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Men, post 2 or more photos of yourself with different looks (different hairstyles, clothes, grooming etc) and ask women which they prefer. * Each post must contain **two or more** photos of **yourself**. * **SFW photos only** * **No open-ended questions**. You are asking women to choose between photo A or photo B. * **Men ask opinions, women provide them**.

2023.06.09 16:02 UnderstandingRound42 Did spiro straighten my curly hair?

I’ve been on spironolactone for acne for like a year now, first 50mg and now 75mg. During that time, I’ve noticed my hair getting noticeably straighter- going from 3B to like 3A/2C curly hair.
I was wondering if spiro could’ve caused it- I know similar things happen to pregnant women for hormonal reasons, so it’d make sense. If so, I’m also wondering if it’s something that’ll go away. I love having clear skin but I lowkey miss my hair :/
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2023.06.09 16:02 jackie4326 Rock the Western Vibe Top Cowboy Boots Styles for Women.

Western-inspired design styles have had a striking return in recent years on the Indian fashion scene. The Indian market has embraced the spirit of the Wild West with open arms, sporting everything from fringed jackets to denim trousers. Among these intriguing fashion options, cowboy boots have attracted the eye of fashionable ladies all across the nation. In 2023, there have seen a significant increase to buy online boots for girls and women in India as classic boots as a stylish footwear option for ladies and girls. For fashion-forward people looking to make a statement, they have become a must-have item thanks to their distinctive fusion of rustic charm and contemporary appeal.
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2023.06.09 16:02 Bluephoenix66 designer shawl 100% wool herringbone thick wrap women for winter best quality manufacturer

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2023.06.09 16:00 psugrad98 I am really sick of my wife and kids

I love them, But I am sick and tired of them. I have been married 22 years, I have two kids, age 15 and 10. And I am sick of them.
It seems that every interest I have, they express zero interest or outright hostility toward, so much so that I hardly ever want to be around them.
Like hiking. A few years ago we would do adverntures EVERY WEEKEND; going to state parks, hiking backpacking, going on bike rides, etc. Now every single time in the past two years, with maybe two exceptions, they have said they were not interested. I do enjoy hiking and stuff by myself. To me it's almost spiritual, but I do want them to come with me to enjoy that part with me..
Last weekend I came home from work, set up our campsite, I started a campfire and had stuff to roast smores, and no one came out with me. I sat out there by myself. Tomorrow there is a festival at our local state park. Very close to my house, I suggested we hike the trail INTO the park to go to the event, and have fun doing that, and I was met with "why would we do that?"
Yesterday I was at home, coooking dinner for the family, I was playing the Grateful Dead on the alexa, and my son came in and asked "What's playing" and my wife responded with "That's anxiety music. That music gives me anxiety". I love when someone tells me that something that brings me joy causes them pain... It really makes me feel good.
I'm also told that me playing the drums in the garage causes anxiety.. Or when I have my painting stuff out and I"M painting that the mess causes "anxiety".
Anything I do that causes me pleasure people complain about. So I no longer share it with them, or do it while they are around. For example, if I'm playing music and someone comes in the room, I shut it off.
My son plays guitar, and I thought he'd enjoy the movie "That thing you do", since it's about a band, and it's a favorite movie of mine. He left 1/2 way through it and went inside never to return. This is the second or third time that while watching a movie I wanted to share with him, he did that.
I feel so hurt and unloved and unappreciated. I have these things that I love; playing drums, or watching star trek, or listening to Grateful dead or Pink Floyd, and NO ONE to enjoy them with. No one to talk about them with. No one asks me about it, or tells me I sound good when I learn a new drum fill or something. Just complaints that it bothers them.
I can see why some men (and women) pack up and leave their families for other families. At this point it may not take much for me to find another perosn that cherishes me and be attracted to them.
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2023.06.09 16:00 UnhappyArtichoke9390 Unpopular take: I’m not a fan of Artie

