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2013.05.26 16:08 FozzTexx Retro Battlestations

Show off your old-school computer rig! Dig out your retro computers and set them up, or dig out your vintage photos from when your computer was new!

2023.04.02 07:16 PolarSpoon Horrible Framerate Issue on PC Start up

Lately, my PC has been having a really bad issue of starting up with really bad frame issues. I don't know what could be causing this since it literally just started happening out of the blue about less than a month ago. I've tried disabling all start up apps in case it might be that, I reseated my graphics card, I reinstalled my drivers since updating it temporarily fixed it, but nothing seems to help. I thought maybe it was the drivers since reinstalling them a week ago made it work again for a while, but just today it started doing it again and I'm fed up with it at this point. Could my graphics card be dying?

Video link showing the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZrcJqNDB4E

PC Build: PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor $213.63 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM 75 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $260.70 @ Amazon
Motherboard Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE ATX AM4 Motherboard $326.99 @ Amazon
Memory G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $89.99 @ Newegg
Storage Samsung 860 Evo 250 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $59.90 @ Amazon
Storage Intel 660p 1.02 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $69.00 @ Amazon
Storage Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive $35.76 @ Amazon
Video Card Asus DUAL Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Video Card $505.57 @ Amazon
Case NZXT H500i ATX Mid Tower Case -
Power Supply Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $149.99 @ Newegg Sellers
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1711.53
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-04-02 01:15 EDT-0400
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2023.04.02 07:14 MrMister34 LightMode Night Shift has horrible quality control

The company Lightmode makes these light up LED strips with one of their newest products, the Nightshift, having RGB capabilities that you can control utilizing an app.
However, the quality of their product is absolutely garbage in my experience. I have no idea if I am just insanely unlucky, if it's a design flaw, or if they just have crappy quality control. Here's an imgur album showing what's wrong with the one I got. https://imgur.com/a/ZgQEiPE
Keep in mind, this is the SECOND replacement strip they have sent me. Both of the strips failed in the exact same place, where I'm assuming the wiring disconnects from the rest of the strip causing only a small portion of it to light up. The first strip came right out the box broken, and this second strip worked for about three or four weeks before dying.
I'm not going to say you should avoid the company, but do what you will with my experience. For me, this ended up being a costly lesson to avoid supporting LightMode. To me it feels like they don't ensure the quality of their products at all, it feels like I bought something made in China for a Western price.
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2023.04.02 07:09 UnstoppableChicken I want to break up

