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/travelingsinglet is devoted to following the progress of the Traveling Singlet (and its predecessor the Silver Singlet) as it makes its way from member to member of the /running sub and the /running Facebook group.

2023.06.11 00:12 notmyaccount1987 ITAP of sunrise at Valley View

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2023.06.10 23:53 valik99 Exploring the bizarre case of multiple --no parameters

Here is a post for the curious ones!
I discovered earlier a weird glitch with the --no parameter (actually, multiples of it) and I'm now trying to make sense of it.
For context, what happened is that I accidentally wrote 2 "--no" parameters in my prompt and I got a very bizarre result.
See 2 examples here, it's wild:
I haven't any mention of this (I'm not even sure what to call this phenomenon) and so I decided to experiment a little. I tested different combinations and tried to make some sense of the results. I actually don't have any deep technical understanding of Midjourney, this post is mainly for curiosity, although I'm sure a proper study might give some fascinating results! (anyone up for conducting one?)
Let's dive into it! (If you just want to see the glitches you can jump directly to the Double --no part)
The prompt we're using, without any --no:
view from a valley from above, castle in the background, arch architecture, elwynn forest, luminescent lightscapes, in the style of kodak ektachrome, dreamy vistas, 35 mm film, wet-on-wet blending --ar 25:18
I picked one of the variations. It's a pretty landscape. All looks normal so far.
Single --no
Before generating the glitches, let's just check what a single --no is capable of producing. A single --no is the intended use of that parameter.
Variations without a river:
--no river
One of the variations seems to include a river anyway but otherwise everything looks okay, albeit slightly less realistic than the original result. The "arches" seem to appear on these variations very prominently.
Next I tried to remove an element that is actually included in the prompt (in this case I ask to include a castle while also asking not to include a castle)
--no castle
I'm actually surprised by this one! All the variations look very good and almost inline with the initial image. There doesn't seem to be a problem in asking to draw a castle and not to draw simultaneously.
Normally, if you want to remove several elements you would add a comma after the first prompt, not use multiple --no. This is what it looks like:
--no river, clouds
The results are interesting. By asking for no clouds I had a clear sky in mind but Midjourney chose to simply crop the sky altogether, fair enough and cool results (a bit too fantasy-ish but alright).
Double --no
Here is where it gets funky. The addition of a second --no parameter seems to cause an artifial brainfart to Midjourney. Let's say I want to avoid having a river and avoid having clouds:
--no river --no clouds
It is very hard to make sense of it. There is a mix of resolutions accross the different images. They all seem to represent houses though, indoors and outdoor scenes. Weird artifacts seem to appear such as the pixelated ghostly shape on V4 (it truly scares me), the black and white spaces around V1 and V3, the pixelated wooden frame on V2.
Just for the lulz I wanted to see what would happen if I removed an element that's not particularly expected to appear in the castle/forest/river scene from earlier.
--no river --no cat
Only thing I can say is that for some reason, Midjourney seems to have considered the "arch architecture" from the prompt (arches as a shape are present on all variations)
Now let's repeat what we tried in the first part. Namely, removing elements that were included in the prompt:
--no castle --no forest
First thing that struck me is the colors and tones, very different from what we have obtained so far. Looks like some old pictures. I think that I get the wooden frames part now. Since "castle" was bundled with "background" in the prompt, it now only relies on "in the background" to generate. With a bit of mental gymnastics, one could come to the conclusion that the images generated are indeed "in" something (such as a frame traditionally) and that they are being in the "background". If that's what's happening, then it must have included "Elwynn" in the variations (coming from "elwynn forest" in the prompt). But I've never heard of an Elwynn outside of WoW so I'm not sure what to look for.
And just for the sake of it, let's try to remove not one element, but two, that are not to be expected in the scenery I was originally trying to obtain:
--no cat --no saxophone
I'm observing that the overall vibe is respected (greenish landscape images) but that the results are very uncanny, especially for V1 and V2. They look TOO real, as if someone was shooting from the hip somewhere in Europe. Poor composition and balance of foreground/background, etc... I've always tried to get this kind of amateurish type of imagery using normal prompts but it almost feels like Midjourney wants to beautify anything it did no matter what. Well it definitely didn't beautify anything here!
I tried with 3 --no parameters as well but it doesn't get any more random.
Well I'm not sure what to conclude but this was an interesting experiment! I'm especially eager to hear the thought of the community on this. I see this as a new way of producing glitch art :) You can be sure I'm gonna go down the rabbit hole of this multiple --no use. Next, let's see if double --ar and double --chaos produce anything interesting (if that works at all)
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2023.06.10 23:30 khoafraelich789 2023 MG GT Sport 1.5L Turbo TST

2023 MG GT Sport 1.5L Turbo TST

Make: MG
Model: GT Sport TST
Engine: 1.5-liter DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 Turbo Intercooler
Max Power: 161 PS @ 5600 rpm
Max Torque: 250 Nm @ 1750 - 4000 rpm
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
Price as Tested: ₱PHP 1,193,888

For a brand known mainly for its sports cars from the 60s to the 90s, it was unusual to see MG launch one crossover SUV after another in the local market. They teased us a little bit with the MG6 liftback (launched in 2019), but thankfully, they are upping the marque’s sportiness with the introduction of the second-generation MG GT sports sedan.

Its nose has a proper scowl, which makes it look like it is impatiently waiting for the light to turn green and dash away. It was thoughtful of MG to put holes for the vehicle plate screws below the 3D digital flaming grille (so onlookers can see its full form), and the extra black molding that extends into these large air vents is a nice touch that gives it a one-of-a-kind front fascia.

The side showcases its very nice 17-inch two-tone Tomahawk alloy wheels, a couple of sharp character lines that highlight the shapely fenders, and a chrome trim that traces the daylight opening and emphasizes the slope that gives it a fastback form.

LED bulbs are standard on the intelligent headlights and 3D racetrack taillights. It also has a couple of elements that reduce drag and increase aerodynamic efficiency, a front (carbon fiber-style) and rear (ducktail) spoiler.

It looks every bit the part of a sports sedan from the front, but I have a few suggestions. A lower stance would be better, which means reduced ground clearance. On top of that, a sleeker roof would make it look sexier and give it better stability, and a larger rear glass should elicit an illusion of a wider body (when viewed from the rear). Lastly, drop the faux twin exhaust because it looks pretty obvious.

MG brags that it has a fighter jet-inspired cockpit. I have never been in a fighter jet as the closest I have been was while watching ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ so I’ll take their word for it.

The dashboard is sleek, with switches that are just the right size to match the cockpit design. The plastic surface could be better, but the diamond-design accent that runs along the middle gives it a certain level of sophistication. The matching slim infotainment system is laid out horizontally and sits on top of a silver ledge with toggles to switch between the different menus of the 10-inch floating monitor. Designers gave the layout some thought to ensure every detail matches the image they have of the GT.

I single out the instrument cluster because of its different look and feel. I get a Chevy (think Spark) or a moto vibe from it, even if it sports a 12.3-inch virtual display with a digital speedometer and tachometer. The unique thing about it is the red linear gauges on either side that goes up and down depending on the speed and RPM.

Each front seat has bolsters for a snug fit, which is why it appears small at first. It cradles the torso very well, which helps keep the body in place during aggressive driving, but I wish the seat bottoms were just a bit longer for more thigh support. It has leather upholstery, red stitching, and quilting on the backrest.

There are two USB ports in front, one for charging and the other for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It also has Bluetooth audio streaming. The third USB port is at the back, beside the rear air vents.

The flat-bottom multi-function leather steering wheel feels great. It is just the right size and enhances the vehicle’s sporty personality. It has tilt adjustment but does not have telescopic features. Behind it are the paddle shifters and three stalks that include cruise controls.

I like its current interior equipment and the power sunroof is not a regular sight in the segment; that gives it a leg up over the competition. More premium cabin materials would be better, and throw in more padded surfaces too. The six-speaker system sounds good, but maybe too good in some parts because I can feel the vibration of the panels from the door speaker when I turn up the volume.

What is impressive about this vehicle is its small displacement 1.5-liter turbocharged gas engine that makes 161 PS and 250 Nm of torque. Drive goes to the wheels via a seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox. Throttle response is drive mode dependent. Normal is the default mode, and it feels pretty mild-mannered. The vehicle’s weight is more palpable as it rises steadily to the desired speed.

Switching modes was a little tricky as there was a button on the center stack. The paddle shifter also did not have an effect. Only when I toggled the gear shifter back did it shift to Sport, and vice versa. Acceleration is slightly more abrupt, but I love the sound it makes. Instead of the typical rumble, which you will not get anyway because it only has four cylinders, there is a thrilling throttling-up sound that rises in the cabin the faster I went.

Handling is not too light, but despite its good power-to-weight ratio, it is not as agile. That is partly due to soft suspension and high ground clearance. Its height raises the center of gravity which -together with the ride height- is why there is a significant amount of body roll when cornering.

If you want to sort that out, get a new set of coilover suspensions or a lowering kit (if there are any available). But there is a benefit to keeping it suspension setup stock. This soft type has more comfort versus rigid setups that offer sporty handling. It keeps road harshness levels down, and unless you plan to drive it aggressively, there is no need to modify it.

It has a forward collision warning and lane departure warning, but my favorite is the 360-degree vehicle view camera. It shows the vehicle's position relative to external obstacles, while the forward camera lets me park face-front as close to the wall as possible.

If you plan to take it for a weekend trip, the trunk space is 40 inches long and 53 inches wide. It looks big enough to store a couple of check-in luggage and several overnight bags.

At PHP 1,193,888, the 2023 MG GT Sport TST certainly has qualities befitting a compact sports sedan. It may not corner like the Civic RS but its higher torque lets it take off with a bit more bravado. This second-generation model is already on the right track with its powertrain. A few more updates in the MG GT and it can give the segment a run for its money.

Source: autoindustriya
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2023.06.10 23:01 handofjupiter Salt Shed Info (e-mail from venue)

What time are doors?
Doors open at 5pm
What time does the music start?
The show will start at 6:40pm
*Subject to change
What are the set times?
6:40pm - Kamikaze Palm Tree 7:50pm - King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
*Subject to change
I purchased a ticket to the show. What access does my ticket grant me? GA: A GA ticket for a show at the Fairgrounds grants you access to the viewing area directly in front of the stage, as well as the newly installed bleachers! Seating is limited and will be first come, first served. Premium: If you purchased a premium ticket, everything you need is in the premium area! Enter the Fairgrounds via an expedited entry lane on Elston Ave. Enjoy the premium viewing balcony and rooftop featuring the best skyline views in the city. You also have access to premium bars and a lounge area.
What's the bathroom situation?
So glad you asked. There will be porta-potties available outside, but our indoor space will be open as well so you can access the real bathrooms.
Will there be water?
Certainly! There is a water station outdoors as well as water stations inside near the restrooms. Empty plastic water bottles under 32 oz. and CamelBak/hydration packs will be permitted.
Will there be parking?
There is free street parking available close to the venue. This availability is first come, first served, and we recommend paying close attention to posted street signs.
Additionally, there are a number of paid private parking lots in the area.
Is there valet?
Yes! We offer safe and secure valet parking located in the lot across from the Salt Shed at 1401 N Magnolia Ave between Elston and Le Moyne. You can either pay upon arrival or reserve a spot online beforehand HERE.
If I'm not driving, what's the best way to get here?
Bike, rideshare, and public transportation are the preferred methods of transportation to our venue.
Bike: There will be bike parking available on Blackhawk Street near the main entrance of the venue.
Public Transportation: Division/Milwaukee blue line stop is .7 miles away North/Clybourn red line stop is .9 miles away Damen blue line stop is 1.4 miles away Several buses make stops near The Salt Shed, including the 70 (Division), 72 (North), and 9 (Ashland). There may be other options depending on your location.
Rideshare: We will have a designated area for rideshare pick-ups and drop-offs near the main entrance of the building.
Will there be a bag check?
We will have a bag check. Space will be limited, so if you have to check your bag we recommend arriving at the venue early.
What are the prohibited items at the venue?
Please note our bag size limit of 12" x 12" x 6" - Bags larger than this will not be permitted. You can see the full list of prohibited items here.
Will this show be cashless?
Yes, all of our shows will be cashless.
Will the Salt Store be open?
Yes! Our Salt Store will be open with merch and tickets (at reduced fees) aplenty from the Salt Shed and other favorites like Empty Bottle, Thalia Hall, and SPACE.
Will there be food and beverage available at the show?
We will have a variety of food and beverage options available for the shows: Pizza Friendly Pizza (see details below) Food trucks! Including: Cafe Tola DönerMen Happy Lobster Yum Dum Food Truck Plus, pop ups from: Beach Ave BBQ Tola Tacos And last but not least, a comprehensive beverage program of Chicago-based draft favorites, house made craft cocktails, and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks.
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2023.06.10 23:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread

This thread is for casual conversation, anything that doesn't warrant it's own thread (repeated topics, surveys, polls etc) and off-topic content. It will only be lightly moderated - basically just don't abuse each other and you're good to go. It's a place for the community to connect and interact a little more freely, so play nice and respect your fellow community members.
If you have a newsworthy article or sub-relevant content please post it directly to the sub as a New Post.


Upcoming AMAs

A big thanks to Bennelong who is reaching out far and wide to bring some new AMAs to the sub. Please note that our AMAs will be heavily moderated to ensure rules are adhered to. We have MPs graciously putting their hands up for questions and don't need people unduly emboldened by anonymity to start breaking rules.
For a view of how MPs have voted on various issues please use They Vote For You. Please note that your research should not end there as many MPs vote along party lines whilst personally advocating internally for another position, but it can be a useful starting point.

Completed AMAs


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2023.06.10 22:10 Plastikkannibal PNW: Rates From Carriers & General Thoughts

Alright, so, the PNW is a hard market for brokers and carriers alike. I'm a carrier but had some questions on how brokers view rate estimates.
For my place, we send over line haul and FSC as a lump price (not one lane price and then the FSC percentage listed on my estimate) and is that causing brokers to shy away?? What are some of the biggest BS charges and accessorials that companies include? I want to be more mindful of the brokers while still making everyone money but how do y'all see our estimates and decide if the company is worth negotiating with or just best put to the side for that lane??
Also, have a boss that basically took me out of dispatch (so no actual job title now) but is still having me work as normal sans dispatching. I haven't been able to figure out my title/position/job roles still and it's been a couple months. Any suggestions on how I can get that whole issue brought up without screwing myself over? Don't want to abandon my drivers, which is why I'm still at this company, but want to at least try to make it into something worth all the headaches.
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2023.06.10 21:40 buccofan2221 Yinz all need to chill it on the tailgating

When I can no longer see your front bumper or sometimes even lights in my rear view you’re way too close.
And no, In advance, I’m not in the left lane, I’m going the speed limit or slightly over, and this also happens constantly on two lane winding roads and is a near daily occurrence.
I don’t want to get rear ended. Slow the fuck down
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2023.06.10 21:32 AwkwardBurritoChick [Transcript] OMG Let's Beeze Livestream

