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Milk: Best when from a bong

2012.11.07 02:49 Snoopy7393 Milk: Best when from a bong

A subreddit for big ole milky Bong rips, not big ole milky....other things........ Merch: Discord: Sister sub to CompetitiveStoners

2009.11.30 07:50 Support and knowledge about breastfeeding

**This is a community to encourage, support, and educate parents nursing babies/children through their breastfeeding journey. Partners seeking advice and support are also welcome here.**

2011.10.12 19:01 Cheesemaking 101 - Cheesemaking honor roll. All are welcome. Get your hobby on!

A place for people to discuss the world of cheese making. --- Not seeing your post? Message the moderators so we can get it fixed for you.

2023.06.06 07:52 AutoModerator ASAP Market Link reddit - Darknet market link links deepweb market link

Hey Reddit! Today, I will show you where you can find the ASAP Market link, a hidden darknet marketplace.
ASAP Market offers various good products digital and shipped.

ASAP onion link:

However, to access ASAP Market and explore its vast offerings, you will need the Tor browser, which provides the necessary encryption and anonymity to navigate the depths of the dark web.
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2023.06.06 07:41 TerribleSell2997 India Electric Vehicle Market to Witness Astonishing Growth by 2029

India Electric Vehicle market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 23.0% during the forecast period. India Electric Vehicle Market research report reveals important insights into market scenario to enable key players in taking calculated decision making. Basically, one of the major purposes of market research reports is to maximize the business growth opportunities. It also helps key players to turn business into a successful business by increasing the profit level. The overall business goal can be accomplished through this India Electric Vehicle Market study report as it consists of all the current happenings and major innovations of the marketplace. Depending on the overall business objective, it is important to reduce business risks to generate larger revenues in the business. Several regions are captured in this Market report which includes North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
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India Electric Vehicle Market research report also helps key participants to know whether developing a novel product or service is appealing or not. It also guides by telling the exact position of the firm in the market. It allows testing business ideas and provides tips to make right investment. There are several novel businesses in the market come across various kinds of consumers and this detailed report provides them an ability of understanding how target consumers think and adapt to their requirements. Important market growth related aspects are also discussed in this India Electric Vehicle Market report.
Accomplishing best results in the business becomes easy with this effective India Electric Vehicle Market study report. It becomes easy to handle business operations and attract more consumers. It helps business players to identify business risks and moving ahead in the business. Important market aspects are covered in this India Electric Vehicle Market report to help newly entering key players to survive in the competitive marketplace. Experimenting with more consumers is easy with this Market report as it captures all the latest updates regarding market expansion. Improving product launch helps business owners to survive in the long run.
Coming up with best business objectives becomes easy with this India Electric Vehicle Market report. Business objectives will define how the business must run so the objectives can be accomplished. It is an essential need to make your business deep down into the market and consumers’ minds to come with something which will benefit the business most. Key details are provided in the India Electric Vehicle Market report about corona virus and its major effects on the business segments. Market report allows digging into consumers’ minds to attain larger profits and continue to attain in a long run.
full report of India Electric Vehicle Market available @
· Market Coverage
· Market number available for – 2023-2029
· Base year- 2022
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· Competitive Landscape- Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ingredion Inc., Kerry Group Plc, Cargill
· Inc., and others
India Electric Vehicle Market Report Segment
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About Orion Market Research Orion Market Research (OMR) is a market research and consulting company known for its crisp and concise reports. The company is equipped with an experienced team of analysts and consultants. OMR offers quality syndicated research reports, customized research reports, consulting and other research-based services. The company also offer Digital Marketing services through its subsidiary OMR Digital and Software development and Consulting Services through another subsidiary Encanto Technologies.
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Company Name: Orion Market Research
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2023.06.06 07:40 godrejplot Sonipat Godrej Plots, Godrej Luxury Plots Sonipat,

