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----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal](http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904070604576516462736084234.html) ----

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2023.06.08 16:33 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Two Years and a wedding. (GSD #99)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Two Years and a wedding. (GSD #99)
////Two years after the Scareek attack on Hakkith////
"Fuck!" Emma swore as she punched her wall.
Jess' head peeked in from her passing in the hall. Silly did as well while making a low, sad trilling sound.
"Did Sun get out again?" Jess asked. "Or Sand, or both?"
The two ferrets squeaked in the tubes that ran the length of the home unit.
"No." Emma sighed. "Rillke took the bullet for me. "He's taking the first 5 years at HQ."
Jess smiled, "Why wouldn't he, now he can annoy the Senators all day!"
Emma smirked, proud of her soon to be husband. In the two years since their engagement he had shifted the Uoplo senator to his understanding of humanity. It had saved his position and while the Uoplo people were now split between accepting humanity and seeing them as rivals there was less of a concern over the Uoplo heading into civil war.
"He does." Emma smiled. "But I wanted to do that first." She feigned at pouting.
Jess laughed. "Silly and I are going to the park."
"Okay, stay safe!" Emma shouted.
She knew that both would be safe. The Homers were still seen as an oddity and something to pity, but never something to anger. A Bodivayne found that out the hard way when they challenged the Captain of the EIN Loki, the most agile of the smaller crafts humanity had. The Captain's assigned home had quickly put the powerful centaurian alien onto the ground in second and pinned him even faster. It had been a nightmare diplomatic situation at first before the Bodivayne ambassador laughed it off and called his own kind out on challenging a human.
Jess l herself was no slouch. Since the Scareek attack on the Galactic Social Dynamic the young girl had been learning to defend herself and Van had been providing the lessons, lessons that soon blossomed into him having many students. He now taught self defense two days a week.
Yes, Jess and Silly were both very safe.
Emma checked her purse for her spare sidearm and secured her main side arm as she left not long after Jess and Silly did. She made her way to engineering. Shoal was shouting orders as usual and Jack the engineering Intelligence was shouting them louder when they were seemingly annoyed. The two fit each other perfectly, even if they would never admit it.
"Emma!" Shoal shouted as he saw his friend. He waved and walked over, discarding his heavy work gloves as he did so. "Lunch?"
Emma smiled and nodded.
Soon they were in the closest thing they had to the old Omnivore Lounge of the old ship. It was a new human restaurant, well human in ownership, called "The Everything Galaxy". They specialized in nothing and had almost every edible meal in the Alliance. They even stored some canned gasses for the few Glosht that were unable to return to their world.
Shoal was grinning as he measured his BLT sandwich. Emma had to laugh, he had done the same thing nearly five years ago when he had his first one and he had done it ever since.
"Gleve should be here soon." Emma sighed.
"He'll be here." Shoal nodded to the entrance and not long after their large, shelled friend entered.
Gleve wandered over to the table and put in an order for a vegan Cesar salad.
"So its like that first lunch is it?" Emma smiled.
"Emma, we have had silence from the Scareek for nearly two years and we're pushing them back." Gleve said calmly. "We deserve to celebrate happy memories and to make new ones."
Emma smiled and nodded as she welcomed her plate. "Well, I'm making a new memory of this..."
"Goulta-Goulta." The server smiled. "Uoplo favorite. Basically their meat salad."
Emma nodded and picked up her fork.
Shoal sighed and laughed. "I'll never let bacon leave me." He playfully hugged his sandwich.
"I'm still sad there's a salad named for a dead man." Gleve admitted.
Emma snorted a laugh out.
Shoal sighed and patted his friend.
Then the three sat and chatted. It was their weekly routine and they all cherished it.
Rillke was staring at the odd decorations Emma had picked for their human wedding. He had tried to help, but proved to be utterly lost in human design choices. He did have to admit he liked the choice of stars and space as the theme though, he just didn't understand the many odd fantastical creatures that were tossed in.
Specifically the unicorn, it scared him as he had seen a horse attack a man and he did not think any kind god would give one of those a horn. The other thing that worried him were the security drones being run by a few Intelligences that were absolutely ecstatic to be a part of this event.
He eventually pulled his thoughts back to focus. He was about to be married in human tradition and then next week a small ceremony for the Uoplo traditions. Sadly he could not offer Emma the same lavish ceremony, Uoplo bonding ceremonies were almost always private and small.