This transcript is from the livestream called "OMG Let's Beeze" instead of a Highlight.
skin looks bad where's my filters and there we go hi babe you're first hello
hi Lulu you're so early - yeah I know it's just all us now...the beezers, the beezers are first babe is first king Beezer. Gemini gem, what's new and exciting ? guess who's back...Lynn the pig and Grandma's back, back again...warmly...I know I'm terrible sorry you know just have a lot going on...Marissa 24 months you are the loyalist of beezers, I swear! radiation, you deserve every arm shake of that, I call them girl...hi shoot kickers and rats Ava hi, hi beezers
oh my God it's hot in this room.. why, why is it hot in this room? oh yeah so don't fear don't fret
um I'm in the spare room with the door shut there's no pets in here and I don't know if it's because it's vapor but uh this dissipates like instantly. it's not like lingering. tobacco smoke like two minutes later, you would not be able to smell anything in this house of... any kind of tobacco at all. you'll bring the fan really I would, so. appreciate that, honestly
Golden Girl, one year ~oh my gosh~ you deserve that too loyal Beezer ~~ Ready, Set! when did you guys all start watching me? I need to know... I'm curious what caught you onto my channel hi Carolina [Music]
these are... do I look like a virtuous woman? don't answer that... I will follow him, follow him, wherever he may go... I don't want to have that in my head all of a sudden [laughs] and on my hijab... style is kind of weird today. it looks like I have like a floppy chin. you know? like, three years ago no way...I can't believe I've been on YouTube for how long now
sanela, hi...
how long has it been? foodie Beauty days. Beauty foodie days... a couple of you now you get to see me in my marriage Arc. I'm very, very thankful for that. when I look back on some parts of my life, I'm, like, still, like, sometimes... I still wake up and I'm, like, I can't believe I'm here in the Middle East married to a wonderful man, you know? it's crazy. it's, like, surreal almost. I don't know
yeah, it is warm in this room. I don't know why... they're just, like, well... it's well ventilated but I don't know... maybe just because I'm so used to having the fan on me all times. you love the henna ink? thank you ~ yeah it's um very dark... I chose the black. they're like, do you want black or do you want red? so I'm like a half black but um... it's very nice you know?
my lovely angel, hey baby, oh you have to show them your beard cut! you had a beard trim... if I searched Amber... thank you so much for bringing that to me because.... oh wait.. the.. she said... yeah, it should be okay right? yeah, yeah the reality
the content room.... the content room needs to be a few... a few uh degrees lower, okay? nice... yeah, thanks... that's perfect. thanks for making me comfortable, my sweet love... you're welcome honey
sir, on YouTube during the Amber and Johnny Trail... Amberly came up? no way hi visas ~ oh my God ~ doesn't he look like 20 years younger? surprise...we could really see her mouth no more beard hair. you're still my handsomest man...handsomest man.... handsomest man
you guys...you guys are used to him with his beard now, huh, but whenever we met each other, this is, like, the look he had this one called the Summer Style. yeah it's too hot...yeah it's too hot for all the facial hair right? does it make a difference? yes, yes
he's too handsome - careful Chantel he's not going anywhere right? yeah
thank you guys oh I missed a bunch of comments okay
baby I'll keep using with them...yeah thank you, babe/ okay guys see you in the chat yeah and uh, they'll come live with me one of these days soon and do his own streams
hey I forgot the lights look better in the dark...is there two lights in here or one? [Music] turn one off...Okay, thanks. not all of them yeah...
hello Beezus foreign [Laughter]
[Laughter] thanks baby
creepy spooky looks good with your hair, looks dark and handsome
oh yeah...if you got a new mask [Laughter] it's spooky. that's cool.. it looks cool. I like it thank you honey [Laughter] happy Halloween everybody! eyesight shot yes my favorite movie actually. besides The Shining. which are both Kubrick movies... by the way, okay, which lighting makes me look nicer? the other one? I think this one wait check try the other one again.
I love you, honey pinch
whoa~ this one.. yeah, this one. the other one reminds me of a bait my basement. when I was a kid we had this...okay let me catch up here ...I travel mayonnaise [Laughter]....okay see you later alligator! someone... someone has to sound bite that [laugh] I've got that one there sorry, guys. I'm gonna be gonna contain my chin... and also... okay let me catch up here... I swear.
okay, um ,thanks Golden Girl...yeah, this is the henna but it goes like to here. I usually don't show you guys my wrists but you can see for the the purpose of the henna. so I washed my hands a bunch of times and it's still... I did the dishes. it's still on strong so I'm happy about that. are you going to address? uh, did you tip the artist? what what a weird question, duh... Whitney, actually tips are not very common here, but yeah I did. um, what are you looking for honey?
my phone? I think you see it you left your phone here no in the bedroom maybe yeah. um are you going to address all the fires in your home country?the fire...? there's fires in Canada right now? oh really?! yeah, in Quebec... Quebec area. I think eh.. um.. yeah, in specific, uh, area or what? yeah, I have to look it up. I'm not really sure. like, I know in Quebec region but was like five years ago.. it's fine, I think, yeah, I don't know ...like how severe it is... but there's, like, it's causing a lot of smog like in the US as well.. it's like going everywhere is all that I know.
[Note: some regions of Canada and the US had highest impurity rates globally from the particles in the air making the air dangerous for some people]
Michelle, they will be safe, yeah. thanks for the super chat. um, are they gonna start blaming me for the wildfires? yeah, I don't know. I mean, want to hold a vigil or what you like? the trim? it's a lot of the hair. yeah, the beard trim, yeah. thank you, uh Ali L, welcome to put your feet already [ __ ]. please, um, what in the kinky's going on okay?
we're in a room... welcome to budget piece and we're just like beeze, oh, I'm really behind... basic basic, it was smoky in Toronto. the air is bad really? well, I heard that it's bad.. like the small the the smoke or whatever...we got Eyes Wide Shut... that reminds me Andre Marie that was, like, one of my favoritest movies. favoritest movies ever! I love it. this is a weird hijab style... it was just like I had to get ready fast. so, I'm in the spare room right now. hi Ali L, welcome, welcome!
I know I haven't been going live really but ~oh my gosh~ we have so much going on in our lives and the new the pets are keeping me really busy. I have, like, a whole routine like I don't know how people do it with kids... like, I think I would die. like, I don't know if it's just like mentally I'm just not able to cope, with, like, too many responsibilities. because like taking care of home and then taking care of, like.... has been taking care... he takes care of me too... but you know what I mean? and then, like, Howie I have to spend time with Howie in a room by himself. he's he's in a room by himself now and the cat's in a room right now with her, like, food and water because we don't smoke with the pets.
like, you know at all... so um, so, then I have to like get up and like spend some time with howie... give him his vegetables, let him run around kiss him a thousand times and then Julia wakes up. Julia, yeah... welcome back guys! sorry I'm poor, that's okay... it's going to Wisconsin?
Julia cats are good at sneaking. I swear! I swear, she's snuck in the room when I was like coming in to see Howie. I didn't even know she was right behind me so she came in and she kind of just like just stared at him. but I think she...I don't know... she did one thing kind of weird like once, but it never happened again, so I'm okay with it, you know? I'm like, I hope it doesn't become a problem. she doesn't ...I don't think she likes the door being closed and me coming in here and paying attention to him. so one time that she was outside and I wasn't here she like pooped right up front of the door. I think it was like to say, like, "hey this is my territory this is my home, you little rodent" kind of thing but then ever since then she hasn't done it. like, she only did it once, I think, to like, assert her territory and then she just never did it again. she just, like, you know, poops in her box fine and she pees in her box fine and yeah... so far so good, mashallah. like. knock on wood but she's very very loving. she's like. I should have named her shadow she will not...if she's awake she will not...she, like, will not leave your side. like, she's the most loving cat. and if you, just like, you can... she's like a rag doll. like, you can just grab her and and hold her and just, like, and just like, she's just like... floppy and just loves attention and she's constantly....constant, constantly purring but she's also kind of naughty.
like, she's....when she gets the Zoomies, she freaks out and runs around everywhere, jumps all over the place and, like, she plays with things she shouldn't be playing with, you know? so it's like at that age she's, like a kitten right? so we have to like, um, you know, we have to, like, hold on. there we go... we have to feel uncentered. we have to, like, teach her you know? but she's... I say, you know, a lot, but she's like, she's so loving you know?
Hi Megan! so you think you can cats too well? yeah... my solid. what? well, my cheese salad? yeah hi pnv! yes, I hope you're having a good day at work. hi turbo toots! yo guys, yo Salah baby, baby... so yeah she's baby. how are you? do you love Julia? so she's adopting very well. my female cat gets mad at my own Grandma cat and she'll pee in the litter box extra messy. like, I won't even squat...makes a mess, yeah.... cats have strange Behavior sometimes you know? but yeah, I don't know. like, she's she's very hyper sometimes because she's just a kitten right? so I have to make sure to play with her a lot with her feather toy and, like, I have to like daily scoop out toys under the couch because she always gets them lost in there.
[Note: it seems Salah is teaching her basic cat care like a child]
sometimes if I open a bottle of water, like the cap, I'll just throw it. like, hey here's another toy that's not under the couch right now because and she just loves it!
foreign first class falcon getting a hair transplant... where in Turkey? you've always wanted to try that henna? thank you... yeah. it's really cool. I'm glad I tried it out. maybe next time I get it, um, I'll just get the uh,... it's like having a tattoo. like, it's a really cool... like, it looks like a really cool tribal tattoo or something I don't know? when I was watching her do it and it didn't take long at all. she's just, like, you know....
the Kitty's in another room while I'm smoking. and howie do have.... we the other day... I thought he was stuck in his tunnel but he was like, just listening or something... I don't know... because he put a bunch of his corn kernels in the tunnel overnight and he was just sitting in the tunnel, like, this like, like, stiff, like, a mannequin. so I started freaking out. I was like Howie! Howie! so I took all the tunnel apart and I'm holding it like this and he's in it and I'm like trying to go like this and he finally woke up and went... I hear horror stories you people scare me or like he could get stuck in a tunneling so here I am thinking oh my God he's stuck in the tunnel but no he can still, he still has so much room! he can turn around but ~uh oh my gosh~. anyway, I freaked out. that's like, the most exciting thing going on right now. actually Julie is the sweetest Beezer.
she's sleeping.... yeah, [reading comments in live chat] "my daughter has four cats and they were so picky that they each needed their own litter box". yeah... like, when I had the other cats like. we had that big litter box upstairs and then we had another one downstairs and because I was thinking like bbj's old, like, what if she can't make it? like, she had accidents a lot. because, you know, like, mostly starting when she got older. other than that, she was like a good cat her whole life, you know? and Sam no problems. but they ended up just using one litter box, so you know...
my fiance as a kid that honestly don't like... he doesn't even cover his poop. honestl?y Julia doesn't really either. she just goes and leaves it but so I go and I, like, cover it and then I scoop it. it avoids mess on the scooper. but she she gets the worst Zoomies after she goes to the bathroom. I always know when she goes and it's like, "okay, time to go get the scoop the Box" because she, um, I guess I'm keeping everything ultra clean now. and especially, like, you know, we have a smaller... it's smaller than my old place. so it's like you know if you don't ...the smell will just permeate as well. so yeah... she like runs around freaks out
I hear her go like she's so I'm going to the bathroom. people don't put leashes on their dogs. I want to go out. you had a Nashi zombies? yeah? wait... now she's are available right now in Canada, I'm missing out! no, the only matches I find here are coleslaw in them. like, Burger King is the only nashie. like, the Zoomies, I had to explain like salah never had a pet before, right? so this is all new to him so I had to explain what this is... Zoomies were... so I'm looking up Tick Tock videos of Zoomies. Like, he's like, is something wrong with her? I'm like, no, this is normal. check it out and, like, some cats get like the really bad zoomies, you know? it just happened in Florida? young and mischievous, yeah young and full of energy so...
I find smoking shisha makes you um thirsty. yeah, I'm going live a little earlier today because it's like 10 30 here and we're kind of tired. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a little sleepy. so I don't know how long I'll be on but I wanted to say "hey" because I missed you guys. like, if I don't feel like if I don't go live for a little while, I feel weird. like, oh my God! I missed you guys! you know?
[Note: Chantal has pretended her chats and followers are her second family when she makes them dispensable and has a high turnover. It's a false audience relationship in this regard.]
I can't believe they have the the Nashi in Florida! what the hell?! that's so weird.... it's quarter after 11 here already. that's crazy! as you can see I haven't been able to quit shisha and I don't think I did I didn't do uh\, I didn't do a good mukbang today. so, I'm not gonna put it out. it was kind of boring. I don't know.... maybe I will.... maybe I won't... we'll see.
sorry for always adjusting this....these chiffon ones I could never... I love how they look the most but I could never fix them properly. they never stay in place.. even if I like put them here under my chin see? can you get lavender to smoke, relax you? [reading comments] I don't know can you get lavender shisha... but I think it's only fruit flavors... but I'm not really sure. the water looks good. yeah, these are the water towers in Kuwait. yeah, I just drink a lot of water. like, this is the water bottle water we drink. we buy, like, our whole wall is like full of like water bottles. even if we have a filter, it's like the water in Kuwait in the summer, like, I wanted to have a coldish shower right? I put the water on the coldest setting it was hot. Like I couldn't even shower it was that hot. it was like, so hot I had to wait till evening time to have a shower because the water cools down in the evening. but in the daytime if you want to shower be prepared for the hottest water! it's so hot it was like it felt like 45 degrees today. so... but the AC and the new car is really nice.
Michelle.. and um, we, had like a slush today but I'm not sure about the lavender. Golden Girl, good question... um what did I have for dinner? actually I ate KFC because I was craving it and they have this new flavor of like chicken it's like Flamin Hot Lays and they have chicken tenders...and I had these twisters... and you know I tried to mukbang but I was just, like, in one of those moods where I'm like, what does it look like I'm wearing? shoulder pads? what the heck does it look like I'm wearing shoulder pad?....um, just like a really tired,hot.... not in a really talkative mood. kind of, like, I am now... so I'm like, I should probably do a live stream, you know? I don't know ....I, I really, just yeah.... I wasn't really in the mood. so I was just, like eating kind of quietly and I think most people um.... what was I gonna say? like, like, conversation with my videos, you know what I mean?
what month does it start getting the hottest? um, I don't know.... babe, what like month, like April... no the hottest actually probably like June? July? like it's gonna be like now but it's gonna get like I think even hotter.
[Note: Useless fact: The longest day of sunlight is on or around 20 June. It takes the earth 30 days to absorb and emit the heat so hottest days in many regions in the northern hemishperes is on or around 20 July]
so why he jumped his face like as big as FFG?!! LMAO! not even close! [Laughter] sorry... but it's true... this is, like, this is material all bunched up by the way but yeah I have a double chin.
July, August, September... um September too? oh great so we have... so here it's like reversed in Canada. the longest season is winter and here is summer [Note: Wait until Chantal learns about the equator]
thanks Golden Girl! thank you! remember this lip gloss... it's the...you guys remember when I went to buy this the Estee Lauder one? um will be 50 to 60. does it hit 60 like every summer? oh my God! I can't imagine... like, I have to go outside even for just a minute to experience what 60 degree weather is like... and we have to do like a test... like, I want to do that fried egg test. we have to put an egg on the pavement and see if it fries... but you know I can go peek my head out come right back in the building because the building is well air conditioned...like even downstairs in the lobby.
I don't know where people get this idea that we don't we don't have AC. it's not like...it's not a third world country um...there's AC everywhere and actually there's, like, um, I don't know like people put charity water tanks all over the town, like, different parts of each City. so, so, like, you can have clean drinking water and then there's like tunnels with like AC so people can have a break and walk through the tunnels instead of being outside. so there's, like, a lot of Refuge... is it respite Refuge? I don't know what word I'm looking for.... there's a lot of.... like, you get a break from the Sun.... if you even just going into malls, like, all the malls are very well air conditioned. um, so I would not be able to, yeah that's hot... I would not be able to survive here without AC. even Salah you will test it and we'll be grilled.
I remember one morning where one morning we woke up and he opens the curtain... actually, we do this every morning, like mashallah, I have to say it...we, we open the windows and we see the the beautiful ocean view.. and I'm like, one time I was like okay.. let's go out and he was like if you go out at this time you will be Chicken on coal! so, we have to wait until a certain time like after 4 or 4 30. I'll melt like cheese.
I wonder if I put cheese out if it will melt... hi Anastasia! sunblock will be useful...yeah, I need to get some, babe, true. creepy comfort and crime, [reading live chat] oh I just seen you... I just saw you ready...welcome, welcome to the very important users! thanks for becoming a Beezer!
yeah and I don't think that I'll be experiencing a winter, you know? not an all gun wood for like the next long while so I don't know when I'll go back to Canada for a visit.... but if I do go back, I'll be like a tourist right? because I don't have a place there anymore so, well it'll be weird be like a a Canada tourist.
[Note: Chantal doesn't understand her own citizenship status with Canada because she doesn't have a physical mailing address or residence. However, she is still a Canadian citizen].
cheese melted 'michelted'... you want to watch a horror movie, babe? I don't know... I might fall asleep but that's okay... what's a good horror movie from like the 2000s that we have? I don't know...
we tried finding "the ring" [horror movie] but we couldn't. why don't we last watch? oh, escape room one and two? those are good movies there's Escape rooms here but they're expensive I tried it several times to fry an egg here in Kuwait and it was successful. really?! no way?! you just leave the egg thereafter and like animals will eat? [reading live chat comments] a day when I lived in Vegas when I was in high school, I fried an egg in the street... no way! it gets hot like that? and it's just, like, are there some states where it gets super hot like Texas... say in Vegas.... I guess Death Valley is one of the hottest place... is quite hotter than Death Valley.. I'm happy to not see you in winter in Canada again.
yeah ...that's true... you leave a for the winter that's smart... that's what, yeah, my, I have family members who do that. Anna, hi dream! Insidious is good.. he watched... I don't think he liked Insidious. I don't know why... he likes more gross movies we watched a really gross zombie movie called "yummy"... oh my God... but it was pretty good movie, I guess. but just like one of those movies I'd only watch Once... don't ask me about security emoji. I can't believe the last horror movie watch was The Exorcist and it's like in the 70s that's so long ago...
[reading live chat again] it gets really hot in Vegas... really? like over a hundred? The Descent, oh, is that about a monster? I'm Chucky hi I'm Chucky you want to play no Chucky I want to burn you in fire and lava seriously I would drive and throw him in a volcano and then you go home and he's on your bed I'll burp I'm waiting to murder you God The Descent I think I watched it a long time ago you know what's really creepy? okay, the catacombs, like stories about the catacombs freak me out... like, all those tunnels under Paris? imagine getting lost in there! you'd be dead...you slept with your parents? I used to get scared and sleep with my mom too... she was like come on now there's nothing! you know, your parents get annoyed? no wonder... they probably want to break from us. I don't blame them. it's about the group of girls in a cave... ah but there's like a monster right? I think should I tell the Tank Engine ~oh my God~ that is my favorite picture! can you send it to me by emails? like, and [laugh] oh my God ~ actually the Crypt ~oh babe look at the picture [Music]
oh my God! that made my day! my potato face, choo choo, that, you know, what Thomas the Tank Engine used to be my one of my favorite shows as a kid... and Babar, potatoes ~ oh my God you're living like 15! oh I live in central California and it can get to 112. you that's hot! we will watch Descent movie... okay that I think that's I saw, that movie oh
