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2023.05.29 03:22 jak3s Need a few ideas and feel free to roast

Need a few ideas and feel free to roast
Looking for ideas on how to make the guest bathroom more private for someone staying in the rooms. Also, the kitchen/dining room will be a blank slate, so if anyone has some different ideas for how to lay it out I would appreciate it. This will be a pretty major remodel/addition. The two guest bedrooms and the bathroom is the only thing I’m not really doing anything to this time around.
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2023.05.29 03:21 Individual_Mix_1969 This Data Entry Gamer Decided to share his Note Spreadsheet

Hi Everyone,
I am a Gamer that loves to tinker with Spreadsheets and Game information. This game of Harvest Moon Animal Parade has gotten me back into streaming but also trying to optimize my own notes from the past.
As of Today I gotten my Harvest Moon Animal Parade Resource to a more public friendly Spreadsheet. I still have one more update to it that I want to do but for now it is usable for the purpose it had for me. Please Copy The Sheet and Edit for your Own Gameplay.
This Spreadsheet has the following Sheets (on the bottom or top depending on what device your using):
- Animal Parade Gift List (that I thought were the easiest gifts). Check off the 3 Hearts and 10 Heart Checkpoints to see how many characters you can Max Friendship.
- Mine Refine (Probability Chances of Return for items in for Ores and Gems Plus a Minimum for what you need to refine for all tool upgrades) . Enter in the Yellow and get results in the Blue
- Shipping Total Tool (Organized by Type of Method.) Plug in your total in the Shipping Bin in the Yellow Cells and it should show total on the very right.
- Food Replenish Version 2 (This is the one I want to update with ingredients and checklist) Shows you currently what I think is easiest after a year gameplay and you can filter the Easy % and Percent of Health to see how much or how easy recovery is. If you think you wanna sell items, filter Easy % and Sell Price if you want to know what you can make for $. Your Health is on the Right of the Sheet. Just Change the Powerberry Number
- Farm Resources 100%? (this is kind of just 3 Shop List and Requirements). This Sheet has Carpenter Building Upgrades, Town Hall Land Purchases and Sonia's Tailoring Stock (I got to update this Clothes section with festival and event items as well.)
- Boiled Egg Formula and Egg Salad Formula ar your Min Max Formulas. Boiled Egg Formula is using Eggs you buy from Horn Ranch and making 1 Boiled Egg yourself for a 20g Profit. Egg Salad you need a Coop Level 2 with Mayo Maker and you buy 2 Eggs, Turn 1 to Mayo and the other to Boiled Egg and you use them in a chopping block to make egg salad that sells for 317 Profit.
- Checklist for 100% is just a checklist for the main story and side quest cutscenes

And that is about it. Please use with caution for like I said, I will update it again later on for two sections. Otherwise Please let me know if you like this, have input on what you think would help for this sheet and if this helps you with your own knowledge of the game.
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2023.05.29 03:21 Colman1235 22 m looking for a new friend or distraction

Hi I’m Andrew I guess this is the part where tell you how Awsome I am and just make it so you have no choice but to chat with me. That is a lot easier said then done. I really enjoy video games like the new Zelda I’ve been playing that like crazy but your not into video games that’s a ok too it’s not for everyone. I also really like music like pop punk and rock. Watching all sorts of movies is my jam too.
As far as what I’m looking for just someone to text and get to know and just see what happens, I don’t really have any expectations but just looking for nice people to take my mind off being sad and hopefully we can have a good conversation!
I look forward to hearing from you all and thank you in advance :)
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2023.05.29 03:21 HaritiKhatri My issues with Ravelianism

