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2023.05.30 00:59 TossNoTrack Help me ID my parts kit.

Newbie here, so go easy.
I don't know the names of all the parts I have, or what caliber it is. I have a parts kit stamped China on the trunion. There are a bunch of pieces in bags with labels/tags> Made in China stapled to them. The stock and other wood pieces have tags> For AK-47 Poly China.
Wondering if I could acquire some help in identifying.
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2023.05.30 00:58 HornetOutside4327 please can anyone help me find this opening track

if anyone has listened to arrvela s trick or treat set from 2016 i think please i need to find this opening track ive been looking for it for 5 years
Listen to Arvvela @ Trick or treat ? Hardtechno 2016 by Arvvela on #SoundCloud https://on.soundcloud.com/CuqsY
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2023.05.30 00:58 Bloodylucky_yt CHAPTER 1

Smoke… fire… running… “Help!!!'' Elizabeth hears her mom and brother yell from the house her father is carrying her from… from her house! Their house! The house she's lived in since she was a baby. Her father puts her down. “DON'T move!” He runs back into the house. Her eyes remain dry as the heat evaporates her tears almost instantly, she stares at the fire. She sees a blue flash. Her father does not return. Kobolds and goblins, they sack the town around her as she stares into the fire that consumes her house, her family and the town around them all … Elizabeth just stares in disbelief, meanwhile, a gnome roasts marshmallows in the ash of what is left of everything she's ever loved.
2 weeks later
She didn't leave what was once her home town with much, only a bag of coins; a little melted, and a stuffed animal, oddly and completely unsinged. Elizabeth was 10, she had walked here with a group of newly orphaned kids to this treacherous place and met strange people far removed from her old town.
After only a few days there, you could say she was having quite a culture shock. She soon realized she couldn't make it on her own so… she surrendered and reluctantly went to the orphanage with a few of the others. She didn't blend with them very well, but that didn't matter much, for long. A nobleman soon came to do charity work and scensed magic and potential in her during his charity drive and made sure all other aspiring parents stayed away from her. At the end almost all orphans were adopted except her and before he left he offered her the opportunity to be his apprentice for he was primarily a wizard .
At first she hated even the thought of this because of her bad experiences with magic and it’s creatures as well as her parents warnings against interfering and using magic. But he gave her three days to mull it over and eventually she decided it was the best thing for her to do. She considered that she would be well cared for, and magic couldn't really be that bad. Only the creatures and people who used it. Only good people should have magic.
So she learned slowly with his training, starting with the very basics of collecting materials. “Where are we going, Sir?” she asked, while eating her buttered muffin and soup presented to her by one of the few servants the powerful wizard had. Nepotism kept him from the very top but his prowess in not only magic but speeches in court had gotten many magic schools more funding. “We must go to the shroom forest for the ingredients I need for my next potion” he used as his reply, which left his lips almost before she finished her question.
So they finished breakfast and traveled to the forest early, for it takes a long time, about 9 hours by carriage to get from the capital to the forest. The wizard, Vincent, continued to teach her her first spell for most of the trip which he just called, “Dancing lights”, and she was able to make 7 bursts of dancing lights by the time they’d arrived. “IS that really all you can do?” Vincent said disappointedly. “This is a simple spell, even the least of creatures could learn it! Ugh I’ll expect more when we train again, now, let's gather my ingredients before the sun disappears from the sky!!!”
His outburst was uncalled for and her pride was hurt. She managed to conceal it and just nodded. Then once she had stepped out of ear-shot of him, she muttered “What an unpleasant curmudgeon,I thought I was doing a good job!”
Out of sight of Vincent and where they couldn’t hear each other she was greeted by butterflies who were attracted to the burst of light she’d been creating. They flew around her, their wings creating a soft, melodic hum. Elizabeth couldn't help but smile at their beauty and she reached out to touch one of them. As soon as she did, she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and then the butterfly disappeared.
Vincent quickly reappeared, as if from the air itself, violently shooing the butterflies away. He turned to Elizabeth, a stern look on his face. "Never touch those, Elizabeth!" He hissed, through clenched teeth. "They may look harmless, but they are powerful creatures!"
Stunned, she had never seen him so genuinely angry, and yet worried. It was unnerving to say the least.
As they walked along in the woods the air slowly became humid and heavy. Soon, the trees started appearing to be shroomish and suddenly they were in a swampy marshland and the path became one of coble instead of dirt. They walked towards a village of mushroom people. They didn't look much like mushrooms, just the top of their heads, where a cap grew like a hat, making them look mushroom-ish. These are the myceli-ites," Vincent said, as they approached the village. "They are the race that live parallel with the mushrooms."
Elizabeth was fascinated as she watched the myceli-ites tend to the mushrooms, a seemingly older mushroom came up to Vincent, “Lord Chancellor Vincent, for what do I owe this honor?”
“Miss Shroomen'', he replied “Worry not, for I am in fact just here for ingredients. Do you still have your blue and black mushrooms?”
Her eyebrows shot up, for just a quick moment that it almost made Elizabeth doubt that she even saw the change in her expression, but, YES! It was there!
“W-why yes we do, just follow me.”
“Stay here Elizabeth!” Vincent said firmly.
Elizabeth nodded obediently and stayed behind as Vincent followed the myceli-ite deeper into the village.
She watched as the mushroom people went about their daily tasks. She felt a sense of curiosity and slight disgust. She didn't care how little these creatures were related to the kobolds and goblins that burned her village or that stupid gnome who almost taunted her. She held a grudge against magical creatures and would certainly never trust them fully again.
As she looked around, she noticed a young myceli-ite girl watching her with interest. The girl had bright blue eyes and a miscellaneous smile. Elizabeth smiles back at her, and the girl ran over to her.
"Hi there!" The girl says excitedly. "I'm Char. and you?”
“Elizabeth” she said, a little startled, after she remembered where she’d been only a little less than a month ago.
“I'm sorry did I startle you” asked Char.
“Yes, but it’s quite alright''.
Char looked up at her with a curious expression.
"You're not from around here, are you?"
Elizabeth shook her head, "No, no I’m not. I'm actually from a different town far away. Well, actually now I live in the capital."
Char's eyes lit up. "Wow, that sounds so cool! I've never been anywhere outside of this forest before."
Elizabeth Ignored a pang of sadness in her chest as she remembered her own home, then giggled “ yeah it's pretty cool they just built a big tower that has something new in it,... I think it's called a clock. I just know it's expensive but Vincent says they are making cheaper ones.
“Who's Vincent?” Char asked.
“Oh well he's my…'' Elizabeth paused, who were they to each other? Is he a friend, a mentor, or was she simply his servant? No, she was no servant and he didn't treat her as kindly as a friend. “He's my mentor,” she firmly stated.
“Oh, okay” Char responded.
As if on cue, Vincent returned with a small pouch. He handed it to Elizabeth and informed her it was time to go. Elizabeth nodded goodbye to Char and swiftly followed Vincent out of the village.
They turned back onto the cobblestone path. “I thought you said we would be collecting ingredients, not trading.”
“I didn't trade” Vincent replied coldly, “Come on, no more questions, we must continue your studies.''
Vincent and Elizabeth headed back to the carriage and started back to the capital.
On the way Vincent and Elizabeth improved her dancing lights trick as it was part of teaching her the basics of charming people.
“Very good, you will need that one around court a lot.” Vincent said smugly.
“W-wait, I get to go to court?” Elizabeth excitedly asks.
“Calm down, tis not nearly as glamorous as you would think.” Vincent flatly responds. “If it was, I wouldn't only be a Chancellor… I’d be more!”
Elizabeth got worried as she saw rage building in his eyes
“It's no party!” Gritting his teeth, he looked at Elizabeth and her fearful expression and his look instantly shifted, “Tomorrow you must be fitted for your court garments, mostly dresses.” He said this with a small smirk. “After you can play dress up.”
This exchange bothered Elizabeth, was he making fun of her?
They rode back to the capitol in silence. She studied for many hours but in the end she drifted off to sleep and Vincent, though willing to continue working with her, saw no point in stressing her powers any further and allowed her to sleep.
Upon arrival he carried her to her bed, “You don't know it yet but you will be the most powerful witch this continent has ever seen.” He smiled as he tucked her in and left to go sleep himself.
not done just seeing how yall like it.
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2023.05.30 00:57 Pepperpete123 New MT Quest 2 Settings for VR. This dudes video was a godsend. I'm happy!!