He looked up at The Captain, Captain Bulwark, as it preferred. The Forge had come out of its home system for the sole purpose of officiating the wedding. It was now in a sparkling chrome frame that was a full upgrade from its original design. It still had the odd oval shaped disc for a head, but now it also had multiple lenses and its hands were now more articulated and better suited for full interaction. The frame was a fair two meters tall, slender and powerful looking. No longer were its wires exposed or its gears. This was the new look of the Forge and it was as intimidating as anyone could expect. It was also etched with scenes off the Forge fighting alongside many of the Alliance's lost species. The Forge had long memories and were clearly not about to let the galaxy forget any of their friends.
Rillke smiled at that, then frowned. He remembered a time he would have seen that as a weakness. And in thatoment he realized the strength humanity had brought to the stars, they had made more than an alliance with the other species. They had made a home and community with them.
The music started and Rillke jumped slightly. The guests let a small roll of laughter out and he bowed, slightly embarrassed.
He watched down the hall as Emma came walking down by herself. She had elected to not "be given away", but to give of herself. Rillke's smile widened as he recalled the argument she had with her father when he arrived. Van had to remind him that it was her choice. Rillke had simply sat in Emma's corner, smiling and drinking his coffee. He knew Emma would win that fight. As she walked down the aisle she wore a simple white gown-suit that she had designed for this occasion.
It was a strong white and gray blouse that was accompanied by a shawl of white lace that her mother had provided and what first appeared to be a simple dress, but when one looked closer they could see that it was simply two large puffy pants legs. She had called them "bell bottoms".
Then she was next to him.
Captain Bulwark started his officiation. Rillke was barely paying any attention to it. He was entranced by the woman before him. Her kindness, despite his rude and combative nature, had shown him what diplomacy was truly about. She had changed him and he was proud of that.
He felt a poke.
"Your vows." Captain Bulwark said as it simulated a throat clearing sound.
"Oh..." Rillke paused as he pulled a card out from the pocket of his suit. He knew better than to try to memorize this on such a nerve wracking day.
Emma giggled.
"We are two ships that were never meant for each other. I was ready for a fight, to bring the arms of my people to show our might. You are a delegation of kindness and civility. You went down a path to help me in my time of hurt and showed me a way forward I had not dreamed of. I laid down my arms and bowed before you for your forgiveness. You have given me much more and I can only hope I can repay some small fraction of it in our journey through this life together."
Rillke paused and the gathered audience of family and friends erupted into clapping. He noted however, Emma's father did not. At least not until her mother slugged him in the shoulder to join in. It was at that moment that Rillke realized it was Emma's mother who had a very small familial resemblance to Van. Suddenly her father's behavior made more sense to him.
Emma cleared her throat.
Rillke looked up at her with a smile.
"I love you. I will always love you. And in this journey we call life, if I leave before you, I want you to always remember that." Emma smiled.
Rillke nodded, he understood. What he understood he wasn't sure of at the moment, but he understood.
Then as the Captain advised their vows were finished, they embraced and kissed. It was always an odd sight to watch for any of those gathered.
After the ceremony was the reception. It was a party unmatched for four years when an Earth entrepreneur rented out an entire party ship from "The Galactic Rumpus Room" and somehow crashed it on a deserted moon.
The friends and family all recorded their well wishes and hopes. Emma and Rillke were reviewing them in private later when Rillke had to stop the recording. He stammered and pointed at the screen.
Emma turned from talking with Jess and saw the image. A young red headed woman in a red hoodie was waving with a sign that read, "Thank you." Next to the young woman was a man whose face she had only seen projected from the Captain once. He was average in every way except that he was long, long dead in this reality. He looked bored in the first few frames, then smiled as The Captain entered his sight.
Emma felt her hands shake.
"She did make it." Rillke sighed.
"The Forge were right." Emma smiled and took a deep breath. "And they found each other.
"A happy ending for them at least." Rillke nodded.
"A new beginning, I think." Emma smiled and centered the image to be cropped and cleaned up.
"Friends?" Jess asked.
Rillke nodded. "We thought we had lost her. She was looking for her father."
Jess nodded. "Glad she could find him. I'm going to crash."
Emma waved and Rillke nodded.
"So what chaos do you think comes next?" Rillke grumbled.
"Teen years." Emma smiled and nodded to Jess.
Rillke nodded in agreement. "Well at least your heart can let the guilt go."
Emma nodded. "Time to move forward."
Previous GSD!
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Next GSD!
Next Zoo-nanigans
So I lied just a teensy bit.
She got to let them know. Anna wouldn't just leave them hanging like that.
As for why I lied? I can't give everything away guys. There has to be something to surprise you all.
And the next chapter will be the last for this volume. With a bit of what I think is a nice twist.
Nothing cruel, but interesting.
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2023.06.08 16:33 CitizenGris Just got the vin number for a brand new Ford Transit Trail - wrong length - what to do ?!?

