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Welcome to Tijuana! Sister city to San Diego and over all borderland. This city is not as scary as the media might have you believe. Our community is small but the city is gigantic. There is much more to Tijuana than you can imagine.

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A subreddit to discuss restaurants, the restaurant business, and your favorite places to eat.

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2023.06.09 17:10 c_marten as an unlicensed plumber...

I would have laughed if someone came to me with a job like that. I get requests for all sorts of absurd jobs I turn down (though I do know someone out there is accepting them!)
Just some more thoughts on that matter, especiallyif you have a house and are considering or need work; Obtaining a license varies from place to place and is not necessarily reflecting skill, ability, or knowledge. Sometimes you just give the state some money every year, easy peasy. I take my work very seriously and know my limits (I did two years under a master plumber so I'm not just a youtube diyer (and I'm more of a general 'handyman' at this point), but still far from a pro, and I'm sure there are other users here much more knowledgeable on all of this than i am).
If you are looking for someone to do work on your house, having licensed, insured, AND knowing if they're a mastercraftsman or just someone with some tools will be helpful.
Recommendations from people you know are also very important because being a master also isn't necessarily reflective of the quality of work being done - I've corrected things master electricians have done (like not tightening terminals on outlets or simply not having a face on the panel (WTF?)).
I also appreciate it being a CCR episode. Way to throw in that fortunate son so quickly!
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2023.06.09 17:10 -343-Guilty-Spark- Forge Update Overview Season 4
Header Image [Imgur]
Forge will be getting a slew of new updates when Season 4: Infection lands on June 20. Ranging from placeable water to beautiful new Forerunner objects and brand-new mode logic, Forge’s ability to create new experiences is only getting better. These additions, along with some quality-of-life updates and bug fixes, mean there’s never been a better time to start building.
There’s a lot to cover with this update, so let’s dive right into it!

New Objects

Static Water Plane

For the first time in Halo's history, Forge will be receiving a placeable and scalable water object. This static water plane, which is meant to help Forgers art up their creations, will provide an entirely new way to add detail and character to every map.
Before & After on Chasm
A screenshot of Chasm in Forge with the entire center filled with water. [Imgur]
Beyond Season 4, we plan on continuing to expand Forge’s water objects with a dynamic volume as well.

Forerunner Object Palette Additions

The visually stunning Forerunner object palette will be getting even more pieces with Season 4. A plethora of new objects and decals - of varying shapes and use cases - will be available for Forgers to use however they see fit. Whether you want to build structures that would reflect the power of the Forerunner ecumene at its peak or create fun-filled custom games, these beautiful objects will now be in your hands in short order.
New Forerunner objects displayed on a Forge canvas. [Imgur]

Universal Blocker Object

We currently have very specific types of blocker objects such as Player Blockers, Projectile Blockers, Vehicle Blockers, One Way Blockers, and Team Blockers in Halo Infinite. While this granularity has been extremely valuable, players have had to use multiple blocker objects to smooth out surfaces or add containment on their maps. With Season 4, we’ll be adding a new set of Universal Blockers which will block Players, Vehicles, and Projectiles. This new object type should help speed up a map’s polish phase while also reducing the budget overhead in those situations.


Minigame, a brand-new game mode in Halo Infinite, will allow creators to build modes from scratch. Much like Halo 5's Minigame mode, this mode contains no underlying game logic and gives Forgers complete control of making the mode they desire.
Along with Minigame’s release, we are excited to be introducing Generic Game Mode Objects to Forge. These objects are decoupled from any mode logic, meaning players will be able to place and script experiences without being tied to a particular mode. Want to capture a hill in a CTF game? Want to gain vampire traits whenever you hit someone with an Oddball in a Slayer match? Want to score points for hurling a ball through an Area Monitor in Last Spartan Standing? We've got you covered.
The three objects you'll have access to in Season 4 are:
  • Generic Capture Zone
  • Generic Skull
  • Generic Ball
New Generic Game Mode Objects displayed on Launch Site. [Imgur]
To complement the new mode and Forge objects, scripting via Node Graph will receive a few quality-of-life nodes to make common scripting tasks a little easier. Many of these nodes were requested by members of the Forge community and we were happy to get them included with the launch of Minigame.
In addition to the ~25 nodes associated with the Generic Game Mode objects, here are the new quality of life nodes being added to Node Graph:
  • “Get Object By Label” - Make Object Lists without using Object References
  • “Get Is Game Mode” - Run logic only in certain game modes
  • “Increment Number Variable” – An easier way to Get, Add, and Set advanced number variables
  • “Toggle Boolean Variable” – An easer way to Get, Branch, and Set advanced boolean variables
  • “Boolean NOT” - Negate a boolean variable. By popular demand.
  • “Global Custom Event, Async” – Run custom events asynchronously
  • “Stopwatch” nodes – the ability to create, start, pause, and reset timers from any point in script. Stopwatches will be able to trigger other scripts based on how much time has elapsed.
A screenshot showing off Spartans doing silly activities from popular Halo minigames. [Imgur]
All of these additions combined mean that when Season 4 launches, Forge will be able to build entirely new modes that combine multiple mode objectives into a single cohesive and entirely unique experience.