This is not my vid. But I hope it helps others as it made a massive difference for me. It was ultra clear even for my limited tech skills and very easy. My frames are stable now and it's like a whole new game. If you were every worried or scared to switch over to XR nows the time.
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2023.05.30 00:57 Nearby-Bumblebee-368 A randomized rant from an employee

Someone comes in to buy a phone and expects to pay only tax. Hell nah, our phones come pre bundled starting at 4 accessories and yes there will be a service fee too. Suck on that.
“You are going to charge me $35 to transfer my data”
Fuck yes I am. Maybe more since your complaining.
I work on commission only, time is quite literally money. It seems you guys would you rather give your money to Jeff bezos than your local rep? That’s real cool…
Case and point, stop being cheap. Don’t be so detail oriented. Your buying a cell phone not a house for gods sake.
It boggles me that people are so weird buying phones. Like, 1k-2k, chill bro. A house? Different story. It’s not life or death here.
The worst breed of customers are those that walk in with a laptop, binder full of paperwork, etc haha. You know your in for a real treat, they will ask a million questions and leave. I’m charging consultation fees all day baby.
Bottom line: spend money and stop being cheap. Support local reps, stick with them(what a concept) and then maybe the rep will give a discount for repeat business. That, I always do.
Tip: Don’t port to xfinity because you’ll want to port back in immediately lol.
Thanks for reading if you did lol.
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2023.05.30 00:57 Tough-Improvement763 Slate for 120 Gallon Enclosure

