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Addiction Recovery Without the 12 Steps

2014.04.25 11:16 stopitall_ready Addiction Recovery Without the 12 Steps

recoverywithoutAA is a platform for people in addiction recovery (regardless of DOC) to come together to discuss their experiences, and strategies for recovery and healing, without the use of the 12 Step programs. This is an inclusive, supportive place to find help without being told all your problems will be fixed by just 'going to a meeting'. Open discourse on all addiction treatment modalities is welcomed.

2023.06.10 06:05 Isacmans Uk tourist visa no confirmation email

Hi Everyone! My mom and my brother applied for a Uk tourist visa to come and visit me this summer. They both did their did their fingerprints in a US immigration center on May 30th, and mailed the passports the next day.
For my mom’s visa I got an email from UK immigration confirming they received it, and it actually looks like they made a decision already because her passport is on its way back (which is worryingly fast?)
But for my brother, I never got a confirmation from UK visas, but the tracking label says the passport was delivered to immigration on the same day as my moms
Should I contact them and make sure they received his passport? I just find it weird I got confirmation for one and not the other.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 06:05 Fresh-Ad-7097 Tips should be guaranteed!

I don’t care if y’all disagree with me but tips should be guaranteed! Customers should receive a breakdown of how much their driver is getting paid and how much will be going to Uber. Then upon checkout, there should be a mandatory 10,15, 20% & more option, where they have to choose one before checking out. I won’t lie, I enjoy delivering. It’s a nice little side job, as it gives me a lot of flexibility to choose my workday, but… Uber and needs to realize that without us, they would be out of business & these customers will be hungry and/ or inconvenienced. Yes, we “choose” these jobs but we are providing an essential service to people who are without transportation and for those whose schedules prevent them from going out and getting their food. Alright I’m done now, have at it
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2023.06.10 06:04 BlairDaniels 23andme says I have a second mother.

This summer, I decided to get my DNA sequenced by 23andme. I wanted to know my ancestry, as well as find out if I'm a carrier for any genetic disorders, since my husband and I want to try and get pregnant soon.
When the results came back, everything was what I expected. I was Romanian and German. I had the sun-sneeze reflex. Etc. The surprise came when I clicked on the "Relatives" tab. At the top of the list, it showed my parents.
Except, there weren't two parents.
There were three.
John T.
Father, 50.0% DNA shared
Agnes T.
Mother, 50.0% DNA shared
Mother, 50.0% DNA shared
I stared at the last one. Uh… what? I scrolled up and down the list, but the rest looked normal. One of my brothers came up, along with an aunt and some cousins.
Curious, I clicked on G's profile. But there wasn't any other information. To see details, like her ancestry or shared relatives, I'd need to 'connect' with her.
Probably just a glitch or something. Or maybe my mom made two accounts by accident. I closed my laptop and tried to forget about it.
But for the rest of the day, it bothered me. Like a little itch in the back of my brain. Maybe it isn't a duplicate account or a total glitch. Maybe she's some secret aunt or something, and 23andme just overestimated the shared DNA. I'd read the horror stories, of 23andme uncovering family secrets like that.
So that evening, I decided to hit "Connect." I didn't really expect her to accept.
But just a few days later, she did.
I went over to the 23andme website, my heart pounding. When I scrolled down, I saw my ancestry composition and G’s, side-by-side. Her ancestry looked like my mom’s—almost 100% Romanian. But… it was slightly different.
My heart pounded faster. I opened three tabs: my mom’s ancestry, my dad’s, G’s, and mine. My eyes darted between them, comparing them. Studying them. And after several minutes, I realized it.
I was 1% Scandinavian. But neither my mother nor my father had any Scandinavian ancestry.
Only “G” did.
A chill went down my spine. I stared at G’s profile. At her empty profile picture.
Who is she?
I told my husband all about it. He thought I was overreacting. “It’s just some glitch,” he said, as he flipped the chicken on the stove. “23andme must’ve sequenced the DNA wrong, or mixed up the samples, or something.”
“It’s creepy though, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess.” He opened the cabinet, rummaging around for plates. “But there’s just so much room for error with that DNA stuff.”
I tried not to think about it. But my night was plagued with nightmares of G—a faceless woman, calling from the forest. Who had my long dark hair and tall stature. A second mother who, somehow, had given me her DNA.
When I woke up, though, I realized something. If I shared 50% of my DNA with my father, and my mother, and G—well, 50% + 50% + 50% did not equal 100%.
One of my parents had to share DNA with G.
I called my mom on the way to work. “Did you see anyone listed in your DNA relatives named ‘G’?” I asked, as I pulled onto the highway.
“G?” she repeated.
“Yeah. There’s just… a person named G who keeps popping up on my DNA relatives.”
“I don’t think so,” she replied. “But I don’t know. The website is kind of hard to use. Brandon was helping me with it.”
“Could you ask—”
“Yeah, sure. Gotta go now, though.”
With that being a dead end, I decided to bite the bullet and send G a message. Most likely, it’d be some big misunderstanding. G was probably some stranger living on the other end of the country with no connection to me whatsoever.
Hey, I noticed 23andme listed you as a relative. Do you have any family members with the last name T--- or K---, especially in the northwest US? Are you related to my mother, Agnes T---?
The response came less than an hour later. And when I read it, a slow chill ran down my spine.
you will find out soon enough.
That was the whole thing. The whole response. Those cryptic six words. I quickly shot a message back: Are you related to me? Or my mom?
No answer.
I stared at the screen, my heart pounding. Then, in one swift motion, I moved my cursor up and removed her as a connection. Just a troll. A scammer. Something weird like that.
A few days later, I checked 23andme again—to find that G had removed her account. Or, possibly, that the glitch had been fixed. Because G was no longer listed as my mother, or a relative at all.
Weeks went by and I forgot about the whole thing. Work got busy, gardening season was in full swing, and my hours were spent either working late in the office or slaving over my plant babies. I didn’t even give G a second thought—
Until, one morning, it all came crashing down.
Two pink lines. My husband and I spent the morning crying, hugging each other, overjoyed about this little person we would bring into the world.
Until I went to the mailbox.
Inside was a folded piece of pink paper, tied off with black ribbon. No stamp—it must’ve been hand delivered. My throat went dry as I flipped it open and read the words on the page.
meet me at d--- park at midnight tonight.
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2023.06.10 06:04 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor (available)

