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2014.10.27 22:05 buffalozbrown Combat Sports Videos

It doesn't matter if the fight happened today, last week, or fifty years ago. If the fight is relatively recent then the full fight would be preferred but highlights will be accepted for older fights. Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Chute Box, Karate, and TKD are all sports allowed to be posted.

2023.05.29 04:03 NightCities13 188 Years Later-Game 2-Rest of PreGames

Steward and Oceanette lightly chatted to one another about which beach they liked the best, while Zara and Avon talked about the latest Capitol fashions that they liked. They all got into their chariots when it was time.
Steward and Oceanette moved down the Avenue of Tributes, and halfway down, the bubbles on their outfits popped, causing loud cheers from the Capitol crowd.
Zara and Avon earned a high mention in Anderson Fashion, while Steward and Oceanette were called as the Best Dressed, and money was sent home to their families.
Steward and Oceanette arrived at the training center, and saw Lucille and Glam (both 1) and Lara and Viktor (both 2) training separately. This saw the career pack dwindling down to two, sometimes three pairs from this Games forward, with District 1 not volunteering every Games. The two 4s got into the pool and swam, and also used tridents.
Zara was throwing knives when she saw Paulette (3) trip and injure her knee. Perry (5) walked up to her and helped her bandage the knee, which saw an alliance start between the two. From now on, an alliance between 3 and 5 was quite frequent, sometimes also including District 6.
Meanwhile Lorraine and Harvard (both 6) camouflaged themselves into a variety of backgrounds, and Veronique (7) threw axes at targets. Avon focused on sewing rather than weaponry, and Rylo (9) used a scythe. Romeo (10) trained with a machete, while Dalia (11) worked with plants. Sarah and Vernon (both 12) worked in the medical station.
Oceanette and Steward scored equal 7s for usage of tridents. Meanwhile Zara scored a 6 for throwing knives, and Avon scored a weak 4 for sewing armor.
At the top of the pack were Lara and Viktor, who both scored 10s, while Lucille and Glam scored 9s. Also near the top, Rylo and Romeo scored 8s.
At the bottom of the pack was Paulette and Dalia, a twelve and thirteen year old who both scored 3s.
Panem Today revealed the odds on television that night, with Steward earning odds of 7 to 1, while Oceanette had odds of 8 to 1. Zara had odds of 12 to 1, while Avon had odds of 19 to 1.
Interviewer and commentator Plutaria Snow seemed excited for these Games, and said that any tribute could win the Games.
Plutaria had her long blonde hair in a beautiful braided style, while her blue eyes shone with excitement.
Oceanette wore a aqua dress, and had her ginger hair down in curls. She spoke about wanting to win for her family, and how she was nervous but excited to fight in the Games.
Steward wore a blue suit, and had his brown hair carefully combed back. He talked about wanting to prove that District 4 was strong, and how they produced the third most amount of victors thus far, and he wanted to be another one.
Zara had her blonde hair down in ringlets, and she wore a purple dress. Zara talked about being raised by her brother, and how she couldn’t wait to return home to him and his family.
Avon was next, and he spoke about his sister and her children, and how he wanted to win in order to support them.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci was the last to be interviewed. She pushed her dark curls from her face, and said her hint word, which was “pine”.
The next day the tributes were awoken, fed, and taken directly to the hovercraft. Halfway through the ride, they had their trackers implanted into their arms.
Tube Room
When the tributes arrived beneath the arena, they were taken to their tube rooms.
Octopius visited Oceanette first, and hugged her, wishing her luck. He advised her to ally with Steward, and stick with him.
Octopius then visited Steward, and hugged the boy close, reminding him that his calm attitude could take him far.
Coutura visited Avon first, and advised him to run away from the bloodbath.
Meanwhile she gave Zara more advice, hugging the girl close and telling her to find a weapon and food, and steer clear of other tributes.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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2023.05.29 04:02 rosegamm How to handle a coworker and former friend badmouthing me to students?

Long story short, my ex best friend is a very insecure teacher. No one likes her, she's inappropriate with male students, and her class is notoriously difficult (ELA).
My class is also very hard (college prep chemistry). Anyways, we recently got in an argument because a student skipped her class to finish her chemistry test (the student told me they had an open period and I believed them). My ex best friend/coworker felt really slighted and cut off our friendship because I disrespected her and now she can't trust me.
So, my class has a written and lab exam for each unit. The tests are stressful to kids (because assessments are worth 60% in my class), but the average test score is usually around an 85% for written tests and high 80s/low 90s for lab tests. Despite doing well, kids get really stressed out before chemistry tests. They're used to all my coworkers making practice tests that are identical to the real tests where they can just memorize answers and do well. In my class, they have to use what they learned in a new situation and explain their reasoning for every answer. Kids actually have to think in my class. She told me my expectations are too high for kids, and that my class is too hard and I'm not preparing them well enough for the tests because even some of our "good" students freak out and get nervous before tests. She said I'm doing something wrong if I have so many kids after school every day (when a kid missed school they miss a lab they have to make up. I can'tjudt hand thema worksheet- they need to put in the time to do the lab they missed). Between regular absences and athletes that miss my 6th, 7th, and 8th period class two or three times a week, I easily have 5 to 10 kids a day making up labs they missed during the week.
At the end of the day, she just wants a reason to vilify me and make me look bad. She keeps telling other students that it's ridiculous so many kids are always in my room getting help. When they walk in from taking tests, she makes comments like "Are you okay? Do you need to take a lap and calm down? She's too much, huh?" She'll go up to certain students (male jocks) and say "Did you know that so-and-so skipped practice last night for chemistry?? Right before a big game? You should tell their parents." One student I'm close to confronted her one day and asked her "Why are you so mad that she's willing to help kids make up wprk after school?" and she'll say "That's not my only problem with that class!" and proceed to bad mouth me to our students. Ever since our falling out, around 2 to 3 students a week come and tell me things she says in class about me. These are honest kids I trust.
I'm convinced it's a jealousy thing. Both of our classes are notoriously hard classes, but kids actually like me. I'm recognized by multiple students during senior sports nights for the teacher that made a difference. I recently received a governor's award. I won a city-wide Kids Choice award a few years ago. Despite my hard class, I have the lowest fail rate of any core teacher. So, I'm not worried her shit-talking holds any truth. She is just dead-set on ruining my reputation. I'm mostly pissed and embarassed for her due to how unprofessional she's being. I want the badmouthing to stop. She's blocked me on all social media and on her phone. Should I just go to admin? Our principal is leaving in June for a new job. Should I wait for the new principal? For those of you who'd suggest just going in and talking to her, she gets really aggressive and loud, and I'm afraid she'd twist my words. Also, after our fight, she sent an email to the principal complaining about me "deliberately" allowing a kid to skip her class and cc'd me on the email. She's being petty and rude, and I'm not going to be the nice friend who takes it anymore. What should I do?
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2023.05.29 04:00 gar8690 (Selling) Day After Tomorrow, Knock at the Cabin 4K, Black Swan, Pulp Fiction 4K, Aristocats, Origins Wolverine, Rogue Cut 4K, The Transporter, Rocky Horror, Me and Earl 4K, Bohemian Rhapsody 4K, Stoker, Trance, Vanilla Sky 4K, Ferngully

PayPal only, I'm trying to be firm for now, thanks


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X-Men collection

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2023.05.29 03:59 redagony (FS) Currently Have A Lot Of Numbered Parallels And Few Patches/Autos That I’m Trying To Move !! All Available Fighters Are Listed, Photos Available Upon Request, PM If Interested !! Thanks :)

  1. 2022 Rob Font Origins Auto (14$)
  2. 2022 Select Edmen Shahbazyan Auto (12$)
  3. 2022 Select Tecia Torres Auto (11$)
  4. 2020 Topps Ian Heinisch Auto (14$)
  5. 2018 Topps Claudia Gadelha Auto (15$)
  6. 2019 Topps MC Corey Anderson UFC 232 Mat Relic /75 (15$) 7: 2015 Topps Alexis Davis UFC 161 Mat Relic (14$)
  7. 2015 Topps Cat Zingano Patch (13$)
  8. 2022 Select Jessica Andrade Patch (9$)
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  12. 2021 Select & Prizm Robbie Lawler Both /49 (25$-Select 30$-Prizm)
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  28. 2022 Donruss Michael Bisping /99 (10$)
  29. 2022 Donruss Michael Chiesa /49 (10$-/49)
  30. 2022 Donruss Marlon Moraes /99 (8$)
  31. 2022 Donruss Nikita Krylov /99 (10$)
  32. 2022 Donruss Cub Swanson /75 (14$)
  33. 2022 Chronicles Illusions Glover Teixeira /49 (13$-Illusions)
  34. 2022 Chronicles Score Rose Namajunes /49 (14$)
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  36. 2022 Chromicles Flux Michael Chandler /99 (11$)
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  38. 2022 Chronicles Islam Makhachev /199 (14$)
  39. 2022 Chronicles Dustin Poirior /49 (13$)
  40. 2022 Chromicles Robert Whittaker /199 (10$)
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2023.05.29 03:59 27Ari27 My CR is at 93% and I’m worried about being kicked out of the LOP