Cassie oh my God! I need to quit smoking... I can't even [laugh] no oh my God that's so funny! all righ,t that's a perfect picture. I love that! I don't know if that was meant to be hate, but it made me laugh. so like my magnet, I found one of my abayas that's been missing. it was in the suitcase. we haven't unboxed yet. I keep forgetting ...do you unpack this one suitcase finally? did it you know... the hardest part of um putting together your home is organizing. I like finding, like, nice containers and all this stuff. I got um these nice little baskets, little baskets to put under the TV so we can put all our stuff in there you know? like watches and stuff like tha...t Chargers and especially we have to cat proof the home so, like, every, lik,e even this.
I'm not gonna put it take it off and I'm not gonna put it somewhere because the cat will lose it... remember I used to have that problem with the bees or Cuts I had with um with Sam and BBJ with my earrings? I would always only have one... yeah hi Cassie! did you uh forget your biscuit again? yeah ,thank God my family's okay now... but uh you know I'm kind of worried... like, I don't know the fires are getting bad eh?
pretty sure what New York looked like yesterday from the smoke... no, I have to look at all this up. I guess I've just been really self-absorbed. I haven't really been paying attention, but yeah are there wildfires like every year in California or like, the Wildfire is just like, remember how bad they were in Australia a couple years ago... a few years ago? I had a lot of beezers and viewers then in Australia. I was worried... about there's a lot of school and outside activities canceled? oh wow! that's bad! I'm sure the kids love that! hi blacks,hey long time no see! I missed you guy,s you know ?I used to pray for some kind of natural disaster when I was in school years... anything to get out of going, you know, like, are you sure the buses are not canceled today? you're still going I'm getting great, like, one before my mom had a car I'm getting Grandpa to drive you ...no I don't want to go to school [Laughter]
I used to pray for any illness... I know it's bad, but any cold any flu you... now I even remember like being in class with some kid who would be sneezing and you could tell they're getting sick and I'd be, like, you know, they'd be, like, okay, pick a partner for your for your uh project? okay, I want to go with the sick kid so I can catch his flu so I don't I can miss school. uh anything I hated, I hated going... I hated getting up in the morning since I was born. I was even late coming out of the womb, like, my mom had to have a C-section. I didn't want to come out... I was late... I was supposed to come out... mine was I supposed to be born I think the 26th... Kelly's pretty bad but it's been cool, like a cucumber...really how much snow? oh, it has to be like 30 centimeters or more for them to cancel school well it has to be a lot.
[Music] oh the flyers in Nova Scotia
[Laughter] the other options of school was wishing for a disaster... yeah, I was like please give me the flu! everyone's getting the flu but me, I swear it must have been the Papaya juice my mom used to give me in my lunches. I hated Papaya juice. I don't think I ever told her and just suffered in silence... a lot of vitamin C... give me the Capri Sun! it's very smoky where I am in Northern Ontario jeez lemon mint, cough, hey where were you I've already been... I've already been.
coughing what the [ __ ] I swear... I ate it going to school like, honestly, whenever, like, my mom would check and I had a fever, I was like "yes" because like when you're young, you think you're Immortal... you don't care if you have a cold, you know what I mean? you don't care if you have a fever... you're like, whatever, I can survive this now. well now I worry a bit... you know? I was born at uh yeah warmly I have a dark sense of humor .I was born at 4 30 in the morning. I blame that! I'm being a night owl, yeah... I was born just after midnight explains a lot. Julia's so cute! how is she? I know everyone is going through it but I'm going through it. you only... oh we're always setting you positive energy blocks... hope you're okay, what's up? you can share with us
um Julia is amazing she's just a Beezer she's a bit of a Beezer and uh but she's so cute and she's so cuddly. like, he's probably the the cuddly she's even more cuddly than BBJ if that's possible. early morning babies are babies born between 4 AM and 8 AM grow up to be persistent. they are generally intelligent and always prepared for different situations. they might face... wow do you know what time you were born babe? that I'm not in that category at all... so I was born what who has a dark web passport what the heck I'm so out of the loop
oh what did Golden say? oh Southern Ontario it is really widespread? yeah, that's what I heard but I didn't know how bad... oh my gosh! it's your husband's birthday? happy birthday zero support! that can be tough.. we're here for you... honestly, like, I like ,to beeze and like why not? we're all humans we all go through hard things. even though we're on the internet doesn't mean that we can't share and you know, be here for each other. you don't even have to explain what's going on all you need to say is you have you're having a hard time you know? to be born during business hours you're, like, I'm not being born during business hour,s mom you got to make those bucks! oh okay, since you've had a date, uh are you like the type that doesn't, you know ,what? getting a babysitter is not that easy... I know, I remember my mom trying to get a babysitter sometimes for me. it was hardened the babysitters I was left with. sometimes remember I told you my story times about one babysitter Beth. ew. yeah
I had some bad babysitters I always tattled on them and never had to see them again. though, so that was good, but yeah it's not as easy you know, it's not as easy as that what people are displaced oh my God. well Canada is really big... there's a lot of places to go but not if the fire's spreading that far. that's crazy !I really hope that everything people stay safe and everything goes well "we have two kids and one special needs so hard I just need a flip a couple of hours sometimes I just don't get that I love my girls but I hope no one takes that out" [reading live chat again]. yeah hey that's totally understandable.. it's very overwhelming... you know, you do your best but he got burnt out. like, caregiver burnout is a real thing... and actually when I worked in healthcare, we used to have a lot of people who would go into homes just to help with respite for people who were burnt out, you know? so at least you recognize that maybe there's some kind of like organization like that you know......Tracy, 18 months? oh my gosh! hi Tracy! I'm glad to see all you beezers here these stats are not accurate but we have to say it yeah, yeah, babe...you set her hair on fire oh my gosh that's Criminal! did you go on a group home after that?
I'm so protective too so that doesn't help uh you just don't let anyone go in yeah I understand. that, you know, you're leaving like loved ones in the care of strangers so it's hard.
hello Tracy! oh that's sweet babe! Maya lobby with your side and bless you sweets. parenting is hard yeah, like you know, I couldn't even imagine! I'm having a you know, like, being a pet mom is challenging. sometimes, honestl,y I couldn't imagine because some universities provide daycare at affordable rates.. that's true... my University had a daycare... excuse me, um I'm glad I never had to visit you know? something about daycare is creep me out... I remember being in daycare, like, I remember the smell of like old microwave dinners the cots... the cots that we had to take naps on. I had to go to a daycare after school and they made us have a nap every, every, every class. I went to as a young kid. there's always a kid who pukes. I don't know why, but there's always a pukey kid. sometimes I was a puke kid on the bus and then they always made us play with this like water and cornstarch mixture daycare. oh I'm glad I'm an adult as much, as... as much as life could be crap when you're an adult I don't miss being a child.
hi Katie Katie! she lost a few strands thank you guys, to see each event! hey, you're in the right place the hen is not itchy like thank goodness. you know, because I did look it up and apparently people have more issues with the block. which I didn't know... but they made me sign a waiver and I was wondering why. but now I know allergies... but oh thank goodness. yeah "I love being a mom but it can sure be hard not having any yeah not having any support" is definitely tough for sure, thanks Fox! yeah permanent is harder for sure... you'll have to replay later yeah I've been on for about 47 minutes.
what's Loch key, hey Chloe ,Tabor! am I saying that right? welcome, welcome! We're Gonna Save beeze hello! oh yeah Ali's a new Beezer. I missed the economy when I was a child. now I'm working everything... ye,s you're right. the economy was and it seemed people back then like in the 80s you know, um, from the I was born in the 80s... so old oh my gosh, everything was different, you're right. like, people had, like, you know? were able to sustain a life with jobs. you know, like, I don't know the quality of things just seemed better. I don't know how to explain it... like, even I don't know... maybe I'm not remembering that right. whenever you're a kid everything is just like the world is like mysterious. now when you start learning everything about it... it's like, you know,... well before I became like, religious, there was a huge period of time where everything just felt hopeless and meaningless... and I was like atheist for a point and I was like what the heck is the point of this, you know?
it's so mundane and tedious and you know... and now it's not like that wine and grapes come.. company yeah bringing up children because you're always having to dedicate all of your time to them. like, you're responsible for the bringing up of a whole human! like, that just terrifies me... like, even having a cat... hi witchy! hi beaters! sommelier! that's what it's called... nice that's interesting but if you can, you're strong you seem very strong .blacks so, if anyone can do it, it's you. I don't believe God gives us anything more than we can handle and honestly? even though it tests our limits, like, I don't know if people just think everything is just going to be sunshine and rainbows all the time. like, life is how can we be tested as people, if we don't go through hard things, you know, so it's just I see things in a very different perspective than I did even just last year, you know? and just getting rid of that hopeless feelings um helps me deal with depression in a lot of ways... there's a lot of ways I try to deal with my depression. um instead of ignoring it, uh, there's still a lot of things and tools I could use... but I find that my faith medication and just proper self-learning techniques of how to deal with anxieties and things, you know ,more emotional intelligence... that I'm really trying those things have been really, really, really hard to learn.
oh my gosh! yeah, I heard they're insane on me. that's what we've been saying! just bought Resident Evil 4, Jack ...nice have you been playing? have you started playing? I didn't know you were a gamer... no, I don't go to therapy here. therapy is ridiculously expensive here ridiculous like I think well from what a research I did it's like very very expensive like very but not just that um it's I guess I just cope with like learning like watching a lot of videos... reading a lot about emotional intelligence, coping techniques. like, this social media can be very useful for educational things. like, that um also I you know pray a lot and turn to my faith read the Quran and just, I don't know ...I feel like I've matured a little bit in that way, you know? an online therapist? that's like, yeah, I keep forgetting about that... move a TV? oh my gosh it must be strong! I think one therapist I checked was like 500 K.D that's like two thousand dollars, unless I got that wrong. maybe it was 500... I don't know... definitely give that to the when I when it piles on. just gets a lot it... does health issues it just piles on? yeah it seems insufferable. so like, uh, insurmountable sometimes content over meditation how you cope with negativity that's a good idea, thanks, Jack. thanks guys for noticing... he used to be a gamer what's your favorite all time? I don't know if I'm... in a minute... I'm gonna check it out again, actually and see. because I was a while ago. I checked... I don't even know if I have it right. but I remember being expensive a lot more than Canada.
Korean Pizza what's on that? I have an online there like uh Korean Fried Chicken. I have an online therapist and it's been good not sure how much it would be in Kuwait. though yeah I'd have to check the Korean. I've heard of sushi Pizza, that sounds gross to me. has anyone have sushi Pizza? reading the Bible, yeah whatever.... reading whatever religious text that you follow can be very calming, yeah... even just like when you're praying... it's like calming. Resident Evil 2 right here... another Resident Evil fan! Salah your favorite is Resident Evil 4 right? because you love Ashley so much. Sushi burritos, whoa, "you can't take care of others with an empty cup" that's true, yeah... that's why they say you have to take care of yourself first, but I mean how realistic is that? it's so hard to do ,you know, to find time for yourself when it's just constantly like, you know....
I can't even compare but even with a kitten like I forget how much work they are because I was so used to having adult cats, you know? for a long time but I remember, even BBJ was a Beezer. Sam was a Beezer, you know ,and you have to cat proof your house. you have to keep an eye on them when they're awake, and sometimes when she's sleeping, I'm like oh finally! you know? like, she's not busying because like I have to like get up so many times to like make sure she doesn't get to the through. Like I have to hide every wire.. every everything, everything in the house. but she's worth it... actually gross, okay Golden Girl, no problem. short rib pizza? oh my gosh! that sounds so good! yum! yeah happy birthday to him... I'm so proud of you having a higher power and seeing purpose. do you drink ever at all or no drinking? a Mormon? oh really Chloe oh you were Mormon? um no I don't drink anymore... um any kind of um mind-altering substance you know is is like forbidden it in Islam. but um CBD is... is okay though because it's not like mind-altering. but drinking is definitely... drinking is like illegal here. you won't find... you won't find out any legal alcohol here. I don't know about illegal... I don't know anything about that... but you won't find any legal alcohol here. you know,
oh my God ,what did you do all day? well it depends on the day lemon mint. I mean, like, a regular domestic day? is that what you mean? because it just depends you know, like, I... I'm planning on doing some day in the life of videos. Maybe. you know but you know, it just depends. depends on the day. um regular domestic stuff most days you know taking care of the pet the pets keep me busy um you know cleaning just stuff. like, that doing videos talking to family. we go out sometimes, go run errands. go get coffee. go get dinner. whatever. go to the movies ,stuff like that. how's the beezing kitties? she's so mischievous I do give her already some kind of chicken Pate she loves it... hi baby...alcohols... yeah, I believe that too. more dangerous than media need a Beezer membership buddy. yeah, I really haven't can't believe I haven't come up with merch yet.
hey babe, hi baby... what's up for you, baby? oh did she give me a creepy chocolate. hi, I miss you... you're so handsome. I love math thank you, honey. I think it looks cool. what kind of mask is this guys? is this the Anarchy mask? I like your hair guys.. don't tell her it's Secret [Laughter] it's that V for Vendetta mask isn't it? you ever see that movie V for Vendetta? no, foreign Edition? ah, yeah, I think it is vendetta. The Purge has started. chocolate creepy chocolates, thanks babe. I didn't know we had any more of these. I thought we ~I~ ate them all. I'm kidding! are you alone there without me? yes, I'll come soon. software on it, love you, love you most, love you mostly look pretty. Tracy we were actually... we were out shopping and he's like what do you think of this mask? it was like a store with all masks in it. this is a milk. have you ever had these? they're good. I'm gonna try.. I'm not really hungry. I had too much to eat but hmm I put your tea and sasqually... my God she's a pig... foreign I go through like two of these a day! it's not diabetes I should do a review of Quake snacks, yeah. because they do have a lot of different ones. like, you've seen some of them in my grocery hauls you know the pop pops? they have a lot of like a lot of things... a lot of things are flavored with zatar you guys know what that is? around oh.
[Laughter] Julius here hi!
hi baby, oh, oh she doesn't want to be held right now. hi, honey... she looks like church... hi baby... let me holder better.. okay. honey it's okay. it's okay. it's okay.... she might be scared of your man... she's purring. oh really? oh baby girl
hi sweetie oh you're a sweet girl here oh poor girl okay yeah yellow.. say bye. say bye! yeah I sing to her. you kno,w the song, um the queen hi! to me vintage SO thanks Chloe! my shisha's done anyways. so you want a Calico? she looks like church from um pet cemetery. her eyes the same color. she's so she's so cute anyway.s um oh yeah so you want a fat ginger cat and call him Garfield? zatar is like a seasoning made out of like Thyme and like I think sesame seeds. I don't know, lik,e exactly what's in it... but it's mostly made of thyme so it's really tasty. actually I want to go cuddle Julia now. she's... but she eats a lot. she eats a lot mashallah. she eats a lot she has a good appetite on her. she's so small. I think kittens eat more right? because they're growing but we feed her wet and dry and I give her some cremo treats. those creamy treats, she really loves those. so yeah that's Julia next time I'll show you Halloween Howie try sumac yeah, I have tried sumac before. like, in babba ganoush and stuff. it's like sour a bit. eh or something.. I don't know... I know what I know what it tastes like... I need to whiten my teeth or just wear red lipstick. look what you have here Harry he's here on this side is here on this side. hi Emily! let me grab him for the cage
[Music] hi Emmy here he is oh you big boy Hey Big Boy
[Music] oh Howie don't fall out there's a cat now! I'm kidding! hi everyone! rattler I love you so much, you big fat boy! damn son, he's cute. say "bye, hello, bye-bye yellow" back to your home. he doesn't want to get off my hand yeah it looks like a final grumpy Haggard rat freak and oil thanks, babe. vitamin C, really? I didn't know that, she's cut...e you don't want to come off my hand because he doesn't want to go back in the cage. is that a rat? I'm gonna tease him now. are you a rat are you a mouse are you a hamster? I always say that to him he's a hamster. but he looks like a mouse. I don't know he's a freak of nature. I don't know what to say but yeah he's um he's so cute. I love him he's my big boy, Howie! I let him run around and he was Beason... he got he kind of got stuck under the door but no not actually stuck but he was trying to get out. he's a ratster. oh my God, yes... are you a register? he looks like a hamster to me, yeah. he's like a big chubby hamster and he likes to just like, we this is the second wheel we get him. so we got him a wheel and we moved all the hang out of the way and it's turning fine. you know, the guy at the store was even like, this moves really well. so we put the new wheel inside and remember, whenever we got first got him, he was in that little cage? he was playing on that little wheel but this feels way bigger instead. of he doesn't like that it moves. he doesn't like that it moves so he went out of his way to move the hay, all the hay I took the trouble of moving out for him he put it all back to so that the wheel would be stationary because he likes to sit in the wheel and clean his bum, so he likes to have a clean bum cleaning station and it has to be stationary. he's got his own little like hamster rap personality. he likes to go to the bathroom in one corner. um he chooses wood. he loves his corn. any I have a medley a hamster food medley with like all different nuts and seeds but he only eats certain things. and I could tell when he's had it like I have to replenish his food because only these little grain. he doesn't .I think there's like quinoa... I'm not sure. there's like these tiny little circle pellets he doesn't like them. so he leaves them. he only eats the the certain things inside the medley. he's so picky and weird. I don't know he's a weirdo. That's What I Love About Pets. they all have their own like different little personality. you know personalities? chinchillas they're so cute... yeah they had some at the pet store. I couldn't believe some of the animals they had there! like they had meerkats. they had tucans, like, some people have pet tucans. they're very demanding like, like, having having an exotic pet like that?
anyways guys I think I'm gonna go because it's like late here and I want to go to bed and you know, relax. getting some coffee PJs? oh excuse me... Birds scare the crap out of you, really? I love birds. you have weasels? get out of here! like, the weasels from um Roger rabbits? does Harry still get to run? yeah like he's most of the time in this room, I only came in here to smoke but I don't have my shisha... finish I think it's finished um other than that every day like twice a day. first I come in replenish his, like, spot clean, give him some fruits and vegetables. replenish his Kibbles. then I take him out. he always comes out of his little hay hen and goes like he knows I'm in here. and then I let him run around. and there's like still Parcels in here from moving and stuff. he likes to climb them like they're Mount Everest for him. he's weird. I don't know who he climbs but he likes to run around and then I put him back in attend to Julia. then I come back at night and let him play a bit, you know? but I have to stay in here like I don't.. I could let him stay but I don't know I prefer to just ever since he tried to get up the bottom of the door. I watch him now that I'm in here. he can't be unsupervised he's not trusted. he lost my treasury, so I just set up the gaming station and just watch videos or whatever preferable. if Julia's asleep because she gets very Territorial and like, jealous if I'm in here with the door closed. so kind of thing, anyway... it was nice chatting with you guys um thanks for watching me play with my hijab for an hour uh yeah so what was I gonna say.
I guess that's it, I'm tired. so um thanks for beezing and I hope all of you guys days get better and easier and we'll chat next time. I guess, yeah, um maybe next stream I'll try to think of something fun to do. I like just coming on here and just chatting though really I don't know I like just talking and socializing it's like a form of socialization for me I guess but yeah my beezers so guys thanks for a reason without a reason that's what I'll call it be then without a reason um and I'll see you in my next video or my next live stream so toodaloop, bye guys.
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2023.06.10 21:22 whoresonrepelo This pathing is worse than Apple Maps

