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2023.06.09 15:54 stupiddepressedfuck It's almost like I never learn!

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2023.06.09 15:53 hairoidz 💀 🐱 BOUNCE final stages… Next phase ANXIETY & FEAR 😰(House Price Falls To Resume🏡)

Many homeowners are about to try to sell out VERY SOON.
The pressure to get out before the ship sinks is very REAL.
We are in the morning session of the second day of a 5 day test.
Remember these full cycles take years to play out.
People now finally realise that INTEREST RATES WONT BE CUT ANYTIME SOON.
Rates will be much higher for much longer.
People know they just can’t hold on any more.
With mass job cuts and recession incoming, things are only going to get MUCH WORSE.
AI is also taking jobs at an unprecedented rate. I previously hired 3 freelancers to do 3 seperate jobs that I can now do better, by myself using chat GPT, Midjourney and other tools.
Maybe those who sell soon will come out relatively unscathed and can start again debt free.
There is no shame in that.
Many are realising that they seriously over leveraged and it is time to drop their ego and sell up.
They have sold their JetSki’s, boats and cars, but it is not enough. The hospitality /retail workers who used mum and dad as guarantors for 1.5million dollar loans are more common than many think.
Mum and dad are pressuring them to sell, so they don’t go down with the sinking ship too.
A hive mind is spreading through homeowners nationwide “Quick let’s sell while those sheeples dialled into mainstream media still think property is booming and are buying in on FOMO”
This mass feaanxiety mindset is spreading fast.
Smart investors are getting out NOW.
They know the normal spring selling season will add an abundance of supply in itself to start the snowball to roll down the hill. This could turn into an avalanche as the recession takes hold.
People about to face the mortgage cliff know they MUST GET OUT NOW, before they go down with the sinking ship too.
Migrants won’t be saving the market. Many are heading back home and telling their loved ones not to come over due to the cost of living. Inflation remains rampant and will for years to come.
The rental issue is isolated to the big cities and won’t save the broader market. Here on the coast there is an abundance of rentals. No rental shortage here. House prices have been flat for months. No spike here.
Time for prices to resume their downward trajectory…..
How low will they go?
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2023.06.09 15:53 Secret-Platypus-366 Constantly dreaming about throwing temper tantrums

2 to 3 times a week I have a dream that someone (usually one of my parents) tells me something like "You eat too much" or "we're changing our dinner reservation time" or "you can't keep your guitars in our bonus room" and I just freak out. In the dream I'll we swearing at them, yelling, throwing my belongings, destroying their house, pulling at my hair, and just generally having a total meltdown over a mild inconvenience or slightly annoying comment.
What's weird about it is that I never had temper tantrums as a kid and I don't act like that as an adult. I don't live with my parents, and while I visit them often, they don't really ever make me mad. They're very nice and supportive.
I have gotten really upset before, but not anywhere near the degree it happens in my dreams. And in real life, I only ever get angry due to issues that are highly stress-inducing or upsetting. Like the last time I yelled or threw shit was right after I got laid off of my last job and got frustrated with unemployment stuff. But that was months ago, and I have another job, so it's not exactly top of mind for me.
These dreams have been going on for about 2 years. Any idea what they could mean?
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2023.06.09 15:50 salthin MEMORY RECORD - When Good Men Go To War

