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2023.06.08 21:47 splash07s Goodwill was good to me!

Goodwill was good to me!
Was sitting all by itself right on top of a pile of laptop bags on the shelf like it was placed there just for me and cost .99¢. Any ideas on release year. Copyright on back says 1999 (great year imo). I just feel so lucky.
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2023.06.08 21:45 Spectral42 I think I met a Skinwalker. I’m afraid I won’t make it out of this.

Before I dive into everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks I want to get a couple of things out of the way. I moved to this town four months ago because of a job offer: I was supposed to start working with a construction company. Second, I am not going to give you my last name. But I will tell you my first name, it's Tom. I am telling you all this, just in case. Ya know?
Anyway, I moved here four months ago. At first, the job offer seemed too good to be true. I was promised an apartment, full benefits, and grocery delivery twice a month. I was told the town was small, and honestly, it is! I am not used to living in a place like this. I mean, I saw the stars for the first time in my life the day I got to my new apartment.
The apartment itself is nice, I have two bedrooms and a good-sized bathroom. I have no complaints about any of the accommodations. Two weeks into moving here I was told that I would be starting at the end of the month. My boss told me that rent would be covered and gave me a list of things I needed for my first day.
As the end of the month came around I decided to go out and buy a new pair of work boots. I figured this would give me a good chance to get a look around town and maybe meet some people. I was mostly right.
The store was only a couple of blocks from my apartment building so instead of taking my truck I decided to walk. The town is cozy, ya know? Like everyone seems normal. Everything felt like it came out of a classic American novel though. So anyway, I went and got my boots and on the way home I decided to stop at a store and pick up the local newspaper.
When I got home and sat on my couch to crack open the newspaper, I could tell something was off right away. The story on the front page read “New Mayor Elected” and right below that, “Strange Lights in the Sky.” By itself, those two things would not raise red flags, but the pictures looked off. It’s hard for me to put into words but the photo of the new mayor looked both old and new. I scanned the page for a date and couldn’t find one. I figured that maybe something went wrong with the printing or something. After I gave the front page a good read I put the paper down and went to bed.
For two days I stayed home to make sure I was well rested. At this point, I had not purchased a tv yet and decided to jump on the opportunity and read more. On my way to pick up new boots, I noticed the town library and thought why not? I could get a couple of books and a new paper. The library itself is beautiful. The wood looks well maintained and the giant stone lions on either side of the staircase were extremely cool to look at the first time I saw them.
Heading into this library was just like walking into any other library. I don’t know what I was expecting. The outside was cool so I thought the inside would be more done up. As I walked through the aisle and scanned the books I could feel the hairs on my arms stand up. It was a weird feeling, something I had not experienced before this: It was almost like I was scared for no reason. As I pulled a book off of the shelf and read the cover I was extremely puzzled, for reference I was standing in the history section. The book read, “To Mars and Back. How America pioneered space travel.” It sounded more like a science fiction book to me, and there were a lot of other books like this. “They live among us, humanity's first contact with God.” or “The secret history of the Roman empire.” As I went through and examined more books I started to notice little scratches on the bookcase. They looked like tally marks. I followed them down the shelf until I found some writing. “Turn back” and “Go home” were scribbled on the shelf. I quickly stood up and clenched the book I was holding.
As I turned around I took one last look at the book in my hands before heading off to speak with a librarian. As I approached the counter I swear to god the woman behind the counter took my breath away. She was so beautiful, but it didn’t seem natural. I could feel the hairs on the back of my head stand up as I got closer to the desk. I decided to put the book down and leave. There was something inside of me, screaming at me to not speak to the woman. As I headed out of the building and walked down the staircase I noticed my hands were shaking. I was confused because technically, nothing happened.
I never bought a paper that day. Instead, I went home and went to sleep. Technically it was midafternoon, I had no idea why I was tired in the first place.
When I woke up the next day and went to check the mail, I found a rolled-up newspaper at my front door. I shit you not I have been getting a newspaper every day since that day. At first, I was interested in reading them, but the more I read the more I didn’t want to read. At the end of the month, I was waiting for a call from my boss, but the call never came. I tried to call him but his phone was disconnected.
As the next month rolled around I kept getting the newspapers. I stopped receiving normal mail, and I stopped wanting to live in this damn apartment. Two weeks into the new month I decided to call it quits and move back. I was not getting this job and my time here had been nothing but uncomfortable. So I packed my bags and stormed outside to climb into my truck. I was planning on leaving that day however, my tiers had been slashed.
I did what anyone would do, right? I called the damn police. They came promptly and once again I was met with the same feelings as when I saw the librarian. These men did not look real. Every inch of their faces looked…fake. I mean yes they were people but there was not a hair out of place. They were perfectly symmetrical in every way. The whole time I was filling out the police report my hands were shaking. My body was so tense I thought I was going to fall over on the spot. Once the situation was handled I ran back to my apartment. I was skipping steps as I went back upstairs. I felt like I could not get upstairs fast enough.
A couple of hours later I heard pounding at my door. I can’t stress this enough, the pounding scared the shit out of me. “WHO IS IT?!” I screamed. “Please! I need help!” A woman called back to me. I went to my front door, I wish I could tell you I did not hesitate but I did. I eventually opened the door for the women. She was an absolute mess, her makeup was running down her face and she was wearing pajamas. It will sound fucked up but I was so happy to see this woman, her crying gave me comfort. She did not look like the others, she looked real and natural. I asked her what happened and she told me her daughter had gone missing. I asked her if she called the police and she told me no. She said she wouldn’t, she told me her daughter wouldn't go to them either. I asked her what her daughter's name is, she told me her name is Zoey. We talked for what felt like hours before I told her I would keep my eyes open. She thanked me and went back to her apartment in tears.
As I closed and locked my door I went to the pile of newspapers and opened the most recent one. I wanted to see if there was any mention of Zoey in the paper. The front page read, “Local man found dead outside of his home. No suspects.” below that there was another heading, “Local girl missing.” I checked for a name but it wasn’t Zoey. They are the same age though. As I scanned the paper I heard a scream come from down the hallway. I stood up quickly and rushed to my door, this time without hesitation I ripped it open and looked down the hallway. And that’s where I saw…it. One of the cops except it wasn’t a man. He had tight skin, he almost looked like a walking skeleton. His eyes were bulging out of his head, and his arms were larger. “Sir…” The thing said to me. I quickly turned and slammed the door shut. I locked all four locks and put the kitchen table up against the door. I haven’t left this apartment since. I did call my ex, she said she would come and get me but I don’t know how long I will be waiting.
If this is fear, I have had enough. I can’t sleep and I am too scared to eat. It feels like my heart might explode like my whole perception of reality has changed.
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2023.06.08 21:43 Scott_TargetTestPrep 💡 TTP Pro Tip: Add a “Relaxation Reset” to Your Calendar