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2023.06.10 20:17 N64ExpansionPack My 'Timegate Valley' meme got featured on YouTube! Spoiler Alert, this dude hated it!

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2023.06.10 19:36 PhilPlease Summary of my June 9, 2023 trip at Disneyland

Hi all, lots of people gave me planning tips so I wanted to return the favor by summarizing my trip, in case it’s helpful. I traveled with my wife. We live in So Cal so we drove to the park the morning of. We did not buy any add ons (like Genie Plus or Lightning Lanes)
Rope drop: my wife and I went straight to Adventureland and boarded Indiana Jones (20 minute wait)
Immediately after, walked onto Jungle Cruise (no wait). Then walked into Pirates (no wait, but broke down for ten minutes). From there, got a churro (no line) and walked onto Winnie the Pooh (no wait).
Walked to galaxy’s edge. Lines were long so went to cantina (walked in without reservation, then left after a few minutes after the stormtroopers came in).
Went to Fantasyland. Rode Pinocchio (no wait), Snow White (ten minutes), the carousel (five minutes), and the storybook river cruise (five minutes). Then walked onto Small World (no wait).
This is when the park started filling up somewhat (around 11am). After, headed to Tomorrowland and rode Star Tours (25 minutes) and Buzz Lightyear (35 minutes). Got a pretzel (no wait) before hopping into Star tours line.
Crossed back to adventure land to get some dole whip with mango chimoy (can’t mobile order, so waited about fifteen minutes and soaked in the vibes). Then snacked on beignets at hungry bear (mobile ordered - no wait).
At this point, rise of the resistance had broken down. We went back to galaxy’s edge and ate lunch at the restaurant (I think it’s called landing port). Food was excellent. Atmosphere was amazing.
Then went to smugglers run (45 min wait). As we neared the end of the line I saw on the app that the wait ballooned to 180 minutes. Meanwhile ROTR was still closed.
After, went to chill in galaxy’s edge. Saw the mandalorian. Walked past ROTR. The cast members at the entrance were letting people in and told us the wait would be 40-50 min. In actuality the ride was still broken. As we waited, many park guests exited the line from the front. Several said they had waited two hours. We waited for an hour and then bailed. I checked the app throughout the day after and the ride stated down for another two hours or so.
After leaving ROTR, we veered to frontier land because we hadn’t seen it yet. We browsed the shops for a while, then went to Main Street to get coffee at Starbucks (15-20 min wait). It was definitely worth the wait because we were really tired and needed the coffee. We sipped our coffee and relaxed, pursuing the main street sites, shops, and exhibits.
After, we did the tea cups (10 or 15 minute wait). Then the parade marched past us, so we got to see the parade. We didn’t have the best view (we were near small world), but we got a pretty decent view of everything and enjoyed the parade.
After, we stopped by toon town just to take in the sites. Rodger rabbit had an hour wait, but we didn’t want to go on it. The new Micky and Minnie ride was not taking standby wait anymore (just lightning lane). But toon town was really cute (spent about ten minutes just walking around).
Next, we headed to the Mark Twain for a sunset cruise. It was a highlight of the day. Really nice ride. Very impressive ship.
Then we hopped off and walked around New Orleans Square at night. Really beautiful when sun sets. Then, we did the same for Galaxy’s edge. We bought some dinner (sausages - pretty delicious and no wait) and then took in the sites. We also checked out the gift shop. (By this time ROTR was reopen but the lightning lane was over an hour wait because the ride had essentially been broken all day)
We ended the day by walking around fantasy land, through tomorrow land, to the front of the castle. We arrived around 9pm and waited for the fireworks show. We got a great spot and enjoyed the show.
After the show, we did some last minute shopping in Main Street and downtown Disney. After waiting out the crowds for a bit we took the tram back to the parking lot and were out of the parking lot around 10:30/11pm.
—————— Biggest tips: Be at the parking lot no later than 7:30am and make sure you rope drop. We got on pretty much every ride.
Don’t expect to get on ROTR or the new Micky and Minnie ride. It’s slammed. If you really want to go, you have to prioritize it and recognize you’ll have to pay for extras (stay an extra day, buy lightning lanes, and/or buy genie plus) or you’ll have to be willing to go on fewer attractions so that you can make it in one of these two rides. You also need a little luck - the reason I didn’t rope drop ROTR is because everyone rope drops it and because it’s often broken down at the beginning of the day. So I didn’t want to roll the dice and risk losing that two hour window where few people are in the park.
The rides are fun but definitely pick and choose what you go on. If a ride doesn’t interest you very much, then don’t spend an hour waiting for it. For instance, we skipped a few rides like Autopia because we didn’t care for that ride. Same with some roller coasters (they’re cool but my wife doesn’t like roller coasters and Disney coasters aren’t worth waiting more than an hour, to me. But I’ve been going for years so I’ve been on all the coasters a million times.)
Instead, one of the best parts of the park is soaking in the good vibes, hanging with a snack, and just appreciating all the immersive decor.
Similarly, I recommend revisiting parts of the park during different times of day. The ambiance totally changes at sunset and then during the evening. The best examples are Main Street, Galaxy’s Edge, and New Orleans Square.
I think one of the best things we did was rope dropping adventure land. Most people rushed to ROTR or Space Mountain, which had pretty big wait times. If you were one of the lucky few who made it to the front of the line, it may have been worth it, but most people probably had to wait a while. By contrast, rope dropping adventure land enabled me to go on a bunch of rides in the first two hours. It took stress off the second half of the day. I also saw that many of these rides had huge lines after eleven.
Bring a backpack. Pack an extra pair of shoes, water, and sunblock.
Lastly, I recommend doing a river cruise through the Mark Twain at sunset. I also recommend getting to the fireworks show at least 30 minutes early, but no more than 45 minutes early.
A final tip - research before you go. Familiarize yourself with the park layout, get the app, watch YouTube videos, and get a game plan. You should have a sense of what you want to do and how you’re going to accomplish it.
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2023.06.10 19:09 ComplexZEUS From the conservative Christian point of view, Is creating Christian songs to all genres sinful?

From the conservative Christian point of view - Is creating Christian songs in all sorts of genres sinful?
This was just a thought - But I'd like to know.
Is It committing to your worldly desires to express your artistic nature but In a way that the Holy Spirit wouldn't convict you for It? (Or just to make yourself feel not guilty.)
Or Is It spreading light into the darkest valleys?
Is It fine as long as the Intention Is solely pure?
What If It's It's for artistic purposes?
What If It's both?
Are certain genres sinful?
Is It fine as long as the song Itself Isn't sinful - But In fact - The opposite?
When does It cross the line?
What about Phonk?
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2023.06.10 19:09 asd8dhd The Secrets of Interstellar and Interplanetary Travel

