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Next Steps + The Road Ahead

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2023.06.09 16:44 qiebalxissl POTs has been so bad today.

I woke up this morning a little shaky, I’m assuming because it was very hot in my room and the heat just fucking messed with me. I’ve had that happen before, I get shaky when my body isn’t reacting well to temperature. does that happen to you guys?
anyway, I stood up and I just had this horrible wave of nausea so i sat in the bathroom for a bit. went back to my room to chill and just recuperate, my mom called me to the living room to talk to me about something and as I was standing I was nauseous again but 10x worse. i was dizzy and shaky, and I felt like I was going to faint.
I am a fainter occasionally, when I first developed POTs it was an all the time occurrence and now it only happens rarely.
But now I’m afraid to get up because I don’t want to deal with the nausea again, I would usually drink some electrolytes but we don’t have any water bottles atm for my liquid iv packets and I can’t use tap water, my mom doesn’t allow us to because we have hard water and our filter broke.
Unrelated to this specific topic but I’ve been thinking about mobility aids, maybe a cane or something. especially when summer is here and it’ll be hot and I’ll be doing various activities but I don’t know how my mom will feel about that. she doesn’t really take this illness seriously and will probably think I’m attention seeking.
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2023.06.09 16:44 mynameisinvaIid Managing Internet Access for M4250 AV Networks

So I'm not a network novice, but I'm not seeing a simple solution to this problem. My company does performance-grade auditorium installations, where we usually do a full AV network solution (1-4 M4250s, a couple of WAPs, numerous PCs, Q-SYS control apps over Wi-Fi, etc.). Everything gets a lot simpler for us if the AV network has full internet access, but it's proving difficult to coordinate. We work with a lot of smaller clients who have no real understanding of their own networks and can be just about impossible to work with on this front. As I see it there's 3 different ways to manage this:
  1. Fully separate network with router and public IP:
    1. Pros: allows easy remote VPN access to the AV network, no coordination between building network IPs and AV IPs, complete control of entire network
    2. Cons: coordination with both customer and ISP can be difficult, requires a new public IP
  2. Fully separate network with router WAN connected to building network
    1. Pros: practically no coordination required, networks are still completely separate
    2. Cons: No remote VPN access, double NAT can cause some issues
  3. Separate AV subnet with static routing
    1. Pros: no router or public IP required, no double NAT
    2. Cons: requires static routes configured in building network, needs IP coordination between networks, AV network will be accessible from building network (security issue?)
Does anyone have experience with double NAT systems? How problematic are they? Do remote desktop options (AnyDesk/TeamViewer) work over them reliably?
Is it possible to configure option 3 (no AV router) without having to set static routes in the building network router? These customers often have basic ISP-provided systems that may get factory-reset or replaced at any time, and without someone knowing that static routes need to be re-added, they could lose Internet access on the AV network.
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2023.06.09 16:44 Ontreld Any advice on this stovetop-space?

I recently moved into my new apartment. The kitchen did not come with a stovetop, but I thought that's not a problem and you probably just buy a new one. I admit I know very little about these things.
While looking to buy a built-in stovetop I am getting very confused. The space I have looks nothing like the pictures I'm finding of built-in stovetop spaces, even some Rinnai construction video looked different.
There is something in the back which I assume is for connecting the gas, but would a built-in stovetop have a space in the back for this to seemlessly fit in? Or does this reduce the depth for the stovetop further like the drain does for the washing machine space?
For reference here are the stove space pictures. Is this normal?
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2023.06.09 16:44 chickenpooppu how to stop hand sweat?

Whenever I’m in a social situation or I need to shake someone’s hand, my hands immediately start to sweat badly making it uncomfortable for me to do so. I’ve narrowed this down to social anxiety but I have no idea how to get rid of it as I constantly go out and push my uncomfortable-ness however nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how I can stop this?
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2023.06.09 16:44 Tripadvisor07 How Long Does It Take To Drive Across Florida

Discover how long it takes to drive across Florida! Get helpful tips and tricks for making the most out of your road trip.
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2023.06.09 16:43 leila_laka Additional cameras for a ring doorbell

Hi everyone: I just bought a Ring Doorbell Battery Plus camera for the porch and wanted to know if I can get another camera to put on the back deck to monitor that point of entry that will sync with the doorbell system?
I don’t know anything about these type of systems and from what I have researched, this does sound like it is something you can do but I’m confused on which additional camera will work with the doorbell cam I bought.
If anyone is able to advise, I’d appreciate it!
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2023.06.09 16:43 No_Examination5621 Luis Arraez, Mr. .400

