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The Midnight Club - Haunting of Mike Flanagan

2017.04.10 18:32 fleckes The Midnight Club - Haunting of Mike Flanagan

Discussion, news, theories and fan content focused on the Horror Director and Writer Mike Flanagan. Including S1 (Hill House), S2 (Bly Manor), Midnight Mass, and The Upcoming Series(s): "Midnight Club" and "The Fall of The House of Usher"

2021.05.16 13:10 RoyalFlushToken

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Pictures with nice people in front of their nice house

2023.06.08 11:07 TONgoinghome I didn't deserve to feel like that

Today, I looked back on my two attempts in March. I'm severly depressed, have entered the 'severly' territory back in Januray when my cat, my best friend in the whole world, passed away. I went through a breakup too but my cat's passing was the ultimate trigger. He passed away because i'm poor, couldn't afford to take him to the vet, and the night before he came to me and cuddled me while purring so loudly. I gave him all the comfort i could give. He disappeared the day after and i never saw him again. I was too sad to function. I let my hygiene go to shit, i neglected my studies and uni work, i think i only attended 15 classes in total this semester. I tried getting my ex back, failed miserably and got slapped across the face to the point i went half deaf in one ear, and went home and tried to hang myself. Today, i stood in front of the doorway where i once stood on a chair and wrapped a noose around my neck, sobbing my heart out as i tried my best to kick the chair but couldn't. I couldn't believe that i reached that point. I didn't deserve to feel like that. I didn't deserve to flirt with death so often to the point i attempted TWICE. My only goal in life is to have a comfortable one. I was raised poor, have been poor my entire life, watching my peers get everything they want while i begged my parents for a shitty computer for school work. I am brilliant, i am intelligent, i am creative, all traits a good programmecompsci engineer should have (which is what i'm doing). I want to live a good life, i want to take care of a soul properly and not have to watch it wither awayin my arms while i stand there unable to do anything, I want to give my parents a taste of a good life. No matter how much they pissed me off, no matter how much i hate them for bringing me into this world and giving me a shitty life, I want to spoil them and give them a great comfortable life after everything we've been through. Life will be good to me. I will make it good to me. Today i am in no better place than the one i was in back when i attempted. I failed so many classes and am retaking exams in hopes that i pass this year. I'm still severly depressed, i barely eat or shower, but i'm trying my best. A good life is all i want, and i decided that i will find that balance where i work for it and put myself first. I will one day have enough money to enjoy my life, to forget the horrors i faced during my formative years, to be a good person. I want to be a good person. I want to help people, but i have to help myself first, because as much as i appreciate my loved ones who are always there for me, no one will do it better than me. March me wrote an apology to present me, saying he's sorry because i will have to fix everything that went wrong while we were just trying to survive, and it breaks my heart that he has to apologize for that. I will not blame myself. The world is cruel enough to me, i can't add to my own pain and suffering. He doesn't deserve that. He was just trying to be a good person to himself. If he didn't try, I wouldn't be here today, reflecting and sympathizing. I am not perfect. I hurt people, i hurt everyone i love, i hurt myself, but i am constantly trying to better myself. I am human. And i am kind to myself.
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2023.06.08 11:07 Gloomy-Passion6814 Elevate Your HDB Renovation: Creative Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Home

Living in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat doesn't mean compromising on style and comfort. With a dash of creativity and thoughtful planning, you can transform your HDB home into a personalized haven that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. In this article, we present a collection of trendy and innovative renovation ideas along with expert renovation contractor to help you elevate your HDB living experience.
Open Concept Living
Say goodbye to cramped spaces and embrace the open-concept living trend. Knock down walls to create a seamless flow between your living, dining, and kitchen areas. This not only enhances the sense of spaciousness but also encourages social interaction and connectivity. Consider installing a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table, adding functionality and a modern touch to your home.
Smart Storage Solutions
Maximize the limited space in your HDB flat with smart storage solutions. Opt for built-in cabinets and shelves to make the most of vertical space. Explore hidden storage options such as under-bed drawers or ottomans with storage compartments. Utilize multi-functional furniture like sofa beds or extendable dining tables that can adapt to your changing needs. By keeping your belongings organized and minimizing clutter, you can create a more visually appealing and functional living environment.
Statement Walls and Creative Lighting
Transform the look and feel of your HDB flat with statement walls and creative lighting. Consider adding textured wallpapers, geometric patterns, or a vibrant accent color to create a focal point in your living room or bedroom. Experiment with different lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or track lighting, to add depth and ambiance to your space. Creative lighting techniques can also highlight artwork or architectural features, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.
Bring Nature Indoors
Introduce a touch of nature into your HDB renovation by incorporating indoor plants. Create a vertical garden using wall-mounted planters or install hanging planters near windows. Plants not only add visual interest and freshness to your home but also improve air quality and create a soothing ambiance. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors, such as pothos, snake plants, or peace lilies. Additionally, consider adding natural materials like wood or bamboo to your furniture and decor choices to create a warm and earthy atmosphere.
With these trendy HDB renovation ideas, you can unlock the full potential of your living space. From open-concept living to smart storage solutions, statement walls, and incorporating nature indoors, there are endless possibilities to transform your HDB flat into a stylish and functional home. Embrace your creativity, personalize your space, and enjoy the elevated living experience that reflects your unique personality and preferences. Homerenoguru provides the most experienced renovation contractor are always ready to help you out in all aspects to transform your home as you like it.
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2023.06.08 11:06 Soft-serve-ranch How do people like popping pimples??

I'm not insecure, but I do have such a low pain tolerance that when I had a small ‘operation’ on my toe they gave up on the shitty pain meds and local anesthetic since I couldn't handle the after-pain and instead knocked me out for four days until I felt better enough to not cry or pinch myself until I was distracted from the pain.
I have the biggest pimple, about the size of a large pea. It’s right on the edge of my upper lip, on the corner of my mouth. I cannot drink since the cup hits my mouth and eating has to be non-acidic foods or I experience so much pain I go to heaven,
I’ve met the Devil and he’s actually a massive fucking pimple.
I ask a friend if it’s obvious and they go “...No...unless you're looking for it” That pause told me everything, and btw, people are always looking, I subconsciously notice people's flaws. And sure I’m not judging you and you shouldn't give a shit about a pimple since everyone gets them and there is very little you can do, but don't lie to people when they ask if their pimple, smudged makeup, ripped shirt or whatever is obvious.
Anyways, my Mother suggests holding a warm flannel over my lip and then popping it, or alternatively, my Dad’ll do it since he loves popping pimples...HOW???
I will tell you the events of the last 20 or so minutes. It started with me in the shower squeezing away at the white-headed offender, and since we don't have a mirror I was looking at my reflection in the shower handle. She’s not popping, or even budging. So I hold the flannel over it, nothing it did not help soften it or whatever it's supposed to do. Time to do it the old fashion way. So I stand butt naked in front of my mirror trying to figure out the best way to squeeze. One finger on my outer lip and one in my inner lip? Or both on the outer sides of the pimple?
Good lord in Heaven...why do you torture me this way. I think I felt so much pain that I blacked out for two seconds. Oh my goodness I do not get how people enjoy this shit? “Oh...it goes pop!!” No?? They just build pressure until it sadly oozes out and bleeds a bunch, and that's if you can SQUEEZE it for that long...
I've seen people say i's for relief, yeah right. That it's like completing some chore and being relieved from your burden or whatever. Listen, I’m sure it's nice...sometimes, but that must be for only the small little ones, but I only get the phat ones that make me want to skin myself.
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2023.06.08 11:06 Estimate0091 Options for privacy in real estate ownership, and RLTs

