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Translation help for adding Turkish subtitles: What is the best translation?

2023.06.09 15:59 No_Pomegranate7134 Translation help for adding Turkish subtitles: What is the best translation?

Source video title: I knew your father...
For those who know Turkish, I strongly recommend those who are C1 or C2 level or native fluency to provide a translation.
Please refrain from using Google or DeepL as they don't translate it correctly, since the video is referring to the perspective on memorial day, also using the analogy of saying he knew his father as a dedication to those who have lost someone they've loved in war, also to sons or daughters who have lost their dad in the war, paying tribute to servicemen.
Keep in mind when adding Turkish translation: the speaker in the video is male, so grammar will matter, he is saying it from a first person perspective in a expressive / poetic manner, also in the context of the military.
Can you provide a proper translation of the written transcript in Turkish?
I'll add the transcription of the video:
I knew your father...
He was a great man, a brother
I know you miss him alot, me too...
I bet a day goes by when you don't think about him...
Kind of seem like when you lose someone you love, every day is memorial day
Your father and I actually went through training together
If it hadn't been for him, I'm not sure I made it
He was so strong, physically & mentally
We were so glad to be assigned to the same team, to be able to make a difference together To change the world
I remember him challenging us and crushing us during our train-ups We were all better because of him
I remember all of our deployments together, some good places and good missions, but some bad places and some bad missions.
Your father never complained.
He was solid & competent man.
While most people talk too much these days, your father truly was a quiet professional
While most people pretend, your father was the real deal
I'll never forget seeing him and the makeshift chapel before our last mission
No doubt he was praying for protection for you and for your mom
I remember your father telling us how proud he was of you and how much he loved you
I remember the day he died and how he died
He was a hero until his last breath
So when you miss him the most, give me a call
I understand how when you lose someone you love, everyday is memorial day
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2023.06.09 15:54 Animemann90 Translation help for adding Italian subtitles: What is the best translation?

Source video title: I knew your father...
For those who know Italian, I strongly recommend those who are C1 or C2 level or have native fluency to provide a translation.
Please refrain from using Google or DeepL as they don't translate it correctly, since the video is referring to the perspective on a memorial day, also using the analogy of saying he knew his father as a dedication to those who have lost someone they've loved in war, also to sons or daughters who have lost their dad in the war, paying tribute to servicemen.
Keep in mind when adding Italian translation: the speaker in the video is male, so grammar will matter, he is saying it from a first-person perspective in an expressive/poetic manner, also in the context of the military.
Can you provide a proper translation of the written transcript in Italian?
I'll add the transcription of the video:
I knew your father...
He was a great man, a brother
I know you miss him alot, me too...
I bet a day goes by when you don't think about him...
Kind of seem like when you lose someone you love, every day is memorial day
Your father and I actually went through training together
If it hadn't been for him, I'm not sure I made it
He was so strong, physically & mentally
We were so glad to be assigned to the same team, to be able to make a difference together
To change the world
I remember him challenging us and crushing us during our train-ups
We were all better because of him
I remember all of our deployments together, some good places and good missions, but some bad places and some bad missions.
Your father never complained.
He was solid & competent man.
While most people talk too much these days, your father truly was a quiet professional
While most people pretend, your father was the real deal
I'll never forget seeing him and the makeshift chapel before our last mission
No doubt he was praying for protection for you and for your mom
I remember your father telling us how proud he was of you and how much he loved you
I remember the day he died and how he died
He was a hero until his last breath
So when you miss him the most, give me a call
I understand how when you lose someone you love, everyday is memorial day
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2023.06.09 15:49 baka-tari My first box of doorknobs

I started my military career in June of on Sand Hill at Fort Benning. I can still tell you the unit I was in for Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), and the names of my Drill Sergeants . . . this knowledge is embedded in my DNA, it's like a cheap tattoo etched inside my eyelids. I will know I'm senile when I can't pop out those details at the drop of a hat.
It was in my 13 weeks of Basic Training and Infantry AIT where I first got acquainted with the wide range of colorful people I'd encounter in the Army. In my platoon we had delinquents who could barely get moral waivers that were battle-buddied with college boys who'd lived charmed lives; we had "old men" of 30 wanting to do their patriotic duty that were battle-buddied with kids so young and green they shaved twice a week whether they needed to or not. We had Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves and even a couple of MOS reclasses.
On top of all that, we had Waters.
Private Waters was born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). His mom simply could not turn off the tap while she was pregnant with him - he carried that burden throughout his life. Folks with severe FAS have a look about them. Just as you can unfailingly recognize a person with Down Syndrome, you can look at a person with severe FAS and know it immediately.
Go ahead, take a minute to do a google image search on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - you'll see what I mean.
♫ . . . . . the girl from Ipanema goes walking . . . . . . . ♫ . . .
Welcome back. See any features you recognize on someone you know? Explains a lot, doesn't it?
Severe FAS can result in problems with learning, memory, attention span, communication, vision, or hearing, among other things. Waters definitely had issues with the first four on that list.
Here's the thing, though: Waters wanted to be there at Infantry school. He volunteered to join the Army. He mustered enough concentration to take - and at least minimally pass - the ASVAB. I don't know what his score was, but it was enough.
Whenever someone gives me shit about soldiers being brainless, I have a canned response that's based in bitter personal experience: Yep, soldiers can be stupid, but you have to pass a test to get into the military. Any dumbass motherfucker can be a civilian.
We all knew that Waters needed some extra guardrails, and all of us in that basic training platoon stepped up to help him through. This could be a problem sometimes. For example, Private Tentpeg would walk past Waters in the morning and remind him to make his bunk before heading to formation. So Waters would start making his bunk. Then Private Snuffy would walk past, see Waters was making his bunk (and think to himself "Yay! Waters remembered to make his bunk today!") - then he'd remind Waters to square away his wall locker before heading down to formation.
Do you see where this is going?
Hearing Snuffy, Waters would go start to square away his wall locker. If you asked him in that moment if his bunk was good to go, he'd tell you it was, because he remembered that he had started to make it. He just couldn't remember if he had remembered to finish it. If he was then distracted by something else while working on his wall locker, he'd also insist that his wall locker was squared away, and for the same reason. If he looked at any of those items again, he might realize he needed to finish them, but he didn't operate well without either a really obvious visual cue or someone directing him. The latter usually produced better results.
He wasn't much better physically. To see Waters run, do pushup or situps, try jumping ja- . . . er, "side straddle hop" - or even march, tbh - the only phrase that came to mind was "like a monkey fucking a football." So. Much. Uncoordination. The final PT test almost sank his timely graduation.
In one instance, Waters came to me complaining that he was missing a button from his BDU blouse (BDU's? Fuck, I'm old). It wouldn't button up correctly, and could I give him a hand? I looked at it for a couple seconds and could see that he'd started with the wrong button in the bottom button hole. I calmly explained this to him and helped him correct his mistake. I'd learned early on it didn't do any good to get upset at Waters - he couldn't help it and yelling didn't fix the problem. He got a sheepish look on his face as I adjusted his buttons, was a little embarrassed, and said simply "I'm sorry, I get like that sometimes."
Me: I know, Waters. It's okay, we've got your back.
And that's just the thing - he knew. All his life, Waters knew he was a little short upstairs. But that didn't stop him from trying. He asked for help, he accepted the help, and he worked hard to overcome his limitations. On top of that he was a team player and he didn't shirk hard work. It was because of his attitude and commitment that the rest of us helped him along. We pushed, and pulled, and coached, and looked after him all the way through 13 weeks of Infantry training. In the end Waters met the standards - on his own and just barely - but goddamnit he graduated with the rest of us and didn't get recycled.
We weren't thinking about it at the time, just being fresh in the Army ourselves, but looking back I'm pretty sure there was a Squad Leader, a Platoon Sergeant, and a First Sergeant who were cursing us and our Drill Sergeants when Waters showed up at his first assignment. I never knew if, or how long, he lasted on active duty.
Sure, he was about as sharp as a box of doorknobs, and definitely frustrating sometimes, but he was our teammate and as long as he kept trying we weren't going to let him fail. That lesson of teamwork and cohesion stuck with me through 27 years of service, and I carry it still. I've known a lot smarter people who can't be bothered to put in half the effort that Waters did. I don't have time for them, but I will always help someone who is working hard to help themselves.
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2023.06.09 15:36 Affectionate-Mars196 Translation help for adding Finnish subtitles: What is the best translation?

Source video title: I knew your father...
For those who know Finnish, I strongly recommend those who are C1 or C2 level or native fluency to provide a translation.
Please refrain from using Google or DeepL as they don't translate it correctly, since the video is referring to the perspective on memorial day, also using the analogy of saying he knew his father as a dedication to those who have lost someone they've loved in war, also to sons or daughters who have lost their dad in the war, paying tribute to servicemen.
Keep in mind when adding Finnish translation: the speaker in the video is male, so grammar will matter, he is saying it from a first person perspective in a expressive / poetic manner, also in the context of the military.
Can you provide a proper translation of the written transcript in Finnish?
I'll add the transcription of the video:
I knew your father...
He was a great man, a brother
I know you miss him alot, me too...
I bet a day goes by when you don't think about him...
Kind of seem like when you lose someone you love, every day is memorial day
Your father and I actually went through training together
If it hadn't been for him, I'm not sure I made it
He was so strong, physically & mentally
We were so glad to be assigned to the same team, to be able to make a difference together
To change the world
I remember him challenging us and crushing us during our train-ups
We were all better because of him
I remember all of our deployments together, some good places and good missions, but some bad places and some bad missions.
Your father never complained.
He was solid & competent man.
While most people talk too much these days, your father truly was a quiet professional
While most people pretend, your father was the real deal
I'll never forget seeing him and the makeshift chapel before our last mission
No doubt he was praying for protection for you and for your mom
I remember your father telling us how proud he was of you and how much he loved you
I remember the day he died and how he died
He was a hero until his last breath
So when you miss him the most, give me a call
I understand how when you lose someone you love, everyday is memorial day
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2023.06.09 15:27 ogwilson02 TIFU by not paying attention at all

This was about 6 months ago and I still think about it when I sleep at night. One of those embarrassing memories that are not only a beneficiary to insomnia but might as well be insomnia’s right hand man.
7 months ago I shipped out to Army Basic Training at Fort Sill, OK. Upon arrival you stay in a reception battalion until you get your medical shit cleared alongside a metric asston of paperwork. The reception battalion was also home to people who had gotten injured during actual basic, and were waiting to be medically discharged from the Army or wait to heal and restart basic at a later date. There was this one PFC there with a broken leg or something who would always give us advice, and since my group I shipped with and I were 1-2 days from shipping out, we had nothing to do and were talking to him about the experience, things to look out for and all that. He gave some decent advice, one that stuck out to me was “During Red Phase, they’ll have you do a bunch of pointless BS, mix and matching your clothes, yadda yadda.” This comes into play later.
Fast forward to Basic - it’s like day 3 of Red Phase (the initiation process where you do nothing but get fucked up for a few weeks along with learning the basics.) I’m in 4th Platoon - we’re on the drill pad around 1900/2000 after dinner getting smoked (push ups, air squats). Each platoon is getting smoked in their own different way. We had finished doing I don’t even remember how many burpees when our Drill Sergeant says “you have two minutes to run upstairs, grab a left PT shoe and a right boot, and get back down!”
I’m the furthest back left person in the formation and have the furthest bed from the door in the bay as well. As such, I was the last one upstairs, and by the time I’d made it to my locker everyone else was running downstairs. As I’m rummaging to grab my shoes.. that fuckin’ PFC from reception pops up in my head. A lightbulb popped on in my head bright enough to illuminate the ocean floor. “This must be what he meant by mismatching clothes!” (I should also add I wasn’t really paying attention when my DS gave that order. I was completely spaced out.
So, in what I thought was a moment of impeccable wisdom at the time, I secured my left PT shoe on my left foot and my right boot on my right foot. I run downstairs, turn the corner, and my heart immediately fills with enough adrenaline to kill an adult horse. I see the rest of my platoon in a squatting position, holding the shoes in front of them. I then look slightly to the right and could actually feel my bowels contracting and expanding, ready for excretion. All three of my platoons drill sergeants are staring at me with their mouths agape. At this point, I think ‘fuck it man, they already saw me, I gotta fall in’ and did the awkward lop-sided hop to the formation you would expect from someone wearing two completely different shaped and weighted shoes. After falling in my DS goes “ogwilson02 Get your ass up here!”
I stand in front of the formation as he proceeds to roast the absolute piss out of me lmao, “This is the motherfucker that will get you killed downrange! Look at your fucking battle buddy!” , then I proceeded to do flutter kicks for about 45 mins until it was time for bed. My platoon hated me for the next couple days but quickly changed as that was actually a minor fuckup compared to some of the shit those guys did. We never even ended up mismatching clothes, that fucker from reception knew exactly what he was doing. Damn you PFC Davis.
TL:DR; Didn’t pay attention to instructions in Basic. Wore mismatched shoes. Did lots of exercise to muscle failure.
EDIT: It actually didn’t end up so bad though, I remember when we were about a week from graduating our Drill Sergeants were shooting the shit with us in the bay, when they ask “Who was that fucking retard who came downstairs in a PT shoe and a boot in red phase?” Slowly raised my hand. They laughed for about 2 minutes and made me recreate it. Good times
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2023.06.09 15:24 Old_North8419 Translation help for adding Russian subtitles: What is the best translation?

Source video title: I knew your father...
For those who know Russian, I strongly recommend those who are C1 or C2 level or native fluency to provide a translation.
Please refrain from using Yandex, Google or DeepL as they don't translate it correctly, since the video is referring to the perspective on memorial day, also using the analogy of saying he knew his father as a dedication to those who have lost someone they've loved in war, also to sons or daughters who have lost their dad in the war, paying tribute to servicemen.
Keep in mind when adding Russian translation: the speaker in the video is male, so cases will matter, he is saying it from a first person perspective in a expressive / poetic manner, also in the context of the military.
Can you provide a proper translation of the written transcript in Russian?
I'll add the transcription of the video:
I knew your father...
He was a great man, a brother
I know you miss him alot, me too...
I bet a day goes by when you don't think about him...
Kind of seem like when you lose someone you love, every day is memorial day
Your father and I actually went through training together
If it hadn't been for him, I'm not sure I made it
He was so strong, physically & mentally
We were so glad to be assigned to the same team, to be able to make a difference together
To change the world
I remember him challenging us and crushing us during our train-ups
We were all better because of him
I remember all of our deployments together, some good places and good missions, but some bad places and some bad missions.
Your father never complained.
He was solid & competent man.
While most people talk too much these days, your father truly was a quiet professional
While most people pretend, your father was the real deal
I'll never forget seeing him and the makeshift chapel before our last mission
No doubt he was praying for protection for you and for your mom
I remember your father telling us how proud he was of you and how much he loved you
I remember the day he died and how he died
He was a hero until his last breath
So when you miss him the most, give me a call
I understand how when you lose someone you love, everyday is memorial day

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2023.06.09 15:03 Beneficial_Self7535 Demented Spongebob.