Sonipat Godrej Plots, Godrej Luxury Plots Sonipat,
Godrej Green Estate is a residential project located in the heart of Mumbai, India. It offers luxurious living with all modern amenities and facilities at an affordable price. The estate has been designed to provide comfortable living for its residents while also preserving nature's beauty and resources. Godrej Green Estate comprises 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments that are available on resale as well as through direct purchase from the developer.
The prices offered by Godrej Green Estate for resale properties are quite competitive when compared to other similar projects in the same locality or city. On average, one can expect a 1BHK apartment to cost anywhere between INR 1.2 CR*- 3 Cr* depending upon its size, location within the estate etc., whereas 2BHk apartments can range from INR 65 lakhs - 75 lakhs again depending upon various factors like size etc.. For those looking for bigger homes, 3BHk units may be priced around INR 85-95 Lakhs approximately . All these prices vary slightly based on demand & supply dynamics prevailing in the realty market across India .
Finally ,the buyers have options ranging from ready-to move-in flats ,under construction ones & even pre launch projects which offer attractive discounts over regular rates but require patience due to longer completion time frames . Therefore it is always advisable that prospective home buyers should do proper research before investing their hard earned money into any property according RealEstate sector regulations applicable across different states/cities of India .More extra information visit my site:- Sonipat Godrej Plots, Godrej Luxury Plots Sonipat,
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2023.06.06 06:56 peachplot 3rd Eye Money Magnet is first and foremost a way to help clear your 3rd Eye so you can open up to your full potential and the potential of abundance life wants you to see and experience.

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2023.06.06 06:52 Main_Tomatillo3387 Help: Real Estate (Sydney, Australia)

Hi everyone
I manage a real estate brand and as part of each listing that one of our agents sells, a percentage of their commission is deducted to put back into a marketing fund.
I am basically a 'go to' for everything including all creative, targeting etc as well as all other marketing that the job is in need of.
What I want advice on is each of our agents have their own "Core Suburbs" that they can chase leads in. If I want to do a Facebook leads campaign with their recent sales results as the creative, what would I need to spend for it to be effective? We do have access to an online platform that can do this for us but the leads wouldnt come straight to us and it would be on a pixel that's not attached to our website.
Ideally, we would want people within X suburb that own property that we can then put into our CRM and nurture, I have the forms set up I just need an idea on spend.
Any help and advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.06 06:00 TheMightyBox72 Gorillaz Feature


Every dead body that is not exterminated gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!
In 1999 a greasy cartoon character from Stoke-on-Trent, England had a dream: To become the most wealthy and famous musician in the world. His method of doing so, simple: make a deal with Beelzebub for his immortal soul. Doing so would set off a series of events which result in the formation of The Gorillaz, a defining staple of British pop, British punk, alternative, scene, and the music landscape in general, their misadventures spanning just about every medium and platform you could imagine.
They are band leader and bassist Murdoc Niccals, lead singer and all-around dimwit 2-D, child soldier and guitarist Noodle, and Russel Hobbs on drums, mixing, and producing guest rappers from the afterlife. Frequent collaborators include Del the Ghost Rapper, a Cyborg recreation of Noodle, and Ace from Powerpuff Girls.










Giant Russel
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2023.06.06 05:57 Mario9955 I made a game in 6 hours for the trijam #222

I made a game in 6 hours for the trijam #222
I make a little and fun game in just 6 hours for a game jam. Can you please play it and rate the submission of it for the jam? It can be played in the browser.
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2023.06.06 05:36 Impossible-Change-39 The scrub daddy

The Scrub Daddy Why is the Scrub Daddy so popular? The Scrub Daddy is popular for several reasons. First, its unique texture and design make it effective at cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, from delicate glassware to tough-to-clean grime on pots and pans. Second, its versatility makes it a great addition to any cleaning kit. The Scrub Daddy can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks around the home, from washing dishes to cleaning bathroom surfaces. Third, the Scrub Daddy is durable and long-lasting, which means it can be used multiple times before needing to be replaced. This makes it a cost-effective choice for homeowners and cleaning professionals. Finally, the Scrub Daddy is a fun and quirky product that has gained a bit of a cult following. Its bright yellow color and smiling face design make it stand out from other cleaning sponges on the market, and its unique texture and cleaning abilities have made it a favorite among many. Link: things-you-didnt-know-you-could-clean.html
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2023.06.06 04:41 toxicdeliquency Pls give me angst