Hey everyone! I adopted a bearded dragon and we found that he is a carrier of the adenovirus, so we need to have him on a substrate that is easy to clean and sanitize on a daily basis. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where to possibly get slate that could fit to size in a 120 gallon enclosure? Or maybe other recommendations on something easy to clean. We use paper towels right now but it’s a disaster with him 😂 any help is appreciated ❤️
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2023.05.30 00:56 RoxsNation I (21F) and my partner (25M) have been dating for 3 years and have lived with his family for 3 years and I I want to move. I’ve voiced how I feel to my partner but now I’m not sure what to do. How should I tell him that I’m not sure about wanting to continue our relationship?

I currently live with my partners family and we’ve been dating three years and living with them for 3 years .However,I’m at a point where I am ready to move back home because they are very petty. His mom will be mad at his sister and take it out on us and treat us pretty shitty because she’s scared of saying something to the sister. Their family gets so petty towards us they even take it as far as leaving our clean dishes in the dish drain and putting away the dishes everyone else used. Or even taking the clean dish we used out of the dish drain and sitting it to the side and then proceed to put away everyone else’s dish in the dish drain. They will even start washing their clothes while we are in the middle of doing our laundry and get upset because we are using it already. They also had me paying 600 dollars in rent while the rest of the people in the house pay nothing and won’t even put grocers in the house. They’ve even go as far as being disrespectful to us. There’s so much and I don’t want to get into deep detail. However, my partner knows I want to move and he understands why but doesn’t agree that I should move. I’m starting to question the relationship because I’m not sure anymore if I would like to deal with his family at all anymore. What should I do
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2023.05.30 00:56 Alarming_Guitar_9655 I want to share my first day and thoughts with you guys. I’m part of the crew as a GEL and work the front cashier and lobby.

After about an hour and a half of following a Team Lead, I was put on my own on the register. I was actually surprised, because I watched her do a few and then she watched me once and that was it.
I want to apologize for every time I’ve ever joked with a friend or family member in the car about the questions you guys ask and interrupt while I ordered like “do you want the meal or just the sandwich?” Or “medium or large” or “what else?” The way the screen is set up, you really have to do it in a certain order. Makes sense now and I feel kinda bad lol
I actually enjoyed taking the food out to the cars. Easy as pie.
Almost every customer was so nice and understanding of me being slow or having to step away and ask someone how to substitute, or where something was on the screen. Does this get easier? I did feel embarrass trying to find things while the customer is staring at me. 👀🙈
After 1 pm hit, I had a string of angry customers and it kind of made me realize you guys are right about the rude customers. I just got a lot of specific requests and it slowed me down trying to figure out where and how to put the order.
My last hour I was asked to sweep and mop the lobby by another team lead who was just starting her shift. Because of that last hour, I am exhausted, and body hurts. I hope I don’t have to mop every shift. We have a cleaning crew who had mopped already at lunch so wasn’t even sure why I was doing it again.
So yeah, I hope I did a good job. I feel like I had a few stupid questions which kinda embarrassed me cause the whole kitchen can hear every time I need to ask for help with something. Lol But hopefully they won’t judge me too harshly.
Did you guys find the first day taking orders in the lobby a bit nerve wracking? Or was it pretty easy for you?
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2023.05.30 00:55 JustAGuywithTeeth How do I admit that my mom is part of the problem when asked, "What's wrong?"

My mom randomly scheduled my a yearly check-up with my physician tomorrow morning. I don't really want to go because every time we go to one of these, the part where the doctor asks, "Any problems you've been dealing with? Ever feel depressed," my mom makes it about her and cries her way through my appointment. It's always quite frustrating when my physical turns into her therapy.
I know for a fact that this'll happen tomorrow as well, and what the problem I currently face is:
my mom is a pretty big part for any negative feelings I experience.
I know the easy response to this is, "Just tell her and talk it out!" I've tried, and nothing changes. It's a complex story that'd bore everyone to read, but just know that I'm practically trapped in my room 24/7, her boyfriend is verbally abusive, I am constantly anxious and stressed at home, and I feel betrayed that my mother - despite telling her my struggles multiple times and having quite open and vulnerable discussions with her - is perfectly okay with it all.
This situation is so complex and I can't explain it all here, but I'd really like a voice or two to help out for this smaller problem to relieve some weight off my shoulders. I want to be honest, because God knows I need to talk to someone and vent right now, but being honest would just make the situation at home worse because my mom is part of the problem.
Thought I should clarify, I'm 18 years old and currently going through community college while I prepare/save to go to a 4-year institution in about a year. My town is really small so there aren't any other places for me to go. While leaving my mom and her boyfriend would immediately solve 99% of my problems, I have no where to go.
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2023.05.30 00:54 busman562 Reasonable rent for studio in Manhattan these days?