Once upon a midnight dreary, in a small town nestled amidst dark and twisted woods, there stood a solitary house. The residents spoke of strange occurrences and eerie tales that surrounded the place. Legend had it that a demented version of Spongebob Squarepants lurked within its dilapidated walls.
It was a moonless night when a young woman named Lily found herself house-sitting for a family friend. She had heard whispers about the house's haunting past but dismissed them as mere superstitions. With a nervous laugh, she assured herself that there was nothing to fear.
As the clock struck midnight, an ominous hush fell over the surroundings. The wind howled through the trees, and the air grew heavy with anticipation. Lily decided to explore the house to ease her restlessness, unaware of the malevolent presence that awaited her.
As she ventured deeper into the house, the atmosphere turned cold and suffocating. The walls seemed to close in on her, and each creaking floorboard echoed like a sinister whisper. Suddenly, she heard a faint tapping sound coming from outside the window.
With trepidation, Lily peered through the glass, and her blood ran cold. There, standing in the darkness, was Spongebob Squarepants, but his eyes were twisted and maniacal. A demented grin stretched across his face, revealing rows of jagged teeth. His gaze was fixed upon her, piercing through her very soul.
Paralyzed with fear, Lily stumbled backward, desperate to escape his menacing stare. But no matter where she turned, Spongebob's deranged eyes followed her. She could feel his presence lurking just beyond the glass, his wicked laughter resonating in her ears.
The night grew longer, and Lily's terror deepened. Every shadow seemed to take on a malicious form, and the walls seemed to whisper haunting secrets. The demented Spongebob remained a haunting presence, a relentless observer that tormented her with his unwavering gaze.
Exhausted and driven to the brink of madness, Lily resolved to confront the abomination outside the window. With trembling hands, she mustered the courage to face the unhinged creature head-on. Armed with a flashlight, she swung open the front door and stepped into the darkness.
But as she reached the window, there was no sign of Spongebob. His twisted image had vanished, leaving only the chilling memory of his demented eyes burned into her mind. Was it a figment of her imagination, or had she truly encountered an evil beyond comprehension?
To this day, the locals recount the tale of the demented Spongebob, warning those who dare to enter that forsaken house. They say his demented gaze still haunts the window, forever waiting to unleash his madness upon the unsuspecting souls who dare to cross his path.
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2023.06.09 14:32 nukenberry The Vanishing Lake

The Vanishing Lake: Part 1
Deep in the heart of the forbidding forest, where shadows dance and whispers coil through the trees, there lies a place of unspeakable horror—the Vanishing Lake. It is a cursed realm that devours the souls of the unsuspecting, leaving behind only despair and unanswered questions.
On a moonless night, when the air was thick with a sense of impending doom, two young girls, Emma and Olivia, dared to defy the warnings that echoed through the town. The allure of the macabre beckoned them, luring them into the depths of the forest like moths to a flame.
Armed with flashlights and trembling with both excitement and trepidation, they ventured through the gnarled trees, their senses assaulted by the suffocating silence. The forest seemed to breathe, its darkened heart pulsating with an ancient, malevolent energy.
As they approached the Vanishing Lake, a misty veil descended, shrouding their surroundings in an ethereal haze. The girls exchanged nervous glances, but their morbid curiosity propelled them forward. They could feel the unseen eyes of the forest upon them, cold and unrelenting.
The lake's inky waters lay before them, devoid of life and light. A bone-chilling wind whispered secrets of forgotten tragedies, urging them to turn back. But their youthful bravado consumed their reason, and they stepped closer to the water's edge, their hearts pounding in their chests.
Suddenly, a mournful melody filled the air, its haunting notes reverberating through their very souls. It was a tune from an age long forgotten, a dirge that echoed the sorrow of the lost. The sound burrowed deep within their minds, unraveling their sanity thread by thread.
Unable to resist the siren call, Emma and Olivia stumbled into a dilapidated rowboat that lay abandoned nearby. As they pushed away from the shore, the water beneath them seemed to pulse with a sinister life, its dark depths teeming with unseen horrors.
The boat drifted aimlessly, carried by an unseen force toward the heart of the lake. The mist thickened, swallowing their feeble cries for help. Their flashlights flickered, casting eerie shadows that danced along the water's surface like specters of the damned.
As the moon momentarily emerged from the clouds, its pale light illuminated the horrifying truth—the lake was not empty. It writhed with grotesque tendrils, lashing out from below, hungry for flesh and soul. Panic seized Emma and Olivia, their minds teetering on the precipice of sheer terror.
In one horrifying instant, the boat lurched violently, sending the girls sprawling into the water. They thrashed against the icy grip, their pleas for mercy drowned out by the cacophony of tortured souls. Desperation consumed them as they were dragged under, their bodies entangled in the slimy tendrils that coiled around them like serpents.
Their final moments were a symphony of agony and despair, lost in the depths of the Vanishing Lake—a place where screams go unheard, and souls are condemned to an eternity of suffering.
The town of Ravenwood mourned the loss of Emma and Olivia, forever haunted by the horrifying fate that awaited those who dared to challenge the darkness. The legend of the Vanishing Lake grew, its malevolence spreading like a festering wound, forever etching itself into the minds of those who dared to remember.
Beware, dear reader, for the Vanishing Lake beckons from the shadows, hungry for new victims. And once it claims your soul, you too will become a part of the haunting chorus, forever trapped in its watery abyss.
The Cursed Echoes: Part 2
Deep within the forsaken woods surrounding the Vanishing Lake, an unholy presence stirred, fueled by the blood-soaked memories of its victims. It craved vengeance, yearning to ensnare those who dared to challenge its dominion. Unbeknownst to the world, Lily's triumph had awakened an ancient evil, hungry for new souls to claim.
Years after Lily's encounter, a young couple, Alex and Megan, arrived in Ravenwood, seeking solace in the tranquility of the town. Unaware of the Vanishing Lake's sinister reputation, they ventured into the heart of the cursed forest, drawn by an unexplainable force.
As they delved deeper, the air grew thick with an oppressive darkness. Whispering shadows danced along the path, taunting their every step. Megan clutched Alex's arm, her heart pounding with a nameless dread. But they pressed on, their curiosity entwined with a morbid fascination.
As they reached the lake's edge, the murky water reflected a moonless sky, devoid of any semblance of life. An eerie hush enveloped them, broken only by a haunting melody that reverberated through the stillness. It clawed at their sanity, casting a spell of unyielding terror.
Ignoring the warnings etched into the depths of their souls, Alex and Megan boarded the rowboat, their hands trembling. The vessel rocked with an unnatural rhythm, as if alive with the ancient curse that plagued the lake. With each stroke of the oars, the water beneath them roiled, dark shapes writhing just beneath the surface.
The haunting melody intensified, its symphony of malevolence driving Alex and Megan to the brink of madness. Whispers slithered through the air, malicious and seductive, promising untold horrors if they dared to turn back. Fear gnawed at their resolve, but it was too late to escape the clutches of the Vanishing Lake.
As the boat drifted farther from shore, time lost all meaning. The moon's light waned, leaving them in a desolate realm of perpetual twilight. The once-familiar forest faded into a maddening labyrinth of distorted trees and twisted shadows. Panic gripped their souls, a realization that they had become trapped within the lake's insidious grasp.
Their screams pierced the suffocating silence as the water churned beneath them. Skeletal hands, their flesh decayed and slimy, emerged from the depths, reaching for their vulnerable bodies. The once-harmonious melody transformed into a cacophony of agonized shrieks, an orchestra of tormented souls crying out for release.
In a desperate attempt to escape, Alex and Megan lunged overboard, their bodies plunging into the icy grip of the lake. The water swallowed them whole, dragging them into a vortex of darkness. Their screams dissipated into nothingness, swallowed by the cursed echoes of the Vanishing Lake.
Days turned into weeks, and the couple was declared missing, their fate forever entwined with the unholy waters. Their families mourned, haunted by the harrowing tales of their loved ones' demise. The town of Ravenwood sank deeper into despair, knowing that the curse of the Vanishing Lake could claim anyone who dared to disturb its slumber.
The cursed echoes continue to reverberate through the generations, a chilling reminder that some nightmares are more than mere legends. To this day, those who stumble upon the Vanishing Lake risk becoming lost within its eternal darkness, their souls eternally tormented by the malevolent spirits that dwell within its depths.
So, heed this warning, dear reader, and never underestimate the power of the unseen. For the Vanishing
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2023.06.09 13:58 Boss_of_babylonia Tonight, Lemuen joins the hunt.

Source: Arknights Story Log
After sorting out her thought, Lemuen finally decides to take her first action. Lemuen felt someone presence outside her room, and it turned out to be a person with inhuman form, Lemuen recognized what is the identity of that figure based on data provide by Iberia.(Who would've expect that someday the wheelchaired Lemuen will have contact with seaborn???)
The inhuman figure didn't see Lemuen as target and just ran away, Lemuen chase it to prevent it attacking the monastery residents and causing panic. When she catch up, Lemuen learns that the figure still retains the sheer of its human will and speak function.
Lemuen wants to contact Iberia Inquisition for help, untill she got a sudden attack from another uninvited guest and causing the figure to ran away again, when Lemuen wants to shoot, the tip of her gun was stopped by unknown force. The clouds that obscured the moonlight dispersed, and Lemuen finally saw the person in front of her.
Lemuen: "Initially, I thought this business trip would be a rather relaxed and pleasant journey. Picking up countrymen from a monastery back to Laterano doesn't sound too difficult, right?"Lemuen: "Hmm, at most, having Oren as a teammate might add a bit of trouble."Lemuen: Oh well, I'm confident I can handle a little trouble. After all, Oren is not unreasonable~"
Aulus: "With your proficiency in using gun, indeed you should be able to handle most troubles."
Lemuen: "But to deal with you, it seems this level is not quite enough."
Aulus: "You overestimate me."
Lemuen: "I wasn't praising you, ...Mr. Priest."Lemuen: "You came here specifically to protect that peculiar-looking guest, right? If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Priest, you must be from Iberia?"
Aulus: "Indeed, that's correct."
Lemuen: "Even though you're wearing the priest's robe, I don't feel at all that you're a follower of Laterano's religion. Your demeanor is completely different."
Aulus: "You're quite perceptive."
Lemuen: "...Well, you're very calm, Mr. Priest."Lemuen: "In that case, I'll speak frankly. I'm not accustomed to being so harsh..."Lemuen: "Leave immediately, and take no further steps forward, Priest."(Lemuen aiming her gun at Aulus)Lemuen: "This peaceful land is not a place for you to tread upon."
Aulus: "It's a pity, but not yet."Aulus: "There are still people here who need me to stay a little longer, Laterano's Lady."
(Lemuen loudly shot at Aulus several times, Aulus swiftly parrying it with sword)
Lemuen: (Tsk, he's quite formidable.)Lemuen: (His sword is unique. This swordsmanship, I remember it's Iberia...)
Aulus: "Your attacks speak louder than your words."Aulus: "While I still hold hope for mutual understanding, from your perspective, this response seems appropriate."Aulus: "However... I'm curious, Lady, how do you define a peaceful land?"
Lemuen: "A place where everyone can live peacefully and happily. It's not a particularly special definition."Lemuen: "Of course, it would be even better if we had fewer troublesome guests."
(Lemuen shot a few times again, Aulus dodge it all)
Aulus: "So, in your opinion, can this place be truly called a peaceful land?"
Lemuen: "It seems that Mr. Priest has some leisure for small talk. Looks like I've been underestimated."Lemuen: "On the other hand, a group of people who have lived in seclusion from the world for sixty years, creating a secluded resting place. If this is not a peaceful land, then what is?"
Aulus: "Even if their lives are filled with hardships and deprivation?"
Lemuen: "Although there may be material lack... it's certainly not without an end."
Aulus: "Ah, yes. Laterano has extended a helping hand, and such difficult times will soon come to an end."Aulus: "At the cost of... abandoning some people."
Lemuen: "...It's not anyone's fault."
Aulus: "Please don't misunderstand, I have no intention of blaming anyone."Aulus: "It's just that I often ponder, what truly sets us apart as individuals? Is it the differences in our physical beings, or is it something else?"Aulus: "From the moment of our birth, everything that shapes us drives our thoughts in different directions, leading to different conclusions..."Aulus: "So, within all of this, does true mutual understanding really exist?"
Lemuen: "Are you really asking a Sankta like me that question?"Lemuen: "If you have chance to be a Sankta in your next life, you can try it out yourself~"
(Lemuen reload her gun and shot, only to be parried again)
Lemuen: ...Cough!Lemuen: (No, I can't delay any longer, it would be disastrous if that person who escaped attacks the residents.)Lemuen: (I need to resolve this quickly...)
Aulus: "No need to be so tense, Lady. In reality, I have no intentions of doing anything."Aulus: "I am only here because my fellow countrymen need help."
Lemuen: "That's very sincere. However, I can't simply trust you like that, cough cough..."
Aulus: (Sigh)Aulus: "You, like one of my former students, are difficult to persuade. It's a commendable quality, but sometimes it poses challenges."
Lemuen: "I'm quite curious about the student who could give a hard time to someone like you, Mr. Priest."
Aulus: "He was one of the most exceptional students I have ever taught. Unfortunately, we haven't seen each other since he left Iberia."
Lemuen: .....Lemuen: "I didn't want it to come to this... sigh, I'm going to be scolded again."

(Lemuen stood up from her wheelchair)

Lemuen: "Negotiation... has failed."Lemuen: "Honestly, I'm not feeling very regretful about it."
Lemuen's voice was soft, barely audible. His movements were also light.He pushed aside the means of transportation beneath him, causing the lantern hanging from the armrest to sway in the night breeze and emit a creaking sound before falling to the ground.The shattered light source scattered irregular rays of light, splashing onto the slowly rising figure ahead.The heavy darkness was illuminated in that moment.
Aulus: "So you can stand after all?"
Lemuen: "Well... actually, I can't yet."Lemuen: "But it's just that the rehabilitation time will be extended, and I'll be nagged a bit more, no problem..."Lemuen: "...Ugh."
Aulus: "I hope you won't push yourself too hard, Lady."Aulus: "Your physical condition is not optimistic, and this kind of fight is not your forte--"(Lemuen shot at him)Aulus: "Ugh!"
Lemuen: "Thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately, the aim of that shot was your mouth~"Lemuen: "Priest who love to lecture aren't very likable."Lemuen: "Things aren't going so well, and I'm feeling quite frustrated."Lemuen: "I've been provoked, so if I went a bit overboard, it shouldn't matter, right?"
(Lemuen reload her gun again)
The pink-haired Auxiliary Cardinal bent her eyes, revealing a hidden sharpness that pierced through the gentle facade she had worn for years while bedridden, accompanied by the sound of the gun loading.

