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2023.06.08 20:03 Tango-Smith Issues with migration from M365 to Google Workspace. (missing TLS/SSL cert)

I am trying to migrate emails from M365 (hosted by Godaddy) to G Workspace by using data migration service but when I ask Godaddy if I can obtain a TLS certificate they say they can't help me. They say they don't have TLS/SSL cert which supports emails. I am stuck now because I was hoping that will be the easiest way to get the emails migrated. Any suggestions what could I do instead?
Last thing please note that we are using web client for Outlook 365.
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2023.06.08 20:03 PrudentStrength8811 Hi My name is Anne, I am 37 years old and I want to make some genuine friendships.

Friendship may not be as powerful as love in a person's heart, nor as great as family affection, but friendship can make people not feel lonely all the time, haven't you discovered it yet? You like to get in the rain, but your friend doesn't like it, but he (she) will accompany you, for the sake of friendship, to do some things you don't like, to accommodate, to love, to cherish, to work hard, this is also the existence of friendship .
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2023.06.08 20:03 mars_or_bust_420 Providing example dialogue, without the story referencing events in the examples?

Hi! I am using novelAI like a chatbot, hooking it up through silly tavern, and using Clio with the opus tier sub.
It's taken me a while to learn the best way to use Clio as a chatbot, but now the results are starting to get really good.
One of the things I found helps immensely, is providing a TON of example dialogue, to make the character respond how I want. Of course, I use NovelAI to write it, (and the 'Descriptons and Profiles' Lorebook I found on the discord). I'll write a scene going over a situation I want to come up in the roleplay, and write the character to act how I want.
It works really great, but sometimes when I am chatting, Clio will reference the scene in the example, as if It already happened, when in that chat, I am trying to lead up to it. I understand why this happens, since I have been learning about how NovelAI works.
But, I am trying to find a way to prevent this. Of course, I can just edit the text, or regenerate a response when it happens, but if anyone has any tips on how to minimize this, I would be happy for any advice!
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 20:03 SnooPuppers1558 Audit promotion power rankings

I am an staff and it has become increasingly obvious to me that the job becomes more difficult and stressful as you move up the ladder. I am just a staff so I don’t really grasp the full picture of what each level does, but I am very interested in hearing what others think. With my limited knowledge, here is my preliminary rankings of worst to best position in audit. Obviously this can vary wildly depending on the firm and specific engagement.
Rankings worst to best 1. Manager 2. Senior 3. Staff 4. Senior manager 5. Partner
Manager: I’d imagine it becomes easier the longer you have been a manager, but first busy season as a manager seems like it would be an absolute nightmare. You’re expected to do manager level things like scheduling, billing, and client relations. Although you oversee the day to day of audits, you still haven’t escaped from actually doing the day to day work, especially when seniors and staff either don’t complete things on a timely basis or don’t complete things properly. If things aren’t going smoothly, the partner and senior manager are probably going to point their finger at the manager.
Senior: still learning but expected to manage the day to day on engagements, have managers harassing you for timely completion on things, and I would imagine staff who ask the same question a million times and do not complete work in a timely manner
Staff: probably gets more difficult the longer you’ve been there, but people will give you a pass a bit when you’re new. You’re not expected to know everything and can make mistakes without getting reamed (results may vary, but I’ve never been given a hard time). You do low level grunt work, but the flip side of that is not a lot of true responsibility. You typically aren’t given the opportunity to fuck anything up too badly.
Senior manager: I feel like this is where you start to escape the rat race and get away from the day to day of engagements. Probably start to get a bit more autonomy as well. I’m not gonna pretend to know the extent of what senior managers and above do, so hopefully someone can fill in the gaps lol
Partner: managing client relations, make your own schedule, no one harasses you as long as your engagements go smoothly and you are bringing in money for the firm. I am sure most of them still work a fuck ton, but for the amount they get paid they have to be at the top of the power rankings
Now of course, I am just a lowly staff so I don’t really know
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2023.06.08 20:03 Protonwave314159 Bug guts and tar removal on SUV

Bug guts and tar removal on SUV
First large vehicle I’ve ever had. I am trying to clean up the front end and this thing collects bug guts like no other. What’s a good touch up product/process I can use between washes?
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2023.06.08 20:03 myhonestreactionL Counselling Process

I am completely unaware of the counselling process that will commence in a week's time.
It'd be extremely helpful if I got key details with regards to the entire process.
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2023.06.08 20:03 Slippersox1 Terrible Experience as new Fidium customer, thinking about canceling already