I hope you all enjoy this one! Got a lot of these hanging around in my writing folder ready to be proofread and published.
The following record has been altered for mortal consumption.
General Richard sighed deeply as he sat in the council chamber. This was all too much. He could see the Xol representative across the chamber, talking in hushed tones with another Xol. Ashley sat beside him, arms crossed. After everything he'd heard about her, she seemed a normal person, even if she was a bit awkward. Her umbra was tight against her skin, and almost translucent. He knew from her tutoring that it's weakness was a trick.
Silva Wrassack, a Sage of Law, sat to his right. Her face was impartial, as always.
Soon, all of the representatives arrived.
"Attention all sapient races." A voice called out. "We are gathered here today to address a grievance by the United Republic of Terra, against the Xol Khanate."
Richard straightened his tie.
"The Council held a remote motion to hear the grievance, and the motion was accepted. Representative from the United Republic of Terra, you have the floor."
General Richard cleared his throat, and then spoke. "Peoples of the council, I am General Richard Hammond. With me is Ashley, the Apostle of our home star, Sol, and a Sage of Law, Silva Wrassack."
Murmurs ran through the chamber. God, Richard hated talking in front of politicians.
"Before I voice the Republic's grievance, I would like to extend a hand of friendship and peace to those around us. I am a General, indeed, but in Human culture, if there is peace, I am doing my job correctly. For background to those of you who who do not know of the Republic, we are a republican representative-democracy of Humans. Humans are a bipedal, warm-blooded, hunter-scavenger, omnivorous mammal species. We typically make decisions based on both emotion and logic. Humans have a lifespan of 110-130 years with our current medical technology, and we reach adulthood by approximately age 17, and reach full maturity at approximately age 26. We sometimes alter our bodies with cybernetics, but typically only for increased access to information and to enhance our social opportunities."
He saw nods and more murmurs across the chamber.
"Sadly, the Republic is here as a matter of conflict. We are here to file a grievance against the Xol Khanate." He gestured to Silva for her to continue. Better to let the Lawyer do her job.
Silva spoke up. "We accuse the Xol Khanate of the enslavement of our sovereign citizens, and the occupation of Pre-FTL Republic-colonized systems. We demand our systems be left, and our people freed and returned to us. We are open to negotiation, but our demand of our people's freedom is nonnegotiable."
The murmuring turned into a cacophony.
The arbiter managed to calm things down for the moment.
"Representative Jir'lan of the Xol Khanate, the integrity of the Xol Khanate has been questioned. The United Republic of Terra claims you have claimed their citizens as part of your workforce. What say you against this claim?"
The Xol representative, apparently named Jir'lan, spoke after a moment. "It surprises the Xol Kahnate that the United Republic of Terra exists in the first place. Our contracted workforces are second to none in the galaxy, as most of you know, and were any humans to be among them, they would be the rightful residential contracted workers of the Xol Khanate, and would not be citizens of this Terran Republic. How a human would end up outside of an FTL-isolated system is beyond me. I motion to table this discussion, and move on to more important matters."
The arbiter let out noise of boredom. "Motion to table, any objections?"
Sage Silva raised her hand. "We have an objection. How may I address you, arbiter?"
"Your objection is heard. You may address me as simply Arbiter."
"Understood, Arbiter. Our objection is as follows: when the human race finally united as one nation more than two thousand years ago, we sent out generation ships as an act of unity. The residents of those ships were Republic citizens, as were their children, and their children's children, and so on. When they arrived at their destination systems, those systems and the colonized planets became Republic territory. At the time, we did not know of the sapience of stars, but those stars would today be allowed to become Republic citizens themselves, or negotiate terms for colonization."
"Objection heard. For clarification, please define the function of a generation ship."
"Oh, I see." Silva said. Richard was surprised the concept was foreign. Silva continued. "A generation ship is a type of exploration and colonization vessel that travels at sublight relativistic speeds. As per the name, the crew of the ship is a pre-designed and regulated society that lives and dies aboard the ship, until it reaches it's destination system."
Murmurs began to echo as the sage explained the concept. Was it really that crazy?
"Understood. Any responses to the objection?" The Arbiter spoke. A distant hand was raised.
"Representative Glagnon of the Firma Federation, what is your response?"
The gruff looking alien spoke up. "How many of these generation ships have you fielded?"
Silva nodded as the arbiter gestured to her to respond. "Thirteen. Each vessel holds approximately 1.2 million people."
"Response heard. Any other responses?"
Another alien spoke. "What is the United Republic of Terra's policies on indentured servitude?"
Silva cleared her throat. "In the Terran Republic, Involuntary servitude under any circumstances, by any means of coercion, is illegal and will result in life imprisonment and the dissolution of any organized group or corporation found culpable by a random jury of their peers and a Judge."
The murmurs rebounded as Silva explained. Richard didn't have much hope for this dialogue anymore. It was clear that slavery was commonplace.
"For the record, extreme cases of systematic exploitation can result in a death penalty."
"Outrageous!" An alien shouted. The murmurs turned into roars.
"SILENCE!" The Arbiter declared. "Order shall return to this chamber. Are there any objections to the objection raised by the United Republic?"
Jir'lan spoke. "The Xol Khanate objects. Any humans or generation ships which have entered territory are ours by right of appropriation under Article 76392-Kit."
"Objection, Arbiter." Silva said, "The Terran Rep-"
"Silence. Provisional Attendees of this council are only allotted one objection for every motion. Speak again and you will be arrested for contempt."
Richard could barely hold in his rage. What kind of council was this?
"Any objections?" The Arbiter asked the chamber. Silence rang.
"Objection resolved. The motion to table this discussion passes, and the motion to question integrity fails."
Richard sighed. Of course it would come to this. He then heard a message in his communicator. The Central Congress just voted. He took a deep breath.
"Arbiter, I wish to comment."
"Granted, though no new objections are allowed."
"Of course, Arbiter." Richard said, a shiver running down his back in disgust. "Members of this council. I want to reiterate the Terran Republic's extended hand of friendship. However, it disappoints me greatly that this galactic council of supposedly intelligent beings refuse to do anything about this injustice. Our citizens and systems have been taken from under our nose by a law that we never agreed to follow, nor that we knew existed. I have been in contact with the Central Congress of the United Republic of Terra during this discussion. Fourty-Eight seconds ago, in a monumental unanimous decision, all 18019 members of the Central Congress, under guidance of the Grand Council of Sages, voted to declare a war of liberation on the Xol Khanate. "
Roars filled the chamber. The face of Jir'lan turned from surprise to both anger and humor. The sly shithead thought this was funny!
"SILENCE." The arbiter thundered, bringing the wining to an end. "A motion to declare war under the galactic rules of conflict has been raised."
Richard couldn't hold himself in. He laughed.
"You misunderstand, arbiter. There is no motion. We are not asking for approval. We will not be pushed around by the hubris of this council who thinks themselves better than their peers, and thinks the rights of individuals are an afterthought. We will follow our own rules of conflict, which we will deliver to this council and the Xol Khanate momentarily." he said. "We will take our leave. After all, I am a general. It is time to do my job. To the Xol Khanate, we heavily recommend you start removing your non-military population from your military centers and emplacements. We do not like killing civilians."
The door behind Richard locked.
"You will not leave. It is not our hubris, but yours, to presume this is your decision, or that you are equal to anyone else. Speak again and you will be detained." The arbiter said.
Ashley stood up, and spoken for the first time. "Respectfully, Arbiter, you can go chuck yourself, your mate, your extended family, and your firstborn in an incinerator."
Outrage ran through the council chambers, the Arbiter's face twisted to disgust and anger. Ashley turned to the locked door. Richard saw Ashley's umbra flared up in a rainbow of colored tentacles, and the door simply crumpled. His umbra control couldn't compare, even though Sol and Ashley had been directly tutoring him for weeks now.
"Security, detain them." The arbiter spoke.
Richard opened his briefcase. He flipped open the hidden panel and pulled out his issued PDW. Ashley took a deep breath.
They bolted down the hallway. Armored aliens rounded the corner and held out weapons.
"Let us pass if you value your lives. We have no quarrel with you. Raise your graspers above your head and drop your weapons." Richard said, pointing his weapon back. "Don't make me do this."
The guards took a step forward.
Richard opened fire, the bullets cracking the air. Two guards fell, and one more stumbled. Their shiny armor was cracked and split, a single hole in each. Not designed against kinetics, he guessed. He turned his gun on the remaining guards, but a flare of burning light filled his vision before he could do much else.
The rest of the guards became charred husks on the ground. Ashley's eyes burned with an orange light, the wispy flame in her hand dying out. She held the hand out, and Richard took it.
He spoke into his communicator. "Detonate the ship, according to plan A2." He heard a distant rumble as the plastic explosives vaporized any hint of Terran data or technology.
Ashley pulled him close, then her umbra yanked them through the metal corridors. They shot through the hallways towards the emergency exits.
"Gonna be a rough ride home, General." She said as the white, gold, and chrome hallways sped past them.
"That's fine. Always wanted to see those floes and swells you keep talking about with my own eyes, anyway."
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2023.06.09 15:47 PeacefulProtest69 My (23M) GF (23F) wants to move farther west to make super commuting easier for an airline. I'm already far from my family out east. Is there a fair way to work this out?