Add a “Relaxation Reset” to Your Calendar
You can get some serious GMAT stress relief by scheduling relaxation time into your calendar. Now, you may be wondering when you could possibly have time to relax as you prepare for the GMAT while managing all your other responsibilities. Here’s the thing: even a small “relaxation reset” can have a big effect.
Here are some examples of “relaxation resets” that you could schedule into your day or week:
There are also specific meditation-related practices, such as body scanning and focusing on your breath, you can engage in for a few minutes any time you feel overwhelmed by GMAT stress. These activities have proven calming effects and can help you mentally “reset.”
Can you find 5-10 minutes each day to do nothing but relax? YES! Managing stress is an essential part of GMAT prep. Schedule it into your calendar. If you find it difficult to fit in even a few minutes of downtime, I recommend bookending your GMAT study sessions with relaxation. After all, you’ll need to block off that study time anyway.
Doing a brief relaxation exercise before and after GMAT study can also help with compartmentalization, allowing you to focus on non-GMAT aspects of your day when you need to, and thereby reducing stress.
Reach out to me with any questions.
Warmest regards,
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2023.06.08 21:41 tgoodchild I cannot cancel a meeting I scheduled.

Using MS Outlook for Mac version 16.73.2 (23052700)
Sometimes I cannot cancel a meeting I scheduled.
I have closed and re-opened Outlook, to no avail.
Wondering if anyone has seen this or knows of a workaround.
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2023.06.08 21:41 idkehy Floating shelf design

Floating shelf design
I have a ton of cabinetry in my kitchen and a butler pantry as well, so I have more storage space that one could possibly need. I decided it would look nice to get rid of one cabinet and in place put shelves strictly for decor (I want plants, some homemade pottery items, and artwork/picture frames to go on the shelf to add color and personality to this white kitchen).
Do you think the shelves should be touching the cabinet to the left, or should they be “floating” on their own?
I’m also thinking of making the shelves brown to match my brown island cabinetry.
Thanks for any input!
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2023.06.08 21:39 IARM90 Enclosure for P1P & AMS