TL;DR at the bottom.
This is going to be long because I'm one of those people that will send a novel when you ask me about my day.
For context, I'm a single mom, I live with my disabled mother who needs four surgeries to get her back to normal. She's been out on comp\disability for the past three years because anyone who has had to have workers comp pay for anything knows they will fight you every step of the way. She's at surgery weight, she's just had a QME and the Dr said 'Yeah you need fucking surgery' and now she's waiting for a response for comp.
Anyway...I had to quit my (albeit horrible) job as a janitor for the one and only hospital in this rural town, because last year I stole some stuff while work night shift at a grocery store. It was stupid, and I was mad at the people for not taking into consideration my mental illness or triggers and a whole plethora of other problems. I fucked up, I know, I've already paid for the damages and moved on. I have my CNA and already reported everything to the state board of nursing I still have my license but there are literally no jobs in this town.
I quit because I didn't want 8 months of employment going down the drain. So I put in my two weeks before sentencing and just hoped for the best. But now I can't find a job. The place I used to work at doesn't hire people with a fresh criminal record. Misdemeanor or felony if it happened in the past year they won't even look at you.
There's the prison where it takes almost 9 months to get in and because now I have criminal record I can't work for the state. I want to go back school but I have 35 days left on house arrest, I've already applied for unemployment and haven't heard anything back after my interview. I've been applying for what I remotely qualify for, but there's been nothing.
My car is broken and I can't afford to fix it, let alone the gas to drive all over the place. We can barely afford the bills we have on my mom's salary which is going to end this month so we have no idea what we're going to do. Two years ago I bought a shed to convert into my bedroom so my kids could have their own rooms, it's small but I love it. Because we have a two bedroom rental with an attached garage converted into a bedroom.
Here's where my relationship ties in. I love them, I have had dreams and fantasies about us getting married getting a house having another baby.
But doubt has begun to set in and I want to believe it's because of the stress and all the circumstances right now but, I don't know. They're amazing and loving and we vibe but, I feel like these feelings are more because of me than anything else. I'm on the spectrum, and have that good ole childhood trauma. I can't afford therapy or counseling, I'm lucky I have state insurance that barely covers anything.
I've started to get annoyed at the 'little things'. In my room they'll just change the Bluetooth on my soundbar to their music without even asking. They leave cigarette butts everywhere and I'm allergic to nicotone. I don't mind they smoke but that's gross, like...I don't want to walk out of my room and see that. When I was working and they were unemploymed I spent thousand's on them because I felt that if the roles were reversed they'd do the same for me. Nope. Now that they're working they offered to repay me for taking care of them for so long so I was like "20 bucks a month to pay my credit card 😀" 20 bucks a month. That's all I asked for. Haven't seen a dime.
They 'mess with me' a lot. I have afro hair from my dad's side, so it gets frizzy alot. They made fun of my hair (I'm already super self conc about it) and when I went 'okay 😐' they were like "baaaaabe tease me baaack!" I'm just not that kind of person and their 'teasing' is just starting to get annoying. They have this 'always have to be right' in a conversation argumentative thing they do where I eventually just shut down because I don't feel like having a debate about everything.
An example is when they were talking about how women don't usually watch porn. He said 'they read it'. I said 'No I don't really-' and he interrupts me accusing me of reading fanfic. When I started to say 'yeah like maybe three and they weren't that interesting to me' they interrupted me saying "GOT YOU. GOT YOU." Cause they always have to be right.
It's a million little things that are adding up to me just getting annoyed at everything I feel like it's because of my 'tism and stress and I just don't know how to talk to them about it because I feel like I would just come off as a nitpicky bitch.
They quit their past job because they were injured and they withheld funds on his check after they returned, so they quit. Now, they have another job and this is like their third week and they're already having problems. I just worry about a future and their past opioid addiction and their disregard to the 'samll things'...my kids love them. But I just hate these doubts that have crept into my heart.
I don't know. Maybe my fixation over them is gone because I don't know how to be loved or give love to another human being I've just been wanting to be alone more and more often these days.
TL;DR I'm having impulses to break up with someone I thought I was going to get married to and have another baby with because my life has turned into a shit pile and I can't communicate without having a mental breakdown.
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2023.04.02 07:08 According_Ad6364 MIL shared our pregnancy on FB before us

Hey everyone, FTM at 8+6 here. Just wanted to get this out.
So we had our first ultrasound this week and my bf decided to share the news with his family. I should note that I had already told my siblings and parents on my side. When we told his parents, they were incredibly overjoyed and his mom (not technically my MIL yet but they have been very welcoming and open about how they consider me a daughter already) took a picture of the ultrasound to send to his sister and grandma. That was totally fine, we expected that and we’re alright with doing so.
Then when we were driving home after the visit, an old college friend of mine texted to say congratulations. My MIL had posted the picture on FB and tagged me and my bf. Now, we didn’t expressly say not to do this so that was our mistake, and I don’t really fault her for being excited. We have a good relationship and I don’t think it was done to steal our thunder or anything like that.
I guess I’m just hesitant about it because it’s still very early. I was fine with our immediate family knowing, and I told some of my family much sooner because I wanted that support and I knew if something were to go wrong I could lean on them. Everything looks good so far and I’m praying it stays that way but I’m nervous so many people know now if something were to go wrong.
My bf and I have made jokes that his whole county knows since his mom is friends with everyone and all we need to do is let my mom know she’s free to post it now and my home state will know too. I’m trying not to let it get to me but I am a bit of an anxious person. And also while I should have specified no social media yet and that was my fault, she didn’t know I had personally told everyone I needed to before she made the announcement.
Anyway, that’s it. Hopefully everything stays fine and nothing too major.
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2023.04.02 07:06 gexo173 How much weight loss per week is considered healthy?

