didn’t have time for when I was non-stop prospecting and reacting to client demands…
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Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 07:02 throwaway01820182 I'm so tired, man (super long post warning)

Been lurking this sub for a while! Thought I'd finally leave a post (on a throwaway, just to be safe).
So currently, I (20) live with my mom, my two younger brothers, and our two cats. I don't know if my mom qualifies as truly being an nparent, she just comes off as pathetic to me. Anyway, I'm the result of a teen pregnancy and as such, my entire life has been completely unstable and really unfair. We all used to live with my ndad, but he was extremely verbally and mentally abusive to everyone around him, especially my mom and myself. They'd argue a lot and he'd run off in a hurry, and my mom would turn to me to be her emotional support. My memory of my entire childhood gets hazier by the day (repression is doing its wonders), but I do remember that my mom would sometimes leave with him to help him with his body building shows without telling me. This often left me to fend for myself and act as a sort of parent to my brothers. The only thing I remember from this is the absolute fear and dread of everything. My mom had this mentality that the world outside is scary and there's kidnappers in every corner, and my grandma would turn this up to 11 by going on and on about how there's rapists everywhere and they all want me specifically and that my only safety is at home. Due to this, I've grown up extremely sheltered and feel very powerless.
Skip some years and in 2016, my mom made the grand decision to move me and my brothers all to live with my grandma to get away from my dad. Her decision was SUPER rash, as we basically moved out within the same day as the pair had an argument (the argument was over me making a joke to my dad. He asked me to put a plate into the sink and I jokingly said,"I didn't sign up to be a slave". He immediately followed up with "I didn't sign up for you to be born"). At my grandma's house, everything was somehow worse. With my mom's decision, we had basically lost everything. All my toys at the time were gone (I was 13 and had an entire collection of littlest pet shop toys that I loved dearly. All gone except for 1 I hold onto to this day), half my clothes were gone, we were essentially 1 step up from being homeless (living with grandma), and we didn't even have a washing machine. My mom had to keep spraying our clothes with Tide Febreze spray, because she didn't even have enough quarters for the laundromat. The entire ordeal sucked. It wasn't helping that my grandma was absolutely god-awful.
EVERYTHING I did was wrong. I didn't microwave food correctly ("you're too messy"), I couldn't get cold water correctly ("you're lazy for not putting the water jug in the freezer!"), can't eat correctly ("you act like you never ate before!"), can't use the shower correctly ("you get water everywhere"), can't do anything right. My mom was still using me as a therapist, complaining about how wrong her life had gone. We had a cat at this point and he was my last fragment of sanity. I came home (ha... "home") one day and my mom had gotten rid of the cat while I was away because she KNEW I'd freak out if I saw her do it. I couldn't even say goodbye, and my grandma's first reaction to my crying was to mock me and laugh about how the cat probably died (fortunately he didn't, he was put into a shelter and he was adopted by an old lady within a week). At some point I completely broke and started screaming about how much I wanted to die, and my grandma's response was to mock me for it. She told me that she'd help me kill myself if I was so serious, talking about how she'd get a rope and tie it just for me. My mom even joined in, telling me she'd help me buy a gun so I can shoot myself. That entire scene is burned into my brain and it still really hurts.
Eventually we moved out and my mom finally took her spot as the antagonist of my life, because why not? Fortunately, this time period is way less eventful. Mostly just screaming, yelling, throwing me against a closet door and continuously throwing me back whenever I tried to walk away, her abusing the two new cats we adopted (we still have them now) and me yelling at her for it which immediately resulted in her throwing me to the ground and kicking me, her constantly calling me variations of "evil" and "mean" and "stupid", her calling me unlovable and telling me that no one will ever want to hang out with me just because I didn't like the fact that she was watching that old Ssoyoung mukbang youtube channel... Y'know! Uneventful! /s