I love this mod and the vibrant setting that it depicts, but I have a bone to pick with Ravelianism. Every time it spawns, I lose interest in my run, at least if I'm playing in Cannor or Aelantir.
Why? Because it feels jarring and out of place. As a concept—it feels solidly like something that could exist in the setting! However, the implementation falls flat for a number of reasons:
1) Realism:
Ravelianism is a monotheistic religion, and the primary religion it seeks to replace is a polytheistic decentralized religion. As such, it might be tempting to compare it to Christianity or Islam, both of which are religions that spread like wildfire and easily swept paganism aside.
However. Ravelianism doesn't really resemble either of those religions. Firstly: it offers no cult of salvation, which is a major part of what makes things like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism appealing, and allowed them to overtake various indigenous religious practices. There's no hellfire-and-brimstone ultimatum of heaven or hell. No hook to make it appeal to the common folk.
To make matters worse, it's a secretive mystery religion, that keeps it's most important teachings closely guarded within it's hierarchy. It's a religion of academics, scholars, and mystics, truth-seekers in white towers debating high-level metaphysics.
As such, it really resembles Mithraism or Gnosticism more than it does Christianity or Islam. It's a religion for the cities, for the educated, for the literate. A religion that literally spreads via a secret society of Not-Freemasons.
SO. The fact that almost every country in Cannor or Aelantir ends up with dozens of Ravelian societies, and thus a Ravelian majority after the event fires, is nonsensical. It should be restricted to urban, literate areas where it's message could reasonably spread. Ynnic cowboys and Gawedi peasants and Grombari orcs who have barely left behind the warband lifestyle should not convert to Ravelianism.
Not as part of the initial society chapter -> Ravelian church event, anyway. Maybe Ravelian nations can send missionaries to the frontier after they've established control over the more urban nations, but having it just happen overnight is putting the cart before the horse.
Even religions like Christianity, which did offer promises of salvation and which did start as a grassroots movement amongst the common people still took centuries to become the dominant faith of the Roman Empire. Ravelianism just Thanos-snapping through that process is lazy.
2) Gameplay (and a 'vanilla-like' experience)
Anbennar ostensibly avoids non-vanilla-like mechanics as much as possible, and tries to be 'EU4 fantasy edition.' To put it bluntly, having halfof the world convert to a new religion overnight is not vanilla like in the slightest.
Religion is supposed to be something you manage carefully in EU4. Even the reformation has visible centers that you can combat or take advantage of, as you wish, and spreads in a way that's semi-predictable.
Ravelianism just springs up like a weed and usually gobbles up the entirety of Aelantir, because the AI is dumb and doesn't have meta-knowledge, and just puts Ravelian Society chapters literally everywhere.
It feels bad to watch the religious map that's been evolving over centuries get blown into insane black-and-white bordergore. Oftentimes, it manages to even hit countries like the Fey Orcs or Corintar where their religion is the core of their national identity.
3) Thematics
Anbennar is supposed to be, from my understanding, an analysis of what the technological innovations of the Early Modern Era (especially Black Powder) would do to a typical fantasy world. That was the sales pitch that JayBean put into the project when he started, at any rate!
For that project to work, the world has to be, at baseline, a somewhat standard fantasy setting; and standard fantasy settings are religiously diverse and dominated primarily by polytheistic faiths.
Even worlds like ASOIAF, where Monotheism exists, rarely depict polytheism getting completely stamped out in favor of a 'One God, One Faith' religion. Having people worship a wide pantheon of gods is, frankly, one of the core tropes of fantasy as a genre.
As such, it feels reeeeeeally weird that Ravelianism 'wins' 9/10 times in Anbennar. It should be fighting an uphill battle, trying to win the hearts and minds of people who live for centuries and who have seen Corin, Dookanson, the Khet, demons, spirits, (and more) with their own eyes into believing that the world was actually created by an inscrutable talking cube.
Conclusion—What would I change?
I would prevent, or highly restrict, the spawning of Ravelian chapters in Escann and Aelantir. Possibly limit them to spawning only in provinces with the 'urban' terrain in those regions? I think it's fine having it be a little more lax in Western Cannor, though I still think low-dev rural provinces shouldn't get chapters.
I have no issue with it spawning like wildfire in the EOA and in Noruin, given that the former is an highly urbanized intellectual center and the latter is the heart of the study of precursor history, but I don't think that you should be able to get Ravelian chapters in places like Marhold or the Ynn or the middle of the freaking leechdens.
Just my 2c, feel free to disagree, but I think Ravelianism works best as an urban religion favored by the forward-thinking OPMs, free-cities, and duchies of the EOA, rather than being a coat of black paint that gets splattered across Cannor like a Pollock painting.
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2023.05.29 03:21 Significant_Tie3570 My MIL is a modern German Nazi