Hey everyone,
I recently started my weight loss journey. Wanted to shed a few pounds before the end of the summer. I started at 191 lbs (86.8 kg), currently weigh 185 lbs (84.2 kg), goal weight is 154 lbs (70 kg).
I practice Ramadan fasting at this moment and while I tend to eat very sufficiently when it is time to break the fast (I don't exactly count calories but I adjust my portions and avoid oily, processed ingredients as much as possible), I realized that I lost 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg) in the last 4 days.
Is this alarming? Should I slow down my weight loss journey as to not burn myself out ? Internet recommends 1-2 pounds lost per week.
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2023.04.02 07:05 No_Hurry4899 How to fix Dewalt DWS780 type 23 XPS light if it is not working. Broken Dewalt XPS light. Dewalt circuit board.

If your DWS 780, type 23 stops working and you try replacing the light and it still doesn’t work. You probably need to replace the switch or the circuitboard. In my case it was the circuitboard. About two months after buying the miter saw from Home Depot I realize the light would not turn on anymore. I replaced the light and still didn’t work. I tested the switch and that wasn’t the problem so I started to look for the circuitboard which I could not find anywhere. I called the Dewalt and told them my problem which even took a while for them to figure out what I was even talking about but once they looked the part up, they said it was back ordered nine months. This was during Covid. They simply didn’t have an answer for me. I was not able to return this to Home depot which I would’ve done in a heartbeat if I was able. Some time went by and I started my search again and still no luck. I couldn’t even find anyone talking about this problem. I couldn’t find a diagram for the type 23 on any websites. So finally, I decided to go on a Ereplacement parts and I ordered the power supply unit for all the other type dws780s along with a new handle just in case. About a week later, I got it in the mail, and to my surprise I was able to take apart the power supply housing and pull the circuitboard out and to my surprise it has all the plugs and wires just like the circuit board in the type 23. The circuitboard looks a little bit different and it doesn’t quite fit in the same slot so I had to get a drillbit and on the right hand side of the slot where the circuitboard goes I just drilled and chipped away a little bit of plastic, so the circuitboard would fit. It took me about 10 seconds to do this very easy. Plugged everything together and it works. Couldn’t be happier after all the research I have done I finally figured it out. So now I have an extra light an extra switch in case I ever need it and a handle that was a waste of money because it cost more to return it, and just keep it. So I hope this helps someone out there that is having the same problem and hopefully you don’t waste time and money like I did. And Dewalt if you still do not have these parts in stock, I hope you tell people they can order the power supply unit and take the circuitboard out. And that you cover this in your warranty. I should’ve had my miter saw XPS light working over a year ago and covered under warranty, but instead, I wasted time and money on parts because you couldn’t fix my problem.
This whole situation with the XPS light system pissed me off, so bad and took up so much of my time trying to find this part and they had the part in stock the whole time maybe it wasn’t meant exactly for my type mitersaw, but I should’ve been told what I could do to fix it. So now I buy only Festool tool and Milwaukee Thank you.
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2023.04.02 07:01 Freesmiles54 r/GME Megathread for April 02, 2023

GME Megathread for April 02, 2023
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2023.04.02 07:00 2FLYFISH0 Juggernaut ai

This is the original post. I started ai and completed 8 weeks of the program before continuing the program prior to my first meet.
After another 3 months here's what I performed in competition. Attempt 1 , 2, 3 Squat 290 (all whites), 295 ( reds), 295(whites) Goal was 300 but I played it safe. I hit 300 in the gym a week prior.
Bench 190(all white), 195(2 red), 195( whites)
Aiming for 200 but missed that. I again did 195 in the gym prior during the last phase.
Dead lift 335 (all white), 340(white) 350(white)
Deadlifts were solid! I was frankly nervous my grip would not tolerate the heavier weights but it turned out favorable.
Starting stats to now Bw 149. Bw 155 Squat 280x1. 285x2 rpe 8.5ish
Bench 175x1. 190x2 rpe 9.0
Deadlift 300x2. 310x4 rpe 8.5 330x1 rpe 9.5
Not bad progress for myself besides squats struggling. I may try to gym or squat and bench again to see if I can hit the numbers I intended. Had fun at my first meet and unsure if I should continue again with juggernaut or move on to try SBS average to savage rtf.
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2023.04.02 06:59 Excellent_Angle_7042 Anyone know how to fix this?

