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The bodies of 20-year-old Sharon Pope Dejesus and her younger sister, 18-year-old Lillian Pope, were found at a sewer lift station in Lake Station, Indiana. They had both been shot at close range in the head with a shotgun. 47 years later, the case remains cold.

2020.07.02 03:38 TheBonesOfAutumn The bodies of 20-year-old Sharon Pope Dejesus and her younger sister, 18-year-old Lillian Pope, were found at a sewer lift station in Lake Station, Indiana. They had both been shot at close range in the head with a shotgun. 47 years later, the case remains cold.

20-year-old Sharon Pope Dejesus and her younger sister, 18-year-old Lillian Pope, were last seen alive on the evening of December 13th, 1973.
Sharon lived in Gary, Indiana and Lillian lived in nearby Portage, but their places of employment were very near each other, and often times they would wait for one another after work.
On the night of the 13th, Lillian met Sharon after Sharon finished her shift at Calvin's Grill, a drive-in restaurant, located at 4701 E. Dunes Highway in Gary, Indiana.
Coworkers of Sharons reported to police that the two sisters left the restaurant to go to 12-20 Bowl, which was within walking distance of the restaurant.
They were last seen walking down Dunes Highway towards the bowling alley.
The following morning, a highway worker in Lake Station, Indiana doing routine checks on a sewage lift station, discovered the sisters laying side by side near the gravel road that led to the secluded area. The area was wooded, and a common place for people to illegally dump their trash.
Sharon was found lying in the fetal position, while Lillian was found face down on the ground just inches from Sharon. Police believe they were killed elsewhere and later dumped in the location they were found.
Both Sharon and Lillian had been shot at close range with a shotgun in the back of the head. Both of the women were beaten in the head and face, but Sharon had been beaten “beyond recognition.”
The girls were found fully clothed, wearing matching red hoodies, black boots, and stocking caps. They were not sexually assaulted. Sharon’s purse was found next to her body containing cash, so neither robbery nor sexual assault appeared to be a motive.
Perhaps the most disturbing of all, both of the sisters were pregnant. Lillian was due to have her first child in less than a month. Attempts were made to save the baby who was at full term, but to no avail. Sharon was 6 months pregnant with her third child.
Sharons two children lived part time with her estranged husband, Douglas de Jesus, until she was murdered. Police questioned him, but never named him as a suspect. A short time later, he abandoned his two children and moved away. Sadly, in 1998 Sharon’s oldest son was shot in the neck and died. Her older son eventually moved away.
There were a total of 14 siblings in the Pope family, including Sharon and Lillian. From what I understand, their mother and father, Marilynn and Donald, were extremely abusive, and most of them ended up spread across the United States as they were given up for adoption, sent to foster care, or were taken in by other family members.
Most of the siblings were unaware of the existence of their other siblings. In some cases they had a vague recollection of their brothers and sisters, but were either too young to remember their siblings names, or had no way to contact them.
One of those siblings, Martha Hoag, had been sent to live with her Aunt in Florida. One evening, she overheard a conversation her Aunt was having about the murders.
Martha was a teenager at this point, but she didn’t know anything about Sharon and Lillian, let alone that they had been murdered. Martha said when she began to cry, her aunt “laughed in her face,” and told her “you didn’t even know them, why are you crying?”
When another one of the siblings, Larry Pope, turned 18, his caseworker decided it was time to tell him about his sisters Sharon and Lillian. She presented Larry with an envelope containing newspaper clippings from 1973 about the girls murder. Like Martha, this was the first time Larry learned about his sisters.
Later in life, Martha and Larry reconnected with each other. They raised the money to buy Sharon and Lillian a proper gravestone, and made every attempt to bring the case back into the public’s eye. In 2018, the case was featured on Case Files Chicago.
There are no suspects in the Pope sisters murders, but Larry and Martha hold out hope that one day the person responsible for taking the lives of four of their family members that day, will be brought to justice.
Larry told Case Files, ”They were murdered, thrown on the side of the road like trash. Even though we were split up as kids, we weren’t trash. We were just kids. The day I was handed that manila envelope was the day I decided to find justice for them, and I won’t stop until that happens.”
Newspaper clippings
Lillian’s Obituary
Sharon’s Obituary
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2019.02.12 16:07 courier1b 153 killed in 70 U.S. murder-suicides in January, 95.7% known to have been facilitated by firearms.

Perpetrators in bold.
Date City Means Names (Age)
Jan 1 White Bear, MN Firearm Lee Klimek (56) Larry Klimik (54)
Jan 1 Martinsville, IN Firearm Danny Kilgore Jr. (59) Laura Rose Crowley (59)
Jan 1 Selmer, TN Firearm Charles Anthony Bryant (56) Regina Morris Bryant (58)
Jan 1 Santa Ana, CA Arson/Unknown Ahmad Alassad (39) Charlene Twee Nguyen (57)
Jan 1 Crawfordville, GA Firearm/Arson Steven Rhodes Melissa Meeks Rhodes (43)
Jan 2 Decatur, GA Firearm Gerald Loch (46) Ranie Overman (42)
Jan 2 Dawsonville, GA Firearm Ralph Mathews (58) Stacy Mathews (53)
Jan 2 Middletown, PA Firearm Marvin Caddell (49) Nightflower Staats (44) Joaquim Caddell (7)
Jan 2 Iuka,MS Firearm Troy Gene Lambert (60) Carol Gene Lambert (58)
Jan 3 Carmel, IN Firearm Vanessa Parris (37) Christalia Bostos (33)
Jan 3 Northampton, MA Firearm Nelson Cardona (26) Karina Nieves (24)
Jan 4 Forsyth, GA Firearm/Arson Michael Taylor (68) Alicia Taylor (52) Colton Charles King (23)
Jan 4 Hurt, VA Firearm Jason Owen Davis (44) Twana Rhodes Davis (43) Ramand K. Davis (12)
Jan 5 Half Moon Bay, CA Firearm Abraham Sigal (89) Regina Sigal (86)
Jan 6 Meridan, ID Firearm Edward Epps (39) Heidi De Leon (40) Jose Pablo Diaz De Leon (47)
Jan 6 Middletown, NY Firearm Dennis Hercules (58) Jasminn Emanuel (52)
Jan 7 La Quinta, CA Firearm Herman Heintz (59) Ada Heintz (44)
Jan 7 Michigan City, IN Firearm Tammy Evans (48) Walter Evans (73) Barbara Evans (71)
Jan 7 Duluth, GA Firearm Namyoon Cha (62) Myyoung Lee (48)
Jan 7 San Francisco, CA Blade/Fall Michael Dodd (42) Thomas Guido (58)
Jan 8 Seymour, IN Firearm Wanda Huber (68) Simon Huber (15)
Jan 8 Hileah, FL Firearm Unnamed Male Unnamed Female
Jan 9 Dora, AL Firearm Mark David Allen (43) Brandi Michelle Allen (39)
Jan 9 Lancaster, PA Firearm Nicole Welton (32) Dante Welton (11)
Jan 9 Amarillo, TX Firearm Travis Eldridge (21) Donald Eldridge (66)
Jan 10 San Antonio, TX Firearm Nichol Leila Olsen (37) Alexa Denice Montez (16) London Sophia Bribiescas (10)
Jan 10 Davis, CA Firearm Kevin Douglas Limbaugh (48) Natalie Corona (22)
Jan 10 Willits, CA Firearm Michael David Wilkins (49) Krissy Lynn Orbon (32) Damian Michael Wilkins (8)
Jan 11 Lake Charles, LA Blade/Unknown David M. Pendley (52) Katherine Pendley (59)
Jan 11 Aloha. OR Firearm/Blade David Jaymes Gellings (23) Lisa Marie Gellings (49)
Jan 11 Island County, WA Firearm John Meadows (42) Natasha Blouin (31)
Jan 12 Cincinnati, OH Firearm Clifford Smith (39) Ashley Montgomery (31)
Jan 12 Bradenton, FL Firearm Jeffrey Long (40) Jennifer Long (39)
Jan 14 Miami, FL Firearm Steven Kasimow (52) Linda Marx (70)
Jan 15 Middletown, NY Firearm Francis J. Pumillo (55) Amanda Pumillo (45)
Jan 15 Sammamish, WA Firearm Matthew Ficken (34) Robert Ficken (72) Lorraine Ficken (68)
Jan 16 Lake Jackson, TX Firearm Schubert Charles (53) Catrina Charles (39)
Jan 16 Red Bluff, CA Firearm Caleb Anderson (41) Toby Celeste Anderson (38)
Jan 16 Pittsburgh, PA Firearm Raymond Furlong (55) Tiffany Korbelic (36)
Jan 16 Little Elm, TX Firearm Jeremy Linder (24) Skyler Butler (20)
Jan 16 Hamburg, NY Firearm Kevin Kopper (31) Danielle Morse (25)
Jan 17 Tesuque, NM Firearm Ryan T. Propes (33) Owen Propes (3)
Jan 17 Fort Myers, FL Firearm Kenya Ellis (41) Julian Ellis (10)
Jan 17 Cleveland, OH Firearm Unnamed Male (44) Unnamed Male (43)
Jan 17 Houston, TX Firearm Arthur Edigin (62) Graciela Torres (66)
Jan 18 Chelsea, OK Firearm Unnamed Male Unnamed Female
Jan 18 Fort Worth, TX Firearm Douglas Kirk (58) Kathryn Kirk (55)
Jan 18 Muskegon County, MI Firearm DeMarro Wiggers (33) Raymond Eliot Coleman, Jr. (27)
Jan 18 Tacoma, WA Firearm Gary Peterson (71) Emmalee Masker (27)
Jan 19 Gasper, OH Firearm Susan K. Creech (55) Bradley D. Creech (56)
Jan 19 Jacksonville, FL Firearm Jacoby Lamar King (26) Ryan Mark Chesser (33) Eric James Bryant (32)
Jan 19 Biloxi, MS Firearm Unnamed Male Unnamed Female
Jan 19 Arco, MN Firearm Christian Muecke (18) Jacob Peterson (19)
Jan 20 Miami, FL Firearm Nathaniel Benjamin Mincey (32) Shane Danielle Tompkins (41)
Jan 22 West Seneca, NY Firearm Gregory A. Grimmer (60) Jennifer A. Villa (31)
Jan 22 Wilson, NC Firearm Anthony Lee Eatmon (48) Pamela Kent Eatmon (46)
Jan 23 Osceola County, FL Firearm Rafael Primera (47) Robert Latopolski (57)
Jan 24 Lower Towamensing, PA Firearm/Blade/Blunt Force Kyle Gruver (27) Megan Leland (26)
Jan 24 State College, PA Firearm Jordan Witmer (21) Dean Beachy (62) Steven Beachy (19) George McCormick (83)
Jan 25 Tucson, AZ Firearm Andrew Wiley (53) Cindi Wiley (49)
Jan 26 Fargo, NC Firearm John T. Ham (78) Lois A. Ham (80)
Jan 26 Cape Girardeau, MO Firearm Joseph A. Job (66) Lana A. Durham (56)
Jan 27 Salt Lake City, UT Firearm Travis Geddes (30) Sarah Hawley (27)
Jan 28 Dillwyn, VA Firearm Domicci Meaton Brown (24) Lynnett Green (25)
Jan 29 Pembroke Pines, FL Firearm/Unknown Byron Flores Stephanie Flores
Jan 29 Little Rock, AR Firearm Harrison Cato (35) Bennie Cato (58) Ava Cato (57)
Jan 30 Jupiter, FL Firearm Arthur F. Horlbeck (49) Edana R. Chokey (57)
Jan 30 Troy, AL Firearm Keith Dewayne Ealey (35) Candelaria Edwina Ealey (34)
Jan 31 Greensburg, KY Firearm James London (59) Carolyn London (59) Jasper London (40)
Jan 31 Gaffney, SC Firearm Ronald Gallman (71) Linda Gallman (68)
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2016.11.06 14:00 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (11/6/16)

· 1. Riverwoods-based Center for Enriched Living plans to expand day-care for developmentally-disabled adults into Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
· 2. Person injured in late-morning shooting in Elgin (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 3. Aurora teen shot during early-morning fight in Oswego (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 4. 17 new headstones for Civil War veterans dedicated at Montgomery's Riverside Cemetery (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 5. Man found shot to death inside Park Forest home (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 6. New Illiana Christian High School to be built near 109th and Calumet avenues in St. John (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 7. Congregations of Merrillville host inaugural first-responders prayer breakfast (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 8. East Chicago Undivided advocacy group formed to provide information, outreach to residents affected by U.S.S. Lead Superfund cleanup site (Chicago Tribune)
· 9. Man accused of stealing scooter from home near Lake Villa; second suspect still at large (ABC 7)
· 10. Lake Forest filmmaker's latest work 'Tommy's Honour' nominated for two British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards (CBS 2)
· 11. Man from unincorporated Antioch charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct after allegedly pounding on garage door and yelling (FOX 32)
· 12. Waukegan cell-phone store robbed at gunpoint (FOX 32)
· 13. Portillo's to open Deerfield location on Nov. 15 (Chicago Tribune/Deerfield Review)
· 14. Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of casino, against Antioch grandmother, in case over $41 million jackpot; awards her $1.85 (Chicago Tribune)
· 15. Two senior citizens injured after Skokie car crash sends one vehicle into an apartment building, the other into a tree (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 16. Federal appeals court blocks merger of Advocate Health Care, NorthShore University HealthSystem (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 17. Elgin's Art Harvest gives visitors the chance to create their own artworks, learn about public art (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 18. Inverness woman found guilty of husband's 1979 murder (Chicago Tribune)
· 19. Des Plaines man surprises girlfriend, both Cubs fans, with marriage proposal after Game 5 of the World Series (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 20. Wheeling brothers held on $50,000 bond each in attempted kidnapping near Prospect Heights grocery store (Daily Herald)
· 21. Executive director of Wheaton-based People's Resource Agency leaving job for post at Evanston-based The Cradle (Daily Herald)
· 22. LaFox man charged in South Elgin with fifth DUI offense (Daily Herald)
· 23. COLUMN: Hammond couple frustrated that no charges filed against babysitter in their child's death, which was ruled to have been caused by non-accidental brain trauma (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
· 24. Hammond backs down on basin-expansion plan that would have knocked down 21 additional homes along Linden Avenue (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 25. Gary man sentenced to six years in prison for armed robbery (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 26. Indiana University study shows strong opposition to charging drivers by the mileage they drive (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 27. Owner of Michigan City hotel pleads guilty to using unauthorized pesticides he illegally obtained from India to kill bedbugs (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 28. South Bend woman charged with disorderly conduct for cursing at police, not following orders while police investigated report of gunshot at party in a warehouse (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 29. Proponents, opponents air their feelings about proposed Cook County soda tax (ABC 7)