Some background: We've been dating now for around 2 years. I graduated college at 22 and moved from State A to State B (11 hour drive, no family there for either of us). I got a job there to pair with her job as a flight attendant at that city's major airline hub. She grew homesick and wanted to move closer to family after about a year, so I spoke with my boss and was able to work out a remote work arrangement for the same office - I've been with that company since May 2022 and working remote since April, upon which time we moved in with her parents back in the same metro we grew up. Note that while her family is right here on the west side, my family and friends are all 1 hr+ away on the east side (60-70 miles) so it's been difficult to see them aside from weekends. I've already missed out on a lot I would have typically done with my friends.
Now, 2 people on my team of 5 either "resigned" or were outright terminated. While I don't think my job is in jeopardy and my managers have corroborated as such, I'm trying to keep my options open. One of those ways I want to keep my options open is to stay relatively close to the major city in our region. Well, with her airline's policy on commuting, long story short it's made more sense for her to drive to the next major city (currently around 2:05 drive away) instead of flying standby out of our airport to get to work (35 min drive + airport + flight time).With lower seniority in this base as compared to the old one in State B, super commuting has made her super cranky and she takes it out on me. She admits as such but instead of apologizing, she simply excuses it as normal. The solution, in her view, is to not only move closer to that airport but to BUY A HOUSE closer to that airport. One town she mentioned is still 1:53 away. Now, I'd possibly be willing to rent there, but I don't want to live my whole life in a place so far away from my friends and family. Where we are living currently is bad enough - an amicable compromise to both of us in that regard would be to live a little farther east so that we're 35-45 mins from both of our families and friends. To boot, I'd be closer to the city in the event should I need to commute to a new job's office, up to 5 days a week - I would not have the same luxury in the town she spoke about. I work in a sales-driven, high turnover industry to begin with.
Last night I finally lashed out on her a bit but I was finding her nitpicking about every little thing and taking things out on me I didn't deserve and frankly I let it go on too long. I know for a fact I communicated my boundaries politely several times, but she kept pushing. After moving to and from State B, one of the selling points that finally got me on board for the return trip was that we could be closer to family. Well, I can't if she wants to move. And I have no interest in being marooned on an island with someone who - even when she's only at home ~50% of the week - has a pattern of treating me this way when work is stressful or she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. My hope is that she gains seniority to aid in scheduling favorable trips, or the airline changes their policy to guarantee commuters a seat on a flight (which was the policy up until this year - it could realistically revert to what it was). Until either of those things ease up, I'd entertain the idea of RENTING closer to where she wants but I absolutely do not want to be there long term.I feel like I've sacrificed a ton already in the couple years we've been dating, but it feels like she just keeps taking.
tl;dr: Gf wants to move farther west to be closer to super commute, my family is way east. Moved to and from State B (11 hr drive one way) on her whims in the time we've been dating, and the major reason we came back is to be closer to friends & family. Currently working remote but there's been a lot of turnover there and the majority of job opportunities will be farther east toward the city center, not west. Looking for advice for the fairest compromise or anything else that can be offered. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:47 rtanada A not-so-bad early game being dragged on into 20 minutes of relative stagnancy, ending up in the enemy team in a very comfortable spot to own our asses.

I hope I described this game (, me being Rubick) quite well. I decided to do some support as a change since I recognized I've fared better in the position as of recent, compare to core roles in general.
But even then, this role, especially pos 4 as I ended up as, seems to carry the burden of leading the charge for the team, and I am perhaps not the best tool for this job; the job commonly associated to pro team captains and IGLs everywhere.
Maybe the call could go went and cost the whole team? Maybe I would choose the wrong objectives for the team?
I thought if everyone had been more aggressive, it would have gone the other way. But then, what else I could have done?
If I could say, though, maybe it could just be the glory of me ramming Turbo with this beast of a hero going over my head, not knowing that the practicality will be pretty much diminished in "real" games, especially ranked CrusadeGuardian.
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2023.06.09 15:47 ClassicCampaign3977 Boss taking money from staff.

I’m a server at a restaurant and recently the owner said the food waste was unaccounted for. He blames us (the staff) and says we must have been taking food without making tickets. The cooks DO NOT give the waitstaff anything without a ticket btw. Anyways to cover his food cost for his restaurant he decided to force each of the staff to pay $5 dollars everyday they work to cover food. (This will pay for one shift meal a day) here’s the issue, I don’t eat at my job. This was made clear to the owner that not all staff eats there and his reply was “too bad” everyone pays if they eat or not. I never signed anything consenting to this, nobody has. When my manager confronted him again about how it was unfair to make certain staff pay he threw a fit and threatened to fire all of us and lock the doors for good. Is this legal?
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2023.06.09 15:46 jbm33 Basement Underpinning & Renovation

For anyone who has done an underpinning and renovation of their basement, do you recommend using a general contractor or simply managing the various trades yourself? The big thing I am worried about is working with an architect/engineer and underpinning company who suggest where the plumbing and layout should go, only to then work with other trades or contractors afterward who disagree with the design/layout and it complicates things. I would love to hear some of your experiences with this type of job.
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2023.06.09 15:44 unclechad Looking ahead to the draft...