Lemuen let out a laughter devoid of warmth

Lemuen: "This is quite exhausting. I really wish we could settle this quickly."Lemuen: "So, let me say it again--"Lemuen: "Step aside from there, Priest."Lemuen: "You are not allowed to set foot here."
submitted by Boss_of_babylonia to arknights [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 13:07 ashit57 STB d'avoir tromper mon ex car j'avais peur de le quitter (TW V!0I)

En 2017, j'etait en 5e et j'ai commencé en début d'année de sortir avec un gars de ma classe ( pour l'histoire nous l'appelerons xavier ). Avant que nous mettions ensemble il m'a dit être sorti avec fille de sa primaire pendant 5 ans et avoir fait sa première fois a 10 ans.
Nous avons cacher nos relations les 3 premières semaines car Xavier ne voulais pas le dire à tout c'est potes
Quand les gens on commencer a savoir il voulais nous voir nous faire un bisou sauf que moi j'etait ultra gêner devant tout le monde car j'avais très peur du regard des gens et des potentiels critiques Mais nous avons fini par le faire.
Il avait tendance à me rabaisser mais moi un peu aveuglé par cette peur je ne disais rien ou ni prêter pas attention ( ça passer de sans moi tu n'est rien, Tu ne réussira pas a grand chose, tu est gros et j'en passe )
Au bout de 2 mois de relation tout a vrillé . Xavier a commencé à me forcer à envoyer des nde. J'avais très peur des réactions des gens a l'époque donc je les fais . Suite a ça il a commencé à me forcer à le s*** sous prétexte que j'avais dit je le ferai par message
Suite a cela il m'a forcer à faire ma première fois a 12 ans et demi chose a laquelle je n'était pas près
J'ai donc essayé de quitter Xavier a plusieurs reprises mais celui si me faisais du chantage au sc******
J'ai donc commencé a sombré dans une forte dépression a mes 13 ans et est commencer a prendre beaucoup de poids
Ma famille ne faisait que de me le faire remarquer se qui aujourd'hui reste un complexe
En février 2018 Xavier et moi avons commencé a de plus en plus nous engueuler et plusieurs fois j'ai essayé de le quitter mais n'y arrivais pas à cause de ces menaces
En mai j'ai appris qu'il m'avais trompé avec son ex mais ma encore une fois supplier de rester
A ce moment là ma vie était devenu un enfer et chose a savoir aussi je suis bi depuis mes 6 ans et est fais mais coming out trans ( ftm) en 2020 mais avant je me considèrer plus comme non binaire depuis 2018 chose qu'il n'accepter pas du tout
J'avais une amie que nous appellerons Sarah pour l'histoire Sarah était une amie que je connaissais du centre aéré et avec qui j'étais rester en contact et continuer de la voir assez régulièrement mais nous n'étions pas dans les mêmes collège
A ce moment là je ne me rendais pas compte que cela était du v*** car il arriverai à me faire croire que c'était mon devoir en temps que " copine "
En juillet moi et Sarah avons passer le mois ensemble a se voir tout les jour car Xavier été parti dans le pays de son père . Et plus les jours passés plus nous nous rapprochons jusqu'à ce que nous finissons par nous embrasser ( Sarah été au courant que jetait en couple ) . Il faut aussi savoir accepter le faite que je soit non binaire et bi ( elle été pansexuel ) . Malheureusement je n'arrivais toujours pas à quitter Xavier malgré le faite que j'essaye au moin toute les semaines et que mes potes me disiez que fallais arrêter cette relation. Moi et Sarah avons donc arrêté de nous parler .
Quand Xavier et revenu il m'a fais comprendre que ça n'allait plus être comme avant Je ne pouvais plus voir mes amis était pratiquement que renfermer sur lui ect ect car il m'avais fait éloigner de tous .
A la rentrée je n'étais plus dans sa classe alors il me forcer à rester avec lui toute les pauses ect
En février il m'a demandé en mariage ( oui vous liser bien ) et au début lui est dit on verra sa plus tard on est jeune ect et lui forcer donc j'ai dis oui
Bon dans le temps en été 2020 . Nous sommes toujours ensemble et les problèmes non pas bouger sauf que je travail car j'ai commencé un cap cuisine donc n'est plus vraiment le temps de le voir. Et ne somme plus dans la même ville car je ne vie plus chez ma mère depuis septembre 2018 et mon père vivant a 40 min
Fin août 2020 j'ai commencé a avoir cours au CFA ( j'avais 1 semaine de cours pour 2 de travail) donc a me faire de nouveau ami et aussi a me faire un en particulier que nous allons appeler Augustin. Ce dernier été dans ma classe et des le début a montré de l'attirance pour moi et moi aussi j'en avais pour lui mais le conduirais comme un ami . Nous avions l'habitude de rester ensemble jusque 18h après tout les cours peut importe l'heure car je ne voulais pas rentrer. Plus le temps passer et plus il y avait un filling ( Augustin savais que jetait en couple ) jusqu'au jour où nous somme rester en perme après les cours car il pleuver ( il n'y a pas de surveillant après 16h dans le CFA ) et avec Xavier j'ai commencé a m'engueuler par message suite à quoi je me suis mis a pleurer et Augustin m'a pris dans c'est bras et ma embrassé sur le coup je les un peu repousser mais ensuite je me suis dis que c'était mieux comme ça j'ai donc quitter Xavier et ce dernier a commencé a insulter Augustin ( je lui est dis se qu'il c'était passer ) et a me faire du chantage pendant 3 jour . Avec Augustin nous nous somme quitter car il ne voulais pas d'une relation a distance ( les CFA ne sont pas nombreux donc beaucoup vienne en internat pour les jours de cours ) . Le lendemain j'ai revu Xavier pour lui rendre c'est affaire et après une bonne heure a me faire du chantage et a s'engueuler j'ai accepté de me remettre avec lui .
3 semaine plus tard retour aus CFA. Et encore une fois avec Augustin on s'embrasse car j'avais développé des sentiments pour lui et n'en avait plus pour Xavier depuis longtemps. Je les quitter par appel les revu le week end même et n'est pas céder ( je ne les jamais revu )
Et petite anecdote moi et Augustin avont fait notre premier fois ensemble mais quand nous n'étions plus en couple ( dans les toilettes du CFA ...) Et sommes devenus meilleurs potes tout le long du cap ( nous avons perdu contact avec la distance mais nous parlons de temps en temps pour prendre des nouvelles)
submitted by ashit57 to suisjeletroudeballe [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 12:35 Zadiuz Discussion and Ideas for the Gear Reset/Perk redesign that we are getting.

With the gear reset everyone has been dreading coming up with the future XPAC, there have been a lot of hints towards a complete gear perk rework. Everything points towards AGS removing Resilience+Wards. With those gone, I came up with a template that I think could make gearing more preferred moving the emphasis of chasing some hard-to-get bis rolls and replacing the diversity from baked in stats into gem slots.
Some key notes below, and would be interested in other thoughts. Clearly, I went more into depth with PVP specific perks rather than the PVE side.
*Item drops and crafts will be forced to follow the 1x Offensive, 1x Utility, 1x Defensive perk template.

Weapon Perk Pools (expand on)
Refreshing / Refreshing Evasion

Freedom (10%)
Vigor (12.5%)
Invigorated (12.5%)

Shirking Fortification (Keep as is)
Shirking Haste (upon successful dodge, increase haste by 1% and negate haste restrictions by 5%)
Shirking Heals (buff to 250+1.5%)
Shirking Empower (upon successful dodge, apply 3% empowerment for 5 seconds
GEM SLOT (the main suggested change for adding additional specilizations. Would limit to just Ele or Physical resistance to negate the need for multiple sets for specific elements, and add these specialized perks to the pools to be added to them as a replacement to current casings)
(PVP ONLY) Snare – Hits provide an additional 2% (max 5 stacks) for 5 seconds (hits will extend CD)
(PVP ONLY) Mana Burn – Hits will burn .5% mana on hit, 1% on heavy
(PVP ONLY) Headhunter – Headshot damage increased by 1.5%
(PVP ONLY) Armor Penetration – Hits will pierce 1% of armor
(PVP ONLY) Stamina Burn Hits will burn 1 stamina on hit, or 2 on heavy
(PVP ONLY) Rogue – Attacks from behind will deal 1.5% additional damage
Leeching – Attacks will heal 2% of damage dealt
Luck (same as is )
submitted by Zadiuz to newworldgame [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 10:30 AutoModerator India tour

Destination Covered New Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Goa


Day 01: Arrive New Delhi

On arrival Incredible Tour To India representative shall meet you at the airport to welcome you and transfer you to hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 02: Delhi

Enjoy full day city tour covering Laxmi Narayan Temple – The Place of Gods, India Gate – The memorial of martyrs, Parliament House – The Government Headquarters, Jama Masjid – The largest mosque in Asia, Red Fort – The red stone magic, Gandhi memorial – The memoir of father of the nation beside these some other places to visit are – Qutub Minar Complex and Humayun’s Tomb. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 03: Delhi to Agra

Today we shall drive you to Agra. Agra is 205 kilometers away from Delhi and take 5 hours drive to reach. Arrive in Agra and check in into hotel. Later, we shall take you for a city tour covering -Taj Mahal – a poem written in white marble, the most extravagant monument ever built for love, Red Fort – a visit to the fort in ‘Agra’ is a must since so many of the events which lead to the construction of the Taj took place here, Itmad-ud-Daula’s Tomb – The tomb is of particular interest since many of its design elephants overshadow the Taj. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 04: Agra to Jaipur

Early morning, drive to Jaipur. The city is 235 kilometers away from Agra and take 5 hours drive to reach. En route visit Fatehpur Sikri (Old Deserted town of Mughal Dynasty) and its monuments which include Jama Masjid, The Buland Darwaza, Palace of Jodha Bai, Birbal Bhawan & Panch Mahal. Arrive in Jaipur and check into the hotel. Later relax in the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 05: Jaipur

Today morning we shall take you for a tour to Amer Fort. Take joy ride on Elephant (presently Elephant Ride closed at Amber Fort for the time being). Afternoon enjoy city tour covering City Palace – occupies a large area divided into a series of courtyards, gardens & buildings and a perfect blend of Rajasthani & Mughal architecture, Royal Observatory – An observatory with some rare qualities to its credit, Nawab Sahab Ki Haveli, and the Bazaar etc. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 06: Jaipur to Goa

In the morning, you’ll be transferred to airport to board connecting flight for Goa. On arrival in Goa met our representative and get transferred to your Hotel. Rest of the day is at leisure. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 07: Goa

In the morning, enjoy half day sightseeing tour of Old Goa. Evening is at leisure. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 08: Goa

Full day relax by the poolside/Beach. Overnight stay.

Day 09: Goa Departure

Morning is at leisure. In the evening, you’ll be transferred to the airport to board connecting flight for your onward destination.
submitted by AutoModerator to Incredibletourtoindia [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:05 YHNS SOD: Xander & Chloe

submitted by YHNS to DaysofOurLives [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 04:33 ImaginationSea3679 An Alien Nature 4

We continue first contact through a human perspective.
I hope you enjoy.
Memory Transcription Subject: Noah Williams, FTL Tester and Scientific Researcher
Date[standardized human time]: July 12, 2136
Oh my god.
Not only do they look adorable with their big eyes that force them to look sideways, and they have fluff that looks like it would belong on a silkie chicken...
But they sound adorable as well!
I could tell that Sarah was using every ounce of willpower in her being to not squeal in delight.
"Tar-Va. Stravennis Tarva." The alien repeated, adding an unfamiliar word to her name. A title, perhaps?
I pointed at the individual. "Tarva." I said. The alien's ears flicked wildly as it sounded pleased.
I heard other voices murmuring, probably the other aliens.
I decided to point to myself.
"Noah. No-Ah. Noah Williams."
The lead alien gestured towards me as they looked me in the eye. "Noah." They said, air whistling from the odd gaps in their teeth as they spoke. Fascinating.
I nodded my head. "Yes! Noah!" I said as I continued gesturing to myself.
Sarah stepped up and gestured to herself. "Sarah. Sar-Ah." She said.
The alien turned to her. "Sarah." They said. Sarah's already bright smile brightened even further.
We took turns clarifying each other's names, with “Kam” introducing themselves, before the lead alien gestured to her ship, saying something in her own language.
"I think she wants us to go to her ship." Sarah said.
I thought about it. "Are we sure that's a good idea, Sarah?" I asked.
"We've already proven ourselves peaceful to each other, this would just be the next step!" She said, giddy with excitement.
I thought for a moment. There were an innumerable number of things that could go horribly wrong, but right now the only thing we needed to worry about was
I nodded. "Alright, let's do this."
After their airlock filled itself with their atmosphere, the aliens slid their visors up, officially leaving no boundaries between us and their floof. They motioned for us to follow them, and we did.
I noticed that Kam had horns on their head, while Tarva did not. Did that signify a difference in gender the same way goat horns do? If so, then it would be safe to assume that Kam was male and that Tarva was female, but we couldn’t make too many assumptions too soon.
We were led into a room with what looked like books on shelves. Kam pulled one down and revealed that they were, in fact, books! There was also what looked like a whiteboard with magnetic markers.
They then left us to read.
While we couldn’t read the flowery writing, the books were very picture heavy, and we could infer a lot of things from them.
We confirmed the suspicion that Tarva was female and Kam was male. They had also convergently evolved very similar to placental mammals, with mammary glands and breasts on the chests of the females used to nurse young, which were brought into the world through live birth. While not always swollen, the breasts of the females were always a noticeable part of their silhouette. Their reproductive systems were also almost completely disconnected from their digestive systems, also similar to placental mammals.
We also learned what various things made them unique.
The filaments that made up their fur were, indeed, more similar to bird feathers like a silkie chicken.
They could breathe out of two orifices: the mouth and a blowhole on the top of the head. Their blowholes were solely for respiration, and they smelled through their taste buds on their tongue, and were basically vaguely similar to snakes in that regard. Their teeth also have gaps to make mouth respiration easier.
Their eyes were not balls of tissue in a socket, but rather a divot in the skull with visual receptors. The iris of the eye was actually highly specialized muscle tissue, which could move to change the size, position, and even shape of the pupil. Then the eye was topped with a lens to refract and focus light.
Interestingly enough, their evolutionary tree suggested that they evolved from a very basal organism, and that they weren’t too different from their early tetrapod-analogue.
We were interrupted from our reading by a knock on the doorway. We looked up to see that Tarva and Kam had returned.
I decided to gesture them over, eager to show them what we had in common.
It took me a while, but I managed to get across the things we had in common with the venlil. Live birth, mammary glands, and the separation of the reproductive and digestive tracts. Sarah then went to the whiteboard to illustrate the differences between us. Body covering structure, our noses, our eyes, and our evolutionary paths.
The venlil seemed just as fascinated by us as we were of them.
Suddenly, our suits beeped.
We were running low on air.
We tapped our gas canisters, hoping to get the message across to the venlil. They looked at us for a moment before their eyes widened, and they gestured for us to follow them. We ended up going back to the airlock, where they re-equipped their gas tanks and visors and drained the room before opening the door.
We ran towards our ship, the venlil following us closely behind.
Despite the emergency, I was excited to let aliens into our ship.
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2023.06.09 04:32 Metal_Florida test post

