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2023.06.10 19:36 khealdh Thats just disrespectful

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2023.06.10 19:35 karamielkookie Sticky Gel Polish Everywhere?

I’m super messy and disorganized. I didn’t close some of my gel polishes properly and there is sticky gel polish on a lot of my products. When I try to use acetone it just gets everywhere and makes things worse and also dissolves all the labels. Can someone give me advice on how to clean everything off?
Bonus if anyone knows how to open a jar of acrylic that is stuck closed (probably a bead of acrylic with monomer got stuck in the grooves or the cap)
Super bonus, I do my acrylic nails at home. I’m self taught. Is each 80/80 grit nail file like one time use? Do I just throw the file away after? It feels so wasteful but using older files takes forever with shaping.
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 19:35 User1234556789100 Get too horny the day of a date night

I get so worked up and horny the entire day before I know I’ll be going out for a night with my wife. I know when we drink (the right amount) it’s always the best sex. But I can’t stop thinking about it all day. It usually leads me to getting release mid day or when I’m showering before we go out. But I have a conundrum, if I’m properly drunk I know I’ll last long enough without releasing earlier and would rather hold what I have for night time. But I also don’t want to have it end disappointingly if it doesn’t end up with a great sex night- too much to drink or little ones at home.
I’m just so horny all day and excited. What do I do
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2023.06.10 19:35 gfdtjncdg my little guy

it’s been two days since i had to put my dog down, he was my best friend for the last 14 years i’m only 19 so as you can imagine it’s been extremely difficult coming home to a quiet house. on thursday night my mom and i decided to take him to an er because he had been coughing badly and having trouble breathing. obviously with his age i knew that there was a possibility that whatever it was could be bad. i still wasn’t expecting to have to come home without him that night. the doctor did some x rays on his chest and diagnosed him with congestive heart failure with fluid in his lungs, unfortunately there’s no cure and we were not financially capable of treating him long term. i wish with every part of me that i could have saved him but euthanasia was unfortunately the best option for him, we didn’t want him to suffer but it breaks my heart to think that he just wanted to go home once he saw me. he’s been extremely attached to me the last few years to the point where he’ll bark and whine until i come downstairs and sit with him, he would follow me everywhere he’d even stand outside the restroom and wait for me there lol. for that reason i decided to stay with him though the short albeit heartbreaking process. i held onto him and told him i loved him with my entire heart as he took his last breath. part of me feels guilty especially because he seemed afraid at the end and i feel at times like maybe it wasn’t my decision to make but i just didn’t want him to suffer and be in pain. waking up the next day to his bed empty and a quiet house was so incredibly difficult and it hasn’t gotten easier. he is everywhere everything reminds me of him, i miss my best friend i miss his smell and the way he’d cuddle up next to me on the couch every day. i know it won’t necessarily get easier and truthfully i’m afraid of the day i forget his smell or the way it felt to hold him. i know my heart will heal but i’ll always miss my little guy, my bestest friend since i was 5 i love him more than i’ll ever be able to express. ❤️
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2023.06.10 19:34 WildWelsh 32 M An introvert looking for long term friends :)

Hi, I’m Jamie. Lovely to meet you! I'm about 6'1, blonde, Welsh, currently living in London and looking for someone to message and hang out with (virtually or irl ). Some quick things about me:
What am I looking for? Good question!
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2023.06.10 19:34 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Finale

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: January 10th, 2137

Without the girls, life settles into a boring rut. I talk to them as much as I can on the pad, but they’re busy on Earth, hitting the ground running.
There’s been a lot of ground to cover before they’re caught up to where everyone else will be, particularly for Vilek. She’s often had to pull double-claws of studying, working her fluffy ass off to gain a baseline understanding of psychology in record time. Thiva’s classes on VP by contrast have prepared her well for humanity’s relatively simple technology.
That, and they’ve had to get used to Earth. Earth food, Earth culture, and a planet full of omnivores with forward-facing eyes. I’ve been doing what little I can to help coach and encourage them.
For my own part I’ve been restless. Given that I’m not able to look for a job yet, that physical therapy kicks my ass every other paw, and that I’ve got nothing to do other than look forward to a half-hour of chatting with my friends… I’ve started up on software again. It’s something I can do even while laying prone. Particularly since I have a way to write without using my hands.
What do I do with that, anyway? I can read minds. I can even use the raw data from a full brain scan to extract memories. There’s got to be something useful to do with this. It’s practically the only part of this entire debacle I haven’t bothered telling the UN about.
Honestly after what I’ve been through, I can’t imagine trusting them, or the Venlil government, with this. Bastards would be prosecuting thought-crime by the end of the week.