Before the combine and draft chatter, who do we think will be the steal of the draft. (outside of Wemby)
Cam Whitmore is my pick to be the best of the bunch. Watched him a lot in the Big East and buddy will be a very good pro.
Freshman at 6'7 230lbs.
Decent long ball shooter, shot well from the field in general, averaged 12.5 pts a game, 5 boards a game, and a 1.4 steal average. Needs to improve his free throw shooting and his consistency from deep, but I think on an NBA team with other pro players that defenses have to respect he will thrive.
I know its not really a hot take, and thats not what Im looking for, just guys who you legit think will translate.
Bookmark for future roasting or recognition.
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2023.06.09 15:44 MitchTJones Technical scheduling when I have a stressful week at my current job coming up

Hi everyone,
I've been interviewing at a few new job prospects because my current start-up job is having funding troubles and starting to cut time to save money. The market's been rough, but I just had an excellent first-screening with a company that I'd be over the moon to work for yesterday, so I really want to nail the next step (technical screening) and really don't want to end up losing out on this opportunity.
I did well getting my BS at a prestigious school, so I have good fundamentals, but it's been a while since I practiced algo/leetcode stuff, and I have a particularly stressful week coming up at my current job. I want to give myself enough time to prepare & practice so I can go into this next step as confidently as possible, but I'm worried that, if I drag my feet too much, the hiring team could move on without me.
Is this a valid concern? Do hiring managers/teams generally try to wait to make sure every candidate's been screened before filling the role? The hiring manager I spoke to seemed really chill and didn't make it seem like the job has to be filled urgently, but it is a (mid-sized) start-up so they're definitely fast-paced in general.
Ideally, it'd be great to get this big week out of the way, get some LC practice in on the side, and do the technical screening the Monday after next; is that waiting too long? Am I overthinking all of this?
Thanks for any advice - I'm really not used to this whole process and, with the market the way it is, I want to make sure I'm giving myself every opportunity to present myself as well as possible.
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2023.06.09 15:42 saj08c ‘24 Residency location idea: Spirit of Suwannee park in North Florida

‘24 Residency location idea: Spirit of Suwannee park in North Florida
So, I realize this is jumping the gun a a bit. But considering how well the Caverns went, I think it’s safe to speculate that residencies may become their thing in the US moving forward.
I thought it might be fun to begin highlighting some cool potential residency locations and maybe eventually even forward the favorites to the band.
First up — the Spirit of Suwannee music park in Northern Florida… We’ve done rocks and caves, let’s add Swamps…
About 4 hours driving from Atlanta, 1-1:30 from Jacksonville, and about 3 hours from Tampa or Orlando. So decent airport access.
One of the more popular Southeast or East coast festival venues for sure. It has hosted many camping festivals over the last 20 years: Bearcreek, Aura, Wannee, and more recently Hulaween. It has a very large capacity, much more than a Gizz residency or fest would require.
Excellent campgrounds that are mostly wooded, with lots of tree coverage which means hammocks everywhere (shade was non-existent at Caverns and most festivals in general).
It also has nearby river access within walking distance from the campgrounds where you can swim and chill.
The park features a nice swampy lake covered in cypress trees and lots of hanging Spanish moss which give it a unique feel.
The park has an intimate amphitheater surrounded by trees and a larger open field for a main stage type set-up.
I know it’s Florida, which can be a tough sell at the moment, but up north it’s regionally pretty similar to GA or TN. Overall a great camping situation and another unique location for spending a weekend.
What do you all think?
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2023.06.09 15:41 Dangerous_Drawer_536 Need Advice: Would An MSRE Be Good For My Situation?

I was admitted into Gtowns MSRE program. I currently work in Development as an Analyst. My firm is the in-house developer for a massive general contractor (think Gilbane, Turner, etc.). We mainly specialize in infrastructure projects. Some projects I've worked on consist of airports, arenas, affordable housing, student housing.
I want to transition into private development away from public. Also I currently work in a midwest office in a Tier 2/3 city. I'd also like to move to DC anyway as my firms HQ is located there and the majority of my college friends are on the east coast.
Given that I'm already in development and want to transition into a different asset type + move to a more prominent east coast city, does going to Gtown sound like a good idea? I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to transition from infra to commercial dev, but thought an MSRE might expedite the transition??
Also, I would have to take out a loan of ~20k for what it's worth.
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.09 15:39 Tigrannes The word "candidate" has its origins in ancient Rome. It comes from the Latin word "candidatus," which was used to describe someone who wore a white toga, known as a "toga candida," during their campaign for political office. The toga was whitened with chalk to symbolize purity and integrity. [lng]

The word
The term "candidatus" itself was derived from the Latin word "candidus," meaning "white." It was used in the context of elections because those seeking political positions would often wear this special white toga to distinguish themselves from the general public.
Over time, the meaning of "candidate" expanded beyond its original use in Roman elections. It came to refer to any individual who aspires to or is being considered for a position or honor, not just in politics but also in various other contexts such as job applications, academic admissions, or membership in organizations.
Today, the term "candidate" typically refers to someone who is seeking election or appointment to a specific role, position, or office, and it has become a widely recognized term in political and non-political spheres alike.
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2023.06.09 15:38 Double_Nothing_2908 Aussies! 🇦🇺

Having had a thorough read through this amazing group over the last few weeks! (Seriously addicted + loving all the posts! Even the rants … ESPECIALLY the rants if I’m honest!)
I’m curious, a lot of posts are from the U.S + U.K, so I’m intrigued to know… how different (if at all) are the Aussie Aldi stores run? I feel like we, or atleast I like to believe we have a generally well regarded retail sector and have it a tad more cushy in terms of store hours & workload due to our employment rights.
But do we? I’m a manager at the big red supermarket in Australia + am looking at a transfer / job change.
But I’m now wondering, what are Aussie Aldi’s like in terms of team size per store, daily routine, store sales in general (since I know Coles and Woolies are generally larger format stores - the one I work at is a 1.1 Million a week store + yet my grocery team - just plain old grocery … consists of 23 people, and we have 108 team members store wide) and how big are the daily loads from produce / dry goods / chiller etc. & what is the scan rate in Aussie Aldi’s ? Are they as enforced as they are in the U.K + U.S ?
I love hard work and strive on it, as weird as it sounds … I always feel good when I go home and feel a little exhausted after a long day because I walk away with this sense of accomplishment - so it’s not the hard work bit that gets me, it’s more so the not knowing how Aldi here operates. It’s so unfamiliar to me, and I’m genuinely intrigued and interested to know more.
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2023.06.09 15:37 Scraps20 Is this a good salary for me at 25?