Budget Improvements

We’ve also heard the community feedback about wanting to have the various aspects of a map’s budget communicated effectively. We want to ensure creators can take full advantage of each system’s budget, understand it more clearly, and ultimately maximize Forge’s potential.
A screenshot of updated Forge Budget UI. [Imgur]
As seen in the image above, the new budget categories will be broken down as follows:

Global Simulation

  • The overall cost of entities networked by the game, including dynamic objects, projectiles, units, actions, etc.
  • Dev Note: Some global systems like Audio, Stats, and Player Networking will reserve simulation memory when the game starts so they always have bandwidth regardless of what's happening on the map.

Forge Simulation

  • The overall cost of Forge specific entities, including dynamic and static objects, prefabs, user strings, Node Graph elements, etc.

Object Limits

  • Dynamic
  • Total
  • Vehicles
  • FX Count
  • Reflection Volumes
  • Movers
    • Dev Note: These are specially marked objects that animate/move before all other objects and can have specialized physics interactions with players. Mover objects will be added to Forge in a future update.
  • Animations
  • Physics
  • Collision
  • Static
  • Total

Node Graph

  • Total: The total % of Node Graph content currently contributing to Simulation Memory.

Scripting Budget

  • Each script brain has limits on how many nodes and node connections it can contain. (128 Nodes, 512 connections)

Run Time Budget

The Run Time Budget, shown in Forge Play mode, will switch to showing the runtime budget that is the fullest at any given moment. When runtime budgets are exceeded, the engine stops creating more instances of that type of entity.
Run Time Budget Categories:
  • Navpoints
  • Objectives
  • Managed Objects (objects spawned during play but not part of the map, like weapons, equipment, grenades, etc.)

VFX Improvements

As hinted at in our recent Spartan Chatter episode with Forge Lead Designer, Michael Schorr, the VFX system will also see improvements.
In Season 4, VFX objects—such as placeable fires and explosions—will be able to be scaled to your desired size. These VFX objects are also getting two high-requested toggles to help ensure Forgers can use them in various ways. The new Damage and Audio output options for these VFX objects mean that they don’t always need to deal damage or play sound effects, that can now be determined directly by the map maker themselves.
VFX Scaling
A fire VFX object placed at default size on Deadlock. [Imgur]

Quality of Life Updates

We’ve also been working hard to bring additional quality of life (QoL) updates to your existing workflows. One update that will help players art up their maps even faster is that material changes will now affect all objects within a prefab. Previously, only the parent of the prefab would have its material changed, but now this bulk change should help convert a prefab into the desired look even faster.
Another QoL improvement is tied to the asset management side of Forge. Now, when saving a new version of a Forge map in the pause menu, players will be able to add a custom note for that version. This is extremely helpful for documenting changes made during a Forge session, especially when looking at a map’s version history. We expect this to help with personal projects as well as larger group efforts that have multiple collaborators.
Beyond these core additions, improvements, and quality of life updates though, there will also be many bug fixes coming with Season 4. Issues reported to the team via the Halo Support site are shared directly with the Forge team and prioritized based on severity and frequency. If you run into any issues, be sure to submit a ticket so that the team can investigate appropriately.
The full list of bug fixes will be provided in our Season 4 Patch Notes, which will be found at, when the update goes live on June 20.
Thank you for your continued support and constructive feedback on all things Forge. Please do not stop sharing your feature requests and bug reports (and everything in between) with us. We built this tool for you, and we want to make sure it’s something you can enjoy—whether you’re Forging or playing experiences created in Forge.
We’re excited to place all of these new and improved Forge tools in your hands shortly and we look forward to seeing what you can create in Season 4 on June 20.
This post was made by a script written and maintained by the Halo mod team to automatically post blogs from Halo Waypoint. If you notice any issues with the text output or think this was posted by mistake, please message the mods.
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2023.06.09 17:10 tkjwnz Why does Korea have such a ruthless bullying culture?