I don’t feel like writing paragraphs about this so here a few reasons why:
His stand up and “movie career” are absolutely harrible (you can’t watch Beer League and tell me that it’s actually good)
Extremely full of himself comedically (talking down to other comedians, deeming what’s funny and what isn’t funny)
Pretending he knows a lot about sports/playing sports (why did Howard/Robin constantly say he was an athlete?!) the guy was a 300lb heroin addict alcoholic
He really convinced himself he had a way with women (I don’t think this needs any further explanation, just look at him)
He tried to be Italian just as much as Ronnie (calling his dad “pops”, the cringey Godfather monologues, talking about Italian food he eats)
Dressing/looking like a slob solely to push the “I’m an everyman comedian who doesn’t give a fuck” image. Yes, we can make fun of Howard for where the show has gone, but look where Howard’s attitude has got him and look where Artie’s attitude got him, lol
2 positives: great one-liners and a great story teller
He was funny sometimes but I don’t understand the pedestal everyone puts him on.
Light me up if you disagree, let’s hear it
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2023.06.09 16:00 GYWModBot The Questions Thread 06/09/23

Ask your shoe related questions.


How To Ask A Question

Include images to any issues you may be having. Include a budget for any recommendations. The more detail you provide, the easier it may be for someone to answer your question.
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2023.06.09 16:00 SomeCruzDude Weekly Free Talk Friday/Other Leagues Thread - Talk about other women's soccer leagues or...anything!

Welcome to Free Talk thread! Talk about...anything!
These threads will go up at 10am ET every Friday and be stickied throughout the week unless other posts take priority (AMAs, megathreads, announcements, etc.)
We'll list some other leagues that are in play right now (or in the near future) and the relevant communities you can check out
If you want to trade, swap, or share your NWSL trading cards, use this thread.

Other women's soccer leagues broadcast in US

Mexico - Liga MX Femenil - /LigaMX or /womenssoccer
England - FA Women's Super League, Championship, and more! - /FAWSL
  • Select matches broadcast on Paramount+ or CBS Sports in the US (some of these also on Atafootball), rest for free on the FA Player
France - Div. 1 Femenine - 1 Match a week broadcast on ESPN+ - /Ligue1
Australia - A-League Women - Matches broadcast on YouTube - /Wleague & /Aleague
Here's a list of various women's leagues from around the world you may be able to watch
Other women's sports leagues to discuss
  • /wnba - Broadcast on various channels/sites: ABC/ESPN channels, CBS Channels, and NBA TV.
  • /phf & /womenshockey (various leagues)
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2023.06.09 15:59 DRTT3345 33 [M4F] #NYC Looking for an 18-25 into daddy or BBC kink

Hey there. I'm a mixed Latino and Black older man looking for a younger woman for some long term or casual fun. I'm 6'1'', weigh about 173lbs, workout and live an active lifestyle, vaccinated and DDF HIV- with proof if you desire to see it, and live in the Brooklyn area but not opposed to traveling in the 5 boros. I do not discriminate and all women are free to DM, and we can chat and go from there. If you wish to see pics of me then feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 15:58 chiefkeefcatch Why are men, even "good" guys, obsessed with consuming porn, especially when their partners have BDD

