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The Religion Of Nani Skid And Nani Pump

2021.03.11 20:42 FireAngel250 The Religion Of Nani Skid And Nani Pump

Bruh. (Nani Skid And Nani Pump Are Our Mascots And Pico For Time To Time.)

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This is a subreddit dedicated to the beauty of (all) engines

2021.03.14 22:21 lifeispainhaha spookywholesome

this is a subreddit of spooky month.. but its wholesome art. this is related to spookymonth, and fridaynightfunkin. absolutely no NSFW. (NEW RULE: NO ABUSING SKID AND PUMP. AND NO TURNING THEM INTO BREAD)

2023.06.08 09:36 sgt_hamski Da li smatrate da bi r/bih trebao ucestvovati na ovom protestu? Opis u komentaru.

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2023.06.08 09:35 FUNTIME_FRIDG3 Should we join?

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2023.06.08 09:34 TogetherV-com Easy DIY trick for heart-shaped balloon decor

Do you want to amaze your partner on valentine’s day or your anniversary? You surely want to do so! Plan a romantic date night where you and your beloved can share some quality time. You can organize a romantic surprise at home for your partner. But to create the moment, you need beautiful decor! Follow these simple steps that will help you in creating a wonderful heart-shaped balloon decor theme. Make sure you also keep scented candles, a rose flower bouquet, potpourri, love balloon. Buy mini heart-shaped balloons too, as they look cute.
  1. To create the gorgeous balloon heart backdrop you will need 30 small red or pink coloured 5 inch balloons, strong cardboard, red or pink coloured pastel sheet, scissors, double tape, glue, a balloon pump and red or pink coloured ribbon.
  2. Take the cardboard and draw a large heart over it. Once done, using scissors cut it.
  3. Similarly, take the pastel sheet and cut it in a heart shape. Make sure that the cardboard cutting and the pastel sheet cutting, are of exactly the same size.
  4. Now, using glue paste the pastel sheet cutting on the cardboard cutting. Keep it aside and let it dry completely.
  5. Meanwhile, using the balloon pump blow all the balloons.
  6. Now, you can either use a double-tape to stick all the balloons in the heart-shaped frame created. Another way to arrange the blown balloons is, mark the centre of the heart-shaped frame with a pencil. Using scissors or a pointed pencil, punch a tiny hole in the marked point on the frame. Take a balloon and push its knot in the hole until it is struck. Similarly, do it with the remaining balloons. Make sure that you start arranging balloons from the centre.
  7. Carefully, punch 2 holes on the left and the right side of the frame and tie a long ribbon on both of them separately.
  8. Using the ribbon, hang the heart-balloon frame on the wall. Decorate all the props near it and it’s done!
Make your beloved fall in love with you all over again as you put in this effort for them. This balloon heart backdrop looks perfect for a valentine’s day celebration or an anniversary. You can do this heart-shaped balloon decoration for birthday of your partner too. Buy all the decoration items required beforehand. You will easily get heart shaped-balloons online. If feeling lazy, you can even get this kind of romantic decor done by us. Explore our website as we have many romantic themes.
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2023.06.08 09:32 imhereforgoodstories What happened?

I dunno whats been happening and I enter the bung controversy with my sole information about it being that ep 8 was softcore porn. Can I get any more context or a point in the right direction on figuring out what happened or am I just stuck out of the loop
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2023.06.08 09:32 GMGsSilverplate China Has Always Been Like This, People

Back in the exploration era, 1700s and before that, the Chinese never wanted anything the West made, so silver kept flowing into China for things that China could produce for much less effort or value, like tea, spices, silk.
Notice what's happening? All of these things are consumables that the Chinese could replace year after year, while the kings of Europe sent hordes of their silver to the Chinese. Chinese silversmiths almost never sent crafted items to the west until we hit the mother lode in America. (Mexican and Peruvian silver).
This same thing is happening again, where we are sending our gold and silver to China for cheap manufactured goods that China can continue to pump out, year after year after year. We never learn after hundreds of years of history.
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2023.06.08 09:31 not-a-cheerleader Backstock being put on live load skids

Is it normal/allowed for things previously put in backstock to be found on skids of live load? I work third shift in GM and this is the first time I’ve gotten actual proof that backstock is being folded back into live load, though I’ve suspected it for a while.
It’s not just a couple of boxes either. I have at least 8 boxes on this one skid, and that’s just what I’ve found so far.
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2023.06.08 09:28 crying_nancy2 Bored with masturbation and normal sex

Can anyone relate to this? I find ejaculatory orgasms really boring. You come and then wait for three days to recover. It's so boring. I don't want it anymore, maybe only to have a child. I've just stopped. I realized I even prefer being horny all the time instead of ejaculating. I know many people come here from porn addiction, but I'm just bored with normal sex and masturbation. And I want to have more energy every day. I would like to try tantric sex with multiple full body orgasms without ejaculation. Does anyone have experience with it?
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2023.06.08 09:28 Regular_Lazy_Guy15 Craters Base

Craters Base
Its a simple base i made in craters i might change it later.
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2023.06.08 09:27 WillJohnathann Should we?