My MIL is German and moved to America in her teens. Her father fought in WWII for Germany. My husband tells me he was very cruel to her and her sisters. My husband has never said so (I think out of embarrassment) but I’ve come to the conclusion from the stories that he was a Nazi who immigrated to the U.S. after the war, and still uplifted the Nazi belief system up until his death in the early 2000s.
Before I go on, I adore my husband. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. And I have absolutely nothing against Germans today - I married one.
I’m also comfortable in my own skin (in a “I’m a woman on social media” kind of way) where I like the way I look, but I do occasionally struggle with comparison. Pretty standard, I think.
I have brown eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and I’m five foot 3 with light/medium skin. I’m in good shape. I have healthy hair, good hygiene, a cute face, and I put in effort to look nice daily.
My husband has blonde hair and blue eyes. My MIL and her sisters are all blonde haiblue eyes. My first brother-in-law talked about the “superior Aryan race” at Christmas and, surprise, he also has blonde hair and blue eyes. My MIL only likes two of the in-laws, and you can guess what they look like. My second brother-in-law has brown eyes (like me) and she talks horribly about him behind his back. Turns out, she talks horribly about me too. But that’s not the only thing she’s done in the years we’ve been together…
The first time I met my MIL, she brought up my boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. A blow, for sure, but I knew that many women experience a coldness from the future MIL. I can handle this, I thought. I’ll just ignore her.
The next time I saw her, she commented on how short I was and told me my skin was shiny in a picture I recently took (at a wedding that was 95 degrees.) Okay, rude, but I love her son, I thought. So I didn’t say anything to that either.
She was truly terrible when I invited her and my boyfriend’s father to my beach house. My boyfriend and I wanted our parents to meet before we got engaged, so we invited them to stay for a weekend. After a few bourbons, she told me to shut up (loud enough so that me and my friend could hear it, but no one else could) and then proceeded to tell me that me and her son did not “match.” I had a good friend at the beach with me that same weekend who had blonde hair and blue eyes, and my MIL proceeded to look at my boyfriend, and then point at my friend in a manipulative way, like he should be with someone like her instead. Finally, that same night she told me I had “very dark eyes.”
Anytime we speak about any female with blonde hair and blue eyes, she speaks very highly of them. She says that their boyfriend’s “shouldn’t let them get away.”
To add, she’s very vocal about disliking gay people and I’ve heard both my in laws make racist comments about other races.
Shes very dismissive of me and never fails to highlight my flaws - today without even saying hello she said I needed to put sunscreen on my shoulders, and then just walked away. She also has no boundaries and comes to our house and buys us groceries and cleans without us asking. Seems like a nice gesture, but it’s really an attempt to exert dominance and undermine me as his wife.
She’s very involved in our life and comes to many of the same social events as us. It’s important to note that she is very kind and engaging to people she believes are worthy, including my own friends, but not to me.
So after 4 years and tying the knot with my now husband, and four years of just trying to ignore it and smile, I’ve had it with her. I’m done brushing it off. I’ve talked to my husband, who for years struggled believing that his mom was capable of this, and we are finally putting boundaries up. Even after getting married, she still proceeds to make drunken comments about my appearance in passing and under her breath. So no more. No more having her stay at our house. No more brushing off the horrible comments. No more visiting them for extended periods of time.
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2023.05.29 03:21 Intelligent-Chest922 I have a successful but unfocused career in business and want to specialize. How do I proceed?

I’m a 28 year old male with an MBA and a Bachelors in Business & Economics who works remote but is based in Colorado. I’ve been with my current company since I graduated college and been with my current boss/team for the past 4 years. I’ve done very well since I’ve been with the company and been promoted 4 times with a few other raises in between. I’m currently making just under $100k with an annual bonus that should realistically take it to at least around $105k with upside for more.
It’s a good, stable situation and I’m generally content, but I’ve been feeling a bit disinterested or unmotivated at times which has led to me looking for other jobs. In the process of doing so, it’s kind of led me to ponder exactly what my career path is, which has in turn made me want to try to narrow my scope a bit and focus on a more defined skill or path rather than just being pretty good at a lot of different thing. What I’m trying to determine (and what I’d appreciate any guidance on) is what the best path would be.
My current position is in Business Intelligence as a part of my company’s marketing department, although my skill set itself isn’t really marketing related whatsoever. I’m very good with Excel (complex formulas, structuring analyses, financial modeling, etc.), SQL, and GIS, and pretty proficient with Tableau as well. Writing SQL code is one of the parts of my job that I find the most satisfying, which makes me think I should lean into coding a bit more, but I don’t currently know any other languages and I don’t have experience actually structuring or maintaining the back-end databases since we have dedicated teams for that.
So in a nutshell, I’m generally a jack of all trades and a master of none currently. I’ve got a good mind for technical skills, but have never really specialized in any specific application. I’d greatly appreciate any and all thoughts on how to focus my path a bit more as I move into the next phase of my career. Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.29 03:21 ThrowRAAnon143 I feel abandoned by my mother