Asking for help on how to proceed...
Ordered a Ford Transit last year in Aug, and switched the configuration to the newly announced Ford Transit Trail a couple of month later. But somehow throughout that process the van got "transformed" to an Extended Length configuration instead of the Long that I wanted.
Don't want to play the blame game here, probably a mistake by the dealership but then re-looking at the paperwork that I gave my approval on I see the code 148WBEL, which I totally missed...
So anyways, here we are almost a year later, I get a happy phone call telling me that my van has finally received a VIN number and that it is scheduled to be built on the week of July 24th and that I should expected delivery about a month later.
However, wanted to double check everything, I know realized that every thing looks alright (Color, options, etc.) Except the Van length where to my horror I realize I am getting the Extended Length version, which I absolutely do not want - because I can't park it, need a rig that can park in a regular parking spot.
The dealership is telling me there is nothing they can do - logistical chain and whatever. But the van hasn't even been built yet, there has to be something I can do, someone I can escalate this to at Ford or whatever ? Because otherwise I won't be able to take delivery and I assume that if I place a new order I am going to be in for another year's wait !?!
Any ideas ?
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2023.06.08 16:33 Recent-Degree-4242 Learning to identify my own needs and career path

As someone who has often catered to other people's needs and emotions first, breaking out of the role as 'people pleaser' has been SUPER difficult for me. It almost seems like it's ingrained in my blood to appease, and that it is beyond my control. It's only until the past few months and a year after my ADHD diagnosis, that I'm trying to rediscover what I want and need.
The issue is....I'm not quite sure how to do this.
I have been working closely with my ADHD coach on a weekly basis, and she has helped me immensely through this. However, I find there's a lot of internal, emotional barriers. I also have a strong sense perfectionism- like EVERYTHING has to go a certain way or else the world will blow up in my face.
I understand these are emotions talking and not reality, but when these feelings can be so strong, it's difficult to let go. And because I'm busy dealing with these emotional bursts, I am not doing what I want to do. I don't even know what I want at times either. It's like a constant ping-pong in my mind without rest.
Has anyone else experienced similar feelings and thoughts? If so, did you ever find ways to work through it? How did you begin deciding things for yourself and doing what you want?
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2023.06.08 16:33 hughjanus69421 Is it normal for my work to constantly have issues with their environments therefor making development and testing impossible?

I've been here for 5 months now and I love my job but I'm frustrated by our environments constantly being 'down' or having other various issues which often makes it impossible to do my work.
I'm working on something at the moment that requires my work to be deployed, it can't be tested locally. Normally we have a dev environment but I swear every week or two it's down sometimes for multiple days. I'm just sitting here twiddling my thumbs trying to find things to do. Last week we had a production launch for a big project I was responsible for and for like 5 days before the dev environment was down so I lost a bunch of time. I'm new so I ended up working like 11 hour days the 2 days before launch when the environments were finally back up so I could get it out in time.
Same shit is happening now with the bug fixes for that launch (bugs that happened because I had to rush to get it out). Environments have been down for 2 days and we have a launch tonight and we absolutely will not make it on time. I feel like it's my fault because I don't know how to contribute to fixing our environments, I always have to frantically message a bunch of people every time and as a new guy it makes me anxious that I'm being annoying as fuck.
I wish I could help get these environments up again but the whole rig is still pretty beyond my comprehension and I wouldn't know where to start. I also work 100% in French which is my second language so communication isn't perfect unfortunately, especially only having worked with CS related terms for the last 5 months in French - I'm pretty lost at times.
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2023.06.08 16:32 axlewig I am an Assistant Property Manager (minor finances, delinquencies, some operation stuff), is there a chance for me to transfer outside of this/what's out there?