· 30. Tenants of Lake Villa business park, nearby building owner oppose funeral/crematory proposal (Daily Herald)
· 31. 18 months after completion, Woodfield Apartments in Deerfield sold for $82 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 32. Chicago teen and woman charged with attacking man outside Palatine apartment complex, stealing his cell phone (Daily Herald)
· 33. TV show by Mount Prospect native and former 'The Eric & Kathy Show' social-media guru, titled 'The Jamz,' to debut on Netflix, Amazon Prime (Daily Herald)
· 34. Neighbors' objections, tie vote kills proposed Bartlett wedding venue (Daily Herald)
· 35. Park Ridge City Council may adopt new food-inspection standards effective Jan. 1, 2017 (Chicago Tribune/Park Ridge Herald-Advocate)
· 36. Arlington Heights proposes $180.35 million budget along with small hike in property-tax levy (Daily Herald)
· 37. Two girls injured during fight at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire; no charges filed, though fight is under investigation (Daily Herald)
· 38. Former West Aurora High School, Northern Illinois University basketball coach John McDougal passes away at 92 (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 39. Three Aurora men charged with felony theft after taking sheets of metal from North Aurora business (Daily Herald)
· 40. Artist's 'Authenticity' in downtown Naperville features photo portraits (Daily Herald)
· 41. Sears to cut size of Oakbrook Center store by half by spring 2018; location to have more focused inventory (Chicago Tribune)
· 42. DuPage County Coroner's Office identifies woman found dead Sept. 29 at Bensenville golf course as resident of unincorporated Melrose Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 43. Wheaton College breaks ground on new welcome center (Daily Herald)
· 44. Lighter sparks Joliet house fire that kills 88-year-old man (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 45. Matteson man killed in head-on crash on I-57 near Country Club Hills after his vehicle crossed the median (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 46. Tire blowout causes semi to overturn on Harlem Avenue in Bridgeview (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 47. Park Forest man arrested in vehicle burglary at Calumet Metra station parking lot in East Hazel Crest (CBS 2)
· 48. 55 vehicles spray-painted by vandals on Halloween night in Michigan City (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 49. Valparaiso Human Relations Council seeks creation of full-time housing/community-relations director position (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 50. Lake County sees six heroin-overdose deaths in one week, a spike in normal numbers (WBBM AM 780)
· 51. Highland woman found unconscious at scene of garage fire in Highland dies (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 52. East Chicago man grazed by bullet that flew through his bedroom window (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 53. Valparaiso man arrested in Hobart on child-porn charges (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 54. Reinstated Lake Station cop sues city, former mayor for lost wages, determination that the plaintiffs violated federal law (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 55. Reputed gang member pleads guilty to participation in racketeering, homicide outside Hammond bar (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 56. Libertyville-Vernon Hills Area High School District 128 board reaches informal agreement on new pool for Libertyville High School (Daily Herald)
· 57. Skokie Animal Control reunites cat with owner from St. Louis area (WBBM AM 780)
· 58. Homeless man charged with Oct. 22 murder in Waukegan previously charged with attempted murder in 2011 in North Chicago (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 59. Lake County reaches agreement with IDOT to plow, salt 107 miles of state roads for $268,463, paid in two parts (Daily Herald)
· 60. Carpentersville, West Dundee police department investigate robbery, burglaries at Spring Hill Mall (Daily Herald)
· 61. U.S. Supreme Court hearing of Virginia transgender students' lawsuit to get access to preferred-gender locker rooms may set precedent for Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 (Daily Herald)
· 62. Revamped West Dundee movie theater slated to reopen as live-entertainment venue in 2017 (Daily Herald)
· 63. Two Florida men arrested on charges of burglarizing 29 cars in Mount Prospect (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 64. Schaumburg police arrest two men after tires on 30 cars were slashed at office buildings near Woodfield Mall (Daily Herald)
· 65. West Chicago couple charged with 2015 drug-induced homicide (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 66. Robert O'Connor sworn in as Aurora's new mayor, after Tom Weisner resigns because of health (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 67. Sycamore man sentenced to three years in prison for burglarizing same Naperville medical building twice in two years (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 68. Longtime Naperville police officer sworn in as Woodridge police chief (Daily Herald)
· 67. New Jersey woman to be extradited to DuPage County to face charge of drug-induced homicide after friend died in Darien hotel (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 68. Campton Hills man charged with raping girl during a three-year period (Daily Herald)
· 69. Autopsy reveals Oak Park man was shot five times by Markham police on Oct. 2 outside Stadium Nightclub (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 70. La Grange man dead after his car crashes into two utility poles in Western Springs (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
· 71. Victim of Oct. 22 crash on I-294 near Robbins identified as Kentucky resident (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 72. Provident Catholic High School baseball player with 0.500 batting average bears striking resemblance to Cubs' Kyle Schwarber (ABC 7)
· 73. Wife of disgraced Cook County sheriff's deputy charged in drug conspiracy sues federal government over husband's suicide at Metropolitan Correctional Center (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 74. Chance meeting with Bill Murray gets Munster woman front-row seat to World Series Game 6 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 75. Portage police seek suspect in bank robbery who escaped in a black Dodge Charger (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 76. Chicago man found guilty of kidnapping, sexually assaulting 3-year-old Mundelein girl (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 77. Three juveniles arrested, one at large after police chase ends on Evanston beach; all were sought for armed robbery (NBC 5)
· 78. Person shot in Elgin on Wednesday evening (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 79. Gail Borden Public Library board to purchase building which contains its South Elgin branch, plans expansion in a few years (Daily Herald)
· 80. Former cable-company technician/aspiring rapper sentenced to 12 years in prison for stealing gun from Palatine home (Daily Herald)
· 81. Arlington Heights man charged with sexual abuse of two sisters (Daily Herald)
· 82. Two men arrested after allegedly assaulting, robbing man at gunpoint in Woodstock (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 83. Elgin set to raise water rates, from average of $35 to average of $40, more than 14 percent increase (Daily Herald)
· 84. Mount Prospect teen charged with reckless discharge of a weapon after firing AR 15 rifle into the ground to celebrate Cubs' win (Daily Herald)
· 85. Streamwood gang member charged with firing gun into another vehicle while driving near Streamwood High School (Daily Herald)
· 86. Des Plaines' Polo Inn, originally built at northwest suburbs' first hospital, being torn down (Daily Herald)
· 87. Forest Preserve District of DuPage County starts new approach to compensating departing employees; move could save county $6 million over 20 years (Daily Herald)
· 88. Glenbard High School District 87 board considers mid-August start date (Daily Herald)
· 89. United Sugar shows off dome that will house 138 million pounds of sugar in Montgomery (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 90. Town of Griffith to fight lawsuit filed by Calumet Township trustee to block Dec. 20 de-annexation referendum (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 91. Elderly Hammond couple robbed during home invasion (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 92. Ex-Prairie Grove cop cleared of official misconduct, DUI charges stemming from eggnog-fueled crash of police vehicle (Chicago Tribune)
· 93. Northwestern University reports 1.9 percent growth in investment portfolio, except that its numbers aren't based on the June 30 deadline other privately endowed colleges (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 94. Chicago's official Christmas tree donated by Wauconda family (NBC 5)
· 95. Local bike club's plea doesn't sway Mount Prospect's decision to remove 'ghost bike' memorial (Daily Herald)
· 96. Mount Prospect's RecPlex celebrating 25th anniversary (Daily Herald)
· 97. NTSB: Plane that caught fire Oct. 28 at O'Hare Airport had engine disk break apart (CBS 2)
· 98. 5-month-old girl killed in Barrington Hills vehicle crash that itself was caused by another crash (FOX 32)
· 99. Arlington Heights police investigate man trying to take photos with a cell-phone camera in office-building women's restroom (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 100. Man charged with aggravated sexual abuse of a minor after touching teen relative's breast in Park Ridge (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 101. Naperville elementary school celebrates Cubs' World Series win with great-great-granddaughter of 1908 Cubs catcher (Daily Herald)
· 102. New Water Street parking deck offers 400 more parking spaces in downtown Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 103. Man convicted of killing owner of Westmont business at former boss' Peotone-area home during second trial (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 104. Elmwood Park, Chicago men taken to hospital after driver loses control of car, which crosses three lanes of traffic on I-55 and crashes into a tree south of Route 126 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 105. Valparaiso officials inaugurate new path that connects neighborhoods (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 106. Hammond man convicted of impersonated doctor at Chicago clinic (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 107. Civil-rights deal gives residents of East Chicago's West Calumet Housing Complex more time to move (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 108. State suspends Bloomingdale real estate agent's license, faces criminal charges after allegedly stealing jewelry from houses she showed in Palatine, Wheaton (Daily Herald)
· 109. Federal judge rules Illiana Expressway approval was based on flawed, invalid environmental study; decision allows Illinois, Indiana DOTs to revise study, continue project (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 110. Evanston, Amazon.com team up to raise money to replace trees taken down because of emerald-ash borer (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 111. Gurnee-based Six Flags Great America wins bet with Cleveland theme park, which will rename ride for World Series champion Cubs (NBC 5)
· 112. Arlington Heights church gets high-tech skylight designed to change color to control temperature and lighting (Daily Herald)
· 113. Elgin man convicted of selling synthetic marijuana out of his Algonquin tobacco store in 2013 (Daily Herald)
· 114. Metra train strikes pedestrian in Palatine (CBS 2)
· 115. Cicero police officer fires gun at escaping presumed drunk driver after being hit by car (FOX 32)
· 116. St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 parents push referendum petition that could mean new middle school or no changes to current buildings (Daily Herald)
· 117. Joliet man sentenced to 105 years for robbing and killing drug dealer in Aurora (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 118. TCF Bank branch in Lombard robbed on Saturday morning (CBS 2)
· 119. FBI investigating attempted bank robbery in Villa Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 120. Married couple found stabbed to death in Montgomery home (CBS 2)
· 121. Decision not to demolish Merrillville's Star Plaza Theatre may have saved Northwest Indiana Symphony (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 122. Valparaiso teen wins North American League Low JunioAmateur Owner Final, her first national championship (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 123. Hobart High Brickies win sectional title in 19 years (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 124. Gary man killed after his car veered off I-65, slammed into utility pole near Crown Point (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 125. Person found shot to death in Gary (CBS 2)
· 126. South Haven firefighteEMT terminated for July 13 racist post on Facebook (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 127. Record-breaking 29,968 people cast votes in Cook County on Friday; countywide early-voting totals up to 264,343 (ABC 7)
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2016.10.09 16:00 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (10/9/16)

· 1. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin pledges to help North Chicago veterans organization obtain federal aid (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 2. Aurora man's 17-year-old step-daughter shot and killed in Chicago (Chicago Tribune)