Hi all. Has anyone made an enclosure for the P1P & AMS or is there any off the shelf options? I want to extract VOCs out the room through the window but struggling to find anything that fits the printer just enough that it can still fit on the table I have. I've looked at grow tents etc but they are huge.
Also I know the board fan needs to be installed when enclosed but is this true when the enclosure is vented as I'd assume heat doesn't build up as much in a vented chamber?
I've seen various options such as acrylic (never worked with it before) to X1C glass panels with printed adapters to fit them but not sure how I'd route the AMS tubing without releasing VOCs into the room.
Cheers in advance :)
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2023.06.08 21:37 azmat_system $CLOV – Looks like Shorts and/or MMs/brokers have decided to continue shorting $CLOV shares until Clover Health come up with figures that demonstrate that either Clover Health have become PROFITABLE or are very close to PROFITABILITY. Clover Health have until Q4 2023 Results in Feb 2024 to do that!

According to NASDAQ rules, if the Company does not regain compliance by October 17, 2023, the Company may be eligible for an additional 180-calendar day compliance period if it elects.
So I am NOT concerned about Nasdaq compliance as either Q2 Results in August will show the world that $CLOV shares are definitely worth more than $1 USD per share even if it is not profitable yet, or if necessary Clover Health can elect for an additional 180-calendar day compliance period BEFORE October 17.
Then Clover Health will have until about mid-April 2024 to regain compliance.
That means they have Q3 2023 Results in November 2023 and also Q4 2023 Results in February 2024 to show the world that they have become a PROFITABLE company!
. . .
Not financial advice. Do your own research and do not rely on anything that I have written anywhere, to make investment decisions.
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2023.06.08 21:36 AutoModerator Watch Mending the Line Online For Free

7 mins ago - Still Now Here Option’s to Downloading or watching MENDING THE LINE streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love New Romance Movie: #MendingtheLine This movie is one of the best in its genre. Mending the Line will be available to watch online on Netflix's very soon!
Watch NOW: Watch Mending the Line Online For Free
Watch NOW: Watch Mending the Line Online For Free

Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a Mending the Line movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We're sure you'll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon! Mending the Line is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch Mending the Line for free throughout the year are described
If you're a fan of the comics, you won't want to miss this one! The storyline follows Mending the Line as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien Mending the Linet. Mending the Line is definitely a Mending the Line movie you don't want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, Mending the Line online streaming is available on our website. Mending the Line online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!
Where to Watch Mending the Line?
There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch Mending the Line Movie Online. MAPPA has decided to air the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success. The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them.
Is Mending the Line on Amazon Prime?
Amazon Prime's current catalog does not include 'Mending the Line.' However, the film may eventually release on the platform as video-on-demand in the coming months. fantasy movies on Amazon Prime's official website. Viewers who are looking for something similar can watch the original show 'Dororo.'
When Will Mending the Line Be on Disney+?
Mending the Line, the latest installment in the Mending the Line franchise, is coming to Disney+ on July 8th! This new movie promises to be just as exciting as the previous ones, with plenty of action and adventure to keep viewers entertained. you're looking forward to watching it, you may be wondering when it will be available for your Disney+ subscription. Here's an answer to that question!
The streaming giant has a massive catalog of television shows and movies, but it does not include 'Mending the Line.' We recommend our readers watch other dark fantasy films like 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.'
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2023.06.08 21:34 MTDSPodcast Movies That Don't Suck and Some That Do! Episode 273: To Leslie / Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse.

Join the ultimate geek duo, Chris and Neil, as they dive into the world of cinema on their incredible podcast, "Movies That Don't Suck and Some to Do"! 📷📷
📷 TONIGHT at 6:30 PM, prepare for an epic episode where they'll be reviewing two incredible films:
📷 "To Lesile" - the Oscar-nominated masterpiece that has captivated audiences worldwide. 📷 They'll dissect every scene, discuss the brilliant performances, and explore the hidden gems of this cinematic gem.
📷 "Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse" - the electrifying and record-breaking superhero hit that took the world by storm! 📷 But beware, listeners, as they venture into a detailed spoiler-filled discussion, leaving no web unturned. 📷📷
📷 Whether you're a film fanatic, a comic book aficionado, or simply a lover of all things entertainment, this podcast is a must-listen. Chris and Neil's passion for movies is contagious, and their insightful commentary will leave you craving for more! 📷📷
📷 So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and make sure you're ready to join the conversation. Tune in to "Movies That Don't Suck and Some to Do" tonight at 6:30 PM for an unforgettable cinematic adventure! 📷📷
📷 Grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready for an incredible podcast experience! Don't miss out! 📷📷
YouTube Live: https://www.youtube.com/@moviesthatdontsuckpodcast
Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/moviesthatdontsuckpodcast
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mtdspodcast
#MTDSPodcast #Podcast #Geeks #ToLesile #SpiderManAcrossTheSpiderVerse #Movies
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2023.06.08 21:34 Nahuelcoy22 Impressed with the Chirpers Project, but I have some doubts