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2023.06.10 06:02 KillingSnore The Daily Check-In for Saturday, June 10th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!
Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!
I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.
Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!
This pledge is a statement of intent. Today we don't set out trying not to drink, we make a conscious decision not to drink. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.
What this is: A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
What this isn't: A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
  • US - Night/Early Morning
  • Europe - Morning
  • Asia and Australia - Evening/Night
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
Hello SD! Happy Saturday.
This is my last post this week and I've been thinking about the future a lot. Every day we choose not to drink, we're shaping a better tomorrow. Quitting alcohol isn't just about stopping a habit, it's about redefining ourselves and deciding who we want to be.
Sure, there are tough days. There are times we mess up, get knocked down, and feel the raw pain of trying to change. That's okay. It's part of this journey. We acknowledge the struggle, get back up, learn from it, and keep going.
One of the greatest things about this path we're on is the chance to start fresh each day. Every morning offers a new opportunity to make progress, to heal, to grow. And yes, like I've said all week, it's hard. It can be really hard. But every day, it gets a little bit easier.
A powerful reminder that we're not alone in this journey is the activity on our subreddit. Since my last check-in, there have been 185 individual posts (as of the time of writing), with a staggering 6475 combined upvotes and comments. That's a lot of support, a lot of shared experiences, a lot of solidarity.
Your posts matter.
Your support matters.
You matter.
Keep going, keep trying, keep healing. Remember, it's hard, but it gets easier. It really does.
And as a reminder, if you have 30+ days sober and you'd like to host the DCI, reach out to SaintHomer and he’ll get you set up!
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2023.06.10 06:02 rando999555 Can sv transmit via talking or laughing?

Me again. Wedding was a success. But of course I had to take a solo shot very close to the bride. And now I'm freaking out. She was tu in the morning still. Didn't brush her teeth again. And in the afternoon she was talking and laughing near me. Like inches away. Can it travel through air droplets? am i screwed?
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2023.06.10 06:02 WaffleWalk Gothic 1 Blind Permadeath playthrough story

So, I love doing a permadeath attempt for my first time playing RPGs because it increases my immersion and I rp better when there's risk involved. I'll admit I didn't count fall damage that seemed like bs cus, but I'm not doing this for clout. Aside from that though I didn't do any savescumming. I'm also using Union patch, controller plugin, and stamina plugin, which I'd argue that sprinting is kind of "unfair" compared to the original. But again, not in it for the clout.
Anyways, I got to old camp and got hooked into a fued with Bloodwyn as his goons began screwing with me. I was basically dealing with that in between attempts at feeling out the monsters in the area and hauling ass from the ones that I couldn't handle. I was starting to get stumped on how to make cash and was scared of exploring too much because I know OHKOs were guaranteed, and from my time with Risen I knew that running away likely wasn't always going to be safe, even with sprint. After farming a couple levels, beating up the diggers outside of town for presumably helping Bloodwyns lackey mug me and getting a Withered Axe, I got some cash from random looting and some smart plays and used it to get to get the ability to loot lizards and wolves. I was then stumped because now I had just spent my only income on the ability to loot things I couldn't fight, and I thought that claws would include the talons of scavengers for some reason. I was sad when I realized they can only give meat. After realizing the Templars were pot dealers I was instantly intrigued and got one of them to escort me to their camp. I hadn't made any money yet, so letting him bully every monster along the way while I looted and chipped my XP closer to level 3 was a treat. I began luring random monsters to him for him to beat up, abusing the shit out of sprint. We were almost to the cultist village before I saw a pack of lizards off the side of the road. I ran up, aggrod them, and had them chase me back to my guide. Only, they ran right past him and absolutely destroyed me. I was dumbfounded by my own hubris, as it had been 3 or 4 hours of meticulously exploring what little I could and trying to manipulate the game to the best of my ability. As I stared at the screen for a few seconds, my buddy just kept swinging at the lizards. As he killed the last one, I leveled up. I saw my life bar go up a little bit. I wiggled the stick, and my corpse started turning. I opened my hot bar (union controller plugin adds an item wheel), and it worked. By leveling up, my corpse was alive. Normally I wouldn't count something like that, but I just said screw it, the game counted me as somewhat alive and I was too invested to give up. In the most hype moment of my life my corpse got up and gobbled down some cooked meat. I rationalized it for my rp that my templar friend had saved my life, resuscitated me. I was now very excited to join these virtuous stoners.....then I got there and realized they're a bunch of authoritarian pricks who follow Gurus that are sickeningly pretentious. So, I just figured I'd take them for what they've got and leave. I wandered around grabbing herbs and stray pot plants, I did the quest where you beat up the guy who's supposed to take over for another worker at the weed mashing (?) area. Upon completion, a Guru finally spoke to me. I was pleasantly surprised with a task to collect a butt load of plants and deliver them to an alchemist hut. This was my time to shine. I went and collected the harvest in the middle of the night because I couldn't find a bed. I was surprised to be promoted about asking to find a buyer. Intrigued I nervously clicked the dialogue choice and was relieved to find the dude didn't just attack me or rat me out. He wanted 50 ore I didn't have, so it took me a good ten minutes to find the blacksmith and unload. One more trip across town and he tells me to find cypher by the lake in new camp. Ight bet. So, worried that I would get ratted out or something, based off of my escalating encounters with Bloodwyn, I decided it was best to leave in the middle of the night. After almost getting massacred by wolves I just barely made it back to old camp. With a decent amount of extra cash, NO ARMOR, and all the healing items I could ask for, I very very stupidly headed the direction of my best guess towards new camp. I was in such a rush from heisting the Templars that I couldn't help but just gonfornit.I followed the river outside of old camp into the woods, avoiding creatures above my level. I'd love to say that from here my adventure continued in an epic fashion, but just as I was scouting out a molerat to go in for a safe kill, I was bit in the back and OHKOd by what appeared to be a velociraptor. No heroic death, no blaze of glory, not martyr moment to relish in. Just, a bite to the back and a corpse with 50 pot plants left out in the woods....
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2023.06.10 06:01 Gravesplitter Weird spots on outer casing/ports