If you have experience with this:
1) What are my options to buy a real estate property (primary house) but have my name not appear in public records anywhere? This is in California. I understand that titles, mortgages, and property tax info are public records. What are the pain points for each of those, and anything else I'm missing? For instance: would sellers be wary of anonymous buyers? Would mortgage lenders refuse loans if done with a privacy vehicle?
2) How would the above integrate with a revocable living trust?
3) I see houses that are titled to family trusts. Does this offer a "first layer" of privacy protection with minimal fuss?
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2023.06.08 11:06 tellthetruth7777 Ally Hubbard aka prawnzy

I seriously can’t stand this disgusting cow, she can dish it out but can’t take it. She is honestly so vile, She gets online and picks her nose, talks about how she had worms in and around her anus ( which she would of discovered by picking and itching) , eats her food like a wild animal and Is down right just disgusting, I saw earlier she commented on a video of it’s your boy jarrod telling him to have a shower but I think she is the one who needs a shower she looks moldy and wears the same clothes every day I don’t understand how Shiarra is with her she has absolutely nothing apart from a house to offer. Yuck
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2023.06.08 11:06 lentils234 Unregulated tourist influx: Kashmir dreads the final straw that will break the Himalayas’ back

Tourism is a small but important part of Kashmir’s economy. However, in the name of tourism, the government should not put the fragile and already-strained natural resources and public infrastructure in the region under even more pressure, lest it lead to a complete destruction of the beautiful valley, which is home to 7 million people.
Four years after India made Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) its youngest Union territory, the region is expected to receive around 2 crore (20 million) tourists this year. This was revealed by the lieutenant governor of the Union territory Manoj Sinha in April while laying the foundation stone of a medical college in the outskirts of Srinagar.
Sinha said that the number of tourists J&K is set to receive during this year would break all previous records of tourist influx into Kashmir.
Will the Union territory, especially the ecologically fragile Kashmir valley, be able to accommodate such a huge number of tourists?
What about the amount of waste 2 crore tourists will generate? Does the Union territory have the infrastructure to treat this waste scientifically, considering that the number of tourists visiting is more than twice the population of the region?
Do we have scientific waste management systems in place in Srinagar and other tourist places of J&K?
In this article I will be explaining all this with facts and figures.
Shrinking farmlands and tourism
Tourists who visit Kashmir are fascinated by the natural beauty while they move around on the Jammu–Srinagar highway (National Highway 44). They are often seen taking pictures in the saffron fields of Pampore or with the mustard flowers elsewhere in the valley (which bloom in abundance around the spring season— March to April).
Does the Union territory have the infrastructure to treat this waste scientifically, considering that the number of tourists visiting is more than twice the population of the region?
When tourists visit Pahalgam, they take selfies near the apple trees that dot the landscape on the way to this beautiful tourist resort.
Imagine what will happen if the beauty of this landscape is allowed to perish? There will be no reason for tourists to visit Kashmir. More importantly, it will become well-nigh impossible for Kashmiris to live in Kashmir.
The government’s own data reveals that agriculture landholding in J&K has come down drastically. As per a report published on 10th agriculture census (2015–16) by the financial commissioner of revenue for the erstwhile state of J&K, the total number of operational holdings in the state was 14.16 lakh, operating on 8.42 lakh hectare of land.
This was 14.49 lakh holdings operating on 8.95 lakh hectare of land in the 9th agriculture census ( 2010–11).
This means that in a mere five-year period, J&K had witnessed a decrease of 2.27 percent in the number of holdings and a decrease of 5.92 percent in the operating area under agriculture.
The average holding size in J&K during the 10th agriculture census (2015–16) stood at 0.59 hectare. This has come down further in the 2021–22 agriculture census whose final report is yet to be made public.
As per the 2015–16 agriculture census, around 84 percent of farmers in J&K were marginal farmers and 11.29 percent, 4.10 percent, 0.78 percent and 0.04 percent farmers had small, semi-medium, medium and large land holdings respectively.
Marginal farmers are those who have less than 1 hectare of land holdings, small farmers have 1–2 hectare of land holdings, semi-medium farmers have 2–4 hectare of land holdings, medium farmers have 4–10 hectare of land holdings, and large farmers have more than 10 hectare of land holdings.
In the 9th agriculture census, the average land holding in J&K was 0.62 hectare and between 2010–11 and 2015–16 agriculture censuses, there has been a decrease of 0.03 hectare of agriculture land holding.
The unofficial figures say that the agricultural land has shrunk further in the last five–six years and is now only around 0.5 hectare. If this downward spiral continues, I believe that in the next 25 to 30 years, 90 percent of the rural population in J&K, especially in the Kashmir valley, will become landless.
We will see only concrete structures on our agricultural land. It will have serious consequences for our agriculture economy and tourism will be severely impacted as well. There will be more floods as our wetlands and lakes are choked and the built up concrete area doesn’t allow water to seep into the ground.
Unscientific waste disposal and illegal mining
In future, shrinking farmlands will not only impact our agriculture and tourism but will also have a direct impact on management of our municipal solid waste.
In J&K, 90 percent of the urban local bodies, including the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and smaller councils and committees have no official landfill sites. Waste is not treated as per the Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2016. Even in Srinagar city, the only garbage dump site located at Achan Saidpora is choked and emits an obnoxious smell, especially during summer months.
Enough land isn’t available in our towns and cities to set up scientific landfill sites. In hilly towns, this is even more of a challenge, especially in Ramban, Doda and Udhampur, where municipal solid waste is dumped unscientifically in forests or waterbodies.
During the last decade, the SMC has not been able to acquire even 50–60 acre of land for creating a landfill as an alternative to the overburdened Achan Saidpora site.
In 2017, the then deputy chief minister Nirmal Singh, who was also the Minister for Housing & Urban Development Department (HUDD), while responding to a question from a legislator of Srinagar, Mubarak Gul, said on the floor of the J&K assembly that a committee had been constituted under the district magistrate of Srinagar to look for land to create a new landfill site in Srinagar but the committee could not find even 10 acre of land to set up the new landfill site.
It is a well-known fact that Srinagar and a majority of the districts in J&K have small landholdings and most of the land is already occupied by shopping complexes or housing colonies and finding large patches of land to set up landfill sites or garbage dump sites is a herculean task.
This is the reason that a majority of our water bodies, such as lakes, wetlands, rivers and streams, have become waste dump sites and this author had to move a formal application before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to ensure a clean-up of the Doodh Ganga river in the Srinagar–Budgam area.
This waterbody is being used to dump solid waste at multiple locations by local residents. The Geology and Mining Department has auctioned this stream for riverbed mining with effect from September 2021 to 2026. The project proponent is mining as deep as 10 metre while only mining till 1 metre depth is allowed.
Huge cranes and JCB are also used for extracting sand, boulders and gravel, which is in violation of the J&K Minor Mineral Concession Rules 2016 and the guidelines of J&K State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA).
In addition, the SMC and a few other government bodies have set up around 13 wastewater pump stations on the banks of Doodh Ganga, which flush out untreated water and sewage into the stream in violation of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. Keeping these violations under consideration and after providing the material facts, the NGT imposed a penalty of ₹35 crore on the government of J&K in October this year
In March this year, a ₹3 crore penalty had already been imposed. The money was released from the coffers of SMC, the Department of Geology and Mining and the municipal committees of Chadoora and Budgam.
In the Poonch district of Jammu, the local municipality is using the Poonch river as a garbage dump site. In this case, too, a few months back this author had to move an application before the NGT. Notice was issued to the district magistrate, Poonch and the pollution control committee, asking for a detailed report from them. The case is listed for hearing in July.
Heaps of plastic waste can be seen in the tourist places of Kashmir, such as Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg, Yusmarg and Doodhpathri. The government should seriously think about banning plastic in these tourist spots.
The pilgrims visiting the Amarnath cave are littering in the high altitude mountains, which is even more dangerous because the waste does not decompose easily in the freezing weather at such high altitudes. The cave is also adjacent to the magnificent Kolahoi glacier and the waste acts like a hot knife through butter, trapping sunlight and cutting through the white snow and ice.
People visit the cave for spiritual reasons, but when they engage in anti-nature activities by throwing plastic, food and other wastes in the pristine glaciers and mountains, it leads to environmental destruction.
In Srinagar city alone, around 500 metric tonne of waste is generated daily and this quantity goes up during the tourist rush in summers. Unfortunately not even 10 percent of this waste is treated.
Same is the case with other tourist places of J&K such as Gulmarg, Sonamarg and Pahalgam. When 2 crore tourists visit J&K in a year, how will authorities manage them? Do we have scientific landfill sites? What about the carbon footprints these tourists will leave?
So it is advisable that the government must first concentrate on ensuring that all tourist places have a scientific waste management system in place. Plastic must be completely banned. No food items packed in plastic wrappers should be sold at tourist resorts.
The pilgrims coming for pilgrimage to the Amarnath cave should not be allowed to carry any plastic packed food materials and the number of pilgrims visiting the shrine should also be reduced, as recommended by Nitesh SenGupta Committee report.
Tourism is a small but vital part of Kashmir’s economy. But we must not let unregulated tourism put an unbearable strain on the natural resources and infrastructure of the region. By doing so, we may earn quick bucks for a few years, but it will ultimately result in Kashmir becoming a trashbowl.
Let us not allow Kashmir valley to become a trash valley.
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2023.06.08 11:05 Natani1877 Hello Kitty giveaway 🩷

