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2023.06.10 19:48 Lazy_Youth_9513 Why don’t most people fill their tanks?

Every time I go fill up, I always see previous customers on the pump only putting in $10-$20. Sometimes $30 at most. Why? Why not just fill it till full? Even when I go in to grab a coffee, people pay $20 cash. I’m a new driver, am I doing something wrong?
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2023.06.10 19:47 Smartboy10612 Tome of the Doomherald is my favorite tome

I went with a berserk animalistic culture this time. With a focus on Nature tomes for summoning beasts and getting bonuses for having beasts (Empowered Beasts and Animal Kinship for example) with Chaos tomes for extra spam (like Unleash the War Hounds and Houndmasters for extra beasts in combat plus Spawnkin for 20% damage)
Enter Tome of Doomherald. Joy Siphoners + Cruel Weaponry demolish armies. The Cruel Weaponary applies to my beasts that are in the army, but not summoned (Things like Hunter Spiders which I built in cities using Wildlife Sanctuaries). All it takes is a little nudge to the enemies moral to make it low and now I have beasts and berserkers running around able to 1 or 2 shot almost anything below Tier 4.
The only weapon enhancements I have are Flameburst and Cruel, and Race changes being Joy Siphoners and Animal Kinship. It's just the percentages from Doomherald and Beasts sky rocket the damage output, and I can summon more beasts mid combat.
Certainly my favorite combination so far.
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2023.06.10 19:47 Flokis-Holistics999 Meditation

Meditation is one of, if not the most important tool in any spiritualist has at their disposal. Meditation is a great way to ground yourself, it's an amazing tool to relieve stress and anxiety but most importantly it connects us to the universe. Through meditation, or prayer as some people call it, we can learn to listen to the universe and hear what it's saying to us.
Actions based on love and universal direction never go wrong, so learning to meditate, is learning how to be at peace with yourself, your surroundings, and your personal universe.
In recent years there have been recent scientific studies on meditation and its effects On people. I encourage doubters to do their own research into it because what you find could change your perspective on meditation entirely.
I know a lot of you reading this are probably moaning and rolling your eyes at me just for the thoughts of meditation. And I can understand that, I used to do the same thing. Meditation can be difficult to begin but the outcome is worth the effort you put into it. I’ve heard all of the excuses, “I’m too busy”, “my brain’s too fast”, “I don’t have time”, “ My mind is too scary” blah blah blah. I used to say the same things and I used to believe the same way that I wasn’t able to meditate because my brain doesn’t stop and it doesn’t rest and it’s impossible for it to, but I’m here to say that it is possible and you can do it.
So let’s begin, to start there is no wrong way to meditate. You can sit on the floor, sit on a chair, lay in bed, you can keep your eyes open or close them, whatever makes you comfortable. Do you have a hard time sitting still? Then maybe it would be easier if you considered yoga or Tai chi, both of which have been compared to meditation in motion. So go find your little niche, get comfortable and most importantly believe that you can.
To beginners just starting out, I always give the same advice. If you follow my 7 simple steps for 30 days then you will be able to meditate and improve your life in small ways. If you continue meditating after the 30 days and continue trying to better yourself and grow, the limits of what meditation can do for you are endless.
Step 1: Buy a journal or notebook. Always be journaling, and dedicate one journal specifically to meditating. This way you always have a record to look back on to see how things have changed.
Step 2: your first journal entry. To start write about yourself, your goals, your likes, what you wish to improve about yourself and what your goals for meditation are, or what your expectations are. At the end of this I always recommend that you write a loving note to your future self.
Step 3: Time and location. Try to roughly choose the same time every day to meditate, this will train your brain into making it more of a habit and be easier to achieve your trance state. Also choose a location where you feel safe and comfortable, and also where you can be uninterrupted during the process.
Step 4: length of time. For the first few days set a timer for 10 minutes and try to last the full 10. If not that’s OK aim to do a minute longer than you did the day before. Once 10 minutes is easy try 15, then try 20, 30, and so forth until you no longer need a timer and you just meditate.
Step 5: get comfortable. Get into whatever position you feel is most comfortable try to make sure your spine is straight, or as straight as possible, and just relax. Allow that tension that’s in your body too drain into the floor. Feel the stress dissolve from your mind down your shoulders down through your spine, through your legs and out into the floor. Back into the earth.
Step 6: begin. Once you’re comfortable and decided on music or no music, silence any and all interruptions and get ready. Start by simply counting slowly backwards from 100. You will lose count and that is fine, either shift focus to your breathing or start over back at 100. Random thoughts will also appear, and this is also fine, it will happen. Don’t dwell on them, just release them and focus back on your counting or breathing. Over time you won’t need to count or focus on your breathing to stay empty minded or calm and when you achieve that, that is considered a trance state.
Step 7: journal. After your meditation write down any and all experiences you might have had during it, and what you think it could mean. Write down how long you meditated for write down if you feel happy or calm or whatever comes into your mind that you feel like you should write down after your meditation and write it down. I swear by journaling for every occasion so write, and keep on writing.
And then you just repeat the process every day and you keep going every day. But after hearing the seven steps I’m sure you’re wondering why is this so important, well I’m gonna tell you. Simply put meditation is sleeping for the brain. You see, when you go to sleep every night your brain doesn’t stop working. It still pumps your blood it still makes you breathe. It creates your dreams. It doesn’t stop working, so meditation gives the brain the much needed rest it needs. You see, the universe only speaks to you in the quiet and stillness within, so without meditation, without ever giving your brain a rest, and you'll never know what the universe truly wants with you.
On a side note: as with everything spiritual / holistic, if you don’t go into this with an open mind it won’t help you much. If you go into meditation thinking that it’s stupid or that it will never work, then stupid it will remain and work, it never will.
I strongly encourage anyone with further questions to reach out and ask or look it up yourself. I will also be going deeper into meditation and different techniques in the future. So until next time my friends,
 Live through Love Best wishes Floki 
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2023.06.10 19:47 Avizie A Galaxy Next Door - Episode 10 Discussion Thread