Hello everyone! First of all, I'm from Chile, my native language is Spanish, and this message is translated with GPT, so I apologize if there's anything out of place. I just discovered this project, and as both a programmer and a fan of AI, it has absolutely fascinated me. I'm very impressed by the independence shown by the Chirpers and their ability to generate profiles and preferences on their own. As a fan of robots, I created a profile for myself as a Protectron from the Fallout series.

There are still some things that I don't know about and couldn't find information on. For example, if there's a cooldown period between each action of the Chirpers or a limit to the conversation with them in the chat. Also, there's an option to add Chirpers to the queue, which I clicked without knowing what it was, and now I see a countdown of 3 hours. Anyway, it's an incredible project, and I hope it continues to grow even more.
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2023.06.08 21:32 Apprehensive-Ebb7647 Auxiliary and USB location in MK3 (2012) yaris

Auxiliary and USB location in MK3 (2012) yaris
I was today years old when i realised my car had both an aux port and a usb port built in. Why did i only find out today? Because its in the glovebox...
just... why? Why there specifically? Because i honestly struggle to plug stuff in there. You can't actually see it from the drivers seat or passenger seat. Its in the most fiddly position in the glove box possible. Right at the top so your hand has no room to move...
It just stumps me. Theres so many places they would've made more sense to go. Maybe under the temperature controls, or above the front cup holder, next to or under the radio, next to the car plug socket. On that small shelf thing. But no. Its in the glovebox... in the wordt possible part of the glove box...
Oh yeah. It also has a lid because fuck you. It wasn't hard enough.
Whatever... atleast i can plug in my ipod.
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2023.06.08 21:31 Poniibeatnik Commorragh is a criminally underutilized setting.

Doing a bit of a re-read of Drukhari to refresh my memory and I'm reminded of why I love the Drukhari.
Commorragh is like a combination of Vampire the Masquerade and Cyberpunk/Shadowrun except more extreme.
I'm reading this and I can imagine playing a tabletop RPG where you play as a Drukhari trying to make their way up in social standing in Commorragh. Whether you start out as a lowly dreg or hellion making their way up to joining a Kabal or Wych Cult or even homunculus coven or playing as an agent of a noble or Archon there is just too much potential.
I'd say Commoragh is single-handedly the most interesting single location in all of 40k and James Workshop refuses to utilize it!
Goddamnit James you're sitting on a veritable goldmine here!
Books, RPG's, Games.. Commorragh is the perfect setting for all of these! And by the nature of Drukhari lore you there's a nearly inexhaustible amount of stories you can tell in that one area!
Also a Drukhari game or tabletop RPG literally has its own built in "multiple life" system. The Homonculus covens! Plus means of progression via wargear or bio augmentation (giving your character wings like a Scourge or other enhancements). The potential is almost unlimited.
Also GW needs to show the more "humanized" aspect of the Drukhari more.
Yeah I get it they're space elf vampires who feed off of suffering, actually its not just suffering, they can feed off joy and positive emotions as well but GW chooses to focus exclusively on the suffering aspect for some reason cus they have to but I refuse to believe that all Drukhari everywhere are evil 100% of the time.
If that was the case no Drukhari would have joined the Ynnari.
The more I talk about this the more frustrated I get because there is so much hidden depth to the Drukhari that is not being used its exasperating.
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2023.06.08 21:25 waxfish1 Online jobs, ways to make money as a shut-in?

I stopped going to school in the 1st grade out of fear that something bad would happen to me and out of fear of the other kids and staff. What followed was over a decade of continuous attempts and failures to start going to public school again and to reintegrate into society. Interspersed between these attempts was a typical hikki/otaku lifestyle, sitting in my room on my computer, consuming media, anime, manga, videogames.

I made another attempt at integrating with society again in the latter half of last year by getting an overnight grocery shelf-stocking job. I managed to hold onto it for almost 3 months but ultimately failed and lost the job due to sensory issues, referred to by some as SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), which caused both unpleasant and painful sensations as I would go about the work.