Weird spots on outer casing/ports
Nothing has ever been spilled on this computer and my gf has some of the same spots. The temperature in Canada has been kind of up and down but I’m not sure if I should just try to clean these with alcohol and a microfiber. Not sure if these need to be sent in for a defect due to the fans or something since that’s where the spots seem to be located at, near the vents. Hoping for some insight, thanks!
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2023.06.10 06:00 AgitatedInfluence536 WIBTA setting more boundaries with my boyfriends childhood girl bsf?

I don't even know where to start I f (17) have been dating my bf m (16) for almost 8 months, i knew that him and his girl bs grew up with eachother but anytime they hangout together she supplies him with alcohol and they drink. I used to be cool with the bs until recently she's been acting shady with me and is constantly trying to hang out with my bf and his friend who is also 16, my bf goes over there numerous times a month and i would constantly find out by someone else the fact that he'd be over there. by his mom, friends or even by her snap. I've expressed that i don't feel comfortable with him being over there super late like past 1 (i've found out he'd be over there til 3-4am) but when i tried bringing this up i got shut down and was told that the girl bs was like a sister to him. but now that me and her are no longer friends she's blocked me on everything but his and her family is super close so i feel like there will be future issues. Am i in the wrong for trying to set that boundary ive never had that connection with someone who i grew up with so i just want some perspective here.
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- 📌 TO 👇
Arrow ➡️ Talon Shrike $46 ✔️ YES
Gladius ➡️ Talon Shrike $30 ✔️ YES
Reliant Mako ➡️ Talon Shrike $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
C1 Spirit ➡️ Legionnaire $14 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ Legionnaire $14 ✔️ YES
Talon ➡️ Legionnaire $9 ✔️ YES
Talon Shrike ➡️ Legionnaire $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M50 ➡️ Nova $25 🔥 2 Left!
Cutlass Black ➡️ Nova $25 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ Nova $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C Hornet ➡️ 350r $19 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ 350r $19 ✔️ YES
Talon ➡️ 350r $14 ✔️ YES
Talon Shrike ➡️ 350r $14 ✔️ YES
Legionnaire ➡️ 350r $9 ✔️ YES
Nova ➡️ 350r $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C Hornet ➡️ Cutlass Red $30 ✔️ YES
Freelancer ➡️ Cutlass Red $30 ✔️ YES
F7C-S Hornet Ghost ➡️ Cutlass Red $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cyclone AA ➡️ Hull B $67 ✔️ YES
Reliant Sen ➡️ Hull B $62 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Red ➡️ Hull B $9 ✔️ YES
Freelancer DUR ➡️ Hull B $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Razor $9 ✔️ YES
Hull B ➡️ Razor $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Ballista ➡️ E1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ E1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ E1 Spirit $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Expanse $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Razor LX $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ Razor LX $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ Retaliator $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ Retaliator $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer DUR ➡️ SRV $19 ✔️ YES
F7C-R Hornet Tracker ➡️ SRV $14 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ SRV $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Razor ➡️ Razor EX $14 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MAX ➡️ Razor EX $9 ✔️ YES
Mantis ➡️ Razor EX $9 ✔️ YES
Razor LX ➡️ Razor EX $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Gladiator $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Hull B ➡️ Khartu-Al $35 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Khartu-Al $19 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Khartu-Al $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer MAX ➡️ Sabre $25 🔥 2 Left!
Razor LX ➡️ Sabre $25 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Sabre $19 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ Sabre $19 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Sabre $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ A1 Spirit $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ A1 Spirit $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ A1 Spirit $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ A1 Spirit $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Red ➡️ Cutlass Blue $46 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Cutlass Blue $25 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Cutlass Blue $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $25 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ F7C Hornet Wildfire $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
E1 Spirit ➡️ Freelancer MIS $30 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Freelancer MIS $25 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ Freelancer MIS $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Freelancer MIS $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ Freelancer MIS $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Freelancer MIS $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
F7C Hornet ➡️ Vulture $72 🔥 Last one!
Freelancer ➡️ Vulture $72 🔥 Last one!
Nova ➡️ Vulture $62 ✔️ YES
350r ➡️ Vulture $56 ✔️ YES
F7C-S Hornet Ghost ➡️ Vulture $56 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Red ➡️ Vulture $46 ✔️ YES
Razor ➡️ Vulture $35 ✔️ YES
Prospector ➡️ Vulture $25 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ Vulture $25 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ Vulture $14 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ Vulture $9 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Vulture $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Red ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $51 🔥 2 Left!
Prospector ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $30 ✔️ YES
Razor EX ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $30 ✔️ YES
Gladiator ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $19 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $14 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $14 ✔️ YES
A1 Spirit ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Blue ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
F7C Hornet Wildfire ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
Vulture ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Sabre Comet $35 ✔️ YES
Vulture ➡️ Sabre Comet $14 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Sabre Comet $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $46 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $30 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $25 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $19 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $14 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Cutlass Blue ➡️ Vulcan $30 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Vulcan $30 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Vulcan $14 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Vulcan $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Hurricane $62 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Hurricane $46 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Blue ➡️ Hurricane $40 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Hurricane $35 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Hurricane $25 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Hurricane $19 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Hurricane $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Defender $72 ✔️ YES