I (26f) have felt that my mother has never loved me.
A little background, I was born and raised in Thailand until I was 5 and before I was moved to Australia. When I was living in Thailand I was with my older biological brother (Tee), my dad (Dee), my mother and my dad’s extended family (parents and siblings).
I knew of my dad’s alcoholism and knew him to be abusive when drunk. So I understood why my mother had to leave. I just didn’t understand why she didn’t take Tee and me with her. She left me with Dee and knew what would happen. There were days where I had to run to my grandmother to get Dee to stop hitting me.
I would be covered in bruises for days almost unable to walk. This all happened after my mother left when I was about 2-3yrs old (me running to my grandma, not the abuse). I had always thought she would come back one day but she never did.
Not until she found her ex husband and had another child. I was too young to comprehend what was really happening. Next thing I knew I was on a plane to Australia.
Before I had left, Dee said he would see us soon and that we were just going on a holiday. Which was in fact a lie. She had brought me and Tee to live in Australia.
Dee may have been abusive to me but due to my mothers abandonment we ended up bonding and becoming really close. To the point that I can safely say I am a daddy’s girl. He would pamper me. Listen to my every whim and demand. His only flaw was the drunken abuse. Apart from that I was given royal treatment.
So I was torn when I realised we were never going back. My life had changed completely. A 180. The opposite of how Dee raised me. He showed me love and kindness and compassion when clear minded and sober. So when I came to Australia and was abused the exact same way by my mother who was completely sober, I was terrified.
I was made to become independent overnight. I was made to become a second parent over night. There was no more love, kindness or compassion. I was on my own.
My mother favoured my 2 siblings at the time over me. It got even worse when my 2 younger siblings were born (not twins, but she did have her tubes tied twice and they were still conceived).
When I say favoured I mean favoured. I was the definition of a middle child even if I no longer was. My mother said she brought me here to Australia to give me a better life, a life she never lived.
She had to grow up too fast and look after her younger siblings. Which was the exact life she gave me anyways. If not worse.
I was the maid of the house. I did all the chores. I got everyone ready for school. I had to get everyone to school, I had to make sure they had breakfast. After school I had to bring them home, then make them dinner, help them with their homework and do the evening chores. All before I got to do my homework.
Because of all this was waking up at 5am daily and going to bed at around 11pm and usually falling asleep at my desk trying to do my homework.
I was never allowed to go out with friends or attend birthday parties and I was never thrown one either (except for my 16th, which was at a restaurant, and 18th, even then the effort was lacking. Compared to every other party she has ever thrown for the rest of my siblings mine looked like it was thrown together the night before with whatever was left over in the house from previous parties).
Great example, my 26th birthday just passed on the 16/05 and she didn’t even wish me a happy birthday, but if I ever forgot a holiday, birthday or whatever it was and didn’t wish her a good one or contact my siblings first to wish them a good one, I would be yelled at and told that I don’t care for the family and that I didn’t want to be apart of it.
Everything that went wrong in their lives was my fault. Even if she knew it wasn’t, but because I was the oldest I should take responsibility. Mind you Tee is older than me by 2 years. Yet he never got made to lift a finger.
If glass child means children being ignored. I guess I was the invisible cloak. I often got left at home when they went out. I’ve been left at home with the whole house locked (windows included).
I was made to be a waitress at every single party or event she threw. I was always taken out of all extracurricular activities because my siblings didn’t want to do them anymore and I wasn’t even allowed to play representative sports for the school when I made the team after tryouts.
Some of the ‘punishments’ she gave me due to my white lies about chores and stealing money out of her purse or taking snacks (they were locked in her room):
  1. No food
  2. Extra chores
  3. A beating
  4. All three
  5. Locked in the shed
While my siblings only got a smack on the bum for the exact same things.
She made me find a job as soon as I was legally allowed to, but Tee didn’t hear about it until after he graduated. Which he almost didn’t make due to always being late and failing academically.
My mother also didn’t believe me when the truth about me being sa’d by her ex came out. DOCK’s (Australian CPS) came to investigate as a friend I had confided in told a teacher at school. Her excuse was “How can I believe you when you lie so much?”. Mind you this was after I told her I would be happy to go to the police station to do a lie detector test. Guess who was all against it?
She had pulled me out and I wasn’t able to finish my high school schooling. Due to her not wanting to deal with me and my sa lies. She had sent me to Thailand to live with Dee again.
That day was the day it concreted the loveless relationship I had with my mother. That’s when I knew she didn’t care for me but just needed someone around to keep the house maintained and a free babysitter.
Whenever I tried talking to her casually as a friend I’m told to be quite cause I’m annoying. I’m told to always be there for everyone, but no one is told to ever be there for me. She always made me late to school and events, including my job at the time. Yes, the one she forced on me.
Please bare in mind, this job hunt was when I was 14. I didn’t get to use the money I worked for. I didn’t actually gain courage to stand up for myself until I met my husband when I was 18.
Till this day. 8 years after I’ve left her home and gone low contact am I still hurt. As of this past month I’ve been crying and so depressed. I don’t know why and I hate it.
I hate that I still want the love. I hate that it hurts me to see her always out and about with my siblings knowing full well when I try to make plans with her she’s always busy.
I hate it. I’m so sorry to come on here and ruin anyones day, but I had to get this off my chest. I can’t keep also bringing my husband down. He has been the biggest support and I know I’m not alone, but I feel so alone. All because of a mother I know doesn’t love me. No matter how many times she says she does.
Her actions have spoken volumes. She had instilled in me to be family oriented, yet they have never reciprocated any of it towards me. This includes my other siblings and not just my mother, but that’s another story entirely.
Thank you all for reading.
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2023.05.29 03:21 Colman1235 22[m4f] Michigan/anywhere looking for a connection or something more