I always keep my completion rate at or above 95%. Because that’s the requirement for the Large Order Program, which is a HUGE source of my income.
Yesterday it was at 95% when I pulled into a pizza place at 1:45am to pick up two orders. They are in a populated area near the bars and it was Saturday night. They were so unbelievably busy that people were spilling out into the sidewalk, and the inside was wall to wall. The restaurant had recently marked themselves as closed on the customer app even though they were still supposed to be open for a little while, presumably due to how busy they were inside, but these two orders must’ve trickled in before they did that. I called from my car to see if they were even going to make the orders or if I should have them cancelled. They didn’t answer. I could not bring myself to try and push through the sea of drunk people and then fight for the workers’ attention, so I dropped both orders.
My CR is now at 93%. The last day of the month is Wednesday, and I’m panicking. I don’t even care about top dasher, I just don’t want to lose the LOP. So I’ve been taking as many deliveries as possible to get it up the two points but it won’t budge.
Am I panicking over nothing? Has anyone actually been kicked out of the LOP for not meeting criteria?
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2023.05.29 03:58 Monoken3 [LFG] [WEEK 1 HC] [STATIC] [NA] [Cross DC] [6.4 SAVAGE] [SPLITS][Omni-tank] Playing either War or Drk (Drk on alt)

Ultimate tank raider LF Week 1 HC Group that does Splits on alts
My Current Situation: Coming back from 5 week hiatus after DSR. I have cleared Abyssos 1-3 fights in 3 days on release and 4th fight on week 3-4.
Experience: Have lots of ultimate experience/clears/last tier of savage, I still need my TOP clear (maybe after this tier?)
Hours: Can raid any time preferably 12-8pm PST (any past that and I get tired cuz of sleep schedule, if needed can adjust for first week to more wacky hours).
Role: I'm omni-tank and can tank comfortably on any of them,most likely gonna play WaDrk since I have the weapons on those, I only have DRK on my alt leveled to 90.
Expectation: I'm looking for serious group that gonna push on server up for 10+ hours and get at least first 3 fights down week 1, that's my expectation on joining the group and meet people with the same goal. Please only DM me if you have the same mindset and want to quickly clear the tier to do other content and/or play other games. (FF16 any1?)
Last Tier Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/behemoth/xela%20shade(I don't do log runs or anything, if its low then I didn't care to run it enough times to optimize, I'm progression player).
Open for Golbex Trial: DM on Discord: Xela#2146
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2023.05.29 03:56 autotldr Chinese warships detected passing through Taiwan Strait as China continues to step up military activities around Taiwan amid deteriorating U.S.-China ties

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 20%. (I'm a bot)
BEIJING - Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Saturday that it detected three Chinese warships, including the Shandong aircraft carrier, passing through the Taiwan Strait, as Beijing keeps up pressure on the self-ruled island it claims as its own.
In a tweet, the ministry said that the three vessels were headed north along the Taiwan Strait at noon and were steering along the west of the median line - an unofficial boundary once tacitly accepted by both sides.
China has stepped up its military activities around Taiwan in recent months amid deteriorating U.S.-China ties.
China claims Taiwan as its own territory to be brought under its control by force if necessary and regularly sends ships and warplanes into airspace and waters near the island.
Twelve of the aircraft had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait or entered the island's air defense identification zone.
In April, the Chinese military said it was "Ready to fight" after completing three days of large-scale combat exercises around Taiwan that simulated sealing off the island in response to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's trip to the U.S. Last August, China intensified war games around Taiwan, with missile firings and incursions into Taiwanese waters and airspace following then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Taiwan#1 Ministry#2 around#3 aircraft#4 China#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.29 03:54 -beehaw- Question about fighting a mini-boss in TOTK (spoilers on korok forest ahead)

Any tips for beating the phantom ganon (and malice hands) in korok forest depths?
I went to Korok Forest (ascended through depths) only to see that they all looked depressed and there was an obvious chasm I had to jump into. I was then jump-scared by one of those hella freaky malice hand blob things and died right away LOL. I cooked a crapload of sundelions and tried again with bombs, but I failed right away again. I really don’t know how to kill them as we are fighting in this tiny enclosed space.
I haven’t properly fought a phantom ganon yet either (just teleported away lmao). Don’t know how that’s gonna go, probably terribly because, as you may have guessed, fighting is not my strong suit and I didn’t use shield parries or flurry rush at all in BOTW (as I could never figure it out). Just shield parrying guardian beams specifically.
But yeah the longest I’ve lasted was about 30 seconds. I have 10 total hearts.
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2023.05.29 03:54 Ragnellrok Played FF6 for the first time, my thoughts on it.

Okay, so, FF6PR was one of the handful of FFs I've not beaten, nor do I know how they end that are currently out as of typing this (late may 2023 if you're in the future and FF16 came out).
The other's where I don't know how they "end" are: Tactics and Tactics Advance, I guess I technically don't know how FF3's final areas conclude... as in, I know the big stuff because FF14, but I don't know the post-final fight stuff, um, oh and 11 and since I play 14, I don't plan on playing it, especially after my friend showed me exactly how old school it is and I just went "and that's why I don't play it... everything you said, went in one ear and out the other and I was trying to understand it!" I guess I don't know how FFCC ends, but I have a GCN with it, so I could find out at some point.
Anyway, point is, as you might notice, I either beat or know how they end on the other games. Like, more than the average fan... and actually I just beat FFV last week or so before today and beating FFVI. Now, I'm just gonna say, I love good sprite work, game was beautiful, I had a 4-man squad that was too overleveled and, aside from 2 dying between me selecting my actions and not being able to arise, I nearly 1-party'd the final boss, as in just 4 people *almost* beat Kefka, I was too high level at 80, but, that's namely from grinding all my espers out and yeah, just yeah, steamrolled the whole tower with them, I just had 2 people get hit and they died and then I moved stages which meant I couldn't rez them with Arise sadly... oh well.
Anyway, this is probably in the top 5, like coming from a person who plays tons of games and have played many FFs... this is almost assuredly in my top 5, and yeah "bad takes for top 5" but 2+DoS on GBA is in there alongside FF8, which I played before 7, which is probably up there too, just there order in which I played the games, lengths of times that I did that, etc. I just identify with Squall more, especially at the time, being capable but socially awkward, being afraid of not being good enough (yeah, I have military experience, so weirdly, I can identify him on that level too, but before then it was friends, saying something stupid, trying to "not care" and stuff, like FF8 speaks to me on many levels, FF2, well, mostly to do with DoS add-on, dunno if I'd like it as much, but the fact that you get better at anything is by casting the spell more, using certain weapon types more, etc, etc, etc, if you want someone to be better at something, you literally used that thing and you'd naturally just get better over time, yeah, it just made intuitive sense, even if it wasn't really ever seen again...
But this is about FF6 and I can see why people said "play 6 or Tactics next" when I asked for suggestions on my previous post... namely because I was trying to decide between the games I haven't beaten or haven't beaten in a VERY long time (FF4 DS, I beat FF4 GBA, but never finished DS, so was considering it as an option), but 6 was a very good call, the game does a great job of conveying the importance of the cause, my main gripe is Terra being optional in pt 2... she's the freaking outline of the game logo, her at the beginning of the game, and they, for some reason, despite her being important in WoB, come WoR it's a "meh, bring her or don't" and like, everyone who isn't her, Gerad or the world's biggest gambler, they're all flipping optional! I get that it's cool, but at the same time, kinda feels like something Terra of all the others should also be mandatory for, with a side of Locke and Sabin for, hopefully, obvious reasons.
Anyway, had a fine time, game was good, and yeah, I feel it improved on FF4, my closest point of comparison as, well, FF5 is more closely related to FF3 and Bravely Default series than other games tbh... so, I feel it improved on FF4, another game I hold in high esteem though I really feel like Terra shoulda been a mandatory character considering her WoB importance, and that's my main casting gripe. I guess like after Mog feels weird, Gogo, Umaro, like they just feel like secret characters that exist for the sake of having secret characters, not, actually good characters that are hidden... I mean, to me, both Gau and Relm feel more relevant than Gogo or Umaro, and Mog feels borderline weird, but still okay, as yeah, also a bit hidden, but also helps Locke and Terra at the beginning of the game and helps tell the story after Ultros... so he feels like he belongs slightly more.
Now, please understand, I am not saying Gau/Relm/Mog or anyone else is superior to Gogo or Umaro, I just, I feel Mog makes more sense than Gogo, and I mean, being the boss of Umaro... I feel is odd for Mog, but hey, I'm just giving my feelings on the matter, NOT, in terms of facts in this case. Like once I got them I found myself wondering "why did I bother?" and subsequently answered myself with "because, all characters. You obsess over stuff like this. Stop asking dumb questions." And quite frankly I'm right, it is why I got everyone and ended up only needing "6" (the 2 replacements got KO'd near-immediately, turns out repeated 9999 Ultima off 1MP and constant 9999 1MP Curaga tends to stop you from dying off 8k HP, dunno why. /s
All in all, I enjoyed it thanks to those of you who suggested I try it, I think I'll go and play 9 before I learn how it ends (like I know about Kuja because Dissidia 012, but much like FF12, no real idea of the end of the game, just that Kuja is a villain *shrug*) from somewhere else... then 16 will likely be near to releasing or released once I finish it. Oh and yes, I'm aware of Excalibur 2, I'm not going for Excalibur 2 on my first run... for, hopefully, obvious reasons.
PS- not asking you to, but I did mention it, so for those curious souls the post asking which title to play next, as I mentioned it a bit: https://www.reddit.com/FinalFantasy/comments/13pd3yx/ive_beaten_around_half_the_ff_games_looking_fo
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2023.05.29 03:52 diamonds-inthesky The OOTP gods were shining on me for this playoff run!

