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A place to meet with Redditors from the Phoenix/Central AZ area. No R4R or NSFW content, you will be immediately banned.

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2023.04.02 07:52 Damariobros ONLY Vanilla Gift Cards Available at my Walmart - Is this Happening Elsewhere?

I know I'm a customer posting but I can't find any information whatsoever anywhere on the internet and I'm getting extremely desperate, and I don't know of any other place I could conceivably post this kind of question. Also customer service was completely flabbergasted by this while attempting to help me purchase a card. I don't know where else to go.
My Walmart near me over here in Las Vegas has ONLY Vanilla cards available - and when I did find 3 lone WalmartGift visa cards on the shelf, the sale didn't go through for any of them, it said sale not allowed!
I don't have a bank account yet and Walmart visa gift cards have been the only cards that have worked reliably for me to make online purchases, but now there are only Vanilla cards available, the card that I have, in fact, had the WORST experience with!
Is this happening at other Walmarts? Why was there no announcement, no FAQs, no people talking about it, why is there ZERO information on the internet about this? Vanilla has consistently been one of the worst rated cards on the internet, and now it's got a monopoly on visa non-reloadables at Walmart?! Is the website gonna quietly shut down or something?
I'm completely desperate for answers!
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2023.04.02 07:51 rjoseph82 [A3] [REQUEST] Pilot with HOTAS

I'm looking to join a realistic near-modern (post Vietnam or so) to post-modern unit that would allow me to use my joystick to fly for them. I can currently only effectively fly fixed wing, but am willing to train on others. After 10pm EST works best for me.
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2023.04.02 07:50 RobotLost New chronic constipation

I have been having a bunch of health issues for the last year. Leg weakness being the most major thing but after getting Covid (work in medical bound to happen) in September I have had nothing but intestine issues. I've had bloating issues before since around 2029/2020 and would take a gas x and spend 4 hours crying in pain having the worse pain trying to get gas out and end up shitting my weight. Used to that. So I gave up dairy finding it was the sudden source of that pain. Even tried dairy pills to get by in moments.
Since September I have been struggling with pooping. It was so severe I gave up eating and was on a liquid diet. Ended up going to ER for not pooping for a week. Took laxatives they gave me and that helped but didn't fully empty my insides out. I was to get a certain over the counter medicine but there was a shortage so I've just been using the Senna Laxative since. It hasn't worked since my first intake. All the way to December I was on miralax and I struggle drinking so much water in one sitting. I lost weight I didn't need to due to my fear fear of eating for a whole month.
For the last two months, I've only been eating white rice, chicken nuggets, Ritz crackers, fruit snacks, and white bread pbj. Intaking water, apple juice, and diet cranberry juice. I take thyroid medication, B12, one fiber pill, multi vitamins, probiotics, and stool softeners. I am still getting bloated and it's all in my intestines, my stomach is fine. I just cannot shit. Occasionally I make a banana and apple juice smoothie if you want to call it that. I have an eating disorder and I'm insanely "picky" with foods and it has only grown to be this small due to this massive discomfort and pain I go through.
I've seen a GI doctor who told me to talk the fiber pills and stool softeners and it's not helping. I've had x-rays during my ER visit and I had a lot in there my intestines inflamed. I looked like I was pregnant and my lower abdomen was tight like an inflated balloon.
Does anyone have any advice?
I'm terrified of anything and anyone near my body let alone the private areas. I am terrified of a colonoscopy. I am terrified of people touching me. I am terrified of eating food and I'm about to just eat rice, water, and a fuck load of supplements to supply my body. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm sick of food. I'm sick of eating. I rather get surgery to remove my intestines and carry a shit bag. I'm tired of being in pain and nearly fainting trying to shit. I don't know what to do. So I thought I'd reach out here.
Currently once again on the toilet doing all the tricks I've learned and one had a tiny pellet come out of me. I've been here for an hour and I'm about to break down.
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2023.04.02 07:50 mrbigload3278 38 [M4F] #Melbourne, Australia. 🍆 worship and killer bj skillz

I'm looking for good, giving and game ladies to spend an evening together. Happy for a friendship if the vibe is right
Get in touch if ur type includes tall, late 30's, beardy, silver fox, ddf, white guys with equal parts, normal, cheeky, self assurity and smart assery
Next couple of days would be ideal (back to mine after a quick meet and greet somewhere safe- im near 3108 and live alone) I like hanging out a little before and after too, just vibin and chattin about stuff
Hit me up😉
(No men, sellers, catfish, scammers or bullshit)
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2023.04.02 07:48 Personal-Level-9732 Free June Rent offered in 1 bed/1 bath lease takeover beginning June 12, 2023 (700 sq ft)