Korea has a viscous, wicked bullying culture. You would think it would stop after high school, but it gets progressively worse. People team up on a single person. occasionally it ranges from name calling to beatings.
But usually, the bullies here are smarter than that. They will do little things that chip away at you. They wait until you go to the restroom to go out for lunch or coffee, then go on to brag about how good lunch was in the company chat room. They put you down for your work out of jealousy. Maybe delete some of your work out of the shared folder.
They will attack your appearance, but not directly. Countless, non-stop passive aggressiveness, just to make your feel like shit.

What I'm curious about is, how did Korea become this way? What happened. How does a society become like this? How is this the norm?
I'm not talking about other countries. I want to know specifically about South Korea. How did this country's society become such a horrible place?

\One of my friends blames it on Korean Kings having to many jealous wives and the kids getting the jealous genes haha.)
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2023.06.09 17:10 pinkpink0430 Clark and Gabe are eliminated with 30.39% and 15.69% of the votes! Round 11

Clark and Gabe are eliminated with 30.39% and 15.69% of the votes! Round 11
ROUND 11! Battle of The Office characters
Clark is FINALLY gone! He has been in third place with a 1 vote difference for 4 or 5 rounds now. He has also received the highest percentage of votes of any round. Today is finally the day Dwight Jr. gets what he deserves. Scranton, Tallahassee, and this sub all don’t want Gabe anymore. Get out skeleton man!
Vote for your LEAST favorite character. It could be because they’re a bad person, you think they’re annoying, you don’t think their character adds to the storyline, etc. Since there’s so many characters I’m going to eliminate 2 per round for a bit.
‼️Link to the poll is in the comments‼️
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2023.06.09 17:10 Leriel GW2 on mac with Game Porting Toolkit

Hello Gamers!
Recently, apple released Game Porting Toolkit. It's a tool originally for to give game developers rough overview, how their windows game would run when ported to metal (apple graphics framework)
It is a robust extension of wine, which translates directx calls to metal. This means shortest possible translation path from directx to graphics which can be displayed on a mac.
Despite being somewhat hard and VERY long to set up, people have already managed to run lot of games which previously played very poor on mac, could not be ran at all, or could not be ran in dx12 mode. For a bigger list of games that grows daily, check macgaming subreddit.
I could not pass up a chance to see how Guild Wars 2 runs on apple silicon mac with it - and results were really really good! But i also recorded and uploaded videos so that you can see for yourself:
Elon riverlands (60-80 fps): Open world meta (not a meta boss but still a lot of players) (25-40 fps): Random open world places, incl mistlock: Medium scale wvw (25-50 fps): Wvw siege (20-40 fps): Urban battleground fractal (45-90 fps):
Some of them were recorded on power, while some on battery - info is included in each title All were recorded on a mac with m1 max, 10 core, 64gb ram, 32 gpu cores
To be able to use maploadinfo (or other params), i created a gw2.bat file next to gw2-64.exe, with contents:
"C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -maploadinfo
and ran game via:
gameportingtoolkit ~/my-game-prefix 'C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\gw2.bat'
for more info on how to set up this on a mac (ventura 13.4 or sonoma required), please see this indepth article:
For me it feels game runs very very smooth - it feels closest to what can be called "running native on a mac" and i'm sure short metal path is to thank for.
Downsides: * i was not able to run arcdps using gameportingtoolkit yet. With d3d11 (dll next to exe and d3d11 builtin,native override) game crashes. With dxgi (dll next to exe and dxgi override) the game either ignores it or crashes. So far i was only able to run arcdps with dx11 on wineskin (zero issues) and parallels (...i think. not super sure if it was dx11 or dx9). Crossover only back in the day with dx9 * general issue of fullscreen games on a mac - swiping mouse far enough to the edge which has dock (auto hide or not), shows dock. I have not researched this very much yet * minor graphical glitches - "strings" in mistlock and oddly looking grass in ebg. I have not raided in this version yet, but concerns for some more intricate effects like instadeath aoes, sh walls, deimos hands or samarog friends, are valid to be had * sometimes it takes 3-4 gameportingtoolkit runs to actually start the game * gw2launcher: i had high hopes for it (launches in crossover and wineskin, but is not able to actually launch game with "unable to move file" error) since i saw mentions of people having success with it under linux and gameportingtoolkit being in essence, much closer to wine than crossovewineskin (with their integrations like dxvk). It doesn't even start with gameportingtoolkit. Chances are, this is missing dotnet or other libraries issue, i have not researched this very much yet
cc zeemeerman2 Elthanyr
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2023.06.09 17:09 IenjoySpookies The Duck Army