· 3. World War II veteran from Riverside passes away at age 94; had earned the Legion of Honor award (Chicago Tribune)
· 4. Chicago cop's wife convicted of drunken/high driving in Lyons crash that killed Berwyn, Bolingbrook women (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 5. Lansing Country Club's equity members sell country club to Chase Development for $5 million (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 6. Police fatally shoot man following fight outside nightclub in Markham (ABC 7)
· 7. Homewood woman one of two innocent bystanders shot and killed at party in Greensboro, N.C. (Chicago Tribune)
· 8. Man shot to death in Gary (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 9. Winfield residents voice concerns about flooding, traffic at Town Council meeting (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Merrillville to restart search for director of Planning and Development after first search fails to produce suitable candidate (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Man shot to death in Midtown Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 12. SUV-vs.-semi crash, subsequent fire closes Route 173 in Antioch (ABC 7)
· 13. Children's inspirational entertainer Geoff Akins brings 'Bubble Wonders' to Round Lake elementary school which he attended (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 14. Fireplace chimney catches fire in Vernon Hills (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 15. Road repairs prompt Green Oaks Village Board to propose first property tax in village's 56-year history (Daily Herald)
· 16. Vernon Hills woman charged with keeping a house of prostitution in unincorporated Deerfield, pimping, promoting prostitution and maintaining a public nuisance (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 17. Waukegan police investigate shooting along Greenwood Street (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 18. Zion woman killed in head-on crash after her vehicle crossed the center line of Route 41 in Gurnee(Chicago Sun-Times)
· 19. North Chicago man sought with warrant is arrested in Kenosha, Wis. (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 20. Restored 1901 Oscar Mayer mansion in Evanston up for sale (CBS 2)
· 21. Fire guts Schaumburg townhouse (FOX 32)
· 22. New Mount Prospect Ice Arena a hit with coaches, players (Daily Herald)
· 23. McHenry County deputies seize $600 worth of Ecstacy pills, arrest one man after they respond to report of loud party in McHenry Township (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 24. Arizona man charged with DUI after his pickup struck and injured two people in McHenry (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 25. Three Wheeling men each sentenced to three years in prison for possession of a firearm by felons (Daily Herald)
· 26. Barrington wine store closed after car crashes into support beam, leaving building unsafe (Daily Herald)
· 27. First responders from several towns participate in terrorist-attack drill in Rosemont (CBS 2)
· 28. Ten Oak Park restaurants given Johnson Restaurant Award for exceptional health inspections (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
· 29. Geneva police seek two suspects in Sept. 30 home invasion (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 30. University Park woman, Chicago man killed in car-vs.-semi crash on I-80 near LaGrange Road near Tinley Park (CBS 2)
· 31. Kendall County Sheriff's Office debuts bicycle-patrol unit with aim of making deputies more visible in congested areas (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 32. Communities hope establishment of Calumet Region Enterprise Zone will encourage businesses to locate in area (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. Munster Town Council OKs new business-development standards for Munster Business Complex (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 34. Pedestrian struck and killed on I-65 near Indiana 2 in Lowell (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 35. Portage man killed in Hobart car crash (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 36. Lowell Redevelopment Commission amends TIF agreements to fix disparities (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 37. Body recovered from Little Calumet River in Gary (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 38. Hobart police believe possum may have caused fatal single-car crash (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 39. Federal appellate court rules Indiana governor's blocking Syrian refugees discriminates based on national origin (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 40. Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce asks that Porter County be included in study for potential new convention center (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 41. Valparaiso teen killed as result of car accident in Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 42. Missing Hammond woman, baby found safe in Calumet City, Ill. (CBS 2)
· 43. Victim of Dennis Hastert works toward removing statute of limitations on sex crimes (Chicago Tribune)
· 44. Lake County Forest Preserve District to purchase 11 acres of land that was believed it owned from county for $1, settling 40-year-old paperwork error (Daily Herald)
· 45. Worker injured will working at Northbrook steel-fabricating plant (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 46. Evanston synagogue installs first openly gay, female rabbi (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 47. Antioch Township woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for DUI-related crash that killed a motorcyclist in 2015 (Daily Herald)
· 48. Des Plaines City Council votes to limit campaign contributions from companies doing business with the city to $1,000 in any 12-month period (Daily Herald)
· 49. Des Plaines' Oakton Street and nearby businesses closed after construction crew hits gas main (Daily Herald)
· 50. Village trustees, residents divided over proposed cell-service tower near Sleepy Hollow Village Hall (Daily Herald)
· 51. East Dundee hires ex-Campton Hills village administrator as deputy village administrator (Daily Herald)
· 52. St. Charles man who shot at wife during May 5 domestic dispute reportedly hasn't paid home-monitoring fees (Daily Herald)
· 53. Westmont-based Westmont Interior Supply House and its driver sued by mother of bicyclist struck and killed in Chicago (CBS 2)
· 54. Semi crashes into and over concrete median on I-290 near Wood Dale Road in Addison (FOX 32)
· 55. Glendale Heights-based food service company Kronos Foods sold to Colorado private-equity firm (Chicago Tribune)
· 56. Naperville's Parade of Lights will take place after threats that it might be cancelled (Daily Herald)
· 57. Lombard's City View at the Highlands apartment complex sold to Texas investment fund for $86 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 58. Police: Bolingbrook man likely victim of homicide (Chicago Tribune)
· 59. Evergreen Park man fatally struck by Metra Rock Island District train in Chicago (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 60. Newborn baby found in open field in Chicago Heights (ABC 7)
· 61. OSHA investigating man's death at industrial site in Park Forest (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 62. Will County gets dog trained to detect hidden electronic devices to help in search for child pornography (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 63. Person killed when car he/she was driving collides head-on with garbage truck in Trail Creek (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 64. Indiana State Police get warrant to search Indiana Voter Registration Project offices after reports of fraudulent voter applications (NBC 5)
· 65. LaPorte man seriously injured after being struck and dragged by allegedly drunk driver in LaPorte (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 66. Man who stole large dirt sifter from LaPorte County construction site arrested with help from home-surveillance video (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Where cell-phone towers are located near schools (NBC 5)
· 68. Crazy-clown Internet threats reported in Calumet City, Hammond (WGN TV)
· 69. Northwest University professor among three winners of Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing molecular machinery (Chicago Tribune)
· 70. Wauconda police wear pink badges in support of breast-cancer awareness (Daily Herald)
· 71. Waukegan police deems elementary-school students' report of three clowns threatening to kill them 'false' (NBC 5)
· 72. Marine veteran, originally from Antioch, who lost all four limbs to an improvised-explosive device in Afghanistan receives two arm transplants at the same time (Chicago Tribune)
· 73. Arlington Heights man sentenced to 120 days in jail and 30 months probation for installing video camera in neighbors' bathroom, recording them (Chicago Tribune)
· 74. Survey shows 72 percent of 4,829 residents of Barrington Area Unit School District 220 favor later start times (Daily Herald)
· 75. Fight that injured two girls in Streamwood is believed to have started at school; one woman, one girl face charges (Daily Herald)
· 76. Binny's plans to move Buffalo Grove store to Staple's site in Wheeling after office-supply store closes in November (Daily Herald)
· 77. Arlington Heights Village Board approves Arlington Ale House, a bar that won't serve food (Daily Herald)
· 78. Crystal Lake police: 'No evidence' that clown threat against Prairie Ridge High School was 'credible' (FOX 32)
· 79. Arlington Heights man convicted of hacking wife to death in Wisconsin is sentenced to life in prison (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 80. Mount Prospect woman arrested in national sex-trafficking case (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 81. Des Plaines alderman pushes re-institution of requirement that municipal employees live within city limits (Daily Herald)
· 82. Wheeling Village Board approves $19,200 salary for village president, $8,000 salary for trustees effective after 2017 election (Daily Herald)
· 83. Teen who shot himself in the head after exchanging gunfire with Aurora police dies (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 84. Lisle man sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting girlfriend's young daughter (FOX 32)
· 85. Naperville now requires landlords to consider housing vouchers as income when considering potential tenants (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 86. Naperville motorcyclist killed when his motorcycle hits back wheel of semi turning left (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 87. Warrenville man charged with setting Palatine house he owns on fire in March; case delayed while police, insurance company investigated blaze (Daily Herald)
· 88. Doctor fired from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn for reporting sexual harassment wins $1 million lawsuit (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Dolton man charged with bank robbery in Chicago's Loop on Tuesday (CBS 2)
· 90. Teen claims Country Club Hills cinema fired her because her hair was in dreadlocks (WGN TV)
· 91. Alumni leave $2.9 million gifts to Valparaiso University (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 92. Hammond High School student arrested for making clown-related threat against schools in Hammond and Utah (CBS 2)
· 93. Westville police ticketing drivers who bypass road-construction barricade on U.S. 421 and getting stuck (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 94. LaCrosse man ODs on heroin, passes out at Valparaiso gas station while 1-year-old baby was in pickup with him (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 95. Florida man reportedly high on crack when he drove a semi away from a traffic stop in Hammond, led police on 51-minute chase that ended in Calumet City; charged with five felonies (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 96. LaPorte County joins opponents of Great Lakes Basin Transportation Wisconsin-to-Indiana rail line (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 97. Gary man shot in the leg after leaving Midtown Gary gas station (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 98. 40 pumpkin patches in Chicago and the suburbs (Chicago Tribune)
· 99. Fifteen sexual-harassment complaints filed nationally against Oak Brook-based McDonald's (NBC 5)
· 100. Palos Hills man charged after leading Lincolnshire police in chase in a stolen car (CBS 2)
· 101. Suspect arrested after making threat against student, prompting lockdown at Glenbrook South Off-Campus High School in Gurnee (FOX 32)
· 102. Hazing of Glencoe student leads to suspension of University of Missouri fraternity (Chicago Tribune)
· 103. Round Lake woman sentenced to 30 days in jail, 2 years probation for failing to provide humane care for 11 dogs, left in windowless house on 90-degree day (Daily Herald)
· 104. Former Lindenhurst resident killed in Ethiopia when rock-throwing protestors attack the vehicle she was riding in (Daily Herald)
· 105. Illinois Attorney General reaches settlement deal with Elgin-based payday lender that illegally sold loans with hidden interest rates and fees (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 106. Tennessee man charged with sexually, physically abusing Des Plaines girl in Des Plaines and again while her family lived in an Elk Grove Village motel (Daily Herald)
· 107. Man charged with wife's 1973 murder in Barrington Township posts bail, is released from jail (Daily Herald)
· 108. FBI arrests woman in foreign-lottery scam that bilked Palatine man out of $4.5 million (Chicago Tribune)
· 109. Maine Township High School District 207 to borrow $9.8 million to replace original boilers at Maine South, Maine West buildings (Daily Herald)
· 110. Bartlett trustees weigh spending $16.2 million to replace 20-year-old police station (Daily Herald)
· 111. Glen Ellyn native reports thieves get $3,300 from his bank account at Gurnee Walmart following theft at a party in Chicago's Wrigleyville (NBC 5)