The OOTP gods were shining on me for this playoff run!
This all began yesterday when I was sat in my garden playing OOTP at the trade deadline. I have a low budget and with 2 of my main stars having opt-outs after this season, I thought it might be wise to move at least one of them before the deadline in order to speed up a rebuild. Before I made a decision, a bird took a mighty crap on my leg that made a disgusting mess. Now, I don't believe in luck but as this is supposed to be "good luck", I used that sign as justification to keep my roster together for a potential run. I added a couple of cheap right handed bats for almost nothing and went on my way.
This turned out to be a good decision as I would end up going 46-13 post deadline including a 19 game winning streak that was the best I've achieved in my 41 years in charge of the D-Backs. I was now full of confidence and managed to advance to the NLCS after beating the Dodgers in 5, which was a little unnerving at times.
The next round is where things really started to pick up. Facing the A's (recent expansion moved them to the NL, they won the WS 3 years ago for the first time since 1989).I would blow a 5-3 lead in game 2, losing in 13 (7-6) to split my first 2 in Arizona. In game 3, I blew a 6-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th culminating in a walk-off 3-run HR. After 40 seasons, this isn't unfamiliar but it never gets less painful and it was hard to not feel like the game had decided this just wasn't my year!

Nearly rage quit!
The series remained back and forth, going all the way to 7 games. Game 7 was an incredibly tense game, entering the 9th locked in a scoreless tie. I gave up a solo HR and then an insurance, ticky-tac run and accepted my season was probably done but with 2 out and a man on 3rd (who would score on a wild pitch), my #4 would dig in, fouling of 5 pitches before blooping a single. Up to bat in the most crucial spot, Chris Prutsman, a second year left fielder who I'd acquired in the summer who's hitting attributes are 50 across the board except for 70 power. He'd been very mediocre all season but after hitting 15 of his 36 HR in the last month of the season, he'd been in my line-ups for the playoffs, even winning MVP in the NLDS vs LAD with 5 solo HR in 4 games. However, against Oakland going into this final at-bat he'd only garnered 3 hits, all singles and no walks in 5 starts. The regression seemed fair and I was happy with the fight until he delivered a 2-run, walk off, series clinching BOMB.
This set-up an even more epic showdown in the World Series with the evil New York Yankess, 59 years after Arizona beat them to win their first ever WS and 17 years since their 2nd WS meeting in 2043, also won by Arizona. I won another title 4 years later in 2047 for my 3rd but had since lost in the WS 4 times (3 to CWS).
To add another layer of juiciness to this, Jacome Escobedo, the Yankees star LF had played his first 7 seasons with me before leaving in FA due to an unaffordable price tag for the D-Backs. He has been a superstar since 21, somehow not winning MVP yet, finishing 2nd 6 out of his 9 seasons.
Game 1 was close but an early grand slam from Chris Daniels (Likely to be 1st to Escobedo's 2nd in MVP this year) was too much to overcome. Yankees win 7-5
Game 2 was a tighter game, entering extras tied 5-5. A 3-run HR in the top of the 11th for Yankees #6 hitter (his 2nd of the game) proved to be the decider. Yankees win 8-5
Game 3, I came out with a lot more fight early, taking 3-1 and 5-3 leads but ultimately the Yankees are gonna Yank, hitting 5 HR, this was just horrible. Yankees win 7-6
Game 4, the player I had contemplated trading at the deadline, 2B Ken Steinbring, shows up big time in this elimination game, 3 HR & 7 RBI. D-Backs win 10-3
Game 5 was the turning points of the series. Going into the bottom of the 8th, I was down 5-2 and had long accepted all my magic was over. Steinbring delivers another solo HR in the 8th to make it 5-3 going to the bottom of the 9th
My #6 & #7 hitters come up first, they strikeout and groundout respectively. I nearly gave up here with my defensive SS who's hitting .140 in the playoffs coming up followed by my back-up C who had been subbed in earlier after my starter ruptured his Achilles. I pinch hit for my SS bringing in Mike Willis, one of the bats I acquired at the deadline, a slightly above average back-up RF who's mostly on the roster for chemistry purposes. Anyway, he strokes a double. Nice!
Now I have to decide whether to roll the dice with my awful C with 2 outs or sub him out knowing that I have no other replacement and will almost certainly lose if I don't win the game in this inning. I pinch hit using the other bat I acquired at the deadline, again, an extremely mediocre bat that hadn't cracked my line-up since joining the team. He blasts a triple, scoring 1 to put me within 1. Glorious!! It immediately seems bittersweet though as I anticipate a quick groundout next followed by the Yankees celebrating on my field but no, Tony Penaloza (LF) steps up and cranks his 8th HR of the season (35 power) to give me the most unexpected comeback win! D-Backs win 6-5
Game 6 is a slugfest, despite my ace being on the mound. I manage to withstand multiple rallies from NYY with very careful pitching moves. D-Backs win 11-7
After taking a 1-0 lead early on, my all or nothing starting pitcher delivers one of the strangest games ever (5.1 IP, 3 H, 4 ER, 9 BB, 9 K, 118 P) That is a team record for walks by a player in any game by the way! So yet again, just like game 5. The score is 5-2 going into the bottom of the 8th. And yet again, Steinbring comes up in the 8th and hits a 2-run HR to cut it to 5-4. After a clean top half, the bottom of the 9th opens up with my #6 hitter who delivers a single after fouling off 4 in a row. My #7 steps up and bunts him to 2nd.
I know I'm going to use my 2 pinch hitters again for my SS & C (again, this will leave me without a catcher if we go to extras). My only decision is in which order to use them. I elect to use my 1B who tripled in game 5 first as I have most faith in him but he sadly grounds out to SS, keeping the runner at 2B.
So here it is. Mike Willis, he's started 38 games for me, it would've been much less too if it weren't for injuries and how strong my record was down the stretch that allowed me to rest some regulars.
On a 2-0 count, he connects and just gets one OUT OF THE PARK (see what I did there). I can't lie, I went crazy and have now spent the next 2 hours documenting it as this is by far the greatest season of OOTP I've ever played and trust me, I've played a lot!!
The history and stories that were connected to this series made it truly EPIC! Not only the crazy back and forth games, unlikely heroes and big hits. But also, coming back from 3-0 down to beat the YANKEES! in the World Series. Does it get any better? I kind of feel like I should end this save here as it's only downhill now.
If anybody made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it!
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2023.05.29 03:52 Trophygrabbing After Guardian ape traumatized me I finally came back and beat him!!! Warning long read. SPOILERS.