I own an evo 8, it's stock and has never given me any issues except for the fact that every once in a while it just won't start. I think it's a wiring issue, maybe got melted by the heat, is this common for the 7,8,9? I don't want to touch any wires, it's just not my forte and I don't have anyone I can trust to touch the wires. I did some research but I can't find anything on wiring issues with the car (other than this one post about the car battery and something about the alternator needing to be disconnected). Does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.04.02 06:57 LovelyLady-Mae Photographer ghosted me and still has my wedding photos??

Long story short. My wedding photographer is a friend of my moms. She had offered to do my wedding pictures for free, however my mother and grandmother both ended up giving some money anyways for her time.
My wedding was September 25 of 2022. I asked her window expect my pictures back to me and she said 6 to 8 weeks from the wedding date. I have made multiple attempts to get all of my pictures from her and now she has ghosted me. I have about half of my wedding photos but none of my pictures with my family or my bridesmaids or groomsmen and the rest of my pictures of me and my husband.
I have been very considerate of her situation. She has going on right now, but it has been six months since the wedding and I haven’t even offered to take the pictures from her unedited if doesn’t have the time. She has ghosted me and all I want is my pictures because it was an extremely important day of my life as I have been with my husband since I was 13.
Is there anything I can do about this legally? Would it be worth taking to small claims court?
EDIT: I have all of the proof of her saying that she was going to send them to me multiple times, and then ended up ghosting me. We are friends on Facebook and she post every day, but is refusing to open my messages.
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2023.04.02 06:57 Bitter-North-8882 Big work trip

So some back story. I developed agoraphobia during the pandemic. It started with having difficulty leaving my home and doing even the shortest of trips to the mailbox or grocery store. Over the last few years, I have made big strides. I can go several places as long as I have a trusted companion like my husband with me. We have done cross country trips and a cruise. When it started, I couldn’t even go short distances with him. However, my ability to go places alone hasn’t significantly improved. The best I have done recently is get my nails done about 8 minutes from home or bring my dog to the groomer which is 5 minutes. This last week I have been making significant strides in other areas of my life that bring me stress (food related, exercise, etc.) and I want to keep the momentum. I have a work trip coming up where I have to fly. I feel like deep down I know it’s way too big of a trip to do alone right now but I’m also just starting to get so frustrated on being reliant on my husband. It won’t even be a fun trip for him since I’ll be working and I feel like my anxiety is impacting his life. He doesn’t complain but I’m just so tired of it and want to get through this. To my core, I’m such an independent person and this phobia has made it challenging to feel myself. I don’t know what I am looking for.. advice, a place to vent, to share with people that might understand. Sometimes I just feel like I’m suffering in silence. Very few people in my life actually know about my diagnosis and I hide it because I am ashamed.
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2023.04.02 06:57 Additional_Poem_3206 Fusion or no? I’m stuck.

Hoping there are some folks here who have been in a similar situation. I’m in my mid 40s and had an l4/l5 discectomy 10 years ago. Back was great for all 10 years except for the past couple of months. Got an MRI and have herniation again at L4/L5 and also L5/S1. Quite a bit of degenerative disc height loss on both too. Back and leg pain, at times 8 out of 10 pain level. Have met with 3 spine surgeons and all 3 suggested the same first step - steroid injection - which I did about 3 weeks ago. Got some relief in the back from the injection but leg pain is the same. All 3 also said if surgery was to ever happen it would be a 2 level fusion b/c of my previous operation. So far, so great - 3 independent docs with the same thoughts.
Post shot, now the 3 are suggesting different paths. Doc 1 says we should do an EMG next. Doc 2 says do another shot and PT next. Doc 3 says to do the fusion surgery next.
Would appreciate any and all thoughts on this and hopefully there are others who have experienced something similar. Feeling all kinds of lost.
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2023.04.02 06:56 blondehobbit I fucking hate medicine