Please note that the ticket links are usually for general admission; for VIP tickets, if available, you may have to go to the band's website.
Friday, Jun 9, 2023
Grass is Dead, The Coppertones Underbelly - Jacksonville
Saturday, Jun 10, 2023
Halo Scars, Mind Virus, Cypher Machine, Re-Birth Brass Mug - Tampa
Maul, Tombstoner, Plasmodulated Conduit - Winter Park
Downswing, Falsifier, Bottomfeeders Manna Tea & Kava Bar - Sarasota
Sunday, Jun 11, 2023
My Children My Bride, Extortionist, No Cure Conduit - Winter Park
Bury Your Dead, Thirst, Edict Tipsy Tiki - Fort Pierce
Monday, Jun 12, 2023
Maul, Tombstoner Brass Mug - Tampa
Spotlights, Skyliner, The Darling Fire Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Tuesday, Jun 13, 2023
Halocene, Lauren Babic, Alphamega Hooch & Hive - Tampa
Wednesday, Jun 14, 2023
Drain, Drug Church, Magnitude, Gel Brass Mug - Tampa
Halocene, Lauren Babic, Alphamega Level 13 - Orlando
The Convalescence, Summoner's Circle Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
pulses., With Sails Ahead, I Met A Yeti Will's Pub - Orlando
Thursday, Jun 15, 2023
Halocene, Lauren Babic, Alphamega Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Friday, Jun 16, 2023
Roxx, Re-Birth, Cyber Machine, Haloscars Conduit - Winter Park
Hollow Leg, Clamfight, Moat Cobra Will's Pub - Orlando
Every Avenue, Makeout, Say We Can Fly Orpheum - Tampa
Saturday, Jun 17, 2023
Crossbreed, Cultus Black, Cypher machine, Davey Partain Orpheum - Tampa
Defy the Tyrant, Losing Daylight, Shadow the Earth Kona Skate Park - Jacksonville
Breed, Gillian Carter, Audible Parts Will's Pub - Orlando
Sunday, Jun 18, 2023
Crossbreed, Cultus Black, NoSelf, The Dev Level 13 - Orlando
Bodybox, No Zodiac, High Pressure Conduit - Winter Park
Dikembe, Camp Trash, Glazed Will's Pub - Orlando
Wednesday, Jun 21, 2023
Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater
Thursday, Jun 22, 2023
Garbage, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Metric MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Friday, Jun 23, 2023
Dream Theater, Devin Townsend, Animals As Leaders Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Saturday, Jun 24, 2023
Misfits, Megadeth, Fear MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheater - Tampa
Intoxicated, Vacuous Depths, Ebullition Conduit - Winter Park
black midi, YHWH Nailgun Orpheum - Tampa
Sunday, Jun 25, 2023
No/Mas, Knoll, Shock Conduit - Winter Park
Monday, June 26, 2023
We Are the Union, Kill Lincoln, Catbite The Social - Orlando
No/Mas, Knoll Orpheum - Tampa
Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023
Yungblud, The Regrettes, Caspr Jannus - St. Petersburg
Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023
D.R.I., Metalriser Underbelly - Jacksonville
Peter Frampton St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Thursday, Jun 29, 2023
The Cure Amalie Arena - Tampa
D.R.I., Metalriser Will's Pub - Orlando
Saturday, Jul 1, 2023
D.R.I., Metalriser Brass Mug - Tampa
Liliac, Fortune Child The Twisted Fork - Port Charlotte
Sunday, Jul 2, 2023
Godflesh Conduit - Winter Park
Thursday, Jul 6, 2023
Sad Summer Festival Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Friday, Jul 7, 2023
Sad Summer Festival Coachman Park - Clearwater
Subdivisions, Violence System, The Fallen Sons Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Days Of Summer festival Conduit - Winter Park
Saturday, Jul 8, 2023
Memphis May Fire, Norma Jean, Secrets The Beacham - Orlando
Days Of Summer festival Conduit - Winter Park
Sunday, Jul 9, 2023
Memphis May Fire, Norma Jean, Secrets High Dive - Gainesville
Crown The Empire, Varials Orpheum - Tampa
Monday, Jul 10, 2023
blink-182, Turnstile Amalie Arena - Tampa
Orthodox, Cell, Chamber Crowbar - Tampa
Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023
Analepsy, Cognitive, Wormhole, Nectoricgorebeast Conduit - Winter Park
Wednesday, Jul 12, 2023
Analepsy, Cognitive, Wormhole, Nectoricgorebeast Crowbar - Tampa
Thursday, Jul 13, 2023
Staind Seminole Hard Rock - Tampa
Friday, Jul 14, 2023
Staind Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Saturday, Jul 15, 2023
Obituary Brass Mug - Tampa
Flag On Fire, Scatter Shot, Backslide, Regions O'Malley's Alley - Ocala
Monday, Jul 17, 2023
Cenotaph, Horrific Visions, Architectural Genocide Conduit - Winter Park
Tuesday, Jul 18, 2023
Agents of Chaos, Black Clash Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Buckcherry Underbelly - Jacksonville
Friday, Jul 21, 2023
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Bryan Adams Amalie Arena - Tampa
Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Gwar, Nonpoint, Butcher Babies MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
The Final Sound, Abbey Death, Layne Lyre New World Music Hall - Tampa
Yosemite In Black, Endbringer, Murder Afloat Orpheum - Tampa
Saturday, Jul 22, 2023
Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Story of the Year Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Less Than Jake, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Devon Kay & the Solutions House of Blues - Orlando
Rising Up Angry, Tragic, Legions Blind Kona Skate Park - Jacksonville
Sunday, Jul 23, 2023
Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Story of the Year Yuengling Center - Tampa
Endbringer, Yosemite In Black, Heavy Hitter 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville
Tuesday, Jul 25, 2023
Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, Royal & The Serpent MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Thursday, Jul 27, 2023
Havok, Toxic Holocaust, I AM, Hammerhedd Conduit - Winter Park
Friday, Jul 28, 2023
Between the Buried and Me, Rivers of Nihil, Thank you Scientist Jannus - St. Petersburg
Round Eye, No Fraud, Caffiends Will's Pub - Orlando
Saturday, Jul 29, 2023
Between the Buried and Me, Rivers of Nihil, Thank you Scientist Beacham - Orlando
Southpaw, Highest Crown, Fortitude, Dead Mirrors Born Free - Tampa
Sunday, Jul 30, 2023
Crobot, Rickshaw, Billie's Burger Patrol Orpheum - Tampa
Thursday, Aug 3, 2023
Underoath, The Ghost Inside, We Came As Romans Yuengling Center - Tampa
Saturday, Aug 5, 2023
Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Underoath, The Ghost Inside, We Came As Romans St. Augustine Amphitheatre
Sanguisugabogg, Kruelty, Vomit Forth Conduit - Winter Park
Sunday, Aug 6, 2023
The Queers, The Radio Buzzkills, The Jasons Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Wednesday, Aug 9, 2023
Pyrexia, Cerebral Incubation, Atoll Conduit - Winter Park
Friday, Aug 11, 2023
The All-American Rejects, New Found Glory, The Starting Line MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Black Flag High Dive - Gainesville
Sunday, Aug 13, 2023
Alesana, Vampires Everywhere, Limbs Level 13 - Orlando
Wednesday, Aug 16, 2023
The Offspring, Sum 41, Simple Plan MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
hed p.e., Lydia can't Breathe, Razorz Edge Jack Rabbits - Jacksonville
Saturday, Aug 19, 2023
Left to Suffer, Distant, Justice for the Damned Conduit - Winter Park
Sunday, Aug 20, 2023
The Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Rival Sons MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023
The Mezingers Underbelly - Jacksonville
Wednesday, Aug 23, 2023
Bless The Fall, Caskets, Kingdom of Giants Orpheum - Tampa
Thursday, Aug 24, 2023
Clutch, Giovanni & The Hired Guns, Mike Dillon Jannus - St. Petersburg
Saturday, Aug 26, 2023
Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ministry MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023
Ghost, Amon Amarth Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Thursday, Aug 31, 2023
Ghost, Amon Amarth MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 2, 2023
Baby Metal, Dethklok, Jason Richardson Orlando Amphitheater
Sunday, Sep 3, 2023
Spitalfield, Rookie of the Year, The Future Perfect Conduit - Winter Park
Tuesday, Sep 5, 2023
Bad Omens, ERRA, I See Stars Jannus - St. Petersburg
Wednesday, Sep 6, 2023
Bad Omens, ERRA, I See Stars House of Blues - Orlando
Friday, Sep 8, 2023
The Waning Moon, Palace of Tears, Rux Vendetta Hooch & Hive - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 9, 2023
Kamelot, Battle Beast, Xandria Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Sunday, Sep 10, 2023
Angelmaker, Vulvodynia, Flasifier Conduit - Orlando
Tuesday, Sep 12, 2023
Black Veil Brides, VV, Dark Divine Jannus - St. Petersburg
Wednesday, Sep 13, 2023
3 Doors Down, Candlebox Daily's Place Amphitheatre - Jacksonville
Dance Gavin Dance, SiM, Rain City Drive Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Friday, Sep 15, 2023
3 Doors Down, Candlebox MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 16, 2023
Movements, Mannequin Pussy, Softcult The Ritz - Tampa
Sunday, Sep 17, 2023
Avenged Sevenfold, Falling in Reverse MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Wave to Earth, slchld Orpheum - Tampa
Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023
Scowl, Militarie Gun, MSPAINT Conduit - Winter Park
Thursday, Sep 21, 2023
Scowl, Militarie Gun, MSPAINT 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville
Friday, Sep 22, 2023
Cavalera Conspiracy, Exhumed, Incite Beacham - Orlando
Saturday, Sep 23, 2023
Boys Like Girls, State Champs, Four Year Strong House Of Blues - Orlando
Sunday, Sep 24, 2023
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus High Dive - Gainesville
Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023
nothing, nowhere., See You Space Cowboy, Static Dress, Unitytx Orpheum - Tampa
Friday, Sep 29, 2023
CIRCLE JERKS, TSOL, Negative Approach Underbelly - Jacksonville
Shinedown, Papa Roach, Spiritbox MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre - Tampa
Saturday, Sep 30, 2023
NOFX Vinoy Park - St. Petersburg
Flogging Molly, The Bronx House Of Blues - Orlando
Thursday, Oct 5-7, 2023
Absolution Fest Crowbar - Tampa
Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023
Ne Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, Persefone Orpheum - Tampa
Wednesday, Oct 11, 2023
Ne Obliviscaris, Beyond Creation, Persefone Conduit - Winter Park
Fit For a King, The Devil Wears Prada, Counterparts, Landmvrks The Ritz - Tampa
Thursday, Oct 12, 2023
Dawn of Ouroboros, Fires in the Distance, Somnent Conduit - Winter Park
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023
Beast in Black, Dance with the Dead Orpheum - Tampa
Fame on Fire, Kingdom Collapse The Social - Orlando
Sunday, Oct 15, 2023
Beast in Black, Dance with the Dead Conduit - Winter Park
Motionless In White, Knocked Loose, After the Burial, Alpha Wolf Hard Rock Live - Orlando
Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023
Atilla, Gideon, Until I Wake, Ten56 Underbelly - Jacksonville
Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023
Atilla, Gideon, Until I Wake, Ten56 Orpheum - Tampa
Friday, Oct 27-29, 2023
The Fest Gainesville
Tuesday, Nov 7, 2023
Protest the Hero, Moontooth The Abbey - Orlando
Wednesday, Nov 8, 2023
Protest the Hero, Moontooth Orpheum - Tampa
Friday, Jan 24, 2024
Kansas Florida Theatre - Jacksonville
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2023.06.09 04:06 Direct-Amount7691 Advice on Upgrading My Computer For College and Some Questions About Mini ITX Builds

I need to upgrade most of my parts for school. I built this in late 2017 and I have the money to buy some new parts.
I'm planning on going with a Mini ITX build since it is compact and I love the look of the H210 case. Here is my current build:
[PCPartPicker Part List](**CPUTypeItemPrice:----:----:----*CPU)\* [AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor]( Purchased For $0.00 **CPU Cooler** [CRYORIG H7 49 CFM CPU Cooler]( Purchased For $0.00 **Motherboard** [MSI B450-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard]( Purchased For $0.00 **Memory** [Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory]( Purchased For $0.00 **Storage** [Kingston A400 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive]( Purchased For $0.00 **Storage** [Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive]( Purchased For $0.00 **Video Card** [PowerColor Fighter Radeon RX 6600 8 GB Video Card]( Purchased For $0.00 **Case** [Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 ATX Mid Tower Case]( Purchased For $0.00 **Power Supply** [EVGA 600 BR 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply]( Purchased For $0.00 **Monitor** [Asus TUF GAMING VG249Q 23.8" 1920 x 1080 144 Hz Monitor]( Purchased For $0.00 **Monitor** [ViewSonic XG2705-2K OMNI 27.0" 2560 x 1440 144 Hz Monitor]( - *Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts* **Total** **$0.00** Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-06-08 22:01 EDT-0400
And here is the hacksaw updated parts list I threw together:
[PCPartPicker Part List](**CPUTypeItemPrice:----:----:----*CPU)\* [AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor]( $148.99 @ Amazon **CPU Cooler** [CRYORIG H7 49 CFM CPU Cooler]( Purchased For $0.00 **Motherboard** [MSI B450I GAMING PLUS MAX WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard]( $139.99 @ Amazon **Memory** [Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory]( Purchased For $0.00 **Storage** [Kingston NV2 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( $42.90 @ Amazon **Video Card** [PowerColor Fighter Radeon RX 6600 8 GB Video Card]( Purchased For $0.00 **Case** [NZXT H210 Mini ITX Tower Case]( $79.99 @ NZXT *Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts* **Total** **$411.87** Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-06-08 22:02 EDT-0400

If anyone has any suggestions/changes I'd like to hear them. Budget wise I really want to stay around the $400 range. I don't play anything super heavy, mostly fort, cod, and some single player games and I'm going to be 3D modeling/coding which shouldn't be an issue with my GPU. If anyone has any experience with Mini ITX builds and how the temperatures are with a fan vs a watercooler, I'd really like to keep my Cryorig H7 if possible and it seems to fit inside the case.
I'm also confused what the website is trying to tell me with the outdated bios, I'm aware this is an issue on some boards with newer processors but it's something I can easily fix myself, right?
Thank y'all!
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2023.06.09 03:09 arthurzanmou Who Would Win Alex Mercer (Prototype) VS Cole Macgrath (Infamous)