It all started 3 years ago not long after getting plat on spiderman, and after getting the ultimate mode trophy for the hardest difficulty, and also beating ghost of tsushima in lethal+ I was feeling quite big headed.
And being a gamer for just about 20 years and beat a hell of alot of games and bosses all shapes, sizes and by now honed my skill a little bit
So one day even though I tried dark souls many years ago and failed miserably might i add, I decided to try what I hear to be one of the hardest games around...Sekiro.
Well I get pretty good (or so I think) and just took down genichiro after a few days of owning my skills.
So I start thinking to myself how with abit of grinding its not that bad and just like any other game you could probably overpower and win the game by default without much effort......and wow was I wrong.
Now I've come to him....Guardian ape.
After a horrendous fight of being clumsy and having major issues with the poop throwing I make the decision I need items, so antidotes and gourds at the ready I start to learn his attacks a little and after 2 days I finally take him down and praise the Lord and finally run to the door with real joy..... why is it still fog?
The music changes I shit my pants and die swiftly to terror, almost in real life too.
I throw everything in the book at this guy, I use sugars I use divine confetti, I get the mortal blade. I even go out my way (not proud of this) watching videos on how to cheese him, day after day for about 3 months I watched I battled I watched I battled but to no avail.
I was stuck like I've never been before 3 months of pain suffering and finally he broke me.
I gave up.
But! I vowed I will come back to sekiro one day and take him down with a vengeance as he shook me worse than I've ever been, I lost all my motivation and questioned my skill as a veteran gamer.
A year or 2 later elden ring was about to come out and I thought okay let's try souls games again and see what I can do. Not long after starting the builds and weapons just started to click and the game actually became a breeze when I got used to it.
I got plat on ER and was so proud and thought okay I will platinum all souls games and sekiro will be last because of my arch nemesis...guardian ape.
I hone my skills and like the stubborn SoB I am, in order I platinum ER, BB, DS1, DS2 and DS3. All with dlcs included and 2 days ago come back to Sekiro.
So after beating some of the most well named bosses around like Orphan of Kos, Nameless King, Ornstein and Smough, Artorias and Fume Knight i felt I was finally ready.
I was so much more skilled and relaxed this time around, once I got used to the mechanics again I started slowly chipping away at him and after 6 hours total he finally went down.
The nightmare was finally over after 3 years of trauma and questioning my skill I got him and cannot tell you how good it feels!
I finished the fight with 0 gourds, 0 pellets and from the start of the fight because I was sick of farming 0 spirit emblems.
So to anyone out there who is struggling with the game and feels they cannot do it, my message to you is keep trying your better than you think.
Sekiro platinum I'm coming for you🤺
Thanks for reading and remmember hesitation is defeat🎩👌
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2023.05.29 03:49 motherfudgersob Inheritance issues with siblings as mother's POA and Executor.

My mother died this past week after an sudden onset volvulus (twisting if bowel). My brother and sister were co-POA for general and health care matters. They decided surgery was uncalled for out her in hospice to die and after over three days of no fluids if course she did.
All her investments were in CDs (600k+/-) with all three children listed as "pay on death." She'd had her funds that way for many many years). She became unable to manage Ian affairs die to vision issues about a year ago and then some mild cognitive problems starting about six months ago. My brother and sister reinvested all the CDs due to rate increases as her POA and did so through my brother in law who is a certified financial planner (I know big whoop). I have no idea if they structured them as pay on death with my name included.
She sold her home as the mortgage holder to my sister and brother-in-law (the financial planner) and they still have 10+ years of payments I believe. She gave them great terms. She was competent when she made that decision and minding her own affairs.
She has money tied up in a small IRA. And she put a mid 6 figure down payment for her retirement community and some of that is to come back to relatives.
She told me many times over the years she wanted her money distributed evenly between her kids when quite lucid (she was really quite lucid until inset if sever twisted bowels). I was not any POA participant as I live far away.
I loathe my brother and sister and I assume they feel the same. I neither trust them to do right by me as a sibling or remain inside legal or ethical parameters. I think it was unethical and possibly illegal for a POA to use the incapacitated person's funds for their own benefit which seems like what investing this through my brother-in-law was doing. She had never invested with him before cause she's low risk and he's an grinning idiot.
So I am wanting to get her medical records as I think my siblings and the hospital acted improperly (I'm in healthcare and her living will only asked for no "heroic measures which the surgery that could have saved her dies NIT seem...to me...to be). I also obviously can wait and see what I get before assuming the worst but not sure if I should act now before these CDs are cashed out without my name on them possibly. It'd seem incredibly hard to get them back then.
Do I have a right as a named beneficiary if the will to her medical records. Any way to get them?
How about records if her finances over the last year?
What should I do about the CDs. Act in some way now or wait?
Can I for e them to pay off the estate for the remainder owed in the house (the cash they inherit is more than enough to do so)?
Of note I have multiple voice recordings (hundreds actually as I wanted them for remembrances) and she stated clearly often these wishes for her money to be split three ways between us.
Finally an ominous note is that she'd said which personal property she wanted who to have. My sister got diamond and gold jewelry. But they callously threw out the rest including heirlooms intended for me. They wanted cash rich salable items...I wanted heirlooms. My brother also ominously told me I needed to be careful with my investments (seemed to me to imply "that's because you're not getting anything from mother.")
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.29 03:48 Least-Average-8513 My friend (32m) has lived with me (24f) for 2 years and I feel like the relationship is becoming toxic.