Luis Arraez has been the master of consistency this year on PredictionStrike. In his chase for history, Arraez is batting .403 after 63 games of action for his Marlins this year. For reference, the last time a player hit over .400 across a full season in professional baseball in the U.S. was in 1948, when Artie Wilson of the Negro American League hit .435. Arraez is getting it done with a league-best strikeout rate and whiff rate. When this dude swings, he makes contact. What does all this mean for his share price? Well, Arraez has failed to reach his projection in just 12 games out of 56 starts this year, to yield him a gain of 157% thusfar. He may slow down as most have in their pursuit of a .400 season, but that wouldn't stop him from producing big gains on PS, as his projection still sits at a measly 6.9. Or, he may not slow down, and make history as well as quite a bit of money for us in the process. The marlins still have 99 games to go, so don't waste any more time buying shares in this once-in-a-generation talent!
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2023.06.09 16:43 Electronic_Grape929 Why does she sleep like that? Upvote to get my little sis naked

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2023.06.09 16:43 Successful_Camp_1303 My dog constantly looks like he wants to bite me

Just as it sounds, hes a mutt, retriever x some kind of nz pig dog, we've had him since he was a year old, rescue.
He does this weird thing where he will just stare me and other people down, sound normal dogs just stare at their owners, but he gets all tense, lots of whale eye, even tucked tail somtimes, just tell tale signs a dogs about to bite you,
But I've had him for over 3 years and he's always done this (as creepy as it can be), and if you give him any sort of acknowledgement he just lights up, super waggy runs over for pats all that, he's a weird dog that does weird things.
This was more just me talking about my weird dog, but I've never really owned this kind of dog before, I've always had things like pittys and mastiffs so this could be a weird retriever thing I've never heard of.
Edit:I know he's not actually gonna bite me, I've had him long enough to know, aswell as I've seen him when he has enough, he's amazing at telling me he's getting agitated with the cat or other animals, will either walk away, hide underneath me, or give multiple warning growls.
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2023.06.09 16:43 Guilty_Nectarine5940 Adult for me

Life is great, it really is. How do i do this? As if I don't have enough things that I'm going through now my car has a flat and I have no spare. Great! I officially give up, I can't fight this anymore. Out of everything in my house, my pets don't have food, need a tire and to top that off even if I had a spare I couldn't get to work. I have $10 to my name, does anyone have any suggestions? Can someone please adult for me and tell me how to get out of this situation, please? Or just a nice word. Thanks ❤️
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Our lord and savior is finally…breathes FINALLY debuting her solo. Is it going to be an album?? No idea. I really hope so. So everyone please leave your theories and predictions or just hopes for her solo! Give lots of love and support!!
So my theory…is that, despite really wanting a mature/dark concept, we’re gonna get more city vibes because of the car and just the lighting of the teaser. Also I heard someone say that they really want a collab with SKZ or NMIXX for one of the songs and I thought…oh my goodness what if she collaborated with LILY FROM NMIXX???? VOCAL OVERLOAD. That’s never gonna happen 😂 but just imagine. I’d cry.
I’m really hoping for something like Cry For Me but I really will be happy with whatever she does ☺️. I’m looking forward to a powerful dance and song!!
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2023.06.09 16:42 Abrbarzan Why would anyone expect that the world's best lying agency would give you the truth?