Hello reddit!
I'm 25, and I just recently joined a team in property management as their AGM/APM two weeks ago. I went to college for about 2 years and I flunked around 2018. This is my first time in any management position, but I've worked in property management as a leasing consultant for some time, so I'm used to the problems of a property/the complaints that come with it.
I'm enjoying the technical nature that comes with the accounting, and since my friend suggested that I should be a developer like him, I've been doing the odin project on my off-time for 6 months, leading me to analyze the cool tools we use in the industry with a slightly more informed eye. I cannot understate how i love the problem solving aspect of both the development and my own work.
All in all, lets say in 6 months I really enjoy the accounting of my job and I want to take it higher. I know that property management only has so high of a ceiling outside of the corporate office, so I was wondering if I could get some options as far as utilizing all the best things of what I've learned and placing them into some other role.
I saw other threads suggesting things like asset management, going back to school for accounting, etc etc. I would appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.08 16:32 fazolicat Questions about going to church

I've been SDA all of my life but I haven't been to church in over 10 years since my mother died. I still practice SDA beliefs. But I'm at a point now in my life I think I'd really like to be around other members. Anyways, I just want to know if there is anything I need to do before attending a service, like do I call somebody, come by during the week, etc. If anyone can give me general guidelines I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'm not well versed in the Bible (but my aunt got my a Bible study thing to help me) is that anything to be concerned about or need to talk to anyone? Thank you for your help.
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2023.06.08 16:32 axlewig I am an Assistant Property Manager (minor finances, delinquencies, some operation stuff), is there a chance for me to transfer outside of this/what's out there?

Hello reddit!
I'm 25, and I just recently joined a team in property management as their AGM/APM two weeks ago. I went to college for about 2 years and I flunked around 2018. This is my first time in any management position, but I've worked in property management as a leasing consultant for some time, so I'm used to the problems of a property/the complaints that come with it.
I'm enjoying the technical nature that comes with the accounting, and since my friend suggested that I should be a developer like him, I've been doing the odin project on my off-time for 6 months, leading me to analyze the cool tools we use in the industry with a slightly more informed eye. I cannot understate how i love the problem solving aspect of both the development and my own work.
All in all, lets say in 6 months I really enjoy the accounting of my job and I want to take it higher. I know that property management only has so high of a ceiling outside of the corporate office, so I was wondering if I could get some options as far as utilizing all the best things of what I've learned and placing them into some other role.
I saw other threads suggesting things like asset management, going back to school for accounting, etc etc. I would appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.08 16:32 Unusual_Substance563 Questions and Giveaway

36F, DCIS grade 2, EPR -, 6 weeks post SMX
Hello my brave ladies,
I want to share updates.
  1. I met with PS to let her know that I don’t want to continue with reconstruction and would like to go flat. She was very supportive and gave me one year to sit with this decision and if i still want to go flat she ll remove expander. We agreed that we should not jump to the removal surgery as i have already had 3 breast surgeries in 3 months this year. Feeling relieved!
  2. Also met with breast surgeon and she said i don’t need any further treatment (no chemo, no rads, no pills) as my DCIS (EPR-) was clear on margins and nodes. She also gave green signal to try to get pregnant. For screening, she said annual mammogram on healthy breast and only physical exam for mastectomy breast. For reoccurrence stats, I was told its less than 2% for mastectomy side and usual 12% for healthy breast. My surgeon is very skilled at her job but not a good communicator.
  3. I wish to know from ladies here what did your team told you about REOCCURRENCE after SMX? Also what is your SCREENING protocol look like? I still get gloomy about reoccurrence and dr google is also not helpful. How likely is DCIS to return? Mine was extensive through right breast with cribriform and micropapplillary features. Negative margins and 3/3 clear nodes.
I’m very grateful for where I am today after riding this really bumpy road physically and emotionally. This sub has been the biggest support for me for navigating my situations.
I have 2 pre-loved mastectomy (one small and one big) pillows to give away. Would be happy to ship anywhere in Canada. Please DM if you want to claim.
I wish health and happiness to each one of you. Hugs!
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2023.06.08 16:32 Final_Pick912 Struggling with the idea of returning to work