The Duck Army
K so the idea is that in any place/building with lots of people in it regularly such as a mall or a school, tiny plastic ducks will just appear everywhere at a random time. Think of it as a stranger version of an easter egg hunt that can happen anytime. It's not a dangerous event, but the tiny plastic ducks are sentient and have a hive mind; they only want to confuse the masses and cause joy.
The image attached below is what the ducks would look like
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2023.06.09 17:09 Illustrious-Joke-421 Question re: significant others visiting the workplace

I’m not new to the service industry by and large, but fairly new to serving. What is the policy at your places of work having employees’ significant others sit in empty tables and occupy space without ordering anything or spending money on anything? I find it odd, distracting to the server, and just not a thing I would do. My ex is a flight attendant and the best part of our relationship was him being gone to work half the week. I don’t even like being overwhelmed with calls or texts while I’m working much less you occupying a space watching me shuck and jive for some spare change.
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2023.06.09 17:09 ceo_of_the_apes This guy forgot to change accounts...

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2023.06.09 17:09 KkthnxTV MetaGaming Oasis: Unleash Your Inner Gamer and Join the Ultimate Gaming Community!

Hey fellow gamers!
I'm thrilled to introduce you to the MetaGaming Oasis, a new and exciting gaming community that aims to create a welcoming and engaging space for gamers from all walks of life. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable gaming journey with like-minded individuals? Look no further!
🌟 Why MetaGaming Oasis?
As the founder of this community, I wanted to establish a place where gamers can come together to share their passion, connect with others, and create lasting memories. MetaGaming Oasis is built on the core values of inclusivity, positivity, and respect. It's a haven for gamers seeking a supportive environment, where we can celebrate our love for gaming without any toxicity.
🎮 Our Vision and Future:
Our vision for MetaGaming Oasis is to foster a thriving community that transcends borders and platforms. We're not just about gaming; we're about building meaningful connections, forging friendships, and embracing the diverse gaming experiences each individual brings to the table. Together, we'll explore the vast gaming universe, conquer new challenges, and create unforgettable memories.
✨ What We Offer:
Join us in shaping the future of MetaGaming Oasis! Together, we'll create a vibrant and thriving community that celebrates our shared love for gaming. Jump into our Discord server using the invite link below and become a part of this exciting journey:
Let's embark on this gaming adventure together, where friendship and fun await! See you in the MetaGaming Oasis!
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2023.06.09 17:09 No_Technology2485 Scared of angina at 23

Im 23 male,eastern european, 179 cm tall and 77kg weight. Stopped smoking after 5 years 4 months ago. EKG,blood work and echocardiogram are good. Currently waiting on 24h holter results. Diet is not perfect but its fine,rarely drink alcohol. I dont exercise but i do walk often. Grandfather has angina and has had it since he was 45. Blood pressure 117/77.
First time something alarming happened which caused me to check my heart was around 2 months ago i was carrying a bag of clothes to the place that i wash them and i decided to go on foot im a fairly fast walker so i guess you could call it a bit of exercise. At some point during my walk around 20minutes in i started having pain in my neck, specificaly the front of my neck a bit to the left side of my throat. It was a sharp pain but it wasn't unbearable so i kept walking,when i got to the place i couldn't seem to lower my heart rate it stayed higher for what seemed much longer that it should. I thought it was because of the still at that time cold weather where i live. Fast forward to a couple of days ago i was again going for a walk and around 15 minutes in I again get the same sharp front neck pain but now it hurts even more than i remember i slow down a bit and it goes away very quickly. I get a bit alarmed at this and have a checkup with my doctor. Ekg is fine, echocardiogram finds a small prolapse but fine,blood work fine. Currently waiting on holter results and waiting for a stress test schedule. While literally walking back from returning the holter at the hospital i get the same pain again,now even more strong than last time. And this time not only in the front of my neck but also my back slightly to the right but mostly in the center of my back. The pain doesn't spread it feels like im getting stabbed in both places and again i slowed down a bit and it went away in a minute but it was a very intense pain. It doesn't happen when im not physically active.
I am very concerned and its ruining my mood and my work as i cant stop thinking about it. How likely is it that i have angina at this age? It's almost impossible to get to a CT scan or something similar where i live in state hospitals as there are many people waiting on one, and private healthcare is extremely expensive and i dont have the money for it. What should i do?
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2023.06.09 17:09 Traditional_Milk_978 Waiting for possible labor!