Jarkim’s opened his business a couple of weeks back. Without an actual office, since he plans to simply operate out of Slavik’s farm. As I understand they tolerate it as long as he also helps out in return for food and board. I hope the arrangement works out for the both of them.
I gave Jarkim some help with his online presence. He wasn’t initially sure about the black and white picture of him in a fedora and a tie, or about the business name “Jarkim Krakotl, Private Eye”. But as soon as humans heard about Venlil Prime’s only Krakotl detective they’ve ended up coming to him with their problems.
He sent me a picture of his first solved case, some runaway kid who got lost and reunited with her mother. He was still wearing the hat. No tie, though.

Today is my paw off from Chasa’s torments, and it coincides with the launch of another exciting new business venture. So I take the time to visit Mosun.
“Hey Martin! Hold on a minute!” I see the Yotul wrangling a bunch of foam mats around the large, empty room. And its wall-length mirror. Fittingly the place look like the midway point between a dance studio and a martial arts dojo, except for the soft and spongy floor. It’s meant to safeguard against falls.
I glance around the room while he huffs and plops the last few ones down. There’s perhaps thirty-five or forty foam mats scattered on the floor. “So are you being optimistic, or did you get a good reception?”
He looks at me, bouncing with excitement. Though his ears signal a bit of nervousness. “Five Yotul have signed up so far! That’s almost half the Yotul in the entire town! And almost twenty humans! Hanya’s bringing a couple of Gojid friends too, and we’ve got a few Venlil coming along with their humans… Oh, and an Iftali, that was a surprise. Honestly I may be a little in over my head here; I’ve never taught crowds before! I’m not even sure how much will translate across species!”
“So you’ll be learning on the job. I have complete faith in you. Are the Exterminators going to give you any trouble?”
He barks a laugh. “Hah! No, Jarkim had a talk with the magister. I got permission from Vaska’s office to teach the classes in the name of cultural preservation, so those motherfuckers can’t touch me!”
I laugh as well. “You might need to censor your language a bit as a teacher.”
“Combat Dancing is about honesty and expression, Martin. If I can’t live it, how am I supposed to teach it?”
Well, he got me there. “Anything I can do to help?”
He glances at me, his voice gets a little uncomfortable. “Um, I don’t know. Can you carry heavy stuff right now?”
I shrug. “Probably not, no.”
“Then I’ll be fine. You’re not interested in taking the class?”

“I think my dancing days are over, for the foreseeable future.” I wryly lift my cane and wave it as a small reminder. It’s wood, and I’m quite fond of it. Chasa found a Venlil craftsman who wanted to be the first to make one for a human, and he made it out of the wood of some kind of tree called Lampan. The color reminds me of mahogany.
His ears droop a bit. “Ah yeah. How permanent is that looking?”
I shrug. “Finger dexterity on the right hand’s likely never going to be the same, but I’ll be able to play video games. Left arm should recover enough for daily use. Leg should get a full range of motion, but I won’t be going jogging. Thankfully I look dignified with a cane.”
He wags his tail teasingly and cocks his head as he regards me. “Do you? …Must be a human thing.”
“Piss off. Mind if I sit in on the class?”
“Of course not!”
Turns out first class of Yotul Combat Dancing is a quick demonstration, and then Mosun talking to the quite large and varied crowd. He talks about the history and cultural significance of Combat Dances to the Yotul, the philosophical underpinnings of the artform, and the mentality to be cultivated in practitioners.
Everyone is listening with rapt attention, and a few of the humans are even taking notes. When he opens the floor for questions, a Venlil asks “Isn’t this an expression of Predator Disease?”
To which Mosun answers “No. Next question?”
Which is honestly as much of a response as that warrants.
I talk with Hanya briefly after the class. She says that she’s been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that human therapy is helping her out. She even talks excitedly about piloting shuttles again, someday soon. I’m glad for her.

Once I get back to the house, there’s a man in a suit waiting for me. He’s tall, bald, and has very dark skin. I don’t recognize him. He extends his hand toward me, and I shake it. He speaks English with an African accent, instead of letting the translator handle it. I’d guess western Africa, but I’m hardly an expert. “Bamidele Adeyemi.”
“Martin Russo. Can I help you?”
He indicates the door. “May I come in?”
“Sure. My Venlil hosts aren’t home right now.”
“Of course.”
Once he’s been let in, and I’ve given him something to drink, I wait patiently for him to explain his presence.
“I am the UN liason to the district magister’s office.”
I keep my tone neutral and politely curious. “What happened to Robert McGinley?”
He keeps his tone neutral too, but friendly. He smiles at me. “It was decided that he should be replaced.”
Oh no. Anyway. “Alright. But… No offense mister Adeyemi, but why are you here?”