Let's say that after the ending of Prototype 1 and almost at the ending of Infamous 2 Alex went to New Marais to conquer it
The battle is 1v1 so alex can't create enemies using the virus
Alex Mercer powers: Sentient Biomass Physiology: Upon being infected by the Blacklight Virus, Alex Mercer’s body was converted into living biomass. His body is now stronger than it has ever been before, lacking many of the weaknesses that comes with a normal body such as internal organs, the issue of stamina and much more, while at the same time gaining a vast array of abilities that comes with his new physiology, such as shapeshifting and enhanced stats. Near Limitless Potential: Mercer is pretty interesting, even among other fictional characters, and even those within the video game media, being one of the few characters showcased to have near limitless potential due to how his powers work. When the blacklight virus first infected Mercer, and later reforming it. Mercer was shown to be many times stronger than normal, this isn’t where his limits are however. Upon consuming other biological entities, Mercer is capable of converting them into biomass which is then added to his own, increasing his stats, such as strength and durability, with each body that he consumes. So long as there is enough biological materials for him to consume, Mercer’s physical potential is almost limitless. Similarly, due to his ability to assimilate the memories of those he consumes. There is no real limit to Mercer’s own intelligence, so long as there are living beings for him to consume, lastly due to the blacklight virus within Mercer’s body constantly evolving. There is a chance for Mercer to develop various new abilities simply due to a random mutation at some point down the line. Evolutionary Adaptability: Due to the Blacklight Virus’s ability to constantly evolve based on the situation and the information presented in consumed biomass. Mercer is capable of adapting to nearly any situation, forming Claws, and other such weapons from his body in order to better combat his foes. Developing resistances to things such as elemental damage like fire and electricity, and even developing a degree of immunity. In one case after being in a situation where Mercer was under 10gs of gravitation force. Mercer’s body quickly adapted by increasing his strength levels, allowing him to walk out of that situation as if he was never under that level of extreme pressure. Potentially Limitless Superhuman Strength: Mercer’s is shown having vast levels of superhuman strength, being strong enough to lift and toss heavy objects such as cars, helicopters, and buses, to objects as heavy as tanks several tens to hundreds of feet awaym and even being able to run with these objects without his speed being impaired. Mercer’s strength is on such a level that he could overpower other superhumanly strong characters such as the infected hunters, Elizabeth Greene, the Supreme Hunter, and even James Heller at times, despite their superhuman durability being at a level where even missiles and tank fire can’t hurt them. In the first Prototype game. Mercer demonstrates an insane level of strength, being able to create a concussive shockwave just by thrusting his fists forward, uplifting cars, tanks and throwing people several tens of feet with enough force to kill them if not outright vaporize them. Mercer’s strength can continuously increase as he consumes more and more biomass, even mutating and becoming stronger when consuming other infected individuals, and whatever potential mutations their variant of the Blacklight virus may have. Making his potential for strength virtually limitless so long as there is enough organic material for him to consume. Superhuman Leaping Ability: Mercer’s strength is shown to extend to his legs. Allowing him to jump several hundred feet into the air, allowing him to clear barricades, get on top of buildings, and even leap high enough into the air to catch helicopters. Due to his increased mass. Mercer is capable of producing shockwaves when landing after leaping from large heights. Superhuman Speed: Mercers speed is far above that of a normal human, being able to run far faster than the average car, making them appear as if they are standing still. He has been shown to out run helicopters chasing him at times, putting his speed around 200 to 500mph. He has even kept up and outpace other infected entities such as the Leader Hunters, the Supreme Hunter and even James Heller to a degree. Superhuman Agility: Due to Mercer’s enhanced physiology. He is capable of moving around far better than the average person. He can leap tall distances, perform various kinds of flips with the greatest of ease. This, combined with his constantly evolving parkour skills, allows him the ability to escape and move around the tightest of spaces without so much as losing his balance. He is capable of twisting his body in midair in order to quickly recover from being knocked back and landing on his feet in a battle ready stance. Superhuman Reflexes: Mercer, upon his mutation into the Prototype, had his reflexes enhanced to superhuman levels. He can dodge gunfire, and other projectile base weaponry at point blank range, keep up and overpowered various evolved infected creatures such as the Hunter, and Supreme Hunter, and even combat and overwhelm the military’s super soldiers with ease. Potentially limitless Superhuman Durability: Mercer’s durability, much like his strength, is potentially limitless as he absorbs more and more biomass. His body is capable of compacting the excess within himself, making his flesh far denser than that of a normal human. Similarly he can alter the density of his biomass to even stronger levels. He has tanked gunfire from all angles, survived being shot with missiles and other explosives, tanked and survived hits from other infected individuals such as Heller and the Supreme Hunter. He has survived dismemberment, being inside clouds of the bloodtox chemical, and more, and still continues fighting. Superhuman Healing Factor: Mercer’s healing factor is on an insane level. Being able to heal from bullet and shrapnel wounds nearly instantaneously, He could regenerate from having large sections of his body torn out, regenerate lost limbs just as fast. So long as there is still a single bit of the biomass that makes up his body. Mercer will continue to regenerate back to full health. Even regenerating from a few pieces of tissue flesh after being caught at ground zero when a nuclear warhead exploded. Immortality: Due to Mercer’s body being made up of biomass. Mercer’s aging process has come to a halt. Due to his body constantly healing and replacing any damaged biomass. Mercer is in a sense, immortal. It was shown with Elizabeth Greene that after she got infected with the Redlight virus. Her physical body was shown to still look around the age of twenty. Having not changed even after nearly forty years passing since she was infected. Elemental resistance: Mercer is shown to be resistant to fire and electric attacks. However, being exposed to either high enough heat or voltage can still cause him harm. Superhuman Senses: Mercer’s sense after his mutation is shown to have evolved to far higher levels than that of the normal human. He can hear far better than the normal human and his eye-sight has evolved in a way to allow Mercer to see through several different types of visual ranges. Infrared Vision: One of two known vision powers that Mercer is shown to have. By using infrared vision, Mercer is capable of seeing the heat signatures radiating from various living beings. By using this vision power. Mercer is capable of seeing in environments and conditions that would normally limit or blind a normal person’s eyesight such as total darkness or thick smoke and fog by tracking the heat signatures of living beings within the surrounding areas. It should be noted that Mercer is capable of using infrared vision despite the fact that those infected tend to generate enough body heat to blind other infrared vision devices. Showing that there are some differences between Mercer’s infrared vision and other devices capable of allowing users to see in infrared. Infected Vision: After connecting to the hive mind created by the blacklight virus. Mercer gained the ability to see and recognize individuals infected with the Blacklight virus. Superhuman Intelligence: Upon consuming the biomass of an intelligence entity. Mercer’s own intelligence is shown to increase dramatically as he will know what the person he consumes knows. Given the numerous individuals that he had consumed over the course of the Prototype series. Mercer’s intelligence is at superhuman levels. Making him one of the smartest if not the smartest person within the Prototype universe… at least until James Heller had consumed him. Superhuman Mental Processing: Due to Mercer’s physiology. Mercer’s mental capacity and processing is at a superhuman level. He is shown being able to understand and process massive amounts of information that he gains from consuming his targets. Similarly during the events of Prototype 2, Mercer was capable of controlling and directing various individuals infected with the blacklight virus through the hive mind. Matter Manipulation: While not really shown all that much. Mercer has the ability to alter the environment using the Blacklight virus as a catalyst. Through this ability. Mercer is capable of deteriorating concrete. Converting and absorbing the biomass of living objects such as living creatures and trees. Strengthening and converting even inorganic structures such as buildings into hives to fit his needs. Even converting inorganic material into layers of biomass over large areas which can be used to slow down his enemies, while not hindering his own forces or himself. He gains this ability after consuming Elizabeth Greene. It should be noted that even though Mercer is capable of altering the surroundings around him. His version of this power is very limited when compared to others such as Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist or Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics. As while he can make and convert things into organic matter. He can’t make inorganic matter like breathable air, or metal. Biokinesis: Due to Mercer’s ability to produce the Blacklight Virus within himself. Mercer is capable of controlling and altering the biomass both within his body and that of others infected to various effects. Being able to increase his physical stats to create various weapons abilities with his biomass. Similarly, due to his ability to constantly make new strains of the virus itself. Mercer is capable of infecting others with this virus. Allowing him to alter and control infected individuals by granting them a similar power set to his own or even morphing and transforming these individuals into monsters of various sizes and powers. Disease Manipulation (Blacklight Virus): Due to being infected and bonding with the Blacklight virus to the extent of becoming an entity called a Prototype. Mercer’s body is capable of constantly producing the blacklight virus. Even creating various strains of side viruses which can grant or evolve various abilities that he may not have had before. Similarly due to this virus production and the various strains he can make in his body. Mercer is capable of infecting others with a variation of the virus. Either turning others into infected drones which he can control or granting the infected individual a similar subset of powers as his own. Viral Gas Generation: Caught on a CCTV camera. Mercer is shown having the ability to generate and expel a cloud of gas from his body containing the Blacklight Virus into the surrounding area. Rapidly infecting and mutating those located on ground zero, caught within the cloud. Biomass Conversion: Mercer has the ability to nearly instantaneously consume and convert any organic organism into biomass which is then added to his body. Through this process. Mercer is capable of enhancing his overall physical stats and quickly recovering from any damage that he may have suffered during battle as well as gaining the memories and skills that the consumed individual may have had. Critical Mass: Upon consuming enough biomass. Mercer is capable of entering a critical mass state. Due to this extra mass, Mercer’s durability increases, allowing him to tank more damage. Similarly, due to having more biomass at his command. Mercer is capable of using his strongest attacks, called Devastators, moves capable of clearing and killing anyone and everyone within a certain range of Mercer. Upon gaining critical mass. Mercer’s body gains a defense mechanism in which upon taking enough damage. This extra mass would harden to an extreme degree. Making Mercer almost completely invulnerable to most forms of physical damage for a short time in order to allow him to either escape a battle or try and consume another organic organism in order to recover from the near fatal damage. Memory Assimilation: Upon consuming an individual. Mercer gains access to all the memories and skills that that individual may have had. Allowing Mercer to suddenly master various new skills such as weaponry, vehicle usage, and even military tactics and plans. Shapeshifting: Due to Mercer not having a stable form like most other organic organisms. Mercer is capable of shaping the biomass within him into virtually anything he can imagine. He can shape his arms into various weapons such as blades and whips. He can change his form to match the form of anyone he consumed no matter their gender. Even morphing the biomass within his body to form mundane items such as clothes. Mercer's shapeshifting abilities are only limited by his imagination and the amount of biomass he contains. Voice Mimicry: Due to both of Mercer’s abilities to shapeshift and assimilating the memories of those he consumes. Mercer is capable of altering his vocal cords to match the voices of the people that he has consumed. Allowing Mercer to move around in areas with more heavier security. Mercer has even been shown being capable of using this power in battles. Taking the forms of high rank officials to trick various Military forces into fighting themselves. Similarly, depending on who Mercer is fighting at the time. If Mercer is aware of himself having consumed someone close to his opponent. Mercer can alter his voice in order to mess with his opponent’s mind. Getting them to drop their guard enough for him to score a kill, or at the very least, land more easier hits on them. Shield: Mercer due to his shapeshifting ability, much like most of his other powers, is capable of manipulating his biomass to form various weapons and armaments. One of these powers is the ability to form a shield on either one of his arms. Taking some of his accumulated biomass and forming it into the shape of a kite shield. Mercer then hardens this shield shaped biomass to the utmost degree. Allowing him to block all incoming damage from the direction he faces his shield at. However, it should be noted that the shield’s durability is limited as enough damage can shatter the shield. Unlike his successor, James Heller. Mercer, when using his shield power, prefers having a mobile approach to his defense as opposed to being a solid unbreakable wall like Heller’s own ability. As such, Mercer is capable of moving around instead of being rooted in place, Similarly due to this approach. Mercer is capable of using this power with his other abilities. Adopting a similar fighting style to that of a knight of old, with a shield in one hand, and a weapon in the other. Armor: When faced with a situation where Mercer is either taking damage from all directions or facing a foe that rivals him in strength and power. Mercer is capable of hardening the outer layer biomass that makes up his appearance into an armor like texture. Giving his entire body a shiny black texture that blocks most damage and reduces all incoming damage to a large degree. This increase in durability allowed mercer to take on foes such as Captain Cross, the Supreme Hunter, and even tank multiple hits from high yielding artillery without suffering much damage from these encounters. Much like with his bio-shield ability. Mercer is capable of using his more offensive powers with this form. However, this form is not without its weaknesses, as upon entering this form. Mercer’s speed is greatly reduced. While still capable of moving at superhuman speeds. It's only about half of his normal speed. Similarly, while in this form. Mercer appears unable to use his bio-shield ability, however this may be due to this form providing potentially better defense and allowing him more mobility in combat. Claws: One of the first offensive powers that Mercer gains during the events of the first Prototype game. Mercer gained the ability to form massive, knife-like talons on his hand by consuming a hunter-type infected. These talons are sharp enough to cut through flesh and bones. Even being able to cut and destroy heavily armored vehicles such as tanks. When combining his Claws with his speed. Mercer can tear through hordes of basic enemies with ease, even developing this ability further into the ground spikes ability and the Devastator; Groundspike Graveyard Attack. Groundspikes: When using his claws as his main weapon. Mercer is capable of compressing his biomass into his clawed hands before slamming them into the ground. Upon doing this, Mercer expands the compressed biomass in his hands outwards towards the direction he wants. After either reaching their target or hitting a certain distance. The expanded biomass will erupt as sharp spires from the ground, impaling and cutting apart anyone and anything caught within eruption radius. GroundSpike Graveyard Devastator: An enhanced version of the groundspike technique. Upon entering critical mass. Mercer is capable of moving the extra biomass to his hands after a bit of a charge up time. Afterwards, Mercer will then slam both his hands into the ground. Sending the biomass out in all directions which would then track down any target within a certain radius before erupting out of the ground. This move is strong enough to bring down infected hives which were capable of withstanding the force of tank and missile fire. Hammerfists: When in need of some more brute physical force and attack power. Mercer is shown being able to move the biomass within his body to his arm. Covering them in the same fibers that make up his shield and armor form while at the same time enlarging them to the size of large warhammers, like those seen in games. With these new Hammerfists, Mercer is capable of dealing massive amounts of blunt force trauma to the point of even destroying a tank with a few hits. He is capable of doing this by pressing more and more biomass into his fist before compressing them. Increasing their density and weight in the process. However, doing so does cost him some attack speed, as he is shown having some trouble at times lifting and swinging his massive hands around. The attack power of these fist are shown to be on a level capable of inflicting massive damage to entities such as the Supreme Hunter, and even James Heller. He has even shown the ability to produce shockwaves and quaking the ground with a few hits, allowing him to stun foes with the aftershocks even when Mercer’s fist doesn't make contact with his intended target. Whipfist: Mercer’s main range attack. By moving his biomass to either of his arms. Mercer can morph his arm of choice into what could be called a grappling gun. By changing the normally rigid properties of his arm to be more elastic when compared to some of his other powers. Mercer can throw his arm forward, shooting out his clawed appendage at a target, allowing him to reel it back to him or him towards it. He tends to use this when dealing with airborne enemies or when he needs to reach a farther distance than normal distance that his jumping ability may not be able to cover. Similarly due to the whipfist’s elastic properties. It is a good power to use when dealing with mobs as it can swing his arm, extending it a certain distance and with his superhuman strength to cut nearly anything in his path in half. Tendrils: Mercer is capable of forming and using tendrils. While not really shown in the first Prototype game. Mercer does use them in dealing with foes, even creating two different devastator attacks with them. In the tied-in comics, Mercer is shown using the tendrils ability to impale and kill various individuals. In one case, killing Autumn with this ability after being shot in the head. Tendrils Barrage Devastator: Upon entering critical mass. Mercer is capable of condensing the biomass in his body, creating large amounts of pressure within himself before releasing it, causing an unknown amount of tendrils to burst from his body in all directions as well as impaling and dragging any organic being towards him. Anything impaled and killed by this attack is then absorbed by Mercer, healing and strengthening him. Bio-Bombs: While Mercer isn’t shown using this ability as it was one of the main attacks of James heller. As the ability came from one of Mercer’s Evolved soldiers, carrying a strain of the blacklight virus produced by Mercer. Mercer likely has access to this ability. The ability itself allows Mercer to implant a bit of his biomass into a target, before either allowing them to run off or simply throwing the individual at a group or target. The person in question will then explode in a mass of tendrils in all directions. Impaling, grabbing, and dragging all targets caught into a center mass. Crushing and killing anything caught in the center mass. Blade: Mercer is capable of shaping and forming the biomass in his arms to form a massive blade, capable of splitting humans in half, and piercing the armor of military vehicles such as tanks, and the thick skin of hunters and other infected entities. The Blade is Mercer’s strongest attack ability outside of his Devastator attacks. Not as fast as the claws nor as strong as his hammerfist. Mercer’s Blade ability doesn’t suffer from the weaknesses of either power, acting as a middle ground, allowing him a far greater dps, or damage per second when confronting enemies. Mercer’s version of the bio-blade is shown being stronger than that of Heller’s, being capable of dealing with crowds and more heavily defended enemies far easier than Heller’s version of the power. Density Alteration: Mercer, due to his shapeshifting abilities, is capable of altering the density of his body, allowing him to increase the damage potential of his strikes as well as altering the way gravity affects his body. In terms of offensive capabilities. Mercer has been shown being able to do sudden changes while in mid air and increase his density to the point of creating shockwaves and cratering the ground he lands on with enough height. Muscle Mass Increase: Mercer is capable of increasing his muscle mass in his arms and body, increasing his strength beyond his normal levels without suffering any loss in movement like many of his other defensive and offensive powers. Gliding: Mercer, by lowering his density while in the air, is capable of achieving a limited degree of flight by gliding through the air. He is capable of switching his body’s density on the fly to either slow his descent or rapidly falling. Similarly, it is due to this ability that Mercer is capable of clearing large distances as he can simply leap and glide over most obstacles in his way in order to escape his pursuers, or reach various locations far more quickly then simply running and parkouring his way there through the streets.. Air Dash: Mercer is shown being able to move the biomass around his body at such a rate that it is capable of slingshotting him in any particular direction that he wants. Mercer generally uses this ability to cover more distance, extend his gliding abilities and even dodge projectiles and other attacks in mid-air. Wall Running: While strong enough to climb walls using his hands, Mercer is capable of wall running at high speeds as his body will alter his feet in a way that allows him to cling to walls while running without the risk of slipping off due to lack of momentum or adhesion. As such Mercer can run at high speeds in any direction when on vertical surfaces Knuckle Shockwave: Using his strength, Mercer is capable of producing a massive shockwave by a double palm thrust. This attack is capable of cars and people down an entire street. Even potentially tearing apart the latter. Critical Pain Devastator: An enhanced version of the knuckle shockwave. Upon entering critical mass, Mercer can move the biomass in his body into his hands. Upon doing a palm thrust. Mercer creates a massive shockwave that uplifts and tears apart humans and vehicles alike. Adding insult to injury, Mercer, during the process of performing this attack, will also fire the biomass stored in his hands as tendrils into the shockwave, shredding and crushing anything unlucky enough to survive the initial shockwave itself
Cole Macgrath powers:Electrokinesis-The ability to absorb and control electricity in and out of his body. Over the last seven years,Cole has gotten much more powerful than in inFAMOUS 2. Able to deliver up to 15 supernovas of force. His maximum voltage is over 20 Gigawatts and the heat of his lightning burns up to 300,000,000,000 Kelvin,equivalent to three supernovas. -Immunity to electricity-Cannot be harmed by electrical energy. Any electricity that makes contact with his body is automatically absorbed. Electromagnetism-The ability to produce and manipulate electromagnetic fields and pulses. Cole can manipulate any object,no matter the size,using magnetism. Even non-metallic materials such as stone,ice,wood,and cardboard. Cryokinesis-The ability to manipulate ice and cold gas. Cole can deliver several cryokinetic attacks such as razor-sharp,steel-tearing Shatter Blasts,Ice Grenades,Freeze Rockets,Ice Pillars and Platforms for jumping great distances,Ice Barriers that can block missiles and knock up enemies. He can also produce freezing mist that freezes enemies in it solid if he hits it with a bolt. Superhuman Strength-Cole possesses superhuman strength. Able to easily lift up to 52 metric tons. His punches are on a Class PJ and he can regularly bench press giant monsters as heavy as tanks. Has even fought on par with Ares, the God of Warfare. Superhuman Speed-Cole is able to move at superhuman speeds. He can run up to 60MPH and during combat, he can move at Hypersonic speeds. He can react and fight at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds(Mach 1000-8810), able to easily dodge lasers and instant speed attacks and react to his own, natural lightning. Superhuman Durability-Cole is extremely durable. He can survive an attack that can level an entire island, ignores bullets, and shrugs off point-blank RPG's and grenades. Regenerative Healing Factor-Cole can heal extensive damage to his body in seconds. He can even regenerate lost limbs. If he absorbs energy, he heals instantly. Tactics/Leadership/Intelligence-Cole possesses increased intelligence. He regularly works out strategies during intense combat, he daily leads a team of superheroes into battle, he's able to logically deduce the outcome of any action he might take, and outsmarts incredibly clever opponents like Sasha, Alden, and Ray Zenji. Combat Experience-Cole is an incredibly experienced fighter. He was already he strongest Conduit alive, and now is even more so after training his powers in secret for 7 years. He has fought a multitude of foes stronger and more experienced than himself and won. And has survived impossible odds and has always come out on top. Even death. Electrokinetic Flight-Over the years, Cole has learned the ability to create a platform of electricity and surf on it through the air, granting him the ability to fly. Electrokinetic Constructs-Cole can create shapes of electrical energy and use electromagnetism to give it solid form. This can create several Electrokinetic weapons such as the Gigawatt Blades. Electroreception-Cole can pick up and read electronic frequencies and listen in on communications, he can also use this to read data as well. Electric Healing- Cole is able to release a massive charge of bioelectricity that heals everyone around him via hyper stimulating cells into a rapid state of regeneration. Precognition-Cole has the ability to see a few seconds into the future or see a whole future event. Mind Techniques-Cole can use neuroelectricity to manipulate people's minds. He can use this in a variety of ways such as mind-control, instant brainwashing, reading thoughts, and countering mental attacks. Lightning Dash/Dematerialization-Cole can turn his entire body into electricity and dash across short distances, he can use this to move at Massively Hypersonic+ speeds and travel through electrical power lines. Omnipresent Awareness-Cole can surround himself with an electromagnetic field that can give him omnipresent detection of his surroundings. Added by the fact that he can sense electrical energy in one's body, this makes him almost impossible to sneak up on. He can also use a Radar Sense that detects hostile intent, distinguishes friend from foe, sees through disguises, invisibility, and illusions, and scans for any electrical signals, anomalies, and sources.
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2023.06.09 02:15 Names_ursi 1940