I am so, so tired and depressed. My first ex was emotionally and physically abusive, and there were so many times where he'd mention a celebrity being hot without complimenting me. I had to ask him to stop doing that and start complimenting me. On the rare occasion when I did decline sex, he sometimes went and watched porn in another room (and I had sex with him often, about once a day, but sometimes, I just wasn't in the mood!!). I literally walked in on him jerking off to porn in the shower after we had clarified that neither of us would watch porn during our monogamous committed relationship. It's been over a year or two since we stopped dating, but I recently checked on his social (he had reached out to one of my friend's boyfriends, which reminded me of him and his account), and he follows instathots and sexual accounts, women with faces and bodies he claimed were ugly and fake when we had been dating but are now clearly getting him hard.
My second ex seemed like a good and nice guy but also had commented on celebrities being hot without ever complimenting me at the beginning of the relationship. It just devastated me because clearly I do not hold a candle to Olivia Wilde in terms of physical appearance. I had to ask him to stop telling me other women are hot... which seems like an insane ask and also reminded me of my first ex. If you really think your girlfriend is beautiful, why are you not telling her while telling her how beautiful other women are? I also had to ask this one to compliment me, to which he responded that he wasn't comfortable with giving compliments. But he was so comfortable telling me compliments about other women?? He also hadn't wanted to take any photos of or with me. I had to beg him for that, too. Anyways, he ended up complimenting me more but it felt cheap and flimsy since I had to beg him to do it and also beg him to stop calling celebs hot. Toward the end, he said I was the most beautiful girl and prettier than celebrities, but I know he was lying because it's just not true and his previous words and actions showed that.
He didn't follow any instathot accounts but had liked a few sus tweets from coworkers, which upset me and we discussed it and he unliked them and didn't do it anymore. I also clarified at the beginning that I don't want my partner to be sexually gratifying himself to other women's bodies, in person or electronically, including porn. He agreed and said he wouldn't do it, but then ended up doing it four months into our relationship and acted like it wasn't a big deal. It super upset me for obvious reasons and also because I was developing UTIs after sex constantly and was on antibiotics, which weren't healthy for me. Also paid a bit of money for the appointments and meds I had to take for the infections... I had been sacrificing my health to have sex with him and please him, which he was aware of, and he still just didn't care and jerked. Like who cares that my girlfriend could die of a kidney infection from pleasing me, I want a big titty porn star video right now, my gf can die for all I care.
I feel so awful for straight women because we literally have slop for options. All men seem to do this and want their cake (having sex with our bodies and whatever else they drain from us) and to eat it, too (being able to consume porn of millions of other women and be unfaithful to us). I am just sickened and tired and want a normal, decent boyfriend who is faithful to me like I am to him. I hate how normalized porn has become. It is NOT normal for men to have the "need" to watch multiple different women to get their rocks off. And my second ex struggled occasionally to get and stay hard and I felt him go soft inside of me a few times like seriously... I am so unattractive in his eyes that he can't even stay hard inside of me during sex. I think he was used to jerking to other women and just subconsciously found my body unappealing because.... hey, there are literally goddesses online who I cannot compete with and lose out to every time. I will never be beautiful to anyone. Being beautiful is so beyond reach for me. I'm more likely to die and come back to life three days later than be pretty, and it makes me want to just end myself
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2023.06.09 15:57 Exotic-Maize5849 THE LOFTS 4x4 FIRST FLOOR RENOVATED SUBLET!

Hi! I am currently looking for someone to take over my 1x1 In a 4×4 apartment for 23-34 lease term (move in: 8/19/23, move out: 7/31/24). WOMEN ONLY! This unit is located at The Lofts and is a 4x4 renovated floor plan with first floor entrance. Rent ($995/month) includes all utilities, in unit washedryer, fully furnished bedroom, and full kitchen. Message me for more details or any other questions! SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY.
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2023.06.09 15:57 DRTT3345 33 [M4F] #NYC BBC for women or couples open to ongoing

I'm a mixed Latino and Black older man looking for a younger woman for some long term or casual fun. I'm 6'1'', weigh about 173lbs, workout and live an active lifestyle, vaccinated and DDF HIV- with proof if you desire to see it, and live in the Brooklyn area but not opposed to traveling in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I do not discriminate and all women are free to DM, and we can chat and go from there. I'll attach my photos to this post or if you wish to see more then feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 15:56 WanabeInflatable Would you talk to MRA who is interested in friendship with feminists?