I only have a couple of weeks left of maternity leave and I am absolutely dreading going back to work. I took the max amount of leave available to me, which was 12 weeks under FMLA, and it just doesn’t feel like enough time. I can’t stomach the thought of taking my baby to daycare this little.
It honestly makes me resent America for how little it prioritizes parental leave. 12 weeks is nothing and it’s sickening to know that so many others get even less than that. I feel like I’m being put in a position where I have to choose to give up my career that I have worked so incredibly hard for or give up time with my baby that I can never get back. And that really pisses me off. Such a shitty place to find yourself because with either decision I make, I’m going to feel like I’m losing.
I really enjoy my job. I make great money, work for a good company, have amazing benefits, and they are really easy going about me coming and going when I have personal stuff come up. But I am certain that they will offer no flexibility in terms of extending my leave or allowing me to WFH for a bit or even go down to part time. We could live off of my husband’s income with some significant changes to our lifestyle. I don’t have the kind of career that’s easy to jump in and out of. It would be extremely difficult for me to find another job like this one where I live, especially making as much money as I do right now on top of all of the other pros listed above.
On the flip side, it took us several years of battling infertility to have this baby. We didn’t know if we would ever get to experience this and I don’t know if we’ll ever get to experience it again so I want to make the most of it and not have any regrets. And right now I feel like choosing my career over spending this time with my baby is something I would deeply regret. A job will always be there (albeit difficult to find) but this time in my baby’s life only happens once.
I also know myself and know that it would be extremely difficult for me to be a full time SAHM and not bring in any income. I have been financially independent my entire adult life and love having my own money. I would have to find something to do to have some sort of income coming in.
I don’t even know what the point of this entire post is. Just needed a place to get my thoughts out I guess. I think I’m just looking to hear from people who have found themselves in a similar position and how they navigated it. I feel so upside down in all of this and have no idea what to do.
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2023.06.08 16:32 Early_Bend Bisexual/Heteroromantic but sexually more into men

First time posting but been reading a lot from this sub group about being Bisexual and having different desires (romantic vs sexual) Me I’m a M that feels sexually more into men and romantically more into women. Super frustrating and confusing and it’s all been coming out even more since I’ve been seeing this girl.
Long story short we have been “talking” for over a month now she sleeps over once or twice a week and we hang out all time and have had sex (though I don’t always stay hard) She knows about me being bi, and being a very very sexually actively person with men most of my life. We had a talk yesterday about how she doesn’t feel I’m sexually attracted to her and she’s not wrong. With men I’m very primal but with her and most women I don’t feel like umph I do with men.
Been struggling with this because idk how to continue or explain myself. I love hanging out with her and legit would date her but idk if I’ll ever feel that umph and she’s very sexual and I worry I’ll never get it. What if I’m just gay and only like sleeping with men? I’ve never dated a man before and only dated and been in love with women.
This life is hard lol anyone else struggle with this?
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2023.06.08 16:32 jackdaniels467 New Gmail account randomly forces me to provide phone number

I made a new Gmail account as a separate business account to be tied to all social media for my youtube channel. It made me set up a recovery email so I used my personal email and everything went swell.
But a few days later my new account randomly got locked and I had to make an appeal for Google to unlock it. Luckily they did and sent a verification code to my personal email to confirm it's me logging in. But now they say I also have to give a phone number to send a verify text as well just to use the account again. Why? I've helped make countless gmail accounts for friends and family in the past and none of them ever asked for a phone number. I'm not comfortable sharing my personal number online in general.
Why is my email verification code not enough to access my account?
I've posted this on Google Forums website but never got an answer in weeks so I'm posting here.
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2023.06.08 16:31 knot-whorrible Coffee (and alcohol

I'm sooo sad. Coffee (flavored black) is one of my FAVORITE things. Ever since starting MJ (4/21) I can't even finish a cup. Maybe 1/2 on a good day. The taste isnt bad ornoff putting, its just very "EH" in general. Kind of hard to explain..... The smell is still intoxicating tho.
I'm the same with alcohol but that doesn't bother me as much. 😔
I LOVE LOVE margaritas. We used to go out once a week a split a pitcher (sometimes 2) and now will go out for some and I take a few sips and just "EH". Tastes fine, doesn't make me sick or anything, I just don't "want" to finish it. But I DO want to.
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2023.06.08 16:31 disgruntledneighbors On my 8th day AF, any Naltrexone advice?

I’ve struggled with self medicating my anxiety and using alcohol to avoid uncomfortable feelings since I was a teen.
Now I’m 44, and after a wonderful 6 month period of abstinence in which I was healthy and the happiest I’ve ever been (2 yrs ago) I slowly slid back into drinking and it became worse than ever.
I physically didn’t have many symptoms besides bloating and lack of energy and patience - but mentally the shame and depression was crushing me.
A little over a week ago I woke up at 3 am after drinking the night before with major anxiety and spiraling thoughts and realized that no one else can do this for me and that I can’t live like this anymore, especially knowing how happy I can be without drinking.
I’m scared that the same thing will happen like before and that something will trigger me, or I’ll think it’s ok to start trying to moderate - so I went online and found a place to get a prescription for Naltrexone. It hasn’t arrived yet, but what kind of plan can I make to use it most effectively?
I want to arm myself with as many tools as possible to succeed. I’d love to retrain my brain to stop seeing alcohol as a reward or a treat - but I’m afraid of side effects and don’t really want to take a medication everyday if I don’t need to. Would it work to just keep it on hand in case I’m tempted to drink in the coming months?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 16:31 Anxious_Strength_661 Hate to ask, do I need a second opinion