I almost didn’t post this. Not because I think it’s too wild or doesn’t make any sense. In fact, quite the opposite. The information I present here, which is the result of countless hours spent re-watching videos, listening to audio, and cross-referencing official information, is something that now seems to me to be far too viable not to be correct. I have actually tried to prove this theory wrong and… well basically I can’t. So, please bear this in mind as you read. This could end up being one of those rare occasions when we’re actually onto something. Either way, I hope you enjoy the post.
First point; this is going to be a long post. Given the subject matter, it needs to be. Second point; I have not added any images or videos directly into the post but have instead included a great many links embedded within the text itself. This should ensure that the post is no longer than it needs to be but should still allow you sufficient opportunity to fully scrutinize every part of my theory, so that you can determine for yourself whether or not you think it holds weight.
I have organised all of the information under specific headings designed to make everything more accessible. Each section focuses on a particular aspect of the main theory. Even if you think that some of what you are reading may not be relevant, I can assure you that everything written here has been included as an important part of a much larger puzzle, and so I would advise that you patiently make your way through the entirety of the post. In an effort to ensure that your time invested here is appropriately rewarded, and in the spirit of preserving the scientific method, I have tried to keep flavor text and blind speculation down to an absolute minimum.
Note that I will be listing various aspects of this post as being confirmed correct or incorrect as and when we have official information to verify such facts. So here we are, after five long years of waiting, the inevitable release of Starfield, like the event horizon of some nearby black hole, is almost upon us. With the Showcase now a mere 24 hours away, it is time for us to take a look at what makes this particular game so special, as well as discovering just how we will be given the means to fly among the stars.
And so, without further ado, let us begin.
Hitchhiker's Guide
From watching gameplay footage, and also listening to various devs talk about Starfield, we know that at some along the early part of the story, we will find ourselves on board a Constellation Starship, which is appropriately named Frontier. With us on the ship is VASCO, an adorable robot assistant who will eventually become one of our possible companions. But how did we even end up on this ship? Well firstly, I do not believe that Frontier is our ship, or at least not at first. And so, we’re probably here in the capacity of a ‘guest’ of some kind, or more likely, a hitchhiker.
If we take a look at this scene, we first hear a male shouting “that’s the Crimson Fleet! and then a female saying “Everybody get ready!” After this, we can see that the group we are with is attacked. We already know that we uncover some kind of unknown artifact whilst mining for ore near the beginning of the Main Quest, and that the aforementioned Crimson Fleet is essentially an organised collective of space pirates. But what we don’t know is why they attacked us. This is not something I will be diving into in this particular post, although I do have some theories about this. But the relevance of the series of events here described cannot be understated, as they seem to be the launching point for our entry into Constellation and the adventures that follow.
Next, if we look a little further, we can see that this seemingly-important member of Constellation is not with us when we arrive at their Headquarters on Jemison, which suggests that he may have been killed during the above mentioned attack. Also note that, in-spite of not having a voiced protagonist this time round, we can clearly hear somebody talking over Frontier’s comms system, which means that there must be a designated pilot. Given the fact that we don’t see anyone who is confirmed as being the pilot (although it may actually be this person), it is safe to assume that this designated individual was with us during the flight but was first injured in the attack on the planet’s surface and was then taken to Medical Bay after we successfully land on Jemison.
It is my belief that, after perhaps being exposed to some kind of energy pulse from a grenade or something similar, the first member of Constellation we see was outright killed (hence why we are then asked to join up ourselves, perhaps to take over his role). The pilot, however, clearly survived as we can hear him talking to Control over the comms system during what is actually an extended two-way conversation, but I think that his vision was somehow compromised so that, even though he is able to speak, he is temporarily unable to see. The good news about this most unfortunate situation is that it opens the door for us to quickly step into the hot seat and, with the pilot acting as our guide, we will experience our very first Starfield flight tutorial.
Radio Chatter
If you listen to the beginning of both the Official Teaser Trailer and Official Gameplay Reveal for Starfield, you will hear both halves of the radio conversation I have referenced above, or at least the parts of it that Bethesda have given us so far. The first of these is spoken by somebody being referred to as Control, and the second by Frontier’s pilot. I previously posted a link to an audio I made and put up on Soundcloud, which gives us all of the confirmed parts of this conversation carefully spliced together and enhanced for clarity. Note that some of the audio, despite these enhancements, is a little hard to make out.
The final, in-game conversation is going to be a fair bit longer than what we have here and will be based on the specific processes that are required before attempting a Grav Jump. I don’t think we will hear this conversation every time we perform a Jump (especially given that our protagonist does not speak), but the first time we experience this early step-out moment, a detailed and appropriate pre-launch conversation will only serve to enhance what I’m sure will be an awe-inspiring experience.
Note that, at the end of this post, I have provided a link to a written transcript detailing what I think is being said in the full version of the above conversation. In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the confirmed parts of this audio. This is slightly different from the version I previously posted, due to new evidence clarifying exactly what is being said here. I have left line-spaces to help show where the missing parts of the audio will eventually go:
PILOT: "Control this is Constellation Starship Frontier."
CONTROL: "Constellation Starship Frontier, we have you on scanners."
PILOT: "We're ready to start on your signal."
CONTROL: "Performing Road Systems check. Helium-3 tanks, check. Seals are intact."
PILOT: "Maintaining Exit Vector course, Steady 'till Ready."
CONTROL: "We are still go."
PILOT: "Coordinates input, plotting Jump course."
CONTROL: "We read you Constellation."
PILOT: "Sky-Bus is converged, we're looking good."
CONTROL: "Jemison route looks good."
PILOT: "Allocating Auxiliary Reactor Power."
CONTROL: "Prepare for departure. Graviton Loop Array Spool, check."
PILOT: "System checks are green across the board."
CONTROL: "Your space Lane is clear."
PILOT: "Grav Jump commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."
At first, this seems like a typical, albeit futuristic version of an Air Traffic Control conversation. After all, much of what is being said does sound very familiar, and the rest seems appropriate to Starfield’s apparent Hard Science Fiction theme. But it’s only when you start digging a little deeper that you realize that something else is going on here as well.
Note the following terms taken from the above transcript: Road, Exit, Course, Coordinates, Bus, Route, Departure and Lane. All these words share a very noticeable common theme. They are all in some way related to Road Networks. Note also the phrase “green across the board," which sounds like it could also be a reference to Traffic Lights.
Zooming Along
Next, let’s look at this map, which features the home of a certain Software Development Company you may have heard of. If you zoom out a fair bit, you will see two large Cities, namely Washington and Baltimore. Zoom out a little more, and you can now see the cities of Richmond to the South and Pittsburgh to the North-West. Zoom back in over any of these four major cities, and you will see that there are many more smaller locations within each of the city limits.
Now scroll the map over to any of the areas outside of these cities, and you will find a multitude of other important locations. These include residential areas, airports, medical facilities, sports and leisure facilities, research facilities, manufacturing facilities, tech companies, supermarkets), hotels, places of worship, and many others. All the above locations are important in one way of another to the continued functioning of our society, and all can be placed within two distinct categories. These are Population Centers and Infrastructure.
You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Now imagine that there has been some kind of catastrophic flood in this area, and all these locations, although somehow miraculously intact, are now separated from each other as a series of individual islands in the middle of a newly formed ‘ocean’. Suddenly, the existing Road Network, along with any cars, busses, and other road vehicles, would become useless. You would need to use a completely different system, one designed to properly accommodate these changes, which would of course have to incorporate such elements as harbors, shipping routes, and vehicles capable of travelling along a waterway.
Now let’s zoom out again, this time further. Much, much, further. Each location has now been transformed into either a planet or a moon, spread across various star systems covering a vast region of space. Each one of these planets and moons will have its own individual features, resources, possible inhabitants, and infrastructure requirements. With such a quantum leap in terms of scale, if we now wanted to travel between these locations, which could in many cases end up being several light years apart, we are going to need something far bigger in terms of scale, complexity, and technology.
Shown In 60 Seconds
During the first ever 60 seconds of Starfield footage we all saw, shown in the form of the Official Announcement Teaser at the end of BE3 on June 11th 2018 (which redditor InToddWeTrust2023 has very nicely referenced here), we were given some surprisingly important clues which now form the cornerstone of this theory. Not only have these clues stacked up with every consecutive trailer released, as well as many of the other official videos and various other snippets of information, but their sheer level of consistency places them well outside the realm of possible coincidence.
Some of these additional clues were given to us in the two videos referenced above which contain the comms audio. The second of these two videos, namely the Official Gameplay Reveal, dropped, as would be expected, at the end of last year’s Showcase on June 12th 2022. Some of the most crucial information we have been given to date regarding my theory is actually contained in the 70 seconds shown before Todd even begins to speak. We will discuss the relevance of all of this a little further on in the post.
Lo-go/no go
First, some Space related terminology. In Mission Control speak, a Launch Status Check, also known as a go/no go poll, is part of a very carefully designed system implemented by US Space Agencies to ensure maximum safety and the best possible survival chance of both the ship and its crew prior to launch. This, or something similar, will undoubtedly form an integral part of the pre-launch, or rather, pre-Jump procedures incorporated into Starfield, especially given what we know in relation to its specific influences, attention to detail, and focus on realism.
But let's look for a moment at a different type of launch. Let's look at the process of carefully managing the flow of information when you are launching a long-awaited, multi-million-dollar triple-A video game and you happen to be a major player. With the combined might of Bethesda, Zenimax, and now Microsoft, there is clearly a great deal of scope in terms of how they were able to execute all of the steps involved in this process. One critically important factor, and one that has been masterfully implemented in the promotion of Starfield, is the use of familiar iconography.
If we look at the iconography seen during the promotion of Starfield, we can see that there are two main elements. These are the circular Starfield logo, first unveiled in 2018, and of course the recently updated Bethesda Games Studios logo, which has existed in various iterations since around 2006. Both of these share a common, simplistic yet effective design, and the BGS logo in particular is now light years ahead of its original design as seen on box art and in promotional materials for The Elder Scrolls VI Oblivion. At the time of Oblivion’s release, the long-term use of this particular logo, which incorporates the now familiar Fallout Vault Door, was a little uncertain due to restrictions with the associated licence (more on this below). But once this matter had been resolved, it would make a lot of sense that they would then develop this logo into the much sharper, more modern version we see today.
Licenced to Fly
Way back in April of 2007, Bethesda realized one of their biggest long-term business goals by finally securing the full rights to the highly acclaimed Fallout series. Prior to this, in 2004, they had been granted limited rights which would allow them to develop Fallout 3 and then two additional games, but they clearly wanted full and unrestricted access to the franchise and all of its assets. Since this time, in addition to Fallout 3, we have seen the release of Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76, as well as a number of smaller projects, including Fallout Shelter. This is all the proof you need to confirm the fact that, in-spite of some initial setbacks, Bethesda’s insistence on going the extra mile with regards to securing the full franchise, was most definitely worth it, and was seen by many as a landmark achievement.
Looking at the most recent entry to this ever-expanding series, namely Fallout 76, I would like to draw your attention to two of this particular game’s trailers. First, we have the Fallout 76 Official Trailer from 2018, and then The Pitt Story Trailer from 2022. In the first of these two trailers, at around the 35 second mark, we see the new BGS logo once again, and then near the end of the video we see a smaller version, neatly tucked away over on the left-hand side of the usual copyright notice. If we then look at the second trailer, at around… Hold on a second, let me rewind that a bit… wait, what?
This is where things start to get really interesting.
One Small Step
Okay, going back to the Fallout 76 trailers, although the smaller version of the BGS logo can be seen at or near the end of each of these, only the first incorporates the larger, ‘splash-screen’ version. “But why is this even important?” you may ask. “They may have simply forgotten to include this detail in the second trailer.” I can assure you that this is most certainly not the case. In fact, I am one-hundred-percent confident that this was quite intentional. I would even go as far as saying that this one, seemingly insignificant detail, actually brings us a step closer to unlocking the secrets of Starfield. Essentially, Bethesda have taken full advantage of how we all think we remember certain details, and as such, this is an example of truly expert-level hidden marketing on their part. I also believe it will form the basis of at least one of the big reveals during the showcase.
One Giant Leap
Let’s go back one more time to the Announcement Teaser and the Gameplay Reveal for Starfield. Look at how drastically different the BGS logo is in both of these videos compared to any of those used in promoting Fallout 76. What will really blow your mind here is the fact that all four of the trailers mentioned above were first shown to us during the same two Showcases we have just been discussing! In other words, the first of these videos for both Fallout 76 and Starfield were both unveiled at the 2018 Showcase, and the second of each at the 2022 Showcase. And yet each respective pair make use of drastically different versions of what we all thought was the exact same logo. This means that Starfield has been designed, from the ground up, to be viewed and experienced in a totally different way than, and completely separate from, any of Bethesda’s previous titles.
To clarify this point, after extensive research, I can confirm that this new, animated BGS logo, with the vault door rolling off to the left and then ‘opening up’ just before the text appears, has never been featured anywhere in an official capacity that is not directly related to Starfield. It is completely unique to this specific IP. This fact ties together everything we have looked at in the post so far. It also lets us see things from a completely different ‘orbital’ perspective. For example, I believe that this information gives us the real reason why Bethesda worked so hard to secure the full rights to the Fallout franchise in the way that they did. Not only did they wish to create awesome games set within the Fallout universe, but they also needed total freedom to make use of a specific part of this franchise that so that they could then incorporate it into their next, very very big, space related IP.
For Mankind
Okay. This is the part you’ve all been waiting so patiently for. This is the big reveal. For months now, perhaps even years, we have all been drip-fed the idea that Starfield is essentially “Skyrim in Space.” The reason I think that we have been told this is to misdirect us away from an intrinsic, interwoven connection between Starfield and Bethesda’s other major franchise, which is of course Fallout. But just to put your mind at rest, I do not for a nanosecond believe that the reveal will be, “We fooled you all, it’s actually Fallout in space!” no matter how cool that might at first sound.
What I do believe is that Starfield will be so different and so unique when viewed alongside anything else that Bethesda have published, that it will quite literally take your breath away. This game, the spark of which was first ignited 25 years ago, is Todd Howard’s true passion project. Everything else was simply the path he took to finally get here. This is the story he has always wanted to tell, the story of Mankind’s true legacy. And it all starts, just as it did when Interplay released the original Fallout) game back in 1997, with a familiar, but staggeringly different Vault Door.
The Vault
There is a very special and completely unique hidden Vault in Starfield. Not only is this particular Vault unlike anything you have previously seen anywhere within the Fallout universe, but it is also unlike anything you have seen in any game. Period.
This hidden Vault is actually the key to both interstellar and interplanetary travel. And it also happens to be the single biggest construction project in human history, extending across a span of almost one-hundred light years. And it is not even close to being completed, even after more than two-hundred years of construction.
This Vault is, by its very nature, completely invisible and shielded away from view. It is quite literally hidden in plain sight, and it can only be accessed through one of its specially crafted Vault Doors. But what does all of this mean for gameplay, and how does something like this even work? I’m glad you asked! Let’s strap in and prepare for launch, because we’re all in for an incredible ride.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen... to The Starfield
Entering The Starfield
The following is my own interpretation, based on scientific reasoning and a huge amount of detailed analysis, of exactly how I think this system works. It is, as ever, backed up with several links throughout, as well as additional evidence for which I shall provide a separate link at end of the post. I am expecting perhaps some differences in terms of specific details once we get hold of the final release of Starfield, but I am confident that I am at the very least well within the ballpark with all of this. Okay, here goes.
The Science Behind the Magic
Starfield is the name given to a vast network of interconnecting tunnels, spanning the entirety of the Settled Systems, providing us with a very fast and highly practical means of travelling between different planets, and even different star systems. These tunnels exist within a localized, folded state, known as Tunnel-Space. The construction of the Starfield is made possible thanks to a technological breakthrough which allows gravitational waves (or Gravitons) to be woven together to form something known as a Gravity-Tunnel, which is then stretched out and connected between any two existing stellar objects, such as two planets in a given system, of even two stars from different systems.
In order to maintain the integrity of each tunnel, it is wrapped in a special type of Exotic Matter known as Superfluid Helium. This has a number of highly unusual properties, including negative energy density and negative energy pressure. This essentially makes it the physical-space equivalent of time going in reverse, meaning that it is capable of counteracting the effects of any conventional physical force, including the gravitational pull of a black hole. As such, it will hold the structure of the Gravity-Tunnel together for an indefinite period of time over a potentially infinite distance through space.
Within the Starfield are a large number of Nodes and Junction Points. Nodes are used to connect together all of the planets in any one Star System, and Junction Points then connect different Star Systems together, making use of much larger Gravity-Tunnels that are the equivalent of Interstate Highways. Note that all flight between any given planet and any or all of its moons is handled locally, outside of the Starfield.
Because all of the stars, planets, and moons in the Settled Systems are in a constant state of flux, by which I mean their relative distance and positions) are constantly changing in respect to each other, the tunnels within the Starfield have been designed to be able to expand and contract almost infinitely so that they can accommodate any changes in these two factors depending on when, where, and how you travel.
Although the main tunnels are designed to transport people, resources, waste, and other items directly relating to either Population Centers or Infrastructure, I believe there is also a sub-system) that will allow much smaller objects, such as probes, to carry data-packets that can be upload at one location and then downloaded at another, effectively solving the problem of inoperable delays in communication between remote locations.
Inside of each Gravity-Tunnel is a bi-directional singularity, which can be switched between two opposite polarities whenever required with the help of the surrounding Exotic Matter, allowing for two-way traffic inside what is essentially a one-way system. This means that, as long as you are able to ensure the correct polarity of all connecting Nodes and Junction Points along your route (as in “Sky-Bus is converged” and “Jemison route looks good”), you will be able to travel, in theory at least, from any point A to any point B, as long as all of the required interconnections exist within the system.
When travelling through the Starfield, you will set a specific route, known as a Sky-Bus, which is a specified pathway that runs from your staring location to your destination. You will then, with the help of Starfield Control, access the tunnels using a Gating System which I will explain below. Incidentally, I believe that the accepted in-universe name for the actual transit network that we are making use of within the Starfield is the Sky-Bus Tunnel System.
Each tunnel in this system actually has two separate ‘Lanes’, one on the left for outbound traffic, and one on the right for incoming traffic. As I have explained above, each of these tunnels can only accommodate a single direction of traffic flow at any given time. And so, a safety measure had to be incorporated to prevent any accidental attempts to travel the wrong way down a tunnel and destroying yourself and your ship.
At each end of any given Node or Junction Point is a Gate. These are the ‘Vault Doors’ I have been referring to. The Gate comprises of a gigantic metal outer-ring connecting to an inner Vault Door. This Vault Door will either be at the center (closed position), or the left (open position) of the outer ring. The open/left position will allow outbound traffic to leave the orbit of the current planet they are in proximity to. To allow inbound traffic, the entire outer ring, with the Vault Door locked in place, will rotate clockwise through 180 degrees to the open/right position to allow access to the inbound Lane. When the outbound Lane is then once again required, the structure then continues to rotate in a clockwise motion until it reaches the open/left position once again. When required, the Vault Door will return to the neutral position at the center of the ring, and the tunnel will be locked.
Regarding Grav Jumps: Whenever you wish to perform a Grav-Jump, you must first request permission from Starfield Control, who will guide you through the process. Once the route is set and your Exit Gate is locked in place, by activating your ship’s Grav-Drive, along with it’s incorporated spooling system, you will first lock on to the front of the tunnel entrance.
Next, using a system similar to an Aircraft Catapult, you will be pulled into the tunnel at great speed, where the Graviton Loop Array will hold your ship in-place inside the tunnel, and will also ensure you don’t accidentally go down the wrong path. At the other end, the spooling system described above then acts as an Arresting Cable, slowing you down over a very short distance.
If all of the above is actually correct, especially the last part, then I think I will be having this on repeat in the background before Grav-Jumps!
Finally, here is the link to my additional supporting evidence and other materials, including some stuff I haven’t had a chance to really go into yet. Feel free to throw any questions at me, and I’ll do my best to answer them. In the meantime, Showcase will commence in 24 Hours…
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2023.06.10 18:25 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in OH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Best Service Heating & Cooling Part-time Customer Service Rep Whitehall
Best Service Heating & Cooling HVAC Technician Whitehall
American Family Insurance Senior Security Consultant Akron
Ohio University Assistant Director, Access and Inclusion and Senior Assistant Director, Access and Inclusion Athens
Ohio University Director of Diversity Affairs Athens
Ohio University Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion Athens
Beckett Springs Outpatient Registered Nurse Camp Dennison
VineBrook Homes, LLC Director, Accounts Payable & Utilities Catawba
Clean Harbors Cleanpack Chemist Cleveland
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Cleves
Zipline Logistics LLC Operations Associate Columbus
Green Bay Packaging, Inc. Maintenance Technician - Electrical Cuba
VineBrook Homes, LLC Director, Accounts Payable & Utilities Dayton
Kettering Health Network CMA Dayton
ProMedica LPN Defiance
ProMedica Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Defiance
Quantum Health Digital Accessibility Lead Dublin
VineBrook Homes, LLC Director, Accounts Payable & Utilities Englewood
ProMedica Registered Nurse (RN) Fostoria
ProMedica RN Fostoria
Valley View Healthcare Center Scheduling Coordinator - RN/LPN/STNA Fremont
L3Harris Technologies Specialist, Quality Engineering Goshen
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Harrison
L3Harris Technologies Specialist, Quality Engineering Harrison
Beckett Springs Outpatient Registered Nurse Harrison
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in oh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 18:23 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 10th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 10th
1970 - The Jackson 5 perform "The Love You Save" & "ABC" on the Groovy Show TV program in Los Angeles.
1972 - Michael third solo single, "I Wanna be Where You Are", on Motown enters the Billboard US Top 40 singles chart at #38. It will peak at #16 during a 9 week run.
1972 - Lookin' Through the Windows by The Jackson 5 on Motown Records enters the Billboard US Black Albums Chart where it will peak at #3 during a 29 week run
1975 - “Forever Came Today” is the last official single of the Jackson 5 released by Motown
1979 - Last concert of the first US leg of the Destiny World Tour at the War Memorial Auditorium (now Greensboro Coliseum) in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tour resumes in October
1993 - Michael makes an appearance at an afternoon rally at a middle school in Los Angeles to launch a new DARE programme called DAREPLUS (‘Play and Learn Under Supervision’) program for the school, an initiative educating children on the perils of substance abuse and gang membership
Jackson was a member of the Board of Directors of DARE (‘Drug Abuse Resistance Education’) and he was presented with a t-shirt for which he said:
“Thank you very much. I love you all. Thank you.”
All members of the 'Challengers Boys & Girls Club' were invited to Neverland
1993 - Michael announces that "HTW"s total earnings of $1.25 million, along with his entire Super Bowl XXVII proceeds from that year will be funneled to "Heal L.A.", for the children having suffered from the Los Angeles’ riots at the time.
The Big Brothers of Los Angeles give Jackson a rocking chair made by a woman who made them for President Kennedy and the Pope. Another group of children visiting the ranch get a sneak peak preview of Tom & Jerry: The Movie. The film wasn't scheduled to begin running in theaters until July 30th, but Michael received an advance copy from Joseph Barbera.
1997 - Michael plays the second of two nights at the Amsterdam Arena (now Johan Cruyff Arena) in Amsterdam,Netherlands , to an audience of 50.000.
1999 - Michael is in Paris, France. He stayed one day at Le Crillon hotel as he shopped around the town on his brief stop there for business related meetings
1999 - It is reported that the opening of the first 'Michael Jackson Dance Studio' (formerly announced as the 'Michael Jackson Entertainment School') happened in Tokyo. Michael couldn't attend the inauguration of the school but planned on going soon.
2002 - Michael Jackson arrives in London and checks in the Marriott Renaissance Hotel.
2003 - Michael finally gives his deposition in Indianapolis before going to Merville, Indiana
Last month, Jackson he fell ill and was hospitalized before he could be deposed in a lawsuit filed by Gordon Keith (who signed the Jackson 5 to his Gary, Indiana-based Steeltown Records in 1967) and musician Elvy Woodard. The men claim that the Jackson 5 used the name of another Gary band and two of their songs without license.
Jackson’s attorney, Bob Meyer, says the suit has no merit, noting that Michael was only 9 years old at the time.
The deposition took place at a hotel from 11:21 a.m. to 5:10 p.m
“Michael was extremely comfortable today,” he said. “He really surprised me.”
Meanwhile, an attorney for the plaintiffs, Norman Reed, described Jackson’s deportment as “jovial,” though he went on to say that Jackson couldn’t answer every question because certain events in question occurred more than three decades ago
Later in the evening, Michael was the main attraction at the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis, as he tried to make his way through the crowds with his entourage to get a little personal shopping done at Brookstone, while also being followed by a mob of fans.



Michael hires Charles Koppleman as his new business adviser.
2004 - Ray Charles passes away and Michael issues a statement:
"I am saddened to hear of the death of my friend, Ray Charles. He was a true legend...an American Treasure. His music is timeless; his contributions to the music industry...unequaled; and his influence, unparalleled. His caring and humility spoke volumes. He paved the way for so many of us, and I will forever remember him in my heart."
2005 - Jury Deliberations Day 6
Jurors in the trial will be back again on Monday after ending their first full week of deliberations without reaching a verdict
The jurors asked a number of questions today and also requested to have some testimony read back to them. Judge Melville held at least three meetings with attorneys from each side
Legal experts say the lengthy and complex instructions issued by the Judge may be responsible for the extended deliberations.
"This is a huge, huge celebrity trial, so you can bet that they're going to want to read those jury instructions pretty carefully," said Donna Shestowsky, a law professor at the University of California.
Shari Seidman Diamond, a law professor at Northwestern University, agreed: "Running through these instructions is the use of words that are real words in everyday life that have different legal meanings."
She said that terms such as "attempt," "reasonable" and "conspiracy" have specific meaning in criminal law and "we know that makes instructions harder to deal with."
Diamond said that judges could make jury instructions more palatable but rarely did so as they were more concerned with making sure the instructions were unflawed and would not lead to a reversal on appeal.
Peter Tiersma, a member of the California Judicial Council's task force on criminal jury instructions, said it was easier for a judge to simply copy the text of a legal opinion or of a statute in the instructions.
He said that no matter how dense or incomprehensible the instructions were, "if you changed it, you risked getting it wrong."
As an example, Diamond pointed out that the explanation of 'reasonable doubt' was buried on page 45 of the instructions, which offered little explanation of why jurors should ignore certain pieces of evidence.