· 112. Chicago man, Ottawa woman charged in drug-induced homicide of woman's husband found dead in Kaneville Township (Kane County) in April (Daily Herald)
· 113. Clarendon Hills-based Love from Above signs contract for vacant Wheaton office building, plans to convert it to a group home for single and expectant mothers (Chicago Tribune)
· 114. Aurora writer's 'Like Night and Day' is a trip down memory lane for Chicago baseball fans (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 115. Westmont police chief retires from force (Chicago Tribune)
· 116. Person of interest being interviewed in shooting death of Lake Station woman (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 117. South Shore Line, consultants lay out case at Indiana Dunes Visitors Center for Double Track NWI project (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 118. Valparaiso landmark Bon Femme closes to revamp image, menu; scheduled to reopen Oct. 12 as Fork & Cork (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 119. Lake Station woman arrested, charged with using heroin in bathroom of Portage McDonald's (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 120. Police looking for two suspects in two Gary garage burglaries that took place during September (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 121. Man robs Family Dollar store in Gary at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 122. Highland-based Prompt Ambulance ready to send ambulances, paramedics to Florida as Hurricane Matthew bears down on U.S. East Coast (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 123. Griffith teen becomes the second person arrested for creepy-clown threats in Northwest Indiana (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 124. Residents of East Chicago's West Calumet Housing Complex sue three companies over lead contamination (ABC 7)
· 125. Lake Zurich's Purple Plunge to become nonprofit charity focused on helping local families affected by cancer (Daily Herald)
· 126. Semi-truck strikes, injures woman, two children in Skokie (CBS 2)
· 127. Northbrook Potbelly robbed at gunpoint on Oct. 1 (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 128. Graduate of Elgin's Larkin High School killed by roadside bomb while on patrol in Afghanistan (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 129. Man charged with robbing cab driver, punching passenger in Elgin (FOX 32)
· 130. Man arrested, charged with robbery of Des Plaines bank (FOX 32)
· 131. Mount Prospect considers new TIF downtown district to replace expiring one, but impact concerns residents of Mount Prospect Elementary School District 57 (Daily Herald)
· 132. Elgin-based Mama Lee's Popcorn opens new location in Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee (Daily Herald)
· 133. West Chicago church offers sanctuary to Elgin man facing deportation after 30 years in U.S. (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 134. Naperville parents solve autistic son's housing needs by turning their house into group home (Daily Herald)
· 135. Students at Wheaton's Edison Elementary School learn to model, print 3D objects as part of digital-literacy project (Daily Herald)
· 136. Man convicted of sexually assaulting woman at his grandmother's house in Aurora (FOX 32)
· 137. Batavia police chief announces retirement (Daily Herald)
· 138. West Aurora School District 129 board approves licensing of logos on credit cards for cut of sales (Daily Herald)
· 139. West Chicago considers licensing, zoning requirements for gun shops (Daily Herald)
· 140. Canadian man killed in crash on I-294 near Wolf Road near Indian Head Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 141. New Lenox couple putting Montana-style 'lodge' on market for $5 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 142. Former Gary mayor to return skull thought to be Nat Turner's to revolutionary's descendents (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 143. Project Jupiter may bring 280-acre landfill for construction and landfill debris to Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 144. Porter County Assessor's Office sees 5.4 percent increase in tax appeals after voters approved Valparaiso Community School Corp. referendum (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 145. Voter-fraud investigation expands to 56 counties, including Lake, LaPorte (NBC 5)
· 146. Wheeler High School student arrested after pulling knife on another student aboard school bus in Union Township (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 147. Indiana sales-tax revenues drop for seventh consecutive month (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 148. Crown Point man accused of using fake Craigslist sex, car ads to harass Morton Grove Public Works employee after his firm was fired from contracted work (Chicago Tribune/Morton Grove Champion)
· 149. Cook County Circuit Court to begin holding juvenile-detention hearings on weekends, holidays beginning in November (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 150. Truck going wrong way hits Northbrook Public Library and gets stuck, temporarily closing the facility (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 151. Judge bars psychologist from testifying in former Inverness woman's trial for murdering her husband in 1979 (Daily Herald)
· 152. Village-subsidized renovations of Mundelein's Hawley Lake Plaza nearing completion, meeting with approval from officials, business owners (Daily Herald)
· 153. Wheeling man charged with arson in blaze in apartment-building hallway (Daily Herald)
· 154. Gages Park man charged with attempted armed robbery after luring another man with offer to return his lost cell phone (Daily Herald)
· 155. Lake County Sheriff's Office captures escaped sex offender in Round Lake Beach (Daily Herald)
· 156. Maine Township High School District 207 superintendent pushes plan to give students more time with counselors to develop college, career plans (Daily Herald)
· 157. Three of famous Ottawa sextuplets attending Aurora University, one attention North Central College in Naperville, another going to AU extension campus in Wisconsin (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 158. DUI suspected in crash that killed 9-year-old riding in minivan that was hit by vehicle that drove into oncoming traffic in downtown Aurora (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 159. Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar backs Donald Trump despite video; other Republicans fleeing from GOP presidential candidate (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 160. Markham strip club remains open despite fights, five shootings and being cited for numerous violations (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 161. Man dies later in day after his car struck a 'fixed object' in Harvey (Daily Herald)
· 162. President Obama plays golf, visits godmother's family in Olympia Fields (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 163. Kentucky-based Texas Roadhouse sues several companies involved in Texas Corral chain over copyright infringement (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 164. Federal judge orders East Chicago Housing Authority, East Chicago police to stop warrantless searches done without tenants' consent (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 165. Michigan City police arrest violent fugitive who escaped while on work-release (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 166. Gary man killed, second man taken to hospital after shooting (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 167. Man found stabbed in Gary dies at hospital (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 168. Crown Point removes 1936 ordinance banning commercialization of marriage ceremonies (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 169. Two companies eye former Hammond candy factory (Northwest Indiana Times)
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2016.09.04 14:57 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (9/4/16)

· 1. Doctor who runs Northbrook clinic helps address opioid addition in patients (Daily Herald)
· 2. Waukegan officials unveil plans for multi-million-dollar redevelopment of South Sheridan Road area to create 'Opportunity Hub' (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 3. Schaumburg delays discussion on trailer issue until Oct. 6 (Daily Herald)
· 4. Crown Point college students has plans for aquaponics business that incorporates fish into vegetable-growing (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 5. Centier Bank rebrands its wealth-management department as Centier Financial Partners (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 6. Altogether Valpo completes yearlong assignment; expected to present report to Valparaiso City Council in September (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 7. Neighbors hand out moving kits to residents of East Chicago's West Calument housing complex (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 8. Construction crew builds ramp for World War II veteran from Merrillville who broke both legs in a fall (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 9. Winfield public-works director lays out department's needs in advance of winter (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 10. Lake Station to take input from mobile-home communities before making decision on regulations (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Algae blooms create stinking mess in Fox River (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 12. Gurnee mayor criticizes village trustee over 'shaming' of panhandlers on Facebook (Daily Herald)
· 13. Two men from Skokie, one man from Evanston charged in Aug. 23 home burglary in Wilmette (Chicago Tribune/Wilmette Life)
· 14. Lake in the Hills man killed in two-vehicle crash on Route 23 near Harvard (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 15. Elgin citywide survey delays until 2017; feedback would be incorporated into city's comprehensive plan (Daily Herald)
· 16. State Sen. Mike Noland (D-Elgin) sustains injuries after falling off ladder while painting his home (Daily Herald)
· 17. Geneva's Peck Farm Park showcases birds of prey up close (Daily Herald)
· 18. Authorities allege Maywood woman was driving drunk when her car hit a parked Illinois State Police vehicle on I-355 in Addison (Chicago Tribune)
· 19. DuPage County Health Department reports Darien, Warrenville residents contracting West Nile virus (Daily Herald)
· 20. Oak Brook woman pleads guilty to multimillion-dollar embezzlement from Chicago law firm, sentenced to 10 months in prison, 18 months of probation (Daily Herald)
· 22. Heavy rain contributed to fatal crash involving car, semi truck in Custer Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 23. Valparaiso City Council backs reform of process that determines political districts (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 24. 90-year-old blind Gary woman dragged from her home, beaten and robbed (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 25. Whiting man charged with shooting Missouri man outside Whiting bar (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 26. Lake County Treasurer's Office relocates Gary facility to Lake County Courthouse (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 27. Canadian wire manufacturer buys Michigan City-based Sanlo Inc. (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 28. Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network: 20-year-decline in number of Monarch butterflies worsens (Chicago Tribune)
· 29. Rugby becoming a popular sports at suburban high schools (Daily Herald)
· 30. Pub 83, to open in Long Grove, will offer video gambling (Daily Herald)
· 31. $800,000 addition to Rolling Meadows Public Library will offer meeting rooms, group space (Daily Herald)
· 32. Oak Brook-based Inland Private Capital sells property where Vernon Hills Mariano's sits (Daily Herald)
· 33. Car bought for the Gliniewicz family to be auctioned off to benefit family Huntley police officer who died from cancer (ABC 7)
· 34. Hampshire considers creating business-development commission (Daily Herald)
· 35. Des Plaines man sentenced to 30 months of probation, drug rehab, drug testing after guilty plea to heroin possession (Chicago Tribune)
· 36. Elgin gas station robbed (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 37. Oak Park High School student shot and killed on Chicago street corner (WGN TV)
· 38. City of Aurora, police to meet with Aurora high schoolers to discuss national issues surrounding race, violence (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 39. DuPage County voters facing at least 20 referedum questions on November ballot (Daily Herald)
· 40. Carol Stream neighbors raise money for research into rare heart defect that claimed child's life in 2005 (Daily Herald)
· 41. Lombard man charged with DUI after crash that injured seven children in the vehicle he was driving (Daily Herald)
· 42. Montgomery boy accused of stealing bus from Oswego church, driving it to Naperville (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 43. Walmart to close store at Aurora's West Plaza Shopping Center by October (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 44. Naperville man charged with creation of child pornography (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 45. Lombard Historical Society pays off $202,000 loan from village for addition to carriage house at Victorian Cottage Museum (Daily Herald)
· 46. Sale of Markham roller rink to city under investigation by federal prosecutors for questionable appraisals, conflicts of interest (Chicago Tribune)
· 47. Amazon.com plans to build large distribution center in Monee; expected to hire hundreds of workers (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 48. Law clerk accused of posing as judge at Markham courthouse fired (ABC 7)