Khartu-Al ➡️ Defender $56 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Defender $56 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Blue ➡️ Defender $51 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Defender $51 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Defender $46 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Defender $40 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Defender $35 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Defender $30 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Defender $25 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Defender $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ San'tok.yāi $35 🔥 2 Left!
Hurricane ➡️ San'tok.yāi $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Terrapin $51 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Terrapin $35 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Terrapin $30 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Terrapin $25 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Terrapin $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Railen $77 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Railen $40 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Railen $30 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Railen $9 ✔️ YES
San'tok.yāi ➡️ Railen $9 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Scorpius Antares $46 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Scorpius Antares $40 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Scorpius Antares $25 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Scorpius Antares $14 ✔️ YES
San'tok.yāi ➡️ Scorpius Antares $14 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Scorpius Antares $14 ✔️ YES
Railen ➡️ Scorpius Antares $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Cutlass Steel $51 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Cutlass Steel $30 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Cutlass Steel $19 🔥 Last one!
Terrapin ➡️ Cutlass Steel $19 ✔️ YES
Scorpius Antares ➡️ Cutlass Steel $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Scorpius $93 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Scorpius $77 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Scorpius $72 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Scorpius $67 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Scorpius $62 🔥 2 Left!
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Scorpius $56 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Scorpius $51 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Scorpius $35 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Scorpius $25 ✔️ YES
San'tok.yāi ➡️ Scorpius $25 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Scorpius $25 ✔️ YES
Scorpius Antares ➡️ Scorpius $14 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Steel ➡️ Scorpius $9 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Scorpius $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $51 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $19 ✔️ YES
Railen ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius Antares ➡️ Vanguard Hoplite $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Taurus ➡️ 400i $67 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ 400i $35 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ 400i $14 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ 400i $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Apollo Triage $104 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Apollo Triage $56 ✔️ YES
Defender ➡️ Apollo Triage $35 🔥 2 Left!
Terrapin ➡️ Apollo Triage $35 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Apollo Triage $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Apollo Triage $14 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite Apollo Triage $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Ares Inferno $104 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Ares Inferno $88 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Ares Inferno $83 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Ares Inferno $77 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Ares Inferno $72 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Ares Inferno $67 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Ares Inferno $62 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Ares Inferno $56 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Ares Inferno $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Ares Inferno $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Prospector ➡️ Ares Ion $104 ✔️ YES
Sabre ➡️ Ares Ion $88 ✔️ YES
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Ares Ion $83 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet ➡️ Ares Ion $77 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Ares Ion $72 ✔️ YES
Constellation Taurus ➡️ Ares Ion $67 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Ares Ion $62 ✔️ YES
Vulcan ➡️ Ares Ion $56 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Ares Ion $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Ares Ion $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Freelancer MIS ➡️ Corsair $83 🔥 Last one!
Sabre Comet ➡️ Corsair $72 🔥 Last one!
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Corsair $62 🔥 Last one!
Defender ➡️ Corsair $35 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Corsair $35 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Corsair $14 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Corsair $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Sabre ➡️ Mercury $99 ✔️ YES
Vulture ➡️ Mercury $93 ✔️ YES
Sabre Comet ➡️ Mercury $83 ✔️ YES
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker ➡️ Mercury $72 ✔️ YES
Hurricane ➡️ Mercury $56 🔥 2 Left!
Terrapin ➡️ Mercury $46 ✔️ YES
Cutlass Steel ➡️ Mercury $30 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Mercury $25 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Mercury $25 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Mercury $30 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Inferno ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Mercury $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Terrapin ➡️ Vanguard Warden $46 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Vanguard Warden $30 ✔️ YES
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Vanguard Warden $25 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Vanguard Warden $25 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Apollo Triage ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Inferno ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Vanguard Warden $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Vulcan ➡️ Apollo Medivac $83 ✔️ YES
Terrapin ➡️ Apollo Medivac $62 🔥 Last one!
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Apollo Medivac $40 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Apollo Medivac $30 ✔️ YES
Apollo Triage ➡️ Apollo Medivac $30 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Apollo Medivac $30 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Apollo Medivac $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Apollo Medivac $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Apollo Medivac $3 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Blade $40 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Blade $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $40 ✔️ YES
Scorpius ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $40 🔥 2 Left!
400i ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Ares Inferno ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $30 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Retaliator Bomber $3 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $40 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $30 ✔️ YES