She's finally chilled out in recent years and has become exceptionally clingy instead of outright abusive... Who am I kidding? Clinginess is just her being controlling and insecure. But I feel like I'm forced to just accept that this is the best she'll ever do. My grandma, though, is still horrendous. She got pregnant with my mom when she was 18 and I swear she never grew out of high school. Anything inconvenient is a personal attack, me wanting to be alone ever means I hate her altogether (happens often. I'm an introvert, have severe social anxiety, and am a massive loner), and if I don't do everything she says exactly as she wants me to in that exact moment, I'm evil. Just today, she said I'm exactly like my dad just because I didn't say "bye" to my brother who's leaving for 3 months to help our granduncle with his cleaning job. This same brother has ALSO said I'm exactly like my dad in the past because... I yelled at my mom for kicking one of our cats. Always evil, always bad, always a carbon copy of my dad, all for the most innocuous of things. I've had two therapists in the last couple years who I've been spilling all this to (first guy left the practice, hence why I had two), and I find it interesting that both of their reactions had spanned from very confused to very concerned whenever I tell these events. (I sure do wonder who's in the wrong here! /s)
I'm so tired of living here. I go to therapy every other week, and only in therapy did I learn that all of what my family has done to me is abuse, not love. Only in therapy did I learn that it's NOT normal for your family to insult you. It's not normal for your mom and grandma to make you their therapist, then treat you like dirt the moment you do something they don't like. It's not normal to be told that it's "greedy" to eat more than once a day and that you deserve to starve for running out of food (even though your mom only shops for groceries for 3 kids once every 2 weeks), leading to you to be VERY likely to develop an eating disorder in the near future. It's not normal for that same mother to then turn around and yell at you for not eating enough and tell everyone that you're anorexic, when she's the one who put you in this mess in the first place. It's not normal for your mom to fail to teach you essential life skills despite you asking repeatedly because you're "too young" and "have always been a little slow" but then immediately relent when someone else questions why you can't do said essential life skills (I couldn't do laundry until I was 18, I couldn't cook until I was 19, and I'm only set to get my driver's license now at 20). It's not normal to truly believe that you don't deserve compliments because you're too unlovable and anyone who says otherwise is lying, and it's not normal to treated like you're 10 one minute, but then be threatened to be kicked out the millisecond you do something wrong because, after all, "you're an adult!!". I'm always evil, never good. And it's only ever this family who says this, the couple friends I've managed to pull together say the exact opposite things about me. Isn't it funny how that works? Always horrible to the family, but everyone outside thinks you're great... It's not fair, man.
I'm really. Really tired. I'm currently in college full-time, living at home strictly to save money (it'd suck to move out and have to come back because student loan debt was worse than I thought). My brother (same one that insulted me), aunt, and grandma keep nagging for me to get a job and buy groceries for the family or pay rent because I'm a horrible selfish person or something (Surprisingly, this is one of the few things my mom backs me up on. She's completely fine with me focusing on college and tells everyone else to mind their business).
I can't work full-time while attending school, I could never handle the stress. I can only wait until I graduate, get a full-time job, save money, then leave. It also has to be in that exact rigid structure, I will freak out if it isn't (another problem I should probably get checked, hooray). I want to move to a state that's 2,300+ miles away (from Ohio to Washington). I've envisioned an entire life for myself there, complete with having my own found family. I don't need this family, I want one where people actually love and care about me. I want to get more therapy so I can properly heal. I want to get a dog, I want to be able to go outside without fear, I want to have lots of small pets who'll be properly cared for and loved. I've been questioning lately if I could even be trans, I want to find specialized therapy so I can safely explore this further. I want to change my name so I can sever my ties with this family. My name only gives me grief, I want a name that screams me. I want people who'd love me no matter who I turn out to be. I want people around who'd applaud my growth instead of downing me for never being good enough. I want people who are deserving of the me I've been trying to safeguard for so many years; a hypersensitive crybaby whose interests bounce around like ping pong and is in desperate need of a hug. I just want someone to care about me. And it's not fair that I don't have this. I didn't ask for this pain, all I did was be born. What did I do to deserve this?
TL;DR: I'm really really sick of dealing with my horribly toxic family. I can't explore myself as a person and despite being in therapy, can't truly heal since I'm stuck here. I can't drive, I'm really feeling trapped. I have dreams of moving far away and never coming back, but it still feels hopeless sometimes. I know it can't be, I know I can be free, but I can't do anything until I graduate college and save some money. Really sad about it. I'm really tired and want to go home, but home doesn't exist.
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2023.06.10 07:01 plexiglasswindshield 20 [M4F] kausap to who knows?