· 49. Three people charged with selling drugs from LaPorte rental house (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 50. East Chicago City Council concerned about proposal to convert part of Grand Boulevard to one-way (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 51. Police investigate illegally harvested ginseng roots found in backpack in Wanatah (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 52. Roll Form Group to shut down Stanrail boxcar factory in Gary in October (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 53. Gary man admits to beating boy to death at Portage mobile-home park in 2014 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 54. Waukegan Police Department using new body cameras that shows what's being recorded, includes radio communication between officer, dispatch (CBS 2)
· 55. Northwestern University officials propose renovating/replacing one residence hall as part of plan requiring students to live on campus their first two years at the school (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 56. Glenview Park District to move fifth tee, make other safety changes at Glenview Prairie Club following report of woman hit by golf ball while driving on Shermer Road in June (Chicago Tribune/Glenview Announcements)
· 57. Two Evanston men, one Chicago teen arrested for armed robbery after forcing woman to withdraw money from an ATM in Evanston (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 58. Long Grove mayor announces she will not run for re-election (Daily Herald)
· 59. Fox Lake still coping a year after Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's staged suicide, aftermath (ABC 7)
· 60. Federal Emergency Management Agency to give Des Plaines $11.5 million to help the city buy and demolish homes in floodplain (Daily Herald)
· 61. Executive director of Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce loses battle with lung cancer (Chicago Tribune)
· 62. Woodstock man charged with possession of 17 pounds of marijuana after traffic stop for expired registration (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 63. Elgin teen arrested after police find loaded gun in his backpack (Daily Herald)
· 64. First school-based food pantry in Kane County opens at Carpentersville Middle School (ABC 7)
· 65. Kane County Board refuses to cuts its own insurance and pension benefits, while struggling with $5.3 million budget gap (Daily Herald)
· 66. Campus Pride, Princeton Review list Wheaton College as one of the most unfriendly schools to LGBTQ students (Chicago Tribune)
· 67. Animal advocates offer reward in case of kitten found burned in Forest Park in July (Chicago Tribune/Oak Leaves)
· 68. President of Oak Brook-based McDonald's' U.S. business leaving by year's end (Chicago Tribune)
· 69. DuPage County safety officials run hazardous-materials-on-railroad drill in Downers Grove (Daily Herald)
· 70. DePaul to close Naperville campus, citing drop in enrollment (Daily Herald)
· 71. San Francisco-based Friedkin Realty Group buys Arbors of Brookdale in Naperville for $60 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 72. Oak Forest woman's profanity-laced letter to her husband about 'mom duties' goes viral on Facebook (NBC 5)
· 73. Harvey School Board member accused of sexual assault held on $50,000 bond (NBC 5)
· 74. 25-year-old man sentenced to life in prison for murder of woman and her unborn child in 2011; her body was found in a forest preserve near Calumet City (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 75. OPINION: Students given lessons in how to work with law enforcement at Thornton Township gathering (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 76. Owner of Homewood-based Serenity Marketing Inc. convicted of accepting kickbacks in exchange for referrals to home-healthcare company (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 77. Federal prosecutors indict 6 more members of Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters in health-care fraud case (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 78. Griffith tags Dec. 20 as de-annexation date if voters approve referendum withdrawing from Calumet Township (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 79. Chesterton native serving aboard U.S. Navy ship forged from World Trade Center steel (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 80. FBI seeking leads in 2005 murder of Hammond teenager found near Riverdale, Ill. (Chicago Tribune)
· 81. Parents complain about lack of air conditioning at River Forest Community School Corp. buildings (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 82. Century-old silver maple outside LaPorte County Courthouse to be cut down due to extensive damage caused by carpenter ants (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 83. Cook County issues 10,000th same-sex marriage certificate (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 84. Six Flags to introduce 'The Joker' thrill ride at its parks, including Gurnee location (ABC 7)
· 85. Village of Fox Lake not planning to re-establish Explorer post, discredited by Lt. Joe Gliniewicz (Daily Herald)
· 86. Wheeling's 'Grand Dame of Bicycling' dies at age 99 (Daily Herald)
· 87. Wilmette investment advisor sentenced to 6 years in jail for defrauding clients of about $2 million; used money to pay off debts, to gamble (Chicago Tribune)
· 88. Illinois appellate court judge sides with Lake County ruling that incumbant coroner shouldn't be on November ballot (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 89. Six-mile stretch of North Shore Bike Path between Lake Bluff and Mundelein being paved (Daily Herald)
· 90. Mount Prospect's Retro Bistro adds restaurant in Crystal Lake (Daily Herald)
· 91. Pie Five Pizza Co. to open restaurant in Rolling Meadows in September (Daily Herald)
· 92. Family starts GoFundMe account to raise money for reward on tips leading to missing South Elgin teen (Daily Herald)
· 93. Authorities: Naperville attorney made victims of child pornography sign contracts after they turned 18 years old to cover up the fact that they were minors at time of filming/photography (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 94. Chicago Zoological Society announces birth of two red river hog piglets at Brookfield Zoo (Chicago Tribune)
· 95. Joliet man found guilty of murder in 2014 drug-dead-turned-robbery in Aurora; brother already pleaded guilty to same murder (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 96. Teen killed in car crash in Maywood (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 97. Villa Park puts referendum to voters asking for tax increase to pay for work on 20 miles of village roads (Daily Herald)
· 98. Carol Stream-based UBM Facilities Services goes out of business after 37 years of operation (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 99. Forest Park couple bring upscale dining, Chicago chefs to Heritage (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 100. Arkansas man deported from Japan, arrested at O'Hare airport after international manhunt following placing of charges of sexual assault of Oswego boy (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 101. Woodridge man plans solo-rowing adventure on Lake Michigan to raise money for childhood-cancer research (WGN TV)
· 102. Convicted sex offender charged in 1991 rape and murder of Dixmoor girl; five years after Dixmoor Five cleared of the crime (CBS 2)
· 103. Mother leaves two babies at Phoenix Fire Station under Illinois Safe Haven law, but may face legal consequences as the children are older than the 30-day maximum of the law (CBS 2)
· 104. Ex-Lake Station mayor admits to wiretapping thousands of calls involving city staff (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 105. Canada-based PostashCorp opens massive new distribution center in Hammond (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 106. Sergeant Shriver National Center on Poverty files complaint with HUD, claiming East Chicago Housing Authority isn't following the law when it comes to relocation of residents (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 107. Residents of Dyer subdivision petition Town Council over amount, speed of traffic passing through (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 108. Three businesses moving locations inside Southlake Mall in Hobart; White Barn Candle Co. to join Bath & Body Works in new space (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 109. Center Lounge in Whiting robbed; one patron beaten, another robbed (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 110. Indiana State Police, InDOT seek help in stopping theft of copper wiring from highway lightpoles (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 111. Man sentenced to 77 months in prison for string of armed robberies in Cedar Lake, Crown Point, Plymouth, North Judson (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 112. Ad for Waukegan real-estate agency sparks uproar over depiction of mothers after children return to school (CBS 2)
· 113. Attorney sues Kenilworth to get police to open files on unsolved 1966 murder of Valerie Percy (NBC 5)
· 114. Two convicted felons from Waukegan to be charged after Facebook Live streaming of them shooting guns at Winthrop Harbor gun range (NBC 5)
· 115. Lake Zurich man charged with criminal sexual abuse of teenage relative (Chicago Tribune/Lake Zurich Courier)
· 116. Glenbrook North graduate gets dream job working as sports reporter for NBC 5 (Chicago Tribune/Northbrook Star)
· 117. Hainesville to host Civil War encampment on Sept. 10-11 (Daily Herald)
· 118. Village of Wauconda drafting rules for keeping backyard chickens (Daily Herald)
· 119. Arlington Heights police, firefighters rescue dog that fell into an open sewer (Daily Herald)
· 120. Man critically injured in car-vs-semi crash on Lake-Cook Road (Daily Herald)
· 121. Grillhouse by David Burke in Schaumburg closes after less than two years of operation (Daily Herald)
· 122. Westchester-based Ingredion to cut 100 IT jobs across country (25 locally) and outsource operations/support (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 123. Will County State's Attorney seeks special prosecutor to re-try New Lenox man for 2009 attack outside a Mokena bar that left victim paralyzed, blind and unable to speak (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 124. Theft suspect dies a week after being hit by semi truck he tried to flag down on I-57 (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 125. 22-year-old man fatally struck by Metra train near 95th Street and South 51st Avenue in Oak Lawn (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 126. People to do random acts of kindness in memory of Lemont teen killed by train while walking on railroad tracks in 2015 (WGN TV)
· 127. Oswego Uber driver arrested after allegedly using passenger's credit cards left in his car (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 128. Eisenhower High School student reprimanded, harassed by staff over decision to sit during Pledge of Allegiance (CBS 2)
· 129. All southbound lanes of I-57 closed after car catches fire near Matteson (NBC 5)
· 130. Minnesota man charged in Aug. 8 shooting that killed a man, injured another in Robbins (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 131. Former owner of LaPorte-based B&B Manufacturing Inc. buys Michigan City-based Jet Fabricators (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 132. LaPorte County woman charged with growing marijuana after retired Indiana State trooper spots plants from plane he was flying (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 133. Portage man dies from fall off mountain at Glacier National Park in Montana (ABC 7)
· 134. Strack & Van Til offers curb-side pickup service at 3 Strack & Van Til stores in Indiana, 4 Ultra Foods stores in Illinois and Indiana and at Valparaiso Town & Country (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 135. RE: Epilepsy to have live and silent auction of sports memorabilia, other items to support Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) on Saturday, Sept. 10 in Highwood (ABC 7)
· 136. Tax-increase, advisory referenda on November ballot in Antioch, Barrington, Fox River Grove, Green Oaks, Round Lake, Wauconda, Winthrop Harbor (Daily Herald)
· 137. Lake in the Hills man charged in home invasion, beating of Elgin resident; others may yet be charged (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 138. Roselle church leaders call abuse by former deacon 'terrible tragedy' (Daily Herald)
· 139. DuPage County man settles lawsuit over rape, staff retaliation at downstate prison for $450,000 (Chicago Tribune)
· 140. Montgomery village trustee accused of profanity-laced tirade against family he believed set off fireworks (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 141. Statue of Virgin Mary from Fatima, Portugal, to come to Batavia, Huntley, Naperville churches as part of U.S. tour (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 142. Largest Islamic convention in U.S. convenes in Rosemont, discusses ways to deal with challenges facing Muslim community (Daily Herald)
· 143. 24-year-old Lombard woman dies after being pulled from Chicago River (ABC 7)
· 144. Oswego motorcyclist killed in Bolingbrook crash (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 145. Highland Redevelopment Commission announces mural on city-owned building, seeks sculptures for public display, plans sculpture/arts walks (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 146. Merrillville man dies after his car lands in water-filled ditch along I-80/94 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 147. Merrillville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 168 plans fundraiser for fallen-officers memorial on Saturday, Sept. 10 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 148. Griffith man arrested for second time in 1980 shooting of Hammond police officer during robbery (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 149. Family Folklore Players debuts radio play to mark Indiana Dunes State Park's centennial in Chesterton (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 150. Town of Merrillville still working to revitalize Broadway corridor (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 151. Cedar Lake kids collection 'cop money,' pass out blue ribbons to generate money to support police (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 152. Teachers from Morton Grove elementary school, East Leyden and Thornton Township high schools given presidential awards in math, science education (Chicago Tribune)