I am looking for someone to take over the remaining ~2 months of my lease at the apartment community Vue Los Feliz - Beginning June 12, 2023 - August 7, 2023.
This 1 bed / 1 bath apartment (700sq ft) will come unfurnished.
I am offering to cover the entire portion June rent out of my own pocket so you will not be required to make any payments until July 1, 2023!
Base rent is $2,591 per month + ~$120 for utilities (water, trash, etc.).
Apartment will be fully transferred to your name during this time and you will have the option to renew the lease thereafter.
The apartment complex has all types of modern amenities (gym, pool, rooftop, etc.) including off-street/secure parking (which is included in rent).
In order to qualify for renting this unit, you must provide proof that you make at least 2.5 times rent on a monthly basis and will likely be subject to a general credit check.
Pets are welcome but for an additional fee per month (set up with the leasing office).
If you are interested in moving forward with taking over the lease, it's actually pretty simple.
The leasing office will need you to fill out a physical application as well as provide us $56.00 in a certified check or money order for your application fee. This fee covers your credit and background check.
After that, the leasing office would need to verify your income by getting your 2 most recent paystubs or your 3 most recent bank statements from the account where income is reflected.
Once the leasing office determines you qualify for the apartment on your own, they would add you to my lease and then you and I would sign a roommate release form for the changeover date and the leasing office could then remove me from the lease.
More photos of actual unit available upon request.
About this location: Located in the heart of LA's foodie district, Vue Los Feliz boasts an unbeatable central location. We are only minutes from the vibrant Barnsdall Art Park, historic Los Feliz Theater, and some of the best small eateries in Los Angeles, CA near Hollywood. Our newly renovated apartment homes feature wood-style flooring and handsome custom cabinetry. Enjoy stunning city views from your private balcony and the rooftop terrace. We offer a host of excellent amenities, including an indoor swimming pool and high-end fitness center. Our spacious one bedroom apartment home for rent in Los Angeles is tailored to your modern lifestyle.
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2023.04.02 07:47 QuestionsCoffee Mutah after committing zina

Question about temporary marriage after committing zina (and later permanent marriage).
Unfortunately, I am in a haram relationship with my “boyfriend”.
I am a 24 year old female and my “boyfriend” is 27. We have been seeing each other for 4 years and deeply care for each other.
I was raised Christian but became interested in Islam through my girl friends (Muslim) in high school and university. Most of my friends were Sunni Muslim, however I met my male friend 4 years ago and was introduced to Shiism through him and it made so much more sense to me to become Shia. We live in North America.
I have learned so much about Islam, began reading the Quran, learning prayers, listening to religious videos on the Ahlul Bayt, and love the religion.
When I met my “boyfriend”, we were both very lost spiritually (and it seems we are still lost in many ways as we remain in our current predicament). In younger years my partner and I were pressured by our friends and western society to drink, eat non-halal food, commit zina etc. My partner comes from a devout family who raised him to follow Islam correctly and he regrets all these choices.
For the last 2-3 years, my “partner” has made many changes to go back to the values in which he was raised. He wants to be a better Muslim. He eats only halal. He does not smoke or drink. Never misses a prayer. Reads Quran. He has been fasting for Ramadan the last 3 years never missing a day.
However, his difficulty is our relationship. We want to make our relationship halal but do not know where to begin.
I have not yet taken my Shahada and I also do not want to delay this as life is so unpredictable.
We hope to have a permanent marriage once we work out the financial issues of living together and his family (who are understandably hesitant for him to take a western woman). We have talked about permanent marriage in the next year or so as we are both working and nearly ready to move out of our parents homes.
We are wondering is is possible to enter a Mutah marriage if we have already committed zina? Would we need permission from my wali (father) even though I am technically still Christian as is my family? It would be ideal to enter Mutah marriage so we do not continue to do haram things while planning for our permanent marriage. If it is impossible to do Mutah then we can surely separate until we work out the logistics of permanent marriage.
For permanent marriage I will be Muslim, but does my Christian father need to be there for the Islamic marriage? Do I need him as my guardian? I know my father will support my marriage from a distance and like my partner but I don’t see him participating in an Islamic marriage as it does not align with his beliefs.
For permanent marriage (and Mutah) we genuinely regret, will repent and seek forgiveness for our sins but will it make a difference in our approach to marriage? Can we change our previous haram ways and make this relationship halal?
TLDR; Haram relationship we committed zina can we make our relationship halal through Mutah and later permanent marriage?
Thank you for any guidance.
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2023.04.02 07:47 MiyaMoo Newbie help with adobe/gaming build