Hello Kitty giveaway 🩷
Hey guys I’m back with another adorable giveaway 😊 This one includes all of the furniture items in the picture as well as 5 dream bell tickets, 30 nook miles tickets, and some mermaid fencing 🩷🩷
Upvote this post and comment done when completed and I’ll choose a random winner once I reach 20 entries.
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2023.06.08 11:04 bitchinwitchy Witnessed strange lights

Witnessed strange lights
Back at the end of last year I had a series of weird things happen that I’m trying to process/get some insight on. It started a few months after I began experimenting with magic mushrooms. I had taken a fair amount of mushrooms before these events happened and hadn’t experienced anything out of the ordinary even taking probably close to 7 grams in a period of 2 hours or so - and did not have too heavy of a trip) I decided to start dosing before work which I figured would be chill as (like I said) I had already experimented and did not get visuals or feel particularly out of control. In fact it felt like I was a lot more in tune with my surroundings even driving and stuff.
With that said, I started taking about 1 gram or so every couple days and around this time is when I met Sue - a homeless woman who would come into our coffee shop almost daily while I was barista-ing. I was immediately intrigued by her and we became fast friends. She told me she was 67, half miwok Indian, half polish, and she was always dressed in a colorful outfit, beautiful rings, with her nails painted. She’d tell me about her tarot readings and we’d share a cigarette while I was on break. It was clear when I met her she probably had some type of mental illness going on because she would sometimes talk loudly about arch angel michael, money from god, and things that didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I tried to remain open minded and curious with her. I even offered her mushrooms but she refused saying she had “enough spiritual stuff going on in her life.”
One day, after a particularly interesting conversation with Sue, I disappeared off to run an errand for my boss, when I came back Sue was gone and my boss handed me a tattered book. it was “A Life in Drama” a biography on Shakespeare or something of the like, and the outside of the book was covered in cryptic pen drawings like I’d never seen before. There was an inscription “June Sue I learn from you!” Which immediately brought me back to the first day I met her. She had drawn me and I had told her loved that I loved her name - she told me I should add it to my name and I agreed with her.
“your guardian anglebirth” it read. And there was a sparrow hawk, trees, a ship all sort of in abstract pen drawing. On the front, in small ink, less than an inch, there was an almost abstract looking shape and in the center was the word “love” - she never told me what the shape was as she didn’t remember drawing it but later my therapist suggested it as a picnic basket. Anyway, a few days later I went and had it tattooed on my arm because I loved it.
I was in the process of quitting my job around this time so I wasn’t seeing Sue as often which prompted me to think about when to go visit her. I was in no hurry to show her, I knew when the time was right I would go.
A few afternoons later, after taking about a gram of mushrooms I bought 200$ worth and then went to see her. It was around this time that day I started hearing voices I thought at the time were god and the mushrooms themselves.
It’s been a while since this all happened so my memory is a bit blurry, though I did write down most of what happened shortly thereafter. Anyways, there was something about Sue that I trusted. I really wanted to show her my mushrooms so I took her to my trunk. All I remember is sitting in the back of the trunk with her and all of a sudden these crazy lilac purple lights start shining down on me like I’m on a stage? This is in broad daylight on the street. I remember there was like a little noise they made I think, and it felt like i was in the twilight zone. It was so bizarre - I’ve never experienced anything remotely like it. And the only place they really shown down on was my face and neck (where I had lots of acne). As I’m like, what the fuck is going on Sue looks over and says something along the lines of “many gifts are coming to you.” ( like I said, never experienced ANY visions before and having Sue acting like she saw the light too makes me feel like something weird is going on. )
Later on back in her tent all of a sudden I start experiencing the most insane pain but it’s not physical. To this day I don’t know how to describe it but I was deeply uncomfortable to the point where I am SCREAMING in this woman’s tent and she’s telling me to quiet down so the cops don’t come and commit me. After that she gave me water, food, and it kind of felt like she could read my mind which is a phenomena I experienced a lot the next few days. Everything I needed she provided. I was completely depleted and weak. She was yelling at mysterious powers saying “earthangel June (me) does not deserve this!!” She told me I had been divinely poisoned by the mushrooms because I had not blessed them before ingesting them. Later that night she also tells me that her tarot cards told her a young woman would come to visit her and that I was she.
I slowly came down a bit. Sue offered for me to spend the night, but I knew I wanted to go back home, though it was past midnight when I got home. I don’t remember much of the mundane time between - The next morning I woke and headed back to her where I spent another full day and find out both me and my dads debit cards aren’t working, and Sue is unsurprised (I’m starting to believe in this weird matrix of energy she’s talking about and feel like I’m targeted when I’m around her, or that she has some sort of bad luck) She dropped many lessons about God, energy, and demons and doing readings for people, which I started to come around to that day. I noticed that even people I would have avoided or felt unsafe with on my own, respected her or at least stayed away from her. I have a vivid memory of her saying “watch this!” And then with a lasso motion zapping me energetically so hard it makes me wince. That day Sue piled heaps of designer clothes into the trunk of my car which had been donated by the wealthy. As she does this she handed me a piece of paper that had printed on it what I later find out is a piece of “They’re made out of meat” by Terry Bison.
They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "Meat. They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "There's no doubt about it. We picked several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, probed them all the way through. They're completely meat." "That's impossible. What about the radio signals? The messages to the stars." "They use the radio waves to talk, but the signals don't come from them. The signals come from machines." "So who made the machines? That's who we want to contact." "They made the machines. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Meat made the machines." "That's ridiculous. How can meat make a machine? You're asking me to believe in sentient meat." "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. These creatures are the only sentient race in the sector and they're made out of meat."
She asked me if I remember the guy who comes into our coffee shop with a helmet on sometimes, and I say yes, and she suggests he might be an alien because she found this on the table after he left.
It is clear to me now that day, November 29th I was beginning to open the question - who am I? I’d been curious of my lineage but also potential past lives.
I went back home that night and At 2am still hopped up from the mushrooms I put on some clothes Sue had given me and got in my car feeling called to drive aimlessly. After 15 minutes I reached a glowing indigo Hyatt sign and immediately pulled in. I had just quit my Hyatt job and figured at the very least it could be a job opportunity for me there (as I had just quit working at a Hyatt)
When I got there a short, beautiful, and politely unassuming woman greeted me at a desk amidst a beautiful well light welcoming room. She appeared to be completely alone and I immediately felt safe and welcomed by her, though I quickly revealed I wasn’t quite sure why I had intended to show up to the hotel. I went with the flow, the woman asked me if I’d rather be at a cheaper Hyatt down the road and I immediately refused. I went to use the restroom, when I came out there was a single strangely menacing, yet friendly guard.
I hung around aimlessly, asking if I could sit on the marble countertops - dressing and acting as if completely in a trance and unashamed of myself and still high on mushrooms. The woman discouraged me because I think I would’ve been seen on the cameras. Instead, I sat down on a comfortable couch and began to converse with her. I felt She was gentle and good hearted but I also felt we were deeply on the same wavelength somehow. She asked me about my life, and I vaguely mentioned it was changing deeply - referring to my experiences with Sue and Psylocibin, without mentioning them. I stared deeply and intently at her, listening to her talk a bit, while in my head I asking questions in my mind “who will I have children with?” “Where do I belong in this life?” Feeling desperate and exhausted by those questions.
The woman picked up her can of bright red coke with both hands, 3 fingers facing up on either side, and told me the answers would come to me in a dream. I broke out into surprised, joyful, and astounded laughter and exclaimed “holy shit!” Because in my state it seemed like she was totally clued into what I had going on. Then she said what translated to my trancelike state as something along the lines of, “this isn’t my first rodeo.”