He takes out a pad. “I have some documents that the UN and the District Magister would like you to sign.”
I sigh inwardly and make a quite heroic effort to not sigh outwardly. I look at the pad briefly anyway. As I expected, it’s about making myself legally liable should I speak up about what I’ve gone through. “I’m afraid you are wasting your time. McGinley told me to sign papers like this too, and I told him ‘no’.”
He nods, entirely unsurprised. “I understand you signed similar documents over a smaller… altercation with the Exterminators. Why the difference of response, if I may ask?”
“Because the first time he threatened to have me thrown out of the refugee center if I didn’t.”
Bamidele’s eyes widen briefly. “I see. That does explain why you told him to ‘fuck off’.”
“Yes.” I pause briefly. “…You’ve been polite enough that I don’t want to use the same language. But.”
He laughs briefly. “Haha, yes, I understand. Different circumstances, yes? My predecessor tried the stick. I am here to try the carrot. So tell me, mister Russo, what will it take for you to sign?”
“There’s nothing that…” I pause.
I sit down. I’m briefly quiet. I miss my friends so goddamn much. I swallow, mouth feeling dry as I tentatively reach for the proffered lifeline. “I… hear Sweden’s lovely this time of year.”
He flashes his teeth at me in a broad smile and chuckles pleasantly. “Hehe, I thought you might say that. But… You do realize it is January?”

Date [standardized human time]: January 12th, 2137

The thought of leaving this wretched planet and its wretched food and its wretched government and its wretched ever-present sun makes me feel like I’m already back in Earth’s lighter gravity.
I ended up paying Chasa back for all the pain and suffering she inflicted on me: The largest gift basket I could find online, filled with fruits, candies, and preserves of both Zurulian and human origin.
When I wake up at the start of the paw, my arch-nemesis has sent me two pictures. The first one is a schedule to keep for the next couple of months. In the second picture she’s put pillows and blankets in the basket and is using it as a bed, a paw raised in goodbye.
If the medi-teddies ever learn to weaponize their cuteness, humanity is in real trouble.
Packing is easy. I don’t have a lot. A band shirt from when I went to see ‘Where Angels Fear’, a few bad sketches of fruit, my dad's chess set, my pad, and a neural scanner.

Date [standardized human time]: January 13th, 2137

The space flight actually lands directly in Sweden, somewhere north of the polar circle at a place called Esrange. I immediately realize that winter’s back on the menu, as the cold makes my left leg and arm ache like hell. It’s the dead of night, too… But I’ve missed night. So has everyone else, as despite the cold people are walking straight out into the snow to just stare up into the starry sky and stare in open awe at the sky, where the stars form a backdrop for the northern lights. I join them.
A poetic whimsy falls over me, making me grin at the cheesiness. It’s like the sky itself is welcoming us back home.
From Esrange we take cars to Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city. From there it’s a long train ride south. I’ve gotten a sleeper cabin. With the generous stipend from the UN, I have no need to scrimp.
Even so, it takes significantly longer to travel 1400 kilometers across Sweden than it did to travel 16 light-years from Gliese 832. I’ve got almost twenty hours to appreciate the irony.

Date [standardized human time]: January 14th, 2137

I’m met at the train station in Lund by a man holding a sign with my name on it. His car takes me directly to the university. Everything feels very… ordinary, except I’m a bit dazed at having so many humans around me again.
We arrive a little before 8 in the morning. Excited students scurry to and fro, eager and hopeful for the first day of spring term. The driver is named Markus, and very kindly helps me find my way to my meeting. I’m left outside a door, standing around awkwardly.
The man I’m meeting with is Jonas Falck, and he’s the head of the department of computer science. While the UN has ‘encouraged’ the university to take me in despite it being so close to the term start, the decision remains with him.
I really wanted to see the girls first, but the meeting time was set for me. I desperately wish I had thought to shave beforehand. I’ve been using my beard to hide my weak chin, but it probably looks more unprofessional than-
“Hey, are you Martin Russo?”
Ah, I see.
Mister Falck is holding two cups of coffee and offers one of them to me with a smile. He’s got a full beard, a full belly, hair past his shoulders, and a pink hawaiian shirt to go with his khaki shorts and flip-flops. This man is clearly one of the most talented professionals working in the field today.

“So, do you mind if I ask…” He motions to my cane while I take a seat.
“How that happened?”
“That’s classified. I’m not even joking.”
He nods once, like that was more or less what he expected to hear. He leans back in his chair, which creaks a bit, and takes a slow drink from his coffee while reading on his computer. “So you studied at Columbia University before the Bombing?”
“And your family lived in New York?”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” He doesn’t say it unkindly, but he does say it as rote. ‘Oh you’re from one of the places that doesn’t exist anymore? Sorry to hear that.’
I nod awkwardly. “Yes.”
“And you were focusing on studying brain-computer interfacing?”
I feel like a recording. “Yes.”
“It’s very uncommon to add a student this late. The term begins today.”
“We can’t provide housing for you on such a short notice, for one.”
“I have that handled, sir.”
He scrunches his face up. “Jonas, please. Americans are so formal.”
“Alright, er, Jonas.”
“So, Martin, what I’m asking for is a reason. To take you in right now, I mean, instead of next year.”
I nod. This is thankfully something I had planned for. My hand slips into my pocket, fingering the box holding the scanner electrodes. “Well, Jonas… I think there’s something you should take a look at.”