I've been looking at StreetEasy for awhile but it seems hard to gauge the quality of listings I am seeing in my budget. Looking to potentially move to Yorkville or East Village in a few months. Has anyone had a recent experience apartment hunting in these areas or just have a general idea if a decent studio for under $2.5k is reasonable in East Village or Yorkville these days or am I reaching for the stars? I’ve seen some options online but not sure if at this price point everything would be pretty awful or if this is in-line with market for a general studio that isn’t fancy but not awful? Tired of roommates and would like to live alone if possible. Ideally would prefer East Village to Yorkville if it is doable since I am in my 20's. Thanks in advanced!
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2023.05.30 00:54 No-Concentrate7092 LDR confusion

Hello! I have never posted on here before but need advice from others who have been in ldrs PLEASE. I’ll try my best to supply all details and feelings.
Essentially I am wondering if this relationship is something I want to continue to pursue or if the distance is getting to me.
So my current bf and I(f) are both 25, we have been doing long distance since Nov 1st. I’d known him for years but was caught up in another relationship that was really terrible for about 4.5 years off and on. Anyways that ended Christmas of last year and my current bf and I kept bumping into eachother during July and eventually went on a date at the end of July. The date went super well, immediately had feelings and started hanging out nearly everyday and dating three weeks later, he really showed me how you were supposed to be treated in a relationship. The only thing is he had planned to move to NZ in November, which we both acknowledged and both decided to continue seeing eachother until he left. I always knew he was going and I did my best to support that decision, I never said anything about trying to change his mind or any that. He was an amazing bf while here, my parents loved him he was kind attentive supportive my family and friends loved him. Anyways so he moves and had decided that we should breakup because the relationship won’t be as it was, the level of care or energy he can give me wouldn’t be the same and he felt that was unfair. Which is great and he was right because we kept talking but the time change and life changes, I was not really getting a lot of support. He’s very outdoorsy and stubborn and wouldn’t like to text and often would tell me he wouldn’t be on his phone in a polite way but discouraging none the less and we would call once a week but with the time change it would be on his work break and my bedtime. It’s just hard and I felt like an afterthought. I didn’t realize I felt this way till I went there and saw him for a month in April and there was this disconnect between us. He wasn’t as kind or gentle, we eventually talked about it and chalked it up to him being there and needing to take care of himself not really having a space to have his guard down. Super hurtful btw will give more info on this if someone needs. Rest of the trip went great. Then I came home and I’ve had a knot in my gut. He wants permanent residency there but doesn’t know if he will stay there forever. I KNOW and have said I don’t want to live there bc my family is in Canada. So going into this his visa was two years now he’s looking to extend, and the next time I’ll see him I will have to go there again. He would like me to visit for 4 months(which is a short amount of time) but won’t be coming home at all and has no plans to. Where he’s staying in NZ is an hour away from the closest grocery store, he has roommates, and no wifi (I am in an online masters program which is why I need it). I have recently brought up my feelings of anxiety over it all with him, but ultimately don’t know how I feel about this all. I’d like to be able to just go but I also don’t want to be isolated and completely reliant on him. Help if anyone has any advice or thoughts I’m eager to hear.
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2023.05.30 00:53 DaRealDreamz Quick question about scrapping ships

I don’t know if the game is just like this or if my difficulty settings are crazy but every single time i scrap a ship i pay what it’s worth from the alien then when i scrap it the scrap price is i think exactly double or close to it and sometimes it seems like i get more worth of loot. Is scrapping ships just that easy to make money? it almost feels like i’m just duplicating money when i do it but i’m addicted to it, i’ve made 150M units and I’d believe around 25-30k nanites in 19Hr of playtime (edit)-> however i’m not quite sure what to do with the units, i have 125M banked and it says i mare 150M total
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2023.05.30 00:53 spikeyfaye NURBS circle dedicated to turning head is also turning entire model

I have a question about face rigging, as this is my first time doing this. I'm following this tutorial by SARKAMARI on YouTube: https://youtu.be/V8ymOPgSH8c?t=434
The link is stamped the video to the part I'm having issues with (you'll see my comment on there too, lol). Basically I have a NURBS circle controller that is supposed to be able to turn their head left and right, like the model in the video. While it does turn, it also turns my entire model in the process. If you push it a little too far, it'll start to "twist" and shrink my model to become very skinny looking.
I figured because I am doing this to the head of my model that includes the rest of the mesh, while he is just doing this on a head alone, that this could be the source of my problems. The influence is localized for him while for me it's maybe treating the entire body as the head? Not sure.
I wanted to bring it here for any ideas on how I could go about having the influence just be the head/ stop at the neck and not turn the entire body. I am happy to provide screenshots, video, or the file itself for tinkering if people want to look at my scene file. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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2023.05.30 00:53 Proletlariet Slayer

Respect Slayer

Slayer: "Very nicely done. You haven't forgotten your manners, I see."