Hi all! I’m on the hunt for some new partners (not replacing anyone of course) that are interested in angsty, romantic and, of course, dramatic plots. In said plots I’d prefer to play the F in M/F pairings, it’s just what I’m most comfortable with : ). Aside from that though, I am 24 which means all of my partners NEED to be 18+, there is no wiggle room on this. Please don't lie and say you're of age if you're not, it's dangerous. Also, another lil request if possible: I just moved to the central time zone and would love some partners over here or who are at least awake during these hours, not a requirement tho!
We can discuss rules, limits and triggers privately if we decide to move forward, however there is one rule I’ll let you know of now since it puts some people off. I don’t double. I will gladly play multiple side characters, however I will not do one pairing in exchange for another (you playing my love interest and us doing a separate plot where I play yours). I find it hard to focus and they never end up fair in my experience. I hope that makes sense lol.
Right now I’m specifically on the hunt for three fandoms/pairings: Criminal Minds, Stranger Things & Teen Wolf.
In CM I’d be looking for someone to play Spencer Reid opposite of my character, Olivia Chandler. Olivia is a Gale Weathers type if you know Scream at all, but FAR less of a bitch. I think there’s a lot of longevity for this pair as Olivia is afraid of commitment whereas I see Spencer just hesitant when it comes to romance at all, especially if we set this after Maeve. There’s a lot to her backstory that I think could make for an interesting twist a little further along, but we could do different cases and such and it would be fun! As all of my characters do, Olivia has her own backstory written up and available upon request.
While I haven’t watched S4 of ST yet (atp I’m just waiting for S5 to rewatch all of it lol), I know most of what happens, but this plot would take place more of s2-s3 and maybe in an AU space s4. I’d be playing an original character, Nancy and Mike’s troubled cousin from New York, and would want to pair her alongside Billy Hargrove. I think they’re ‘fuck this small town’ attitudes would work well along with other things.
As for Teen Wolf, I’d love for someone to play Derek Hale against my canon-divergent version of Paige Krasikeva. For those who don’t remember, Paige was teenage Derek’s girlfriend who was scratched by an alpha and Derek had to kill himself. In my version, Derek thinks he killed her but Peter brought her back to life and sent her off with her parents who moved. Now she’s back in season 3A as an adult music teacher at the high school with no memories of Derek or werewolves.
If any of this sounds interesting, let me know or add me on discord toxicdeliquency#7795
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2023.06.06 04:35 NomadK1ng Next Level Dungeons

If we complain enough, Blizz will implement a Dungeon Finding tool that groups players up and instantly teleports you inside the beginning of the dungeon. You can select your role before queueing and if it’s a role in high demand, you will obtain a satchel with random loot after completing the dungeon. This will really speed things up and eliminate travel time to and from dungeons and you won’t have to type in game chat to find a group anymore.
Oh wait…
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2023.06.06 04:18 Dry_Possible_1792 I’m struggling

Yep, I’m struggling and I don’t know where else to go to vent. I’m 3 weeks pp on the dot and I feel so overwhelmed. I already am working on the anxiety with a medication increase and I feel like it’s helping tremendously with that part, so that’s a positive.
Baby can fuss and cry all day long and the second my boyfriend gets home and picks him up he’s fine and goes to sleep for him, every single time!!! This makes me feel so crappy and terrible. I don’t have the best bond with him to begin with which I’m working on and trying not to stress over because I know it can take time but man it makes me feel terrible seeing my boyfriend calm him right away.
I also feel like my relationship with my boyfriend is crumbling. We aren’t arguing or fighting but I can just feel the distance. We don’t hold hands like we used to, sit next to eachother, or really show any affection even once the baby is sleeping. It really feels like he just goes to work and when he comes home he does his car stuff and will help put the baby to sleep but that’s about it… I don’t know I hope this gets easier because right now it feels like my world has completely flipped and it’s not exactly enjoyable.
Rant over.
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2023.06.06 03:53 something-wrong1234 The story that was created in r/pollgames.