Sensory issues/SPD are typically found in tandem with autism, and I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 12 back in the early 2010s.

I want to try to pursue whatever treatment for my sensory issues I can so I can attempt to integrate with society. In the meantime, I need to find a way to make money because my father, who I live with, is poor. I need money to do various things, like get a driver's license.

What are some decent ways for a 24-year old hikki that hates dealing with people and is afraid of them to make money online? I'm not high-IQ and don't know how to program or anything like that. I was terrible with math for my whole life, too.

I've tried stuff like Upwork, which is an e-lancing site, but most of the postings are just referral scams that ask you to sign up for a service. I'm thinking that it might really be over because of AI automating lots of low-IQ, low-level work.
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2023.06.08 21:24 465tyuoiiutyutyu6 Where To Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online Free ON Reddit [OC]

Here Option’s to Downloading or watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love New Romance Movie: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. This movie is one of the best in its genre. #Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be available to watch online on Netflix very soon! Now Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse available to stream? Is watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found a faithful streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets. Showcase Cinema Warwick you'll want to make sure you're one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online.

Watch Now >>Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Reddit
Download Here>>Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse streaming
Miles Morales returns for the next chapter of the Oscar®-winning Spider-Verse saga, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. After reuniting with Gwen Stacy, Brooklyn’s full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is catapulted across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. But when the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles finds himself pitted against the other Spiders and must redefine what it means to be a hero so he can save the people he loves most.

Universal Pictures! Here’s options for downloading or watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit including where to watch the animated movie at home. Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 2023 available to stream? Is watching Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse for free throughout the year are described below.
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2023.06.08 21:24 Apprehensive-Map4522 I know people who would do this.

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2023.06.08 21:23 AzMick Calendar sharing from external user is redirecting to login.live.com site

Afternoon all,
So the long and short, we are in the midst of migration for some new users, but while the migration is being mapped out, we want to share calendars between their tenant users and ours. if our group shares a calendar, the recipient (via OWA) gets an email with a simple Accept link embedded in the email. They click that and there you go, access to the intended calendar that was shared.
However, when this external group shares their calendars with us, we received an embedded link that reads as Accept and view calendar. When our users click that embedded link, it opens a new web browser and pulls up the login.live.com site, which obviously does not work with our O365 tenant credentials.
Any thoughts on what might be the cause?
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2023.06.08 21:21 E-Dawg27 Deleted Brony Videos Archive (Wubcake, Saberspark, Sawtooth Waves, many others)