Ares Ion ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $30 ✔️ YES
Corsair ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $30 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Vanguard Sentinel $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $56 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $35 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $35 ✔️ YES
Retaliator Bomber ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $19 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Vanguard Harbinger $19 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Eclipse $67 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Eclipse $46 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Eclipse $46 🔥 2 Left!
Retaliator Bomber ➡️ Eclipse $30 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Eclipse $30 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Eclipse $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Starfarer $67 🔥 2 Left!
Mercury ➡️ Starfarer $46 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Starfarer $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Redeemer $99 🔥 Last one!
Mercury ➡️ Redeemer $72 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Redeemer $72 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Redeemer $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Caterpillar $99 ✔️ YES
400i ➡️ Caterpillar $88 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Caterpillar $77 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Warden ➡️ Caterpillar $77 ✔️ YES
Retaliator Bomber ➡️ Caterpillar $62 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Sentinel ➡️ Caterpillar $62 ✔️ YES
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Caterpillar $46 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Caterpillar $19 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Caterpillar $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $35 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $30 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $19 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Starfarer Gemini $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Crucible $40 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Crucible $25 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Crucible $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Endeavor $40 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Endeavor $30 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Endeavor $25 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Endeavor $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Glaive $35 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Andromeda ➡️ Hull C $120 🔥 2 Left!
Vanguard Hoplite ➡️ Hull C $125 ✔️ YES
Mercury ➡️ Hull C $99 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Hull C $40 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Hull C $25 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Hull C $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Vanguard Harbinger ➡️ Valkyrie $93 ✔️ YES
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Valkyrie $72 ✔️ YES
MOLE ➡️ Valkyrie $67 ✔️ YES
Redeemer ➡️ Valkyrie $56 ✔️ YES
Caterpillar ➡️ Valkyrie $51 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Valkyrie $40 ✔️ YES
Constellation Phoenix ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
Crucible ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
Endeavor ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
Hull C ➡️ Valkyrie $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Galaxy $72 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Galaxy $46 ✔️ YES
Hull C ➡️ Galaxy $35 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Galaxy $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ C2 Hercules $93 ✔️ YES
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ C2 Hercules $67 ✔️ YES
Glaive ➡️ C2 Hercules $56 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ C2 Hercules $30 ✔️ YES
Galaxy ➡️ C2 Hercules $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Genesis $93 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Genesis $30 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Reclaimer $99 🔥 Last one!
MOLE ➡️ Reclaimer $93 🔥 2 Left!
Valkyrie ➡️ Reclaimer $30 ✔️ YES
Galaxy ➡️ Reclaimer $25 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ 600i Touring $136 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ 600i Touring $67 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie Liberator Edition ➡️ 600i Touring $67 🔥 Last one!
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Prowler $141 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Prowler $72 ✔️ YES
C2 Hercules ➡️ Prowler $46 🔥 Last one!
Reclaimer ➡️ Prowler $46 ✔️ YES
600i Touring ➡️ Prowler $9 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Starfarer Gemini ➡️ Hull D $120 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ Hull D $14 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
C2 Hercules ➡️ 600i Explorer $83 🔥 2 Left!
600i Touring ➡️ 600i Explorer $46 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ 600i Explorer $40 ✔️ YES
Hull D ➡️ 600i Explorer $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ M2 Hercules $220 ✔️ YES
C2 Hercules ➡️ M2 Hercules $130 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ M2 Hercules $88 ✔️ YES
Hull D ➡️ M2 Hercules $77 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ M2 Hercules $51 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M2 Hercules ➡️ Liberator $62 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M2 Hercules ➡️ Orion $62 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Carrack $310 🔥 2 Left!
MOLE ➡️ Carrack $305 🔥 2 Left!
Mole Carbon Edition ➡️ Carrack $305 🔥 Last one!
Mole Talus Edition ➡️ Carrack $305 🔥 Last one!
Valkyrie ➡️ Carrack $241 ✔️ YES
Genesis ➡️ Carrack $215 🔥 Last one!
Prowler ➡️ Carrack $173 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ Carrack $136 ✔️ YES
M2 Hercules ➡️ Carrack $88 ✔️ YES
Liberator ➡️ Carrack $30 ✔️ YES
Orion ➡️ Carrack $30 🔥 2 Left!
- 📌 TO 👇
MOLE ➡️ Merchantman $358 ✔️ YES
Prowler ➡️ Merchantman $225 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ Merchantman $188 ✔️ YES
M2 Hercules ➡️ Merchantman $141 ✔️ YES
Liberator ➡️ Merchantman $83 ✔️ YES
Orion ➡️ Merchantman $83 ✔️ YES
Carrack ➡️ Merchantman $56 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Carrack ➡️ Perseus $83 ✔️ YES
Merchantman ➡️ Perseus $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Carrack ➡️ Odyssey $109 ✔️ YES
Perseus ➡️ Odyssey $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
600i Explorer ➡️ Hammerhead $268 🔥 Last one!
Carrack ➡️ Hammerhead $136 ✔️ YES
Carrack Expedition w/C8X ➡️ Hammerhead $88 🔥 2 Left!
Merchantman ➡️ Hammerhead $83 ✔️ YES
Perseus ➡️ Hammerhead $56 ✔️ YES
Odyssey ➡️ Hammerhead $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Constellation Aquila ➡️ Nautilus $442 ✔️ YES
Valkyrie ➡️ Nautilus $373 🔥 Last one!
Reclaimer ➡️ Nautilus $347 ✔️ YES
600i Explorer ➡️ Nautilus $268 ✔️ YES
Carrack ➡️ Nautilus $136 🔥 2 Left!
Merchantman ➡️ Nautilus $83 🔥 Last one!
Perseus ➡️ Nautilus $56 🔥 2 Left!
Odyssey ➡️ Nautilus $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
M2 Hercules ➡️ A2 Hercules $247 🔥 Last one!
Carrack ➡️ A2 Hercules $162 ✔️ YES
Carrack Expedition ➡️ A2 Hercules $136 🔥 2 Left!
Carrack Expedition w/C8X ➡️ A2 Hercules $114 ✔️ YES
Merchantman ➡️ A2 Hercules $109 ✔️ YES
Perseus ➡️ A2 Hercules $83 ✔️ YES
Odyssey ➡️ A2 Hercules $56 ✔️ YES
Hammerhead ➡️ A2 Hercules $30 ✔️ YES
- 📌 TO 👇
Merchantman ➡️ Polaris $109 🔥 Last one!
Perseus ➡️ Polaris $83 ✔️ YES
Hammerhead ➡️ Polaris $30 ✔️ YES
Nautilus ➡️ Polaris $30 🔥 Last one!