Tldr: My friend has been living with me for 2 years rent and bill free, we fight a lot, I think he’s gaslighting me and I am getting angry, emotional and frustrated with the situation and want to kick him out, but I know he is going through a rough time with family and other life issues, plus my daughter sees him as a dad so don’t want to make a rash decision throwing him out. Apologies for any rambling but I want to give as much context as possible for a fair judgement. Also apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes, it's like 2 am and I'm tired. I (24f) have had my friend (32m) living with me and my daughter (3f) on and off for 2 years, for the sake of the story we will call him Lee. Our relationship has heavily deteriorated and I feel like I am making rash decisions out of anger. Lee originally came to stay with us when he was evicted during the pandemic and was living in a hotel, I invited him to stay with us as I had a spare room at the time since my daughter was too young for her room. I rent, not own, and he lived with us for 7 months before we were evicted due to him staying with me and not being on the tenancy. After being evicted, my daughter and I spent 7 months homeless and couch-surfing between different family and friends' houses until I finally managed to secure a new home. At this time Lee was also couch surfing, when I finally found a new place I felt bad and invited him to come and stay with us again for what was meant to be a short period but ended up being a year. He sleeps on my couch as now my daughter is old enough she needs her room and space. In terms of the financial dynamic of the relationship. I took extended maternity leave when my daughter was born until after the pandemic calmed down early last year. After my maternity support ran out and I had to hand in notice at my job I received government support for my rent and living costs. After my rent is paid I have just shy of £400 a month to live off a month, paying all other bills and feeding and caring for myself and my daughter, when Lee moved in this was my financial situation. I rejoined the workforce last January ans was working for most of last year until I had to leave my job in August due to very poor mental health. Since then, I have struggled to stay in work and do agency work, working maybe 1-3 days on a good week and not at all when my depression is at its worst. Since he first came to stay with us, I have covered all the bills rent, utilities, and most of the food and occasionally helped him out when he needed money. Until December last year, Lee was doing occasional freelance work with very inconsistent money. He would help with putting food in the fridge or WiFi bills as and when he could, but it was not consistent. Last December I helped him to get a job at my agency and he since has been working full-time. I am frustrated with the financial side of this situation as nothing has changed or improved since he started work nothing has improved. I know I am not entitled to his hard-earned money, but I feel he being really selfish with his money when it comes to me and the household. He sends his mum money every payday without fail, but will occasionally give me £50 towards the household. He goes out a lot after work to bars and clubs and buys himself things, I’ve found a casino membership in his name when cleaning, which he claims is to just get in and hang with friends, which is an obvious lie. He mentioned in passing that he has been saving to buy a house. I was actually fuming when he mentioned that even in times when we were struggling he had money, he just had it in an ISA and couldn’t withdraw according to him. I also overheard him in a conversation saying that he has 5 figures in savings. This was just a kick in the gut but I am clearly too forgiving since he is still here. I have broken down my financial situation to him so he knows how things are, but his constant line is that he sends his mum money every week to take care of her, even though he is living in my home rent free not hers. I know it sounds jealous and vindictive but I’m the one whose roof he is living under now and it cooking and cleaning but he will send her who knows how much every week but get antsy with me if I ask him for a contribution to the Wifi bill. To put it in perspective he makes at least £3k a month before tax and tips, whereas my income is £1,780K and my rent alone is £1,400. I am ridiculously frustrated at this by this and it isn’t our only issue. Now I will say I am not completely innocent in our conflicts. I suffer heavily from depression, ADHD and ASD which until very recently hasn’t been treated by professionals. I have my up and down days, pretty intense mood swings where I can snap over minor things, not to mention rising a toddler as a single parent, I am a complete mess. My biggest issue is my house is beyond a state, it's borderline a hoarder's mess and I just can’t cope with maintaining it. Some days I struggle to get out of bed and the mess just keeps piling and piling up. Some days I can clean one, maybe 2 rooms, but by the time I have the energy and drive to clean again the whole house is a mess again and I’m back to square one. Lee and I argue about this often. He used to try and help with some things but would do a half-assed and I would get upset, like loading the dishwasher and leaving the rest of the kitchen a mess, or taking all the mess out of the rest of the house and dumping it into my toddler's bedroom. He stopped helping at all after a while because he said I was a control freak, and I can admit I can be a bit controlling at times if I don’t agree with the way he is doing something. There have been times I have asked him for help and he will turn around and say it’s not his mess so he isn’t helping it’s mine and my daughters so my responsibility to clean up. While this is true he knows I am struggling and will do nothing but sit there and complain otherwise. He complains a lot and his words and actions are driving me insane. Aside from the household maintenance complains about everything and constantly makes not-so-subtle digs and insults at me which make me feel like crap when I am already heavily depressed and suicidal at times, and then will turn around and ask me why I’m in a mood. Some examples of things he has said: - He is surrounded by idiots at work and at home - I’m a mess, this is why he could never date a woman like me, I don’t live up to his standards - Why would I trust you when you look like this/act like this etc. Usually in reference to when I get upset and just snap at him, - He will say I throw his words in his face if I bring up anything he has said in the past to his face but will do the same to me - He used the fact that I’ve been r'd and abs in arguments before “I didn’t r you and I haven’t hit you around so what is your problem with me” These are just a few examples. On top of that,I feel like I am being gaslit and constantly invalidated. He always disregards my feelings when I am trying to explain things to him or talk to him about how I am feeling. He will say he doesn’t want my explanations or he doesn’t care about my feeling. He will make really snarky comments if I give him a long-winded answer to something and say he didn’t want my explanation. He has straight up said F my feelings before and he doesn’t care about my feelings. He belittles my pain and complains I’m always sick, which I feel like I am. I am having lots of complications since having my daughter, from 3-month-long periods, to what is thought might be endometriosis or ovarian cysts, my doctors are messing me around and I always feel physically rotten on top of my mental health and he makes it sound like my pain is nothing. I genuinely feel like he is gaslighting me too, and I feel like I am losing my mind, a few examples: - He got me an Instax mini camera which I have always wanted, a few days later it disappeared and he says he saw my daughter playing with it and it must have gotten thrown in the bin. I got really upset at my daughter, dived into our buildings bins and tore open bags looking for it and he watched me get upset and mad and dig through rubbish, commenting that he will just buy a new one. A couple of days later I found a tab open for its sale price at our local tech shop on his computer and when I looked in his history it was from the same day it went missing. To this day he still blames it on my daughter. - One morning I woke up to a weird noise in my house, he had already gone to work and I went crazy over it. When I finally found it, it was his PC speaker which usually sits on the table, buried in a trunk of his clothes making weird sea noises and on full volume. He claims that it was malfunctioning and he put it there to get sleep and forgot about it when he went to work. When I found it, it turned right off when I pressed the off button. - I have hocks for all my hats on the side of my wardrobe, a few times I have come home from being away and found all my hats thrown on top of my wardrobe, but he claims to never have touched them. On top of that after my last trip away for almost a month, I found an open condom wrapper down the back of my bed when cleaning, even though he claims he never has brought anyone to my home. - He tries to tell me I don’t remember things said in conversations when I clearly remember them and is quick to call me dumb when I challenge him. - My doorbell keeps being turned off and he blames it on my daughter, I thought it was her until it was switched off when I came back from a month-long trip. We constantly argue almost daily, with some just devolving into screaming matches and some in front of my daughter. Whenever I try and remove myself from the situation he will either follow me or carry on yelling from the other room and complain I am running away from the situation. Our arguments have gotten physical before, one day I snapped and got into his face, swore at him, called him names and poked him in the chest. He followed me into the bathroom and wouldn’t leave when I told him to. I began pushing him out and he kept pushing back in, I ended up shutting his hand in the door and scratching him trying to get him to move so I could close it and he says I attacked him and made him bleed. There was no malice in my actions I just wanted to be left alone. He punched a hole in my wall once. I had a guest coming over but hadn’t told him as he wasn’t even supposed to be home. I woke from a nap to hear him dragging things into the hallways and jumped up and said “Don’t move those out here” Before, I could even finish and explain why he had punched the wall and was screaming at me that my ways of doing things don’t work and I’m such a control freak, even though he didn’t even let me finish my sentence or get a word in. He blames me and said it was my fault because he is triggered by past actions and still to this day says it’s my fault. I’m just exhausted and feel like I don’t have a single safe or happy place in this world with him in my home. I really enjoy it when he is at work but just dread him coming home. It isn’t all bad though. He occasionally helps around the house. Has helped with my daughter feeding and entertaining her more times than I can count when I was sick or tired or busy. He has followed me to events and supported me, helped me build my career. We have had a lot of fun and laughs, and even though his help with my daughter hasn’t changed, our whole dynamic has. He is cold towards me now, has no time for me with anything, and can be condescending at times. On top of lying when he doesn’t need to lie to me, which I find how easy he feels he can lie to my disturbing. What he doesn’t realise is that he is an awful liar and I can always tell. What has led me to write this post is today I came home with my daughter to find him with some random guy I have never met before in my house. He brushed me off when I got upset because he got upset that he brought a stranger into my home where my small child lives. Not even my best friend came to my home or even knew where I lived until my birthday which was like 8 months in. He tried to say to me he told me he was bringing him over which is a lie, he asked if I was home and if he could borrow my laptop but said never mind when I said I wasn’t home, and that he would follow his friend home and double back. He didn’t even apologise and had the nerve to ask me what my problem is. I have never been so angry at another person and mad such malicious thoughts then I had tonight so I thought I need an outside perspective. At the start of the month, I asked him to leave by the end of the month, but a few days ago he was attacked on his way home from work and beaten within an inch of his life. I feel bad asking him to leave now when he’s having such a rough time. The only reason I haven’t asked him to leave before is because my daughter adores him, he is more of a dad to her than her dad and she loves him like a father and they have a great relationship. I don’t want to hurt her but I don't know if I should even bother trying to make this situation work. I don’t even know what to say to him or how to speak to him anymore without it divulging into an argument. What is the best course of action from here?
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2023.05.29 03:45 PopeSpringsEternal What the other villains are up to now in my Skylanders revival world

It's been 7 years since Imaginators (and 12 since Skylands and Earth came into contact), and the rest of villains have decided to follow the villain senseis' down of path of good... or at least neutral. Here's what they're up to:

Sheep Creep is still leading the Sheep Rights Movement, but non-violently this time.
Gulper took up acting, and now plays Officer Gulper on Captain Happy's World of Learning, an absurdist parody of the Earth program Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
Tussle Sprout opened a flower shop thanks to the power of antihistamines.
Buzzer Beak retired to his home in Phoenix Psanctuary. His family welcomed him back with open arms.
Slobber Trap is now a professional wrestler for SWE (Skylands Wrestling Entertainment). People complained that he won too much, but then Vince McMage got ousted, and originality is starting to reign. That pun was unintended.
Bruiser Cruiser started his own mech-fighting league.
Broccoli Guy and Chill Bill have become beloved radio cohosts. Chill Bill even got to become the first troll to broadcast a professional scoreball (a Skylandic sport combining basketball and soccer) game.
Troll 1 and Troll 2, formerly of Shrednaught got hired by a construction company.
Cuckoo Clocker is now the lead singer of the ska-punk band The Songbirds.
Bomb Shell joined the Mabu Defense Force as a demolitions expert.
Chef Pepper Jack opened several legitimate restaurants, his most recent venture being a chicken sandwich shop called "Call of Poultry".
Brawlrus is a Brawlrus and a submarine repairman in Rainfish Riviera.
Masker Mind became a scientist at Telescope Towers. He's hard at work on proving his 118-element theory.
Brawl and Chain is now a deliveryman for the AIPS (Americ Isles Postal Service).
Chomp Chest became a professional eater and, according to Chef Pepper Jack, his best ten customers.
Eye Scream is a teacher at a Mabu school. Her students dare not chew gum in class.
Eye Five and Dreamcatcher, inspired by the former's experience with chongo, tried to bring the sport to reality, but failed spectacularly. Luckily, after Vince McMage was forced to sell his spring boomball (a football-esque Skylandic sport derived from the ancient Troll sport of boom) league, the VBL (Vernal Boomball League) to Auric, he let the two ex-villains on as co-owners.
Shield Shredder, Krankenstein, Fisticuffs, and Scrap Shooter formed a comedy troupe called the Sillykins. They actually got a show on NuTV.
Rage Mage opened an ice cream shop. He has often said that he hopes it'll last 10,000 years.
Cross Crow became a A/C repairman. His fan repairing skills are second to none.
Grinnade joined a Molekin mining company as a miner.
Threatpack is currently teaching physics at the prestigious Hartford College.
Bone Chompy now works as a medic for the Mabu Defense Force.
Smoke Scream now does search and rescue as a rubble-clearing flamethrower guy.
Trolling Thunder has taken up land racing for Pandergast.
Lob Goblin became a locksmith. In his spare time, he teaches other trolls to count past 7.
Chompy retired to his home in the Mirror of Mystery to bite things.
Mab Lobs went back to the Mirror of Mystery and became one of Master Ordar's first Skylanders.
Luminous took up stage acting, starring in a Skylandic production of Les Misérables, and is currently writing a play of his own about every single monarch the Earth nation of England has had since the Earth year of 1066.
Nightshade became a home alarm consultant.
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2023.05.29 03:45 Thrillhouse-14 Woman (28f) that I (27m) have been dating has a friend that confessed his love for her last year, was turned down, yet continues to do grand gestures for her.