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
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2023.04.02 07:46 cuzo2335 Starting my BDD claim

I’m nearing my 180-90 day window so I can start my BDD claim. I have to call the local VSO in order to get someone to assist with my claim. I’ve made a copy of my medical record with everything I have documented. I also have some things that have no medical documentation as I was tired of going to my core man and them just giving me Motrin to solve the problem. I have lower back pain with some ROM issues and some shoulder impingement isssues that also affect my ROM. My hips have some serious ROM issues and I’m pretty sure I have osteoarthritis. In actually found out that the base doc wanted to start a med board because I have had two major surgeries to repair a right eardrum that a base clinic misdiagnosed and an ear infection deteriorated my ear drum to the point where I had nothing left and they had to remove my hearing bones. Fortunately my core man at my unit told the base doc that there would be no med board process because I am retiring. Sorry for the winded post. I just want some advice for when I got to the medical appointments the VA sends me to verify these claims. Several of my buddies have said that isn’t the time to be a hero. At 42 I don’t see myself attempting to muscle through the pain like I have been for the last 23 years of service. Any advice is appreciated
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2023.04.02 07:46 Sanlop1193 XXXmas Greetings. Bad Santa Claus Alexandr Great Fuck me near the Christmas Tree

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2023.04.02 07:45 Frequent_Support_408 Goodrx no supporting T at Publix??

I got my first prescription of T on Friday at the Publix near me. I normally use goodrx and even checked the website the day of. When I got there, they told me that goodrx wasn’t covering my T (200mg/mL with 1 mL) despite the website said so and the website saying it does RN. Has anyone had these problems?? If it helps, I’m near Greenville, SC
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2023.04.02 07:45 Madrock777 Ok I solo'd Avalon Legendary. First 2/3 not that bad. Final boss, I get why our favorite scribe hated it so much.

Cleared this on my Hunter using Void. Spent a better part of this invisible.
Gyrfalcon's Habuerk. Shattered Cipher Void LMB for add clear, Wish-Ender skipping me through phase 2 of the final fight. Big giant shield, what big giant shield. And of course the lovely hiding spot in phase three, without it I would have just died again.
How hard is it?
While I would say that's the hardest content I've ever done I remember back in the day it took me way longer to figure out how to kill the first boss in Shattered Throne. Though now with current gear I went in and killed that very boss in like 5 minutes. So considering how long this took, yeah it's very hard.
However, current gear makes a lot of parts of this really easy. With how easy it is to get Volatile Rounds and heavy ammo add clear is a joke. With Fragments giving me Devour on a Hunter, or all the ways to go invisible, like killing all the enemies I have tagged with my Volatile LMG, parts of this were very easy. Honestly the hardest part of this was the final phase of the final boss. I had to find a good hiding spot near one of the jumping puzzles. I would just jump down out of view of the boss when I needed to heal. Then hop back up and fire away.
Hail Hydra Boss Fight. I got through the first boss with no deaths. Just lots and lots of LMG. Make sure to kill the snipers as fast as you can. Let the vex come to you and take them out in close quarters so you can easily collect their motes. I stayed on low right side of the room most of the time. When fighting the boss the ight side also has more cover.
Final boss
Phase one: Stay away, take pot shots. Every once and a while do add clear. Really not to hard. Just take your time.
Phase 2: use Wish-Ender get the boss with in a tiny sliver of his next bar then do one full puzzle solve. Wish-Ender can pass though his shield and you can skip most of phase 2, just don't deplete it's health all the way or it will soft lock!
Phase 3: Hide, hide, shoot, hide!, Shoot! Win! Find a hiding spot, a place by one of the three areas near the jumping puzzle sections. They make great hiding spots to fire from, and to hide and heal.
Overall this is a tough dungeon to solo. I was at light level 1815 and had a good long while to do it all. If you really want to solo this make sure you are well geared, both arms and armor. Make sure you got time set out to do it. Also bring snacks, a drink or two. If you are thinking this sounds like too much, I suggest to bring a friend. Having to start the fight over because you die is rough, with friends they can rez you. Over all there isn't much new in the Legendary version to the normal version. Other than some harpies with Arc shields, but they weren't much of a match for volatile rounds.
With that I bid you all a good evening.
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2023.04.02 07:45 Tautro Hi everyone! I’m a first year applicant who just got rejected from all of my top choices. I had a fairly competitive profile so I was able to get into a T50 and will be enrolling there this fall. However, I still want to try transferring to a T20 fresh -> soph. I have some questions below. Thanks!