This is supposed to be one of the best times our lives as MS4's. We are about to enter the specialty that we've been striving toward for the last 1-2+ years, enjoying the last few months before the slog of residency, and celebrating matching/graduating with the our family, friends, and loved ones. But instead I'm spending my days in my apartment alone packing up my stuff and my now ex-wife's stuff.
Out of nowhere a few weeks ago she let me know that she was done with the relationship and wanting a divorce. I've spent over a 1/4 of my life with this woman (almost 8 years) and made sure she knew how important she was to this entire process, but that didn't matter in the end. She has her reasons for leaving, but medicine and the lifestyle it entails is a part of it. She wasn't happy with the moving for school, or having to move again for residency, probably fellowship, and who knows where for a job. The constant building up a support system only to leave was hard for her. I tried my hardest to stay in our area for residency, but the match had other plans. She had also had enough of the late nights, early mornings, long weeks, lack of weekends, and being out of town for clerkships, that I was having as a medical student and was not looking forward to the increased workload that residency would bring. I honestly can't blame her. I fucking hate medicine and how much it has ruined my life up to this point. I can only think of the possibilities of where our life might be if I had decided not to pursue medicine at all. Would we still be together? Would she still be happy?
I don't know y'all, looking down the next 5+ years of training without my life partner is pretty fucking scary. I was hoping to start a family soon and now I'm single and starting residency thousands of miles away from family in a new state all by myself.
Everything just fucking sucks and I hate medicine right now.
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2023.04.02 06:55 Throwaway223529 WIBTA for rent to be based not on rooms.

So I 21 F are living with a couple: Tim 34 M and Jane 30 F. We moved into a house together after knowing each other for a month and half when we met at a shitty boarding house so we moved to a 4 bedroom 2 story rental. When we first moved in the idea was to have down stairs with the 2 bedrooms down there to be Tim’s and his 17 year old daughters space to hangout ect as back then they had thought she would be living with him more often which hasn’t happened, she hasn’t stayed not even 1 night as of yet and have been there for 10 months. Because of this idea Tim was paying $25 extra for the extra space and rooms.
At the start of the year I asked if I could go downstairs as I’m studying full time and I need a art studio room and asked since the 2 rooms down stairs aren’t being used if I could swap and have them. They agreed and I said I don’t mind splitting the $25 with him since he technically still has an extra room.
We finally swapped rooms and today he asked about rent. I was heading out the house so I couldn’t stay long and have a full conversation about it but I feel I might be an asshole or seem entitled if I ask if we spilt the rent equal and not based room. I’m not asking for the whole downstairs area space unlike what Tim was going to do. He still has the WHOLE garage as his work shop plus the extra bedroom, the common areas still don’t feel shared in my opinion as it’s all of their stuff everywhere. The whole house is “their” house and I just happen to live in one of the bedrooms. I don’t feel comfortable to be upstairs because they are always there in the living room watching tv ect as they both don’t have jobs and are on the benefit. They actually get a lot more money then me and I’m studying full time as I am only on the student allowance. Sorry that is probably useless info and definitely a me problem.
Anyway rent would be $158 pp pw $8 extra for Jane per week. In the past she sees as it’s unfair since I’ll have more space? Which I understand but the space wasn’t being used. Idk any advice I don’t want to come across like an asshole or entitled. I think I need some outside views before I have a conversation with them on this but I want to make clear I don’t mind splitting the $25, paying equal would better for all past Jane but I don’t want to pay all of the $25 as I can’t afford to and if I had known I would be paying the full $25 I wouldn’t of moved. I could probably suck it up and be more poor till our lease ends in June tho.
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2023.04.02 06:54 OkCouple8629 Aputure filmmaking LEDs as grow lights

Any filmmakers/content creators have spare Aputure LED’s laying around and have used them for growing their plants? I’ve been testing an Aputure MC-11 plugged into a power supply for ~10-12hrs a day for the past 8 weeks and my little plant potted in leca is doing well. (Totally not what they’re designed for I know!)
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2023.04.02 06:53 SeaShelter9580 my parents don't approve of my inmigrant boyfriend

