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Small Head Circumference, possible TW.

2023.06.10 23:15 pattylovebars Small Head Circumference, possible TW.

Soo I've been really confused and devastated trying to figure this all out. Long story short, I went two months without prenatal care in the process of leaving a DV situation, moving states and waiting for insurance. This Wednesday I had my first appointment with my new obstetrician, he's great. We had not received any of my prior health records yet so doctor went by my LMP that would've put me at 23w5d, HOWEVER, I previously had a scan at seven weeks that would leave me around 21w5d at the day of the appointment, so basically two weeks behind. We did an anatomy scan and given the lack of prior history and some of the measurements taken that day the DR stuck with the 24 weeks-ish gestational age and informed me that baby's head circumference was <1%. I've been scheduled with MFM for next week, and sent off for my records showing the previous given due date that was dx by scan at approximately 7 weeks.. Ive been so lost and I tried to ask the nurses for more info but they've said based on the scan and LMP they'd like to stick with 24 weeks. I'm wondering..... If they are indeed incorrect about the gestational age, would that still mean that we'd be facing a possibility of microcephaly, or are their dates just off causing skewed measurements? I know no one can answer this but a MFM or Dr, but two weeks worth of measurements seem to be a big deal and if I was in fact about 22 rather than 24, would that not possibly cause an error in interpreting the measurements? The baby did not measure 23+ in any area, all within 21.5-22.3 (I watched very closely at the calculations during the exam), after which the ultrasound tech said I measured 22 weeks which is more aligned with my original due date. I had an NIPT at eleven weeks which came back negative for any chromosomal issues. Idk, I'm spiraling here not knowing if the second trimester gestational age, LMP, and scan measurements are more conclusive rather than the other given due date. AND if the doctor is correct in that I'm actually around 24 weeks and we are indeed facing microcephaly or something, what will I be facing in the coming weeks? I'm heartbroken thinking that my perfectly healthy looking baby I'm seeing is having a severe and possibly fatal condition. Is this the case with microcephaly? Is it world ending or just life changing? I'm so stressed and confused, worried sick. Idk. If any has any thoughts, experience or advice I'd truly appreciate it rn. Thank you
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2023.06.10 23:15 BlankCorners 📣This Sub will be going dark on Monday indefinitely in solidarity of the protests

Half of you may be bots and if my math is correct that means there’s one real person in here. And to you I say welcome and possibly bye. But nevertheless as a mod of this sub I must do right for the cause. Pack your stuff we ride at dawn
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2023.06.10 23:13 lemoncitruslimes Is my idea for calculating partial derivatives in backpropagation correct?

I'm a beginner at neural networks so please explain simply. Let's say I have 4 layers with 3 neurons in each layer. If I have a weight that connects a neuron in layer n to a neuron in layer 1, then changing this weight affects the output of the weighted sum to the neuron in layer 2.
From then on, all the outputs of neurons in layer 3 are affected, and then all the outputs of neurons in layer 4 are affected.
From layer 4, does the chain of partial derivatives follow so:
1.error w.r.t total output 2. Total output w.r.t activation 3. Activation w.r.t output 4. Output w.r.t input
It's step 4 that's confusinge me.
I have 3 output neurons in layer 4, and three activations for neurons in layer 3.
The and all three activations for neurons in layer 3 affects each neuron in letter 4.
So for one neuron in layer 4, the partial derivative with respect to one input neuron in layer 3 can be done.
To get the total change for one neuron in layer 4, it would be the sum of the same type of partial derivative as seen above for each input neuron and one output neuron.
This gives us how one output neuron changes w.r.t all the different input neurons.
Then we do this for all output neuron and we sum it up.
So we get derivative = (a+b+c) + (d+e+f)+(g+h+I) Where each () is the change for one output neuron.
And then do we continue the chain rule with the other partial derivatives, going back through the network.
Please correct me if I'm mistaken anywhere, thanks for your help.
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2023.06.10 23:13 wwdillingham Can anyone ID the wood on my hand rail here? Location: Massachusetts. Just got done removing years of gunk off this with a brush and want to try and give it some new life using correct methods. Thanks.