Items Price
Cutlass Black - Skull and Crossbones $18
Scorpius - Stinger Paint 💎 $45
Scorpius - Sunburn Paint $14
Constellation ILW 2950 Paint Pack $24
Vanguard Sentinel BUK - LTI $140

  1. PM me what you would like to buy and include your Verified PayPal email
  2. Reply to this thread by announcing that you sent me a private message "PM'd", so I can see that you are a verified buyer.
  3. I will then send you an invoice to your paypal email.
  4. After payment is cleared Item is delivered to the buyer's PayPal email address.
  5. You will recieve a regular email from RSI with the title "Someone sent you a gift from Roberts Space Industries"
  6. Make sure to be logged into the correct RSI account before you open the link inside,
  7. I will post in "Confirmed Trades theme post" thread announcing the sale.
  8. After confirming the gift, you can reply to the post in which I mention you with +verify in "Confirmed Trades theme post".
  9. Tracking and proof of delivery are provided by "Hangar Log" on RSI website.

Important: I don't do middleman services, my Discord is Juannox#3193, I do not do trades or anything in discord, avoid trades with any name other than that, please read THIS
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2023.06.10 06:00 Go-Speed-Go Can somebody just be unlucky?

I really got into poker in the November of 2022.
I started watching all the PCAs, WSOPs, was watching videos from Johnathan Little and other poker youtubers.
Then I start playing on wsop and I feel like I do a good job. When I play cash games I play very low stakes cause im just a 22 year old newbie but I do well. If I play at a 10 dollar table ill usually leave with 20 or more.
But the real fun I have is tournaments, since that's what I'm use to studying and watching.
I just can't win though. I can stay in first or near first more the tournament (mind you im playing tournaments with buy ins ranging from $2.10-$50) and I play multiple tournmanets a week.
Last week my big session I lost every all in 11/11 times.
Today I have lost 16/16 all ins.
Its crazy, I would day 50 percent or more of the time I shove, I have the hand thats favorite to win. 25% is a semi-bluff with good odds of taking the lead and 25% are straight bluffs.
When my buddies watch me they say im playing fine, I buy the poker test and it says im getting an average of 85% of more questions and scenarios right.
Can I just be unlucky or am I just applying what I've been taught wrong.
submitted by Go-Speed-Go to poker [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:00 TexasNiteowl What would you say is the most important thing you learned during your first play through?

One for me is quality levels. There are a couple of things where I didn't pay attention to the quality level required (or not required!) which set me back!
Another is that I was NOT ready to open the tavern because I hadn't built up my alcohol production enough!
Just curious what types of things everyone else feels like they learned / messed up! during your first run!
I'm still on my first run, so I'll probably come up with something else too!
submitted by TexasNiteowl to GraveyardKeeper [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:59 axolottadamage Can we take a second to appreciate the boys for opening up this episode? (Potentially triggering content)

I would find it super difficult to openly talk about issues such as the ones they mentioned but hearing them discuss it plainly and without like mocking jokes was so refreshing.
In my own experience, I don’t have children but my youngest brother nearly killed my mother when he was born. His own condition was also unstable but in my mind (I was 9/10 yrs old) that didn’t matter the only thing I could focus on was my mom. It’s been way over a decade now and they’re both fine now but up until maybe he was 7-9 months old I truly resented him and it was completely unfair of me. It’s weird looking back because I love him and I can’t possibly imagine feeling that now. This probably is oversharing a bit so I’m sorry for that and it’s nowhere near Bob’s situation but I wanted to offer a bit of relatedness.
Anyways yeah just wanted to keep the openness going and thank the boys ❤️
submitted by axolottadamage to distractible [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:59 snowyleapord Question about alcohol!