I'm 21 and live at home with my parents while going to university and I come from a wealthy family, went to private school and go to a traditional and renowed university. Over the past couple of months I've started dating someone, M22, let's call him L, and I told my parents about it this week. They flipped. There where 2 major issues, we met on tinder, which my parents think is the weirdest thing and are very concerned about, and also he is an immigrant. He is from Peru (where I live they are usually working class and looked down uppon), my parents, specially my dad did not like this. As soon as i told them they started making jokes about stereotypes that i found to be offensive and borderline racist, I called them out in this but they didn't seem to care. I explained that he moved here 8 years ago, lives with his family, goes to university for construction engineering (but not to a prestigious school), has his migration status fully sorted out, he can vote and is just a very normal person. This did not matter, all they could focus on was where he came from and my dad said things like "my friends are going to make fun of me because of this". My mom now wants to meet him but I said no because of how they reacted, I don't want to bring him into an environment that clearly doesn't respect him and thinks less of him. They have continued to make offensive jokes while at the same time questioning if he is trustworthy and if it's safe to date him. I'm tired of them judging me and judging him, i think it's stupid and am fed up with their classism and xenophobia but I don't know what to do about it, please help me.
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2023.04.02 06:53 VikBrinza Life without a foggy Lens /\ The beginning stages of my SR Journey : A Repost .