I've been seeing this wonderful person for a little over two months, and it's going great so far.
However, I do have one irk. She has a friend (let's called him Barry), who admitted last year in 2022 that he was in love with her. The context is that they've been childhood friends, both coming from overseas to live in Australia at different points in their lives as well as others in their friend group. Barry lives in the city, whereas she lives in a rural area about ,3 hours drive away. For context, I also live about 1.5 hours drive from her (very common in Australia).
The person I'm dating was previously in a 5 year relationship up until 2021, by which she has been single since. Since then, Barry has confessed to her that he was in love with her last year, to which she said she didn't see him that way, and I trust her on that.
Barry is also apparently currently in a long distance relationship that is quite rocky. The last time the woman I'm dating was in the city, her as well as other friends including Barry, went to a night club, where Barry was apparently fighting with his partner on the phone quite a lot.
However, even just in the recent two months, he surprised her by coming to her unit at midnight on the night of her birthday early this month (he did okay it with her housemate first) and stayed the night, in the spare room, leaving in the morning once she had gone to work. That is 6 hours drive, mostly in pitch black, dangerous kangaroo roads for one short night.
The second thing to happen is just last week, my partner was in a minor car crash where her car was badly damaged and in need of repairs, and Barry has made the decision to drive all the way to her, pick up her car, and take it back to the city to get it repaired for her, and then return it.
Am I being overdramatic in being uncomfortable with this stuff?
Personally, if I were Barry's girlfriend, and I knew he was doing this stuff for a 'friend' that he recently confessed his love for, I'd drop his ass so fast.
I should clarify that they see each other relatively regularly whenever she is in the city, and are in fairly frequent contact. Especially since they have the same group of friends.
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2023.05.29 03:44 autotldr The Navy is creating a new organization aimed at quickly fielding maritime tools to current and potential future fights in Ukraine and Taiwan.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot)
The Navy is creating a new organization aimed at quickly fielding maritime tools to current and potential future fights, including in Ukraine and Taiwan.
The Maritime Accelerated Response Capability Cell will receive urgent taskings from the Defense Department and work across the Navy and Marine Corps - including their research labs, acquisition offices, fleet warfighters and resource sponsors who can offer funding - to rapidly find and field a solution.
A Navy source with knowledge of the MARCC standup, but not authorized to speak about the ongoing process, said the Navy already has access to a number of rapid acquisition and rapid fielding authorities that Congress has passed into law in recent years.
The Navy has successfully leveraged these tools to support Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February 2022, the source said, and the MARCC will codify the processes that worked well over the last 15 months.
As the war in Ukraine continues, and as the Defense Department is increasingly focused on deterring a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the source said the MARCC would ensure the Navy is positioned to continue rapidly getting tools to the battlefield.
As the Defense Department identifies urgent needs - to help U.S. allies or partners, or for use by American forces - MARCC would take in these needs, share them across the Navy to solicit creative solutions and then execute using existing rapid acquisition and rapid fielding authorities, the source said.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Navy#1 MARCC#2 source#3 rapid#4 field#5
Post found in /worldnews and /UkrainianConflict.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.29 03:44 Puzzleheaded_Fox8117 Question about Konahrik and Miraak

Good evening all, hope you're having a good long weekend.
So I downed Alduin, and my reward was getting Nahrikin's mask which was the last one I was missing in my box set, yay!. So when I saw Konahrik's stats I thought they were a typo, 75hp regen per second? Apparently I am not mis-reading and this thing is basically TGM in all but console command.
Basically for a HA user this now means you are immortal, congratulations, since nothing can really one shot you you will heal any amount of damage within seconds.
Went into the soul cairn and the biggest challenge was just ensuring I didn't accidentally lose my weapon while fighting slighted while mistmen hit me with frostbite and all it does is drain my stamina while I slowly walk at them swinging my hammer lol. Finally I would sunburst them out of boredom.
Now with how supremely annoying the soul cairn is, I frankly don't care about being in god mode for the duration of it, but I'm wondering about beyond, do bosses like Harkon and Miraak have a way of one-shotting the DG or dealing with you in some way? Perhaps something like Morokei where if they drain your magicka/stamina fully they can kill you? Just curious if this thing is TGM all the way or just for regular enemies.
Either way I'm planning to eschew using it in my next build, but after the trek to take down Alduin I'm quite happy just GTAing my way through the rest of this playthrough at the moment lol.
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2023.05.29 03:36 Random3x (FHM) Meet the Parents: Ironwoods

Start of Alex Series Start of Teacher Series: Lesson 1 Previous: Meet the Parents: Fated Victory Party Next Royal Road / Class Picture Alex and Freki Artwork /Sub: Random3X (lore and more) Discord