Hi I’m Andrew I guess this is the part where tell you how Awsome I am and just make it so you have no choice but to chat with me. That is a lot easier said then done. I really enjoy video games like the new Zelda I’ve been playing that like crazy but your not into video games that’s a ok too it’s not for everyone. I also really like music like pop punk and rock. Watching all sorts of movies is my jam too.
As far as what I’m looking for just someone to text and get to know and just see what happens, I don’t really have any expectations but just looking for nice people to take my mind off being sad and hopefully we can have a good conversation!
I look forward to hearing from you all and thank you in advance :)
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2023.05.29 03:20 Colman1235 22[m4f] Michigan/anywhere looking for a new friend or something more

Hi I’m Andrew I guess this is the part where tell you how Awsome I am and just make it so you have no choice but to chat with me. That is a lot easier said then done. I really enjoy video games like the new Zelda I’ve been playing that like crazy but your not into video games that’s a ok too it’s not for everyone. I also really like music like pop punk and rock. Watching all sorts of movies is my jam too.
As far as what I’m looking for just someone to text and get to know and just see what happens, I don’t really have any expectations but just looking for nice people to take my mind off being sad and hopefully we can have a good conversation!
I look forward to hearing from you all and thank you in advance :)
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2023.05.29 03:20 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ I am Here for Fang Yuan