Not sure if this is the right sub, but I have an alcohol question! Here’s the scenario: I pour a drink (only noticed with coconut rum and not sure if it makes a difference). First I put ice. Then I pour the rum. And then I pour Diet Coke. The alcohol and pop do not mix upon pouring. The alcohol stays settled at the bottom and I have to manually mix it. But get this - I pour a second drink but without ice. So rum goes first followed by Diet Coke. And it turns into a homogeneous mixture without me having to stir it.
Can someone explain why this is?? Thank you ! 😊
submitted by snowyleapord to ScienceUncensored [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:59 nomoredingo Found out info about my family that has changed my world

My (18F) grandma practically raised me and she’s like a mom to me. My mom had extensive depressive episodes when I was little, and my grandma let me stay with her to take stress off the family. For all of my life my mom has battled with depressive bipolar, and any time things got bad, my grandma stepped in to care for my sister and I. She’s a more traditional and Christian person, but still is very accepting of my parents atheist beliefs. I’d known a good deal about her past, and it was not easy for her to say the least. Her daughter and husband died within a year of each other, she was abused as a child and raised in extreme poverty, and her second husband cheated on her with a teenager. She was devastated and had a nervous breakdown. When she ever talked about this period in her life, she describes how the love for her other children and her faith kept her afloat. Well, it was last week that I learned that she had attempted when she learned what he had done. I learned it over family dinner and it was mentioned casually. I was frozen and couldn’t believe it. Looking back and trying to digest, it is not unimaginable to do something like that during such a dark time of your life, but it has shaken me up still. My childhood friend committed a few years back, and ever since I have become hypersensitive to possible symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts in my family and friends. Knowing this about my grandma has increased my anxiety and has resurfaced the gnawing dread that followed my friends passing. THEN. mind you, in this same dinner conversation. I learn within the next hour that my dad is a recovering opioid addict and alcoholic. That he survived an overdose and nearly died drunk driving. That my mom cheated on my dad early in their marriage with a woman (though she was unaccepting when I mentioned being curious about my sexuality). That my fathers ptsd not only stems from a recent workplace accident, but also stems from when his sister attempted and drew blood all over the walls and he found her. He had slept with her girlfriend and she had a mental breakdown (I am very close to her and knew nothing about this event until this conversation) That my estranged drug addict aunt who disappeared and went missing years ago is actually alive halfway across the country with new kids and a new husband. WTF???… anyways, dinner was yellow rice with pork chop
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2023.06.10 05:58 Late-Loan-8772 New building taking shape near Albertsons, (Royal) anyone know what it's is!!?

There is a newer building finally being developed near the Albertsons off Royal, I'm really curious to find out what it is! I'm hoping for a restaurant or coffee shop!!! Can anyone tell me? Thanks
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2023.06.10 05:58 itsyaboivatzie Every child deserves a father. Not every father deserves a child.

TW: Domestic Violence
I talked to my dad for the first time in like, 8 months. I rarely call him about things other than to keep the peace between him and my mother. He and my mom were and always have been in an insanely domestically violent relationship and I was exposed to that as a kid. I also recieved physical abuse from him and a sexual abuse incident when he was on prescription pain killers for his back surgery.
Its weird though. When I moved out, he sort of just..turned a weird new leaf. Hes still a narcissist, but he's been living fairly peacefully with my mom now. I didn't talk to him for 2 years after I moved and my mom told me he sobbed about it nearly every day.
I called him just tonight and idk why. I saw a drum set I really wanted and wanted his opinion on it. He taught me drums as a kid.
It hurts a little. I want desperately to have a father but I will never fully be able to shake the abuse. Yet if he died, I would still be sad. Not because he died but because I never had an actual father.
Hes different now. When hes not around my mom, they're fine. Completely different people. They're in the process of splitting up and honestly their lives are better off being split than together.
It just feels weird. My father put me through hell and back. I have quite literally seen the devil in this man's eyes.
Yet why do I feel any kind of mercy for him? He's old now. His hips are bad. He's getting a bit of dementia too. Never saved enough to retire so the responsibility falls on me and his friends. Hes frail now, quieter, stands lower. When I first saw him after 2 years I was surprised how hard age hit him during that time. I'm surprised now to see it 2 years later.
I want to move on. To have a father. To enjoy the years he has left separately to save some sort of semblance of the relationship we could have had if he just worked on himself.
But I'm just left feeling confused, conflicted and teary eyed. I don't know what to do.
submitted by itsyaboivatzie to CPTSD [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:58 ThrowRAlongjump_fox I [38M] feel ignored when we hang with my [31F] wife’s family

So I feel weird, and needy about this. And I think honestly I might be a little needy. I’ve been in therapy for a couple of years and was in a very unloving relationship prior to my wife of 16 years, making me pretty sensitive to changes in my relationship. Getting past the honeymoon phase with my current wife, for example, was tough. As we settled in, it was hard to adjust to not being all over each other, hugging and kissing constantly etc. I’ve gotten past that for the most part, though I do still get hurt when I notice I’m initiating all physical contact.
So any way…we are visiting some of her family this week - aunt, uncle, lots of cousins and their wives and kids. We will just be sitting and hanging out, reading or whatever, and she will just disappear. I’ll find her having gone to lay down, or went and got into a swimsuit and got in the pool. Or she will sit down to play a game (they’re BIG on games) and never ask me to join. I’ve actually talked to her before about how when we’re with her family back home, she does the same thing. The very first time I met some of her family, I was just kind of standing around like an idiot and she had disappeared into the back yard. This happened a few times before I mentioned “Hey, so I’ve noticed when we’re hanging with your family, you kind of disappear on me and it can make it weird for me.” She understood and said oh sorry, never meant to do that. But here we are again.
My wife really is a sweet woman and I don’t think she means any harm, but I can’t help but get a little annoyed and perhaps even hurt a little when she goes off and does her own thing and just leaves me sitting there. I might not want to get in the pool or play a game but I’d like to at least be considered.
Is this dumb of me? I spend a lot of time feeling like I’m just a little baby about this stuff, but I also think I was conditioned for many years to not care what I wanted because my ex was a borderline abusive alcoholic who didn’t love or care about me. So maybe I’m normal or maybe I just haven’t healed?
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2023.06.10 05:56 Complex-Success-3798 Fucked up my CZ 457...Need Help