Zato=1: "Naturally. One: No matter how grim the situation, eliminating the target comes before all else; even preserving one's own life. Two: One must hone their skills so that killing comes as naturally as breathing. Three: It is not will, nor pride, nor victory, nor death that truly decides a battle, nor is it the ability to manipulate or dominate others. The most important thing in life is, of course..."

Both: "Dandyism."

Themes: XX Xrd
Slayer is the last of a race of immortal vampires who, long past his adventurous days, enjoys spending quality time with his wife and quietly roaming the world. A charming and refined gentleman, Slayer is an extremely powerful fighter who enjoys passively observing the goings-on of mankind and occasionally "meddling" in others' affairs, often offering advice to all the other characters. Above all, Slayer pursues a life of dandyism, leading a refined and leisurely life of casual luxury and an adherence to stringent standards of class.
In the 1990s, Slayer formed the Assassin's Guild, initially to supply him with a regular stream of fresh blood, but also to punish those that the law couldn't reach. Upon meeting his similarly-immortal wife Sharon, however, Slayer grew disinterested with the Guild and stepped away from it, creating a vacuum of power wherein Zato=1 was able to take over. By the time Guilty Gear XX rolled around, Slayer was roaming the world, seeking to fight enemies and allies alike one last time before he retired and left reality entirely to he with the rest of his kind. In some arcade endings he rekindles his love of combat and starts a new Guild, but this is generally non-canon.
Though he has a number of vampiric abilities and his millenia of experience could lend to expertise on a weapon, Slayer enjoys fighting with his fists and raw strength. Despite this relative handicap in a world of blades and magic, Slayer is far and away one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise and is rarely seen struggling, let alone being meaningfully stressed in a fight. Although he is occasionally frustrated by the lack of challenge others are capable of presenting him with, he is ever graceful to those with whom he fights, offering them congratulations for a good performance.
Signature Moves
Special Moves
  • Mappa Hunch - Slayer charges forward with a powerful punch. In Accent Core, Slayer can also feint with this move.
  • Bloodsucking Universe - Slayer takes a bite out of his opponent, stealing their health.
  • Dandy Step - Slayer sways backward and forward suddenly. Dandy Step has a number of powerful follow-up attacks to catch opponents who try to retaliate.
  • Footloose Journey - Slayer uses his shapeshifting cape to attack in the air.
  • Undertow - Slayer swells his arms with blood and claws downwards in a heavy swing.
Overdrives / Force Breaks
  • Dead On Time - Slayer flies across the screen with a devastating punch.
  • Eternal Wings - Slayer ascends upwards suddenly, catching his opponent with the force of his jump.
  • Straight Down Dandy - Slayer suddenly dives out of the air past his opponent.
Instant Kills
As Instant Kill animations are potentially canon, I'll include them as feats but will mark them where appropriate.
Mouse over a feat to see its source. Non-Canon story feats are included for completion's sake, but will be marked to tell them apart.
Please note that due to the difficulty of tracking down quality translated sources for some of the older games and media, many of these clips will be presented in the form of fan-translated scripts. Other sources (like the light novels) may be missing entirely, as they have never been translated and I can't read Japanese.
It's also worth noting that Slayer has never been seen actually going all-out, so none of this RT should be considered his top end capabilities.
Vampire Abilities
Noteworthy Scaling

"I remove my clothes / Devoid of reason and thought / With my alien"

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2023.05.30 00:52 vladcangetit help a girl out please

hello everyone, im on mobile, i dont know where else to ask these questions, id appreciate some replies!!
first question: how is the beauty standard in singapore and how big of a role does it play (specifically for women)?
second question: is there kind of a "fuckboy/player" culture like in the us or europe?
third question: how easy is it to find friends/a partner as a wasian immigrant?
fourth question: how can i successfully receive healthcare as a chronically ill/disabled person and work? how accomodating are jobs usually to people with physical disabilities? im not in a wheelchair if that matters. i have muscle weakness, its a little like narcolepsy.
sixth question: how different is the indirect communication style in day-to-day life to western more direct culture? is it actually as vast as people say?
i appreciate all the help i can get and sorry if this is worded weirdly!
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2023.05.30 00:52 Proletlariet Nagoriyuki

Respect Nagoriyuki

"While you may be my enemy, you have my admiration."