Otonari Ni Ginga - Episode 10

Episode 10

Ever since their father died, Ichirou Kuga has struggled to support his two younger siblings on nothing but a small inheritance and his passion for drawing manga. But it’s becoming harder to keep up with his growing responsibilities and deadlines, especially after his last two assistants quit to follow their dreams. Just as he’s nearing his breaking point, the beautiful and scarily competent Shiori Goshiki applies to become his new assistant. But there’s something almost otherworldly about Goshiki, and soon Kuga finds his reality turned upside down when she suddenly declares them engaged to marry!
Show information

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Reminder: Do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show without using spoiler tags. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.
Please rate the episode below on a scale of bad to excellent.
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2023.06.10 19:47 Alphstie The Hub Community [3.0] Recruiting Active Members Ongoing Invitation Event [Upcoming SMP]

Hello there peoples! The Hub [3.0] is currently in the works with the release of the 1.20 Minecraft Update! We wanted to extend the invite to any and all who are looking for an active, friendly, and accepting community! The Hub isn't solely a Minecraft SMP, rather a growing community for those who are looking to find some friends and put themselves out there to interact with others!
If you feel as if this community is the community for you, please don't hesitate to either message me through messages on-site, under this thread, or though Discord! All information is available to everyone, just look around and you'll find it!
Upon joining, please don't feel overwhelmed by our community count! As I said before, we aren't solely a SMP community, rather a community for any and all types of people! We host many different events and activities, so whether you join for our SMP or not, there is bound to be something you'll like; And if you don't find something you like, feel free to make a suggestion in our suggestions channel on our Discord Community!
Below you can find some things we offer at this moment, so please be sure to give it a look!:
⭐- An active, friendly community where people from all walks of life are accepted!
⭐- Voice chats open to all to have some conversation and talk about whatever!
⭐ - Tons of community events, both in-game and out!
⭐ - QOTD and weekly check-ups for all those needing some interaction!
⭐ - A working ranking system! [ Discord ]
⭐ - Fun Discord bots to play around with! [PokeTwo, Mudae, ETC]
⭐- And so much more!
We currently don't have a set date for when we go live, though by joining the community you can stay updated for when we do plan to go live! Currently our plan is to get the ball running on 6/15/23, so join now to start getting to know the members you'll soon call friends!
Discord Invite: https://discord.com/invite/GAm4KdAJrH
Upon joining our community, feel free to let us know where you found us!
⭐ We are excited to meet you all and see some new faces in the community! ⭐
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2023.06.10 19:47 KabeerS52 My GF [18f] says I [18M] have no right to say a single word about her conservative parents.