Recently I posted a question in MR sub about being friends with feminists. Got a lot of hate, but roughly half of comments were positive.
A lot of MRAs told that they already have feminist friends, are interested in such friendship, are both MRA and feminist, some guy even told that a feminist that is not misandrist is a perfect woman, so yes, of course he would like to be friends.
Would you like to talk to some of them? Hopefully reduce hostility and misunderstanding.
Some examples of positive answers:
I am friends with a bunch of feminists who aren’t misandrists. As long as you aren’t hateful, you are welcome to kick it with me.
I think it’s important to see people for who they truly are, as opposed to merely writing someone off for a political belief— the latter seems bigoted to me, and is typical of misandrists who yearn to generalize a whole group.
One of my best friends is a feminist. But we're in India so the stakes are a bit higher than the west for women.
I mean under those conditions, sure why not
So… would I be friends with basically the perfect woman?
I can , i have some
I'm both feminist and MRA. Why would there be a problem? There are bad people on both sides, but we need both men and women to change this world.
I just wish people on both sides have more empathy for each other. I empathise with men that feel like every other girl sees them as a predator
O yes, I’ve had lots of good friends who were feminists. I sometimes even was in love with one of them. They weren’t the ones steeped in ideology, but they truly believed women are (still) the oppressed group who should fight for their rights. They often also believed men would benefit from feminism too. So I don’t think they even thought much of the MRM. Your demands on her are so high that it’s doubtful somebody like that would call herself a feminist at all.
I even have some feminist acquaintances who can be very fierce to me in online discussions, especially about #metoo issues, but are always nice to me in real life, though I don’t see them often.
Then I have quite some leftist friends I believe are feminists, as unfortunately most leftists are. But the subject never comes up and they’re really nice people.
Yeah, that shouldn't be problem as long as both people are willing to acknowledge that issues exist in both groups. I think some people have a tendency to focus only on their own groups difficulties and decide that since they have problems, nobody else can and any talk of a different groups issues is an attempt to minimize theirs. Basically the kind of person who hears someone talk about things like custody rates and immediately comes back with Well, what about the pay discrepancy? It's not a competition. One thing being bad doesn't mean something else is fine. It's not either or situation, both things can be bad and we as a society should work towards greater fairness for everyone.

I dont care what people call themselves as long as they are good people. I can be friends with feminists as long as they dont want to discriminate against men, I can be friends with christians ss long as they dont want to discriminate against gays.


You said it yourself. If they agree that misandry exists, and men have valid problems, of course we’d be friends.

Yes, how can you change a mind if you're not first willing to be friendly?

Sure, I could be friends with somebody who called themselves a feminist and agrees with all those things.

I already am friends with a feminist.


Yeah, why not? It is just a label after all. I don't mind if a woman focuses on her issues, as long as she doesn't diminish men's issues. There is fair criticism and improvements to be had all around society.
If by feminist you mean, believe that men and women should have equals rights nothing more, sure why not.
They can play with the unicorns in my head; I might even let them fly on my dragons sometimes.
If she supports men's issues and rights and is about equality as feminists are supposed to be. Then there is no problem.
If we could maintain a civil discourse I'd love to talk. It's when one side or the other starts as hominem attacks that I decide not to speak
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2023.06.09 15:56 Camandchat I thought I had..

I go into other models rooms a lot. To see what's going on, etc. I am always impressed by the amazing profiles, how beautiful everyone is, and just watching the way everyone interacts.
When I was on a few front pages the other day, this thought popped into my mind. The websites started feeling like the old school Peepshows you would see in movies, etc., of women behind a screen or a window trying to intice someone to pay them for more.
I thought it was a really cool concept. I would love to see a site that works like a Peepshow where women are dressed like traditional burlesque dancers from a time gone by.
Pasties and feathers. The whole 9.
How freaking fun would that be??
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2023.06.09 15:54 MusicChicka93 While being attractive opens doors, it still doesn’t guarantee that men will be genuinely interested in you.