Themes: -STRIVE- -STRIVE- Boss Theme
Nagoriyuki is a Nightless samurai and the retainer of a man named Kazusanosuke. During the Crusades, he encountered Happy Chaos, who used his powers to force Nagoriyuki to do his bidding. At some point after these events, Nagoriyuki paid a vast sum to rent out the basement level of a luxurious high-rise in Illyria, where he spent the next several decades in meditative hibernation.
Nagoriyuki is a noble samurai who thinks highly of honor and often provides advice to his opponents as he fights them. He has no ill will for his foes and harbors little hate, but saves what he has for Happy Chaos, who he deeply despises and would try to kill were he not enslaved by their power. Despite his sense of honor, typically being willing to admit when he's beaten and lie down, Happy Chaos' compulsion pushes him to fight when he would not, attacking opponents who are injured and getting back up to strike enemies who have shown him mercy in his defeat.
Still, his honor wins out. Even when he could, he does not tell Sol Happy Chaos' weakness because he needed to be defeated in battle to divulge it. Additionally, when he realizes Sol can eventually defeat him, he felt comfortable fighting Happy Chaos' power just enough to let his defenses slip and speed up the process, since he knew that Sol would win in a fair fight. Once defeated, he had no moral issues helping Sol after that point.
Signature Moves
Special Moves
  • Zarameyuki - Nagoriyuki sends forward a clone of himself to strike ahead of his attacks.
  • Kamuriyuki - Nagoriyuki lunges forward in a spinning low strike.
  • Shizuriyuki - Nagoriyuki attacks with a powerful upward swing.
  • Bloodsucking Universe - Nagoriyuki bites his foe, draining blood from them to heal himself.
  • Fukyo - Nagoriyuki darts forward or backward with enough speed to vanish from view for a brief moment.
  • Blood Rage - In game, if Nagoriyuki uses too many special moves too rapidly, he goes into blood rage, where some of his attacks are stronger, but others are locked out and he steadily loses half of his health until he returns to normal.
  • Wasureyuki - Nagoriyuki launches his opponent upward, traveling with them and unleashing a barrage of relentless strikes.
  • Zansetsu - Empowered by his blood rage, Nagoriyuki swings in a massive arc, doing tremendous damage to anyone struck by his attack.
As Nagoriyuki is a new character, all feats are from Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.
Nightless Abilities
Noteworthy Scaling

"Your fundamentals are flawed. Strong emotions or motivations may only lend you immense strength for a time. But those with unfaltering foundations are able to respond to such momentary, explosive power with ease. Furthermore, what keeps such foundations solidly intact is food. This? This is an onigiri, a nutritious food that has been eaten in the far East since ancient times. I can tell you more about onigiri when we have a free moment.

A single serving of onigiri provides energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, iron, zinc, and fiber. One can add fillings to include additional sources of nutrients to their liking. In addition to energy sources that fuel the brain and body. It also includes nutrients to help maintain them and build muscle.

The great thing about onigiri is that they are highly portable and have a long shelf life, one does not need to be concerned about when and where to eat them, and they require no dishware to serve. Consuming one raises one's muscle glycogen levels, essential for a warrior heading to battle. They are also equipped to satisfy an empty stomach, this is because as the rice cools down, the starch grows resistant, making it harder to absorb into the body. In other words, it's an easy snack to avoid overeating, it's tasty too."

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2023.05.30 00:52 Kingfinn01 What Eternal should I buy on Eve?

I want to buy Eternals for Eve but I am not sure which one. I want one that is relativly fast to progress but also looks impresive.
What I mean is with the second Series where the Head turner will look nice with like 1 or 2 million damage but the Bad romance will take a long time to progress
with series 1 everything is pretty easy to process but it will only be like 30.000 champions charmend
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2023.05.30 00:52 stevexc Weekly Song Spotlight #462: "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime

Let me know if there are survey issues!


The song spotlight is a recurring topic on this subreddit, where every week we will feature a different song included in the game or its DLC and discuss things like how to play its different riffs, techniques to focus on and more casual things like some interesting trivia or the artist's other work. Finally we'll conclude with a score attack challenge, a random entrant of which will be offered to choose the next song. Further discussion tends to occur over on the subreddit discord so head over there for that.
The format will change depending on feedback and participation, so don't hesitate to send suggestions myself or the mods in general.

Next Up For Delisting

We're done for RS1! I guess we'll know by October what's happening with RS2014 and its DLC...

This Week: "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime

Next week's Poll

463: Bush - "Comedown" (E Standard, Bush 4-Song Pack) 463: Bob Dylan - "Like a Rolling Stone" (E Standard, Bob Dylan 3-Song Pack) 463: Audioslave - "Cochise" (E Standard, Audioslave 5-Song Pack) 463: Linkin Park - "In The End" (E♭ Drop D♭, Linkin Park 6-Song Pack)

Score Attack Challenge

Submit your score attack results by filling out this google form and including your score and a screenshot of the results screen you see after your playthrough. A readable photo of your screen is fine too. The form will need to be completed for each submission.
Scores will be included at the bottom of next week's spotlight divided based on the difficulty level (you can play any difficulty you'd like) and are tracked separately for lead, rhythm and bass.
A random entrant will get to pick next week's song!
Scores can be submitted until Monday, June 5th at 17:00 UTC.
Last Week's Scores: "Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers
User Lead (Easy) Lead (Medium) Lead (Hard) Lead (Master)
domoproja 933,282
User Rhythm (Easy) Rhythm (Medium) Rhythm (Hard) Rhythm (Master)
domoproja 844,728
User Bass (Easy) Bass (Medium) Bass (Hard) Bass (Master)
domoproja 1,580,092
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2023.05.30 00:52 Proletlariet Chipp

Respect Chipp Zanuff

"Get ready to be vetoed!"