(Just a bit of history here: In the wake of this explosive response to a new "whistleblower", I made a carefully worded thread over on the main UFO sub-forum, cautioning people to look more closely at the details of the situation. The post, however, was "removed by Reddit's spam filters", although I couldn't determine what the spam component was. On my next attempt to make a similar thread, I found that, while the post was not removed, it had gotten zero views/responses/votes. So -- trying again, and hoping the audience here might differ in terms of the gullibility on display elsewhere.)
So: here is Grusch, coming out of the woodwork and kicking things into gear with the additional claim of "alien bodies." Let's look at this situation calmly and rationally.
Agencies have spent decades gaslighting the public and researchers about UFOs and associated material -- yet now, suddenly, their "former" agents are all trustworthy because they self-identify as "whistleblowers"? News outlets also have spent decades mocking the entire topic as the domain of nut-jobs, and now suddenly we're ready to praise the NYT, the Guardian, CNN, 60 Minutes, etc., on the basis of legacy media's "prestige"? The whole point of being an effective intelligence agent is making it ambiguous where your true allegiances lie; and the whole point of legacy media is to represent establishment interests, which are typically obscured. The NYT, for instance, will likely not publish a story on Grusch unless it has run it by intelligence officials and gotten the go-ahead; so, if we do see such a story on the NYT in the coming days, we must ask why it has been approved, especially if the Pentagon/DoD is "officially" denying the factuality of Grusch's claims.
Apparently, all that it takes to get people -- including a lot of extant UFO researchers -- to believe a person now are these factors:
-- they "once" worked for the CIA, FBI, or some other intelligence and/or armed forces division
-- they have ties to the set of actors who largely emerged after the 2017 NYT piece to infect UFO communities with the 21st century narrative of Disclosure and UFOs as a "national security threat"
-- the articles in which they are featured identify them as a "whistleblower"
-- the sites and publications which feature them are populawell-established outlets
Taken together, these do not form a sound foundation. What we see here, instead, is an appeal to authority -- and authorities have, as noted, been precisely one of the main obstacles to a coherent public comprehension of UFOs and associated phenomena. A guy posing with his badges of merit does nothing to substantiate claims, but it's an excellent advertising image.
As long as all of these people are emerging from the woodwork with no ramifications for their ostensible unveilings of information; as long as everything they're unveiling is really just another carrot on a stick (with the carrot more of a rotten morsel); as long as they have any ties to these obfuscating and/or militaristic agencies, I'm going to remain skeptical and err on the side of viewing them as continuing to act in the capacity of (counter) intelligence personnel.
The point I'm making here is not that there is never any partial factuality to such ostensible divulgences. I actually do think the evidence leaves no reasonable doubt that the United States and Russia, at the very least, possess highly advanced craft of indeterminate origin. Disinformation is most effective not when it is entirely untrue but when it warps reality to its own ends. The point is that this whole edge-of-the-seat obsession with Disclosure as some certain future reality which will be 100% truthful and transparent is rendering the perception and study of UFOs as completely beholden to whatever top-down narrative is being spun. This is not "conspiratorial" thinking; it's good sense. Let's never rule out the potential truth of Wernher von Braun's end-of-life warning to Carol Rosin.
The ease with which Grusch's "admission", which should be frankly regarded as banal by anyone with even a slight grasp of the history of UFOs, has generated an uncritical hype storm shows the degree to which a demographic can be manipulated, once certain ideas have been injected into its midst and its desires aroused. UFO historians -- if such a term can be used -- are really the only buffer between a largely uneducated public, who mostly only has some dim awareness of terms like "Roswell" and "Area 51", and the political machinations which have done an excellent job of remaking UFOs into a 21st century phenomenon. When we do better for ourselves, we can do better for others!
P.S. The title for this post is a quote from an excellent recent video explicating this issue.
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2023.06.09 16:42 One_Sink669 By how much does farmland increase(dont spam links im not clicking)

I wanna ask, if any of you completed farmland or is close to completion, by how much does it increase when you get closer too 100, is the minimum 0.05 or does it go any lower?
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2023.06.09 16:42 dakotamidnight How long do underpayments take to actually get the funds?

TX. As I mentioned on here before, I was shorted benefits from October until March because the system never gave me the annual increase due to a glitch. I put in change reports and nothing was done. When my renewal was processed in April, it was finally caught & they issued a letter saying they were going to replace October thru January's. I have no idea why not February and March's, but at this point I am exhausted on trying to fight for what I should have gotten.
It's been 60+ days since that letter, and I STILL haven't gotten those replacement benefits. How long does it take? Who do I need to call or whatnot to actually get them? I CANNOT go into the office due to disability and transportation.
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2023.06.09 16:42 Dix999 Looking for referral EU

Hi everybody,
I'm about to join the Secretlab family with a brand new Titan EVO 2022.
Does anyone care to share a referral code valid for EU (IT) and get a free cleaning spray?
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2023.06.09 16:42 OpeningTheoryBot [Weekly: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 (King's Knight Opening)] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4 (Four Knights Game)