Alright so, after reading the wiki which was really helpful), I just have some clarifying questions and want to run my plan by some of you guys that have much more experience with transfers then I do.
Alright, so this is my plan. Truth be told, my dream school is Princeton but from what I’ve read here and from acceptance rates online, transferring there if you’re a trad student like me is basically impossible. I might apply just for fun, but I’m basically putting HYPSM off the table due to their near-impossible (1%) acc rates and their preference for non-trad students.
Does this list look solid?
UChicago (might do TED), Duke, Columbia, Penn, USC, UMich (these are listed in order of preference)
I understand that, just like their first year rates, these are still hard to get into, but still a lot more achievable than HYPSM with a competitive application right?
Basic profile:
HS GPA: 3.6 UW/4.1 W (planning to get 4.0 in college obv) HS SAT: 1560 (even split)
Several intl & national research awards related to my major (featured in articles), also school leadership positions and a really big service project.
Please let me know what you think about my list and how viable it’ll be
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2023.04.02 07:44 itownshend17 I see majority of people say Fleetway Sonic beats Kid Buu, can somebody explain to me how ?

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2023.04.02 07:44 thedevilcalls Bored on Weekends

It's the weekend again.. and like always I am so bored. I am near Magarpatta, I quit drinking, quit smoking, started dieting, and have no friends here. I don't know what to do now. It's like there's nothing for me to do.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
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2023.04.02 07:44 a_woman_provides At the end of my rope

Bromos...I don't even know what to do anymore.
The situation: both husband and I work, we live in a foreign country and both our families are a 20 hour flight away. Our daughter started at a school that's an hour's commute away, which makes our collective commutes to drop her off 1.5 each way for me, nearly 2 for him. (He doesn't mind the commute but I do.) For life/work I have to learn Japanese which is notoriously hard for native English speakers (especially starting in your 30s, with kids taking up all my energy already). My husband is an absolutely brilliant guy - does at least 60-70% of the childcare, all the laundry and 75% of cooking/dishwashing. He's not so fond of cleaning and can be messy/untidy but I've mostly accepted this as his one shortcoming since he is truly pulling his weight and then some.
Despite all this, I'm at the end of my rope. Outside of ourselves we have no one else to help with the long commutes, with organizing the house/our lives, to give us a longer break (we can get a sitter but then we have to leave the house and I just want one day to lounge at home). We've only taken 2 holidays on our own the last 6 years and those were for maybe 24-36 hours, when we were visiting our respective parents. We do have a weekly cleaner and monthly sitter so it's not 24/7....but it's pretty damn close. The end of the day, after bedtime/chores/studying it's 10pm and I wind up with massive bedtime procrastination because I feel so out of control with my own life.
I feel like nothing helps anymore. I've tried therapy, nights out with friends, days off where husband takes the kids (after which I feel guilty because he doesn't get as much time off as I do), selfcare in the form of exercise/snacks/video games, nothing sticks long enough, I've found no long term solution to this neverending despair. All the therapists I've seen have been racist, not understanding of cultural differences, or told me to spank my kids, or multiple of the above. I've gained weight, lost hair, and overall just feel like the world's shittiest mom. I yell at them less these days but when I do yell I sometimes get explosive for no reason. It's not fair that they have such an unhappy mom. I just feel so trapped and every solution costs a lot of money (full-time nanny, moving to one of our home countries, getting a car). I just know we weren't meant to live like this, in tiny nuclear families with no one around to lean on. We have friends but they all live 45 mins away (city life...). I want the impossible - a teleport to school, family in our neighborhood (our parents are too old to travel here), or a commune.
My kids are delightful but they are still hard work, emotionally needy, and very high energy. Everyone else in the subway is so well behaved but mine are always bouncing off the walls and I feel judged if they're loud, and I feel judged if I'm fed up and browsing my phone instead. One time I was reading on my phone and occasionally answering my daughter's questions. A random lady told me (in English) that I was a good mom and after I got off the subway I sobbed because it was the first nice thing I'd heard from a stranger in a long long time (people are not forthcoming with friendliness here and obviously the language barrier doesn't help).
I know I have so many blessings - a wonderful husband, (finally) a job with great WLB, a house with a low interest rate, two healthy kids, two solid incomes, and a safe environment for them to grow up in. Yet I still feel exhausted all the time, and I don't know how to kick myself out of this funk that started when my first was born and hasn't let up.
I don't know what I'm looking for here, maybe I needed to vent, maybe I need a hug. I just need to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel because all I can see is the same nothingness for miles. Please, send me your tips for what I can do to bring small joys back into my life.
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2023.04.02 07:42 idfkjustfuckoff Tara as the Audience Stand-In, Tara as the All-Knowing Narrator