Life without a foggy Lens /\ The Beginning Stages of my SR Journey.
From ages 12 - 22 I pretty much PMO every day . I am 23 Now as of Oct
Growing up in a Christian household I always knew it was wrong. Since I lived in a low income impoverished area I had convinced myself it wasn't THAT bad. I figured hey everybody else is doing drugs and MB and having sex and drinking. I am just doing something natural ( or so I thought ) so it cant be that bad. Boy oh boy how wrong I was.
It wasn't until recent years I started noticing a few things . Things that seemed off to me . Things that I knew shouldn't be happening. Around age 21
  1. I was losing motivation to do ANYTHING . Don't get me started on doing my job! I hardly wanted to get out of bed to do fun activities much less use my brain for something productive.
  2. I felt anemic . Always cold .. Didn't really matter where I was or even the temperature really I just always needed a jacket or hoodie or something and I couldn't ride with the AC on even in the summer and my friends would hate riding with my because I couldn't ride with the windows down or the AC on..
  3. Social Anxiety. I couldn't speak to people without stuttering and I wouldn't start conversations on my own. I couldn't look anybody in the eye for more than a moment. I definitely couldn't approach women and I just couldn't operate without the fear of conversation.
  4. No Dreams . I didn't have dreams at all really only very very rarely and I actually even forgot dreaming was a thing before I began SR. ( crazy I know )
  5. Sleeping and the energy I had after a nights sleep. Before SR I had a lack of energy no matter how much sleep I got , this probably also had a lot to do with the depression. Ill get into that next.
  6. Depressed Consistently . Doubting yourself and who you are was probably the thing that hit me the most . I was so sick of looking in the mirror and knowing I could do better and better but just not doing it.. I would look at myself in the mirror and say your a bitch you tell people they cant control their addictions but look at you, you are exactly like them .. And I was ..
I have so many more things I want to add to this but of course I forget all of it of course as soon as I go to make a post . To make a long story short you get the point I was having a lot of emotional and mental issues going on. On to the Discovery of SR
So I was actively trying to stop watching and participating in MB for years actually . The longest streak I had then was maybe a week and a half but I could never go longer I was always pulled back in like any addict.
I started doing a bit of research and found a few YT videos on SR. I watched them and it was almost equivalent to finding gold. I said this is it this is the push and information I need to take back control of my life. It was almost like the information of being better and people becoming better gave me the push I needed to do exactly that.
I don't keep track of my days but if I had to guess I would say I'm in the high 20s almost 30 days.
Things I have noticed in my shorter stint of SR ( I have no plans on stopping any time soon )
  1. Women NOTICE YOU . Ex: I started working at a new dealership and there were 2 women coworkers I saw at various times throughout the day. When I would see them they would very noticeably be staring at me. One day I'm walking by and they are talking. As I'm walking by I'm not looking towards them until the last second I look over and the one girl is telling her friend I am walking by LOOK . As she's doing this I look over and they both smile and I smile. I felt powerful . This was about 2 weeks in SR.
  2. Energized . I feel like I have the energy to do everything that I want to do and my procrastination is like completely gone. I go to the gym now 5 days a week consistently ( I started doing this slightly before SR started but SR made me stay strict on my schedule .
  3. I look people directly in their eyes and they usually look away first while I maintain . Keep in mind this isn't a thousand yard stare down lol. Just maintaining eye contact .
  4. Dreaming is back. I pretty much have vivid dreams every single night.
  5. I can handle cold better and my body seems to hangout at a higher body temperature now.. Weird I know.
  6. Deeper voice . My voice has become noticeably deeper and I have had a few people now tell me about it . Mostly friends and coworkers. Family as well.
  7. Looking at women differently. Lust is diminishing rapidly . I see women in public and I used to immediately look at ass and see if the body is great.. Now I immediately look at the face and look for her eyes.. Don't get me wrong I still look at the booty after or whatever but it isnt the first thing I look for.
  8. I really don't like using the words Alpha and Beta .. I feel like the guys that use those are " beta " because real men don't need to call themselves Alpha I believe they just are .. But for people to understand . I feel like the Alpha in my group of friends and I feel like they can feel that as well.
  9. Better Memory
These are a few things that I have noticed and I know there are many more which as this post gets older I will come back and add benefits .. I actually made this post about 20 days ago, saved it as a draft and here I am as a 45+ days SR practitioner. Life is only getting better steadier and easier when it comes to my addiction. Stay strong my brothers. This journey is the one that could set our youth free.
I ask you to speak SR and Preach SR . I have been telling every man around me about SR in hopes they give it a try. Imagine a society of men not controlled by their sexual desires. We need to shout this from rooftops . Lets start something that's bigger than ourselves. Lets come together and change the world with this. This is something that's not only very possible but can be achieved in months if we all stand together. Thank you for reading .
Also one last thing . I absolutely love coming to Reddit just to read posts of people SR journeys because it only inspires and encourages me. SO PLEASE . Post your story on this reddit . Im sure many guys here can agree with me. Don't be scared even if you have failed please post your journey with all details. The good bad and ugly . Let me know what you think on this post and how I can improve . I am all ears!
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2023.04.02 06:53 West_Abalone5325 Tonight is tough

I’ve been a binge drinker long as I have been drinking. I can go months and months without drinking, there’s no rhyme or reason to the pattern of my drinking. Forward to the last 6-8 weeks binged several times decided two weeks ago this is not ok my anxiety is getting unbearable after drinking and last time was brutal This is the first night since then that I’ve thought about drinking and want to drink. This is also the first time ever that I have actively been mindful of my want to not suffer the consequences of drinking tomorrow and it’s infuriating for some reason. I’m actually mad because I’m NOT drinking, my mind is screaming just go out it will be fun, you have had a hellish week at work all the things. I’ve done a meditation, a meeting, I’ve even read my tarot cards, called friends that don’t drink, cleaned my apartment, took my dog for a long walk and my head still won’t stop…..tonight is a struggle and I just wanted to write it out I guess uggghh this is tough
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2023.04.02 06:53 2_Dope_Kicks Fuji Absolute one 9 ($275) vs Trek 560 Pro series ($280) for commuting?