My GF [18F] says I [18M] have no right to say a word about her conservative parents.
We've been dating since almost 2 years, we've known each other since we were 12. She's recently fought a seemingly terminal deasese. I've recently gained control over my situation of extreme parental abuse (drunk dad who physically beat me and mom). We've both been there for each other through this.
Over the last year, through the things she tells me, I've noticed some things about her parents which bother me. and today I finally confessed it to her.
Here are the things that bother me.
1) her dad has 3 kids despite having a govt job, my GF is middle child, who is officially not their child, not on paper. Not only this thing could cause her legal issues related to her rights, but it also indicates that they are extremely conservative. How? My GF is born almost 10 years after her sister. Why? Apparently they kept trying for a baby for all that time but her mom had multiple abortions due to her being unfit for a child. But they kept on trying for 10 fucking years and finally has their 2nd child(my GF), who was also born prematurely, and yes, she had to face many deaseses, including this terminal desease(pulmonary Fibrosis). Had to live her entire childhood with restrictions.
You would think her parents would stop after barely having a second child, who is unfit and will have to face hell. But no, they went for a 3rd one, immediately. Yes, the 3rd child who is the only boy is born less than a year later.
And the reason for this I think, is obvious. They wanted a boy (lots of Indians used to have a hate for girlchild), and her father would rather break the law and risk the life of his wife multiple times for years, just for a boychild. (Not to mention he is born with extreme harmonal issues)
Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first thought that comes to my mind based on the facts, please tell me if there's another possible reason.
2) After that there are other things like how he actively and verbally hates people of other religion, and is possibly also castiest, which concerns me since I'm SC (lower caste in India, it's like being black in US)
3) Then there are other concerns like how parents have left her alone while she was in ER on fucking life support, and her parents were legit "attending a family funtion" or paying a visit to family members who lived near the hospital. But they were mostly absent.
4) They were reluctunt for letting her eat nonveg which was recommended by the doc. Especially her mom was very against it. They are vegitarians for religious reasons. Actually it's since I almost forced her to go against them and eat nonveg more often and in her house, when her issues regarding weightloss and immunity statrted to go away.
I stated my concerns that their conservative behaviour is causing her issues and will definately become an issue when it comes to marriage (yes, we are stupid for thinking that far. But consider the ammount of suffering we have faced together, I can't imagine a life without her, and she says she feels the same. Also know that we've known each other since more than 5 years)
After I said all that, her response was "shut up". Followed by how I have no right to say anything about her parents, how she owes me zero explaination for these concerns and that her parents are always right.
If her parents are always right as she says, will she also listen to them when they tell her to stay away from me? Which they will Since I'm SC and they're hella conservative.
Not just that, she said stuff like...
They've been there for her and I haven't. This hurts because she used to call me from the ER, with a tired breathless voice, just because her parents were absent and she'd feel alone. I left everything when I used to see her call, even abandoned college classes in the middle, basically left anthing at hand once I saw her call. Because sometimes she'd talk about giving up and I had to give her hope. Now she's saying I haven't been there for her?
When I found out her desease was terminal, I legit went dark for 20 days, Didn't go to college, didn't see anyone except my parents maybe once a day. Stayed locked in my room trying to scour through all the 100s of pages research papers which were so hard to find it since it was a rare desease and most of the patients were above 65. It's a lung desease which was said to be 100% fatal. I stayed up all nights, made a mess of my own health while doing so, until I came accros a study, which showed only 5 patients in the entire world, who susrvived, all were minors, I figured the desease is said to be fatal because it mainly attacks old people and they don't have any regen power in their lungs. But a 17 year old girl's lungs are constantly growing, she should survive this. (I was right)
I gave her hope, that alone improved her health from needing support to walk to jumping around in just one day. I forced her to get more involved in her medical process and make the doctor give her curative care instead of end-of-life support like her parents wanted. and it worked, she went to a doctor in Pune and the retests showed she's curing that desease (which is impossible on paper).
In this process, I lost 15 kgs of my weight and the will to eat anything due to severe deppression. I still haven't recovered from the physical impact. After all of this, she compleatly discredits me and my concerns, says I wasn't there for her and all that.
I feel deeply hurt.
I legit feel like I'm nothing to her, I feel like she always thought like this about me.
In her defense. She's a mature person and doesn't have traditional or conservative thoughts, neither does she seem all that proud of her parent's being so conservative. So I know she doesn't share her parent's thoughts. she was never like this, NEVER. And maybe this isn't the person in her talking, maybe she just said this because she got triggered, I understand many Indians are conditioned to blindly trust their parents and never question them, so I'm not sure if I blame her.
Please don't start teasing about age, we're not nibba-nibbi. We've both supported each other through life threatening situation. I have got physically injured due to family fights, have had to lock myself in a room for days with my mom to fend from my dad. Been forced to spit on my own mom, hit her with a sandal and other types of torture. she has had to face extreme pain and illness all her life, had to witness a rape and murder as a pre-teen, been through therapy. So please understand our bond is really strong after been through all this.
Should I let it go or should I say something more to her? How can I let her know what she can simply counter my opinion if she has an answer or agree with it? How can I let her know she doesn't have to gatekeep her parents?
And what mistakes am I making on my end?
TL:DR GF's parents show extreme signs of being conservative and casuing a problem for us. GF gets hella triggered and says I have no right to talk about them, they are always right and she owes me no explaination regarding this. I feel undervalued and basically got shut up for stating my concerns.
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2023.06.10 19:47 cristobaldelicia Fifty First Rats (801 June 9, 2023)

This is the first episode I've listened to in a while, I've only very sporadically listened in the past couple years. I was irritated by the first episode. I met my ex-wife back in 1994, shortly after she had lost her first pet rat. She was still known as the "Rat Lady", because she would go to parties, and out in public generally, with her pet rat on her shoulder. It had been diagnosed as diabetic, and she would give it medicine from an eye dropper. Needless to say, it was well trained, and stayed perched on her shoulder. When I met her, she had already adopted another male rat, and my teenage little sister wanted to get rid of her female rat (it was biting her on a regular basis, even when she was feeding it). We brought our rats together, and I moved in myself, the rats brought us together. We had them in cages in the basement, with over twenty-five other rodents, because she also had five cats and a puppy. There was a rat litter, and separated the father out, for the safety of the litter. But apparently there was also an infestation of wild mice in the basement, and with horror we found half eaten rat babies in the nest in the cage, the mother obviously in distress. The cage had big enough openings for mice, which we didn't thought of. After that, we kept the parents apart, and pet rats don't live very long anyways, ours died within a couple of years. Anyways, rats are not a deal-breaker for romance, in fact, it specifically brought me and my ex, who I still think of as my only true love, together.
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2023.06.10 19:46 lylemurphy1970 [WTS] NumisMecca: Date Collectors Post for Mercs, Washie, Walking Liberty 50C, Barber 25c and bulk IHC, bulk wheats, bulk buffalo. New Inventory not previously listed. 1890CC, XF45 Bust 25c, South Africa 1896 6 Pence Zar, and more