About 2,200 journalists received press credentials to cover the Michael Jackson trial, more than the O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson trials combined.
Major TV networks have committed dozens of staff members and some news organizations have even installed land lines, fearing that the explosion of phone calls following a verdict could jam the region's cell phone networks.
Reporters from every continent except Antarctica are covering the story, a reminder that Michael's popularity remains intense outside the US. News organizations from more than 30 countries were represented
"The appetite for Michael Jackson is insatiable," said Graeme Massie, who has covered the trial for Splash, a British news agency. "In the U.S., people may believe that Jackson's star has fallen, but in Europe it still shines brightly."
The case is being closely watched in Japan where they are thinking of moving to a jury system.
"People in Japan are interested in the King of Pop, but they also want to know how the jury will treat celebrities," said Wataru Ezaki, who works for a Japanese news organization in Southern California. "They want to see if jurors can be fair. It's a very unique case."
Deliberations will resume Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.
2009 - AllGood Entertainment Inc. filed a $40 million lawsuit against Michael claiming breach of contract and fraud in an attempt to stop Jackson from performing in London. The New Jersey-based company filed the suit in federal court in New York stating that it signed a deal with Jackson's manager, Frank DiLeo for a pay per view reunion concert with the other Jackson siblings
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 26
Katherine Jackson was at court for the morning session
Randy Phillips Testimony
Jackson direct
Panish showed a June 20th email from Tim Leiweke (CEO of AEG) to Dan Beckerman (CFO/COO of AEG) in which Beckerman described Phillips as jittery:
"Trouble with Michael. Big trouble."
Beckerman responded:
"I figured something might be wrong given how jittery Randy has been this week. Is it "pre-show nerves" bad or "get a straight jacket/call our insurance carrier" bad?"
Phillips said he was not jittery, but concerned with the show. Jittery meaning shaking and he said he doesn't think that's how he was.
Phillips said Dr. Murray receiving $150k per month being the cause of Michael's sickness in June of 2009 never crossed his mind
Phillips said he did not recall what was discussed in a phone conversation with Murray. In his video deposition that was shown to the jury, Phillips first said the conversation lasted three minutes. He was shown phone records that showed it lasted 25 minutes. Phone records show Phillips had a 25 minute phone call with Conrad Murray after Kenny Ortega's emails on June 20, 2009. Phillips said he didn't think the call lasted that long, doesn't recall what they talked about. "It's very possible I might have even read him these emails," Phillips testified, referring to the "Trouble at the Front" chain. "I would not have discussed his health other than what it was in the content of the emails"
Phillips said everyone in the This Is It production got a list with everyone's phone numbers. He doesn't know how Dr. Murray got the list. Phillips was asking about how Conrad Murray got his home phone number. He initially said it might have been on a list given to tour personnel. Phillips then said that Murray may have gotten it from Jackson's former manager, Frank Dileo. Phillips testified that Dr. Murray called his home number. Panish showed picture of the business card Phillips gave Dr. Murray with his cell number on the back. The card was found in the doctor's car.
Panish then asked Phillips about an email he sent director Kenny Ortega, telling him Murray was "unbiased and ethical", the email serves as Phillips' best recollection of his conversation with Dr. Murray. This morning, Panish frequently asked Randy Phillips whether he was truthful with Ortega.
Panish: "Did you make that up and lie to Mr. Ortega?"
Phillips: "No, I don't lie"
Panish talked about email Phillips wrote to Ortega on Jun 20:
"Kenny, it's critical that neither you, me or anyone else around this show become amateur psychiatrist or physicians. I had a lengthy conversation with Dr. Murray, who I'm gaining immense respect for as I get to deal with him more. He said that Michael is not only physically equipped to perform and, that discouraging him to, will hasten his decline instead of stopping it. Dr. Murray also reiterated that he's mentally able to and was speaking to me from the house where he has spent the morning with Michael. This doctor is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig so he is totally unbiased and ethical. It is critical we surround Michael with love and support and listen to how he wants to get ready for July 13th... You cannot imagine the harm and ramifications of stopping this show now. It would far outweigh "calling this game in the 7th inning". I'm not just talking about AEG's interests here, but the myriad of stuff/lawsuits swirling around Michael that I crisis manage every day and also his well-being. I am meeting with him today at 4p at the Forum. Please stay steady. Enough alarms have sounded. It is time to out out the fire, not burning the building down. Sorry for all the analogies. Randy"
Phillips said he thought Dr. Murray was extremely successful based on the clinics he had and business he would've to close to go on tour.
Phillips: "It was an assumption I made"
Panish: "And that was not true, correct?"
Phillips: "In retrospect, that's correct"
As to the "we check everyone out" reference in the email, Panish asked if that was a true statement or untrue.
Phillips: "It's not, it's hard to say yes or no on that. It is not true because everyone would imply everyone"
Panish: "'We check everyone out'" is a false statement you wrote to Mr. Ortega, correct?"
Phillips: "In retrospect, yes"
Panish asked about the reference "he doesn't need the gig". "I made another assumption based on the information I had," Phillips explained, "I didn't have any basis to say he was unbiased and ethical"
Panish used the email to try to show that 3 people _ Ortega, Murray and John Hougdahl _ were warning Phillips about Jackson's health. Phillips said Murray didn't agree with the assessments of Michael's health by Ortega and Hougdahl (the tour production manager). After multiple questions, Phillips said many of the statements in the email about Murray weren't true. Those statements included that AEG Live checked everyone out, and that Murray was an accomplished doctor who was unbiased and ethical. "At the time, I thought it was the truth", Phillips said of the above statements
Phillips testified he wrote email to Sony exec asking her to remind him to tell her where Dr Murray was the night he was to be caring for Michael. Judge only allowed plaintiffs' attorney to say it was a social establishment, but the place was a strip club
Panish then asked Phillips about the suggestion that Jackson needed a psychiatrist. Phillips confirmed what he said last week -- he never consulted a psychiatrist. He said today it wouldn't have been appropriate. As to having a mental health professional, "no one brought a psychiatrist," Phillips said, "because Michael didn't need one"
Phillips testified he had conflicting information coming from Dr. Murray and Kenny Ortega regarding Michael. Panish pressed Phillips about the fact that he sent completely opposite emails to Ortega and AEG high ups. "It was because they were sent for different purposes," Phillips explained. Of the statements to Ortega, Phillips told the jury:
"I just wanted to calm things down until we had this meeting"
Before the morning break, Panish showed some of the emails he showed Phillips last week. Panish only had his copy, which had notes on it. Panish gave Phillips his annotated version of the email, but Phillips refused to look at them. Flipped them over so he couldn't see them. "I don't want to help you with your case", Phillips said of reviewing Panish's annotated copies of the emails. That brought some laughter. Phillips was ultimately given a clean copy of the emails, provided by his defense lawyers.
Phillips said he remembers the meeting on June 20th lasted at least an hour. Dr. Murray and Phillips were sitting on one couch, Michael was on a bench and Ortega on another couch. In his deposition, Phillips said Ortega talked about Michael's physical and mental status. On the stand today, Phillips explained Ortega did very little talking in the meeting. "He addressed Michael coming to rehearsals. I do not believe he talked about Michael's physical condition and mental state. Dr. Murray did most of the talking," Phillips testified.
Panish pressured Phillips about him changing the testimony. "My memory is getting better about the events of four years ago," Phillips said. "The purpose of the meeting was to find out what was happening with Michael because of the events on the 19th"
Panish: "Did Mr. Ortega say he was concerned Michael was not getting enough sleep?"
Phillips: "I don't remember if he asked that question. I know he asked about the food, but I'm not sure if he asked about the sleep"
Panish: "Dr. Murray contradicted what Ortega said in the email, correct, sir?"
Phillips: "Yes, Dr. Murray, said there wasn't anything wrong with Michael. Michael said there wasn't anything wrong with Michael. I don't know if there was a mental problem"
Without getting into details, Phillips said Ortega and Murray "were a little combative" at the meeting. Phillips said Murray reassured everyone that Jackson's health was fine. He said Jackson also assured them nothing was wrong with him. He said Murray told the group that Jackson may have had the flu, or some similar ailment. He said Jackson's health was discussed. Phillips said he couldn't recall whether Jackson's sleep issues were discussed. A portion of Randy Phillips' deposition was played in which he said sleep issues were discussed at the June 20, 2009 meeting
The meeting happened in the afternoon, Phillips said. Panish asked if Michael was shaking in that meeting. Phillips said "No, not at all" A vase was broken in one of the production meetings, Phillips explained. He said Frank Dileo, Paul Gongaware & himself were present. Phillips said he doesn't know who broke the vase, but he thinks it may have been Frank DiLeo. Phillips denied a vase was broken during the June 20th meeting at Michael's house.
Panish: "Did you have a meeting with Michael where you threatened to pull the plug and take everything he had?"
Phillips: "No"
Panish: "Did you tell him he would lose everything, including his children, if the show didn't happen?"
Phillips:"That's ridiculous, no"
Phillips said Michael was a phenomenal father & denied ever saying to anyone at the meeting that Michael was on skid row or going to become homeless.
Panish: "Did you ever tell Michael you were paying for his toilet paper?"
Phillips: "No"
Phillips denied that Murray said during the June 20th meeting that he "couldn't take it anymore." Phillips denied that Murray's contract was discussed at the meeting, saying that would have been inappropriate.
Phillips was also again asked about emails a couple of AEG executives (former CEO Tim Leiweke and Dan Beckerman) traded about him. The email described Randy Phillips as jittery, and alluded to either him or Jackson having a "mental breakdown." Phillips denied he was having a mental breakdown, and said he didn't want to put words in the other executives' mouths. In the deposition played to the jury, Tim Leiweke said the reference to "mental breakdown" in the email could've been to Randy Phillips not Michael. Panish played depo of Dan Beckerman, in which he said he didn't recall what prompted him to say Phillips was jittery.
Panish: "Did you think that Michael needed a straight jacket?"
Phillips: "It was a generic comment"
Phillips said it was a question of "stage fright and the show will go on" or "I can't do this let's cancel" scenario.
Panish: "Do you think Michael needed a straight jacket?"
Phillips: "No, I don't think Michael needed a straight jacket"
Regarding the straight jacket email, Phillips said the way he read it he can't tell if it was referring to him or Michael. Panish pointed out that insurance was only if Michael had a break down, not Phillips. Thus, the email must've referred to Michael
Questioning then moved back to the June 20th meeting, with Phillips describing Murray as "demonstrative" toward director Kenny Ortega. Phillips said Murray's message to Ortega was essentially "stay in your lane" and not to interfere with medical issues. "The meeting got a little bit heated when Dr. Murray was admonishing Kenny," Phillips recalled, but said hostile is too harsh of a word. Phillips said lack of sleep was discussed in the June 20th meeting, but wasn't the main focus. Phillips said the reason of the meeting was to find out what happened in the night before, what was the issue and also Michael missing rehearsals. Phillips said Michael had the best two rehearsals after the June 20th meeting. "Kenny told Michael to take the next two days off, spend some time with the kids," Phillips testified.
Phillips was then asked about emails he sent to Leiweke, others, about the results of the June 20th meeting at Jackson's house. This was after Jackson's attorney, John Branca, earlier in the day had suggested a counselor to work with Jackson. Phillips email:
"Anyway, things are not as bleak as Kenny's emails. John, now is not the right time to introduce a new person into his life"
After this email is when Phillips made the "badgering" comment to Panish that prompted Judge Palazuelos' admonition to him.
Suddenly, judge decides to take a break at 2:24 pm and sends the jury out of the courtroom. Outside the presence of the jurors, judge admonished Phillips for not answering the questions asked. "Mr. Phillips you need to answer questions," said Judge Yvette Palazuelos, frustrated. "Lawyers are trying to getting the answers." Judge told Phillips that arguing with the lawyers isn't really going to help his case, it will just lengthen his testimony. She noted his testimony is taking much longer than expected, and at this pace he will be here for another week. Phillips told the judge he's just trying not to say the wrong things or be caught in tricky questions. Judge: "It seems like they are pretty straight forward questions, but when you offer info, it may not be good for you"
AEG's attorney Jessica Bina defends Phillips saying the questions are compound, but that she believes he's trying to answer the questions. Panish said he wants to finish today, that he hasn't argued with the witness or judge. "I really tried hard, for me, it's hard!" Panish said. Phillips said he understood and wants to go back to work as well. Promised to be better.
Phillips said the email he wrote saying "this guy is trying to concern me" was referring to Kenny Ortega. "I had two concerns: wanted Kenny to be open minded until the meeting and I didn't want Kenny to quit," Phillips explained. At this point they were about $30 million plus in advance, Panish said. Phillips said it was about $28 million, which was a lot of money.
Email on 3/13/09 from Leiweke to Phillips:
"Phil (Anschutz) can be such a paranoid scrooge. He thinks he's smarter than everyone"
After a break and admonition, Phillips testified about some of his concerns surrounding the show.He said he was concerned about Ortega. Phillips said he was concerned that Ortega as getting into an "entrenched position" regarding Jackson's health and rehearsals.
"I was also quite concerned that Kenny would throw up his hands in the air and quit."
The CEO was talking directly to the jury. Phillips said again that his concern with Ortega was that he wasn't going into the meeting with an open mind and that he was going to quit. Panish played Phillips deposition where he said he didn't remember what he was concerned about regarding Ortega. "I think my answer today is clarification," Phillips said, adding he did not change his testimony. Panish questioned whether his description was something he "just remembered right now." Phillips responded, "I'm remembering a lot of things now." Panish shot back that Phillips hadn't remembered many things during his deposition.
In his depo, played to the jury, Phillips said there were no discussions on June 20th about Michael taking a couple of days off. However, in court today, Phillips testified Ortega suggested that he take two days off
After the June 20th meeting, Jackson took two days off and resumed rehearsals. At that point, Phillips began working out of Staples Center. Phillips said one of the changes to come out of the June 20th meeting was that he would be at Staples, looking in on rehearsals.
Phillips was also shown an email from his assistant, looking for a physical therapist for Jackson on June 22, 2009
At this point, Phillips was asked about Arnold Klein. He was shown a June 23rd email from Jackson's business manager Michael Kane. Kane:
"On the list of doctors that will help get (us) from today to the opening night, where does Arnold Klein stand on the list?"
Phillips responded about Klein:
"He scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something"
Kane responded:
"Well since we owe him $48k and he wants payment maybe I should stop paying him and he'll stop shooting him up. I have the details of what he is doing"
Phillips told jurors the email was a response to a $48,000 bill that Jackson's manager received for the treatments by Dr. Arnold Klein. The treatments included numerous shots of cosmetic drugs such as Restalyne and botox, as well as other unidentified intramuscular shots, Phillips said, citing the bill. Phillips said he maintains his position that he didn't know what, if anything, any doctor was giving Michael.
Phillips was asked about Jackson's rehearsals on June 23 and 24. He said he couldn't remember which songs were performed which day. Phillips said he watched them in its entirety, which lasted about 3 hours. He said Michael was engaged about an hour and a half to two hours.
Panish: "Michael never did the whole show, did he, sir?"
Phillips: "No, he wouldn't have, they were not ready for that"
Panish: "Was Michael cold on the 23rd?"
Phillips: "I don't remember"
Panish: "Did you ever see Michael walking around in blankets?"
Phillips: "It's possible, because the place was freezing. But I don't remember"
On 6/25/09 the insurance broker wrote to Dr. Murray at 12:54:15 pm, probably London time (approximately 5am LA time):
" We are dealing with a matter of great importance and your urgent attention would be greatly appreciated"
The email talked about getting Michael's medical records. Phillips said he learned from the media that Dr. Murray had been treating Michael since 2006.
Panish: "This is Dr. Murray doing something to help AEG get insurance, fair enough?"
Phillips: "Fair enough"
On 8/18/09 Phillips wrote email to Michael Roth:
"I think I know what Michael died of and this would exonerate Conrad"
Lionel Richie's ex-wife Brenda called Philips and said Michael died of a combination of other drugs and Propofol. Phillips said he never told police, the DA or Dr. Murray's attorneys about it because he thought the info was not reliable.
Panish: "Did you want Dr. Murray to get exonerated?"
Phillips: "I'd always want an innocent man not to get convicted"
Panish played video of Phillips' deposition where he said he didn't remember what the information was but his memory has been refreshed
Judge then adjourned session for the day. Trial resumes tomorrow morning. Panish said he has one more hour of questioning. The attorneys estimated Phillips will be done testifying by Wednesday afternoon
Court Transcript
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2023.06.10 18:22 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ fellow cultivators, I have finally broken through to the "One with Dao" stage after talking to a beggar passing by, I hope this realisation might fellow cultivators break through their bottleneck.