July 20th, year 024 Angels Descent
The class, with two of their teachers, were en route to the Ironwoodlands. They had been on the road for a few days as the Ironwoods themselves were at the far west of Greed’s domain, and the gate was more central to the region.
“So, you kids ever been to the Ironwoods?” All but Tasha and Alex shook their heads to indicate no.
“I’ve apparently only been once when I met Elissa’s father… at least that’s what my journal said… memory is still hazy for me… Yuu, you’ve been here a few times, right?”
“Yeah, when master got tired of me making machines that destroyed buildings, he threw me to the elves to ‘play’, as he called it.”
“Any advice? Elissa hasn’t really talked about her home much, so I’m kind of in the dark myself.” The class focused their attention on Yuu, who held her hands to her hips and puffed her chest with pride.
“Of course, young one, I shall educate you as you do your students. After all, I am an expert in interacting with Ironwood Elves!!”
“Yuu… you are like a few hours older than me; I wouldn’t call me young?”
“Silence, young one!”
“So what should we do then? Are there any rules like for courting an Ironwood elf?” Maxwell asked, glancing at Tasha.
“Well, first off, ignore Tasha,” Yuu said bluntly. “Second, a big thing to remember is there are three clans of Ironwood elves. First are the worker folk; they do the everyday stuff. The second is the warrior clans; they are self-explanatory. Finally, there are the outside clans.”
“Outside clans?” Bea repeated.
“Oh, I’m part of that!!!” Tasha said, beaming a smile at everyone.
“They are clans not taught the normal ways of Ironwood elves. This is so they can actually interact with the outside world and not cause a diplomatic incident.”
“Uh… what do you mean?” Daisy asked, only to follow Yuu’s gaze towards Alex.
“Oh yeah… Elissa is part of the Warrior Clan, and the first time I met her, she gave me a friendly little bump to the chest.”
“That sounds cute,” Daisy muttered, thinking of all the times she had seen the pair be so lovey-dovey.
“Cute bit was when he flew through three walls and shattered his spine.”
“Yeah, the warrior clan greet people they consider as friends with a full-force punch. It’s why their warriors are weirdly durable and able to endure considerable pain,” Yuu explained, glancing at Tasha, who had learnt such a skill from Elissa herself.
“So first rule, you see any elf with a weapon, flip them off, stick out your tongue and be as rude as possible. The second they think you are a friend, you will suffer for it.”
“My brother has been brought here?” Daisy muttered, feeling a pang of panic about her brother receiving such treatment.
“Oh, don’t worry; Elissa will keep them safe.”
“So, will they treat the Big Chief like a friend?”
“Oh yeah, certainly… this one, however,” Yuu said, gesturing to Alex.
“I’m technically rather hated by the Ironwood elves.”
“Why? Aren’t you marrying their princess?” Daisy asked, shocked.
“Well, need I remind you her brother took an arena full of noble children with high-ranking lords hostage to rescue her? They adore Elissa. I’m just the human bastard who stole her away.”
“To be honest, sir, from what Miss Yuu has told us, why don’t they just kill you?”
“Blunt question Maxwell but a thing to remember Elves live for a very long time. They see me more as a short fling that’ll last a few decades, maybe a century or two. After which, I’ll die, and she’ll move back.”
“And you’re ok with this?”
“Maxwell… a thing you’ll learn when you find the one… you will never care what the world thinks so long as you can be with her,” Alex replied as he looked out the window wistfully.
“We’re almost at the first town,” the carriage driver announced. “I ain’t gonna take you any further.”
“Good, we can get some rest in a real bed,” Kline grumbled.
Stepping out of the carriage, the class came face to face with their first experience of an elf settlement. They had originally had the image of what had always been written about elven homes. Buildings entwined with trees. Great structures as if moulding nature itself.
The image before them was an entirely metallic set-up. Every building was coated in metal plates and had countless spikes. Worse still was the severed monster heads resting on each building's roof.
“Big Chief?”
“You won’t get much rest outside the Ironwoods capital. This region is infested with monsters that attack every night.”
“Why would they settle in a region with monsters?!!!” Kline cried out.
“The majority of their population are warriors. Where else can they get a good fight?” Yuu replied.
“So Miss Elissa had to fight every night since she was a child?” Daisy asked once again, feeling worry begin to bubble up.
“You didn’t?” Tasha asked, looking perplexed. “Everyone around here, regardless of clans, learns how to fight monsters from when we first can walk. Only the warrior clan focuses on it and gets all the fun.”
The class decidedly ignored Tasha’s comment and chose a fortress-looking inn for where they would rest for the evening. Though they weren’t certain how much rest they’d get, especially after seeing the monster head hanging near the entrance. The innkeeper welcomed them with open fists, only to be rebuffed as they had been instructed to do.
“Fine, here’s your keys, you ungrateful pieces of crap!”
Throwing the key at the class, they only barely dodged as they lodged themselves into the wall behind them. A wall they couldn’t help but notice had numerous holes from past throws of the keys.
“Me and Yuu are gonna settle in at the tavern and have a few. You can get some rest,” Alex said as he sat at a table, ignoring the baleful glares pointed in his direction.
“Come get us if you need help,” Yuu added as she ignored an elf actively punching her in the face.
The class settled into a large room with bunkbeds enough for the whole class and their teachers. As they rested, trying to clear away the fatigue of a long journey, the hours began to pass.
“So Tasha… what are your parents like?” Maxwell asked, looking up from his spot on a bottom bunk.
“They are rather boring. Daddy works as a clerk in Hades seat. Mum works as a monster cleaner.”
“Monster cleaner?” Daisy repeated.
“Yeah, the dead bodies of monsters we slay we display on our buildings to show how strong a monster we beat. Well, after a while, they go icky and need cleaning. Mum handles that.”
“So, the really big monster head we saw near the entrance?”
“Yeah, means the guys here must be really strong.”
“I’m starting to wonder what I should fear more, the monsters or the elves,” Bea muttered as she snuggled on Gunter’s chest.
“Not sure what you mean… but I’m sure my family will love Stampy,” Tasha proudly took the small creature out of her travel bag, where it proceeded to munch on a piece of plant she offered it.
“I’m more wondering what they’ll think of me,” Maxwell muttered to himself.
“What was that?”
“Sparky… come on, boy, I got some snakkums for you,” Daisy said as she held out a piece of travel jerky for her duck-sized dragon. The small creature poked its head out of her travel pack and snatched the dried meat before retreating.
“He’s been rather scared lately,” Daisy muttered.
“Probably the field of danger here,” Tasha replied as she scratched Stampy’s long neck.
“Danger field?” Kline echoed, looking nervous.
“Can’t you feel it?” Tasha asked, looking confused. “Try to feel the aura.”
Relaxing, the class focused their senses, and that was when the pressure began to rise. They had been able to ignore it so far as it had become more like background noise. It was nowhere near as bad as when their instructors pressured them directly. But it was enough to cause minor discomfort.
“What is that, Tasha?” Bea asked.
“That is, um… it's all the monsters' aura getting spread across the woods.”
“So what we are feeling is…” Kline began before trailing off with a look of horror.
In one of their lectures with Alex, he had taught them you can increase the density of aura in an area by focusing and compacting it, but the problem with that is it reduced the range. Another option was you could increase the number of people releasing aura. Experiencing this pressure from a vague distance meant the numbers must be considerable or very strong. Likely both from what had been described.
“Why in the hell would people live here?!!!”
“Well, the trees were the original reason,” Tasha replied, oblivious to how nervous Kline was starting to become.
“The trees are really big, and iron whatsits grow through them. That’s why they call them ironwood trees. Also, my ancestors liked fighting and making friends, so here they could do both.”
As the class began to ponder who unhinged and crazy Tasha’s people must actually be, the entire inn violently shook. Jumping from their beds, the class immediately went into action mode and rushed down the stairs to find several of the inn’s staff rushing out the front door with weapons.
Looking around, they found their teachers relaxing with drinks, still having a friendly conversation as if they were oblivious to the dangers outside. Running towards the pair, they stood at the ready.
“Oh hey kids, me and Yuu were about to grab a deck of cards. Want to join in a game or two?”
“Sir, the inn is under attack!” Daisy shouted indignantly.
“And?” Alex replied, tilting his head.
“We should help!” Maxwell answered as if stating the obvious.
“Why?” Yuu answered this time. Both teachers looked confused. Ignoring the cries for help and pained screams coming from outside.
“Because, sir, you have the power to help!!!” Daisy shouted.
“And that makes me beholden to them? Daisy, I gained this power to ensure my freedom to do what I wanted. It may seem callous, but just because I have the power to help does not mean I or anyone else are under any obligation to help.”
“Big Chief, please help!!” Gunter pleaded.
“Sorry, but the dork is right. We may have the strength to help resolve many situations, but people do not grow if someone else solves every little thing.”
“Kids… this is a lesson you will need to learn someday… You can’t help everyone, and in reality, you shouldn’t. You will either run yourself ragged or become someone else’s tool. Gain power to ensure freedom. If you kids want to help, you can go and help. But me and Yuu here will be starting a professional game of snap.”
“Fine, we will go out and help them!” Bea shouted indignantly as the class stormed out of the tavern and out into the town.
The sight that greeted them was one of abject chaos. There were already a few collapsed buildings, and they could see people running around in a panic. Down the road from their inn, they could even see the remains of one of the attacking monsters.
It was a giant beast about the size of a two-storey tall building. It was covered in boney plates that, even from how far away they were standing, looked needlessly thick. While its tail looked like a massive boney club, the kind used by giants.
“Earthen Drakes… Armoursauses, if I had to guess,” Maxwell said, looking at the remains.
“What can we do then?” Bea asked as she channelled her energy into bringing out her possession summon.
“We can spread out in teams of two. One enhancer and one projection and focus on the small fry,” Kline suggested as he fired an accurate shot that took the head off a small turkey-sized lizard monster.
“Ok, Kline and Tasha, you go that way. Gunter and Bea, you go to the south. Maxwell, you and me will head east,” Daisy declared. Maxwell hesitated for a moment looking at Tasha before nodding. With their plans decided, the class split up to face the attack.
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2023.05.29 03:35 OutsideAd8913 My (M29) broke up with my ex-GF (F24) and feel guilty about it

TL;DR! My ex- gf downloaded and deleted bumble during at specifically screenshotted to me during argument as per her word to make me jealous.
A week ago, my ex-gf got angry at me and downloaded bumble and opened it and screenshotted both the app and her previous chat she left on there before (she never fully deleted it) and has sent it to me. When she was still angry she threatened to find someone else and downloaded bumble. She later on apologized and said she did it to make me jealous because she was angry. As a result of her action, I accused her of trying to cheat on me. She kept denying that is was cheating since she hasn’t talked to any of the guys on there and swiped. I kept accusing her of being a cheater. I have already told her let’s end it here, since we also do argue ALOT about minor things. She also easily gets angry over minor things.
The following few days after the incident she kept begging me back and saying how much she loves and misses me and that she wouldn’t actually cheat on me. She consistently tried to apologize but this time I actually refused to forgive her. She would also spam call even after I decline it right away (maybe I should’ve just blocked her). She keeps texting me and also told me she bought ice wine for me, which I ignored.
Than on the very last day she tried to spam call me and told me there was something important, I finally replied what is it, and she just says she misses and loves me. Than proceeds to keep trying to call me, I got really annoyed and told her to “f$&@ off”.
Keep in mind before she would always verbally abuse me everytime she gets angry like saying “f$&@ you” “your stupid” “your useless”, and most of the time I will eventually forgive her and stay with her because there was still love and emotional connection.
This time I told her it was the second time she downloaded bumble and I cannot forgive her, and all she did say was “I know you won’t actually leave me” when I already clearly told her I already ended it with her. But when I finally told her to “f off” she finally said “ok if you don’t want me goodbye for good”.
Deep down inside me I still feel guilt for not forgiving her and telling her to “f off”. Few days later she did message me asking if she should send some tools she borrowed from me back, I just ignored and didn’t respond.
Right now I don’t know how to get rid of guilt, because I still remember the good moments of her and times where she actually helps me with things as well, like one time she helped me actually get a new job and has guided me on how to invest in stocks and has bought me many presents as well, I have bought her a fair share of presents too as well too.
But she also will get angry and make the fight worse when I bring things up she either doesn’t agree with or is controversial to her. Right now I’m torn in between love, hate, and grudge. But at the end of the day, I feel betrayed by her latest action.
I also feel sad and empty and lonely now as I do still miss the happy moments with her. When she’s not angry and arguing with me, I would consider her very good to me most of the time.
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2023.05.29 03:35 SSJDRACORA AITA being uncomfy over my housemates comments and "jokes" about violence