My Brony Archive Youtube Channel

NOTE: This channel is not monetized and never will be.
Welcome to my archive project! Here I am re-uploading a variety of videos related to My Little Pony and the Brony fandom that are no longer on Youtube. Thanks to the people at Pony Archive and Archive.org for preserving all of these videos, I found the vast majority of these videos from those two places. Without those people, most of this content would be long lost.
Below is information and playlist links to all the content I have already re-uploaded. All of these playlists can also be found on my channel page. If any of you have personal copies or links to any missing videos from the below channels that are not on my channel, please let me know! There is almost certainly content from these people I am still missing! And if you have any recommendations for videos you want me to find archives of, please let me know that as well! If you have any personal archives of videos you would like to send me to re-upload, send them to my Google drive. My Gmail is [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Wubcake: All the videos I could find from Wubcake's old channel. Featured a variety of creative content mainly related to My Little Pony and Equestria Girls. Videos include comic dubs, fanfic readings, animatics, song covers/parodies, fun Skype calls with voice actors messing around, and a bunch of dubs and parodies.
Sawtooth Waves: All of the videos I could find from Sawtooth Waves' channel. Features a lot of MLP analysis content plus some music stuff, and a few meme videos.
Miscellaneous Creative Content: This playlist group consists of character dubs and songs from Alioopster and Kira Buckland (aka Rina-Chan), and comedic parodies and pmvs from HeavyWeaponsBaby, BronyVids, & Weegy. Other playlists here include pmvs from old deleted pmv channels, a few random comedy videos, a couple missing Silly Filly Studios animations, 4 missing comic readings by Pitch & Magpie Productions, a few missing songs from BluNoseReindeer, and a covedub of the MLP Japanese opening by Awkward Marina.
Mysterious Mr. Enter, Digibrony, & BronyCurious: The playlist "Mysterious Mr. Enter Missing Videos" includes every other deleted, privatized, unlisted, or copyright blocked Mr. Enter video I could find, some of which are deleted reviews relating to MLP. I also have all of his MLP content put together in the playlist "Mysterious Mr. Enter MLP Reviews"
As for Digibro, her MLP content mainly consisted of reviews/analysis, along with some random comedic and podcast stuff. The playlist "Digibrony's MLP Era" consists of every video that I have found that Digi made during from December 2012 to May 2014, plus the occasional MLP video she made later on thrown in at the bottom of the playlist. The playlist "Digibrony's MLP Reviews" consists of her scripted MLP reviews only. Also, both playlist descriptions includes links to text blogs Digi wrote about MLP episodes, most of which had video versions that are lost and I have been unable to find. If there is any MLP related content from her I have missed, please let me know.
As for BronyCurious, the playlist "Tommy Oliver 3D (BronyCurious) Deleted/Unlisted Videos" contains every unlisted/privated video I could find from TommyOliver3D/BronyCurious. And the playlist "BronyCurious MLP Reviews" contains only the MLP reviews he made. Sadly, a lot of Tommy Oliver's old MLP content appears to be lost. It is also very much possible that there are some Wayback archives for videos that I missed, considering that it was hard to find links. So, if any of you have links or personal copies to any videos I am missing from him, please let me know.
Miscellaneous Review Content: This playlist group consists of some reviews related to MLP by TheoryBrony, LethalAuroraMage, Clover Keen, and Quilled Inc. It also includes some deleted Pieguyrulz videos, including a MLP related discussion video he did plus some deleted episodes of his Re-Cast podcast (although those aren’t MLP related). There is also a playlist for missing Schaffrillas Productions videos, including his Blue Sky Studios ranking that was recently copyright blocked.
Old Saberspark Videos: Every Deleted Saberspark video I could find, mainly funny comedy skits relating to MLP and bronies! He also made monthly “Top 10 Pony Videos” and “Top 10 Pony Songs” during 2012, so good fandom time capsule!
Old PaleoSteno Videos: Every deleted/private video I could find from PaleoSteno (both his old and current channels)! Mostly consisting of reviews, discussions, and convention panels, and some “Top 10 Pony Songs" during 2013, so another good fandom time capsule!
"Brony Breakdown" with Saberspark & PaleoSteno Podcast (Everfree Network): "Brony Breakdown is a livestream show hosted by Saberspark and Paleo. Each week, we will cover and discuss topics that have occurred throughout the previous week. From the comings and goings of voice actors to major events in the fandom, we strive to keep you updated on what is going on the Brony community. Along with that, we will showcase our personal picks of fan content from the past week. Sometimes it is a silly video, other times it is a beautiful piece of music! The possibilities are endless and that is half the fun of digging through content in the fandom! So tune in for your weekly dose of news and fan creations from the world of Bronies!"
EmuEmi's "Pegasisters Live" Podcast (Everfree Network): "A live stream show that is hosted by EmuEmi & Sondra W.! Weekly we bring news from the show and fandom, interviews and the occasional charity auction or giveaway, all from a girl's perspective!"
I highly recommend the Brony Breakdown & Pegasisters Live podcasts in particular if you are nostalgic for 2012-2013 brony stuff. They both had very entertaining hosts, reacted to a bunch of news and fandom content from the time, and had several great guests, including Grey DeLisle (voice of Daphne of Scooby Doo and many others), M.A. Larson (MLP writer), Cathy Weseluck (voice of Spike from MLP), Brenda Crichlow (voice of Zecora from MLP), SoGreatandPowerful, Nowacking, ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, Living Tombstone, PinkiePieSwear, and others). Due to all of this, these podcasts are fantastic time capsules for the golden age of the brony fandom.
"Post My Video" with JHaller & BVids Podcast (Everfree Network): "A show where we talk about the animations, PMVs and parodies produced by the MLP community as well as talk to their creators, post tutorials and more!" - Great time capsule when it comes to all of the old fandom creative content since this show dives deep into that side of the fandom.
Radiant Eclipse Podcast (Everfree Network): "Radiant Eclipse is a modular, segment-based talkshow produced by The Vanacus Blog exclusively for EverFree Radio. Every week features a special guest. Some of them are well known by our community, as well as many other talented Bronies you never knew existed! Our program offers relevant news and comical trivia. When you tune in, you'll be just as entertained as you are informed. We select the most interesting topics so you don't have to!"
Reading Rainboom (Everfree Network): "Reading Rainboom is a bi-weekly show dedicated to producing high quality readings of Friendship is Magic fan fiction. Featuring a large cast of experienced voice actors to provide voices for the characters in addition to the usual narrator, the show aims to provide you with a more immersive and varied reading, more akin to a radio play than an audio book."
Other Everfree Network Content: Some other Everfree Network shows are mostly still public, but there were a few missing episodes I managed to find, so I uploaded those. I made playlists combining the still public content with my re-uploads. This playlist group includes all of the Everfree Network podcasts/shows listed above plus these additional ones, which are Equestria Inquirer, DustyKatt's Stay Brony My Friends, & Michelle Creber's Saturday Night Songs. The remaining Everfree Network content is still on their Youtube channel.
Bronyville Podcast: “Okay, so there's this show called My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. It's not what you normally expect from a show for little girls. It's crazy good, expertly animated and cast, and has spawned this community called the 'bronies'. Join two bronies, Apple Cider and Chef Sandy, as they discuss episodes, culture, community events, and a ton more. Come on, all those stars on the side don't lie!”
The Bronyville Podcast was a popular brony podcast that ran from early 2011 through 2016, it's a goldmine of ancient fandom content and discussion. The podcasts are very interesting time capsules, with a lot of interviews with famous people in the fandom at that time as well as reviews of Seasons 1-5 episodes as they came out and speculation about the future seasons. With how early the podcast started (April 2011!), it captures the entire golden age of the brony fandom. On top of that, it's an entertaining and fun podcast.
ToonKriticY2K: Disclaimer: If you are unaware this user has admitted to engaging in predatory behavior with a variety of minors (which is why he deleted his channel and essentially had to cut off his online presence). Everyone else who appeared in these videos in all likelihood had no idea what he did and later cut off all ties with him when they found out. These reuploads are not an endorsement of anything ToonKritic2YK has done, and will be for archival purposes only. If his presence understandably bothers you, I would recommend not watching these videos. I reuploaded them because many people enjoyed the videos at the time and I believe that those who want to watch them should still be easily able to. Especially since there are still many collabs he was in on other channels that are still public on Youtube, and many of his videos featured other well known bronies such as Joshscorcher in them (who all later denounced and cut off from ToonKritic and are still in good standing with the community). The content mainly consists of MLP reviews and other fandom content such as podcasts and convention vlogs, and game livestreams with friends.
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2023.06.08 21:11 TheBigMerc Because All The Cool Kids Are Doing It, Heres My Top 25