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2023.06.08 09:27 DQLabsinc Why is Data Quality Important?

Proper data management is the key to data-driven success. Just like the internet doesn’t reward you for the sheer ownership of a website (that used to work a couple of decades ago), simply having data in your hands won’t give you the edge over your competitors. You ought to know what to filter out and what to do with what you are left with. More importantly, you need to understand that some of the data you have is sensitive and needs to be protected and kept away from cyber crooks.
Data management is a combination of functions and factors that work to ensure that the data available in corporate systems is accessible, accurate, and safe. Individual specialists and IT teams implement the bulk of the work that goes into data management, but regular business users may be involved in some parts of the procedure.
Importance of data quality
The availability of enormous amounts of data comes with one major downside: management difficulty. So much information is being pumped in that finding the crucial bits and working on their quality is extremely difficult.
The quality of the data you have will be reflected in the business decisions you make both in the short run and in the long run.
Data quality will make or break your business, as the insights you get from it dictate the business moves you make. The higher the quality of data a company has in its hands, the better the results its campaign strategies are going to produce.
While poor data can be a significant threat to data-driven brands, from another angle, it can be seen as a market gap and an opportunity for businesses to improve. Let’s take the example of a self-driving vehicle that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to find directions, read signs, and maneuver streets. If the car lulls the user into driving into a traffic snarl-up, we can say that the data that led to that is inaccurate and unreliable. This will take a toll on the car maker’s reputation, especially if it happens to more than one person. They must be quick to redress the issue, or it will ultimately cripple the company and create an opportunity for rival businesses to rise and fill the void.
Certainly, no one wants to go to the wall in such a fashion, and businesses will work their heads off to improve the quality of their data as they seek to make good in a rather competitive digital age.
Try out DQLabs Complete Data Quality Platform and try out automates business quality checks and resolution using a semantic layer to deliver “fit-for-purpose” data for consumption across reporting and analytics.
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2023.06.08 09:26 New-Corgi-3728 I hate TS

I hate that I can’t chill and be happy for a while without being burdened. I hate all of the bad memories I have. And that nothing gets better more things just get piled on. People use you, people abuse you, people rape you, and people traumatize you.
And I don’t want therapy, so don’t bother. I know how these things work. I’ve been there. I know it’s a personal problem, all others can do is listen and encourage. They can’t take any of our pain away. We have to find answers on our own.
I know. but it doesn’t make anything any easier. I’m frustrated because people hurt other people so bad yet they live their lives like they saints. I hope they burn in the fiery pits of hell. I hope my rapists burn. I hope my first ex who watched child porn and has a weird interest in children and gets away with it burns. My childhood bully. And the people who abused me both physically and mentally. It makes no goddamn sense. At this point I just wish I could meet some decent people. Because even the nicest people are only that on the surface.
It’s frustrating and sad I have to live like this. Sad that any of us have to live like this.
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2023.06.08 09:23 NecessaryOk1907 i don't want a relationship with my dad anymore