At this point, I’m still in an altered state and believe this hotel is somehow heaven?
Once our conversation was over, we took the elevator up together, (I think she knew I was high and wanted to make sure nothing went wrong.) I asked for a room on the 4th floor, but she said an entire childrens soccer team was residing and that she’d give me the third. I laughed and thanked her. She asked me a few questions, I don’t remember what they were, but they were easy to answer and I only remember her saying “we just want to make sure what you took was clean.” I’m not sure what she meant by this looking back, but in the moment I thought she was asking me because there was something she didn’t want to share with me if the mushrooms I had taken weren’t safe. Like she wanted to check my purity or something (though I could be imagining that)
She lead me to my room, said I could leave the door open, with the latch, when I wanted to come down, and did not give me a key and then she said that she’d be with me all night long.
I put my things down, and immediately began to look at myself in the luminescent hotel room mirrors feeling a deep pain and sadness. I slowly and delicately put my hair up, washed my face carefully, got undressed and began to massage lotion into my skin for some reason?
Then I looked in the mirror and began to squeeze the gunk out of my skin, believing that I am somehow ridding myself of ancestral curses - famine, disease, rape, pain. I started to form a story line around potential past lives. I’ll spare y’all the details of the rest of my episode because a lot of it still doesn’t make much sense to me. But besides the light I saw, it’s little coincidences that I keep coming back to in my mind that are so strange.
Like, The next day I get a haircut, the barber is an eclectic guy and mentions my evil twin sister (something Sue also did) for no apparent reason (I’ve never met the guy before) afterwards I go to the kava bar and immediately meet a random girl who also seems to be in the middle of a psychotic episode. She starts talking about conspiracy theories and stuff and she tells me she is secretly a native woman who just appears to be a black woman. Then she pulls out a pendulum and refers to it as “this thingy” I’m a bit surprised because the night before Sue had shown me how to use one to read yes, no and maybe.
I take my new friend Candace back home with me (she reveals to me she has another name she only shares when she feels safe) I don’t remember what it was but when I introduce her to one of my roommates as Candace he says “oh no it’s something more ancient than that” which I find really weird because he’s never met her before (how would he know she had a second name?) and it’s just a weird thing to say in general.
I forget I have a therapy appointment that day and am all of a sudden skeptical of my therapist, Candace briefly meets her and then tells me “she was divinely sent” which makes me feel less paranoid and I remember expecting her to say something of the like.
It’s also around this time I find 3 dead birds on a bike ride on the ground (3 different species) within exactly 11 minutes and they seem to stand out enough to maybe be trying to tell me something. I asked my friend who is a medicine woman to interpret the meaning, and it feels pretty on point to what happened looking back.
In retrospect, not necessarily everything I’ve shared means something extra-ordinary, but I’m curious to hear some other thoughts on what happened, and the context.
I put my things down, and immediately began to look at myself in the luminescent hotel room mirrors feeling a deep pain and sadness. I slowly and delicately put my hair up, washed my face carefully, undressed and began to massage lotion into my skin for some reason?
Then I looked in the mirror and began to squeeze the gunk out of my skin, believing that I was somehow ridding myself of ancestral curses - famine, disease, rape, pain. I started to form a story line around potential past lives.
I laid down in the bed, bluntly put, grabbed my vibrator, and spent hours with a voice in my head I believe to be the woman. She was gentle, wise and delicate, and when I touched myself I felt it was not me but her.
She told me things I wanted to understand about original biblical references, the creation of Adam and Eve, or whatever names they were, and I saw and felt at times, that I was birthing other creations amidst the quiet, deep intense, solitude of our connection. It was deeply lovely. I looked at the clock and had an innate sense our time was coming to an end. Completely naked and feeling nothing but gratitude, love, and wonder, I opened the curtains and looked out at the most beautiful cloudy sunrise. I felt I was looking directly at god and not a word had been said all night inside the room. It was one of the most beautiful things ID ever seen - I was truly in it, and I just knew.
I forgot, that when I had first checked into the room I had texted the man I was sleeping with, whom I loved, but was feeling confusion around as we were staying only casually connected. I regrettedly called him back (he had tried to call me earlier after I had sent him a series of cryptic texts like “some really cool shit is happening call me when you can.”) I asked him if I could come over, he said “I have some things to do today, can it wait?” I said “no” “he said I guess I can make the time then, or something along those lines.” Still in a complete trancelike state, I got in the car and frantically drove to his house without any real permission, which is painful to think about in retrospect.
When I got there, I unassumingly rang the doorbell and he happily let me in as if, or as I thought, he’d been expecting me.
I crawled into bed with him and felt safe again, like I had with Sue and with the woman whose name I had learned was Alexandria. I thought I could relax, but then immediately sex ensued again, and I felt both more and less control than I usually did when I was not in this strange state.
I don’t remember much except screaming and crying loudly, calling his name and telling him I loved him (which I had never done before) and I remember him saying it back to me.
I could feel my spiritual energy was so strong he was responsive to it which was terrifying as it was so new to both of us. In retrospect, I feel we were-him most of all, somewhat blind to what was happening. Sue had told me we had the power to hypnotize men, but I didn’t think I would be doing that so soon.
Before I knew it he asked me if I had a condom. I said no only in my car outside. And he pulled out what almost appeared to be a flaming red one directly after asking me if I had mine. I don’t remember putting it on or taking it off. I asked if he’d had sex with anyone else and he said “last week” which was strange and hurt me because I thought we had been sort of accidentally exclusive for the majority of our relationship together - later he revealed he had not had sex. I recall holding his hand and showing each other the birth of creation, me showing him love perhaps, feeling balls of light and darkness as stars circle each other before they explode. After that I only really remember being on top of him, me in complete control, asking him to cum, him saying “I can’t” and then having a massive horrible realization, looking him straight in the face and saying, “ohhhhh you’re the devil aren’t you? You’re beautiful. Oh my god you’re beautiful.” He looked so beautiful and I held his face. Then I was professing my love for him again and again and again even though my heart was breaking as I did because I somehow knew the face looking at me was not capable of love. The rest was a confusing blur. I don’t remember much about leaving him except that it hurt me probably more than the spiritual pain I had experienced in the tent. I felt completely and utterly alone, heart broken, and terrified. Rattled, and in a daze I pulled up my phone directions, and drove for what felt like 20 minutes until I saw a beautifully insane woman, head hung low, dressed in black, almost like a shadow, sitting on the curb, both feet in the road. I slowed down, rolled my window, and asked for Sue. She said yes she’s already at the place with the TV, and she said she wanted something in return. She went to reach for my Bluetooth adapter and without question, I handed it to her. I had learned not to be afraid to lose things, my love and life was the only thing that mattered to me.
I drove onward, got on the freeway, and in memory, passed exits I recognized over and over again driving for what felt like an hour, miserable and screaming and crying in pain and fear, windows rolled down wind recklessly pushing and pulling at me, and calling out for Sue, understanding I was time traveling. I remember most vividly seeing the words “Richard blvd” (the name of my exit to Davis” at least twice between sacramento exits. I attempted not to doubt, only to trust, I would arrive home, though I was terrified for my physical and spiritual lives.
I don’t remember much about arriving home. I only remember being deeply relieved to be somewhere familiar again.
I would stay in this state a few more days…until my parents pulled me out, I believed my mother had died and I felt such agony I was screaming in the room of my house, my roommates rushing in to comfort me. I was not in control enough of myself to remain on those realms in any capacity after the days I had been through. I needed to be recaptured reraptured in love only my family could give me. And I am forever grateful they took me home to them.
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2023.06.08 11:04 Nicromia The Railway Children Part 4