so I was passing by and met a beggar wise man eating some food given and I just asked him
"Oh wise man, how do I understand the Dao?"
the wise man points to a nearby big tree and says
"do you see these trees?"
"Do you see how their leaves grow? each a unique divine gift yet all contribute to the whole?"
"yes wise teacher"
"it is time for you to become a tree and bear your leafs"
Immediately, I was enlightened felt a surge and explosion in my understanding coming up, bubbling and about to burst
I look back and I find the wise man had disappeared, despite being one of the strongest being in the world, I couldn't sense him
I go in seclusion
if you have ventured in forests, you would observe that all plants, trees and vegetation reach towards the Sky
indeed they bend and twist and form themselves so they can get as much sunlight, or this is how mortals see them
it is the desire of Life to reach towards the Heavens, to pursue the Beyond, to pursue Eternal Light
Virtue is inherent in existence
the Dao creates beings but does not rule over them, it creates All and offers freedom to All to pursue their own Destinies
Heaven and Earth have no preferences, a Man might choose one over another
but to Heaven and Earth, they are all the same
the high, the low, the great, the small, all are given light, all are offered a place to rest
The Sage is like Heaven and Earth, to him none are especially dear nor is there anyone he disfavors, he gives and gives without condition, offering his treasures to everyone
Endlessly creating, endlessly pulsating, the spirit of the valley never dies, it is called the Hidden creator
Although the Dao becomes the Universe, its immaculate purity is never lost
Although it assumes countless forms, its true identity remains intact
whatever we see or don't see, whatever exists or doesn't exist is merely the creation of this Supreme Power
Dao is Limitless, Unborn, Eternal
It is the Gate of all things Eternal
Whoever realises the True Eternal Dao becomes Eternal and Achieves True immortality.
as for the tree analogy,
the Dao is the Eternal Tree
Heaven and Earth are its branches
Us, beings are its leafs
we are born, we are sheltered, we are given light and a place to live, we live and grow old till we die.
a leaf is born, becomes green, grows with light and becomes greener and lives until it withers and it dies
the leaf that dies falls and is absorbed by the ground and earth and returns to the tree
but this is the view of mortals
the sage is Awake
Whoever realises the Eternal Dao Becomes Eternal
Whoever realise the Dao shall not be born again
but mortals are offered shelter too, they reincarnate until they realise the Dao
So ultimately all creation dissolves and becomes Dao
ultimately anything that lives or dies is Dao, and it being Eternal makes everything eternal
Death is the Gate to Eternity
But its not just That!
Indeed, all Creation is Dao
Everything is Dao
there is Nothing that is Not Dao
in this way, All Beings are Dao itself experiencing Life
it is a beautiful creative endeavour, an experience, something that exists in and for itself
Life exists for life to exist.
The Universe is the Expression of the Dao.
Look at a Willow tree, it is Still, it does not move even when heavy winds come
like this the Sage is Still, he is unmoved by Life and Death
How could the Lord of the Universe worry or be moved?
can someone kill you if you don't exist to begin with?
Strength is not brawl, it is not sharpness
it is Virtue like water, it nourishes everything without asking for anything in return
the sage is like this, and thus crosses the ocean of life and death and attains Eternal Life.
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2023.06.10 17:51 throwaway544654788 Apparently these people need 750 feet of distance to get over before the left turning lane.

Apparently these people need 750 feet of distance to get over before the left turning lane. submitted by throwaway544654788 to Louisville [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 17:46 Gunther__Lauch Street View journey visiting every Premier League Football Stadium final part! (AFC Bournemouth - Fulham FC

Part 3:
Vitality Stadium, Bournemouth - St. Mary's Stadium, Southampton - American Express Community Stadium, Brighton and Hove - Selhurst Park Stadium, London - Stamford Bridge, London - Wembley Stadium, London - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London - London Stadium, London - Emirates Stadium, London
AC Cobra 427 replica London, 2012
Sick trailer with some foreign registered cars from Monaco, Italy etc! M23, 2015
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTV Junior - Citroen DS21 - Jaguar XK120 FHC - Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 - Maserati GranTurismo Sport
Alpina B3 S E46 M27, 2017
Aston Martin DBR2 replica with a DB4 GT gearbox & DB4 GTS specced engine!! M23, 2012
Aston Martin DB7 Volante Southampton, 2017
Aston Martin DB9 Bournemouth, 2015
Aston Martin DB9 Brighton, 2023
Aston Martin DB9 Volante London, 2019
Aston Martin DB9 GT A31, 2021
Aston Martin DB9 GT Volante A27, 2022
Aston Martin Vantage 2005 London, 2012
Aston Martin Vantage S Croydon, 2016
Aston Martin V12 Vantage S! London, 2020
Aston Martin Rapide S London, 2019
Audi R8 Typ 42 M27, 2015
Audi R8 Typ 42! Arundel, 2018
Audi R8 Typ 42 Spyder Southampton, 2018
Audi R8 Typ 42 V10 Croydon, 2019
Audi R8 V10 Plus 4S Brighton, 2019
Audi R8 V10 Spyder 4S Southampton, 2023
Tuned Audi RS6 C8 Bournemouth, 2023
Bentley Continental GT II A23, 2018
Bentley Continental GT ii A27, 2022
Bentley Mulsanne A406, 2017
BMW M4 G82 London, 2023
Corvette C3 Stingray London, 2022
Corvette C5 Stingray Southampton, 2023
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody & Challenger R / T Widebody A40, 2022
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta M27, 2017
Ferrari 458 Italia A406, 2015
Ferrari 599 GTB! A406, 2017
Ferrari 599 GTB! Bournemouth, 2020
Ferrari 812 Superfast! A23, 2021
Ford Mustang Fastback "Bullitt" 1967 A27, 2018
Jaguar F-Pace SVR Brighton, 2023
Lamborghini Aventador S & Aventador S Roadster LP740-4 combo! Croydon, 2020
Lamborghini Hurac´án LP 610-4 London, 2015
Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Croydon, 2017
Lamborghini Urus A27, 2019
Lamborghini Urus Walberton, 2021
Lamborghini Urus London, 2022
Lotus Elan M100 A338, 2023
Lotus Elise S2 Brighton, 2018
Lotus Evora M27, 2016
Lotus Exige Sport 350 S3 Chichester, 2021
McLaren 570S Spider! A23, 2023
McLaren 12C London, 2015
Mercedes AMG GT C190 A406, 2018
Mercedes AMG GT C190 London, 2018
Mercedes S63 AMG A217 M271, 2017
Nissan GT-R Nismo 2016! M27, 2020
Porsche 911 F-Modell A31, 2011
Porsche 911 S 2.7 F-Modell M23, 2018
Porsche 911 S 2.7 F-Modell! A31, 2021
Porsche 911 G-Modell M23, 2012
Tuned Porsche 911 G-Modell A27, 2014
Porsche 964 Cabrio Slantnose conversion! A40, 2014
Porsche 911 Turbo 996.2 London, 2015
Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS 991.2 Southampton, 2023
Porsche 911 GTS Cabrio 992.1 Croydon, 2023
Porsche Cayman GT4 981! Clapham, 2019
Porsche 968 Cabrio A27, 2021
Rolls Royce Cullinan Worthing, 2023
Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge London, 2020
Rolls Royce Phantom VII London, 2012
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II A338, 2018
Rolls Royce Wraith Croydon, 2019
Factory Pink Rolls Royce Wraith! A27, 2022
Toyota Supra A80 A27, 2009
TVR Chimaera M27, 2012
TVR Chimaera London, 2016
TVR Tamora London, 2018
The Stadiums:
St. Mary's Stadium - Southampton FC
American Express Community Stadium - Brighton and Hove Albion
Selhurst Park Stadium - Crystal Palace
Stamford Bridge - Chelsea FC
Wembley Stadium - England National Stadium
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - Tottenham Hotspur
London Stadium - West Ham United
Emirates Stadium - Arsenal FC
The route I'm taking:
Fulham - Liverpool
Liverpool - West Ham
West Ham - Fulham
Part 1
Part 2
1571 km distance
300 spots
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2023.06.10 16:47 ZephyrBrightmoon My own "Was it Him?" story

Hello! I've been practicing my own quiet Kemeticism for many years. The way I see it for me, I worship a mother and a father god that mean the most to my soul, and I see them as like my spiritual parents. My heart was drawn to Osiris (I call him Lord Wesir) as my father god and Bast (Lady Bast) as my mother. Over the years, I've begun calling them papa and mama. I know and love Lady Isis for who she is and I don't invalidate her love for Osiris or anything weird. No "pairings" or "shipping" going on here.
I feel deeply close to Lord Wesir, my spiritual papa, in profound ways. I have asked him before to please remind me he loves me, if he did, in tangible ways as in those moments, I was sad and lonely or hurting. One day, before Pandemic, it was a beautiful day to be out and about in my city. I ride a motorbike and I was riding up this one steep hill and got to a red light where the road evened out.
It was a 2-lane street and I was in the outer lane. There were lots of cars and lots of noise. A beautiful brilliant yellow Japanese Crotch Rocket (Slang for something like a Suzuki, Honda, or other fast Japanese sport bike) pulled up beside me. The rider's helmet matched that brilliant yellow.
His visor was up on his helmet. He had on black riding gear and was wearing black aviator sunglasses. His skin was a rich golden Middle Eastern tone and he had luxurious black curls peeking out from under his helmet. Keep in mind that helmets are not just to block injuries, but also noise, so riding doesn't make you go deaf very quickly. He straddled his bike while we both waited for the light and turned to me with a smile, saying, "Great day for a ride, isn't it?" The thing was, I heard it as if we were both chatting quietly in the park together and like he was standing right next to me. I didn't have to strain to hear him through my helmet! I was so confused.
The light turned red, he nodded to me, dropped down his visor, and kicked his bike into gear. I was so in awe of this gorgeous man that I started my own bike off after his, and he took off carefully but like lightning up the rest of the way of this street to a major cross street. I wanted to see where he was going but his bike was so much faster than mine and he got a head start, that I lost him in the traffic. It was only one long block to the intersection mentioned. As I pulled up to that intersection, I looked left and right, not to watch for traffic but to see which way he had gone as the road in front of me cleared up and was a long view at that point, and I couldn't see him way ahead on this road.
Neither left nor right did I see him speeding away in the distance. He was just gone!
I have no proof but I like to believe this was Lord Wesir coming to show me he exists and he cares about me, without crazy fanfare or promises of interfering in my life in gaudy and unwarranted ways. I can still see his helmet, his face, his bike. It's burned into my memory. He was such a beautiful man, and that's because he is.
I hope folks liked my story. I loved experiencing it!
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2023.06.10 16:40 CrassostreaVirginica There's A New Way To See Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley–By Rail Savor window seat views on this three-hour train tour across farmland and forests.

There's A New Way To See Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley–By Rail Savor window seat views on this three-hour train tour across farmland and forests. submitted by CrassostreaVirginica to VirginiaTransit [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 16:37 manalitrippackages Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Manali with Exciting Trip Packages

Explore the Enchanting Beauty of Manali with Exciting Trip Packages
Manali, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. With its snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, gushing rivers, and breathtaking landscapes, this popular hill station in India offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or an adrenaline-filled adventure, Manali has something for everyone. To make the most of your Manali experience, consider opting for one of the enticing trip packages available. Let's delve into the details of what Manali has to offer and the various tour packages to help you plan your dream vacation.
  1. Manali's Natural Beauty: Manali boasts unparalleled natural beauty that captivates visitors throughout the year. The town is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and picturesque valleys. Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Beas Kund, and Hadimba Temple are some of the must-visit attractions that showcase the stunning landscapes and provide a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage of the region.
  2. Adventure Sports: For adventure enthusiasts, Manali is a playground for thrilling activities. Indulge in exciting options like paragliding, river rafting, zorbing, skiing, and trekking. Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass are popular spots for skiing, while the Beas River offers thrilling opportunities for white-water rafting. The adrenaline rush and breathtaking views make these experiences unforgettable.
  3. Cultural Delights: Manali's charm extends beyond its natural beauty. The town has a rich cultural heritage influenced by its predominantly Himachali population. Explore the famous Hadimba Temple, dedicated to the local deity, and witness the unique architectural style. Visit the Manu Temple, which holds historical and mythological significance. Take part in local festivals like Dussehra and Kullu Dussehra, where you can witness traditional dance forms, music, and vibrant celebrations.
  4. Shopping and Local Cuisine: Manali offers a delightful shopping experience with its bustling markets. The Mall Road is a shopper's paradise, featuring a wide range of traditional handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs. Don't forget to indulge in local delicacies like steaming momos, spicy Thukpa, or the traditional Himachali Dham, a platter of rice, dal, and curries served on special occasions.

Manali Trip Packages: To make your Manali trip hassle-free and enjoyable, numerous tour operators offer a variety of packages tailored to different preferences and budgets. Here are some popular options:
  1. Adventure Package: This package includes thrilling activities like paragliding, river rafting, and skiing, along with accommodation and transportation to ensure an action-packed vacation.
  2. Honeymoon Package: Ideal for newlyweds, this package offers romantic accommodation, candlelight dinners, and leisurely strolls amidst the scenic beauty of Manali.
  3. Family Vacation Package: Perfect for families, this package includes comfortable accommodation, sightseeing tours to major attractions, and activities suitable for all ages.
  4. Budget Package: Designed for budget-conscious travelers, this package provides affordable accommodation, transportation, and a curated itinerary covering the must-visit places in Manali.
A trip to Manali promises an enchanting experience filled with natural beauty, adventure, and cultural delights. With the diverse range of trip packages available, you can customize your vacation to suit your preferences and budget. So, embark on a memorable journey to Manali and create lasting memories in this captivating hill station. Book your trip today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!
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2023.06.10 16:22 skooterpoop Dihada, Binder of Wills Potential Updates for Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth


As promised, here is a spreadsheet of all of my previous posts, as well as what cards I suggested in each. If this is your first time reading one of these posts, know that I attempt to rate them somewhere from B- to S+, leaving out any card that I didn’t feel was strong enough to earn at least that much. Also, while there are many potential ways to build Dihada, I try to rate them specifically on my own themes as explained in the original post. That being said, please leave suggestions if I’ve left anything out!
Lastly, sorry for this being such a lengthy post. In my defense, “legendary” was a theme in this set, so I think it was to be expected. Without further ado, here are the potential updates we’re getting, first from the main set, and followed by the commander deck additions.