cw for brief mentions of suicide, fatphobia
when i was 16 i read my mom's journal that she'd left out (i know that i should not have done that and i feel extremely guilty about it and also i was a pretty immature shithead at 16 so please no comments i already have a guilt complex lmfao) and found out my dad had repeatedly cheated on her sexually and emotionally. i already did not like being around him for a myriad of reasons - he has a huge ego, he is a bad listener, he has a bad temper and has called me really hurtful shit that still sticks with me, he definitely put his career (and his affairs) before my mom and i when i was a kid, he's probably a narcissist, and my parents both definitely neglected me - and i pretty much stopped talking to him entirely even though we lived in the same house. it was fucking miserable and i hated him. when he would come home i would drop what i was doing and go to my room and lock the door. if he came into the kitchen while i was cooking i would straight up dump whatever i was making in the trash and leave. i can't fully explain why it was so intense - some mixture of unprocessed trauma and teen angst, and it was on top of depression that had been gradually worsening since i was like 9 lol - but it was. they separated and then divorced pretty soon after that and he moved out when i was about 17.
i didn't speak to him again until i was 19, and i didn't have a real "relationship" with him until i was 20ish. now he lives a state away but i see him every 2-3 months when he's in town. we get dinner or coffee and usually talk for a few hours. i also visited his new house and his new girlfriend for a weekend once. i can kind of tell that he sees this as some wonderful reconnection and redemption story. i guess it is. the problem is that i still do not like him and i still cannot stand being around him. i am absolutely exhausted emotionally and physically after being around him. in my opinion he tells me too much - he will randomly offhandedly mention the sex and porn addictions he's in therapy for, he told me all about what it was like breaking up with his ex girlfriend and why he did it and how depressed he was, he made some really fucking weird and fatphobic comments about his current girlfriend and how she "knew how to use angles" in her dating profile because she was fatter in person, he's made a few innuendos about that girlfriend, he showed me his profile, etc. he's told me about how hard it was for him when i wasn't speaking with him and how his friends all told him to force me to (that year was the worst my mental health has ever been (for more reasons than just this) and i tried to kill myself, but no one knows that). some of these are things that i think might be normal to talk about with an adult child, and some of them definitely aren't, but it all feels icky and uncomfortable because of the context of our past relationship. like, you cheated on my mom, i don't want to hear shit about your dating app escapades, yknow?
when he says things that make me uncomfortable i don't say anything, partially because i don't want to rock the boat, partially because i don't want to put the time or the energy into the uncomfortable conversation that would inevitably ensue, and partially because sometimes i don't even notice i'm uncomfortable and drained until after the fact. i also find myself telling him more than i'd like to - i find myself telling him quite a bit about my job and my relationship a lot even though i don't really want him to be a part of either of those things. contrary to everything i've said so far the conversation usually comes pretty easy.
i have no idea how to set boundaries with what we can and can't talk about with him and i have no idea how he would react. there's a solid chance that he has grown and worked through some shit in therapy and would be able to hear that, and there's also a solid chance that he'd manipulate me into feeling guilty for ever challenging him. i have no idea. all i know is the last time i saw him i went into a week long mental health tailspin afterwards and i couldn't figure out why until after the fact and i don't want to do that again. it's hard because i don't like... feel abused if that makes sense. he only ever spanked me and so did my mom and it was never serious. he didn't yell much. he didn't drink or do drugs. i had no idea what was going on when i was a kid. he's helping me financially through college and remembers my birthday and offers to help when i have to move and shit. he speaks to me kindly and tells me he's proud of me. he's pretty much doing everything right on a baseline level. he has grown a lot and i can tell. and i still can't stand him and i don't know if i ever will be able to.
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2023.06.08 09:22 Mrkurre06 Meneekö tää subi alas?

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2023.06.08 09:16 bunderways How did you find a CSAT?

Basically, title. We’re in a sizeable city, and met with a Sex therapist today. She respected my boundaries in that I told her I would absolutely not entertain any pro porn or “compulsion vs addiction” bullshit, and I think it’s not a bad place for us to start especially since it’s super crisis mode and we just needed someone quick, but I still feel uncomfortable in the long run not having someone who is trained and knowledgeable in Sex Addiction.
As an aside-I love how they “don’t recognize porn as an addiction”, as if that’s some sort of authority. Ffs, homosexuality was a mental disorder in the DSM for ages, I’m supposed to believe they’ve got everything all correct all the time even when science absolutely disagrees with them on this?
I can’t imagine the guilt so many of these therapists are going to have in 10 years or whatever when it’s finally understood how damaging porn had become for the user, the performers, the partners, and society as a whole. They are actively making people worse right now, and I assume most of them are in it because they want to help people.
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2023.06.08 09:11 parkupine On June 12th r/lies will go dark for at least 48 hours in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps and impact accessibility.

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2023.06.08 09:10 fapno2004 I have an egirl addiction

They are the only reason I relapse, not even to porn. It’s really hard to resist and it’s so embarrassing
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2023.06.08 09:09 New-Corgi-3728 I hate ts

I hate that I can’t chill and be happy for a while without being burdened. I hate all of the bad memories I have. And that nothing gets better more things just get piled on. People use you, people abuse you, people rape you, and people traumatize you.
And I don’t want therapy, so don’t bother. I know how these things work. I’ve been there. I know it’s a personal problem, all others can do is listen and encourage. They can’t take any of our pain away. We have to find answers on our own.
I know. but it doesn’t make anything any easier. I’m frustrated because people hurt other people so bad yet they live their lives like they saints. I hope they burn in the fiery pits of hell. I hope my rapists burn. I hope my first ex who watched child porn and has a weird interest in children and gets away with it burns. My childhood bully. And the people who abused me. It makes no goddamn sense. At this point I just wish I could meet some decent people. Because even the nicest people are only that on the surface.
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2023.06.08 09:02 18_yellow_jacket Overheating? Bad Coolant Temp Sensor?