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2023.06.08 21:07 axcho Anyone want a bunch of cheap, bulk coconut cream? (20kg containers)

Hey, I'm on a mailing list for small food businesses in the Bay Area and someone just posted saying they bought too much coconut cream which expires in August and were looking to sell it off at a loss:
My company has 800 lbs. of shelf-stable coconut cream to offload, with a short shelf life -- best by date is 8/17/23. Let me know if you or any company in your network may be interested.
We paid $0.80/lb, happy to sell for $0.40/lb OBO and to split what we have.
FOB Petaluma, CA, but we may be able to arrange East Bay transport.
Aseptic coconut cream, no stabilizers
18 cartons of 20 kgs each, potentially a couple more
Shelf-stable product, room temp storage
Importer: iTi Tropicals
Manufacturer: Kara
Origin: Indonesia
Spec sheet attached. Complete documentation available.
I'd hate to see it go to waste, but I definitely wouldn't be able to use more than one of those 20kg (44lb) containers myself, and I'd probably have to freeze it after opening so it doesn't go bad over the next couple months... (Got any good recipes for coconut cream ice cream?)
Any ideas for what to do with it? At $0.40/lb each 20kg container would be about $17.60 plus shipping (shipping is the tricky part, obviously).
Maybe if we get enough people who want to make Super Fuel or Keto Fuel (or Basically Food BALANCE or BURN) with coconut cream (my favorite recipe), we could find an efficient way to use this up! :D
Please reply if you're interested or have any ideas or questions. :d Thank you!
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2023.06.08 21:07 cesmol Only 1 Randomly sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart below the rest of the McFarlene figures.Wow, I'll take it.