Helloo! Looking to meet new people to talk and vibe with. Ung nakakausap about everything and nothing, updates or go to person kung may gustong itry na bago or revisit something na luma.
Para lang same page tayo, end goal is something serious, but i dont want to rush into anything naman so go with the flow lang. G to swap pics agad to see if we're each other's type.
About me:
From QC, usually katipunan gumala
5'7, glasses, curly hair
Normal bmi, goes to the gym din
Sabi 7/10 daw on a good day, pero up to you to decide
Likes to drink, karaoke and rave if lumalabas, likes to binge tv series and movies and play games pag sa bahay lang
Pretty quick maging comfortable around others and g to talk about any topic
About you:
Normal bmi din
From or near QC
Can hold a convo
If ur looking for the same thing, send an intro amd lets see where this goes
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2023.06.10 07:00 Icy_Seaworthiness201 Tips for achieving climax Male

Started Zoloft about 2 months ago, taking 100mg every night. I feel like I’m me for the first time, I’m comfortable in my skin and my anxiety is hardly an issue anymore. I have an excitement for life. It’s been incredible
The only downside, it is near impossible for me to cum. Sometimes I am able to, but after an intense session of intercourse I would have to masturbate vigorously for maybe 10 minutes straight. Sometimes I can’t even cum whatsoever and it kind of sucks.
Is there any supplement I can take or anything I can do so I can achieve climax in a normal Time period?
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2023.06.10 07:00 Hectic419 The Path of Daggers really opened up to me on a reread

So I just finished my first full reread of TPOD and it felt like a night and day experience from the first time I read it nearly 12 years ago. Moments that stood out to me this time include Egwene's story - I genuinely loved the Aes Sedai politics and how she managed to grasp power for herself - and Rand's Seanchan campaign, I was genuinely nervous going into Chapter 24 where Rand pushes to Ebou Dar, knowing what happens with him at the end with Callandor.
I also had a revelation regarding the title of the book, I always thought it was a generic fantasy styled name and thought nothing of it. But it hit me that the major characters in this book are all walking a path lined of daggers where one small misstep will lead to danger. The different factions throughout the book that the main characters are dealing with really emodby this. Such a simple revelation, can't believe I didn't notice it sooner, especially considering the quotes at the front of the books.
It is amazing how a reread can enrich and open up your perspective of a book you may not have enjoyed as strongly the first time, not a new narrative on this sub I know, but just wanted to add my voice to that.
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2023.06.10 07:00 WatchUnlucky5302 2012 Camry sound system

I recently inherited immaculate 2012 V6 Camry with 50k miles on it. It has all of the interior upgrades available that year and the sound system really sounds great. My problem is to play music from my phone I have to be connected via Bluetooth and I am running something else via Bluetooth off my phone I can’t do without.
Also the display is rather small for me.
If I took it to the dealer could they fit a newer model sound system with display that would fit properly and allow me to play music from my phone via usb like my other cars do?
Is yes, what do you think it would cost roughly?
I’d hate to take it to a car stereo place and have them mess something up on the car.
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2023.06.10 07:00 Queasy_Basis4269 What is the proper format for asking for Duas during stressful times?

I recently just dropped 9 points on an exam really important for my future to get out of an abusive home, and 15 min ago I got my credit card scammed bc mine was peeling/falling apart so I ordered a new one.
Someone ordered McDonalds with it ToT
I already reported it to the delivery app, and will call the bank tomorrow when the charge goes through on my account so I can see it.
How do I ask for dua from reddit ummah rn? Is there a proper format? Am I supposed to ask for duas from others? I have already asked for ease from Allah SWT rn, do I keep asking after every salat? I have acknowledged (but not really internalized) that all things happen for good. I have said alhamdulillah to showcase gratitude, bc these are good problems y'know? I still got both hands, feet, arms, legs, eyes etc. I don't have cancer, nor any illness, i am pretty fit so alhumdulilah but still this gave me a spook bc i am pretty young. Idk when it is "normal" to get credit card stolen especially when it is from the bank ToT Imma call and request they send it to the local branch instead of my home bc what the heck!?
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2023.06.10 07:00 EliteBB 23 [M4F] Illinois/Anywhere. Dating is kinda hard