Hello 👋🏼 I have been to urgent care twice in the past week. I joined this subreddit a few months ago and am a lot more cautious of my healthcare providers now, but I needed to go to urgent care and the same PA has been there both times now. I work in healthcare but I work in rehabilitation and am younger so I don’t trust my knowledge enough at all to feel comfortable questioning anything from PAs or NPs. I just want to know if I should go to the ER based off of this whole thing, I know this sub isn’t for medical advice I just don’t want to call my PCP bc I’ve seen him once and he’s an NP who went straight from BSN program to NP who I didn’t have a lot of confidence in even with just a checkup.
I went in a week ago with swelling in my neck, felt like my lymph nodes, no pain from them but was starting to have trouble swallowing from the swelling. I’d been having really increased fatigue and night sweats/getting hot really easily t/o the day but no fever (im in my mid twenties, a nurse asked if I was going through the change when I said night sweats ha).
She looked in my ears and throat, they did a rapid test for strep, found an ear infection (didn’t even notice my ear was bugging me lol) and said my throat “looked streppy” but my rapid was negative. Bc of the ear infection and me “looking streppy”, she put me on augmentin, 875-125mg twice a day for seven days. Question 1: is this a high dose? I’ve only ever had just amoxicillin for something like this and I haven’t had strep or an ear infection since I was a kid.
Fast forward five days later. I followed cdc info for waiting to go to work until ABX were in my system for about 24 hours (she mentioned nothing about this to me) and returned to work on a Monday. Things weren’t getting better but I thought it might just take time. Wednesday morning I was over it, I kept looking at my tonsils and they looked like they kept getting worse, they were hurting more, white lines and film and stuff all over them, and I hadn’t had a single solid BM since I started the augmentin to the point where the diarrhea was interfering with my ability to work. I took them with food before and after I took the pills and googled how to maybe ease this a bit and ended up taking extra probiotic supplements an hour after taking them with no help on this.
So, I go back to urgent care yesterday. Same PA, different RN doing my initial stuff with vitals and swabbing me. Nurse says “you definitely have strep” after swabbing me, PA says the same. She didn’t really say much other than okay let’s try a different antibiotic, I said I wasn’t sure if I should’ve come in for this or not and was really concerned with the loose watery stools and she said it’s standard for being on augmentin and told me to do the things I’m already doing. She said yes to I should’ve come back since no improvement with throat, said ear looks better.
PA prescribes Clyndamycin 300mg 30 capsules and sends me on my way. Question 2: do I finish my last three augmentin pills? I’m going to ask the pharmacist when I pick up the script. This time she also did tell me to stay home from work a day bc I asked her if I’m still theoretically contagious if it is strep and she said yes and wrote a note.
Final question: I’m worried I have C diff. And I brought this up several times second urgent care visit. PA said I’d have to go to ER if I have that bc they don’t test stool in urgent care but have no advice on if I should or not based on what I told her. I’ve never had such bad cramping and diarrhea on antibiotics before but I’ve also never taken augmentin. One of the reasons I went in the second time was my stool (what wasn’t watery of it) was/is black. I was in a hospital for a rotation and work in a nursing home so I’ve seen and smelt c diff before and don’t know if I’m just paranoid (I definitely am anxious about my health a lot when I usually have no cause for concern but this seems a bit more reasonable idk) that I have c diff. It smells like it. I’m worried because I also don’t want to risk giving that to anyone at work even with terrific hygiene and infection control procedures. RN basically said there’s no way at my age I’d have that and only old people get that, PA didn’t really answer and just said about the ED and said it’s normal on augmentin to have diarrhea. ER or no?
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2023.06.08 16:31 steve753 Ducati not supporting early Panigale?