Last year I had a housemate for 8 months who constantly talked about "violence" in our groupchat:
He made the following remarks over dishes when I complained about dishes
So there was a bowl in the sink and we had prior issues with dishes. I sent a text saying: "Can we agree on dishes like someone's not even rinsing come on" and then he said he hopes someone kicks my teeth in and I bite their fingers and said he's been here before violence is the best way to get rid of tensions
The sink was full one time and I took a photo and sent it to our groupchat and said "come on guys". I had a tray or two in there and he said I won't find housemates as chill as this and was sure another housemate would have beaten me up by now before saying in all seriousness, he's surprised no one's suggested violence.
I once said also can we agree on our dishes schedule and he tagged another housemate in a comment saying a "fight is loving"
One time people left food in the sink and I said "can people not leave food in the sink we have a trash for reason" and he said I mix up recycling sometimes and left powder and crumbs on the stove. When I said I'd be better he said he seriously recommends violence with my housemates cuz he's afraid I'll say the wrong thing to the wrong person and when I said his comments make me uncomfortable, his response was "Just a suggestion in case your comments might drive someone over the edge"
Claims we could have used his coffee maker but he doesn't value any of our lives worth more than a bill and if we break it, we'll have problems
And this was his "apology": "I'm sorry if I made you feel like someone was going to fight you. I was just highlighting that your comments provoke."
Even after another housemate talked to him and told him to take seriously the things he says and it doesn't sound like a joke, before we left, he got upset as ketchup was put on his shelf and it spilled and he said not to do it. My brother recently moved in and did not know about the ruling and put ketchup there and he found out and was like " F*ck me with me one more time" and said he was on the edge and just asking for respect. I explained why it happened and he said its understandable but he is still on the edge regardless. Keep in mind he previously recommended violence in case my comments about dishes "drove someone over the edge"
I thought it was creepy and he sounded pretty unhinged and violent. Nothing happened overall but had me wondering was he violent possibly
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2023.05.29 03:31 Perfect-Hawk7063 28 [M4F] Southern US/Anywhere - Long-winded ramblings and a rapidly-approaching thunderstorm

Work was a little extra rough this week.
A big project went a little past it's timeframe, so I was running on fumes for a while there until we finished today. Thankfully though, work is gonna be light for a few days, so I decided earlier that I'd try to beat the black clouds rolling in, get home as quick as possible, and relax on the couch with a few strong drinks and a movie or two.
So I clocked out and got to my vehicle right before the downpour began, and about ten minutes after I got in through the front door (and got soaked from the walk up to it), the power went out like it was a scene from a movie.
All I could do is laugh it off, get changed, and wait for it all to blow over. So I decided I could at least make the most of it by grabbing my laptop (and some liquor), and heading out on the porch to look for some horror movie to watch as this storm rages around me. Not long after I settled in though, the loneliness did too, so I half-heartedly decided to open up Reddit instead in an attempt to fight it off for the evening before I got too day-drunk to type.
I got about halfway into writing some short, generic post when I stopped and had the realization that none of it was authentic, and that what I'm craving desperately right now is too complicated for one or two paragraphs and a catchy title, regardless of how hopeful I am about finding it. So I let out a long sigh, deleted every word, and now I reckon that I should just be honest and see where a little vulnerability gets me.
So here goes:
The dating scene here is more one-night-stand oriented and shallow than anything else, and dragging myself into being social with people I couldn't care less about only makes this feeling worse for me. Because of this, I find myself turning to Reddit a lot of the time to try and find something more substantial than some one-night-stand. Where I tend to hit a wall though is my lack of enthusiasm for the generic, scripted back-and-forth question/answer thing that goes with meeting people on here. Most just don't try, and the ones that do rush things to the point of discomfort, even when they message you first. So this is me laying it all out there.
I'd love to meet an intelligent, confident, sarcastic, witty, emotionally-intelligent woman with a great sense of humor and a knack for banter. Someone with a story, and a past, and some life experience, because I hate having to try and keep it all going for the both of us. Finding someone to "talk to" is easy, but I'd much rather put my time into somebody with depth and substance that shows me she wants something deeper than run-of-the-mill, and I'm ready to give the majority of my attention moving forward to someone that feels the same way.
Or another someone to bullshit with for a while until we get sick of each other, lmao. If that's what happens, then no hard feelings, but at the end of the day, while the world continues collapsing all around us, all I want is to feel a connection with someone that makes me feel like what we share isn't shallow and hollow, and someone that contributes more to my everyday life than "hi how r u tell me about ur day".
Either way, it's only getting later, and I have nothing else going on, so I think I'm just gonna sit on my porch and try to enjoy all this thunder and lightning (and whiskey) while it lasts, and hope someone interesting fills my inbox with all sorts of hopeful things before the sun shows up. Maybe this is the sign you needed, who knows? Go read my long, rambley "About Me" post, and come say hi 👋🏻
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2023.05.29 03:31 Wrestling_gamer_0323 The Non-Canon Argument

Tl;dr All official material is canon in its own way to its own timeline.
Anyone who's watched Dragon Ball has heard the arguments of about the canon of Dragon Ball, with everyone fighting for their favorite movie or series to be part of the DB canon, while others say that the only thing that counts as canon is the manga. It's an argument that's been happening forever and is especially bad between people who love and hate GT.
I'd like to go over why I think the argument of canon isn't as clear cut as everyone says and why I think it's a bit of a meh argument to be having to begin with, especially and specifically the argument that "GT is as canon as fanfiction". Which is nonsense btw.
Firstly, I want to go over a couple quotes from Toriyama that I'm sure many of you have seen,
"I take the movies as “stories in a different dimension from the main story of the comic”. I’m entirely just an audience member for them."
"Being a lazy bum by nature, I was absurdly happy when I managed to safely finish up Dragon Ball’s serialization, and finally be released from Deadline Hell. The TV anime people wanted to continue for just a little bit more, but I [just couldn’t do] any more than that… And so, I left the Dragon Ball anime completely up to the anime staff, story and all. That was Dragon Ball GT.... Dragon Ball GT is a grand side-story of the original Dragon Ball, and it’ll make me happy for us to watch and enjoy it together."
Thanks to u/Riceatron for the post I pulled these quotes and sources from.
To me what's being said here paints the picture that Toriyama fully accepts GT and movies as being within the canon of the Dragon Ball universe, but sees them as alternate timelines, or dimensions as he puts it. I think the argument could be made that any official material made by those with the rights to Dragon Ball are somewhat canon and are especially more canon than a fanfiction, at least in the eyes of Toriyama.
Does this mean that GT is a continuation of Super or that we'll see SSJ 4 in Super? Absolutely not, as they're still separated into different timelines, just both are within the same universe and are both canon in their own ways. Essentially, canon does not matter until unofficial material is involved.
Think of Manga Goku, Anime Goku, Super Goku, GT Goku, Movie Goku, and the multiple other versions of him as essentially being the same the many different versions of super hero comics. Like how in one comic Superman may be weak enough to be injured by bullets, while in another he may be a literal indestructible god. Both versions of Superman are canon, but they are not the same Superman, they are from alternate timelines. Dragon Ball functions under the same concept.
This means the material considered to be canon is basically up to the individual watchers and whatever they decide to cling to as long as they don't try to say they overlap, which is honestly pretty cool to me.
Btw, I do not blame anyone who says "non-canon" instead of taking the time to say "within a different timelines continuity", as the first is far simpler and easier, I just think it becomes a problem when people try to use the non-canon argument to invalidate someones love for a certain aspect of the series or to say something as untrue as, "it's as canon as fanfiction".
Also, I'm fully aware I'm probably not the first or last to say this stuff and that I'm likely gonna draw hate towards myself, but I feel like it needed to be said.
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