I really wish a lot of people will understand this.
When I was a teenage girl, no doors were open for me because I was considered repulsive by the guys. I never even got a chance to date.
I had suffered from an embarrassing heartbreak regarding a crush (the guy at that time wasn’t the asshole…it was a female classmate who rudely and snidely told me that he wasn’t interested in me).
Even though I’ve grown into my looks, I feel like most men I know only want to sleep with me and don’t care for who I am as a person.
I did use Hinge and I was able to scare away the men who only wanted hookups. Then again, I shouldn’t complain about this at all because this is one of the few times I got what I asked for.
This is how I got to realize that attractiveness won’t guarantee you true love. In fact, men only start treating attractive women the same way they treat “ugly” women when they realize they can’t use attractive women for sex.
This is why I always think to myself “who the fuck cares if men find me attractive or unattractive” because I’m still getting eliminated from the dating game before I even get a chance.
I feel like men have to do a whole lot besides flattery to impress me and show me that they genuinely like me. Plus, it’s extremely shallow and vapid for people to only like you for your looks.
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2023.06.09 15:54 Affectionate-dog1594 AITA for not going to my SIL's bachelorette party?

Background: my SIL (32F) is getting married in October to her long-term boyfriend. They've been together 12 years, they have a daughter (2F) together as well as a mortgage, so to say everyone is excited for this wedding would be an understatement!
Now my SIL and I have always had a decent relationship, I wouldn't describe us as super close, but it's always been friendly enough that I was surprised when I wasn't asked to be in her wedding. However, it's her day so whatever makes her happy!
So onto the issue, her MOH has been planning her bachelorette party. It's going to be 3 hours away on the other side of our state which normally wouldn't be a problem and I'd be there in a second! Except for the fact that I will be 27 weeks pregnant by the time of the bachelorette party. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to hang out with a bunch of drunk women I don't know (while sober), 3 hours from home. All of the activities include drinking in some way. So I declined the invitation thinking she'd be understanding...
Well my SIL reached out to my husband/her brother (32M) to ask why I wasn't going. He was honest in saying that I wish I could be there but that I feel I'll be too pregnant to really have fun, and that we're trying to save for the baby.
Well my SIL blew up saying just forget it, shes over it, and she doesn't even want to have a bachelorette party anymore. My husband tried to talk to her to see if something more was going on, but she's gone radio silent.
I do feel bad as she came to my bachelorette party and is planning the baby shower for my husbands side of the family. A couple of my close friends, as well as my husband, all say I did nothing wrong and she can't really expect a pregnant woman, not in her wedding party to attend a weekend bachelorette party, but her reaction has me second guessing myself.... AITA here?
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2023.06.09 15:53 Riley00_ EDP is so full of shit and I’m so glad his life is over.

I feel like at least once a week I come on this sub to see if EDP is dead and someone started to dig a 9 foot grave to fit his fat ass into but unfortunately it’s just another video of him doing some outlandish shit that makes me want to wish him nothing but the worst shit in life as long as he’s breathing. I don’t know who keemstar is but I watched the video EDP made about him, apparently kissing his son on the mouth, which to me is kind of strange. I have children, and I’ve never kissed them on the mouth, but I understand that is something people do with their kids, even though I think it’s kind of strange, and I wouldn’t do it myself. EDP445 is the last person that should be talking about anyone’s activity with a child, considering EDP talked to a 13-year-old for weeks and then showed up to her apartment to try to have sex with her. EDP literally got caught in 4K trying to meet with a girl he thought was 13 and willing to have sex with his mini van sized body and now he’s on YouTube holding up black and white photos of someone else and their kid as if that’s hard evidence or something that this man might be a little off. Fuck EDP, he deserves every bit of the misery that has become his life and you know he’s just a sad loser all day with no friends, he constantly makes up like about “ohh I was talking to my big homie the other day” or “I was talking to this one chick and she said….” Like bro no you weren’t, no women talk to you and you don’t have any friends, whatever friends you do have are probably just as fucked up as you or maybe worse, why would anyone willingly hangout with a 500 pound pedophile who was caught in 4K?
I would bet my life that if god himself came down from heaven above and told EDP that he would bring his mother back to life and she’d live a healthy pain free life and live to be 100 years old and when it’s her time to go back to heaven she’ll go peacefully and re-join god in heaven and all EDP has to do to make that happen is admit to god what he did and EDP STILL wouldn’t admit shit. This man does not care about anyone but himself and he only has himself to blame for how shitty his life has become. Every day he wakes up and he continues to live a complete lie of a life because he’s not honest with himself, and he keeps trying to lie to people who have all the evidence in the world pointing to him being a fucking creep pedophile yet he still acts like he didn’t do anything wrong, and he was set up, it’s fucking disgusting.
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2023.06.09 15:53 jackie4326 Rock the Western Vibe: Top Cowboy Boots Styles for Women

