This is based on a true story a few weeks back

2023.04.19 22:02 Mountain_Possible115 This is based on a true story a few weeks back

i will use my original name in some
Once upon a time, there were three boys named William( me), Steven, and Hector who attended Wallace Middle School, me and them were notorious for their love of playing games during class, even when they were not supposed to. One day, during math class, they were caught playing Roblox by their substitute teacher, Ms. West. (literally a dickhead NO OFFENSE)
Thinking that the sub would let them off the hook, they were shocked when she took the incident seriously. me and The boys were told to do MobyMax, a math site, but as soon as the teacher walked away, they got back on Roblox and continued playing. They were sweating bullets, worried about getting caught again.
William was a novice in playing Roblox, while Steven and Hector were like Lionel Messi if he played "Build a Boat" on Roblox. They thought they had escaped punishment until the teacher checked their browsing history and found the unblocked website they had been using to play Roblox. website is
The boys were almost given detention but managed to talk their way out of it with Steven's clever plan. (this mans a lifesaver) They claimed they had the website open since homeroom, and the substitute teacher believed them. William was relieved as he thought he would get the worst punishment ever.
After their close call, they continued to play Roblox and caught Hector playing Minecraft in almost every class. Despite their mischief, they still prioritized their studies and became better students.
Me, being an exploiter at home, used KRNL to inject scripts into games. i loved/hated playing Roblox but knew not to play during my favorite class, Language Arts. The boys continued to play until the end of the school day, still not learning their lesson.
In the end, the boys managed to escape punishment and had a good laugh about their close call with Ms. West. They learned that playing games during class was not worth the risk and promised to prioritize their studies in the future. (maybe)
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2023.02.11 00:36 PepperHomieReview How To Play Roblox On School Chromebook 2023 - Simple Guide Method

Nebula Method
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2023.02.10 17:42 NeoBunnyx Im using a vpn to use but now what do i do???
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2022.12.10 07:44 Amber-moon16 links to play roblox idk if they still work

so i tried some of these videos that let me play roblox so the first one is and another one is and i forgot the other ones but i'll make another post of more links hope you can play roblox now if you play on a school chromebook or just a chromebook if you can't play roblox
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2022.11.19 23:32 HonestRest5272 play Roblox at school go to don't use an existing accounts it won't work

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2022.11.19 23:29 HonestRest5272 play Roblox at school go to remember don't use a existing account it won't work

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2022.09.11 05:00 Dontworryitouchgrass So im using a vpn to use, and it shows this. However when i copy the link the link just leads me to this again. Help?

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