I am Here for Fang yuan not for you losers
When I leave her, I will still carry fang yuan with me, this place is merely a small place where thoughts take form, I dont write for anyone just because I see its a shame that Reverend insanity has such a complete opposite fandom compared to what the novel is
It seems as if everyone merely reads for entertainment or as a hobby a small thing you pick have a bit of fun and then put it out
But this is not it, Its an Experience, atleast I saw it like that, Its a Life experience with the purpose of completely reshaping who you are and to take you to the beyond and not stay stuck in Ordinary abyss
This entire sub is stuck in Ordinary abyss, because they do not see the Jewel, the Essence of the novel and I feel this truly, when I write posts its the essence of the novel speaking through me its the experience, the mysteries of life and existence trying to be revealed through me
I wished this sub was something different where actual real people who actually care deeply about spirituality and do not see Life and existence superficially
I wished i could atleast find a single true fan, a single true person who learned atleast 1% of what fang yuan is, yet alas, no one and I am the one ridiculed
It is obvious when one is climbing out of Ordinary abyss, all sorts of insults, all thorns and hardships fall into their way
I have had true hardships that I've fought through thats why I understand
It is also an obvious spiritual sign that I am approaching the Truth, as it is said
"Heaven when it is a bout to confer great office upon a man, exercises his mind with suffering, and his bones and sinews with toil. It exposes him to poverty and confounds all his undertakings. In this way, it is seen if he is ready"
This wouldnt get in my mind since I am totally alone, its literally in the name "aloneinthisworld", and I wont go so low as to hurt another since I simply dont care nor does it achieve anything, aloneness is not bad, I like it
but sometimes I remember other people exist and remember the world exist and only then do I remember there are other human beings
Like when I see comments I forget there are actual real humans behind that thing since I myself dont know what a human being is
I mean I do talk to people, sometimes even a lot but when I do so I just let the body talk and its just spontenaous thing
How do I explain I've became so engrossed in Thoughts that I have been non-stop thinking for 2-3 years and I think all day long non-stop, the posts you see on this sub are a bit of the monologues I have with myself
But I have way longer ones that I just think to myself everyday or so
You think just putting all these posts together is easy?
The theories about god, existence, world were not so easy to arrive at, I went through blood, sweat and tears in tens and tens of psychedelic experiences
Imagine going into psychosis numerous times trying to find a meaning to existence, to why I live to why I suffer, to the intense curiosity of knowing what am I and we are
Imagine tripping and thinking you are Alone in the world and you realise you can never know another person is "real", Ive lived days in that
Ive also lived days thinking the past didnt exist neither did space, time or matter and I was imagining everything
Or that everything is a dream, or that the world is not real
Ive thought of all the most deranged thought which no normal human would ever consider in their lifetime
I have loads of writings on my phone and computer about those days trying to stick this to that to make a coherent thought
Ive also through psychedelics completely lost a sense of "self"
I have no "self" so thats why when I listen to music, its an intimate way of being with it
Same when I read novels, I swear I completely Forget I am a Human being and a world exists completely totally
And this is what happened to me with Reverend insanity
Just prior I had read another big novel then Reverend insanity
And I completely lost it, I forgot i had parents, the world existed completely, not a single thought came to my mind of the other persona "me" only fang yuan
I literally was Fang yuan as in I read from waking to sleep and believed literally I am Fang yuan
Fang yuan is not just a character, he is like a part of my being since I hated the world and at that time I first i was young and stupid and I just saw like a beautiful model of what i have desired to become
Its not the edginess, Ri isnt even that edgy at that time i didnt like the bear or kids b,urn, What I liked is the relentlesness and the genius of fang yuan
You would know my shock when after an accident I ingested Lsd and I literally meet God and he explains to me how the entire world was inside God's mind
I have through more than a year and a half searched for the explanation
I have traveled countless roads
From even believing in Eternal Love to Being Fang yuan and Hating the world and everything
Its such a huge contrast yet both these ideals dwell in my mind, god and the devil
Such mystery what this world is, it defies explanation
I have searched and the answers I got are always short of the goal and cannot penetrate into the Truth of the world
I am still looking and will continue to do so
You see only the persona of "me" being like fang yuan here because you are on the Ri sub so ofc, it is also a sort of training, we are what we absorb, I play the fang yuan persona to reinforce what I am and it works amazingly
I also practice indifference to the world, taking walks and staying indifferent to all the surroundings
It is what it is, But I truly don't care about anything
Nada, not a single emotion remains in me
I am like a dried pond
Even if people I knew died, even if my life goes sideways
I will accept it and live with it
I have No desires, nothing in this world do I want
I want nothing
not god, not eternal life, not money, not a wife, not friends, not a carrer
fang yuan alone atleast gets some interest in me
But even fang yuan little by little no longer moves me
maybe the next step is after that
But the ocean of the world has dried in me
nothing remains
I simply don't care whatever happens
you wont be able to understand me but it is what it is,
we all have our own destinies, our own roads to walk
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2023.05.29 03:20 SmilingDMStudios The Albino Ankheg

The Albino Ankheg
There are very few of these rare beasts to be found but when you do, proceed with caution. Born Albino with deep purple veins, these creatures rarely come out in the open. Not because they are afraid of being attacked, with a carapace that rivals adamantine there is very little that these things fear. It’s mandibles made of the same material are strong enough to pierce the shell of a bullete and to shatter rock with ease. One last took it has at its disposal is the venom it excretes and coats it’s mandibles and front appendages with. Deadly to most adventurers and all prey, it effects your nervous system and makes all of your organs fail simultaneously.
Attacking these beasts with a non magical weapon or slashing and bludgeoning will result in your death. The best way is to take an upgraded spear such as a plus one or two and stab the beast between the plates of Carapace on it’s upper abdomen. that is the only way to hit its well defended vital cavity.
Once the beast is dead, if someone is proficient and has quality equipment they can take the mandibles and the carapace to make formidable armor or weapons. If the party collects the head, there is bound to be a hunters guild near by that would pay an excellent bounty for something so rare and dangerous. Tell me how you would include this in your game I’ll give an example:
A mining company has been brought to a halt, an extremely powerful creature is ripping workers apart and production has ceased. They are offering a 100 gold reward for the. East responsible.
Stay handsome and keep smiling
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2023.05.29 03:20 SlayingSword94 I'm looking for a mech show or movie I remember from before 2000

I watched a mech anime movie or show back in the late 90's to early 00's, it took place on mars, and the plot I remember revoles around the development of a mech. There are several moment I remember one being the test pilot getting beaten in a fist fight with a pilot from earth who says something along the lines of "That's the difference between martians and us. Their bones are made of milk." Another is the mech's scientists talking about how the pilot's brainwaves match the mech's making him the only one who can use it from now on. At the same time the pilot's mentality is deteriorating and then beats the earth pilot bloody in another fight. Last I remember when the pilot is having a full breakdown in the mech it then pulls two massive guns in an "akira-like" animation where they come out of its back just below it's wings.
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2023.05.29 03:20 ForwardCantaloupe 31 [M4F] Cali/Online/Anywhere - Want to waste time together?