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2023.06.10 23:13 twixtwaxmix Cyst research

I am in my mid 20s. Male. Never had a clue about adpkd before this year. I was brought to hospital for an appendix issue and during follow up told I had a total of 3 cysts. I recall these being about 1.5cm or less. One on right and two on left. Although I think one cyst was super tiny. I was told they were Bosniak 2. I am based in UK and the urologist told me it was normal enough and not a concern to him.
I trust the doctor, but like many suffer from some health anxiety and fell into the trap of reading online. I spoke at length with my parents and both of them were very certain no one in their sides of the family have ever had kidney issues or transplants etc etc.
Anyways I began to still be swamped with worry that I might have this ADPKD condition. (Anxious) but following on from some reading from medical studies and research online, I discovered some interesting points.
The attached picture seems to state that in an MRI scan for people under 40 with a family history less than 5 cysts total is exclusion for donors, but when you read on in the article it says for someone with No family history it takes a total of 20 cysts (10 per kidney and at least 5mm or greater) to diagnose them.
I have one (or several) big questions.
Q. When it says that 5 or less cysts in someone with a Positive family history can be excluded as having adpkd and therefore be a donor, does that therefore mean for example a 21 year old who wants to donate a kidney with a positive family history who has less than 5 cysts on MRI does not have pkd? I guess I am asking if someone has PKD would they have 5 cysts or more on MRI at age 16 for example or age 10 for that matter. I know MRI is more accurate etc, but would a child with PKD have as many as 5 cysts? Seems like alot to exclude.
Q. Also I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone in their 20s who had multiple cysts (3 for example) but also did not have pkd. My big head pickle at the moment is wondering what caused my cysts if it isn't pkd. Did I have an injury, do I have a kidney cancer concern? Is it maybe something I did with my diet?
The worry of having this condition is starting to cause me perhaps real health concerns, lack of sleep and not eating correctly due to worry. I am fearful it'll effect my education as I have not been able to focus on studies recently, thankfully I'm off now ,but I want to hit the ground running in September without worry.
Sorry for my ramblings, have a nice weekend folks ♥️🤞
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2023.06.10 23:12 morgzen How to tell which cat is peeing outside of litter box?

So I live in a house with 2 roommates, all 3 of us have our own cat and litter box. Recently 1 of the cats has started peeing outside of the litter box in different places of the house but we have no idea which cat it is. All 3 cats are male and have full access to the house during the day and we all sleep with our cats in our rooms with the doors closed at night. We obviously are not able to watch all 3 cats during the day as we live in a 3 story house and have jobs so how can we figure out which cat it is??
Cat 1: 3 years old, neutered, no known health issues Cat 2: almost 2 years old, neutered, no known health issues Cat 3: 8-9 months old, not neutered (yet), no known health issues
We don’t know if it’s cat 3 spraying or just one of the cats peeing since it’s not on walls, but the floor, a rug, and a jacket that have been peed on. Cat 2 is occasionally locked out by roommate in the mornings and doesn’t have access to a litter box for 1-2 hours sometimes but not all the time so he’s also a contender. Is there a way to figure out which cat is the culprit?? We obviously want to take the correct cat to the vet and need to know who to take.
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2023.06.10 23:11 pretty-glitter-kitty [Tenant - UK] I’m looking at renting a 2 bedroom flat with brother and his girlfriend but not sure of the HMO requirements.

I’m looking to rent a 2 bedroom flat in Brighton with my brother and his girlfriend. From my understanding we’d be unable to rent a 2 bed flat if my brother and I weren’t related, but as we’re related we should be able to rent a 2 bed flat despite there being 3 of us living there. Is this correct?
We’ve found the perfect property and the landlord is enquiring with the local council to ensure our understanding is correct / confirm whether they’d be able to rent us the property without the requirement for a further HMO licence. Is my understanding correct or should we expect our application to be rejected? Many thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 23:10 yogesh4289 Nginx Ingress Installation from ArgoCD in EKS

I am looking for some solutions & recommendations from awesome k8s community to install ingress nginx controller helm chart from internal git repo via ArgoCD. Version identified as per K8s version of EKS- (helm chart 4.5.0)
Should I first download the helm chart to internal git repos- using helm pull or helm fetch? Do you think I need to make any changes in any template files?
I also need to provide override values.yaml as I guess there is no point in updating the original values.yaml (as it's pretty big file)l. Please correct. But how can I provide original & override yaml in ArgoCD app configuration to instal ingress nginx?
Also, what happens when I need to upgrade the version to 4.7.0? The helm chart comes with many labels including & and I believe I need to download new helm chart first in my repo but not sure how upgrade will work via argocd.
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2023.06.10 23:09 _DeeSea_ What's the best way to write this sentence?