You, shmungus, are eating a hamburger on a boat when suddenly, a woman walks up to you. She asks you to help find her child. You told her you would, and she led you to where she last saw her kid. It was the back of the boat. All of a sudden, she pushed you off. You looked for something to grab onto, and you found the anchor. You held on to the chain for dear life. The ship came back to land and you hopped off and swam to shore. People started looking at you strangely. A child walked up to you and asked if you were okay. Offering her hand, the child smiled. You took her hand and she was shining with happiness. Her mom came over and picked her up. The child protested and you heard her say she liked you. You smiled, and sat down on the beach.
Chapter 2: You went to the resturaunt and sat down. A waitress came to your table and you realized that she was the woman who pushed you off the boat. You saw that her name was Kimberly. You decided to order a hamburger and when you finished eating, you exited the resturaunt and called the police. When you explained the situation, they said they'd look into it. Later, you were wandering around the city when you got tired. You had a bit of money. You decide to go to a hotel and rent a room. Later that day, you find out that there is a pool. When you're going down to the pool, you see the girl from the beach and her mom. The girl notices and waves. You wave back. You both go to the pool, and while the girl plays with the other kids, you and her mom begin to talk. You explain that you were walked out on by your wife, who took your son. The woman introduced herself as Kylie, and her daughter's name was Cynthia. The two of you talked about some fun adventures, and you find out that you like her.
Chapter 3: after a few hours of talking, you asked for Kylie's number to stay in touch. To your disbelief, she said yes. You returned to your room, and went to bed. When you woke up, you saw a text message from your son. It says "hey pops. I miss you and am going to a small resturaunt tomorrow. Can we meet?" You went to the resturaunt your son was going to, and you saw him.
Chapter 4: "Hey, champ. How you doing?" You asked. "Good. Finally moved out. Mom desperately wanted to keep me from seeing you but I miss you." Yout son replied "Jeremy, I missed you. Glad you reached out to me." You said. You and Jeremy caught up with eachother. He now has a loving wife who is expecting a baby in 4 months. You smile and look at how much Jeremy's grown. Suddenly, Kylie and Cynthia come in, and notice him. They wave and come to talk. Jeremy flashes you a look, and you shake your head, laughing. The two girls meet Jeremy, and then he goes home to care for his wife. You, Kylie and Cynthia finished eating and walked back to the hotel. It was time for you to be on the move again. You never really had a chance to live somewhere permanently. You accidentally blurted it out and Kylie offered for you to stay at their place. You scratch your neck and smile in embarrasment.
Chapter 5: When the two girls took you to their house, Kylie apologized for it being small. You told her not to be sorry for giving you a place to live. You smile and decide that you are cooking dinner tonight. You went out and bought some groceries, and whipped up some burgers. You, Kylie and Cynthia all dig in. They are joyous with how good it is. It soon became late, and Cynthia was told to get ready for bed. Kylie then asks what led you to wish ashore that day. You decided to tell her that you were pushed off of a boat. Kylie looked at you and you could tell in her gaze that she felt sorry. You told her that she didn't need to be sorry and you were grateful for Cynthia's kindness. You then fell asleep.
Chapter 6: You were having a dream of warmth all around you. No pollution or crime. It was the ideal life. When you woke up, you found Cynthia and Kylie sleeping right next to you. When Kylie woke up, you said good morning and she started apologizing. You said it was okay as long as she slept well. When Cynthia woke up, you decided to make breakfast. Afterwards, you look for a job, and find three to go for. Our of the three choices, you choose to go for welding. After a bit of training and research, you try and get the job, and qualify immediately! You're quite shocked. On your first day of work, you do so well, that the boss wants to promote you! HR doesn't allow it because it's your first day. A week later you get your first pay. You got a good sum of money, and are considering moving out. When you tell Kylie and Cynthia, Cynthia asks you to stay, and Kylie just says it is your choice.