Hi all,
I wanted to post here because I am having a pretty terrible time getting Fidium set up at my new place. I work from home, so I can’t move into my new house until we have internet up and running. Yesterday, I had an appointment set for 1:00 in the afternoon, and had planned to run errands before the technician arrived. At around 11, I received a call asking if I could move up my time slot to 11:45. Figuring I would still be able to run my errands after we wrapped up, I accepted the earlier spot and hurried home.
The installer came, and ran fiber optics through my wall. All that was left was running a cable from the telephone line to the house. I was told they were running a bit behind schedule, and that they would be here within an hour.
The aerial team did not arrive until after 6:00 pm, (6 hours later ) at which point they took one look at a tree near the telephone pole and informed me they did not have the proper equipment to run the line to my house, and that I would receive a call from customer service to schedule the time that they would return tomorrow.
That call never arrived. Still trying to be flexible, I called Fidium customer service to try to schedule the installation myself. This is when I discovered that their phone line is nonfunctional. No matter what number I press, the fidium answering robot will not respond to any key press or selections, it just repeats the first query until it eventually hangs up.
So I get back in touch with the installer, whose cell number I have, and he says that for some reason, my house was removed from their list of places to service today, and that he assumed it was because they called me to reschedule it for a later day. They did not. I told him to tell someone from customer service to call me ASAP. It has been 2 hours and I still haven’t heard anything from Fidium about how they are going to fix this. And of course, I can’t contact support on my own.
As someone who works from home, I don’t know how I feel about not being able to contact support for my ISP. If you are on this subreddit because you are considering Fidium, I don’t know if I can recommend them at this time. I will post an update if this gets resolved.
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2023.06.08 20:03 geddonreddit19 Help! I’m attached ;/

Hello. I am a new Buddhist here and I had a question about attachments. Particularly attachments to other people.
I met this guy around September 2018 and we were ‘friends’ for around 7 months. It was basically a very strong attachment built through spending all of our time together or on the phone. Since I stopped being friends with him, due to him being a bit manipulative and controlling. I have managed to stay clear of him physically but mentally I feel like I built such a strong conceptual version of him.
I find myself constantly thinking if he would approve of certain things or what his opinion would be. I even dissociate from reality through having imaginary conversations with him about how life is going.
It’s unhealthy I know. And I’ve tried to have symbolic moments that are meant to represent me “cutting him off” but nothing works. Even when I have other friends or even date other people I still think about what his opinion would be about these people.
Is there anyone with advice on this? I’m kinda tired of this. I think the only reason I’m attached is due to it feeling like he was the only person who was capable of understanding me- or at least that’s what it felt like- not sure if that was something he would fabricate for the sake of the connection.
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2023.06.08 20:03 Missdollarbillinnit Genuinely curious

I am not talking about a personal experience here. For the record, I am divorced, but not due to infidelity. But I have seen many side pieces in real life; mostly because when the marriage is over, the cheater and his side piece end up together. Anyway, 9 times out of ten, the side piece is uglieless educated/less successfu than the BS. Why do men marry someone who is funny,pretty, smart, or ambitious if they are going to cheat with someone below par? Any thoughts?
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2023.06.08 20:03 WDI-XX Am I?

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2023.06.08 20:03 scotianheimer Interference options

I’ve had (read: been expanding) my Sonos system for about 6 years now, and am pretty happy with the setup.
Speakers are where I want them, ran some cables, did some troubleshooting and improved my network.
All is well but for some very rare and short-lived dropouts on a stereo pair. On multiple support calls with Sonos, they always claim it is due to ‘interference’, but I don’t know if they just see the high interference and immediately assume that’s what it is, or if they have data that confirms the drop out was actually caused by the interference.
Anyway, I don’t want to move the speakers, and can’t pin down the source of the interference. There certainly is interference - network matrix is usually red or orange on all speakers, occasionally yellow and never green - so I think I am stuck with it.
Same on 1, 6, or 11 (SonosNet with a boost nearby and a wired Playbase at the other side of the house). Had many more dropouts when switching to WiFi mode, so have stuck with SonosNet.
Wondering if anyone can offer any possible solutions or other things to try…?
The pair in question are both Play:1, bonded to a gen 3 sub. Would Ones be able to perform better? Do the Play:1s have enough resources to deal with the interference as well as bonding with the sub? Should I buy all my neighbours new 5Ghz only APs? Etc etc…
Shout if me providing any more details about the setup would help. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 20:03 Local-Tear8893 In Regards to all the MB Hate

I have to wonder if maybe the reason Maribeth is so involved these days is because the guys (maybe just Bry) sees her as having her finger on the pulse of what is "cool". She is 29 and significantly younger than the guys, so maybe they think she can reach a younger audience? Between starting the YT channel, doing unboxings, doing live streams, running the TESD town socials, etc. it makes me wonder if she was like "Hey, this could reach a different kind of audience" The problem is though, is she isn't exactly "cool". She is married to man in his 50s and still plays Neopets (no hate, just saying). Idk, it was just a thought. While I can see the Yoko vibe, I am not sure it is intentional. However, if this latest episode has taught us anything, for the love of Christ DO NOT INTERVIEW BLUE OCTOBER ON THE POD.
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2023.06.08 20:03 ruggeroo8 I'm having trouble criting in VATs bullet time

I am using the bullet time mod and want a gunslinger type build that uses pistols, and vats to crit on the big guys.
But I'm really having trouble critting when I enter VATs once my meter gets full when I enter bullet time it says X crit I press it the prompt goes away but the bullet in motion doesn't crit most of the time.
Any tips or what I'm doing wrong?
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2023.06.08 20:02 Fratguy20 Serious question about cleaning fees