Handling paperwork and basic orientation takes most of the morning. I manage to get morning-and-evening classes to share my time off with the lambchops. That only works because most people don’t want evening classes. Evenings are for partying if you’re a student, so late classes are mostly for adults with jobs.
I end up standing around nervously by the entrance to the university building, counting down the time. I watch people passing by as calmly as I can, still checking my pad every minute or so for any messages and jerking my head around like a bird at anything that’s even a bit of a shade of gray.
I can tell the alien girls are coming even before I see them, since everyone is glancing curiously their way. I straighten my back and shift my weight from foot to foot. I feel like a dog at an airport, waiting for the return of its owner.
They’re looking around as I see them, and Thiva’s the first to spot me. Her ears perk up and Vilek immediately looks to me as well. As they speed up into a sprint, I’m a bit surprised to see them both wearing clothes. Both girls are wearing custom boots made to fit their digitigrade legs.
They’re both wearing coveralls, Vilek’s in a hospital teal and Thiva’s in a bright red. It’s been explained to me that many at the university have a student culture of wearing colorful coveralls that they decorate with patches, called ‘Ovve’, and that Thiva’s red marks her as a mechanical engineering student. Vileks’s teal, presumably, mark her as studying healthcare. Or specifically therapy, perhaps. I need to look it up.
Seeing as computer science students are apparently expected to wear pink ones, I’m thinking I might sit out this grand and colorful tradition. On the other hand according to the Internet it’s an informal rule to cut a bit from the ‘Ovve’ of anyone you’ve exchanged body fluids with and patch it onto your own. So I suppose I could be convinced.
The girls collide with me, thankfully gently. Their tails are wagging like crazy out of the back of their outfits, and they’re clinging to me. I inhale deeply, take in the distinct and pleasant scent of my cute Venlil friends, and cling to them as well. My fingers stroke through their thick fur, and I hear their happy wordless bleating and whistling.
I close my eyes and enjoy the moment, not giving one whit for the passersby watching the scene.
“Oh, girls, I-” Vilek punches me in the arm unexpectedly. The right one, thankfully.
Even though her ears signal joy and her tail is wagging, her voice is still stern. “We learned what ‘lambchops’ means!”

The student flat isn’t very expansive, but it’s larger than the one we shared on Venlil Prime. Probably because humans are just plain larger.
It’s currently sparsely furnished. There’s a couple of desks, a couch, a table, a beanbag chair, and a bunk bed. I take my shoes off in the hallway, as the girls do. When in Lund.
They help me unpack. There’s not a lot, but they had already set aside a little corner for me. I’ve got the beanbag chair instead of a desk, which I’m perfectly fine with.
I sigh and lean against a wall briefly. “I’m… so glad to be home.”
Thiva turns her head a little, flicking an ear in question. “You missed being on Earth?”
I chuckle, and pinch her ear-tip lightly. I lean over to give Vilek one too, for fairness. It earns me a pair of bleeps from them, and I go on the offensive to rub their heads and scratch their ears and do everything I can to make the lambchops squeal happily. They thankfully oblige. “I missed being with my herd.”
My friends are safe, they’re here with me, and we all have paths forward. I’ve fought and bled for this opportunity. I’m allowed to enjoy it.
I sit down on the couch with a quiet groan of satisfaction, finally getting to put my cane aside. “So, girls… how are you feeling about Earth so far?”
They grumble immediately. “It is so freaking cold!” “Snow! We do not like the snow!”
“It’s only for another couple of… Months.” They’re undressing right in front of me. I am left briefly stunned.
Oh right they don’t normally wear clothes.
Reminding myself of that doesn’t help. The context is what it is. They’re my best friends and my two favorite girls and they’re stripping naked before me.
My brain fails me. “…Okay, so, uhh. Um. Hmmh. Huh.”
Mother of God there’s nothing different! They’re naked. They’re always naked! It hasn’t been a problem on VP, it won’t be a problem here! Man up!
I take a deep and steadying breath and resolutely refuse to think of patches of white and red on a set of pink coveralls, with pink patches on their matching ones.
“I guess we should… buy some food? And some clothes for me to use? And…”
And they turn their heads toward me, staring at me with one eye each. Side by side. Making me feel like I'm being stared down by a single creature. One with forward-facing eyes. And an orange blush.
They take slow steps closer. Thiva speaks first with an amused lilt to her voice. “Or maybe this is a good time to talk. You know, about the house rules.”
Vilek speaks as well, moving her tail sinuously in a teasing motion. “Relationship statuses.”
Thiva comes in with the finisher, practically purring. “Sleeping arrangements.”