Since i get maxxed out on these posts, I am only posting NEW material here today. [GO HERE PMS] and [ HERE for Clad] for my total inventory. Some of the items on this post ARE NOT yet on the spreadsheets btw.
IF YOU ARE NOT happy with your purchase SAY SO. Don't be shy. Full refunds for coins that do not meet your expectations are encouraged.
New better items at top....hole fillers at the bottom
Shipping is $4-$15. Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PPFF. No notes. Credit Card add 3%
Bulk Items
6Lbs 12.7 Oz Wheats $50 ($10 shipping if itll fit in one SFRB). unsearched but look mainly later dates. There are a few stray memorials. I picked out all the ones
~400 IHC $1.25 ea
~200 Buffalo 5C $.85 ea Mix of low-quality teens and 20s, better quality. Slicks if you are into that for $.50ea
40% silver Kennedy x 25 $3.50 ea
New Items___________________________________________
Large Cent
1846 SmDate Likely VG10 $25
Lincoln (these red lincolns btw defy Greysheet retail when you try to buy them...these were accidental duplicate purchases from my PC offered at substantially LESS than what I paid)
1929D PCGS MS64RD $170
1930 S PCGS MS65RD $130
1937 UNC Blue Tint $22
1944D BU++ 35% $10
1950D BU $12 (keydate)
1916 FSB UNC(all three bundles split!!) $55
1916S F+ (High S error?....never seen a mint mark up that high) $20
Bust 25C
1835 XF45 $400 (priced to accommodate an XF40
1932 (Mid to better AU) $10
1890CC G $135
1934S F$38
Silver Eisenhower
1974s UNC $9
South Africa
1896 6 Pence Zar $20
Emperor Napolean
1856 5 Francs $40(silver dollar sized)
Cleveland PCGS MS65 $155
Mercs $3 ea
Mercs $4 ea
Barber Quaters $6.25-$6.50 ea
1892 AG/G x3 $6.25
1893 AG $6.25
1894 AG $6.25
1897 G x 2 $6.25
1898 AG $6.25
1899 AGx2 $6
1900 AG $6.25
1900 G-G+ x 3 $6.50
1900 S AG $6.50
1901 AG x 2 $6.25
1903 G x 3 $6.25
1903 O AG $6.25
1904 AG x 4 $6.25
1904 G $6.25
1905 G $6.25
1906D AG x 2 $6.25
1907 AG x 2 $6.25
1908 AG $6.25
1908D AG $6.25
1908D G+ $6.50
1909 AG $6.25
1910D AG $6.50
1911 AG $6.25
1912 G $6.25
1914 AG-G $6.25
1914 G-G+ $6.50
1914D AG 6.50
1915 G+ $6.50
1915 D G $6.25
1916D AG x5 $6
$6 Section Washie
1936d 1936s 1937 1937d
1956 PL
1959 (proof?)

1948 XF
1950D F
1952 VFx2
1953D XF
1957D VF
1958D XFx 2
1959D XF
1960D XF
1961 AU
1961D XF
1963 AU
1964 AU+
Walking Halves
1917D Obv G $25
1917D rev PIC $24
1917S G $14
1919D $35
1919D 50C G $40
1919S AG $20
1920 F rim ding $18 1920 VG $15
1920 VG+-F $22
1920S G $17
1923S Low VG $25
1929D $14
1937 UNC $60
1938D F Cleaned $60
1938D VF30 $100 (CPG $128)
1939D AU $30
1940S BU++ $70
1941 AU+ $22
1942 AU$20
1942 UNC $30
1943 BU $38
1943 AU+ $22
1943D AU $20
1945S MS65 CAC Fatty NGC $165
1947 D BU++ $55
$12.50 Walker Section
1934 VF
1934S F+
1935 x 20
1936 VG&F
1941D F+
1941s VF
1942 VF x 2
1942 XF
1943 F+
1943 XF
1946S VF
Others in Book $12.50ea
Raw Franklins
1948-D Unc Franklin $25
1949 BU FBL (this was the eBay grade) $60 PIC
1949D BU $65 would be FBL but a slight nic on one line
1951 AU $14
1951S UNC $20
1952 BU $20
1952D AU+ $14 BU $24
1952D BU $24
1953 BU $22
1954 BU $20 PIC
1959D UNC+ $16
1959D Choice BU $25
Franklin Date $13 ea

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2023.06.10 19:46 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun and Profit ✔️ Full Course Download

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In the past 12 months, I built 5 profitable businesses and made over $100,000 leveraging my web scraping skills.
In this course, I’m for the first time sharing everything I know about the topic.
You’ll learn:
  • The basics of web scraping using Python libraries such as Beautiful Soup.
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  • All the source code used in the videos.
  • All videos and content that will be added in the future. (I’ll be adding additional videos over time based on the feedback I’m getting.)
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2023.06.10 19:46 Avizie The Dangers in my Heart - Episode 11 Discussion Thread

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu - Episode 11

Episode 11

Kyoutaro Ichikawa may look like your average middle school student, but in his heart, he dreams of murder. Thus, it is no surprise that the one he wants to kill the most is never far off from his mind: the class idol, Anna Yamada.
Reading alone in his beloved school library, he inadvertently begins to rendezvous with Yamada, who comes to secretly gorge on her beloved candies and sweets. Through their interactions, Ichikawa discovers just how much of a ditz Yamada is, and cannot help but support her from the sidelines. Meanwhile, Yamada herself cannot help but tease Ichikawa relentlessly due to his flustered reactions.
With an array of heartwarming daily interactions, the distant bond between the two grows into something more than just library acquaintances. Perhaps, in time, Ichikawa will come to realize that his murderous desires have turned into something else entirely.
Show Information

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Reminder: Do not discuss plot points not yet seen or skipped in the show without using spoiler tags. Failing to follow the rules may result in a ban.
Please rate the episode below on a scale of bad to excellent.
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2023.06.10 19:46 JoseLunaArts Cid Campeador was a mercenary. His bio could be easily turned into a mechwarrior biography.