This is part of this week's series on King's Knight Opening (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6)
Opening line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4
Opening name: Four Knights Game Italian Variation
Board image:
Lichess board:
Wikibooks page:
Winning percenatages:
White: 64 (18.39%)
Black: 114 (32.76%)
Draws: 170 (48.85%)
Four Knights Game
White's 4.Bc4 in here looks like a natural developing move, targeting f7 and getting ready to castle. There is however a tactical trick Black has (4...Nxe4!) which has made masters shun away from 4.Bc4. For some history, we might mention that Tarrasch played this against Lasker in the 1916 World Championship, and was crushed.
If Black wants to accept a normal game, there is nothing particularly wrong with a natural developing move like 4...Bc5, but 4...Nxe4! is the best move in the position, and White is then fighting for equality.
In fact, below the master level, this position crops up very often. One online chess database (365chess) says that 4.Bc4 is played in one out of every five games featuring the Four Knights, and since most amateur games never make it onto that database, the real figure is probably higher. Larry D. Evans (see references below) says that his students wind up in this line about once a tournament.
Since 4.Bc4 is played so often, learning the theory on 4...Nxe4 will let you get many good positions with Black after only a few moves. With best play, White should probably equalize (according to Pinski's book on the Four Knights), but has to work a bit for it.
Most popular responses
  • 4...Nxe4 (Four Knights Game) Black makes a temporary sacrifice of the knight, and if White plays 5.Nxe4, Black can play ...d5 with a fork which wins back the piece. This tactical trick does not win any material for Black, but knocking out the important White center pawn on e4 has secured Black a good foothold in the center. (Lichess analysis) (Wikibooks) (3388444 games)
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 55
Score: 0.0
Best Move: Nxe4
PV Line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4 Nxe4 5. Nxe4 d5 6. Bd3 dxe4 7. Bxe4 Bd6 8. d4 exd4 9. Bxc6+
Puzzles based around Four Knights Game
Historical games for Four Knights Game Italian Variation
Game Result Year
So, W. (2780) vs Mamedyarov, S. (2801) 0-1 2018
Mamedyarov, S. (2767) vs So, W. (2767) 0-1 2019
Ivanchuk, Vassily (2739) vs Karjakin, Sergey (2723) 1/2-1/2 2009
Belozerov, A. (2528) vs Yu Yangyi (2764) 1/2-1/2 2018
Savchenko, B. (2610) vs Vallejo Pons, F. (2677) 0-1 2016
Kogan, Artur (2569) vs Eljanov, Pavel (2716) 1/2-1/2 2008
Koch, Jean Rene (2507) vs Adams, Michael (2746) 0-1 2001
Zhang, Pengxiang (2640) vs Koneru, Humpy (2612) 1/2-1/2 2008
Vlassov, Nikolai (2492) vs Adams, Michael (2740) 0-1 2004
Koch, Jean Rene (2485) vs Adams, Michael (2716) 1/2-1/2 1999
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2023.06.09 16:42 freyaelixabeth Moissanite - Any regrets?

Engagement ring or similar emotional connection - this won't be a "costume jewellery" type ring and will be worn at all times. I also dont want people questioning whether it's real or not so want it to look very high quality/not cloudy - I want it to look like a "serious" ring. I'm not fussed about the fact it's not "real" and don't feel it's more romantic to spend more / have a real diamond (I'll be the one wearing it). I also quite like that it's more ethical and better for the environment. The budget isn't infinite so I'd much rather get a bigger moissanite than a smaller diamond (in theory). Also worth mentioning, the stage I'm at in my life, relationship, and career wouldn't result in anyone being overly suspicious if it was a reasonable size.
So with all that in mind, does anyone regret purchasing a moissanite centre stone rather than a diamond? If budget wasn't a factor, would you rather have purchased a diamond in hindsight or do you feel it would have been a waste as the moissanite is perfect and you feel diamonds are overpriced due to what people are willing to pay?
I thought I'd found a fantastic supplier of moissanite rings but fell down the rabbit hole of a diamond ring supplier yesterday and going back to looking at the moissanite rings, they just don't look as sparkly.
The moissanite ring would be about £900 and the diamond ones are about £2k so both could be within budget and I don't want it to be a case of buy cheap buy twice but would much rather get a moissanite ring if they're just as good as don't want to waste money.
Any advice / input would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.06.09 16:41 Dr_Abril I tried everything to troubleshoot my dad's waterfall

I tried everything to troubleshoot my dad's waterfall
My dad built this pond with a waterfall 12 years ago, but he passed away 4 years ago. Ponds were my dad's thing, no one else in our household knows anything about ponds. I've done my best to troubleshoot it and look up what all the parts are used for.