And that's the end! Thank you all so much for reading, and check the comments for a small request from yours truly!
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2023.06.10 19:34 Aggravating-South-28 Current enteroviral outbreak in France, in neonatal population, with high mortality rate.

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2023.06.10 19:34 WildWelsh 32 [M4R] Online/UK - Looking for friends, let’s talk!

Hi, I’m Jamie. Lovely to meet you! I'm about 6'1, blonde, Welsh, currently living in London and looking for someone to message and hang out with (virtually or irl ). Some quick things about me:
What am I looking for? Good question!
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2023.06.10 19:34 OtherwiseFly5407 Counter (canned) kimchi sourness?

Hey :) So I’ve recently gotten into Korean cuisine and I love it! A nearby restaurant serves amazing Kimchi-Bokkeum and I tried doing it at home. I’m running into a problem with not just this dish but any dish containing Kimchi: The Kimchi is a bit too sour. Because I don’t have time to prepare the kimchi myself, i usually get some canned kimchi from the Asia-supermarket. I’m quite happy with it, but as I said, my dishes often turn out too sour. I’ve tried countering with sugar but it didn’t seem to help a lot. Do I just need to add more? Are there any preparation tricks or ingredients I can use to counter the kimchi’s sourness? In the restaurants dish, there’s just this slight hint of kimchi-sourness, what are they doing differently? (tbh i don’t really think they make their own fresh kimchi)
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2023.06.10 19:34 RealAd1811 I was fired previously, can I get a government job?

I was fired in 2020 due to being late during work from home. I was caught twice being late and fired with only one verbal warning. That’s the reason, but also my boss and I were not getting along as she felt threatened by me, her director wanted to groom me for management, and they didn’t have any better options, although I was by far the youngest and newest in the department.
The department director who had been with the company for 45 years was fired a few months before I was due to something about an argument with an employee.
The official reason on paperwork was “termination due to elimination of job role” which makes me look like a low performer which I was not. I was in a toxic department with a very toxic micromanaging gossipy manager and had just graduated college in March 2020 and had been looking for a new role for months and struggling badly with mental health and it was the pandemic.
I was out of work for one month, let go in December and started a new role in February.
So what do I say on applications? Like I said the official reason on paperwork was that my role was eliminated (it wasn’t), the reason they said was because I was late twice (I don’t think my manger told them I only had one verbal warning which was “don’t be late”, and others were late all the time), and the real reason was my boss didn’t like me.
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2023.06.10 19:34 Supr_Sldier 34 [M4F] California/Arizona/US - Looking for that special someone, hope she is looking for me too…

Hello! To whom ever is reading this post, it’s very nice to meet you. A little bit about me:
I recently got out of military on the active duty side after serving 10 years, during that time I was a Canine Handler, so I’m a very big dog lover (I also like cats too haha), but now currently in the Military Reserves as well a marketing head representative for Verizon Wireless.
Things I Like To Do:
I enjoy road-trips, the outdoors, hiking, cooking, music (all genres), drawing, working out, and movies (especially horror). Lastly I don’t mind being a home body and enjoying the day with someone either doing an activity together, curled up on the couch binge watching a show, or hell even cleaning the house together while we dance listening to music.
Working on plans to go to school full time for a degree in architecture or criminal justice. Also getting into business with my buddy to be a dog trainer.
What I’m Looking For:
Someone who can hold a conversation and doesn’t talk for just one or two days then just ghosts you (not trying to be rude but being blunt because there is a lot of people both men and women that do this on Reddit, if you are too busy to where you can’t send a few texts daily, or at least have the courtesy to communicate what’s going and that we will chat later that day and actually keep your word. Then please look for someone else to talk to only when your bored. I am genuinely looking for someone who wants to talk daily and enjoy the day with). Anyways, someone wanting to get to know me as much as I would like to get to know them. Hopefully having some of the same interests as I do but I don’t mind getting to know about the other person’s interests or things they like to do, that’s the fun of getting to know someone and understanding them.
Someone who is serious about wanting a relationship and knows what is needed to have one (meaning not bringing the past or ex issues into the relationship, I’m ready to find my future not dwell on my past and I expect the same from you as well). Lastly someone who is open, caring, honest, and good with communication.
If I caught your attention I would like to see where thing go (I hope I caught your attention haha). Also please be over the age of 21 and please say more than “hey” or “what’s up” tell me about yourself, hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.10 19:34 ProjectsMind Maximizing Workflow: Miro Jira Synergy Explained

Hey there, fellow project enthusiasts! Today, I want to dive into a captivating topic that has been revolutionizing the way teams collaborate and boost productivity: the incredible synergy between Miro and Jira. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your workflow as we explore how these two powerhouse tools combine their forces to create a seamless and efficient project management experience.