I apologize if this has been asked before.
The Airbnb I just rented is charging $225 for a cleaning fee on top of the nightly rate, taxes, and service fee. How much does the host realistically expect me to clean after charging this much? I don’t mind paying the fee and there is almost no chance I trash the place, but for this much money I expect to not need to touch a broom, wash gently used plates/cups, make a bed, clean up bathroom, etc.
Am I wrong here? What should I expect?
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2023.06.08 20:02 Parker_0320 Fora or Outside Agents

I’ve been researching host agencies to join and think I have it narrowed down to Fora or Outside Agents. I am brand new in the travel agent space so this will be my first venture. I have done quite a bit of personal international travel, family travel, & have arranged group travel for friends & family, but that’s the bulk of my experience.
Right now I’m looking for something with great training, good commission, and a host to get me a really good foundation to start with. I figure once I have that I can develop some personal preferences based on my learnings and change to a host agency that fits those preferences once I form them (if needed).
If anyone has any first hand experiences with either or both agencies I’d love to hear them!
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2023.06.08 20:02 zhlnrvch This is totally normal

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2023.06.08 20:02 sherman614 How do I start to translate the language?

Without spoilers, how am I supposed to go about translating or beginning to understand the language? I've seen people translate certain things, but I've avoided looking up too much cause I want to translate it for myself, but I have absolutely no clue where to start.
Thank you in advanced!
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2023.06.08 20:02 IcyPractice9424 Software to save time during cold calling and cold-emailing?

Hi! I work as a cold caller work and I've identified that dialing, ringing, and then recording an essentially unsuccessful call is the #1 reason I'm wasting my time.
So, the solution I've come up with is:
  1. automate dialing multiple numbers at the same time, maybe just 2
  2. if any number picks up the call, I deliver my pitch
  3. if the 2nd number dialed also picks the call – that call is hung up by myself and the number is put in a waitlist to be called immediately after current call ends
  4. if nobody picks the call – a record will be added to a Google sheet stating that the call was "no answer"
The idea is to remove that annoying ringing time, I think that's called auto-dialer or power dialer.
The company I work for is pretty backwards, we call using Google Sheets + Skype and manually record everything.
Does anyone has any idea on how to do this? Any software, service or project to do it? I know a little bit about programming so that's also an option.
Just want to make my work more efficient and cut my working time by reaching the sales quotas quicker. I've heard about Orum but please don't come up with too expensive solutions, I'm an outsourced cold caller from LatAM.
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2023.06.08 20:02 SweetieMomma9150 Looking for non-fantasy, action/adventure romance

I am looking for an action/adventure, romantic suspense book. I don't really want dark/mafia, or fantasy, and I usually stay away from military romance because they tend to have more right leaning ideology than I prefer. Something with spies, or assasins. Maybe a treasure hunt, or a murder mystery. Akin to {Something Wilder by Christina Lauren}, {Spotless by Camilla Monk}, or even {Black Ice by Anne Stuart} but, you know, without the non-consent stuff. I need car chases, shootouts, fights. The mmc rescuing the fmc, or the other way around! Life or death situations. Some kind of mystery with a twist.
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2023.06.08 20:02 Financial-Pea-1931 Is this contam or am I good?

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2023.06.08 20:02 pratnakirti Test tomorrow at Lee on the Solent Please help!

Thanks for reading this. I have my test booked tomorrow afternoon at Lee on the Solent. I am driving down to the place for the test..
Please please can someone tell me about any difficult parts which need extra care around the area. I am hoping someone local who is learning would know this since their instructor would have covered this.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 20:02 pastamuncher500 I constantly have problems deciding things, I don't know what to do

When it comes to deciding on things I can almost never do it easily, usually it'll start when I'm trying to decide what to do to relax. Should I watch a movie? Play a video game? Which one? Should I follow a theme (Xbox games?) Something new? Old? Should I just do whatever? What if something will turn out to not be fun? The problem here is that everything has an equal value in my mind so I can't decide between them. I use the list randomizer by random.org a lot, but sometimes that's still not enough. Lots of the time I'll question if the randomizer is random enough and start using the randomizer to randomize how I use it. I just can't decide between anything, even when it's decided for me. This usually spirals into things like What should I use for my to-do list? Should I schedule my time? Do I need to be working on my future more or can I just wait? What if I choose the wrong career for my future and end up with a useless degree? What if I chose the wrong part-time job? Am I unhappy at my job or just lazy? All my coworkers are nice. Should I quit my job? Do I need to be eating better? Should I change my sleep? And this goes on for hours and hours until I'm stuck screaming into my bed, unhappy that this is how the universe made me.
I can't seem to find anything that relates to my situation (mainly the "every option seems equally good")
I will take any advice. Useful subreddits or just literally anything that has even a slight chance to help me here.
This is driving me fucking insane.
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