Hey everyone, I am in the process of separating from the military and was lucky enough to sign my first job offer a couple of weeks ago. The job offered me $71k for an analyst position. The job is in a pretty pricey area on the East Coast so I’m going to have to live pretty cheap if I want some money to play with.
My question is whether if that’s a good starting salary? I am only 25 and have 6 years of experience, I also don’t have a degree yet.
I am just grateful to get my foot in the door after applying to 100+ positions, but this is also my first real ‘professional’ job after the military so I am just trying to get back to a civilian mindset, thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:35 Elorie Reddit Protest - r/DatingOverThirty is participating

Cheers DOT folks.
The mod team has been discussing the upcoming Reddit protest all week, and as several of you have requested updates via ModMail, we thought we'd share our decision with the community. We wanted to discuss these matters internally ourselves first, to make sure we were on the same page before we made any sort of announcement.
TL/DR: DOT goes private from June 12th through 14th. Mods on vacation. Mayhem ensues.
By now I suspect most have heard about the open letter and API pricing. Even if it doesn't affect you directly, it will impact many of the ways Reddit currently functions. If you are not sure what this even is, I direct you to some folks who explain it far better than I could. In an easy way to understand, this is what API is and why this is change is a problem. AskHistorians explains in detail why so many Mods are upset, disillusioned and/or angry, in the wake of the Admin announcement.
To a lot of people, the API changes are not a big deal and might not be noticed. If you use the official app and it works for you, that’s great. You may not have known that third party apps existed, or why people prefer them. Some of our Mod team do use third party apps, both for casual browsing and for moderation. Others don’t. For us, this is not just about our personal preferences; it is about standing in opposition to ableism and making sure others have a voice.
Latest updates
If you’re thinking "These apps make a profit, so they should share some with Reddit," we absolutely agree! The issue many users have is the prices. It's near 10-20x more than similar services which means these apps will have to shut down. Apollo has been the scapegoat in some ways, but Narwhal, Relay, RIF, BaconReader, Boost and Slide have all issued statements that they are shutting down.
Before you ask “why can’t they just run ads to cover costs”, Reddit has decided this will not be an option. Even if a third party app manages to survive July 1st through a subscription based model alone, those apps will not have all the same content as the Official App. Namely, despite paying for the privilege of having a choice, NSFW content will be unavailable and invisible to those users.
Most mods use third party apps because the tools are light years better, and we're not swamped with ads. Despite the hate mail we get, us mods generally don't live in your mom's basement but have full time jobs, families and mod on our lunch breaks, after hours or other free time. We do this work because we care about the community. The switch forcing moderators to use the official app would slow down moderation and force more of the work to happen on desktop. That means your posts and comments will sit in queue unseen longer, it will take longer to get back to modmails, and harmful/illegal content or users may remain visible and unbanned for longer. In discussions with other mods, these changes will probably cripple most NSFW content on the website. On a third party app, we can accomplish in two clicks what would take the Official App five. Though Reddit has made strides in improving them, there is a long way to go. Even with uBlockOrigin and my mobile browser it's tough to mod. Plus you should be aware that Reddit has already been testing functions which eliminate mobile web browsing, and there is no guarantee that your preferred method of using Reddit won’t be next. (Where my Old Reddit fans at?)
Some people cannot use the official apps. Blind users especially (but others who need accessibility features) may not be able to access Reddit have challenges. For blind moderators, it can be difficult to impossible to find the moderation functions necessary, as well any layouts customizations necessary. This is the gap third party apps have happily stepped in to fill, and lived in harmony for years this way. These changes will also significantly impact volunteer run transcription subreddits, which allow visually impaired Redditors to read text images, and receive descriptions of visual content such as videos and images. These volunteers are indispensable to the blind community, because Reddit is the only social media website with no support for alternative text (though they may be working on that). Remember, NSFW content will be unavailable to regular users on third party apps, and yes, disabled people like porn too!
(NB: as of publishing this post - there is an article out on Verge from yesterday the that says Reddit will be making exceptions in the API policy for accessibility users, but no details yet. )
For many of us third party apps are just an option, but for some they are a necessity. We are of the opinion that pricing these apps out of existence before Reddit has a solution is passive discrimination. While there is much speculation why Reddit wants to take away the voices of those who are blind, or otherwise need accessibility or transcription accommodations, the plain fact is, that flies in the face of the tolerance and anti-discrimination the mod team here has always tried to stand up against. Limiting user choice, charging exorbitant and predatory fees, and refusing to communicate, are all significant problems that the mod team here takes issue with. We quietly have worked to make the sub more accessible (and would welcome additional feedback via modmail if you have suggestions), so this is deeply disappointing to us.
We are prepared to remain blacked out for a minimum of 48 hours. This means that no one will be able to access any DOT content until the blackout is over. In standing up for the voices of others, however, we don’t want to strip away the voices of our community. So now we want to hear from you. If you support us in this decision, please share and upvote this post, and comment with your support.
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2023.06.09 15:29 RorschachtheMighty What, in your headcanon, does your post-game Commonwealth look like in Fallout 4