  1. The Perfect Duo: Miro and Jira: Picture this: Miro, the creative wizard, teams up with Jira, the organized taskmaster, to form an unbeatable dynamic duo. Miro's visual collaboration capabilities blend harmoniously with Jira's robust project management features, creating an environment where ideas are transformed into actionable tasks seamlessly.
  2. Enhancing Creativity with Miro's Magic: Miro takes collaboration to new heights with its digital whiteboard platform. Whether you're brainstorming, wireframing, or designing, Miro provides a canvas where imagination knows no bounds. Visualize your ideas, engage team members, and watch creativity flow like a majestic river.
  3. The Power of Jira's Project Management: Now, let's meet Jira, the ultimate task orchestrator. With Jira's agile boards, issue tracking, and workflow automation, you'll find yourself in project management heaven. Plan, track, and report progress effortlessly, ensuring everyone's on the same page and project milestones are conquered with finesse.
  4. The Seamless Integration: Here's where the magic happens. Miro and Jira seamlessly integrate, creating a unified ecosystem where visual collaboration and project management coexist harmoniously. Capture the essence of your Miro brainstorming session by transferring actionable items to Jira, transforming ideas into tangible tasks that can be tracked and managed.
  5. From Concept to Completion: Imagine this scenario: you've had an awe-inspiring brainstorming session on Miro, generating brilliant ideas. With a few clicks, you seamlessly transition to Jira, converting those ideas into actionable tasks. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and watch as your project moves from concept to completion, all within a streamlined workflow.
  6. Boosting Transparency and Collaboration: The Miro-Jira synergy enhances transparency and collaboration like never before. As team members collaborate visually on Miro, everyone gains clarity and alignment. When tasks are transferred to Jira, everyone can track progress, identify bottlenecks, and celebrate victories together. The days of miscommunication and siloed work are long gone!
  7. Agile Workflows Made Effortless: Agile methodologies thrive in this Miro-Jira ecosystem. Plan sprints, create user stories, and manage backlogs with ease. Miro fuels creativity, while Jira empowers agile teams to organize, prioritize, and execute tasks seamlessly. This synergy ensures that every sprint delivers maximum value, on time and on point.
  8. Seamless Access, Anywhere, Anytime: Both Miro and Jira provide cloud-based solutions and mobile apps, ensuring you can access your projects from anywhere, whether you're working at the office, from home, or sipping a coconut on a tropical beach (hey, we all need some work-life balance!).
Conclusion: So, there you have it, folks! The Miro-Jira synergy is a game-changer, propelling your team towards unprecedented efficiency, collaboration, and project success. Embrace the power of visual collaboration and project management harmony, and watch as your workflow reaches new heights. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to productivity paradise! Remember, the possibilities are endless when Miro and Jira join forces. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash the synergy and let the magic unfold!
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2023.06.10 19:34 pugging_awesum Casually asking where the heck I should ask this question?!

For the second time tonight in the span of about two weeks, I have been asleep but suddenly had this feeling like my whole body was going numb and if I leant into it, I would die. What the heck is going on?!! And where should I be posting this question to maybe get some answers please? I’m not exiting my body and looking at it or travelling anywhere or anything like that. I am definitely asleep and feel like I pull myself a wake. The numbness starts in my arms and feels like it travels into my brain and chest. I feel tingly in my body when I wake up and tbh I feel scared. Really scared. Health wise I don’t have any medical conditions, I have been very busy and under a lot of stress at work lately. There’s been a lot going on in my home life as well that has definitely added to my daily stress - I mention this in case it might all be connected. It’s a horrible feeling and I’ve never experienced anything like it before but with this now being the second time in such a short timeframe I need to know if anyone maybe has some answers. It’s 3.30am and I’m still buzzing from it. Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.06.10 19:34 faloodehx Anecdote for living a full life while staying safe

Firstly, as the title states, this post is my personal experience and everyone should do their own research and only do what feels right for them. But I wanted to share this to say that we shouldn’t give up and lose hope.
Our family has taken Covid precautions very seriously from day 1. Like many here, we’ve lost friends and even family members in the process since we could not see eye-to-eye on this pandemic. It can be extremely lonely and demoralizing to isolate yourself from the rest of society in a bid to stay safe and many give up because it’s unbearable.
In the last few months we’ve gradually started doing things like going to museums during quiet times, outdoor events etc. We’ve been in some dicey situations with school events, field trips, and hanging out with unmasked folks.
We have been using enovid before going out, wearing an N95, then enovid + CPC mouthwash when back home. We do daily PCR tests and so far so good.
Again, this is purely anecdotal so take it for what it’s worth. Don’t give up, you can have your lives back AND stay safe.
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2023.06.10 19:34 Diylion I misscarried and I just need to vent