At about 3:45 am last night started having insane contraction pains. Been consistent at 8-10 minutes between for almost 6 hours now. Called L&D and they want me to wait till they are closer to 5 minutes apart but this pain is quite severe and I have a high pain tolerance. Just had a membrane sweep Wednesday and I’m 39 weeks. Eating breakfast and continue to time then calling my doctor to see what she thinks but I think she will probably send me in. Guess I’m quite excited but what a long night and wait this has already been. Oh also finally lost all my mucus plug. Wasn’t sure but when it happens you definitely know it’s happened.
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2023.06.09 17:08 brsch123w Jaw Titan Crack Theory

Jaw Titan Crack Theory
The Jaw Titan will be very important in Falco delivering his last message for Eren and showing Mikasa memories which will cause the divergence.
I believe the Jaw Titan has a discrete memory transfer ability that we’ve actually seen twice already.
First happens when Historia is reading Ymir’s note and once she touches it in a certain way she receives Ymir’s memories. This could be dismissed easily if it weren’t for one more instance.
When Reiner is holding Eren down in the battle of shiganshina, Reiner attempts to help a hurt Porco and grabs him, once he touches Porco he see’s Porco’s memories.
Now in both of these instances Reiner and Historia obviously did not eat Porco or Ymir so there is no other obvious way they would get another person’s memories so I believe that the Jaw Titan could have an ability around memory transfer that hasn’t been discussed yet.
This makes massive sense for AOE and Falco as a popular theory now is 138 divergence, right before Mikasa goes for the kill she receives memories causing a different decision.
And what is Mikasa doing right before she goes for the kill? She is riding on Falco’s Jaw Titan, and of course Falco received anime only memories from Eren.
It is set up perfectly for Falco to use this ability and Falco give Mikasa the memories causing the divergence.
With the theme of Falco being the messenger plus the “Shock” visuals and lyrics it’s just set up too good but yeah what do y’all think.
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2023.06.09 17:08 jthomp72 Verizon Billing System Makes no Sense

So, I logged into my account to pay part of my bill today, and it says my account has been restricted to cash payments only. OK I had some issues with fraud on my debit card and a payment got returned. I’m not gonna argue about that, but right below that message is a button that says payment options. Click it, and I get all the same options as any other time. I can pay with my credit card debit card bank account all of that, so why in the world would the system ever say that I can only pay in cash at a store in the first place? No matter what I do. It’s going to let me pay online. I just don’t get how the system works. Anyone got any insights
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2023.06.09 17:08 ComprehensiveAd6383 Progress from Jan 15th To June 1st, 5 Month Transformation 130lb - 161lb Weight / 31 Pound Gain