For me, my commonwealth looks like an early iteration of NCR; a group of settlements agreeing to cooperate in the interest of their own defense. All of the settlements are under the Minutemen flag with a small detachment of militiamen (in armor and gear gracefully donated by the gunners, may they rest in peace) assigned to defend each settlement and operate defense emplacements.
The Castle serves as a new Capitol, housing the largest number of active militia members and the new Commonwealth Congressional Hall. Preston serves as Acting General and Handcock serving as my Vice-President to help ensure any decisions are made with the people's best interest at heart. Curie is the new Secretary of Public Health, teaching a new generation of doctors to better serve their burgeoning communities.
Deacon has disappeared, no doubt resuming his previous spy games. We do however get the occasional postcard, so he must be doing well.
Entireties have been made to the Railroad to attempt to create an official partnership, but thus far that front has come up lacking. They have however agreed to peacefully coexist with the new Minutemen Federation and to provide technology to assist in field operations. In exchange, the Minutemen honor the promise that the Railroad's stronghold at the Old North Church be kept a secret and their synth-aiding operation remains undisturbed. They can often be seen aiding those left alone in the wake of the Institute's destruction.
The Brotherhood of Steel is, in essence, neutered. Their sphere of influence has shrank back to the Boston Airport. They can be seen marching about and barking orders at their troops, but most if not all settlements ignore them for the most part. However, a tense standoff occurred when brotherhood operatives arrived at Nordhagen Beach, demanding "tribute" from the local farmers. They retreated when over a dozen Militiamen arrived with anti-power armor weapons, kindly donated by the operatives from the Railroad. Relations have since been tense, but an embassy has been established in a lot just outside the BOS Boston Airport perimeter to maintain peaceful relations.
Still, the Castle's heavy ordinance remains trained on the Prydwen in case Elder Maxon forgets that the Commonwealth is not a fiefdom for him to lord over uncontested. We will be watching them carefully.
Sanctuary Hills is the new economic center of the Federation and the second most defended settlement outside of the Castle. The community continues to thrive under the enlightened leadership of Mayor Codsworth, whose cheery demeanor and desire to be of assistance has made him a beloved figure among his constituents.
After no small amount of convincing, former Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Danse, has agreed to assume leadership of the Minutemen's new Armored Division. He proudly patrols the Commonwealth, ensuring any local raider gangs or gunner remnants are little more than ash piles. He has also begrudgingly accepted Sergeant MacCready as leader of his support infantry. The two are often seen butting heads, but they get the job done.
Nick Valentine and Piper Wright remain residents of Diamond City, helping those who need helping and, in Piper's case, stirring up outrage wherever she sees fit. Dogmeat resides with her in her office and remains the goodest of good boys.
Cait, having no interest in public service, has taken on contract work for the Minutemen. To date, she has collected bounties on over a dozen of the Commonwealth's most notorious raider bosses and has left a string of broken hearts behind her.
As for the Sole Survivor, he still serves as Chief of State. He does still serve in the field from time to time, but to a much reduced degree or in a suit of Power Armor at the insistence of Preston Garvey. He lives happily with Piper, becoming a second father to her younger sister and living a happy life.
War never changes, but I like to think the people of the Commonwealth have.
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2023.06.09 15:21 jsnursing Jiaganj School and College of Nursing: Nurturing Future Healthcare Professionals

Jiaganj School and College of Nursing is a premier institution dedicated to providing quality education and training in the field of nursing. Located in the vibrant town of Jiaganj in West Bengal, India, the institution holds a reputation for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of Jiaganj School and College of Nursing, highlighting its academic programs, industry collaborations, practical training opportunities, and the importance of choosing it as a stepping stone to a successful nursing career.
  1. Academic Programs and Curriculum:
Jiaganj School and College of Nursing offers a range of academic programs designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the nursing profession. The institution offers both diploma and degree programs, including:
The curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to blend theoretical knowledge with practical training, ensuring students develop a strong foundation in nursing principles, patient care, medical sciences, and healthcare management.
  1. Experienced Faculty and Support:
At Jiaganj School and College of Nursing, students benefit from the guidance and expertise of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The faculty comprises dedicated professionals who are passionate about nursing education and are committed to shaping the future healthcare professionals. They provide mentorship, support, and valuable insights to students, fostering a nurturing learning environment.
  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources:
Jiaganj School and College of Nursing believes in providing students with the best possible learning environment. The institution boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, simulation rooms, and a well-stocked library. These resources enable students to gain hands-on experience, enhance their practical skills, and stay updated with the latest developments in the field of nursing.
  1. Clinical Training and Practical Exposure:
To ensure that students are well-prepared for real-world healthcare settings, Jiaganj School and College of Nursing, thebest nursing college in westbengal emphasizes practical training and clinical exposure. The institution has collaborations with leading hospitals and healthcare facilities, providing students with opportunities for clinical rotations, internships, and hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals. This practical exposure helps students develop competence, confidence, and a compassionate approach towards patient care.
  1. Industry Collaborations and Placement Opportunities:
Jiaganj School and College of Nursing understands the importance of industry collaborations in shaping successful nursing careers. The institution has established strong ties with healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics, creating avenues for students to secure internships and job placements. The dedicated placement cell assists students in finding suitable employment opportunities and provides career guidance and support.
  1. Focus on Research and Continuing Education:
Jiaganj School and College of Nursing promotes a culture of research and lifelong learning among its students. The institution encourages students to participate in research projects, attend conferences, and engage in continuous professional development. By nurturing a spirit of inquiry and providing opportunities for academic growth, Jiaganj School and College of Nursing prepares students to adapt to advancements in healthcare and contribute to the field through research and innovation.
Jiaganj School and College of Nursing stands as a leading institution for nursing education, empowering students to become skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, practical training opportunities, and industry collaborations, the institution offers a nurturing and conducive environment for aspiring nurses to thrive. By choosing Jiaganj School and College of Nursing, students embark on a path towards a fulfilling nursing career, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.
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2023.06.09 15:20 stragan Yet another eCPPTv2 Review

- If you're entering this field, eCPPTv2 is not for you. Try eJPT. With the exception of the exam, the course is still free.
- If you have some experience, e.g., you know what HTB is, you regularly practice on the platform, you have some knowledge of web application/network security, but don't have much real-world experience, then go for it. You'll get a grasp of what kind of different areas are generally covered when performing a penetration test in various areas, and it will force you to write an actual report. But it won't, and I emphasise *won't*, make you a professional, highly-skilled hacker. The course is basically an introduction to the real world.
- If you're already working as a pentester for some years, it is tough to recommend. You might expand your general knowledge in areas you don't often encounter, and discover some tips for your cheat-sheets. If you're looking for a challenge to step-up your skills, this is not the way.

Hello there! I'd like to summarise my experience with eCPPTv2 course and exam and hopefully provide you with an idea if this certification is worth your time and money.

I have been a full-time pentester for about four years. As for the technical side of my day-to-day job, I have experience with web/mobile/infra testing, code reviews, redteam engagements etc. etc. Before that, I was a full-time programmer (developer if you want) for about the same time.