Chapter 7: You decide to stay because of Cynthia asking. You keep making money to help with rent and you look for houses to buy, because the apartment the three of you are staying in is really loud. You find 5 houses. You choose one with two floors, two bedrooms, and three bathrooms. When you, Kylie and Cynthia moved in, you all stared in amazement. It looked magnificent. After exploring and playing around, night rolls around. You claim a bedroom, and Kylie takes the other one. Cynthia asks to go in with you. You tell her that she should accompany Kylie. She nodded and said goodnight, then you slept like a baby.
Chapter 8: The next morning you are working out and Kylie and Cynthia join. You let Cynthia and Kylie join you, and you teach them stuff from when you were a kid learning fighting. You taught them how to punch properly, throw good kicks, and trained their endurance. Weeks go by, and one day, after a workout session, Kylie and Cynthia walk over to you and give you a hug, thanking you for being there and helping them. You hugged them back, smiling. The three of you stood there for three minutes, and when you all let go, everybody smiled. You got a text from Jeremy, and it was a photo of him, his wife, and their first-born son. Beaming with pleasure, you congratulate him and his wife. He then asks if you want to come down.
Chapter 9: When you came to the hospital, you met Jeremy's wife, Amie. She was a sweet girl with a soothing aura. Amie held the baby and you took a look at it. "It's a boy. We named him Drake." Amie said. You picked up the baby gently, and held it in the air. "This baby will be spoiled rotten." You said enthusiastically. Everyone shared a quick laugh. "Mom was here earlier. She never seems to want to meet you." Jeremy said solemnly. "Never mind that Jeremy. You've got your kid and wife to take care of now." You said, hand on Jeremy's back. When you get back home you get a text from a number. It said "hey. If you're alive, head to the alley between the mall and the office building. I know this is the right number, because Jeremy had it on his phone."
Chapter 10 (finale): You go to the alley with a metal pipe and a kitchen knife. A figure in a hood stands at the other end. The figure whipped out a knife of her own and lunged at you. You blocked with the pipe and jabbed the knife out, catching the mask that the silhouette was wearing. The person jumped back, but you went forward again, underhand slashing at the mask. The mask falls and behind it lies your ex-wife's face. She charges at you, screaming. "I should've made sure you were dead when you were on the boat!" She shouted at you. You kicked the knife out of her hands and tried to go for her again, but she pulled out another knife and stabbed you in the shoulder. You wonder if you should pull the knife out and use it. You decide not to pull out the knife. You take your pipe and lunge, but soon you realize that was a mistake. Kimberly (your ex) slashed your left eye and stabbed you with another knife she had hidden. You wobbled forward and she kicked you into the ground. You lay on the ground, staring at Kimberly. She walks toward you, twirling a butterfly knife she lunges, and then something drives into her. Jeremy stands in front of your Kimberly and Kylie and Cynthia drag you back. "Mother or not, I'll hurt you if you hurt someone I love." Jeremy said, glaring. He leapt forward and kicked Kimberly. She dropped the knife and Jeremy picked it up, slashing her tendons so she can't move. "We saw the text." Kylie said. Jeremy knocked Kimberly to the ground and tied her up with a rope and called the police. They came and arrested Kimberly, and you blacked out. (Two years later...) "Honey get up." Kylie said. In the two years after the incident, you and Kylie got married, and were raising Cynthia together. You, Kylie and Cynthia were going to a meeting with Jeremy, Amie and Drake. The six of you asked someone to take a picture, and you put your arm around Kylie and Cynthia, smiling when the camera took the picture. The end.
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2023.06.06 03:38 mstrunoriginal [TOMT][SONG] Animated music video with a female singer