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years. We were so excited when we finally got that line, I'd already picked out my whole baby room. We were planning how we were going to tell our parents. 6 weeks in we were traveling for a wedding, I decided to let my husband tell his friends early because it was the only chance he would get to tell them in person.
Unfortunately right after we had told his friends, I started having spotting, in the morning I lost the baby. We were nowhere near a hospital and out of state. We had to drive for an hour and a half to get to the er, I passed out on the car, and later that day we had to take two separate flights to get home.
But I think the worst part was the ultrasound. We were in the ER, we weren't sure at that point if it was a full-blown miscarriage or just pregnancy bleeding because apparently it was early enough that my cervix was still closed. You imagine your first ultrasound with your doctor and them talking to you and showing you your baby and how happy it all is. But this person wouldn't talk to me, I'd ask her if she found my baby and she just said "the doctor is going to talk to go over it with you later". The ultrasound took nearly an hour, just feeling completely exposed and helpless in a dark room, wondering if she'd even found it and this damn woman won't talk to me. The longer she took the more sure I was that it was gone, and I completely lost it.
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2023.06.10 19:34 D1133 Not sure what to look for

Hey all! Hope someone can guide me towards what to look for in an air compressor.
I currently have a Kobalt vertical 10 gallon compressor that has served me well. It was primarily used for air tools at home when working on cars and inflating tires and what not. I have slowly gone the cordless battery route and it hardly gets used anymore. Tires are it’s only use now. I camp in sand dunes 3-5 times a riding season and usually air my truck and trailer tires down to get wherever we are camping. When it’s time to get out we obviously air back up before the long drive home. I often have two vehicles and two trailers. That’s 14 tires. 8 of them back up to 80 psi from about 15. I’ve been thinking of replacing what I have with a smaller, more portable unit. Think like a pancake style or something. The unit I have now takes about an hour to do all it’s asked and definitely not designed to run continuously like that. My fear is that I’m going to burn it up. My luck it will happen when I’m trying to leave to head home out in the middle of nowhere!
So the question:
Do they make a small portable compressor that has a high output but not necessarily a large tank that would inflate my tires relatively quickly and could handle running continuously until the task is complete?
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2023.06.10 19:34 YakNo322 Everyone is talking about Ethan’s viral moment on tiktok but what about Olivia’s?

Everyone is talking about Ethan’s viral moment on tiktok but what about Olivia’s? submitted by YakNo322 to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:34 Shaywave08 How do I get my dog to stop barking at me?