Hello once again to Chapter 4
This is just a continuation of the previous chapter.
I do try to not have such large gaps between chapter releases, but I would prefer to take my time with these.
If there is any mistakes please let me know.
Memory Transcription Subject: Timil Minar-Bowman, Yotul high school student
Date [Standard Human Time]: June 3rd 2142
As we all looked on in the same expression that I had in the shuttle, Karisa’s toothy smile disappeared as she spoke again. “Wow, I never seen such a cute reaction like that before.” Karisa giggled again; her hand placed over her mouth.
What does she mean, I didn’t think they even had that much.
“Now then kids, when you're done picking up your mouths, follow me and stay close, we don’t want any wanderers. Also, don’t be afraid to voice any of your questions as we tour around the exhibits. I'd love to answer them.”
We eventually found ourselves on the elevated platform in front of the same steam engine that we all saw when we first entered Station Hall, some of the group was still catching up as they took the smaller species-friendly stairs.
As we waited, I felt a hand be placed on top of my shoulder, stroking it gently, “How are you finding it so far. I know we’ve just arrived, but I know your surprised look when I see it.” Dad spoke softly to me. “I’m really enjoying it so far. I never realised how big your steam engines were, or you had that many.” I looked to see his confused face staring me back, then a light laugh escaped his mouth.
“To you, yes they are, but they are big to us as well, bigger than the early engines that’s for sure, but I can assure you Timil, they get much bigger later on. Anyway, its Karisa’s job to tell these things and to answer these questions, ok.” I nodded and turned back to our now collected herd.
“Are we all here…” Our guide looked to the adults. “They are… Excellent. Now we can begin. Ok children, can you all tell me what this locos name is, I want you all to shout together.” Our guide clasped her hands together, pushing her hands out to us. “Ready.”
Gladstone!” We shouted.
“YES! You are all correct and so observant, this locos name is Gladstone, as you can see on its side. Well done.”
We all looked on, wanting more.
“Now then lets begin shall we... Gladstone here was built in 1882, designed by a man by the name of William Stroudley, these are an improved version of his previous Richmond class passenger train design."
She paused, looking to make sure we were still caught up and to see if we had any questions before she continued.
"It was built about 260 years ago for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway, or LB&SCR for short. It was the first of thirty-six [36] to be built, each one having their own name, with the last being built in 1891, they were given the classification of B1 to designate them as a passenger locomotive. These big boys were used to haul the heaviest of passenger trains between the old city of London, to the coastal city of Brighton. It has been with us for so long I don’t even know when it came to us.”
I looked towards Grimir and Maxil, both were entranced. Maxil’s tall ears were pointed straight to Karisa, not even a hint of anxiety showing. Grimir was furiously typing away at his pad, trying to collect as much information I assume.
“Eventually, as with everything, the march of progress made them redundant, obsolete for the world they found themselves to be surrounded with. By 1910, ten of them were withdrawn from service, the rest serving to h-help…”
Karisa’s voiced faltered, looking towards Dad and Miss Hiten. I’m still learning about human faces, I’m still yet to pick up on some but I’m guessing it is a ‘can I say this?’ maybe. Her relived face answered that.
“T-to help with moving s-soldiers to the coastal cities during Earths F-First World War over 200 years ago. By 1926 withdrawals began again and by 1933 the last engine was scrapped after only 50 years of service, Gladstone here being the only one of its class left preserved.”
I see why her face was concerned; she was worried about how we would react. It was no secret anymore that humans have had a bloody past, at some point every species has had at least a war with themselves.
“Any questions?”
A sea of paws and trunks went up.
It took us about two Earth hours by the time we were done with Station Hall, I could see the herd was ready for a break, myself included.
We saw luxury carriages used by old royalty, a much larger locomotive in red, even some goods vehicles from the many different railway companies that Karisa said used to operate, I could'nt believe the variety.
I could see a tired Quirral laying on top of Tamoy the Mazic, I swear that goes against something, but it’s funny to see. Thankfully we made it to the outside café where we can get something to eat, thankfully accommodating to herbivorous species.
A perfect Allotment Salad and apple juice is just what I need, apparently grown on site as well.
As I ate with Maxil and Grimir, we looked over the notes that Grimir wrote, we learned a few interesting things;
Station Hall gained its name because, well, it looked like a station, but apparently it was once a large goods shed that brought in products for the people that lived in the city.
Another thing we noticed is how short of a time period it was there was, between humanity gaining the power of steam to finding out they weren’t alone in the universe. Most notable was the time span between steam to electric operation.
I have to ask Dad more about that. They went from steam, to diesel, to electric, then to biofuel then to electric and maglev again. Amazing!
Though, thinking on it, it was kind of ironic that compared to Earth, I wondered if my species could have had something like this if it weren’t for the Federation.
Lastly, we all thought that it was a shame that the famous human engine Rocket wasn’t here, apparently, we were told it was taken to another museum not long before we visited, and that it was too far for us to go and visit. But we were told that we would learn more about it in the in the science classroom towards the end of the day.
“Ok children, can you all listen to me please.” Miss Hiten called for attention. Us three looked up from our notes. “I know you are all eating and enjoying your break, but me and Mr Bowman have come to an agreement we think you’d want to hear.”
I looked to both of my buddies, each confused. Usually whatever she has to say ends up being not okay.
“Because of the excellent behaviour you have all exhibited so far.” Both adults briefly looked at each other, “Me and Mr Bowman have agreed to allow all of you to explore the Great Hall on your own.”
It took a second before we all cheered, paws and all in the air. That was unnatural for her, I wonder what Dad did.
“However!” She shouted, one claw in the air. “You are all to be in groups of three or more, and I know that safety is in the herd but here on Earth you are all very safe. I speak from personal experience.” She sounded adamant about that last part.
“Mr Bowman, you may continue…”
Dad nodded to her. “Thank you, Miss Hiten. Now, and I say this like I’m a father to you all, do not take your name tags off and always keep your pads with you. Your name tags act as a location beacon so we know where you are at all times, so I say it again, DO NOT remove them for what ever reason. And remember what we told you about Stranger Danger. Do not follow someone you don’t know. Understood!”
“YES SIR!” We all shouted.
“Excellent, now when you are all finished get into your groups and you can head off, be back here in three Earth hours. If you need us, give me or Miss Hiten a call.”
I looked to my two besties; the apprehension was evident.
“Come on then, we haven’t got all day!” I shouted, hopping off to see more trains.
That brings the end to Chapter 4
I unfortunately (if I call it that) used Wikipedia for Gladstone as the area that the loco is in is closed for restoration.
If there are any mistakes, please put it down below.
Hopefully it wouldn't take to long for the next chapter. By only time will tell.
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2023.06.08 11:03 swiftkick722 My wife (35F) cheated on me (37m). I'm still trying to make it work. 9 years together.