Progress from Jan 15th To June 1st, 5 Month Transformation 130lb - 161lb Weight / 31 Pound Gain
Started going to gym since I was 16, now I am 24. Never been this consistent as I was in the last 5 months and 128 was the lowest weight I've ever been in years. Usually my weight average is 140, never went above 145 pounds. Changed a lot of things like eating , lifting techniques, workout splits but mainly consistency. Always was pretty cut, never had the size I wanted. For all you guys saying I'm a fake natty in the previous post, it's honestly a compliment at this point lol. But I'Il be upfront, to get to where I am now, wasn't just exactly 5 months. Like I said I've been working out since I was 15/16 and just wasn't consistent enough, but still had muscle. Even at the time of when I was 19 I was bigger than I was in the first pic of January. But I've been stuck at 140's for years now, and that the reason why is because of addiction, drug abuse. It was heavy, to the point I'd only eat once a day. I'd still go to gym here and there to maintain but that's about it. I had zero water in me and was totally malnourished. And then I dropped to 128 because of a 6 yr breakup. Mix that with drugs and you would get why I became tiny. I went cold Turkey on January the 5th, and went to the gym 3 days later and started back consistently with a different mindset. I came back stronger drug free, and no stress from my relationship, and came to prove. When you go thru things like that in life, the motivation is just next level. I Ate 3/4 plates and two smaller protein snacks a day which is 3 or 4 times what I usually ate in my first pic and also, went 6 times a week everyday since January. You could potentially gain more than you can think. I don't blame you guys for saying how it's not possible to gain that much weight and not much fat, even I am shocked. But only I know the mindset and motivation and mainly discipline I had behind the scenes. I don't ever remember me having fat anyways, so I never had a diet plan and just ate what I wanted. Only supplements I take is pre, creatine, and protein. Believe it or not guys but that's my short summary of how or why I pushed this hard to be here today. Hopefully it can motivate you guys regardless if you think I'm natty or not lol. I know majority of comments will be the same shit as my previous post, but hey I’ll just say that this is totally achievable for some that have the right mindset and strategy. People need to understand everyone is different and is made of different genetics.
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2023.06.09 17:08 Few_Future_2894 me (m16) and gf (f16) are having a scare

About a week ago, me and my girlfriend saw the new spider-man movie (which was really good), and then on the car ride home, decided that we wanted to take our relationship a step further and that we were finally ready to have sex. Under normal circumstances this would’ve been great and I’d be still amazed that it even happened in the first place. But, the problem comes when we didn’t use any protection at all. No condom, no pill, nothing. The good thing is that I didn’t finish in her, and that it didn’t go all the way in, but there was some pre and I’m terrified that it could’ve gotten her pregnant. I did some research and apparently theres a very low chance of her actually having a kid in the future, as well as the fact that I swim competitively, so my leftovers would’ve been completely gone by the time I put it in, but I’m still paranoid even after trying to convince myself that nothing happened. I talked to her about it and she said her period isn’t gonna come until around mid June, since it was mid May last month, but until then I’m gonna be scared out of my mind. We had conversations about this multiple times since we did it, but both of us still have that sinking feeling and we both aren’t ready for a kid at all. I start working next month, and so if she does get pregnant i’ve already prepared myself and looked up birth control or abortion methods so that it both never scares us again or so that we can stop our worries if it does happen. No matter what happens, I’m still gonna stay by her side because I know that she’s the person I want to be with forever. Also, side note, her parents are asian and I’m reallllyyyyyyy fucked if anything does happen.
TLDR, I did it raw with my girlfriend and now im scared shitless
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2023.06.09 17:08 fathervivianoblivian come pick me up

last tuesday, ryan and the cardinals played in memphis. great show. a few times throughout the performance, people would yell out names of ryan’s solo songs to which he would respond, “i’m sorry ryan couldn’t be here tonight but the cardinals are here!” nice fun banter.
in the middle of the set, someone screamed out, “come pick me up!” at first ryan jokes, “my porsche is in the shop so i can’t pick anyone up tonight.” but the person kept yelling it. ryan didn’t get upset but he did get serious for a moment.
he asked the crowd, “know why i play that song last? because i just have to get through it. that song goes against all of my sobriety and way of living. it’s full of hopelessness and that’s not what my life is about anymore so that’s why i play it last to just get it over with. my brother died from it and i’ve lost friends and family from it and i’m not about that anymore so no i’m not gonna play the song. music is a safe place and full of hope for me and this place is my church.”
as the audience cheered louder than ever, the cardinals ripped into “magick” which was so badass.
but it’s really made me rethink that song. his presence at the show was so positive and hopeful and in the moment and full of joy. i’m glad he’s found a way back to play music for himself and for those who love it. i hope that hopelessness doesn’t return.
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2023.06.09 17:08 sleeping-pug Dog groomer