Hello friends!!
I have loved Buffy since I caught a rerun with my mom about fifteen years ago! In hindsight, I think this show is what showed me that media can be powerful and meaningful. I have always loved Tara as a character, because my mom was excited when she showed up in the reruns!
What I love about Tara is her birds-eye view of nearly every situation she finds herself in. Confronted with mute monsters? She finds the only other Wicca on campus with actual powers! She meets the Slayer, but she’s super bitchy? Must be a body-switch! Need advice when you feel you’re coming apart at the seams? Tara knows the words to soothe you.
At some point; the writers knew they had a character they could project their views onto in the guise of a practical neutral observer. The result is a character who speaks sense in a chaotic environment, it’s no wonder people adore her.
My evidence for this particular dynamic is strongest in the talk between Buffy and Tara, regarding Buffy’s affair with Spike. Tara speaks the logical viewpoint, which is that Buffy is owed an extreme amount of leeway due to her extreme circumstances. The rest of the season is predicated on Buffy’s friends acting like insensitive, oblivious egomaniacs. Tara remains the Scooby voice of reason on all things Buffy for near all of the latter half of S6.
All of this, combined with Tara’s personal arc of finding self-confidence and self-acceptance makes her an audience surrogate, and a great one at that. Constantly there, consistently only talking when necessary, and usually offering information on a nearly clairvoyant level that is summarily dismissed by the principals.
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2023.04.02 07:41 batsphomet urgent care or appointment on wednesday?

urgent care or appointment on wednesday?
my cat mei seems to be sick. she was vomiting nearly daily and I assumed it's cause of her food. I think she has an allergy to something and set an appointment for this Wednesday to get her seen at a vet.
her eyes are kinda mucusy just a little bit, but enough to have to clean it. she's kinda wheezing a bit.
I started the shower for 10 minutes and kept her in the bathroom with me and i think it helped but I can still hear it lightly.
her eyes are dilated and she seems to be squinting.
she hasn't moved off me since 5pm yesterday- it's 1am now.
do I rush her to the emergency vet? or is there home treatment until I can get her in Wednesday? I'm terrified for her and the cost of the vet is already stressing me out. I can't afford the ER for her but of course I will if I have to.
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2023.04.02 07:40 Commercial_Leek7400 UberEats Newbie

Can someone give me a dumbed down explanation of how the app works? I’ve been dashing and thought to try Ubereats but can’t for the life of me understand it. I accepted my first order of $11 and some change. Picked up the food and made my way to the customer, on my way received a random 4 digit number. When I got to where maps led me the house number on the app wasn’t nearly close to the actual house number I showed up and didn’t match any of the surrounding houses either. I look back at the app and it said to put a pin from the customer so I figured it was the code they sent and when I put it in I’m assuming it completed the delivery even though I never actually delivered like am I really this dumb????
How bad would it be if I just took the order? Plus it’s only showing $4 for the order on my app as opposed to the initial $11. 😵‍💫
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2023.04.02 07:40 Soggy-Mixture9671 Any idea for how I can finish this story idea off?