Themes: GG X XX Xrd -STRIVE-
Chipp was addicted to drugs at a very young age. In order to secure a regular supply of them, he became a dealer for the Mafia. Yet after years of punishing his body with all manner of narcotics, he finally broke down and was to be "disposed" of by the organization. However, his life was saved by a mysterious Ninja. Realizing his huge debt to this master, Chipp became a student at the Ninja's dojo and was trained, body and soul, in the ways of the Shinobi.
And yet one day, Chipp returned to find his master dead, having been attacked by the Mafia. Chipp managed to track the killer to the Assassin's Guild, but after a fight with Venom, he realized that revenge would get him nowhere. In giving up his drug addictions for revenge, he had simply traded the vice of narcotics for the vice of violence. In order to better follow his master's teachings, Chipp realized that he would need more power to affect real, positive change in this world, and so he decided to become the President.
After running around trying to collect votes for quite some time (including a stint as a bodyguard for the Zeppian President Gabriel), Chipp ended up in South Africa, in an area that had been devastated by the Crusades and had gotten little support since. Chipp managed to restore some level of order and reformed it into the Eastern Chipp Kingdom, with himself as the President. With a population in the tens of thousands, Chipp got his own staff, led by Answer. From there, Chipp lent his efforts to the Illyrian Kingdom and the United States, all in an effort to get the various countries of the world to recognize the Eastern Chipp Kingdom as a country and legitimize his position.
Signature Moves
Special Moves
  • Alpha Blade - Chipp dashes forward, vanishing from view as he cuts past his foe.
  • Beta Blade - Chipp attacks with a rising uppercut, assisted by his arm blade.
  • Gamma Blade - Chipp sends out a clone to strike on his behalf, vanishing once it's done.
  • Resshou - A ki-infused attack with multiple followup strikes.
  • Genrou Zan - Chipp dashes forward, grabbing his foe along with a clone to strike them from both sides.
  • Tsuyoshi-shikii Ten'i - Chipp teleports from one point on the screen to another, depending on which button is pressed.
  • Tsuyoshi-shikii Meisai - Chipp turns nearly invisible, making himself much harder to see coming.
  • Shuriken - Chipp throws a shuriken. Incredible.
  • Wall Run - Chipp runs up the wall. Outstanding.
Overdrives / Force Breaks
  • Zansei Rouga - Chipp knocks his opponent skyward, then darts backwards and forward, continuing to strike them until he brings them back down.
  • Banki Messai - Chipp attacks with a combination of his strikes, his clones' strikes, and a finishing hit from Dodomezaki the otter. In previous games, this move relies more on Chipp's intense speed to bumrush his foe.
  • Ryuu Yanagi - Chipp throws... just a whole shit ton of kunai.
Instant Kills
  • Raisetsudan - Chipp makes some clones, swarming his foe with a barrage of shuriken before finishing them off with a summoned lightning bolt.
  • Delta End - Chipp surrounds his foe in a star of fireballs, burning them alive.
  • Zenten Zenchi Musou Kijin - Chipp dashes past his foe, finishing them off with a brutal slashing strike.
As Instant Kill animations are potentially canon, I'll include them as feats but will mark them where appropriate.
Mouse over a feat to see its source. Non-Canon story feats will be marked where relevant.
Please note that due to the difficulty of tracking down quality translated sources for some of the older games and media, some of these clips will be presented in the form of fan-translated scripts. Other sources (like the light novels) may be missing entirely, as they have never been translated and I can't read Japanese.
Ninja Abilities
Chipp is famously easy to kill due to his extremely low HP in the games, but fortunately he fares a little better here.
Noteworthy Scaling

"It's all over now. As soon as the Cradle was activated, the future was set. There's nothing you can do to stop it."

"I have ZERO idea what you're saying, but I'M the one who decides what happens and what doesn't! Don't you even know who I am? I'm the PRESIDENT!"

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2023.05.30 00:51 loudvoicesinsideme my mom is against me (19F) and my bf (24M) relationship