Main Set

[[The Battle of Bywater]]: Was this made for us??? For only three mana we get a board wipe for powerful enemies? And then we’re rewarded for surviving it with our indestructible creatures? Definitely a board wipe we can include. S+ Rating.
[[Boromir, Warden of the Tower]]: One does not simply make a Dihada list without Boromir. Having Vigilance is always useful for a deck with a planeswalker commander, and there are definitely times where your opponents might have to worry about his first ability, but I’m looking more at his second ability. For a deck relying on board wipes to gain advantage, Boromir can help swing that advantage way harder. In fact, that’s why I love Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Agrus Kos, Eternal Soldier, and Avacyn’s Memorial (or Avacyn herself). Push that advantage. S Rating.
[[Dawn of a New Age]]: This card seems really cool and can net a ton of value for fairly little resources/risk. Sadly not legendary. A+ Rating.
[[Flowering of the White Tree]]: I’m not sure how this card exists, since it’s a straight buff to pretty much every anthem. I guess it being legendary is supposed to be a downside but let’s be real this is absurd value in a commander deck and is probably going to be a staple in most white commander decks, but especially all Dihada decks since we can grab this from -3. S Rating.
[[Frodo, Sauron’s Bane]]: I largely view 1 drops as unnecessary in Dihada decks, but this is clearly an exception. Three mana for a 2/3 lifelink isn’t great, but considering that the upgrade is instant speed makes it a bit better. Let’s be honest, though, this card is only being considered for the kill condition he has. This card is definitely cool in a deck that has enough ring temptation, but that’s likely not my deck and I don’t see it happening. B- Rating.
[[Gandalf the White]]: I have to admit, even as someone who isn’t a fan of LotR, I think I would find it difficult not wanting to play him if I were to obtain him. But is he good? I think so. I don’t think he really benefits from being in my deck too much, and is similar to how I felt about Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines. However, the Flash aspect is very interesting, and can change how a game plays. By using Dihada’s +2 on him, you are able to avoid enemy board wipes, since Gandalf will survive them and then you can flash out legendaries before your turn. I don’t know if that’s truly worth the slot, but he at least earns strong consideration for a sideboard, if you have one. B rating.
[[Rosie Cotton of South Lane]]: My deck doesn’t focus heavily on token creatures, but it does contain a decent amount of treasure tokens, specifically with our commander. Back in the Phyrexia: All Will Be One post I mentioned the play I’d most prefer with Mondrak being to +2 to defender her followed by a turn five Mondrak into a -3 from Dihada. I never specified what creature I’d want to defend Dihada for this play because I didn’t think it mattered much. Suddenly Rosie Cotton enters the picture and we have a potential 12/12 indestructible Mondrak. But even without Mondrak, she works very well with our commander. S- Rating.
[[Samwise the Stouthearted]]: Not a reanimation card, but not too far off. Yes, putting a card into your hand as opposed to the battlefield is much worse and not really our focus, but I like it because it’s legendary and because it says “permanent card,” meaning it can return most of the things we play. There’s even a world in which we let Dihada die and use Samwise to return her to our hand as to avoid commander tax. Getting him from a -3 means the table will know about him and be weary about losing value to you, which is solid deterring. B+ Rating.
[[Tale of Tinuviel]]: This does a lot of things the deck likes, but I don’t think the card is good enough to take the slot of a better reanimation card, such as Invasion of Tolvada. Besides, the reanimation cards we really want are either legendary or can be cast from the graveyard like Unburial Rites so we can dump it with Dihada without worry. B- Rating.
[[War of the Last Alliance]]: WotC seem to have realized that they’ve printed a lot of legendary legendary-support, and while this is great for us, perhaps it’s also good to print a lot of non-legendary legendary-support, and this is a prime example. TWO tutors? I’d run it even without that last chapter, but I can’t complain. The fact that you can search up both Olivia and Junji and get your reanimation loop going just by playing this card is wonderful. Or you can search for Magda so you can instead search for an artifact like Avacyn’s Memorial. There’s even a world in which you search up Aurelia, the Warleader to play on the turn of that last chapter and kill two people with overwhelming damage. Despite not being legendary, this gets an easy S- rating from me.
[[Isildur’s Fateful Strike]]: Legendary instants and sorceries can be difficult to cast, but probably not for a legendary-themed deck like Dihada. I like to play a few destruction effects but I usually like to have options as opposed to creatures only. That being said, you can grab this from a -3, so it’s hard to complain. The hand limiting effect isn’t bad if it’s done pretty early I suppose, or to counter a large hand (remember that it’s an instant). My biggest problem with this card is actually the flavor. It looks like you’re limiting their “hand” to “four” because you’re cutting off the ring finger, but the art (and movie) clearly show multiple fingers getting sliced off. Weird. Anyway, S- Rating.
[[Lobelia Sackville-Baggins]]: The best thing about playing Dihada is having access to way more cards than anyone else. This card helps this advantage by letting you play more of those cards. Save her for a rainy day and suddenly you’ve got a bunch of treasure, which at the very least can be used for commander tax. Not bad. B+ Rating.
[[Nasty End]]: Again, Dihada’s -3 is usually powerful enough that this is unnecessary, so I wouldn’t put this in my own deck. That being said, there are plenty of non-legendary cards worth drawing, too, so it’s nice that we aren’t forced to discard them. I would probably save this for if my own creature was about to be destroyed anyway to squeeze that extra bit of value from it. B- Rating.
[[One Ring to Rule Them All]]: Self-milling isn’t exactly a bad thing for us, but destroying all nonlegendary creatures is really why we want to play this card. That being said, there are other legendary-themed decks, not to mention that Commanders are all legendary, so I don’t like this effect over general destruction. It’s why I don’t play Urza’s Ruinous Blast, too, and at least that card is grabbable by -3. B Rating.
[[Sauron, the Necromancer]]: I am not a fan of exiling the cards I’m attempting to loop back onto the battlefield, so I can’t say I want to play this card, but I can’t ignore it either. If you’ve got enough Ring temptation in the deck, then keeping the token is nice, but the risk seems unnecessary to me. B- Rating.
[[Witch-king of Angmar]]: This thing’s play pattern seems sick in Dihada. The first and most obvious thing is that it has Flying, which is always welcome, and 5 power to make that keyword a serious threat. The second ability is pretty great for us, too, since it deters people from attacking us (always useful in multiplayer), and should someone actually attack you, not only does it hurt them but it benefits us by increasing our Ring temptations. Lastly, the cherry on top, it can become indestructible! Any legendary card with indestructible capabilities is sure to grab my attention since it can survive my board wipes without requiring a +2 from Dihada, but this also allows it to survive most targeted removal, which people will want to use in order to remove his deterring from the situation. And is it costly to make him indestructible? Not when you have Dihada as a planeswalker and plenty of value cards in the deck. In fact, discarding a card can sometimes benefit us with our reanimation theme. TLDR Literally everything about this card is good for us. S+ Rating.
[[Eomer, Marshal of Rohan]]: Additional combat phase potential on a solid statline card. With Sauron, the Lidless Eye, and Gandalf, White Rider, this set has a decent amount of support for aggression, especially for any Token variants. A+ Rating.
[[Gloin, Dwarf Emissary]]: I put this in a similar category as Mahadi, Emporium Master, and Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge. They’re three drops that can get you treasure, and this is good for us, although I would say that Gloin has much slower potential than the others. So why play him? He’s a Dwarf, and if you’re running Magda, there are definitely going to be games where Gloin gets going. And the goad ability isn’t terrible. B Rating.
[[Rising of the Day]]: As I’ve been saying, I hope to test my Haste cards soon. To reiterate, haste is a great option to follow up board wipes to keep aggression going. The fact that this both gives haste and buffs attackers makes it a pretty solid option for the Token variant. I really wish this were legendary itself, though. B Rating.
[[Spiteful Banditry]]: Not much to say about this. Red Meathook Massacre is obviously very strong, even with its advantages. For instance, the damage won’t kill our indestructible creatures while Meathook could, and treasure has synergy with a lot of the cards in our deck. But Meathook is legendary, which probably makes it better, but why the hell am I choosing one in the first place? Sure it’s a tight deck but surely it has room for both. S Rating.
[[There and Back Again]]: This is not a legendary card, and I don’t think I would call this legendary-support, either. But I look at those 14 treasures and think about all the things I could cast after a Dihada -3, or even being able to pay for more commander tax. The problem is fitting it into the deck. B- Rating.
[[The Balrog, Durin’s Bane]]: A huge threat in any deck, it’s a 7/5 haste that will be difficult for many decks to block, and even if they do, that’s okay. But none of this is particularly Dihada-related, so why play him? The cost reduction works with treasure tokens, my dudes. S- Rating.
[[Eowyn, Fearless Knight]]: This card hurts my brain. It has midrange stats, a control effect, and aggro potential, so it could probably be put into most decks I imagine, and ours is no exception. In most cases, hitting a commander is the best option, but there are definitely exceptions to avoid, but this in no way devalues the card. S Rating.
[[King of the Oathbreakers]]: I’m not playing many spirits so this is another card I’m not playing, but not necessarily bad in Dihada decks. There are some good legendary spirits, most importantly Agrus Kos, Eternal Soldier for the spreading of Dihada’s +2, but don’t sleep on Hofri Ghostforge as support for this kind of strategy if you choose to include it. Weirdly, he activates even if targeted by your own spells. I’m…not sure how that’s relevant, but go wild. B- Rating.
[[Lotho, Corrupt Shirriff]]: With the treasure we get from Dihada and friends, casting two spells a turn even with a potentially expensive curve can be quite doable. For us, Lotho replaces one of the treasures we might be spending to do so, And don’t forget we usually have large hands from -3s so you don’t have to worry about having the resources. And if he doesn’t get any value from your opponents, that’s mostly a good thing, too. He almost feels like a worse Smothering Tithe, but that isn’t meant as an insult. A Rating.
[[Merry, Esquire of Rohan]]: Obviously he works wonderfully in an aggro deck with equipment and such, but it’s the draw that’s most enticing. It won’t be incredibly difficult to trigger it, and it might not even be difficult to keep him alive. In a multiplayer game, there will probably be someone tapped out or lacking creatures, so you can send Merry that way. But, of course, there’s always Dihada’s sweet protection, too. I’ve said that card draw isn’t needed in a Dihada deck, but it doesn’t hurt, either, especially when it’s on a legendary permanent. A+ Rating.
[[Shadowfax, Lord of Horses]]: While the horse lord effect is cool, thankfully that haste ability does apply to itself, and that’s all I really care about. There are plenty of cards in the deck that this can cheat into play, including all three Olivias (though you miss Crimson Bride’s timing). For Shadrix Silverquill, missing the timing could be considered a good thing at times. And while you would miss Crimson Bride or Aurelia, the Warleader’s timings, you could +2 Dihada during the second main phase if you’re worried. A+ Rating.
[[Anduril, Flame of the West]]: There’s so much equipment-themed legendary cards in this set that an equipment Dihada just got far more viable, but this is solid in a non-equipment themed deck, too. With board wipes being a primary strategy to make way for our indestructible creatures, an equipment that creates more flying attackers is powerful to say the least. It will likely make your average game end quicker. S Rating.
[[Horn of Gondor]]: Even without humans in the deck, this card has exponential growth build in. It’s like a Krenko, Mob Boss, except it doesn’t have the weakness of being a creature. Also, we actually do have plenty of awesome human options in the deck already. At worst, it’s three mana for a chump blocker each turn. B Rating.
[[Horn of the Mark]]: With haste cards, this card becomes way more viable. There’s a lot of card draw in this set, but this is one of my favorites. The idea of grabbing a creature from the top five every turn sounds like a dream, and for only a two mana investment and attacking with two creatures. If you lack legendary land, then you probably won’t benefit from this as much as other card draws, since this can’t get you land and Dihada won’t be getting you as much land. S Rating.
[[Mithril Coat]]: We keep getting more indestructible options and I’m not complaining. Every one we add makes our board wipes a bit stronger. Don’t sleep on the fact that this is indestructible, too! There will definitely be times when we need to destroy artifacts and enchantments with Cleansing Nova, and this protects itself. Plus, most cards can’t remove it. S Rating.
[[The One Ring]]: As I keep saying, card draw often feels unnecessary, but with a lifelink commander it’s hard to resist the temptation The One Ring has to offer. Perhaps it’s difficult to resist the temptation even without life gain. Protection from everything until your next turn sounds unreal, and I think the best way to abuse that is to use it to kill someone. To clarify, I don’t mean that this gives your creatures protection (it doesn’t), but that you can safely all in someone without worrying about getting killed while tapped out. That sounds fantastic to me. S+ Rating.
[[Palantir of Orthanc]]: With our reanimation cards, self-milling isn’t a big deal. The longer the game goes on, the more worried we might get about milling ourselves out, but this is commander! We have a 99 card deck. I think we’re good. Also, the longer the game goes on, the more likely it is that a player won’t want to risk losing a ton of life. S Rating.
[[Phial of Galadriel]]: I know people read this card and instantly focus on the first two abilities, but that’s not my concern. This is a legendary mana rock, and its mana value may seem less desirable than others, it’s something we can grab from Dihada and absolutely worth a slot, in my opinion. I doubt the first two effects will occur much in my version, but it may help others. I dream of the day I have less than five life and can pull off a lifelink Heartless Hidetsugu trigger to gain an enormous amount of life. S- Rating.
[[Barad-dur]]: COLORED LEGENDARY LAND! And it can build an army as a mana sink! S+ Rating.
[[Great Hall of the Citadel]]: Not a legendary land but a pretty good land for us to be playing with all the legendary spells we have. S- Rating.
[[The Grey Havens]]: PSEUDO-COLORED LEGENDARY LAND, and it’s uncommon!! Early in the game it may only tap for colorless, but the scry can help us to look for colored land. Plus, after a -3 or two, we’ll have the colors we need. S+ Rating.
[[Minas Tirith]]: COLORED LEGENDARY LAND! And it comes with card draw! S+ Rating.
[[Mines of Moria]]: COLORED LEGENDARY LAND! And it can turn milled cards (like land) into treasures! S+ Rating.
[[Mount Doom]]: MULTICOLORED LEGENDARY LAND! I could be mistaken, but to my knowledge this is the first legendary dual land in the game. I’d have included it simply based on that. But on top of that it comes with a ping for each opponent and even a board wipe? Pure insanity. S+ Rating.

Starter Kit

[[Gandalf, White Rider]]: Another Gandalf! This one is probably more suited for your deck. Having Vigilance is always useful for a deck with a planeswalker commander. He can help get you a bunch of power by casting the many spells you’ll have access to with Dihada’s -3, you’ll get to scry to make sure you hit what you want to hit, and then he doesn’t even die! And while returning fifth from the top may seem like a lot, as long as you can -3, you’ll only have to wait one turn to see him again, making all of his benefits consistent. S Rating.
[[Gollum, Scheming Guide]]: Gollum’s play pattern is that he doesn’t seem to die in combat. Either the opponent guesses correctly and Gollum is protected by being removed from combat, or they guess wrong and Gollum is protected by being unblockable. I suppose the downside is that you may be revealing the top card of your deck for free with no other actions. But the upside is potentially drawing a card every turn. Is it worth it? Gameplay-wise, maybe. Fun-wise, definitely. B Rating.
[[Witch-king, Bringer of Ruin]]: While nowhere near as good as the other Witch-king, there is definitely some synergy in the deck because usually players don’t have many creatures after repeated board wipes. Having this out forces players to either hold back their bigger cards for safety, or to play multiple, likely smaller, creatures. It’s a good position to be. A- Rating.
[[Fires of Mount Doom]]: Weirdly the best thing about this card, to me, is the equipment destruction. Besides that, I don’t see the two damage to a creature or the two damage to players as particularly useful, and the card advantage you can gain from it is surely less than Dihada. If you happen to have one I guess it’s a good budget option, but I can’t see myself pushing a card out of the deck to make way for this. B- Rating.
[[Sauron, the Lidless Eye]]: This is not a card that I will be putting in my deck, but I’ve seen comments from people who play a Token variant of Dihada that would benefit from this card. My version of the deck doesn’t go wide with all of the board wipes I include. If you find that you often go wide, Sauron is a decent card for you. It can also be good if you use an Aristocrat version that can sacrifice the creature you controlled, but remember that you only control it for the single turn. As for my personal assessment, B- rating, but like I said his stock goes up in the right deck.

Commander Decks

[[Gwaihir, Greatest of the Eagles]]: THE EAGLES ARE COMING!! Seriously, though, this card is absolutely nuts for us. I have no idea why this isn’t six or seven mana. A 5/5 flying that can give other creatures flying and makes more fliers that also give other creatures flying seems like a lot for only five mana, and it’s mostly colorless mana to boot. I suppose having to gain three life every turn is supposed to be a major weakness? But clearly it’s not for us. I have no problem whatsoever +2ing this every turn. S+ Rating.
[[The Gaffer]]: So much card draw in this entire set I’m kind of sick of it. This would be a lot better with three power, since Dihada could make him trigger himself. Just to reiterate, card draw becomes more important the less legendary land you have, since -3 won’t net you as many land and treasure is only one time use, so you need other ways of ensuring you get more land. A Rating.
[[Gollum, Obsessed Stalker]]: An interesting addition that can help you deal a ton of damage, either over time or in the right situation, due to Dihada’s lifelink. Obviously my favorite would be Heartless Hidetsugu, a combo which I believe instantly kills everyone in the majority of situations, and the only times it wouldn’t are due to Heartless Hidetsugu’s “rounded down” clause. So the fact that this is a cheap creature we can play that can secure us a lot of damage over time or result in an instant kill combo makes it versatile and threatening. If you’re not playing Heartless Hidetsugu (why, tho?) or a lifelink variant of the deck, its rating would lower, but S- Rating for me.
[[Gimli of the Glittering Caves]]: This card looks really strong on paper as something that can deal a ton of damage, make a ton of treasures, even gain a ton of life with +2. That being said, I don’t play too many ways to give evasion, meaning that he’ll likely be blocked on repeat. Our version of “evasion” comes from board wiping after a +2, and I don’t know if it’s worth it to do that too often. That being said, the additions of Gwaihir and The Black Gate give us more evasion options! A Rating.
[[Lobelia, Defender of Bag End]]: “Without paying its mana cost” has me excited about this card. It isn’t like it’s difficult for us to get artifacts to sacrifice with -3. And even once we run out of cards to cast we can use extra treasures to ping for two and gain two. And since it says “play a card” instead of cast, we can even trade treasure for land if that’s what we exiled, and that’s pretty cool. Plus I love having knowledge of the cards my opponents don’t have access to while they don’t. There’s even a world in which this is removed immediately, only to be reanimated and surprise everyone with those cards, so the fun factor is on point, too. S- Rating.
[[Too Greedily, Too Deep]]: I like my reanimation decks to be playable from the graveyard in case we discard them, but I can’t say the same for board wipes since there aren’t many options that fit. So even though this is a reanimation card that doesn’t have flashback, it doubles as a board wipe and, I think, is acceptable to go in. S- Rating.
[[Wake the Dragon]]: This seems like a budget card to me, but I have a soft spot for Flashback cards since we don’t mind discarding them from the -3. B- Rating.
[[Crown of Gondor]]: I’m always a fan of introducing The Monarch into the game. As I’ve said, I love deterring effects, and while The Monarch makes people want to attack us temporarily, it quickly becomes a deterring effect. B+ Rating.
[[The Black Gate]]: LEGENDARY LAND!! And evasion is a rare addition for us!

Box Toppers

[[Morgul-Knife]]: AKA Shadowspear. We don’t include a ton of trample and this could make a big difference. Plus everything else it has to offer. S Rating.
[[Isengard, Saruman’s Fortress]]: AKA Boseiju, Who Shelters All. Being able to make your board wipes, destruction, and reanimation effects uncounterable is always cool, but coming into play tapped, only adding colorless, and needing to pay life is a serious trade off. A+ Rating.
[[The Dead Marshes]]: AKA Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Obviously a great card. Expensive. S+ Rating.
[[Glittering Caves of Aglarond]]: AKA Gemstone Caverns. In a multiplayer game, chances are you're not the starting player, making this likely to go off if in your starting hand. Losing a card from your hand may not feel great, but accelerating your plays is probably worth it. Not to mention Dihada is going to refill your hand. S+ Rating.
[[Osgiliath, Fallen Capital]]: AKA Kor Haven. Again, tapping for colorless is tough in a three color deck, but being able to defend against a creature every turn is cool for the turns that you -3 instead of +2.Remember that you can protect Dihada this way. S+ Rating.
[[Helm’s Deep]]: AKA Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep. Colored legendary land and can give our creatures first strike. S+ Rating.


“End? No, the journey doesn't end here.” -Gandalf to Pippin
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