The music video is completely animated. The singer was female and in the video she had blonde hair. At one point in the video two people, a man and a woman are in space. I'm pretty sure the song isn't famous, or at least it wasn't when I saw it a few years ago. The only lyric I can remember is "I can't see you nowwww! I can't see you now now now now now now now!" And while she's repeating the now, the character is shaking back and forth somewhat. This has been stuck in my head for ages, please help. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 03:37 Mysterious_Emu7462 Help Finding an Old YouTube Video

It's a quite niche video, and I remember a great deal about it. However I am unable to find it despite this.
The video features prominent inventors throughout American history gathered in a park. The ones I remember most are George Washington Carver, the Wright brothers, Rockefeller, and Thomas Edison.
Each of them takes it in turn to complain about a sound an invention of theirs makes. They repeat the sounds and layer on top of one another, almost like beatboxing (the video may even be titled something along the lines of "history of beatboxing"). As they continue layering, Teddy Roosevelt appears and chimes in with a few simple lines. It all culminates with Edison receiving a coffee from his secretary, which he for some reason is upset with. In frustration, he shouts in the air her name, which is something resembling, "Mary Cornblatt!"
It's revealed there that the beatboxing the inventors are doing is a parody of the Mortal Kombat theme (Mary Cornblatt/Mortal Kombat).
I remember the video being fairly new when I first saw it in school as a kid, probably around 2009. I think I even can recall watching it again around 2013? I do remember it had very few views, no more than 100K despite what seemed like a great deal of effort. It must have been a comedy troupe behind the video, because it had a large cast and it ended with them advertising making more skits. Iirc, they kinda fell off and didn't continue making many more videos afterwards.
Part of me wonders if the video was deleted, essentially scrubbing it entirely from the internet since so few people likely saw it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 02:58 AutoModerator [Download] Erin Balsa – The Research Report Playbook

I got the course Erin Balsa – The Research Report Playbook
I found a link for the course for all of you people out there who need.
The link is direct download, no torrents, no viruses.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I can get access to good sites.
Link to download:
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2023.06.06 02:55 JDINYNY m

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2023.06.06 02:55 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Ukraine war: Can UK’s Storm Shadow missiles change the battle?

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2023.06.06 02:55 titank1lls Hi guys, so ..a flathead screwdriver went through underneat my nail and came out on the other side of the thumb. Went to ER and they applied a finger cot, tetanus shot and some antibiotics. How do I know if nerves are affected/etc? I can move it but not full extent since it's swollen

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2023.06.06 02:50 eyeconcepts Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Promoting Good Eye Health in Later Life

A major hazard to eyesight, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects millions of people worldwide. The macula, which is in charge of central vision, can degrade with age, resulting in visual impairment and a lower quality of life. In this extensive blog post, we will go deeper into the causes, kinds, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment options for AMD in this extensive blog post. People can actively protect their eyesight and advance eye health as they age by being aware of this issue and the resources that are accessible.

Educating Oneself About Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The macula produces clear and precise central vision, a little area of the retina close to its center. Age-related macular degeneration happens when the macula is harmed, resulting in distorted or blurred central vision. Wet AMD and dry AMD are the two main kinds of AMD. Wet AMD involves the development of aberrant blood vessels beneath the macula, whereas dry AMD is characterized by the accumulation of tiny yellow deposits called drusen in the macula. While wet AMD can result in a quick and severe visual loss if untreated, dry AMD advances slowly.

Knowing the Risk Factors

AMD is a risk factor for several conditions. The most important risk factor is aging, with AMD becoming increasingly common in people over 60. Given that AMD frequently runs in families, genetic factors also have an impact. Other risk factors include eating a diet poor in fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids, smoking, which doubles the chance of getting AMD, high blood pressure, and obesity. People who have fair skin, light eyes, and a history of extensive sun exposure may also be at a higher risk. Individuals can make wise lifestyle decisions and take precautions to protect their vision by being aware of these risk factors.

Finding a diagnosis and Recognizing Symptoms

Regular eye exams are essential, especially for people who are at risk for AMD because early-stage symptoms may be slight or nonexistent. Common signs of AMD progression may include central vision distortion, reading challenges, a reduction in color perception, an increase in glare sensitivity, and dark or empty patches in the visual field. It is vital to get immediate medical attention from a qualified eye care practitioner if any of these symptoms are observed. AMD can be diagnosed and monitored with the help of dilated eye exams, visual acuity tests, and imaging exams like optical coherence tomography (OCT).

AMD Prevention Techniques

Even though it might not be feasible to completely prevent AMD, establishing good lifestyle choices can lower the risk or postpone its start. One of the most important strategies is to stop smoking, as this greatly raises the risk of AMD. Including dark leafy greens, fruits, seafood, and nuts in your diet will help you get the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need for good eye health. Outdoors, wearing caps and sunglasses to shield the eyes from damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation is also crucial. Overall eye health is influenced by regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and managing long-term illnesses like diabetes.

Options for Treatment and Management

Although AMD cannot be cured, numerous treatments can be used to control the condition and halt its development. It may be advised to take over-the-counter vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C and E, zinc, copper, and lutein, in cases of dry AMD. These vitamins may help some people lower their chance of developing advanced AMD, according to research. Additionally, certain experimental therapies are being studied and may hold promise, including stem cell-based therapies and gene therapies.