How is Ducati at supporting bikes in the longer term?
I have a 2014 Panigale and tried to order from my local dealer (support local!) a clutch pump rebuild kit. They told me the factory only had a few left in stock with a lead time of a couple of weeks. I know that same pump (aka master cylinder) is used on many more recent bikes so this is concerning. For comparison about 2 years ago I rebuilt the brake master cylinder on my 2001 Honda VFR and there was no question of the parts being available.
I also have a 2V monster and mostly rely on aftermarket to support it. Will the Panigale go the same way? Last I looked you could not buy directly from Ducati a service manual for this bike. What does everyone think of the viability of running a Panigale long term?
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2023.06.08 16:31 TheMaskedLifter A6400 sigma 16mm 1.4

A6400 sigma 16mm 1.4
First weekend shooting with this camera. I walked around the hotel I was at and this area just stood out to me.
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2023.06.08 16:31 AlternativeDistrict9 Influence £10 Survey Available If You're Watching the Champions League Video Surveys £0.25 - £20 per survey Payout via PayPal

What Is Influence
The Influence app is a simple way to make money from expressing your views on products, services and ads. Brands ask questions and offer cash to show their appreciation for your opinion.
There's currently a £10 study available for people who are going to watch the Champions League final.

The Low Paid Studies
When you sign up, you'll get a few of these immediately. Going back through my early questions, it was questions like Pepsi v Coca Cola, where do you get your news from, what streaming services do you use at home etc. These typically pay between 25-63p. It's worth answering these questions well and in detail as it leads to higher paying surveys outlined below.
Where To Find The Higher Paying Surveys
In the bottom left, select the questions icon. From time to time you will see a header called "answer more questions". The studies in here require you to answer a couple of screener questions, usually 1-2 max. It'll be a tick box question like "do you shop at any of these supermarkets?" or "do you ever buy cereal bars?".
Once you pass the screener, you get invited to take part in the higher paid survey. There seems to be 3 types of survey. One where they ask you to compare two products against each other, one where they ask you to take a video in a supermarket and send it to them and one where they send you something out and ask you to compare the products.
The low paid studies are basically gateway questions. If you answer them well, you get more invites to higher paying screeners. Each week you get one like "tell us about your shopping experiences this week" for 25p. I keep telling them I shop at Tesco and they keep offering me more jobs at Tesco. It's worthwhile going in to some detail about your routine and they seem to try to match you up with decent opportunities.
Payments for the low paid studies are usually within half an hour. Payments for the higher paid studies take approximately 7 days. There's a minimum cash out of £10 which is very easy to hit.
Referral £1 Bonus
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2023.06.08 16:31 plantasiaa Was this behavior abusive/manipulative?

My ex used to seem so temperamental, and when I would express concern at how he handled his anger or how hurtful his tone was, he would often tell me I was exaggerating, that he couldn’t believe I was upset about that, that I wasn’t allowing him to be mad, etc.
He would tell me sometimes that I had ‘ruined the day’ or that HE thought everything was fine and that we were happy, but APPARENTLY I was not. He made a comment once after a discussion that he was GOING to play video games with his friends but that plan got RUINED because of me wanting to talk (the night was still young, and this comment seemed so childish and hurtful to me).
He would tell me it wasn’t a good time to talk about things, that I needed to let more stuff go, or that we didn’t need to talk about every little thing.
But the thing is, I feel like so many of our conflicts were because of his anger management issues and his contemptuous tone with me, and me trying to get him to understand that he seemed so hateful and different when he was irritated.
He once blew up at me for trying to respectfully tell him that something he had said to me the night before hurt my feelings. He several times told me that he couldn’t believe I had ‘waited’ to talk to him about something, that I had had ‘all day’ to say something, and NOW I was bringing it up?
He would seem like another person when mad, and it felt sometimes in those moments like he hated me. I made a comment about a guy’s cool jacket with studs in line at a grocery store, and he just turned and looked at me harshly and said ‘STOP’ in a surprising tone, telling me later that the guy looked sketchy and he didn’t want him to start anything, that I was ‘making fun’ of him and he might hear me (we were not that close to him). He would seem to flip, like a switch, and use tones that really damaged me. And when we discussed things, he would get digs at me like, oh yeah right, don’t tell me I can’t swear when I am mad, don’t give me that-you swear too, you knew what you were doing, how did you think this was gonna go, and throw up his hands, say ‘Jesus Christ’, and ask heated questions like ‘did you possibly think that was going to help?’ Or ‘we have been fighting all week and you thought it was a good idea to make other plans?’ Or ‘you just aren’t going to answer me, don’t you realize how hurtful that is’ if I didn’t answer his texts fast enough during a rough patch.
A few times he genuinely worried me. Once he dropped something on his foot and in retaliation slammed it down so hard that it damaged the trim in a room, and when I sort of ‘shut down’ because this behavior scared me a little, he proceeded to get furious at me for not allowing him to be angry and proceeded to scare me further by slamming doors very loudly.
The first time I was supposed to move in, he was grumpy that morning and when I asked him what was wrong he said very angrily ‘I TOLD you I didn’t want to DO this today’ and made me fee like garbage, like I was being such a burden. I later called my family and cancelled their scheduled help, and then he got upset with me saying ‘i WAS getting ready to come over and help’.
I ended up leaving in secret while he was at work, and the relationship dissolved from there. I felt like I had no choice. It was after a particularly bad ‘fight’ where I was crying and speaking calmly and respectfully, and he was shouting and swearing so loud that I honestly wondered if a neighbor would call the police. He leveled accusations at me during this fight that I didn’t like his family, and that, when I said I felt like he was always mad at me, to ‘stop doing dumb f****** sh**!’.
Is this abusive behavior? Can anyone relate to me experiences? He was often kind and we had many wonderful memories and times together, but they never seemed to offset or minimize his vitriol when he did get angry, and I finally had enough and realized that no one else ever saw this behavior and that no one else in my life had ever spoken to me so disrespectfully or had ever shouted and cussed at me.
Thank you for any insight you can provide me, as I try to recover and make sense of this relationship.
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2023.06.08 16:31 Stack_City Best way to do a giveaway?