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2016.08.21 16:15 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (8/21/16)

· 1. Four people charged in armed robbery spree in Waukegan (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 2. Man, child killed in fiery crash in Chicago Heights (ABC 7)
· 3. One man hospitalized, another refused treatment after shooting at Harvey gas station that stemmed from dispute at bar (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 4. Westville man arrested on charges of domestic battery, resisting arrest, DWI after crashing his car into a median near Valparaiso Walmart (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 5. Portage nearly ready to start $10 million in utility projects (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 6. Valparaiso City Council gives split decision to independent-redistricting resolution (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 7. U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities organization presents green-communities opportunities at Lowell (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 8. Three Lake County corrections officers fired, one demoted for involvement in inmate's 2012 death (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 9. Heavy-metal-themed burger joint Kuma's Corners plans Vernon Hills restaurant after upcoming opening of Chicago location (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 10. Clerk hit with gun during armed robbery of Zion auto-parts store (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 11. Two Las Vegas residents charged with shoplifting drones from Deer Park Apple store (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 12. Huntley Community School District 158 superintendent visits Finland, explains lessons American schools can learn from Finns (Daily Herald)
· 13. Joliet man caught videotaping up women's skirts at South Elgin festival (CBS 2)
· 14. Hanover Park family desperate to find missing 10-year-old Yorkshire terriePekinese/poodle mix that disappeared from veterinary clinic (WBBM AM 780)
· 15. Former employee of Arlington Heights-based Christian Liberty Academy pleads guilty to stealing about $300,000, has to repay $150,000, given 2 years probation (Chicago Tribune)
· 16. Rolling Meadows man charged with domestic, sexual abuse following dispute over cell phone (Daily Herald)
· 17. Palatine Township Elementary School District 15 to seek $130 million referendum to build two new schools (Daily Herald)
· 18. National Center on Poverty Law criticizes proposed Caton Farm-Bruce Road project that would cut through unincorporated Fairmount in Will County (Chicago Tribune)
· 19. Geneva ice arena plays host to first-annual National Figure Skating Competition (NBC 5)
· 20. Several customers, workers attacked with pepper spray at Forest Park Walmart (ABC 7)
· 21. Body of newborn baby found in backpack along road near Wheaton (FOX 32)
· 22. Riverside Police charge Cicero man with trying to lure two girls into his car in May (CBS 2)
· 23. Some fans walk away disappointed after Hello Kitty Café food truck sells out of its products before everyone is served at Oakbrook Center (Chicago Tribune)
· 24. Woman's body discovered in forest-preserve parking lot in Orland Park (CBS 2)
· 25. Update: Woman whose car was struck by a semi on U.S. 30 between Aurora and Plainfield dies (CBS 2)
· 26. 2-year-old Worth girl dies from injuries after being struck by a vehicle in Palos Hills (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 27. One man killed, two other people wounded in shooting in Sauk Village (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 28. Hometown's recently resigned police chief under investigation, but officials won't say for what (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 29. Lake Station expected to draw up standards to address mobile-home issues (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 30. Hobart plans to use eminent domain to acquire four properties as part of downtown streetscape project (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 31. Gary mayor's proposed town hall on regional law enforcement gets attention of U.S. Conference of Mayors (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 32. Employee of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 988 in Valparaiso accused of stealing $4,000 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 33. Lafayette man drowns after being hit by waves at Indiana Dunes State Park in Porter; alcohol was also a factor in his death (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 34. Two women arrested after one argued with her brother, while the other crashed into his SUV (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 35. Ground broken in Homewood for first of eight new Krispy Kreme shops in suburbs (Chicago Tribune)
· 36. U.S. Rep. Bob Dold (R-Evanston) introduces legislation to eliminate taxes on Olympic medals, other winnings (NBC 5)
· 37. Stevenson, Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South high schools begin school year with later first bells (ABC 7)
· 38. Walgreens stores in Aurora, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Downers Grove, Elgin, Glen Ellyn, Hanover Park, McHenry, Mount Prospect, Naperville, Villa Park, Waukegan to collect unused prescription medication (Daily Herald)
· 39. Carpentersville man pleads not guilty to charge of embezzling $962,000 from Niles wig manufacturer (Chicago Tribune)
· 40. Developer plans autumn groundbreaking for Wheeling Town Center (Daily Herald)
· 41. Wilmette fire chief credits sprinkler system with reducing damage caused by Aug. 11 fire at Imperial Motors (Chicago Tribune/Wilmette Life)
· 42. Illinois appellate court affirms Lake County Clerk's Office staff's ability to unionize (Daily Herald)
· 43. Elgin Area Unit School District U-46 vote against release of closed-session audio from January 2014 (Daily Herald)
· 44. Owners of Arlington Heights banquet hall need to find parking for proposed 10-story hotel (Daily Herald)
· 45. Addison man held on $1 million bond after Elgin Police, ICE, Homeland Security discover weapons cache in Elgin self-storage facility (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 46. German pharmaceutical company Vetter decides to locate in Des Plaines after city offers tax breaks (Daily Herald)
· 47. Lake in the Hills searching for new village administrator after previous one resigned last week (Daily Herald)
· 48. Chicago police cite truck driver that killed Rolling Meadows cyclist on city's northwest side (Daily Herald)
· 49. Arlington Heights village president announces bid for second term (Daily Herald)
· 50. Naperville Crime Stoppers offers reward on information related to burglaries that happened between Aug. 6 and 11 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 51. City of St. Charles finalizes 2-2.5 percent raises for firefighters, working on salary hikes for other employees (Daily Herald)
· 52. Kane County to resume electronics-recycling program with drop-offs in Batavia, South Elgin, West Dundee (Daily Herald)
· 53. Ex-Elburn policeman pleads guilty to sexual assault of a child; sentenced to 23 years in prison (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 54. Geneva City Council abandons planned sales-tax referendum, considering 2 percent places-for-eating tax instead (Daily Herald)
· 55. Glen Ellyn Village Board approves annexation of land for proposed 12-house subdivision (Daily Herald)
· 56. PartyLite to close Batavia candle factory in November, putting 144 people out of work (Daily Herald)
· 57. Bat found in Palos Community Hospital's obstetrics wing tests positive for rabies (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 58. Man sues Markham police officers, claiming he was beaten during a traffic stop (CBS 2)
· 59. Man charged in fatal Sunday-morning crash in Chicago Heights (ABC 7)
· 60. Sunnybrook Elementary District 171 approves range of improvements at Heritage Middle School (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 61. Hammond Redevelopment Commission hears proposal for second high-end office building at Oxbow Landing development (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 62. Indiana, LaPorte County Health Department addresses potential outbreak of hand-foot-mouth disease at LaPorte High School (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 63. Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg talks investment in businesses, in Northwest Indiana (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 64. Police investigating series of burglaries, thefts in west-central LaPorte County (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 65. U.S. Housing and Urban Development approves $8.7 million loan to allow Hammond to redevelop Woodmar Mall into wellness center (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 66. Itasca-based National Safety Council estimates traffic deaths in 2016 will top 1,000 (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 67. Private foundation — Club 116 — formed to help students, teachers at Round Lake Area Unit School District 116 (Daily Herald)
· 68. Owners of Volo Auto Museum ink deal with the History Channel to film, produce TV series about vehicles, museum (Daily Herald)
· 69. Worker injured when construction equipment falls into ditch in Mundelein's Loch Lomond subdivision (Chicago Tribune/Mundelein Review)
· 70. North Chicago man arrested for bank robbery, three Wisconsin men charged with armed robbery of family gathering in North Chicago (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 71. Lake County deputy talks man down from bridge in Beach Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 72. Mundelein High School officials present case for eliminating block-scheduling during public meeting (Daily Herald)
· 73. Wheeling-based Therm Flo Inc. to relocate to Buffalo Grove, moving 100 jobs with it (Daily Herald)
· 74. Objections filed against referendum that would determine whether Des Plaines elected officials get health insurance (Daily Herald)
· 75. Aldi to open location in Palatine on Aug. 25 (Daily Herald)
· 76. Algonquin native Evan Jager gets silver in 3,000-meter steeplechase at Rio Olympics (Chicago Tribune)
· 77. Schaumburg officials vote down plan to bury electric wires when Plum Grove Road is reconstructed (Daily Herald)
· 78. Mount Prospect forcefully annexes 27 acres along Busse Road over landowners' objections (Daily Herald)
· 79. Man hospitalized after attack on Batavia Riverwalk (Daily Herald)
· 80. German drugmaker Fresenius Kabi plans $250 million, four-building expansion at its Melrose Park factory (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 81. Berwyn man, co-owner of Chicago-based IBT Transportation, sentenced to 30 months in prison for Medicare fraud (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 82. Elburn village administrator resigns to take new job (Daily Herald)
· 83. Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson to seek sixth term (Daily Herald)
· 84. Report: 79 percent of water fountains, faucets at St. Charles Community School District 303 buildings show no lead problems (Daily Herald)
· 85. Third bat found inside Palos Community Hospital (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 86. Richton Park homeowner stabbed multiple times during early-morning home invasion (NBC 5)
· 87. Matteson School District 159 official: Nepotism 'has been around since the beginning of life' (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 88. Cook County judge removed from bench after allegedly allowing attorney to wear judicial robe, hear cases at Markham courthouse (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Former Lansing policeman/plan commissioner killed in motorcycle accident in Lynwood (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 90. Noka's Cafe and Catering opens inside Old Lake County Courthouse in Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 91. Hanover Central High School baseball/girls' basketball coach abruptly removed after parents complain to school board about his decisions (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 92. 23 Norco pills reported stolen from residential care facility in Chesterton (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 93. Griffith reaches number of required signatures to place township-deannexation referendum on ballot (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 94. Winfield Redevelopment Commission approves downtown master plan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 95. Off Square Brewing breaks ground for second craft brewery in Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 96. Lowell Town Council issues town-backed credit card to town manager (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 97. Lake County Board looks to prevent seepage from rural septic tanks from polluting land, waters (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 98. Johnsburg man charged with aggravated DUI in Aug. 10 fatal crash with motorcycle (Chicago Tribune)
· 99. Northwestern University sued over alleged poor management of employee retirement plans (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 100. Clerk at Waukegan gas station pepper-sprayed during armed robbery (CBS 2)
· 101. Federal appellate court rules that Bensenville-based Amglo unlawfully retaliated against striking workers by sending jobs to Mexico (Chicago Tribune)
· 102. Replica of Palatine's Volunteer Plaza clock honors village's Sister City relationship in Fontenay-le-Comte, France (Daily Herald)
· 103. Algonquin considers building pedestrian underpass under Randall Road for students to reach Jacobs High School (Daily Herald)
· 104. Man withdraws petitions to run referendum on health insurance for Des Plaines public officials after challenges (Daily Herald)