I have two pugs. They are the stereotypical don’t touch my toes pugs.
I’m looking for a groomer who isn’t in a super busy spot -so no vet clinic, doggy daycare or boarding places -that is used to unhappy pugs. We have had some very bad experiences, including a groomer who didn’t have a hold on him and he fell off the table, and a few who made them both bleed.
Our favourite groomer moved to BC and our next groomer retired. It takes a couple of visits for my girl to be less vocal and for my dude to not squirm as much.
Any suggestions? We are in the south end of Cambridge but I’m willing to drive within half an hour. Ugh.
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2023.06.09 17:08 violetttxox Associate Discount

So… officially… what are the rules to it? I know 35% off wawa items, 50% off fit to fly, our employee price items, free shortie per shift, yada yada- and can be used 15 minutes prior, during or after a shift ends..
…but what’s the actual technicality to it… Would one get fired for purchasing a employee priced mac and cheese in the 15 minute prior to a shift…but proceeding to give it to someone(like their parent/child/sibling) before clocking in.
Is there a difference between that 15 min prior vs being the one physically taking the food home end of shift?
Does it really just depend on who the MOD is?
I just want to know what’s actually OK per wawa standards and not just one MOD is cool with it while one isn’t.
I was told that the “max” discount per associate is supposed to be 3… but my store manager doesn’t really care as long as you aren’t flat out abusing it- however a lower rank manager does enforce it when they work.
I just want the official knowledge to cover myself… I don’t wanna get fired over sending home chicken strips for my kiddo, or thanking a sibling for a ride with a mac, ya know?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 17:08 presumptious-gurll Ferber Method

Hello, All! My baby is 7 months old (6 months adjusted) and the way bedtime & naps are working is just not sustainable for us. Baby has 2/3 wake ups before settling for the night and still wakes up 2 more times. I have a couple questions:
  1. If baby still wakes up to eat at night, do we still follow that schedule? Like when it’s time to eat, do we feed and then go back to doing the check ins/intervals?
  2. If baby is awake, but not crying do you still do the check ins? Or do you wait until they cry?
  3. How long do I stay per check in?
  4. What are your nap schedules for your 6 month old?
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2023.06.09 17:08 psyduckgal17 Renting in SQ1 area

Hey guys!
I was wondering when you think the M3 condos will be completed and how much you think a 1B+1BR will cost to live in those units?
Also, do you think it's competitive with finding a place to rent in those M City condos? I currently live in the condos next door to the M1 and M2 buildings. I looked up online to find the cost to rent these units and for a 1 B+1BR it roughly goes for $2200-$2400 in which I was expecting to be over $2500+.
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2023.06.09 17:08 Brynnasred My family reunion is a week away and I'm going haywire

You can read my earlier posts for more in-depth info but to summarize quickly. 1. Abused by my neighbor for years. 2. Got into a boarding school and moved away. 3. Met a guy I initially thought was decent who was ok with my talking about and sometimes sexualizing my trauma. Eventually he became a very bad guy who REALLY got off on my trauma past. 4. My family had no idea and sent my younger cousin to live with this guy (by then my husband) to divert her from trouble. Instead my husband started to use/abuse her and coerce her and I into activities together for his enjoyment. 5. She got away. Eventually I did too. We haven't seen each other since. 6. I have a family reunion next week and it'll be the first time we've seen each other in years. 7. It is activating me all over the place, including, especially, my hypersexuality.
DISCLAIMER TO PERVERTED MEN: My hypersexuality doesn't involve men anymore. Please don't think you can message me to get off.
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2023.06.09 17:08 sadappearances What's the best way to gear up for first capstone into Tier 3?

I'm runnin some crappy items, I do ok mind you, tier 1 I can kill groups of mobs pretty simple and honestly do ok in some places tier 2, bosses just take a while but can kill no problem with slow hydra burn and bursts then me dodging everywhere. Just can't seem to find any decent upgrades. I tried the capstone to move on and I was able to kill mobs but holy crap they are armored to the teeth and slow kills for me.
Now I'm just doing whisper stuff, dungeons and all that (when I have time with a super demanding 3 year old lol), so is that pretty much it? Dungeons/side quests and hope for upgrades/gather aspects and such? Just was wondering the best thing to do :) Playing a Sorc, double hydras and big aoe dmg/pretty strong burst with the Inferno ultimate ... enjoy it a lot but I'm assuming it's awful going forward. Thought about firewall stuff cause ice shards just seems so booorrring. Anyhoo, thanks for any insights or best places to look site wise for next steps so I dont go googling random crap and finding nuttin.
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