What I've done so far:
- I plugged in all the electricity (some were not plugged in or maybe my neighbour's cat unplugged it by accident).
- I tried to plug a lamp into the electricity, that turned on, to the electricity box is fine.
- I plugged in the air pump and actually put the tube for it underwater (it was somehow. buried in the ground) Bubbles started to come out so that also works fine now.
- I opened up the water filter (I thought that was the pump) but I only found layers of mudd, it took some digging before I even saw there were any sponges in there. I cleaned it all out with just some water, removed all the worms and put it back together.
- also cleaned out the UV lamp by following youtube tutorials.
- turned on the UV lamp to see if it worked, I didn't see any glow but you can't even see UV so I think that's alright. When I put it back together and turn it on the case gets warm so I'm assuming that works fine.
- putting the garden hose directly into the UV lamp or water filter made the waterfall work fine so i don't think there's a problem there
- seeing how dirty everything was i assumed there must also be dirt in the pump, however, I could not get that open since my dad had glued the tube stuck to it. Making it unable to clean out, it probably has never been cleaned out.
- I cut loose the tube and bought a new pump, attached it, and now we had a little dripping of water from the fountain...
- before installing the new pump I tested it with the fountain things it came with, it seems to be working fine and spewing a lot of water... shouldn't have tested that indoors...
- I also shook and tilted the pump underwater to see if it was an air bubble causing a problem
- putting the garden hose on the tube that is leading the water from the pump to the filter makes a gurgling sound so I thought it was blocked.
- to try and unblock that we bought a ''unblocking spring'' or ''spring drain cleaner'' (don't know if I am translating that from my native language correctly). I pushed that thou to the end and swirled it around, nothing really happened, it came out all clean.
I think the problem is somewhere with the hose and the pump but I don't know what else I can do to fix it. maybe the pump is just not strong enough to get the water all the way up?
The pump is 1100 ltu and my pond is only about 300 litres, so I thought it would be more than enough. if I look into the hose (where it should go into the filter) I can see the water just sitting there, but it's sitting still. Then if I hold the hose in the same position 20 cm lower it does work??

These are not exactly the pictures of it but it's the closest I could find
Pictures of the pond, fish and shed. it's all a bit overgrown right now

The pump is clearly not the problem here

Unattached the hose where the hose goes into the UV filter, Holding it up to the height of the filter in the first pic. When holding it a little bit lower it suddenly does work?

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2023.06.09 16:41 kittenpunter Certified Mail From Police (AL)

I live in alabama and I get an email every day with what mail I'll be receiving. I checked it today and there's a certified letter from my local police department. I've not done anything criminal and my car is registered at a different address so I'm really confused what it could possibly be. Does anyone know what all they'd send certified mail for?
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2023.06.09 16:41 Financial-Joke4924 What is with Jax

I swear, everytime that I get a Jax on my team as an adc, or the enemy gets Jax on their team, that champ does so badly. If the enemy picks Varus top, he goes 0/11 and has a rift herald in our base at 15 mins. If he fights a cho'gath top, he somehow loses lane and cannot splitpush vs a tank. Poor teamfighting. Doesn't burst the ADC that well anymore. Is kinda squishy and dies fairly quickly to mages especially.
Literally every game I swear it's like whoever has that champ on their team has like a 10% higher chance to lose the game. His winrate apparently isn't awful, but I honestly think I've never encountered a Jax that actually carried or did well in the past 15+ games I've had with him. Maybe I'm not playing around him as an adc right? I don't know.
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2023.06.09 16:40 TheHendryx Cat suddenly lethargic and not eating

Species: Cat
Age: 11
Sex/Neuter status: Female/Spayed
Breed: Domestic cat
Body weight: 10-12 lbs (a guess)
History: No significant medical history
Clinical signs: Lethargy, not eating
Duration: 1day
Your general location: TN, USA
Links to test results, X-rays, vet reports etc: Scheduled for appt later today
Usually I give the cats wet food first things when I get up and they are meowing like crazy and waiting for it. Today, she wouldn't come eat. I brought her over to the wet food and she smelled it and walked away. She wouldn't eat a piece of turkey meat I tried to give to her either, and she's usually a VERY food motivated cat. She's been acting very lethargic all day (sleeping even more than a cat typically does).
Yesterday she was fine. This is all just overnight. She's scheduled for a vet visit later today. My fear is that she might get worse over the next few days, and I will be out of town and unable to watch her. Its a mandatory work trip. I know cats can be prone to kidney issues as they age, but this is literally just overnight, again. She is a 100% indoor cat, never goes outside, so it's unlikely she ate something that affected her in this way.. Any help on what to ask the vet about is appreciated.
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