Hello! My name's Joshua, I'm 23, and from a small town in Illinois. Hence why I think dating is kinda hard, my dating pool is fairly small to begin with.
Anyways, a bit about myself. Appearance wise I'm 5'11, weigh 200ish, and I think I have 10 tattoos now im honestly not sure but I plan on filling in all the blank spaces eventually. But here's a few pictures of me
I'd describe myself as a caring individual, although I'm definitely not the best at expressing myself. I was homeschooled for my last 6 years of schooling so my social skills definitely took a significant hit unfortunately, although I am consistently getting better.
I'm the kind of person that has absolutely no problem doing things by myself and I'm absolutely shameless about it. If I want to go try a new restaurant and nobody wants to join than it's their loss anyways! I try to have that general mindset on things.
I genuinely like being able to help pretty much anyone with anything they may be working on. Need help with a college paper? Fuck if I know the subject but let's try it out! Need a new recipe or just help baking in general? I got that too. Someone stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? I'm pulling over and giving em a hand! Everything's easier with a little help.
I also really enjoy teaching pretty much anything. I may not know everything but I do know a couple of things about a lot stuff. Maybe I just like hearing myself talk? Idk but either way I enjoy it.
I'm left handed! Not really important in capacity but just a random fact about me for ya.
But let's move on to some hobbies of mine.
Hiking/camping/fishing/hunting. Is it fair to fit all of these into one section? I just really like being out in nature, it's amazing to get away from endless seas of cornfields.
Gaming. I built a PC earlier this year and have been throughly enjoying playing on it. I originally built it solely for the game Ready or Not. I have also been slowly building my steam collection but could always use more suggestions/someone to play a few games with.
Cooking. I just really like cooking. My mother would cook all the time and with me being homeschooled for so long I had just started helping and just kinda started liking it a lot. My mother is a way better cook than I but I can at least keep myself well feed.
Traveling! Traveling is just another great way to see something other than cornfields. I'm honestly not a huge fan of the city life and tbh I hate driving in the city. I grew up in a town of 300 so it's just so different than what I know/am most comfortable with.
Machining. I find machining just super interesting in all honesty. It's really amazing the tolerances that can be achieved with the tools we have today. It's also insane how perfect people can make things by hand! Just the amount of time and dedication it takes to be that good at something is amazing.
Anyways this has gotten way longer than I expected it to. If you got this far and want to send me a message than please do so and try to include some information about yourself.
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2023.06.10 06:59 boysdofallinlove8 30 [M4F] Getting to know you

Heyyy. Looking for someone who is not rushing things. We are strangers thats for sure but lets take things slow and get to know each other then decide if we can take it to the next level. By not rushing i meant, not asking yet for pictures, anything than can cause discomfort as i should say. Lets just give the basic info that we need then lets start from there. We cant hurry love nga ika nila so why not take things slow. Malay natin sulit pala :) Oh btw may kinda requirements lang ako or preference. Hindi naman siya physical attributes or what atleast naman pasok ka:
Hindi siguro 23 and below sa age Within manila or near metro manila. Height ( it doesnt matter) School (doesnt matter. Big 4 or hindi) Weight ( doesnt matter also)
A little bit about me: im from manila, 30years young,been single for 3 years already, former athlete, a bit of a gamer, loves animals, 5’10 in height and plus size:)
So if you are interested msg me pls :)
Oh no nsfw stuff pls Reposting
Dont msg if you are just bored
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2023.06.10 06:59 CommandExcellent2225 We’re looking at a possible ODD diagnosis