Hey (hope this is a good sub to ask this question - if not, please let me know)
I'm writing a poem and got stuck on this verse: "Yearning to discern the voice I shoud obey.", because I don't feel it is gramatically correct.
I tried: "Yearning to discern what voice I shoud obey.", and one of my fears is the need of a "to" in the end, which would ruin the rhyming and aesthetic of it all. Can you help me out?
Thank you so much!
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2023.06.10 23:08 GW_Alithea [da2 spoilers] Maker, DA2 is so much better than i remembered

So, I just finished DA2 for the second time. The first time I didn't really enjoy it. Perhaps because I didn't know anything about it and expected to continue the Saga of My Warden. Perhaps because my World State didn't get imported correctly. I don't know.
This time my World State was correct and I loved every little thing that reflected it. My Hawke (warrior) sided with the Mages becaue protecting her little sister is just ingrained in her core. Also, first time romancing anyone in DA2 and of course I fell for the angsty tevinter one. That added a lot in terms of getting emotionally attached (and whiplashed). Also, mods helped, lol.
Knowing what's to come in Inquisition made me see so many things I missed before. It's been really fun and shock and tears, all in all pleasant surprise. So yeah, DA2 is way better than I gave it credit before.
Guess this post has no point, I just had to voice it and have no one to talk DA with.
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2023.06.10 23:08 xSquishy_Toastx Veteran Neighbor Denied Ramp for His Home

Hello everyone,
My neighbor is a Vietnam-era Army Veteran and was recently denied a ramp installation by the VA due to the "steepness" of the 2 concrete blocks that make up the steps going to his front door.
I have applied to "Operation Ramp it Up" via their online forum and was curious to know if there are any other methods or avenues that I could venture down to attempt to correct this situation? Has anybody else been in this situation? What did you do?
TLDR: My boyfriend and I (both USMC Vets) were in our home at the time, but, old man walked across the street with his walker to greet a different neighbor, his knees buckled and gave out. Luckily old man was caught by the different neighbor and laid down to sit on the ground. Neighbor ran to our house and rung our door bell for my boyfriend, who is a grunt, to come and help pick old man up and get him back to his home. Mr. Oldman lives with his elderly wife and his daughter lives 40 minutes away. He's told us previously that he has fallen inside of his home and was stuck for a good bit. It's pretty shit to see elders' decline as the time goes on, but, I really want to fix this situation as effortlessly on his end as possible. I have mentioned to my boyfriend about just buying and installing hardware ourselves, however, ramps aren't cheap to buy and install nor are they all compatible/safe with just a willie-nillie install from unskilled persons such as ourselves. Sigh. Thanks for reading/recommendations.
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2023.06.10 23:07 USMCARMY Fraudulent Army Deployment End of Tour Awards. This Needs to Stop!

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2023.06.10 23:06 Nightscape1420 How to convert STL files to pm3n for the Anycubic Photon Mono 2?

I just picked up the printer today and when I put in the flash drive containing some STl files (such as the Amerilabs town print test) I noticed that the printer does not read STL files, only pm3n. I had never heard of that but it is what Anycubics test print on the flash drive is and it is the only thing that shows up to print.
I did not see any conversion tool in the Photon Workshop slicer that came with the printer and am unsure how I actually create the correct file format for the Mono 2.
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2023.06.10 23:05 CardiologistMain5833 How do I start with magic?

I have zero experience with magic like spells or recognizing if anyone put a spell on me or any other related things.
I have seen some reels about cleanse or spells with candles.
I wish I could be more aware of this in my life but I don’t know what to do.
A few months ago I bought tarot cards but I’m not sure if I use them correctly.
Any advice of how I should start learning these things?
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2023.06.10 23:03 T3Deliciouz What 2023 predictions have you been correct about?

Using this as an excuse to brag.
Was correct predicting SANADA wining the Cup before Battle in the Valley even took place.
My fantasy booking of Hiromu challenging SANADA, though it didn't occur exactly as planned, I still got it!
The 32-Man G1 Climax
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2023.06.10 23:03 KingOfKrackers Got this in the mail today. Hoping it’s a mistake, but now I have to stress all weekend about it.