He's a 17mo old standard poodle. I've had him just shy of two weeks. He was rehomed to us by a friend of my kid. So my kid knows this dog and already had a bond with him. (He was loved and well taken care of in his piror home).
A few examples:
I'm on the phone and my kid is watching TV. Dog comes up to me and sits next to me and starts barking at me. Son notices and calls dog to him and dog keeps barking at me. My kid grabs a ball and calls for dog, dog continues barking at me. My kid throws the ball across the room and says dogs name and finally he stops barking at me and engages in playtime with my kid.
This morning I drive to the park (about 5 minutes) and I take dog for a 40 minute walk. Back in car for 5 minute ride back home. Once back home I throw the ball around with him when he lets me grab it, he loves to grab it first most of the time, so i grab it when i can and we continue this for about 10 minutes. Then I decide to drink my coffee and watch the news. I grab his yak stick (he has shown on and off interest in this) and hand it to him. He takes it, puts it down and walks over to me, sits right next to me, stares in my face, and barks. So I think, oh I haven't filled his food bowl. I go and do that and then I'm standing at the fridge getting water to pour into his water bowl and he comes up to me and starts barking at me. I ignore and pour his water. I go sit back down and he's right there barking at me. I go and get one of his frozen treat toys (similar to the kong but shaped different). It's filled with PB, greek yogurt, and pumpkin. He takes it and goes to work on it for about 20 minutes and then he's right back next to me barking. I try petting him and talking to him, rubbing him down, telling him he's a good boy, etc. When I do this he will scoot back to where I can't reach him and continue to bark. After that he will get close to me again while barking and put his paw on my lap. So I get up, walk into the kitchen and start unloading my dishwasher. He wanders off for a minute, and then lays down by front door. I finish the dishwasher and then go back to sit down in living room and he follows me and starts barking at me. He brings me his stuffed squeaky toy. We play tug of war with it for a bit and then I throw it, he retrieves it a few times and then the last time i throw it he just looks at it, then looks at me and starts barking at me again. I think maybe he wants to go out back so I open the door, he wonders around the deck for a few seconds and then comes back in. Barks at me again. I get up and give him his dental chewy. He takes it and works on that for about 15 minutes. He comes up to me after and barks at me. I get up and start moving around, doing busy work so he goes and lays next to the door and starts napping. Continues to nap for about an hour until my kid comes down and he jumps up out of his sleep. This whole process of him barking at me and me trying to drink my coffee and watch the news was about 1.5 hours. I know poodles need a lot of enrichment and exercise, but it seems like if he's not actively engaging in some activity he's barking at me. Don't dogs ever just chill and hang out? He's a great dog and we all love him, but his barking at me is starting to stress me out.
On school mornings I get up in the monring and I give him lots of hellos, petting, talking to him, etc. We go out back immediately so he can potty. Sometimes I have to use the bathroom real quick before I take him out back, he sits at the bathroom door and barks at me. We go out back and I'll throw the ball around to him, he'll go potty. This is usually 20 minutes. Often he'll come up to me and bark, which I guess means he wants to come back in. So we do. Then he will follow me to my kids room to wake him up for school. As I'm waking my kid, dog is looking at me and barking. We come back downstairs. I have about 20 minutes before my kid is ready to leave for school. I always take dog with me for the car ride and then we immediately take a walk before we come back in the house. I sit down at my computer and the dog is immediately barking at me. I try petting him and talking to him, he backs up so i cant reach him and continues barking at me. I try to ignore, he keeps barking. I get up and move around and he follows me around. I try to sit again to check some emails and he's back barking at me and putting his paw on me. So the entire 20 minutes before we leave to take kid to school he's barking at me and I'm trying to distrat him somehow. This is not what I imagined life with a dog to be like.
It's not a deep scary bark but it's high-pitched. And his eyes are very human like and he just stares at me and barks and sometimes does a low growl (not the scary sounding growl when he sees someone outside). But still, it's unnerving and stressing me out to have my dog barking at me every day. My kids are great at taking him outside and playing with him, taking him for car rides, etc. He's in and out of the house several times a day (we have a fenced in backyard). But he still barks at me if he's not sleeping or doing somehing with someone. I'm a first time dog owner so I'm really not sure how to handle this. He'll ignore everyone else in the household and come and bark at me. He also follows me around like a shadow. Every move I make he is right by my side. I don't mind that, but I'd really like to nip this barking at me thing. Has anyone btdt? What has worked for you?
He has toys, balls, stuffed animals, tug of war toys, puzzle feeder (that he can do in minutes), a snuffle mat, kong, etc. This morning I gave him his yak stick (which he did not chew on), his frozen treat, and his dental chew, all before 11am, just to get him to stop barking at me.
Please, someone help!
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2023.06.10 19:33 RMHagler My Little Friend, Blondie

This little one showed up a couple of weeks ago and was living a great carefree squirrel life. I had seen her in the neighbor's yard, and in ours. I posted asking for an approximate age a couple of weeks ago. people were saying 3-4 months.
Well, I came home the other day to find her in our tree clinging onto a branch for dear life and chattering up a storm, she was very upset. :(. Come to find out she had a near miss with the neighbor's dog, he just missed snatching her up. So she wouldn't come down at all. finally came down at some point ate some nuts, but never strayed far from our tree. went out later right before dark and she was still in our tree (not her home tree) she still was looking very frightened. The next day, she is still in our tree, finally came down when I was out there, and this feral cat starts chasing my little friend. I intervened, but she was back up in the tree again. So, I made her a little better of a perch so she can chill and have a place to eat in piece. She seems so young and fragile, I fear that she will not last. She found her way down and is gone today, I have not seen her yet today. The cat does not mess with the bigger squirrels, I hope this one can get a little bigger and acquire some survival instincts. I hope to be able to share more later. :)
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2023.06.10 19:33 ExiledGolem [H] Windows 11 & 10 Pro key ($3.5) Office 2021/2019/2016 key ($3+) Malwarebyte Key ($4+) MS Server/Project/Visio ($4+) Office 365 acc ($3) Edu Email ($5) CourseHero Premier ($4) SMS Verification ($1+) Kaspersky Key ($7+) [W] Any Crypto, PayPal or Venmo

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*2PC means the key will work on (activate) 2 devices.
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2023.06.10 19:33 the_oneand_onlymelon peni parker rule

peni parker rule submitted by the_oneand_onlymelon to 196 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 19:33 rodiggsiv Ps5 wifi connection issues

Ps5 wifi connection issues
For the past 5 days or so I've been having connection issues on my ps5 out of nowhere. No new devices in the home and have reset the modem multiple times. Using wifi not hard wired. Makes playing ANY online game impossible due to the lag/ skipping its causing. Any idea on how to fix this without an ethernet cord? Just find it odd this happened seemingly out of nowhere.
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