I'm planning on doing a second giveaway on my channel in order to grow and show my subs they're appreciated. The first, I think, was crucial to getting me where I am now (400+ subs in ~two weeks).
The way I did that one was by having your entry be a sub to the channel and a specific comment on a video. I then went through all the comments an select a winner randomly with an AI.
Is there a betteeasier method of doing this? What are some ways you guys have done giveaways in the past?
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2023.06.08 16:31 Victoria901101 Support seems to be mishandling my case. So much… 🙄

Hey guys!
The sad thing happened to my Apple Watch S6 3 weeks ago and suddenly the digital crown's sensor wasn't able to recognize my finger anymore. I called the Apple support and I was having a conversation with their colleague for 67 minutes. After that he promised me he would call me back. He indeed called me back and told me that they replace my watch. I got the consignment letter in email and indeed, the Fedex/TNT delivery guy took my old Apple Watch. That was 2 weeks ago exactly. I am still awaiting my new watch, and we're going back and forth. They said there was some setback so they could only confirm the arrival of my new Apple watch 4 days later than its actual arrival. Now for 10 days they have logistic issues in UK therefore they are not able to deliver my new watch. I got really annoyed yesterday and wrote an email to Tim Cook's private address that this mishandling of my case is just insane. I wasn't hoping for much, but today some mins ago the Executive Relations colleague called me from Cork and told me he is taking over my case and trying his best to get my new device in a timely manner because it seems this got out of support's hands...
Still have no new information, I was told to wait another 24 hours, I was like dude this is what I am doing for 10 days. 😂😂😂
I told them that despite being only 32 years old, sadly I need the constant monitoring of my heartbeats and my watch is a great little company for this.
All in all: Do you think they offer some kind of compensation? 👀
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2023.06.08 16:31 _northernlights Has anyone ever had their job try to dictate when they take their leave?

I am likely over thinking, but my job is notorious for denying time of requests or making it difficult to take holidays. I am hoping to take my leave at least a month early, or a little more as it says you can legally take it 13 weeks before your due date. I am really worried my job is going to try to make me work right up until my due date as that is what other women in my office have done. But I don’t want too. It’s my first pregnancy and with the amount I work it’s tough to get free time. I would like to take a bit of time to get things ready and relax. Has anyone had to get HR involved with their leave?
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2023.06.08 16:31 bigfootvsdisco IRONMAN ITEM POG/LOCATION INFO

I swear thie was never an issue until a few months ago... Is anyone (or everyone) else dealing with the issue of the pog/location info for items being updated in RF apps WAY before the new pog goes into effect?? Like, I'm not even talking we just haven't printed the labels yet. I mean we haven't even gotten the paperwork yet because it's not officially due til 2+ weeks from now. Our eye care and household cleaner pogs aren't due til the 19th. The ironman started listing the new shelf locations LAST week. It makes putting away truck (and price changes and well, everything, tbh) fucking infuriating. If it's moved, I'm now having to hunt around and find the item number wherever it was in the previous POG. For shit like eye care where they insist on cramming 20+ skus on a shelf, it makes me want to, ironically enough, claw my own eyes out.
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