I decided for eCPPTv2 for several reasons:
- I needed some certification anyway due to some customer requirements and future legislation.
- From the experience of my colleagues, the materials were decent.
- I went through some of the eJPT materials as they are free, and I liked the labs.

Materials & Labs
I only got through some of the materials. I went primary for what I thought was necessary for the exam. Therefore, I skipped the wifi stuff, metasploit, partially powershell, and maybe some other minor areas.
I think that the slides do a decent job at explaining the given topics. Sometimes the amount of information can get pretty overwhelming, though. It sucks that you can't (officially) download the slides. Especially for someone who takes the course as a part of his/hewhatever career and knowledge development, the slides might provide a good reference in the future.
I'm not a fan of video-based materials in general but I watched them anyway. The topics were nicely explained, and one can see how the various tools and techniques work before trying them on your own.
On the flipside...
Materials should be reviewed and updated. You will find a few broken links, tools not available for download anymore, or demos presenting really old tools. Not a big issue in the end, but still, I wouldn't expect something like this in a course you pay over 700 bucks (for a year).
Sometimes I found the order of the modules confusing. Something like this happen several times:
- Topic A is explained.
- Lab is followed. You exercise topic A (and topic B).
- Topic B is explained.
No idea if this is by design, but I don't like it. If you want to do labs on your own and get stuck, you can end up thinking, "What the hell am I missing? I tried everything I just learned". Well...Maybe you didn't try something that wasn't explained yet.
As for the labs...
I liked them anyway. Labs are mostly narrowly focused, with well-written walkthroughs if you get stuck. Don't blindly follow walkthroughs, though. Always think about different approaches, what would you do if X or Y wasn't working, or what tool would you use if tool Z wasn't available.
Labs are the place where you should take notes and make cheatsheets. Full stop. Do it.
If there is something I didn't like, then the fucking VPN connections. Countless times I encountered connection drops, which made me pull my hair when I had to execute some kill-chain for the third, fourth time. Moreover, the target machines got a different IP address on every restart, forcing me to edit all my noted commands and payloads every time.
Also, there are small tests (quizzes?) you can take after completing a set of modules. Fuck them. Really. There is no point in bothering with them at all.
Reporting is discussed very briefly, in my opinion. It gives you an idea of how to structure it, a general idea of its content, and some references. Nothing more, really. I think they should go deeper. The exam requires you to write an executive summary and provide a description, recommendations and details for each finding. I can imagine that people who have never written such a document may struggle with this. Everyone has their own style when writing reports. It needs time, practice, and feedback before you brush it. But maybe they should provide you at least some idea on how to think when writing reports and provide some proper feedback after you submit it at the end of the exam.
Why I have such a problem with this is the fact that the course is named "Penetration Tester *Professional*". As I learned very soon, the report you provide to your customer is the most important part of your work. Your customer won't sit next to you to admire how cool, smart mega-turbo-hacker you are. You are helping your customer to find security issues and provide guidance on how to remediate them. This is basically what you do as a professional penetration tester. I feel like this fact should be emphasised more in the course.
I realise the points above might be just the result of my frustration, but sometimes I couldn't help myself to stop thinking, "Guys, people are fucking paying you for this course. Why can't you fix this and that".

Exam - Testing
It took me about six months to go through the materials (please note that not all of them as mentioned). I mostly studied for about two hours in the evenings after work and during the weekends. If you don't have a full-time job and a girlfriend, you can probably go through all of the materials in about half a year. My (not-really) educated guess is that the exam covers about 60-65 % of the materials.
My two cents:
- Don't overthink. The problems you will face when exploiting the targets and gaining root privileges are very CTF-like. Everything is simple and straightforward.
- Enumerate. Make some cheat-sheet for proper enumeration and follow it. As mentioned, the problems on the exam are not that difficult, just take your time to look for stuff.
- In the end, I felt like the exam is all about pivoting. Practice it in the labs. Understand how to route networks and how to forward ports. I used metasploit throughout the exam, and it was sufficient for it.
- Don't stress about buffer overflows. Take your time to understand it, do labs and take notes you can follow. If you do it properly, the actual exploitation will be a matter of copy-paste. I guess I won't spoil anything when I tell you that you don't have to worry about the advanced topic (very briefly talked about in materials) like beating ASLR, SEH-based overflows and others. It's a buffer overflow in its simplest form.
- Luckily, in comparison with labs, I had no issues with VPN connection or stability during the exam.

Exam - Reporting
I finished the report in about two days, but I had two major advantages:
- I've already written a dozen of reports before.
- I have a collection of findings I could re-use in the report with minor changes.
In cases when I needed some inspiration, I usually looked at findings in Nessus database ( and expanded on it.
You might find repository useful if you need to see how reports are generally structured and written.
Today, we have the privilege of using ChatGPT. Be careful here. Don't blindly copy/paste its output! Always verify its results, get inspired, and put together your own version.
The report was reviewed in about three days. Got a response that I'm missing some details in the description of buffer-overflow exploitation. After submitting the report again, it took another three to four days to review it. A friend of mine was waiting almost a month, so I was pretty lucky.
I spent about 60 hours doing the exam, including reporting. From my point of view, the two weeks you have in total is plenty of time to finish the exam.