· 105. Owner of Sonny Acres in West Chicago passes away at age 98 (Chicago Tribune)
· 106. Naperville deputy fire chief tapped to be chief of Lombard Fire Department (Daily Herald)
· 107. Elk Grove Village mayor: Jewel, Kroger holding village hostage by holding leases and preventing new grocery stores from opening in empty buildings (Daily Herald)
· 108. Former Indiana Prairie Unit School District 204 administrator starts appointed principal of Butler Elementary School District 53 facility (Daily Herald)
· 109. South Elgin-based Anderson Animal Shelter plans to open satellite location in North Aurora (Daily Herald)
· 110. Lisle-based Molex LLC to acquire Wisconsin-based Phillips-Medisize Corp. (Daily Herald)
· 111. 1-year-old boy allegedly shot in head by 11-year-old cousin playing with a gun inside a Riverdale apartment (CBS 2)
· 112. Woman killed, man badly wounded in Calumet City shooting (CBS 2)
· 113. Merrillville Plan Commission approves proposed firearms store, range on Louisiana Street (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 114. Dyer Town Council OKs purchase of second K-9 unit, to serve as bomb-sniffer and school-resource canine (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 115. Gary man dies from gunshot wound to head (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 116. Valparaiso police seek help finding two men who conducted a smash-and-grab burglary at Target store (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 117. Former Gary firefighter ordered to repay $30,000 stolen from firefighters' union (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 118. Study: Chicago suburbs has 17.3 percent rate of homeowners with underwater mortgages (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 119. Two men arrested after allegedly taking leaf blower at gunpoint from landscapers in Lake Forest (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 120. Teen killed in head-on crash on Route 173 in Antioch (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 121. Man taken to hospital after seven-hour barricade situation in Des Plaines (Chicago Tribune/Park Ridge Herald-Advocate)
· 122. McHenry County woman claims she accidentally shot out TV that her children were watching because of threats against her (Chicago Tribune)
· 123. Arlington Heights Elementary School District 25 debates selling $35.1 million in bonds to pay for additions to two schools, addressing life-safety issues districtwide (Daily Herald)
· 124. Mount Prospect extends tax break for DP Realty Partners LLC, meaning Irv's Luggage will remain in its 10-year home (Daily Herald)
· 125. Protestors picket outside Obama Presidential Library archive site in Hoffman Estates over use of nonunion labor (Daily Herald)
· 126. Lawsuit alleges 16-year-old boy sexually assaulted by another patient while he was at Riveredge Hospital in Forest Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 127. Chef plans second restaurant inside Oak Brook Hills Resort (Daily Herald)
· 128. Q&A with Glen Ellyn Elementary School District 89's new superintendent (Daily Herald)
· 129. Medical-marijuana dispensary opens doors in Oak Park (ABC 7)
· 130. First day of school delayed at Elmhurst elementary school after discovery of bats in multipurpose room (CBS 2)
· 131. North Aurora teen cited in fatal car-vs-motorcycle crash on Randall Road in Batavia (FOX 32)
· 132. City of Geneva looking at app to allow drivers to pay parking fees from smartphones (Daily Herald)
· 133. Palos Hills pilot apologizes after floatplane goes adrift in Illinois River while he was hiking at Starved Rock State Park (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 134. Stormy weather forces Chesterton man to call off attempt to swim across Lake Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 135. Fire departments, NIPSCO respond to breaker-box fire at Lake Station junior high school (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 136. LaPorte County files petition with Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission demanding NIPSCO to improve service or lower rates (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 137. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency releases $1.9 million to East Chicago to relocate West Calumet Housing Complex residents (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 138. Porter County Jail to expand domestic-violence education program to include male inmates (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 139. Dyer police investigate smash-and-grab burglary at Nick's Cigarettes (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 140. Chicago-based lawn-care company discusses how to organically control crabgrass (Chicago Tribune)
· 141. Lake County assessors claim they were cut out of property-valuation process run by Lake County Assessor's Office (Daily Herald)
· 142. Carhartt to open store at Gurnee Town Center in October (Daily Herald)
· 143. Wheeling nonprofit provides funerals, burials for babies who were abandoned or died tragically (Daily Herald)
· 144. Parents in Elgin neighborhood upset after Central Community Unit School District 301 cancels bus service to nearby school (CBS 2)
· 145. Waste Management considers expanding 'Recycle Often. Recycle Right' campaign to more neighborhoods (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 146. New South Elgin public-works facility on Bowes Road expected to increase efficiency when it comes to snow-plowing (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 147. Candidates claim Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan trying to 'buy control' of Aurora's next mayor with fundraising dinner (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 148. Man robs Citibank branch in Lombard (Chicago Sun-Times)
64-year-old Mexican national sentenced to 10 years in prison after police discovered 157 pounds of marijuana in 2015 in house near Aurora (Daily Herald)
· 149. Family of student sues Indiana Prairie Unit School District 204, alleging officials failed to protect her from sexual assaults on bus (Daily Herald)
· 150. Naperville protestor's collage depicts fire that destroyed his tent (Daily Herald)
· 151. Woman talks teen despondent over sibling's sudden death out of jumping in front of train in Palos Park (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 152. Plans in place for more restoration at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Will County (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 153. Joliet man dies 25 years after being shot in the spine (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 154. Richton Park man dies from injuries he received in house fire that happened seven months ago (CBS 2)
· 155. Dolton streets flooded by heavy rains on Saturday (ABC 7)
· 156. Gary man, one of seven charged in execution-style killing of brothers dead found in Hobart, pleads guilty (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 157. Circle K proposes 'gas boutique' in St. John for second time (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 158. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may change scope of East Chicago lead-cleanup project (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 159. Five members of Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters accused of illegally collecting from union's health-insurance program (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 160. Businesses, homeowners may get access to façade-improvement funds that stem from Gary Urban Enterprise Association scandal (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 161. ArcelorMittal donates $50,000 toward renovation of 1912 Grand Truck Railroad station in Valparaiso (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 162. Cedar Lake to rewrite garage-sale ordinance following resident discontent over previous proposal (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 163. Special-needs organization seeks to lower speed limit on Hobart's Colorado Street near its facilities (Northwest Indiana Times)
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2016.05.01 16:04 emememaker73 The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (5/1/16)

Wheeling High School student's artwork to be on display in U.S. Capitol for one year (Daily Herald)
Elgin computer programmer gets break, becomes Neil Diamond tribute artist in Las Vegas (Daily Herald)
DuPage spends about twice what other collar counties do on courthouse security because they use sworn sheriff's officers, whereas others use lower-paid security officers (Daily Herald)
Growth at Gary Chicago International Airport offers hope for city hurt by economic downturn (Chicago Tribune)
Activists protest outside Zion gun store located on Sheridan Road (Chicago Tribune/Lake County Sun-News)
Morton Arboretum leader, drumming up support for Arbor Day, talks about how important trees are to urbanized areas (WBBM AM 780)
Ex-boyfriend charged in murder of Merrillville woman, he and his current girlfriend charged with felony fraud for using dead woman's food-assistance benefits and selling her car (CBS 2)
Three-car accident at Arlington Heights Road and Euclid Avenue sends two people to hospital (Daily Herald)
Ground broken for Pepper Road Pathway in Lake Barrington (Daily Herald)
Race at McHenry County College brings out superheroes to benefit variety of charities (Daily Herald)
Bishop of Diocese of Gary says St. Mary of the Lake Church, once threatened with closure, to remain open (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
DuPage, Will coroners: Naperville fentanyl death forebodes potentially 'catastrophic' year (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Bartlett Village Board approves $53.6 million budget (Daily Herald)
Opinions split over effectiveness of slate of candidates elected to Long Grove Village Board (Daily Herald)
Indian Prairie Unit School District 204, whose three high schools have won 16 Grammy Awards, places a focus on the arts; other suburban districts have won awards since 1999 (Daily Herald)
Elgin, Barrington students aim to log 5 million minutes of physical activity in the classroom (Daily Herald)
Communities work to replace trees lost in battle with emerald ash borer (Chicago Tribune)
Palatine-based Community Consolidated School District 15 approves 10-year teachers contract (Chicago Tribune)
Drunken driver from Chicago also arrested for punching, spitting on Riverside officer (Chicago Sun-Times)
Suburban Cook County still seeing depressed house prices; Blue Island home prices down an average of 47.2 percent since housing bubble burst (Crain's Chicago Business)
Will County holds community summit about the threat heroin poses (WBBM AM 780)
Gary man released from jail after DNA evidence clears him of 1989 rape (CBS 2)
Two people sent to hospital after vehicle they were in crashed into a wall outside Libertyville Starbucks (Daily Herald)
Handful of visitors turn out for wreath-laying in honor of 45 people killed in 1946 train crash in Naperville (Daily Herald)
A first for Illinois Supreme Court: Hearing oral arguments at a school, Benedictine University in Lisle, on May 19 (Daily Herald)
Naperville woman's defense team to claim insanity in murder of son, another child (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Alleged sex-abuse victim sues Hastert, claiming breech of contract for failing to pay in full $3.5 million promised to keep deal quiet (Chicago Tribune)
Developer plans new hotel near former Purple Hotel property in Lincolnwood while another developer struggles with finances to redevelop land (Chicago Tribune/Lincolnwood Review)
Woodstock police trying to determine who put a weeks-old puppy in a pillow case, taped it shut, then abandoned it near a busy road (Chicago Tribune)
Two men shot at Aurora gas station; police suspect shooting was gang-related (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
Stone Park man shot to death in Melrose Park; case under investigation (Chicago Tribune)
Elmhurst fifth-grader recognized for saving young sister from drowning (Chicago Tribune)
Two Round Lake teens arrested for allegedly burglarizing neighbor's house, taking jewelry, alcohol and tobacco products (Chicago Tribune/Lake County Sun-News)
Shorewood man charged in late-night motorcycle accident that killed pedestrian, another biker on Illinois Route 59 (Chicago Sun-Times)
Sauk Village treasurer charged with embezzling money from village's police pension fund by issuing fraudulent checks to himself (Chicago Sun-Times)
Police investigate two separate drive-by shootings at same house in Plainfield (CBS 2)
Crete native on his way to NFL draft visits elementary school which he attended (WGN TV)
Geneva School District 304 schedules forum for May 3 to discuss objections to proposed TIF district (Daily Herald)
Mundelein Village Board OKs one-year extension to firefighters' contract, $54.9 million budget (Daily Herald)
Lightning strike damages Vernon Hills townhouse building, displaces four families (Daily Herald)
Yorkville man killed in two-truck crash on I-88 near Naperville during evening rush hour (Daily Herald)
Man killed when his car is struck while stopped unexpectedly on Illinois Route 173 outside Van Patten Forest Preserve near Zion (Daily Herald)
Task force recommends Glen Ellyn Elementary School District 41 build permanent addition to Hadley Junior High (Daily Herald)
Police seek man who robbed Oswego convenience store at gunpoint on Saturday (Chicago Sun-Times)
Illinois, Indiana reach deal that will fund revamped environmental study for controversial Illiana Expressway (Crain's Chicago Business)
Oak Park police issue warning after attempted child abduction at Fox Park (ABC 7)
Two men posing as utility workers steal jewelry from Palatine home (Daily Herald)
Naperville City Council approves 39-unit apartment building near 5th Avenue Metra station (Daily Herald)
Vernon Hills-based Hawthorn Elementary District 73 formulating facilities plan as enrollment continues to grow (Daily Herald)
DuPage County Board considering raises for board members, some countywide elected officials (Daily Herald)