We had a son 1 year into our relationship and life got really busy to say the least. I've always helped with house hold stuff, cooking, dishes, laundry, diapers. I found it difficult to find a time and place for sex. She kept our son in our bed for the first 5 years. She would ask for sex and I would ask when? And how? I would ask her to get him in his own bed but she wanted him close. Anyway once things settled down and life got easier I had more opportunities for intimacy. Then she didn't want a anything to do with it and said I was only coming around because she lost weight. Her weight never had anything to do with it. She got a good job after she finished school and it was like someone flipped a switch, she didn't want anything to do with me at all. She even started going to bars regularly for over a year while I took care of everything at home. Slowly after a year or two she started to come back around and our relationship ended up being better and stronger than it ever was. Then last Oct she tells me she had an "emotional affair with a coworker on 2019 and that it wasn't physical and had ended early 2020". She told me only because his wife found out. I stuck my head in the sand didn't ask details and just said I'm staying let's move on. Then 5 months later I pick her phone up and it's on with them messing each other. Both saying "I love you". After talking with her I found out they had done physical stuff too.. and then a couple months later i even found old pictures of them together physically. She says it's ended with him now. But she's walled up and all this has taken such a huge toll. It's really hard to just throw away 9 years with someone, I built a life with this person. But at this point I feel like I'm fighting for this to work and she's trying but checked out. She doesn't want sex now. She comes home want watches Netflix on her phone most nights. We go on dates but it feels like she's forcing herself to do all this. My big thing is, why am I fighting for this relationship more than she is? It's like she gave up.
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2023.06.08 11:02 fabderpyturtle First pride event!

Newcomer here. I (20F) am going to my first pride event June 24th. I’ve been out for several years but haven’t been to a pride event before because I’ve never gotten the chance. I have no clue what to wear!! I’m a little plus sized so I feel like my options are a bit limited with what I can wear confidently. I included a picture of what I am thinking of right now. I have the stuff to make my own bracelet and possibly some earrings. Im on the fence about the shoelaces. I already have the pins and might wear them as well. Thank you in advance🩷💜💙
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2023.06.08 11:02 imlosingit2023 Are all calories-in equal?

Hi all,
I'm probably long overdue for coming here. I'm a guy in my mid 30s, about 5'9. As I recall some stranger once saying when I was a teen, I've never lost my baby fat. I weighed about 200lbs throughout all my 20s. I always felt healthy though. I've always been active in one way or another. As a teen, I was a really good golfer, and spent my entire summers on the golf course. I had two kids in my early 20s... continued playing golf but much less frequently... but did a lot of camping (inc. hiking, canoeing, etc) during the summer with my fiance and our kids.
Around 2016, my fiance developed some mental health issues and developed a drug addiction. The next few years were difficult as I parented our kids solo 99% of the time and was trying to help her recover as best I could. Sadly, in late 2019, she took her life.
Prior to her death, I was already hurting. I was busting my ass to continue providing our kids the best life I could, but after the day was over, I began turning to my vices (alcohol and coke) for comfort. When she passed, I deliberately (and successfully) went sober for a few months because I knew how easy it would be for me to develop a serious problem trying to cope.
Since her passing, I've obviously done a lot of thinking. Whether right or wrong, I have no interest in pursuing any other relationships, as I consider her my soulmate. Neither of us believed in an afterlife, but I am very comfortable with death, because in one way or another, I believe it will be the closest I ever am to her again. I'm not suicidal whatsoever, but at the same time, I developed little interest in taking care of my health. All that matters to me is that I live long enough to see our children reach adulthood (our youngest is now 13) so that I don't leave them parentless as children.
I do love our kids. I think I'm more involved in their lives than most parents. I'm not simply giving up on life and waiting to die. I want to be the best parent I can. That's my only purpose though, and once they are able to make it on their own, I'll be at peace with my life and look forward to joining my fiance, even if it's just as ashes.
Ya, I know, I should probably talk to someone about these thoughts. Maybe I will, but right now I still believe them. Maybe I'm even coming around on that, because I'm expressing a concern about my health here...
Not crazy long after her passing, covid began, which surely didn't help my coping, and restricted my outdoor activities. Further, both my kids are now in their early teens and have little interest in doing things with their dad, other than having me drive them around.
I don't even want to step on the scales today, but I'm confident that I'm weighing in around 300 lbs. That's 100lbs that I've put on in 3-4 years.
I knew I was gaining weight, and I didn't care. I didn't have anyone to impress, and I only feel the need to live another 5 years or so for the sake of my youngest.
When it comes to meals, I'm not particularly health conscious, but I also don't think that I eat much worse than the average person. I enjoy cooking, and always have fresh options for me to cook up for either just me, or me and the kids. However, there's many nights when I feel like all I'm doing is driving them from one place to another, and I'll happily stop for the convenience of pizza instead of making a meal at home. (FWIW, my kids are both healthy weights)
HOWEVERRRRRRR, over the last little while, I feel that my lack of care for myself is catching up with me... Yes, I should probably go see my doctor, but I don't want to. I know there's a million things wrong with me, and I don't want to hear it. Again, my goal isn't necessarily to be in good health. However, I want to be capable of doing most things people in their 30s are capable of doing...
These days, I find that I need the temperature in the house significantly cooler than what my kids would like. When I do any physical activities, even simple ones, I get light headed very quickly. I run out of breathe very quickly from even the most simple cardio.
Even though I've said I don't care about my health, I definitely find my limitations ridiculous/embarrassing today and I try to hide them whenever possible. But some things are hard to hide. Just a few years back, I could hike for 10 hours in one day and be alright. Now, I feel I'd probably need to take a break if there was an uphill portion in the first 10 minutes of my hike.
I would like to start taking some baby steps to improve my condition. I would like to go for a one hour walk every day, but I'm honestly not sure if I could even handle that, as pathetic as it sounds. This got me thinking that maybe I need to lose some weight through dieting first. But as I said, I don't necessarily believe that my diet is a problem. But, my drinking could be. And this is what leads to my question...
When my fiance and I were together, I would usually pour myself a drink at night to help me relax and be able to sleep. Maybe 2oz of whiskey mixed with a little coca cola. Ya, we'd have friends over on weekends or go to parties where we'd drink more, but during the week, I did enjoy having one glass of whiskey before bed.
Over the last few years, I definitely drink too much. That being said, I typically view drinking/drug use as a problem when someone is doing it when they have other responsibilities on the go. My kids are getting older, so they aren't always asleep early on, but I never drink before they are both at home for the night. If it's a school night, I make sure that they have any homework done, etc. I don't even consider drinking anything until I'm at a point where I can basically sign out as a parent for the night.
I pour my drinks hard. Probably 5-6oz of liquor and a similar amount of coke in each. I drink them pretty quick over a couple hours until I pass out.
Based on my estimates, I probably drink 20oz of liquor (usually Captain Morgan Spiced Rum) and 20oz of pop (Coca Cola) on average a night. That's 1,500 calories.
Here's what gets me...
Supposedly, weight loss/gain is all about calories in and calories out. My understanding is that 3,500 calories = 1 lb (of fat).
I've probably been drinking 1,500 calories of rum+coke on average each night for over 3 years. 1,500cal per night = 547,500 cal each year. Assuming 3,500 calories = 1 lb, that's 156lb/year I should be gaining from my drinking.
As I said, I've put on about 100lbs in the last 3 years. That's significant, but it's far, far less than the 156lbs/year implied by my calculations...
Can someone tell me (truthfully) if after X drinks, my body stops absorbing the calories I'm drinking, and just pisses them straight out? If that's not the case, then how is it that I haven't put on 450lbs over the last 3 years because of my drinking?
I ask this specifically because I am looking for ways to lose some weight, and with exercise seeming so damn difficult right now, if I'm able to lose some weight through my dieting, I'd rather do that first. I definitely feel capable of going a month without drinking (not suggesting I can give up drinking entirely), but I would like to set realistic expectations.
If weight loss is all about calories-in and calories-out, then presumably, if I go a month without drinking (at 1,500 cal/day), I should lose about 13lbs in a month, without changing anything else. That seems INSANELY easy to me, and I can't help but feel this number is overstated. Or that my body is going to miss these calories and I'll be tempted to eat more food than I usually would.
Any thoughts or insight are appreciated. Sorry for using a burner. Just not 100% sure if I'm ready to commit to serious changes yet!
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2023.06.08 11:02 Newton_Sexual Insane auto driver