I'm feeling stressed and could use any ol convo to take my mind off things. I'm open to any type of convo long or short, just as long as it's chill.
I'm tall and average built, currently a cook, and have been enjoying making art, music, and baking lately. I also game and like computers and tech stuff. I'm always looking for new hobbies! Id like to get into traveling and working out more next I think.
Whats something that you enjoy doing? How's your day/night going? If you feel like having a random convo send me a message!
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2023.05.29 03:20 Educational-Mix152 Essay Help

Hey all. Mods have I’m not sure if this is allowed so delete if not.
I’m looking to make a little extra cash. Willing to read your practice essays and give you personalized feedback for $20 an essay. Obviously the number I can do will be limited by how much time I have.
Disclaimer: I am NOT a qualified private tutor (I don’t even know what makes someone qualified to do that). I just passed the CA bar after failing twice and massively improving my essays (over 200pts) after trying a number of techniques, and I want to help.
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2023.05.29 03:20 BLENDINGBLENDERS I just keep losing, and I don't know why

I have been playing chess on again off again for about 5 years. However, over the last year, I have been spending a considerable amount of time playing the game. I was nearing 1300, and then I started losing. and losing.. and losing...

Now of course I've had losing streaks before. I have lost plenty of games, I have well over 1000 games in just the last year, and plenty are losses. But it has been nearly 2 months of losing and losing and losing. I have taken breaks, practiced against bots all over the rating ladder, rewatched videos, and studied the few openings I know. Slowed down my gameplay and played with greater Time Control. It isn't working. I am just losing and losing and it's incredibly frustrating.

Ultimately, chess is a game when played perfectly, it's a draw. I know that. So when I just lose non-stop, I know this is my fault but for the life of me, I do not know what to do. I am not even enjoying the game anymore because of how angry losing over and over again makes me.
tl;dr I am mad cause bad, how do I go back to being not bad?
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2023.05.29 03:20 Natural-Turn680 From Hobby to Paycheck: How to Make a Living Off Writing from Home

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2023.05.29 03:20 elSteele25 Death cams make everyone look like they are cheating..

I think it started with MW2 but they started slicing up the death cams for some reason, it makes it really hard to tell who actually 360 snapped on you with aim bot or if it's just how the death cams are now. Just show me the actual replay!
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2023.05.29 03:20 Dull_Pie_5140 Downloading henkaku multiple times

My system did a false update making me think that it forced the system to do an update and removing henkaku. Out of panic I went to redownload henkaku didn’t show up so I searched and found that the way to fix it is by rebooting the vita. Will having the extra files of henkaku affect my system? Like draining the battery faster or breaking something? (If you have any idea on how to remove these extra files please tell me)
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2023.05.29 03:19 Kimfun23 My live action little mermaid review

Disney has adapted their 1989 animated film, The Little Mermaid into a live action film with Rob Marshall directing, Dion Beebe providing the Cinematography, and songs written by Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda. It stars Halle Bailey from The Lion King and the upcoming The color purple. Also starring Melissa McCarthy, Jonah Hauer-King from The Lion King, Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay, and Awkwafina from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Raya and the Last Dragon. Last but not least is Javier Bardem from Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Ariel (Halle Bailey), is a mermaid who wants to live in the human world with Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King), after saving him from a ship wreck. Ariel’s dad, King Triton (Javier Bardem) forbids it, which forces Ariel to make a dangerous deal with Ursula (Melissa McCarthy), a sea witch.
This version of the Little Mermaid isn’t 100 percent a copy of the original. They have made changes so that the film would stand out from the original. My favorite change was when Ursula’s tentacles lit up, I feel it illuminated her scenes. I thought they should have kept Flounder’s (Jacob Tremblay) color the same from the original film. Here I found his coloring a little weird.
At first I wasn’t sure about Sebastian (Daveed Diggs) due to him not looking like a normal crab but he won me over by playing his part well and delivering some funny lines. Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, so I was extremely happy that Bailey did a great job portraying Ariel. She sang “Part of your World” beautifully. Bardem wasn’t as convincing as he could have been playing King Triton, I feel he didn’t show how angry he was at Ariel when he was destroying her collection of human artifacts. In my opinion, the best performance in this film was McCarthy as Ursula, she can sing and she did an amazing job being menacing yet being someone audiences love. Just like Sebastian, Scuttle (Awkwafina) was funny. The song Scuttle and Sebastian sang together in the palace was really humorous. Hauer-King was a good prince Eric who got a little more of a story this time around. He and Ariel both wanted to explore uncharted places.
John Myhre, the production designer filmed the scenes on a blue screen, and the actors just preformed the swimming movements in the air. This was impressive!. All the scenes looked realistic under the sea. I would recommend any Disney fan to go see this live action Little Mermaid.
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2023.05.29 03:19 Frank_the_Mighty What exactly is a fun card? Deconstructing my favorites