Board chairman announces plans to consolidate DuPage Election Commission, DuPage County Clerk's Office (Daily Herald)
Roselle man sentenced to 2 months in jail, 2 years of probation for head-butting Metra conductor (Daily Herald)
Evanston Township High School District 65 commits to change how system treats minorities (Chicago Tribune)
[Debate over whether two aldermen were in Harvey City Council meeting leaves officials wondering whether they passed ordinance giving city ability to collect property taxes](www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-harvey-levy-fight-met-20160426-story.html) (Chicago Tribune)
Owner of Evanston's Dave's Italian Kitchen close to signing lease to open new restaurant in town (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Federal Reserve Chairman speaks at Northwestern University; says reforms following Great Recession are improving things, but doesn't address whether they will prevent future financial crises (Chicago Tribune)
Teacher from Joliet elementary school competes on 'Jeopardy!' (Chicago Tribune)
I-55 crash near Bolingbrook claims life of Coal City man (Chicago Sun-Times)
Hebron man dead after his car crashes into tree (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cook County jury awards $22.7 million to widow of man killed by allegedly drugged driver on I-294 near Roosevelt Road four years ago (Chicago Sun-Times)
Springfield man, a convicted murderer, arrested for failing to register his address following tip that he was staying at PADS facilities in Kendall County (Chicago Sun-Times)
Driver, passenger taken to hospital after car they were in hit a pole, a building in Oak Lawn (Chicago Sun-Times)
DuPage County acknowledges its roll in African-American history, notably Graue Mill's participation in the Underground Railroad (WBBM AM 780)
Neighbor charged in stabbing deaths of two people in Lyons assisted-living facility, following argument over allegedly property taken by one of the victims (ABC 7)
Harvard announces the sale of former Motorola plant (Chicago Tribune)
Forest View woman charged with intentionally crashing her car into ex-boyfriend's in Riverside in order to make him talk to her (Chicago Sun-Times)
FBI: West Chicago bank robbed at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
Gary teen charged with battery after hitting mother during argument (Chicago Sun-Times)
Event planner proposes banquet hall for former Cubby Bear North sports bar in Lincolnshire (Daily Herald)
Rolling Meadows City Council rejects rezoning, meaning mosque can't move to proposed location (Daily Herald)
Woodland Elementary School District 50 board fires lunch monitor accused of shoving student to floor (Daily Herald)
Some legislators wary of governor's proposal to allow private company to build lanes on Stevenson Expressway (I-55) between I-355 and I-90/94 interchanges (Crain's Chicago Business)
Three Chicago-area Congressmen pen letter to city of Chicago urging the reopening of a diagonal runway at O'Hare Airport; state Senator, leader of O'Hare watchdog group say the letter is a first step to addressing Wood Dale residents' concerns (WBBM AM 780)
Customers turn out to support owner of Schaumburg hobby store, where a burglar stole $5,000 worth of merchandise (NBC 5)
Overturned semi blocks northbound lanes of Indiana State Road 49 near Chesterton, causing backup on I-94 (ABC 7)
Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months in prison for violating bank laws; judge calls him a 'serial child molester' for actions that led to hush-money case (Chicago Tribune)
Former Wheaton College president passes away at 89 from complications of lung cancer (Chicago Tribune)
U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton touts need for American manufacturing jobs during visit to Munster Steel plant (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
DuPage County treasurer says property owners can expect 2.52 percent increase in taxes (Daily Herald)
Metra hires architect to start on remodel of Libertyville station (Daily Herald)
New liquor-license category will allow three Aurora restaurants to reduce late-night kitchen operations while still selling alcohol (Daily Herald)
Algonquin's Founders' Days festival (July 28-31) to return to Towne Park downtown, after three years at a neighborhood park (Daily Herald)
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police names Batavia detective Most Outstanding Officer of the Year (Daily Herald)
Arlington Heights man charged with residential burglary, unlawful videotaping after installing a video camera in neighbors' apartment (Daily Herald)
Deadline for Miss, Junior Miss and Little Miss Libertyville pageants is May 12 (Daily Herald)
Carpentersville man reels in estimated 50-inch muskie on Fox River below the Algonquin dam (WBBM AM 780)
Calumet Park man shot in chest, dies at the corner of 125th and South Paulina in Calumet City (Chicago Sun-Times)
Ex-Addison, ex-Elk Grove Village police officer, now living in Ohio, charged with wife's shooting death (Chicago Sun-Times)
LaSalle County man wanted in Kendall County for disorderly conduct, retail theft, failure to appear in court arrested in San Diego, Calif. (Chicago Sun-Times)
Johnsburg couple's plan to renew their vows in Las Vegas hits turbulence; calling a purported Spirit Airlines representative, not the carrier itself, and rebooking flight costs them $840 (NBC 5)
Hampshire resident opens specialty grocery store in East Dundee (Daily Herald)
Tensions between Rolling Meadows police officers, former chief appear to be behind his earlier-than-planned retirement (Daily Herald)
Students from Youth Leadership Academy urge Elgin to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day (Daily Herald)
Evanston, Mitchell Museum of the American Indian team up to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day on the city's calendar (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Richton Park couple to appear on Spike TV's 'Life or Debt' show on Sunday (Chicago Tribune)
State administrative appeals judge finds that former College of DuPage controller didn't engage in misconduct or intentionally violate school policy (Chicago Tribune)
Police: Evanston Township High School student brought unloaded semi-automatic gun to school (Chicago Tribune)
Elgin man arrested for robbing a person at knifepoint in Elgin, using stolen credit card (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cicero minister sentenced to 5 years in prison for bilking federal program for child care out of $900,000 (Chicago Sun-Times)
Lake Bluff-based Abbott Labs acquires St. Jude Medical Inc. for $25 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
Sons of Union Veterans to install markers on Civil War graves in Oswego cemetery; dedication scheduled for May 7 (WBBM AM 780)
Man found dead inside bathroom at North Riverside Kohl's store (WGN TV)
Learn how to create an edible forest garden on May 7 at Resiliency Institute in Naperville (Daily Herald)
Glen Ellyn Village Board approves bringing back Intelligentsia Cup cycling race (Daily Herald)
Round Lake church volunteer sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual abuse of teen boy (Daily Herald)
Disbarred Naperville attorney given nearly 5-year sentence, has to pay $240,000 for her part in mortgage scheme that cost lenders, homeowners $725,000 (Daily Herald)
Former Cubs, Sox players — including Ozzie Guillen — to participate in charity softball game on Sept. 10 at Boomers Stadium in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
Man sent to prison for 20 years after abusing boys at Mooseheart School fighting state's attempt to have him committed indefinitely as sexually dangerous person (Daily Herald)
Allegations made of Evanston Township High School staff stealing from students' lockers; video surfaces online (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
Body found down embankment at Cline and 5th avenues in Gary ID'd as that of uncle of murdered Burbank man; uncle was shot to death (Chicago Tribune/Post-Tribune)
Lincoln-Way High School District 210 releases capital-projects list, enumerating $4.65 million in work that needs to be done (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
Naperville residents demand changing name of 'Hassert Boulevard,' mistaking street's appellation for former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert; Bolingbrook posts explanation on its website differentiating names (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Crystal Lake man arrested for providing morphine pills to woman who died of an overdose in March (Chicago Sun-Times)
Woman reports attempted kidnapping after man helped change a car tire in the parking lot at Home Depot on Randall Road in South Elgin (Chicago Sun-Times)
Judge approves sale of Ameristar Casino in East Chicago to trust, which will lease the building back to owner's subsidiary (Times of Northwest Indiana)
Rest of litter related to puppy found inside taped-up pillow case turned over to Gilberts animal-rescue center (WBBM AM 780)
Wood Dale Bank and Trust robbed (CBS 2)
Driver, two students from Homer Glen school bus taken to hospital following accident in which a car pulled out in front of the bus in Lockport; driver, passenger in car also hospitalized (CBS 2)
Illinois attorney general calls to eliminate statute of limitations on felony sexual assaults and sex crimes against children (NBC 5)
Major construction projects in Indiana include Interstate 94 from Illinois to Michigan; state police plan extra patrols for work zones and won't issue warnings (WGN TV)
Police/fire pensions eat into Mount Prospect's budget surplus, prompting the village to examine proposed tax increase (Daily Herald)
Glenbard High School District 87, Glen Ellyn police investigate threat made against Glenbard West on social media, despite it being declared 'unfounded' (Daily Herald)
West Chicago Community High School basketball player a finalist for U.S. Army and Pro Football Hall of Fame's award of excellence (Daily Herald)
Des Plaines Elementary School District 62 expecting loss of 250 students over the next eight years, then enrollment expected to stabilize (Daily Herald)
18-year-old Naperville man already facing charges of battery and misuse of a weapon now accused of sexual abuse of a teenage girl (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Two youth-home workers in Lake Villa indicted in 'choke-hold' death of boy (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Zion man charged with robbing Northbrook store at knifepoint while he was wearing women's clothing (Chicago Sun-Times)
Switching delays cause delays on four Metra lines on Friday morning (Chicago Sun-Times)
Arlington Heights Elementary School District 25 begins planning for Thomas Middle School addition (Daily Herald)
Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit and Sponge to appear on stage at Naperville's Last Fling as part of Summerland Tour (Daily Herald)
Village sets up Go Gurnee campaign to encourage residents to walk 30 minutes a day during May (Daily Herald)
Zion police arrest four people for beating a man and two women, shooting a woman in Wadsworth (Daily Herald)
Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 policy group recommends against creating written regarding transgender students' bathroom acesss (Daily Herald)
Coombs Road bridge north of Elgin to remain closed as result of 'age-related damage' (Daily Herald)
Lake County state's attorney says no charges will be filed against Zion police officer in shooting of mentally-ill man (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Former Wheaton College student pleas guilty to secretly videotaping three coeds in college-owned apartment (Chicago Tribune)
Man robs Ben Franklin Bank branch in Arlington Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
La Crosse, Ind., man dies after being shot in Chicago Heights (Chicago Sun-Times)
Yorkville man charged with stealing credit cards from Plano YMCA locker last year (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cook County clerk to let stand disputed Harvey vote on property-tax ordinance (Chicago Tribune)
Arlington International Racecourse, Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association reach deal, just days before facility set to reopen for season (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
Former Barrington High School football player, college student from Elgin cast on MTV matchmaking series (Chicago Tribune)
Operator of Downers Grove charity charged with falsely reporting that a woman did community service, accepted $300 in exchange (Chicago Sun-Times)
Preservationist questions Lake County Forest Preserve District's plan to move Discovery Museum from Wauconda to Libertyville (Daily Herald)
Ivy Hill Elementary School in Arlington Heights celebrates 50th anniversary (Daily Herald)
GrubHub has expanded service to Evanston, Northbrook, Park Ridge and Skokie; plans to add Naperville and Schaumburg in coming week (Crain's Chicago Business)
1,216-student Calumet City School District 155 paying superintendent $413,219 annually (CBS 2)
Elderly driver makes turn, crashes into a bakery and a salon in Bridgeview, then drives off; he later turned himself into police (CBS 2)
Former Roman Catholic priest who once served in Naperville found guilty of sexual abuse of students while he taught at a Michigan high school (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
Former Bear Desmond Clark claims Vernon Hills school has 'racist culture' (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
Couple from unincorporated Homer Township (Will County) dead in apparent murder-suicide (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
Huntley police searching for man who held up a 7-Eleven with a handgun (Daily Herald)
Elgin teen facing felony residential burglary charge for entering a house by tearing open a window screen (Daily Herald)
Des Plaines man struck, killed by semi truck after getting out of his car, which had been involved in a multi-vehicle crash (Daily Herald)
Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department rescues ducklings from storm drain (Daily Herald)
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