After digging into literature, I found that the story of the legendary knight Cid Campeador, sounds to me like the story of a mercenary Mechwarrior, instead of the usual legend that shows him as a religious warrior. It does not take too much to export this story to Battletech universe, and indeed I plan to add a version of him to my Mechwarrior Destiny game at some point.
The following is a summary of "Historia Roderici" an old Spanish text that may likely be inaccessible to English speaking readers, not only because of language barrier, but also because of the ancient Spanish words that are difficult to understand even for modern Spanish speakers. You will discover that Cid Campeador was not a religious hero, but a merc.
I believe it could be used as source material to inspire a novel.
Sorry about the long read, but it still shorter than the original "Historia Roderici".
Rodrigo "Ruy" Díaz de Vivar is also known as Cid Campeador, and some people believe he was a religious hero but others see him as a mercenary. The oldest biography is "Historia Roderici" in 1190 when the Castillan warrior had passed away 80 years ago. This biography was made popular via minstrels, and it incorporated many fictional episodes that composed "Cantar del Mio Cid" around the year 1200. For example, there is no evidence that Rodrigo had 2 swords called Tisona and Colada, and a horse called Babieca. He had 2 daughters but they were not named doña Sol and doña Elvira.
Spain was invaded in the year 711 from the south and only a small strip was left at the north where Christian kings would seek a safe haven. The invaders ruling lasted for 800 years but these years also were full of internal disputes, just like in the Inner Sphere.
The war in Spain was always portrayed as a holy war, like a Jihad. This was the time where the term "pariah" was born. The non Christian rulers paid tribute called pariah to Christian kings in exchange for protection. And that was the historical context of eternal war.
Rodrigo was born in the small town of Vivar, near Burgos. His father was a low rank noble, but his mother was from the elite of nobles, daughter of count of Oviedo. The last name Diaz indicated he was son of Diego. When he was 10, his father died, and he was sent to the court of Fernando I de León, to complete his education with the sons of the king. One of the sons, Sancho turned Rodrigo into his page and became close friends. He receives high education and learned to fight. He knew how to read and write, something very uncommon.
When Rodrigo was 15 he went with don Sancho to Zaragoza, a territory which was under the protection of Fernando I de León in exchange for pariah. Ramiro I de Aragón uncle of Fernando I de León wanted the land under protection, and this is how Sancho and his "mesnadas" (forces under command of a lord) went to help. Ramiro I not only was defeated, but also died.
When Fernando I (ruler of Galicia, León and Castilla) died, he distributed his kingdom among his 5 sons instead of having a linear succession, because Alfonso, his second son, was his favorite. Sancho ruled Castilla and had the right to collect the pariah of Zaragoza. Sancho did not like the distribution of land, as he felt he should have been the heir of the whole kingdom. He entered a conflict with his siblings. Rodrigo ended up being in charge of the army of Sancho. In his first one on one match defeated the Alferez of Navarra kingdom, Jimeno Arcés. This is where he earned the title of "campeador", which means he is a master of the battlefield.
After his mother died, Sancho started war against Alfonso. Rodrigo skill surfaced among all other warriors. Sancho won the battle, but Alfonoso escaped and did not surrender as agreed. Instead, Alfonso agreed to allow Sancho to conquer Galicia ruled by his younger brother García. García was defeated and was and outcast who escaped to the taifa of Sevilla. But that did not end the war with Alfonso. In the new battle, Rodrigo skill shined again. And Alfonso was defeated once again. Alfonso was an outcast too, and he went to the taifa of Toledo. The reunification war ended. But it would last a few months.
Zamora was ruled by his sister Urraca. Many nobles gathered there and they did not embrace Sanho as the king. Urraca supported them, and supported Alfonso. Sancho sieged Zamora for months, but it did cost Sancho's life at the hands of a Zamoran warrior, and not even Rodrigo could stop that. The killer pretended to defecte from Urraca city and earned Sancho's trust. The defector Bellido Dolfos was going to show him a weak spot in the walls of Zamora, and when Sanch went to the loo, the defector took Sancho's spear and killed him. Alfonso became king. García attempted to recover his kingdom but ended in prison where he died. Alfonso married Rodrigo with doña Jimena, relative of Alfonso and apparently Rodrigo was deeply in love with her.
Rodrigo was sent to collect Paria To Sevilla, and García Ordoñez, close friend of alfonso was sent to Granada. Granada ruler asked Ordoñez to attack Sevilla and that Rodrigo had to fight García Ordoñez and made him prisoner and set him free later. García Ordoñez accused Rodrigo of stealing a portion of the pariah of Sevilla, which are believed to be the gift of Sevilla ruler to Rodrigo for defending his land.
Alfonso went to Taifa of Toledo, and Rodrigo was sick at home. There was an attack on a castle and Rodrigo reacted without asking for permission, chased the attackers who entered Toledo territory and Rodrigo took a huge loot, Alfonso was so upset because that destroyed Alfonso's plans to own Toledo without a fight. García Ordoñez presented this to Alfonso as an attempt to make people from Toledo to kill Alfonso. So Rodrigo became an outcast, and he was exiled and had to make a living. Along the road, many men joined him. He went to Zaragoza to offer his services. Now Zaragoza should not have to pay pariah to different kingdoms for protection.
This contradicts the jihadist nature of Rodrigo as a religious warrior. After the ruler of Zaragoza died, his 2 sons also fought. Rodrigo stood in the side of Zaragoza, and the opponent sought help among the kings in the north. The enemy forces outnumbered Rodrigo's but he defeated them in the battle of Almenar.
An uncle of the ruler of Zaragoza, who was prisoner of Alfonso, earned the trust of the alcalde who controlled the prison, so the alcalde passed the message to Alfonso. The uncle offered him the castle of Zaragoza in exchange for paying the pariah to Alfonso. So Alfonso marched towards Zaragoza. But Alfonso this time was not ahead of the forces. He sent scouts who were killed. It seems that the uncle died while the expedition was on its way to Zaragoza, so the alcalde had the idea of becoming an ally of Zaragoza and tried to kill king Alfonso.
Later Alfonso met Rodrigo and Rodrigo told that he had no part in that betrayal, and Alfonso and Rodrigo went back to normal relations without hard feelings.
Alfonso managed to conquer Toledo and that meant a raise in the pariah for other taifas. But religious fundamentalist fanatics from northern Africa were asked to help and their fanatism made them fearsome. Alfonso had Zaragoza under siege, and Rodrigo did not want to fight Alfonso. But news came from the new invaders and the siege stopped. Then the battle of Sagrajas came, where Alfonso suffered a defeat. Alfonso had to escape to save his life. Rodrigo went to Toledo to offer his services to Alfonso.
Alfonso commissioned Rodrigo to take care of the invaders and conquer lands, and to collect the pariah from Zaragoza, which had Rodrigo working as a merc for 6 years.
But good relations did not last. During a campaign Rodrigo was supposed to reinforce Alfonso's forces, but Rodrigo did not arrive. Rodrigo was exiled for second time after García Ordoñez made the king feel betrayed. Alfonso took his property and made his family prisoner. Rodrigo begged and his family was set free. And he became a warlord in Valencia and fought against both sides.
Rodrigo suffered an attack and he took revenge against García Ordoñez and led an expedition to do exactly that and looted along his way. Alfonso gave away these lands and no one wanted to fight Rodrigo. Now the only enemies of Rodrigo were the invaders in the south who attacked Valencia and killed its ruler. Rodrigo sieged the city and help did not arrive so they surrendered, and Rodrigo self proclaimed himself prince.
The invader Almoraviles forces were obsessed with taking Valencia. And epic battles took place.
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2023.06.10 19:46 Treetop11-12 Question for all the Dentists and Orthodontists Out There!