Yesterday, I took an auto from Afzal Gunz to MGBS. We agreed on an agreeable price.
He started driving, and he accelerated his auto from 0 to 20-25 kmph in few seconds. It was crowded area and he wasn't even slowing down his auto. Moving like a snake in hurry.
He made a cut in front of a bus which was coming with a considerable speed, bus had to put an emergency brake, still the auto guy continued driving, bus driver shouted " Rey burra Leda, chhastav". Making turns with full speed and when he finally stopped, my luggage fell forward and i also leaned forward.
After getting down, payed the fare through UPI, i said "jhangir bhai thoda dhang se chalaya Karo, ithni kya jaldi thi" and that MF seemed like proud, smiling like i gave a compliment. I felt that it was a mistake telling him to drive safely.
Next time, definitely gonna avoid auto rides. 😑
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2023.06.08 11:01 Imaginary_Let_76 Advice for protecting myself legally against nightmare landlord

Apologies in advance because I think this is going to be a long one. I’m quickly coming up to the end of a 6 month tenancy (1.5 months notice provided) and I’m concerned that my landlord is going to try to feck me over with the deposit and whatever else he can to be petty. I moved to the area I’m currently residing in in late December 2022 and did a virtual tour prior to signing the contract as I was unable to get to the area. During the viewing, the landlord hid a lot of the ongoing building work that was in progress and showed me a bathroom that I would be sharing with one other tennant. When I moved in it quickly became apparent that the house wasn’t ready yet and there was one toilet to be shared between 5 of us tenants. He ensured me that they were just running a bit behind schedule and would be finished in the next few weeks. It’s now been six months and there is still only one toilet and shower (in the same room) between the 5 of us. Furthermore, we had absolutely no control of the heating inside the house until February with no heating on at all throughout that time. This was originally reported the the council (in England) by one of my former housemates as part of an ongoing issue- the landlord didn’t register the house as a HMO, and was harassing this housemate. On the day of the council inspection the landlord installed a thermostat for ~ 2 hours then promptly took it away again and turned off all of the individual heating controls on our radiators to seem as if we just hadn’t turned the heating on, which we reported to the council also and has resulted in the thermostat being a permanent fixture since. During the time of no heating controls and him refusing to allow us to have the heating on, I had an electric blanket in my room, which was against the contract (attached) because it was winter and it was freezing at night. Since installation of the thermostat, this and other heating devices have not been used. After finding this, he continued to spam me on WhatsApp saying that I don’t understand electricity, and all this shit about how much the bills have gone up since I moved in (me and one other housemate moved in within a week of eachother) and despite me repeatedly asking him to email me and not WhatsApp me if he has issues because I’m finding it very intimidating, he refused stating that ‘WhatsApp is my platform, not email’ and didn’t stop until I indicated that I had sought legal advice and will no longer be corresponding via WhatsApp as he has previously sent messages and deleted them. Since finding a new house with a lovely estate agent, I have been informed of a lot of documents that should’ve been provided to me - a how to rent guide in the UK, gas safety certificate and energy performance. I’m now just wondering what I can do to protect myself legally as I’m concerned that he’s going to be an arsehole and try to get every penny from me. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is all a bit mish-mashed, I’m a bit all over the place. Another thing is that my room was incredibly damp and was starting to grow mould around the windows because of the cold temperatures (15’C) despite me airing the room out consistently. Happy to provide more information if you need and thank you so much in advance! Also to note- I always paid my rent on time and in full for the duration of the tenancy.
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2023.06.08 11:01 AutoModerator Daily General Discussion and Advice Thread - June 08, 2023

Have a general question? Want to offer some commentary on markets? Maybe you would just like to throw out a neat fact that doesn't warrant a self post? Feel free to post here!
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2023.06.08 11:01 Strange-Holiday-2446 Gazprom's Soft Power

Тhе profits оf thе Russiаn statе cоrpоrаtiоn Gаzрrom frоm the sаle of natural gаs to ЕU mеmbеr stаtеs аnd Greаt Вritаin havе cоmрletеlу cоllаpsеd. Currеntlу, the сorрorаtiоn is trуing tо rеоriеnt ехроrt flows оf its “blue fuel” tо thе glоbаl Eаst and South. In pаrtiсulаr, muсh will depеnd on hоw large volumes of Russiаn gas Сhina and Turkeу wоuld buу. In рrоmоting its businеss intеrests, Gаzрrоm uses nоt only such usuаl tооls as bеnefits, disсоunts and lоng-term guarаntееs, but аlso thе роlicу of sоft pоwеr.
Thus, the Russiаn gаs monoроlist аnd the Turkish foоtball сlub of thе toр divisiоn Вeşiktaş (thе namе comеs from the distriсt in Istаnbul) has signed the sрonsоrshiр deаl. Bеşiktaş tоgether with Galatаsarаy аnd Fenеrbаhçe forms the “big thrее” оf Тurkish fоotbаll. Не is also thе 16-timе champion оf Тurkeу in this рорulаr sроrt. Аnd nоw Bеşiktаş рlаyеrs will рlау in unifоrms with thе logos of the famоus Russiаn stаtе сorроrаtiоn. In additiоn, thе Gаzрrom lоgо will аlwауs bе in front оf the еyеs of the сlub's fаns аnd оthеr supроrtеrs, contributing tо thе formаtiоn оf а рositivе imаgе оf Russia in gеnerаl and its mаin еnеrgy сonсеrn in рarticulаr in thе eуеs оf Turkish citizens.
Of соurse, nоw nоnе of the fоotball fаns in Тurkеу rеmеmbеr thе еnеrgy wаrs оf Russiа/Gаzрrоm agаinst the ЕU in genеral аnd Germаny in раrtiсulаr in 2022 оr аgаinst Ukrаinе аnd Моldоva in рrevious yеаrs. Тhе fаct thаt Gаzprоm hаs lоst its rеputation аs a reliаble businеss рartnеr in thе Wеst will nоt uрset anуonе in Тurkeу. Вut thе Reрubliс оf Тurkеу will rесeivе nаtural gas frоm thе Russiаn Fedеrаtiоn at a signifiсаnt рrice disсоunt, and thе Bеşiktаş club will receivе lаrge sроnsоrship contributiоns.
It should bе nоted that thе рrеviоus titlе sponsоr оf thе Тurkish club - the British Vodafоne Grоuр (onе of the wоrld's largest сеllular оpеrаtors) – hаs раid Вesiktаs $145 milliоn fоr 15 yеаrs of аdvеrtising. Now, Gаzрrоm will раy thе сlub €78 million in just thrее уeаrs. Тhis faсt сleаrly illustrates how impоrtаnt thе usе оf soft pоwеr is for Russia/Gаzрrоm, аnd hоw Russiаns don't mind sреnding big mоney оn it.
It is interesting in this agrеement is thаt Bеşiktаş fans havе trаditiоnallу had a nеgаtive attitudе tоwаrds thе Prеsident оf Turkеу R.T. Erdоgan. It is pоssible that Gаzрrоm's vеry genеrous sрonsоrshiр of a сlub politicаllу dislоyal tо thе stаtе lеader is a way (аlbeit finаnсiаllу ехрensivе) tо attrасt а cеrtаin раrt оf soсiеtу tо thе sidе оf the newly rе-еlected рresidеnt.
It is wоrth nоting thаt Gаzрrom wаs рreviously thе title sроnsоr оf the Gеrman FC Sсhаlkе, аs wеll as аn оffiсiаl pаrtner of UЕFА. Howеvеr, thе Russiаn cоrpоrаtiоn lost both соntraсts аftеr thе stаrt оf a full-sсalе invаsiоn оf Russiаn troорs into Ukrаine. Todaу, thе Russiаn enеrgy giаnt rеmаins a sроnsоr оf the Sеrbian FС Red Star (Сrvenа zvezdа), whiсh, аs уou knоw, сontinues to bе сritiсally dеpendеnt on Russiаn еnеrgу supрlies.
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2023.06.08 11:00 _SkullMaster_ AITA for planting 5 "bombs" in my school