Once upon a time, in the dark and treacherous year of 1940, during the heart of World War II, a small village nestled deep in the countryside found itself consumed by fear. The world outside was already terrifying enough, with the relentless bombings and the constant threat of invasion. Little did they know that a monstrous presence lurked within their midst, waiting to strike fear into their souls.
The village of Ravensbrook was known for its idyllic charm and sense of community, but those qualities were overshadowed by the oppressive cloud of war. The villagers lived in constant terror, always listening for the distant wailing of sirens, signaling the approach of enemy planes. Amidst this chaos, a peculiar legend was whispered among the villagers—an ancient tale of a monstrous creature that awakened during times of great despair.
As the war raged on, the villagers' fear deepened, and rumors began to spread about strange disappearances and mysterious sightings. One foggy evening, as the moon glowed eerily in the sky, the village plunged into darkness. The air was thick with tension, and the silence seemed to suffocate them.
It was on this fateful night that the monster emerged from its hidden lair. It was a creature of nightmares, standing tall with gnarled limbs and eyes that glowed like burning embers. Its presence exuded an otherworldly dread that seeped into the hearts of those who laid eyes upon it. The monster moved through the shadows with unnatural grace, its mere footsteps sending shivers down the spines of those who were unfortunate enough to hear them.
The villagers, petrified and helpless, watched as the monster prowled through the streets, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Panic gripped their hearts as they realized that no corner of the village was safe. It tore through homes, leaving them in ruins, and its terrifying howls echoed through the night, instilling terror in the hearts of even the bravest souls.
But amidst the chaos and despair, there was a glimmer of hope. A young girl named Emma, known for her unwavering courage, refused to let fear dictate her actions. Determined to protect her village, she embarked on a perilous journey to uncover the truth behind the monster's origins and weaknesses.
Emma delved deep into the village archives, studying ancient texts and whispered tales passed down through generations. Through her research, she discovered a long-forgotten ritual, said to hold the key to banishing the monster. Gathering the remaining villagers, she explained her findings and devised a plan to confront the creature head-on.
The night of the final showdown arrived, and the village stood united against the encroaching darkness. Emma, armed with newfound knowledge, led the way. With their hearts pounding and adrenaline surging through their veins, the villagers chanted the ancient incantation, their voices rising above the din of chaos.
As the last word left their lips, the air crackled with energy, and a blinding light erupted, engulfing the monster. Its unearthly shrieks pierced the night, a cacophony of pain and fury. Slowly, the creature's form began to dissipate, fading into oblivion, until all that remained was a wisp of smoke.
The village of Ravensbrook breathed a collective sigh of relief as the threat was vanquished, but the scars left by the monster's reign of terror would forever be etched in their memories. The war continued to rage on, but the villagers, emboldened by their victory, found solace in the strength they had discovered within themselves.
And so, the legend of the monster of Ravensbrook became a tale of courage and resilience, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the human spirit has
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2023.06.09 02:09 WritSavvy [MA4F] Outwitting a Fae Prince [Fae Prince Speaker] [Human Listener] [Possessive] [Yandere] [Pet Names] [Fae] [Wedding Ceremony] [Turning the Tables] [Tricking the Trickster] [TW: Forced Marriage] [Part 3] [FINALE]