That's it. Have a nice day.
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2023.06.09 15:18 agent-pickles The solution to unemployment

This is a dumb post but I feel like people need to hear this. So I'm generally a negative nancy but I feel like South Africans have some control here. I understand we have a lot of bad policies and loadshedding that have negative effects when it comes to attracting and or growing business in SA but we can't blame government alone for this. We need a culture shift in SA. A hustle culture mentality if you will. A "land of the free" mentality if you will. Many foreigners point out the many business opportunities our country has to offer. I've heard people mention there are many things in their country that they have just not seen here. Little gaps in the market that I have just never acknowledged otherwise. So if you are reading this and are unemployed, go out there, do some research and start something! Government is not in charge of creating jobs, we are. Just from a quick Google search 99% of all business in the US are SME's whereas in SA that number is at 37%. The literal backbone of the American economy is small business and it's the same in Europe.
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2023.06.09 15:16 cmoran84 some good resume advice for teachers in transition

This is NOT my original content. Here's a link, and here's the text I wanted to share today:

How to translate classroom-specific language on your resume

So the very first one that I see a lot is that teachers are commonly really using classroom specific language. Let’s talk about like IEP or flexible seatings and they just make the inference that a hiring manager is going to understand what an IEP actually means. What advice would you give for teachers to help them take classroom specific language off of their resume?
Kaylyn Blair: It is a hot topic to be sure, and also having come from a background in education and having left to go into other realms of the working world, it is so painful how much corporate hiring managers are unaware of what truly goes on in a classroom and everything that goes into teaching. So it’s our job to make them aware of that. And a lot of that just is using their language to communicate our skills and our strengths. So one convenient strategy is to replace, for example, students with stakeholders or clients to something that I know is featured in the course and that is talked about a lot. Instead of referring to a classroom full of students, maybe it’s a caseload of individuals. I also favor the word learners, that’s something that I use a lot. Because learners can be of all ages, they can be elementary learners, they can be adolescent, they can be adult learners, and that will help translate the fact that you can teach anyone in any setting, which is the key to potential corporate training or working in another role where there are absolutely still training components and we’re just really bridging the gap between all the different settings and what you can train in with your teaching experience and making sure that the corporate individuals on the other side can really hear what you’re saying.
Daphne Gomez: Sometimes teachers feel like this is being dishonest. Even that word from student to client can be something that’s polarizing. I’ve seen too many LinkedIn opinion threads about this exact problem. For me, if a manager, a hiring manager, sees a resume and that is the word that turns them off, the fact that someone changed the word learner to stakeholder or student to stakeholder, student to client, or whatever small change happened, if that is something that a hiring manager said was a disqualifier, they really probably were not open to having a transitioning teacher in that environment anyway, and were just looking for something as an excuse. Do you feel like there are small tweaks that happen on resumes like that that are absolute red flags?
Kaylyn Blair: I find it hard to identify it as an absolute red flag. What would be more of a red flag to me truthfully is if the company decided to not interview a teacher just because of that language use on their resume, then that’s probably not a company you’d want to work for anyway. They’re not going to understand the experience that you’re bringing in. They’re not going to support you in your transition and help you grow going forward. The benefit of translating the language into something that a corporate individual can understand is that you’re doing the work for them, you’re doing all of the interpreting, you are ensuring that they understand where you’re coming from so that they don’t have to question it. They don’t have to wonder if you’ll be able to do the job at hands. They’ll know you’ll be able to because you will have already proved it to them. I think when it comes to resumes, of course teachers are well versed in the classroom. They are well trained to talk about different student specific components of teaching, of IEPs, of differentiated instruction, of all of these different components and you can speak to them well on a resume. So I see a lot of resumes that are incredibly well written for the field of education and it is challenging to get over the hump, to get past that limiting belief that that’s the only place in which you will thrive and just use the language of these job postings, use the language of the corporate world to your advantage. It’s strategic, it’s not being dishonest and if anything, I think that somebody in the corporate world who also values that level of strategy and thoughtfulness would appreciate that.
Daphne Gomez: Even the word IEP, we keep bringing it up, but that is something that you can translate into keeping track of documents, making sure that you’re doing benchmark’s quarterly progress on something that is also within compliance of state standards. That is not exactly how I would translate that, but a lot of times people say, “Oh, I had this many students with IEPs and they leave that on their resume like that.” A lot of people are not going to understand what that means and how much work that is or how it would translate into any other role. Even that term IEP, there are ways that you can chunk that out into talking about whether it was like a benchmark that you were keeping track of the progress that your student was having, whether it was something more focused on showing that you know how to keep things in compliance with certain state, like measures that you needed to have with your students. There are so many ways that you can translate that due to the experience or the actual job in front of you. But another thing that I see that teachers have a lot of trouble with is actually removing the not relative experience from their resume. For example, just leaving a ton of bullet points not relevant to the jobs that they’re applying to, talking about how they did classroom management or fourth grade students or what types of standards they taught when they’re looking for customer success positions outside of the education space in general.
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2023.06.09 15:10 SicItur_AdAstra What she did to me (900 dollars and a quick goodbye)

I just want to put this somewhere and forget about it. For context, I myself went to school for psychology and I work in a human services adjacent field... So living through this was rough.
I switched from my old therapist I had been seeing for 7 years!!! To a new one, because I felt the urge to address some deeper traumas I did not feel were being addressed at my old therapsit for so long. My old therapist was nice, and with me through most of the traumatic things that occured during my childhood, but I felt it was time to really address some stuff and heal.
My new therapist was great... Until she wasn't. Truly, she DID help me I was with her for approximately 1 year. I am not religious or spiritual, and she clearly was. Which isn't a problem for me, except she would suggest that I:
  1. Listen to frequencies on YouTube to feel better???
  2. Expell negative vibrations from my body through grounding techniques???
  3. Practicing tapping... Which I cannot do because telling myself positive things triggers me (though I am now working on this)
She was so supportive of me and knew that I never had a supportive woman in my life who cared for me unconditionally while knowing all my trauma. Around 8 months into our relationship, she told me she wasn't charging my insurer correctly and I owed her 900 DOLLARS. Sure as shit, she wasn't charging my insurer and I didn't realize it on my end. She told me this was an error on her part because she thought my insurance had no copay. It did.
I fawned and told her that it was partially my fault to -- and as a college student with two jobs, I paid her 500 dollars. Like an idiot.
... Then, approximately 1 month ago, one of my best friends killed himself. I told her. She told me I needed a higher level of care -- which I agreed with. I had to quit my job from the stress. I am at one of the lowest moments of my life.
But oh! Sorry, she springs on me that she's no longer working with ANY insurance come August, and trusts that the treatment program I'm going into will be able to find me a therapist better suited for my needs.
... Just... I needed to put this all somewhere. I cannot believe I put myself through this again. I deserved better.
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