What exactly is a fun card? It may feel like a simple question, but it's really hard to put into words.
A definition I like is that a fun card is a card that creates a positive story.
This usually has some sort of randomness to it, but not chaotic of overbearing.
For example, I consider [[Nascent Metamorph]] to be a fun card. Sometimes you hit Old Gnawbone and sometimes you hit Birds of Paradise but the 'story' it tells is a fun one. Especially when you get the big hit, like you're gonna want to tell your friend about it.
[[Chaos Wand]] and [[Wand of Wonder]] are another top-of-library randomness cards that tell a story. Let's say you really need a kill spell, so you target the mono-B player, but instead of a kill spell you get one of their tutors. Or maybe you whiff and get dark ritual. The randomness makes it interesting, and when it hits, it's fun.
Another random but not overbearing card that I consider fun is [[Boompile]] . It's more fun and interesting than any other wipe imo. It can stick around, which is neat, as that forces people to play around it. Eventually you'll want to pop it off, and there's usually some excitement on whether or not it works b/c that obviously affects your gameplan.
Moving away from randomness, political cards can be fun. It's a tricky balance though, I tend to prefer the cards that have a one line story. For example, [[Orzhov Advokist]] is simple trade deal: you get counters, but you can't attack me. [[Duelist's Heritage]] is "if you don't attack me, you get a double strike." The 'story' here is more consistent, but that doesn't make it less fun. There's joy in giving an opponents big creature doubles trike
I also like cards that speed up the game. I'm not sure if they fit under the storytelling definition of 'fun' but I'm pretty happy to see [[Overabundance]] , [[Descent into Avernus]] , and [[Collective Voyage]]
Finally there's [[Permeating Mass]] , which is fun b/c it sticks around and goes around the board. More interesting than any deathtouchy rattlesnake
What about you, how do you define a fun card? Any specific cards?
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2023.05.29 03:19 Candid-Spare-7043 Ugly loser

I'm ugly and going bald at 24 and have been going bald since I was a teenager and everyone stopped liking me Everytime I meet a girl online when I take my hat off the always say my stupid ugly balding head makes them want to throw up ... I punch myself in the ugly face until both of my eyes are black and I'm screaming in pain and can't take no more and then I do it again cuz I'm ugly and worthless and deserve it . When I was 22 I realized no one will ever love an ugly bald Worthless scum bag so I started doing drugs . I mix heavy drugs , uppers and downers and hope I overdose . But of course I never do because God hates me and wants me to suffer and be alone. So fuck it . These drugs don't care if I'm ugly and going bald. The only thing stopping me from killing myself is my mom and she only loves me because she has too otherwisw she wouldn't love me either . All I see is women talk about how ugly men going bald are and how we are worthless and every day every single fucking day everyone has to remind me I'm ugly and no one is going to love me over every little disagreement and everyone tells me it's all in my head I'm going to die alone I can't take this unless I'm on drugs and no one gets it and everyone hates me cuz I do drugs and they mock me and call me a drug addict but none of them understand what I'm going through everyone tells me it's in my head but no one has ever loved me .... Should I just say fuck it and kill myself now ? I feel like I'm just going to do it anyway bc I purposely take large amounts of Fentanyl and hope I don't wake up.
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2023.05.29 03:19 MWBartko Black Wizard?

Re imagine everything that has happened with one change, Harry became a Black Court Vampire.
You can have it happen at any point you want, have him turned by any Black Court Vamp you want, and have it be by being beaten or by making any kind of deal you want.
But from wherever you choose forward, how does the rest of the story progress from there?
How quickly would Harry, with Bob's help of course, progress through the ranks of the blacks? I assume he would draw Drakul's attention.
What impact would it have on his allies?
What would happen to his foes?
If it's when Lash is still in his head would he then automatically summon the coin?
If it's after he rejects the coin would he still have soul fire?
How would Alfred respond?
To me this is a very interesting what if?
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