Part 1 Part 2
Summary: It’s the day of your wedding to the Fae Prince. Your future husband seems certain that he has you trapped, with his threat against your brother’s life. Still, you’ll be damned if you let him seal either of your fates without a fight.
CW: kidnapped listener, possessive language, threats, fae trickery, extortion, forced marriage, Shakespearean English
Characters: Fae Prince (lines designated with "P"), Officiant (lines designated with "O").
SETTING: The Listener’s room, the morning of the wedding.
\Sound effect–knocking; door opening\**
P: Good day, my flower, my one and only rose.
The Listener is silent.
P: What, no words of welcome for your beloved? Not even a glance to spare for the one who, by day’s end, will be your husband?...
Pause. The Listener says nothing.
P: \chuckle** One might confuse you for one of the statues in my garden. (sarcastic) Come, now, my dear…you must restrain yourself. Such ardent displays should be saved for our wedding night, should they not?
At that, the Listener turns and glares at him.
P: \laughs** Ah, that February face…so full of frost. ‘Tis a good thing I am made of stronger stuff, for if I were a plant, such a look would make me wither where I stand! But, while I admire a flower that does not immediately bow to the wind…only a fool continues to fight a losing battle, my dear. 'Twas a brave final attempt, I admit, setting me a quest so long and arduous, that I might not return before our wedding day. But, despite your best efforts, my flower, I have returned, my brow bound with a victorious wreath. ’Tis time you accepted your fate.
“Isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony?”
P: Hmm? True, ‘tis a break from tradition, to lay eyes upon you before the ceremony. However, any ill luck I might invite by doing so, I would experience a hundred times over, just for the chance to see your face. You are as radiant as the sun itself. You will be the envy of all at the ceremony...and I, for being able to call you my own.
“And what about my brother? Will you still set him free?”
P: You still doubt me, my flower? As I promised, once your brother’s debt is paid, he goes free. A plague o’er me and my house, should I not keep my word.
P: Now…’tis nearly time. I shall leave you, to allow you to make your final preparations. \kisses her hand\** Farewell, then, my beautiful rose. I shall see you beneath the arch.
-Timeskip to Ceremony-
\Sound effect—music\**
O: Welcome, dear friends. Today, we gather to celebrate the union between Prince [insert Author’s fae name here], head of our beloved Middlemist Court, and his chosen. Before they are made handfast, let them now, in accordance with tradition, present one another the results of their quests, as proof of their devotion to one another. (to the Prince) My Lord, let thee be first. What hast thou secured for your beloved?
P: As you requested, my one and only rose, I have brought for you an item of legend…one sought by many, but which few have ever laid eyes upon, be they Fae or mortal. I traversed realm after realm, through flood and fire, to obtain for you what you desired…
\Sound effect—rustling cloth; gasps and whispers from the audience\**
P: Behold—a mantle of invisibility. They say it graced the shoulders of the Once and Future King himself...and now, ‘tis yours, my flower. Take it, as proof of my love.
“Wait—will it really make me invisible?”
P: Well, why don't you see for yourself? Go on; try it.
\Sound effect—swishing cloak, more gasps\**
P: What did I tell you? I am glad to see you like it. *chuckle\* Or, not see, I suppose.
O: (to the Listener) And now, my Lady, let thee reciprocate. What hast thou secured for your beloved, in turn?
P: There was only one thing I desired from you, my flower. Do you remember?...That’s right. From you, I wish only for a smile. After all, your happiness is my own. Well?...
The Listener says they are smiling.
P: \chuckle** Perhaps you are smiling, but ‘tis useless if I cannot see it. Remove the cloak, my dear, and let me see your lovely face.
The Listener refuses.
P: …I beg your pardon?
The Listener refuses again.
P: Another of your little games, hmm? Come, now. As much as I enjoy your wit, ‘tis hardly the time. Our friends wait upon us. Remove the cloak, and let us continue the ceremony.
P: No? (voice grows dangerous)…Ah. Of course. I see how it is. Leave it to you to find a final way to spite front of all our guests, no less. Clever, my dear…very clever. However, I grow tired of your jests. Remove that cloak, at once, before you make me truly angry.
The Listener refuses.
P: You dare refuse your Prince? I shan’t tell you again—show your face!
The Listener says that they will never remove it.
P: What!? Nonsense! Do you intend to stay invisible forever!? What king ever had an invisible queen!?
“Think back to your words, my prince,” the Listener snarls.
P: Think back to my words!? What do you—(horrified realization) No…naught but empty air in the seat beside me…the whispers of the wind as my sole advisor!…
“Yes. From this day forward, you shall never see me, nor hear me. ‘Tis time to reap what you sow.”
P: NO! ‘Tis madness! You cannot stay under that cloak for eternity!
He reaches out, trying to grab her, but she steps back.
P: Graaah! Where are you!? Get over here, you saucy minion! You cannot deprive me of seeing you, nor hearing you! I won’t have it!
“If you want me, you shall take me as I am. Unless you are saying you do not wish to wed me after all?”
P: If I want you, I shall take you as you are!? (RAGE) You little viper! We had a bargain!
“I said I would give myself to you. You never specified which form I had to be in.”
P: …Oh, really!? I only said that you had to give yourself to me…I never specified anything further!? \laugh** So that’s it, is it!? Trying to give me a taste of my own medicine!? Or are you truly that desperate to get away from me!? But think carefully, my flower…think very carefully. Remember, it is not merely you that our bargain affects. If I should release you…you know what will happen to your brother. Do you still wish to tread that path?...
P: \evil chuckle** Very well. If you want so badly to be free, my thorn-stemmed rose…then so be it. (to the crowd) Let all the friends gathered here bear witness: I hereby revoke the marriage contract between myself and my chosen! As of this moment, she is free. There will be no wedding today. But, do not think yourselves robbed of a spectacle! Instead of a marriage, we shall have an execution. Yes…bring the human prisoner here, and let him be executed at once!
\Sound effect—crowd gasping, murmuring\**
P: Silence, my flower! ‘Tis time to reap what you have sown. Without your hand as payment, your brother’s debt still stands. Now, he will pay for your selfishness with his life!
P: Oh? What makes you think you have any right to object?
“I claim him!”
P: You claim him!? On what grounds!?
“I claim him as my reward for caring for your garden.”
P: Ha! We’ve been over this already, my dear. You cannot claim him as a reward for caring for my garden. You already said you didn’t want anything in return!
“I’m not demanding a thing. I’m demanding him.”
P: What? He’s not a thing, but a person? (horrified realization) \gasps** NO!
“Precisely. I don’t need any type of thing…but I do need him.
P: No! This cannot be! You think a mere twist of my words will be enough to wrench yourselves from my grasp!? You cannot escape me that easily!
“Isn’t that what you did to me? Besides, Fae law says you can’t get something for nothing; isn’t that right?”
P: What!?...Damn our laws! Perhaps they do say you can’t get something for nothing, but I am the Prince. Who's to say I cannot break them if I choose? Who would dare to challenge me? What consequences could I possibly face?
The Listener reminds him of his words from earlier that day.
P: I said what?...(horrified, realizing he's trapped) A—A plague o’er me and my house, if I do not keep my word!?, you can't...I...
Long pause, as everything sinks in. Finally, the Prince starts to laugh.
P: \laughs** Well played, my dear…very well played, indeed. It would seem, in this particular battle of wits, you are the victor. Then…let it be so. Take your fool of a brother, and begone from here. But, before you take your leave…pray, let me gaze upon you one last time. I would fain see the face of the one who has bested me.
\Sound effect—rustling fabric\**
P: Ah, my flower…you truly are like a rose. As deadly sharp as you are beautiful. I have been fortunate indeed, to be pierced by your thorns. Your face shall forever be noted in my book of memory. Now, take your brother, and get thee gone. Adieu, my dear…and be vigilant, I beseech you. For should we ever meet again, rest assured…it will not be you who is victorious.
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2023.06.09 01:32 TriTonyv7 Finishing the Adventure - Retribution Intro : Hard Truth

Far into the Trinity, a Mech was falling down towards a mystical place after being teleported. It was Terrence Suave that did have a bad time. After Professor Giro was defeated, Terrence tried a last-ditch attempt to kill Henry. Unfortunately for him, Henry and Bethany did got into their Super Form and they totally destroyed him. He later crashed into a place that was known as the Crystal Museum. The place where the Rainbow Tris originated. Terrence did got out of his now destroyed mech and was VERY pissed.
Terrence : AHHHH !!! I HATE THEM ! Why I didn’t see it before ?!? You know what ? I need to go with a plan B… But why this psychotic pilot is never there ?!
The ex-Leader looked around to see a Tri standing above the pillars. He was absolutely stunned by the brilliance of it so, he gave a closer look. Until he got interrupted by someone.
??? : Wait ! You think that you can took it easily ?
He turned back to see another member of the Trinity : Wateria. A forgotten friend of Alica that was send to the Crystal Museum to protect the Supreme Tri. Needless to say that she was prepared for intruders. Terrence stepped back, imploring the girl to not attack him.
Terrence : No please ! I’ve got here due to something unfortunate ! I was attacked by two persons : A Thief that was the leader of the Toppat Clan and a Little Angel. Their names was… Bethany and Henry. They used the Rainbow Tris to defeat me !
Wateria hesitated to spare Terrence due to his story. But she’s not an Echidna to be dumped like that.
Wateria : You know ? I’ll still eject you since you are not supposed to be here. But these names are not familiar. Anyway, GET OUT OF HERE !
She ejected the ex-leader with a baseball bat. And she looked on the memories of both Henry and Bethany. If for Henry, she cried a little bit based on what he has gone through. For Bethany… She was having a massive headache by looking into her memories.
Wateria : AH !!! What is… What is this ?!
She struggled even to stand up. After a while, it stopped. She was taking her breath again after the intense moment.
Wateria : By the light of Lumi… This is her memories ?! I hope that I still have Alica’s number…
She took her phone and luckily, Alica was still there. And the last contact was… 9 years ago… Yep, definitely forgotten. She tried to call her but her numerous attempts led into failure.
Wateria : I’m sure that she changed her number… Well… I need to leave. Even though it’s risky…
At the same moment, the Triple Threat was outside, doing a small camping to get a serious rest.
Charles : Hey. The hardest is behind us, right ?
Henry : I don’t think that… We do know now that we have the 13th Division. In top of the Insider Traitor.
Ellie : So… I fear that it would be worse that everything we have endured in the past. The Trinity, the fact that our world is fragmented into timelines and such is… Impossible to believe.
Henry : I know you don’t want to know it but it’s the truth… Amina even noticed that I was doing nightmares about it.
Amina : You are talking about this again ?
They looked her and she was with Bethany.
Henry : Hello, little gem. We did set up a camping because we are so tired…
Amina : It’s really nice. Anyway… You are not the only person that has constant nightmares. Bethany is seriously affected too…
Ellie : It’s every week ?
Bethany : It’s every night. Most of the time, it’s about my past runs.
Henry : Man… You are feeling tired by this ?
Bethany : Yeah… I don’t even know what to do… I can ask Tony to find a solution though…
Charles : Why not asking Isaac ? He’s quite the perfect guy to take care of you !
Bethany : Hehe… You know that I would be embarrassed if I do that.
Ellie : It happens to be shy, even if you confessed !
Amina : Yeah, don’t be like that, Bethy ! Ask him if you have the chance !
Bethany : I… I don’t even know what to say for your generosity…
??? : You don’t have to.
Everyone looked to see Tony coming with Rupert, Dave, Victoria and Sarah. Strangely, Tony was feeling… More sad. It would be logic if it was because of Alina but no, it’s something else.
Bethany : Tony ? It’s fine ?
Tony : Um… I need to talk with all of you. It’s important.
Victoria : Tony told us earlier about Galeforce. And… There’s good and bad news.
Charles : The General ? Tell the good news first !
Rupert : The good news was that Dmitri is not the responsible of his murder.
Henry : Really ? He didn’t have a grudge against him ?
Dave : According to our documents, no mention of the Wall is heard.
Ellie : Ah, it’s nice ! But… About the bad news ?
Tony : Oh that ? It’s about the real responsible of the murder… And…
He hesitated seriously and Charles was towards him, ready to hear it. After a long moment of silence, he revealed the truth.
Tony : It was me that killed him.
When Tony spelled these words, everyone stepped back in shock. For Charles, it was his entire world that crumbled down. He even punched the ground in anger. Everyone stayed silent for 2 minutes.
Tony : L-Listen, Charles… I can explain. First, try to pull yourself together...
Rupert : Tony told us it was because what the General said was… Very concerning.
None of the words seems to reach the Pilot. Victoria approached him to at least try to console him.
Victoria : Charlie…
But unfortunately, Charles violently pushed Victoria without warning and he picked a flaming stick as a weapon from the fire camp. Tony did stepped back.
Tony : C-Charles ?
Henry : Charles… Buddy… I-I’m sorry for you but calm down !
Suddenly, without a word, he punched his best friend and Henry got down. Amina even got towards Bethany to block her view.
Dave : Charles ! Stop ! It won’t change anything !
Dave did tried to contain him but of course Charles was clearly advantaged. He did rushed to Tony that did block his attack.
Tony : Charles ! What are you doing ?! Bethany and Victoria are watching !
And before Charles can beat Tony, Rupert with his rifle, knocking him out.
Rupert : You did know that it wasn’t a good idea to at least tell it.
Tony : I know… But I can’t keep this for myself. I had to tell it one day.
Henry : But why… Why you did killed him, Tony ? You hated him ?
The Guardian did a no with his head.
Victoria : We did see that Galeforce actually planned to fire all of you. And Tony tried hard to convince him to not do this but he didn’t want to hear him.
Ellie : But still, you didn’t have to…
Tony : …
After a long silence, Tony without a word, leaved the place. The others did see him and they did understand his reason but… Felt very terrible because Tony doesn’t kill without reason. Even if it was a good reason and that he wanted to protect Henry and his friends, Tony did it with regret.
Beth did catched up with up and grabbed his hand.
Bethany : Tony… I… I’m sorry for you…
Tony : Beth. I need to be alone. Please…
He then rejected violently her hand and left the place. The Virtuous looked at him in pure disappointment.
Bethany : Tony… Imagine if it was me… You would have killed me to protect them ? Or you would just leave the situation to them ?
He then stopped his walk… Trying to think for an answer…
Tony : Neither of them. You needed help and Death is not something that you deserve. Also… I’m proud of you.
And he leaved. The last quote that he said did warm her heart a little. It’s clear that she improved but it’s not enough.
Bethany : I will go forward, Tony… I will go forward...
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2023.06.08 23:40 itsHaMaaa What’s a good ash of war for my Uchigatana? i want to increase my power stance damage

What’s a good ash of war for my Uchigatana? i want to increase my power stance damage submitted by itsHaMaaa to Eldenring [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 23:02 Cocao_Nibs The Duelist in Purple Armor v2 Remastered, Chapter 2