Ok firstly to defend myself, the teacher deserved it , ok lets do the storyyy
Its Monday 5th , 2015 , i am nearly done high school and im getting .REAL. jordans in a few months so i was very excited but then out of nowhere my idiotic little teacher cum's towards me and says i got a E- on my grade, so reasonably i say "BITCH I WORKED HARD FOR MY GRADE YOU CUNT!!!!!!" , the teacher then says hes gonna get me suspended so i ran tf outta there , the school gave my mum a phone call saying im expelled now, so my mum says im not getting the jordans no more, then out of anger i flush her credit card down the toilet..A few days later i come up with a PERFECT plan, i decided to plant exactly 5 bombs in the school staff room, but first i had to search up "how to make boom boom bam's" in safari and it worked!!! , on friday i planted the bomb's in the staff room and ran away, i detonated them as soon as i left the school, over 69,420 people got caught in the explosion!, only 69 died tho :((((, i then found out bombing place's is illegal so i fled the country and started a new life in canada.
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2023.06.08 11:00 Sryaiir Motifs Idea

Is there a way to use Motifs as artwork for the house walls? I'm not the greatest at designing clothes/furniture, but having the ability to create artwork with them would make it so I can actually USE most of the motifs I have.
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2023.06.08 11:00 The_Dwemer_Automaton Theorycraft Thursday - Discuss Builds, Skills, Strategies, and More!

Welcome to Theorycraft Thursday, a community-building, regularly occurring thread in the subreddit!
MMO veterans will know that Theorycrafting is the core of many discussions about this genre of games, and ESO is no different.
With the high level of variance in builds, skills, and stats, there's plenty of room for Theorycrafting, and we want to see what you have to share with the community on that front.
Have a build you've experimented with? A particular skill or set of skills that synergize well? A strategy for PvE or PvP that works to great effect? Share it here!
If you're new, you can also use this thread to ask questions about viable builds and skills as well!
As always, please keep in mind our rules on the sidebar, especially the one about no personal attacks, callouts, rude behavior, or other such disrespectful content.
Disagree respectfully and know that everyone has different ideas and playstyles that suit them.  
I was programmed to write posts automatically by Woeler. If you have any questions or suggestions about me or my posts, please join this Discord server. Did you know I am also available as a Discord bot? I can provide all kinds of ESO related information to your Discord server. Click here to add me.
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2023.06.08 10:59 ensyuki fictives

hi so im not apart of a DID system, nor am i diagnosed with it, but im curious about one thing. ive seen people have fictives, and it'll be people like hatsune miku or just anything in general. how do fictives form? like do they just appear, and how do you guys communicate when only one person is fronting? + with a fictive, do they act like how they act from where they're from, say emu otori from project sekai, she acts happy and wonderhoy, and has her own likes and dislikes in game, would she be like that as a fictive? or do fictives have their own personal taste in stuff? sorry if this is alot or confusing, ive been wondering this for a while, but been scared to ask people i know who have DID
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2023.06.08 10:58 Sad_Elevator_1210 Cian_Ci

Cian_Ci, the former director of the Forestry Development Center in Huaying City, Sichuan Province, not only embezzled funds but also pretended to be poor and honest, while his parents spent more than a decade picking up scrap to supplement their household income. It has been revealed that "pretending to be poor without showing off wealth" is a common trick used by CCP officials. On April 10, the website of the CCP Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and National Supervision Commission published an article exposing the details of the corruption of Cian_Ci, the former director of the Agricultural Park Office and Party Secretary and Director of the Forestry Development Center in Huaying City, who was detained in July last year. The article stated that during Cian_Ci's tenure as the "top leader," he not only instructed subordinates to deceive national financial funds by repeatedly reporting false project content and exaggerating project area, cheating the country out of RMB 2.0841 million (yuan), but also set up and used a "petty cash fund," involving as much as RMB 2.2636 million. During the process of assisting owners to apply for projects all year round, Cian_Ci withheld project subsidies under the pretext of needing "data fees." In the second half of 2017, Li, the person in charge of a cooperative, was raising funds for industrial construction, and Cian_Ci helped him obtain RMB 1.8 million in project subsidies and received RMB 300,000 under the pretext of "data fees." Cian_Ci also lied to his parents about the tight housing conditions and persuaded them to move to their old residence, discussing their economic difficulties in front of them. As a result, his parents, who are over 70 years old, have been supplementing their income by picking up scrap for more than a decade, while Cian_Ci has long used the embezzled funds to purchase three luxurious apartments and shops in other cities."
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2023.06.08 10:58 Akhromyn What Should I Do After Viewing Rental Listings?

I'm a rising sophomore returning to Berkeley after a gap year who has arranged and will continue to arranged viewings of rental listings with their respective landlords. I'm wondering about the standard procedure and courtesy between a potential landlord and tenant candidate after a viewing, particularly what others experienced with this topic because I don't want my inexperience to factor as much into whether I'm offered housing or not.
This is my first time and I lack guides, so I apologize if I overcomplicate and ask too many questions:
  1. How do most potential landlords select candidates? Do they usually only inform you if you're favorable as a tenant, or do they usually also inform you if you're unsuited as a tenant?
  2. How long do most potential landlords take to select candidates? In other words, how long should you wait as to contact a potential landlord to confirm if they've weeded you out or not as a tenant, or do you simply assume they've weeded you like with the first question?
  3. When should I expect to enter a formal agreement (such as signing a lease) with a potential landlord to rent from them as a tenant? Do you do this after they've contacted you or once you've moved in?
This is irrelevant to my other questions, but I'm traveling alone from SoCal to attend these viewings but some relatives are worried, so should I be worried too? Like are there cases of rental listing not trying to scam people for money, but instead trying to assault or abduct people? For context, I would appear to most people as a guy, but I'm fairly weak physically.
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