I am about to start using Invisalign. And I do understand that I need to keep my trays in for at least 20-22 hours/day. My problem is the cleaning instructions - there are many different suggestions on this site, and I am wondering whether any of these have held up to research. Here is the conflict:
Floss and brush your teeth immediately after eating, rinse your teeth and re-insert the trays.
Wait a half an hour after eating, then floss and brush, rinse your teeth and re-insert the trays.
Floss and brush your teeth after eating, do not rinse your teeth (to allow the fluoride to stay on the teeth) and re-insert the trays.
Obviously, waiting an extra half hour for any reason would be adding to the total amount of time the trays are out of your mouth. Are there real problems that can occur if certain techniques are/aren't followed? My hope is to be able to simply eat, floss and brush, and re-insert. Given that I'll probably be wearing trays for at least 2 years I'd like to do this right! (Thanks in advance for any thoughts...)
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2023.06.10 19:46 Lost-Soul2900 [M19] Sudden shaking and fear of death

[M19] Sudden shaking and fear of death
Hello, sorry for bothering, but I really need help in determining what is wrong with me and what to do, and I can't go to my GP right now.
About 5 years ago I used to get these random episodes of uncontrollable shaking and an anxious feeling of as if I was about to die.
They one day went away, and I lived happily ever after, until now. I had some exams which I didn't properly study for, and I was under really big stress, especially day before them. And ever since the exams, these episodes came back.
Sometimes my hands or feet or the entire body just starts uncontrollably shaking, heart starts beating faster, a sudden fear of death emerges and this lasts for like 20-30 minutes. It really sucks when I get them in public and there is no one to comfort me and I have to suffer in silence.
I once measured my body pressure throughout the episode, results shown in the picture.
I'm aware that they are most likely panic attacks, but I'm just wondering if this could be some more serious issue and if I should go to my GP once the work week starts. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 19:45 Better-Document-3610 Bad withdrawals

Been on 40mg for maybe 8 years. Worked well enough until February of this year when I fell into a severe depressive episode. Now I’m trying to slowly reduce my dosage so I can try a different med and OMG! The withdrawals are unbearable. Extreme anxiety, brain zaps, nausea, stomach issues. Makes me want to just stay on the med! We hear so much about benzo withdrawals but they cannot be much worse than this.
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2023.06.10 19:45 JagerGuaqanim PC speakers for max 2000 EUR (pair of 2 speakers)