Western-inspired design styles have had a striking return in recent years on the Indian fashion scene. The Indian market has embraced the spirit of the Wild West with open arms, sporting everything from fringed jackets to denim trousers. Among these intriguing fashion options, cowboy boots have attracted the eye of fashionable ladies all across the nation. In 2023, there have seen a significant increase to buy online boots for girls and women in India as classic boots as a stylish footwear option for ladies and girls. For fashion-forward people looking to make a statement, they have become a must-have item thanks to their distinctive fusion of rustic charm and contemporary appeal.
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2023.06.09 15:53 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Michael Sartain – Men Of Action ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 15:52 samsacnl "but why would the tape cost megan her scholarship??"

because sexism, misogyny, double standards. people like demonizing women, especially young women, for having sex.
if you think it's insane that the leak of a sex tape involving a minor (who may not even know the tape existed) would get them nearly kicked out of school or have their scholarship to university revoked - good!! it is insane! but I don't think it's unrealistic or anything
the show is set nearly 25 years ago but even today, women can get harassed when their nude pictures are leaked. people blame them for taking the pictures in the first place rather than concern themselves with how heinous it is to leak such pictures.
Isabella even calls out the sheriff on being more worried about a teenage girl having sex than about who leaked a sex tape of two minors
when the town thinks Luke cheated on Megan with Isabella, they blame Isabella. They harass her, call her names, try to get her kicked out of school and drive her out of town. meanwhile nothing happens to Luke, the guy who was actually seen on the tape and supposedly cheated on his girlfriend.
as for Megan being worried about her scholarship, that also makes sense to me because (as far as I've noticed) often people in need of financial aid are held to higher standards, as if they have to prove they're worthy of the assistance. I definitely think she's justified in worrying about losing her scholarship if they found out about the tape
I'm glad so many people here are confused as to why the tape is such a big deal because you guys are right, it *shouldn't* be a big deal. but there were and are still people who act the way the people in town in the show do, who blame and punish the victim of crimes like this.
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2023.06.09 15:51 IdontWantToBeHungU I love dating culture but I wished it never mixed with hook-up culture.

I love dating people to simply put it, I love looking at a girl's eyes and kissing their lips, but I hate hook-up culture. It is not for me, but I feel like I am obligated to sleep with a girl to take things further, especially when it comes to dating outside of my race, I'm a charming guy by nature, so most of the time, the girls really want to take things back home, but after it, I just feel so emotionless and cold, like I lose a part of myself. And the thing is, if you refuse it, women act more differently and distant. It is like I am considered weird for not having sex with someone on the first date.

I love having sex but for me, it is much more, I can only really enjoy it when I have a connection with a girl or if we have known each other for quite a while. I'd rather just wank-off honestly, my body count is relatively getting higher, which I am not too worried about. Dating culture is what I love though, because it grants me the opportunity to get to know someone more, I always learn new skills and ideas about the world, because a lot of women like to talk about what is on their minds, aside from that the tension of infatuation is also what I love, and I really love kissing and holding hands with a girl that I am enamored with.
I might just be a different guy, but I don't think that hook-up culture is for me, I hope that dating culture distances itself with hook-up culture, sexual compatibility is important, but there are a lot more ways to see it like through verbal foreplay. Hooking-up feels more of like a chore for me, but sex with a girl that I really like just feels like I am on Cloud 9.
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2023.06.09 15:51 Majestic_Arrival_248 Toxic Paradigms: Shaping Shanann