This post will be mainly venting, so sorry in advance. I hope it’s ok to talk about secondary diagnosis that are separate from autism here. This is the only platform I could think of to talk about what’s going on recently.
My 7 year old son (ASD/ADHD) has been becoming more angry and aggressive as the days pass. It started with a short temper tantrums here and there. Now it’s turned into extreme fits of rage that are both physical and verbal. He doesn’t hit me or his dad but will attack his older (9yo) brother. He will slam doors, kick things, throw things. He screams at me and his brother when we’ve disagreed with him. The smallest things set him off, making him explode. The last two weeks he’s been off school for summer break and his anger has seemed to go from 5 to 100. I recently told his doctor which lead to the suggestion of, and referral for, a psychiatrist appointment. Based off what I’m finding about oppositional defiance disorder, I’m worried about this possible diagnosis. I’ve seen that ODD can be comorbid with ASD and it’s not uncommon. I’m feeling defeated because of his extreme anger there’s a lot of times I can’t get through to him to calm him down. He used to be so happy and now it seems like he is so miserable. I just want him to feel good without the overwhelming urge to rage out at everyone who loves him. 😔
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2023.06.10 06:57 Medical_broski Goliath Auto Transport (June 2023)

Brenden is an absolute beast!! Contacted him with nearly zero clue where to start. He talked with me for around 40 minutes and walk me through everything I need to know about the industry. I transported two vehicles from California to Wisconsin and Brenden was very informative. He treats every client like they are his only client. There is no gimmicks, sales, funny business. I highly recommend!!
P.s. Driver was very cool, and made it exactly at the time he promised.
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2023.06.10 06:57 Silawind 1 in 3000 chance after first sterile vasectomy test

Well, 8 years later here I am again. Last time it was pure carelessness, but I was in my early 30s. Now 40 and my new partner of 5 months failed to tell me he needed at least one more follow up on his vasectomy 6 months after his first test came back sterile. He felt/feels awful. It was a 1 in 3000 chance his Dr said. Didn't make it any easier and this time around it is just way more emotional of a loss. When 8 years it was the fact my partner abandoned me to snowboard the weekend I went through it. This time, my current partner has been sooo supportive. Massaged my feet and legs last night when bad cramps came on. Letting me talk about it and cry and telling me his feelings too. It just was too soon and tbh I haven't necessarily ever wanted kids. Watching people and relationships struggle, the trauma to the body, and losing my sense of self...all if it seems so hard for me. Also, the fact I have not been settled with anyone. I truly would have to give up so much and still be so lonely even if I had support, but he's going through a custody battle for his 2 year old right now. He'll be 50. And, I am just not sure he's the one. I imagined my middle age and elder years with a partner for life, but it all seems so difficult. I want to keep traveling and keep my free sprit. Go backpacking in Patagonia. Things a baby just doesn't fit into. Not on this budget. I wonder what these cells would have eventually looked and acted like? The lives I could have created if I gave up a huge part of my own. My depression just couldn't handle it. Or could it? Is it the change I need? I'm ready for a new chapter I just thought that would be marriage first then probably too old for a kid at 40....but 1 in 3000 shot. Idk I wish one decision would be the key but either way there is a sacrifice. A child deserves a stable environment and a mother ready for them! But is anyone ever ready?
Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter now. I think the hornones are settling each day more and more. After todays cramps i was like, if childbirth is anythinglike this then that's enough to freak me out. It was bad last time a few moments. Not much worse than a bad period otherwise. I was at 5 weeks this time (thanks to the speedy online services! Love my state!) And 6 weeks 8 years ago. Planned parenthood made me have to travel and do ultra sounds etc. Not sure if we didn't have mail order services back then?
I know this was the right decision but I sure feel empty and like a failure.
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2023.06.10 06:57 Oh-nicki-ur-so-fine LOOKING FOR SUBLEASE OR ROOMMATE