I was looking at the Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4. These also include a sub-woofer which might help with the low frequencies. Any opinions on those?
Throw some recommendations at me. Powered or passive, dont matter as long as they are considered "high quality Hi-Fi" and can do 20-20k Hz by themselves (preferably) or with a sub attached.
I never had any good speakers so I want to step into the audiophile world. I want to have a reference about how music should sound. I was blind, now I want to see. Show me the light BudgetAudiophile
Thank you
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2023.06.10 19:45 punkybrewsterspappy Breakups

I’m noticing a lot of breakups lately on here! What’s going on?
I split with my husband a couple months ago and have been in a new apartment for the last couple of weeks. I got tired of my PMDD being blamed for everything so he didn’t have an excuse to work on himself. I cried, begged, asked nicely for him to stop constantly prioritizing and overextending himself so I could take care of myself after a move to a new state, rough pregnancy, and traumatic childbirth. When that did not happen and I had done everything I thought I could for the PMDD and our marriage, I finally had to leave.
This is my first PMDD episode while living alone and having custody of my toddler and it has absolutely floored me. I had to call my sons father to travel three hours round trip to get our toddler because I could not care for him during the flair. I am barely hanging on.
I know this will pass, but I know it will come again. I’m tired. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to raise my son alone. I don’t want to keep trying when nothing has worked. I feel like everyone would be better off without this monster that takes over my life every few weeks. Idk who I am between becoming a mother, wife, and the PMDD being exacerbated after baby.
I’m not sure what even the point is here, other than solidarity with those of you I also see going through it right now. Just keep swimming.
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2023.06.10 19:45 MercuryParadox /r/ultrahardcore Blackout (JUN 12-14)

Hello members of /ultrahardcore

As some of you are a aware, Reddit announced they are changing the price to make calls to their API. The price change is going from Free to a price that will kill every third party application! You may have some of these apps downloaded on your phone or Apple Watch! Apollo, RedditIsFun, Narwhal, and BacanReader are the big names in third party applications.
When this change is implemented, these third party apps will go out of business and all of the hard work from the developers of these applications will be gone.
On June 12 @ 00:00UTC, the /ultrahardcore subreddit will be joining the thousands of other subreddits in protest and will be shutting down for 48 hours. until June 14 @ 00:00UTC.
This may come as an inconvenience to some of you (specifically organizers of recorded rounds), however we at the mod team have thought of some workarounds.
We are doing this because the change in API affects us and we want to do whatever we can to stop this change. If you have any questions, feel free to ask questions in the replies
Here is a Post that explains the situation in more detail.
We appreciate your patience while we get through this. We as a community are stronger than bedrock!
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2023.06.10 19:45 Hematin_ Thoughts on 2h Axes & Forester's Rations from Forestry

As it is currently written, using 2h axes drains 40 run energy per swing, which occurs every 4 ticks. Successful chops with this buffed swing gives 18% more xp and -20% logs. If using foresters rations, which yield 30 run energy, on average you will be receiving 3 buffed swings per 1 regular swing. The net effect is that you spend 1500 forester's rations per hour for 113.5% experience and 85% as many logs.
According to the original blog, a forester's ration is made out of 1 cooked meat and leaves. Cooked meat is currently 85 coins each, but since this would require an additional processing step and have higher demand, foresters rations would easily be 200-500 coins each. Taking a conservative estimate of 300 coins each, this means mains would be spending 450k coins per hour for a 13.5% woodcutting xp buff. To me, this is remarkably underwhelming.
As others have pointed out, this also provides an unintended mechanic where players can restore 30 run energy by chopping random trees while their energy is low. To be honest, this is very niche and would be incredibly inconvenient for most players who are not doing speedrunning challenges. That being said, I propose 3 suggestions that would resolve several problems that have been brought up:
1 - Make the cost of a 2h axe swing equal to the energy restoration of a forester's ration. If they are equal, then you'd never be able to profit run energy off of chopping logs, preventing unintended run energy restoration methods.
2 - Reduce the cost of a 2h swing and forester's ration run energy restoration down to 10% (or make it so that, under the effects of a stamina potion, you are receiving one 2h axe swing per ration consumed). This would allow energy potions to be a direct substitute for forester's rations, since you can drink 1 dose of energy potion per 4-tick chopping cycle. This would allow energy potions to be a non-afk substitute for rations, while reserving rations for if you really want to afk at a somewhat higher market cost.
3 - Make forester's rations purchasable from the forestry shop for noted logs. This would allow logs, which are currently very low in value, to be sunk from the game for bonus woodcutting experience. With the incredibly high usage rate of 1500 rations per hour, this would provide a rather firm sink rate for logs, with the potential of making woodcutting a profitable skill again.
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2023.06.10 19:45 gamenator102_ Unsatisfied with current tipout system