a little background: im catholic-filipino while my bf is muslim-pakistani.
my mother has issues with my boyfriends ethnicity and religion.
i only have three standards for a man: maturity, independency and respect. if a man dont have all three, i stop the conversation. my bf showed me all three and other more that made me wanna introduce him to my parents.
i am the only daughter and i get their concerns. my boyfriend is my first and hes older. however i dont think i would date someone older than him or would even date someone my age. hes a sweet person with a kind heart. hes wise and very caring. but i was the one who taught myself to be independent thats why its always funny seeing my boyfriend treat me like a princess when i insist that i can do it myself. we always runs to the car door on whos gonna open it, we always try to pay for each others food.
he has a job and loves his family dearly. he has friends whos been with him for 7+ years (thats a green flag to me. hes loyal and understanding. conflicts and fights happen in a friendship yet him being friends with them for 7+ years shows me that hes a good person). he has ADHD but he makes an effort to make our relationship stable and not let his ADHD affect us. hes respectful. he would listen to my concerns and respect it.
i get it that some people might think our relationship is haram or it wont work. but ive asked some muslim friends and they said unless its counted towards marriage or like there is a marriage talk. we do, we did have a marriage talk. we both date to marry.
here are my moms concerns. - he might be forced by his parents to get married to someone else because of his age. - he will treat me unequal (ill be forced to stay at home. mom knew i dont want that) - hes grooming me
i explained it to him (my bf) my moms concern, he said he talked to his parents already that he will never marry someone by force. he also said that he is wiling to introduce himself to my mom so she can have a peace of mind about him.
when i told my mom to give him a chance to introduce himself, she got mad and told me not to push her limits. a no is a no to her.
people might agree that hes grooming me. hes not, infact hes respectful. i am not gonna date someone my age. most 19 year olds wants to have fun, I wanna settle. ive talked to many guys (at the age range from 19-28) but theres no one like him. they could be older, same age or whatever but my bf is different. i can see how great, loving and matured he is. we never fought, though we had major problems but we both make sure to fix it.
the guys my age just wanted to explore, i dont wanna explore. i dont wanna do "error and trial" for love. i just want one man to cherish my whole life. i had crushes before but i never dream of marrying them the way i dream of my bf.
we meet behind our parents back but were both frustrated that we cant go out whenever we want to or spend time together like a normal couple do. we never even have a formal date or just a date.
ive been stuck in the middle, respecting my moms decision of me to end my relationship with him because shes my mom vs staying with my bf because he didnt do anything wrong and doesnt deserve to be pushed away because of his background.
is there anything we can do?
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2023.05.30 00:51 daijobudesnyc [WTS] [USA-NYC] [H] Denon AH-D7100 full set with box [W] 335$ PayPal Shipped ConUS

[WTS] [USA-NYC] [H] Denon AH-D7100 full set with box [W] 335$ PayPal Shipped ConUS
Want to sell these rare set of cans that I bought last year for 400$ locally in NYC. For their age they’re great! Box is in 4 out of 5 condition that’s easy to fix with faux adhesive leather strip. Headband doesn’t peel or flake. It comes 2-3 stock cables of extremely good quality thick yet supple. Shipping is in price, to ConUS, with G&S fee.
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2023.05.30 00:51 Responsible-Tear9722 AITA for not inviting my fathers side of the family to my wedding?

We aren’t having kids at our wedding because we’ve seen the posts of others wishing they didn’t have them there but also that’s just our preference. I get a call yesterday out of the blue from my cousins child from my grandmothers phone, initially thinking it was my grandmother. My cousins child was on the call instead rambling about what their doing, and then out of no where they say “IF I’m invited to your wedding we picked out a outfit for me to wear.” I was stunned. I didn’t know they even knew anything about it let alone on our website it clearly says adults only. I’ve also told my grandparents that we’re not allowing kids previously. After that conversation they hand the phone to my grandmother and she starts going on about something else. later the in the conversation it’s brought up again as the 7year old is asking about if they can be in the wedding. My grandmother asks me and I politely say we have someone already as we’re not having children present. She claims I never told her that and that it could be “our little secret”. I told her that there’s going to be adults drinking and it’s a nicer venue so we’re not having kids and she replies “they’re seven, they’re not going to tear anything up”. I was clearly upset and my gma just said “oh well we’ll just take the outfit out of the cart.” I call my father and explain how frustrating it is that they don’t listen to me as it wouldn’t be fair to let her come since my FH has cousins who have small children. And how I feel as though I was set up because what seven year old would continuously say “IF I’m invited”, it just seems manipulative to me. He says he’s going to talk with them later in the week when things cool down. Fast forward to later that night. I get a phone call from my father who told me my grandmother said if the child can’t come then she won’t come. I’m devastated. My grandparents have never treated my side of the family fairly as they’ve always favored my cousins.My dad freaked out on them and basically said if they’re not at the wedding because of this child then I’ll (me) never speak to them again. My FH said if they do end up coming then are they going to say things like “well if they were here they would’ve been great at that” or “they would’ve loved to be apart of this”. Which I believe they would. I have no clue how to move forward. I feel as though it wouldn’t be about my day anymore and more so about the fact I didn’t allow their great grandchild to come. My dad said because of this he would understand if they’re not invited anymore as a whole because how dare they say they aren’t coming just because the child isn’t.I have a smaller family and I’m not sure how I’ll feel if only my immediate family is there and not my grandparents.I’m not sure how to move forward. do I invite them… do I not? Will I have regrets that they aren’t there or will I regret having them there?
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