Hey all. Got an issue with my Charger. 2018 SXT+ 3.6L V6 with around 65k miles. No check engine light on. Car runs fine aside from higher than normal coolant temp. No white smoke from exhaust. No hesitation, no hard starting. No leaks. No tears, holes, cracks on hoses or reservoir.
Recently the coolant temperature has been higher than normal. Usually it’s dead center at around 212 degrees. Lately, it’s been fluctuating going between the middle to 3/4 of the way in the gauge and reaching 240 degrees. What’s weird is it doesn’t happen while sitting and idling, only while driving. Noticed it happens more often than not while I’m going fast, higher RPMs, or pushing it on the highway. But then it goes back down to the middle. Not sure what the issue could be. So I’m looking for help, suggestions, etc…
What I’ve done. Back in September I actually did a drain and fill of the coolant. Drained it, filled with distilled water, let it idle, drained it. Did this a few times until almost just clear distilled water was draining out. Filled it with 50/50 Mopar purple, bled the air out, ran it with the heat on, all good. I had to replace the thermostat because I over tightened the bleeder screw and somehow cracked the thermostat housing. Got a replacement from AutoZone, installed it and haven’t had any issues until now.
Checked my coolant levels and they look good. I can feel the upper radiator hose getting hot so that tells me the thermostat is opening up. I replaced the coolant reservoir cap just in case. Read that they can cause issues so for $5, might as well.
Cooling fan is running. I can hear it and also see it running. Noticed though that it’s running a lot louder and more frequent than what I can remember before having this issue.
So I’m left with the radiator, water pump, coolant temperature sensor as the only other things that I think could be the issue.
I haven’t tried to bleed the air out again since I would think that if trapped air was the issue I would’ve had problems way sooner; closer to drain and fill and thermostat replacement. But it’s been 9 months already. Also, when I turn on the heat, it works perfectly fine. I read that if there’s trapped air the heat wouldn’t work or wouldn’t work as good.
Not sure what to check or do next? I really don’t wanna have to take it to a mechanic or the dealership. I feel comfortable replacing any of the parts listed. Just not sure exactly what part is bad. Don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t need replacing.
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2023.06.08 09:01 loopsdeer During the June 12 protest against predatory pricing changes Reddit is making to stifle competition, fill the front page with mediocre images of unpleasant things like scabs.

The blackout protest will drain the front page of the quality content that Reddit is so desperate to milk for capital gain.
If a sub were to not participate in the blackout, they'd be a scab, a strike breaker, a knobstick crossing the picket line. But they'd also have a ripe opportunity to get their glorious content to the eyes of the massess who will surely still be logging in.
And what better way to show Reddit that they rely on quality content than by filling that empty hole with the opposite of quality.
So if you want to be a scab and also highlight the importance of scabs to Reddit's constituency, come on down to ScabPorn, a sub I just created for this stupid idea. Or go to your other favorite truly awful sub and convince them to avoid the blackout. I don't care.
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2023.06.08 09:01 Gr33nHatt3R Daily Discussion - June 8, 2023

Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Polkadot discussions.
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2023.06.08 09:01 Yasini4real Daily General Discussion

Welcome to the Daily General Discussion thread. Please read the disclaimer and rules before participating.
Consider all information posted here with several liberal heaps of salt, and always cross check any information you may read on this thread with known sources. Any trade information posted in this open thread may be highly misleading, and could be an attempt to manipulate new readers by known "pump and dump (PnD) groups" for their own profit. BEWARE of such practices and exercise utmost caution before acting on any trade tip mentioned here.
Please be careful about what information you share and the actions you take. Do not share the amounts of your portfolios (why not just share percentage?). Do not share your private keys or wallet seed. Use strong, non-SMS 2FA if possible. Beware of scammers and be smart. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and do not fall for pyramid schemes, promises of unrealistic returns (get-rich-quick schemes), and other common scams.
For all things Crypto/NFTs/DeFi and PancakeSwap, drop your thoughts below 👇
Share the current trends and updates in the space, no spamming, self-promotion or advertising.
Anything out of this thread will be deleted, thank you for understanding!
Useful Links:
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2023.06.08 09:01 bzzzp Daily Discussion Thread for June 08, 2023

Here’s to another Thursday of making all the wrong moves and losing money
Cheers Winkers 🍻
Discuss and shitpost freely
Important: linking to here on WSB will unlock dan's final form
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