Age-related macular degeneration is a common and difficult eye condition that has to be understood, treated and prevented. People can actively participate in protecting their eyesight and keeping their quality of life by recognizing the risk factors, comprehending the signs and symptoms, getting a prompt diagnosis, and putting preventive measures in place. A balanced diet rich in eye-protective nutrients, a healthy lifestyle, and routine eye exams can all greatly lower the risk of AMD or slow its progression.
Current AMD therapies are geared toward managing the condition and maintaining vision, but ongoing research and improvements in medical technology raise the prospect of future discoveries. Clinical trials investigating cutting-edge medicines, like stem cell and gene-based therapies, appear to hold promise for creating more specialized and efficient interventions for AMD.
In the end, raising awareness of AMD and promoting early detection and intervention can significantly improve the lives of those who are impacted by this ailment. Prioritizing eye health enables people to enjoy their older years with clear, vibrant vision, allowing them to stay active and independent throughout their golden years. Keep in mind that your vision is priceless; cultivate it, safeguard it, and appreciate the beauty that appears before your eyes.
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2023.06.06 02:25 Whatever_blah247 I am failing and can't tell anyone

I am a glass child. My younger sibling has a condition that can cause a multitude of other problems and has. I was diagnosed a few years ago with having a defect and received surgery at the beginning of the year to correct it. The recovery time is large and I struggled with depression throughout my recovery, and I am still recovering now. The day after my surgery my sister became sick and has consistently gotten sick throughout my recovery, so I haven't really had the focus on me at all. I am also in college and was not allowed to go remote during the last semester. Because of my struggles and since I lived more than a half hour away from my college, I was exhausted every day. I failed all but two of my classes. I am now on academic probation and have lost my scholarship. I now have to find $30,000 to pay for my next semester and pass all my classes perfectly. I feel horrible, and I know if I told my parents they would be mad at me and say it was my fault for not doing more. My professors gave me plenty of chances, I do agree, I just couldn't do anything, I felt numb. I honestly just want to curl into a hole and die.
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2023.06.06 02:21 searayman 6/5/2023 Update: You can now mark packs as public or private

6/5/2023 Update: You can now mark packs as public or private
Smallish update pushed out yesterday evening to both Android and iPhone. When creating a pack or editing a packs settings you can now mark it as public or private with a toggle.
If you have previously shared a link to your pack with friends, you need to go edit thata pack and mark it as public. All previously shared packs are now defaulted to private until changed. When trying to share a pack that is private you will be asked if you want to make it public.
This is a small update but one step on the road to the next bigger update. I plan to have a way to browse others users public packs in the near future. There is one more step before that though, which is to allow users to add tags to packs, which should be my next release. The tags will make it easier for users to search and filter through different public packs.
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2023.06.06 02:15 fap_no Foundation crack found during renovation

Hello everyone,
We have started basement reno's and found some mold in a localized area of the laundry room. Thankfully it didn't spread to far. However, it's caused by a vertical crack in the foundation wall. We tested this theory by running water through a garden hose right by the crack and ended up with a puddle within minutes. It has been raining really hard for the past 2 days and none of that water is going into the basement. The grading of the yard is thankfully away from the house. I think it's mainly an issue when it snows and there is stagnant water closer to the foundation.
The contractor said I have 2 options (he wouldn't be doing this job; I would be hiring a company that specializes in this) :
  1. Fill the crack from the inside with a polyurethane injection or an epoxy injection I guess?
  2. Do the repair from the outside. This would require us moving the deck and digging down to expose the problem area and they'd patch it from the outside (i'm not sure if they'd do the exact same thing they'd do on the inside or if they'd do more steps but it did sound more encompassing). This is obviously going to cost roughly double if not more.
Also, I'm in Eastern Canada and the inside fix was quoted around $600ish dollars. Does that sound reasonable?
My questions to everyone with experience with this is: is option 1 good enough and will it provide a sufficient seal from water damage to the newly renovated basement suite or do these fail?
Is option 2 worth doing even with much higher upfront cost and will it even give me any added benefit or will it give me the same results?
Thank you so much for reading and any insight you can provide!
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