Fuji Absolute one 9 ($275) vs Trek 560 Pro series ($280) for commuting?
I'm a 5'9" Male 200lbs. I'd be using this bike for commuting about 8 miles round trip 5 days out of the week. Which bike would be a better fit? I'm physically and I want the bike to be able to mount a rack for bags or baske (not picky). I'm in the DC area. I'm mechanically inclined but I know zero about bikes/ parts or maintenance right now. Want something that I would also be able to ride around the city on occassion as well probably 12 miles. Fuji is a large, Trek is 54cm. What is your reccomendations and why?
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2023.04.02 06:50 AutoModerator [Get] Aleric Heck – Alpha-AI Youtube Ads Course

[Get] Aleric Heck – Alpha-AI Youtube Ads Course
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2023.04.02 06:49 morecatslesspeople Vet bills give me chills

Hello friends! I had an unexpected vet visit and could use a little help. About a week ago, my poor boy Walter was straining to urinate in the litter box, which is a kitty emergency. Luckily, he did not have a urinary obstruction, but started treatment for a UTI.
After a few days with no improvement, I picked up some pain meds from the vet, but they didn’t do anything to help either. Walter started trying to pee on everything! In the sink, bathtub, behind the litter box. Horrifyingly, ON ME because I was under a throw blanket - and worse, on my bed while I was sleeping in it. I know it’s because he hurts, he’s a very good boy otherwise.
I took him back to the vet today and they wanted to check for bladder stones by X-ray. Nothing, bladder empty. Started a new medication that should hopefully help reduce his feeling of urgency.
I’m supposed to work on reducing stress, Walter does have some conflict with another one of my male cats which could have brought on his issues. My cats are all indoor, but a neighbor has moved in recently with an unfixed outdoor male cat and he is spraying all over my house, doors, nearby bushes. Another possible source of the problem but I can’t do much about that aside from cleaning.
Vet recommended Feliway diffusers and calming supplements. Drinking more water is also important so the fountain would really help. I need to find all the spots he’s made that aren’t visible, by black light - Walter has been so irritated that he’s been dragging his behind on the floor while straining, making a smelly mess. Ugh.
$600 was a lot for me to be out right now, and he might still have to go back. I have 8 cats to feed, and lots of cleaning to do. Here’s two of my bills so far for proof + cat tax. https://imgur.io/a/xWJlM1v
Anything would be so much help trying to get this condition under control while taking care of all my kitties ♥️ https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/163HOQPQ43TY2?ref_=wl_share
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2023.04.02 06:48 AshKB5661 This one manager will probably be the reason I give my 2 weeks.

Our Ops manager, specifically. Our framing manager recently quit and they've been trying to help me in framing (I'm the only framer, yet I'm only getting 8 hours a week), problem is, they cannot work under pressure, have a severe lack of self awareness, are constantly in panic mode, always talk down to me and undermine my knowledge of framing despite having worked back there for a few months now, they can't trust me to do a basic preservation mount. They refuse to understand that they were once in the sane position as me in framing, not knowing everything, yet they talk down to me in a threatening manner as if I need severe punishing for even little mistakes. Today for example, they were having trouble trying to find a customers order since apparently I slightly misspelled their name (an a before e and vice versa thing), but instead of asking me to help find it, they decided to tell the customer their order didn't exist and gaslight them, frustrating them. This manager decided to blame me for the customer getting angry, instead of it being an honest mistake. "If you seriously can't spell, let the customer type their own name". They started shouting at me for using trash bags to take out the trash instead of dumping the can in the compactor, wanted me to use superglue on 2 WW1 medals that they swore was silicone, not to mention when I asked why we had superglue, they got accusatory and immediately asked me what I was doing with it, as if I'm a child with a knife or something, instead of answering my question. They've gotten on me before for doing things the way our old framing manager taught me, even though it achieves the same result, normally in a neater and faster manner. "Either my way or the highway", I'm an actual framer, I'm not you. They spent the day panicking of how well get our orders done, panicking, shaking, yelling. If you can't stay focused, please don't touch any customers artwork, please. They CANNOT stay focused, constantly give off this threatening, toxic vibe that's affected customers terribly, has yelled, belittled, and screamed at me before multiple times since I can't get things perfect every time and I'm a human and I'll make some mistakes. They're unsafe to work around at this point. I've reported them multiple times, but or DM doesn't believe me since I'm the only person noticing it (I'm the only framer. Of course I'm the only one seeing it). It's getting to the point that I need to speak to a lawyer about a hostile work environment. It's awful.
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