I have a CZ 457 lux that I fucked up.
I tightened one of the set screws that secures the barrel to the action excessively such that I was unable to remove it. In the process of attempting to remove it I broke the tip of the hex bit I was using off in it roughly flush with the top. I was unable to remove the broken bit and so I drilled/bored into the broken bit and screw in an attempt to create a cavity with sufficient room to use a screw extractor. All attempts to remove the screw using various extractors were unsuccessful. My attempts at drilling/boring into the bit/screw ultimately resulted in removing enough material from the screw that the broken bit came out. However, the remains of the screw were still firmly lodged in the action.
It was at this point that I realized the situation was truly beyond my ability to remedy and I began contacting gunsmiths in my area (Whatcom County).
Eventually, I brought the gun to Armadillo Arms and Machine after speaking with the owner. This was in late December 2022. I spoke to the owner last week and he indicated that he spent about an hour attempting to remove the screw with no luck and had contacted CZ for an RMA in order to send it back to them for repair. Since it's been almost 6 months since I dropped the rifle off and the shop owner has only just gotten around to doing anything to try to fix it, while at no point contacting me - all contact since I delivered the rifle to the shop was initiated by me and every time I've called for a status update (maybe 3-4 times, total) I've gotten the sense that I was being bothersome/unreasonable/annoying, I'm not especially confident that this shop is going to end up being the saving grace that I'd hoped for.
Thus, I thought I would ask for recommendations here.
If anyone happens to be possessed of the requisite patience to read this post and would also be so good as to recommend any gunsmiths that might be worth contacting to hopefully fix this problem if that's even possible I would be truly grateful.
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2023.06.10 05:55 Hopelesslyinlove2424 I’m happily Married over 20 years, I think I’m falling in love with my BFF.

I’ve been with my husband over 20 years your average happily married couple, a few speed bumps, nothing major, high school sweethearts monogamous….
Now enters my BFF, I have known her an equal number of years, also kind hearted I believe straight.
Over the years both of these people have been involved in major parts of my life. Marriage, graduation, births (kids the same age) , loses of family, lose of pregnancy and ultimately loss of children. It may have been my near death experience that they both dealt with (separately) a couple of years ago, or just the highs and lows we all have dealt with over the years that I have fallen in love with her.
The last few weeks my husband and my I have been discussing of opening our lives to someone else… This is when i opened up to him about my hidden feelings for her. I think he’s always known that I have feelings for her “I love her” and it’s not necessarily in a bi-way.
I have had these feelings since I almost died three years ago I woke up after being etxthubated with her in tears next to my mom. Now all I think about is how much I love her.
I want a polyamorous relationship with her and my husband as I love them equally. I often fantasize of all of us together, me I would be content to cuddle In bed all day long. But I would want both of them happy as well…
I’m scared of telling her possibly being embarrassed, or her repulsed by my feelings and ultimately loosing my friendship( honestly I don’t think that will happen). She has been divorced for awhile and I am unsure of her dating dynamics. I’m scared if I don’t tell her that I nor her how I feel. will ever know my true feelings. Ultimately even if she thinks I’m crazy and remains my friend I hope she realizes how much I care for her and her over all happiness.
submitted by Hopelesslyinlove2424 to polyamory [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:54 DukeLadybird First session IV. Anybody else given clonodine?

Today was my first Iv session for treatment resistant depression and anxiety. 35 yr old male. I don’t currently take any meds (I’ve tried them all) and I’m not really a drinker but I am abstaining from alcohol completely to maximize my chances of positive effects. I’m also giving up my occasional edible.
I was given clonodine to take the night before and morning of my session to counter blood pressure effects of the k. The night before the clonodine made me extremely groggy. The next morning I took it again before I went to the clinic and skipped my usual coffee. I also didn’t eat anything.
When I got the iv I was also given toradol and zofran. I listened to nature sounds/ambient music and wore an eye mask.
During the session I honestly didn’t feel much except a little dazed. I focused on my intention and never seemed to fully dissociate. I did see some things but I couldn’t be sure if it was just the standard things I’d see with my eyes closed (dim shapes). I also found the bp cuff going off every 10 minutes pretty distracting… I was fully alert about 45 minutes in, so i decided to take my mask off and wait. I’m guessing my dose wasn’t high enough so I think they’ll be increasing it next time.
Afterwards I journaled, and I was extremely thirsty and hungry. and then for the next several hours my head felt heavy, I was groggy, and had a slight headache. Hoping the next session goes a little better and I’m contemplating asking the doc if I can lower my clonodine dose. I’m also going to ask what my dosages are for everything else.
submitted by DukeLadybird to TherapeuticKetamine [link] [comments]