Well, it only took Canada burning and the East Coast turning into smoky rendition of a Mexico filter for this chapter to finally reach completion. Regularly-scheduled programming should hopefully resume after July 4th. Until then, drink some water, don't do gender reveals in the forest, and hang in there, guys!
Pursuant to Imperial Decree 10928, and in recognition of the reservist nature of the unit, the 1st Rocket Artillery Regiment has been found to satisfy the standards outlined in the Decree. However, in light of the significant budget and nonmaterial resource allocations that were required to bring the aforementioned unit up to levels considered satisfactory by existing standards, additional considerations beyond readiness and training levels must be taken into account.
Throughout the appeals process, you have repeatedly indicated that you believe rocket artillery to still have a place on the modern battlefield, citing recent reports from the Terran Planetary District command of the Sol System sector, as well as early after-action reports from the Intervention on Raknos, which you claim to support your argument. However, further investigation into this claim by independent analysts on behalf of Armored Warfare Command has found it to hold no merit in light of the recent restructuring outlined in detail in prior communications. Simply put, neither the Empress, nor her advisors, believe that the maintenance and garrisoning of units intended strictly for low-intensity counter-insurgency operations remains doctrinally viable.
Additionally, the excessive monetary and nonmonetary resources you requested in preparation for the evaluation, in light of the on-par, verging on substandard performance of the 1st Rocket Artillery Regiment, even accounting for the large number of fresh troops that needed to be drawn down from other posts to fill out its ranks, is highly suggestive on the part of you, the honorable Ashira Rakishal. This discrepancy is of high importance, and you may rest assured that it has already been publicly filed by the time this letter appears in your inbox.
Such a discrepancy is indicative of either incompetence or corruption on your part. Commanding officers may face demotion or a possible dishonorable discharge for the former, or, for the latter, a fine totalling no more than one-and-a-half times the estimated sum of the damages assessed, guaranteed dishonorable discharge and a potential prison term of no more than four years. Due to there being no evidence to suggest the latter, the former approach has been suggested by the Armored Warfare Command. Effective fourteen (14) days after this order is signed, your rank will be reduced and you will be relieved of commanding the Regiment. You may be restationed at this time, and your government-issued devices may be deactivated to facilitate this restationing. The 1st Rocket Artillery Division, in accordance with Decree 10928, will be dissolved and its assets relocated to other units wherever possible. Any remaining property will be auctioned under section 12.57.3(g) of the Naval and Marine Surplus Handling Act of 651 at the Val’tira Central Forwarding Depot.
Ashira finished reading the letter, but the words meant nothing to her. She hadn't slept in half a week, if not longer, in anticipation of the results from her hearing. In fact, she'd hardly gotten up from her desk; the 1st RAR was on leave until the final verdict would be announced publicly, and it was all she could do but to refresh her inbox every few minutes and watch mindless clips in the background that she hardly heard and never managed to remember a word from.
She tried reading it again, but the letters seemed to float off the screen, each one wrapped in a halo of bluish white screen glow. Nothing made sense.
'We were found to be satisfactory, but then… why does it talk about my rank? Am I getting promoted? There was something about dishonorable discharges, too, so… are some of my girls getting let go? I guess I will have to break the news to them. And it said something about budget overruns… well, mom still owes me from when she forgot to get me anything for my eighteenth last month, so I guess she can pay them back for all the equipment and training I had to authorize…'
Her thoughts were already drifting off into a vague haze when her stomach made a low noise, reminding her of the fact that she hadn't eaten in hours, mostly because her supply of food had run dry. Almost in a trance, she rose from her desk and, almost on autopilot, set about getting ready to go out and do some shopping, as she always did. The floor of her living quarters was almost entirely hidden by weeks-old discarded packaging, mountains of dirty clothes, and bottles half-filled with liquid that was either expired juice or urine. Narrow paths snaked through the mess; one to the bathroom, one to her bed, and one more still to the door, which she now slowly shambled towards.
Ashira pulled a pair of battered combat boots over her bare feet - she'd run out of socks that didn't offend her senses some weeks prior - without bothering to lace them, shoved her wallet into the front pocket of the fireproof jumpsuit she wore with absolutely nothing underneath and hadn't changed out of all week, and shoved the door open to head out. Immediately, the smell - or, perhaps, a lack thereof - of the corridor hit her. All the sleeping quarters were locked. It was quiet. Though her boots were heavy, her footsteps barely made a noise as she plodded along the thick, purple and topaz-blue carpet that lined the floor.
The door to the lobby was propped open by a cleaner's cart, and a heavy perfume of chemical detergents wafted through the opening as she approached. In the lobby was a small, older Helkam male, with his long and, in places, graying hair tied back with a beige bandana that matched his civilian contractor's coveralls, just as his green noise-canceling headphones matched the company logo on his uniform. He was dutifully mopping the already nigh-spotless polished stone floor, and there was only a narrow dry strip connecting doorway to doorway.
“‘Scuse me,” she mumbled, tapping him on the shoulder to alert him to her presence. “Coming through.”
He flinched away from her touch, and she flinched away from him, as though his own shock was contagious. “The fuck, you touch me!?” He exclaimed, whipping around to face her, mop at the ready like a Turox-prod. His face burned a pale but furious violet, contorted with fear and a readiness to fight. But, just as suddenly as he’d come to face her, his expression became one of confusion. His mop dipped down, and they stood in silence for a split second that seemed to drag on for entire minutes. Then, he made an odd face, as if of disgust or contempt, and stepped aside, motioning for her to pass by him.
Ashira would have been puzzled by this, if only she were not so frazzled and caught up in her own thoughts. She stepped outside and was immediately hit by a cool breeze; it was night out, and the wind blew in just as it always did. Not that it bothered her much; over the previous months, she had found that it didn’t seem to affect her very much. The only reason she wasn’t feeling the full brunt of the evening gales was that the buildings around the officer’s quarters were mostly two- and three-story affairs, their height and old, weathered stone cladding the last specters of the prominence and prestige the base enjoyed in the long-before times. Before the Unification Wars were but a distant memory. Before the Periphery had become the final, unconquerable frontier. Before the Empress-damned mess that was Raknos. Before Rocket Artillery had become hopelessly obsolete.
The wind blew, relentless and steadfast, as she trudged towards the only place on-base that still had its lights on. The general store. She didn’t know what she wanted to buy there, nor if there would indeed be anything on the shelves that she’d want to buy, but she felt she had to try, anyway. The only rest she could get now was chemically-assisted, either through over-the-counter sleeping pills, or copious volumes of booze, or, when the going got particularly rough, a combination of both. She was vaguely aware of the damage she was probably inflicting upon her organs, but she figured that they were a worthy sacrifice. Still, some days she couldn't fall asleep, even boozed up and medicated as much as she would dare, so she would lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, hoping that the splitting headaches she would get from that chemical cocktail would make her ears ring loud enough to drown out her intrusive thoughts.
The store wasn't particularly warm when she entered, and it reeked of cigarette smoke and mildew as always. The nearest set of shelves to the door were stocked with bags of some sort of imported breaded meat snacks labeled Pufriyah - Ancestral Recipe, Modern Taste! across the top shelf and cases of Red Grains across the bottom, as if some long-forgotten planner had seen into the future and anticipated Ashira's shopping habits exactly. Without much thought, she pulled a case of the Reds off the bottom shelf, her back, which had been sore for months by then, crying out in pain that just barely cut through her apathy. She threw a few bags of the Pufriyah snacks on top of it, entirely indifferent to their name, slogan, and brown-furred chibi mascot that spoke to their Rakiri intended consumer base.
'It's all just carbs and protein at the end of the day,' she figured. It wasn't like she could taste much of them anyway, had she really cared to learn their flavor. It was close to a month prior that she'd caught a nasty cold, and her constant sleep deprivation and stress hadn't lent themselves to it clearing itself up on its own. Her senses of taste and smell were unnecessary to her whipping her unit into shape, she'd decided, once she learned that the antivirals she needed to take to make her symptoms clear up would need her to be on bed rest for three straight days. She could always take them later, anyway.
The bottles of Red Grain clanked against each other as Ashira heaved the case onto the checkout counter. The bags on top of it slid off, and she only just caught them in time. The noise awoke the lone cashier, another civilian contractor, from her nap atop her wobbly three-legged stool. She quite inelegantly hopped off of it and came to lean against the counter with one hand, the other lazily waving the scanner of a specialized Data-Slate over the merchandise.
"ID for the Reds," the cashier groggily slurred out, patting down her many pockets in search of a cigarette box. "Standard procedure, nothing personal against you."
Ashira stared at her, dumbfounded, for a few moments too many, before it hit her that she needed to pull up her Marine Profile on her Slate. Mumbling an apology mixed with an excuse, she reached into one of the few - albeit cavernously huge - pockets of her fireproof suit and produced the grimy government-issue device in question. The lock screen was set to her ID, just to make such common interactions go by quicker.
She pushed the Slate across the counter, expecting to get it slid back to her in a few moments, and maybe a manufactured smile and a nod if the cashier noticed the Rakishal House crest in the corner and realized she was of noble blood. But this time, none of that happened. The woman across from her frowned, squinting as she analyzed something about the ID, her face no more than perhaps a few centimeters from it. She looked up at Ashira, then back down at the ID, then back at her, and then all of a sudden her confusion melted into some odd mixture of shock and disgust. She wordlessly pushed the Slate back across the counter, scanned the case of Red Grain, and then motioned to a now very baffled and somewhat offended Ashira that she was free to leave.
In her sleep-deprived state, Ashira had barely the mental capacity to remember where the door was, much less to ponder the deeper meaning behind what had transpired. Vowing to come back the next day, after getting a good night's sleep, and get the insolent cashier fired, she trudged out of the shop, back to the officers' quarters, where the Helkam man was still toiling away in the lobby, now wiping down the Turox-leather seats, and into her own suite.
She brushed the most egregious of the trash from her bed, with the arm that wasn't clutching the spoils of her trek to her chest, and allowed gravity to gracelessly guide her into its soft, fitted-sheet embrace. With a sigh of barely-felt relief, she cracked the cap off her first bottle with her tusks and took a long, well-earned swig.
The next thing she knew, it was morning.
Everything hurt. Ashira's muscles all ached like she'd run every Deathshead Commando bootcamp course, back-to-back, without stopping. Her head felt like a bloated, rotten gourd, ready to burst at the slightest touch. Even though her eyes were closed, what little light made it through them felt as though it was piercing straight through her eyeballs and into her brain. However, through it all, she noted an odd, almost pleasant sensation that she hadn't felt in so long, she'd almost forgotten the word for it.
'Empress all-powerful, this must be the first time in almost a year that I've had a full night's sleep!'
Ashira would have kept laying there, exactly where she was. The room was quiet. No one needed her. Her unit was stood down for another few days. She could just stay in bed, in peace, and wait for the pain to subside. But the very second she considered that possibility, her bladder cried in agony, and she simultaneously came to the realizations that she would not be able to hold it in for even a minute longer, and that she was wearing her only set of relatively-clean clothes.
She pushed herself up and onto her feet, and that motion sent showers of sparks cascading through her vision, even as her eyes stayed firmly shut. Her ears rang from the pain as though she'd stuck her head between the prongs of a colossal tuning fork, her limbs felt numb as she stumbled through her room, and the only way she could tell up from down was from the direction gravity kept pulling her every time she lost her balance.
She hit the door frame to the bathroom by chance, only recognizing it as the right one by the light switch her elbow painfully caught. From there, she went entirely by feel. There was the sink, the towel rack, the soap dispenser, the shower door… and finally, having run out of wrong things to blindly grope around for, her hand bumped into the tank of the toilet. Even bending down made her head fill with the pounding beat of her heart, every pulse seeming to try and push her brain out of her skull through her eyes and ears. She nearly blacked out as she sat down.
The next thing Ashira knew, she was doubled over her sink, dry-heaving, her fireproof pants pulled back up around her waist but neither zipped shut nor clipped together at the front. She knew for certain that nothing had come up, because she was newly aware of the desiccated dryness in her mouth and throat, as if all her flesh had been replaced with fine-grit sandpaper. Still lacking the resolve to open her eyes, she blindly clawed at the knobs of the sink until water began to pour, and then began scooping handfuls of it into her mouth.
After a few gulps, she began to feel a bit better. Her mouth, though it still felt dry as ever, was at least now rid of the horrible, sour, metallic taste that she hadn't registered until it was gone, and the unintentional splashing of water onto her face did wonders in helping her start to truly wake up. The very next instant, though, a numbing pain spread across her hands and face, and down her throat. The water was freezing cold.
That didn't deter Ashira, though, and she kept drinking until she knew that she would not be able to swallow a drop more without throwing up. Her hands were numb from the frigid water, as was her face. Icy rivulets streamed down her chin and throat and under her unzipped collar, leaving cool, glistening trails across her breasts and stomach.
Somehow, this numbness that spread across her fingers and cheeks seemed to have carried over to her hangover, as well, though whether it was the rapid cooling, or the much-needed hydration, or both, she neither knew nor cared. Her head now hurt with the intensity of just any old headache, her skin did not feel two sizes too small for her organs, and her muscles and joints barely ached with any more intensity than they usually did.
She opened her eyes for the first time since she'd gotten out of bed, ready and eager to take full advantage of her hangover cure while its effects still lasted, and almost fell over as she stumbled away from the mirror in shock. The reflection in the mirror was decidedly not her.
Bloodshot eyes stared out at her from dark, sunken orbits; two craters on a puffy face rendered a waxy, pale bluish lilac by months of near-total involuntary isolation from the daylight. Raven hair framed that lifeless visage, once kept neat and short, now a wild, greasy, and, above all, long Seetcha's nest. It had once had lively sun-bleached streaks where her beret and headset did not fully cover it, from when she would ride head-out in her trusty command Ishtarti-603, but they were now mere faded tips spread unevenly through the carbon-black tangle.
The rest of her was not in much better shape. Her bust, though always on the fuller size, was nonetheless noticeably larger than it had been the last time Ashira had inspected her reflection, and doubtless was the cause of her incessant back pain. In the same moment, she became aware that her breasts rested not against the top of her six-pack - which, while rarely worked out and never particularly defined, had, in its mere presence, still been a point of quiet pride for her - but at the upper limits of a beer gut, whose faint outline was visible even under the baggy suit she was wearing for the umpteenth day in a row, and which stood as a testament to the inertia she had descended into while trying to force the RAR into motion.
'Fuck, there's the evidence of my battle. Mom was right, I do eat like a Turox before the slaughter. I have no self-control. Why do I even bother with this restructuring business if I can't even keep to my own damn fitness goals?' Her gloom, though deep and all-consuming while it weighed upon her soul, dissipated just as quickly as it set in. 'But I knew it would happen, so why does it surprise me? I knew going in that I was burning myself up in the present to keep future me warm. It's just a few kilos. A dozen at most. No big deal. Just need a bit more exercise for a month or two and I'll be right back in parade shape!'
It did, however, make her think to place an order with the on-base supply depot for some new clothes. With the Unification Day festivities looming, it would simply not do for this quite temporary distortion of her Noble figure to be so brazen, she firmly decided.
The order would have to wait, however. When Ashira brought out her government-issued Data-Slate from her front pocket in a familiar motion, already compiling a list of all the workout gear, field uniforms, and parade garb she would need in a size up, the device, in an apparent bout of unruliness, first resisted her efforts to turn it on, and when it was finally made to do so, simply boot-looped endlessly on the startup screen. For all intents and purposes, it was a Slate-shaped paperweight, and Ashira didn’t even have enough physical documents in her possession to make use of this one purpose it had left.
‘First my clothes, now the one Slate mom can’t track me on. What’s next, is my ID going to expire all of a sudden? Will my physical Chit card have a bad contact?’
There was only so much she could take at one time, so she decided to do the sensible thing and get something to eat before returning to dealing with her problems. She pulled out her Slate. It was almost noon.
'No one needs to see me like this. How can I command the regiment if they see me in such a state? I'll order breakfast - well, lunch now, but who's really counting? - and I can join everyone for dinner, once I get a chance to order in some new clothes, and shower, and maybe do something with my hair.'
With a practiced motion, so automatic it was almost a reflex, she swiped through the interface until she found what she was looking for. There, between Combatters forum sites, was a saved page for the Hungry Gal's order menu. Her chit was already saved in the system. All she needed was to tap on "Large Hot Meal #5 - Drink Combo" and…
"That can't be right," Ashira muttered aloud as she tapped the button again, over and over, to the same effect. "It's a government card. Unless- ah, right, it must be the new policy they were talking about! Can't believe they made food expenses count as personal expenditure only, the nerve of these credit-pinching…"
She went into the payment details section of the page, switched the number to her personal one, and selected "Large Hot Meal #5 - Drink Combo" again. This time, a new message appeared.
The gnawing hunger in her stomach disappeared in an instant, replaced by a solid iron bar of dread. Why was her account deactivated? Who could have done it? The only other person with access privileges was her own mother, and why would she…?
Ashira knew the answer. She didn't want to know it, to acknowledge that she knew it for fear of what it meant, but she did. With shaking hands, she opened the notification screen of her Slate, and saw she had unread messages from her family group chat. She tapped that notification, expecting a deluge of fury about her weight, her spending habits, her slovenly appearance in public, or any manner of other things, but there was but one message, sent earlier that morning. It was from her mother, indeed, but it was just four words long.
I got the letter.
She wanted to protest, to scream, "What letter could you possibly mean?," but she couldn't. A memory, hazy from the fog of insomnia that had dulled her thoughts at the time, played against her volition in her mind. The words hadn't made sense to her then, but they did now. Robotically, she closed the message from her mother and searched through her inbox for one marked with a government seal. She opened it, and read it in silence. The last few lines were the hardest to read, because by then the tears had begun to well up in her eyes.
It was over. Her career, her noble status, her finances, her life as she knew it… they were all gone, and it had taken just one letter to send it all crashing down.
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