Hi! I am a girl who is still looking for a sublease for the Fall. Im open to a studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom with a roommate (preferably with my own bathroom). I’m super clean, on the quieter side, and I don’t like to party or go out a ton. I prefer a calm, clean, and peaceful living environment. I’m a routined person who lives a very heathy lifestyle.
I am also interested in these places incase anyone has a sublease available or wants to room in one of the two bedroom apartments. I’m looking to be under $1000 with rent, utilities, and parking
Latitude (studio, 1 bed 1 bath, or 2 bed 2 bath) Octave (1 bed 1 bath, or 2 bed 2 bath) 401 e university (1 bed 1 bath) 308 e white st (studio or 2 bed 2 bath) 407 e university (1 bed 1 bath) 602 e stoughton (1 bed 1 bath or 2 bed 1 bath) 52 e armory (1 bed 1 bath or 2 bed 2 bath)
ABOUT ME: Hobbies and interests - dance, fitness, marketing and finance, self-care, fashion, animals What I look for in a roommate - clean, respectful, doesn’t have a ton of people over, isn’t a huge party animal, doesn’t smoke Education - advertising and business major, graduating in December 2023
PM me if interested!
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2023.06.10 06:57 ackerdude Sometimes we have bad days!

Apologies for mobile formatting & spoilers for random events / stranger interactions.
Before tonight, I've been on a break from Red Dead since December. Between work, personal relationships, and my interest in other games, I didn't pick it up for a while. I also held off because I'm currently trying to 100% the game, and I'm procrastinating. (Even though it's really fun!!)
I've had the urge to play recently, so tonight I finally got on. What ensued really makes me not want to pick up the game for a while. It’s like the game was telling me to f* off.
A few memorable points of the tonight’s events:
Not to mention, I still haven't found any Oleander Sage. And at this point, I don't even want it or the poison arrows anymore.
What are some of your bad luck chain events that you've had? I'd love to hear them!
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2023.06.10 06:57 Independent_Swim_283 Blue Tulle Vintage(?) Dress

Blue Tulle Vintage(?) Dress
This is an absolute longshot, but this has been my girlfriends dream dress for years. The full description given on the Pinterest page she found it on is “1950's formal dress with strapless sweetheart bodice, corset boning, blue floral lace overlay, slender fit through the waist and very full layered navy blue tulle skirt. No maker label.” If anyone knows where I might be able to find it, please let me know.
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2023.06.10 06:57 LesbianWithALizard Help ID this succulent please

Help ID this succulent please
Not entirely sure if this is the right subreddit for this but my mum just gave me these succulent cuttings from our backyard and I want to know what species they are to make sure I take care of them properly, they’re my first plant.
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2023.06.10 06:56 _spacedeath Topeak Prepstand Pro Sagging

Topeak Prepstand Pro Sagging
I recently bought this Topeak repair stand from facebook and it seems that the arm that the clamp is attached to sags a lot rather than staying nearly 90°. It’s still usable but clamping on the seat post means that pedals strike the stand, which is annoying when tuning drivetrain.
I was wondering if anybody has experience with these specific stands and can indicate if theirs does this as well or if mine is just rather worn.
I tried searching on google and couldn’t find any info of this issue so makes me feel like mine is damaged.
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2023.06.10 06:56 jackanus moving to nyc, leaving my car. am I insane?

I'll be moving to NYC for grad school (performance/composition degree) in the fall, and I think I'm going to leave my car (SUV). While I could conceivably get street parking somewhat-kind-of near my apartment, most people I've talked to have said it's more trouble than it's worth (alternating sides every week, monetary costs, etc.).
I have also heard from bassist friends up there that it's doable to ride the subway with a bass. Also, I'll (thankfully) have a locker on campus where I'll leave my good bass, and I'll be able to keep my beateoutside-gig-bass at home. So I'll just commute with an instrument for gigs; it's not gonna be an everyday thing (though hopefully, the gigs do become somewhat frequent, lol).
I kinda just can't wrap my head around walking around to subway stops and riding the train being the way I move around with this thing. But I've also heard people do it, and *many* people have told me not to bring a car. Would love to hear the thoughts of any bassists who've lived/spent time in the city!
Also, I'm thinking about a better solution to weatherproofing my bass if/when I need to move around in rain/snow. Not something I have to deal with currently, so all I have is a soft case, and I'm worried about the resilience of that/if it will protect the instrument from the more extreme weather conditions of NYC compared to my current climate (DFW area).
Sorry for the novel, lmao. Much 2 think about. Appreciate y'all's thoughts!
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2023.06.10 06:56 Masterlet Why would an old library be open if no one comes to the library besides staff?

There’s this old library near me, but no one goes there besides staff.
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