I posted about an idea I had for a story about a week ago and it was okay and most people liked it, but it hasn't been really flowing with me. Something about it was bothering me, but I really liked one of my main characters, so I decided to keep thinking about things from his perspective, and I think I've found a better direction to take the story. So, Alaric is born the prince of Kairos, a kingdom where magic is one of the most important things to possess. Every child gets tested for magical abilities, and if you fail, you're automatically placed toward the bottom of the social ladder. Alaric tests negative, which is crazy because his family, the royal family, have always been mages. From there, he has a pretty rough upbringing, and he finally decides to permanently run away from home when his parents decide his younger sibling will take the throne instead of him. Eventually, Alaric meets this guy and they hit of off pretty well and hang out a little. One day they're walking around a nearby forest when they hear a loud explosion coming from a house near them. They go investigate and find this girl, an inventoalchemist (something like that), whose goal was to create something that would allow non-mages to use magic. She succeeds and makes a semi-working prototype, and she, Alaric, and the other guy, start hanging out and working together to develop this. Overall, Alaric knows that something like this is groundbreaking and would completely change his kingdom, but he realizes how dangerous it would be to give that power to people who have been treated like shit just for being unable to use magic. He has his own moment where he's testing the gadget out and all of the pain and frustration that had built up in him over the years kinda explodes and he goes too far, nearly killing someone.
I'm not sure where to take the story from here, so suggestions are welcome.
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2023.04.02 07:39 Objective_Ad4906 (19/ftm) friends/meet ups anyone?

Hey! Looking for more trans/queer friends near manchester uk? Or online friends anywhere in the uk!! Also down for meet ups if we vibe 😄 hit me up!
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2023.04.02 07:37 Rapifessor To those who wish to continue fighting...

It seems that most in the community have run out of steam by now and are ready to give up, if they haven't already. It's a shame that we had to falter now, but I understand why people are burnt out and devoid of hope. We are but a small handful of dedicated players trying to force the hand of a company that is stubborn and amazingly hostile towards its customers, and has successfully ignored us for over a month.
But we all knew what we were signing up for when we chose to fight for Dehya. We knew the chances of us changing anything were basically zero from the get-go. Yet we persisted for that sliver of hope that we could get HoYoverse to listen to us.
Maybe that chance still exists, I don't know. If you want to keep fighting anyway, your best bet is using the Vourukasha's Glow artifact set as leverage. Others have brought this up and I want to say it here as well: HoYoverse obviously designed this set for Dehya. Maybe they're expecting it to make her better, maybe they aren't, but indicating to them that it's nowhere near able to make Dehya a good character is the last tool at our disposal and currently the strongest if they intend to monitor combat data with Dehya and these artifacts.
I'll say it again: whether you're willing to keep fighting or not, giving up is what HoYoverse wants you to do. It appears that they got what they wanted, but I think they also hoped people would quietly forget about Dehya and move on, and that didn't happen. Players will not forget about Dehya or what happened to her.
In a sense, I think fighting for Dehya wasn't really about getting change for her. The fight was about sending a message to HoYoverse that they can't just release garbage characters and not face consequences for it. And I think we succeeded in that. Yes, technically HoYoverse still got away with it. But just look at how poorly Dehya's banner sold and how much crap they got for it. That stuff matters, and if they keep trying to do stuff like this they will start feeling the impact of those decisions. Either that, or they'll learn their lesson and we'll get higher quality characters going forward.
Anyway, I hope I was able to inspire you to keep fighting if it's something you're still interested in. It's likely a futile endeavor at this point but I'll continue to fight as long as I can, as I feel it requires little of me to do so. I'll probably gain nothing from it but I might as well, just because I can.
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2023.04.02 07:36 nandawin Advice for zero experience (WA Perth)

Advice for zero experience (WA Perth)
Hey guys, me and my wife just moved into our new house and use all our budget for furniture and interior as we decided to do the landscaping and gardening ourselves as hobby.
Need some tips, pointers and advices for cleaning up and leveling our backyard.
  1. We have cut and killed most of the wild grasses and been raking the dead ones but the small new ones keep growing up and the roots are very big and deep to dig them all up. So should I keep pulling out new ones and just leave the roots as they are? Most seem to be dead anyway.
  2. The area near the fences have a lot of strong roots and are really painful to clean them up. Same question as above.
  3. How do I level the ground as cheap as possible? Can't really ordered a truck of soil as our front is fenced and very narrow passage to backyard. Only option I can think is buying bags of cheapest 15L soil from bunning .
  4. Any tips regards to council paying toward new house owner. I know about the 2k budget from land developer for landscaping which I used on fencing and 500 for security camera from council.
  5. Any other tips and pointers and advices are welcome and appreciated Thanks.
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