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2023.06.10 23:02 TheWorldIsSoPathetic Examples of sites with high femcel and incel populations

Patterns of both
Femcels: Atheist or new age pagan, pro-abortion, sometimes pedophiliac (in the spaces that overlap w/ anime interests), usually SJW or 'pinkpilled'/'Gender Critical', racist or sometimes not, usually very politically correct, misandrist, (non Radfem varieties) are usually pro prostitution, turns into a catty shitfest more often than not and ends up with purity politics policing, trying to turn others in the communities into 'lolcows', heavy focus on gossip celebrities, very afraid of outsiders or 'men", ect
Incels: Atheist or tradlarper variety (Islam or Christianity), pro or anti abortion depending on, pedophiliac (supports lowering of AOC), anime, video games, usually libertarian-liberal or far right fascist, racist, misogynistic, very politically incorrect, usually accepts or tolerates anything the 'brethren' does as long as he fits the NPC incel model, aggressive to outsiders, interested in politics, science discussion, ect.
If you're only exposure to people is Femcel and incel sites comprised of bitter males or bitter females, this will begin to radicalize you if you have an impressionable (young) mind.
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2023.06.10 23:02 SarcasmAndHope Life and Karma

Life is a mother fucker. It does not care if you live your life well.
You can follow your truth, your values, and your morals. You can live your life for others, but it doesn’t matter.
Karma thinks it reigns supreme but she is sad and lonely with no friends or hobbies. She holds no power while life is free to fuck up all hope, dreams, and aspirations.
Life is uninterested and karma is a fraud.
Work hard. Love fully, give freely. Be your best give your all.
But in the end, what’s the point? Life will fuck you over and karma never has your back.
Survival when all odds are stacked against you is absolutely terrifying, but….
When you can remember your own strength and power despite being mistreated and disrespected, while life and karma refuse to validate you or correct those who caused you harm, you survive. You make the conscious choice to live, to exist in defiance of the fuckery of life and Karma.
Now it’s time to start living again.
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2023.06.10 23:01 ooter37 First Tournament Rating

I'm entering my first tournament (yay, exciting!!), and trying to figure out what rating to enter at. I think my situation is a bit weird. When I read the criteria at, it's clear I'm all over the place. My backhand meets the description of 3.0 or 3.5, while my forehand is 4.0 or 4.5. My serve is 4.5+, and my dinks are 3.5 at best. My 3rd shot drop is awful, like -1 if that were possible. My volley seems like it's a 4.0. I have fast hands at the net (former soccer goalie).
I tried doing some DUPR matches to get a rating, thinking that would help. I did 16 doubles matches, and it somehow gave me a 4.7 rating (???). There's simply no way that's correct. If I played a match with three 4.5 players, I'd probably get kicked off the court for ruining the game.
My background: I've been playing since February. I play almost every day for 2-3 hours minimum, up to 5-6 hours on days that I play twice (couple times a week). I played tennis, and am a 3.5.
I would appreciate any suggestions on what level to enter at. Thanks!
PS: Is my (very obviously incorrect) DUPR rating going to create a problem for me? Am I expected to enter at 4.5 because I somehow have that 4.7 rating? If I enter at that high a rating, people are going to be like "wtf is this guy doing".
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2023.06.10 23:01 a_peaceful_librarian I'm don't like a lot of things about this update, but I DO love this...

First time posting as I'm usually really shy online, but I couldn't help but not share because of how happy this made me - it's just so cute! I love all of the Fairy Godmother's quest items, but especially the coach.(Also I really hope I uploaded this correctly as a spoiler, I'm not very savvy with Reddit so I apologize if I didn't do it right!)
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2023.06.10 23:00 Bossatronio425 How to rename owned trailers

I'm curious if there is a way to rename owned trailers, as I have over 200 trailers with skins from different companies. It can be rather annoying finding the correct trailers to match my truck, so I would like to add the name of the company on the trailers to the name in the trailer manager.
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2023.06.10 22:59 Redeem278 db levels for Guitar DI tracks to be re-amped

Hello, I am currently in the process of creating guitar DI tracks to be re-amped later in a studio. To make sure that I am doing this correctly, I wanted to find out what the appropriate levels for each track should be or if on the other hand, if only the master db level matters? I want to make sure im avoiding clipping of course, so I have my gain knob on my Focusrite just about almost completely down as I am using a guitar through the instrument setting with an active EMG pickup. When I pick hard to check the meter peak, I have it peaking right above -12 (hope this is good?) I am using a distorted 5150 tone as a VST in order to play with a good tone, and then export the clean DI as .wav files for the re-amping later.
What I would like to know is if the individual channel volumes themselves need to be adjusted in this case, or is it just the master that needs to be? I wont be doing the mixing here, just exporting the DI files for someone else later. Am new to this so please bear with me! Thanks
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