"We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us." ~Marshall McLuhan
We've all seen the Sex and the City memes she posted; clearly she was an avid consumer of media (before social media consumed her) in the nineties and aughts, and the discerning may have ascertained the influence of such properties on the image she sought to portray- clinking wine glasses with the boss babes 🥂, striving to be top tier with the Addys of LeVel (instead of continuing to shovel shite with the Scoobys), glamour and gloss, fashion and floss (who wears a thong for air travel, heavily gravid and ostensibly retaining poop? That is commitment to an image 😄)
So, I am waking up with my coffee (after doing more than 90% of women lol, it was an early morning) and the YT algorithm rudder steered me to "Jon and Kate Plus 8 And the Downfall We All Saw Coming (Part II)".
It has been a long time since I peered even casually into that window (my own children were small; my TV was turned more frequently to SpongeBob than TLC, but one could not really avoid the media saturation, whether standing in a checkout line or chatting with neighbors, one 'knew' of the Duggars or the Gosselins probably a lot more than one chose 🙄) but I caught up to speed with the duo's dynamics fast enough- and O. Em. Gee.- listening to Kate chastise Jon is the very echo of how Shanann spoke to and treated Chris (who of course did not seem to 'talk back' like Jon, was not surly and lazy like Jon, but sure figured out eventually how to fuck around like Jon); it is eerie.
I am not suggesting Shanann purposefully modeled her behavior towards her spouse after a reality show, but remember the ubiquity of that couple, you couldn't get away from them in the media- they had more paparazzi camped outside their house than Harry Hewitt and la Markle in their wildest dreams, it was crazy .
Shanann absolutely was exposed to all of this in her still formative years- the brain doesn't finish puberty until 25!- and the 'perfectionist' super-cleaner, super-organized, super-mom 'You can't do anything right, but that's just how men are, and we love them" Kate aesthetic was imprinted on us all, but it seems like she took it as a challenge, and goals af (with her weak dad/strong mom example in life, it is understandable): watching this in hindsight feels like Kate is auditioning to play Shanann in a docudrama (instead of vice versa). I mean they are almost spitting the same sentences, with the same irritated, frustrated, condescending intonation.
Anyway, just some musings reflecting back on shows we were all exposed to back in the day, and the influence they've had on us, and what possible influence they may have had on Shanann - I don't find the hoochie rim job (probably doing immoral, possibly gross, illegal, and dangerous things) appealing at ALL, and after enough years there, the Supermom archetype of Kate Gosselin (pre scandals) undoubtedly appealed (and of course, the hormones kicking in, healthy young animals have an instinct to breed)- I would want to be my own boss after dealing with toxic patriarchal crap like rap culture, too.
I'd drop the link if I could, if anyone wants to step back in time for a deep dive and see if they too see the parallels, but it's easy enough to search, channel 'BE THEE COMMENTATOR'. Thank you if you made it this far!
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2023.06.09 15:51 CyclePersonal8 1 Week sober but really wanting to drink today

I met the love of my life and that helped me stay sober. However I feel bad today.
I feel like she's going to stop wanting to see me after she gets to know me better.
My mood is bad today and I want to drink and feel better.
But I know if I drink today I'll drink tomorrow and drinking also makes me binge eat and gain weight and since I met this lady I been working out daily and eating healthy and getting in good shape!
I'm 34 and I've had horrible luck with women my whole life and I never got much opportunity to learn how to talk to and charm women so Ive had to learn from trial and error over the few chances I've been given.
So it's hard to think that it will work out this time when it literally never has before, but she does seem to like me a lot and we get along really well.
Chances are if she ends things with me I'll go back to daily drinking and depression, so at least for this pocket of time I will stay sober and try to sample what a happy life feels like.
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