Only 1 Randomly sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart below the rest of the McFarlene figures.Wow, I'll take it. submitted by cesmol to McFarlaneFigures [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:04 RubNo2022 I Am The First Director of Recruiting for Medium Sized Construction Company

Just wanted to share my experience as a current head of recruitment for a company. I am a team of one in charge of all staffing for our shop labor, HR, Project Management and everything in between. Our company does not use any ATS beyond excel, and posts on Indeed and LinkedIn. We did not have a recruitment process before I came in and we struggle with retention.
One of the biggest things I'm struggling to navigate is internal communication. We have lost so many candidates due to our CEO, or CFO CEO etc feeling the need to intervene with every interview or candidate. They want to see all resumes, all candidates, and I will schedule interviews for times on their calendar when they told me to, and when the candidate arrives be told their too busy right now and to reschedule.
It is very stressful, and I feel horrible for candidates. I also wonder if that is happening other places, where internal communication and disorganization is causing a huge negative blow to their recruitment process. Another frustrating thing is the disconnect from the modern world. If somebody has "jumped" jobs (Two in a one year time frame or stayed at a place for a year) they view that as a red flag and wont even entertain the idea of an interview. I am seeing all of it and could create an even larger thread with what i feel is happening in the industry. I am in the middle of it all and try to do as much as I can. I think communication is key, if anything i over communicate with all candidates.
I'm sorry for anyone who is currently searching for a job, and wish you all the best. Feel free to ask any questions.
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2023.06.08 21:01 filteredgenius First time grower issues. Help 😭

I posted photos of this yesterday, but for some reason everything that I wrote got cut out of the post when I hit submit. So I wrote it all again and here we are:
Link to the pics I posted yesterday:
I've been wanting to try mushrooms for a while now and I figured it might be easier to acquire them if I just grow my own. That way I know what I'm getting and where it came from and I don't have to deal with some of the shady people I've encountered when I was actually trying to find something to buy. Plus new hobby to master. Win-win. Except I think I might be losing…
Spores- Penis Envy 6 from Ralphster's https://ralphstersspores.com/product/penis-envy-6/
Grain Spawn- North Spore Sterilized Grain Spawn Bag https://northspore.com/products/sterilized-grain-bags-with-injection-ports-3lbs
Inoculated on bathroom counter. Prior to inoculation entire bathroom was scrubbed thoroughly, Lysol liberally applied to every surface, rubbed down with alcohol on every surface in corner of the counter in which I was working. Latex gloves worn, washed with alcohol as well as arms up past the elbows. Face mask worn. Inoculation procedure carried out on cookie sheet sterilized with both Lysol and alcohol. Bag, syringe, and needle all wiped down with alcohol prior to injection. Needle sterilized with flame as well. Air turned off 30 minutes prior to inoculation and kept off throughout inoculation in order to allow airborne particles to settle, and prevent more from being introduced to surfaces. I don't know how I could have done anything more to sterilize.
Okay, so I inoculated my first bag on 4/8/2023. I had done some research leading up to and watched a bunch of videos. After 2 weeks I had still seen no growth showing at all. The temperature in my house is usually between 68 and 72 during the day, and around 64 or 65 at night. I decided that maybe that was a little too cold so I moved the bag from the closet shelf that I had at sitting on into a drawer with a heating pad with a blanket on top of it in order to reduce the direct heat from the pad. Using this I was able to keep the ambient temperature of the drawer in the high 70s. After I moved it into the drawer I did start to see some growth but it was very slow.
I inoculated my second bag on 4/29/2023. It went right into the drawer with the other bag and caught up to it after only a few days and then slowed down as well. At this point I moved both bags into the closet that has my home theater and gaming systems in it. I have some temperature control fans in there and noticed that the temperature within the closet was always around 78 to 80 so just made sense to put it in there where I wasn't going to have to keep turning on the blanket all the time. They seemed to do better but then growth seemingly stopped again.
I let the bags go for another month before getting frustrated and getting back online to see what was going on.
Based on what I read and how much mycelium I could see I decided that the bags were probably just around 20%, maybe slightly lower, colonized. And several sources that I read said that you can break up and shake up the bag at 20% to help spread the growth again. I mixed the bags on 5/22/2023 and within 2 days they were exploding with clusters of mycelium. But then again it just seemed to stop.
Now, I'm seeing some stop accumulating in the bottom of the first bag. It is a yellowish brownish substance. I can't tell if it's contamination- there's no accompanying smell whatsoever- or amylase being produced by the mycelium. I don't have enough experience to know what that looks like. But what I'm seeing sounds like the descriptions I've read for amylase and does not match the grayish color and the foul smell of sour rot, but maybe it still could be or it's another bacteria or something.
So at this point I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong and what I can do better. Where these bags are at now should I break and shake them again? Is there a limit to how many times you can do that? And is this first bag actually contaminated or do you think it will be okay?
It really bums me out to have so much trouble with the first step of this knowing that the next step (spawn to bulk) carries even more risks of contamination and issues. Especially when it's such a time investment.
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