I work at a small restaurant - at max we normally seat around 40-50 people on what we consider a busy night. I’m a waiter at this place, but because we’re so small, everyone on staff kind of helps out with my tables when they can (delivering drinks, running food, overall checkin, bussing). Also our bar is super small, seating only 4-5 people at a time, so our “bartender” rarely has people sitting there.
I’ll explain how our current tip system works. Best example I can give is from last night where we had 2 waiters, the bartender, a busser, and BOH. The tips that the customers leave the waiters are pooled together, as well as whatever tips the bar made. That gets added up, and 20% gets taken out for BOH. How that’s split up is not really up to me. Then, the tips are split 3 ways between the waiters and the bartender, and then we each give an equal amount from there to the busser. However, I just don’t think this is fair.
My tables last night LOVED me. I averaged around 27% overall tips. The total pooled tips for the night was around $420. Off of my tables, I brought in $220. I went home with $92. I feel like I’m being scammed lol. I would love any suggestions on a better tip-out system that I could bring up with my boss.
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2023.06.10 19:45 chriskuv Auto-return at the end of a session

Hey DMs!
Recently I have been trying a loose-Westmarches campaign: most of the other technical/heavy rules that Westmarches suggests I have completely removed, to make the game more streamlined and accessible. I was mostly inspired by the mechanic of having a large pool of players, organizing a small strike group to venture out, explore and clear a location or two, open the map, and then promptly come back to the safety of the base when it's time to call it a night. Essentially, you don't leave things halfway through; the specific party goes back, the episode is over. Next session, the party could be different and could do something else. It's very convenient when you have 40+ year olds spread around different countries (we are playing online on roll20). BUT!
My question is two-fold. Isn't this automatic return:
(A) not realistic? Do we assume they just backtrack and find no encounters, no nothing? Even if it was a long trip that took several days?
(B) easy to exploit and manipulated by the players? The players could be at zero rations, or exhausted and hundreds of miles away from the base, wounded or whatever; and they can just say 'OK, let's call it a day, press the return button and we go back' without fear of anything.
Thanks for any ideas, I appreciate it!
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2023.06.10 19:44 REALCellWaters Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) question - Could medications have caused it?

I'm 35M, 5'8 - 180 lbs, Long Island, NY
I'm having real problems with my esophagus. Serious problems.
I was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) last year.
Could having taken PrEP (Isentress and Truvada) in January 2020 have caused my EoE? Just a theory. I don't really know.
I don't have HIV. Was never at risk. It wasn't a " hypodermic needle" I stepped on. However, I noticed the EoE started after taking PrEP for a month in January 2020. (I haven't taken it since) Could it have damaged my body?
I also took a mega regimen of psychiatric medications for about 10 years. That could've possibly caused the EoE too.
Or could it be genetic?
Regardless if a medication caused the EoE or not, regardless if this is pharmacological damage, I’ll take the rabeprazole 20 mg twice a day for 3 months then repeat my endoscopy in September as the gastroenterologist suggested I do. That’s really all I can do. It’s just theories.
I feel like everyone knows, or seriously suspects that combining PrEP (Isentress and Truvada) with the mega regimen of psychiatric medications, is what probably caused this autoimmune allergy problem – EoE. They just can’t officially confirm it’s true because it’s not 100% known
I know AT THE MOMENT we’re saying I just have EoE and based on semi-recent blood tests, a thyroid sonogram, and an endoscopy. EoE’s what I’m diagnosed with. However, it FEELS LIKE I’m dying from a terminal illness. Discomfort in my esophagus, difficulty swallowing, and acid reflux.
Basically my question, could medications have caused it?
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2023.06.10 19:44 domlewis95 Quitting nicotine after 13 heavy years

I started smoking in 2010, smoked 20-30 a day till about 2016? Then I made the change to vaping, but I vaped extremely heavy, constantly, all day. I drive for a living and constantly use it, in my down time I use it while on my pc every couple of minutes, totally dependant on it if I’m honest. I decided last week to change my vape for a pod style rather then sub-ohm to try and treat it more as a cigarette & only use it outside, which didn’t work, I just used it the same amount but with more nicotine in…. I’d had what I thought to be a stomach bug for 4-5 days, a terribly upset stomach with cramps waking me up in the night . Then I thought.. I wonder if it’s the vape? I’ve been using it with stronger nicotine and just as often…
Then it suddenly hit me, I have self diagnosed ibs, ( never been to dr about it, but most days I have to have Imodium ) and started tracking back to when it started, so I wrote a timeline down & worked out, my bad stomach issues actually started at the same time I started vaping in 2016, prior to this I had no issues what so ever. For the last 7 years I’ve had a constant dodgy stomach, bloating, anxiety about going out due to not making it to a toilet etc.
To make my vaping habit worse I have an extremely addictive personality
It’s been 48 hours since I went cold Turkey, my stomach is 10x better then it was, I’m also not bloated for the first time since I can remember, but oh my god, I am so irritated I just feel like I want to rip the skin off my face with my bare hands constantly. There’s literally no stopping this relentless craving and irritation, when I sleep, I wake up every 15-30 minutes.
The feeling of frustration and wanting to use my vape is so overwhelming, I’ve never experienced anything like it, i feel like screaming & crying. I just hope it’s worth it in the end.
It comes in waves, its always there niggling but it’ll hit me hard for 15 minutes then settle down a bit.
I feel sorry for my wife and son because my fuse on my temper is so short, it just goes 0-100 over the smallest stupid things. Thankfully she’s very understanding about it.
I don’t want to try gum or anything as I don’t want to replace a habit with another.
I really hope I can get over this soon
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